HSN January 21st “Anna-versary” Shopping List

Only two more days to go!

Our 5th “Anna-versary” special on HSN kicks off this Wednesday, January 21st at midnight, and we can hardly wait. Don’t forget to watch at midnight, 11 a.m., 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST for all of the excitement, including the amazing Mix and Match embossing folders and dies Today’s Special. We were busy all weekend with this set…here’s a little peek!


At your request, we put together a complete shopping list of everything new:

395-624 Mix and Match Folders/Dies

395-628 Mix and Match Folders/Dies Autoship

396-143 Mix and Match Folders/Dies with Cuttlebug machine

396-175 Mix and Match Folders/Dies with Cuttlebug machine Autoship

395-630 5×7 Metallic Layers 120 pc

396-107 Gussetted Embossing Folder Sleeves (to go with TS and fits the standard box)

395-853 12” Paper Tricks Embossing Folders

395-723 12” Tall Embossing Storage Box (Grace, Olivia, Camilla or Ivory)

395-651 Pretty Pop Ups Card Making Kit

395-647 Best in Show Paper Crafts

395-648 Silver Foil Flourishes

351-479 Paisley Patterns Embossing Folders and Dies

342-991 Shower Soirees Cricut Cartridge

395-643 Glitter Cardstock

395-639 Juliet Paper Crafting Kit

351-496 Lovely Impressions Embossing Folders and Dies

395-656 Collector’s Edition Dies

395-633 Collector’s Edition Clear Stamps

395-636 Collector’s Edition Ink Pads

395-638 Collector’s Edition Ink Refills


There are also a few returning favorites that will be making an appearance:

317-096 Craft Wheelie

317-091 Cuttlebug Craft Tote

374-599 Holiday Traditions Card Making Kit

371-841 Christmas Cardstock

355-725 Antique Botanical Decoupage

354-744 Lovely Layers Cardstock

355-782 Chalkboard Tags and Sentiments

280-528 Stamp Storage Binder

315-744 Embossing Folder Storage Box


Can’t wait to craft with you all day long. See you soon!



  1. Barbara says:

    I missed out on 2 of your older card kits and was wondering if you will be bring them back. Just for her and Cards for him, too. I saw some cards made with these kits and I just love them. Please let me know if you plan on bring them back. Love your stuff!

  2. Barbara says:

    I have a question.I need to make a masculine card and love your stuff. Do have a masculine card kit available that I can purchase in the very near future?

  3. Elizabeth D. Medellin says:

    I ordered the today’s special on HSN & did NOT/NOT receive the clover & rectangle die cut was not included. Needless to say I was dispappionted and was mislead by the presentation.
    Is there any resolution for reimbursement or will this item be sent separately to those who purchased the item or shall I send this back? Very misleading & did NOT/NOT receive the items as indicated on tv.
    I guess I’m not alone by rewarding other users comments. 🙁

  4. Ne-Col says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information Anna. I almost returned my today’s special because I too saw the presentation and after hearing one of the hosts say the dies were included I didn’t order them individually. I’ll just wait until I can get the dies before I use the set.

  5. Vicki Robideau says:

    I too am very disappointed that the two dies were not included. I had watched the video on HSN and they said that the dies were included, very deceiving. I am seriously thinking about sending the machine and folders back as the dies with the rubber mat that are sold separately are sold out and HSN told me that they did not know if they were getting any more in.

  6. Kelly says:

    Hi Anna,
    I am so happy to have just received the Today’s Special with your Gold Cuttlebug and the embossing folders (plus autoship)! The only thing is that you did not include the Clover and Rectangle dies with that combination. The dies are included with the package that does not include the machine. I just don’t get that. Is there any way to just purchase the two dies separately? HSN isn’t able to help me other than to purchase a whole other set of embossing folders. Please help!

  7. Anna Griffin says:

    The papers and inks are all designed to go together. They don’t match exactly, but are all in the same family!

  8. Anna Griffin says:

    Yes they can. You’ll have to figure out which plates to use, but Cricut told us that they work with all of the other machines.

  9. Patty Fisher says:

    Hi Anna! I hope you still go back to this blog and read these messages even though it is after your show on HSN. I want to ask you if you will be able to get more of the Pretty Pop Up Card Kits back in stock since they sold out. I bought several items from your 5th Anna-versary show and could not afford to get the pop up kit the same day.

  10. Roxann H says:

    Got my Lovely Impressions dies and folders. They are so pretty. Also ordered the storage folders as I am getting quite a collection. Always great quality. Thank you

  11. Joanne says:

    I just received my order from HSN and I’m so pleased with everything except that for the Anna Griffin Mix and Match Cuttlebug Embossing Folders with Set of 2 Dies Auto-Ship. There was an issue with one of the sentiments. I had 2 “A” plates for “Just for You” sentiment but only the “B” plate for “Best Wishes” sentiment – no “A” plate for the “Best Wishes” sentiment. HSN said it was sold out and there was nothing they could do. I could send it back and not receive it at all but to me that isn’t an option. Love it but wish there was a way to fix this problem. Seems to me that it would be a manufacturer defect and the manufacturer should fix it. BUT, I do LOVE everything else.

  12. rOSIE says:

    Anna: Got a new computer in Dec. and thouht I had all the addresses transferred but have not gotten any emails since from you – and I have missed seeing your mails. Went to CA for the holidays, fell and broke my rt. wrist, fractured my ribs soo crafting has been out of the picture for awihle.GRRRRRR Keep up the great products, I have gotten lots of them and love them!!!

  13. Betty Andrews says:

    Loved every minute of every show. Bought too much, as usual, but will enjoy it all. I just finished watching your tutorials on HSN and loved those too. Could you somehow put these on your website and make them available for us to pin? That way, if HSN removes them when your newer products come out, we will still have the tutorials.

  14. Lynn Smith says:

    I had to for every episode since I have to get up so early for work. Good thing I woke up early to catch a bit and was able to order so quick and easy using my new smart phone. Way easier than calling. Boy did I shop!!! Happy and excited to get my purchases. Thanks Anna

  15. Patti Garcia says:

    Dear Anna,
    The show was so fabulous. You take such good care of all of us with beautiful things that simply can’t be acquired any where else. Some of my items have been shipped and I am a waiting for the Mix and Match folders. Autoship of course. Thanks for being our friend even if we have never spoken to you.

  16. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    What a treat and honor it was to talk with you! I can’t believe you actually remember me, and that I think Georgie is a beautiful boy! I don’t recall if you knew I lost my wonderful 18 year old Abbie girl. Chelsea, her twin sister and Sammie, my 14 year old orange boy still wander the house looking for her. It is so difficult to even look at the many photos I have of the gang, and when I am ready, I will attempt to do her justice, and now that I have just received your :Best in Show, I know that will make it easier. Thank you for your talent, and most especially, your kind heart. You are so special to me….And I wasn’t kidding…I DID get everything from this visit. I just hope the nice UPS man will help me get the box into the house, as I wait for 4 months or so for my new hip! At least I know how I will be spending my time recovering…crafts forever! Lots of love and gratitude, Lefty Lou

  17. Bob H. says:

    Hi Anna of the Griffinites. This last was another great show with amazing new products. People have come to think I a much ore talented than I am; what they don’t know is that you have already done all the work. What I like particularly are the dimensional and vellum greeting/sentiment expressions. They make my cards look more refined than stamped greetings ever could. So if I could ask for one thing, it would be to have the ability to purchase these more regularly and in greater quantity. It is great to see your popularity grow so rapidly. I hope you and your business continue to thrive. You’ve made such a huge impact on your fans that they share with you on an emotional level on TV! That must be a blessing and a burden but you deal with it in a sincere and gracious compassion.
    Waiting to see what I must have next from the queen of More is Never Enough!

  18. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Hi Anna,
    That was a fun day yesterday.

    I spent more than I was going to, but that always happens. Thank you for such wonderful items.
    No where are there things like yours.

    My daughter is so excited for the kitty collection. She has a huge orange cat. It looks like the one in the kit. Actually her hair and her cat’s hair are the same color.

    What an honor it was to talk to you again last night. I don’t know why, but my connection wasn’t very well. It was a little confusing. Oh well, maybe I can try again another time.
    It was so fun to hear from so many of the gals on Facebook and to hear their voices.

    I am really excited to make cards out of the mixed folders and the pop up set. I’ve never done pop ups before.

    Thank you for your tutorials on HSN. They really help.

    I am proud to be a Griffinite.


  19. Christina Rugg says:

    Thank you Anna for letting us start buying before the HSN show. I was able to purchase items before my surgery. When I got home later in the day I was able to see some of the show but missed most of it. I have a question on the Gusseted Embossing Folder Storage Sleeves. Are they for the new folders only? Also thank you for the “How to videos” so I could see how the new folders worked. Can’t wait till my hand heals and I can use them when they arrive. Thank you so much for all your beautiful products to make our crafts look so great!

  20. Pat Boone says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary Anna the show was great on HSN. I always watch and shop ordered the todays special and both metallic paper sets but missed out on the glitter papers oh well next time. Can’t wait to get them. Happy crafting everyone.

  21. SheliaP says:

    It was such fun watching Our Anna strut her stuff. : ) Enjoyed hearing from many of the people from Facebook & the blog. Love it that such good hearted caring people are Anna fans. It’s a super group to be with.

    Great Show Anna!
    Happy Anna-versary Special Person!!

  22. Mary Tatman says:

    Loved all the new stuff. I bought all kinds of your new stuff tonight & some metallic paper for some new cards. Seen that Hot Pink rolling suit case in your Atlanta shop. How can I get one of those? No stores near me to purchase it. Liked you on facebook too! Congrats on your Anniversary and here’s to more! Mary

  23. Rhonda L.P. says:

    I am just now watching the last segment of “The Anna Griffin Show” ! I hate to see it end…I LOVE it when you’re on! I can hardly wait to get started on the card kit! I looked through it when it came today, and it’s beautiful! So much so, that I won’t even mind making my own bows!
    I want to say thanks for always giving me something to look forward to. You have no idea how much joy these products give me!
    (As they do for so many others!)
    I am excited about the new folder collection, and the paper tricks folders, as well as the new 12″ storage box! Also ordered my third set of card boxes! (Grace) I think Grace is one of my very favorite collections! Black OR White! I’m not fussy!!!!! LOVE those FLOWERS!!!
    I’m sure you had a very successful show today, and you surely deserve it. You are such a kind and giving person!
    I’ll shut up now, and get to bed, so I can go to work tomorrow, so as to be able to pay for all my goodies! Ha! (Worth every penny!) Good night, and May God Bless and watch over you.

  24. Shirley M says:

    I am loving all the products! Of course,I purchased 2 sets of the popup card sets and so many, many other items. So excited to get my items and play. Thanks, Anna, for your creations that will make me look like a professional!!!

  25. sue says:

    Our Dear Anna, you looked just fabulous in that navy dress, it is The Color for you! It was so fun to hear all the Griffinites calling in to help celebrate your 5th Anna-Versary on HSN. The love and care you project to people and your products just surpasses any other company out there. You give us crafters the best tools to use to give away to others, to bless people when they sometimes need it the most. Just to have that special something at the just right moment, makes the difference in a person’s life. Anna, you and all your team, have many jewels in your crowns, you bless so many with so much. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, from all of us here on The Blog.

  26. Peggy Heavin says:

    Anna I didn’t win any of your beautiful things so I went to the HSN and purchased them .I got your auto ship again and the pop up cards .Thank you so much for creating all this great stuff. Anna can I order the Large paper folding folders from you later or where they only for HSN ? I sure hope I can .Thanks again I love it all. Peg

  27. kim k. says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I think this is your best showing ever. I am over the moon for the pop up kit and was so happy to see that I could also afford the Today’s Special. I also checked out the new videos on HSN and I have learned so much from them. Thank you so much for caring so much about all of us. You are so much more than a product brand. I love you so much. I feel like I am hanging out with my BFF whenever I watch you.

  28. Pam DeKoeyer says:

    Hi Anna & Cust Service:
    please could we have–
    1. A kit with just all single layer flowers to add to cards.
    2. A bow die or dies- (ie) that would work with the
    mistletoe wreath folder. Bows we can layer on top of
    Our embossing folders that aren’t too thick. Single layer paper bows.
    3. More pop up inserts. Need A2 size.
    Many thanks for listening. Pam

  29. Patty Fisher says:

    Watching your shows and recording them. The TSV is beautiful! I can’t wait to receive them. I got the metallic 5×7 cardstock also. I love that you offer cardstock to fit cards and folders without having to cut them to size.
    Thanks Anna!

  30. Kathy says:

    Love your stuff! Thank you for sharing your passion with us. QUESTION: Do any of your paper packs match your ink pads? Thank you!

  31. Peggy Pence says:

    I’m excited to get my new folders and dies but sad that I just heard Anna say the new folder material doesn’t take the ink very well.
    I’m wondering if you can use VersaMark on them?

  32. Michelle Staley says:

    Kinda odd that my words were bleeped as though they were naughty! I promise that they weren’t! They were just abbreviations for Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! (I’m just a wee tad excited about this Anna-versary!)

  33. Michelle Staley says:

    ***! ***! ***! I could just die! HSN and Anna just showed all of the autoship folders and sentiments of the Today’s Special – it is EVEN BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE DREAMED! Oh my gosh, I am straight-up giddy! Oh, I SO can’t take it!

    Anna, you just make us all SO, SO HAPPY! 🙂

  34. Cheryl Brooks says:

    I thought I loved the today’s special with what little we saw in the preview. I am over the moon for this set! I want all the shipments NOW!!! Each shipment just gets better and better.

  35. Gisela says:

    Oh happy day ! Craft show will start in four hours. and the UPS truck just delivered the
    Collector’s Edition Clear Stamps.
    These stamps are fantastic ! you will not be disappointed if you order these.
    I already have the hinge set , so I will pass these on to my daughter.

    Have a wonderful Anniversary show Anna, as always I am looking forward to my cup of tea and seeing you .

  36. Jenna says:

    It says the embossing folders & dies are the Today’s Special, so I’m hoping they’re just listed as sold out right now but will actually be available tonight! I did the autoship last year & was very happy with the set up and products.

  37. Cheryl Ripley says:

    Anna, I just received the Pretty Pop-Ups card kit and it is absolutely breathtaking!! I actually got goosebumps! Thank you for giving us beautiful products to express the beauty we feel about our relationships toward the people in our lives. It’s why we all make cards. See you tonight on HSN!

  38. LORIGC says:

    Just checked HSN and the folders and dies are sold out even on auto ship. Anna has not even been on air yet. The show starts tonight at midnight. . So when will we be able to get them . .

  39. Judith J says:

    Looking forward to the shows. I would like to see a taller version of the embossing folder storage box available. Is this something you have offer or is HSN just out of them. Thanks

  40. Renee McGrath says:

    Can you let us know which folders and dies were included in the auto-deliveries? I can’t keep them all straight and don’t want to repurchase something.

    Thank you!

  41. Jean S. Carlson says:

    Anna – I’m counting the minutes until you come on air at 10pm our time tomorrow night! Thanks for your wonderful products. Grammy Purple

  42. Carol says:

    It’s not truly sold out. It just means that it’s not available for sale yet. It’s the TS for the 21st so they won’t be selling it this early.

  43. Jeorgette says:

    The mix and match folders are already sold out! That was one of my wishlist items. T_T Will there be more available on the 21st?

  44. Linda Marie says:

    Oh geez, I can smell my credit card burning already! Timer set on TV, ready to enjoy the show and new products!

  45. Melissa B. says:

    Every time I tell myself “there’s nothing for you” and then I say, “ohhhh that’s cool!” Can hardly wait to see the new folders and dies!

  46. Roxann Higgins says:

    I am going to try to be positive and maybe she held some of the folders for the 21st? It is her Anna-versary!

  47. CC says:

    Are you going to bring back the 2 pack of Stamp Storage Binders? I have the one that came with the stamps but would like the additional binders to store all my AG stamps.

  48. Deborah Alvarez says:

    Why would you put your new products out to purchase before Wednesday especially the new embossing folders, they are all gone! We won’t even be able to see them and see how they work because you made them available to purchase now instead of waiting til Wednesday when everyone would have the same chance of getting them. Just not fair

  49. Frances Wiley says:

    I am so anxious to see the new embossing folders and dies that I checked today to see if they were already on HSN website. Sigh, they are not. I just have to wait.

  50. Melissa Phillips says:

    I can hardly wait to get the new embossing folders….my birthday present.
    Thanks Amna for the beautiful crafting supplies.

  51. Taherrah says:

    Hi Arlene

    You can find Anna’s 4 piece bow die set on Anna’s blog listed under products good luck

  52. Maritz says:

    I am never missing out on Auto Ship again! What a blessing your products are to us, Anna. Also love that you will be bringing silver foil flourishes.

  53. Charmaine purser says:

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st. I just bought a cuttlebug and I love it. It definitely upgraded my work to higher levels. Thank you.

  54. Erin Glee says:

    I agree, Jayne! Remember last year when HSN offered the Flat Rate shipping…order as many things as you want for one nice price?
    So excited to see Anna present her products!

  55. arlene ranaldi says:

    I want the 4-pc die set for the ribbon bows.
    I don’t see it listed. Will it be available?
    Missed out on that one! Item #372-159.
    I just received your Finished Everyday Tag Set. I literally gasped when I opened the box!! So beautiful….I don’t want to use them..just look at them. Thank you for making such gorgeous things.

  56. Dee says:

    So excited for Wednesday to be here. Already ordered some of the early released items. Have my shopping list next to my laptop at home and also at work. Don’t want to miss anything!!!

  57. Jayne Evans says:

    My list is ready! I hope HSN has some kind of shipping or coupon deal for us! Looking forward to seeing all the new goodies!

  58. gail W. says:

    I’m so excited! I’m on Central time , so I will be tuned in at 11:00 pm Monday night to jump start things! Looking forward to some fun crafting!!

  59. Annette J says:

    Getting all my chores done today so I can shop till I drop on Wed. Looking forward to the fantastic items. Thanks Anna!!!

  60. Shari Shafii says:

    Thank you Anna!! I love it when I have a list to go by. It really helps me shop. I will be waiting for you with bells on!! So excited for the coming presentations. Happy Anna-versary dear heart!! Your a super vendor. Love your product, love your spirit. Happy I have you to follow. Love this new hobby of mine. Blessings. xoxo

  61. Brenda Sparrow says:

    Can’t wait it’s going to be a day of Anna and getting all the beautiful things love the embossing folders they truly make a difference u will love them. And her cartridges are everything she says they are which is fabulous.

  62. Dale McGrath says:

    I made my own list, but missed all the returning items. Thanks for the list. It helps me plan my day!

  63. Vickie Rennick says:

    Anna I have love these. Hope they will be on an auto ship program. It was fun getting all the last auto ship with the folders and dies. They are so cute and taking the card making to the next level.
    Just love all your products and will be there on the 21st to view all your products.

  64. Joann Anderson says:

    Looking forward to it! Already placed an order for some of the new already posted–missed out on a couple last time as they sold out before I got to order and I am not going to do that again LOL! Thanks for everything!

  65. Sonya says:

    Can wait to spend my Christmas money that I held onto for this show!!!! I wish there had been a chance to win everything like the last time, though I’ not lucky like that. But someone else would have! Soooooo glad I can shop this one guilt-free, thanks Anna and staff for all the wonderful products, will be staying up to order all I want at midnight. Then will record all shows. See you soon!!!!

  66. Yocasta says:

    Wish I could do that too! …but I have to work . Well, going to bed really late the night before.
    I’m so excited I can’t wait.

  67. Penny K. says:

    Thanks, Anna and Annakins for posting the Item numbers in advance. Now we just have to wait on slow pokey HSN to make the items available!! Can’t wait!

  68. yadyra marrero says:

    I’m already to shop…cant wait…its like Christmas all over again…thanks Anna for such beautiful items.

  69. Roxann Higgins says:

    I can’t wait to see the presentations. I am sure will not be disappointed. Thank you HSN and Anna’s team.

  70. Shirley A says:

    Can’t believe that I was excitedly awaiting all am for this shopping list. Thank you. It will help plan my shopping on Wednesday. Obviously, I am looking forward to the presentations.

  71. Kat H. says:

    I think the folders and dies are a must have. I made
    Anna’s Christmas Card kit this year and my family and friends are still talking about them. I am now bit by cardmaking bug. Thank you Anna. Keep the great products coming.

  72. kim m says:

    Shazam!!!! Look at those beautiful cards you made with the TSV. I cannot wait to get my hands on those. Thank you again for working with HSN and posting items early so those of us who have to work Wed can still join in on the fun 🙂

  73. Lin M. says:

    List of items printed… check
    Day scheduled off from work… check
    DVR set to watch over and over… check

    I’m ready! Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  74. Sarah Kim says:

    So excited! Is there a “I want it all” option? The only problem with Anna Griffin products are there never seems to be enough available for all of us crafters! Products always sell out within minutes!

  75. barb macaskill says:

    I wish my wallet wasn’t empty!! Dang medicine and medical bills keep me from what REALLY matters…CRAFTING GOODIES! Will watch and drool though! So many absolutely gorgeous new products!

  76. Chris M says:

    I hope there is a good quantity of new items. It seems they always sell out at midnight or the wee hours.

  77. TeranceH says:

    So excited since i didnt win anything i have to be there early to shop, i’m sure things will go fast

  78. Sandy Villines says:

    I have my DVR set to record all the shows so I can watch them over and over. I don’t want to miss a thing.

  79. Anna Griffin says:

    Vincent (these are the standard size embossing folder sleeves but they have a little bit more room inside to fit the thicker TS folders!

  80. Terri Elliott says:

    Getting very excited as always!!! Babysitting that day with my granddaughters, but will still watch.

  81. June Estep says:

    Thanks Anna. My direct tv just went out. Friday is the soones. Ha Ha, I can get you online or on Roku. Where there is a will, there is a way. Drats….I like to record and watch over and over again. Well, too bad for me. Thanks for the list.

  82. Mary says:

    Awesome! So looking forward to this. Looks like will put some Spring in the Winter working on Valentine’s and Easter

  83. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    Well Happy Birthday to meeee……oh Miss Anna, you shouldn’t have, but so so glad you did….tanks

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