Beautiful in the Making: Fretwork Dies

Hi everyone!

Our Fretwork Dies were a very popular item on July 23rd and sold out before we got to show you all the fabulous projects we put together with them… but don’t “fret!” Here’s an extended sneak preview at this spectacular set along with some project inspiration just for you.

These four intricate cutting dies are inspired by the cut work used as architectural details in houses and buildings.  They feature medallion, flourish, lattice and lace designs. These dies will cut and emboss paper in two steps, while the flourish only requires one pass for die cutting.


Here’s a quick review of the order of the Cuttlebug “sandwich” you will make when using these dies. You’ll want to do two passes through your machine- the first pass will die cut the paper and the second will add incredible embossed detail.

To die cut: A plate, rubber mat, B plate, die face up, paper face down, B plate – run through the Cuttlebug.

To emboss: Remove the rubber mat and last B plate, place the mat on top of the paper and put the B plate back on top – run through the Cuttlebug again.

Here’s an instructional video for the visual learners out there:

Now, we showed you a few Fretwork Dies projects in our original preview prior to our shows on HSN, but here’s some additional inspiration that you didn’t get to see on air!

fretwork 9

fretwork 14

fretwork 15

fretwork 13

fretwork 11

fretwork 10

That’s all for today! Comment below and tell us what you plan to make with these delectable die cuts.

See you next time,




  1. 95Glenda says:

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  2. Dianne K says:

    Sue, I had previously ordered Anna’s Sumer Soirée Cartridge and did NOT receive the overlay OR the $10.00 Digital download credit. All HSN said was sorry and that I could return. Anna never replied. I’d be very careful of what you order from HSN. Dianne

  3. Denise says:

    I missed the Fret Works as I was in the hospital. I was planning to watch, but they did not have HSN. By the time my girlfriend told me about this set it was GONE!! I tried calling HSN and they said they only have a set amount available. I am crushed as I did order the lace die and emboss set and the gorgeous paper and kindness card kit I just wish I was able to be at home, but had three pulmonary embolisms in my lungs. Great work Anna.

  4. Judith Janezic says:

    I would love to have you come up with a storage system for the metal dies. I was using a cardboard three drawer storage unit but after three weeks, the pieces in between each drawer just gave way. Thanks so much. Love all your dies.

  5. Erin Glee says:

    Hi Paula P.!
    The dies you listed~(Flower Vine, Bramble, Layer and Flourish Emblem) have been around a while and are also now available at the Cuttlebug website, so I don’t think they will be in a future autoship. Go get ’em, girl!

  6. Sue says:

    Thank you Bob H.!! That is so kind of you. I have an old Cricut Expression ( I think that is the name not sure), have not bought any of these new cartridges, this was my first, so no the “Overlay” is not the same as what I have. Each of “keyboard overlays” I have are totally different and unique to each cartridge. But I did solve the problem!
    I just printed out what the “Overlay” looks like, and use it that way!!
    Thank you again for your kindness. Anna Griffin folks are the best!! This blog is just super!
    God bless you…….

  7. Bob H. says:

    Although my machine doesn’t use an overlay, aren’t they all the same, thus ” universal”. So if you have one from a different cartridge it should be adaptable to this cartridge. All you need is the book to guide you. But I have an unopened overlay that you can have, also. Actually,I have a dozen of these things and I was wondering why I kept them!

  8. Kathleen P says:

    I love the new fretworks die cuts!!! The frame looks a lot like the garden window kit and I have used it ! with my “All About Kindness” kit. I have used the botanical die cuts to embellish the cards. I’m also loving the new Lovely Layers!!! Didn’t know I was so creative…THANK YOU ANNA! Can’t wait for October! May have to take a day off from work.

  9. sue says:

    Anna…….I have a problem. I ordered from HSN during your 7.23.2014 visit the Cricut Elegant Embellishments cartridge. It showed and stated in the write up and description it came with and is still on HSN stie:

    Cricut cartridge – Elegant Embellishments
    Universal keypad overlay
    $10 Digital Download Credit
    Manufacturer’s 90-day limited warranty
    There is no Universal Keypad!!
    What do I do??
    Please help? Have sent HSN an email!

  10. carol smidutz says:

    I did buy the fretwork dies and love them. I am so glad you did this post so I can see the pretty cards you made with them. Thank s for showing us for some ideas. What date are you going to be back in october?

  11. Pamela says:

    I had the best time on the 23rd and just about maxed out my card. Purchased 13 items and while not everything is here yet have gotten a thrill out of the ones received. The botanical die cuts are very pretty and I love the new book. I must have missed it last time. Love the tags as well. In fact don’t believe there is any items I don’t just go wild over. Do you have your date for October yet? Will be watching for more fretwork dies and 12″ embossing folders. Thanks for everything.

  12. Dalelee Pryor says:

    Dear Anna,
    I love all of your products and am always anxious to see what new products you will have on HSN. I loved the birthday stickers and stamps. Could you make get well, thinking of you, sympathy, and thank you stickers and stamps. I use these the most when I make cards. Thank you for all you do.

  13. Louise Whalen says:

    Dear Anna, just received lots of your gorgeous products to make my cards. I love the foil stickers so much. Could you please make them in other shapes, eg. All kinds of hearts, gold and silver?
    You are truly an inspiration to me.

  14. Dorothy E. says:

    I wrote a few days ago about the Christmas die cuts from last year, but I didn’t get an answer I think I didn’t put a ? At the end of the question. How can I get them?

  15. Peachy W says:

    What beautiful projects made with these new cutting dies! Mine just arrived yesterday – I was disappointed that they sold out before airing on HSN. I record your shows, and enjoy watching them for your beautiful projects and tips shown. Keep those dies coming – I am intrigued by the Cricut – but currently, want to just continue using the dies! I love all your embellishments in the card kits, so the dies allow us to re-create our own flourishes using your great detailed new dies! Thank you so much for your beautiful designs.

  16. Crystal Garrett says:

    Wow..let’s try this again…I am so excited, I ordered 5 different things this time. These dies being one of them. Also, the Elegent Embellisments, the For Him card making kit, 3-D Stickers and the last thing will be a surprise for me, I have forgotten what it is. Again, you have out done yourself on such stunning creations. Thank you again and Happy Be-lated Birthday. I pray you have many more.

  17. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, Happy Birthday and enjoy your youth. That’s what I tell all my pals since I’ve been fully retired a few years now.

    Also, I’m glad u liked my angel edge punch idea and my card kit arrived today!

    Again, Blessing to u and all new card pals!!

  18. Blanca Gabriel says:

    Hello Anna,
    I received all of my product. Beautiful and pleased with it all. You are awesome. One problem though, two of my cricut cartridges did not include the overlay and are sold out on HSN. OH NO!!!!!!! When will you have more of those. It was the 3 pack of cartridges. Thank you so much for your time.

  19. Tracey Magner says:

    Anna, It was so much fun watching the HSN craft day, of course as usual I filled up with all the Anna Griffin products I could and my sweet hubby even bought me the cricut explorer for my birthday coming up in August. I can’t wait to use all my new stuff, it will be awhile thou, I fractured my two feet a few months back and am bedridden but as soon as I am heeled I am so ready to play. Thanks Anna for all the beautiful products you create, your talent is so amazing to all of us we really appreciate you.

  20. Rhonda L.P. says:

    P.S. I especially LOVED the blue and white “Birthday Hugs & Wishes” card! It’s so “soft”, and pretty!
    Also, I too, would love to see dies to cut frames, and folders to emboss them! That would be great to send a Photo Christmas Card, and especially great for scrapbooking!
    Something “frilly”, and of course something on the masculine side!

  21. Debra Vance says:

    Anna, is there going to be a way to get the Fretwork dies before October. I had them in my cart and they were taken out. When I went to check out, I was told they were sold out. I so need these dies for a show I am about to put together. Please let me know how I can get them. Thanks

  22. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna…
    Boy! Your fans sure love you! (As do I!) I received the last of my order from the show today, (except for the TSV!) and I am thrilled with all my new goodies! True to my word, I already told you how much I loved the foil flourishes, (I bought 4 sets!) and told you I knew I would use a lot and may order more. I just ordered 4 MORE sets! I think I counted 20 on ONE scrapbook page you showed…so I figure they won’t last long! LOL! This morning I also ordered the everyday tag kit. I hesitated, because I didn’t know if I would use them. I thought…”You silly thing! Of course you will! If you don’t wrap that many gifts, you can use the “leftovers” for card or scrapbook embellishments!” Well, DUH!
    I LOVE all the things you presented on the show! I bought dies, flourishes, lovely layers, chalkboard tags, birthday tags, all the cartridges, 12″ emb. folder set, the card kit, more embossing folder and stamp sleeves….Just about everything! It was like Christmas at my house! This morning I am ridding myself of books I spent years collecting. Knowing that my eyesight is slowly diminishing, I’m sure that I will never read them again. So it’s time to pass them on, for someone else to enjoy. I can use the space for my Anna Griffin goodies! (Which I can still see pretty well!)
    Thank you again, Anna! And…I hope your birthday is…or was…the happiest birthday EVER!
    Can’t wait to see you on HSN in October! (Is THAT the next time you will be on HSN? Do you have an EXACT date yet? I want to be sure and rearrange appointments at work!)
    Happy crafting to all!
    Rhonda L.P.

  23. Gertrud says:

    Loved your last show on HSN! Got the Elegant Embellishments cartridge and the 12” embossing folders for scrapbooking. Can’t wait to use them! They arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, the Elegant Embellishments cartridge will not link to the Cricut Explore. A Ms. Hooper at Cricut is working on transferring the images on the cartridge to my account. Hope it is done today, so that I can start scrapbooking.

  24. Anna Griffin says:

    Thanks, Holly! We would have loved to hear from you during the shows- it’s always a pleasure!

  25. Anna Griffin says:

    Paula- The Fretwork Dies are a completely new set and will not be included in the autoshipments.

  26. Anna Griffin says:

    We do our best to listen and make sure you have the best possible experience with out products!

  27. Anna Griffin says:

    Thanks, Dawn! The Fretwork Dies will hopefully be back for our shows in October. Stay tuned for more on that!

  28. Dawn says:

    Happy Birthday, Anna. Hope it is a BLAST! Each show on HSN, you bring us such fabulous new toys. You and your crew are so fantastically creative.

    I was able to purchase the embellishment cartridge and the 12″ embossing folders. They should be here today. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Christmas this year.

    Please bring back the fretwork dies, I wasn’t able to get them. All gone! 🙁

  29. luz says:

    thank you anna fornyet another wonderful and beautiful presentation of your artwork. I ordered all, and I received all except for the Eleanor paper kit, it indicates on the slip that it is included, but no were to be seen. I spoke to hsn and they said they had run out, but I order mine the day bbefore the 24 hr craft event, risking paying the higher price to make sure I got it, but no. well I guess I have to wait. nevertheless, thank you so much for your creations anna and hope you had a blessed birthday.

  30. Coleen says:

    I have to say Anna really listens and responds to her hsn customers! I just got my bat-tastic paper and embellishment kits and they were packed so carefully. I had previously ordered the Madison collection in May and read some reviews about the packaging. Anna, you truly are a gem!!

  31. Donna W says:

    My last 2 UPS boxes came today. 4 of my grandchildren also came today so I will not be able to try anything out until a next week. But I have looked at everything and I’m very pleased. My only disappointment is the embellishment cartridge which the cricut customer service says I won’t be able to link and use until next week. Bit of a bummer since I got it the end of last week. Oh well, in the scheme of things, that’s a pretty tiny disappointment. Life goes on and I know I’m very fortunate to have been able to purchase everything I wanted.

  32. Leslie says:

    Remember you are as young as you’ll ever be and as old as you have ever been
    Life is such a gift ENJOY IT!!!

  33. Leslie says:

    I placed my order shortly after 9 PM PDT. I have learned that I need a computer so I can order the new things you come out with. I place my order and then watch the shows. Your stuff sells out too quick. It is my #1 reason to have a computer. I didn’t know it was close to your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  34. Becky says:

    I bought my share of anna items this past craft day on hsn and my credit card has the proof 🙂 What I am most excited about is the 5×7 paper which arrived today… beautiful as ever. I did not order the fretwork dies and wish I had however I did order the new punch set from martha and your paper is going to make the frames from those punches pop where ever I use them….on cards, scrapbook page, etc. I still hope someday you decide to do baby and kid kits. Thanks for making me glad to be a scrapper.

  35. Kathi Blount says:

    Hi, I have going some of Anna’s products at:
    JoAnn’s online. I got the Flouish die online.

  36. Paula P. says:

    Hi Anna! Happy Birthday! Great to see you again on HSN. I was wondering if any of the Fretworks die cuts will be included in one of the autoship sets? There are two or three dies currently available at HSN that I was wanting to pick up but was afraid they may be included in a future autoshipment. A2 Flower Vine, A7 Flourish Emblem, A7 Flower Bramble and Flower Layer die. Should I hold off a little longer? Thanks Anna!

    Paula P.

  37. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    My order came today. It’s always so exciting when the brown truck stops at our house. Wellllllll, your book is even more beautiful than it shows on t.v. You are not just generous with all of us but very generous with your praise to your coworkers. You are a nice lady Anna Griffin. Now I’ll look forward to the next time you are on HSN. Love ya, Arleen

  38. Terri B. says:

    Tracking says mine should be here tomorrow, Yay 🙂 Can’t wait to try them out. I have a birthday card and an anniversary card for my hubby to make this month. Love these, Anna!

  39. Jayne Evans says:

    Anna and Crew,
    Thanks for adding this page of inspiration for the new dies I have coming! I’m still (Patiently?? Not!) awaiting my delivery from my “Haul” from HSN and I’m already dreaming about your next show in October!!! I ordered so many of your new things I should be kept busy until October. Thanks from Jayne in Jersey.

  40. joanne says:

    Anna, PLEASE create embossing and dies for picture frames in 3×5, 2×4, oblong, squares, ovals, and circles. I purchased so many kits when you were on Q.. because of the ornate picture frames that were in the kits. Unfortunately, I ran out of the frames years ago and I am in desperate need of picture frames for my wedding, heritage, and baby albums. I have never seen frames like those I use to purchase from you( years ago). They were gorgeous!!!

  41. Kristen V says:

    I received two huge boxes from HSN today and had a wonderful time unboxing everything. All is beautiful except for my Patchwork Stamp Set. I did not receive the four ink pads included with the set. I hope HSN gets back to me soon because no matter what age we are, waiting is always so hard.

  42. HollyG says:

    Greetings Miss Anna & Co!

    I love what Rhonda LP said! She certainly said the things I would have said!!

    My order is on it’s way ans I am super excited to receive it!

    I really wanted to speak with you on HSN but was not able to get through. Just wanted to tell you, as most everyone else, how gorgeous everything is and a huge “thank you” for the previews. I can’t imagine how much work you and your team do before a big show! You’re just the best!!!

    I am having trouble finding your products outside of HSN so I am thrilled you have found a “home” there! Definitely works for me!!!

    Give Georgie a little snuggle for me!

  43. Jane Gotelli says:

    Anna, how do I make the frames on the scrapbook page? I know the background are papers from the Lovely Layers but don’t know what was used to stamp the green frame on top. I received the dies and the Lovely Layers today. I don’t usually like six of each one but these are so beautiful I am very happy to have more to work with. More items are on the way.

  44. marcia says:

    Hi Anna
    I enjoyed your show. But…… I missed the fretwork dies and wonder they will be re-stocked again and will there be other fretwork dies also.
    Thank You

  45. vivian olver says:

    That’s what I did, Nancy. I copied the list that Anna gave us and selected my “must haves, maybes, and who knows”. When the price was good, I bought several. Having more paper and more embellishments certainly does get my creative juices going. When I first see papers like Anna has, I just want to keep them, they are so beautiful. Then I actually use the second set. I am so happy I got the 20th anniversary papers earlier.
    Any way, I did get everything on my list plus a few more. I plan to make a lot of different layers a head of actually finishing my cards..
    The new dies will be used in what I am calling the masterpiece line. They will frame some famous paintings layers. Several of my friends want things like this which they use in their shadow box creations.
    All the best,

  46. Jeanne says:

    You’re the best! I’m so pleased with all that you presented on hsn. I can hardly wait until granddaughters are back in school so I can fire up my Cricut Explore and create 3D dies.
    Love to Georgie.

  47. Nina Garcia says:

    I’m anxiously waiting for my Anna Griffin loot to come in! One of the items will be the Fretwork Dies. My sister and her husband are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so I’m toying with ideas in my head for a special card. I can hardly wait!

  48. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna,
    The card samples are gorgeous! That said….I’m so glad to read that you are going to release a set of “thinking of you”, and “sympathy” stickers!!! I was just thinking this morning…a lot of the comments I read on the blog are from my age group, (55 and up!). Sadly, many of “our” card needs are “Get well”, “Feel Better”, or “Sympathy” cards. I was thinking it would be nice to have stickers for those in a packet, OR even seperate packets, for an individual need. (Working in a salon which caters mostly to “elderly” women; sadly I VERY often need a sympathy card! I could easily use a pack of 50 “SYMPATHY” stickers alone!) Also, Get well cards are a frequent need!
    Soooo glad to hear they are coming! You DO spoil us so! I want you to know, it IS VERY MUCH appreciated, that you listen to us! You ARE an Angel!
    Still waiting for the remainder of my July 23rd order. I took your advice, and ordered 4 sets of the foil flourishes…and may order more! When I saw them, and how beautiful they are, I thought….”I’ll be using a LOT of these!” Like you, I like having some to use, some to keep, and “then some”! (My house shows it, unfortunately!) I’ll take the “beautiful” clutter ANY day! Have a great Birthday!
    Rhonda L.P.

  49. sue says:

    ANNA CLAUS just arrived!! Found 2 boxes on my deck!! I happily camped out in the living room, opening each and every little/large box!! What fun!!
    What gorgeous products!! I LOVE the Lovely Layers papers!! The Botanical Die Cuts, the Garden Embossing./die cuts, the Fretwork dies!!
    The Kindness Kit is a stunner!!!Oh, I just love it all!! Thank you, Anna!! Another home run from you and the company!! Thank you so much!
    And though a few days early…….
    With love and blessings………….

  50. Anna Griffin says:

    Grama Pei,
    It sure was nice to talk to you on HSN! Thank you for loving what we do! We love you!

  51. Anna Griffin says:

    Patsy M. – that very sticker kit is coming up October 7th. You will at least be able to have the stickers. We didn’t do a card kit.

  52. Erin Glee says:

    I noticed that too, Kim….and that the bottom scallopped edge of one of the gold doe cuts used as a background on the Anniversary page sample was cut off. I’m so picky, I guess my perfectionist side goes right to little things like that!

  53. Erin Glee says:

    I am a huge Anna Griffin Fan and loved watching you on HSN, Miss Anna! I pretended I was at a Crop with you and Martha by my side as I used all the great products I already have from your company(and hers!). I was not able to spend a penny this time, but when I get the Fretworks die set I will make cards and scrapbook pages galore!

  54. Karen B. says:

    Thank you so much for posting these ideas/samples! I was hoping you would! They are beautiful and I cannot wait until mine arrive. 🙂

  55. judi says:

    I just received my order and was very fortu nate to get all that I ordered. Each item had been sold out, and I thank you that I received them all. I still have another package coming, but it is in Tennessee, but it is on its way! Everything is all I imagined and more, Thank You.

  56. Grama Pei says:

    Just gorgeous! I especially love the Birthday Hugs and Wishes Card! I am opening my boxes at the moment and am THRILLED! I am SO beholden to you, Anna, for your having created the most heart-touching craft items in the history of mankind! THANK you! You and your helpers make it a joy to craft and create for others!

  57. Mary Latno says:

    Hi Anna, I loved watching you July 23. I ordered just about everything you had…I got my Fret dies today and can’t wait to use them. Thank you for the post on how to use them.

  58. Anna Griffin says:

    Vee- We’re not sure why your comments are not posting. Our only suggestion is to make sure your browser is updated. Sorry about that!

  59. Anna Griffin says:

    It’s a card surface from our Lovely Layers collection, which is still available on!

  60. Georgiann Broniecki says:

    Can’t wait for mine to be delivered. I LOVE using all your products for my card making. Thank You!

  61. Anna Griffin says:

    We usually do previews and giveaways leading up to our visits to HSN. Be on the lookout for those announcements!

  62. Anna Griffin says:

    That is actually a card surface from our Lovely Layers collection, which is still available on!

  63. Anna Griffin says:

    Thank you Sally! We love our fans and all of your wonderful ideas- they inspire us every day!

  64. Anna Griffin says:

    We hope to re-stock several of the items during our upcoming October shows. Check or our Facebook page for updates!

  65. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    Thanks for the email. I just love the demo cards. I can think of a lot of uses for the lovely frame.

  66. Anna Griffin says:

    Melinda- We will be posting lots of new projects on Pinterest in the next couple of weeks so keep checking back!

  67. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Angela! Have you tried giving Cricut a call? They may be able to help you get the die you are missing.

  68. Ronny says:

    Angela, call Provo Craft and tell them.
    They are great to make everything right.
    so you get what you ordered.

  69. Ronny says:

    Got part of my order today but not the fretwork dies. Some of my order comes from Ca. and they arrive quickly but the things that come from tenn. take over a week to get here once they are shipped.

    Seems they take a tour of the country every time going from Tenn. to Ca and then back to Utah. Drives me mad I tell you cause its always the thing I am the most anxious to receive ! 🙂 🙂

    I too have learned that if there is something I really want, I order it at 10:01 pm (since we are 2 hrs earlier that eastern time). It was hard this time though since I stayed up til 1am and then had to drag myself out of bed at 5am to see you Anna.
    Love all that i got today especially the birthday stickers and the foil embellishments they are gorgeous! There were so many things I wanted but just couldn’t afford it all.

  70. Angela Clarke says:

    Dear Anna, I ordered your beautiful dies from HSN and unfortunately I wound up getting two of the same dies. I called HSN right away but as these were sold out they couldn’t do anything other then refund for part of the order. Please let us know when they’ll be back in stock. I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much for offering these beautiful items for us crafters.

  71. Agatha McEcoy says:

    Please let me know when u will be back
    Will I be ever able to buy fretwork, birthday wishes botanical dies
    I was on vacation and missed your show
    Please help me order fretwork please

  72. Jeorgette says:

    Sadly, these sold out before I had a chance to buy them. But I am looking forward to using your Garden Trimmings embossing and die set!

  73. Jennie Heberg says:

    I am like so many others. All my crafts items purchased on HSN Craft Day are Anna Griffin, and I’m anxiously awaiting my items. I look forward to making my cards with the elegant dies. My project for today is to reorganize my craft space into something elegant yet practical as my sweet hubby uses lots if my things for some of his art projects.

  74. Annette J says:

    What beautiful items you had at the scrapbook day…Sadly my budget did not allow me to buy anything BUT now I have so much more to look forward to in the future. I love the fretwork and will watch for it to be in stock at a later date. Thanks for the beautiful designs and gorgeous projects.

  75. Lisa says:

    The blue and white birthday hugs card is just so beautiful. Can’t wait for my play date on Thursday so I can try these new things with my scrap buddy.

  76. Claudette S. says:

    I received my Botanicals, tags and birthday embelishments today. I missed out on the other dies. Love your stuff.

  77. Elizabeth A says:

    I just got everything I ordered from craft day yesterday afternoon, all Anna things, lol. All perfect; I started putting together the layered botanical sets last night, there are many! I thought 96 may have been how many individual pieces to put together, and wasn’t sure about the value, but no, there will be 96 layered pieces. There are six of each sheet in the picture on HSN. If it comes back, highly recommend, lots to add to cards and pages. If a similar set is made, I’ll buy new images in a heartbeat. Oh, did I mention it’s fun?

  78. Suaie says:

    I just received mine less than two hours ago and already made a congrats card for a newly engaged couple. Beautiful!!

  79. Chris Hayden says:

    I just got my Botanicals and my Fretwork Dies and the Totally Tags. WOW!!!! I can’t even find the words to describe how great all of it is. Those Fretwork Dies are just gorgeous and can be used in so many different ways! It’s all just ten times better then what I thought they would be! Thanks, Anna, for such beautiful products!

  80. Dorothy E. says:

    I missed out on these also–am waiting to see when they are available. I love your new book!;;;;;As I was reading through I came to Christmas my favorite time of the year! I noticed several die cuts; ex:snowflake solo; snowflake bundle; snowflake lace and flurry;holly berry boughs; holly sprig and holly berry swirls. If I missed out on them last year will they be available soon. I used your kit for cards last year and everyone loved them. You encouraged me last month to keep on; and I have. I even bought a 3rd B plate just for embossing! Thank you soooo much. Oh. & I am a proud owner of Cricut Explore!

  81. Mary R. says:

    I got some of your 120 lb pearlized cardstock. The dies will work up great in this paper. I love making cards, Anna. The dies add a beautiful layering piece.

  82. Marjorie Estey says:

    I love the dies. I will be making a wedding card for my nephew’s October wedding. Perfect!!! Thanks for the samples.

  83. Pat Hauge says:

    I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday! I know it’s not for a few more days, but didn’t want to forget to tell you. And also thanks for the demo on the Fretwork dies, can’t wait for them to arrive!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Pat Hauge says:

    Hi Anna, Great Show! Thanks for posting all the items. I bought everything early in the afternoon and it was a good thing because everything started selling out!! I thought i spent a lot in June, July I broke the bank. Your the best!!

  85. GILDAMAR Gl says:

    Beautiful work, Thanks for be the inspiration for our creations, I have a question or a request if You ever thing in make your sentiments or your cards in spanish

  86. Dale McGrath says:

    My dies are supposed to be delivered today because hsn uses Surepost!. I’m so glad hsn puts all of your items on the internet days before the show. Several of the items I bought sold out before tbe show. Bye, it’s time to go to the PO to pick up my stuff

  87. Melinda Hart says:

    What a show! I love everything I bought! You never disappoint. I did buy these dies and I do appreciate you creating a post since there was not a demo for it. I was wondering if you could post the card projects you did not get a chance to show during the Autumn Wreath segment and the card projects you did not get to show during the Bat-tastic segment onto Pinterest or the blog so I can pin them! I was blown away by all of the projects created during your shows. A big thanks to you and your design team who continue to inspire with such beautiful products and projects! I can’t wait to use it all!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Autumn Wreath and Fretwork. What showstoppers they are!

  88. Gaila says:

    Hi Anna! I’m expecting delivery of my Fretwork Dies TODAY! and I’m so happy to see these projects illustrating these dies! I missed the on-air presentation and there was NO VIDEO of them on HSN! 🙁
    I am also anxiously awaiting the other lovely items I ordered from your last HSN appearance, so I’m planning to have a great time this afternoon papercrafting to my heart’s delight! As always, thanks so much for anticipating and responding to our fondest wishes!

  89. Vivian Kochis says:

    Thank you for posting these. The samples are incredibly beautiful. I received two boxes of goodies from HSN yesterday. I hope to get to opening them this evening, then I can relax, and enjoy using all the lovely items I bought.

  90. Kim Bush says:

    Unfortunately, I did not get to purchase these awesome dies 🙁 As a side note, the first card (the green die cut) was not “weeded” all the way and there are some bits that need to be popped out. I thought you might want to know because it is a beautiful card and I thought you might want to photograph it again with the bits removed 🙂 I love all the projects!!!

  91. Cheryl Ripley says:

    I was fortunate enough to get this set before it sold out, and I intend to make a 25th anniversary album with them. All your dies have been so enjoyable to work with. Beautiful never goes out of style, especially when Anna Griffin’s style is involved! Thank you for being a true “partner” to all of your fans. Love the posts showing us great ideas.

  92. Sharla Wilson says:

    Yes, I found the blue and white floral in the “lovely layers” kit—thank you Tami B! Don’t know why I didn’t look there first since it’s a brand new product. What a beautiful card—if fretwork can be “understated”, Anna, you have nailed it! So simple but so very elegant. I’m going to be using up the blue (and the same design in green) making that exact card, I love it so much. Anna,I suggested on your facebook pg (mine was the entry with my husband’s pic…sorry!) that you make dark core (like a dark taupe-y grey) pastel & white cardstock so we can mimic shabby chic and worn painted surfaces by sanding embossed diecuts. That would be a fabulous addition to your collections!

  93. Tracey D. says:

    I loved everything that was in show. However a lot of the items sold out. Will HSN restock items form the show?

  94. TeranceH says:

    that day was a good day, they may have had a craft day but for me it didn’t start until you came on at 6am CST. I got so much and i checked the tracking this morning and i have a lot of this out for delivery (so excited). I am glad to see these in use on projects, they give me lots of ideas to try and i cant wait. I need to have a card making day soon i need to use a lot of my new stuff and some items i got earlier this year i haven’t had time to play with, when are you back Anna, i need to start saving money for ten (smile).

  95. Sally says:

    I appreciate your attentiveness to customer satisfaction. Your products are innovative (needless to say gorgeous). Thank you again.

  96. Nellie Rose says:

    I didn’t get these, they sold out ( ofcourse) but I’ll be watching on the HSN site for them to come back… Thanks Anna, love the Craft Day!

  97. TamiB says:

    Kimberly – I definitely think you should try inking an embossing folder and then share your creations with us! I do, however, think that is a Lovely Layer being used on that blue card. Yours, I’m certain, will be equally ‘Lovely’. 🙂

  98. Mary Pumphrey says:

    Using them for Christmas ornaments is a great idea. The grandchildren could really enjoy making them too. Thanks for the suggestion.

  99. TamiB says:

    Wow! Just gorgeous – as usual! My order is on a UPS truck to be delivered today so I should get to start playing tonight, can’t wait! I love them all but the lavender and blue cards are my favorites…soooo pretty. I need to get started on Fall birthday cards so ‘let the fun begin’!

  100. Betsy Carty says:

    Sooo beautiful like you Anna. Recorded the shows. Can hardly wait to get these dies in the mail. I plan to make cards now and scrapbook later. I love the idea of having a framework card. But I love you much more Anna. My husband likes what I do with your products. Have a wonderful day. Blessings. Betsy

  101. Kimberly Mussachia says:

    Anna, did you do the blue and white card with an embossing folder and blue stamp ink? I’m going to try that today! 🙂

  102. Roberta O'Brien says:

    I received my dies (plus 4 other AG items) yesterday. I will be using my dies on cards and also want to use them on scrapbook pages,

  103. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, Yes, love the blue card etc. My items will be arriving while I’m at dinner tonight so I’ll eat fast…lol.

    A pal has a request, have u thought of making an angel edge punch? Then we could get the punch and make lots of little angels like you!!

    Blessings to all of you out there!

  104. Kimberly Mussachia says:

    Thank you Anna for a wonderful presentation of your exquisite products on HSN. I ordered everything before the show and then taped it. My fret dies are coming today so thank you for the samples. Will the pictures be on Pinterest? Also, my auto ship, holiday soirée is processing so it should come next week! What a wonderful summer I am having!

  105. Sharon says:

    GORGEOUS—-GORGEOUS—GORGEOUS– What more can be said!!!! Will there be free give-a-ways this next month?????

  106. Sharla Wilson says:

    Okay, Anna—I love those samples you posted! Still waiting for mine to arrive (Five of your items arrived on Saturday—still waiting for three more that I ordered from your shows. I need to ask you: What kit or set is the blue & white floral background on the “Birthday Hugs & Wishes” sample from? It’s perfect with the fretwork die cut, but I don’t recognize it and I have tons of your kits & papers. Please fill me in—I bought the birthday sticker kit also and want to make that card! In the meantime I’ll keep searching thru my stash—“warehouse”! Thank you

  107. Doug G. says:

    Anna, Thanks for the samples with the Fretwork Dies !!!! You can really see how they can enhance any project. Keep up the fantastic job of thinking up new dies !!!!

  108. Kimberly Mussachia says:

    The green cuttlebug isn’t as elegant as the gold cuttlebug but it works the same 🙂 Buy Anna’s cutting dies because they are beautiful and make gorgeous cards and scrapbook pages! I have them all!

  109. vee says:

    This is like 4th time i’ve tried to write something & your site has cleared it out. Not happy!
    fix this please. I don’t like wasting my time over & over & over again.
    Had a great idea for you & a complement, but i’m sure your site would delete it cause it do so 4times already. Your loss.
    (Oh my word, deleted my last sentence!!!!)

    not a happy “Anna” camper today!

  110. Sue S says:

    Hi Patricia, the green and white cuttlebug is the same as the gold and cream one. They both emboss and die cut. The dies are lovely, you should give them a try. 🙂

  111. Nancy Iverson says:

    Hi Anna
    I am getting smarter about getting your items. I see that they put the items up before the shows. I had previewed your sneak peeks several times and ordered a few the prior day at the same great deal. Then I ordered a few more before the shows-Fretwork dies was one of them! I am glad I did. I love the frame that works so great for photos best! I am wanting to work on my family heritage album! I have been waiting for something like this. Thanks also for the chalkboard tags!!!!!! I had suggested that after I had missed on out on the stamps.
    Can’t wait to start playing with all my goodies.
    Nancy from Colorado

  112. Debbie says:

    Lovely examples of using these dies! I too hope they are offered again. Disappointed yesterday when my shipment from HSN arrived and HSN left out the Fretwork dies yet it was on the packing list. Yes, I am very bummed out!

  113. Dawn Thiesen says:

    Yes, totally agree. We don’t do halloween either, but would love some alternative fall items, my favorite time of year. Thanks for listening.

  114. Mary says:

    I keep checking the UPS web site to track my order! Hopefully tomorrow, I will receive my Cricket and all the Anna Griffith products I ordered! Can’t wait. Feel like a kid at Christmas time.

  115. Patricia Moss says:

    I got almost everything LOL on the special going on all day. I think they will all be here tomorrow and I’m so excited. Can’t wait for the Xmas box to come out. I have the green & white cuddlebug & wasn’t sure if it does the die cuts or not so I did not order any. If anyone has it & can let me know please do. I love your card making items Anna & so do a lot of friends & family. They feel so very special when they get them.

  116. Irene Baker says:

    I’m so excited. Can’t wait till I receive mine in the mail (hopefully today). Thanks for the tutorial. Love you, Anna!

  117. Debbie Lentz says:

    I get my Fretwork Dies on Weds (tomorrow) and I can’t wait!!! I love these! Your show was amazing on HSN & now I have to make some money because I definitely went crazy with the $$$ over your products!!!


    Debbie in Nebraska

  118. Brenda Scuccimarri says:

    Love these dies, but I missed out had to work, hope they will return soon, waiting

  119. Marge G. says:

    Unfortunately, I missed out on these, but am hoping they’ll be back – will they? I LOVE your cutting dies!!!

  120. Aleatha says:

    I really love the fact yhat you are always thinking of your customers who honestly
    Feel like extended friends because you share. These new ideas are awesome. I think at this point that goes without saying.
    I have one request when you were doing
    Your presentations on this blog there were
    Pictures of botanicles pinned on the wall
    Behind you. Is there sny chance you might make some diecuts of those ??

  121. Nancy Mith says:

    I am so happy I ordered this before it sold out! Look forward to using in card making and my scrapbook pages! Thank you Anna!

  122. Janet Nelson says:

    Anna, Would it be possible to create a .pdf file of post without the comments so we can print a copy for our Anna library?

  123. Hobo says:

    I think these, judging by the pictures, are the most beautiful dies yet. I have to wait a few more days for the UPS guy to deliver, but I am so looking forward to their arrival. I plan to use them in scrapbooks and cards, but I also can’t wait to just play! I see some holiday cards…

  124. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Thank you for your inspiring ideas. Beautiful for sure …but I expect nothing but the best from you and your great team. You never disappoint me.
    Thanks again

  125. Merial says:

    Missed out this time, but see I must buy them when they are back in stock. But I love these projects so much- especially the wedding frames and birthday hugs card! Where can I get the papers for these projects?

  126. Sonya says:

    I had ordered these and other items before they aired and set my TV to tape all your shows so I would be able to study your samples. Imagine my disappointment when I came home and the dies sold out before their airing. I IMMEADIATLY went to your website and asked for you to put up your beautiful samples. THANK YOU!!!! I recieved my order yesterday &I love the dies and the sample ideas.

  127. Lori Mazzeo says:

    I love the Fretwork dies!!! They add just that somethin somethin to every page, every card, everything!!! I almost bought everything even without that “buy all Anna button.” I missed the Anna Griffin® Antique Botanical Die-Cut Collection not knowing what they were. Not sure how I missed that one but by the time I saw you present them, they sold out. I should have known they were not just ordinary stickers! Thank you Anna for keeping the quality! xo Lori

  128. mary murphy says:

    I love your examples of how to use these. Mine come today and will be having fun all afternoon experimenting……I feel very badly for all those who didn’t or were unable to order these…please have them on again so others can get them

  129. Anna A says:

    Hi Anna: Still waiting for mine to come in the mail. Can’t wait to use them. I have a request: Could you do a Kit with the lovely antique postcards and cards that you put in last Christmas’ card kit and in the auto-ships that came after. They were the little vintage cards with the hearts and cupids and the poinsettias etc. they were my favorite thing in each kit. Thanks for making such beautiful things available to us. We need more beauty in the world.

  130. mary k says:

    I love the fall season, but I don’t do All Hallow’s Eve. Hope some day you can do something for fall with pumpkins and leaves, mums, or something for Thanksgiving. I love sending cards for the most overlooked holiday, and people seem to appreciate them because they stop and take time to give thanks. Thanks Anna for all your inspiration and products to make both the maker and the cards recipient smile.

  131. Lora Posey says:

    I am turning some of my dies into Christmas ornaments ! Not sure of the names of these dies you just released but the one with circles is so unique !
    I may have to have an ‘Anna ‘ Christmas tree with your dies all cut out and glittered !!

  132. Christina Ramon says:

    SO pretty, bummed out that I didn’t get them in time, but I did get the new embossing folders/dies combo and the 12″ embossing folders from last time! Hopefully next showing I can snag these fretwork dies and…the soft palette layers kit??? Please, please, please bring them back into stock! <3

  133. Kay Wallin says:

    I have a Cricut, but couldn’t pass these up! Sometimes, it’s just easier to use the Cuttlebug when I am just making one card. Another homerun for Anna

  134. Linda C says:

    So beautiful!! Had them in my cart & when I went to check out they were gone. Please let me know if they are coming back. I really want these!

  135. John Gillespie says:

    I managed to get these, and was purchasing just after the midnight hour to take advantage of the shipping deal, and to get all my Anna items before I had to head off to bed for work on the 23rd…. I kept checking back for a video of the presentation, and now gather that you didn’t get to present them….. Thanks for this post and the inspiration – as I can’t wait to get these, and the other Anna goodies that I purchased.

    I don’t know if you saw my post on your Facebook page, but I was wondering if you could make ink refill bottles for your ink pads in all of the colors you sell? As I love your ink colors and the quality of the pads, I’m just wanting to be eco-friendly and re-use what I’ve got instead of buying more ink pads when the current ones dry out.

    Thanks for the great products, and keep them coming! My dies should be here later this week.

  136. Lora Posey says:

    Just cut them out and they are GORGEOUS !!! Heavy metal , extremely well made … ( Not flimsy like some out there ). Cuts perfectly and easy to lift off .
    Anna’s dies are all so very beautiful ! I have them all !!!
    I don’t have the Cricut , so I rely on Anna making more of these gorgeous dies that I can use in my die cutting machines.
    I hope to see more themed dies for holidays. Last year she had the snowflakes and they are gorgeous !
    Still waiting and hoping to see a peacock die . Hopefully one with feathers spread out !!! Anna, hope your hearing my request !!!
    Keep up the beautiful work !!!

  137. Sue In't Veld says:

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive! They are so beautiful and I look forward to using them on lots of fun projects, but mostly cards! They were the first thing I ordered on HSN’s craft day last week!

  138. Janet Nelson says:

    Still waiting for my order to come. Can’t wait. Thank you, Anna, for providing the video too. I am one of those visual learners.

  139. Vicki Coleman says:

    Loved the show, got everything I wanted, just waiting for my order to get here. Hope you’ll leave your sneak preview on your blog for awhile. I would love to see the examples you use on the shows posted somewhere, maybe Pinterist. Thanks for never disappointing.

  140. Susan B. says:

    Mine came in last night!! I can’t wait to use them this weekend in my project!! they are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I have every die and folder you have put out, Anna and LOVE them all!!

  141. Patsy M. says:

    Seems like there is no end to your creative products! These are just beautiful.

    I do have a request for a special card making kit. I sell cards to employees at our local Hospice. I’m always getting requests for sympathy or thinking of you cards. I would love to see a tag collection specifically for sympathy/thinking of you. Your 3-D tags are the most beautiful I can find and would love a collection of them. I’ve purchased your “All About Him”, All About Love” collections and would really love to purchase an “All About Sympathy” kit.

  142. Winnie JohnsoTn says:

    These dies are just gorgeous. Wish I was able to purchase, I have them on my favorite list on HSN though. 🙂

  143. Lisa Washburn says:

    A lot of stuff sold out! Does this mean you will be putting more on HSN?? Also will you be putting more of the new card making kits on HSN?? I missed those too. 🙁

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