Anna is Back on QVC UK October 13th and 14th

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any more exciting, it’s time for another fun visit to QVC UK! Are you ready?

Don’t miss us on Monday, October 13th at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. for all things crafting and again on Tuesday, October 14th at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. for the exciting debut of the Anna Griffin at Home Collection!

U.K. fans: If you’ve been waiting patiently for new Anna Griffin crafting collections, be sure to tune in Monday October 13th. There will be nearly 25 items up for grabs, including the new Holiday Traditions Card Making Kit, Set of 24 Embossing Folders, Bow Cutting Dies and so much more.

And that’s not all! Stay tuned Tuesday, October 14th for the debut of Anna Griffin at Home! Take Anna Griffin elegance from the craft room to the rest of your home with beautiful duvet covers, throw blankets and decorative pillows in our signature style.

These pieces are so beautiful, and can become be the focal point of a bedroom or the perfect coordinating piece to accent your space. Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s to come:

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There will even be an exclusive assortment of gorgeous silk flowers available that I designed just for you!


Click here to visit the Anna Griffin store on See you on Monday!


  1. Catherine Godwin says:

    I commented on your blog for your yyour qvc visit. I ordered my Anna Griffin traditional Christmas kit the Sunday before your visit and there was a payment problem so my mum rang and gave card detail again and I now have to wait possibly 30 more days before they get more stock it. So upset and disappointed that I have to wait this long and there is no guarantee I will get the kit.x

  2. Susan B. says:

    I certainly hope you do better in the UK then you did here in the US. After taking day off from work and watching HSN website and you blog all the week before I was one of first to order the circuit kitchen kitsch cartridge, well imagine my surprise to get an email saying item was cancelled due to Anna being unable to ship. AND this is after I see that due to people being upset at not getting it Anna offered at another store. I have been a big fan of Anna, but now not so sure. This is a huge disappointment. I spent a lot that day and the cartridge was one of my most wanted. Guess it is all about the money after all.

  3. Gail Graham says:

    I also seen extended delivery on all my items from Annas collection at first and I had ordered some things before they were ever presented. With that being said ,I went online the next morning, and it was in packaging. I was ecstatic. I received all of my Anna Griffin products, except the 72 piece Christmas card stock, which I’m sure will be here Monday. I ordered o Tuesday, and received my order Friday afternoon. It just doesn’t get any better then that!!!!!!!!!!! If it helps anyone, I live in Calhoun Georgia,and no I did not do express shipping. Love everything Anna.Have a safe trip. The angels are so beautiful.God bless you,Gail Graham

  4. Hazel says:

    I don’t know how you get it in the USA but in the UK it’s on channel 16 so you may be able to get it via your laptop

  5. Hazel says:

    Fantastic to have an ‘Anna’ launch in the UK. There are soooo many items on HSN which we never see and I’d really like to be able to order items like the banners,3 d garlands, fretwork dies, foil and diecut borders and also for all the waitlist items on QVC to arrive. I’m so excited about tomorrow and will spend the day with a large pot of tea, some home made cake, a roaring fire and telephone/credit card !!
    It can’t come too soon, welcome back Anna

  6. Rhonda L.P. says:

    To: Michelle Staley…. Thanks so much for the “heads – up” on the early delivery! I already suspected they were doing early shipping, due to comments I had read. I’m hopeful…but not sure. I don’t get emails, because I have never signed up as an HSN “member”, so to speak. I watch the shows, or look on to buy products, then call the order in…but have never ordered online. So….. I don’t get emails. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)
    Also, I want to congratulate Monica, Irene, and Christa! CONGRATS GIRLS!!!! I hope you are all excited about your “win”, and have lots of fun with your gifts from Anna!!
    Anna: Thanks for telling us on your blog; WHO won the drawing! I am so excited for them! I’m super excited about my “goodies” ordered….in spite of having to pay for them!!! LOL!!! Hope you have a great time in the U.K., and will bring back some of those GORGEOUS flowers, for us! Have a safe flight!
    Love and Hugs!
    Rhonda L.P.

  7. Dotti says:

    DRAT!! I just redid my bedroom and I settled for the linens. I would much rather have a beautiful Anna room.

  8. Jan B says:

    Looking forward to getting my items from the Oct 7 show! Also love the new bedding!! PLEASE Consider some heritage style and vintage travel themed card stock, papers, dies, old world map prints, etc. With all your travels, and your designer eye, I’m sure your line would have a different style than what is now available in the market. Thanks Anna!!

  9. DEBBIE SIMON says:


  10. myrna hartley says:

    Love the HOME line, can’t wait. Hope you carry the duvet in Cali King, the super king isn’t large enough I measured. Love the throw and will get that when its here. And the flower arrangement is gorgeous just like your pop up roses and hydrangea.

    Now I will have more AG in the house be sides dishes, card stock and Wallis on everything. Bring on more your taste is exquisite.


  11. Kate Molnar says:

    I can’t wait to see the Anna Griffin Home Collection on HSN next spring. To everyone in the UK: please write your reviews of the home items on the QVC UK website so we in the US can pull it up and see what you think of them. Thanks! Have a great time with Anna next week! You’ll love everything she brings to you!

  12. Linda says:

    Hello Anna
    hope you have great trip to the UK
    I going to my daughter house and take care
    of those grand girl’s for a week. told husband
    not to open my package when they come.
    Thanks’ Linda

  13. RACHEL says:

    Wow, what beautiful products!
    My daughter & I are so excited about Monday & Tuesday, thanks for returning Anna, you must be shattered.
    Reading through the messages is seems that some products we in the UK get to purchase & other products, (Cricut Explore & all that go with it) we’re unable to get our hands on, so we take what we’re given, believe me every bauble & flower we receive is greatly appreciated.
    We should set up UK. & USA shipping & postal depots, just for Anna, that way we would all be happy, Ha, Ha, only joking.
    Kind regards to you all,
    Rachel x

  14. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. You were great on HSN and I know the UK is anxiously awaiting your beauties on the 13th. My box of Anna Griffin came today. Have to rest from a hospital visit then I will unload and get to CHRISTMAS with Anna. FAmily members are getting together next Saturday for an Anna Christmas card party. Thanks Anna. will carry Cuttlebug and dies and folders. Can hardly wait! Get some rest before your trip. Have a great time. Much love and blessings. Betsy

  15. Lorraine says:

    Will these gorgeous products be available in the U.S.soon? The sheets and silk flowers are beautiful!

  16. Diane Hunter says:

    Anna, everything looks lovely. Those Brits are going to have a great time shopping with you. I’ll be watching when you bring those beautiful home items to us in Atlanta.

  17. Michelle Staley says:

    Hi, Jeorgette! Great news for you! Even though HSN sold out of the Christmas Kitsch cartridge on Tuesday, it is now available for purchase from, as is Anna’s Seasonal Soirees cartridge! Anna posted the news on her facebook page yesterday, and Cricut sent out emails about it, too. The cartridges are currently each available for $24.99 (plus shipping) or you can purchase the digital content for $19.99 and avoid the shipping charge. Awesome news, yes?

    It is always a mega bummer when you have your heart set on something that sells out before you have a chance to snag it, I know! It happened to me once, too, and I learned my lesson! Now I always order as soon as Anna’s products pop up on, usually several days before her episodes air. For some reason, this time most of her stuff wasn’t available on HSN until Monday. Anyway, ordering early is always the easiest way to ensure that you don’t miss out! The only drawback is that you don’t really get to see the products before you order them – other than what you can see in Anna’s video sneak peeks – but heaven knows I’ve never regretted a purchase anyway! My only regret is sometimes not having ordered enough! 🙂

  18. margaret driscoll UK says:

    Hello Anna
    I’m so looking forward to your visit and all the new goodies that you will bring!
    Ready to record your shows too!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  19. Michelle Staley says:

    Hi, Rhonda! I might just have some really good news for you! Like you, I was initially terribly disappointed by the extended shipping, especially since I made a point to place my order as soon as the items showed up on – even before any of Anna’s episodes aired – how could they possibly have sold out of the initial run of products?! I personally thought October 7th was a bit on the late side for a Christmas show anyway, and then to find out that the items would be delayed till the end of October! Anyway, I was totally OVERJOYED yesterday when I received an email from HSN advising me that all my items had shipped! Woo hoo! I suggest you check your email – perhaps your items are already in route, too!

  20. Michelle Staley says:

    Marge, unfortunately, I tried to place an order from QVC-UK and received a response from them that they don’t offer sales to the US! Of course I was dismayed, as QVC often offers Anna products that have long since sold out at HSN and are not re-stocked. My understanding is that HSN doesn’t ship to the UK, either! I’m not sure why this would be, as both companies are clearly losing sales, but those seem to be their current policies. Sorry to disappoint!

  21. Gisela says:

    Hello again Anna, What a beautiful bouquet , as well as the linens. I am keeping fingers crossed that we might also get these items . Maybe sometime next year ? This bouquet would look so good next to my explore !
    Wishing you and your team safe travels and a fantastic time in the U K.

  22. Juli Hudak says:

    Anna, Your designs continue to grow and expand, each more beautiful than the last, just like an incredible English garden in bloom. Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us all.


  23. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Rhonda! Our grand prize winner was Monica Hernandez, and runner up winners were Irene Alexander and Christa Ceniceros.

  24. Anna Griffin says:

    It was at midnight on October 7th on our Facebook page! Our grand prize winner was Monica Hernandez, and runner up winners were Irene Alexander and Christa Ceniceros.

  25. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi there! We announced the contest winners on our Facebook page at midnight on October 7th! Our grand prize winner was Monica Hernandez, and runner up winners were Irene Alexander and Christa Ceniceros.

  26. Anna Griffin says:

    Want to know a secret? There’s a huge Anna Griffin bedding launch coming up this Spring on HSN!!!!!

  27. Joan Baker says:

    YES! YES! YES!…. Finally ..after years of looking at Anna’s beautiful products on HSN and waiting for months and hoping she brings them to the UK….we actually get something first! I have already ordered the Camilla duvet set….
    QVC is our only access in the UK to anything Anna Griffin as the cost of postage from products on her website is extortion…as is all postage from the US to England.
    Make the most of her October shows I say!…I will be doing just that!

  28. Cindy anderson says:

    My dearest Anna- it is always a joy to see you on HSN. I LOVE everything you displayed – unfortunately I wasn’t able
    To buy everything my heart wanted to get. I just adore and loff all your things yheu are beautiful. In the past years I have purchased every single Christmas card kit (gold,green) but Im not able to this year. Do you think I could work for you and in return recieve ur lovely products instead of money? Haha that would be lovely…I was hoping you could make some antique style hats like Victorian era and parasols. Maybe some. Victorian ladies dressed in style era clothing with hats & parasols. (Not actually paper dolls) but that would be nice also for our kids to get to know your stuff and become future Anna fans – paper dolls. I cant wait to see what lovely new & old items you bring us for the new year..please say a prayer for my mama, my dog of 12 years & my nephew who all passed away months of each other and we moved from Arizona to Utah. What a year..I thank God there are beautiful Anna fans and you Dear Anna who give me lots of strength & inspiration and please keep bringing us your beauties. Oh yea Anna -my Zekke would loff to have a play date with George haha. God Bless and I LOFF YOUR HOME DECOR & CRAFTS. A faithful fan of your. Have a safe and Happy Holidays. Loff always Cindy & Zekks.

  29. Irene Alexander says:

    So excited to see they have shipped all my Anna Griffin items. We wish you and your team safe travels.

  30. Hobo says:

    Anna, every week you gave us sneak peeks and said who the contest winners were for the week. Then I didn’t see anything about who won the big one. What did I miss?

  31. Tina Thompson says:

    Hi Anna,

    I bought the Cricut Explore back in February and I absolutely love it! I also love the orchid one that aired this week. I was wondering how we can order the Pretty Packages Digital Images? I love them and would love to add that to my Design Space.

    Thank you so much!


  32. newbold says:

    WOW oh wow– we get more of beautiful you. You do such a fabulous job in your presentation. You are the BEST.

  33. Mary R. Huff says:

    I love the flowers, when my husband was alive he bought me flowers all the time!
    I see my card kit etc. is on the way!
    May u and your staff have a safe and wonderful trip!!

  34. Marge B. says:

    I have thought of ordering from QVC UK but could use a tutorial. I am unsure how to convert prices and if there would be a problem using my charge card. Also, would postage from the UK be really high? Has anyone else ordered from this site?

  35. Debbie says:

    Anna-If the embossing folders set is available on QVC this next week, will it also be available for those of us who tired to order it when it was on HSN this last week but we didn’t dial fast enought?

  36. Rhonda L.P. says:

    I LOVE the silk flowers pictured! When will they be available here, in the U.S.?
    Loved the presentation on Oct.7th, but am sooo disappointed with the delayed deliveries!
    Are they producing items for orders as the orders come in?????
    Am glad I ordered extra Garden Window card kits…as they are now sold out! I LOVED that card kit! Beautiful!
    Wishing you a good trip to the U.K.! Stay well, and have a great time….while we are all back here, wistfully waiting for our deliveries! 🙁
    Love and Blessings,
    Rhonda L.P.
    P.S. I missed the announcement! WHO won the drawing for the big giveaway???

  37. HollyG says:

    Dearest Miss Anna,

    No rest for the creative!!!
    Loved speaking to you on HSN Craft Day! You are so gracious, funny, and inspiring!

    ….the Anna Griffin Home Collection looks to be right up my alley!

    Again, I must thank you for all you do!

    Safe Travels to the UK

  38. Marion says:

    There could never be enough visits from you for my liking Anna! I have everything crossed you will bring us your latest book next week too.

    Your Christmas Box is lovelier than ever this year and the prospect of 25 new embossing folders is fantastic. Oh dear, empty purse looming.

    Safe journey Anna

    Marion in the UK

  39. MaryBeth says:

    Anna, have a safe trip. Maybe you’ll post some more inspirational pictures as you did last time you were in the UK.

  40. Annie Laura Pence says:

    I have looked at QVC UK site…now I must have that gorgeous 3pc duvet set with perfect pink flowers that would match my bedroom.
    Oh, PLZ get them on HSN or QVC America

    Thank you

  41. Annie Laura Pence says:

    ***, Why can’t Ameticans have Anna Griffins Home decor items? HSN should be selling Anna’s throws, etc!

    PLZ let is devoted Anna fans have a throw or bouquet too!

    I’m wIting for my goodies from a great craft day at HSN with Anna.
    Thanks again

  42. DogMom says:

    I noticed on the QVC.UK site that they offer “Anna Griffin Lace Washi Tape” and “Anna Griffin Christmas Washi Tape”. I’ve checked and those items are not available on either QVC (USA) or HSN. Will they be coming here soon?

  43. Jeorgette says:

    Wow. Looks great. Hey UK fans, make sure you don’t hesitate: the cuttlebug folders and cricut cartridge sold out while Anna an the host were still talking about them.

    Don’t be like me and regret you weren’t fast enough in ordering.

  44. Doug G. says:

    Anna….. just stunning !!! When will see these in the US??? Can’t wait to get my new wild orchid Cricut Explore and my other goodies from HSN !!!! Great shows on 10/07 !!!!

  45. Meredyth says:

    Darn I wish you guys released stuff a week out here in the states. I know we usually get stuff before those across the pond but man I had to refresh my HSN page til 5 pm the day before you were on HSN just to see prices.

  46. Patricia Daniels says:

    just when I thought my pocketbook was safe, here she comes with more beautiful things an I am exited to see what they are.

  47. TeranceH says:

    So excited for the new collection, will we get to see this in the US in 2015? Good Luck Monday i should have my items by then were i can watch while i’m opening my boxes.

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