Giveaway #3 and Some September 2nd “Pinspiration”

Hi there!

I just returned from a great visit to the U.K., and want to thank all of you who tuned in for my shows this week on QVC. There is so much beautiful inspiration in London. I was dreaming up ideas for the Cuttlebug and Cricut like you wouldn’t believe!

anna in uk 2

Today’s winner will receive our All Occasion Sentiment Garlands, 6×6 Pretty Papers and For the Boys Die Cuts! The lucky lady’s name we drew this week is Tracy Saint-John! We will be in touch via email so we can send you all of these fabulous items.

Okay so this is really fun… In anticipation of our September 2nd shows on HSN, we put together a special Pinterest board full of holiday crafting inspiration just for you! And to make it even more exciting, we will be adding a few projects from brand new Cuttlebug and Cricut collections before they even hit the blog next Tuesday- it’s like a sneak peek of a sneak peek! Click here to follow along.


See you on Tuesday for the last set of previews before our September HSN visit!

Much love,



  1. Marcia Stearman says:

    I cannot wait to get the Christmas Arrangements embossing folders and die cuts. They look absolutely beautiful and I prefer using my Cuttlebug over the Cricut.

  2. Linda J says:

    I just bought Seasonal Soiree and it is wonderful. Lots of fun things to use for my grandchild’s birthday party in October. Love everything you do, Anna. I have things of yours from when you first started on HSN. I treasure them. You are such an inspiration. Linda Jones

  3. Judy says:

    Just got my auto shipment today. Cant wait to use them after work. Love them. Looking forward to 9-2-14

  4. jan says:

    Cant wait for Tuesday. I record your shows to watch again and again love your stuff! Thanks for the great creating tools

  5. Pam Denner says:

    Looking forward to the embossing folders and dies for Christmas. Time to start thinking about what cards to make for Christmas.

  6. Karin says:

    All of your designs are beautiful. Just when I think I have enough, you create something else I just have to have. Thank you.

  7. Melanie says:

    Love ALL Anna Griffin! Can’t wait for sept on HSN. In seasonal soirée is there a gift card holder pattern. I can’t really tell from the picture.

  8. Rosalva says:

    Getting ready to start making Xmas cards with my new cartridge! Plus I just relocated 2 of your green Xmas card boxes I had stashed and forgot about. Im gonna be a busy bee soon. FYI. I thought I was happy receiving my Cricut Expressions, you need to see a picture of my cat (Jimmy) in the cricut box, He loves it! Thinks its the best bed ever. He has a box on the first and second floor (my sister gave me her box), beats all the beds I bought and he did not like.

  9. cindy says:

    Anna I am really sorry I missed seeing you on qvc when you were here in the Uk. I contacted QVC and asked a week before when you were going to be on again and they said you weren’t scheduled. Then I noticed your blog and was sad that I didn’t get my christmas card supplies for this year! Let me know when you will be back on QVC next!
    Thank you for creating such beautiful paper to inspire me!

  10. Theresa says:

    Please repeat posting the list of the items that will be be on Ann’s HSN visits the week before.
    The ‘shopping list’ was part of Ann’s Blog one week before the July 23rd HSN event and it was marvelous to have it in advance.

    Knowing ahead what the items are makes it much easier on decisions of which items to jump on immediately, which ones to think about.
    In a budget-conscious world, sometimes it comes down to ‘what can I afford this month’.
    A pre-posted shopping list is the Best Thing.

    Anna, keep the creative juices flowing — and thanks for the many hours of pleasure you give us while we express ourselves with your help.

  11. Paula P. says:

    I’m a sucker for anything Christmas. Bring it on, Anna! Everything is sooo beautiful and I want it all! See you Sept.2nd!

  12. Pat Marsh. says:

    Good Morning! Welcome back home – can’t wait to see all the eye candy you will have for us on September 2nd.
    Cricut is promoting a Soiree Lettering cartridge, also I saw a Halloween cartridge floating around on Facebook with your name all over it – will you have these two cartridges on your September show? (I apologize for asking so many questions, but I am a little over anxious waiting for September!!!!!)

  13. Christine Kiehl says:

    So exciting! So many new items to drool over! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win!

  14. Crystal Garrett says:

    I really love the Holly Die Cuts and the Embossing folder…..also the recipes for the cinnamon tree and the pretty white layered cake with the holly leaves…such gorgeous..the vellum sentiments I am really excited about..and I can not leave out the luxurious paper and borders. ..the gold and silver are my favorite. Thank you and you team Anna for all you do …and I would love to see Spiritual Die Cuts, Embossing Folders with Hymns like Silent Night and Oh Holy Night, and also Spiritual comments for Christmas with stamps..on vellum…and/or layered tags…so looking forward to Sept.2, I have been reminding my husband about every other day..and speaking of my husband, although he does not do crafts, he lives your vintage and nostalgic looks also.

  15. barb macaskill says:

    The butterfly swirl is to die for!!! Must try the candy can macaroon recipe from Pinterest and that red dress…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lala! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE it!!! All the pins are just delightfully delicious!! TFS!

  16. Alice S says:

    I just love all your products. I am new at card making and you are making it easy for me. I love your embossing folders. I like the Elaborate Quatrefoil with the border. I would love to see you make a whole embossing folder like the border of that one. It would be neat, Thanks for all your goodies you bring us!

  17. Deborah Barbee says:

    Love the Butterfly Die-cut. It is so dimensional and original. Cannot wait for it to become available. Just received the Christmas auto ship, looking forward to using it. Already shopping for September 2nd.

  18. AmyH says:

    I looked at the Pinterest page and fell in love with all the inspiration images and the made up cards, etc. you have such an eye for beauty and it shows in your designs.

  19. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    This living on the West Coast makes waiting for my Anna Auto Ships so difficult. But good things (yours) really DO come to those who wait! I’m hoping UPS will be ready for me-I’m sure ready for YOU! See you soon… Love, Lefty Lou and the cat watching team!(They really DO recognize the brown truck. Quick learners…!)

  20. Mary R. Huff says:


    I think Marianne was referring to my white butterfly stories that my deceased husband sends me. There are so many but it was a year after his passing when I noticed in Summer of 2005 one showed up on a hospital door when I was having an MRI. A few weeks later, 1 showed up on the dentist door and then later on my porch. The one that really got me was when I had to move 4 years ago and he (Jim) showed up at the drive of my new home!! A few laugh but many do not and this year would’ve been our 45th anniv. and yes another visited me!

    Again, Blessings to all of u in Anna Land…time to make more cards!

  21. Gisela says:

    Congratulations Tracy, have a wonderful time creating.

    The new Christmas folders and dies are just fantastic and I have been giving my Cuttlebug a workout these past two days.
    I love the Christmas tree die and folder as well as the jingle bells border which I have woven into scrapbook page.

    Thank you Anna for all the happiness you bring into my home.

  22. marianne p says:

    Please give us a list as you did the last time you appeared on HSN so that we know whar we already have and what we wuld like to have. It made things so much easier to shop!!

  23. Pamela Davenport says:

    Hi just loved every think you brought to QVC had to buy all the new things including the Cuttlebug.
    Can’t wait untill Oct when you come back to QVC.

  24. Patti Garcia says:

    I have to have the butterfly circles. They are so wonderful,they fly off the card. It needs to be September now.can’t wait!

  25. Mary Leedy says:

    Just received my Christmas ef/die auto-ship package…love it! Looking forward to seeing you on HSN in Sept. I love the first photo on this page. I’m hoping you will be creating dies based on these architectural pieces. They are gor-geou-us!!!

  26. HollyG says:

    Welcome home Miss Anna!

    The Pinspiration Board is absolutely stunning, exactly what we’ve come to expect from you Anna!

    Enjoying the new Christmas embossing folders and dies! Although I love all seasons and Holidays, Christmas is most definitely my favorite. I absolutely adore all the Christmas gorgeousness you bring to this wonderful holiday! Thank you for that…

    Anxiously awaiting for your visit to HSN on the 2nd!!!

  27. Jo Smith says:

    I went to scrapbook expo today. I was saddened to not see any of your things there. They don’t know what they are missing. So glad you are on HSN and we get to see and buy your beautiful items.

  28. Debbie says:

    Just love all the inspiration and my new Christmas embossing folders and dies.
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us….I love using your products!!!

  29. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Can’t wait until the 2nd, I’m afraid my card is going to start smoking again. When you get a minute (like that’s going to happen), please please come out with some birthday die cuts that we can put together. It’s a great way to keep your hands busy while watching my favorite tv shows at night and I sooooooo need more birthday embellishments and sentiment inserts. Thank you so much for everything you do for us. Love Arleen

  30. Pat Hauge says:

    I love the Circle of Butterflies on the card above. The red dress on Pinterest is to die for. See ya on HSN soon!!!!!!

  31. Shawn Wenrich says:

    I always enjoy your HSN appearances. So glad you’re such a regular visitor. It wouldn’t be the same without you!!!

  32. Joy says:

    Simply beautiful. I love and enjoy all your stuff and receive so many compliments. Beginning to need a craft room or should I say past needing.

  33. RandellynB says:

    I was already subscribed to the board, but the pinspiration pics are to die for…especially the dress and beaded clothing…beautiful! I received my next auto-ship and be still my heart! I adore Christmas and this set of embossing folders and dies are amazing and I can wait to create with them. Question: Are the these shipments supposed to have project sheets with them as well? I haven’t received any project sheets with them. Would love to have project sheets like we get with the card kits. See you on Tuesday!

  34. Annie Laura Pence says:

    FANTASTIC Pintrest items. Glad your trip to UK was safe and inspiring.

    Anna, you really must wear a Christmas dress like the red on with elements going down the arms and bodice but solid red bottom. I loved that Red skirt with jewels too. Weat that one also.

    I loved the French bed and thought the idea of Christmas garland draped over back of chair was neat idea.

    With all those DELIOUS looking goodies to cook up, how in the world would I have time to do my Anna Griffin cards and scrapbooking?

    I need to eat less and craft more anyway! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing you in Sept on HSN.

    A Craft Friend for Life

  35. Penny K. says:

    Gloria – Why don’t you post your mom’s name and address, and I am sure many of Anna’s followers would be happy to send her a card? I know I certainly would…

  36. Penny K. says:

    I love the butterfly swirly thing! I’m not sure what it is, but I can see some wonderful possibilities in both card making and scrap booking. Now I can’t wait to see what you produce for us using this design!

  37. Lee Grace says:

    Thanks, that is an awesome Pinterest board. I received the auto-ship Christmas dies and folders yesterday. I can’t get over how pretty the Christmas tree die is!

  38. Susie says:

    What fun I just had looking at your board … and adding so many of your pins to mine. See you on the 2nd for more Anna inspiration!!!

  39. Renee A. Zimmerman says:

    Sending you thanks for the great inspiration you are able to design every week, month year. I have a hard time designing simple birthday cards or christmas cards every year. You are truly a gifted designer that can take architecture to that next level. Thanks for all your talent.

  40. Rhonda says:

    I love everything I get from anna but wonder where I can get the pleated paper kit. Does anyone know?

  41. Joy Chattin Hannabass says:

    Can’t wait for all of the goodies in the Sept HSN time! I always record the program so I can watch it over and over. And I can see what what I purchased!!!
    Would love to win today too’

  42. Cathleen Bowing says:

    Thank You for all the insperation you always have such nice items we can order from on HSN. Sept2nd is comming soon! I had a doctor apt that day & I rescheduled it! Don’t want to miss anything,
    My alarm is set for the 2nd!
    I love the Christmas folders & dies! Ides are just waiting to be done.
    I’ve wondered if you’d consider having a “Card Blog Creation display” Where we are given a set of items to use and we display our version on your blog. Ex: a Christmas card, using certain colors, so many items on the card, and a emb. folder you select with a complamentry border.
    This would soooo expand our ideas and we would have 5 days to make & display.
    Any way just a thought for some “ANNA” time!

  43. Shawna says:

    Anna – could you remind me what the last HSN auto ship contains? I cannot remember but I THINK it is related to Valentines/love.

    I am thrilled with the Christmas ones. Very lovely. Thanks again for these beautiful faders and dies.

  44. Kathleen P says:

    Looks like a wonderful – but busy – time in London! Like the board on pinterest. Not only beautiful cards but yummy goodies. Can’t wait for the show on the 2nd.

  45. Gloria says:

    Anna can you please send my mom a card from you as she loves your cards and was just diagnosed with lung cancer and only has about four months to live and I know she would love a card from you let me know and I will give you her address thank you in advance we both love your products

  46. Virgie Lovelace says:

    I LOVE all your old and new creations can’t wait for September 2nd to shop for my birthday!

  47. Nancy F says:

    Can’t wait for more inspiration on Sept. 2, I plan to watch HSN while I am using my new Seasonal Soirees cricut cartridge to get my jump start on the holidays!

  48. Beth in Georgia says:

    I love the butterfly circle! I have been working on card components and today put them all together. I made 52 cards today! I’m pooped and enjoyed every single minute of it! I’m all ready for some new things to add to these gifts I’m making so I’m ready and raring for the 2nd. I already set my DVR so that I can rewind and review! Thank you Anna, we’re so glad you made it home safe and sound!

  49. sandra says:

    Anna, just received my Christmas auto ship. So excited! My cards will really have a WOW look to them. Ooks like I will have an early start this year! Just love all the dies and folders. I plan to emboss some bags to give with baked treats for my coworkers!

  50. Terressa Hollingsworth says:

    Circle of butterflies are darling, and I love my Christmas embossing folders……can’t wait to use them! Thanks Anna

  51. Gracie says:

    Anna, you did it again. Just opened my Christmas Folders and Dies. Absolutely elegant… and ‘the tree’, it is so beautiful it brought tears of joy to my eyes as I thought of the very special people in my that I will share it’s beauty with this Christmas season. My ancestors were from Germany and Christmas trees hold a special place in my heart in our celebrations. Yes, I am 70 years old and still put the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve ….waiting to see you on HSN..

  52. Tammy Whitley says:

    Welcome Home!!!! I just love the new Pintrest “sneak peeks”. I adore the circle of butterflies that are on this post!!! I just received my embossing folders and die today from auto ship and the beautiful Christmas tree is in there!! I think it will make a stunning card!!!! Can’t wait to see you again on HSN!!!

  53. Janet Nelson says:

    Looking forward to 9/2 HSN presentations. I have a couple questions about a product I purchased. How can I get these questions answered?

  54. Tammy Dee Ritchie says:

    Tammy Dee Ritchie says: August 22, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    I know the UK and QVC loved seeing you and all of your beauties with all the colorful Show Stopper Papers, Garland etc. I hope to visit London soon myself.

  55. Leslie says:

    Beautifull Ideas on the pintrest page. Welcome home. So looking forward to the shows. Love the ideas on the products I bought last year.Thanks for sharing them.

  56. gail W. says:

    Oh that Pinterest page is awesome!! Beautiful things on there! I love the vintage postcards. I print those out and use them on my cards!! i love the vintage look! I had to chuckle, Anna, your draperies behind your tree are pink and green!! Imagine that! LOL

  57. Jean Condon says:

    This makes me anxious for Sept.2nd, and Christmas! Visions of sugarplums are dancing in my head.
    Jean Condon

  58. Mary R. says:

    I’m sure you were inspired,the UK ladies always blow me away with their projects. Glad your show was a success! Will be checking you out Sept. 2-hope that show is just as successful.

  59. Clare Dempsey says:

    Anna, We just spent the day at the Scrapbook Expo and I kept thinking, if only Anna had a booth! Thanks for all your wonderful products!

  60. Nellie Rose says:

    Oh my lady! I love all your beautiful papers and all the bling, Oh heck I love all the things you make for us!!! Hugs

  61. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Welcome home. Love the butterflies and Pinterist projects. Can hardly wait to see what your creative mind comes up with. Looking forward to HSN with Anna Griffin 🙂 You know I was able to see the embossing much more clearly on the UK program. It was nice. Loving birds, butterflies, leaves, bows and flowers. You make them so beautiful. Love and blessings. Betsy

  62. Annette J says:

    I just got my shipment of embossing folders on my HSN auto ship and they are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to use them AND see what other new and exciting products you have in store for us on the 2nd.

  63. Mary R. Huff says:


    So glad u arrived home safe and sound!
    Oh, the butterfly stories I could tell u especially since my husband’s passing almost 10 years ago. Again, Blessings to u and your staff!!

  64. Ellen-Ann Adler says:

    Just beautiful…as always. Would love if you would sell the 12″ embossing folders without the cuttlebug plates as I have them. Any possibility?

  65. Gaila says:

    Gorgeous pins on your Christmas board, Anna!
    I played with my Garden Cuttings dies and folders yesterday and they are SO gorgeous!! Now, I’ll need a new storage box for them, as well as the other goodies you’ll be offering Sept. 2!

  66. Sharon sienaski says:

    Anna, my neighbor has ALS and she can ‘t speak but uses voice typing to always thank me for the Anna cards I make her each week and send to her. In spite of that awful disease she loves the beauty of your cards.

  67. Jeanne says:

    Glad you made it back safe and sound. Looking forward to your inspirational ideas for Cricut.
    Love to Georgie.

  68. Khara Murphy says:

    Oh Anna. I just adore this pinterest page! Can we please keep it going up till Christmas!? It’s exactly what I need!

  69. Yadyra Marrero says:

    The butterflies would look great in a shadowbox. LOVE IT!! p.s. I received my Dec. auto ship today… Oh what fun this weekend..:) Thanks for making me smile.

  70. Jennifer Essad says:

    congrats Tracy – I really like that butterfly art work would love this hanging on my wall

  71. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    Today I saw a fuzzy yellow catapeller and a beautiful black butterfly. Is fall coming already? Hope not. The butterfly wreath is beautiful and whoever mentioned glitter, some sugary white frosty glitter sounds gorgeous. I am just chattering cuz I’m getting impatient waiting for September second. We enjoyed seeing some of London with you and the Christmas samples remind me of the shops in the 50’s. Your things really take us back, THANKS.

  72. Hobo says:

    Anna, my auto ship of Xmas folders and dies arrived today. I have been busy making cards all week and thought I was done. Guess now I have to make a few more! I have the Cricut cartridges, but sometimes certain papers don’t work very well in it. I cut several words of Peace and Joy, but the next paper I put in didn’t turn out so well. Any chance you could make some dies in some words, like peace, joy, Noel, Happy Birthday. Dragging out the cuttlebug is easier than the Cricut. I know I get very frustrated when I waste paper in it because the paper is too thick or too thin and I adjust this and that and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And if I am only making one card I don’t want to set up the Cricut. Thanks.

  73. CC says:

    I love the first picture of the wall flourishes. Those would be beautiful in a Cricut cartridge. One uses several different cuts to build up the dimension.

  74. Lora Posey says:

    Love all the Christmas nostalgic pictures !
    Do I see a new Anna G embossed folder inspired by the lacy back red dress ?! It ‘s gorgeous !!!
    Thanks for sharing your Pinterest ! Love it all ! And look forward too seeing your new designs from the architect that inspired you from London !!!
    Looking forward to your show !!!

  75. Sammi says:

    I love your products Anna, but the problem is, the competitions are always for people in the USA. It would be great if the entries for the prizes and competitions could be across the world, since you have such a universal string of followers, and people across the globe recommend, buy and support you and your products. It would be nice if everyone had an equal opportunity to enter the competitions, with an equal chance of winning

  76. Mary Hanke says:

    I once mentioned to a friend that there was so much inspiration in Europe that it made my head explode…to which they replied…”that’s why they sell helmets at the airport”!!

    Put on your helmet and go for it!
    Thanks Anna

  77. Patricia says:

    Waiting anxiously for Sept. 2nd…..Have a request Anna….I had to buy a Baby Congratulations Card for a 1st time grand-mother, and realized how I hardly ever find BABY GIRL OR BOY embellishments,,,,,or even for birthday cards for kids. Would kits like these be possible in the near future ???? Please, please, please ???

  78. Pat Moss says:

    The Pinterest Board is lovely. I cannot wait until Sept. 2nd. I am counting the days now. So many friends & family have been thrilled to receive the cards I make them. Well good luck everyone on this last giveaway but I sure hope I win LOL.

  79. Michele says:

    a little bit of sunshine every day making the special people in my life smile using your creative products. Now I just have to find more time to do more creations! Thanks!

  80. Kim Cook says:

    I love that ornate red dress! I am definitely a fan of the Victorian printables. The wreath already has given me ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  81. Mary says:

    Hi there…I just got your auto ship of Christmas dies and folders…could you demo the dies????Thank you..

  82. Dawn Thiesen says:

    So excited, just got my HSN autoship Christmas dies and embossing folders. I can’t wait to play with them, they are so beautiful. The Christmas tree, wreath, and bells, are so cute. This set is very impressive and imaginative. Anna you’re always amazing.

  83. TeranceH says:

    *** Anna, i am having visions by the pictures your posted what you will come up with and im sure your ideas are going to be awesome. I love the wall and thought of backdrops for cards i can not wait for your designs.

  84. Marion says:

    It was wonderful to see you “over here” again Anna and I am looking forward very much to your return in October.

    My Tuesday purchases arrived this morning – 5×7 papers and the new embossing folders – and the weekend holds fun in store thanks to these lovely goodies.

    Thanks for coming!


  85. lydia says:

    hi anna… just got the christmas folders… gorgeous… i am looking forward to your next debut of stuff.

  86. Kimberly says:

    I better get my **** moving on Christmas stuff. Maybe if I win these fabulous items I will be inspired!

  87. myrna hartley says:

    Oh I see so many wonderful designs to inspire. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, welcome home.

    Love, love the preview! Can’t wait for Christmas cards kits.

    Thanks so much,

  88. Cheryl Wells says:

    Congratulations Tracy – you lucky girl!! Anna I am so excited about your Christmas products – you are a true inspiration to all – THANKS

  89. Jayne says:

    Thank you Anna for coming over to the UK, the Postman delivered your new crafting goodies to me this morning and, I am counting the days until October when we will be seeing you again, until then take care and keep safe……Jayne.

  90. barb macaskill says:

    I HAVE to know how you made the beautiful butterfly spiral above!! My life depends on finding out!!! PLEASE let me know!

  91. Audrey Olander says:

    Congratulations Tracy! Love all the beautiful Christmas scenes. Looking forward to September 2!

  92. Deb Juillerat says:

    Congrat’s, Tracy!! So glad you had a good time in the UK, Anna, and thanks for the wonderful ideas. Heading over to Pinterest for the sneak-sneak peek!!

  93. Cheryl B. says: have so hooked on your products..your things are so beautiful and elegant.. Thank you for the pleasure you bring..

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