Holiday Traditions Giveaway #3

Hi friends!

October 7th is just around the corner, and I’ve been spending lots of time with our new Holiday Traditions Card Making Kit this week. I can’t wait for you all to get this big red box home and see everything inside! Here are a few more finished cards for you to peek at for now.

HT card 7

HT card 9 HT card 8

Today we have another one of these kits to give away. This week’s lucky winner is Wanda Rainer!

Congratulations!! You’re going to get a huge head start on your Christmas cards this year. You’ll have one last chance to win the Holiday Traditions Card Making Kit next week. Just comment on Tuesday’s preview blog post to enter.

Also, don’t forget that the biggest giveaway in Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting history is in full swing! We’ve teamed up with Cricut to put together an amazing grand prize including the super secret Today’s Special value, all of the items in our October 7th shows, a full suite of Anna Griffin stationery and fabric accessories (including a Cuttlebug bag and rolling tote) AND a priceless DIY experience with me that I’ll tell you about on Tuesday (all of which is valued at over $3,000)! Two runners up will win something very special, too…stay tuned for details on that.

Clue #3 will be up on the Anna Griffin and Cricut Facebook pages at 2 p.m. EST today, and you’ll have all weekend long to submit your guesses! We hope you are having fun with our little scavenger hunt.

Remember that each clue you answer will give you one additional entry.

See you back here on Tuesday!



  1. Jaime says:

    I could never pick just one Anna, love them all and love sharing them with a very special patient of mine. Looking forward to watching with her on Tuesday and seeing all the beautiful things you have created!

  2. Christine Kiehl says:

    What an incredible collection of delightful comments, projects and products! I am so happy for the winners! You have a fantastic creative team! and mind!

  3. Cre8ive Crafter says:

    I am super excited for all of the new Anna Griffin goodies that will be available on Oct 7th! My biggest fear is that you will have *so many* items on one day, that I won’t be able to get everything I wish to purchase. I surely hope there will be record breaking flex-pay options available on Oct 7th!

  4. Paula P. says:

    The red Christmas box is beautiful and will look fabulous next to last years green one! Thanks Anna!

  5. Donna Baker says:

    Anna, your products are classic as well as beautiful. Can’t wait yo get my hands on the Xmas card kit

  6. MaryLynn Atkison says:

    Have just began my journey in Card Making ! I have to stock up on supplies this would be so awesome to win. I Love all that you do. You are the person who got me started. Love Love Love Anna Griffin.

  7. gayle ness says:

    You are such a dynamo – who could possibly pick just one – they are breath-taking – so I say my favorite is – wait for it – the whole thing!

  8. Jenny Cooper says:

    I don’t know if I am eligible to vote (we in England have to wait until 13th October until we see the box of Christmas delights) I would be the envy of the whole Country if I was lucky enough to win beforehand. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  9. Debbie Mota says:

    I to love all your products.It is so hard to use them and give away because then I won’t have them anymore. Yes I’m a Anna Griffin craft hoarder.I’m out of the closet. Can’t wait to Oct. 7 but I know I’ll have

  10. Kelly Hedrick says:

    So much to choose from, can’t pick one! All are beautiful and would be so much fun to create with!

  11. Sharon R. says:

    Anna Griffin – You inspire me to create more beautiful cards with your Christmas Themed pieces.

  12. Peggy May says:

    Loved your Christmas card kit last year. Spent quality time with granddaughter (7yr old) making up your cards. So easy and beautiful..

  13. Patricia Coddington says:

    *** pick me!! pick me!! Can’t wait to see all these pretties with you presenting them. I’m so excited! I’ve been entering and waiting patiently to see my name announced as the winner!!! fingers crossed! Good luck all 🙂

  14. Lynne T. says:

    I love all the new stuff. My favorites would have to be the gorgeous new stamp pads and the clear stamps. I can’t wait for October 7th.

  15. Nina says:

    Every card I create is totally different because of your products. My card receivers look forward to receiving my cards because of their uniqueness. Thank you!

  16. Marykatherine says:

    Anna, thanks for the various peeks at next Tuesdays, OCT 7TH, showing. I would select the Stamps,inks and paper. Great projects going thru my mind now!!
    Again Anna, thanks for your gift of creativity!

  17. Barbara Burrus says:

    Just a note to say Thank You Anna for making me look so good all these years. A true follower. Bobbi 4

  18. Cherie Kennedy says:

    The inkpads and stamps are my favorites. It’s really hard to choose, I like it all. Anna Griffin, you now potentially have access to my children’s inheritance! They will receive some lovely cards and gift wraps as consolation prizes.

  19. Marlene O'Grady says:

    I am going to be broke come October 7th! Everything is more gorgeous than the next! I will get my HSN credit card polished up!

  20. Judy says:

    I just love Everything Anna Griffin! Just have to have the Christmas card kit! I have last years and I loved it ! I can ‘t wait for Tuesday!

  21. Teri says:

    Looking forward to Oct 7 to get more supplies and I’ve invited friends over to make our cards.

    Thanks Anna for giving us wonderful merchandise to work with.

  22. Joseph Brazina says:

    I am completely your cricket cutting and embosing sets. I really like workin with them to see how far I can take them. Anna, thank you for everything you make available. Love you. Joe

  23. karen walcher says:

    The obre papers look great. I have gotten your Christmas card kit before and there is so much in them that I have left overs from last year’s it. It’s great!

  24. Terri Kruse says:

    I can hardly wait to get the new Christmas card kit. I loved making cards with last year and this one is sparking new ideas. Love all your products.

  25. Earline says:

    Oh my the sentiment, how wonderful to have just the right words to say to someone. Just love it, cannot wait til the 7th.

  26. Agatha McCoy says:

    Counting down the days
    So excited to see it all
    Hope they won’t run out till I can order
    Thanks Anna for all u create to make us look good to our family and friends

  27. Sue Ando says:

    Love it all.I love the the xmas embossing folders and dies . I used them on vellum they are beautiful. Just wish you would be on in the middle of the month thats when i get paid .so i watch and wish.

  28. Sandy Abbott says:

    It’s difficult to tell you what I like best, when I love it all!! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, now I even look forward to doing my Christmas cards. Thanks for all the beautiful items.

  29. Paula D. says:

    The cards are crazy beautiful … my problem is that I want to keep everything instead of sending them on their way!

  30. Carolyn says:

    Am I the only one who can’t figured out how to comment without going to reply?

    Anna I am terrified that I am going to drain my bank account. I am very curious about the paper and flowers and love the idea of heavier card stock for box bottoms.

  31. Mary R. Huff says:


    No wonder I haven’t won, I’m not always here on Tuesdays and I guess this where I submit my name again for all the beautiful things u and your staff create!!. See u on the 7th!!!!!!!

  32. June Canfield says:

    Ooh, how exciting. Are you going to do a prize draw for your visit to England on QVC please? I’m trying to enter these ones, But I’m having trouble logging on to the Facebook page for you. I guess because it’s US not UK.

  33. Michelle Orsborn says:

    I LOVE everything that you offer, but I have worked with your paper, and it is WONDERFUL, such a nice weight to work with and beautiful!! I also have worked with your stamps, and they are beautiful as well!! I can’t imagine getting that wonderful box of beautiful items to make beautiful cards with!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  34. Marissia Seals says:

    Can’t wait Anna to add more of your great projects to my collection. It’d almost better than Christmas#

  35. Debra LeZotte says:

    I just loved last years CHRISTMAS card making kit. It was so fun to create these beautiful cards, so many embellishments to choose from to make the card your own. They were almost like a gift in itself because of all the calls from the people I sent them too to say how much they loved the beautiful card!!! Can’t wait to buy the this years kit!!

  36. Carole says:

    Such beautiful crafting pieces and ideas from such a beautiful lady! LOVE watching you on HSN, LOVE your spirit – your kindness just shines through – and LOVE your products. Thank you!

  37. Karen Kroth says:

    Anna you bring a magical enchantment to our homes with your kits! Everyone raves about your Christmas cards!

  38. Charlotte Canning says:

    Wow! This is so exciting. I adore Anna Griffin’s products and love being able to get them on HSN. I am especially excited about the new dies and embossing folders. Thanks for such a great opportunity.

  39. Liebe says:

    Last year was my first time making these cards and I absolutely enjoyed it! Believing myself to be lucky enough to win this. Thanks for making such a fabulous product!

  40. Nancy says:

    Well you have truly delivered absolutely beautiful new projects for us all to view ahead of the big day on the 7th. we are all waiting patiently the midnight kick-off.

  41. Terri says:

    I can’t wait for the new holiday folders. I purchased the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and folders several months ago on HSN as a today’s special and cannot stop using them. Love everything Anna Griffin presents on HSN. Your designs are unmatched…can’t wait for October 7th.

  42. Tricia Schoenke says:

    I am soooooooo looking forward to your show on HSN on October 7. I have been making Christmas cards with the items I have left from last year’s kit and hope to finish up my list with the items in the Red Box Christmas Card Kit. Thank you for making it so easy and elegant!

  43. Tammy Green says:

    Anna, I have watched u from the first time u were on qvc. I have watched all of ur shows that I know of unless I was real sick or in the hospital, which is fairly often as I have about 3 auto immune diseases. When I am awake IJUST LUV THE T HINGS U HAVE FOR SALE, and it really helps me to do something with my hands etc… due to my arthritis & so fourth. It’s depressing that I can’t afford most of it. I really want ur explorer & ur cricut, & of course the paper & etc..that go with it, but THANK U SO MUCH FOR UR REALLY BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS.

  44. Margie W. Miles says:

    Oct. 7th comes one week before my birthday. I hope to see lots of beautiful crafting items that would make the perfect gift for me to buy myself. I enjoy the 24 hr. crafting days on HSN/only wish they aired more often. Thanks to you and your talented team for all the fabulous products you design for us.

  45. Janet Nelson says:

    Beautiful cards, but I am not surprised. I was a crop this weekend and I played with my AG dies. They cut beautifully with the magnetic platform and my big shot.

  46. Lori Jeanne Cheney says:

    Anna my favorite clue video is Clue 3! Love love love the vintage beautiful nature inspired Christmas gold . painted embellishments! My favorite one of the bunch is the Chickadee one!!! I could so love and be honored to win this kit! I have been making cards for Operationwritehome and GrahamsFoundation for parents of preemies. My oh my would these cards light up the NICUs and parents eyes of the Christmas season babies. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Blessings!

  47. Bobbie says:

    I’ve just starting making cards from last year’s Christmas card box. I bought it a week before Christmas. Talk about last minute!

  48. Sheri Anderson says:

    LOVE your new cards! Can’t wait for October 7th!!!!!! LOVE the new Angel embellishments and the big red box is a MUST! Love everything you make Anna!!! Thanks for everything you do!

  49. Beverley Clark says:

    When I receive your packages in the mail it is like opening up Christmas every time. There is such a joy and surprise in every box. My creativity is not much compared your’s, Anna, but within every box there is the potential for me to make people think I am talented. What a gift God has placed within you and I am glad you share it with all of us! Thank you.

  50. Patty Moore says:

    Anna: what i love most about this Christmas kit is it reminds me of the wonderful sights, sounds, smells and taste of Christmas past when Christmas was filled with joy and hope. I love the borders stickers. This kit bridges the wonderful memories of the past with the present so beautifully. Thank you.

  51. Jane says:

    I love the cards but I am really looking forward to getting the new embossing folders. So much you can do with them!

  52. Kay Brassfield says:

    Congratulations Wanda ! I love all the hints and tips you give us. All three cards are EXQUISITE !! So Classy and the receiver off any of your handmade cards would be just “Over the Moon”.
    Anna, you’ve brought me new friends also.. At a recent retreat I was at the corner table as you the door, and as I laid out the base card (about 4 across and 3 down for 12 cards on my 6 foot table & started layering (Just like you show us on HSN) a woman stopped to admire & ask questions. She was so enthralled I offered to teach her. We spend the afternoon and next day making cards from 2 of my kits! We have done another 2 day retreat together and have one in Atlanta this weekend (10-4 & 5). She is driving 4 hours to come make cards with me.
    I know God brought you into my life. I had a small stroke and have MS. Sitting at a table and working with my hands is the perfect therapy. We both are caregiver we for our Mothers’s for about 18 years together. We create AG cards, address and stamp some to be ready to mail and fellowship while sharing, laughing and sometimes crying together. The gift you give us to be able to send cards to others battling cancer, going thru celebrations and hard times gives me “Something to love, something to do, and something to look forward to…Bless you

  53. Anne says:

    Beautiful! Each week we get a better glimpse of this card kit and we want more and more! Can’t wait fot Oct. 7th. My poor credit card! Thanks Anna!

  54. Peg Palmer says:

    Dear Anna,
    My friend Patti in Montana never waits until Christmas to send my Christmas gift. It’s always card crafting related. Why? You ask…”because I neeeeeeeeeed it”. So there you have it, now you know. I am otherwise very good about my finances but when you are on hsn I must exclaim and explain that surely I neeeeeeeeed it!

  55. Alexis Knighton says:

    My favorites are the solid core papers and the borders. Both are fabulous!! Great job, Anna!! I’m like everyone else–anxious to order and get started!! I’m new to card making and all that I’ve seen so far on your blog are getting my creative juices flowing!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  56. Sandy K says:

    Cant wait to see who wins this week. I would love to share this card making experience with my two young granddaughters.

  57. Sharon S. says:

    Congratulations Wanda. Anna I love both cards the ornament one is my favorite though thanks for giving us some more sneak peeks.

  58. Elena says:

    It is late, and I can’t sleep. I quess I can’t type either. I meant to say I love your card kits. I would like you to do more 3D florals wit more varieties and colors of flowers.

  59. Cynthia says:

    That big “Red Box” is in my dreams! Hurry, Hurry, October 7th!! I love the new borders-it is a bit like cheating, but they are so easy to use and make the cards gorgeous!! So many things I need–so many I am thinking it is “greed”!! Thanks to you, I am now a much more confident crafter! Cynthia

  60. Carol Smidutz says:

    I love the new kit. Anna you did it again,this one is a winner. My credit card is going to hurt. Love it all!

  61. Kathy says:

    I am looking forward to the HSN debut of these great products. I hope I win some before that so I will know what else to purchase.

  62. Robin Cottrell says:

    Anna: Can’t wait to see the new items for Christmas especially the new Red Christmas Kit. I love the new Borders. They are beautiful and goes with last year’s Christmas Kit. Anna you are incredible – you make my card making a breeze. Thanks to you and your team.

  63. Chris Wooten says:

    I am not lucky at winning but still crossing my fingers anyways.

    Congrat to winners and these cards are beautiful.

    I had surgery and medical bills are piling up so can’t order this time but will be watching to see all the pretty things. I love getting inspiration from what I see.

    Someone will be lucky to win that $3,000 prize. Oh man this is so thrilling. Going to wish and kick my heels 3 times for a lucky big win

    Your stuff is so pretty.

    Hi Anna I am NC girl too

  64. Christine CV says:

    I love the beautiful scripts as well as the tags with their friendly lines printed on them. The border on the first card is just gorgeous!

  65. Judy Bock says:

    Beautiful cards, can’t wait till Oct. 7, but I’m sure my credit card will be hiding on me. But I’ll find it!

  66. Merlinda Turner says:

    ***!!!!!! I didn’t win the “THE BIG RED BOX”! I just need to work a little harder for the last one. Congrats to the last winner. She is one lucky person to be getting such a wonderful give away. Whether I win or not
    that will not keep me from purchasing what I can afford on October 7th. Priority purchase…..your dies.

  67. Madaline Weber says:

    I am simply in love with the sleight you showed. the colors of Christmas just excite me and make me smile. Thanks

  68. Dolores says:

    Pick me, Anna, Pick me!!! I sent the cards I made from the Green Box, and now would love to win the Red Box 😉 Love your stuff !

  69. Betsy Carty says:

    Congratulations Wanda. Cards are beautiful Anna. Looking forward to October 7th. Keep up the great work. Love and blessings. Betsy

  70. HollyG says:

    Good Evening Miss Anna & Co!

    Kudos to you on the Christmas Card Kit and everything that goes along with it! I am TRULY excited to open that big red box at my house! …along with all the other goodies I am sure I will order…Yay Me!!!

    LOVE the new Pinterest Board too…

    Congrats to Wanda! Hope you will be able to post some of the projects you will be creating with your goodies.

    Until Tuesday….

  71. Linda says:

    I thought the Christmas Card Kit was going to be the TSV. Wondering what it will be. I’m new to Anna Griffin & after reading all the wonderful comments about the past Christmas Card Kits am excited to order this years kit.

  72. sandi Coburn says:

    I have been watching the peeks and can’t decide which new item I like best. I really think the folders would be a plus to own. But the Christmas kit is very nice. I love the birds on the designs.

  73. Denise says:

    You asked which one of the products I like best today. It would have to be the Cuttlebug ornament dies. . Everything is great; but I have to admit, I really like the dies. We should start calling you “Awesome Anna”..

  74. Joyce Anderson says:

    not ONLY – wonderful – but GORGEOUR
    CARDS from the Holiday Christmas Kit.
    Would love to win it – but, if not, it’ll be won by
    someone who will certainly appreciate and create with the ideas contained.
    My other Item I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT:
    the cutest Neclace Anna’s has been wearing.
    How can I make one ?????
    Joyce Anderson

  75. Sonya says:

    Congratulations a to the winner! I too thought the TS was the card kit, really have me wondering. I love everything, but why no video today? I was disappointed in that. Really really love all things Anna. Just looking at my stashes makes me happy and everyone loves the cards and special scrapbooks I make with her products. Love you Anna!

  76. MaryLynn Atkison says:

    Love anything Anna Griffin, Just found you and love all the the card making tools you provide for us. I am having a blast .

  77. Kathleen P says:

    Really LOVE the the BIG RED BOX!!! the new colors and the shimmer on the embellishments – the gold & green & red!!! Your creativity always amazes me and helps me think outside the box! Once again, thank you for all your hard work. Love seeing your creations on the blogs.

  78. Joan Robertson says:

    I’m so excited about the new products. I can’t wait for the HSN show to start buying some of it, I would really love to win the card kit. Have a great week!

  79. Diann Richardson says:

    We are getting closer and I just can”t hold it much longer, I am ready to start my christmas cards with Anna’s beautiful new dies and card making kit. The cards you create are just amazing.

  80. Kathi Ormsby says:

    Really pretty Christmas cards I love the foil accents on all the cards.

    What a wonderful red box of goodies….

  81. Jonie Isenberg says:

    The cards from the new kit are AWESOME!!! I hope you have made a bunch, because I want several. I usually go to sleep early, but I have planned my days so I can nap a little during the day and get up at midnight to be the first to get the things I want. Thanks for all you do for us here in North Carolina.

  82. marie sierra says:

    hi miss Anna! i love the new Christmas card kit for 2014..saving my money to buy this..but it would be awesome to win the kit!
    xoxo maerie

  83. Beth in Georgia says:

    Wanda, it’s your lucky day, congratulations! Anna, those cards are gorgeous…I am so ready for October 7th to arrive! I would love to win the big give away, but unfortunately for me, I don’t do Facebook. C’est la vie, have a great weekend Anna!

  84. Katie Amundsen says:

    I love everything Anna Griffin! I used your Cricut & Cuttlebug cartridges & folders for my daughter’s wedding, showers & parties! Can’t wait to see more florals, botanicals, and the Big Red Box!

  85. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations Wanda…I’m in love with the Christmas kit….can’t wait for October 7th. ..the cards are beautiful. ..

  86. Linda C says:

    I have spent all day making cards with the items I purchased during your last show. Gotta get them done before I order all the new goodies on October 7.

  87. June Schaub says:

    Congrats Wanda! Enjoy starting your card earlier than the rest of us! Can’t wait for the Big Red Box and all the other goodies esp. the holiday embossing folders.

  88. Nancy Hilliker says:

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know where to start. Everything is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to get it all. Good thing bonus check from work came in on time for HSN scrap day.

  89. Jane says:

    Love, love, love this kit. I love all the foil. I am now working on last years kit. I always buy them ahead so I can start early. The cards you you showed today are breath taking.

  90. cheryl says:

    I love your cards, it is so easy to come up with just the right one for the occasion, because you give us everything we could possibly need .

  91. JOANNE GLEWA says:


  92. Stephanie McKnight says:

    Every household needs its own Big Red Box! Set it next to the Big Green Box from last year! Don’t be left behind people!

  93. Irma says:

    Anna, I’ve been watching and buying your beautiful products since you were on QVC, remember those days? Keep all the beautiful things coming, can’t wait until October seven, I’ve been saving my pennies….LOL….

  94. Debra Lovell says:

    I love all of the videos,and getting more and more excited about Oct 7th!! Thanks again Anna for Your Style <3

  95. janet h says:

    So ready for that new Christmas card kit. looking forward to craft day.Thanks Anna for all the beautiful craft supplies.

  96. Sandi Smith says:

    Wow! Everything is incredibly beautiful. The angels are awesome and I can already this k of beautiful card ideas. Cannot wait for Oct. 7.

  97. Jayne Evans says:

    Cannot wait for the New Christmas Card making kit. I bought two kits last year and I have my cards done and ready to go! See you Oct 7!!!
    Jersey Jayne

  98. Linda Marie says:

    Wanda, congrats you lucky crafter. I bought the Christmas kit from last year….amazing die cuts, bows,papers and cards. Have a ball fellow crafter….now wish me luck for the next raffle…lol

  99. Susan Roberts says:

    Depending on what kind if work you do…you can watch HSN in your computer or your phone. Not allowed? Take lots of bathroom breaks ! (Smiles)

  100. BARBARA LAAKSO says:

    Congrats to all the winners so far!!! this is so much fun … can’t wait for Oct 7 though I will be at work so i don’t know how I’m going to do this …. working ladies out there… any clues you can share ?

  101. Jan Gundrum says:

    I can’t decide if I like the borders or the embossing folders more. I use both a lot in my card making and scrapbooking–and yours are THE BEST!

  102. Faye Thompson says:

    What fun this all is. Congratulations to all the winners. Will now go to facebook and see what this is all about.

  103. Janet Sams says:

    Congratulations Wanda!!! You and the other winners are very lucky ladies!!

    Anna, you added a new “hook” for me….”super secret Today’s Special value”…can’t wait for the 7th!! Thank you again for all of your awesome, timeless, and traditional, products that give us endless possibilities for our creativity.

    Happy crafting to us all!

    Janet 🙂

  104. Carol Coleman says:

    These are beautiful! I started on your Christmas cards from last year. Did 40 different ones at a crop. Love the inserts because the card can be reused if they remove the insert. Can’t wait for October 7th. Last year, I addressed my envelopes early so all I had to do was slip the cards in the envelope with stamps, seal and mail. Easy Peary!

    Anna, I need the birthday tag set. Wondering where I can get them or when they will arrive back at HSN? Mahalo!

  105. Shawne Osterman says:

    Oh my Anna! I collect angels and can’t wait to have this kit. It’s truly one of your most beautiful creations! I’ve been crafting with your products from the beginning until last year when my income was cut by 40% so my fingers are crossed. Thank you for being you. Hugs, Shawne

  106. Lesley says:

    Anna, they are so beautiful. Now that I am housebound I enjoy and appreciate this card kits as I do not get out. I am awaiting a lung transplant, so these cards mave me feel like I am doing something useful. Thank you for your beautiful work. Lesley popelas

  107. Andi says:

    I am going to combine last years kit with this years kit. As always, Anna’s kits can be used in combination with each other., that is her GENIOUS!! The elegance is perfect, no matter which version you are using. Winning the BIG RED BOX would make my day!! Oct. 7th can’t come fast enough!!

  108. Evadene says:

    Your Christmas Box this year looks like THE VERY BEST EVER!!. I am hopping over to Facebook now to see how I am going to win the BIG GIFT for the year. WOW!!!

  109. Anita Cullen says:

    Can’t wait for the big day to get here; these sneak peaks just kept revving me up to get out my credit card and buy most all of it !

  110. Pat M. says:

    Congrats to all the prize winners. Last years Xmas cards are all done LOL now I can hardly wait for the new Card Kit. Already finished almost all the Xmas diecuts & putting them together LOL & making my own cards. I can hardly wait until October 7th. Now if I can figure out just a way to hide all the things I’m going to order from hubby all will be good LOL.

  111. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Barbara,
    That was such a kind thing for you to say to me. After 17 years, you bet my Abbie is more important than anything. I am touched you cared enough to write. Thank you. Lefty Lou and Abbie (Chelsea, her 17 year old sister and Sammy my 14 year old boy thank you too!)

  112. Laureen says:

    Oh, my goodness!!! Pure JOY using all your products and such HAPPINESS admiring/giving gorgeous cards. With all our worries it’s such a Blessing to have a Anna time out. Thanks for the beauty you share with us. ❤️

  113. Anne Proffitt says:

    Clearing the decks for the big red box. Can’t wait for October 7th. Making cards every day to keep my creative juices flowing. Thank you, Anna, for all of the inspiration!

  114. Rhonda H. says:

    Congratulations Wanda! I am so happy for you. I can’t wait for Tuesday to see what is in store and the cards were beautiful! Thanks Anna!

  115. Patricia J says:

    Can’t wait for the 7th of October. The flourishes add a bit of elegance in addition to what is already a beautiful card.

  116. Shellie 'Holly' Fontana says:

    That’s so great! I will be ‘on the road,’ on October 7 (due to family wedding), so I hope I can ‘participate’ from my husband’s tablet-device! ; 0) You will feel inspired AND pampered by Anna and HSN Host on your day off! –sf

  117. Frances Lee Emanuel says:

    Hi Anna,

    You are fantabulous. I absolutely adore your products and designs. Last year I passed on your 3D Christmas borders (no money). I could have cried and when I saw you brought them back this year on HSN, I jumped on them. Just gorgeous!!! I plan to sell cards at my church’s Christmas Bazaar. I can’t wait, I need so much!!!

  118. Sherri says:

    Congrats Wanda! Beautiful cards, can hardly wait to get started…maybe there really is a Santa named Anna!! Glad we don’t have to wait long for clue #3…to win the BIG PRIZE would be like winning a big cruise or trip…even better!! 🙂 Might have to get out last years’ xmas card kit the green box out & work on cards while watching the big 24 hour HSN craft day on Otc. 7th. Had mentioned on an earlier post that things came up & didn’t get many cards made last year & sooooo hopefully this fall will be able to share some of my goodies (new & leftovers) with daughters, mother or sister,…don’t live in same locations so have to make special trips. But wanted to share with you & your team just how handy the auto ship card kit, All About Love was. Since I was unable get xmas cards out I sent to few close select family members Valentine cards, they were gorgeous cards. Also I had purchased on clearance the Coca Cola cards in the red carrying box & tweeked a few of them for valentines (really worked out because fancy fancy isn’t for all). Then for valentine gifts for my two daughters I was lucky to get the Coca Cola card kits for them before they were gone. REALLY LOVED THEM!! If you are able to do that again might get another set just to make a collage. Also love the idea a lady commented about making a RED storage box for our xmas embossing folders!! Why stop there?? How about red storage containers to choose in your line of desk items & boxes, etc.??? I’m always looking for red accents in my workroom & would pop against white. Thanks for your creations!

  119. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    Congrats to you Wanda,have lots of fun. It’s a great way to have a girly party be it family or friends.
    Lefty Lou, sick kitties aren’t much fun but our best friends are truly worth the vet bills. I hope she’s better. Now,Anna, about this race. Hey gang are we having fun yet? I’ve been having big fun with you since about 2004(?). This is more fun than Mac DADDY.

  120. Shirley Waters says:

    I already started making Christmas cards out of the left over cards from last year. I really need the 2014 Christmos hit

  121. Audrey Glascock says:

    I loved last years Christmas Card Kit! Now I am so excited to see this year’s kit!! I’m so excited for October 7th!!

  122. Carol Cerio says:

    Everything get better and better the more you show us. I really believe that you have found the perfect way to TORMENT the paper crafter!! October 7 can not get here fast enough!!

  123. Sandra Short says:

    I’m so excited that you are having such great give aways!! But it will be so hard to choose a winner!!! Whoever wins will have Christmas in October!!!

  124. Judy Mink says:

    Congratulations to Wanda R.! We will all have so much fun making cards and getting ready for Christmas with Anna’s beautiful things she is sharing with us. Can’t wait for October 7th!

  125. Hobo says:

    I love how things keep getting better and better. Recently I found out that when I send cards to one particular friend that she cuts the fronts off and attaches them to another card and recycles them on to other friends! She said they are too pretty to discard and since she is someone who doesn’t save a lot of things she decided that others could enjoy them too. I guess we should both be flattered!

  126. Marianne P says:

    Wish I had the opportunity to enter my 3 snswer to the 2nd clue bur I had a family reunion that took precedence. The answer was a lei of beads and paper flowers. I tried to enter it today at 1 pm EST but the entry period was over. I’m looking for ward to Annas visit, though.

  127. Connie Hull says:

    Wow…..the excitement of the upcoming event is mounting! Can’t wait to see the new items and start getting that Christmas feeling ;~)

  128. SandraGriswold says:

    Awe shucks, I wants to win that card kit, I have been calling Home Shopping everyday to see if it is in inventory. Really needed I t before OCT. 2,nd. Am going on retreat and wants to be xxx able to start making my Christmas cards. Oh well I’ll keep trying. Excited for the 7th to get here. Thanks Anna for all your creative help. Just love all your stuff!

  129. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    Can’t wait for October 7th. My parents anniversary. Even though they are not still with us it is a day to celebrate the love they shared and this is just one more fun reason to celebrate!!!

  130. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    So looking forward to my new Cuttlebug folder collection. Stocked up on sleeves a while back. May actually have enough storage this time. Looking forward to the red box-Chanukah awaits…YAY! Now winning one would be well, the cat’s meow. (sorry, couldn’t help it) Wish I understood that Facebook thing, but this computer rookie just isn’t there yet. There will be so many entrants anyway, well, my luck hasn’t been so hot recently, though my Abbie cat is better! Too bad vets cost so much. I still plan on an October 7 cheer me up day. What’s a few zillion $ of debt when Anna is around? Thank you for all of the creativity and love you send out to us who adore you. Seriously, you make my life so much better. UPS loves you, HSN too. Now about my husband…Love and hugs from Lefty Lou and the fuzzy elves, one in particular…

  131. Marcie Smith says:

    Beautiful Card set!!!! Can’t wait to get it. I just love traditional Christmas cards. Thanks for putting such a gorgeous set together Anna.

  132. Bev Limbach says:

    Christmas is just around the corner for us card makers. This card set is amazing and looks so easy to get great results. I have fun year round making your cards and this Christmas is no different. Bravo, Anna!

  133. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    Happy X~mas card making Wanda, what a beautiful kit you just won. I can’t wait to order this myself! Sometimes we fret over the holidays fast approaching but when you get involved in making cards from Anna’s X~mas card kits you can’t help but get in the spirit of things! It brings back the excitement we loose and forget about during the busy season. The goodies you bring to us Anna do more than just make pretty cards…so much more!!

  134. Debbie Allen says:

    Love, love, love this Christmas card kit! I can’t wait 2 be able to get this & all the other beautiful items.

  135. Susan Stogner says:

    Anna, you and your team keep outdoing yourselves. Thanks you for all your hard work and wonderful products. Can’t wait until the show on HSN!!

  136. Diane Fletcher says:

    I haven’t been this excited since I was a kid waiting for Santa! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be unveiling Anna Claus!!

  137. carol assentato says:

    I would love to win anything from you as its all beautiful. Cant wait till oct 7, have a whole list ready. My poor credit card is going to explode. LOVE LOVE

  138. TamiB says:

    Congrats Wanda!! We know what’s on your calendar now!

    Today’s cards are all simply beautiful! Products that blend together so seamlessly just make my life easier. I really appreciate the thought and care you and your team take to make that happen! Thanks.

  139. newbold says:

    The sleigh is fabulous. Can’t wait for your show–already taped every showing. Wishing I could win something. You are GREAT!!

  140. Kari Cosentino says:

    I want this card box so badly!! Can’t wait. Love all the sneak peeks too. And I really love the ornaments die cuts!!

  141. Linsey says:

    You bring so much beauty and class to this industry Anna G! Thank you for continuing to serve us with your incredible talent and innovative ideas! You are a tremendous inspiration to me and I cherish it all!!!

    Congrats to the very lucky winner!!! Happy weekend everyone!!! 🙂

  142. Marlene Wilson says:

    Can’t wait to see next clue ! Love everything Anna brings to us! My credit card is maxed out so winning the big prize would be like winning the lottery for me!

  143. April L says:

    I purchased last year’s holiday card kit and it was a big hit with the troops overseas. I can’t wait to get this year’s kit and send all the cards over again.

  144. Kimberly says:

    I so hope I win! no money to purchase so that will be my only hope.. but regardless, the collection looks absolutely stunning!

  145. Pat G says:

    I’m tempted to get a facebook account to be able to enter the giveaway then cancel the account after I win. Ahhh, a girl can dream… At least I can still get what I want Oct 7th.

  146. HollyG says:

    What a wonderful talent and inspiration you are Miss Anna!!! Absolutely can’t wait for the 7th to be here!!! Those cards you previewed today….gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for being YOU!!!

  147. Jeorgette says:

    Sorry…didn’t mean to reply to your post with my comment. Might as well answer your question: I think you can still get the card set, just not the big prize w/o a FB account.

  148. Joy Penegar says:

    Since my name is Joy I only send joy cards for Christmas. But somehow I’m going to try and incoperate that sleigh into this years cards. Keep em coming Anna…

  149. Jeorgette says:

    These are gorgeous! I think if I had this kit, I’d actually get some cards out to people (not a great card sender I’m afraid).

  150. Jeorgette says:

    These are gorgeous! I think if I had this kit, I’d actually get some cards out to people (not a great card sender I’m afraid).

  151. Mary R. Huff says:

    Congrats to Wanda. I had a dear friend named Wanda and we met her in Hawaii in 1976. She lived near Niagara Falls and living in lower Michigan we went quite often to visit. .

    Oh Anna I think I like the top card the best but anything u make I love! See u on Oct 7th and everyone else in Annaland!

  152. kathy glaze says:

    Congrats but I am so sad….really NEEDED this et…LOL..the foil elements are awesome. I can hardly wait for Oct 7th!!

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