Cinderella Stationery Wardrobe Giveaway

Hi there!

We have been very busy this morning working on the next series of how-to videos to inspire you to make beautiful things! That included a 6 a.m. hair and makeup call time- whew!  We hope that you will enjoy these and craft along with us using all of the new products debuting on HSN March 24th.

We loved reading your comments this week about what you thought a “modern princess” was, because they were all so heartfelt and empowering.

So who’s castle are we delivering the Secret Garden Stationery Wardrobe and Grace travel accessories to?  Congratulations to the winner, Diane C.! I feel like your fairy godmother!



stationery box


We’re back on Tuesday with the first sneak peek of HSN’s March 24th 24-Hour Craft Day celebration. We’ll post it just before our 1 p.m. EST Cinderella airing.

Bye for now!




  1. Mary Lou Nolt says:

    Love to have all of them but I do need to organize some things, so boxes would be every nice. Then I need the items to fill the boxes. lol Mary Lou

  2. Janet Oliver says:

    I love the way Anna’s products make it look so complicated to make, when in fact they go together so nicely and easily. I always get compliments when I give an”Anna” card!!!

  3. Brenda Scheiman says:

    I love all of these new items, especially the black Grace boxes, I have the white ones, the black would look great with them.

  4. Jeanette Kluesner says:

    I love the colors and delicate designn. Anna your talent is special and I love the way you share with us. I am alway so
    excitted when I see a new posting from you..

  5. mary anne guth says:

    I have been waiting with deepest anticipation this showcase of up delights. I am quite torn between the product I most desire at this junction, either the flowerpot decoupage die cuts or the beautiful foiled layers.

  6. Justine M. says:

    I’m a big fan of your embossing folders. I look forward to seeing more! Thanks for the sneak peek!!

  7. Lisa O says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! I’m new to your blog and website. Wow!!!! These are so cutting-edge and my jaw has dropped all week from shopping your collection, including Cinderella Collection on HSN. Wow!! The Grace collection and Feather embossing folders are my favorites.
    Thank you Anna!!! You’re innovative, polished and professional.
    Love, Lisa O.

  8. Charlotte Cushing says:

    such beautiful products it’s hard to choose I want them all. I do like the flowerpot send flowers so I would choose them is my favorite.

  9. caroline hill says:

    Anna, Love everything you make.I especially like the gold foil layers . Gold foiling adds a lot of class to our handmade creations.Thanks and keep up with the great work. Your fan Caroline

  10. Malinda Nevin says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Everything just gets better. You are so creative and help the other crafters enjoy what you bring to us to work with in our own studios. It is all so feminine and speaks to our hearts.

  11. Lady Diana says:

    Love the boxes, can not have enough storage, I notice it matches your bedding with I love love and that it is in cotton, beautiful.

  12. Coco says:

    I cannot wait for the March 24 craft day. I want the flower pot Decoupage die cuts the foil card layers and the artful pattern embossing folders. Waiting with baited breath.

  13. Bernadette Pittman says:

    I am loving the foil stamped paper. I really like the storage boxes as I just bought my first circut explore air and the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug bug. 🙂

  14. Diane C says:

    Thanks everybody for your congrats!! Yes, the blood work came out fine. When I realized I won I giggled like a little girl, the lady sitting across from me gave me the funniest Anna the stationery set with the wardrobe is beautiful and so is the Grace travel accessories. Thank you Fairy God Mother you have indeed sprinkled me with fairy dust!!

  15. rosalie says:

    I have the 24th highlited on my calendar. cannot wait to see what you have waiting for me.

  16. Linda says:

    Bippity boppity boo going order Grace 8 piece bedding collection before I go to bed
    as it will be 4am central time that you will be
    on at my house. Thanks Anna

  17. Virginia Slone says:

    All needs to be said is its always beautiful in every way and in every items. two grand daughter that are my princess

  18. Jo Smith says:

    The wardrobe looks like it belongs at the Biltmore in Ashville. It was a dream vacation for our 25th Anniversary!. Truly you step back in time and feel like a princess !With todays technology you can be there in minutes, dreaming and seeing first hand its l grace and beauty. Dreams are able to be realized and not just dreamed about.. This is what your products do for me. They fulfill an idea of card making and scrapbooking any Princess would be proud to have her name on for all to see. ‘Today’s Princesses can do so much more than before. We also can help others feel like a princess or prince when they open their card. Lovingly made by us, with your help. We will be celebrating our 50th this year! It is a great year for dreams to come true!

  19. Terri Reeves-Lopez says:

    Thank you,.Anna for creating the Cinderella Stationery Wardrobe Closet!!! My daughter, Elysia, just LOVES when I make her cards! Being the daughter of a crafting Momma, she grew up watching me and joining in with creating herself, as well as my son joining in. As a very ambitious and young attorney, she has put her crafting to the wayside and I KNOW THIS SET, will be PERFECT for her, since she LOVES sending beautiful cards and letters, yet pre-made, but thought I would add in a few of my AG embellishments, flowers, bows, butterflies, etc. to add “just a pop” of her own creativity! Can’t wait till the 24th, already in my datebook!!!

  20. chayden says:

    Anna, I’m looking forward to your sneak peek. I know it going to be something just

  21. Debbie L says:

    I ordered and received my Secret Garden Stationery and Greeting Card Wardrobe and it’s fabulous! The cards are premade and that’s wonderful for last minute. I love the box and everything in it. It’s beautiful on my craft table, now I just need to re-organize my craft room to match the wardrobe!!! Thanks Anna 🙂

  22. Mary R. says:

    This is Genious! You always try to incorporate a pretty storage solution for those of us who like to have our craft supplies sitting out on our desk. I truly love this! Great concept:) Very pretty! Thank you for supporting the art of snail mail letters:)

  23. marybeth i says:

    What a stunning stationary set! Sorry I missed the Secret Garden giveaway – it is my favorite Children’s book 🙂 Congrats to Diane!!!

  24. TeranceH in Texas says:

    Hope you have a great show next week and i can not wait for March 24 to see what you will bring us.

  25. Karen Martin says:

    Congrats to Diane C.! We know you will enjoy your prizes 😀 Thanks also to Anna and Anna Griffin Inc.for all these opportunities to win a prize. It’s a lot of fun!

  26. Lora says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your beautiful products! I have so many of them and they make my card making spectacular!

  27. Mary H. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS DIANE…I’m so happy you won such a beautiful item. What a wonderful way to start the weekend! 🙂

  28. myrna hartley says:

    Congratulations Princess Diane hope you enjoy your beautiful princess stationary closet. I’d use it to storing grand nieces doll clothes when I was done with the paper products, too cute.

    Annette J. Good luck on your surgery. My cousin had that done and wish she had it done wayyyyyyyy before.


  29. Sharon Vaughn says:

    I love the stationery!
    Will it be sold on HSN?
    Looking forward to the next HSN show on the 24th.

  30. Lisa S says:

    Congrats Diane! When my dad died, I wanted some pretty stationery to send thank you notes. I had no idea how hard that is to find. I am really looking forward to this set.

  31. Suzann Anderson says:

    Congrats Diane! I hope the highlight your submission for all of us to read. I really enjoyed reading Grandma Pei’s submission too.

  32. Tina says:

    I have never been very good at writing notes or letters. Then I saw this adorable stationary station with everything right there in one place. Just open and start writing, what a wonderful idea!! Thanks Anna!

  33. Lin M. says:

    Congratulations Diane ! Have fun with your new Anna goodies!

    I have my calendar marked for the 24th. Let the sneak previews begin – I am ready! I already ordered the new Anna comforter set – hurry up April! 🙂

  34. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    Love Anna Griffin products. Wish I could afford everything I see and feel like I need. Thanks for bringing us such great paper crafting products.

  35. joeann lanham says:

    Boy would this bring some beauty to my world right now, on December 28 a water line broke sometime in the night and flooded almost my entire home. To date I have no bathrooms no carpet. I have a ton of Annas products I do cards so I buy 90 percent Anna her beauty and quality can not be beat
    I will be 75 in July so beautiful things are a blessing that I can use to bless others to show beauty in a world that no matter what the newscaster says theRe is still Beaty when a person receives a handmade card that says I love you and so beautiful they want to frame and kept it. To me that says Thank u Anna for bringing sunshine into our part of this world
    Looking forward to the 24th. Plan my day around HSN craftday…

  36. Vallegyrl says:

    Congratulations Diane!
    What a beautiful “wardrobe” of stationery designed by Anna. Who wouldn’t want the rich colors, and the beautiful “wardrobe”? I know I would. Maybe another contest, who knows?

  37. Jenny says:

    What a gorgeous set—you just come out with beautiful item after beautiful item! You inspire us all to make lovely things. Whenever I either look online at your fantastic postings or watch one of your informative sessions, I cannot wait to get back to work using your tools!thank you for being a great inspiration to us all!

  38. Donna says:

    So happy to see the art of writing being encouraged with this beautiful set which will make anyone who buys it or wins it feel like a Princess!! Emails, texts and online messages are great but there is nothing like a handwritten letter to cherish forever! Would be honored to have this!

  39. Diana Kessler says:

    Congratulations, Diane! Who would not want a lovely stationary wardrobe filled with beautiful notes, etc. that Anna created? Lucky you! Enjoy!

  40. Jonnie says:

    LOVED it so much I ran to HSN the day you did the sneak peek and bought it. Would love another one to give to a very special friend. Can not wait to see you back on HSN!

  41. Susan says:

    This is simply, absolutely the most Devine scrapbooking set I have seen in such a long time! Oh please fairy Godmother let it be true! As I have the other slipper to match!

  42. Grama Pei says:

    Mary, your Mom is/was very gracious with her instructions on being a gracious lady! Wonderful instruction! You are eternally blessed by that! Too little of that in the world today!

  43. Patti Garcia says:

    Congratulations ! Dianne you are so lucky. Beautiful set from Anna Griffin. I want to know where she got the glass fountain pen which was on her Facebook photo of the Princess stationary set.

  44. Erin Glee says:

    Congratulations, Diane!
    I’ll bet this news of winning made waiting in the hospital for bood work not-so-bad as usual!
    Anna just sprinkled you with Fairy Dust : )

  45. Erin Glee says:

    Congratulations to Diane C.!
    How sweet to have a Fairy Godmother like Anna Griffin to be watching out for you! Enjoy!

  46. Annette J says:

    Congrats to Diane C. enjoy your beautiful stationary. I need to mark my calendar for the 24th and make sure knee surgery does not interfere with the shopping!!! LOL

  47. LeeAnn Bisesi Sinclair says:

    Looking forward to all of your future airings and new products. I love the quality of everything you offer.

  48. Sherrie Nelson says:

    Oh my goodness….to win anything of Ana’s items would be a thrill, to win something of this stature….well oh so lucky!!

    Love all of Ana’s things

  49. kimberly says:

    oh want, want want this wardrobe, something powerfully bad, maybe my luck will be good.. Kimberly at thekimmiefiles at gmail dot com

  50. Connie wms says:

    i would love to win. I love writing notes to people. It is a real treat. Surprise in the mailbox.

  51. Anne Trudel says:

    It would be lovely to win that gorgeous stationary….I need to start writing letters again, and this would be the best excuse to do so…

  52. Mary R. Huff says:

    Congrats to Diane and yes I still enjoy sending notes and making Anna’s beautiful cards. The art of that has been neglected with social media. My mom always said if someone sends you a letter then u answer it. A gift, u send a thank u card and a phone call u take the time to return the call. Anna and Staff, thank u for reminding everyone of this with your beautiful work!

  53. Diane C says:

    Anna Thank you!!!! I think I won!!! Just sitting here at the hospital waiting on blood work and checked to see who won. If it is me thank you!!!!

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