HSN January 21st Giveaway 4

Good morning from sunny California!

We escaped the chilly Atlanta weather for Anaheim, where we’ll be spending the next several days showcasing some of our latest paper crafting collections at the Craft and Hobby Association’s Mega Show. It’s going to be a fun trip. Be sure to check our Facebook page this weekend for some photos of the booth!

Now let’s get straight to our weekly giveaway. The big winner today is Lin M.! We’re making your Friday a little brighter by sending you the new Pretty Pop Ups Card Making Kit, 3D Paper Tricks embossing folders and a 12” embossing folder storage box in the pattern of your choice! Enjoy!

It’s hard to believe the January 21st HSN previews are already coming to a close. Next Tuesday we will show you the exciting Today’s Special that’s all about your Cuttlebug, and this time our video will be live from CHA!

You won’t want to miss the big reveal.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Barbara Lieb says:

    Can you tell me where I migh find your roses die cuts? I am just getting back to card making and need embellishments to use

  2. Melissa Hoffmann says:

    I love he new embossing folders and would love to win them. I have the 21st on my calendar. Can’t wait.

  3. Nanners says:

    I mostly make cards, and I always need a way to customize the sentiment. This would be a birthday treat for me.

  4. Monique W says:

    FANTASTIC! I love, love, love, everything embossing and can’t wait to add these to my collection.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’ve used your products for years, they are always beautiful! My favorite would be the embossing folders and dies!

  6. Anna Antonicelli says:

    Heaven… I’m in Anna Griffin heaven,
    And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
    And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
    When embossing and creating things so chic!!!!!

    Looking forward to the 21st!!!!!!!
    warm regards “Anna” Antonicelli

  7. Cathy B says:

    I really like all your embossing folders but you are right…these are so great (and different) to use in making cards or adding to a scrapbook page. I am looking forward to your Anna-versary.

  8. Debby says:

    I love the cards made with these folders, Also really loving the 12″ folders and glitter paper. So much I ‘need”! With so many scrap and craft sites and stores closing, it’s great to see Anna doing wonderful on HSN! Keep it coming!!

  9. Shellie Fontana says:

    Your ‘instant’ die-cut & embossed photo-frames are genius, Anna! I LOVE your style, and I would LOVE to ‘frame’ many more photos than I have wall-space for; so, I will frame them beautifully in my albums to include as many as I desire! Thank you for your creative, innovative ideas and for sharing and teaching on your BLOG! Looking forward to seeing you on HSN Jan. 21 (I will be the one wearing PJs, sipping bubbly and rolling out my Golden Cuttlebug, LOL!)

  10. ReNae Crabtree Allen says:

    I can’t express in one comment how excited I am to know that in one week I’ll be able to order these gorgeous products! These embossing folders have taken the art of card design to a whole new level! Anna, you are the only one who has the vision to bring us what we are yearning for! I love all the many ways we will be able to create with these folders! The possibilities are endless! Congratulations on yet another amazing product reveal! Hugs!

  11. Deb Cooper says:

    I love layering and love how th we embossed frames make a focal point of your message. These will get a lot of use. can’t wait to get them.

  12. Kim says:

    I can’t wait to see these in person. I would love to have a set to show all my friends when they come over to scrapbook & make cards.

  13. Joanne R. says:

    Can’t wait to see Anna and these wonderful folders and dies on the 21st. These will be terrific to use. Thanks so much.

  14. Jo Ann says:

    You just keep rocking the scrapbook world with your new embossing folders. Love all of them so it would be hard to pick just one. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  15. Martha Bailey says:

    Wow! These embossing folders are wonderful, and the cards are simply beautiful. But then, of course they would be because they are AG!! Want them…

  16. Regina Jeanne says:

    Love all of your products. I have received very nice comments from my friends who received Christmas cards made with your 2014 Christmas package. They really came out beautiful. I have received my new set from HSN and can’t wait to use them

  17. Patricia Barrow says:

    I can’t wait to play with these… Is it the 21st yet? Thanks Anna you brighten up my craft day!

  18. Debra knowledge says:

    What a fabulous idea to have interchangeable embossing comments! not only are they unique but it looks like the wont take up much storage room!
    you rock, Anna! See you on HSN next week.Ive budgeted $ to spend………

  19. Cindy Haselip says:

    You did it, you did it’!!!!!!! I am in love with thisToday’s Value. This is genius. My cards and scrap booking pages are going to be totally awesome. Thank you.

  20. Martha Mothershed says:

    I am soooo waiting for the 21st to come on!! I think those new sayings are so beautiful!! I am up at 12:00 so I will be with your program till it finishes!!

  21. Therese G says:

    Looking forward to your HSN show, always enjoy watching you with all your products. I learn something new every time.

  22. Lynn Thomas says:

    I just got a cuttlebug last year and would love to have these. I don’t have many folders because I am still New with embossing. Thank you for all of your beautiful items, I love them all.

  23. Veronica L. says:

    Congratulations on your 5th ANNAversary! Can hardly wait for your new auto ship! Have been a fan for over 15 yrs. just love working with Anna’s products…

  24. Barbara says:

    I love embossing folders, already have a lot of your folders and the new ones look like a lot of fun. Would love to win these.

  25. Theresa A Lewis says:

    Love the folders they are great!!!I love your stuff use it all the time. keep up the great work. Yeah Anna!!!!!!

  26. linda st cyre says:

    Wow I love them that will make.everything easier than before.
    A whole lot more fun for me and my granddaughter. Also will make it easier too be creative for everyone.

  27. Debera L says:

    Anna, welcome to SoCal!!! Wishing you a wonderful time at Mega Show. I am so excited for the new embossing folders, wow they look awesome!!! I’m super excited for next Wednesday and to order all the new goodies and gadgets.

  28. Donna Hacker says:

    Love all your new stuff! Especially those new creative embossing folders and dies. They are SO creative. Excited to watch on the 21st! Lots of things I plan to buy! Can’t wait! <

  29. Gretchen Norgren says:

    These take the cake Anna. Love all the possibilities that can be done with them. Will be watching on the 21st to see all the beautiful creations!!!! ♡♡♡

  30. Debra says:

    Love each one of your products! I think the embossing folders help produce a beautiful card in just minutes! I have my cards in a little shop here in NC and they are doing great! Can’t wait for the 21st!!

  31. Nora Martyniak says:

    Oh, boy!!! How I love the new Cuttlebug folders
    including sentiments. How wonderful. I have never, ever won anything in my 68yrs, but I am going to try anyway.

  32. Donna Stadtler says:

    Would love to win but looking forward to the anniversary show. Thanks again for all you do for all of us.

  33. newbold says:

    I just love the new glitter paper and the long embossing folders- it will add sure wonder to my scrapbook and cards and on and on!!!

  34. HEIDI says:

    Anna, Anna….question? Do you have a list of embossing folders and years they were released online anywhere? I was just taken for a ride on eBay by someone saying New! Which they were not and I see they were on HSN in 2013 :(. Thanks for any help provided.

  35. Diann Richardson says:

    I love all 3 products but I would love to have the pop up card set I could do wonbders with thatv set

  36. Bette Sines says:

    Oh my goodness…what a fantastic day the 21st of January will be!! Can’t wait to see all the goodies that you will bring to us. I’ll be sitting in front of the TV with my telephone in hand and probably going a little crazy with excitement as each item comes up for sale. I am definitely an “Anna Griffin” groupie, that’s for sure!!

  37. Patti Garcia says:

    Congrats Lin! You are so lucky to know you are getting those special treats. I hope we will all have a chance to get the pop ups. Seeing how manypeople entered scares me!

  38. Leslie says:

    You should come up to wine country while you are in California. You have LOTS of fans in Santa Rosa and we are one of the lucky towns that still has a local scrapbook store.

  39. Gracia Lanza says:

    Chilly or sunny weather, there’s always a reason for crafting with Anna Griffin! Have a great stay in California!

  40. Sandra Webster says:

    How exciting! I love the winter months for paper crafting. Can’t wait to see what you are doing next!

  41. Lynda says:

    Congrat U must be so excited !! Like a kid in a candy store. Enjoy playing and making pretty things with all your goodies 😀

  42. Dale says:

    Hi Anna, I love your new Pop Up Cards for Spring! I do hope you will make Pop Up Christmas Cards for 2015! Thanks, Dale

  43. KathR says:

    im just loving the big Embossing folders, they’re Amazeballs..hope you bring them to QVC uk Anna…
    Hugz Kath Fae a very windy Scotland..xx

  44. Marilyn says:

    congratulations Lin. Hope you enjoy your gifts. Looking forward to to the 21st. Have a great time at the show.

  45. Jennifer says:

    I wish I could buy from HSN but it doesn’t do shipping to the UK. As I would buy every thing on there as Anna Griffin is just brilliant .

  46. Shellie Fontana says:

    Congratulations, Lin!! Everyone knows you will ENJOY the new Anna-tastic products!
    We are looking forward to next Tuesday’s BIG REVEAL before the HSN show on January 21st! Until then, best wishes at CHA, Anna!

  47. MaryRose says:

    Congratulations to Lin! She’s one lucky gal! I am commenting in hopes of winning the next giveaway!

  48. Dolores Kilcoyne says:

    The PopUp cards are beautiful! Congrats to Lin. We are all waiting for the 1/21. For some reason I’m no longer receiving email updates and have to click on the old email notices to see what is happening. Can this be resolved? Thank You.

  49. Annette j says:

    Congrats to Lin enjoy your new items. I am really getting excited about the shows on Jan. 21! Looking forward to seeing Anna and the gang present all the cool new items.

  50. Kathleen P says:

    Welcome to sunny? California! So looking forward to next week’s goodies & of course the 21st!

  51. Mary R. Huff says:

    Oh wow Lin, you lucky gal!

    Today was my oldest sister’s funeral and we had an hour drive to Adrian Mich in a blizzard but again Anna you and your staff brought sunshine to my day after we arrived safely home!! Have fun in sunny CA!.

  52. Barbara Kingman says:

    I am such a long time fan and collector and you can do no wrong. I have so many kits stashed to pull Ideas from. I love the new card kit and the new paper folding. I have your cutting mat, knife and ruler and I have had many hours of fun and creativity with the help of my cat and we could really enjoy winning some new fun.

  53. Carol says:

    Congrats Lin … you LUCKY LADY! What an awesome prize you’ve won and I know you will love it. I plan to order each of these items myself on the 21st.

    Enjoy and HAPPY CRAFTING.

  54. Kay Brassfield says:

    Can’t wait for 21st. Requesting another day of leave to watch and be inspired all day !!

  55. Barbara Hartling says:

    Wow, Lucky Lin.. Today is your day you lucky girl.. Have tons of fun with your Anna Griffin goodies.

  56. Grama Pei says:

    Oh, YAY for Lin! I will bet you are doing the woo-hoo boogie! fun! Wish I was peeking over your shoulder when you receive the goodies! ha!

  57. Darleen V says:

    Congratulations Lin. I am new to making my own cards and love it. I spend time on the computer everyday looking at individual websites. I just want to say – the crafting world and those in it are the nicest bunch of people ever. Many have given me tips and encouragement. I love this new world I’m in.

    Best to all

  58. HollyG says:

    Great for you Lin! Have fun with your goodies!

    Anna & Co. Can’t wait to see the fun times and great products unveiled at CHA!

    The 21st is right around the corner..Woo Hoo!

    Safe Travels

  59. Erin Glee says:

    Congratulation, Lin! You must be SO excited!

    Looking forward to CHA posts, Anna! Enjoy the weather (although I heard it might rain in S. CA this weekend).

  60. Gisela says:

    Congratulations Lin M. What a delightful time you will have creating with these treasures.

    Welcome to our sunshine Anna ! Have a wonderful CHA show. I would love to meet you ,but I can not get in…. So I will see you on HSN .

  61. Bonnie Smith says:

    Congratulations Lin and I hope you have fun with all your new Anna products! I sure would love to see my name on the winner’s list!

  62. Joanne Lowe says:

    Congratulations Lin!!! I cannot imagine your excitement when your Anna Griffin package arrives!!! I hope you thoroughly enjoy those products.

    Can’t wait to see what the Today’s Special will be that has something to do with a Cuttlebug. Wondering if it’s an electric Cuttlebug/an electronic model of some kind. I do think it’s some sort of upgrade/development of the Cuttlebug because it hasn’t really been upgraded, there have been slight modifications to the handle and the beautiful gold color of the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug, but no huge improvements of the machine. That would be lovely!

    Can’t wait to see what you have on the 21st on HSN, would love to be a fly on the wall to see all at CHA!!! Now that really would feel like being a kid in a candy store!!!

    Best wishes, again congratulations to Lin!!! 🙂

  63. Shari Shafii says:

    Cheer for the winner!! Can’t wait for the show, Anna. Welcome to California. Good times. Blessed be. xoxo

  64. Paulette King says:

    looking forward to the 21st. I will be staying up all night again as I work during the day. Don’t want to miss a trick….It will be Christmas all over again…yeah!

  65. Brenda L says:

    Congrats Lin! You’re going to have so much fun with your new goodies!
    I cannot wait to see the video from CHA.

  66. Bev says:

    It is 5 degrees today with wind chills -25 to -30 degrees. California weather sounds so wonderful but as I look out my craft room window with the sun shining brightly on our winter wonderland, crafting inside will be my plan today. Congratulations, Lin.

  67. Lin M. says:

    Oh my goodness – I cannot believe out of all the entries I WON!!! You made my weekend!Thank you so much!!!
    I can’t wait to see the reveal next week and especially for the 21st! My HSN card is ready. 😉
    Have fun in California!!!

  68. Criss Behe says:

    Looking forward to the 21st. Belated birthday presents???? Hmmmm. Which Anna Griffin item or items will I choose?. Already have items in my cart! See you then!

  69. June Estep says:

    Congrats to the winner, Lin!!!! We are all winners when we invest our papercrafting dollars in wonderful products such as Anna brings to us. See you at HSN. I will be the person who just bought the last one…… sorry if you are slower on speed dial than I am.

  70. Kimberly says:

    How exciting Lin, very happy for you! I never have time to craft anymore anyhow. I really need a vacation, and I am seriously thinking that 1 week in my house, alone, with nobody knowing I’m here, crafting my heart out, would be just the ticket.. now if I could just get the time off since I have such a great plan!

  71. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    Congradts to Lin, you lucky gal! I’m so jealous! BUT really looking forward to the show on HSN! 🙂

  72. M Dearborn says:

    Have a great time in Anaheim. Wish I could be there–I’m sure I’d get tons of ideas and have lots of fun.

  73. hobo says:

    You have managed to get all your fans excited with the early reveals and giveaways! It makes it fun for everyone. Enjoy somewhat warm weather there. Where I am in New England it is cold, windy and snowy, but aside from the snow, I prefer cold winters to hot summers, so I am loving this. Good time to curl up with a book or craft something!

  74. Jan B says:

    Love that we get “the scoop” in advance so we can plan and budget…well, try to budget! 🙂 Congrats Lin!

  75. Julianne says:

    How fun and exciting! Have a great show!! While our weather isn’t fabulous right now, at least its not freezing!!

  76. TamiB says:

    Awesome Anna – sounds exciting!

    Congrats Miss Lin – have a fabulous time with your new goodies! 🙂

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