HSN October 7th Shopping List

Hi friends!

We’re just one day away from what is sure to be our best 24-Hour Craft Day yet. Are you getting as excited as I am? Here is a complete shopping list of new items and returning favorites. Tune in at midnight, 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. to see everything we’ve created with all these amazing collections!

bow dies card

New items:

372-063: Wild Orchid Cricut Explore with Accessories

374-599: Holiday Traditions Card Making Kit

372-152: Set of 24 Embossing Folders

371-868: Holiday Foil and Die Cut Borders

371-649: Totally Tags Christmas

379-823: 12×24 Papers

371-646: Petal Papers

371-648: Boxing Day Papers

371-846: Solid Core 12×12 Holiday Papers

371-841: Christmas 12×12 Cardstock

372-071: Christmas Kitsch Cricut Cartridge

371-672: Christmas Gift Wrap Stamps

371-681: Christmas Ink Pads

372-159: Bow Cutting Dies

372-157: Ornament Cutting Dies

371-688: Angelic Card Toppers

371-871: Birthday/Sympathy 3D Sentiment Stickers


Returning favorites:

359-106: All About Kindness Card Making Kit

290-940: Perfect Palette 12×12

350-158: Garden Cuttings Embossing Folders and Dies

249-626: Embossing folder sleeves

315-744: Embossing storage box

317-091: Craft Rolling Bag

305-894: Decorative Impressions Idea Book

276-340: Christmas Vellum Quote Stickers

354-744: Lovely Layers Cardstock

320-541: Garden Window Card Making Kit

351-478: Christmas Arrangements embossing folders and dies

275-476: Holiday Decoupage Kit

350-152: Fretwork Dies


All of our craft room furniture and craft room storage will be available on hsn.com as well.

Can’t wait!



  1. Laureen says:

    I love everything that I’ve ever purchased!! I need help. I’m looking for AG baby vellum quote stickers (saw a utube baby card demo) and if there is a “Wish List” for a new box for next year I’m hoping for a baby/kid card collection box. I really need some beautiful baby and children cards. I can’t even find any AG baby card ideas in anything Anna. I know there has to be some beauties out there! Any ideas?

  2. Gisela says:

    Thank you so much for your reply Anna.
    A few weeks ago my daughter surprised me with the long 12 x 24 cutting mats. and vinyl paper … I will be getting your paper soon.
    What a delight ! your Gift Wrapping Stamp set arrived yesterday, thus the delay in thanking you… I sort of got involved.
    Have a wonderful weekend, hugs to Georgie.

  3. Angela A. says:

    Hi! I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but all my items were “extended delivery” to be received by Oct. 24 & Oct. 27. Surprise!All was delivered today! Hopefully, everyone will get their packages earlier, as well!

  4. Diane L. says:

    I noticed there were bows similar on one of the cartridges…might have been Christmas Kitch…trying to remember, but well, after everything that was on TV on Tues, I’m a bit scrambled 🙂 !

  5. Patti Garcia says:

    Anna, I just looked at your QVCUK and saw sheets and a cover for the bed.. Are we going to get them in January? They look beautiful. I really want them. They look so luscious. Waiting for my orders to arrive. I just hope they get to my sister’s Florida address before I go back to New Mexico! Yea they are coming!!!

  6. Linda Valoy says:

    Anna I wrote a comment early Wednesday morning to tell you how much I enjoyed the craft day but it seems it has been bumped off the blog. You have become a natural behind the camera. Loved the fun moment Callie called you Anna Circut. I LOL. I had so many ideas in my head I could not go to sleep that night. I have been making cards for the past three days. Hope you get this post.

  7. Deb M says:

    Dear Anna,
    While I wasn’t able to watch your shows in live time, I still was able to purchase many of the items in advance, thanks to the item list you sent us. My first four things arrived today.

    I recorded all the shows and have benn watching when I get home from work.

    It’s so good to know that I am not the only one that coordinates the wrapping paper for each person! I have done this for as long as I can remember. My family used to make fun of me for being so ****, but you are absolutely correct…it makes organizing and delivering the gifts so much easier.

    The funniest thing is, after all their making fun of me, now my nieces are doing the same thing.

    Hey, what goes around comes around…so all the love you have for your loyal fans is being sent right back to you.

    Thanks for everything you do for us.

    Deb M

  8. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    Could you please pin pictures of the projects you show on HSN so that we can see ways that you used your products. I am especially interested in projects from your Christmas Kitch Cartridge and your bow and ornament cut and emboss dies.

  9. Anna Griffin says:

    Christmas Kitsch was just released on Cricut.com today and will be in JoAnn stores in early November.

  10. Anna Griffin says:

    Hopefully you saw Jeff’s link to how to update your Explore to do the Print then Cut feature. It is free to all who own the Explore. Have fun with it! your Christmas card kit will be shipping right away, the date HSN gives is the delivery date, not the ship date. So hopefully it comes sooner so you can get started on your cards!

  11. Anna Griffin says:

    The WIld Orchid Explore is the same machine that you bought in February, it’s just a different color. If you want to use larger paper in it, you just need the 12×24 mat from Cricut.com. Your delayed shipments are on their way to you – those are the dates you will received them, not the ship date, so it won’t be long!

  12. Anna Griffin says:

    They sold out before the time to present them! We are working on both a Pinterest board and will hopefully do a video in the next few weeks.
    We hope you like them!

  13. Marcia Stearman says:

    Anna, I loved all of your shows yesterday. Among other things, the ornament dies and angelic toppers are coming my way. But, I’m disappointed that the toppers were never presented and the ornament presentation was very short. I really like to see your ideas and hear your tips for using new products. Is there any way that you could do a video for these items?

  14. Paula P. says:

    Had so much fun yesterday, Anna. You were on when my hubby left for work yesterday morning, and when he came home that evening! Can’t tell you how hilarious that was! Anyway, I have enough goods to keep me busy for a few months. Don’t stay away too long, Anna! We wouldn’t survive the winter months!

  15. Jancarol says:

    I ordered the bow dies at midnight Monday just to make sure I got them. I also was able to get the fretwork dies I have wanted for a long time. thanks for the great products!
    If was fun to watch off and on all day yesterday

  16. Rhonda L.P. says:

    To: JEFF S.
    Thanks so much for the link to have the “print-then-cut” feature added to my Explore. That feature would not have been enough to make me purchase a new one so soon after the last Explore…but it IS a nice feature! Thanks for taking the time to send the link!
    Rhonda L.P.

  17. Gisela says:

    Good morning Anna

    I enjoyed watching your presentations on HSN. I had my shopping list all ready too go thanks to your item list and was going to stick to just these items … Ha,that did not happen ! I happily added so much more.
    I was a bit disappointed that so many items are on delayed shipments..
    Sure would have loved the purple Cricut, but , since I got mine a few months ago when you presented it as a todays special value there was no way to justify a new one… Just wish I would have waited to upgrade from the one I had which takes the 6 X12 inch papers.

  18. Charlene says:

    Anna, I had soooooo much fun watching your demonstrations and shopping on HSN!! It felt like a secret holiday! I purchased the majority of your new items in the wee hours, then just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the shows. I had a really great time. Thank you for that you do to help make us amateurs look like pros!!

  19. Cathy Kysar says:

    Anna, I almost stayed up all night from Oct 7th until last night (Oct 8th) at midnight when the HSN crafts show was on! Even though I had to work (I’m part time), I managed to get the new orchid Cricket Explore and I can’t wait to try it out. Your demonstration made it look so easy! And I also bought a few other items from HSN yesterday! You look *fabulous* and as always you are such a sweet person! I hope you continue to give us more fun items and most importantly, ‘thank-you’ for allowing us to enjoy your wonderful artwork and crafting. I hope you get the rest you need after yesterday’s show!! Well done!!! —Cathy

  20. Tammy E says:

    Yes, “Sanna” Claus –We’ve all been ‘good’ …sorta’….;). So, can we please get another chance to get this folder collection…and the kitsch cartridge!!!

  21. Pat Marsh says:

    Anna, I read all the comments and some of them are so funny! We are like kids on Christmas morning!! I bought most of the new items except the orchid Explore (I have the green version) and somehow missed out on the set of 24-embossing folders. Will these return before November – I need them to make my Christmas cards? Thanks for a fun shopping day!

  22. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna….
    Did I misunderstand, or did you say on the show, that those of us who ordered the “launch” Explore, can have the “print-then-cut” feature ADDED to OUR Explore???? If so, is there a charge for it? Anxious for reply!
    Also, I was a bit disappointed that SO MANY products are on delayed shipping! This show was three weeks later than last years, as it is! (Now, we have to wait ANOTHER three weeks or so, for items to be delivered!)Doesn’t leave much time for those of us that work, to get our cards done, if we do a lot! (Personally, I do about 120, for customers, friends, and family! AND…I just had surgery on my hand, which will also slow me down!) I know…. Not your problem!!! LOL!
    It didn’t dampen my spirits though! I ended up ordering 17 items! My list was so long, I had to call HSN to make sure I had ordered the Angelic Toppers, as those were one of the items I Definitely wanted! Also, was disappointed that I left the room for a minute, and when I came back, the embossing folder collection was being shown. I immediately picked up the phone to order it…and POOF! It was SOLD OUT!!! They should have stocked a lot more of them, since soooo many people on the blog comments are WILD over folders!!! (Self, included!) 🙁 I Hope they’ll be back!
    Anyway, all in all it was a great show, due to YOUR items, but I wasn’t thrilled to see a new Cricut, only 8 months after the first was launched; and especially to have made the Cricut the Today’s Special Value for a second time! It took up nearly ALL of the time you were on! It is YOUR designs that I LOVE! I wish you would sell packets of 75 FLOWERS by themselves, just like the package of flowers in the “Garden Window card kit! SUCH variety…and we could use all we want!!! I LOVE the flowers! ALL colors and sizes! We don’t NEED the fancy folders! Just the flowers!!!
    Well, I’ll end this novel now! I hope you get some badly needed rest! YOU deserve it!!!!
    Love and Blessings to you!
    Rhonda L.P.

  23. Tammy E says:

    Taunie–I had the same thing happen to me!, i was NOT happy at all with HSN! They still didn’t explain it we’ll enough. So PLEASE–Anna, tell me there will be an opportunity to buy the Kitsch cartridge AND the baubles & bells cuttlebug embossing set again!!! I had both of these items ordered and then they were gone!!! :(. Anna you Rocked the show all day–can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve next! :). Tammy

  24. Mary R. Huff says:

    Wow, what a show today and yes I bought the red box and your library deal. Anyway, I just heard someone say u should sell T-shirts. I love that idea but sorry to say I would need a 4-X. I recently had melanoma removed again and gained 20#, almost overnight not too happy but I’m still here as u can see!

    A Griffinite who makes cards:-)

  25. Patti Garcia says:

    I am so happy happy happy! I got the angels and ink pads and bow dies, which were the two things I then had to go on and buy several things more. After seeing what you could do with the holiday tags I had to get them and then thought I need the everyday ones too. Love all of your Cricut cartridges keep them coming. You and your team are so amazing!! Thank you for it all.

  26. Yvonne says:

    Thank you ladies for your input! Cuttlebug on the way to me too! I can’t wait to get started! Early Christmas for me!

  27. Carmen Martinez says:

    Anna, I would love to see dies and embossing folders with the angelic theme that is in your kit! Its beautiful!!!

  28. Taunie Snyder says:

    Anna I love all your Cricut cartridges so I ordered the Christmas Kitsch on Monday night from HSA well there was a mess up and when I called about it with my order number they told me it was sold out and my order would not be filled I was and am so totally disappointed. Could you let me know if there is somewhere else I can get the cartridge. Thank you so much.
    Taunie Snyder

  29. Beth in Georgia says:

    I can’t afford the Cricut Explore, too expensive for my budget, although I would thoroughly love to own one…anyhow. I do have a Cuttlebug and dearly love it, I suggest if your budget will allow that you DO also get a Cuttlebug. The the two would complement each other perfectly because the Explore does not emboss!

  30. Dianne K says:

    Hey guess what HSN just lowered the price by $5.00 on the Fretworks Dies. I just called customer service to credit me the $5.00. Just saying!

  31. Dianne K says:

    The cuttlebug will emboss folders and will cut dies. The Cricut Explore is totally different and you can do so much more.

  32. Yvonne says:

    I just can’t wait to get the Cricut Explore and start learning how to use it. My question: do I need a Cuttlebug as well or will the new machine do the same and more? Thanks for any info!

  33. Erin M says:

    I wasn’t able to find the Bow die set, and once I finally did, it had sold out. 🙁 I hope they will be in stock again soon- I really wanted to use them with my holiday card kit!

  34. kim k says:

    Please, please, please bring back the embossing folders collection of 24 folders that sold out. I didn’t order the ornaments dies because I wanted the folders to go with them. Please bring them both back. Thank you for such wonderful products and the opportunity to create with style and elegance.

  35. Dianne K says:

    Try again thanks to Noreen she told me the Fretworks dies were available and I just Ordered mine. Good luck!

  36. Dianne K says:

    Thanks Noreen I was able to order these now earlier when I wrote HSN kept telling me they were sold out so weird!

  37. SandraGriswold says:

    Finally got to order the Christmas traditions f2f ions card making kit,.but will not receive it until after the 20th Oct. So looking forward to having it in my hands.

  38. Noreen says:

    wonder why the ribbon die is not on the Anna page on HSN — I put the item number in the search bar and finally found it…was on the top of my long list of goodies to order today!

  39. Diane says:

    Extended shipping – how disappointing…
    Just completed my ordering process and looking forward to multiple October shipments for the card kit, angel toppers, totally tags kit, 12×24 paper and Kitsch cricut cartridge! Wish I could have seen all the cart images online…but I’ve never been disappointed!
    Thanks for the many previews with details I cannot catch on TV; the shopping list is so helpful as well. Happy crafting, everyone! My craft “fix” is well fed with these items!

  40. Nanners says:

    I think I will get out the Cricut and WoW my family this Thanksgiving as we all make the Christmas cards together. I can’t wait! Thank you Anna and HSN.

  41. Nanners says:

    I am sooo excited…I ordered the new Cricut machine today!! You talked me right into it. I will enjoy watching all day on HSN today.

  42. Heidi C says:

    Oh Anna what have I done! I bought the Christmas cartridge kit, 12 embossing folders, naturally needed the die cuts to go with. To now the petal palette paper and am waiting for November when you will release the cartridges to make the gorgeous florals. I’m dying not having ourple. My favorite color. So I sunk my sorrows into everything else. LOL now I need a job. I can sweep up your scraps daily

  43. Laura . says:

    Gail, your story sure touched me. I have been trying and trying to spend time with my elderly Mom. I’m self employed and I work too too much. Been planning to teach her all about stamping and card making . Just got my Cricut set up so she can see how it works and probably will order Anna’s Card Kit so we can do something for Christmas. God bless you and your Mom, with many blessings.

  44. Janet Sams says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna, items are already selling out. I got mmy beautiful red traditions card kit ordered….all I could afford today, maybe more later 🙂 I’ll be watching your other shows and thank you again for so much fun !!!!

    A fan forever,
    Janet 🙂

  45. Linda says:

    Anna loved everything, can’t wait to get
    the Christmas card set it look so nice and
    all the thing’s that come with just like last
    year. got my paper’s and of course the new
    cricut cartridge . and I did jump the fence
    like I said I would. Thanks’ for everything

  46. Dianne K says:

    Got the item number for the Fretworks dies and tried to find them on HSN and just about to order and pooof they were gone. Anna you know we want them so please have a larger quantity. Hopefully they will be back for a third time as they sell out BEFORE they can even have a presentation. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back!!!

  47. Shawna Burkham says:

    I totally agree. Been waiting and waiting for fret work dies only to find they are not even available at all. Guess I don’t understand this system, if they are offered prior to the show and you are waiting thinking they won’t be out until then, you lose. So sad.

  48. Dianne K says:

    Well those darn Fretworks dies Sold Out AGAIN! Anna you know there is a demand why don’t you stock up on them??? Was checking and checking for this to get on HSN and proof it was gone.

  49. Terri Cannell says:

    How did people preorder when they were announced to be available today? I had them favorited and I didn’t get an alert!

  50. Diane says:

    Looking forward to presentation and all the new items. Disappointed in some items, example-fretwork dies already sold out due to preorders…Suggestion… schedule preorder dates and allow shipping at a later date so we can still get items that are often sold out. Items sold out, last presentation, should give you an indication to restock and add more. (unless production sets limits) Love your presentations. Enjoy your day…

  51. Patty Fisher says:

    I just ordered 8 items on HSN early. Thanks for the easy pay as it made it possible to get more of your products. I could not get the explore because it is too expensive even with easy pay. Just won’t fit in my budget.

  52. Shawna Burkham says:

    So disheartened. Been trying to get the fretwork dies for MONTHS and now before the show even starts they are sold out again.

  53. ANN ROBBINS says:

    Super busy day tomorrow sooooooo couldn’t wait and ordered the Christmas card kit this evening. I didn’t want to run the risk of not getting it so ordered as soon as i saw it on the site. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Wanda says:

    It’s like Christmas in October!!!! Can’t wait to see Ms.Santa Anna! All I want for Christmas is Anna Griffin products tonight!!!!
    You are our inspiration, and motivation !!
    We Love You!!

  55. Kathi Blount says:

    Hooray! I just went to HSN online and ordered the Traditions card making kit, the Angel toppers and cardstock. HSN has started listing the products that will,be aired tonight!

  56. Gloria Cabral says:

    Finally it’s here, I have been so excited for this day to come. I think I might take a nap tonight so I will be wide awake for you midnight show. I took off work tomorrow so I wouldn’t miss anything you have on. I am so excited.

  57. RUTH JOHNSON says:

    Got the green box last christmas and loved it .will this one be similar.I do need the christmas box.thanks for shareing.

  58. Carol FIERRO says:

    Been in the hospital operated on the 22nd. Now in rehab….justed ordered Christmas dies and bows……
    HSN was so very helpful to me tonite when I placed my order
    Can’t wait for these dies to come gives me something to look forward too…..
    Anna thanks for such wonderful products.

  59. Dale McGrath says:

    I’ve been looking at hsn all day to start ordering before items sell out. Finally, the bows dies came up and I ordered them. Now I can relax and wait for midnight. I took a nap today so I will be wide awake at 12:00! See ya, Anna.

  60. Dianna says:

    Getting so excited I have my TV all ready to go and am looking forward to your amazing inspiration! In this crazy sometimes scary world of ours it is so nice to have something that is fun to look forward to and besides it goes on and on because we get to be creative for days to come with your inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your gift!

  61. Gail Graham says:

    Anna ,it has been so much fun these last few weeks. I am so excited to for midnight. I have tried very hard to win something. You see,I had to put my mom in a nursing home and she was my crafting buddie. She loves you so much as do I. But I couldn’t give her the care she needed as far as treatments. We still try to craft when I go up to see her. But I was wondering if she could talk to you that would make her so happy.I am going to get one of the red boxes for us to share and the angels, and of course the bow and ornament dies, but trying to lug everything up to the nursing home is a little hard to do. They want me to do a class therebut I’m 61 and mama is 81. The reason this is so special to me, is because my mom moved from North Carolina to Georgia to take care of me. I had stage 4 cancer, and that’s how I learned to scrapbook and make cards.Now she’s hooked on your stuff as well as myself. I don’t. have time to upload anything, in FA ct I have to be at the nursing home in just a bit. You have helped me get thru cancer, and now I want my mom to have something special too. My phone # is 7062635591. Thanks and God bless you. Will see you at midnight.

  62. Sharon sienaski says:

    Elizabeth Oliver praying for a good job offer for you….then you can shop next time Anna is on!

  63. Diane A. says:

    Should I accidentally fall asleep, my alarm is set. I made no plans so that I can stay home and watch the whole day!!! Hooray!!!

  64. Judi says:

    Set the recorder so I won’t miss one little thing. So excited for this special day. I even have the day off . How lucky am I !

  65. Mary R. Huff says:

    Oh wow Anna, only 7 hours left till all of us see what u and your wonderful staff have done for all of us in Anna’s Land!!

  66. Cleo G. says:

    If I don’t have facebook, can I still upload pictures of projects of projects I’ve made to be entered in the contest?

  67. Annette J says:

    I can hardly wait for midnight I am so excited. Thanks for putting the list in the new/returning favorites category I really appreciate that. Have a wonderful show and looking forward to seeing you “live”.

  68. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    In about 8 more hours. Can’t wait!!!! Still wanting some (lots) of birthday decoupage? One day soon I hope. I love everything coming up, just hope I don’t order everything. Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen! You are a brilliant, and very generous lady, love you to pieces. Arleen

  69. Shirley Morgan says:

    Cant wait, I haven’t worked for over 3 years and when my friend got me into card making it has really helped with some of the void .

    Thank you.

  70. ANNA'S NO. 1 ATLANTA FAN says:

    Hi Anna!!

    Have enjoyed watching your fan base grow by leaps & bounds. Your presentations are wonderful, your followers record them & watch them several times.

    Congratulations Anna & Staff!!

    Shelby McDaniel

  71. elsie yonamine says:

    I’ll be there before midnight, waiting anxiously to order your new Christmas themed products!

  72. Gertrud says:

    Can’t wait until midnight!!!! Could you please let us know if we need a deeper cutting blade for the boxing papers tomorrow. Card stock is expensive and I hate to waste beautiful papers, like yours.
    See you soon!

  73. Lynn says:

    Thanks for making the build-up to Oct 7th so exciting! I have enjoyed the blog entries and sample card designs. Your video “peaks” have made it exciting too. I took the day off of all activities to watch the show. I even cooked ahead; this is an event!

  74. kiuyana pruden says:

    Have your list and my list ready! I can not wait to see the embossing folders, and the orchid explorer! my auto-ship folders will be here soon too! Hurry up 12am! Will be tuned in for the whole 24hrs! Thanks Anna❤❤❤❤❤❤

  75. Mary Beth Wallis says:

    What is the autoship that is coming out in a few days. I have it coming but don’t know what it is so I don’t want to order if it is being offerred. Have to work tomorrow but have my own wifi so can sneak some peaks.

  76. Stephanie Hurley says:

    Thank you Anna! I’m so excited about tomorrow! I’ve got the shows ready to record (especially the ones I’ll miss due to work). Thank you for the item list….so helpful! See you tomorrow!

  77. Darlene K says:

    Hi Anna, Cannot wait for the show to start. Ordered some products from your store. Have received them. See you tomorrow on HSN.


  78. Janet Sams says:

    Hi Anna!! Thank you for all of the fun….ready for the shows….I’m so happy only one is during my works hours….I can use my lunch break and catch that one. Get some rest….it’s going to be a big day for you !!!! Janet 🙂

  79. gail W. says:

    I got the list! I’m checking it twice!!
    Can’t wait until tonight. My best bud is coming over and we are watching it together! Will be so much fun!!

  80. Carol Jones says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait! Yippee, a whole day of crafting! Anna, you are the best. You have the best & most beautiful craft supplies plus you are just a big sweetheart! Love seeing you on HSN.

  81. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    Hi Anna and Anna Lovers! Has anyone heard of any autoship items? Excited for tomorrow even though loss of work will not allow me to spend dollars.:(( But will still be inspired! One day hopeful for the Cricut Explore! So to all of the crafting family have a blast and CREATE! Much crafting love!

  82. Pat Marsh. says:

    Hi Anna, Thanks for the shopping list – I can start my selection. I noticed HSN is gradually adding some of the items! See you at midnight for the TSV.

  83. Becky Piper says:

    I know, Kate!!! I’m almost sure they have that wrong!!! It’s gonna be sad if people are ordering based off of what is shown! I hope someone realizes the mistake soon and can fix it!

  84. Irene Alexander says:

    Thank you so much for posting the item list! I work two 12- hour shifts tonight and tomorrow. So I will be trying to sleep during the day tomorrow. I have my DVR ready to tape your shows, as I am sure your things will sell out. I am ordering as things are listed on HSN. Good luck Anna Griffin! I hope your well rested for your long day tomorrow.

  85. Diane L. says:

    YAY for the list-I already know my 3 must haves…and maybe a couple of the “Oh those are so pretty” Is it midnite yet????? Come on clock-move just a little faster 😉

  86. Diane L. says:

    Sherri-thats exactly what I did-I was so happy to join this group after the last craft day, and get a little more advanced notice so I was able to have a little extra time to save up for tomorrow’s 24 hour day-I ditched one nite of Bingo a week, and two Dunkin Donuts a week 🙂 I have managed to save enough for the new Cricut and maybe a few more goodies to keep me busy this winter !!

  87. Becky Piper says:

    Just checked HSN and I’m wondering if the Boxing Day and Petal Papers are reversed!!! I thought the Petal Papers were the ombre ones and more subtle! Could you please check into this and make sure they are showing the correct ones? Thanks!!!

  88. Arlene says:

    When will those of us who already have the explore be able to get the new cartridges that are being loaded on the TS?

  89. Gisela says:

    Yahoo ! shopping list is here, Thank you ever so much Anna.. I was so happy to see that you included the Embossing storage box ……11 hours to go and I will be seeing you.

  90. Joan Baker says:

    Your list for HSN sounds amazingly wonderful…however as I live in England I am unable to order anything..darn it!
    Please bring lots of items for your fans in England when you return to QVC next week.
    Have a fabulous craft day…see you next week on my screen ….love JoanX

  91. Angela Easter says:

    Can’t believe it is finally here! A few short hours to get ready to shop till I drop! LOL

  92. Kathi Blount says:

    Woo Hoo!!! I am sôooooooo ready!!! I am on pins & needles like a kid in a Toy Store… I want it all!

  93. Bev Limbach says:

    I cannot choose between all the great items! Wow, you outdid yourself, Anna.

    Just one other comment. You call your layered flowers decoupage but Isn’t it really paper tole? Decoupage is using a varnich over prints on wood or other materials.

  94. Betsy Carty says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna. It’s just too good to be true! I can’t buy everything but I’ll come as close as possible. You’re the greatest. Love and blessings. Betsy

  95. Kellie Lewis says:

    I am ready!!!! DVR set – credit card ready to burn up LOL and get awesome ideas from Anna!!! 🙂

  96. Nancy Smith says:

    Set my alarm to awake at midnight and cleared my schedule for the day!!! Looking forward to a great day of crafting!

  97. Sheri Anderson says:

    Getting all my work done today so I can watch!!!!! I know I can’t afford everything on my list (far from it with my budget) but I will buy as much as I can of my favorites so far! I’ve never used a Cricut so I am interested in seeing what that is all about. I would imagine it will be pricey but can maybe save up for one in the future! I LOVE your shows Anna so looking forward to tonight and tomorrow!!!!!!

  98. Gail M says:

    Hi Anna! Many thanks to you and your fantastic staff for working so hard planning, designing, creating, and preparing for Oct. 7th. Best wishes to you for a great Crafting Day on HSN! Aloha, Gail

  99. Nancy Potkay says:

    Woo hoo can’t wait. Put 2 things in my cart already. Sent my pic in for the contest, wonder if there is a way to check if it is there?

  100. Teresa Schumacher says:

    Cleaning my house now so I can “play” all day tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to see what Anna and her team have created with all of the new products. Hope my credit card doesn’t melt!

  101. Denise Key says:

    i may not even sleep tonight!! I will be stalking HSN for the beautiful Christmas Crafting Goondess!!

  102. Stormy Miller says:

    I just wish we knew the prices so we could better plan what we are getting. HSN still says these items don’t exist so we can’t check costs. My budget is so limited but evetything is so beautiful. I wonder dies the new Cricut have all the new cutting features?

  103. Aleatha says:

    I would like to get in on your big give away
    But I’m not a facebooker. :'(:'(
    But I will be DVRing all your shows
    And I have my list ready !!!

  104. newbold says:

    I am sleeping now to watch you on H S N. I have taken on an additional job to pay for things I want. Can’t wait to make your cards and emboss EVERYTHING.

  105. Gerda Gray says:

    thanks for posting this shopping list for us, I am very excited for the show tomorrow and right now I will check out everything on HSN, yeah!!!!

  106. Willodene says:

    I love the thing that you show. Would love to get some of your supplies. How do you get into your supplies to order. I hate to complain. So pleas take this as a complement that I like the thing that you have and would love to get some, if not all. Willodene

  107. Jeanne Tipton says:

    My shopping list is made but I always add items as I watch you demonstrate them. Will be watching with anticipation. Lol
    Love to Georgie.

  108. Susan B. says:

    Oh just like Santa, I am making my list and checking some things off twice!! Except it is all my list!! I can’t wait. thanks Anna!

  109. Tiffany Ratliff says:

    Super excited! Taking an early nap today so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at midnight. 🙂

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