Google Hangout Live Stream

Hi everyone, and welcome to our first ever Google Hangout!

Today we are hanging out with the three winners from our big October 7th HSN giveaway. We’ll hear what they’ve been up to since they won their prizes and answer some of their burning questions. There will be lots of special guests and surprises along the way, too!

The Hangout will begin at 3 p.m. EST. Enjoy!

If you are joining us a little late or want to watch the Hangout again, just click “play” above.


  1. barbara h says:

    Thank you! That was so much fun & I learned so much! Loved meeting your staff and seeing your work space. Keep up the great work! I’m off to do my Anna Griffin work for the holidays, with joy. BH

  2. Rosie V. says:

    Anna, I really enjoyed the tour
    of your office building! Although a cruise would be nice, not everyone can afford it. I think having three separate events like another person suggested would be great ! I live in California and there are plenty of beautiful venues in San Diego & San Francisco! I lived in San Diego over 25 years (but now live in Los Angeles) so I can tell you it is beautiful! Who would not love to craft with you Saturday morning then have lunch catered by one of many wonderful restaurants or walk along the beautiful harbor to one of many notable eateries! It would be an honor and so much fun to do the leg work and research to provide the information for your consideration! Count me in! Thank you to you and your staff; Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Penny C. says:

    Hi Anna: I just got back home and the first thing I did was watch the hangout. I feel like I’m going to cry. . . so happy about a possible retreat. What a dream come true to meet you and craft with you! Congratulations to all the winners. . . what a thrill! We all feel like we know you. I don’t really care where the retreat is. . . I’ll be there! If it’s easier for you in Atlanta, that sounds great. There’s a direct flight there from most places,and I think it sounds wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’m glad you are taking some time off. You SO DESERVE IT! I know I’ve said it before, but you are so good to us and you have us spoiled.

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

    Penny Comeau

  4. Jan B says:

    Loved this Hangout! Saving $ for your January visit! COLORADO would be a beautiful, central location for a retreat! Denver, or Estes Park near Rocky Mountain National Park is breathtaking! πŸ™‚ I’d love a session for us paper crafting, not too creative newbies! Your products are my fav! Thanks!

  5. Grama Pei says:

    What a fun hangout! I watched it this morning on the computer on youtube, because I couldn’t get it to play here- no matter. I LOVED the entire thing! Suggestion for the get-together: Portland, Oregon. That way I can attend. Cant fly. Rats. I bet there are many like me, with physical limits on flying. Maybe, Anna, you need to do three! One west-coast, but not in LA, because I cant drive in THAT traffic! My head cant turn enough to see all that mess all around me! WRECKKKK! hehe, and one in the Middle of the USA, then one on the East Coast, even if it takes three years to get them all done, that way, the jet-setters can go to THREE of them! And us older, or more broken, grannies and kids can still attend one. haha! Just, go, wherever you decide to do it (you cant please us ALL, even though you come incredibly close!) to somewhere cooler in the summer, warmer in the spring or fall. Make it perfect, and- OOH! And have a special release of a kit that is ONLY available at the get-together! Something exclusive- maybe a Victorian TRAVEL kit! ha! Oh, what fun! That way, those of us who cant go can die with envy, and those who spend the time, money and even blood, sweat, tears, or pain to get there, will be specially rewarded for that! Make THAT exclusive issue kit at near-cost, then any extras you have after its ALL said and done can be in the warehouse sale afterward! Talk about creating a clamor! hahahaha! OOH! fun! Anna, now for a moment of my selfish, just-for-me- (and the rest of the world) dreaming, could you get with Cricut and create an Explore-usable set of pens that reflect your perfect color palette? Maybe double-ended- thick and thin, with the instructions, of course, on the package to store horizontally, so we forgetters don’t forget! I actually have yet to try my Explore’s pen or stylus function. Maybe you can get with cricut and have them create a mat that is a bit spongy so our stylus can emboss or deboss for us, and you create a few simple designs for that, too. I think that it may take a bit more pressure with the stylus to emboss, (not sure) but I have seen a couple videos by entrepeneurs using their machines to emboss by using their imaginations for supplying a softer mat One said she used her baking mat. While I LOVE my Golden Bug, I think the explore will be truly magnificent when it actually embosses, too.

  6. Grama Pei says:

    The new Cricut design app is due around the first of the year, they are saying… Cricut has a little video from their CEO on it.

  7. Peggy Wilson says:

    This hangout was so much fun! Loved it and excited about your next visit to HSN. I’ll see you there.

  8. Laurie Parente says:

    Hi Anna,
    Loved office tour thanks! Request: stamps to coordinate with bow dies to put the lines etc. embossed or foiled on. How about Orlando for the craft day with you. It could be held @ Disney or there is a lg. convention center close by. This would allow people to combine their family vacation with Mom’s fun day.
    P.S. Introduced my mom to card making this xmas with your kit, She had a blast! Kept saying WOW I didn’t think I would enjoy this but it’s so much fun. Made for happy memories.

  9. kathy glaze says:

    Anna, had to work during your live stream, so I am just now watching..What a HOOT…I think you should team with HSN and a live audience or have a room where we could all craft stuff during the 24 hr shows that they have.I remember QVC had those kind of shows, I dont think crafting but had live audiences. Have all your Griffinites there!! Thats my idea!! but then I am only an hour away from them..LOL

  10. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Lefty Lou here! My goodness. I about fainted when I heard you mention my name. About minute 18. I watched or 30 times! I wish I had known about the event. I haven’t been well, but watching you, or creating something beautiful helped me through. Speaking of beautiful, GEORGIE! What a doll. My kids, Sammy and the girls, Chelsea and Abbie thought he was quite the cat’s meow. I brought them to the computer screen. There was quite a reaction! Abbie has been very ill, but we brought her out of it. So naturally, I am very Interested in your boy! Thank you for everything, and just to give you a little chuckle, even though finances are shaky, having great credit and being tight with my UPS folks, I can tell you that by order by remote on HSN/TV and the phone only (computers hate me) I will tell you since your products are almost the only things I purchase, I have 5-10, likely more of everything you design. I hate the message HSN puts, “you have great taste. the item you ordered has sold out”. Don’t like that. I just got 5 sets of the new inks, and 6 sets of metallic papers. Luckily I like Ramin and wiener wraps. Like you more. Correction …LOVE! Thanks again for helping me feel better, and can’t wait to see you next month. Can’t figure out the computer, so I hope some of your sale will be on TV. Happy Thanksgiving and also, I really appreciated the Chanukkah addition You are one special lady. Never won anything, but you won my heart..more love from Lefty Lou andCo, (going to try to send you pictures of the kids. Seems only fair!)

  11. Gisela says:

    I had such a great time watching your fantastic hang out. with the winners,and loved the tour of your office.
    My cat also enjoyed seeing Georgie, just wish you could have heard him meow and paw at the computer .Zimba is also a crafter with helping arrange what is on the table to his liking, and is always on top of every thing…
    Great big hug to your beautiful boy..
    Thank you Anna and Ashley for a wonderful time. I am so excited about your new products for 2015.

    Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to you and your staff.

  12. Jeanne Tipton says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for answering my request for stickers of Georgie. I love him from Tucumcari, New Mexico.
    What a great hangout. You are like the neighbor everybody wants. lol
    Love to Georgie

  13. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Co!

    Now I can put faces to names!!! Everyone there is adorable! Your office/warehouse/place of busy-ness looks like a fun, gorgeous place to work!

    I loved the tour, when your mentioned your Kate Spade shoes I was hoping you would pan down so we could see them! Lol!

    Looking forward to your bedding collection!!! Oh, oh, oh!!!! I was a little sad when you said the Juliet design would not be offered in the states….it’s one of my favs! However, I have NO doubt that what you will have will be gorgeous and I can’t wait for that!

    Great news about Georgie on a sticker! He is absolutely, well, Gorgeous Georgie! Wow has he grown! Thanks for the update!

    Can’t wait for the “flash sale” and will be looking forward to the video’s that Ashley and yourself will have for us to preview!

    I would absolutely LOVE an Anna Griffin event…I would do everything within my power to be there, wherever you decide. What a fantastic idea! I wish I would have known of you when you had the scrapbooking cruises! Sounds like a great time for sure!

    Thanks again and have a safe, Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. gail W. says:

    Really Cute Hangout! Enjoyed it immensely!!
    Anna, if you are that much fun and sober,
    what would you be like after a few cocktails? LOL
    Loved it!
    Georgie is so BIG!! He’s beautiful!!

  15. Terri C says:

    So fun to hear about your new products and events! I would have had a thousand questions for you! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your time.

  16. myrna hartley says:

    You are adorable and Georgia is magnificent. It was so fun to see your office and staff. I like that you had the winners on asking questions. And I would love a craft day with everyone anywhere.

    I can’t wait for your bedding products too, please request Ca King.

    This was a divine time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  17. Linda Valoy says:

    Loved watching the hangout and loved the tour of the business. I have always wondered what your office looked liked. It is so neat and organized. If you make any more dies for the men/boys please make a retro TV ,reclining chair, and tv remote. Don’t think there is a man alive that does not watch tv. Maybe you could put some interchangeable sports theme on the TV.



  18. Pat Hauge says:

    Just watched the Google Hangout and it was fun. I love the idea of a retreat and hopefully you will have it in the Atlanta or Hilton Head area. I live in FL and my health is not the best. I don’t know if the doctor would let me go too far. I just get tired very easily. I have so much of your product. I spent about $600 on Oct 7 (my birthday) and talked to you on the air. I was so nervous and I couldn’t hear you, so I just kept talking. What a dummy I felt like after cause I realized there was a few seconds delay. I also bought a lot of your product at the show before Oct and can’t remember the date. I am really looking forward to the retreat or a cruise as I live about five miles from Port Canaveral.

  19. Karen Bloom says:

    Just watch your blog in your office, with the 3 winners Just wanted to say very entertaining, you have a good sense of humor. Good imformation about up comming products. Really interest in the 5.5x12in embossing folders. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, you get the day off!

  20. Nitza Aviles says:

    Saw it a little late but love it. Hope we can know about it a few days in advance so I can have my “Anna time”. My family knows my “Anna time” means I will not answer phone, text or have any distractions of any kind just time for Anna.

  21. RandellynB says:

    Loved the hangout session! Yay, that you next HSN show is on my birthday…woot, happy birthday to me!
    Would love to attend an Anna Griffin ‘event’…and maybe you could plan some regional regional retreats…California Wine Country can inspire creativity (hint hint)!!

  22. de chrosniak says:

    Awesome Hang Out! I think it would be great in Utah. Maybe there could be Cricut could be involved or even offer tours for the retreaters. Love that Georgie the crasher!

  23. Mary R. Huff says:

    Oh wow Anna that was fun and while I watched you the Christmas parade was passing by. Did u hear the!

    I would love to come to a scrapbook retreat and meet u, Georgie and your staff and oh it was fun seeing your office.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all in Anna’s land!

  24. KLClark says:

    Anna, I so enjoyed the hangout. thanks for sharing with all your fans.

    I would love to come to a retreat! I would love to help in the planning of it, too! Just tell me what you need me to do…. I think Atlanta would be wonderful for several reasons including an easy market to fly into from all over. Also, Atlanta has some beautiful and historic neighborhoods and communicates that would give husbands or friends places to go during the day(s) of classes for those attending the retreat. Something to think about anyway… I’m in!

  25. Chris Wooten says:

    Hi Anna you are too cute. Thanks for the video. I had surgery and was sleeping so missed live event.

    I rescue cats and I also have a Bella.

    Please consider another Cricut Cart
    With more Elegant images. You are the only one who does adult images. I love kids but I do get tired of all the kiddy images.

    Hugs and wish I lived near.

  26. Carol Flowers says:

    Hi All…Oh, how do you do it all, Anna? Whew! So many of us appreciate you so and would want to go to your retreat…but you may have to hold more than one to accommodate all who want to attend. Sign me up.

  27. JULIE BRIDGES says:

    Thank you so much for the entertainment I needed this to end the week. I was hiding out in my cube at work laughing kinda loud. Glad the office is empty today. Please give Georgie a million kisses from me. I also have a cat named Bella who loves to be in the mix eveytime I craft. Have a terrific and safe Holiday/ and give Georgie a little turkey to eat
    Julie πŸ™‚

  28. Sandee Bytheway says:

    That was fun to watch! Can’t wait to see all the goodies coming in 2015!!! Also gotta check out the sale Dec. 1st!

  29. Irene Matas says:

    For the for him kits, could you do some of the more typical male professions. Like police, my, and more sports, football, golf etc.

  30. Patti Coddington says:

    I’d love you to do a getaway in Montana (that’s where I live)!!! We’d love to have you. Summers here are beautiful! I β™‘AG!!

  31. Janet Nelson says:

    I loved “hanging” with Anna and Ashley and the winners. Couple things:
    – Could you considered video tutorials along with a .pdf written instructions on card creations, projects, etc.?
    – I recently attended a crop at a local church with the theme, “Very Vintage.” It was wonderful and made me think of Anna I like the Atlanta location b/c it is an easy market to fly into from all over the US. Something to think about.

    Thanks for all your wonderful products.

  32. Kimberley says:

    Loved watching the program. When Anna said “everybody bring your cat” I almost fell out of my chair laughing! That was so cute. Having a retreat sounds wonderful….

  33. Pat Dusak says:

    Hi Anna,

    The live hangout was so much fun to watch. It was so much different than watching you on HSN…you are so funny! Sign me up for a potential Anna Griffin Event…that would be so awesome. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  34. Kaye Lystad Kirk says:

    Thank you for letting all of us “join in” on your conversation! I so enjoyed it. And I love Georgie–what a beauty!

  35. PAMELA Rohs-Gold says:

    That was great. And I hope that you can get a crafting get together set up in the near future. Thank you.

  36. Debra Adkins says:

    Cleveland Ohio would be a good place to have the Anna Griffin get together. lots of new construction and you have the lake for “the beach” and I would be able to make that one. haha

  37. TamiB says:

    That was fun!! I saw the Design Space app for the iPad – when will that be available on Android for the rest of us?

    Also, if you do a For Him card kit – would you add some golf stuff?


  38. Gale L. says:

    Where do I sign up for the Anna Griffin retreat? Excited for the new year and what’s coming down the pipe!

  39. Colette F says:

    Enjoyed seeing this and meeting the winners. Looking forward to seeing you on HSN in Dec. You always have such nice products and I can’t wait to see your new fabric line of products. Happy Holidays Anna!

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