HSN March 24th Giveaway #1

Hi everyone!

We hope you were all able to tune in for HSN’s Cinderella event this week. The set was absolutely spectacular. HSN really out did themselves this time – even the flowers were real! I love this photo from the Secret Garden!

Picture 1

Did you enjoy this week’s sneak peek of our March 24th shows on HSN? There are so many exciting things in store! Here’s another card we just finished using the new Flower Pot Decoupage die cuts.  Hint hint: There’s another brand new product on this card that we’ll preview next Tuesday!


You all posted over 1,400 comments on the blog this week. Wow! Congratulations to Jackie Lokken, who is the winner of our new Grace Black storage, Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts, Foil Card Layers and Artful Patterns embossing folders. You are going to have so much fun with these!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Linda Bechtold says:

    First just let me say how beautiful your products were in your shows on HSN. Everything I saw I wanted. Believe me I bought enough for right now. However I was wondering if the rosette and other fancy fold embossing folders are going to be available again or not. If they are do you know approximately when. They sold out before I could get to the phone..
    I would like to thank you for having such beautiful products, and such a wonderful show. I will be busy for awhile.
    Thank You

  2. Hobo says:

    Anna, my foil stamped card layers arrived today. I can honestly say if I had to pick just one item from my craft stash to keep and had to give the rest away that would be my one item! To say they are spectacular in every way is a gross understatement! If I have an entire huge stash of AG products that are just too beautiful to use this just became the cream of the crop, something I will not share!

  3. Deepa Black says:

    This preview is such a big tease to us!!
    I am so excited and can hardly wait for Tuesday, March 24th!!!
    Anna Griffin, how does your mind work, what makes it tick!!!
    The butterflies, the folders and the metallic paper, gosh!! I want it all!!

  4. Cindy Piazza Ivy says:

    I am in love with all your beautiful creations!!! Your style and sense of beauty is on the mark!!! They not only bring beauty to the eyes, but also beauty to the soul! I feel the warmth in every piece that you create! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

    Cindy Piazza Ivy

  5. LindaB says:

    Just started purchasing Anna’s wonderful products. So excited to see more on March 24th. Can’t wait!!!

  6. Paula says:

    I love the butterfly set with the embossing folders to make gatefold cards a very close second! Am excited!

  7. Tina Esken says:

    Love, love, love the butterfly die cuts! I’ve been trying to find a butterfly die cut for a while now that I really liked, and this is it! Can’t wait for 24 March!

  8. Liane Toth says:

    So many butterflies, so little time. I use butterflies on every card I make. My daughter calls it my “signiture”. I can’t wait for March 24th to roll around. My eyes well be fixed on the TV at 1:20 am, Tuesday morning. Credit card in hand. I absolutly love your products. I just recieved 2 of your stationary boxes. One for my daughter and one for me. Just beautiful!!!

  9. Debbie Childers says:

    I LOVE THE BUTTERFLY DIE CUTS! Wow they have so much detail and I am really excited for these. I also love the hand painted details on the elements that you have shared with us, I can’t Wait!!!! Thanks for all you do!

  10. lesley says:

    I xant wait ubtil the 24th. Its my birthday so i cant get in trouble for buying all my Anna stuff!!!

  11. Terri says:

    Just love all the cards you made but my favorite is the Gate fold embossed card with butterfly (Ever so Grateful)
    Awesome sets with such WOW factor.

  12. Deb Cerbus says:

    I love all the new products but after the winter we have had, I can’t wait to start making butterflies and think spring. Also llove the gatefold . You make it so easy to create such beautiful cards !

  13. Deb Jennings says:

    I have to say that all of your designs are amazing. I think they just keep getting better and better. I had a hard time chosing but I love the embossing folders the best. All I can say about them is WOW! Thank you for your dedication to making such beautiful crafting tools.

  14. Nora says:

    Can’t. Choose so I’m buying it all. Cleaning up the scrapbook room and some lucky friend will inherit it all. I win either way!

  15. Nora Martyniak says:

    Oh, how I love all the new items. My favorite are the 12″ Gatefold embossing folders. How
    elegant and delicate.


  16. Judy says:

    Absolutely love the 12″ embossing folders, but love it all, as usual. I’d LOVE to win them all, as I’m really getting into all the Anna Griffin kits. Love ’em.

  17. Guillermo Avina says:

    It is really hard to choose one favorite one since all or them are great and wonderful. Thank you Anna for bringing more tools into our creative world. God Bless you always.

  18. Amy Shumway says:

    My favorite new item are the butterfly dies. My sisiter lost her son, to cancer, a few years ago and since then loves butterlies so much! Love any Anna Griffin product!

  19. Cheryl Crites says:

    I am loving everything again! The 12″ embossing folders and the butterfly die cuts are on my list for March 24th.

  20. Vee says:

    oh, anna. i am salivating over the gatefold 12″ embossing folders. those need to come and live at my house for sure. see you on Tuesday.

  21. Nanny D says:

    I love each and every product in this sneak preview. My favorites are the 5×12 lace embossing folders. I am already planning the cards I’ll create. EXQUISITE!

  22. MJ Romero says:

    Love them both, must have them both! Anna, love each and every item you create. I get so many compliments on my cards. They are very sought-after in my circle.

  23. Camille Coakley says:

    I truly can’t make up my mind which I like best. The butterfly dies are awesome and the embossing folders look great. Cant wait for March 24th to get them.

  24. Kim S says:

    I love the 12″ cuttlebug folders..plus, luv that there are matching patterns for the Explore. Can’t wait for the 24th!

  25. Olga says:

    Oh I just love the Butterflies and how you have used them in creating cards. Can;t wait to get them and get started. Thank you so much Anna!

  26. Happy Crafter says:

    Sao very much enjoyed the Cinderella event….. The stationery desk is fabulous!!!) counting the days until the 24th! Can’t wait!

  27. Marlene A. says:

    Everything is just so pretty its hard to pick just one favorite! But, if I have to, I’ll pick 2! The Flower Pot Decoupage set and the Foil Card Layers.

  28. Jennie Tripician says:

    Hello Anna: I have been a fan of your work since the time you were a guest of Sandy Genovise’s DIY Scrapbooking show.
    You are, by far, what all other papercrafters aspire to be, including me. Thank you for sharing you gift with the rest of us and for making it possible for us to reach so high with your products. I like all the new products but I love the foil card layers. Can’t wait for March 24!

  29. Jan R says:

    Everything is so pretty it is hard to pick a favorite. Wish I was rich so I could buy everything and not have to choose a few items. Anna, you do such a great job and help us to make beautiful cards with all your products. Thank you!

  30. Patricia Heil says:

    I love all your foil stamped papers, They just make the cards I make. I received a thank you note for a card I made with Anna and she said that she had it framed. I jcouldn’t believe that someone woould frame a card. Thank you, Anna

  31. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Are the 12″ embossing folders different than the 1st set that came with the plates? And the 6×6 cardstock papers different than the last set? You know I have both of these items-just wondering if the new ones ARE new….thanks so much…Love, Lefty Lou

  32. Charlotte Martin says:

    Everything you do is so fresh and beautiful. Always something new to try. Can’t wait for March 24th and since I’m now retired I can watch all day. Oh what fun!!

  33. Sharons says:

    Congratulations Jackie you will have to post some of your cards you make. Anna I love the card made with the flower pot.

  34. Gisela says:

    Congratulations Jackie, I am so happy that you won ! May these beautiful items brighten your day and help you with your crafting.

  35. mary murphy says:


  36. Mary R says:

    The HSN set looked beautiful, Anna. Perfect for your style. Your new flowerpot collection is perfect as we are moving toward spring and summer:)

  37. Maria Quilenderino says:

    I love it all but if I must choose only one, I’ll go with Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. Been a fan of Anna Griffin since 1997 when I use to buy her stuff at Micheals. Now I shop at HSN. <3

  38. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    My very inspiring Auntie Sue passed away in her sleep on March 12th. She was such an inspiration to me in that she brought art into everything. I have over the years send her many cards for all occasions. She really loved the Anna Griffin designs and felt that my card making improved so much since I became your devotee. The bagpiper will be playing Amazing Grace at her service. So I want to get the Grace collection in her memory and to add to my cache of beautiful papers. Plus I am waiting for the Secret Garden writing desk. I watched the Cinderella event all day!
    So glad you were part of it.

  39. Helen G. says:

    I have loved Anna Griffin’s line since the very first day I tried scrapbooking. I didn’t really know how to do anything, but Anna’s lines made it easier,

  40. Florence Bonney says:

    I love the card choice of a bird and flowers along with your antique pottery- reminds me of the promise of Spring. And this old girl is never too old for purple. Looking forward to see more of your artistry on your next blog and during the upcoming HSN show.

  41. Marilynne Wasielewski says:

    Congrats to Jackie on winning those goodies! Looking forward to Tuesday’s show and new inspirations! Thanks, Anna, for all your lovely products.

  42. Teresa S. says:

    Anna. I love the ideas you come up with and admire your creative talents. Your designs are right up my alley because I love the old fashioned, lacey, flowery style. The new flower pot for cuts are adorable. Keep those ideas coming. We love them.

  43. Sandra Evans says:

    I love the new foil papers. They will give a new look of elegance to my cards and scrapbook pages. I liked the new floral die cuts too, because there are new flowers in the mix that we haven’t seen before. Thank you for bringing us the binder for our stamps without the stamps, and the beautiful new color. With all the embossing folders I have, I will have to have one more to store my new folders, I think I have at least one of every design. Having different ones helps me remember which folder are in which box.

  44. myrna hartley says:

    Love this cache! Can’t wait for all the new items on March 24th. I have my eye on so many things.

    You look so beautiful. Wow.


  45. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    I have been meaning to thank you for brining Sally into my life. We email or talk many times every week. I have a pile of cards ready to go out, and the soon to be newest additions to my collection will definitely step the beauty factor up a notch! I will be having a hip replacement next month. Thank you for having your shows BEFORE that! My recovery time will be shorter, as the Black grace set should help! Now if I can only figure out how to explain the massive cardboard boxes in our recycle bin to my husband…oh, and the UPS man will have to put things closer to the front door, as I won’t be able to get downstairs to our ‘hiding’ place! Thanks for making my life so much better…love, Lefty, Limpy Lou

  46. myrna hartley says:

    Congratulation Jackie your going to have such fun with all your new AG products.

    Anna you looked so beautiful, you make a great example of a modern day Princess. You match the beauty of your classic greeting cards.

    I am going to be out of town the 24th but I will still check out the new goodies and buy accordingly. I am making about 17-20 cards a week, yikes’s! But love doing it.


  47. Mary R. Huff says:


    Do u have relation in lower Michigan? I have good reason to ask, don’t see that name often anymore!

  48. Marilynne Wasielewski says:

    So looking forward to the next show on the 24th. Congrats to Jackie on her win and for a successful recovery…keep crafting!

  49. Iambie says:

    Have my calendar marked and ready to shop! Just made some cards this week using your last TS – love them. Looking forward to new Anna products.

  50. Debbie McL says:

    Congratulations Jackie! How wonderful for you to win these beautiful items made so lovingly by Anna and her staff. These gorgeous florals will make you feel like you are in an English Garden!
    Anna the purple iris card is perfect! Every shade of purple has been my most favorite color for almost 50 years!!! Beautiful photo of you in the Secret Garden…

  51. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, Love the Princess photo of u and the orchid card is to die for. After going to Hawaii in 1976 my husband would send me an orchid for many years. I miss Jim so much but I pass my time making beautiful Anna cards to keep me going.

    I was glad to see u put the Juliet collection back on HSN but I was bummed when I couldn’t get the 3-D stickers. So someone told me to go to: One Day Long Ago site and there they were among teacups that someone else asks you to make.

    OH Jackie congrats and so glad u are feeling better…u go gal!

  52. Debbie Lebair says:

    There’s nothing you can make that I won’t love!

    Keep all these beautiful things coming! Looking forward to March 24.

  53. Lora says:

    This card is so beautiful! I can’t wait to get the die to make this card! I love the colors and violets are my favorite!!!!

  54. Shari Shafii says:

    Congratulations Jackie!!
    Can’t wait for the show on the 24th!!
    I love these new pots you did Anna!!
    Can’t go wrong with Anna Griffin products!!
    I’m looking forward to making new things!!
    Your the best Anna Griffin!!
    I love your product!!
    I love your talent!!
    I love your style!!

  55. Lin M. says:

    Yes – the Cinderella sets were awesome and you look beautiful standing in the Secret Garden! I can’t wait to get my new Grace Bedding!!!

    I’m looking forward to next weeks previews and especially the 24th!!!

    Congratulations Jackie – have fun with your new goodies!!!

  56. Joanne Lowe says:

    Congratulations, Jackie!!! Enjoy playing with all of those WONDERFUL products–good for you!!! 🙂

  57. Arlene Peters says:

    Jackie, I am so sorry to hear about your trouble but am glad that you are doing better… and now with this wonderful gift you have “won” you can keep on doing what you have always loved to do… You sound like a wonderful lady and I am so happy that you were the winner… Congratulation again.. and “HAPPY CARD MAKING”… <3

  58. Jonie Isenberg says:

    I love the new card you made using the Flower Pot Decoupage Die Cuts. I cannot wait to get mine. I will have to have several sets. I always like to keep one set of all your decoupage kits as a collector item. When and if I get too old to craft, someone will love them as much as I do. I think what attracts me to them so is the uber large flowers.

  59. Arlene Peters says:

    Jackie, hope you realize just how envious we all are of you… You are so lucky to be getting this item way before we get to see the entire package of all the lovely flowers… Congratulations for your win !!!!!!

  60. Jackie Lokken says:

    I just want to thank all of you for congratulating me on winning these wonderful gifts. It meant a great deal for me as 2 years ago this past February I had brain surgery. It has taken awhile to get back to doing any crafting things, let alone card making. My hands are a bit shaky since the surgery and the eye sight is worse BUT having this beautiful things given to me,gives me something to look forward too. I am a lucky girl for sure. Once again… Thank you everyone, including Anna herself.

  61. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Congratulations Jackie, enjoy your gifts!

    Anna, lovely picture. Thank you for everything.

  62. HollyG says:

    Congrats to Jackie! Now all she needs is the beautiful Grace bedding set from HSN!

    Miss Anna,
    I absolutely LOVED the Cinderella shows you were in! They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect fit for this event!

    Looking forward to the next preview!

  63. Margaret Kay says:

    Congratulations Jackie!! Anna, everything is so stunning that you design. I have looked at other companies products, but none of them can compare to that you design and manufacture. It is so beautiful. I love everything that you do. Thank you so very much!!!

  64. Annette J says:

    Congrats to Jackie enjoy your new craft items. loving the new flowerpot items and can’t wait for the 24th.

  65. Sandra Crawford says:

    Hi Anna,
    I cannot wait until the 24th. To prepare for all your events, I get all my housework and cooking done in advance so there are no interruptions and I don’t miss anything before it is sold out. Your products are such quality. I have made so many cards and embellishments with last month’s Cricut Air Bluetooth upgrade with the 3 cartridges, so easy and so beautiful. Thanks Anna!

  66. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    Anna and team! Love your products, love watching your demonstrations on HSN. Always inspiring! Thanks for the reason to be crafty.

  67. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Your presence and beauty just makes the secret garden come alive. Thanks for sharing. Love the items on Cinderella week. All so beautifu. Looking forward to the new goodies. Know Jackie will enjoy her new beauties. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. It keeps us going between shows on HSN. You’re the greatest! Love and blessings. Betsy from NC

  68. Myra R. Goddard says:

    Congratulations Jackie. Lucky girl!! Anna – as usual I am looking forward to the new products, and the 24th. is my day to sit back and enjoy YOU. You are so talented and so generous sharing your talent. I love the “sneak peek”, and I especially like the boxes, as well as the flower pots. Now are these dies or die cuts? Didn’t quite figure it out. I think the boxes are a must have, as I am getting so many of your products, and storage is an issue. Maybe I’d get more if I had a way to store them besides cardboard boxes from the grocery store. The picture of you is so elegant, and you look so beautiful surrounded by all the flowers. I’m a Victorian girl too, and collect angels and cherubs, and love the Victorian style of decorating. Can’t wait to see you on the 24th. love, MickeyG.

  69. Tammy Whitley says:

    First that is a stunning photo of you and I love the sweater your wearing! Secondly I watched the show and had a vlast shopping,as usuall. I purchased the beddingensamble and its on its way to my hpuse. I cant wait. Looking forward to your visit at HSN later this month

  70. Karen Martin says:

    Congrats Jackie! Given that this was the first time you entered an Anna giveaway and you won, I think you need to go buy a lottery ticket! 🙂 You are clearly having a lucky day :-D. Enjoy your prizes!

  71. Debra Lovell says:

    Congrats to the winner…Wow! What a Prize… Thanks Anna for all the Beauty you bring to us…”I Love Your Style”

  72. Kim says:

    Can’t wait to see all the new stuff. I hope some flower die are up come for my cuttlebug. Every thing you do is so wonderful.

  73. Lisa S says:

    I simply want to just mention this… HSN did not advertise that your products would be on air during the Cinderalla event (such as saying something like “featuring Anna Griffin” in the hourly descriptor). I only knew you would be on from your blog. I would have been disappointed to miss it as I have my DVR set to record any crafting shows on HSN. Simply and FYI – not a complaint.


  74. Carol says:

    Hurray for you Jackie, and congratulations… what a wonderful prize you have won. I know you must love it and will soon be making stunning creations from Anna’s fabulous products.

    Anna … your photo in the Secret Garden is amazing. You looke absoluely beautiful and the lovely garden setting suits you perfectly.

  75. Grama Pei says:

    Congrats to Jackie! yayay! Oh, Anna, I LOVED the set on HSN! That is a great photo of you in the secret garden, definitely! And the orchids and jardinieres (sp?) are just fabulous! Cant wait! I am already looking forward to next Tuesday! ha!

  76. Beth in Georgia says:

    Congratulations Jackie! I hope you enjoy your prize. Anna, I agree the HSN set was very pretty for the “Cinderella” event. Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to our next peek!

  77. Patti Garcia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS JACKIE!! Is it purple? I just love purples!! It is too long to wait for the next sneak preview. I keep thinking is it Tuesday yet??? I love all you do Anna and team.

  78. Linda O'Connor says:

    Hi Anna. I can’t wait to see what else is new! I am so excited! The storage boxes and the embossing folders are beautiful!

  79. Sue B says:

    Since it is my birthday then….I would love this to be the icing on my cake. Thank you for the opportunity.

  80. Jo-Anne Terranella says:

    Way to go Anna, I know have my husband about to sleep in your beautiful BLACK GRACE Bed, I also bought Secret Garden Stationary. I try not to let any grass grow under my feet. Only so sad because I had bought all the boxes in White Grace, wish I had waited. Oh well. Hope you will be getting the STORAGE TRAY in Grace black. I also hope you make boxes that are 15×15 like I get at Michaels and Joann Fabric. I glad Jackie won, I would not want to brake my loosing spell. haha Love You

  81. Missy Starliper says:

    I can’t wait to see what is new. 24th waiting patiently. I love the Secret Garden picture too. Very nice.

  82. Ruth Varner says:

    This is an over the top beautiful card! The violet tones make me think of the beautiful Victorian era.

  83. MaryBeth H. says:

    Love the beauty and elegance of Anna’s projects! I am looking forward to your shows on 3/24 !

  84. Vivian Coyne says:

    I tape/watch every scrapbooking show on HSN and just love looking at the things Anna does.

  85. Mary DeGruy says:

    I’m still kind of new to the cuddlebug but ohhh can’t wait to see what I can create. So elegant and easy!! Will be watching on the 24th if not on tv will defintitely will be checking online!!

  86. Deborah Perry says:

    Congrats, Jackie! Anna, is the sneak peek a picture of components of the new card kit? I don’t recognize the background paper on the above card from any other kit. And I think I have them all!

  87. Laura says:

    The garden markers always draw me in. They’re so versatile on card and in scrapbook–AND on their own to label herb pots! And the 3D possibilities with the little pots…infinite! Thanks.

  88. Sharli Jones says:

    Hello Anna and Friends, I so love your products and the surprises you have for us. I love the flowers and pots, etc… Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  89. Kim says:

    Can’t wait for the debut on HSN!! Anna, you truly have the most beautiful array of products out on the market today!
    For the heck of it last week I spent over 2 hours online just to see what else was out on the market, I found NOTHING even remotely close to your elegance! Pat yourself on the back Anna, you are #1 !!

  90. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    P.s. I took a picture of your picture in the garden. It was very beautiful……Elegant.

  91. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    I am so going to page lift your beautiful card, I really love it. Can’t wait to get the decoupage kit, congrats to the winner, you’re a lucky lady. Love Arleen

  92. Sherri says:

    Congrats! Jackie! HSN sets for all the Cinderella events were stunning and Anna Griffin looked so lovely surrounded by that gorgeous display and all your beautiful bedding and other products. Wasn’t able to get the Secret Garden Stationary or anything else for now but here’s hoping and wishing I can on the 24th. I can already see it is going to be difficult to decide my items to purchase because I’ve been limited and I have a shipment for something that is on its way. Anna, I hope you are bringing back the 12″ plates and folders back, I got the folders for the paper tricks but the other sold out and I cannot use them yet. Will be watching and recording!!

  93. TamiB says:

    Congrats Jackie!! Some fun stuff coming your way!

    Anna – what a lovely photo of you! The background paper on your beautiful card is so pretty! Is that new? Can’t wait to see what else you’ve created!

  94. Sandra Webster says:

    I love this card….since Irises are my favorite flower, anyway. Can’t wait to see your next idea!

  95. Jackie Lokken says:

    Thank you for picking me.This is the first time I have ever entered and won….So excited. Don’t know what I am suppose to do now to collect it. Maybe private message on my FB ?

  96. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    Anna, I think you should have HSN change your pic out for this one. Not that the other isn’t a good pic, I just think you look absolutely stunning surrounded by all that beauty and the pic sums up everything you put into your designs. It’s” All things beautiful by Anna Griffin”!!

  97. Maricsa says:

    i love everything Anna Griffin as a mental health practitioner undo everything Anna for my therapeutic self care. I love all four of these beautiful pieces. I especially like the new storage available.

  98. TeranceH in Texas says:

    I watched a few other sections other than yours and i’m not a princess kind of guy but for some reason i do want to see this movie. i think its a childhood thing.

    I think the new item next week is more 5×7 backgrounds for cards, the one on your sample looks like something new.

  99. June Estep says:

    You look stunning in this photo. Somehow, this is how I picture our little Southern Belle. Surrounding yourself with lovely and beautiful places and things inspires me to do more of the same. That is why I love your papercraft products. Not sure I will ever make the leap to textiles, but a room with your fabrics and crafting furniture….well, for sure my mansion in heaven is going to have that. lol

  100. Sherry Mohler says:

    I already have March 24 marked on my calendar, can’t wait. I know several items i’m buying already!

  101. Pamela Brink says:

    Love your products, Anna! I have been a follower for many years and always look forward to the new things you keep coming out with.

  102. Sharon Steinke says:

    Jackie one lucky gal! I’ll still keep trying. Maybe next time I’ll be one in a million!

  103. Laura Lake says:

    YOU just read my mind PAMELA B.!! I couldn’t have said it better myself

  104. Alice says:

    Hi Anna, can’t wait until the 24th to see your products and demos! I look forward to your demos as much as the products I think! My favorite (if I must pick just one) is the foil cards & layers. I love foil accents! I would love to see you make some small dainty flower print paper ( maybe you already do & I have missed it). Love your work! Thank you for all of it!

  105. Mary W says:

    Can’t wait for the 24th to see your truly magnificent designs! I loved seeing you on the HSN Cinderella Event! I watched you at 5:00 am & you are always so beautiful! I have been making some lovely Mother’s Day cards with your Lovely Layers and Juliet collections! Congratulations to Jackie!

  106. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Congrats to Jackie. Can’t wait until the 24th. See you then. I really think I have to purchase the set of card storage boxes. Love them!

  107. Jan Gundrum says:

    I love watching Anna Griffin on HSN!!! Can’t wait until March 24–a whole day of crafting. Yea!!!

  108. Bibi says:

    Congratulations Jackie. Have fun with all your new goodies. I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will be making and displaying on HSN the 24th Anna.

  109. Pamela B says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the flower pot die cuts. They are beautiful as always. Love everything Anna Griffin!!

  110. Paula Meyer says:

    What can I say that hasn’t been said before. I love your products. I went to FIT for textile design and learned to paint flowers. I have always adored your beautiful flowers and all of your great items!!!

  111. gail W. says:

    Hmmmm could that beautiful bordered paper be part of your new product! I hope so!! That is gorgeous! Congratulations to Jackie! Can’t wait for your show as usual. Looking forward to new products!

  112. Cheryl Wells says:

    Congratulations Jackie! You’ve been blessed by the Anna Giveaway Fairy – all the new products are enchanting.

  113. LeeAnn Bisesi Sinclair says:

    Looking forward to the 24th. In the meantime I’m loving using the Anna Griffin products I already own . My collection of AG products keeps growing and growing because your products make it so easy to create beautiful things.

  114. Sheri Anderson says:

    Anna I LOVE them all but I must say that if I had to choose one it would be your storage boxes! I purchased several different boxes on your last visit in the white grace and they look so beautiful that even my husband doesn’t mind if they sit on top of my crafting table!!! Thank you for all your bring to us! I am moving to a very isolated place in Northern California and am very nervous about it but know that my card making and scrapbooking will be something for me to look forward to doing and will actually have a crafting room all filled with Anna Griffin. As I’ve been packing I have weeded out any non Anna Griffin crafting to donate. I just love your style and the other materials were not being used anyway! Bless you! Sheri

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