HSN March 24th Preview #1

Hi everyone!

It’s already time for another 24-Hour Craft Day! Can you believe it? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 24th at 12 a.m., 11 a.m., 4 p.m., 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST. We are going to attempt to fit all of our new collections for this DIY extravaganza into two previews. Whew! Ready, set, go…

First let’s get organized before we show you everything crafty coming up on March 24th, because you’re going to need it once you see all of these new items. Introducing the Grace Black craft storage system!

We’ve taken this signature Anna Griffin pattern and given it a bold black background that will make such a statement in your home, office or craft room. You’ll be able to purchase regular and 12” embossing folder storage boxes, stamp storage binders and nesting card boxes.

grace black combined

Next, design beautiful arrangements in antique vases that will never wither away with the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts.  This set includes 237 die cuts to assemble, with lots of unique botanicals and colors that are the perfect start to Spring (and boy are we ready for Spring!).  There are roses, tiger lilies, rhododendron, amaryllis, pansies and so many more. These are so pretty!

flowerpot8flowerpot3Speaking of pretty, there is nothing quite as lovely as foil-stamped paper, and now you can have an entire set! Our new Foil Card Layers include 96 sheets (64 5×7 and 32 6×6) in pretty pastel shades of pink, green, blue and lavender. You’ll recognize some of the foil frame designs from the Mix and Match embossing folder bundle offered on January 21st.foillayers5foillayers1foillayers6

Last for today are the Artful Patterns embossing folders. Do you remember the set of 24 embossing folders we had on HSN offered on October 7th, 2014 (12 every day and 12 holiday)? This is the set of 12 every day folders all by themselves! You’ll be able to emboss gorgeous feathers, butterflies, ornate tiles, vintage hydrangeas and more.


Many of you will be glad to hear that we are back to our Friday blog giveaways! If you’d like to win all four of these collections comment below and tell us your favorite.

Don’t forget to watch the HSN Cinderella event today at 1 p.m. EST and tomorrow at 7 p.m. EST!





  1. peggy heavin says:

    Anna I just watched you use some of your great die cuts again today and each time you get the extra pieces that you have to use your finger nail or other tools to get them out. Ha just remember to try add 1 or two fabric sheets and it will take care of that.its not my idea but it realy works no more picking up the pieces.

  2. Ruth K says:

    Thanks Anna for all the wonderful things that you design and make available to us. Love everything but my favorite would be your embossing folders.

  3. Ruth K says:

    Love them all but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the embossing folders. You can never have too many.

  4. Joyce says:

    I just love all Anna’s work! Can’t wait to get my orders that I am sure I will be making on the 24Th. How can you decide which to order? It is all just so pretty! You make my cards beautiful!

  5. janice walden says:

    Love all the new products,beautiful! Plan to buy storage boxes in black and other things. You products are awesome.

  6. Debbie Childers says:

    How am I supposed to pick my favorite? I love them all…but I am partial to the embossing folders. I am truly looking forward to the 24th of March to do nothing but play all day!! Thank you!

  7. Lisa Bragg Leavitt says:

    Pick a favorite?? That’s like asking to pick a favorite pet, or a favorite child … ok, secretly we do have one … love them ALL – such exquisiteness — but the Foil Layers win it for me this time. I love doing mixed media as well as scrapbooking and card making so these are ideal little pieces of FUN!

  8. Debbie Robertson says:

    My sister takes off from work just to watch you when you are on HSN. So many pretty things hard to know which ones to order. But we have been crafting since the early 70’s, and all the new products has made our hobby so much more enjoyable. Gods blessing to you.

  9. Vee says:

    I have definitely fallen for the foil layers. who doesn’t deserve a bit of sparkle in her life? love your new collections.

  10. Judy Estrada says:

    I think the dies are my favorite! I love the longer folders as well. Love your items Anna! Thanks for a chance to win!

  11. Deanna Kuroda says:

    I love the storage boxes. I have the one for the long dies but the others for the embossing folders are perfect. I can finally get rid of the Champagne boxes I now use. Although they are decorated with your paper and look pretty good but the folders have to lay sideways wasting space. Hope to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Joan Davis says:

    Anna, your creations are as lovely as you are. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I am new to embossing, thanks to you. So, I think my favorite would be the embossing folders. So many different things could be done with them. Love the new metalics, also!

  13. Michael says:

    Great job! Everything looks beautiful! I’m searching for a nice present that me and my daughter can make for my wife’s birthday! Thanks! Really helpful post! Greets, Storage Hornchurch Ltd.

  14. Calico Kris says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have enjoyed card making since I was a young girl. Nowadays I’m a young girl at heart. I have always loved pretty stationary. But products bring back to mind that my Dad used to tell me. “If you act like a Lady then you will be treated like a Lady. “. You lovely products make it so easy to do that. My only hope is to someday share a cup of tea and goodies to tell you in person how much I have enjoyed all of your goodies, and tell you a sincere thank you.

  15. Faith says:

    I so enjoy your products because they are so beautiful, elegant, and classy. Grunge is not for me! I enjoy pretty storage options… but I think I would rather have tools to make pretty things… The 12 everyday embossing folders would be my pick. Blessings on your day! =)

  16. Sarah Pratt says:

    I love all of your products. My new favorites are the storage boxes, really feel these are a beautiful way to get more organized.

  17. Sue says:

    I just purchased your Cuttlebug during your last today special on HSN so I am all about the new embossing folders. I cannot wait.

  18. Marty Casey says:

    Anna You keep coming up with such beautiful things that I am going to have to buy a new house to fit everything in it. LOL
    No really you are an inspiration to me and I am better for it. Thanks for being Ann..I love you. Marty

  19. Anita Judson Harkavy says:

    Love your style, creativity, and products. The Frech pots and decoupage flowers look spectacular!

  20. melissa andler says:

    Anna, I just look forward to you products so much! I truly love all your folders! I was unable to get the big set in Oct. So this would be a dream come true to get these. I also, love, love love the foils and the flower sets. I have never had those.

    Thanks again!

  21. Helen Settle says:

    Anna, your products have spoiled me for anything other than your beautiful card making and scrapbook kits. I do a card ministry for my church (get well and sympathy cards) and everyone that gets one of the cards I’ve made are so grateful for them. Thank you so very much for giving me the knowledge and oppurtunity to do this. I especially love working with the foil producys and beautiful flowers. My husband is in ICU at the hospital and I made a get well card for a family to give their daughter who is also a patient there and you should have been there to see their gratitude. They loved the card. Again, thank you for giving me the pleasure of working with your products.

  22. Kimberly Plater says:

    Anna, I get so exceited waiting for your craft days. I even set my alarm clock and will get up in the middle of the night to watch. I just purchased a vintage green “kitchen cupboard” that stands 8′ tall by 36″ wide. It is now perched empty at the top of my staircase that overlooks my living room. I am just waiting for it to be filled with Anna Griffin items (like my craft room is). . It would look absolutely gerogeous with the Grace Black set of boxes, my favorite! But just think how spectacular it will look when I make cards, scrapbook pages and decor with all the foil cards, empossing folders and beautiful embelishments and then display them among the boxes. I am thinking I can make free standing “vases” with bouquets to place on top of the “cupboard”. Once the hallway is filled I’ll have to buy a new house for my Anna Griffin collections. Thank you for always encouraging us to be creative!

  23. Kim says:

    I really like everything but if I had to choose one it would have to be the storage binders and boxes. I really need something like this. I do like the black design you have right now, My favorite color is blue tones.

  24. Doris Irlbacher says:

    I could really use all that storage. I alway play hookie from work on Anna’s HSN day. If I record it I may lose out on a great item. Hopefully they don’t catch on at work. Can’t wait to buy, buy and buy. All your items are AWESOME. Keep them coming please.

  25. Lynne says:

    Your designs are so soft and feminine. Love them all. I’d really like to have the everyday embossing folders.

  26. Barbara Morrison says:

    Oh I love it all! But especially love the foil papers and garden pots and flowers. Anna you design such beautiful things!

  27. Fred Montalvo says:

    Love all your products. But if one has to make a choice, My choice would be the Flower pot encourage die cuts

  28. Valerie says:

    Everything you do is fabulous. I think I like the foil paper the most. Maybe the flowers. Oh how can anyone make a choice when they are all fantastic.

  29. Michelle Staley says:

    Oh, am I ever in crazy love with the foil-stamped cardstocks! Good heavens; those collections are positively SMASHING!

    Would adore winning the Grace storage boxes. The feature Grace floral is, thus far, my ALL TIME FAVORITE Anna pattern, and given I am near-obsessed with pretty much ALL of them, that’s really saying something! That pattern is truly drop-dead-stunning on both the ivory and the black backgrounds, and like you said, Anna, it truly is a cottage grden come to life! Majorly in love!

  30. Shirley Floyd says:

    Love Love Love the boxes. Wish you would show more scrapbooking, but really like your products. I just had my 71st. birthday and have been scrapbooking about 10 years. Always watch when you are on HSN. Keep up the good work with your products

  31. Gracie says:

    Love the foils. They make everything look so upscale and everyone loves to receive cards made with your kits.

  32. Jane says:

    I love the storage set. I have been collecting Anna’s wonderful products for years and they are all over the place. My family and I would be so happy if I could get organized in this beautiful set of storage boxes and binders. These are fantastic.
    Thank you for the sneak peak.

  33. Diane Hunter says:

    You can buy the mix and match folders without buying the Cuttlebug again. I think they have them on HSN.com still.

  34. Karen Davidson says:

    The Stamp Storage Binders!! Will order extra to safely store all my wonderful Anna Stamps!!! Thanks for bringing these back!!!!

  35. Linda on the Prairie says:

    I adore those embossing folders and I desperately need storage for my collection. I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to store and display them.

  36. James Blythe says:

    My wife loves everything that you make. I have to be careful though… we could easily be broke. Even though the prices on HSN are excellent.
    I know she would love all of the items in your sneak peek. But my choice for her would be the Grace Black craft storage system boxes. As she is always working at keeping her stamps and embossing folders organized.

  37. Gena Greenlee says:

    How do you choose!! I want them all!!! But if I had to pick one only I guess the storage boxes are what I need the most to put all my AG items in!!

  38. Sherri says:

    Wow thought I would never get to the bottom, knew I should have entered the other day but something came up and then almost forgot to get back and its getting late. Love everything but especially like the new flower pot die cuts and the layered foil cards. I’m so glad we get another chance to get the Artful folders, sold out before I could purchase them….and glad I can also get the Holiday folders later also. Anna, hope you bring back the Anniversary Collection Papers and the Grace Paper Kit, I’m one of these that can’t buy it all at once…have to be selective and hope I can get more of your wonderful products later. Will be watching on the 24th!

  39. Sheryl M. in Florida says:

    Oh My Goodness, Ms. Anna, your and your team have went over and beyond once again! Thank you so much for ALWAYS thinking of all of us crafting followers of yours, you are such a kind hearted, loving and generous hearted person…and I just want you to know how we all feel about you and your quality products!
    Well…I have bought a majority of everything you have showed on HSN in the last few years and I am bursting at the seams with “Anna” products. My scrapbook rooms have been going thru a major re-vamp and re-organization process and being disabled it is taking me much longer than i ever anticipated and I’m getting so overwhelmed and discouraged, but I’m about 80% done and can’t wait to get them finished so i can craft EVERYDAY!!! with all of my “Anna” kits & papers & die cuts & cricut cartridges & embossing folders & dies & ALL the other products of yours.
    But I can’t not buy the new things as they come out cuz I don’t have to tell you, if you snooze or think about it twice…IT IS GOOD AS GONE – SOLD OUT! My most favorite item that you have previewed thus far is ALL of the items, but having to pick just one, it would be a tie between the foiled layers & the pots and decoupage kit. I’m “almost” certain I have the embossing folders, but I need to check my HSN account to be sure cuz there is NO way of finding them in my scraprooms til they are complete! Thank you for always showing us these sneek peeks and being so generous and doing the give aways, YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK MS. ANNA!!
    Praying this finds you and your staff having a very blessed craftin’ day! ~~sheryl~~

  40. Deborah Perry says:

    Oh, I didn’t answer the question! Though I want two of everything, as a card maker, my favorite is the gold foil cards. Thank you. I already have the embossing folders, and can’t wait for the next set to arrive on auto-delivery. And I can’t wait until March 24th.

  41. Deborah Perry says:

    I am having trouble waiting for craft day. I’ve already been checking HSN’s website for new product for over a week. This sneak peek proves that my anticipation was certainly warranted. Anna, I know I’ve said it before, but you and your team have totally outdone yourselves. I already want multiples of things! The 24th can’t come soon enough!

  42. Sharon Fetters says:

    If I had to pick it would be the foiled paper. No maybe the flower pots or the embossing folders …. ***! Who am I kidding I love it all. Thanks Anna

  43. cindy says:

    Its difficult to pick just one of the items in the preview, they were all wonderful, but my favorite is the foil layers. They are beautiful, there were some in one of the Christmas sets i purchased and they were stunning I am sure these will be also.

  44. Paulette says:

    As usual Anna, everything you design is beautivul and well thougth out. I love the new storage boxes in the Grace Black design the best. The Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts are also great and so are the new Foil Card Layers.


  45. Corinne Davenport says:

    Absolutely love the florals. Must have the embossing folders and the foil layers. I love the boxes too. The boxes would happy up my craft room. I am anxiously awaiting the 24. I shall be glued to the computer with my hsn card in my hand. Thank you for the beauty you have brought into my life.

  46. Debbie says:

    I absolutely love the flowers, although they are all lovely. You just make amazing items and I have so many of them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Holly Hatch says:

    LOVE the new boxes (and I AM a collector of your lovely boxes), and the “feather” embossing folder. Feathers bring so much joy because they are part of something living! Thank you so much, Anna, for bringing us such joy with all your products.

  48. Meredee says:

    Would love to win the embossing folders and dies. Why because I don’t own any as yet. The finished product looks beautiful.
    Thank you.

  49. Bonnie B. says:

    You’re re ally trying to make it difficult for us aren’t you? I love all the collections but think I have it down to between two, but I keep switching. I love all of your botanical art and the ability to layer it for added texture. BUT there just isn’t anything out in the retail market like your foils. They’re gorgeous and even just a touch of foil makes a project that is a cut above ( pun intended). The foil makes it look rich and elegant. Thank-you for bringing them and brightening up our lives. I choose the foil collection.

  50. Linda H says:

    I bought the Christmas decoupage kit and really loved that set, so I think that your new decoupage florals might be my favorite. I love punching them out and playing with them…reminds me of how much I liked my Paper Dolls years ago !!

  51. Anne Lemay says:

    It’s too hard to choose! I like them all, but most likely the flowerpot diecuts and the embossing folders will be on my shopping list (unless I already have the embossing folders? ***, I’d better check!).

  52. Mary Beth Wallis says:

    I was watching Big Bang Theory and Penny was wearing a blouse with a pattern like the black with roses..

  53. Marcie Smith says:

    Love it all, but I will be watching for the new box storage pattern. Love the floral on black and of course the embossing folders. I am sure before all the previews of this 24 hour craft day, my list will be long. Just can’t get enough of Anna Griffin.

  54. Irene S says:

    I love everything but especially the flower design organization boxes. I’m in serious need of organizing my craft supplies!

  55. bev dahl says:

    I love everything. But I could really use the boxes for my embossing folders and card making supplies. They are so pretty.

  56. Betty Andrews says:

    The artful patterns embossing folders look amazing, as well as the flower pot decoupage die cuts; and who couldn’t use the storage boxes. The foil stamped card layers are fabulous. Thanks for all your hard work in bringing these beautiful products to us.

  57. wendy g ball says:

    wow – there’s so much – I’m fairly new to Anna Griffin products and really liking embossing – so I would go with the foils and embossing – thank you so much – I’ll be watching on the 24th. and maybe I’ll be lucky and win something.

  58. yadyra marrero says:

    Its so hard to choose since all items are so beautiful. ..but my most favorite are tbe flowerpot die cuts. Oh how I would love to win some… thanks for the chance.

  59. Karen says:

    Wow this is one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make on your blog since I love all 4 however I think I will choice the “Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts”. I love diecuts and flowers so this one is great. I never win anything anywhere but I still keep trying.

  60. Sharon S says:

    Anna I love it all as usual! I really love the foil can not wait to make cards with them they are truly beautiful. Thamk you for the sneak peaks can’t wait to see what else you have. You are awesome!!!

  61. Grace N says:

    I just love the organization box set. I hope the price is within reach for me. I love everything you bring to us, Anna! Keep it coming.

  62. Christina Beaver says:

    I love Anna Griffin embossing folders. The organizing boxes are beautiful with the black background. They would look nice in my craft room. It would be hard to choose from all of Anna’s products.

  63. Cathy says:

    I love those embossing folders, especially the feathers, but also I love that Grace Black storage set!

  64. Debbie Robertson says:

    We Love your die cuts, they are so unique and life like.
    So many possibilities, I use them on cards, as well as front of journals.
    Everything you do is top notch.
    I tell everyone I know about you and the great things you come up with. Kudos Anna
    Debbie R.

  65. margo courtier says:

    Anna, I am in the process of redoing my craft space, and I love this pattern.When your space is pleasing to look at, I think you can be more creative… Thank you Love ALL of the die folders…

  66. Joanne R. says:

    Everything looks fabulous, but I just bought the beautiful Cinderella Grace bedroom set in black so the Grace Black would be wonderful to go with it. Just breathtaking.

  67. Barb Kluwe says:

    How can you ask us to pick out one of the items that you are presenting? If I win all of them I will give you a summary on which item I use most and then I will tell you which one I like the best. Deal?

  68. Mandy Baker says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one but your embossing folders are my #1 favorite item. But I do love all items.

  69. Marilyn Richardson says:

    It is sooo hard to choose…..

    But I love the organizing boxes!!!!

    Can’t wait to see you Anna:)

  70. Marsha says:

    Anna I love everything especially the gold foil cards. When ever you’re on HSN, I go crazy and feel like I should be in a witness protection program. I’m afraid I will put away! !

  71. LINDA says:

    I love all of the new items. I have crafted and sewn all of my life, but since I purchased the cuttebug and cricut exloyer air and so many of your product in the last two months I have been very excited about all of it. I have made several cards and the recipients were soooo appreciative.
    Thank you Anna

  72. Charlotte Martin says:

    Love everything you do. Such an inspiration. Love the folders for my Cuttlebug, so that’s on my list. Also think the decoupage die cuts are just beautiful. Can’t wait for the show.

  73. Deb says:

    I love the embossing folders. Really, I guess you could say I am obsessed with the folders.. Thank you for the chance to win.

  74. Patti Coddington says:

    Hello Anna,
    My favorite thing is the gold foiled card layers! I’m so in love with them but IF you pick me…I’d love for the prize to go to my BFF Peg Palmer. She has been going through many difficulties lately and I think this would be like a rainbow or sunshine in her life. I’d love for her to be blessed if at all possible? She introduced me to you when you were on Sandy Genoveves! It’s because of her that I craft and I’m so thankful to her. Thank you for the chance of winning!

  75. June Frampton says:

    I am totally in love with the Grace Black storage set!! My craft room is butterflies and teal blue with hot pink. I think this set would make a wonderful addition!. The colors are amazing. Right now I have my embossing folders in a storage box that has no rhyme or reason to it. I have to sift through everything when I am looking for something. Oh I hope I hope I would be the winner of this wonderful product!! I plan on shopping the whole 24 hours on HSN!! Can’t wait till the 24th. Anna Griffin is the only products I collect now!! Keep up the good work!!

  76. Diane Shull says:

    Everything is very lovely Anna. My favorite is the Foil paper. Looking forward to the shows. Thanks for all you do for us, your customers. We Love You.

  77. Bette Sines says:

    Oh my goodness. I just can’t choose! The new storage boxes are so beautiful and boy could I use them…and lots of them. I have so many Anna Griffin “goodies” that all need to be sorted and put into those lovely boxes. I’m out of control on the days you are on HSN, and organization boxes would sure help me be able to find what I need for each project. I scrapbook for 10 grandkids, so you can see, I’m a busy lady!

  78. Sandy Sisney says:

    ***, HOW do I choose ONE??? I NEED it ALL!!!! I have to go with the Grace storage system 1st, I need all new organization & love love love the dramatic floral print. And then the rest of everything, right behind it, all at the same time. haha What can I say, if I don’t need it, I WANT it. Thank you for designing & bringing such beautiful products to us. Everything you design is always just gorgeous & the best of quality. When I see “Anna Griffin”, I know what I’m getting & trust the product to be 1st class every time. I have purchased Anna Griffin for 20+ years & lost it all in our fire, I am heartbroken at the loss of especially my Anna products, I can’t find yesterday’s to replace but thankful you are still designing. 🙂

  79. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    ooohh, Anna,,, how u tease us so, to be able to win….my Favorite is your Foil layers….ao elegant.

  80. Alicia Walker says:

    I would love those gorgeous folders, and the storage, I just got a cuttlebug and a bunch of your folders and dies.

  81. Gloria says:

    Well I love them ALL as i love your sweet kind heart. But forced to choose I would pick the flower decoupage die cuts! What joy you have & continue to bring to my life!! Thank you!

  82. Carolyn says:

    I love it all, however, we are building shelves because I need more organization especially for your stamps and embossing folders.

  83. Joan Baker says:

    I love ALL Annas beautiful products and am her No 1 fan in the UK which means I am excluded from most of the offers….However I will be in California for a month soon visiting my daughter and if I am lucky enough to win my gift could be posted to me at her address!
    My mega favourite item is the exquisite foiled card layers.
    Thank you for the joy you bring into my life Anna. x

  84. Criss Behe says:

    I love the new Black floral design this time. Your stamp binders with sleeves are beautiful! I have your other binder from last year but I needed more binders! Used ordinary store binders and does nothing for my craft room! Just reorganized my room and those other binders just don’t cut it! Will keep checking HSN! Most of my HSN bill (98%) is scrapbooking … mainly Anna Griffin!! Love you and your team! Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  85. Ebony G. says:

    I love everything you create. But my favorite is the embossing folders and dies!!! You make card making so easy for everyone!!! Love the fact your on HSN it makes it affordable for me!!! Thank You and your Design team for all the great thing you create for us!! #yourawesome

  86. Deborah says:

    Hi Anna!
    I LOVE the Flower Pot Decoupage set!!! I want it all though!!! I’m accumulating quite a collection of your beautiful things!!! I also love the comforter set that you offered on HSN this week!

    Happy Spring!

  87. Dee F says:

    Love the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts.
    I have the grace storage boxes with white background. Happy to see the black background will fit it with them so nicely. Looking forward to the show on the 24th. and all the beautiful things you will be showing us.

  88. elke says:

    I love the foil paper and could use the storage boxes with all the folders that I have from you,
    I just love everything you make it’s like your looking into my thoughts and make the things I love. Thank you so much making crafting so easy.

  89. Chris says:

    Oh My, how can you choose. There all beautiful! I love your embossing folders. The storage boxes are great. I just can’t choose, I want them all.

  90. Loanne says:

    Love the storage, so beautiful….have tons of your embossing folders, so they need a home! 🙂

  91. Carolyn Lambert says:

    I really love all of them, however, I think the flower pot decoupage die cuts are beautiful and would make really wonderful cards.

  92. Karen says:

    Can’t pick, I LOVE all 3 items you showed. Would love to win the storage boxes I need to get organized so badly with all the Lovely Anna Griffin items I have so far.

  93. Dina says:

    So many beautiful things to choose from! I’m a die-cut fan and love the florals, so if I’m forced to choose then it’s the flower pot for sure! Thanks Anna for enabling us to bring beauty to others!

  94. Dianne D says:

    Oh dear… I’m really going to go broke!! I just LOVE the foiled layers!!!! PLEASE keep bringing foiled items to us!!! Also, can’t wait to get the flower pots!! Thanks for everything!

  95. Barbara Balcastro says:

    So hard to choose! If I had to choose my favorite, I guess it would be the organizing boxes because i love the pattern and what better way to put all of my AG goodies in beautiful boxes!!!

  96. Denise Moore says:

    Oh would I ever love the stamp storage binders. i have so many of your stamp. And to think I could choose just by turning pages. Wonderful.

  97. Teresa Webster says:

    I love all Anna’s products but if I had to choose, I love the pots and the embossing folders! I once met Anna at the Atl airport picking up my husband. I said “Hey Anna Griffin” and you came over to hug my neck thinking you knew me! I told you how I was just a fan of your work. You turned to your husband and said “well that has never happened before” but the funny part is that now Everytime I do something embarrassing my kids say “Hey Anna Griffin” Lol!!! Love, love, love all your products!!!

  98. Melody Barricklow says:

    I can hardly wait for the 24th…I love most of the new items, is the Foil Card Layers.. Would be able to use for card making, and scrap booking.. they look so beautiful, So like everyone else, I hope I am a winner.. Thank-You,..

  99. Williastene Norvell says:

    I really love the bedding with the black background. The contrast makes the colors pop beautifully.

  100. Sherry Anderson says:

    I LOVE embossing and butterflies, so that embossing folder is calling me! I also think those Azaleas look like a bundle I could pick right off my screen! Beautiful peek! Can’t wait!

  101. Dee A says:

    I love everything Anna Griffin, but if I had to choose it would definitely being the flower pots! How awesome they are!

    Thank you for a chance to win a wonderful prize package!

  102. LORIGC says:

    I love the flowers with the flower pots I could use those for my Mother’s Day cards this year. My theme will be walk in a garden of Flowers and Love

  103. Jaline says:

    I like the storage boxes. I am creating a craft room and these would be a beautiful addition to my room.

  104. Marilyn Luedemann says:

    I love the foil papers. Can use them in scrapbooking and card making. can even use on envelopes.

  105. Pat D says:

    Love the new black floral design boxes. And of course all of the new card items. Already have the embossing folders, they are lovely!

  106. cyndi peterson says:

    ***! I love the black Grace. I will be getting a set of those. and the beautifully card set!

  107. Nadine S says:

    The Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts are my favorite. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  108. Karen Hampton says:

    I love the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts…..they are gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see you on HSN on the 24th!

  109. chayden says:

    You make it hard to pick but after watching the sneak peek –my choice would be the foil papers. That is something I don’t own..

  110. Virginia Hart says:

    As much as I love your pastels, especially pink, I have to say those foil papers are exceptionally beautiful. I love all of your gold metallic papers. I buy them every time. I love the soft hue metallics as well the holiday metallics. I wish they were all available year round. Foils are my favorite today.

  111. Kristin Griesbaum says:

    I love the embossing folder set! But all of this is beautiful. I will be watching on the 24th.

  112. Peggy says:

    I am desperate for some flower embellishments to use with the Cuttlebug embossing folders I purchased time before last to make cards, so I’ll be purchasing the decoupage florals for sure. Please give us some more floral stickers. I can’t find any Anna Griffin stickers anywhere. I love your craft items.

  113. Barbara Troxell says:

    Wow all of those sneek peeks look wonderful . Any would be a nice addition to my Anna Griffin collection . Can’t wait for the showing .

  114. Cheryl S says:

    All of these items are wonderful! Lucky for me, I have the beautiful embossing folders, so my favorite today is the flower pot decoupage set – it is beautifully imaginative and will be very useful in my card making. Thank you Anna and team!

  115. Paula McGee says:

    Must have the embossing folders. They are so beautiful and I can imagine lots of things I can do with them.

  116. Karen L. says:

    Just like most of the others who have posted, I love everything you showed us, Anna. You have no idea how much I look forward to these “sneak peeks”. They don’t ruin the surprise, they enhance it! My favorite, though hard to chose, is the storage boxes, especially the card storage. I just ordered the Grace bedding in black, and I plan to use these to store small things in in my bedroom. Classy!!

  117. Sarah says:

    Oooo…..they’re all so fabulous, but if I only had to absolutely choose one thing it would be the foil-stamped papers. I love the designs on them. So pretty!

  118. Nancy Hulsey says:

    Wow!!! I live the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. It looks like you have some daffodils in the die cuts. They are very special to me. They represent the son I lost to crib death 39 years ago this month. I have been waiting, hoping you would have something daffodilly. I knew I would love it. I. Also am crazy about the black background with the roses. Thank you for the daffodils

  119. Patricia Watling says:

    My favorite is the set of embossing folders. I didn’t get the big set in October, but I’ll be happy to get this half of it. 🙂

  120. Debbie Y says:

    Oh my – so hard to pick just one but if i must … I pick the new Foil Card Layers… they are gorgeous!

  121. Linda M. says:

    I can’t take my eyes off the foil papers. They are my favorite but you can believe The Flower Pot Decoupage Dies will in my craft room in the future. I have the embossing folders and love them!

  122. Cathy Sobotka says:

    I am an embossing folder girl, but I love foil, too, not to mention that I love flowers and really need to get my craft room organized. It’s impossible to choose which of these wonderful new products I like the best. To tell the truth, I really want them all.

  123. Connie Johnson says:

    Here lately, I’ve been on an embossing folder rampage. I can’t seem to get enough but storage is such a problem. See what I mean? If I win, I promise, I’ll find a place for everything.

  124. Sharon Murphy says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your products! I would really like to see you branch out with some other types of flowers besides roses – how about lilies, tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, pansies? Other colors besides pinks? How about some yellows, blues, whites?

  125. Joy Cefaratti says:

    I LOVE it all! If I had to choose only one it would be the foil!! Anna, you are so talented. Thank you for helping to make the rest of us crafters look so elegant!!

  126. Pam Watkins says:

    All of the new products look wonderful, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick the embossing folders, since I missed them when they were presented last year! Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  127. Dianna Rittenberry says:

    ***, This is a beautiful give away. What a great surprise this would be to win something this nice. I would just love it.

  128. Ana Liza C says:

    I am so happy that the Artful Patterns embossing folders are back since I missed getting them last year. Thanks so much!

  129. Beverly says:

    Artful Patterns would be my want and the storage system would be on my wishlist! I love embossing folders!

  130. Rita says:

    love the flower pot dies!!! I just finished making up 28 of the floral pop up cards I bought last time tou were on hsn. They came out beautiful!!!!

  131. Cherie says:

    There is no end to the lovely talents of Anna Griffin! She makes the world such a pretty place . . . I have a lot of Anna Griffin boxes, dies, embossing folders, etc. and I love them all.

    Now there is even more to love – I have to admit though I am an Anna Griffing Embossing folder junkie!!! No better way to dress up an invitation than embossing with one of Anna’s patterns.

  132. Kathryn says:

    Anna, I’m never going to be able to stop if you keep doing this. I want it all!!! Except the embossing folders, because I already have those. The boxes are gorgeous and will really perk up my craft room.

  133. JoAnn Toland says:

    My favorite would be the foils. Just makes everything pop.. Also really love the black on the boxes. Really makes the flowers stand out. Thanks Anna for the chance to win some really cool treasures . JoAnn

  134. CC says:

    So glad the stamp storage folders will be available again. I have been waiting on those to come back into stock for over a year.

  135. Chyrl says:

    I love the storage boxes. It is such a joy to organize all your beautiful creative products in boxes which are so pretty.

  136. Christina says:

    I love the flower pot die cuts. Your die cut sets bring out the little girl in me. They remind me of punching out dresses for my paper dolls. They give me a sense of satisfaction, too, that I have added an extra hand-made step to the cards I’m making for loved ones. You’re the best Anna! I’m going to have to add a wing to my house to keep all my craft supplies.

  137. Tina Thompson says:

    Ok, so it’s so hard to choose one because everything is fabulous, of course! I love the storage boxes because it allows me to store all of the Anna Griffin stock I have, which is everything! That way it separates the good stuff from everything else. . . lol! I still the the embossing folders, I always use them on my projects, and, of course, who could live without the decoupage die cuts that makes the beautiful cards/ projects! I love it all!!! You’re amazing and can’t wait to see you on HSN!!

  138. SophiaGrace J.H. Oh says:

    ***~!! Anna you did it again~!!! I love all of them, but if I have to choose then I guess it will have to be the storage boxes. I’m in desperate need of organization for all my crafts goodies which more than 80% is from you Anna~! Lol~!

  139. Brenda says:

    Anna, Of course all of your designs are gorgeous, this time I would pick the flowers and vase decoupage set. All the different kinds of flowers – wow! The embossing folders are great also! Thanks for the sneak-peek.

  140. Vickie Hoffner says:

    I am torn between the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts and the embossing folders; all are absolutely beautiful.

  141. Margaret Kay says:

    What can I say? Each time it is such a surprise!!! I just love the embossing folders. The flower pots are so lovely.

    Margaret Kay

  142. Gerda Gray says:

    My favorite one are the flowerpot die cuts, I already can picture the cards I will creat. Thanks Anna for bringing us more flowers

  143. Ronny says:

    OH no! I want it ALL—-Again! There is no way to choose.
    Anna how about having a show where everything is just ugly and not Anna Griffin so we can give our credit cards a rest???
    No I guess not, Anna Griffin products are our drug and we are all hooked!

  144. Beverly Cain says:

    Can’t pick a favorite, but would Die Cuts and foil paper at the top of the list. Can’t wait till the 24th!

  145. Lorraine Douglas says:

    It is soooooooooooooooo hard to pick a favorite, so right now for me, I am into storage and organizing all of my Anna Griffin products, so the storage boxes and files will be on the top of my list. Have already booked the day off of work so that I can tune in on the 24th and go crazy. Thanks so much Anna for all of the wonderful products that you bring us, I really enjoy my new found crafting….just purchased to Cricut Explore Air also, so this weekend will be creating all sorts of wondeful things :)!!!!!! Thank you so very much!

  146. Ronnie Klatt says:

    Well, because I am in the process of trying to organize my AG stuff and recently bought quite a few of your boxes, I would have to say the storage boxes. Can’t wait for the 24th.

  147. Brenda says:

    Oooooo!!! Love it ALL! So hard to choose a favorite, but I am enamored of the foil stamped kit!! GORGEOUS!!!

  148. Shannon Sawyer says:

    Well, I can never pick a favorite between Anna’s products, there is just no way. I will say that while reading your newest Blog posting, my eye kept going back to that amazing print on the new storage boxes.
    I am a long time lover of all things Anna and for awhile now I’ve been thinking I need to get some of her storage boxes so that I can take my Embossing Folders and Dies out of the zip lock bags I currently keep them in. I would be overjoyed to win a set of those stunning boxes that’s for sure. Take care and I’m looking forward to seeing you on HSN again on the 24th.

  149. Maria Rosa says:

    As an avid gardener, my favorite is the floral Decoupage Die Cuts. (The Grace floral collection of boxes is a close second.)

  150. Ginny Byham says:

    My favorite product in this preview is the Flower Pot Die Cuts. Beautiful! I also like the Foil Card Layers. Can’t wait for March 24th!

  151. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Co!

    You are so right about the sneak peeks! I always look forward to them.

    Wow….how to choose just one favorite. It’s like choosing your favorite child, they are all my favorites!

    The die cuts caught my attention right off! Because of your new pop-up card collection I can see the new possibilities…endless!

    …I do love those embossing folders..hmm…the foil cards…oh I do love the Grace storage selection! The black is stunning….

    Have a wonderful week, see you on Friday!

  152. Raquel Alvarez says:

    I’m excited about everything, but my favorite is the Flower Pot die cuts. Excited to see the HSN showings!

  153. Margaret says:

    Hi! I want to leave a blog entry, but only see “reply” after all the other entries. I am signed up to receive the emails, but how can I leave a blog note?

    Sorry to bother you! I want Anna to know that I am MOST excited about her organization bundle. Wow do I need it!

  154. Sue says:

    So excited about the Flower Pot due cuts … they say Mothers Day all over them!!! I cannot wait for the whole craft day ….always fun and inspirational! Keep the great designs coming Anna!!!

  155. Joan Carney says:

    I love the flower pot, my favorite flowers is tiger lily’s so I am thrilled to see these beautiful flowers. I’m so happy you are offering gold cardstock and in 2 sizes…. Yippi!!!!!!!!!

  156. Karen says:

    OK I love the flower pots and the new flowers, so unique, and count me as one buyer of the foil cards I love glitter and foil!!!!! I can see PB&J in my future lunches for at least a month LOL

  157. Marion Titsworth says:

    Now collecting Anna Griffin embossing folders & dies so I really need my favorite–the storage boxes. If I don’t win them, looks like I’ll absolutely have to buy!!!! Thanks for your wonderful card-making items.

  158. Patsy Ingram says:

    I absolutely love the embossing folders and all those beautiful boxes would really look super in my ARThaven.

  159. Amy says:

    What beautiful items… I think my favorite has to be the embossing folders. I think I am addicted to them!

  160. karen says:

    I have several of the storage boxes and love them! What a deal I see coming.
    I have a request. Many years ago when you were on the other shopping channel (here in the states) you had a crafting mat . Think it’s time to bring it back. I will always remember you saying you ate your lunch on it! Mine is still hanging in there but I sure could use a new one. It is the best crafting mat ever! Can you work on that for the future. Please

  161. Sheila says:

    Oh my! It’s all so lovely. My favorite is the Black Grace-beautiful contrast and pink with black is so classic. Can’t wait to watch!

  162. Jalayne Salzman says:

    Whee-the Flower Pot Die cuts are so unique! My favorite out of everything you have shown!

  163. Phyllis D. says:

    Hi Anna. Another great day to look forward to on March 24. I always tell my daughter it is Anna Day on HSN. I think the beautiful storage boxes is my favorite new product right now. Thanks.

  164. Julie W. says:

    I love the storage set. I am working on organization for my craft room, this set will get me organized and make me happy with the beautiful colors.

  165. Nancy Itson says:

    You never cease to amaze me in what you come up with. Everything is always so beautiful. The cards and boxes are great! Can’t wait to use some of your new products and look forward to seeing you on the 24th!

  166. Cherie von Kanel says:

    As an avid crafter you can never have enough storage and your newest storage boxes and binders are just exquisite! I love the beautiful rose floral on the black background which really is an attractive choice for my craft room.

  167. Sandie says:

    I love the embossing folders (you can never have too many, rite???), but those storage boxes are awful nice also!

  168. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Anna, I like everything. I really like the flower pot decoupage! I made a retirement card last week and she was so happy to receive it. Again, thank you for doing all these wonderful card tools for us to use. The boxes are great!

  169. Marilyn Solis says:

    love everything! But after this long winter, I think my favorite are the flower decoupage. Although the Grace storage would really make my area look good!

  170. Carol Cerio says:

    I love the new die cuts and the storage boxes I definitely need because I have so much Anna folders, die cuts and accessories that I need a place to store them all. Looking forward to March 24th!

  171. Audrey Fish Pfeifer says:

    It is amazing how you can come up with SO many beautiful products SO often. Thank goodness for VERY creative minds like yours, Anna. I would be blessed to win this Giveaway of all these gorgeous products. Oh, the things I could make!! I especially love the new box pattern – beautiful!!

  172. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! Again, I love all your creations and dream about them in my sleep. My favorite this time is the one I seriously need…the Grace Black craft storage system. They are beautiful and will look amazing with my Victorian decor. Thanks for your gorgeous products

  173. Alice says:

    I love all of your products and have as many as I can get. I do love your embossing folders. I haven’t tried the storage boxes yet, but I am sure I would love them as well.

  174. Michelle Hall says:

    I love all things Grace. My favorite flower pattern ever. I also need more storage boxes because Im a Anna G. junkie. Even my husband knows your name and leaves me along if your on HSN.

  175. Maxine Hodges says:

    I absolutely love the foils. What exquisite patterns to help us look like we are wonderful card makers!!!! Love anything Anna Griffin and can’t wait to see everything on March 24!!!

  176. Julie S says:

    Hi Anna, I would have to choose the storage units.
    If your not organized then you run around trying to find your supplies, wasting to much of your precious crafting time. So lets get organized everyone and watch Anna, on March 24.

  177. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Well, Anna, here we are again. How can you ask us to pick a favorite? It is like picking one child over another. If I must, I pick the storage system. I have purchase so much of your stuff in the past, I really need to purchase containers up to the challenge. Soooooo that’s my choice!

  178. Andi says:

    Oh I love the flower pot and foil patterned papers!!! What gorgeous items!! Can’t wait till March 24th!!

  179. Jonie Isenberg says:

    You are making it very hard. I want everything, but I have a love affair with DECOUPAGE. If I just had the Flower Pot Decoupage I would be the happiest crafter in the world. Every time I think you can’t possibly come up with any thing better, there you go and give us more and more and more. I’m so happy the foil look and the 6″x6″ cards will the 2015 trend. Those are just a few of my favorite things. Not Cinderella…Oops…The Sound of Music.

  180. marie keyes says:

    I never could imagine making my own cards but when I saw you for the first time on hsn I thought to myself cards now days are so expensive and down right ugly so I ordered a few of your products and gave it a try and now I’m hooked closed in my front porch and made me a new craft room

  181. Karen Chisholm says:

    I have just found Anna’s beautiful products. Card making is a new craft to me and I have gotten a lot of compliments so far because of Anna’s sophisticated style. I love the foils because I think they make the cards pop.

  182. Anna Griffin says:

    Joanna- Did you purchase our set of 24 embossing folders back in October? If so then you already have the Artful Patterns folders!

  183. Eugeanie Malick says:

    It took me a few minutes to get to this comment section after scrolling down the hundreds of other people commenting. Which is good. It’s a sign that all of us love your products. When I passed the butter-flies, I had to go back. Those are the best I have seen. And I like the Jardinare idea.

  184. Carol H says:

    The gold embellished paper is my favorite this week,,,but the boxes would help me keep things organized.

  185. Mary Jones says:

    Just luv the foil card layers and the black Grace storage set. When you ask for a favorite, it’s like asking if you have a favorite child, HA HA You luv them all ! ! Already have my list started for the 24th, we’ll have to see how long it gets. It’s almost like waiting for christmas in March. Guess I have to be extra good, Hubby is watching ! ! Take care.

  186. Linda Bollinger says:

    Cannot wait for March 24th. Love to watch your demos to get ideas and ideas. I love the flowers and foil accents. I bought the Garden kit and am glad to see new flowers being offered. Love all your items. Would love to win the items offered.

  187. Debra Maksymik says:

    Love it all….but the storage is my favorite…I recently bought the grace pattern storage from HSN which looked black on their site…I was surprised to see it was a grayish color when I got it and I prefer black….can’t wait to get this set


  188. Lorraine Koschock says:

    Everytime I think how can you make something nicer than what you’ve already offered you go and outdo yourself again. I love the foil papers but how can you pick jus one? I love them all. What beautiful items to have. I would love, love, love to win any of these. Lorraine Koschock

  189. Barbara Chapman says:

    Love the flower pots. Hard to decide on all of the wonderful products you have. Come on 24th.

  190. Lynne Donalty says:

    Oh my gosh…..lol. I have a lot of the white Grace-patterned storage boxes in my craft room….BUT….I really love the black! I think I may use the white in another room; and order all of the black for my craft room!!!!! I already have the black Grace-patterned fabric for making my kitchen curtains!!! I ordered 10 yards of it last year! My kitchen will be GORGEOUS once those curtains are sewn! The Grace pattern is probably my favorite of all of your items!!! Thank you!

  191. Sue Kalstabakken says:

    Love the foil stamped sheets. But like so many others, it is very hard to pick because you have so many WONDERFUL products.

  192. Polly Zastawnik says:

    I love the foil stamped cardstock, that is probably my favorite. I also collect your embossing folders and have been on auto ship for the last few rounds of them!

  193. Lynda says:

    Anna , You ask the hardest questions!! Pick one !! It would be embossing folders. Thanks Anna 😀

  194. Neva says:

    I have to put money aside every year for the things you bring. Love them absolutely love them. I’ve even got my 2 sisters involved in making cards and they are enjoying it too. The comments and praises I get from these cards are wonderful, when you are old its harder to get compliments on anything you do. Thanks for bringing us such lovely things.

  195. Theresa says:

    I love them all but if I had to pick just one I would go with the flower pot die cut card kit , I love your cards and I really enjoy sending and giving cards out. The look on others faces when they open that card give me joy and happiness, that I made someone’s day a happy day. Thanks Anna

  196. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, Anna…you have waved THE AG magic wand and made the most beautiful foil layers (VERY fave), and charming flower pots (“tied” for favorite)! I try to re-create your cards with your design elements, using your famous ‘layering technique,’ and all of these items are definitely cards to be made and shared with beloveds. I can hardly wait for your visit to HSN on March 24–see you IN THE SPRINGTIME! And, as always, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing and teaching us with such helpful tutorials!

  197. Francinia Flores says:

    Honestly, the die-set and the foil papers are GORGEOUS!!! As always Miss Anna always on trend with such beautiful items!!! The 24th. can’t get here soon enough!!!!

  198. chayden says:

    All your products are AWESOME so it’s quite hard to pick just one but I will have to say the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. I just love your flowers.
    I have wanted to purchase you Window Garden Card Kit but it’s been out of stock forever..
    Just wondering if you will ever bring it back??

  199. Joanna Suski Link says:

    I am looking forward to the show on the 24th and I will get to see most of it – my daughters have the day off from school! I will have to get the embossing folders – I believe they are the only folders I do not have!

  200. Candice says:

    Love the storage…always need more, love the die cuts, love the embossing folders, love the foil card layers…well Anna…if I must choose..foil layers….you make it very hard to pick…I am using the embossing foldes a lot..so much fun to run a card through and get a “new” card out the other side! I just throw all your stuff together and get a very professional looking card….love it.

  201. Vickie says:

    I am in love ❤️ with all things “Anna”! Like picking chocolate from a huge valentine box of candy & Pink Roses! So hard to pick! I love it all! The flowers, the foil, it’s a hard choice! So, I guess I’ll pick the folders! You can use folders so many ways & emboss everything!!! Have you seen how great an ordinary paper towel from a restroom will turn into professional looking towels! I say if it’s flat, let’s emboss it! The embossing folders will keep you busy always with everything “Anna Griffin”!!!❤️❤️❤️

    A great fun project isr embossing your lunch sacks, then adding a punch of color by chalking them! You can make a brown dull bag into a beautiful leather/suede look original bag!❤️

    Thanks Anna!!!❤️

  202. Gwen Dunn says:

    Wow Anna I am in love with Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. The flowers are great. I really like using flowers on every thing.

  203. Jeorgette P says:

    I already have the Artful Patterns Embossing folders and I love those, but of the new items, I am like you: I love gold foil stamping (when I see a paper product that has it, I have a difficult time resisting the urge to buy it right away).

  204. Gracia Lanza says:

    Ayyy Anna! Everything’s beautiful, but the embossing folders are just fantastic! When I watch your videos is when I wish I could live in the US or in my native Honduras, in Central America. Now I’m living in Belgium…got married to an amazing Belgian guy, but I miss all these things that you’re able to buy or participate in the American continent 🙁 Congratulations with all the beautiful things you create! Hugs from chocolate and beer land!

  205. Nancy Potkay says:

    Love everything as usual, but really like the5/7 and the 6×6 foiled papers and the florals and pots die cuts . Would love to win them to add to all my other anna Griffin style cards and embossing folders
    Thanks for the chance to win

  206. Joanne Lowe says:

    What gorgeous new products!!! I’d have to choose the Black Grace set because I need to more organizing of all of my Anna Griffin products I have bought and my previous favorite pattern was Grace, and I love the black version too. The foiled cardstock is beautiful, I hope you will bring it in silver, and even in some colors like lilac, turquoise, peridot, etc as well–that would be stunning! Perhaps colors to go with your amazing inks. CAN’T WAIT for your shows on the 24th!!! I especially love your dies and embossing folders and your amazing metallic cardstock. I’d love to see you come out with dimensional envelopes for multi-layered cards we all make.



  207. Kay Hanley says:

    I like the flower urns and flowers. Also loved the big lot of flag greetings. Love your boxes too. I have some and they are fantastic.

  208. Kay Hanley says:

    I like the one with all the flag greetings. I have some of your boxes and they are fantastic.

  209. Jo Ann Portell says:

    I love everything you showed us Anna.However, I have to say I love the new foil layers and the flower pot die cuts the best! As always, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting until the 24th! Cheers!

  210. Karen S says:

    I love the flower pot die cuts. And I will have to have the foil card layers, especially after trying to color in the embossing on my Valentines cards. Fun to color, have to speed up the process. The foil layers will do that! As usual, it is all smashing!

  211. Debbie B. says:

    I really love the Artful Patterns embossing folders. With loving those, I gotta love the storage boxes too. You can’t have one without the other!!!!! LOL!!!

  212. Kim Sikorski says:

    Dear Anna: Choose? How can I possibly do that!! I love EVERYTHING you do! In addition to my artwork I also enjoy collecting antiques. I collect sterling enameled pill boxes & compacts (guilloche), silver pen holders, sewing implements, anything floral and paper, old printing blocks , bone china tea cups and saucers, my list is endless. I LOVE old images and advertisements. I guess that’s why your products suit me the best. If I had to choose a favorite item it would have to be your embossing folders and dies (with your die cut image sets running a VERY tight second place ). I am not really a scrapbooker – more of a mixed media artist I look for those things which will complement my work. On another note, Please can you find a way to make your die cutting cartridge images available in a format for the Pazzles machine? I choose the Pazzles for its ability to connect directly to my laptop. Thanks! Kim

  213. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite, this time, is the flower pot die cuts! Will definitely need a backup set of these! Boxes are beautiful too. Thanks for the lovely products, great job 🙂

  214. Lora Posey says:

    So excited to be seeing you again on the 24th !! You bring such beautiful things to your shows. I’m especially excited about the decopage flower pots cards, it’s different and so pretty !

  215. Liz D says:

    The flowers are my favorite. The pansies make me think of spring. I can’t wait for spring to get here when we can’t plant some cool weather flowers. Love it all

  216. talesia says:

    My favorite is Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. Reminds me of one of my cards I made last year with Anna’s products. This will be a faster way to make those type of cards.

  217. Gay Rudolf says:

    I am so excited. I have finally got the grandchildren up in age, so it is Mawmaw TIME. I just bought I lot of stuff on the last HSN show. I am getting everything ready for MY FIRST SCRAPBOOKING WEEK-END. Thank You for all you do for us scrapers.

    God Bless

  218. Jodi Boyd says:

    I just love the Every Day embossing folders, but then, I was really liking the storage organizers too! Decisions, decisions!
    Can’t wait for the 24th!
    Thank you, Anna!

  219. Irma says:

    Really looking forward to seeing you and everything you bring to HSN on the 24th!!! I like everything, but my favorite is the foiled cardstock. My cards are going to reach a new standard!

  220. Kris P says:

    I love everything, of course, but the black Grace storage boxes and the foiled paper would be particularly lovely to add to my collection. Thanks, Anna!

  221. P Emerson says:

    I love all Anna’s beautiful things, but if I have to pick one I guess I would choose the flowers and pots.

  222. Chrissy Schiller says:

    thank you so so much for all that you do. I really enjoy these sneak peaks. I love everything and wish I could get it all. Of course I can’t but the foil layers will be a must for me.

  223. Linda Hill says:

    Everything you do is so exquisite! I love the embossing folders best but a close runner up is the foil papers!

  224. Merrie Osborn says:

    Of course I love everything! It’s hard to choose but I believe I like the layers with foil. I just really like the bling of the foil!(or any bling of any kind)!!! I also need more of the storage pieces. I just purchase Anna’s beautiful things and THEN need more and more storage!

  225. Lynn Burton says:

    Since I have just begun to collect these beautiful collections my favorite is the GRACE BLACK CRAFT STORAGE SYSTEM. I need the boxes etc. that will hold the embossing folders I have ordered and those that I plan on ordering. Can’t w.ait to see the program on the 24th

  226. JoAnne U. says:

    I really love the foil card layers and will definitely pick them up on the 24th. But I’m sure I’ll also be picking up the flower pot die cuts and the embossing folders. Can’t help myself, I’m a collector in addition to being a crafter!!

  227. joann benford says:

    Hi Anna,
    love it all, but foil layers and the teacups are awesome. Just so much beauty. Love all of it.

  228. Heidi says:

    So hard to decide, but if I were backed into a corner, I guess I’d have to choose the foil stamped papers???? But I do so love everything else!

  229. Lisa P says:

    Oh my! Everything is so pretty! If I had to pick only one I’d say Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. After watching 2 Anna Cinderella shows today, I can hardly wait till the 24th.

  230. Stephanie McKnight says:

    How can one choose? But I know the Artful Patterns Embossing Folders have my name all over it! But I NEED them all! What is a girl to do?

  231. Joann says:

    Oh dear,how can you pick just one. I love it all but if I have to choose, it is a toss up between the botanical decoupage die cuts and the foiled layers. I have to have them one way or another.

  232. cecilia mcculloch says:

    i just love everything Anna, but really do like the foil. These will make amazing cards, can’t wait to use them and see the faces of the people i send them to, or hear it in their voice…xoxo

  233. Patty says:

    Hands down I LOVE the foil layers and especially am excited about the sizes! I mostly make larger cards…6 x 6 or 5 x 7’s! So I will be all set!!! 🙂 Thank You!

  234. Jean S. Carlson says:

    Anna – I LOVE the new flower pot cards! What an awesome idea. Oh to be so clever. Thank you for all your ideas. and God Bless. Grammy Purple

  235. Karen Day says:

    Anna, you are really going to make us choose a favorite as all of them are great and “must haves”?

    Since I have to choose and it would be new to me would be the flowers and the flower pots. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  236. Dolores S says:

    My favorite is the foil stamped papers, but I would need the flowers and pots to decorate my cards. Oh, and then will need the glorious Black Grace boxes to store all that and the new embossing folders. Yikes!!! Better start with the basic foils. ;-). Love them all !

  237. Marlene says:

    Anna, I think I have an addiction. The embossing folders are my favorite. Can’t wait to see you on the 24th.

  238. Lee Ann says:

    So many beautiful things! But, I do love embossing folders – especially the feathers! Looking forward to March 24th!

  239. Brenda Zimmerman says:

    you, Anna Griffin, make the world a more beautiful place! I would especially love your foil card set, as I see it as a way to really step-up my card designs! What a beautiful way to give the bride and groom your best wishes! I love the flower and pot set as well, because I could give all of the ladies in my life a flower – no matter if they’re ALLERGIC or NOT! haha! As usual, I love ALL of your items you bring to us! Thank you THANK YOU… can’t wait for the 24th!!!

  240. Jean Heming says:

    You don’t make it easy to pick a favorite, but I’m going to have to say the beautiful boxes!!!

  241. Maritz says:

    Love the die cut flowers and flower pots! And the foil set. I am really looking forward to the 24th!

  242. Laura says:

    Wow I’m not sure choosing just one of your new items is ever possible. I love flowers and folders, but embossing folders have beautiful content and the storage is not just beautiful but useful. Marking my calendar for the 24th. Thank you.

  243. Barbara Zak says:

    Anna, this is not fair. To have to choose between all the items you have shown is impossible. Love the storage system and the foil set. Good Luck to all, including me!

  244. Monya says:

    Everything is gorgeous…i love the cards the best! Thank you for continuing to put out beautiful products for us to enjoy.

  245. Melinda Keeley says:

    Wow! All of the new products are fabulous! It’s hard to choose! I have black in all of my rooms in my house. So I have to go with the Grace Black products. I wish I had some wallpaper in that pattern. Can’t wait to see all of the new items. I need to start saving my money because I have a feeling I’m going to be shopping on HSN even more than I already do!

  246. Pat Hauge says:

    I love them all, but if I have to choose one, it would be the embossing folders. Great work once again Ann!!! Thanks for all you do.

  247. Peachy W says:

    Fun, Fun, Fun! I am so glad you came out with the Black Grace pattern – so pretty! Love the new foil layers, a nice addition to add with the other products you have designed!

  248. Clara Mathews says:

    Love everything as usual but my weakness is flowers. Definitely need some storage boxes as well, can’t wait till craft day!!

  249. mARGARET mIZER says:


  250. glenda says:

    I love the embossing folders – missed them the first time around. happy to have another chance to get them.

  251. Jennifer M says:

    I just love you Anna. Thank you for listening. I am looking so forward to getting the artful patterns embossing folders, but I also love the gold foil papers. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. Jan says:

    I love, love, love the die & embossing folders but I tend to use the embossing folders most. All my cardmaking friends are envious of all my Anna Griffin dies & embossing folders. Of course, I always buy them on HSN.

  253. Nancy says:

    Oh my I love them all but I love your boxes. They look so pretty sitting out in the craft table or on the self. Everything is so pretty. I love it all. Love Nancy

  254. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I love everything, of course, but if I had to choose only one product it would have to be the storage box set. I love the flower pattern! I need the storage for all of the !2″ embossing folders I have bought from your. The boxes will dress up my craft room beautifully. Can’t wait for the 24th!

  255. Connie says:

    I love, love, love the new black storage boxes! But would love everything! Your style is beautiful!

  256. Barbara says:

    How can I choose? I love all of your products and order so many of them that I think I will go with the storage collection so I can be more organized! LOL Thank you Anna and staff.

  257. Florence Bonney says:

    Love all you craft items but it’s getting time for spring cleaning and a perfect time to get all my Anna Griffin items organized- so I have to say my favorite at this time of year is your black background flower boxes. Reason being- once organized I’ll have room for more foil, card stock with beautiful butterflies, flowers and embossing goodies. Anna Griffins;Thanks again…

  258. Kathleen Lute says:

    All the items are beautiful. I especially like the new flowers and the foil items. I hope I am lucky enough to be the first winner! Looking forward to the craft day.

  259. Judy Orlowski says:

    I just love everything! The flowers, the foils, and who can’t use more storage! Anna Griffin has taken over my house! It’s a good thing! Thank you Anna.

  260. Jane Paladino says:

    You are a very gifted artist and I’m so glad you offer your art to us to use and enjoy.
    I’m going for the embossing folders. Love the coordinating border.
    See you on March 24.

  261. Sharon Steinke says:

    I especially love the flower kit and the new embossing folders. This would be a perfect “Happy Birthday” to me…March 10th

  262. Martha Mothershed says:

    I would like one of everything, please. That is just been selfish. I love the storage boxes. Few years ago I purchase that fabric, Grace, and made a round table topper for a black table cloth. Everyone that came into my office just love it. I think if I had the choice of winning something, I would like the storage boxes. That way I could put all the stuff I bought back in January, right at $600.00. My husband says He is cutting off the cable so I can wash. He knows I have good neighbors.

  263. Marla says:

    I think my favorite will be the foil-stamped paper. It appears so elegant, making a project on step better.

  264. Stephanie J says:

    ***! Anna! It’s impossible to pick one because I LOVE LOVE THEM ALL! The Grace Storage System and Foils are fab just fab! However, the Decoupage Dies are exquisite and I pray I win but if not I will purchase them. I can’t wait to see the next sneak picks and to you on the March 24th! I’m so excited I have to calm down so I can go to sleep. Anna you are the BEST!! Thank you!!!

  265. Melody says:

    Anna you have done it a again. Everything is beautiful looks like fun The foils are my favorite as right now. Can’t wait to see it all.

  266. Teresa Rawnick says:

    It is so very hard to pick a favorite product from our sneak preview but I’m going to go with the storage items in the new Grace pattern in black. Love that new pattern. Second choice would have to be the foil card layers & wow – are those embossing folders pretty. Still going with the storage items as my favorite, but boy did you make it hard.

  267. Loretta says:

    This is a tough decision, but I pick the storage boxes. All of your products are gorgeous and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  268. Traci Khan says:

    I am soooo excited about the decoupage florals! I have been using the others and have received so many compliments.

  269. Gavi Slutzkin says:

    ***! Love all the new product! If I had to pick one set of stuff it’d be the embossing folders with a close second being the 6×6 gold foil cards…. Love em!
    Ps- it’d be nice to have the comment box above the comments so one doesn’t have to scroll all the way down below all the comments.

  270. Linda says:

    I don’tee how anyone could make a choice between these new and inspiring products. If I had to choose, the embellishment treasure trove would be my first choice, but the cards would be a very close second. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping to be a winner!

  271. Kathy says:

    I so Love everything that Anna does,as it is such GREAT QUALITY!!!! I love the boxes as I started purchasing them when she first presented them on HSN. Keep up the great work and inspiration for all crafters!!! Thanks and have a Great Craft Day!!!!

  272. Mary R says:

    Your florals & foils are spectacular! Looking forward to the 24 hr. craft fair. Also, thanks for the Fri. give-aways and I appreciate that it isn’t for Facebook users only. I hope the 24th is a huge success fro you.

  273. Linda says:

    I don’t know how anyone could resist these new and inspiring products. If I had to choose, I think the embellishment pack would be my first choice but the cards are right behind them. Simply gorgeous and I’m crossing my fingers to be picked as a winner.

  274. Maria says:

    I think I will start with the storage set. I have so many of your products that I need storage containers for them. My problem is that everything is so beautiful that I hate to use some of them. I wish I could have them all but I will be happy with at least one product from you. Sometimes I get them as an early birthday present. I tell everyone that I love anything Anna Griffin. I wish you all the best because your products make me look amazing to those who receive my handmade cards. Thanks again.

  275. Elizabeth Reflogle says:

    Love the, all but especially the Get Well card. If you can’t make a pot of tea for a sick friend you can send one.

  276. Kathleen Rimer says:

    Oh Dear Anna! How can one possibly pick just ONE favorite?? I think I am just going to have to order all four – they are so beautiful! But, thank you for the chance to win ONE!

  277. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Hi Anna, my thumb got sore from scrolling through all your fans, hehe. It’s wonderful to see what a great following you have. I love the metallic papers, and the flowerpot decoupage is the best. Everything you bring us is the best and your generosity is beautiful. Please, please someday make us some birthday decoupage? I’m looking forward to the 24th, see you then. Love, Arleen

  278. Cindyanne Mroz says:

    I love the embossing folders. There are so many different styles to choose from. I combine different borders and mix and match coming up with new designs all the time.

  279. Catherine Hamm says:

    Stunning products! Love the storage boxes – the pattern is lovely – but the flower pot decoupage die cuts are so creative. Can’t wait to use them!

  280. Terri B. says:

    Can’t wait to see the TS! So hard to choose, but I think it would be the embossing folders. Also love the die cuts. And who knows what other irresistible things you will also surprise us with! Thank you, Anna!

  281. Mikel A says:

    I love the Flower pot decoupage cuts those are my favorite! So excited about all your new products, Anna! Can’t wait until the 24th!

  282. Kathy Riley says:

    I love the storage boxes because I have so much of your stuff and could use some organization for everything. Also love the flower pots because I have a 1 year old granddaughter to scrapbook, so I’m really into your floral supplies

  283. Mary Lou Rosado says:

    Wow, Anna those are all wonderful. I love all your embossing folders and those flower pots are unique and I look forward to seeing you on the 24th.

  284. Vicki says:

    Love, Love, Love the new organization boxes. Am in the process of converting my barn into a craft space so I’ll be looking for you on HSN on the 24th.

  285. Kathi Ormsby says:

    Once again Anna you simply amaze me! I love everything but if I had to pick one thing I will pick your beautiful Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts:) See you on March 24th wouldn’t miss it! It’s an Anna addiction.

  286. anne says:

    Such a difficult decision! As always everything is beautiful and so you! I really like the storage boxes, the 12 x12 paper, the flower pot decoupage die cuts. And winning everything, wow that would be amazing! Thank you Anna!

  287. Colleen Wensel says:

    I have really been into embossing, and just love all of the Anna Griffin ones, So elegant

  288. Andrea Passow says:

    All the items are amazing and from the comments, I believe you will have a sell out on each one. I can’t wait for the 24 hour event. I and my charge card are geared up to spend some quality HSN time that day. My pick, the Black Grace storage boxes!

  289. myrna hartley says:

    I choose them all, there so beautiful and organized. But if I have to I would say the jardiniers and I love your storage items always keeping us neat and tidy.

    I also wanted to thank you for introduction to FFF with Sally. It so special, I love that I can contribute and send these like pieces of art to people who may need some cheering up. Great suggestion.


  290. Kathy Miller says:

    I can’t wait to get the flower pot die cuts. But as always, love everything. I have been buying your creations for YEARS and love how so many things work together. I am an avid cardmaker and your products bring me and the recipients of my cards great joy!!! Thank you, Anna!

  291. Sandi Smith says:

    I love EVERYTHING!!! I can’t wait for the shows. My favorite right now has to be the foil papers. I love the elegance that foil adds to my cards so these are on my shopping list! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  292. Claire says:

    Oh Anna,
    I think you should have your OWN T.V. show EVERYDAY so we could get our fill of AG beauty and ideas. I LOVE ALL of the new items especially the embossing folders. I’ll be watching HSN with credit card in hand. I am enjoying using the LARGE flourish die cuts you created…bring on more!

  293. Lillian says:

    I love the flowers and the embossing folders. I cannot wait to see the show to see more products.

  294. Lori Mazzeo says:

    I love them all! If I have to choose, the decoupage flowers are sooo beautiful!
    You just keep amazing!

  295. Angela Jones-Smith says:

    Love it ALL!!! Very addicted to your storage and LOVE the black grace pattern, but also equally addicted to the embossing folders and flower die cuts.

  296. Carolyn Blackburn says:

    I began making 41/4 x 51/2 inch cards 4-5 years ago using stamps and die cuts. Some I felt were quite elegant. But, when I saw your presentations on HSN about 15 months ago, I fell in love with your florals and designs. They re-define elegance and grace for me and I can’t get enough of them. So, my favorite of the four are the Grace Black boxes

  297. Toni Barger says:

    Mission Impossible….. Choose just one. I love them all but after much thought I have decided I’d need to order a few sets of the foiled papers. Tyvm for all the beautiful things you make for us.

  298. Tracey Magner says:

    Anna, It is all so very Beautiful, I need it all and I want it all !!! They are all my favorites, but if I had to choose I guess I would pick the embossing folders or the beautiful storage, I love the new pattern, I have a bunch of your storage but need so much more for all the things I have bought. I hope this is my turn to win. Thanks.

  299. Janice Kruse says:

    Oh! Anna, as always everything is beautiful! I just love the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts, they would be my favorite pick. The flowers and pots are so lovely and will look gorgeous on Cards. Thank you Anna for all the joy you bring to us.

  300. Donna says:

    I love, love, love storage containers!! These are so practical along with being beautiful! And the foil papers and card fronts are fantastic! We will all look forward to your next HSN show once again!!

  301. Deidra says:

    All items in this week’s “sneak peak” are beautiful. However, I am going to choose the functionality of the Grace storage system.

  302. Toni Barger says:

    Mission impossible….. Pick just one. After much thought and loving all four I choose the foil papers and will have to order multiple sets

  303. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Anna, I love ALL the items you previewed. I forgot to mention they will find their way to my house one way or another…! Lefty

  304. Sandy Tilt says:

    I love them all but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the black Grace organizational set. I need more storage and it’s time for me to organize all my beautiful Anna products and creations!

  305. Donna Lee says:

    Thank you for the chance to win such lovely prizes. I love the new black boxes, but my favorite has to be the foiled layers. I am really loving the look of foil this year!

  306. Sissy Geist says:

    Anna, Anna, how do we ever pick a favorite??If I must the foil stamped cards catch my eye…Happy Spring to you….

  307. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Love the black Grace collection. It will match my new Grace comforter set as I recover from hip surgery. Beautiful! Love, Lefty Lou

  308. Vicki Romeo says:

    Wow!! I love every bit of it!! I especially love the foil kit, it’s a great way to shine!!

  309. Barbara says:

    Anna – please make your products more available to us. I think it is so unfair to people who have already purchased the Gold Cuttlebug machine, that we cannot buy the Mix & Match embossing folders and die set without having to purchase another machine. On top of their high prices on HSN, it is sad that Anna Griffin Inc. cannot be more concerned about their customers.

  310. Debra says:

    I love it all, but if I have to choose just one, I would say I love the foil card layers the most.

  311. Glenda Skipper says:

    All of the choices are great, but my favorite would be the storage boxes. They are so pretty and would help me organize my craft space by giving me a home for so many things.

  312. Lori says:

    Decisions Decisions Decisions. Life can be so difficult sometimes ☺ But I’m gonna have to go with the embossing folders – you can never have too many of those

  313. maureen says:

    I love the foil stamped layering cardstock. I did not want to say paper because its has much more weight to it than paper. Love everything you bring us , Anna.

  314. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I really like the foil-stamped card layers. Foil finishes add so much polish to a card. I hope that you will have more of the paper-folding tricks Cuttlebug long folders, also. I wasn’t able to snag a set when you announced that HSN had them in-stock again a while back.

  315. Linda D. says:

    My favorite would be the Artful Pattern embossing folders. I’m really into embossing, but the Foil Card Layers would run a close second. Just so hard to decide. Can’t wait for the 24th.

  316. Dorinda H says:

    I love the foiled printed papers! I have come to love floral because of your products! Thank you do much for all you do!

  317. Ricki Adams says:

    Love the foil paper and the storage boxes are wonderful….love that they match and such a beautiful pattern.

  318. A. Marie says:


    I would have loved for the Cinderella event to be a 24 hour CinderAnna extravaganza! You enable princess to be done so well with your classic elegance. I got the Cricut with your cartridges and am in the process of incorporating them into some mixed media paintings.

    My favorite of this group is the embossing folders. I have a lot of your folders and I love using them with clay for jewelry and to create background texture in paintings and stuff. I’ve been a fan of yours from the beginning when I first discovered the gorgeous wood based rubber stamps over a decade ago. They’re uncounted now, but still so loved and so gorgeous.

    I hope you continue to create tools for us to use. Your cards are beautiful, but I really love having the option to create what and how I want. You offer designs no one else does, and j will always be a fan because they call to that fairytale loving, castle daydreaming girl in me.

    May your Muse continue to shine so very brightly!

  319. Mary Vona says:

    I love them all. march 24th is my birthday so I just may have to treat myself to all of them!

  320. Bonnie Ambrose says:

    Oh my goodness! You have done it again. My favorite product today is the storage pack. I love your storage products and can always use more! Love the black! Can’t wait till the 24th!

  321. Brenda E. says:

    The Flower Pot Decoupage kit is unique and tres chic! Can’t say that I have anything like that in my collection. So beautiful…a true treasure!

  322. Diane Miller says:

    Oh Anna, how do you do it?. Well I am unable to choose just one. Must haves are the flower pot dies and the foil layers. Just beautiful.

  323. Catherine Hanson says:

    It’s always so difficult to choose just one of all of your beautiful new creations! I love the flowers and pots, but I have to say that the gold foil layers are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve tried DIY stamping and foiling and they just never turn out as beautiful as all of your foil creations. Thank you, Anna, for sharing all of your gifts and talents with us crafters. I can’t wait until March 24th!

  324. Claudette S. says:

    I love the foil paper, it’s lovely. But then again. all your things are lovely.

    By the way, Anna, I ordered the auto ship on the folders and dies that were a Today’s Special Value. I was missing the B plate for Easter and had 3 for Happy Birthday. I saw where you said to contact Cricut and they were fabulous. They did send me the B Easter plate.

  325. Susanne says:

    I loveee the foil paper and the embossing folders!!!! But the die cuts and boxes are beautiful too!!!

  326. Patty Fisher says:

    I love the Foil Card Layers and the Grace Black Storage. I have been waiting for the stamp storage books for years. I have two of your old ones and love them. Glad to see they will be available without having to buy a set of stamps with each stamp storage book. I love all your products. I have been buying your products for over 20 years. Thank you Anna

  327. Anne Marie says:

    I love the idea of the foil papers with borders and would really like a set of cards with borders like this so we wouldn’t have to glue these new ones to cards. It would be a great start for the cards for I have so many embellishments from you to design them further. You must have a whip out to get so many ideas from your great staff. I’ll be there all through the day on craft day.

    Thanks so much for your products.

  328. Elaine Smith says:

    So excited about the next 24 hour craft event. Those beautiful foiled papers are at the top of my “Got To Have” list!

  329. Monica Flick says:

    When is the bundle with Anna’s monogram cartridge will be available for sale for us who bought cricut explore w/wi-fi adapter before cricut explore air was available. Not quite fair to us buyers who scoop up stuff immediately. Makes me want to wait till everything is available before purchase,if at all.Very discontented customer

  330. Marion Davenport says:

    Anna, I don’t think there is anything in your entire collection over the years that I have not liked. I watch and purchase each time and make your cards and give to family and friends throughout the year. Amazing stuff and love it all! Can’t wait to add to my collection of Anna Griffin. You’re wonderful! Keep it coming!
    Thank you so much.

  331. Deb Juillerat says:

    Everything is gorgeous, but my favorite would have to be the foil card layers. Beautiful!!

  332. Gerrie Johnnic says:

    Anna, I really love the new embossing folders, and the foil paperss……….plus everything else of course! I will be watching…

  333. Kerri Fabel says:

    My favorite items are the storage boxes. Recently my craft room was painted pale pink. Your new pattern is going to look beautiful in the room. Psssst… It would be delightful to win some too.

  334. Debbie Lentz says:

    The Foil Papers….OMGosh!!! Love ’em and I will get them!!! Can’t wait to receive ’em. They are beautiful & love the 6×6 size as well as the 5X8 size!!! WooHoo!!! Another exciting day on the 24th!!! Love your storage too! Have tons of it, but I can’t find foil paper like this anywhere!!! So excited!!!

  335. Denise Fissel says:

    Anna, I love your card stock and floral designs but my favorite are the storage boxes. They give such a pretty place to hide any clutter on my desk and bookshelves.

    Thank you!

  336. April Van Doren says:

    All four are great. It would be very hard to choose just one. The boxes would be nice to help with the organizing my embossing folders.

  337. L. Lynn says:

    All the new items are beautiful, but my favorite are the gold foil cards…and the vase cards…and the boxes…and the folders. Oh, I guess that includes everything! lol

  338. Eve says:

    All of your products are simply great and wonderful to work with so the opportunity to win anything from the Anna Griffin line would be a dream come true.

  339. Jane says:

    I would like them all but the but the boxes I need the most. They would make my room look so nice.

  340. Yvonne says:

    I’m loving your new boxes. I have tons of your folders and dies and need someplace pretty to store them.

  341. Karen says:

    How can you possibly think I could select just one item. It amazes me how many wonderful things you can dream of to offer to us so we can take our creativity to a new level. Thank you for all you do!

  342. Rita Ruff says:

    As other comments, can not choose just one. Love all the new items. Would love to get any one.

  343. Mary N says:

    So many beautiful things. The flower pot decoupage die cuts have to be my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  344. Susan B. says:

    OOH, the storage boxes are my favorite! Actually, its all pretty great. Looking forward to the 24th.

  345. Cheri D says:

    I can’t wait to own the flower pot die cuts!! Anna you are the best and thank you so much for sharing your talent with us 🙂

  346. Betsy Brown says:

    My favorite is the embossing folders collection. I LOVE embossing folders – they’re so versatile and can totally change a card or layout.

  347. Jeanne says:

    Hi Anna, You can’t come to HSN often enough to suit me ! Of your new products, I am anxious to get the flower pots with those beautiful flower die cuts. There are never enough! See you soon !

  348. Judith J says:

    I am so happy there is another craft day!! I do love the foil card and layers and the pot die cuts for the flowers. Thanks again for great products

  349. Pamela says:

    I look forward to all of your posts showcasing your beautiful crafts, i love everything Anna Griffin. I was pleased to see the new stuff, wonderful. I love the Black Storage System best, and as a set amazing!

  350. Vickie B says:

    The Foiled Card Layers and Artful Embossing Folders are my favorites. Always need to have more of your creations to add to my collection.

  351. Kim Bush says:

    Everything is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!! I think I am very ready for Spring so my favorite item is the antique flower pots. I have visions of beautiful dressed up flowers dancing in my head!

  352. Denise says:

    I love the new storage boxes and the gold card layers and the embossing folders, I guess as usual I love it all. See you on the 24th!

  353. Sherri says:

    Choose one??? Can’t do it! Love everything. But if I’m being forced to choose, I’ll pick the foil layers. Floral die cuts are a close second. Can’t wait for Craft Day – HSN!!!

  354. Laurie Brown says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I just love everything as usual!!! I hope there will be some more card kits!! I would love to see just a thank you kit!!

    Thanks Anna for everything you create for us!!!

    Laurie Brown

  355. Elizabeth says:

    Looking forward to the show on March 24th! Wish I could be home all day to watch or had DVR.

    My favorite is the foil card layers. I would love to add these to some of my projects!

  356. Cheryl says:

    I love the storage!!! I need a couple of sets. I also really like the embossing folders. Your designs are so beautiful and timeless!

  357. Linda K. says:

    Flower Pot dies for me. So many beautiful floral die cuts to put in those pots.
    Also, storage for cards to go with the boxes I purchased for embossing folders and dies. Love ‘Grace.”
    Looking forward … .
    Thank you.

  358. Erin S. says:

    Beautiful storage boxes! Fitting for my recent studio makeover!!! Thank you for a chance to win!

  359. Chris says:

    I just love the HSN 24 hr. craft events! The family, not so much, because we’ll be having leftovers….

    The flower pots are great – and so original!

  360. Christine Sisler says:

    Love all of the new items. They will make a great addition to my scrapbook room! Can’t wait for the 24th!

  361. Laura MARTINEZ says:

    I think the foil card layers will make beautiful little picture frames or mats. Of course, everything is beautiful. Thanks Anna

  362. Meg Brice says:

    Anna you have done it again, I just love everything. I’ll be ordering on March 24 my list is growing, the sneak peaks are very handy!! I just love the storage boxes and embossing folders most of all, thank you again for the chance at the give away.

  363. Vaye says:

    Oh I love Anna Griffin products……I love butterflies…The roses are beautiful….I love it alley

  364. Dianne McDonald says:

    Love the flower pots best! Those are perfect for cards. BUT most of all for making wall art! They will be perfect!

  365. Sue C. says:

    Always such Beautiful products Anna! The foil cards are Gorgeous and the embossing folders Outstanding. So much to pick from, I Want It All!!!

  366. Dotti Hansen says:

    Hi Anna!
    Once again you have new offers that I can’t refuse…and I won’t. I do have 2 suggestions. I live in Florida and would love to have some tropical flowers and plants done with Anna style. Also, I was just asked to make wedding invitations. I was flattered at first because the bride loves the “Anna G” cards I make. The problem is that I can’t get any of you flowers in bulk, like 200 pink roses. Would you ever consider offering some of your stunning flowers in bulk numbers?
    Looking forward to March 24.

  367. June Palasek says:

    LOVE LOVE the storage boxes in the Roses print in Black that is so RICH looking & my craft room would look just awesome with that storage set & I would become more efficiently organized.
    All of the other products would fit in handsomely with my other Anna products & each time you’re on HSN my life becomes a little easier, prettier with tons of compliments.
    Thank you Anna

  368. Anne Foster says:

    I’ve marked my calendar for your wonderfully creative show. Have all my folders in my (your) storage boxes and am anxious to see your new folders….or win them 🙂
    Thank you for your great products.

  369. kleigh says:

    Love everything!!! The Flower Pot dies are magnificent, love, love the additional storage items & the embossing folders. Can’t wait until the 24th!

  370. Karen Cummings says:

    So much Beauty in all of your New items. The foil card layers are to die for. I Love them. And the embossing folders, Oh I have to have them all.

  371. Cheryl says:

    Everything is Beautiful and I have a bad feeling my credit card is going to take a hit on the 24th. Embossing folders are my favorite!

  372. Linda O'Connor says:

    I LOVE the new storage boxes. They are stunning! I can’t wait for March 24 at 7pm. Your products and talents amaze me! I love to see what you create!
    Linda O’Connor

  373. Debbie Lynch says:

    I LOVE The flowers pack and the foil layers, but just in case, I am so ordering them! I have been hooked on your wonderful folders and dies to make my cards. Can not wait

  374. Jan Thomas says:

    Anna I have no idea which I like the best. Those boxes were ideal. love pretty storage. The foils and flowers well who would not like those and your embossing folders are always a hit. Not a bad thing in the bunch. Hope I win them all so I do not have to choose. thank you.

  375. Arlene says:

    I love the decoupage. I also hope the stamp binder will be available in the ivory damask. Love all of your beautiful items.

  376. Judy R says:

    I can’t really pick a favorite. I am a sucker for embossing folders and I would love a place for my stamps, after all who doesn’t need more storage? I do not have any foil stamped paper and that’s odd there is a product of yours I do not have. I would love to see the metallic paper that was out when the interchangeable embossing folders came out. Silly me thought I had it and I didn’t..

  377. Jane says:

    The boxes are my favorite because they are made in my favorite pattern. What a beautiful craft room they would make. I love everything.

  378. Lisa ;P says:

    GASP!!!! I need the storage boxes but I want the embossing folders. Feathers mean so much to me. Thank you for your awesomeness 🙂

  379. Carole Beth says:

    Love everything, but partial to the foil layers set and the new storage pattern. Thank you!

  380. Kathy Michels says:

    As usual, I love everything – but the storage boxes with the beautiful flowers and black background are my favorite.

  381. Carolyn Todd says:

    What a fantastic preview of new products! I think it is all amazing and I especially liked the decoupage die cuts and the foil card layers. Thank you, Anna, looking forward to the 24th!

  382. Debra Brady says:

    *** Anna, you did it again….. such wonderful new items….. but to pick just one, i would choose the decopage flower pots and die cuts. i am going to buy them at midnight on the 24th! talk to you then 🙂

  383. Bonnie Wilson says:

    I like it all, however, I do need the storage for the many beautiful items that I have ought from you, so I will go with the storage containers.

  384. Kay Dell Whilock says:

    The flower pots are awesome but the new storage color is absolutely perfect. I was going to order more but now I will wait to the 24th and order the new pattern…I love, love them! Can’t wait for next week…..my bank account is starting to cry already…..

  385. Debbi says:

    Oh Anna I love the new items. My wish list includes Flower pot decoupage die cuts, Foil Card Layers & the Grace Black craft storage system! Prayerfully when I order this time UPS won’t lose my order. They still haven’t found it. Unbelievable!!

  386. Kathy Klein says:

    Anna and staff out do yourselfs every time with new products. My favorite is a tie. The flower pot dies and the foil layering cards. I have all the sets you have and love to use them on rverthing. I even share with friends who I know would buy them if they could. Thanks again for a chance to win this preview. Can’t wait till March 24 and is saving up for this event.

  387. María Alba Negrón says:

    Hi Anna

    I love it ALL!!!!!!!! But if I had to choose, I can’t make up my mind between the boxes, embossing folders and foil cards! Now you can appreciate the conundrum that I am in!

    María Alba

  388. Marcia Stearman says:

    Anna, I really enjoy these sneak peek videos. From this first grouping, my favorite is the flower pot decoupage kit. It is such a cool concept and would be fun to use.

  389. Jackie Lokken says:

    Anna~ All the items are beautiful as always. The embossing folders, decoupage flower pot dies are awesome as well,however I have nothing in my craft room that is Foil…..Would love to give that a try plus love the thought of having the different sizes of the cards too.

  390. Bonnie M says:

    I love everything ,especially the foil card layers and the flower pots.Would love to have them all.

  391. Leslie says:

    The Flower pot die cuts I have purchased your previous ones and they are STUNNING ( just like you Anna). Your things are so beautiful.. Another craft day… Hello Anna Goodbye money.

  392. Suzan Black says:

    i am so excited about the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts because there will be new flowers that you haven’t used in kits so far! And I just love the idea of arranging your flowers in vases! You always come up with new things to excite us, Anna! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  393. Susan Goss says:

    I love the spring flower die cuts. I bought the Christmas ones and had a lot of un building the 3D effect from them. I would really like to win the foil card pages. I thought I had ordered your TS on Jan. 21st but something happened and my order did not go through. As soon as I realized it, I tried to order by phone but it was too late. I had ordered the auto ship and was so disappointed that I will miss out on all of them now.

  394. Susie says:

    I love the storage boxes and Can’t wait to purchase them on the 24th. I need to get all my embossing folders both small and 12″ organized. These are going to be so perfect !

  395. Diann Richardson says:

    I love the folil stamp cards are very pretty. I love-love foil on everything and these are beautiful and I love the sizes you can emblish more on a larger card. By the way the filders are nice too.

  396. Tammy Minney says:

    Love the decoupage set and of course the embossing folders. Great to see you today
    with all the Cinderella stuff.

  397. Barbara youngman says:

    I love everything you do, but I live on a fixed income. Each time you are on I have to decide what I can buy that day.

    I hope the foiled paper set is not to expensive so I can purchase it. I get so many comments on my cards, thanks to you Anna

  398. Diane Cooper says:

    I am so excited about ALL of your new things. We need flowers, flowers, flowers and you are providing beautiful flowers in the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts set. I have not been purchasing enough of your kits and when they are sold out on HSN, I can not find flowers anywhere on the internet. Any on the internet are too expensive to use to make cards. Thank you so much for providing this much needed product and at a price we can afford. I have been saving my money so that I can purchase all your new things. I am really excited about your foil stamped paper. I need many sets of that. I like all of your new products but the new Grace Storage boxes are perfect. They will look so pretty in my craft room. Anna, you are the best.

  399. Mary Iten says:

    I love the Foil Card Layers the best, but the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts come in so close, lets just say I like them best, too. I can just picture in my mind what beautiful cards I could make with them. Anna sometimes you just don’t play fair! You always put me in a quandary.I’ll just send some hugs your way.

  400. Penny K. says:

    IMPOSSIBLE! I cannot choose just one – kinda like eating a Lay’s potato chip! I love all 4 items, but IF I HAD to choose or die or something equally as drastic, I suppose I would choose the foil card layers ……but WAIT! It might have to be the flower pot decoupage OR the boxes or maybe the embossing folders …..Decisions, decisions……

  401. Sharon G says:

    As always everything is beautiful; however
    I am partial to the Flower Pot Decoupage
    Die Cuts. I am really looking forward to

  402. Kathleen says:

    I love everything!!! I especially love the embossing folders. The excitement you can create in a project with them is amazing!!

  403. Teresa Garrett says:

    Oh the foil stamped papers are beautiful. I gotta get them and I would love the embossing folders too. I didn’t get a chance
    to get them in October. Love it all, Anna

  404. robin says:

    Anna, everything you make is so incredible my 11 year old daughter and I have so much fun with your products both of us are huge fans. My favorite (hard to chose) are the embossing folders and hers is the flower pots. Can’t wait and it is a few days before her 12 birthday what a birthday surprise if we were luck to get picked. God Bless You

  405. Stacy Smith says:

    My favorite is the feathers embossing folder! Would love to have that one! Love all of the products, Anna! Thank you for the chance to win!

  406. Kathy Brubaker says:

    I love all of them and have to have all of them. My absolute favorite is the Foil Card Layers, I love foil paper and embellishments, so this will be perfect for my Cards and Scrapbooking pages. I think you must read my mind of what my wish list is, LOL Looking forward to the 24th!

  407. Maryellen Young says:

    I just love those foils!!
    And I am enthralled with all the flowers!
    My Golden Cuttlebug and my Orchid Cricut Explore are just itchng to put them to use.
    Sure would love to win!

  408. Jayne Evans says:

    SO hard to choose!! LOVE the foil cards as well as the Decoupage Die Cuts Who am I kidding??? I want it all!!! See you on 3/24!

  409. Mary Scheidler says:

    I’m an Annamaniac, therefore, they are all my favorite for so many reasons! So beautiful! Keep it coming!

  410. Ruth Thomas says:

    Storage is always needed, but the transformation the embossing folders makes on a piece of cardstock is just beautiful. I love them from a small piece to the 12 inch scrapbook sizes; I just love the embossing folders. Thank you Anna & to your team also.
    Ruth Thomas

  411. Claudia says:

    Wow! Mission Impossible to select just one. I think I would choose the flower pot die cuts, followed closely by the foil card layers. Of course those embossing folders are amazing, and how can you not love beautiful storage items. In other words you have some winners once again. Thanks for all the beauty you add to our crafting lives.

  412. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    Anna I think you may have to ask that question, picking your favorite, in a different way, like maybe which one is our least favorite. Although I don’t think you wouldn’t get any replies for that question as we all love each and every piece you create for us. It is just too difficult to choose!! However speaking for myself I am going to say that the foil layers are a must have!! And then again so are the flower pot die cuts, and the Grace Black storage is just gorgeous…..see what I mean!!!!!!

  413. Marjorie E. says:

    It’s very hard to narrow it down to one. But if I have to pick my favorite it would be the flower pot decoupage die cuts. Love them.

  414. Karen Kelly says:

    I absolutely love all of the new products but especially the boxes and the foil cards. I purchased the gold cuttlebug with the all the folders and boarder folders Christmas before last. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ! ! !

  415. Christine V says:

    I’m in love with the gorgeous flower pots and gold foils, but do not have a cricut machine. Organization is a no.1 priority & I love the roses against a black background. Thank you for all the wonderful giveaways!

  416. Elsie Yonamine says:

    I always love everything you do, but I must have the foiled papers and the flower pot set! I’m so glad that HSN carries your things…great service, and it’s great to see you on TV!!

  417. Kim Haygood says:

    I really love the gold foil layers and they would look gorgeous on anything! The embossing folders are always a huge hit, too!

  418. Jennifer Alvarez says:

    I have been a customer of yours for 13 years & your designs from back then are just as beautiful today as they were when I bought them! Making a card with your products is almost guaranteed to turn out beautiful! My favorite of these items you just showed are the storage boxes. I could definitely use them to organize all my Anna Griffin products!

  419. Scherry Sine says:

    Love it all! But I would have to say the storage. My craft room would look lovely with it all organized.

  420. Liz says:

    If I have to pick one, I love the Black Grace organization boxes and folders. They will go very nicely with my Grace folders and boxes.

  421. Peggy Boswell says:

    That,s it is really hard to choose but I but I would pick The foil card layers.Love it all.

  422. Patsy says:

    I love the vases cards!!!!! I love to put one flower into a little vase at home in every rooms!!!! So the vase card set is very special to me!!!! I can’t wait to see you on the 24th which is my 63rd birthdays!! So I will remember that date and will be watching!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!!

  423. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hello Anna, Debbie Dunn again !!! Oh My Gosh !!!! The Grace Storage is absolutely Gorgeous!! I wish all my storage was in the Grace, I wish I could ReWrap my Boxes like Wrapping Paper on a Roll !! I have 4 complete sets already in two different patterns plus the Creamand gold the others or pretty that I have but this is calling my Name !!
    I can’t be listening !! Ha Ha !!!
    I see that Anna Griffing has Struck GOLD with the Gold Foil Layers, this is So Electric with dazzle and shine , oh Anna Griffin, you must bring us all the metal colors such as Copoer and Pink Gold and Silver and Gunmetal too. Just reminds me of my trip to Paris and a side trip to The Palace of Versailles!! Let’s see … What am I going to have to Sell to get all the New Loot !! Perhaps our Mustang Convertible !!! HAHA !!!
    The Flowers are so Beautiful, much like the flowers growing around the Gardens of Marie Antoinette’s home, I just want to reach out and pick a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to bring inside to adorn my beautiful bedroom filled with Anna Griffin Bedding of course !! I can only imagine
    The feel of the texture of the Beautiful
    Exotic embossing folders against pearlized pastel papers. To have any of these items shown in this preview, is like living in a Beautiful French Palace .
    I I can only Dream of what the next Preview will be, it’s like tiptoeing through a French Palace alone and being able to experience the Elegance of Royality.
    Thank You Anna Griffin for bringing me back to my 1992 Paris Trip.
    As Always, my very best to you and your team .
    Debbie Dunn

  424. Loralei says:

    It’s impossible to pick just one but I do like the storage boxes…and everything else! 🙂

  425. CB in LA says:

    Oh! The decoupaged flowers in the jardiniere! If I can’t have my Paris apartment, I can at least pretend that my cards were created there! Beautiful, and thanks again for creating such sophisticated sets for us, Anna!

  426. Kim says:

    These are all so pretty but since I have to pick one I definitely would have to say the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts are my #1 favorite! LOVE all your floral decoupage kits, they are the best! Keep them coming Anna!!

  427. Connie Littlejohn says:

    So Love the Flower pots, The new flowers in decoupage and Lord YES, give me more Gold foil card layers!!!!

  428. Suzie Fenrress says:

    I love being able to see the sneek previews of your beautiful creations Anna. If I must only pick one as my favorite it would be the stamped foil. Be still my heart! See on the 24th.Hugs, Suzie

  429. Cristy says:

    This new products are a great addition to my scrapbooking collection. I can see in my mind the beautiful Mother’s Day cardsI will be making. My favorite of this collection is the gold printed kit, which will add an elegant touch to the cards. Thank you for another wonderful products.

  430. Sabrina says:

    Love the new flower set and the foil paper for the cards it will be a great addition to my collection Last year I commited how I was under going cancer treatments to my throat I am happy to report I am cancer free now and I live for scrapbooking and to make cards lol

  431. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love everything however I absolutely love the diecuts. You and your team are always coming up with something amazing. Can’t wait until you are back on HSN!

  432. Judy says:

    I want them all like usual!!! I’m going broke buying all of Anna’s goodies. Every time I end up even buying multiples. Just love all the new items and can’t say which is best as they are all BEST. Keep bringing us new things.

  433. Konni A says:

    I love them all! If i was only allowed to pick one, I would pick the beautiful foil papers! However, those decoupage flowers are a sign of spring! Keep the beauty coming!

  434. Judy says:

    Wow,Wow, Wow!!!! Can’t say which I like best as I think I love them all. I’m especially drawn towards the gold foil stuff. Can’t wait. Too excited!!!

  435. Faye Thompson says:

    You’ve done it again. Beautiful! I am in love with the foil stamped card layers. I also love the flower pots and die cuts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  436. Lana says:

    I love everything, however, the foil papers will be my first choice. Love the craft shows
    on HSN, Look forward to watching all the new items. See you then, take care and keep them coming. “L”

  437. sandy says:

    love them all !!!!!!!!! Anna you have out done yourself again. wonderful products my favorite is the flower pot dies and the storage boxes.

  438. Penny Bolton says:

    I love the flower pot decoupage kit. It is sooo pretty. I can’t wait to see you on the 24th.

  439. Su K says:

    I really like the Artful Patterns Embossing Folders, especially the vintage hydrangeas.. They’re all very interesting. My second favorite would be the foil pattern paper

  440. Susan says:

    Just today I started a major overhaul and reorganization of my card room, so I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the storage set in the beautiful Grace black pattern. Of course, I am also in love with the embossing folders, and I have used the Christmas decoupage packs and would love to try the new florals. Thanks, Anna!

  441. Maggie Barnett says:

    Wow only one favorite? That’s s hard one!! The foil papers are my best favorite since they sparkle and shine!! Can’t wait to see all the new products! Thanks for the previews!!!!!

  442. Pat Leon says:

    Oh, my, how can you choose – they all look delectable. I think I’m going to go with the storage boxes – need them, love them.

  443. Connie A. says:

    Oh, you’re going to make me look so good… my friends and family LOVE getting your / my cards. Can’t wait to use the flower pot decoupage set. Love the new flowers.
    The embossing is always a favorite too. Your packaging lets me know there is something SPECIAL inside. Thanks for THAT too!

  444. Diana Kessler says:

    Dear Anna,

    I absolutely love the Foil Card Layers. They will be divine to use with your many beautiful papers to create gorgeous cards! Looking forward to seeing you on March 24–loved your Cinderella collection on HSN today.

  445. Penny Carter says:

    How special that you came up with all new designs! It is impossible to choose, but I think I love the foil stamp cards, then the bossed folders. Just when you think that you have everything, WOW!!!!!!!!! Here you come again!!!!! Love it ALL!

  446. Debbie Davidson says:

    If I have to narrow it down to one favorite, I’d have to pick the Flower Pot Decopage Die-Cuts. They are just beautiful…

  447. Jacqueline Helgeson says:

    The flower pots and decoupage die cuts are my favorite! Actually I love them all.

  448. Sylvia Walwark says:

    save me a flower pot decopage die cut set! Oh, Anna, you know how to get us in trouble!

  449. GrannyD says:

    This is similar to having to make a choice between two children, which one is your favorite. Darn it is hard, so here is my top !3! #1 the foil cardstock (I have it in several different ways, stickers etc so this will be nice to have a whole sheet to play with and cut. #2 the floral die cuts, I have the others and I know myself so it is on the list. #3 ANYTHING in the Grace black pattern. I loved the white pattern until I saw the black and it really made all the roses POP! Gotta get ahold of a couple of the boxes.

    Just a great job all the way around. Thought I had it all but your design team keeps me hopping!

  450. Patty Moss says:

    So hard to decide but I really love the flower pot die cuts and the foil card layers. What beautiful cards they will make. Wow Anna I finally start to get a 0 balance on my HSN card & here your go and bring more beautiful things.

  451. DonnaL says:

    I really love all the new items, but if I had to pick I really like the foil backgrounds and the embossing folders. I don’t know how you keep coming up with new items!

  452. Sheryl Brandt says:

    I love the flowers, the foil layers – would like i silver as well and love the embossing folders. Sorry couldn’t choose just one!

  453. Jane Austin says:

    So hard to pick my favorite one, the foil papers they are so beautiful and love the flower pots! I might have to get them all, just love your products. Can’t wait for March 24th to roll around. Thank you for sharing with all of us

  454. Beth in Georgia says:

    While the storage set would be a great addition for me and I do love Grace black, and the foil card layers are so pretty and the embossing folders would also be good…this go around I would have to say my favorite is the Flower Pot decoupage die cuts! I love flowers and the azaleas and pansies and roses and I believe I saw some orchids and maybe even gloxinias in there. I’m a flower girl so I dearly love that set. Can’t wait until the 24th.

  455. Pam DeKoeyer says:

    Hi. Flower die cuts are my favorite & then the Foil
    Card fronts. I will also be getting the Grace box set.
    Thanks, Pam D.

  456. Nancy Smith says:

    Once again, I am almost speechless. WOW!!! Love everything but in love with antique vases and flowers. Gorgeous!! Cant wait for March 24!!

  457. Angie says:

    Such beauty!! All are so close- but would say foil papers first- then to flower pot decoupage die cuts!!! AMAZING!!

  458. Sue Miller says:

    If I really had to pick just one thing it would be the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. I also love the foil papers as they can brighten up so many projects. What a nice assortment of new items you are sharing with us.

  459. Mary Beth says:

    Flower die cuts…love them…and anything foil.
    And while we are at it need to store it all!!!

    Thanks, Anna, again – amazing!

  460. Bibi says:

    I have to say my favorite are the 5×7 papers. I love to layer when I make cards and the papers make it so much easier. Of course I love all your products but you asked that we pick. so it the papers.

  461. Carol Rowland says:

    Anna, they are all wonderful, but my favorite are the foil stamped layers – so elegant.

  462. Beth in Georgia says:

    Anna, my favorite is the flower pot die cuts but then again I do love the storage set and the foil card layers are so pretty and the embossing folders are so wonderful too. But being a flower kinda girl, I love the flowers. Have a great week!

  463. Sandy Kouba says:

    Hi Anna, since the 24th is my birthday i would be happy with any of your products. If i have to chosa favorite…the folders!

  464. Karen B says:

    The foil stamped paper is simply beautiful. That would have to my favorite treat in this preview, though everything is beautiful.

  465. Penny Kitzmiller says:

    I am simply in LOVE with the embossing folders! The butterflies especially! Can’t wait for the shows.

  466. Lisa Lesshafft says:

    Love it all but I have to go with the Foil Stamped Papers. These are just gorgeous!. Thank you for this opportunity and look forward to the 24th!!!

  467. Jennifer Mills says:

    Love the flowerpot die-cuts – makes me think spring! Can’t wait until the 24th! 🙂

  468. Judy Gunsaulis says:

    I have a lot of the storage pieces and I love them. The new pattern is beautiful… maybe I need more. 🙂

  469. Sally La Com Fasano says:

    I need another container for my die cuts. I just started purchasing Anna Griffins items on HSN in January. I have made two beautiful cards so far. I really want the flower pots and flowers since I love my garden and theses are beautiful. Love all your designs!

  470. Juliann Turner says:

    Well, it’s always hard to choose just one favorite, and this time, it’s even harder. I LOVE the Flower Pot Decopage Diecuts, and the Foil Stamped Papers the best. They are truly breath-taking. Not saying I don’t care for the Artful Folders and Storage Boxes cuz I like them too, just the other 2 are my favorites! Maybe it’s the Foil tamped Papers as I really fancy that foil and those colors! Anyway, little Ting-Ting sends her kiss-kisses to Georgie! (She’s a perma kitten, lynx point) Hint-Hint: These would make a great birthday gift for me- my birthday is the 30th of this month……………………

  471. Lin M. says:

    Wow – its tough to pick a favorite! I have the full collection that includes those embossing folders and love those! The black Grace collection is gorgeous! That is the pattern I ordered in your new bedding collection. I can’t wait to get that!!! I do love the tiger lilies and other new flower collection and the foil layers. Everything is beautiful!
    I have one request – I would LOVE to see more of the examples that are shown on your HSN shows posted on your Pinterest page. I know you all are so incredibly busy. I would love to do it for you if I were there. 🙂
    Thank you for the sneak previews! I’m going to watch your Cinderella shows I recorded while at work today.

  472. Marianne P says:

    Luv that flower pot decoupage kit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this as a part of your collection. This time, however, I will not be in a position to purchase but I will certainly watch your presentations.

  473. Barbara Leonard says:

    What a difficult decision! I believe I will have to say both the flower pot set and the foil cardstock. Both beautiful.

  474. Donna says:

    Nothing compares to your beautiful work. It’s so great that you and HSN make it available to us. The gold foil catches my eyes, then the storage is what I would buy next. Your work leaves us breathless…….

  475. Dolores weitzman says:

    I love all of the storage products, they are so beautiful!!! I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET WITH ORGANIZATION OF MY SCRAPROOM!!!!

  476. Fleedie Reynoilds says:

    Oh my goodness….I love the foiled sheets and the flower pots and I must have the notebook to hold my stamps….it’s all so beautiful….it’s hard to just pick one or two!

  477. Penny C says:

    Hello Anna. So hard to pick a favorite. I guess its a tie for me between the flower pot diecuts and the foil papers. Great job today as usual. Everything is stunning!

  478. Jennifer H. says:

    It’s really hard to choose a favorite because I love it all. However, it’s a toss-up between the Foil Card Layers and the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. Beautiful florals or bling…No contest- You gotta have both. Thanks Anna & Team for creating such lovely items- Keep them coming!

  479. Tina Lesson says:

    To chose one is impossible but if I had to do so I would pick the storage boxes they are so very beautoful but thankfully I can buy them all LOL

  480. LeeAnn Bisesi Sinclair says:

    I absolutely love the colors of the storage system and the embossing folders are so pretty….Come to think of it, I like all of the new products. I’d love to be the lucky winner.
    Looking forward to shopping with you and hsn again on the 24th !

  481. Luria Dantzler says:

    I thinks rfat I absolutely love the diecut flowers. They are so beautiful and perfect for spring and summer cards.


  482. Barbara B. says:

    Anna, there are no words that can describe the joy your products give others. You make us look better than we are, the cards give so much joy to those who receive them, because they think we worked hard when we didn’t. If I had to pick a product–I would pick the boxes because I love boxes, and of course I could use the embossing folder boxes. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Bobbi

  483. Dolores weitzman says:

    I love all of the storage products, they are so beautiful!!! I need all of the help I can get with organization!!!!

  484. Linsey says:

    The Foil Card Layers are my absolute favorite!!! All four new collections are beautiful and I must have them all!!! You are the cutest thing on TV and the internet!! :)I just love your videos–you are so much fun and like a burst of sunshine!! Just love ya Anna and all you do!!!

  485. Melody says:

    Have to say I love the foil card layers. But there is always the embossing folders. You can never have too many of them. Thanks for all you do. I hope you will bring your two cartridges that you had for the Cricut Air back on this all 24 hour scrapbooking show. Thanks Anna.

  486. Rebecca says:

    I have been scrapbooking for many years but have just over the past couple began using your beautiful papers and embellishments. I look forward to your shows every time they come around. I love everything! Keep creating and I will be a loyal customer for many years to come.

  487. Connie Gozzarino says:

    Everything is beautiful, but I think I LOVE the flower die cuts. However, I NEED the storage boxes!

  488. Lorraine says:

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  489. Betty Andrews says:

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  490. Shelley Barr says:

    The artful patterns embossing folders are my favorites as I enjoy the beautiful designs and creations that come alive on paper.

  491. Jean Paul says:

    Anna, How can a person have a favorite? They are all awesome. The foil card layers speak to me. Great job!

  492. Debbie Eslinger says:

    Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts would be my picked if my arm was twisted to pick just one. to be truthful I want it all!!

  493. Julie Blake says:

    Hi, I commented on the video, too, so I’m not sure which counts as an entry. Don’t mean to double up!
    I love the embossing folders – I know I am going to be adding to my Anna collection, but I also love the new flower decoupage set. Oh spoiled for choice! Thank you Julie

  494. KAREN says:


  495. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

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