Beautiful in the Making: Bow Dies Tutorial Video

Hi everyone!

We’re headed to Houston for an exciting few days at the International Quilt Market. But, before I go, I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on the un”bow”lievable Bow Dies that many of you purchased during our recent shows on HSN and QVC UK.

You requested a closer look at each of these dies and all of the amazing possibilities they provide, so we put together a little video for you. Enjoy!

Here are a few projects using the bows in this collection that you might not have seen yet. Those TV presentations fly by so quickly, don’t they?! You can find these and more on our Die Cutting Pinterest boards:

That’s all for today!

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bow dies 14bow dies 18Love,



  1. Dianne McDonald says:

    Thank you so much for the video on bows.
    Your method changes the whole look of the bows! Excellent tutorial as always!
    I have a request. Is it possible for you to share the die and embossing folder matches for each set? I have several I cannot match. I matched the Christmas ornament die to the folder but I am struggling with the others.

  2. Dalyce Mangum says:


    Could you please tell us how you did that beautiful gold and silver embossed ornament card, Christmas Baubles, from the new folders, that you showed on HSN.

    I have tried 6 times to make it but have failed each time. The ink will not stick to the paper. Did you use another ink besides yours? Maybe a Stays-on? Or a paper that was not yours? Also my gold and silver ink pads do not come out as bright in color on my card stock as yours does. Am I using them wrong?
    I am using all your products.

    I would really like to make that card but I am getting so discouraged.

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you Anna,

  3. Rosie V. says:

    Anna, not only is the angelic toppers kit beautiful, but I think these angels should be a yearly tradition to add to your beautiful Christmas card kits! I would love to see you come out with angel themed embossing folders! Perhaps one folder with a large angel, another with a cluster of angels, one with stars, and a couple that might say, “Silent Night” or “Oh Holy Night.” And of course we have to have matching dies! Oh Anna, please, please, please! Thank you!

  4. kim k says:

    Dear Sharons,
    This embossing folder set is now back on HSN. I just placed my order. I hope all that have been wanting it can get it in time for the holidays.

  5. Sharons says:

    These are beautiful. I will have to play more with my new dies. I was wondering I send an email to see when the artful & baubles & bells folders would be available. I could not believe they sold out by 3 am I have all your folders and really wanted these for Christmas will they be in soon? Have a great day

  6. Hobo says:

    Just wanted to tell you that while I am laid up in a wheelchair because of foot surgery I am having a 10 year old neighbor girl gather my daily mail and newspaper for me. When she came in the other day I was sitting at the table finishing up my Xmas cards. She asked what I was doing and then if she could make something. Long story short, I have created a monster! We broke out the golden bug and your dies and embossing folders. She had so much fun that the next day she did 17 more. She, and I, just love the bow dies. I think out of all the dies I have bought they are my favorite. She had never seen anyone make cards before and she was fascinated. I used your 5×7 printed cardstock from a year or so ago and I made your holiday decoupage pieces and together with some die cutting and embossing and Cricut cartridges finished making all of my cards.

  7. Roxann Higgins says:

    Well I was unable to get the Bow Dies so I do hope that they will be back soon. I did so enjoy the Christmas Traditions card kit and was so glad I ordered the Angel Card toppers. They are awesome.
    Thanks again Anna for the awesome artwork.

  8. Linda says:

    Anna do you remember when you sold
    the ribbon’s in box and the lid was a bow
    maker. well I still have that lid and make my
    daughter pretty bow’s on her Christmas packages ever year from me.
    Thanks Linda

  9. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, Thanks for the beautiful bow tutorial and what a beautiful weekend here in lower Michigan for cider and donuts and Michigan football!

  10. EIleen says:

    I am new to Cricut, and so far, so fabulous. I purchased through HSN and during the program I saw glimpses of a beautiful paper Christmas Wreath. It looked layered with different types of greenery. It was not displayed during the program. I would love to see a picture of it and project instructions if they exist. I fell for it and want to make one for Christmas

  11. Meg Brice says:

    Just wondering when the bow die will be back in stock
    I had a great time ordering all my stuff on HSN and missed out on this one. Hoping it comes back soon.

  12. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi we checked and the metal weight of all of our dies are the same. The only thing that I can think of to explain a weight difference is the design itself. Many of the dies require more metal than others resulting in overall weight loss. Hope this helps!

  13. carol says:

    These add so much to everything!!! I have tried to make bows and they never turned out very good. This really is the cats meow!! I like to add bows to everything.

  14. Jeanne Tipton says:

    A great tutorial! I’m anxious to use glitter paper with these dies. It’s too thin for the Cricut.
    HSN has focused onto Cricut and your beautiful products have been pushed to the background. At least we can order at midnight even when we don’t know exactly what we’re ordering.
    When an item sells out, we no longer have access to your demo on hsn. That’s unfortunate since some of us would like to go back and watch the demo again.
    Love to Georgie.

  15. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Thanks for the video…I dint get a chance to purchase the die…so please bring it back in January. ..thanks Anna

  16. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    I ordered pretty much EVERYTHING you offered for the big show. The one thing I wanted more than anything was gone in a heartbeat- ANNA’S NEW INKS! I especially need the new white for my Chanukkah cards(thank you SO much for adding them to the box kit!) I hope you will bring back the inks soon, especially since I ordered a set for a gift, gave it away, and somehow, MY ORDER, which I placed with a customer service rep, never went through. They were very nice, apologized, gave me credit, (I paid for them )but that doesn’t help me now. Any chance they will return soon? HELP!!!
    Happy holidays, and I will keep watching my HSN site for my ink. THANK YOU! Lefty Lou and the Chanukkah Kitties


  17. Kathleen P says:

    Thanks for the tutorial – the die cut looked hard to use, but, no you have made it easy. Thanks Anna!

  18. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Oh I am begging you to PLZ bring back ELEANOR Roses & Ephemera.

    Also, bring back the ANGELIC TOPPERS.

    I NEED more of them!

    Thank you

  19. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Thank you for the video. Teaching us how to use another unique tool as the pencil will make it so much easier for the metallic papers to curl! I also use your suggestion of another unique tool with the diesI, the paper clip! LOL!

    I think you should sell these tools….golden colored paper clip & pencil to match your Gold Cuttlebug ! I would buy a box of paper clips and pencils with your name and gold! Bet others would too!

    Have safe fun trip in Houston…..we are suppose to be in the 90 degrees this weekend !!!


    Where can I get the Bow 4 piece set. HSN is out and I can’t seem to find another way of purchasing them.

  21. joann benford says:

    Thank you , Anna for the tutorial, love the bows. I made the mistake of creasing it when I tried it by myself. The pencil works great, I also tried my bone folder to curb the bows, it works great also. Thanks again!!! Now can we do Fretwork???

  22. Laurie says:

    I love the bow dies there so pretty; but I’m wondering : when your dies 1st came out the quality was top notch steel dies, later when the fretwork came out they were a bit thinner , now these bow dies are thiner and flimsier yet. Why has the quality been changed but the price has stayed the same? Anna you have exquisite taste in designing, please get after your manufacturers so they won’ sully your good name on the well thoutght out designs you come up with. We pay a good price but we expect quality to be consistant for that good price. Thank you for hearing my thoughts on this as I have seen you do address your customers wishes.

  23. sandy barr says:

    On the Christmas Greetings sample card shown in red,white, and gold colors, showing the red bow, what is the item used to make the white background trellis? I’ve seen it on other cards, love it, and would like to know where to get it. Thanks, Sandy. By the way,, bows are lovely, and congrats to the lucky, latest winners

  24. Deb Ferguson says:

    I didn’t know if these bow dies were going to be in the auto ship. I called & asked HSN & they were not sure, so I asked for someone else & they didn’t know either. I called your office Kita was out. While checking I missed it. Anna, this info should be available to HSN so auto ship people know if they should buy or wait. I kicked myself for not getting it but have bought items in the past that came in auto-ship too & wound up paying for double shipping!
    I wish all your cuttlebug stuff was on auto ship so we would be sure not to miss anything. Please consider saying this info clearly during presentations & on hsn product descriptions in future? What is the item number to watch for?
    Thanks Anna!

  25. Kathy Higgins says:

    Hi Anna! I am having so much fun making bows! Thank you for the tutorial and for making the bow dies. I highly recommend them. They also look very pretty with patterned paper too.

  26. Jean Masetti says:

    I figured everything out, but the use of the pencil. Thank you for making this…it was very helpful.

  27. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, THANKS, Anna Griffin! This tutorial was helpful, and I learned to ‘curl’ the paper with the pencil. I’m glad you mentioned using hot-glue to secure, as I have noticed that paper has ‘memory,’ and ‘strength.’ Loving my Holiday Traditions Christmas Card Kit~

  28. Lin M. says:

    Your tutorial is great! I think it is important that you mentioned the plates will warp and to turn them. When I got your first dies last year and ran them through the Golden Bug I was horrified thinking I had done something wrong. LOL Thank goodness for blogs – I eventually figured out that was OK/expected.
    The examples you showed are lovely.
    Thank you!

  29. Roberta O'Brien says:

    Thanks for the video. I am wondering if the ornament dies will be available again? Should have ordered them when I ordered the bow dies.

  30. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    I have bows from last years and your most recent Christmas kit but never quite knew how to use them. This tutorial is a great deal of help! Thank you!

  31. Barb K says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I missed out buying the bow dies and can’t wait for them to return to HSN. They are gorgeous!!

  32. Suzanne Gulliford says:

    Thanks Anna I’m from the uk,and I have just bought your recent Christmas card making Kit,which contains the cut out bows

  33. Pat Moss says:

    Anna Thank you so very much for this tutorial regarding the bows. You made it so easy now. I am going to have an absolute ball making bows. Hugs

  34. Rosie V. says:

    Thanks so much Anna for the tutorial! Now I am not afraid to make these bows! Can’t wait! Do I really have to wait until January!! Guess I have to settle for my DVR and view recordings!!! Ha!

  35. Gaila says:

    Thanks for the video, Anna! I always make samples when new dies and folders arrive for my “crafting catalog” notebook. Of course the bows turned out perfectly — they’re Anna’s! <3

  36. Pam DeK says:

    Thank you for a great video. It was helpful.

    Please make more card kits. We really enjoy them all !
    Thanks again, Pam DeK

  37. TamiB says:

    Excellent tutorial!! I’m excited to try this for Christmas cards and I LOVED that birthday card ‘For my Sister’! I’ve got one of those coming up and I think I’ll use your example because it’s sooooo pretty! Thanks so much for continuing to help us out!

  38. carol assentato says:

    Thanks for tutorial it helped. Now I know how to get it without looking scored. Much better result.

  39. Pamela says:

    Was not going to purchase, but decided that I had to have them and so glad I did. They are so pretty. Thanks for showing us how to make them.

  40. Patti Garcia says:

    Love these dies. I always have a problem with the small perfect bow. the two tails just confused me until now. Thank you so much Anna! Every time I make the perfect bows I think of those pretty red shoes!!
    I love all your tutorials, it was harder while trying to watch it on the HSN presentation video.

  41. Greta says:

    Love this tutorial. It sold me. i did not buy them originally as I was afraid they would be a pain to separate from the dies. The video showed they are not. When will these be back in stock?

  42. Debby says:

    So pretty….. I guess this “ties” things all up, and it such a pretty way!! Love how you have evolved with the changes in this industry. And as always with class!!

  43. Laura Powell says:

    Ok, now I get it! I was trying to get the rounded bow but was having some trouble. Thanks again Anna. Love video tutorials. Just the way I learn I guess. Have a nice day.

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