Beautiful in the Making: Ornament Dies

Hi friends!

It’s time to get creative for the fast-approaching holiday season! By popular request, today we will take a closer look at the beautiful Ornament Cutting Dies from Anna Griffin and Cricut.

These dies are stunning when cut, embossed and used as embellishments on their own, but we thought we’d show you a more detailed technique that’s easy to achieve. These simple extra steps will result in a “wow” moment!

ornament dies 1

This card started with a red card base from our Perfect Palette cards and layers, gold holly paper from our new Christmas cardstock and a border sticker from our Holiday Foil borders collection (we cut one of the borders in half and used it at the top and bottom). You can still find all of these items on for a limited time!

Then, cut a 3×4”sheet of metallic gold cardstock and emboss with a festive design of your choice. We are trying the Dancing Holly folder from our Christmas Arrangements bundle for today’s demonstration so you can see how it looks with a variation.

gold embossed piece

Now we’re going to create layered ornaments! Die cut and emboss one sheet of red cardstock and die cut one sheet of green cardstock using the Ornament Dozen die. If you are new to this technique, check out our last post on the Bow Dies for a great instructional video.

You’ll want to keep the green die in tact the best you can, so don’t punch out all of the interior pieces of the ornament like you will on the red one. It’s okay if a couple of them fall out!

green die cut

You can layer the green and red die and stop there, or if you want a little extra sparkle then you’ll love this next step!

Cut four ¼”x 4” strips of gold metallic paper. Lay your green die down, adhere the gold paper with foam dots (as shown below) and then adhere the red die cut piece to the top with regular adhesive.

gold strips

Trim the center two ornaments out to create a frame and adhere to the gold embossed layer.


Embellish with a Christmas sentiment and voila- a beautiful card that anyone would be thrilled to receive this season (and it’s not too bulky for the postman!)

That’s all for today. Comment below and tell us other holiday projects would you like to see here on the blog! We always love your feedback and suggestions.

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  1. Renee says:

    Hi Anna,

    I love the ornament dies! Now i won’t be ransacking all the stores buying all the ornament cards cause I’ll be making my own. You know how you always ask for ideas when you’re on HSN? Well, I was thinking it would be great if you made a couple of Toile Card kits, embossing folders and dies! I love Toile, can’t get enough of it, think it’s so romantic.

  2. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    My inks, my inks, my kingdom for some inks…SOON?????
    Love and Happy Thanksgiving from Lefty Lou and the three fuzzy ink blobs…

  3. Nancy Potkay says:

    Have about 1/2 of my Christmas cards done now, but need to get some embossing done first to finish them. Would be great to see videos on some of the Christmas kitch cart and also some of the boxes. So helps when you can see them up lose.
    Thanks so much for all of the videos you do share. You make me look like a much better crafter than I am!!

  4. RACHEL says:

    How wonderful, if only we in Blighty could get our hands on them, we miss out on so much. Really feel left out in the cold.

  5. Pamela says:


    I love the embossing folders and the dies. I would love it if you would do some metallic papers in 12X12 like you did for the layers that came in the package on HSN.

  6. Stephanie Hurley says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question. I look forward to using the butterfly and medallion dies on my cards and scrapbook pages. They are so intricate and beautiful! I received the new set of 24 5×7 embossing folders and borders today – I can’t wait to use them (especially the holiday ones with my Christmas card kit)! I was so happy to see more of them in stock since they sold out so quickly during your October visit. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Aurora Riffee says:

    Hi Anna, Got my new embossing folders and dies and have playing with them. I also make samples of each one and then label the names on them so I can find just the right one out of the many folders that you have made for us. I think each time I don’t need another embossing folder and then your shipment arrives and I go crazy happy with my new ones. Keep them coming!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of Anna’ fans.

  8. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    You know how much I love every item you create. My only problem is everything I need keeps repeating the message about how I have great taste-sold out. This time it’s the holiday ink set. I have so many stamp sets, but since I won’t use any ink but yours, I’m stuck. Please tell us those gorgeous inks, with the cute names, by the way, will return SOON. Better still, refills too! I call every day hoping it will pop up. No luck yet. But that method worked on the embossing folder sleeves. I think I’m set for life with them! Thank you Anna, and I can’t wait till January! Love from Lefty Lou and the three fuzzies. How’s Georgie????

  9. Anna Griffin says:

    The butterfly and metallion die are meant to be used on their own in this set. The two border dies coordinate with the Thistle Tile and Pomegranate Paisley embossing borders. We suggest die cutting the borders first and then embossing! There is a tutorial similar to this on the blog:

  10. Sonia Cintron says:

    Yes, you are amazing Anna. I said and reaffirm I could be making cards forever with your tutorials. I am a senior that wish I found you much before in my youth so I could teach my children the beauty of your teachings. But when I was young you was not born as of yet. So it is my loss. Thank you very much one more time Anna.

  11. Jeanne M. says:

    Anna, you are amazing!!! Not only do you come up w/all of the beautiful items 4 us 2 re-create, you give us the tutorials 2 make certain we know how 2 do what you had in mind. With your tutorials, the sky’s the limit! We can adapt what you have shown us & run wild w/our own creativity!

  12. joann benford says:

    Thank You Anna, for all of your Tutorials, wish you would have a class in Las Vegas, I would surely be there. Getting ready to dig into my new goodies to make cards. Happy Holiday to you and your Crew

  13. betsy carty says:

    Hey Anna. Thank you for all the tutorials. All the ideas spark even more when we try them. Surely will try this one. I too have a question. When will we be able to get the designs from the orchid Cricut in cartridges? Looking forward to the next lesson. 🙂 Love and blessings. Betsy

  14. A. Phillps says:

    I love your holiday card layers kit and had ordered it last year as well as this year, only to find HSN made an error on my order and I lost out on the kit in October. I’m very upset this happened. Have so many of your items and REALLY wanted the kit to complete my projects. Please, please see that we can get this item for our holiday projects. There never seems to be enough of the card layer kits and makes it very frustrating. Thanks for listening and for all you do for us crafters!

  15. Kathleen P says:

    I always learn when you show ideas for the dies & embossing folders. From what you give us, I begin to get ideas & create beautiful cards & actually, scrapbook pages as well. I do have a request if you can do this. I made beautiful paper ornaments with last years Christmas cartridge and wondered if you can give us more ideas for that cartridge. Just a thought. Thanks as always for your amazing creations!

  16. judy powlowski says:

    Just received my A/S today unpacked but haven’t had time to play yet @ a fast glance well love all but the dies seem very very special TY Anna!!!

  17. Jackie says:

    Do you know about when the ornament & bow dies will be back on HSN so we can order them? They sold out before I got to order them & I’ve been waiting for them to come back in stock! Please tell me they’re coming soon??? Thanks, Jackie

  18. Marianne says:

    Love this idea, thanks Anna. I’m not so sure my VISA card is as happy with your products as I am 😉 I got the paisley autoship today. Could you tell me which folders coordinate with the dies in that autoship? Perhaps I worked too hard today and my brain is dead, but I’m not making the connection. THANKS!

  19. Stephanie Hurley says:

    Great tutorial on the Christmas dies. I wish I got them before they sold out. How about a video on the newest auto ship folders and dies, Paisley Patterns? I’m not sure which dies match up with the folders. They are all beautiful. Keep bringing more card kits (love the Kindness Card Kit!) and dies. Love everything you do!

  20. Lin M. says:

    Thanks for another great tutorial! I would love to see more projects with the latest embossing folder collection – Artful Patterns, Baubles and Bells. Especially the hydrangea embossing folder.

  21. Kelly Werner says:

    I purchased these and love them. They cut out beautifully. Can’t wait to put my cards together. Thank you Anna.

  22. Vivian says:

    Hi! I just love the anna griffin projects I got the bells die and I am anxious to try it ! Thanks

  23. Karen says:

    Today I received the Paisley Patterns folders & dies on autoship. I have another suggestion. Could the dies please be labeled so one can tell which folder they go with? I am guessing the two dies go with the Thistle Tile and Pomegranate Paisley border folders. Is this correct? Thank you for listening.

  24. Bobbi says:

    Where can I find the red card bases and layers that the instructions say you used? I can’t find them on hsn. Thanks so much!

  25. Carol says:

    Beautiful card, great tutorial, and creative inspiration for the Christmas cards which I am just now starting on. Love it!

  26. Irene Matas says:

    Have been working on my Christmas cards since they arrived. Absolutely beautiful. Have also pinned a lot of your cards to my scrapbooking page on Pinterest. This has given me more ideas for use of the bow dies, ornament dies and embossing folders. Thanks Anna. You are the greatest and really appreciate you sharing your ideas.

  27. Janet Nelson says:

    Thanks for sharing the procedure in creating this lovely card. There is something to be said to create a matching die without the cutouts. Hmmm. Maybe next time.

  28. Jody G says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I’m inspired to get working on those holiday cards and love all your tutorials as they help me make such a nicer finished product. I also missed purchasing the bow dies and have been watching HSN for them to be back in stock. Best wishes to all your staff and fans!

  29. Eileen Stickline says:

    I have a similar situation to Pam’s. Also I need to know where to find assembly instructions for the items I have generated from design space. I know previous versions of the Cricut machine came with instruction books. I need assembly instructions for Cricut Explore.

  30. mary murphy says:

    yes please do sell your lifters…..they are perfect….I steal from one box of cards to use on what I am doing at the time. Thanks ANNE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO

  31. Jane says:

    I was just asking myself the same question!
    I went thu my emails and saw that the “Christmas Pack” on autoship was sent out in August.
    Can someone please clarify this for us??

  32. Susan Weatherly says:

    thank you for the great ideas. I have one question–when will we be able to purchase the cricut cartridges that were loaded on the purple ex;plore?

  33. HollyG says:

    Dear Miss Anna and Co,

    Hope all is well with you and yours! THANK YOU for the tutorial, I really needed a jump start to begin creating Christmas cards. This is perfect and I’ll be honest…a few more couldn’t hurt! I realize you may be just a “little” busy right now, so I would totally get it if it won’t be added to the agenda!

    Thanks so very much!

  34. Jill M says:

    Thank you for adding another new “trick” to the die cut library. You can always use a new technique and I like that this one would be good for mailing!

  35. newbold says:

    Your card ideas are the BEST!!!! Now I can get going on my cards. Can’t wait to see your demonstrations on H S N in January. I look forward to these.

  36. Debbie says:

    I have a quick question, are the embossing folders that you have on HSN now for $69 the same ones that are in our auto ships? Will you be having more auto ship in the future?
    Thank you!

  37. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Fantastic beaties! Thanks for the tutorials you produce. But THANK YOU for all the great items you produce.

    I’m through with all my CHRISTMAS cards so I’m embossing and making some Thanksgiving cards for elderly and shut ends I know.

    Ready now to seeing you on HSN again! Never get my fill…….maybe I am a bit enthralled with Anna Griffin fun stuff! LOL

    Wishing everyone in AG company HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  38. DIANE CANNON says:

    Kudos to You and the Team. Love, Love,Love, this card. I will start making this one in a few minutes. THANKS

  39. Cheryl Wells says:

    Beautiful card, Anna and as I mentioned in a previous blog – please start selling your 3D foam stickers on HSN, as your stickers are thinner than what I can locate in the stores. Your stickers give the right amount of lift between layers – I will be looking for them on HSN – thanks

  40. Mary R. Huff says:

    I look forward to your blogs and all of your wonderful ideas and to say HI to all my new pals in Anna’s Land!

  41. Kymm Cummins says:

    Always great to see new ideas, but I noticed you used the Metallic paper that we can’t get anymore. Help Anna, we want the Holiday Metallic papers back! Can’t find them anywhere!!

  42. Pam Farmer says:

    I am still wanting to know how to get 30 projects that was to come with Explore I just purchased o HSN. I got the box and edge cartridge but not projects from AG. Need to know how to get them.

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