A Minc-redible day!

Hi everyone!

Did you have as much fun on HSN this Monday as we did? It’s so great to see all the excitement about this fabulous new Minc machine from American Crafts and the possibilities it provides. Thank you so much for watching!

We loved every single one of the 900 Minc-isms you posted on Facebook, and in case you missed them here are just a few of our favorites:

“I Minc I can, I Minc I can”

“We are living in a Minc-terial world and I am a Minc-terial girl”

“Tickled Minc”

“Because you know I’m all about that Minc, ‘bout that Minc, and Anna”

“Pretty in Minc”

“If you can think it, you can Minc it”

“It’s beautiful in the Minc-ing”

“When in doubt, Minc it out”

“If you like it then you better put a Minc on it”

“I Minc, therefore I am”

“To Minc or not to Minc”

“Keep calm and Minc on”

“Got Minc?”

“Minc on Minc off”

“Minc is the new black”

“In the Minc of an eye”

Then there was the very creative Minc dictionary submitted by Fredrika:

Minc (n): An amazing and magical golden foiling machine.

Minism (noun): The ideology adopted by mincers committed to the Minc.

Minker (n): One who gains creativity and thus delight through the practice of Mincism.

Mincology (n): The study and seeking of Minc truth. Minced (v): One who minks 24/7.

Mincly (adv): One who glows various colors and sparkle after operation of the Minc 24/7.

minc7 minc8 minc9

Next we thought we’d address a few frequently asked questions. If you have others feel free to post them in the comments section!

Will more foil and glitter sheets be available for my Minc?

Yes- next month!

How do I make my own toner sheet?

Print out a black solid sheet from any word processing program on a laser printer. We printed ours on white card stock. You can also have your local FedEx Kinkos make them for you!

How many times can I use the  3 sizes of transfer sheets that come with the Minc?

As many times as you want! These plastic carriers are heat resistant and designed to last.

Can you use the Minc toner paint in embossing folders and then Minc them with the foil and or glitter sheets? How about on stamp pads?

At this time, we would not recommend that as we are unsure if the toner will wash off the folders or stamps. For now, use the toner paint on paper, chipboard etc.

I have a laminator. This is not the Minc just a normal laminator that you seal items. I want to know if I used your foil sheets like sold on HSN with my laminator will it work as well as the Minc.

They will not work with a regular laminator.

Is the Minc a wireless machine?

No. The Minc must plug into a power outlet in order to operate.

Will the toner pens that are coming out later this year going to work in the Cricut Explore? 

The toner pens are not sized for the Explore, but we have seen people make all kinds of non Cricut pens work in the machine.

Can we see more finished projects?

Of course. We’re working on getting them ready for Pinterest as we speak.

What cards and layers should I use with the Minc bundle?

The Classic White Cards, Layers and Envelopes set in our hsn.com store are the perfect pair for this. It’s what we used for almost all of the projects you saw: http://bit.ly/1H5lq1c


Last but not least, we want to say a special thanks to the group of bloggers who posted about the Minc launch last week! You guys are fabulous. Here are links to their posts along with some of the photos they shared:












anna-griffin-minc Anna-Griffin-Minc-Artzy-Creations-3- Anna-Griffin-Minc-love-you-foiled IMG_1533-1024x683 Minc minc-2-1024x683 minc-gold-foil-machine-cupcake-topper-printables-720x434

Thanks again for your continued support of everything we do!



  1. Tracie says:

    You tube has a video about black spots and I tried it and it works perfect for me. Using card stock instead of plastic sheets.

  2. Tracie says:

    I have a cheep black only Lazer printer I got at Best Buy, and I put a piece of black card stock on top in my scanner and make a copy and it will print a pg of toner. also you can use a rubber stamp with mod podge and then lay the foil over it and run it through your mind between two sheets of card stock and the foil will stick to that also. You tube is where I learned this trick.

  3. Sonia says:

    I saw that you can use a piece of regular printer paper folded in half in place of the plastic folders (as they wear out) – be mindful if you’re printing on more delicate surfaces (i.e. – acetate) and maybe use more than one sheet of paper around it. Hope that helps!

  4. Eileen says:

    When I received my first auto shipment,I went thru each embellishment and found that over 50% of them were cut off center, so they couldn’t be used. I called HSN and said that this was not up to Anna Griffin quality and was told to return them for replacement. I did just that, sent just those embellishments back. I got an email saying to send the entire package! I had already started using it so wasn’t able. HSN returned them to me and refunded a small amount of the total purchase price. Now I’m stuck with product that I can’t use. *sigh*

  5. sandy says:

    Kelly, I tried the Sharpie Water Based Black Medium Paint Pen and it DID NOT work as a toner pen in the Minc Machine to transfer foil. Can you elaborate on your technique with this please? Merci muchly!

  6. Chris Hayden says:

    Anna, can you tell me when you will be selling your black toner sheets? I thought they would be available in June. I’ve tried to post this question a few places but I don’t know if I’m posting in old blogs or where to ask the question. My email is chris122049@aol.com. Could you let me know? LOVE the Minc and just bought the Cricut Air……….I’m in crafting heaven but I need black toner sheets! Thanks

  7. Kelly Coleman says:

    I bought this printer also and paid $59.00 for it at Staples – it is great for the Minc.

  8. Kelly Coleman says:

    I did a bit of research – toner is mostly carbon so then I started looking for other carbon options…seems that acrylic paint pens also work – I tried a Sharpie “Paint Pen” and that worked. Also you really don’t need a toner stamp pad because the essential glue pad (and others work with your stamps). There is also toner paint sold (acrylic paint that will work (has carbon in it).

  9. Kimberly Plater says:

    My Minc “ate” my transfer folder sheet and crumpled it through the machine. I cannot find anywhere to buy replacement transfer folders for the Anna Griffin Minc. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase them?

  10. Connie says:

    I noticed that in the auto ships offered on launch day of the minc included toner paint and toner markers. Like a fool I did not sign up for auto ship and am now soooo regretting it. Will toner paint and/or toner markers be available in the future? (Please say yes) I am so anxious to have these.

  11. Elizabeth David says:

    Yes, colored paper works. I’ve used both black cardstock and dark purple paper in a copier to put toner on the page. Both foiled fine.

  12. A. Marie says:

    Hello. The reason my room needs an Anna makeover is it’s not pretty at all. I went for function instead, and can’t say I succeeded all that we’ll on that note either. I’ve been an AG fan since I discovered you well over a decade ago. I’ve always said your items are fit for a princess. What princess doesn’t dream of having her own castle? This would be a castle and then some! Good luck on your launch.

  13. Dana W. Mullins says:

    Even when I completely cover the design it still leaves black spots on the design. I haven’t left any toner uncovered.
    I’d love it if there was a way to fix this…. if not this thing is going back.

  14. Dana W. Mullins says:

    I have black spots on mine too! Even when I completely covered it in foil…. On another site it recommended running plain white paper through the folder over and over again to get rid of the toner in an envelope….
    Even some of the example photos above have little black spots on them… I think this thing is going back to HSN. 🙁

  15. Lorraine says:

    Hi anna the only thing I can tell you is the. Room that you show on the internet I very lovely. My bedroom is stuck in the 1980’s . If I win it sure would be a great big improvement over what it is now. Wish me luck.

  16. Tina says:

    Such beautiful pieces to create an awesome work space, would be so much more efficient than the table system the gets overwhelming and our of control. Would cherish and be able to complete more projects!! Thank you for such exquisite pieces!!

  17. Lori Piller says:

    Mine stopped working after a day and a half and 50% of the die cuts are unusable. So off center and some cut right in half. It’s her name in the machine…didn’t appreciate being pushed off to American crafts who completely ignored my email and posting on their FB page. This could possibly tarnish her good name if her and her staff don’t address the quality control issues. It’s a hot mess and a shame. We are not all made out of money. I work hard for mine and expect good quality and help when something like this happens. I sent it back!

  18. Lori Piller says:

    Agree!!!! Anna and her staff need to get involved. It’s her name in the machine. I was pushed off to American crafts who never answered me!!! And….my Minc burned out after only a day and half. It has been sent back. I would hate for Anna to ruin her good name by not checking on the quality control issues. It seems she doesn’t care. She needs to stick to card kits that’s what she is known for. No sense slapping your name on something that isn’t Anna Griffin quality.

  19. Judy Thompson says:

    Where the little marks are at th bottom sides of the pen you have to squeeze in at the same time. I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands anymore. My husband just pushed in on both sides and pulled the very bottom off.. I hope you find some one to help you because the pen is just awesome.

  20. Jackie says:

    No matter hoe hard I try, I CAN NOT open the battery compartment on my heat foil pen.Ready to send it back. unless someone can help me with suggestion.

  21. E David says:

    I like my Minc. Have had no problems operating the machine.

    However, like several of the posts above, my die cuts are not of the quality I am used to seeing from Anna Griffin. About 10% of them look perfectly cut. About 40% of them are usable…noticeably off center to my eye but the design is intact so I have done some retrimming. But about 50% are so off that I would not use them on my cards. Examples: sentiments with borders that have been cut off on one side, flowers with tips of leaves or edges of petals where the toner has been cut off (and obviously larger white borders on opposite edge), significant portion of bicycle tire missing, etc.

    I hope the quality improves for the future auto-ship shipments or I will be cancelling that.

    I do think that Anna and her staff need to get involved. It’s her name on the product and her name that sells the product. And for me, that was a big factor in buying this version of the Minc versus the larger one on the market. (Price point was nice, but as some of the big chain stores are beginning to have sales on the larger Minc, it’s not that big of a factor for me. I wanted the AG ephemera for foiling. And that is a 50% bust for this shipment.)

  22. E David says:

    Per a YouTube video I watched about the Heidi Swapp Minc, it does caution you to be sure you cover all of the black toner with foil. I have also found that because of the static, the foil likes to slip. And I detect a slight slippage of the cardstock as it goes through the machine. (I’m GUESSING that when the edge of the cardstock hits the rollers inside, it may get pushed out of position. So the best advice I have heard it to make sure the foil is always larger than the item with toner, to smooth it out once it’s in the transfer folder and to look at both sides to make sure it’s positioned correctly before inserting in the machine.

    Uncovered toner can transfer to the folder. When it’s cooled, you might try scraping at it (gently, gently) with the dull edge of a knife. (You can sometimes scrape toner off of paper. It might work on the plastic also. Anyway, if you’ve ruined the folder already, it might be worth a try.)

    You can buy extra transfer folders at the big chain stores that sell the Minc. I have seen them at Hobby Lobby for $4.99–two large 12×12 folders and a 12×6 in the package. You can cut these down to use in the smaller machine. I also think those are made from heavier plastic and so they may work better.

    I have not had any problems with my AG Minc. But I used an HS Minc in a papercrafting store and had watch some YouTube videos. So I had heard some of the cautions before I tried mine.

  23. Kim says:

    A great BIG THANK YOU to: KAREN, KAYE L-K, and Sandra!! Misting my cardstock before running the gatefold folders through my Cuttlebug was the TRICK!! I was determined to make these work and thanks to you ladies mine now look as nice you all have described! With out a doubt the blog is my “go to” spot for help! Thanks again Ladies!!!

  24. Judy Thompson says:

    Go to YouTube and watch Veronica Chambers video. She is using Annas minc and testing the minc foil and the deco foil. They both worked but the deco foil did a beautiful job. She does side by side in the same folder . It’s a great tutorial!

  25. Margie says:

    Second post …still having problems with AG Minc machine. Black spots on finished projects and sticky residue on transfer covers from machine. Still discouraged and disappointed with the quality of this machine. This is a hot mess.

  26. Chris Hayden says:

    I’ve tried to read through the comments but I only found one that mentioned black spots appearing on the transfer folder and there was no response to the problem. My small transfer folder is ruined because the black spots affect anything else I try to foil in it. I don’t dare use the medium or large because I don’t want to ruin them. Why did I get black spots like that ? I covered it completely with the foil but the black spots showed up on the transfer folder? Help!!!!

  27. Chris Hayden says:

    I’m having the same problem with black spots showing on the transfer cover sheet. I’m afraid to use anymore of the transfer cover sheets because I don’t want to ruin them. My little transfer cover sheet has black spots now and I can’t use it because the black spots show up on anything I try to do in it now. Please tell me what’s wrong because I love the Minc!!!!

  28. Catherine Hanson says:

    Hi Anna, I bought the Minc and am excited to start using it. My question is, using a laser printer, can I print images on colored paper — for example black punched anchor shapes on a light blue background? Does it always have to be on white cardstock and/or paper? Thanks!

  29. Mary R. Huff says:

    I had a sister-in-law tell my mother-in-law in front of my own mom that she would rather have her for a mother-in-law, cruel and heartless but it’s up to us to stop it, So we chose not to have kids for other reasons too. Again, u are in my prayers!

  30. Lynda Valentine says:

    Well, I’m back with another comment. Although I was able to use the copies from my daughter-in-law, I realized the limitations of using plain paper. I wanted to use my Explore to cut, so in order to get anything at all intricate, you need cardstock. So I went to a local Micro Center store(I’m in NJ but I believe it is a chain) I found a small Samsung Xpress laser printer(M2020W). It was $69.99 on sale for $49.99. It is even wireless. I am now in Minc heaven!! I printed a black page on cardstock and cut some images with the explore. Then did some print & cut using 2 color designs. All foiled just great. I even did the reverse foil with my black page. There was problem when I didn’t make the 2nd color white. It didn’t foil right and scrunched up the carrier sheet. I did cut a piece from the big one and scored it to fold. This worked. My next test is to print & cut Anna’s card sentiments from her Explore content. I hope this helps someone.

  31. Winnie says:

    I was so excited to get my Anna Minc and everything I’ve foiled so far..the foil bonds to the entire piece AND the carrier ! I posted my samples on Facebook since I can’t post here…anyone else having this problem ?

  32. Lori Piller says:

    I thought my stuff was bad, have you visited Annas FB page and seen the photos of some of the things people are receiving??? ANNA- There is an obvious quality control,issue that needs to be addressed and yet I’ve not seen ONE APOLOGY FROM YOU! I mean, the machine does have YOUR name on it. Quit shoving people off to American crafts to fix it! Your name is on the product. Stand behind it, or recall them!!!

  33. kathy glaze says:

    I also found the white goods wonderful and very good quality..nothing like a cheap card!!

  34. Judy Thompson says:

    Here is a tutorial that is so nice. Heidi Swapp Minc Machine – Foiling A Stamped Image.
    She made a rose. She stamped part of the rose with versamark used toner power like embossing powder and then put through the mink. So pretty!

  35. Laura J says:

    For now just stamp as you normally would with your regular stamp pad and run it off on your copy/ laser printer.

  36. Judy Thompson says:

    Amazon has several on sale right now. They are under 100 dollars. I forgot to see if they was on free shipping.

  37. Inga says:

    Anna, have you had a chance to look at the mess that has been made out of your images for the Minc? I couldn’t believe that you could put your name on something that looked like a 5 year old cut out. I am so unhappy and disappointed.

  38. Pamela A says:

    Lynda – I’ve been doing some research trying to find a reasonable priced printer which would be used for foiling. If anyone finds a good deal please let me know which make, model and where you find it. I’ve tried to search for laser printers and then find the majority of the printers are inkjets. Happy Mincing!

  39. Mary Hagler says:

    Tom…. Funny… But to judge a papers true weight first determine the type ie bond,book,text,cover etc….paper is measured in pounds per 500 sheets (one ream of paper) of a standard size based on the group or category of paper….. Thus trying to determine the relative thickness or weight with a sheet or two on a postal scale is hilarious…..the surface texture ie plate, pressed etc would make no difference….

  40. Sandra says:

    to keep your paper from cracking or weakening spritz the paper with water from a spray bottle before you emboss it. You’ll get a crisper embossing and it won’t crack or tear

  41. Elizabeth David says:

    Short answer: HP Laserjet is a laser printer.

    Longer answer, not brand-specific: If you buy toner for your printer, it’s a laser printer. The toner is a dry powder that is heat-bonded to the paper. (And the heat from the Minc then bonds the foil to the toner on your paper.)

    If you buy ink for your printer, then it is not a laser printer. The ink is applied wet and sinks into the paper and dries. If you touch the ink with wet fingers before it is dry, it will smear.

  42. Linda says:

    Anna Love my Minc was nerves at first
    I have pretty pink rose’s to put on my card’s
    thanks’ Linda

  43. Gertrud says:

    Thank you Mary for your support. I have not seen my niece since Mother’s Day. I usually watch her at least 2 days a week. I don’t know when I will see her again. To deprive a family of the only biological grandchild is worse than heartless. My poor mother will be 80 years old next month. The heart ache that my sister-in-law caused on Mother’s Day was unspeakable. Thanks again for your support.

  44. Judy Thompson says:

    Patti,I know what you mean. My card takes a hit every time she brings in a lot of new things. I think I have to have everything. By the time she comes back I have my card paid off and then I do it again. Just can’t help myself. I am trying to get things out of boxes and into cabinets and containers so I know where everything is. My craft room is a mess. My minc and all the stuff I got with it is in my kitchen on my counter top. Lol I am really having a ball!

  45. Patti Garcia says:

    Ok I am waiting for my Minc to arive but am so excited about the bedding show. I am hoping there will be flex pays on that as well (especially since the the last craft show took a hit on the old bank account). I have visited the home page, Anna and want to order sheets and the duvet cover. Just waiting for a deal on the next show!!

  46. Patti Garcia says:

    I believe Anna used her Cricut cartridges for the demo on the the words Memories smile etc.It looks like the Elegant Embellishments cart.

  47. Patti Garcia says:

    Patti GarciKate, I too had lots of kit boxes. I just separated out the different componets. All except the Card kit for the men. That one I left in it’s box. I don’t have a lot of call for those cards… just enough to justify the purchase.I then stacked them and wrote the contents in the bottom so I can grab the box quickly. It seems to be working. I found that I would forget about of the kit contents when I left them in their own boxes.Waiting for my MINC to arrive!!

  48. Tom Gingras says:

    The white cards are gorgeous. Thinking I was crazy, I have a friend who has a postal scale for his business. I test weighed 2 white cards and 2 older cards, and they all weighed the same, variations of a few one hundreths of an ounce. So that settles the quality issue for me. They’re just a bit smoother, and may feel a bit different, but God only knows there will be lots of stuff on top of them, so I’m very p[leased with them.

  49. Judy Thompson says:

    Forgot to say I took the piece of glitter paper I used and I cut the parchment paper down. I am storing that piece of glitter paper in there. I am going to run through on toner paper. The glitter did not make a mess and coverage is just perfect.!! Can you tell how excited I am!

  50. Lori Piller says:

    Thank you Vicki. I would never do that. If it’s broken it’s broken. Not my fault.

  51. Judy Thompson says:

    I am so excited. I have been reading all on the minc and one of the suggestions from the minc site said you could use parchment paper.inside the folder you run thorough the mink. I folded a piece of parchment paper and put my design in with a piece of the glitter paper (glitter side down on the design). I ran through the mink on 5 twice. It is just beautiful. I am so happy with all of Anna’s products. Wow she really did it this time!! Great big hugs for you and your staff.

  52. Vicki Coleman says:

    Lori, I saw your video on the Minc not working on 5. I can’t imagine it would be worth it for anybody to order the machine just to foil the contents and return it, that’s rediculous. I have no doubt your machine is broken.

  53. Kaye L-K says:

    I think the solution you’re looking for when it comes to the gatefold folderrs and tearing along the crease is to first mist the paper with water prior to putting it through the embossing machine. This will soften the fibers resulting in less or no tearing.

  54. Lori Piller says:

    WHAT???? I have no choice to send it back….it’s broken!!!!!! What am I going to do with a broken machine and whip do you think you are. You people are WACK!!!

  55. Karen says:

    Kim, so sorry that you are having problems with the gatefold folders because they are just exquisite. I had posted earlier that I had not experienced any issues but had used only Anna’s metallic paper and suggested that only high quality, more weighted cardstock should be used. However, after seeing your post, I went back and tried every weight of cardstock that I could find. All still turned out perfectly. The stack is A plate, B plate, folder with paper, B on top. No pad, no spacer.
    Perhaps my cuttlebug is just more “used”?? I don’t know what else to tell you. Any suggestions Anna-friends?
    I am having fun with my new Minc!

  56. Lori Piller says:

    That’s great Kathy. A lot of us have noticed the die cuts are not centered. Not sure if you read the comments from others and the problem with the large folder. My machine broke yesterday as well. I had it one day, glittered one thing and now won’t work on level 5 again. Any solution??? Kinda bummed out. I was able to foil up a lot of stuff (the stuff that’s not off centered) but won’t work on level 5 after just one use of the glitter. HELP! :-).

  57. Kim says:

    Help!! I finally got a chance to use my Gatefold embossing folders last night and found mine also tear at the scored fold line. I know I read somewhere in these blogs a solution to this problem but after reading MANY entries I can not find this particular response! If anyone knows how to remedy this PLEASE post here!!
    Also in reading I noticed several people complaining about the weight of the new white card set, I too felt as though they were not the same, but after spending some time with these and comparing the cards from past card kits I no longer believe it is the weight of the card but the texture! If you notice they are smoother then for instance a card from the “Cards For Her” kit, and FYI- they weigh the same! NO WAY are they like a “dollar store” card! I was more upset they did not come in some kind of protective and identifiable folder as ALL of Anna’s past additions such as layers, embellishments etc.. have come in. No problem though I’ll just make my own! Can’t wait until tomorrow, my Minc is scheduled to arrive ! I know after reading all the post’s I will be a Minc-aniac!! Oh, and LOVE, LOVE the foil pen! I used it on my Flower Pot and Antique Botanical flowers all I can say is FANTASTIC results!!
    Craft in good health everyone!!

  58. Lori Piller says:

    My machine broke after one day!!!! And the images are off centered. There seems to be no quality control.

  59. Lori Piller says:

    Excuse me Lisa. I was just making an observation. Why must people be so nasty! It is America and I am entitled to an opinion. And how do you know what I buy and what I am or not happy with?? You don’t know me. I am upset as well because I had my Minc for one day and it’s broken ALREADY!!!!!!

  60. Margie says:

    So excited to have received my Minic. Have a problem with black spots showing on finished foiled projects. I have the machine set on 3 as recommended. Also, a sticky residue is on the outside of the transfer cover sheets after it comes out of the machine. Any suggestions on what is causing these problems? Very discouraged at this time.

  61. Lin M. says:

    I was out of the country for this 24-Hour Craft day and thought I had Anna’s shows recorded – unfortunately, I was mistaken. I was able to get online and order the new Minc and it arrived the day after I got back – how Awesome!
    I am hoping to get some time to play with it this afternoon. I am SO excited!

  62. Deborah Bode says:

    Minc you very much for another fabulous product! I love the colors of foil but I hope you come out with a black foil and maybe black glitter as well! They would be so elegant on invitations! You guys are mincly the best!

  63. Lisa says:

    If you are always unhappy with your purchases of Anna Griffin’s products, why do you continue to buy them? I haven’t purchased anything that is not “of great value and quality”.

  64. Lisa says:

    When you posted the other day about your Minc I figured you would use all the contents, foil a bunch of stuff and then send it back. I was sooo right.

  65. ElizabethD says:

    I also received my White Set and I think the quality and design are wonderful. Please Anna do more.

  66. kathy glaze says:

    All my stuff was perfectly packed..nothing bent or folded, just like everyhting else I have gotten from not only Anna, but HSN. The fact that I just bought the Minc and not anything else was in the box..also my die cuts are perfect!!

  67. kathy glaze says:

    I also got the white cards and am thrilled with them..have no idea how you can compare them with cheap flimsy cards. No way!! I even have used them as easel cards. Love them!!

  68. Penny C says:

    Hi Anna. The Minc works great and I love the white card set! Thanks for another great poduct!


  69. Jeanne says:

    Dear, dear Anna Griffin……when I heard people ask you to develop a way for us to be able to create our own foil images, I should have known that you would make it happen. I can hardly wait until mine arrives on Monday. The pen is wonderful!
    Thank you for all that you do for us. We trust you and you never fail us.
    Love to Georgie.

  70. Mary R. Huff says:

    Gertrud, Are we related? I have a sister just like your sister-in-law. I often wonder if I was born on another planet? I’m the baby of the family and am just 67 and this still continues in our family. So friends are my family even if she did try to straighten things a few years ago but she still makes her digs. So u have my prayers and I’m sure all the Griffinites will pray for you also!

  71. Anne says:

    I noticed that several of the images to be minc’d were off center, as well…a bit disappointing.

  72. Gertrud says:

    Hi, Anna. Enjoyed seeing you the day after Mother’s Day! Love the Minc and crafting with it! Please pray for me and my family. I made cards for my sister-in – law for Mother’s Day and usually my two year old niece sits and watches me make them using the Cuttlebug and Cricut Explore. Well, she was so happy to give them to her mother on Mother’s Day and her Mother’s only response was “Did you make them?”. You should have seen the expression on my little niece’s face. She was so hurt. She wanted to destroy her self confidence. I just had tears in my eyes that someone could do this to any child. But my niece and I will continue to make cards together.. I am a fighter and I love my niece. Hope everyone else had a better Mother’s Day! God Bless you all!

  73. Lynda Valentine says:

    Got my minc yesterday and WOW!! I am in love. I gave my daughter-in-law a piece of black cardstock and she copied it at work. The paper was pretty light weight but it foiled just fine on the die cuts. My Explore did a decent job cutting it, and then foiled perfectly. Next time, though, I will give her my paper which is a better quality. If I find myself becoming a real maniac about cutting my own, I’ll invest in the printer. There are some pretty reasonable ones out there. Several people complained about the die cuts not being centered. Mine are just fine. Guess it depends on the batch. Also, I cut the glue strip off the foil packs until I can find a safe storage for them. Someone also asked about the toner die cuts…whether to punch out before or after. I will punch out after foiling and use the punch outs for decorations. Happy mincing everyone and thanks again Anna!

  74. Lynda Valentine says:

    I gave my daughter-in-law a piece of black cardstock and she copied it at work. It works great!!

  75. Katherine wells says:

    Just finished playing with my new Minc! I had 2 graduation cards to make. I printed their mascots on my laser printer and then foiled them and all I can say is WOW. They turned out great and I know they will not receive duplicates of my cards. On another note…I thought I had been shorted a pack of foil, but after I opened each pack and counted, there was 10 sheets of each color in the pack. They stick together and only looks like a few.

  76. E David says:

    I have had great luck printing on my inkjet printer and the taking that to a self-serve copier to print with toner on cardstock. The version to which you apply foil has to have toner. But the “master” you cooy from can be created from inkjet, marker, ballpoint pen, etc.

  77. E David says:

    Did you keep a copy of the order when you placed it? If you have the order number, HSN should honor it. I had an auto ship cancelled because HSN tried to bill my bank card in the 2 days my account was suspended after fraudulent charges were detected by my bank. Customer Service rep initially told me I was out of luck. I persisted and got a more experienced rep who was able to reinstate the auto ship order.

  78. E David says:

    I have seen on YouTube that they do give off an odor the first few times you use them. (Many items which generate heat do that in the beginning.) If the odor doesn’t go away soon, it may be defective.

  79. E David says:

    I found all 10 sheets of foil of one color in one pack. I think the graphic they showed on air (2 packs of 25) was wrong. They want to cling together. It took 5 tries for me to successfully separate the 10 sheets. If you received the 5 colors, open each pack and see if you have 10 sheets in each pack.

  80. Pat Marsh says:

    This is exactly how I sort my card kits from Anna. Works fine for me also. (I do sort my sentiments by grouping all like ones together e.g. Happy Birthday, Thank You, etc.). Great minds think alike!!

  81. Linda Valoy says:

    Got my minc today. The solid black toner dies that had the cut outs in them where not punched out. Am I suppose to punch out the holes and then minc them or minc and then punch out the holes. I am sure someone has already tried them.

  82. Linda CC says:

    My Minc came today and so far I’m loving it! I really had thought I wouldn’t get it because I like my folders and dies and embossing powders…but I have to admit this is just so easy and elegant! Only one big problem, mine did not come with the instructions! So I’m afraid to do too much as I don’t want to ruin anything. I’m hoping someone might have the instructions that could be copied for me? Any help would be so appreciated!

  83. Pamela A says:

    The minc has landed! As I’m reading the comments – my large folder is bent about 3/4 of the way down the folder. I don’t think this should cause any problems, but I think this way due to the way is was packed. I was missing the 2nd pack of foil, I have contacted HSN CS and ask for a replacement, I don’t want a credit. On to the good stuff – I have only tried mine using die cuts and toner sheets from a printer. They came out beautiful. I didn’t get full coverage but got what looks like mirrored or mercury glass. It very subtle but gives it an antiqued look. I think the toner sheets that I made the black may not be dense enough in color and didn’t transfer a solid color of foil – but found a happy accident.
    I’m storing my foil in sheet protectors. Don’t try and get it back in the original package. I would also strongly suggest taking your foil out of the original pack being very careful that the edge with the glue doesn’t fold over and adhere to the foil – guess how I would know this?!?
    One last comment – I ordered the white card kit. I’m not find the quality to be any less. Someone had compared them to a store brand card/envelope combo, this combo from Anna is no where near a Michaels brand. The price works out to be about $1 a card which includes the base, a layer and an envelope. The quality is there for $1 each. Kudos to Anna and her team!

  84. Lori Piller says:

    I found them to be no where near the weight of her regular cards that come with the card kits. I’m glad a lot are satisfied, I was just making an observation. Thanks. I’m glad HSN has a good return policy.

  85. Lori Piller says:

    I noticed the same thing with the die cuts being off centered. Mine now broke and won’t work on setting #5 after glittering only one thing. Disappointed. I’ll stick with the card kits. Did you purchase the white cards?? They are very flimsy and I will be sending those back as well. Bummer!

  86. Tammy W says:

    I got my MINC today and am also missing one pack of the foils (25) – I will be calling HSN today!

  87. Lori Piller says:

    I’m so disappointed. I received my Minc a day and a half ago , foiled a bunch of stuff and now it’s broken already. Doesn’t work on setting #5 !!! I glittered ONE thing (and that didn’t work out all that well, didn’t glitter it correctly and I did EXACTLY what the instructions said to do) and then it stopped working on that setting So disappointing. I thought this was going to be a great thing but turns out it’s a lemon or I got a lemon. I will be returning it and sticking with the card kits only.

  88. Tom Gingras says:

    HSN has a liberal return policy. You can always return them if you aren’t satisfied. Most people appear to be very happy with the weight of the cards, and the new colors and patterns, too.

  89. Marie Fix says:

    I got my Minc and was happy to cut out a Golden Gate Bridge on the explore with one of the toner sheets. That worked great, but I have noticed the die cuts that came with the machine are not centered well and some are unusable. My question is if the future shipments will be any better. If not I will cancel the autoship. These are not up to your usual quality.

  90. Judy Thompson says:

    You have to push in on both sides. I don’t have the strength anymore in my hands. My husband opened it with no problem. It is just a really tight fit and needs a lot of pressure to get it off. Just don’t try to pry off.

  91. Lynne R C says:

    Oh my gosh, Anna. All I can say is —-BRING ON YOUR CHRISTMAS PRODUCTS. I’m ready for them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Lori Piller says:

    My large folder arrived all bent. Seems the way they packed them it was crammed in the clear envelope sleeve with the others. All are fine except the long one. It’s got all ripples in it. Afraid to use it because I don’t want to ruin anything I put in there. Anyone else’s large,,long folder come all rippled and wrinkled?

  93. Lori Piller says:

    Has anyone taken notice that the new white card set is very flimsy and not at all the weight of her other cards?? I was disappointed at the weight.

  94. Lori Piller says:

    I noticed that as well! Some are off centered. Not the quality you would expect as you said.

  95. Lisa;p says:

    So, I guess I dreamed a dream that I ordered your Minc because I checked HSN to see the delivery status, it wasn’t there 🙁 I missed out on the auto delivery but I did purchase it last night. I could kick myself, I guess I was soooo excited, I didn’t hit that last button…… Oh well better late than never. Looking forward to playing with my Minc !!!!

  96. Maggie Barnett says:

    Dear Sanna! The sleigh arrived and all my treasures and goodies have arrived here at the North Pol! Thank tou so much Anna!!i can sympathize with my Canadian neighbors regarding their problems with shipping and want to thank HSN for shipping toAlaska!! Anna thank you making us all so creative!! You really are my Santa Claus……Sanna!!!!

  97. Michelle Reaves says:

    I loved the May 11th show, had so much fun watching the whole thing! I ordered the Minc, Anna’s Cuttlebug with mix n match folders and her rubber mat and dies. My Minc got here today but it’s missing the rose gold foil. Do I call HSN? This was my first time ever ordering anything for myself from HSN. I immediately tried my Minc, love it!! Just wondering if it’s supposed to put off an odor or is something wrong?

  98. CynthiaPerez says:

    Disappointed with the quality of the dies. Many are off-centered and bent or torn. Not the quality I expect from your products.

  99. sandie scott says:

    does anyone have instructions on how to get the battery compartment open on the heat wave pen? I’m trying not to break it before I get to use it. My minc isn’t showing any movement so no telling when I’ll get that. I want to play.

  100. CynthiaPerez says:

    I received my minc and started playing but the foil did not cover the image entirely. Also, the medium folder jammed and is now rumpled and won’t flatten out. Can this be replaced?

  101. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Dear Anna…
    I forgot to ask; When will the second set of the “Mix and Match” embossing folders be available on HSN.com? I didn’t sign up for auto ship, (mistakenly) and figured they would be available at a later date.
    PLEASE tell me they WILL be available !!!!!
    Rhonda L.P.

  102. Pamela A says:

    Kate – I have found as accumulate a number of card kits I needed to find a better way to store everything. I have a box that I keep card bases, envelopes, inside sentiments, etc. Then I have a box for all my beautiful Anna 3d flowers, bows, and any add-ons. I have as much consolidated in 2 boxes. But then I found that some of the kits I just need to keep together only because the bases and flowers need to be together (like the pop-ups). I still have the same number of boxes but this helps me keep most things consolidated and really helps me from looking through numerous boxes. After I pick a base, a layer and sentiment that box can be put away and then I can “grow my flower garden”. Hope this helps.

  103. Mary R. Huff says:

    Kate, I pretty much do what Arlene says to do below. When I use a card kit up completely then I fill it w/other Anna goodies, so enjoy!

    ANNA: Is there anyway I can order another box of the blank foil cards u put in the Cinderella kit? A box of pink cards #AG1003632/NC320, arrived but I don’t like the Dasmask?? style also with it. I’m in love with just the flower and ribbon card, see how easily u get us hooked?

    Blessings to All of you in Anna Land!!

  104. jancarol says:

    Oh my! that is just too funny!
    My brother in law blocked the shopping channels so my sister in law could not shop. He said the brown truck came to his house too much!

  105. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Hi Kate, I use Anna’s great boxes, but I put all flowers in one, all 3d sentiments, all flat sentiments, all ribbons, all card makings, etc., each in their own box. I write on the boxes, very large. Works great. Sometimes I take the lids off all and set them up in a production line. Have fun making cards! Arleen

  106. Judy Thompson says:

    Hi Everyone I forgot to say for those of you looking for a toner page to take and get copied I have one. Don’t know if its okay to post but I am trying to help. On youtube if you go to Jennifer McGuire Ink she has so many tutorials and she posted this link for anyone who wants it.I hope its okay to post here. This is a pdf file. Just copy out or put on a flash drive and take to a office depot place. http://www.jennifermcguireink.com/images/2015/04/Toner-Paper.pdf. Just paste the link into your browser if you are unable to click on it. Hope this helps. I am on my way now.

  107. Judy Thompson says:

    Hi Anna my Brown truck came today! It is just like Christmas. Thank you so much for all the beautiful products! They are Minctastic!!!

  108. Kate Scott says:

    If I already have the Heidi Swapp Minc, will your goodies work in it? Also, may I ask for a return of the Cutting Garden Card Kit? I loved that kit and smile when I find left overs in my stash.
    I have a question for the long time Anna fans. Do you store each card kit together or do you have another method? I have been keeping everything in its box. But I find that means I have to look through a LOT of kit boxes. Thanks for any help or ideas.
    Love you Anna & Team!

  109. luann settles says:

    Cant wait to get my minc!..I have a few questions. Are you going to sell packs of black toner paper..because I speaking for a lot of crafters I have no room for another printer.. Also I adore my explore…is there any plans in the works to make a mini explore? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE FOR TRAVEL…please say yes..thank you hope you answer my questions soon…

  110. Juliann says:

    Holding my breath ‘cuz the Minc is to arrive on my doorstep today!!

    ALSO, I too would love to see the Pretty Paintings card kit back. Please- I love them. And would ALSO love to see the JOLIE papers back. Pretty Please?

  111. Mary Speicher says:

    Love the Minc, works perfectly. Everything doesn’t have to be pastel. You and your company have always been about innovation and quality and I have never received anything I thought was of poor quality. Love the embossing folders for pleated medallions and Playful Pieces card kit and Grace Black folders boxes. I had to buy Zutter system elsewhere to store die cuts though. Do you think you could cresate a holiday assortment of embossing folders: valentine, st patrick,easter, july 4th, halloween, and christmas, and new year?,

  112. Anita Lou says:

    Loved the new items that you showed on HSN last week. I spent a few dollars on several things and got the Minc as well with the auto-ship. Can’t wait to see all the new ideas that you will come up with for the machine. Loved the show!

  113. Pamela A says:

    I was truly convinced that I really didn’t need the Minc and that my credit card would be safe this time – but oh no! I watched at 6am (it may have been the midnight airing) and quickly turned the corner. My package is due to arrive today as I have been tracking like a kid tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. When I was playing Anna’s last preview my husband said “I guess we’re getting one of those?” In my haste I said “Don’t think so”.
    I have read through all the comments and have found helpful hints and I hope they keep coming in. I finally got my printer to print a black background (thank you Elizabeth).

    Here’s a note to Anna and team: I liked the price point, I really liked the size (don’t need a 12″ machine) for card making. Your demos were so good and I hope you were having as good of a time as you appeared.

    I would love to see the return of Pretty Paintings, the border stickers and would love to purchase additional 3D flowers- like a whole bunch!

    I’m totally an Annanista. It’s so easy to fall in love with the quality and beautiful things available. Just need more – tell HSN to double their orders.

  114. Pamela A says:

    Elizabeth – thank you for the instructions, they were so helpful. I had to “tweak” a little and turn on to print the background color and now it works. I have an HP Laserjet printer, just questioning if that is truly a laser printer that will work? If anyone has any insight?

  115. Anna Griffin says:

    You will want to run the glitter sheets through the Minc twice on heat setting 5.

  116. Anna Griffin says:

    Marcie- Our new folder storage doesn’t have organizers with the tabs yet since there are not different sized folders to organize. Hope this helps!

  117. camille says:

    I will receive my heat pen tomorrow (Sat).
    I am excited. I never erase your shows from
    DVR. I review details over and over. This has been really helpful.
    I also am also trying to get the May autoship
    for the mix and match folders and dies. I
    tried to call back but was not clearly advisèd.
    I wanted that series (baroque, ribbon stitch,
    Etc.) Anyway, I’m still trying! Lessons learned. Buy it when you see it. Think about
    it later!!!

  118. Mary Hagler says:

    Ordered auto ship and lots of other items…. Friend ordered at same time…. She rec’d hers mine is coming from CA…. Due NEXT WEEK…. Seriously ?
    Went to her house ( 3 streets away from me btw) used hers this pm….nice… H O W E V E R …. The colors need to be more Anna like not so garishly bright….. But I guess the foils by American craft are one colir fits all Heidi swapp a d Anna…. Minc worked well waiting for mine …. Irritated that shipping is delayed when ordereed at same time but such is HSN life…used a foiling technique essay back in the 80s will have to dig out the machine from then and compare…. Minc seems easier so may keep it….just wish colors of foils were more Anna like….pink hold nice and the pink…. Will play and see if I can doctor the finish somewhat…. But thank you Anna for more toys to fill my studio….lots of experiments to try….

  119. Doug G. says:

    Can’t wait to get my Minc and all the future auto ships !!!! Also ordered the heat pen and Decorate, Celebrate cartridge with paper. Tracking the shipment like a child tracks Santa on Christmas Eve !!! So excited to start mincing things. Already have a laser printer for future mincing. Thanks Anna for continuing to push the boundaries and finding new ways to make stunning projects !!!

  120. Melinda Keeley says:

    I just want to thank you for The Playful Papers kit. I’ve been asking for it for several months and am so happy you listen to your fans. I found it on hsn.com before Anna presented it live on May 11. It was fun to look at the kit on my couch while watching Anna’s presenting it. Again, thank you for such a whimsical kit, good for any age! I plan to glam up some of my cards with glitter, rhinestones, foil, and ribbon.

  121. Carol says:

    The choice you made for the winner was just right! Still would like to have correct English by you, though. lt should really be beauty in the making, not the adjective. Bothered some of us in every one of your videos.Are these folks already getting their deliveries because they ordered before Monday?

  122. Marcie Smith says:

    Received two of my boxes of goodies this afternoon, still more to come. Unpacked but haven’t dove in yet. Hopefully tomorrow, when the rest of it arrives. Have so many questions about the minc machine. You did answer a few above.

    You spoil us Anna, or I wouldn’t be asking this one: Just curious, but the storage box for the new 6 X 12 embossing folders, they do not come with the tab top file organizers like the small embossing folder storage boxes do? Are you planning to make those and hopefully you will also be producing file sleeves for these as well. Would really be helpful. Thanks. See how we just expect things from you??? That is because you already spoil us so much!!!!!! Love all your products Anna, thanks.

  123. Leslie says:

    PS Didn’t think I wanted the “scrapbooking for dummies” kit until I saw it was Amielie and that is one of my favorites by you Anna, so I had to have it. And it came today.and NO you did not disappoint. It is just BEAUTIFUL.. Thanks,
    PSS Now I have 3 of your autoships. I will be getting my Anna fix every month or so for the rest of the year. FUN! FUN!!

  124. Leslie says:

    I really didn’t think I wanted the Minc as I demoed it at work (The larger one). But Anna’s size is perfect. Small in size, but GIANT in the effect. I don’t think I need to Minc a 12 X 12 piece of paper. And the 3 sizes of the folders, Yes make mine MInc please. And thank you very much.

  125. deborah travis moreland says:

    Rec’d my Minc today, can’t wait to start trying all the fun projects I saw live on HSN… think I was up for the 24hrs!! 😀
    Also, happened to be in JoAnn’s yesterday and they had the 10ft rolls of Minc foil on sale…..a really good price, especially since we can’t order from HSN for a month or so.
    Snap’em up while they have the colors of foil you need, I bought gold and silver.
    I signed up for the Auto ship, can’t wait for more projects and beautiful items to foil.

  126. Debra Ewry says:

    I am so upset HSN messed up my order not only did I have to pay more for my mind I did not get the auto ship we ordered the today’s special and when I tracked the shipping the order was gone they don’t know what happened so sad!

  127. Lori Kelley says:

    Love all the new products! Can anyone clarify what the difference is between the Minc machine foil and the pen foil? I definitely heard Anna say the pen doesn’t wrk w/the Minc foil. Also, I had probs w/the sentiments plates for the Mix & Match Cuttlebug folders sticking together. I couldn’t even pry them open w/a craft knife! But when I accidentally dropped a ‘blank’ on the floor, it popped apart into 2 pcs. Just fyi for anyone else who thought they were missing sentiments:) lol

  128. Mary Lou Rosado says:

    I bought so many things. I can’t wait to receive it. I love your thoughtfulness and new designs. We Love you Anna and team.

    Have a great day!

  129. Mary Speicher says:

    Looking forward to receiving Minc machine next week. Now I go to bed and need to keep pen and paper handy to write down card ideas during sleep. I started watching your videos and want to cut a card of pink card stock, emboss with large floral, sand it, cut die cut in white, then use glue and white sparkle glitter and heat gun tomelt glitter foe top of card, some flowers and sentiment and makeenvelope from rose floral paper. Thanks for showing us how tobe creative.

  130. Debbie says:

    Hi Anna. Am very excited to get my new Minc. Can’t wait to try new things. Please restock “For The Girls” die-cuts and “Antique Botanical die-cuts. I would love to see some others in floral die-cuts, such as iris, daffodil, tulip, roses with dragon flies, lady bugs. Thank you for your consideration.

  131. Mewsmomtoo says:

    My Minc is on its way, it will get here middle of next week or so and I can’t wait to try it! I was lucky enough to be able to watch all day Monday and I had such a good time. Ordered several items and am planning to have some fun this summer cardmaking & scrapbooking. Thank you Anna & Co. for bringing me so much joy! <3 <3

  132. Lynda Valentine says:

    Wow! I am bracing at the bit to get my minc. I ordered mine right at midnight so I am so jealous that so many have received theirs already. Looks like tomorrow or Saturday. Can’t wait for that and everything else. Thanks Anna for all the wonderful stuff.

  133. Dalyce says:

    Hi Anna,
    I am so excited about this Minc machine.
    It makes me excited to be able to put foil on on my own sentiments.
    So, so excited!!!!

    Question: Can the negative side of the glitter sheets be sent back through like the foil can? I never say that demontrated.

    Thanks Anna

  134. Sharon Sienaski says:

    I ordered my Minc on autoship during the midnight show. Then I could sleep peacefully knowing it was mine. Then I had to go to work to earn the $ to pay for it! So excited. Now we need some sort of storage cart for the Minc and accessories.

  135. Sharon Sienaski says:

    I also wondered about the font. I did notice it was welded and I don’t know how to do that im Word. Indomweld on my Cameo.

  136. Wendy C says:

    Got my machine today as I dashed out the door for chauffeur duty. Cant wait to get home and play with it! But one ? – does the black copy specifically need laser or will any copier with toner work?

  137. Sue says:

    I received my Minc today. we tried it out and seem to have a problem with it leaving some black areas not foiled not a lot but should it do that? Also the glitter sheets did not seem to stick very well It seems that you can use a brush and get it to come off Any help or ideas?

  138. Lehua C says:

    That happened to me when I put *** too. Went with ohmygosh without a problem! Reminds me of Captain America in the new Avengers! Lol

  139. Marolyn says:

    Re making your own toner sheets. Am I crazy or did I hear during one of the presentations that you can print on an inkjet and then copy that item on a toner-based copier ( like in an office, Kinkos, etc.) and then use that new copied document to Minc? Or is the only option to actually print from a laser printer?

  140. Mary says:

    Just wrote to you but lost it. Will you be putting more videos on YouTube so we can watch you over and over for the Minc instructions? I am eagerly waiting to receive mine. It has not arrived yet and I signed up for autoship. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, as I have asked before will you put out a packet of your beautiful ribbon bows. They are so easy to work with and I love them. I hope in June we can buy more toner paper because I don’t want to buy a toner machine……Thanks…..

  141. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Dear Anna,
    Like everyone else….can’t wait to try that MINC!
    Also, ordered two desk tops! One step closer to getting my craft area organized! PLEASE don’t stop making the “Grace; White” storage pieces! I can’t buy them all at once, but would like for them to match!
    As for GEORGIE…… I just KNEW he was a “Ragdoll!
    He has that face that says,”It’s okay if the world goes by….I’ll just WATCH!” Anna, I’m soooo tempted!
    Wishing you a happy and sun filled day!
    Rhonda L.P.

  142. sherry says:

    I have not received my goodies yet from Monday’s show but in the meantime I am redecorating my craft room. I have spray painted all of my storage units_wood and plastic_drawers and everything in gold and ivory. Don’t you know that I am an anna griffin gal??

  143. Annette J says:

    LOVED all the products you presented especially had fun watching near the end when everyone was “punchy”…good times. LOVED the minc and I know everyone who bought one will love it too. Thanks Anna for such great products. I am looking forward to your bedding collections they look amazing.

  144. Becky P says:

    Is it a possibility to get a toner stamp pad??? I have sooo many stamp sets! Would love to “gild the lily” with them!!!

  145. carol smidutz says:

    I received my third box from HSN. I would like to see how you use the foil pen. I need video to see how to use it. I have a request could you come out with a christmas gatefold folder set. I love the set you came out. with and the cardstock is the best. A christmas cardstock would be great.

  146. Jay says:

    Thanks for your suggestions. I know that the toner sheets can be cut, or we can make our own, but the card bases are square. I haven’t received mine, so I don’t know if the envelopes are square. While I can make rectangular envelopes, it would be easier to just drop the card into one of Anna’s envelopes.

  147. vivian olver says:

    I received my minc, foil pen, 6 inch perfect palette set, extra foil for the pen,
    and duet 12 in embossing folders. I can’t use any them until I finish assembling my four AG paper storage bins. I’m finishing the 4th one tonight. Then I’ll be in good shape for a while! (I hope}

  148. Diane says:

    My Minc is on its way to my home! I cannot wait. I was in JoAnn’s store yesterday, and saw the 12″ model. I am so glad the one from Anna is 6″. That is clearly more practical for a cardmaker as well as someone who wants to make embellishments. The store had a sale on the larger Minc foil rolls, so I picked up 2 fav colors to trim down and use – teal and rose gold. I am looking forward to having a toner pen to detail future tags and other embellishments. The craft day was good, especially the evening special show! I do agree that HSN should have more single theme days for crafters. Diane

  149. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    I had the best time watching the shows! Really great information and FUN! Love your sense of humor.

    It sounds like Anna Griffin Inc has no time to rest! Good luck with your other shows! Love your new fabric line..

    Looking forward to next months visit!

    Craft on and safe travels!

  150. Kate Molnar says:

    Too funny, Cathy! Besides, there’s too few *** for any serious swear words! haha

  151. Cathy Moses says:

    I totally spaced out and did not watch ALL day craft day….***! Saw it the next day and ordered it anyway!—higher price, because…the girl has to have the bling!!! And they were all out of the auto ship! Double ***! I hope it’s as great as it looks. Thanks, Anna once again for a great product.

  152. Irene Iglesias says:

    I can’t wait to receive my Minc machine. I might go to my sister’s house to try her’s, since she is scheduled to receive her’s first.

  153. Barbara youngman says:

    Love the show Monday on HSN. I started at 12:00 midnight and watched every time you were on.Every time you showed the Minc machine I learned something new. I though you had a crystal ball, I would think something and then you would show how to do it. It was like you read my mind. Can wait until I get my Minc. Keep up the good work.

  154. Elizabeth David says:

    You want to add a “background” color for your document.

    In Word 2003, go to the Format menu and select “Background”. Word will show you a palette of colors and you may select black.

    You may need to use your “Help” function to find out how to do this in later versions of Word. Just ask how to set a background color.

    You can amp it up one more step and add patterns to the entire page in black and white to create patterned backgrounds to foil. Under the same Background option, you will see “Fill Effects”. This lets you add an all-over pattern (ex. diagonal stripes).

  155. Susan Brink says:

    Will the toner pens and toner paint be sold separately from the auto delivery?
    How about ” Think it then Minc it!”

  156. E David says:

    A) You can crop the sheet smaller to fit an A2 size. That may not work with all designs but surely some will be OK.

    B) The envelope just needs to be wider than it is tall, so buy or make one slightly larger (ex. 6.5″ wide) and a 49-cent stamp will be sufficient unless it is too thick or too heavy. (US Postal Service sells special stamps for 2-ounce first class postage for 70 cents. You don’t have to use 2 49-cent stamps.) USPS website is a good reference for cardmakers. Learn the rules and you can find ways to avoid extpostage fees.

  157. Sheryl says:

    Glad people are enjoying there mincs…rec’d mine today and guess what..? right out of the box DID NOT WORK…!!! Called HSN, can’t get it, all out…spoke with supervisor, supposedly sending one…Also called American Crafts they said “that Anna thing, you need to call HSN” that is why I hate buying from HSN…sorry Anna, couldn’t find anywhere else to post this, sure wish you would go to another channel…and Shannon and Kathy Wolf need to go…only Suzanne can sell crafts…I do love Anna products…!!

  158. hobo says:

    I had seen the larger version of this machine in a store, along with supplies, but there was no explanation to go with it, so I kept wondering until I watched you. I ordered yours and it has yet to arrive, but yesterday I went to my local copy store and had ten sheets printed on their laser printer. The man I am sure thought I had a screw loose but when I explained it to him he was amazed at what is new in the world of crafting. Now all I need is my machine and I hope I have the results that you had. It is funny, I used to work in a financial institution and when a woman would bring in her credit card bill to make a payment a lot of times they would hand us the entire statement. We couldn’t help but notice the strings of charges to online shopping! We used to laugh that the little old lady must have done nothing but sit home and order from TV all day. Now that I am retired I make sure to pay my bill online so no one will laugh when they see my string of online AG/HSN charges!

  159. Georgi says:

    Can’t wait to get my Minc. I should receive it in a couple days. However, I need further instructions on the black toner sheets. I tried making a block and then checking to print the block black on the page in my wordprocessing software but it did not work. Any further suggestions? Also, on the show the HSN gal ran a black piece of cardstock through her laser printer. Exactly what did she do to get the toner on the black cardstock?
    Thank you for your creativity.

  160. Shellie Fontana says:

    I am jazzed all over again, reading your BLOG, Anna, AND comments and ideas from FAN-friends! Looking for that brown truck any time now~
    P.S. YOUR video-tutorials, BLOG posts, and Pinterest posts are VERY HELPFUL, Anna! Keep them coming, thank you!
    P.P.S. I totally did Autoship!!!

  161. Violet M says:

    Can’t wait to start creating with all the new pretties. Just a question…have you ever thought of making a DVD of all your great tutorials? I know I’d buy it! This is for all us poor souls who have bad internet connections and who live out in the boonies.:-)

  162. Cynthia Daversa says:

    So excited for my MINC to arrive! And I am so glad my “Material Girl” MINC quote was one of your favorites! Now where is that brown truck???

  163. Sharon Vrenna says:

    Waiting on my minc. On the words you typed on your computer (like SMILE, HUGS, ETC.) – what font did you use? I read somewhere it was a computer font but which one – what was the name. It was a nice bold font and would work nicely with the minc as you proved on HSN. Thanking you in advance for this information.

  164. Roses says:

    I’m happy to see that EVERYONE is as anxious to receive the Minc as I am. Maybe it will arrive today……..

  165. Donna Reed Przybylowski says:

    Anna Griffin® Cuttlebug™ Embossing Folders & Dies – Lace Trimmings

    I just loved watching you on the HSN, I was home all day and just so loved it. Right now I am just trying to get something you had on HSN another time and can not get it any where.It is listed above, is it possible to get it some where? I am disabled and can not get around much, and would like to be able to get it before my health gets worse, can anyone help me?
    Thanks for your time,

  166. Judith Brauer says:

    Hi – I am so satisfied that I am not the only one that is sooooo excited about Anna Griffin.and all the wonderful goodies available. I can’t wait to get the newest toy: The Minc!! Add that to all the other AG products and it’s just a great day all around! Had great fun on Monday watching HSN. Anna, you sure were having fun with the rest of the gang and I think that’s just another reason we we all love you and your products. Thanks so much!

  167. Mary says:

    My Minc has not arrived yet. Takes a while for items to get up here in Maine….(Best state ever). I got my heat gun and anxious to try it with the foil. Please post things on Pinterest so we can see how to use these items more than once. A great tool for learning. Received my other things from Anna and waiting for the rest to arrive. Just like Christmas!
    Will be anxious to learn where we can buy the toner sheets and more foil if needed. So thanks.

  168. Marsha says:

    Anna Thank you for a great day of creating. I would like to know I was in my local Joanns and they have the minc foil in a roll is that the same foil and would that work in the minc? It is made by the Minc co.

    Thank you again

  169. Jay Kay says:

    I am anxiously awaiting my Minc to arrive. While I love the 6 x 6 card size, it is my understanding that anything square shaped is not standard size and requires additional postage. I know that when we layer up our cards, they already require additional postage, but from time to time when I am a bit restrained, I have been able to send cards with just regular postage. It would be helpful to have the Minc layers in standard card sizes so we can avoid extra postage. Thanks for your great projects. (Just took a higher-paying job so that I can afford my Anna addiction!)

  170. Lauren says:

    Received my MINC the next day. Wow! Used it and works perfectly. However, missing one pack of the foils (25) and am sure HSN will make good. Other than that, WOW!

  171. Joann Anderson says:

    I can’t wait to get mine, should get it tomorrow. Bought a new laser printer too :). I am totally going to have to rearrange my craft room. More room for ANNA!!

  172. Mary Jo Stewart says:

    Can you give further instructions on creating a toner sheet in Word? I have tried to do this and have been unsuccessful. How do you do it?

  173. Judy Rose says:

    Will the Minc be available elsewhere? HSN do not send to Canada.


    PS I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Pamela B says:

    I get my Minc today, can’t wait. Wanted to say wheres the Minc? Loved the show way too much now just to find room for all I bought and getting a chance to use it all.

  175. Coletta Cooper says:

    This was such a fun day. I can’t wait for my Minc to arrive. Thanks Anna and all your crew!

  176. Angie K. says:

    Loved the May 11th Anna Griffin Minc Presentation. Hope to get one soon. Have to pay off the other Anna Griffin crafts first!! Love the cards and all scrapbook pages! Have fun everyone with your new Anna Griffin items!

  177. Melissa S Cano says:

    Loved watching even after the 1st airing. That’s when I ordered the Minc machine with Auto ship and thw heat pen. The Minc machine is scheduled to get here today and I can’t wait to try it out! Not sure when the heat pen will get here but can’t wait for that either! Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

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