Holiday Metallic Layers Embossing Techniques

Good morning from chilly Atlanta!

We’re back with another fun holiday paper crafting tutorial, and this one celebrates the exciting return of our Holiday Metallic Layers to! So many of you have been asking when this collection would be back, and we recommend picking up a couple of sets before they disappear again:

holiday metallic layers

We are in a very silver and gold mood this week, but you can use any of the colors in this pretty palette to achieve the same gorgeous results you’ll see today.

A  simple tone-on-tone inked embossing effect will take your card layers to a whole new level. We used the Poinsettia and Holly folder from our Christmas Arrangements Collection ( and our new Christmas ink pads. Good news- these ink pads are back on!


Simply apply ink to the inside of the embossing folder using a rubber brayer. We used our silver shimmer paper and Luminous Gold ink pad, and chose to use the side of the folder with the raised poinsettia image (the side without the Anna Griffin/Cricut logos!).

gold ink

Insert the paper, make your “sandwich” (A plate, B plate, embossing folder, 2nd B plate) and run through your Cuttlebug.

inked silver paper

Just like that you have a beautiful background for a card that just needs simple embellishing!

silver and gold card

You can also try inking the other side of the folder- the result is the look on the left.

debossed vs embossed

It is so fun to experiment with this technique! Here are a few other options we tried with gold and silver.

all paper options

Isn’t this fun? And don’t worry, cleanup is a breeze. Simply use soap and warm water or a baby wipe to clean your folders when you’re finished.

Comment and tell us what other color combinations and embossing folders you want to try with this technique!

Hope you have fun!






  1. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Thank you very much. I’m still learning all this wonderful stuff. What paper and inks to use with what. I appreciate you helping me.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

  2. Gisela says:

    Hello Anna,

    I have been so busy creating cards for the Holidays, birthdays, thank you and just finished thanksgiving cards. That I needed to come up for some Anna reading time. I have enjoyed all these wonderful and helpful hints you gave ….I was making the small bows wrong I was cutting off the short tail ( the large bow die cut did not have one ) I see were you just folded it forward, Thank you so much for your demo.

    Are these Christmas inks the same color as last years ?

  3. Roxann says:

    I was so happy with the Christmas card kit. It is so fun to see the different ways you can create with all the embellishments. And the Angelic card toppers made them just a little more special. Can’t wait until you are back on in January. I am looking forward next for the Bow Dies. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. kleigh says:

    I have a request – I love making cards from your individual elements, however I am missing one thing – bows. They are included in the card kits but there is no other way to get them that I am aware of.
    Is it possible to do a package of say 25-50 bows? Maybe a holiday set & an everyday set? I’m sure there are others who would love this as much as I would.

  5. Anna Griffin says:

    I’ve found that the better the ink, the better it embosses. Try a brand new ink pad and see if it goes on smooth. The smudging happens when the paper shifts, so be careful!

  6. Jeorgette says:

    Thank you for bringing these back to HSN! On ebay, people were selling them for 3X the amount I paid for the ones I just bought. Now I can use that extra money for more AG stuff.

    Also, I’m sorry that there were some who didn’t get the paper this go round but bless you promising to request that more will be there soon!

  7. Kimberly says:

    Love your style! I missed out on metallic papers again.. Shoot! I’m on the wait list for the metallics and the bow die.. Please before Christmas;)

  8. Kathleen P says:

    Always enjoy your beautiful papers but the Christmas metallic is just perfect for those special projects. The inking took some practice to get the images just right and now I can really play with some new ideas for Christmas cards. So much fun! Thanks Anna.

  9. Christina Ramon says:

    So beautiful! I have tried braying with ink and embossing before, but it never works out for me. Any tips on how to get the ink to smooth on and not smudge the paper, as well??

  10. Annette J says:

    LOVE the metallic and glad to see they will soon be back at HSN. For Linda who is looking for the frozen doll. Not sure if this is the one but try AVON. A friend sells it and had a very cute stuffed doll and snowman from Frozen.

  11. Anna Griffin says:

    Dalyce- The shiny metallic paper works much better for embossing. The shimmery Metallic cardstock works best for inking!

  12. Anna Griffin says:

    More good news! The Holiday Metallic Layers will be back very soon so keep checking back on!

  13. Linda says:

    Anna order Christmas ink pad’s today
    now if only I could find the 36Inch frozen
    doll’s for my granddaughter’s I be a happy
    camper. Thanks Linda

  14. Sherri says:

    O Santa Anna earlier today I noticed HSN had these Holiday Metallic Layers back in stock & I mentioned it to my husband (because I had them on my back burner wish list) & he asked how much. I think I was fixing to get an ok (even though recently had two automatic orders arrive). Tonight sat down to check emails & found your new one & was looking at some of your other products & then sadly realized the metallic papers had just SOLD OUT!! Pooh. ): Hope you can get more in stock before Xmas, wanted to use them with some of the Xmas folders. Back in October during the 24 hour craft day I was really thrilled when my wonderful husband did order close to $300 worth of Anna G products for me. I was making a wish list in the shopping cart & he got all I had listed. (Of course I did not list EVERYTHING). That’s probably the most items I’ve gotten other than when I got the new Cricut Explore when it was first launched. Well….& then there was the computer….between the two of us what he’s ordered on HSN & then what I’ve gotten…can’t complain Anyways I’ve been behind on checking my emails, my one daughter just two weeks ago had major surgery & these last two weeks have had me quite busy. In fact I head back to her house to help care for her & to help with the two grands. Since I’m catching up on this blog wanted to comment how fast my last big order following the 24 hour event came & so far I’ve never received anything damaged. Thanks to you & your team! May everyone have a nice THANKSGIVING!.

  15. Pauline T says:

    Awesome ideas…. Holiday Metallic card stock kits are ALREADY out of stock… Seriously guys… you need to make enough for all of us Anna Griffin Crafting Goobers…. That was more of a “Tasting Sampler”… NOW LETS GET SOME SERIOUS INVENTORY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. okie dokie! ! OKIE DOKIE..

  16. Pam DeK says:

    The inking looks very nice.
    ** Please send the Holiday Ink Pads back to HSN.
    I missed them the first time. Thanks, Pam DeK

  17. Marie says:

    Christmas snow……blue and white combinations…or blue and gold would be delightful on a winters night. Oooh with snowmen too 🙂

    Blue and white are my signature two colors no matter what time of year.

    I know I’m being silly but Santa and Anna rhyme, what a Christmas combination.

  18. Jayne Evans says:

    Love the idea, as always! Would you consider doing a tutorial on how to make your paper butterflies and pinwheels? Thanks,
    Jersey Jayne

  19. Edna says:

    What a beautiful creation Ms. Anna. I just love all the embossed folders. I am hoping to get some of these pretty paper and share some Christmas cheer Anna Griffin style for the 1st time.

  20. Beth Delong says:

    So elegant , but when do the bow dies come back? They sold out before I could order and I would really like them for my Christmas cards.

  21. Irene Matas says:

    I have just finished making over one hundred Christmas cards from this years kits and I still have tons of stuff left over. Love the idea of inking the folders so will just have to try it.

  22. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    THANK YOU for the ink sets. I won’t tell you how many I got, but let’s just say I hope my husband isn’t home when the latest Anna package arrives…you get it I’m sure. Gotta keep my UPS friend happy. Although he did mention something about October gave him quite a workout.hmmmmm Love to you and yours this Thanksgiving from Lefty Lou and her furry gang

  23. Stephanie Hurley says:

    Thank you for posting this idea. I picked up another set of the holiday papers-they are so beautiful. I made my Christmas cards (with this year’s Anna Griffin Christmas Card set) a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait to send them. I keep looking at them and can’t believe I made them! I tried inking the embossing folder idea on some of them (using the reindeer embossing folder in last year’s autoship), and they are so elegant! Thank you so much, Anna, for everything you and your team do.

  24. Lin M. says:

    I have the paper and embossing folder you used here but have never tried the folder inking technique. Maybe it is time I try. I’m thinking the dark green paper with gold ink…

    Thank you for your continued inspiration!

  25. Erin Glee says:

    Great tutorial!

    I would like to try the Evergreen Holiday ink brayered onto the raised side of the vintage Christmas Tree folder using the soft green Holiday Metallic Paper…I think it would be classic yet stunning!

  26. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Thank you, Thank you Anna,
    I love this tutorial. I don’t know what I have been doing wrong, but I am going to try again. I was using your really shiny matallic paper and I think that’s what was wrong. The ink would not stick to it.
    I just ordered the Christmas Inks from HSN and I’ll try those. Thank you so much for bringing those back to HSN so quickly.

    Will you ever have refills for your ink pads?

    I have decided to save my Christmas Card Kit this year and just make embossed cards.
    I have all your beautiful Christmas embossing folders and I enjoy all my folders and my Cuttlebug so much, I wanted to use just those wonderful Chrismas ones this year. They just don’t get used enough when I make cards with the Card Kit. I wanted the embossing to be the focal point of each card.
    They have been turning out absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you so much for such lovely designs.
    I bought a couple of other Christmas folders from a very expensive brand name because I thought they would look good on a card,BUT, they are nothing like the quality of yours. I just wasted my money. Never again. I’ll stick with Anna Griffin all the way.
    Thank you again Anna,

  27. Faye Thompson says:

    Love this reminder of inking the folders. Sometimes forget all the beauty I can create with a little experimenting.

  28. Jane says:

    i have your pastel metallic paper and love it. I saw some negative comments and I thought are you crazy? This paper is fantastic. Therefore I knew to buy two of the Christmas papers. I knew they would sell out quickly. Everyone, they are beautiful and you can use them for more than just Christmas.

  29. Cathy May says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea with us. It always helps to see what different techniques can be used to achieve different results. You and your team are fantastic.

  30. Carol D says:

    Thank you so much for the ideas. I love your products. Cant wait to send out the cards I make with your idea. Thank you again!

  31. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, We are so blessed to know you and your staff and all your wonderful ideas. I’ve had fun making your cards and I pick my favorite and next thing I know I have another favorite!! May you and your staff Have A Blessed Thanksgiving and a little snow from lower Michigan:-)

  32. Jeanne S. says:

    Hi Anna!
    I just love your Christmas ink pads – the colors are beautiful!! Anna, your paper is the best!! I love, love your paper!!
    I can’t wait to try this technique ;using my Cuttlebug 🙂

  33. Cheryl Wells says:

    I will make more cards using the inks, as soon as HSN gets back in stock – I look every day. I have the embossing folders and metallic papers already so I’m sitting on “GO”.

    Have a glorious Thanksgiving with your family and friends – am excited to see what’s gonna be on Amazon – Thanks Anna for your inspiration.

  34. Jonie Isenberg says:

    Anna…I love all the Christmas items I purchased. Since learning how to stamp properly and easily, I might not need anymore embellishments. Just Kidding!!! Of course, the decoupage is my favorite as it gives me the feeling of being part of the crafting process. I have tried the thicker foam tabs and WOW!!! Talk about 3D…how about 4 or 5D. I think these might make better use of the decoupage as ornaments for your tree or other decor. The folders and dies are “to die for”. If anyone hasn’t tried heat embossing on the tree die-cuts, it’s beautiful.

  35. margaret driscoll UK says:

    Hello Anna
    These are on Waitlist in the UK as are a few of my other duplicates that I NEED!
    Love All of your papers
    Love Marg

  36. Janet Nelson says:

    I need to spend a day playing with your beautiful folders. Can you tell me via what media (TV/internet) your December 1st (or is it the 2nd) sale going to be shown. Thanks.

  37. Tina says:

    Thank you so much what a great tutorial. Thank you for the heads up on the christmas metallic perfect palette being back in stock I was able to get some

  38. Diane says:

    I love using the brayer on the efs, and especially appreciate designs without lettering so we can use both sides for different effects. Thanks for the photos – they really help me to recall which is which!

  39. newbold says:

    I just bought your Christmas cricut cut outs and the Christmas paper will go great with the card making–THANKS SO MUCH!!

  40. Jeff S says:

    Your tutorials are great. I like how you show the different effect of inking the different sides of the folder. I like the tone on tone but I want to go home and try using red on the gold.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for all the post sale support you provide.

  41. Annie Laura Pence says:

    I love your cards using gold, silver ink on holiday folders.
    They are truly unique.
    Wishing all of you at Anna Griffins a terrific Thanksgiving

  42. Lori Hable says:

    What a wonderful tutorial – and thanks for the heads up on the paper pack! Enjoying your blog on the road – and ordered the paper from my phone

  43. Kymm Cummins says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Anna! I know I’ve been bothering you about getting the Holiday Metallic Papers, and you came through, as I knew you would. I’ve bought them and am now awaiting their arrival! You’re the best

  44. Karen Davidson says:

    I love the result with the tone on tone! Thanks so much for the tutorial and new ideas! Just another example of why we love your products!

  45. Charlotte says:

    Glad I ordered two sets of your Christmas cards! I just finished the 1st set, but now have this great technique to use on set #2 and future offerings! Thanks for these tutorials, they have been very helpful!

  46. Doug G. says:

    Anna ALL the combinations look fabulous !!!!! Can’t wait to try them all and experiment with the inks on the embossing folders !!!!

    Thanks for the ideas !!!!!!!!!!!

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