Anna Griffin Home Sneak Preview & Contest

Hi everyone!

Today is a very exciting sneak peek for us. We are always inspiring you to create gorgeous handmade cards, scrapbook pages and other paper craft projects, and on May 27th and 28th we are thrilled to bring you bedrooms that are “beautiful in the making!”

The brand new Anna Griffin Home collection includes stunning reversible comforter sets, elegant window treatments and cozy sheets with gorgeous lace edge details. The comforters feature prints from our Olivia and Grace collections as well as an embroidered duvet cover that’s available in three pastel shades.  It’s everything you’d expect from Anna Griffin for the top of your bed and more! Here’s a look at a just few of the different pieces you’ll be able to choose from. Tune in to the 4 shows to see these and a lot more!




There’s even peel and stick wallcovering! These super sized 8′ long double rolls are going to deck your walls in dreamy damask.  It’s perfect for any room in the house!


Because this is such an exciting launch it’s only fitting that we celebrate with a great giveaway, right? Does your space need an Anna Griffin overhaul? Tell us why your bedroom or guest room could use a makeover, and we will send one lucky winner a comforter set, curtains and sheet set in the pattern of your choice! Hey…while we’re at it, let’s throw in a new creative space too. Our winner will also receive the entire Anna Griffin craft room desk furniture suite! This is our biggest giveaway ever!

craft room furniture

There are three ways to enter this giveaway:

1. Comment here on the blog and tell us why your room needs an Anna Griffin makeover

2. Click “share” on our post on Facebook today and tell your friends about our bedding launch

3. Pin your favorite bedding photo from our new Anna Griffin Home Pinterest board:

Do all three and you’ll have triple the chances at the prize! We will choose a winner at random on Tuesday, May 26th.

Best of luck!


  1. Merrie Osborn says:

    This would be the ultimate to have an Anna Griffin bedroom! I just got out of being in the hospital and nursing home for 3 months after being sick for a year and I felt too bad to “keep house”. My bedroom is my main living area and it looks old and out of date and I need a pretty and organized room! It would be much more fun and uplifting to make my Anna Griffin crafts and just live in this beautiful room surrounded by the”Anna”beauty!!!

  2. Ruth says:

    Wow, these are so beautiful. Does my bedroom ever need a good makeover and any of the wonderful designs would work.

  3. Jerilynn says:

    My husband and I just made the decision recently to re-do the master bath and bedroom. The tile has been falling apart and we keep trying to “fix” it and then a new time will fall off and we “fix” that. So we are biting the bullet to start a remodel and we will do the master bedroom at the same time since they are pretty much hooked together. The bedroom needs a re-do desperately too. It has been 15 years since the last time we painted and “decorated” in there and it is so dull in there that even my cat yawns when she walks in. I love all of your new collections and that wallpaper will go with just about any style of bedding. I’d love to win this awesome collection to start my re-do off in style!

  4. Gena Greenlee says:

    I love the roses, and I am happy to see it looks like there is some red in it!!The linens and drapery look amazing in your home Anna!! I would love to redo my guest room as it has not been changed in 12 years, I mean the patterns, not that I have never changed the sheets, anyway I love all of your items, although I am a little worried about the peel and stick paper, it will either not stick or it will stick so hard that it will never come down!! Thanks Anna!!

  5. Susie says:

    My bedroom is a mish mash of pieces that do not match. Would love to wake up in any one of these bedrooms.

  6. Grama Pei says:

    Oh, Corbin! I am so sad that you are heartbroken! But, take Cheer! Those children WILL grow up soon, and will come to be with you, because of the memories you built with them.. They are not gone forever! Just gone for a bit. In the meantime, make your room very welcoming so when they DO come see you, they will be in awe of what you have done to the place! 🙂 Hugs!

  7. Angie K. says:

    Love the beautiful new products! Roses are my favorite as they were my grandmother’s favorite too! Can’t wait to watch on May 27th!!!

  8. Beverly Jordan says:

    I need an overhaul because my bedroom set is over 16 years old and a deep red. Any of your bright and beautiful sets would bring so much life and vitality to it! Thank you for your stunning ideas!

  9. Jennifer Richards says:

    I did all 3 so let’s hope the luck is with me today….After all it is my 40th Birthday!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win and share some awesome new items with the rest of the world!!!

  10. A. Marie says:

    Oops! I put this in the wrong post. Makes much more sense now as to why I wasn’t seeing other similar comments. Well color me determined because I’m trying in the right place now. I’ve been a fan of yours since discovering your wooden backed stamps over a decade ago. My room is anything but pretty and your stuff is absolutely divine. To win would be like I was a princess in her own castle gazing upon a kingdom that not only inspires, but also soothes with its elegance and beauty. It would really be a dream come true. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone trying. One of us is going to be squealing in a very unprincess like manner.

  11. Donna Reed Przybylowski says:

    Wow, what a prize package, and thanks so very much for a chance to win!!! I picked an posted in Pinterest, I love them all, but the pale blue is so very much my favorite, it is just calling out to me, to lay down, relax and just drown in softness and comfort.

    I need a new makeover for a room of my own, as my health is so poor, as I am up and down during the night so much, so I have to create a small room for myself with limited fundage, being on disability has its pitfalls, I have loved all else that you make , so I am sure I will love your bedding, looking forward to watching you on HSN soon.

    Thanks again, ,

  12. Sharon S says:

    Anna love the colors and floral roses. I need an Anna make over desperately my room hasnt been redone in many many years I can not think of a better make over than an Anna makeover. I never cared for white firniture until I seen yours either. Your linens look soft and comfie

  13. Lourdes Papac says:

    I can only dream of walking into a beautiful Anna Griffin bedroom/craft room in my home. Oh what happy hours I could spend there with my sisters, nieces and granddaughters who love making your beautiful cards and scrapbooks with me. The kitchen table is where three generations come together to enjoy each other and you, Anna. You bring us such happiness with your beautiful products. Your Grace pattern is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us.

  14. Britni says:

    I would love to win as I’m recently engaged and need beautiful things to begin building a home!

  15. Mary Ann Birdsong says:

    ANNA ! I was very excited to hear that you were launching a whole new line of bedding . I can only imagine how beautiful it will be considering how impressive your whole line of craft room furniture is. We have lived in the same home for 20 years with our 3 children without any extra space. My husband has endured sharing our bedroom with all my Anna Griffin tools, paper, and cardmaking kits. (and there is alot of it ! ) Our oldest has recently moved out on her own and I am delighted that I will finally have a room to call my Official Mary Ann scrapbook room ! This new room will consist of all my scrapbook supplies, a card table, and a chair . I can hardly contain my excitement to even DREAM that I could possibly be the winner of your craftroom furniture line, not to mention a new bedroom makeover for me and my husband . I have looked forward to a space of my own for such a long time. Bless you for your generiosity to others !
    Anna, YOU’RE THE BEST !!!!!

  16. Vesta says:

    We have just moved down from 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. I desperately need to organize my craft supplies and make my one bedroom look luxurious. Wouldn’t my new Minc look great on that desk? Anna, I love everything you do!

  17. Mary says:

    Wow! What a prize!. Love all your designs. Everything I make with your line gets a compliment. After 36 years maybe these new linens would get us to change our bed from a full to a queen. And the new craft furniture would be great. I’m constantly reorganizing my craft room. Thanks

  18. Connie Hull says:

    Anna…you are such a wonderfully artistic person. I have been attempting to craft with you over the years. We have had our lower level flooded three times in five years so crafting has had little time and I have certainly never had a moment to think about making our bedroom the resting place that it has been prior to the flooding issues. I would love to make our bedroom the most relaxing place in the home and love your decorating ideas! Thanks for all you do Anna!!

  19. Ava Gavloski says:

    It’s been many years since my room has had a makeover. This would take all the guess work out of decoration. Thanks for sharing the love of the industry.

  20. Pam says:

    I would love to win one of your lovely home collection sets and of course, the craft desk set. Everything you design is beautiful…one can tell your inspiration comes from your heart and soul.

  21. Peachy W says:

    Your beautiful Grace pattern, which I love in the papercrafting world, would be so pretty in my bedroom because of the beautiful floral prints! Also, the furniture would be an extra lovely bonus when crafting, too!!

  22. Debra J. says:

    I love all my Anna Griffin materials. Would love to win as I am a caretaker who moved in with my elderly in-laws with no dedicated space of my own to craft. Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. Debra J. says:

    I love all my Anna Griffin materials. Would love to win as I am a caretaker who moved in with my elderly in-laws with no dedicated space of my own to craft. Yhank you for the opportunity!

  24. Gisela says:

    It would be a dream come true too win. The extra bedroom has a bedspread which I made nearly 40 years ago and a hand me down comforter. I love both ,but It would be the biggest thrill to have something new to cover that bed. Then to have a place to sit for crafting and storing items ,would be sheer heaven .
    As I do my crafting sitting on the couch or using the dinning room table when I use the cricut and golden cuttlebug.
    Too have an Anna room would be Beautiful in the making for sure !
    Thank you Anna, for a chance to win.

  25. Linda says:

    Anna the granddaughters were over this
    week end and they each made card. from
    kid’s card set. Also want to tell every body
    on blog that I have the grace set in white
    with pink flower’s its so nice and fluffy I love it. Linda

  26. Donna Alexander says:

    I want everything Anna. I would just be so thrilled if I won that I would shout Anna from the roof top. Oh wait, I already did that. We are all winners.

  27. Michelle Munnings-Smart says:

    I would love to be entered for this contest…. My bedroom is a drab and I now craft in my bed… No. Craft. Space!!!! This re-do is well needed for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

  28. Annette Yocum says:

    These bed linens and your wonderful craft room is beyond beautiful. I am disabled and on oxygen. I spend most of my life in bed. It would lift my spirits so much to have this wonderful set. My drapes and comforter are old and too dark and drab. I have watched you Anna for years on QVC and now on HSN. All of your items are such wonderful quality. I love to make cards and scrapbooks. I feel my ministry to others is to pray for them and send them cards to cheer them up. Your craft room would be perfect for me to get organized and continue to enjoy all of your wonderful products. I have a plaque on my bedroom wall that says “Blessed by the Grace of God.” I hope God will bless you and your team too as you continue to bless all of us with your talents!

  29. Yolanda Burkett says:

    My guest room and office/craft room are in desperate need of a makeover. My entire home is painted beige and all of my decor is earth tonish. It’s blah blah blah. With the addition of the New Anna Griffin Home Collection and Craft Desk,my space will take on a completely different look. My guest room and empty office/craft room are screaming for attention….Thanks for all you do!! I will be forever grateful 🙂

  30. Margaret Baker says:

    Would love to win a bedroom makeover. My bedroom is so outdated and this is so beautiful.

  31. Joan Baker says:

    Please let me be the winner of the prettiest most beautiful bedroom items I have ever seenX

  32. Mary Ann says:

    As usual, your bedding is gorgeous. I want to win this makeover for my sister. I am disabled and my sister has always taken care of me for years. She cares for me on a daily basis. She is always kind and never makes me feel that I am a pest. She is a generous, compassionate person, who is always doing for others. We love to make Anna cards together. They bring Joy to everyone who has one. We have many of your kits and your Cuddlebug. We have great times making beautiful cards. Her bedroom set is over 20 years old. Our craft “room ” is an old plastic set of cabinets. I would love to be able to do something wonderful for my sister. Winning this contest would make her so happy. She could set up a real craft room and enjoy a beautiful and comfortable bedroom at the end of her long days. She loves to be organized. Digging through the cabinets makes things rough. Thank you Anna for bringing joy and beauty to all.
    Best Wishes,
    Mary Ann

  33. Bonita Brunner says:

    my bedding is old and all snagged. What better replacement team Anna Griffin bedding since I love her stuff. Winning this prize would be fabulous.

  34. Diane Fletcher says:

    The bonus room in our house that we’re finishing is huge, and will be a combination bedroom and craft room, so this would be awesome! I could decorate Anna style!! So looking forward to the shows!

  35. Brenda L says:

    Gorgeous! My bedroom needs a makeover because I’m still using the dark comforter I purchased when we moved into our home in November almost 14 years ago. Other household needs have put updating the bedroom a the back burner.

  36. Linda Marie says:

    Where do I begin. I would love to have a new bedroom to retreat to that is bright, beautiful and everything matches. Also, my Craft room definitely needs a remake…desperately. Right now I have a big table with boxes piled high and tucked underneath….the only thing making it inviting is your pretty card kit boxes. This room gives me anxiety on top of anxiety that it’s hard for me to be creative. Oh, and did I mention my daughter and her 2 children have come back to live with me….which was suppose to be for a short period, that was 1 1/2 years ago!!! I need my special private, quiet time…just me, surrounded by Anna Griffin beauty. Thank you Anna.

  37. D. Hill says:

    I would love to win because even though my bedroom is long overdue for makeover, I could not afford to buy designer bedding as beautiful as Anna’s. The craftroom is such an incredible bonus too, that winning both would be an amazing dream come true for me!

  38. Joan Baker says:

    I am Anna’s number one fan in England and I would be her happiest fan if my bedroom was decorated with her amazingly pretty products. x

  39. Joan baker says:

    I need to be the only person in England who sleeps in a beautiful Anna Griffin style bedroom!!!

  40. Lola Fields says:

    I did not know that AG had this line. I would love to have it cause I have always loved AG anything.

  41. Kayla Stevens says:

    I just discovered Anna Griffin a couple of weeks ago. (I know, what cave was I hiding in?) The designs are so romantic and elegant. I would love to win this contest and make over my bedroom because we have lived in our house 5 years and have yet to decide on curtains for the master bedroom….so there are none. Our bedroom set is 24 years old and stuck in the 80’s.

  42. Jennifer Essad says:

    Actually our bedroom could really use a make over, especially with the designs you are offering in your line. My husband and I haven’t updated anything in our room in over 10 yrs. Thank you for this wonder opportunity

  43. Rebecca Miracle says:

    We are hoping to make a move soon and new bedding is a must! Beautiful Anna Griffin would be the perfect touch!

  44. CarolynH says:

    My master bedroom needs an Anna Griffin makeover because we haven’t changed anything about since we moved into our new home with our newborn in over a decade. All my energy goes into what my child wants and needs.My room needs some refreshing.

  45. Mercedes Silva says:

    Of course that I will like makeover to my room with this gorgeous materials from this new collection. These are stunning! I’m always buying Anna’ scrapbooking products so why not win this.

  46. Jan Martin says:

    I have needed to replace my guest room bedding for 3 years and haven’t found anything perfect. These bedding collections are beautiful and would make any bedroom more inviting and special. This would turn even the smallest room into a luxurious retreat.

  47. margo courtier says:

    Your bedding, wallpaper, and everything is so dreamy and perfect for my new bedroom makeover…I have an antique bedrm set so looking for the right bedding… this is IT… Thank you Anna ,can’t wait to find it OR win it…. Love all that you do…..`

  48. Rita Robinson says:

    Our bedroom needs an overhaul because its “attire” is maroon curtains and a gold no-print comforter. I am so bored and uninspired by it all that I rarely make the bed anymore. Even my husband, who kindly makes it 90% of the time, is over it. Your fresh,romantic bedding and curtains are just what the Love Doctor ordered!

  49. Jean Carlson says:

    Your bedding looks scrumptious!! And of course the furniture is out of this world. Would be proud to have it all. Best of everything to whoever wins.

  50. Terri says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so glad Anna you have designed Home Decor Items. I love the patterns, colors and style. If I was to win I’d use it for my grandmothers bedroom. She needs a makeover in her bedroom to freshen it up and make it cheerful. She just turned 94 and would be a great birthday present for her. I am so excited you’ve done a line of craft furniture. I need to replace my desk that is small and not sturdy. It is great a true crafter designed craft furniture. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll come out with. You have such wonderful products!

  51. Patricia Podsiad says:

    3 years ago this July I arrived at my home to find the pipe to my washer had busted open and had been running for more then 3 weeks. I had been away when this all happened. It destroyed my laundry room and caused damage to my bedroom as well as our bathroom. Well my dear husband decided he was going to do the repair work. Well it’s still a work in progress. He’s only gotten as far as hanging the drywall in the laundry room and part of my closet. I’m tired of asking when the work will be done so I bought your comforter off HSN and plan on getting the curtains to match soon.

  52. Suzann Anderson says:

    i would love to have an Anna Griffin craft room makeover! The last few years have have redirected my free time from my hobbies to caring for my husband who had total hip replacement surgery and shortly after recovering from that was hospitalized for cellulitis 3 times in 3 weeks and almost died from a pic line contamination. Also just prior to this hospitazation, our daughter graduated from college and my craft room became the storage room for all her dorm room and future apartment while she is deciding to go back and get her Masters degree. My craft room needs a beautiful Anna Griffin makeover big time! It is time to refocus my free time on my my creative joys again. It would be so nice to be surrounded by Anna Griffin beauty and organization instead of the storage room it is now.

  53. Susan houck says:

    I would love some of your things for my mom’s bedroom. She’s ready got a makeover. We love your designs!

  54. Laurie Jensen says:

    Love just about everything Anna creates. My guest room is in need of a makeover. I have out of state guests coming in July and would love welcoming them with Anna’s fresh bedding and decore. It would be such a blessing to win this!

  55. carol lofla d says:

    Love all the new items. But after reading a lot of these post I don’t even dare to think about winning it . I am so blessed. There are so many needing people out there so good luck to all of you. God Bless you Anna. I don’t know how you can pick one. I buy a lot of your card kits and so enjoy making them. Keep up doing what your doing we need you. Bought the Minc and love it so much.

  56. Diane M says:

    My guest bedroom could sure use Anna’s new bedding line. And I would love to organize my many scrapbooking supplies with her furniture. It would be a dream come true to be picked to receive all these items. My granddaughters would love to sleep in an Anna room when they visit.

  57. roian says:

    My guest room doubles as my craft room…this would help me be creative!! I still have the comforter from over 20 years ago on the bed!!

  58. Darling541 says:

    My guest room needs an Anna Griffin makeover because all types of artistic beauty should be displayed, especially in my smaller than tiny 2nd bedroom here in Hawaii that also serves as a craft room. Bedrooms in Hawaii are very small but an Anna Griffin makeover would make it beautifully bigger.

  59. Linda C says:

    I would love to wake up under the lovely floral comforter. It would really dress up our bedroom. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  60. Rosy Newlun says:

    Hi Anna, been disabled for 8 yrs. Yes, our bedroom, craft room (whole house) could be made over. Very kind of you for this giveaway. With mahalo, Rosy

  61. Mindy Fryar says:

    Who WOULDN’T want an Anna Griffin bedroom??!! 3 years,ago, a huge tree fell through my house and as a result I had to completely redo 3 rooms one of which is my guest bedroom. At the present time it has new ceiling and boring tannish paint on the walls. It is SCREAMING for help!

  62. Mary M. says:

    I would be nice to have a bedroom makeover.. Instead of focusing on the sad things of life I want to be a joyful person like my mother. Thank you Mama! I thank the Lord that I have food, clothing and shelter.

  63. Sheila says:

    I love Anna Griffin for my scrap booking, now I would absolutely love for my bedding! I will make some AG decor to match using my Explore!

  64. Ruth Halbach says:

    My husband passed away in September. I just purchased a new bed, but have the same bedding. An Anna Griffen makeover would be very timely. Now as for my craft room, that is another story. It is so disfunctional, you wouldn’t be able to find anything in there.

  65. Mary says:

    My house was built in 1892 and the room was recently repainted and new furniture. New bedding would look great. I have turned the front parlor into my craft room and I am working to organize it. But my cricut explore and cuttlebug are right there!!

  66. darla s. says:

    Our bedroom hasn’t seen a makeover in 20 years…I think it is time and your bedding is gorgeous!

  67. christy Paxton says:

    Anna’s products are timeless. .I would love to win this gorgeous set. Im raising my grand daughter and she comes first beyond anything else, my bedroom definitely needs a makeover and this beautiful set would just be gorgeous .
    Fingers crossed i might win

  68. Margie says:

    After 30 plus years my husband and I gave up our waterbed {after another mid night leak} and brought a “real” mattress. I still haven’t picked out new linens. It would be so nice to win one of Anna Griffin’s new sets.

  69. Sally Fisher Castro says:

    Next month will begin a new chapter in my life. I deserve to win so that I can feel extra special waking up every day to such beautiful things.

  70. Mary Iten says:

    My husband and I have been married 52 years. Our bedroom is also that old!! It would be so nice to have everything coordinated as we come up on year 53. Oh, how I would love to have a bedroom in which everything is new, except for my husband and me. lol When it comes to my craft room it is a mish-mash of whatever I’m able to affored. Like everybody else, I would love to have your craft room furniture. I look at the pictures of it and just close my eyes and dream; I’m afraid that is as close as I’ll ever be to something like that. If my name should be drawn, I would be one happy semi-old lady.

  71. tammy gibson says:

    Wishing we could all be winners. There are some great comments. Good luck to everyone. I hope to be the lucky one just so I can dream in Anna style.

  72. Cherie BB says:

    My bedroom and my craft room/office are in dire need for major overhauls. I haven’t been able to afford doing everything so I plug at things a bit at a time. I too like many others have a lot of Anna Griffin – I design wedding invitations as a side business and I find her work so inspirational and romantic. Thank you, Ann!

  73. Karen Osborne says:

    After being married for 34 years this June, we have NEVER had a coordinated or decorated bedroom. Right now the room is sort of gloomy even. My husband is due for a big surgery within the next two months and according to the doctor, he will be recouping for a couple of months. It would be so wonderful to brighten up and make that room nicer place to be. There is even a chance his work might have to retire him(yikes!!!!) so we will also gave to tighten our budget. This would be a welcome prize to brighten several spots in our lives!

  74. Whitney houser says:

    I would love to win! I’m a single girl who lloves to craft and organize! I also love beautiful Anna things!

  75. Janell Allred says:

    My craft space consists of an 8 ft table with a sheet draped over it. Having a real craft desk would put me over the top and to think it would be in my Anna Griffin decorated bedroom is way too good to believe.

  76. Cheryl Stone says:

    My bedroom is not a “happy place” right now. I need the soothing calmness of Anna Griffin designs.

  77. Sue Smith says:

    why do I deserve an Anna Griffin makeover? First it took me quite a lot of time to page down to the bottom to make this post and I had to do it 2 times. Second of all after 64 years I’ve never had a bedroom that’s been all put together love to have one before I die.

  78. corbin downing says:

    Hello 🙂
    Our bedroom space greatly needs a helping hand (or two)! We have a beautiful space full of light with 3 tall windows that bow out into a walking bay. We took this space as a bedroom from our “real” bedroom after my husband refused to use the stairs ( sadly his heart stopped, & emergency had to carry him down – but the good news is, they put in a pacemaker ). After we took over this space my grandaughter & I did the walls- stripped off the old & put liner up (it was a great time for her & me, she was 2 – 8 years during this project!!!). Then with the couch at the side of our bed, her & her brother slept in our room til we could get bunkbeds & shelves for their room -a room adjacent to ours (sadly we lost their sibling inside their Mom & their Mom to Eternal Loving Peace. Our grandaughter was 9 at this time. ) Our room then had such a transformation, as we used space for play at the end of the bed & to have a computer for all the training & childrens’ projects ( we never did finish the walls with paint or wallpaper). Then after 5 years of this ….our room became abandoned except when we slept at night… the space was stacked with books & more books trying to fill voids that can never be filled ( the children after 5 years with us went to the other grandparents from a court order & we no longer see them, I cry minute by minute). Because all of us ( the grandkids <3 & us) vacationed 2 or 3 times per year for great rest & joy … after our empty space & no longer had them… my wonderful husband trying to mend our hearts bought a home in vacation land on the internet & we packed to leave …then got a call from M <3 m …. "could we come & live with her?" We took our bags and moved in with-in the hour & after 3 years with her we came home….(as she fractured her back in multiple places & she would be cared for by others). We returned home, to our home that had a very sad space, our bedroom where we had movies on the bed, projects in the areas free to build 3 foot motocycles from tinkertoys & craft scrapbooks that we had just taken up after we lost their Mom & use the computer in… . I look at my space in our big bedroom & I hate to go there… I do not rest, I am surrounded by all the kids & M<3m's photos… the books are 3/4 of the way to the ceiling. I have tried in other rooms to move on (I completely stripped our living room & kitchen ( kitchen so large they could ride their bikes in a circle around the table) of 25 boxes of memorabilia from all & freshened the spaces & painted & moved furniture & only left an item or two of the precious ones we love so). (Yes, I am crying, sob.) Our bedroom has so much possibility & I have so little left… I want to do more & freshen and make the most wonderful husband in the world proud of what I can do "after" all this… but I'm just so tired. M<3m so much my best friend & prayer partner can only do a few minutes at a time of life here, talks good, but doesn't "share" too much like we used to. She's 95 1/2 , 6 months after her fractures, a real trooper, and walks & takes Oxycodoene to get thru the day, & previously only had vitamins & a thyroid pill. I miss her, the kids, & our son (who could not cope when Kari & the baby died.).. & I feel like we are out of chances to make anything better. My depression led to illness & my kidneys failed, so weak could only focus on getting well, then my hair started falling out, more & more, then after 8 weeks of this, 75% of my original volume was gone. Tired & try to think about doing the bedroom every day or so, but can really barely be motivated to do routine chores. So I guess we are a project as much as our room is a project. We watch all your programs, your beautiful smile & encouragement to crafters & now for rooms… (we took up scrapbooking only after we lost their Mom & have many supplies. The kids & I filled about 8 50-page albums, every photo no matter the quality, was precious after we lost their Mom so suddenly) Much of our bedroom space is taken up with these projects & albums. Our spread, the children & I picked out for a Father's Day. The pillows were for a Christmas. The sheers at the windows were for a Birthday for him. The rug a a great seperator of the bed from the play space. We actually pulled together a nice room, a long time ago ( they have been gone 4 years & we did it over time – the 5 years they lived here ((sob)) ). I guess you are getting what no other person has heard. We suffer, we pray, we know all is in a Loving God's hands… and then I saw your request for a comment about our bedroom & it all came out. Good luck to all on the contest & thanks for the chance. 🙂

  79. Debbie Kaisler says:

    My room needs Anna Griffin touch to class it up. I’v been wanting to transform my room in a big way what better way then with Anna Griffin!

  80. Lorraine says:

    Anna, your new home collection is just gorgeous! It would help me transform my bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

  81. Tammy H says:

    It would be such an honor to have you remodel and/or decorate my bedroom. I love everything about your designs. You will be welcome with open arms!!!!

  82. Marcia H says:

    I love your new bedroom line. It’s a perfect take off with your antique prints. It would be terrific to redecorate in this style. I especially love your crafting furniture.

    Also, please bring back the black and white theme you had a while back. That’s what my craft area is wit some aqua highlights. I’d love to acquire some storage boxes in it.

  83. Marilyn says:

    I could surely use a bedroom makeover, Afraid to say it has been about 30 years since I made curtains and bought new comforter set. Love, love all your new stuff!

  84. gail W. says:

    My room has sage green upper walls and tiny rosebuds wallpaper on the bottom. I’m sure one of these would go perfectly!!

  85. debby cockrell says:

    thank you Anna for all you do. I am a huge fan, I have almost everything you sell in card making and love the beautiful fabrics in your new collection. Hope to buy something from your new bedding collection when it airs. I know the quality has to be great if it has your name on it. Thank You!

  86. Glenda Mock says:

    I don’t want this for me but for my daughter Sean Annette Kellogg. She is a teacher to young fives in a charter school. She goes beyond the extra mile loving her students, washing their clothes, buying shoes and clothes for her students when they need it. She is selfless and doesn’t do anything for herself. Her Master bedroom needs tender loving care and Inknow she would be over the moon to have your beautiful creations to sleep in. thank you so much for considering Sean.

  87. Denise H. says:

    We bought our house 15 years ago and our master bedroom is STILL not touched! I keep saying once I buy my comforter, I’ll know which direction to go. I should have known it would take an Anna Griffin design to make me go, “that’s the one!” I use your paper, your dies, your, cartridges, why not your linens?!

  88. Ruth Thill says:

    I would love an Anna Griffen makeover for my bedroom! It’s been almost 2 years since we finished our home addition that included our master bedroom and I still have nothing on the walls and towels conferring the windows!!!

    Please help me finish decorating my master bedroom in lovely Anna style!!

  89. Sandie says:

    Why would I want to win this gorgeous set? Well, I just said it…it’s GORGEOUS! Also, my bedroom has had no decorating done to it at all. After a back injury, my husband left & I was forced to move in with my parents. Many surgeries later, I can no longer work as an RN, and have to rely on disability. I can’t afford the extra luxuries I’d like, so I only have sheets and a blanket on my bed, & blinds without draperies on my windows. My crafts area is also in my bedroom, & that is just an old craft table right now. This set would transform my room into the beautiful retreat I imagine it can be!!!

  90. shelley slentz says:

    Going through a very painful separation and I have to sell our family home. Crafting is one of the things that keep me going through this difficult time. I would LOVE to create a beautiful craft room in my next home. Thanks.

  91. Barbara Graham says:

    Can you imagine playing with all your Anna things and now being able to sleep with them?

  92. Mary O says:

    my bedroom is my sanctuary… no TV or computers… just my hopefully restful sleeping place! I love all AG products & your new line is no exception!!!!! It would be awesome to cozy down in bed under those sheets & that comforter! And as for mr craft room… Woohoo!!!!!! I would love the desk, chair & all of it! It would coordinate with/my AG Cricut, Cuttlebug, Minc, paper, card kits, embellishments… well you get the idea!! Thanks Anna for such beautiful products!!!

  93. Linda Soldressen says:

    I believe my guest room will soon become my 91 year old mother’s new bedroom. She’s still living alone, but needs more and more help. Her move would give us all peace of mind. She deserves a beautiful room, done especially for her.

  94. Sheila says:

    I thought wow! I’ d really love to win an Anna Griffin bedroom makeover, but after reading some of the posts of the difficulties others have gone through I feel very selfish thinking that way, so I am not entering. Just want to say I hope someone very deserving wins.

  95. Lana says:

    The bedroom looks awesome. I am planning on moving my scrapbook area back into my family room and this would look fantastic and just what I need. Maybe I will get lucky. Keep the great products coming. Thank you for what you do.

  96. Renee Collier says:

    I am recently divorced. I used to keep the “femininity” toned down in the bedroom. But now???? This is what I need…Everything is so soft and lovely. I would love to get it all started with things from these collections.

  97. SusanJoe Couturier says:

    Ok, I keep trying to win, as everyone else is doing. I would even split the prize and just take the craft table. I enjoy Anna Griffin products. Love the new minc machine and how beautiful the foil enhances the images. Since toner sheets will be needed, my husband bought me a laser printer so I can print my own. I will need to come out of retirement and find a job so I can be able to afford to buy more items. So I posting and good luck to whoever wins these great prizes.

  98. Kate steer says:

    Our guest bedroom is very tired looking. The bedding and craft desk would be a welcome change. Lovely colours available!

  99. Patty Moore says:

    Anna the bedding is wonderful. The gold set is nice but the blue set looks so soft and inviting. Like sleeping on a cloud. Best wishes on the new line on hsn. My craft room is hand-me-down furniture with metal desk, typewriter table, white folding table, grey plastic shelf, and rubber totes. Not ” beautiful in the making” but functional. Could be inspired even more while making cards.

  100. Joseph belpasso says:

    we are moving and have an extra room that we are turning in to a craft room/guest room hybrid. To be able to fill it with your inspirational designs on the bedding and to sit at a desk that you designed would make the crafts and comfort amazing.

  101. Stephanie Gannon says:

    These linens are gorgeous. I love anything Anna Griffin. I had the pleasure of taking classes with her in Frisco TX seceal.years ago. So many changes and challenges n my life recently with a breast cancer diagnosis and divorce after 23 years of marriage. I need to start fresh in my bedroom and craft studio in luxurious Anna. Thanks for the fresh, sunny and uplifting patterns.

  102. Mary L Schreiber says:

    Love the new bedding and the craft room furniture. I could use a new do over bed room because mine is still back in the 70’s, when the house was build. We raised 4 kids and the money was tight so never got around to doing any thing with it.

  103. Earline theriot says:

    I’m thinking to bring my card/scrapbook making supplies to my guest bedroom. How awesome would it be to have Anna Griiffin bedding as beautiful as her papers. And the desk would be awesome!

  104. Ruth C says:

    These are all so beautiful! I could definitely use an update in my room. Also, the craft furniture is beautiful-am currently using the kitchen table, so this would be a wonderful treat!

  105. Marissia Seals says:

    I need a makeover for a bedroom because we host so many different people at our home. We have grandkids and family but we also host friends, some of whom no longer live in our home town but for different reasons need a place to stay. At present a friend who has a family member that was in a car wreck. She stays with me because she needs more than a hotel room during this time. I’d like to fix up my guest room for that reason. The other reason I love all of your things!!! I buy as many products as I can each one is a treasure! Thanks Anna

  106. Kathy says:

    Love the comforters! And I am struggling to organize my craft area. This desk will be so helpful!

  107. carol assentato says:

    I would love a bedroom makeover. I love all of yours. I love all the paper crafts so this has to be gorgeous. Im on social security so being able to win this would be amazing. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the show and the next paper crafts show.

  108. Marcia Macsisak says:

    My guestroom is my son’s former room. It has red and black walls, needs a new paint job as well as bedding to become the inviting room I would like it to be.

  109. Ally52 says:

    Anna your bedding collections are just beautiful! I have such a old comforter set in our guest room. Any of these sets would say “Welcome Guests.” The craft room desk set would match the rolling cart that I purchase from you last year. It would complete my craft room. Such a great give a way!

  110. Anna Wasilewska says:

    Over the years of owning a dog that liked sleeping on our bed and now having a two year old boy, our sheets have been reduced to miss mosh of stuff. It would be nice to finally have a nice set that actually matches and gives our bedroom a refreshing look. The furniture would be a great bonus to keep all my card making supplies neatly organized. 🙂

  111. Sandra says:

    I have cream wall paper with golden wheat on my bedroom walls. Your sets would be absolutely perfect in my room.

  112. Jennifer Richards says:

    As the mother of a handicapped angel, I find solace and joy in the beauty of your artwork, and the chance to express myself in designs that speak to my heart.
    But, alas, I have to create my cards and scrapbooks on my bed.
    A beautiful bedroom, and a place to craft would be a dream come true.

  113. Barb Feidler says:

    I think my name is Anna Griffin Feidler. I love all things Anna. Anna’s design is my taste. I am surrounded by my Anna scrap machines and papers and embellishments. Oh what a dream it would be to have my bedroom and scrap room filled with Anna! My scrap room is a mess…and my bedroom is ready for new paint and a fresh look!

  114. Jann says:

    I’ve been reading some of the comments, and
    yours really touched my heart. I hope you
    are the winner! I’m not entering because I
    see so many others who need this prize much more than I do.

  115. Teresa Schumacher says:

    Oh, our master bedroom is in such need of a summer makeover! Our current linens are dark and fine for winter and fall, but I would love to brighten up the space for summer. Anna’s furniture would also brighten up my scrapbook room! I can’t wait to watch and see all the new things.

  116. Jackie Dexter says:

    I would love to do my bedroom in your beautiful bedding an wallpaper an furniture. I already have all your craft supply an storage boxes. I LOVE all of your product’s . Can not wait to see more

  117. Bernadette Pittman says:

    I need all of this fabulous Anna griffin home decor. Right now my room is dark and manly. I have a ugly gray torn comforter on my bed and no curtains. I would love brighten up my room and make my dark dingy room into the bright femenin world of Anna. I reall also need some craft furniture as I don’t have any thing to creatively use my cricut and Cuttlebug. My craft room sits empty until I can fill it with some sort of storage. I would be ever so great full to be chosen!

  118. Debbie says:

    Why do I NEED the new Anna Griffin bedroom set? Because we are downsizing into a 5th wheel rv to live and travel the country in for the next few years. Our home bedspread, etc are old and too big for the new “home” and all we have in there is that yucko cheap stuff that comes with the 5th wheel. Sure would be so special to have some Anna there. And it has a small bunkroom that we are redoing for my craftroom and that craft desk would look pretty great in there!

  119. Connie Newton says:

    My guest/craft room is in such a great need of a makeover. I’ve been in my home for 8 years and the guestroom has been the place of hand me down furniture and bedding. Then about a year ago, I started crafting. The craft area started with a plastic 3 drawer storage bin. Then things moved to the entertainment stand… then a wire rack. This beautiful collection would truly improve the room’s look and feel for my guest and I, and the oranization would improve the time spent on my new found hobby.

  120. Susan Urch says:

    It all looks lovely and can’t wait to see everything and decide what will go in my master bedroom, thanks Anna for your inspirations.

  121. PatriciaCoddington says:

    My husband moved me to Montana and I’m a city girl in need of some beautiful Anna Griffin for my room! We purchased a home 2 years ago and I can’t find beautiful things/patterns like you have…unless I try it online but it’s always a gamble. I’ve been disappointed with what I’ve purchased and I’m in need of something beautiful and tranquil! I know your workmanship/materials will be what I expect. You would make me one happy girl! Thanks for the chance of making over my bedroom! I love everything you’ve shown!

  122. Leticia Espinales says:

    My current bedding is a mess and I really need a bedroom with a tranquil feel as I have Fibromyalgia. These beautiful styles & colors would be so soothing and helpful in achieving a longer lasting restful sleep and get me going on having better days. My craft room & I would ne ecstatic as it would provide me a space to craft & create in one space and not have my stuff all over the house. Let’s just say winning this would be a Fantastic Craftalious Griffinious Dream come True!

  123. Senovia bonifaz says:

    I’m saving My money to buy anything I can from Anna Griffith everything is so Beautiful!! 🙂

  124. Marcia Frances says:

    My bedroom comforter is old, and in need of replacing! I love this bedding you will be offering on HSN!

  125. Janet says:

    My bedroom could use a makeover because it hasn’t changed in years. I’d love to brighten it up with new bedding and such. Cheerful colors would go a long way in making things seem fresh and new again.

  126. Robert Mendelson says:

    I would like to win this incredible prize to redo our guest bedroom. Such an amazing giveaway! Thank you!

  127. Coletta Cooper says:

    I was going to post about how I would love the Anna Griffin bedroom makeover because I am celebrating my 5 year cancer free anniversary this summer and I want replace my bed comforter, et al with something more cheerful that doesn’t remind me of the years of treatment and multiple surgeries. That all is true, but I agree with some of the other posters. I am blessed and grateful for all I have in life. There are so many others who have posted that are deserving and need this makeover. Anna- Thank you for being so generous. Beyond your wonderful designs, its your sweet personality that makes us all love you.

  128. Jenni pokora says:

    Wow Anna! You sure have beautiful style! My bedroom has not been decorated in 25 years! It is always put on the back burner. I would love to win your giveaway and revamp my space from drab to beautiful! Thank you for the chance

  129. Stephanie Nelson-Gilpin says:

    I am suffering from empty nest and starting over again at the same time. We have gotten my grandson who is 10living with us now. An I have an empty room that is now available to become my craft room an guest room. Instead of using the kitchen table which is so inconvenient because I haft to keep putting everything away. So decorating with your beautiful quilt set any of them would do. An setting up your craft table set would be perfect for my room. Being fulltime grandma an now raising my grandson everything must be done slowly an on a budget so this would be so nice. I have been a fan of yours for 10 yes. I love all of your things. An HSN and I are great friends. I love it when your on my pocket book thinks I should buy stock in your company but I’m happy with just buying your newest things. Thank you for your beautiful creations they scrapping a joy and making cards are my favorite.

  130. Patty says:

    Anna: I love all your items and have many of your products. Many scrapbook and card making kits. I love your quotes, flower and designs! I would love these items to organize and beautify my craft room wth your products!

  131. Carolw says:

    I love them all. My granddaughters’ bedroom is decorated in Disney but now that they are teenagers they need something more grown up and beautiful. I’d love to win these. Love all your work. I’ve been a fan for many years.

  132. Rana V. says:

    hi Anna I would love the opportunity to win your new bedroom collections being that I have a two and a half year old son who is soon to be going into his own bedroom I would love to redo my room and finally feel like a woman again I thank you for such a beautiful collection that you had made

  133. ZaWaunyka Lazard says:

    I love everything you create!! The new bedding is gorgeous and would turn my bedroom into a beautiful sanctuary. The crafting desk would be a perfect place to put my craft supplies and to create. It would be such a blessing to win!!!

  134. Candis says:

    I love the bedding and the things for a craft room. I have had the same comforter set since 1995. Something new and different would be nice. Also my craft room has one chair and a secretary style desk. It definitely needs help. I would love an Anna Griffin makeover!

  135. Khalid says:

    Well, it’s spring and time for sprucing up my bedroom with your lovely new bed linens. And as a crafter, would love to have a crafting corner in my home. Received my minc and more embossing folders this week. Can’t wait to use them.! Have a good day!

  136. lindar says:

    Such elegantly beautiful bedroom decor, all reflecting you, Anna, and your joy for life and living. You inspire my scrapbooks and cards and bring further delight to me and to all who receive my AG creations. The AG bedroom makeover and craft furniture would be a very welcome replacement to what I have had since 1969. Such an appreciated opportunity!

  137. Lynne R C says:

    What better reason to brighten up an old space than to say “Out with the Old and in With Anna Griffin” in my spare bedroom. I have been procrastinating for years now about getting myself my own space, I NEED A MOM CAVE!!! If I win, then I’d have my own space to sit and craft with all my Anna Griffin products. I’d be out of the kitchen and no longer able to eat, my hands would be busy crafting cards for Operation Write Home..

  138. khara murphy says:

    I have always wanted to Anna Griffinify my craft space, but now hearing I can do it to my bed room too, I’m ecstatic… And I need it… My bedroom is lifeless, and your stuff is exactly what I need to put the life back into it. Really hope I win.

  139. Terri Cannell says:

    My husband and I will be empty nesters this Fall as my son, the youngest of our two, goes off to college. I am doing a Serious Spring Cleaning with the help of the book “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I’m loving this book.
    As I am sorting what I can let go of and what stays, all my Anna Griffin craft items MUST STAY because they “Spark Joy”. I don’t have a happy space yet to create in, but I’m working towards making one. Your beautiful crafting furniture and bedding would be heavenly in my new guest/craft room!

  140. Sandy says:

    Hi, Anna………Just love everything about your bedding and curtains and wallpaper, craft room furniture, etc. !! I would so love to win this. Like everyone else, I am way over-due for a bedroom make-over. I have gotten so hooked on “Anna” things that I’m turning a spare bedroom partly into a craft room. It will still have bedroom furniture, though, so all of this would be just perfect and “oh so Anna”. I see so many others that really need this more than I do and will be very happy for someone else to win. I know you draw at random, so I always try in case my turn comes up. Anyway, thanks for all of your beautiful things for us and thanks for the opportunity for any of us to win such lovely things. You are the best !! — Sandy

  141. Starr Gazer says:

    Oh that yellow…when my mom was living she looked and looked for the perfect shade of yellow for her bedroom but never found it … I think Anna has found my mom’s yellow!!

  142. Janet Buenaventura says:

    What a wonderful opportunity you’re giving everyone;thank you soooo much, Anna! Now, who doesn’t need an Anna Griffin bedroom and craft room makeover? Every home should have the Anna Griffin touch. Good luck to everyone!

  143. Mary Naphen says:

    Wow!! Would love, love, love to win this giveaway! Am in process of moving my AG products out of the dining room into the room recently vacated by my son. Your beautiful craft furniture set would be a true gift! Your lovely linens would grace my grandmother’s antique furniture, making a perfect sanctuary. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful package.

  144. Karin K says:

    I would love to redecorate my spare room. Your designs are beautiful and would look perfect in it. Thank you for the chance to win.

  145. Pat Marsh says:

    Good Morning Anna, My favorite bedroom ensemble of all your designs so for is the Grace creations. I love it!

  146. Mary Lathroum says:

    A makeover would be so nice! Everything in the house is boy oriented. Something pink and beautiful would be wonderful!!

  147. Roberta Broussard says:

    I would love a new bedroom. I have never had a nice bedroom. We have lived in my house over 16 years and our money always went to the children. Now the kids are grown I need a nice bedroom.

  148. cheryl says:

    I need your new bedroom set because my bedroom is lost in the fifties, and I can always use more craft storage for all the Anna stuff that I keep buying.

  149. Karen M says:

    Hi Anna,
    I moved to my current location 11 years ago and haven’t decorated my bedroom (except for the paint color which is called Silver Marlin). I’ve been using the duvet covers that are nearly 2- years old! Your blue/green set would match perfectly! I think it’s time for a beautiful update in the making!

  150. Sandra Crawford says:


    My dream bedroom will be stunning
    When I revamp my space
    With Anna’s sheets and comforters
    In “Olivia” or gorgeous “Grace”.
    Then I would get real busy
    I would scrub and paint away
    Then hang the matching curtains
    To brighten up each day.
    It wouldn’t take much money
    To make my dreams come true
    Just a little work and effort
    (And Anna Griffin too!!)

  151. Debbie Ziadie says:

    I just love Anna’s designs and would love to have bedding to match my craft room collection of Anna’s boxes and papers. Just bought a new house and setting up a new craft room that the furniture would be fabulous in!

  152. Gloria Myers says:

    Greetings from your Topeka Griffinista! My bedroom was recently painted and I bought new furniture.Sure would love to have dreamy Anna covers for my bed!

  153. Nancy Potkay says:

    Love the love of the bedding and linens. I know I haven’t put up anything new since I had to retire and go on sis disability. Love the pastel looks of the linens. Very soft looking a and springy. Would brighten up anyone’s home. Love the desk set. I’m trying to fix up my craft ( ****) room slowly
    Thanks for offering all of us a chance to win

  154. Erica Hersh says:

    I love it all….my bedroom is depressed, it needs a re-do! Black and white is depressing, white walls and black furniture, they need pops of colors! Great new collection Anna!! <3

  155. Carrie Sunderin says:

    I was rather excited to post bout why I would like the bedding and began to read through some of the comments. I realized I don’t need this bedding at all. I can buy it if I want to. There are other people less fortunate than myself. So in that spirit, I would like to suggest you give it to another poster here if you happen to draw my name. The one whose sister struggled as a single mother and now helps her with her grandchildren. I think Teresa was her name, or her sisters name. Anyway, thank you for your generosity. It’s little gestures such as these that make the world a happier place.

  156. Linda says:

    Anna I need the craft room then maybe my husband will clean out the spare room for me. I have a small set up in the bedroom but I have to much Anna griffin stuff help.
    thanks Linda

  157. Kailash says:

    Such a beautiful and generous giveaway. I sure do need a bedroom makeover:-). I came to the US 12 years ago and have put all my energy, love and time in raising my son, being a stay at home mum and time just slipped by. He just graduated from college and have just realized that all my plans were put on hold but for good reason and now can make some of my dreams come true, one of them being a bedroom overhaul so this prize would be amazing to win:-)

  158. Lori Hudson says:

    I certainly don’t envy you trying to pick a deserving winner in this incredible giveaway. Sure, I would love it but I have been very blessed already in my life. Thank you for all you do to enrich all of our lives.

  159. Diane Shull says:

    Hi Anna, Your new bedding collection is so lovely. You are such a kind, caring, loving person to offer such a generous giveaway. Boy do I need a bedroom make over. I haven’t change my bedding since I moved into this house over 7 years ago. My bed skirt is ripped and I have patched it several times already. Somehow my fitted sheet got bleached with the whites so now it doesn’t match the rest of the set. I need your help! Please select me to win the fabulous prize package. I would be so grateful. Thank you.

  160. Anita Marcy says:

    I would love how easy it would be to put together a room with all the coordinating items. You make it so easy to make the room look fabulous

  161. Pam Tutwiller says:

    Sheets are beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest of your line. of linens. Might we see some of your paper designs????

  162. William says:

    Hi Anna,
    You are a very kind hearted person. I am very pleased with the products you sell. Anna everything you make is so lovely and beautiful.First of all I’m just blessed to have a bedroom. I would be even more blessed to have an Anna Griffin makeover. I need a makeover because, I own one set of bed sheets that I got two years ago. Also, one comforter that I had for six years. It is not a matching set. I don’t have work space to do my crafts, I use my bed. The craft room furniture suite would be awesome also.Good luck to everyone that entered the sweepstakes giveaway. Thank you Anna, for all the wonderful things you make, and give us the opportunity to share them with you.

  163. Sarah Oswald says:

    My bedroom hasnt had a makeover since soon after we were married 29 years ago but my bedroom needs more than just a simply new bedding I should go through and declutter my room since it tends to be my craft storage and regular storage stacked in totes and plastic drawer my husband says I should trash it all My sister calls me a hoarder but I do use the stuff even if its not every day!

  164. Pamala says:

    Anna: I just found out from your website via e-mail from customer service that they will not be sending anymore of your books Emboss, Cut and Create book to HSN. This is very upsetting for crafters like me who have missed it twice , the latest when you were on HSN on May 11th. I ordered many of your products to get started with your Cuttlebug, and then found this out, so I chatted with HSN to let them know I would be sending back my order. This is very disappointing. What is the reason for this when the book is so popular and highly rated, and you cannot find it anywhere else!?!?

  165. Cheryl Hamilton says:

    The pictures of all your items are too beautiful for words!!! I would love to win because have not been able to update and redecorate our room the way I would like so this would awesome!!! Thanks for the chance!!! I have visions of beautiful dreams 🙂

  166. Christine Pavone says:

    I would absolutely love a bedroom makeover with Anna Griffin products. I know that it would be elegant.

  167. Karen says:

    A bedroom makeover would be absolutely wonderful. Haven’t changed mine in years. Love the sheets.

  168. Stephanie Theodos says:

    Everything is so beautiful. Our bedroom needs a makeover desperately and any of these new patterns would help me pick a color. My spare room could definately use some organization for all of the card making supplies I have been acquiring and a place to make them. Love all things Anna Griffin Home!

  169. D.Ann C says:

    Being disabled, I spend more than the average time in my bed. The gorgeous feminine style of the Anna Griffin Home sets would surely cheer me on those days I’m stuck in bed! Being on disability income, it’s something I’m not likely to afford myself, so winning it would be a wonderful! treat… thanks for the chance!!

  170. Mary White says:

    Lovely and gorgeous bed linens from Anna Griffin! So beautiful! Thank you Anna! You are amazing!

  171. Marcia Long says:

    It would be such a blessing to have a beautiful bedroom decorated in Anna Griffin style.

    We haven’t had a matching bedspread and curtains in years. I have just had to make do with what we had or could afford, which hasn’t been much.

    Due to health issues I lost my job, and we have really had to pinch pennies.

    Recently after much scrimping and saving I was able to purchase a cricut air and minc machine, plus some supplies to start making cards. I am so excited! It would be wonderful to win the crafting center to use my new card crafting tools.

    I am so thankful I turned on HSN a few months ago and discovered Anna Griffin.

  172. Susan B says:

    Would love a new look in the bedroom Married 25 years, I think this is only our 3rd comforter. How sad. All collections are so pretty.

  173. Penny says:

    Your new bedroom sets are beautiful just like you! I’m excited to see your new line on HSN.

  174. sue says:

    Anna, we just need a new Anna look in our bedroom. I would love to have it all! Thank you for a chance to win such beauty!

  175. Heather (mtl) says:

    Your entire line is gorgeous! Your talent for classy and elegant make everything blend effortlessly. I’ve not been able to afford anything new since I had to stop working a few years ago (I’m now on disability) so a make-over would certainly be most welcome. Not to mention how winning would lift my spirits!
    Thank you, Anna for the chance to win!

  176. Sandra Palacios says:

    I just mentioned to my husband how I’d love to live in one of your beautiful floral papers.
    Having one of your bed sets would make that dream come true. Not to mention that I could totally use a whole new bedroom, and having your craft room set would just be icing on the cake, I’ve been a fan for years and love all you design for us.
    Thank you

  177. Susan Young says:

    Beautiful! My room may not be able to accommodate all that beauty! But I will give it a try because it looks like it will transform my dreary space. Anyone who wins this will be a princess Anna royalty for sure!

  178. Debi says:

    After 20 years of the same dark walls and bedding I would love an Anna makeover. And the bonus of the craft furniture would put me over the moon with happiness ! Perfect place to store all my Anna products Oh it would be a dream come true !!!

  179. Penny C. says:

    Okay, Anna. I need these bed clothes and I’ll tell you why. My sweet doggie loves to lay on the comforter on my bed. Wherever it is, he will lay. The problem is that he will lay shortways. My hubby and I sleep regularly and he gets in the middle and spreads sideways, so we both end up clinging to the ends of the bed! So, if I put this comforter on the floor, he will lay on the floor. SO, if I win the bed clothes, my old comforter will go on the floor and so will the dog and I can finally get a good night’s sleep! LOL!

    Have a great visit to HSN,Anna!

  180. Beth says:

    I am a BIG fan of Anna and her designs!!! We are getting ready to move iinto a home after renting for years. My husband has had stage four melanoma removed twice from his small intestine. Both surgeries were in the past nine months. It would be awesome to have our master bedroom decorated with Anna’s products and my craft room organized with Anna’s craft furnishings. I get so many compliments from my cards made with Anna’s supplies. Thank you! Thank you!! So much talent.

  181. Linda Valoy says:

    Anna,I just told my husband Saturday that I need to get rid of our dresser and buy an entertainment center from the Goodwill and turn it into a craft space with a pull out desk top.Your bed ensemble would inspire me to make my bedroom sunny and bright. Almost every night I sit in a chair at the foot of my bed with a 2 ft board on the bed for my cuddle bug and make cards. I go to my dinning table to use the minc. Anna you are going to make someone very happy. May you be blessed for your kindness.

  182. Roseanna Crawford says:

    My bedroom is a disaster, I would love to win Anna Griffin bedding and craft room storage. thanks for the chance to win.

  183. Sam aka Phylliss Walsh says:

    I have 4 dogs <3 and that is why I need new sheets and a lovely room makeover! I love the sheets colors!

  184. paula domzalski says:

    Wonderful!!! I’ve always pictured (in my head) my A.G. scrapbooking papers as decorative pieces around the house … wallpaper, curtains, towels, bedding … now I don’t have to dream it … I can live it!

  185. SusanJoe Couturier says:

    I keep trying to win, just like all the others posting. All Anna Griffin products are great. Having new sheets would be lovely. And who doesn’t want a room makeover. So I’m trying again. Good luck to all who post.

  186. Jackie Ocheltree says:

    My bedroom has remained the same since My husband and I were married 10 years ago. We do not have curtains. We have mini-blinds on the windows. My husband works nights and sleeps during the day – so we have one blanket on each window (and even they do not match), to keep out the light while he is trying to sleep. We only have basic white sheets and a white down comforter (which has all of the filling at mostly one end)! Even a basic pastel would upgrade this room; but an Anna Home Suite would be like a new house to me!!! My craft room…well I don’t really have a craft room since my son moved back home. All of my crafts are in a corner of the house and when I craft, I break out the trusty old white plastic table (there I go with the “white” again). He is planning on moving out in September, so a new Anna craft room suite would be so nice. It’s white too – I think I have a theme here!!! 🙂 It would be like Cinderella… going from “Drab to Anna FAB”! Thank you Anna for this opportunity.

  187. Erin Glee says:

    If I am lucky enough to win this awesome giveaway I will start with buying a new mattress. My husband & I sleep on the one my in-laws purchased in the 1970’s and it is tired! I could not put those gorgeous sheets and comforter sets on that old bed~ we will have a true bedroom make-over and I would be the happiest woman in the world : )
    As for the Craft Room set? If I had that too, I would be the happiest woman in the entire Universe! I love Anna Griffin designs!

  188. Janice Taylor says:

    When I married, I moved into my husband’s house. I have changed some, but this would truly make a room MY style!!! Anna Griffin style is my absolute favorite craft person and now to have her bedding also. I have so much of her crafting items and to have the craft room to go with it…….A DREAM!

  189. Pat Rappleye says:

    Oh, I love these sheets! They are gorgeous! I would love to win a bedroom makeover to have my bedroom look like this!

  190. Pat C. says:

    We recently moved to a new state, starting over once again…new home that needs some tender loving Anna Griffin care.

    Thanks for the chance at the give away!

  191. Mary Lou Paulsen says:

    Oh my how I would love to win this beautiful makeover. I have been taking care of my elderly parents for 12-15 years, and have had no time to do anything . My bedroom included. Both parents are deceased now, and my time has finally arrived. What a great way to begin. And to say the least I had wonderful parents and enjoyed the times I had with them. They were precious.!!!

  192. Jeanne J says:

    ohhhh my. My crafting space is in desperate need of renovation . Tired of the mess and the plastic bins. HELP! 🙂

  193. Kathryn says:

    Wow! I could have a bedroom to match the beautiful cards and scrapbook pages I make with Anna Griffin paper products. And the craft room furniture is just perfect.

  194. Jane Bill says:

    Love the Anna Griffin colors!! Sooooooo lovely! They would look wonderful in our bedroom!!!!

  195. Aurora Riffee says:

    I moved here 18 years ago, and enjoyed making new curtains for both bedrooms. Needless to say those curtains and store bought bedspreads and still on the beds.They really need replacing. I love your style Anna.

  196. Erin says:

    We received all of our bedding as wedding gifts, and it is all looking really worn out now – we’ve just been married for awhile I guess 🙂

  197. yuana wright says:

    Nothing matches in bedroom, will celebrate 25 years of marriage next month and could use a bedroom makeover

  198. Judy Lewis says:

    I would love to re-do our guest room for when our grandchildren, and other family members visit. Right now we have the 7 dwarfs painted on the walls from when our first grandchild was born. It would be nice to have an adult room for company!

  199. Jill A says:

    Beautiful bed linens—right now nothing matches on my bed–everything is old and even has some torn edges on my comforter, so I would love to own a set of matching linens and these from Anna Griffin would be perfect!!!!!

  200. MaryBeth says:

    I retired and now my entire world needs an overhaul! I have decided “out with the old and in with the new”, so Anna bring it on!!!!! Can’t move but I can make it look like I have.

  201. Geri Olson says:

    Anna has always shown that when space and materials are beautiful and organized, wonderful results can achieved. I imagine going to an environment of Anna Griffin elegance each day, and how inspiring, creative and uplifting that room would be. Such a room would add beauty and inspiration to my life.

  202. Amy H says:

    Hi, Anna, We moved into our house a year ago in March. What is supposed to be our bedroom is the craft room right now because I don’t have any pretty bedding for the queen sized bed. We are sleeping on a full bed in the room that is supposed to be my craft room. I would love to see your beautiful linens on my queen bed and get these rooms switched around. This is an awesome deal that only you would be able to give with your talent for beautiful things. Thank you for the opportunity.

  203. Lori Piller says:

    What is the thread count in the sheets? I prefer at least 1000 TC of 100% cotton. Thanks.

  204. Sue Miller says:

    I’m having new carpet installed in my bedroom this summer. That would be the perfect time for a do-over with new bed linens, pillows & curtains. What would be better than Anna’s beautiful products in my bedroom? Nothing!

  205. Denean Harris says:

    The bed linens look great. I am all about a nice bed set. I adore soft, comfortable sheets. The yellow bedding set would look fabulous in my sisters room. She is all about the yellows, lol.

  206. Sandra Griswold says:

    Wow, seems everyone wants to redo their bedroom and I”m no different. It would be a godsend to win your classic and elegant bedroom linens. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  207. Anita Richardson says:

    I have fallen in love with “Grace”. I have many of the boxes for craft storage and just finished up decorating my art room. This room is right next door to my bedroom which I hate to say is in a sorry state. I do have a new mattress cover but would love to “Grace” my bedroom with those lovely coverings to complete the look and keep the “Grace” flowing…..

  208. Jackie Peterson says:

    I would absolutely love to update my bed linens….have always just used a very simple off white bed spread —- which is completely boring…..I cannot ever seem to find anything that really catches my eye, until I saw these ~~~ they look very compfy and elegant at the same time. And the craft room furniture looks amazing !!! Would love to win this combo !!!! I have loved all the Anna items I have ever been able to purchase and can’t wait til I have time to play and create with the new Minc machine I just received !!!!!

  209. Kathleen says:

    What better way to uplift my mother spirits, than to have her new living quarters adorned with Anna Griffin’s luxurious bedroom collection! Following a very traumatic amputation she is making great strides toward healing and adjusting to life after lose of a limb. We are still furnishing the space to make it hers and to make her as comfortable as possible. This addition of this collection would be a great bonus! She could create new memories and make-up lost time because of this harrowing experience.

  210. Melinda Keeley says:

    I would so love the opportunity to fix up my 3rd bedroom. I’ve ignored it and have used it as storage space and computer room. I would also love to have an Anna Griffin craft room. It would be like going to the moon and back!

  211. Johnna says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to have new bedding for our bedroom. I have been looking for about ten years and just can’t seem to find exactly what I want. I LOVE all items “ANNA” and my fav is “GRACE”. I really hope I win this giveaway. I am lucky to have a “scrapbooking” room but do need Anna’s desk and all matching goodies. I took over my son’s bedroom when he went to the Navy. He ended up getting married so now I don’t have to share with anyone. Please dear Lord, let me win these Anna goodies!!!

  212. Paula P. says:

    I could so use some beautiful new bed linens and curtains in my bedroom! It’s been seven years since I’ve purchased some new linens. And I sure wouldn’t mind a little crafting area too, but that I would need to be put in the small niche just off the living room. It would be perfect there because I could create and watch Anna on HSN at the same time! Perfect!

  213. Tracey Mossow says:

    I know everyone can use new bedding and matching curtains but these are Anna Griffin. Anna Griffin prints are the QUEEN of Romance! I know Romance is special quality that I would like to add to my bedroom. Thanks Anna for the papers and quality now thanks for the Romance and Quality in the bedroom.

  214. Jen S says:

    An AG bedroom would be HEAVENLY!! I love the grace pattern and it would match in my bedroom so nicely! I do not have curtains and my comforter is a handmedown so my BR is sadly in need of a makeover. The craft room furniture would be the ultimate yahoo for me tho. I have been eyeing it up for some time, but have been spending all my money on all the new stuff you keep bringing to the HSN craft days. LOL! Just need that furniture to store and organize it all now!

  215. Sally Bartlett says:

    The white craft desk would be a great place to store my Anna embossing folders and papers. The stacks of AG supplies continue to grow and grow. I feel blessed to be able to make one of a kind hand made cards to share with Meals on Wheels clients and church folks. They bring such joy to the shut ins. The whole bedroom makeover package is classy. I really like the elegant lace effects on the sheets.

  216. Renee Zimmerman says:

    i would love a new summer makeover for my bedroom. The extra gift of Anna Griffin craft organization would take it over the top. Love everything you design. Thanks for the chance to win.

  217. Sandra L. says:

    My bedroom doesn’t even have curtains so it could really use a lift. Anna, your beautiful bedding is just what my room needs to sparkle it up. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  218. Grayce Kelly says:

    Lucky winner to that haul! I love the new wall paper. Super comforter and sheet set but what I really like is the crafting desk. I hope I can get it all someday but right now I need to tidy everything I just got delivered from the last show! I’ m going to have fun with the mink,along with the delivery of the embossing folders that came on auto ship!

  219. Pamela A says:

    Nice bed linens are such a treat and a luxury to ourselves, these are truly beautiful. Your craft room furniture is so classic – you would have to be inspired to have a room like that to craft in – I know I would!

  220. Lillian says:

    Anna, your products are always so fresh and exciting! My bedroom is in need of some beautiful new colors and style. My craft area needs everything to make it functional and I love how your products will make everything bright and elegant.

  221. Teri Griewahn says:

    I would love to win these items. We are remodeling an old farmhouse, and the bed linens would be ideal for the extra bedrooms upstairs. But the craft room items would be perfect in the craft room which I’ll finally have after 36 years of marriage waiting for it!

  222. Faith Lakso says:

    I love everything Anna Griffin. I’d like to win this make over as my children and grandchildren have recently moved to the west coast and not able to visit them We are empty nesters and I would love to have a craft room. I currently do my cards at the kitchen table! Thanks Anna for all your wonderful products!

  223. Michele Ciccone says:

    A bedroom makeover would be nice but I could really use the craft room pieces to help me get all my Anna craft materials organized.

  224. Jane R says:

    All of your bedroom sets are stunning! I would LOVE to use this in my guest room as it was originally for my daughter who is now married and given me three adorable grandchildren. Now I need to update that room for when they come back home for a visit. Thank you Anna for your generosity and graciousness!

  225. Ramona Mergenmthaler says:

    These linens are beautiful and elegant. I would love to redo my bedroom.

  226. Patricia McNeill says:

    We moved into this house 24 years ago, Nothing has been done to it and it is so very dreary. I need a change ! Help !

  227. Kim says:

    Kim says: May 20, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    A great BIG THANK YOU to: KAREN, KAYE L-K, and Sandra!! Misting my cardstock before running the gatefold folders through my Cuttlebug was the TRICK!! I was determined to make these work and thanks to you ladies mine now look as nice you all have described! With out a doubt the blog is my “go to” spot for help! Thanks again Ladies!!!
    I would LOVE to wind down in an Anna Griffin oasis, and craft too? Oh one can only dream to win this package!!

  228. Sandra says:

    As usual, Anna, everything you make is beautiful. My bedroom has been the same for years. Could use a makeover. I just love the craft furniture, also. Please pick me!!!!

  229. kathy zipfel says:

    I am redoing my craft room and would love to have your work station as I have many of your items and need space to work.

  230. Tracey Magner says:

    Hi Anna, The Bedding looks AMAZING,, But I knew it would coming from you!! I could use a bedroom makeover because I have been bedridden for almost 3 years and now that I am on my way to recovery I am so sick of this bedroom, no one, but my husband, can understand what it is like to spend 24/7 in a bed/bedroom for years. Besides feeling like you will lose it, you get SO SICK of looking at that room and everything about it, so an Anna Griffin bedroom makeover would be AMAZING, and the Craft Room Furniture would fit in here just perfect and I LOVE it also. I can’t imagine winning all of this, but who ever does will be one amazingly lucky person, who I will forever be jealous of, LOL.

  231. Betsy V says:

    Classic look both the furniture and bedding! What could be better, but me winning! 🙂

  232. GrannyD says:

    It has been a few years since I have redecorated any of the rooms at this little abode and I finally cleared out one of the back rooms to use as a guest/craft room so all of this comes at a tlerrific time. I have few ideas as to what I am going to do on the craft organization side so winning that would be a dream come true.

    The dark Grace pattern if really beautiful and I can see it and all the possibilities for the guest room. My Granddaughter would love it and probably never leave, which is aok by me.

    I hope, I hope, I hope!

  233. Lillian R says:

    The bedding is beautiful. I would really love a new bedroom makeover and crafting space, i currently have 3 grandchildren living with me and they are about to move. I need to pull my house back to the style it was before they moved in. I have several of Anna’s, products and enjoy them all. I was not much of a floral girl but Anna’s designs are changing my mind.

  234. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love the new bedding lines and course have coveted the craft room furniture for a while now. We will be looking to move in the next couple of months and could use an Anna makeover.

    Thank you for all that you and your team do!

  235. ReRe says:

    I am such a huge fan! This year my husband and I are celebrating 23 years:) I make over would be so awesome!

  236. Andrea says:

    I am in the process of remodeling my guest room and the gold Olivia would be perfect! I love it!

  237. Nicole D says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so excited for this opportunity – my sitting room, right next to my bedroom is where I currently craft and it is a modge podge of everything right now… it could certainly use an Anna Griffin update.

  238. Sue S says:

    My room needs Anna Griffin bedding and accessories because, well…who doesn’t need Anna Griffin bedding and accessories? Also, my craft room would be very angry if I didn’t try to win all of that great storage. 🙂

  239. Gracia Lanza says:

    Simply beautiful….It would be perfect for a guest/crafting room that we have and we’re still deciding how to decorate it. If I get this, I think I’ll make it MY bedroom and crafting room!!

  240. PaulaBowie says:

    Everything from Anna Griffin is just beautiful…just as Anna is beautiful! My bedroom is 15 yrs old.I have been wanting a redo but just cannot afford it.I make cards + would be so excited for Anna’s craft desk!You can surprise me anytime!

  241. Nora Martyniak says:

    My bedroom looks like a male experiment gone terribly wrong. Worse, you can see the room from the kitchen where guests come in. Bad!!!

  242. Christy Ramey says:

    I have lived in my house for twelve years now & I have had the same boring tan comforter since I moved in! I could desperately use this to brighten up my bedroom!

  243. Sandra Bradley-Zapata says:

    My crafting space could use a makeover since it’s just a hodgepodge of a card table, an old table, some garage shelving, and various containers to hold all my goodies. Such pretty things!!

  244. Chloe says:

    Oops! I messed up and left this as a reply to another poster. Sorry.

    I just received a set of your damask print sheets in wheat. I’ll be washing them this weekend so that I can enjoy them on my bed.

    I would love to have craft room furniture. I’ve invested in a whole wardrobe of your storage boxes, but I continue to work on a folding table. Being able to have a purpose-built desk with storage folders for paper would be amazing and help me to keep my craft space even more organized and tidy.

    Thank you for bringing beautiful products to the marketplace. You’ve certainly added some light to our lives.

  245. Chloe says:

    I just received a set of your damask print sheets in wheat. I’ll be washing them this weekend so that I can enjoy them on my bed.

    I would love to have craft room furniture. I’ve invested in a whole wardrobe of your storage boxes, but I continue to work on a folding table. Being able to have a purpose-built desk with storage folders for paper would be amazing and help me to keep my craft space even more organized and tidy.

    Thank you for bringing beautiful products to the marketplace. You’ve certainly added some light to our lives.

  246. Linda McGee says:

    Boy could I use a bedroom makeover. I moved my daughter and her family back up by me from Missouri last year. I moved them in with me so she could find work and save money for a place of their own. Well finding work was harder then we all thought and she just finally found a job, but not full time yet.
    Needless to say my house is definitely full, now six people instead of just me. My room has had to wait to do anything to it because of too much going on in my life.
    My mother just few a few weeks ago and broke her hip, she is 91, so all my time is spent in the hospital and at work.
    I had to give up my craft room to my grandkids so that desk set would work great in my bedroom to give me a place to get away from everything and and just relax in a beautiful bedroom that I can create in. Would be wonderful.

  247. Deborah Bode says:

    We need a bedroom makeover desperately! We are in various stages of remodeling a house that was built in 1973 (harvest gold appliances, horrible gold, gray,and brown wallpaper, the list goes on). We still have the same comforter that was a wedding gift back in 1972. And I am in the process of redoing my craft room so the desk would be a beautiful addition at a most opportune time! Please pick me and bring me to the 21st century with a beautiful makeover!

  248. Dee F says:

    Would love to wake up in Beautiful in the Making bedding every morning. My bedroom desperately need a makeover, have not changed it in awhile. Would love to have a craft station to organize all my Anna Griffin goodies.

  249. janet jacobs says:

    I would love to have my clutter bedroom redone since it a catch all for my husband’s hospice medical needs. Being a caregiver is not easy for a love one and Anna griffin’s lovely linens and drapes when add some cheerfulness in my bedroom. When my husband got sick I had to give up some furniture and stamps to give him room to get better.

  250. Jeri J. says:

    The room in our house that could use the Anna Griffin touch is our 2nd spare room. Our daughter painted the room a wonderful shade of orange ( I don’t need to say that she is not afraid of color!). Now that she has moved out, the color does nothing for the vintage iron bed, maple dresser and mahogany side table. Maybe some removable wallpaper and bedding will bring the room back to life. By the way, my craft room could sure use a redo:)

  251. Judith Marsh says:

    I could really use a room makeover and the creative space furnishings! I was will this past fall and winter and had lots of time to think and plan. My husband and I do and make things for other people, but rarely take the time to decorate for ourselves. The Anna Griffith Collections are right up our alley and it’s hard to pick which. Winning would be a dream come true!

  252. Mary says:

    Since I will be retiring next year, what a better way to spend my days in the house then doing crafts on the Anna Griffin desk. Since the house is one story i will get to enjoy the view of the bedroom with the new bedroom linens.

  253. Lindeln Mann says:

    Just beautiful Anna, I love the sheets the soft colors would look great in my bedroom. My craft room could use a make over, I have only been able to add Anna’s craft items to make my beautiful cards, scrapbook projects.I was inspire by You from a dvd I purchase .my craft room is furnish with several used desk, a folding table etc. Thank You Anna for all the beautiful products, you and cricut. Keep up the good work L. Mann

  254. Carol FIERRO says:

    Love your new Bedroon Sets and Linens and I LOVE your new crafting desk furniture..
    I rent and this past winter the roof leaked into my by bedroon….floors wet …walls wet window leaking….water every where..
    And landlord only re painted the ceiling and one wall….not a pretty look…
    I love all of Anna designs …and all her crafting products…that you can check with my -HSN account.

  255. Andi says:

    Anna, HELP!!! My home has been in my family since it was built in the late 1800’s. I finally came into possession of it several years ago. The problem is that the interior has not had a makeover since the 40’s or 50’s. Your beautiful line would go a long way in making this house feel like a HOME. I can’t wait to see your new home line in it’s full glory!!

  256. Barbara B. says:

    The wheels in Annas head go round and round, and what pops out is no where else to be found. Then the crafters go round and round, all thru the town. YOUR theme song, because nothing I say could be so true of a beautiful mind.

  257. Jody G says:

    Oh Anna, these are just perfect! Since my craft room is also our guest bedroom, I work hard to keep it organized and attractive so guests will feel comfortable. These new linens are so fresh and bright looking, just love them!

  258. Annette J says:

    Our bedroom is BLAH to say the least. we are using the same quilt we got as a wedding gift 20 years ago. It is nice BUT dated and a new update with Anna’s beautiful collection would be fantastic. I need a change from blue/pink. Grace would be my choice.

  259. pattyk says:

    My bedroom is upstairs( in old farm house)
    -has slanted walls and sure could use a beautiful Anna makeover! Thanks

  260. Liz Rhames says:

    It has been about 6 years since my bedroom has had an entire makeover. My craft room is Anna Griffin why not my bedroom.

  261. chayden says:

    My! My! How pretty…I know I need a make-over now…Just so lovely…What a thrill if would be to win…

  262. Peggy says:

    Hi again Anna! Haven’t told you this, but you were the reason I started crafting. Your stencils were my first inspiration and I still love them. I now have card-making workshops….and since I have a small house, have just enclosed my garage so I can have some space for my expanding craft items. I need everything to get it stocked… winning this giveaway would be amazing for me. Your creative tools continue to inspire me and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  263. Susan Mlacker says:

    I would love to get an update for my bedroom. We have not done anything to our room since we moved in 25 years ago. We are even still using the fabric bath shower curtains I made for our previous house. Love everything!! I also would love to win the craft room furniture. I have the perfect bedroom that our daughter moved out of and would look perfect in there.

  264. Lynda says:

    I have been trying to get my craft room organize the desk would be prefect and very functional with the openings on one side and the draws on the other GREAT!! And now summer coming and wanting to freshen up my bedroom-your bedding is beautiful would love to have it : )

  265. Melanie says:

    Anna, I have been waiting years and years for you to come out with wallpaper and beautiful bedding!! Ever since I found your scrapbook paper back in the 90’s, I have been hoping and praying for wallpaper 🙂 Then I saw it used as a background on HSN and I had to have it.. I’m so happy, I could jump for joy!!! Thank you !

  266. Suzie Janney says:

    I am staying with my Mom for a while since my Daddy passed away 2 years ago and my husband last May. Mom will be 100 in August and has lived in this house since 1950. My old bedroom could definitely use some sprucing up and you patterns are so peaceful and pretty. Space is limited so your storage would be awesome. Love your products.

  267. Kelly Tupick says:

    My bedroom could really use a make-over as it is dark and out dated. I have never had a nice bedroom set like this and this would really dress up my room nicely. It is beautiful and refreshing to look at.

  268. Jennifer Richards says:

    Wow! Just beautiful!!! I love the new bedding line and the sheets and curtains, You have really outdone yourself with this line. What a giveaway….I would love to win and update my bedroom so it all matches…it’s a very sad state of mismatched bedding, curtains and what not.
    Plus a craft room…..that would be so wonderful. Tuesday the 26th is my 40th Birthday so maybe that will be my lucky day.
    Thanks Anna for another beautiful release!

  269. Robbie says:

    We all need an Anna Bedroom make over, fresh and lovely! The Anna Griffin craft room desk furniture suite would just be a great place for organization and to have a spot just for crafting. Thanks for the chance for us to WIN!!!

  270. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    My bedroom is out of date. Walls need an uplift, need a summer bedspread to bring some brightness to the room.

    I am in need of craft room furniture. Very unorganized with all my Anna stuff.

  271. Sandra Chiesa says:

    I can always use more storage in my craft room, and what a neat looking craft table. A ‘coordinated’ bedroom! that would be a new experience for me.

  272. Jonie Isenberg says:

    I am in serious need of a makeover because we have lived in our home 28 years, and have not been able to do any serious work on it. I am still living in the 70’s in my house. I love the ’70’s, but I have a home in a beautiful subdivision, and will not invite friends over because I must have a makeover. PLEASE help me.

  273. JB Meyers says:

    WOW! I would love to win your beautiful craft furniture to revise my craft room…it’s currently all plasticky…and your new bed linens? A dream come true! WOW!

  274. Gavi Slutzkin says:

    I’d love some Anna G goodness in my house. We’re in the process of getting a new house & I’d love nothing more than to be able to decorate with your products!

  275. Jo Ryder says:

    An alcove of my bedroom is my craft space so it would be wonderful to make them both Anna Griffin devoted areas. What a great place it would be to wake up and to work.

  276. Larry Y says:

    Winter storms damaged the roof and the ceiling of my wife’s study and craft room fell in. We’ve done some repair but everything is in boxes and it would be lovely to surprise her with an Anna Griffin makeover.

  277. Jan Armentrout says:

    Linens have always made me go weak in the knees…these are just lovely!!! Such an amazing giveaway…you have a heart of gold darlin’!

  278. myrna hartley says:

    We just retired and down sized from our home of 30 years. I redecorated, painted, wallpapered but I kept the bedroom the basically the same, now I realized I should have redone the bedroom too and would love an Anna Griffin bedroom remake.

    My girlfriends call me the Anna Griffin lady as I give them my cards and do 3-dimensional art and even have your Lenox dishes. My craft room would love another craft desk as I don’t have enough flat space for the explorer. I have a main desk and small AG cuttlebug station. I would jump with joy if I had an AG craft room too!

    I love the wallpaper I am going to use it for lining my bathroom and dresser cabinets, its classic.

    You are truly one of the most creative persons I know. You make everything in my taste.


  279. Liz says:

    Would love to win a room that would be all Anna Griffin. My husband has taken over what was supposed to be my craft room which has my computer but he uses it and has all files and paperwork on the desk and on the floor. It was just like his office used to be like. I need my own special room now! Please help! I love your newest card kit. It is so just what I need for my grandchildren. Keep the crafts coming and maybe he will be forced to get out of my room.

  280. Georgia Rush says:

    My bedroom/craft room/sewing room is full of shelves of sewing supplies and craft supplies including the AG cricut and now the minc,as well as LOTS of card making supplies. A separate AG craft table would be a wonderful addition as would a new beautiful AG bed linen ensemble.
    I love your things and everyone I send a card to loves them!
    Thanks for all your creations.
    Georgia Rush

  281. Candice says:

    We moved into a new home several years ago and still have not decorated the master…..but the master bath is in shades of blue. I am trying to organize my craft room, just got my minc!

  282. Maureen says:

    I am really in need of a makeover. I am 68 and have never had a complete comforter set in my room. And I could really use the crafts storage for all of my Anna Griffin supplies, so I can keep them in one place.

  283. Pat Leon says:

    Oh, my gosh, the bed linens are glorious. Would love to celebrate my 42nd anniversary with a bedroom makeover. And, winning that craft station would be amazing! Anna, can you get any more creative?

  284. nadinebd says:

    My husband and I are celebrating our 52nd. anniversary & our bedroom would look so much fresher with the beauty of your products.

  285. Yolanda Padilla says:

    My craft room is jammed packed full of your gorgeous products, but a bit unorganized! Would love to win so that my room can match all of the beautiful craft items already in it!! Either way I am looking forward to the wallpaper which of course will go in the craft room. I hope you come out with a cabbage rose pattern too. Continue bringing us these beautiful items!!

  286. Cheryl Stone says:

    I will be moving soon and have no furniture. I would love more than anything to have an Anna Griffin combination bedroom and craft room. I have a bed. That’s all. Congratulations to the person who wins.

  287. Kari Cosentino says:

    I spent the last year battling breast cancer. My bedroom bedding is the original stuff from my bridal shower…..17 years ago! My bedroom also is used as my tiny craft space using our old dining table as my “desk”. Ebpverything is mismatched and piecemealed together in there. I desperately need a “me” and some quiet serenity for myself. I’d love to win your wonderful new collection! Congrats on another amazing product line. You inspire and amaze me Anna. God Bless!

  288. Winnie Johnson says:

    After my children were grown and moved out I changed their room into a guest room. I found some used bedding and have been using that. It would be so nice to be able to have it look better.

  289. Shellie Fontana says:

    My 25-yr. old daughter has battled debilitative Crohn’s disease the past 8 years; and, she moved back home almost 2 1/2-years ago, unable to work. Although she helps her dad do minor bookkeeping and also occasionally house- or pet-sits to generate income, she is finding solace in paper-crafting, especially hand-made cards featuring super-heroes and other electronic game ‘stars.’ Sometimes, people ask her to create cards to buy from her. She cuts, glues, folds,& traces cardstock and embellishments either sitting on her bedroom floor, at the diningroom table, or at my desk. She counters being homebound at unexpected times by creating intricate and interesting paper-pieced cards. She and I are still teaching one another to use my 1-yr. old Explore, and she enjoys using my golden Cuttlebug. If only she had a more suitable space, as beautiful as it is organized, so she may remain inspired and also find joy in spite of physical pain and emotional frustration. I would love to see my daughter enjoy creating in her own new space, beautiful in the making~

  290. Susie B says:

    Our bedroom could really use a touch of Anna! It has plain white walls and a dark green carpet – I know it could be beautiful but do not know where to start. Our guest room is also my craft room, and at the moment, it is so disorganized, we have no room for guests! Anna’s craft room accessories would help put it into shape!

  291. Barbara Stowell says:

    My furbabies sleep on my bed and after 5-6 yrs, it needs some refreshing. Need something new and pretty! Also I currently scrapbook on a desk in the living room. Would love to get rid of my dining room table and make my dining area my new scrapbooking room with all new A.G. furniture!

  292. Gena Greenlee says:

    My guest room desperately needs a makeover because our adult son and his wife had to live with us for 3 years and needless to say the room is not the same!! I may be selfish and use it on the master because after 4 back surgeries that is where I live. I would love the craft room update too, as I am crafting on plastic fold out table and a really ugly, old wood board table. Crafting is the only relief from pain that I get, so an organized room would be great!! Thanks Anna!!

  293. Terressa H. says:

    Getting ready to retire…..and my upstairs bedroom and so called craft room are in dire need of help…A makeover would certainly do the trick!

  294. Gayle Montayo says:

    Oh my goodness! The Anna Griffin makeover would turn our bedroom from boring to an incredible styled, comfortable, HAPPY place. We would be proud of as well. The bedroom is a place where we spend so much of our time in, how awesome would that be??!!!. And to add a sweet crafting nook would totally top it off! Thank you for the opportunity to win this huge fantastic giveaway!!

  295. Dorinda H says:

    Well I moved into my home about a year ago and have been using old bedding group that I have had for over 10 years old. I have been looking for new set but haven’t found anything yet. I love your sets especially the blue one! And a bonus would be to add something to my craft area! Whoever should win this spectacular prize will be very lucky!!!

  296. Mary R says:

    Hi Anna, Oh, how my bedroom needs a AG make-over! My bedroom is also my craft room and the craft items don’t have a home so it isn’t very pleasing to the eye. Items are still in the shipping boxes because I don’t have designated storage for them. My bedroom needs to be “prettified”. Having a beautiful room would help inspire me to create beautiful cards and scrapbook pages. Those sheets are to die for~400 thread count…you had me at Hello.

  297. Anita Marcy says:

    I have a hard time coordinating everything, it would be great to have it all done and in one set for me. My room is in. I’d love a color makeover for my room. My craft room could sure use Anna’s flair in there too.

  298. Debbie says:

    What a wonderful gift for someone! I would truly love it as I downsized quite a bit and my new place needs some real sprucing up – altho I was able to make one of the two bedrooms into my craft room.

  299. Loretta says:

    Getting an Anna Griffin makeover would put me over the rainbow. Your gorgeous bedding will be so welcome in our outdated 1999 bedroom. And the craft suite will definitely help me be more productive and organized. Thank you for caring and sharing.

  300. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    Oh Anna your desk suite would look so beautiful in my living room. I have a table in the corner of my living/family room where I share my pc and crafting space. Unfortunately I do not have my own crafting room at this time, still have young boys and home, and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but boy would I love to make that corner look pretty with your furniture. It would be perfect! I do all of my crafting in that space and living with all ‘guys’ this furniture is just right to make it a ‘MOM’s’ space and all mom’s! It would be MY very own “Beautiful in the making”!

  301. Paula Jackson says:

    Owning any of Anna’s things is a blessing and a treat. I am redecorating my bedroom this summer and to win a set from Anna would be wonderful! I can imagine a calm,relaxing, feminine space to enjoy. And to win her craft room organization would be beyond my wildest dreams! I have SO much crafting supplies (I’m a big fan of Anna’s stuff) and I am SO disorganized. It would be great to have organization. Thank you Anna.

  302. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    The reason I would like to win; I need organization. My son after serving in Iraq came to help me. I live in a 500 sq ft cottage. My craft space is my room, usually spread out on my bed. My son stays in the spare room I had. Anna your products have given me inspiration to make things for others & all that help me. It is something I can do within my health disability. What I make keeps me focused on others instead of my difficulties. I love Anna Griffin. You have really inspired me. I like the way you say – don’t hoard it…make it & give it away! I shall do that. Help me organize to do more please.:) thank you

  303. Eileen Powell says:

    Moving into a new place & basically could use anything that I can things onto & into, especially in the sewing & craft room.

  304. Jacqueline Helgeson says:

    My guest room needs an update and it also happens to be where I do all my paper crafting!

  305. Kathleen says:

    My son has moved out to start his career and I am officially an empty nester.mi want to convert his “man cave” into my craft room. It needs Anna’s beautiful things. I raised my son on my own since he was 2years old. As a divorced mom, I never had the extra money to do things like set up a craft room. Crafting relaxings me and is my outlet. I would love to win this generous give away.

  306. Heather Wesley says:

    Our master bedroom could sure use a makeover! It’s not been painted since we moved in 12 years ago and our bedding is never coordinated. I recently spent a lot of time in the bedroom recovering from ankle surgery and that’s when you really notice how much things need sprucing up! Thanks for this chance to win!

  307. Darleen Maahs says:

    I need your expertise to get my craft room in some sort of order. I love your taste in storage boxes and would love a chance to win your storage ideas. I also totally believe In your idea that if you can’t find your items then you wont create.

  308. JoAnne says:

    We would be so thrilled and Thankful to receive such a lovely, gorgeous bedroom makeover gift.. We can already feel how wonderful it would be, to be able to slip into bed linens that are so soft and comfy and then to top it off with a luxurious comforter. My husband would be thrilled to wake up in the morning and the sun is not shining in his eyes due to finally having curtains hanging up after all these years. Our plan was to refurbish our 60 year old bedroom furniture (which was my parents) along with new bedroom curtains, linens, comforter…..This has now become, just a dream, due to the financial limitations that we have due to both of our diagnosis of C.A. in the past few years. I celebrated my 40th birthday being diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and small cell C.A.. My husband,1 1/2 years ago was diagnosed with Laryngeal C.A. and after all the chemo’s, radiations, nights in the hospital and I.C.U.’s after 9 major surgeries my husband is sitting next to me, unable to speak due to losing his voice box and complications, but helping me write this in hopes of a DREAM being fulfilled.

  309. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Beautiful collection, we really can live in an Anna Griffin-inspired room. I plan to own the wallpaper as a start to creating a new place in the world for me.

    I was going to write a more detailed version of my story, but I’ll try to stick to a shorter version. I tend to talk & write too much (surprise!).

    Eight years ago, after losing my job, I moved to be closer to my parents & sister. Shortly after moving here, I realized my sister wasn’t herself. She refused to see a doctor, for which I cannot blame her. I would’ve been scared if I were 45 yrs old & had her symptoms. She was finally diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and I became her full-time caretaker. She passed away in January 2013. Because I was caring for her & her boys, I never really unpacked & I never even hung a picture to decorate.

    In February 2013 a stray kitty who turned out to be pregnant turned up at the feeding station at my townhouse (I’ve done cat rescue & TNR for many years). I had 4 cats already so I put her in my bedroom where she had 4 kittens. Luckily she was a beautiful tortie so I had her spayed, hooked up with a rescue group to get the kittens spayed & neutered & found a home for them all except the black kitten. She finally came back home with me.

    During all this time I was sleeping on the sofa. I thought I would decorate & move back, but I never had the time because my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after my sister passed and I help my 85 year old mom care for him as he is a difficult man, my sister’s cats finally came to live me and one was very sick so they were/are living in my bedroom (Gracie finally passed a month ago), & now my poor mom has lymphoma & just started her chemo. The hospital is far from them so I take her for all her appts. I also care for my sister’s horse.

    See, told you I write/talk too much. Anyway, all this is why I haven’t made my house a home yet & why I haven’t slept on my bed for over 2 years. I am finally trying to make a pretty place for me to live in and even organizing my crafts because I have added to my supplies. Crafting relaxes me & I am doing them on my bedroom floor as I spend time with my Cocoa -kitty 🙂

    Even though I am stretched a little thin at the moment, I am excited about my ideas & plans for this year for my personal space. Your collection will be a great place to start & I plan to watch all four shows!

  310. Sharon Sienaski says:

    My husband is finally back home after ten years of working away. It would be wonderful to celebrate with a bedroom makeover.

  311. Cathy Sobotka says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! My bedroom has been decorated the same way since we moved in 16 years ago, including the same comforter which I’ve had for almost 18 years. It is definitely time for a makeover in that room. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  312. Allison Shay says:

    Its finally time to redo the spare bedroom into an arts and crafts space! I like the idea of having both a bedroom and craft space that allows me the opportunity to create and craft while having friends over to enjoy such a beautiful retreat!! Thank you for the opportunity Anna!

  313. Yocasta says:

    Wow, just realized that the last time my bedroom got a makeover was in 2001. After that, many things have changed in our lives that have forced us to prioritize expenses.Suddenly you realize it has been so long .That’s 14 years ago!! I think it is time to do it again and what better way than with a whole Anna Griffin set. Good luck to everyone!

  314. Donna Sue says:

    Thanks for the giveaway – I have a blank wall in my craft/sewing room just waiting for this! Love your bedding – I’ve had the same set for years and need a change for Spring!

  315. Kymberly says:

    This would be a fun anniversary surprise for my husband and I. It would help a lot with getting my craft room in order too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  316. maria says:

    A-lways love everything Anna Griffin!
    N-eed a crafting space to use Anna Griffin products!
    N-ow have extra room since daughter just graduated!
    A-m hopeful I will win this wonderful gift!

  317. Sue K says:

    Our bedroom needs a complete makeover so I would love to do it all with what I have seen on Pinterest! I would love it all! I’s been many years sense we have done ours and I don’t even have a comforter and some pretty sheets I would over a nice makeover! 🙂

  318. Elizabeth Reflogle says:

    My current home we built in 1996 so for 19 years I’ve had the same comforter and drapes. It’s seen its better days and nothing would be better than an Anna Griffin set!!

  319. Jane says:

    My bedroom was lovely when we moved in-30 yrs. ago!! I definitley need a bedroom makeover!! I have been comforter shopping and can’t find anything I like-yours are beautiful!!

  320. Deb K. says:

    Anna your new bedding collections is beautiful. And right now my spare bedroom is an office/ craft space. I use a folding table & bins. So your craft furniture would be put to good use & help me to get organized.

  321. Elane H says:

    my room needs a makeover so bad. I am using sheets that are almost 10 yrs old and bought at a yard sale. I think it is time I try something new. HELP ME! PLEASE!

  322. Amy C. says:

    My bedding has more of a fall/winter color scheme. I would love some new bedding to lighten my room up for spring/summer.

  323. Karen Critcher says:

    My spare bedroom needs a makeover. This bedroom used to be a living room, so it has a great fireplace, BUT the drapes are way out of style, the ceiling light has plastic bubble type globes, the comforter has very large flowers and the walls are a drab yellow. Can you believe it? It is just begging for some help.

  324. Nancy Hulsey says:

    Love the new bedding. Would love to redo my guest room have not done so in about 10 years and it really needs a makeover! All of your bedding is fabulous!!

  325. Madelon Wilson says:

    We bought a foreclosure home 4 years ago. On move in day we turned the water on and every pipe in the house leaked pouring water throughout. After replacing all of the pipes, the man cave was renovated as it had the most damage. My husband and I both have demanding jobs and he works nights. Our bedroom is not a relaxing retreat. Being an accountant I am not creative except with the wonderful products I buy from the Anna Griffin line. I make beautiful cards. I can only imagine the beautiful room my bedroom could be with you home collection. No more torn wallpaper or uncovered windows. Just a wonderfully peaceful place to relax.

  326. Kay Brassfield says:

    My Scrapbook Room needs an Anna Griffin Makeover because I go to my scrapbook room as my retreat, to be creative, have quiet time, and replenish myself from work, caregiver for my Mom for 13 years and daily survival techniques to stand on top of MS… I can see it in my dreams… !

  327. Leslie says:

    Well it would have to be my bedroom as we only have 2 and the 2nd one is my craft room. Amelie is my favorite. I even got the scrapbook. I would fill the craft storage up in no time with all of your lovely products that I already own.Everything looks so beautiful. If you pick me my hunter husband would not be to thrilled with the Amelie…. but oh… well. LOL

  328. Betty Jackson says:

    Just last week I was looking at some photos my son downloaded on my PC and one of the photos was of my 7 year old grandson when he was a baby. What really got my attention was the fact my guest bedroom looks exactly the same as it did 7 years ago. I think it’s time for an update and your beautiful bedding and accessories would really make me happy. Good luck to everyone.

  329. Betty Andrews says:

    My daughter’s room (even though she has been married and away for 17 years, it is still her ) needs a makeover badly. I have redone my room, but not much in hers. And boy would I love the craft room furniture. My favorite bedroom collection is the Amelia. Anna has really steered me to pink, so the pink and green is my favorite.

  330. Elaine Trippiedi says:

    What an elegant bedroom collection. I can see how my bedroom would be transformed by any of these beautiful designs.

  331. Pam Denner says:

    I would love to have this makeover for our bedroom because I just am not great at coordinating and decorating. Our bedroom is really boring and could use some color. Thanks for a chance to win.

  332. Donna Blake says:

    Please believe me when I say I need a makeover. After 51 years of marriage, we bought a small home and our bedroom has our furniture in it. No style, No flavor. Husband did paint room but never replaced the trim work. I really need a pretty Anna Griffith bedroom.

  333. Jenny Hunt says:

    I have been Married the 29th of June (to the same man) 48 years. 3 Kids 8 grand kids of course when things are purchased they come first. so my bedroom and house could use a makeover but any help would be great. I love all your craft products, and I am sure your Décor Products would be beautiful.

  334. Mary R. Huff says:

    Teresa, THANK YOU for serving our country proudly. My oldest brother, now 83, is a retired Air Force Vet. I remember as a little girl the Air Force Band coming to our town in lower Michigan and what beautiful music. Many Blessings to ALL who served our country!

  335. Erin M says:

    My bedroom needs a makeover because I am recently divorced and it would be great to have something new and feminine as I move forward. In addition, I have loved your craft room furniture since you introduced it. Winning both items would be like getting a whole new lease on life! 🙂 I’m going to go Pin and share on Facebook now. Thanks for the chances to win!

  336. Jennifer says:

    Boy would I love this wonderful package of Anna Griffin bedroom items and the great crafting station.

  337. Margaret Swain says:

    I currently have a ratty old comforter on my bed because We just adopted a year old Golden Retriver and I can’t keep him off my bed, but if I should win that set he would learn real quick. Plus my bedroom desk is a peace of painted plywood laid on top of two filing cabinets. And I wonder why I can’t be more creative.

  338. Cyndi Stephenson says:

    Your new line is gorgeous. Where to start what my bedroom needs. You name it, it could use it. Our bedding is just a bunch of mix and match. There are so many other things that we need to pay for that our bedding is always at the bottom of the priority list. It would be lovely to win your bedding line then I would not feel I need to always keep our bedroom door shut. I am embarrassed for anyone to see it. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to win your products and be proud of what our bedroom looks like.

  339. Gilda Duffy says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would LOVE a bedroom makeover!!! Why??? Because it’s not decorated in “Anna Griffin”!!! Need I say more?!!! 🙂

  340. MT Pat says:

    My guest room would be just perfect for your new bedroom line. It has cream colored antique furniture that would look so nice with a new comforter. I love the damask wallpaper too.

  341. Linda says:

    Anna I have the grace set in white and pink. I just love it. will you be having sheets
    to match it soon. thanks’ Linda

  342. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I have a guest room that contains my beautiful mahogany furniture from childhood. Unfortunately, the room is still decorated with bedding and such from the days when my own sons slept there. It could use some serious “girling up” now that they’re teenagers and out of that room. As well, it would be nice to have a bona fide crafting space to play with all my Anna Griffin goodies! (I use a table that my Grandpa built for me when I was a little girl.)

  343. Teresa says:

    As a recently retired veteran from the Air Force, and as a daughter of an Air Force vetersn, I’ve had to endure multiple relocations, many overseas, some government housing, my entire life. I haven’t had time to discover a decorating style much less enjoy space for crafting. We resisted buying nice furniture as many things get damaged in frequent moves. I finally have some time to organize and do something for me and would love your help in creating a beautiful space. I discovered you a couple of years ago on HSN (now that we’re back stateside) and can’t get enough of Anna Griffin. I’m even converting my fellow Air Force colleagues. We love 24 hr craft days!

  344. Terri B says:

    We have a cabin like home.. Would be so nice for a change to have a little pretty. And that craft space, dream come true. Thanks

  345. Diane P. says:

    Wow Anna! You have a beautiful collection here. My guest room is in dire need of an overhaul and I sure do love the craft desk set too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  346. Mary Lou Rives says:

    I’m a 67 year old great grandmother. I haven’t had a new bedroom set in almost 25 years. Other things with children and grandchildren (twin and one has heart problems) seemed to be more important. My scrapping is all over the house in different spots.
    We are retired now,so I don’t see any redecorating in my future.
    I just really LOVE your stuff. I’ve got closets of AG things from QVC and HSN. Just got my Minc yesterday and can’t wait to get into that. I’m also into quilting and that’s another hobby that is in the closets.
    Hugs & Stitches,

  347. Cathy Brown says:

    Your decorating items are so beautiful! My guest room needs a redo. It is currently decorated in a country theme. I want to redo it to a softer theme. Your bedding would definitely help. I love, love your craft desk!

  348. SandiL says:

    Love the look. We have just moved and my bedrooms and craft room need help and organization.
    Love the linens, could really make use of that craft desk. So awesome, if I may date myself.

  349. Diane says:

    My two bedrooms really need updating. They have the original dark stained walls and need a beautiful contemporary designer’s touch. Your wall paper, and bedding set would look amazing.

  350. Caroline says:

    Everything that Anna has brought to hsn is beautiful. Would like to win this bedroom set for my daughter as she has not had a bedroom set in over 15 years. She loves the cards and all the things that I have made with Anna’s products.

  351. Penny Bolton says:

    My bedroom is in serious need of a makeover and your items are so pretty. Also I love the craft room furniture. I love all your products, Anna.

  352. Robin Gutierrez says:

    Mom will be moving in and it would be great if her room was AG style!
    Thanks for the chance to win, and win big!!

  353. yadyra marrero says:

    Oh my what a great opportunity. ..i love your products…my bedroom needs a make over for sure. We bought the house in 1996… and there have been more bills than money all along. My husband hurt himself on the job on 2000 and was in workers compensation for almost 5 yrs. …since then he has had short term jobs and now is totally unemployed…so we keep what we have to avoid spending unnecessarely.. of course any money gift that comes my way i do try to spend getting Anna griffin supplies…lol. it would be a dream to win. Thanks for the chance.

  354. Diane Sanchez says:

    ***!!!!!! Love everything. My bedroom could use a romantic makeover The craft room furniture is wonderful. Thank you for all you do and share.

  355. JannyLou says:

    Dear Anna,
    ~Thank you, again, for a very generous and desirable giveaway!
    ~ I would love to have a dedicated craft room or space with your items there to help organize and inspire.
    ~The linens are so pretty and a true delight to look upon. They would sweeten my guest room décor in a heartbeat.
    ~The best to you, always. JL

  356. Melody Barricklow says:

    Oh Anna, my bed room has been the same for 20 some years, mainly because I don’t have a flair for decorating. Seriously.. The was are white, the curtains are the same we’ve had for over 12-15 years… They have been changed once in 20 some years.. pictures? umm just one oak frame picture of 2 bears, with the saying shipmates for ever.. Since loving the ocean (my Tara) that blue ensemble, would be so perfect.. to dream in. My craft room is a joke, an older small room with an old big, green – teachers-desk in it. )the old metal ones).. but have box after box of Anna Griffin papers, and card kits.. so packed now I can hardly get in an out…Would so love to be a winner… Thank-You.

  357. Bonnie Smith says:

    I would love to win the bedroom and craft room make over and I just love all of Anna’s products. I just love florals!! We moved into our house 14 years ago and thought we would be able to update as time went on, but life happens and makes you pick your priorities , so after my husband and i both lost our jobs a couple of years ago, we have had to make do and live on a limited income. We are just now starting to get back on our feet a little, but I am greatful for what we do have. Thank you Anna for helping us make our lives more beautiful!

  358. Alma Ward says:

    I love your new line of bedroom linens. I have 2 bedrooms definitely in need of a makeover.

  359. Mimi Mertens says:

    Gorgeous and exquisite to have in my bedroom, like diamond jewelry. So many of us would like to win such beauty and elegancce to savour every day, in addition to the excellent crafting desk…, BUT only one can.

  360. Vickie Conquest says:

    the gorgeous blue comforter set would be perfect in my bedroom, ahhh, to dream!

  361. Deborah Genautis says:

    Anna, you’re outdone yourself once again! You always seem to amaze me with with your mind blowing talent. You’re been blessed with so many gifts that you generously share with all of your followers. Fifteen years ago, I was in a horrific automobile accident that drastically changed my life. I went from being a vibrant, extremely active mother of three, to a completely different life. Now that I’m disabled, I have had to learn how to learn how to live a different life. Since there are so many times, it’s hard for me to get out of bed, it would be great to have such a beautiful bedding set in my bedroom. I recently moved to a new area & don’t even have a bedding set on my new bed. One of the things that bring me great joy, is making your cards, I’ve purchased several sets of them. I’m currently making them on an old TV tray, & it works for now, but I’ve seen your lovely craft furniture, winning that would be like a dream come true for me. It would allow me to spread out & make more cards to share with the elderly and our veterans. I know you have a difficult task in choosing a winner, so I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for being you!

  362. Karen W. says:

    We built an addition on our home 12 years ago that includes a master suite, walk-in closet and master bathroom. I’ve always wanted to decorate our bedroom elegantly but have never found the right drapes or comforter set. I would love to make it an Anna Griffin retreat!

  363. Marilyn Solis says:

    Our bedroom is Way overdue for redecorating!!! Everything is old and tired
    I would send a picture of my craft area but I would be too embarrassed.
    Desperately needing help!

  364. susan says:

    I just can’t figure out how to decorate my bedroom. It’s not very big room and most things seem overwhelming. I love your patterns they remind of being back in England.

  365. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Co!

    What a incredible, giveaway….I must definitely thank you for your generosity!

    I NEED to incorporate some STYLE into my bedroom and your GORGEOUS creations seem like the PERFECT place to begin!

    Living in the same home for 30 years is great… however, Living with the same style….not so much…

    The beautiful Anna Griffin craft room furniture is an unexpected bonus and a dream!

  366. Karen B. says:

    Hi Anna! I have had the same comforter for years and just last week I was thinking it was time for a change. Your bedding and designs are beautiful!!!! A new craft space would be awesome too! It all looks so fun!

  367. Michelle Reaves says:

    Our bedroom has always been dark and plain because my Husband used to work nightshift, He’s retired now and I want it light and airy and fru fru, I spend more time in there than he does 😉 I’ve had the same 3 comforters for 15 yrs…time for something pretty!!

  368. Christy Woody says:

    Anna my bedroom could really use your beautiful decor to brighten it up. My husband and I spend a lot of time in there because he is still recovering from a stroke. Hasn’t been able to get out of the bed in quite a while. So it would be so AWESOME to win this!! It would really brighten things up! Thanks Anna for the chance to win all of these AMAZING products! Love everything you do!

  369. Cyndi Little says:

    I really, really need a bedroom makeover badly! Did I say “BADLY”? Yes, I did! When my husband passed away at the young age of 49 years old just 3-1/2 years ago, my bedroom has stayed the same: old comforter from 10 years ago, old bed skirt from 10 years ago, the same old linen from 10 years ago, and I haven’t touched a thing in my bedroom since! I am just not inspired, because I really miss him. However, if I could only have some of your delicious pieces, I think that I would get my incentive back to do some much needed decorating. Please help me to do that, Anna. By the way, I am a cardmaker, always using your wonderful ideas. I also used your scrapbook ideas to make a Memorial Scrapbook of my husband. Friends said that it is so beautiful, and that he would be proud, since he also loved your cardmaking/scrapbooking ideas. I sent your cards to him while he was hospittalized as well as while he was in hospice. He died of gastric cancer.

  370. Bonnie M says:

    Having bad rheumatoid arthritis,I have some fairly good days and some pretty bad ones where I am in my bedroom resting.It sure would be nice to be looking and resting on some beautiful Anna Griffin sheets and comforter.I would also love the Anna Griffin craft room furniture.I’ll think I died and went to heaven.

  371. Julie Bambi says:

    wow just wowed by the beauty of the new line. My room could use an uplift that’s for sure . Also I live in a loft so my craft/art studio is my bedroom! This would definitely brighten my day and let the creativity flow sharing and pinning

  372. Lynda Valentine says:

    In 2014 and early 2015 I received chemo & radiation treatments which left me very weak. I had to spend a good deal of time in my bed to be close to the bathroom. Thankfully the treatments worked and I am almost back to my old self, but everything in my bedroom reminds me of that awful time. Being 70 and on limited income, it would be wonderful to win this makeover to refresh the room and bring beautiful thoughts. Thank you Anna for this chance.

  373. carol assentato says:

    Love all the bedding sets just beautiful. My bedroom could use it and the furniture. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  374. Donna Toledo says:

    My master bedroom is too masculine. I LOVE the Grace Collection (as shown by your posting of the photo of my craft room on your blog with all of my GRACE collection of goodies). I’d love to have my bedroom adorned as lovely as my craft room. Adding the Anna Griffin Craft Room Desk Suite would be the icing on the cake, and who doesn’t like cake!

    I think the only craft supplies I by these days have the “AG” logo on them! It’s obvious I love your feminine, beautiful style.

    Thank you for bringing us all of these lovely things into our life!!

  375. Jan Bathke says:

    I would LOVE a new bedroom! We have a little old house (60 years old)with little rooms, so there isn’t a lot of opportunity for design, except in the bed linens and curtains. Your new designs are gorgeous. And my craft room would certainly benefit from new storage and furniture .

  376. Nancy Phillippe says:

    I would love to update my bedroom to make it a different room than what it has been in the past. My husband is going through cancer treatment for the second time in two years and I feel the need for a calm pretty place to refresh at the end of the day. Not to be to sad he is doing pretty well but I need a change in there for us both to have better memories. Thank you Anna & crew for this opportunity.

  377. Lin M. says:

    I LOVE this new Anna Griffin bedding! I purchased the Grace comforter set during the Cinderella event for the master bedroom. It is FABULOUS! I really need to win a set for the guest room. The bedding in our guest room is sadly old and outdated and gets neglected because I’d rather purchase Anna Griffin craft goodies. 🙂
    I would REALLY LOVE to win the craft furniture as my craft space is a collection of pieces put together to be functional. I could be so much more creative if I had this lovely Anna Griffin craft room set.
    Thanks for a chance to win! I can’t wait to see the shows!!!

  378. Nancy Smith says:

    Refreshing a bedroom for guests is a great way to welcome them to your home and show them how glad they are visiting!

  379. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    As a long time fan of limited means I confess that the bedroom I’ve designated as my “craft room” is dark and uninspired and my own bedroom bed … think dull sheets and skimpy throws. Inventive but hardly beautiful and fresh. I would LOVE anything our dear Anna would like to ship my way! Thank you!

  380. Kelly Massman says:

    Beautiful! Our guest room could defnitely use a makeover! It has all of the leftovers! Anna Griffin style would make my guests feel really special! Thanks for a chance to win!

  381. Kris Di Palma says:

    They are all so pretty. I’m writing this for my daughter. She will be married 15 years in october. Her bedroom furniture is my original set and we celebrated 47 years! I think we could all use a change. She introduced me to your paper Anna about 10 yeas ago. I am so hooked into the beautiful patterns. Can’t wait to enjoy this new medium.

  382. Karen says:

    I would love your bedding on MY bed, love that clean, crisp feminine look, and I can see the summer breeze coming into the window with a beautiful bed getting warmed by the sun ( can you tell it is a cold dreary day here and its the middle of May) please make my daydreams come true and my craft room is pretty much all Anna, so your craft furniture would add that final cherry on top. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  383. P says:

    Due to health issues my mother can no longer go up the stairs to her bedroom. We have had to move her downstairs to what used to be my grandmother’s bedroom. Unfortunately, it is not in the colors, style, etc. that she would like. Basically, she is sleeping in my grandmother’s room instead of a room that is designed and decorated just for her. I would love to change that and Anna Griffin style is as elegant as she. I know she would love it.

  384. Dorothy says:

    I love the new bedroom sets. I also would love to win the scrapbook room set. I have so much Anna Griffin stuff that I need a good place to store it now.

  385. Judy Jones says:

    As much as I would love to win, since we are so transferring to life in a fifth wheel trailer, full-time, I could only use the bed set. I dreamed for the past few years of the craft room set, but just won’t have room.

  386. Nancy Itson says:

    Making my guests feel welcome in my home is very important. Your wonderful comforter sets, beautiful sheets and window treatments are just the items I need to treat my guests and make them feel special. Creating a beautiful card at the new craft room desk to leave on the guest bed would add the finishing touch in making my guests feel at home. Thank you for another oportunity to win a Anna Griffin creation.

  387. bonnie says:

    when I decorated the master bedroom, I went with teal and chocolate to make the room more manly for my husbands taste. But now it is time to change and I would love Anna’s new designs to once again breathe life into the room… The designs are so great for couples and I would love a breath of fresh air in our room.. Besides when hubby has the remote in the living room I retreat to the bedroom to watch tv and cross stitch so the time is now ME time and Anna’s designs fit that bill just perfect.

  388. Shirlene Renshaw says:

    Anna, you have out done yourself with these new line of linens – I adore the Anna Griffin® Grace 6-piece Reversible Cotton Comforter Set & Anna Griffin Embroidered 400TC Cotton 4pc Sheet Sets. I would love to win this contest – I recently had to downsize my living arrangements – into a senior living unit – I have my own little apartment & this would just enrich my life to win!!!!!!!

  389. Lou Ann Hudson says:

    Love your bedroom line. My extra room has been many things. But it is now in need of an overhaul. I painted it a basic color 2 years ago, but that is where we stopped. Just using bits & pieces. This is a Great giveway.

  390. Beth in Georgia says:

    I would love an update to my bedroom and my craft room aka disaster area. I have been battling lymph edema in my legs for many years now. I robbed me of the ability to work and now it’s also robbed me of my ability to drive due to the swelling so I am pretty much home bound. That’s where crafting has helped keep me from going a bit stir crazy. Some days I admit I feel much like a hamster in a cage. My bedroom is very tired and could use a lift and my craft room is pretty much confined to an origami shelf for now. I have always loved your craft room furniture and have longed for it. Having your beautiful bedding and window dressings would make my days stuck in the house much easier to tolerate. Thanks for all your inspiration and all you do to help lift us all up and help us feel proud to say “I made that”. Once again, thanks!

  391. Tara Renee O'Leary says:

    I love everything you make Anna. I am hoping to eventually get the blue bedroom set so I can finally do a makeover in my guest bedroom. I want my guests to experience the beauty of your items. I will also sneak into said room to escape when need be.

  392. Shari Shafii says:

    ** I have been disabled for 5 years now. I broke my back at work falling off a ladder. I have spent the last four years going through doctors and rehab to no avail. Surgery won’t fix my problem. I am just going to have to be this way the rest of my life. Spending a lot of time in bed I watch a lot of t.v. and happened upon Anna Griffin. Finally something I can do. Making cards gets me out of bed. It both helps me with depression and mobility. I have been collecting my Anna Griffin slowly but surely and would love to own the desk set to do my crafting. Lord knows my bedroom is in dire need of a make over. It would be such a honor to own these things. I could be a real beautiful in the making story. Whether I win or not I still plan to get these items for my craft room and bedroom because I love them and think they are so beautiful. I’m not well to do by any means. I have a 2 bedroom apartment, which one of the bedrooms is now my craft room since the kids moved out. Being on a fixed budget it will take sometime to eventually get all these things together, but I think Anna Griffin craft room and bedding are worth it. They sure make me happy when I look at them and that’s good for my mental health. Thank you Anna for giving me something to do with myself during the day. I know my family likes to receive the cards I make. I love to give them. Blessings everyone!!

  393. Patti Hojnacki says:

    How do you say “the 80’s”. Bought our home then, and other than painting, our room has remained untouched. Everything else seemed to take our resources and attention. My husband has had three open heart surgeries and we make due the best we can. Additionally we adopted our two grandchildren to provide them with love and stability. I would love to be able to surround outselves in the refreshing beauty of Anna Griffins new decor.

  394. Debbie McL says:

    This is a TREMENDOUS giveaway Anna!!! I would love to have the chance to redo a guest bedroom and make it into the most feminine frilly princess like bedroom for our visiting granddaughter. All of your linen items are exquisite…and this Grandmama could also use a portion of the room to craft in. A Grandmama and Granddaughter room would be the most perfect place to pass on my love for scrap booking and crafting to my Granddaughter. I would feel perfectly at home in a room filled with Anna Griffin linens and your white desk furniture suite…so feminine and so beautiful! What a dream room this would be for the newest generation in our family!

  395. Toni says:

    It appears more than one of us shuts their eyes when in their bedrooms and not just because we are going to sleep. It would be refreshing to keep my eyes open and see something lovely in what is now a really run down bedroom – bed linens always drop down to the bottom of the “need” list. And there is a perfect corner for the lovely craft room desk, etc. (now filled with plastic scrap paper containers piled one on top of the other). It is a pleasant dream!

  396. Teresa Trump says:

    Hope this is correct way to post as couldn’t figure out anything else.

    My daughter and 3 grandchildren have lived with me for 3 years and are finally looking for a place of their own. My crafts got shoved into a corner of my bedroom, as well as stuff from other rooms. It is mostly a depressing chocolate brown. The golden beige would give it a light airy, elegant,f eeling. Please pick me!

  397. Linda Woerth says:

    My bedroom is a mish mash of a little of this and little of that…and would love to have matching items in it. I like the soft colors of your new comforters and sheets. My guest room has been taken over by my crafts, so the Anna Griffin decor would be great in there also.

  398. Petra says:

    What a beautiful blessing it would be to win! I would love to renovate and decorate our Guest room/Craft room with Anna Griffin craft room desk furniture and Anna Griffin Grace 6-piece Reversible Cotton Comforter Set, elegant Window treatments and a absolutely gorges damask Wall covering. I would have an awesome place to be creative. Thank you Anna Griffin for bringing us all your fantastic Idea’s. God bless you.

  399. Jan B says:

    Our bedroom is stuck in the 90’s! Needs an elegant, timeless makeover! Needs to be Anna-fied! Thanks for such beautiful bedroom items! And a chance to win a craft room make-over, too!!! Oh my!

  400. Karen T says:

    My guest room is the last place I think to update (or have the budget for) and it could use a serious makeover!!

  401. barb macaskill says:

    Our bedroom needs a makeover because we moved into our new house 4 days before I had open heart surgery and I have been recovering since and haven’t been able to decorate it. It is just a drab brown that hubby threw on the walls just so it looked more complete.
    I just about swallowed my tongue when I saw the Olivia collection! They are all stunning but Olivia makes my heart race! I pinned it here: and am off to share this amazing giveaway on Facebook right now!! Winning this would make me cry in a happy way! Thank you for your generosity!! Fingers crossed that I will soon have a beautiful bedroom!

  402. Arlene says:

    My bedroom needs a make over. Well maybe it needs to be made. Moved about four years ago and still haven’t hung pictures. It is blah and needs some Anna Griffin elegance.

  403. Rachelle says:

    My husband and I are looking at buying a home. I would love to be out with the old and in with the new. And once we have a home we will have a guest room that will need to look beautiful. Which right now we don’t have a guest bedroom unfortunately.

  404. Cindy Haselip says:

    well, I love all things Anna Griffin. I have been a fan of yours since you were first on QVC. I am moving into a new place and I am in much need for new linens on my bed. I have a king side bed and love it. I want to paint it a lighter color and have some new beautiful bedding. WOW would it ever brighten up my new place and make me feel better having to move. I could put the new craft furniture in my Living room so I could craft and watch tv at the same time. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your giveaway.

  405. Joan LoBrutto says:

    My bedroom is sadly in need of a update. I have been unable to do anything because I have a back problem. I have had surgery and need more so my bedroom has taken a backseat. Any of your beautiful comforter sets and window treatments would not only brighten up the room but also my spirits. To win the craft furniture would put this over the top for me since my only outlet is to make cards and craft. Thank you for giving us an a chance to win your wonderful products.

  406. Patrice says:

    All I have is a bed in a room. Being recently separated and disabled my time is spent in a room with just a bed, white walls and that is it. Love the bedroom collection and could use a space for cheering up.

  407. Teggy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous bedroom sets! My guest room/home office used to be the dumping ground for everything when my hubby and I got married -10 years ago! I’ve slowly been cleaning it out little by little but it sure could use a major dose of AG.

  408. Theresa Gee says:

    Oh Anna!
    I would dearly love to win this for my sister! We both love all the things you bring us. Especially all the crafting items! My sister is such a giving person. She struggled many years as a working single parent. She now helps out her son’s young family as they both work to make ends meet, keeping her grandson weekdays. She thinks of others first and herself last. She crafts in her sun room on folding tables and really needs some organization!

  409. Kate Molnar says:

    I almost fell off my rickety, broken down craft chair when I read about this week’s giveaway….***! What a prize! Then I started picturing my shabby chic bedroom (emphasis on the shabby) redone Anna style…comforters and curtains and sheets, oh my! My dog-eared copy of “Decorating for Dummies” could finally be tossed. I would gift the furniture to my super crafty sister-in-law who truly deserves a craft room makeover. So, you see, you’d get two extremely grateful winners for the price of one!

  410. Leslie Zee says:

    My granddaughter told me my guest room looked tired and needed a good sleep just like she did. Ouch! Time to repaint and get some nice new bedding and curtains.

  411. Carol Hove says:

    Previous to April 24th I don’t know what planet I had been living on. A LONGTIME HSN customer and viewer Anna Griffin had escaped my radar – well I have caught up now and am so impressed with EVERY Anna Griffin product that I have received. The next logical leap is to AG home goods. Can not wait for the new releases!

  412. Sue M says:

    Since my guest room and craft room are both furnished in ‘early garage sale’, I would be over the moon to win this contest! I love all things AG and am looking forward to seeing the new collection.

  413. Jurate Okura says:

    Our daughters are married with babies on the way, including twins! Too exciting!!! So, I am now using one of their old bedrooms as my Anna Griffin and Cricut craft room and the other is meant to be a guest room. Both rooms could benefit from that Anna Griffin touch!
    The new bedding is dreamy and elegant and would make any bedroom gorgeous and what craft room wouldn’t be better with the Anna Griffin furniture line? Will be watching on the 27th and 28th.

  414. Donna O says:

    Have been putting off remodeling our bedroom but this may just do it. How absolutely beautiful everything is. Whether I win or not, I need a couple sets of sheets. The lace is so gorgeous. And then there’s the scrapbook room that really needs an overhaul. I seem to only use my expansive collection of Anna Griffin products so I need to get rid of everything else. Winning the scrap room set would be just perfect. Thank you, Anna, for all you do for us crafters. How far you’ve come since I met you at CKU San Antonio so many years ago.

  415. Penny K. says:

    “BORING!” is the word that comes to mind when you see our bedroom! As I get older, it is harder to get a “new lease on Life,” but a make-over of our bedroom would brighten my day and add years to my life!! OK, so sometimes I exaggerate a bit…..Would love to win the new bedding and become a young newly wed once more…lol

  416. LindaCC says:

    I’m ashamed to admit my guest room has not been taken care of for many years…and we are expecting friends from India in late June. I’m scrubbing and cleaning now, but what a great welcome it would be for a new Anna room for them celebrating retirement from the Mission school in Northern India! Not to mention my craft room is a mess and needs help! I got her started in stamping so I’m sure she’ll want to play in my room. Yes, Anna, some of your stamps are in the foothills of the Himalayas!

  417. sandi says:

    My ho hum boring house would be so much more beautiful with any Anna designed bedding. My craft room would be over the top fabulous with your furniture. Thank you for a chance to win so a generous, and beautiful package! I hope you know the joy you bring to all of us faithful Anna followers!

  418. Sara K says:

    My eldest is now in college and I “took over” her bedroom to start a craft room to add fun and joy to my life as I transition to an empty nester (only one more to launch). I discovered you on HSN just a year ago and love everything Anna. I never though I’d have a die cutting machine or desire one but during the initial launch you made it seem so easy I bought it. I love using it, now have added the Minc machine and heat pen and starting to use that too. Plus various card kits and supplies. Would be nice if my Anna craft side of the bedroom matched the bedding decor so when we have guests it will showcase your beautiful designs.

  419. Lillian L says:

    what beautiful and fresh patterns you offer. Of course I like all the patterns because they are the patterns you offer in scrap booking papers! My guest room hasn’t been updated in 15 years and would really look fresh again with one of your bedding sets! Thanks! xoxo

  420. Audrey Olander says:

    Bought your Grace comforter in white about a month ago and love going to bed and wrapping myself in all the prettiness! Could use curtains and beautiful lace-edged sheets in pink to go with it! I have the comforter but the rest of my room is so dreary!

  421. Pat says:

    The last time my bedroom had a makeover was 20 years ago. This is just beautiful who would not want a bedroom designed by Anna Griffin. I will be moving in with my daughter in the near future. What could be better than an Anna Griffin Room? I am a scrap booker from way back and I was planning on purchasing the craft room desk furniture. If I won it I could purchase moor Anna Griffin scrap booking stuff.

  422. Diane Miller says:

    Wow Anna how generous of you. Well due to chronic fatigue and pain I often must lay in bed for hours looking at the ceiling. On Social Sec. Disability. Extra $$ spending on AG crafts which helps with the depression. I care for my mother 365 days a yr and help my adult disabled son and grandson. Having a Anna Griffin heavens haven would be a Godsend. Thank you

  423. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    My bedroom is so totally mannish…full of duck decoys and other masculine things. I would love to have a pretty room with a feminine touch so I definitely need to win your bedroom makeover !

  424. Diane Miller says:

    Wow Anna how generous of you. To start I’ll say that my mother bought the White Grace comforter set and is so in love with it. As for why I could use a bedroom make over. Well I have a chronic medical condition, chronic fatigue and pain which mandates that I often have to lay down for hours just looking up at the ceiling. That is the what needs to be done to help with the fatigue. I am my mothers 24 hr a day, 365 days a year caregiver and help my disabled adult son and grandson when I can. I am on social security disability so my money in priority is food, medicines, bills and helping my son & grandson. So it would be awesome to have a beautiful Anna Griffin bedroom. I must confess though, disclose, I do spend my other money on Anna Griffin crafting supplies. While I am lying in be I dream of all that I can make when I am feeling better. Being able to do that really helps dispel the depression. Thank you again Anna for everything you do for us.

  425. karen stickle says:

    Wow it all looks fantastic as it is my birthday this week it would be a wonderful present BUT could it be shipped to England for me please.

  426. YVONNE SANDERS says:

    Oh yes, do I ever need a makeover. My room is so dark and dreary. My husbands mothers furniture that we were given is way to dark, so I need to lighten the look. I want bright, fresh and pretty. Love your new line and the colors

  427. Nancy Sabiston says:

    We just remodeled our bedroom and I have been searching for the perfect bed set. One of these will do just fine!

  428. Patti Garcia says:

    Please pick me!!! I love your bedding and have been asking for it forever. I love all of it. I know if do not win I will still get sheets and duvet cover. Yea!! My old tired quilt needs that cover and it would be heaven to sleep in the damask. I did love the Oliva but a bit too girly for the husband.

  429. Donna Alexander says:

    Hi Anna. After loosing four children I spent a very long time in a very dark place. One night while surfing channels on TV I saw your presentation and I made a decision to surround myself with beauty. I believe to some degree, that we define ourselves with our surroundings. They reflect our inner world. I know it may sound silly, but I am working from the outside, just hoping that my inside will catch up. If I won this I would find someone who is sad and in need and I would take them everything I am replacing. I would teach them what little I know about crafting and give them what they need to get started. You have changed my life in such a healthy way that I am already a winner. And, May 26th is my birthday. Oh funny is that. Most sincerely, Donna.

  430. Darlene A says:

    Last summer, while I was away with my Dad, my husband decided to paint our bedroom–a hideous shade of green! None of my bedding remotely matches! However, I did see some AG patterns/colors that would be so pretty that no one would notice the green paint.

  431. Diana says:

    What lover of Anna Griffin wouldn’t be overjoyed with this make-over? Can you imagine going from a bedroom that is so relaxing and stress free to a real craft space. The family would never see me the old grouchy me again!

  432. Sandra M. says:

    Who wouldn’t want to dream surrounded by Anna’s beautiful bedding ! I am no decorator, but this would add instant grace and charm to my desperate bedroom .

  433. Lady Fair says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. My room needs a makeover because it’s too dark and too masculine. The Anna Griffin collection would brighten it up and introduce subtle femininity, something I need!

  434. Debbie Juillerat says:

    Gorgeous, Anna! My bedroom is in dire need of a makeover. We bought a home that needed LOTS of love, started with the kids’ rooms, and ran out of steam before ours was even started. And oh my…I would just LOVE that craft room furniture! Thanks for making someone’s dream come true!

  435. Linda Taylor says:

    I just made my very first pins! Anna you always ask us to do the impossible, you want us to pick our favorite…impossible. For me the most practicle of my favorites would be the Grace black as I just received the complete storage set in Grace black. Plus it wouldn’t show kitty fur as readily as the other patterns. We have two kitties and one of them, Georgie, is a very prolific fur depositer (he hates being brushed). Whoever wins this prize will be sleeping in a room fit for a princess. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed! And oh, by the way, my Minc is supposed to be delivered today!!!!!!!!!! And also my auto delivery mix and match embossing folders are on the delivery truck today! Can you see my smile from there?

  436. Tami Tolliver says:

    Pinned and shared!!! I have been dreaming about your craft room set. Love all the sheets that match. My craft room is half my bedroom. So, everything would match.

  437. debra says:

    We have had the same room for 25 years, we need a change, having a busy life and being a care provider for an elderly parents, you need to relax. Anna your beautiful bedding and accessories would make our room beautiful and a relaxing place to unwind!

  438. beth titus says:

    I would love to win this make over because my bedroom really needs it.. love all the beautiful patterns you have to offer

  439. DWD says:

    We have been in the house for 26 yrs. I have painted, wallpapered, re-wallpapered, un-wallpaper almost every room, except the master bedroom and upstairs hallway. They could use a makeover!!! I can’t wait for the 27th & 28th!!!

  440. Annette says:

    My bedroom could use a makeover because we have not updated the bedspread for at least 18 years and it’s only had a quick coat of white paint since we moved into this house over 20 years ago.

  441. ElizabethD says:

    Anna, everything is lovely. I would love to redo my bedroom around anything Anna Griffin.

  442. Lee Conradi says:

    I have a new home in North Carolina. It is not really decorated. We built it. The bedroom is large with a three sided end to it with windows in each wall/panel area. I have NO IDEA how to decorate the windows or the walls. My only idea that I do have is I would like some kind of toile wall paper perhaps in part of the room. Would love help from Anna!

  443. Priscilla Thibault says:

    I love Anna Griffin for papercrafting and sewing. It is great to see her branch out into things for the home. I am re-organizing and redecorating my home and would love to have these Anna Griffin items.

  444. Joanne S says:

    I am such an Anna Griffin fan because I love vintage botanicals. I currently have some fabric in my bedroom from the discontinued Waverly American Rose Garden collection and I think Anna’s new bedding collection will work nicely with what I already have. I bought the sage green AG sheets when she was on HSN last week If I win the makeover, I would be able to dream beautiful crafty dreams.

  445. Marilyn Bozik says:

    My Bedroom has not had a makeover in about 20 years. This would be the best ever…

  446. Mary Jackson says:

    I can’t tell you how much I would love to win this for my bedroom. My windows have mini blinds and no curtains. I took them down when we started remodeling the adjoining bathroom – a project that is still not complete after several years. My bed has a quilt on it and that’s it for the decor. I haven’t decided what colors I wanted, but winning would solve all the issues. And the furniture too – wow a remake of my craft room. !! Would love for this to be more than a dream.

  447. Humberta says:

    Anna, my bedroom needs a makeover asap! We haven’t really changed anything since we got married 13 years ago! Your beautiful ensembles would be such a welcome change.

  448. kat says:

    I redid my craft room to look like Anna griffin. I got ideas from the emboss, cut and create book. I used cream and gold colors. And as a pop for me I put teal. Same ideas in bedroom. But that yellow bed cover is fab. Way to go! I’m in.

  449. Grama Pei says:

    oops. meant “to win this” not too… my machine stutters and tosses out too many keystrokes. 🙂 I live for that ‘edit’ button, it seems…

  450. Lois D. says:

    I will start by saying that I am grateful for what I have and do not complain about what I don’t have. This is embarrassing. Our bedroom has a queen size bed with a crazy quilt I made from lots of free and discounted fat quarters from a store that was closing 11 years ago. Our “office” space is also in the bedroom. My end table is a 2 drawer filing cabinet and my husband’s is one that was picked up at the second hand store. It’s not very attractive, but it is functional. There is a table that holds our printers (The blonde lady AG on TV recently convinced me a laser printer would be very useful and my husband agreed.) and the paper cutter and files are in crates under the table. Also plastic storage drawers hold the office supplies. There is a small chest of drawers and a TV. The windows have the blinds that roll up from the big box store. I don’t have curtains on them because I haven’t found any I really like and since I avoid the room other than to sleep, my eyes are closed anyway. You are the only one I have ever shared this with because I could use some décor intervention. 🙂

  451. Yvonne Shafer says:

    Beautiful bedding! I’d love a room makeover! The parachuting puppies wallpaper in my son’ sold room MUST go! He’s married and living away and husband has suggested several times that it probably time to move on!!!!

  452. Bonnie Berner says:

    I need Anna’s collection because I am all about Anna Griffin. What else can I say. She is a girl after my own heart.

  453. Barbara Tuley says:

    My hsb and I have been married 28 years. We built our “starter” house 27 years ago and we have never left!. We need a whole house renovation, 6 months after we built our house my hsb quit his job and went to school to be a paramedic firefighter. Then we had kids, theirs are the only 2 rooms in the house that have ever been decorated and painted.. We have never had anything done to our bedroom. It is the same white walls and paint from when we moved in! Now we are paying for college for 1 son and another will start soon. I have always loved your products, I am a huge fan of victorian and art deco, I love flourishes and swirls, your designs are what I love.In my art area I have your papers, your stencils, stamps, embossing folders and just got the minc! I would love to have a nice bedroom for my husband, he works so much and is always helping others, I would love to surprise him with a room makeover!!

  454. Grama Pei says:

    Oh, WOW, THANK you for your gracious generosity that will allow someone to win this DREAM! WHAT a dream! I am stunned! The craft furniture AND the bedroom makeover! Brings me to tears just imagining it! WOWOW! OK, I would be so happy too win this because my bedroom is an epic disaster right now! I have beautiful furniture in my bedroom, but I have storage in my room, too! I also have these ugly maroon polyester double-knit blackout curtains hanging in there from when I was working night shift as a nurse. It could be SO beautiful but right now is so homely! Winning would inspire me to find or rent storage space so I can move these boxes out! -And get my room back! When I wake in the morning, I don’t even want to open my eyes, because its going to be so depressing at present. What a wonderful change that would be! And to have the craft furniture! OH! I could have it in my bedroom too, so when my Autistic son starts yelling and screaming things at me, (he triggers easily) I could just shut myself away in my now-beautiful bedroom and peacefully continue to craft! SO blessed an idea! Makes me smile to just think of it! OOH! a new goal!

  455. Rose Moore says:

    I DESPERATLEY need my own space to scrap book and card back, I love to do both but do not have a craft space to do it so I have to lug all of my supplies out which takes forever to do anything, I think if I had a desk and organization I would be in heaven!!

  456. Yvette says:

    My mom’s 73rd birthday is on May.31st and you comforter sets would show beautiful in her newly painted new bedroom. The bonus craft room set for all my crafting supplies which are in the dining room and part of the living room. I let my mom take over the third bedroom for her sewing room. You choicing us would be a great blessing in the making!

  457. Karen Housley says:

    I live in the basement of my house. My walls are old Dark Paneling. I have 2 very small windows in it, it does have a carpet, so my feet don’t get too cold. We bought the house about 3 years ago, so that my son, his wife and three daughters could move in with us. Times are rough you know. The oldest and youngest grand kids sleep upstairs and so does my Husband, but I sleep in the basement with just a bed and my crafting stuff is all around me. My middle grand daughter has her bed in the basement with me, but she normally sleeps in my bed at least 3 nights a week. I would love to have a nice place to call my own space, for sleeping and crafting. It would be the greatest thing I could ask for.

  458. Jan Thomas says:

    This is perfect timing. I want to paint my bedroom in soft grays, blues etc. My craft room items are now sitting in my dining room in order to be painted and to figure out a better way of getting all the stuff in. I have a small bedroom I want to use and had an old kitchen counter that I wanted to use to stamp etc but it will not make the turns in the hallway. I have been at a loss for my craft room so I love this.
    thanks for the opportunity.

  459. Margie says:

    Oh my it has been along time since my bedroom has had a makeover I can’t even remember when it was
    your things are beautiful

  460. Dalyce says:

    Giving away all this… I think you will have several thousand entries.

    This bedding is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!

    Everyone wants an Anna Griffin Bedroom over haul. Who wouldn’t!!!

    We are living with one of our daughters. Helping her out with her 4 children because she has a special need little boy who is constantly in and out of the hospital, and at this time in her life needs some help. We sold our home and now looking for a place where both families can live so we can continue to help them.
    I have been watching as you have presented your bedroom line and have thought that is what I would like to get when I have to redecorate.
    But the craft room furniture with it !!!!! WOW!!! That’s just out of this world… charitable, considerate, kindhearted, and thoughtful.

    The person who wins this one, will live in a wonderful, luxurious, Anna Griffin world.

    Anna, you are the best.

  461. Deborah Gilbert says:

    My son is grown and out of the house and his room is a bit of a catch all with a bit of left over boy. The white and cream bedding would be a dream. I’m afraid if I make it so beautiful my guests would never want to leave! But I would love to take that chance.

    And the work center would just be a great bonus!

  462. Marie Powers says:

    Hi Anna,
    I am so happy that you are
    selling your bed linens on HSN. I am planning to redo my master bedroom this summer. I love wallpaper and especially the damask prints. My living room has beautiful cream colored damask now. I was a fan of the Waverly papers and many are throughout my home. My plan was to remove the Waverly floral paper from the bedroom and paint the room in soft blue. After watching all of the home shows on TV it seems that wallpaper is out but my heart says no! With your beautiful paper and blue bedding I can still have my wallpaper and love it too!

  463. Andrew says:

    The 27th is my wife’s birthday and she just loves everything Anna Griffin and our room could do with a makeover but as we’re pensioners we’re limited to what we can do.
    It all looks very lovely

  464. felicia says:

    Anna I just LOVE all your crafts. I do crafts, scrapbooking and sewing when I can find the time and space with 4 children. Crafts and sewing also make me feel so good. Right now I have taken on redoing my daughter room for her sweet sixteen and your new pieces would look so good for my only daughter, as I remove all the pink walls and princess wall paper and sheets. Keep on creating new things.

  465. Shirley L. says:

    Oh, my goodness! I love all your products but the gold set is my favorite. Those bed sheets look yummy, and I will have to put them on my wish list. Anything to enhance my stamp room would be so appreciated. And you are drawing the person’s name on my birthday. Wouldn’t that be an awesome gift! Thanks for the chance to win the goodies. Can’t wait until your new show of products.

  466. Lisa O says:

    Thank you, thank you for brightening my life. My husband and family have seen a difference in how my life has transpired and bloomed because you have entered in it.
    I purchase your beautiful in the making products and love, love,love to share with others.
    I would love to have your gorgeous bedroom makeover. Mine is old and worn out.
    I would love your office desk craft room set its in my “favorites” with HSN!
    Thank you and love you and your team!
    Lisa O.

  467. vivian olver says:

    My bedroom could really use a make-over. I house share, so my room is the only room the is truly mine. I sleep there, I craft in it, mostly I dream there. Dreams of my future, and a lot of making Ann Griffin craft projects. Thank you Anna for already making my world so beautiful.

  468. Melissa Cano says:

    Beautiful bedding! Love your designs as always they are beautiful and elegant. I also love the different colors it comes in. The wall paper is a must!! Damask is my favorite pattern! 🙂 I would love to won as my bedding set is more masculine for my husband; and I would love to add a bit of color. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  469. Jackie H says:

    I love love love the Grace pattern bedding! So beautiful! My bedroom has been in a time warp for quite awhile I’m afraid. The quilt I’m using right now is one I’ve had for so many years I can’t remember how old it is! I love it, but it’s time for a change! The Grace bedding would be perfect for my bedroom. I’ll be tuning in to HSN for the debut of Anna’s bedding!

  470. Marcie Smith says:

    My guests have been using the same old boring guest room / craft storage room for the past 10 years which could really use a make over and I just love the craft desk storage solution you have. It would definitely make my day, month, and year and beyond to win, that’s for sure. Love all your stuff Anna.

  471. Lillian Brothers says:

    I love everything A.G. I even have Akea cabinets 10ft,x7ft to keep all my A.G. items. I would love to receive the beautiful linens as I am facing more back surgery to correct the rods there and will be spending lots of time in my bedroom.

  472. Gail Spence says:

    My Mother-in-law lived with us for 13 years and died over a year ago. Her room fills us with sadness whenever we look at it. An Anna makeover would fill our hearts with gratitude instead of the sadness that we feel now. I KNOW that would make Momma smile from heaven!

  473. Deborah Cockerham says:

    Purchased a sweet antique bed at an auction a few years ago from an old family friend. I’ve been waiting for the perfect inspiration to set it up in my guest room. This would be a perfect opportunity to combine all my favorites into one location! Beautifully Anna style coordinating an elegant retreat! What better inspiration could i possibly find!!!

  474. Eleanor Brooks says:

    Because my guest bedroom looks like I need to be on the show Hoarders! Just threw everything in there hoping nobody ever wants to visit. Love your new line

  475. Cynthia CrusanNoble says:

    Oh Anna if you could see either of my craft room or my bedroom there would be no explanation necessary for why it needs a makeover. LOL

  476. Shannon Stogner says:

    If I could post a picture I’d show you the face people make when they see my room.To say I have a love affair with bed liens is a understatement!!!!!!! My 10 year old is following in my foot steps!!!! She and I would be over the moon to win!!!!!!

    Ps her birthday is just around the corner!!!! What a way to celebrate an 11th birthday!!!!!!

  477. stacy elftmann says:

    I love Anna’s classic and romantic designs. I would love a little of that in my life.

  478. Catherine says:

    My bedroom is long overdue for a makeover, just can’t afford to do so, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

  479. Doug G. says:

    My spare bedroom could use an Anna Griffin makeover as it is dark and formal. It needs to be lightened up with the fresh AG Home Collection. The same elegance and sophistication that are the hallmarks of all your craft collections has been interpreted and translated into the STUNNING Home Collection with all the little details and embellishments. Way to Go Anna !!!!

  480. Evelyn Y says:

    I would love to be able to win the makeover! I have so many of your great products — card making and scrapbook making material, not to mention the Grace and Olivia Pink patterned storage boxes. It would be fantastic to make over the craft/guest room to be all Anna. A fabulous craft desk, complete with matching Anna bedding would be an inspiration every time I walk into the room! 🙂

  481. hobo says:

    Since my bedroom is done in items I have made myself that all coordinate, I would say the guest room could maybe use a lift. And who wouldn’t like crafting furniture!

  482. Sue H. says:

    I really enjoy fine linens, and my bedroom is also my craftroom. I could really use some dedicated furniture for my crafting. And can always use new linens. But by my favorite designer? YES! To win this would be a huge blessing. Very thankful to find such enjoyable products that are so beautiful and inspiring to so many.

  483. Rana V. says:

    your items are so beautiful for a bedroom and just like the minc I can imagine having this on a daily basis to make me feel so much better my room definitely would need a makeover because I share my room with my son who is two and a half and I definitely need something beautiful and this would be it

  484. Irma says:

    Everything is beautiful as always ,it would be nice to have a new bedroom make over I had to move in with my daughter .i went from a 4bedroom home to a one bedroom .Not bad but it would be nice to have a nice
    Bed covering and what better than an Anna Griffin one .that would be beautiful in the making.

  485. Blanca Luna says:

    Anna Griffin ~ I Love Evertything you do , But Especially the New Conforters Collections ” Love the Olivia and Grace Set !! If I won I would wake up Every morning ” With Lots of Sunshine ” Also I would Love a New Make 0ver in my Craftroom , I absolutely ❤️ Love this Desk …. Thank you

  486. Karen Lorenz says:

    It has been 15 years since our bedroom was done. I would love to do it in the Anna style. Also I would really like to update my craft room. Love Anna products. My Minc just came today. So excited to try it.

  487. Sandy says:

    My bedroom has not had a redo since 1991. I think it is time for a whole new look and I couldn’t ask for a better one than an Anna Griffin redo!

  488. Eleanor Parsons says:

    Love the wallpaper. Could certainly use it after 35 years of white! Gorgeous Anna Griffin, as always.

  489. RaVonna Johnson says:

    I love these new bedding collections. My husband and I are enbarking on a great new adventure. We are retiring and moving from the west coast to the east coast to a new dream home. We have saved and planned our whole lives for this adventure and purchased what we believe is the perfect home. Now we just have to furnish it as it is much larger than our current home. We have a beautiful new master bedroom that we want to do in blue and the comforter about is perfect, what a great starting point. And after years and years of paper crafting in a corner, at the dinning room table, etc. (like most moms have over the years) I am getting my very own 13 x 21′ craft room and I have nothing but a folding table and a few storage containers to put in it (oh and the minc hubby won’t let me unpack and play with until we get moved, LOL). The craft desk suite would be the perfect way to start that dream room I have waited so long for. Anna thank you for all you bring to us.

  490. Susan Stogner says:

    Love your new linens. I could really use these items. If you stepped into my craftroom/bedroom you would smile and then shake your head. Smile – at my Anna Griffin craft items and shake your head because they are all on the bed and stacked waiting to be organized. Winning this contest would be the incentive to get that room organized and enjoyable – it’s still decorated the way it was before my son married and moved out 16 years ago. I think it’s time for a makeover! Thanks for this opportunity Anna!!

  491. Mary Alice Peterson says:

    It has been ten years since I updated my bedroom. I would love to do it ala Anna!

  492. Fredrika says:

    We have classic dark furniture-a sleigh bed, though beautiful overwhelms the room as do all the pieces. Some dreamy bedding would really lighten the look.

  493. Kim Hattox says:

    My bedroom could use the Anna Griffin makeover because there is no cooridination of my comforters or curtains to match my beautifully refurbished bedroom furniture set (in Ghostship White paint color and silver hardware). And the Anna Griffin style would look so good on my bed!! I need a designer touch to my blah room 😉

  494. Diane says:

    Never mind the room “redo” or makeover. This room is still in need of a “do”! Love the intricate detail of those sheets; they are beautiful.

  495. Linda Hammell says:

    HI Anna… I’m sure that there are many people more deserving than I am. And I hope that if that is the case, that someone who really really needs these items will win.

    After having five feet of water in my home due to Katrina, we had to completely gut the house and start over. Most of my house furnishings are a hodgepod of repurposed furniture that friends gave us I love crafting of all venues, but unfortunately, I am very unorganized that have stuff scattered all over the house. ((It ain’t pretty.. I assure you). It would be so wonderful to be able to redo the guest room and have a space for my crafts. I love your items… everything that I have received of your has not disappointed.

  496. Marianne P says:

    Our guest room is really in need of a makeover After having downsized to a smaller home, the room that got all the leftover furniture & accessories I could not part with was our guest room. It gets embarrassing to explain the “eclectic” look of the room. Curtains and all other acoutremonts would be a welcome addition to a room of collectibles. Oh and we won’t talk about my crafts room. Disaster in the making. It would be a pleasure to have Anna’s bedroom furnishings to make my guest room a really inviting room and the crafts furniture would be a bonus!!

  497. Deidra says:

    Love has often been described as “how someone or something makes you feel about yourself”. Making Anna Griffin cards makes me feel creative and loved and the cards’ recipients truly feel loved. Now, I could feel the luxurious love by winning your home collection. Thank you for the opportunity. Plus, the only time I will will be content when I am not Minc-ing or Cuddlebugging will be when I luxuriate in your linens. -Deidra

  498. Deby Powell says:

    I would thrilled to win the gorgeous bed linens from Anna Griffin’s Home Collection. I lost my job 14 months ago and it’s been a struggle….to replace my 6 yr. old comforter would be such a great pick-me-up! And a new craft desk to replace my husbands black desk would be so much fun!!!

  499. Tiffany Ratliff says:

    I would love to win this contest. I was told the other day that I should change my bedroom to a more calm décor, and this would be perfect. I am battling major depressive disorder and ptsd, stemming from a past trauma. As I try to move into a new way of thinking and living, this would surely help.

  500. Barbara F. Smith says:

    We would love to do over the room where our children (and grandchildren stay when they come to visit. They often buy me gifts of Anna Griffin products, and they have become Griffinites now too. Everything in the collection is beautiful.

  501. TeranceH in Texas says:

    Your home decor is so pretty, if i win any my MOM will get a nice present for her birthday. unless your giving away furniture then i have a great place for that, smile.

  502. Lisa briscoe says:

    Love love love everything anna!!!! Wallpaper! ***!!!!! I think I have died and gone to heaven!

  503. Judy Jackson says:

    I love your crafts Anna! I,m sure your bedroom sets are just as beautiful. I would love to update my bedroom but at this time i can barely keep up with the crafts, so to win the bedroom set would be great. I have 10 kids and 27 grand kids and the cards must come first!

  504. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, “I feel pretty, I feel pretty, I feel pretty especially in blues:-)” Also, I could use the desk etc., use my dining table right now and I eat from my Lazy-Boy…what a life and you help me make the best of it. Thanks Anna and Staff!!

  505. Sue Kalstabakken says:

    My bedroom could use a total make over. I love Anna Griffin style – so pretty.

  506. Lynda Carpenter says:

    Everything is just gorgeous! I’d actually like to win to give to my daughter who is having back surgery in July and a bedroom makeover would be so uplifting during her recovery. Since she has been sick, her projected craft room hasn’t happened and this would be great to make it happen. We LOVE AG and both have been a long time product devourer. Surely hope you pick me for her!

  507. Katie Leavine says:

    Beautiful in the making!
    That’s what Anna does.
    If I had Anna’s new bedroom,
    I could imagine the family buzz.
    As you have to walk through our bedroom
    to get to the kitchen from the living room.
    We live in a very old house and when people come to visit,
    They can never see my kitchen
    because the bedroom is a misfit!
    Thank you Anna for the chance to win your amazing products!

  508. Sharon Zeigler says:

    Would love to re-do my bedroom in one of these beautiful sets! Looking forward to watching on May 27-28!

  509. Carol says:

    After 4 single unemployed years and 5 moves, our bedroom is a real hodgepodge of style and color. Any of these AG sets truly would make it beautiful! I’ll bet they feel good, too!

  510. Rosie says:

    Absolutely Beautiful just like your paper crafting!!! My bedroom set is antiqued in yellow so would love to have a spring outfit for my bedroom. 🙂

  511. Linda Peabody says:

    *** these are beautiful. Would love to have an updated bedroom set! Mine is ancient, like me. And the craft room furniture!

  512. Sue Moss says:

    I have been toying with the idea of a makeover for my bedroom and this is just the impetus I need to get me started. Absolutely beautiful bedding!!!

  513. Sue says:

    Oh to have matching and coordinating linens. My husband and I combined two households …plenty of bedroom fabrics bit none matching. After my mom passed we added her linens to our already mismatched collection. Having a thrift gene in Mr makes me feel guilty to purchase new since we have necessary items. But wow to have a nice peaceful coordinating room would be a dream.
    I am starting a craft business in the near future …cards and sewing items. A craft desk would make life easier and let me concentrate on my designs and not finding location to work at.
    I love all your things .. oh to have a peaceful setting in my bedroom would mean the world to me aftwr all we have been through!!!

  514. Alo says:

    These are gorgeous! My mother in law is moving in with us and she’ll love a room fit for a queen,
    Provide by who else but Anna griffin.
    Thanks for the room overhaul, just beautiful.

  515. Connie Turner says:

    I really need this bedding as my son surprised me with a new matress (I’d been sleeping on the sofa for 2 months) and some new bedding would be awesome. Of course it would coordinate with my cards i make using Anna’s die & embossing folders!

  516. Peggy says:

    My “crafting room” is purple. Left over from my daughter’s escape to college. I am beginning the conversion to craft/bedroom for when my daughter comes home. I could use your creativity in my new craft cave.

  517. Sheri Lesh says:

    What beautiful things! Would love a bedroom makeover or scrapbooking area for that matter. I spend more time in my bedroom than most. I have chronic migraines and need quiet and dark to recover and wait for them to pass. What an encouragement it would be to retreat to a beautiful room!

  518. Addie says:

    These are very nice. All I can say, Anna, is that I love, love, love my Grace in white comforter! Even love is not a strong enough word to describe how much I adore my comforter set. Awesome! Thanks so much for creating the bedding. Many of us craft in our bedrooms and this makes such a difference. I have Grace in white craft boxes and with the comforter it all looks together. Thank you again.

  519. Carolyn Lambert says:

    I just love the bedding. So fresh and beautiful. I can just picture any of it in my master bedroom. The sheets look beautiful too.

  520. Lori Mazzeo says:

    Oh my Anna!!! How exciting. I love the sheets and comforters. I can see a beautiful room in my mind along with the craft center! How beautiful.

  521. Joyce N. says:

    ***, how awesome would that be? I couldn’t even imagine being that lucky. My comforter set is over 20 years old and no matching curtains.

    My crafting supplies are in my spare room, in my dining room, living room, wherever I can find space. I REALLY need it to be organized. I guess I can always DREAM, right?!

  522. Rosie Kronz says:

    I have had the same bedroom linens and decor for 22 years, and my dining table doubles as a craft table. I love Anna’s designs, and I really need some practical but unobtrusive furniture for my craft area. Thank you for offering this opportunity to win a lovely makeover.

  523. Linda DeVries says:

    Anna, thanks for sharing your artistic talents with us via beautifully, thoughtfully designed card-crafting products, stationery, ready-made cards, fabrics, and bedding products. We have been in our 190 year old house for 20 years; the upstairs bedrooms could use some changes. I love the ivory damask peel and stick wallpaper to cover the old brightly colored floral walls; also, I love the decorative pillows displayed on this blog. Your bedding is lovely; I so love your patterns of ivory damask and the two Graces. I am anxiously waiting for your blue chinoiserie patterned products to appear on HSN; I have already bought multiples of any chinoiserie products offered there. The Anna Griffin craft room desk set fits in so nicely with all your bedroom designs, of course!

  524. Margi Lunn says:

    Wow! Your home collection is so gorgeous. I love it. My bedroom definitely needs a makeover. I’ve have the same comforter for 10 years and it has seen better days. I would like to get in my bedroom and see such a beautiful bed set in it. It’s a dream.

  525. Charity Chamberlain says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I could totally use a room makeover because I have had the same room colors, bedding, etc for over 25 years. I have severe health issues which makes me spend 95 percent of my time in my room. So I tend to be depressed a lot because of the health issues and being stuck in my room, so add a bedroom set the I’ve had for over 25 years and that certainly doesn’t help the depression. I’ve been told the colors I have in my room are depressive prompting colors as well and that if I could change the colors that would help lessen the depression but unfortunately I’ve not had the finances to redo my room because of my medical expenses. I as well craft in my room so having the new desk would be an additional blessing! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to enter and fingers crossed hopefully win this contest.

  526. Brenda says:

    I could use a new makeover and organization because I`m moving from Vt. to Florida in September. Need bedding, curtains, and a place to store my new circuit explorer and other craft items. Thanks for chance to win such great items. Love them all.

  527. Elizabeth A says:

    I have loved your craft furniture since it debuted! I would love to redo the room my son moved out of, so please count me in.

  528. BJ says:

    My bedroom doubles as my craft room and I would
    be thrilled to have that beautiful white Grace set to match my many many Grace storage boxes.

  529. Jackie Hutson says:

    My Guest room doubles as my Craft room. It is full of beautiful Anna products, so it would be so lovely to have it complete with Anna bedding and furniture. I might even move from my room.

  530. gail W. says:

    My wallpaper has tiny pink roses on it. Now what is more perfect than THAT for Anna Griffin bedding??!! I just want it because it is sooooo beautiful and I love it all! Would be hard to choose which!

  531. Sharon Gullikson says:

    I need a makeover because I have so much stuff my room is bursting. I love to be very organized, so this would be a great prize for me.

  532. Sally says:

    Hi Anna, Boy, winning this would FINALLY settle an on going disagreement between my husband and me! (And at times a full fledged argument). 3 years ago I painted one of our bedrooms a very pretty pale yellow, this bedroom was on the dark side of the house and needed to be brighten up a bit. My husband who feels the best color in the whole wide world is good old plain WHITE!…I love color!! So I figured a soft pale yellow would be the perfect in between color for both of us. WRONG!!! after a full day painting this gorgeous yellow and white trim he came home from a business trip fo find his precious boring white room full of color that brighten the room. He said it looked like a Green Bay Packer room and it was horrible, white walls are the way to go. I was about to throw the rest of the paint at him! Needless to say the room is still yellow but needs some serious decorating and your collection would be perfect! How do I know,? My husband loves your cards I have made him over the years and I know this could be the end of the Green Bay Packer room agrument (as he has mentioned , honey, we aren’t even Green Bay Packer fans). Oh, please help me, Anna!

  533. Kimberly says:

    My bedroom NEEDS a makeover in the worst kind of way.. can we all say tomb.. yup.. i sleep in a tomb.. at least it feels that way.. imagine the WORST 1970s dark walnut paneling you have ever seen ON EVERY WALL!!!, both doors painted dark brown as well because you know people who sleep in tombs need to avoid all light sources.. then to top that bit of horribleness off, does anyone remember the peel and stick 1970s acoustic ceiling tiles.. yup.. a whole ceiling full of them.. so gross to look at.. and where there have been water leaks over the years and the previous owners tried to kilz over the marks.. forgeddaboutit! straight yuck.. it’s small.. it’s dark.. the ceiling is horrendous.. yup, I need a makeover!!

  534. Stephanie S. says:

    The sheets are so pretty! We have been married for 8 months and we still use his old sheets and bed covering. It would be nice to refresh the bedroom and make it see like a girl sleeps there too!

  535. Monica Hernandez says:

    Oh my goodness I can’t believe this, Anna its just to beautiful to sleep on! I love the gold pillows!

  536. Kim Bush says:

    My bedroom sure does need updating! After 25 years my hubby and I FINALLY replaced our mattress and box spring approx a month or so ago. Since our old mattress was so old and so thin, none of our old sheets fit the new thicker mattress!! So we had to go out a buy a couple of sheet sets to get us through until we could find a great sale or a GREAT contest!! My new mattress would love to be decked out in Anna Griffin luxury. Not to mention I would be tickled pink from head to toe!

  537. Dianne McDonald says:

    I need an Anna makeover because next month I am retiring and need a whole new perspective on my new journey! Of course, that included more Anna Griffin time!

  538. Laurie P says:

    HAHAHAHA like you had to tell me to do pin all this…Love It All

    Thank you Anna for all this beauty in our lives

  539. Elizabeth (Betsy) Klein says:

    Well first, I just love the bedroom sets! Any one of them would look great in my bedroom… lavender and blue are my favorites. Times are getting better for me so it’s time to replace my current, torn and holy bedspread! I am an avid Anna fan and would love to show off my bedroom full of Anna Griffin bedding to all my girlfriends! Thank you 🙂

  540. Chris says:

    All the bed linens are so beautiful! They would make any bedroom gorgeous and a relaxing retreat that one would never want to leave.

  541. Theresa Reist says:

    Blue and or purples are my favorite! I would love to have a room overhaul! I am a mother of 9 wonderful children and 3 grandchildren (2 new grandsons last month). I currently am in one of my sons old rooms and it really needs updating and decorating! I’m very glad to finally have my own “space” for my craft things, but could really use some orgainizing and some “prettiness” done!

  542. Carol Coleman says:

    Oh my! We recently had to do a really quick home change due to mom being admitted to hospital. The medical bed and such sure could use a makeover. Love this opportunity.

  543. Bobette Larsen says:

    Our bedroom definitely needs a makeover. Same window coverings, bed coverings and I have nowhere to do my sewing and crafting–except the dining room table. Would certaily brighten my day to get some fresh new linens and a place to do my crafting!!

  544. Joyce Lawrence says:

    I moved several months ago and have not decorated nor been motivated to decorate the master bedroom but now seeing this collection I am really starting to want to decorate the master bedroom.

  545. Margie T. says:

    Hi Anna – *** – because my bedroom is stuck in 1975!! And your linens are just soooo beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  546. E. Gilkey says:

    ***!!! I just love it alllll!!! The yellow bedding and gold pillows are my faves. I need them in my life. We have a very small room that has triple duties. Guest room, office and craft room. And it needs some work, would love to add some AGstyle to it. My cuttlebug needs some company!!!

  547. Stephanie Poyner says:

    I’m a single girl who always said she would wait until she was married to have a fancy bedroom. I’m tired of waiting, so I am ready for an Anna Griffin bedroom makeover!

  548. Cathy Onsted says:

    We just bought a new home that needs lots of love in the master bedroom and craft roon! I love all your scrapbook designs also.

    So it me me me me! !!!!

  549. Sandra Webster says:

    What a great idea! You never cease to amaze me. My bedroom is a throwback from the 70’s. It hasn’t been updated with fresh linens in……..I can’t remember when! I love the simple freshness of the designs.

  550. marla r says:

    My bedroom needs to be brighter and lighten up. Needs a facelift. Being able to pull it together with Anna Griffin products would make it so easy? 🙂

  551. kleigh says:

    My poor bedroom has not had a makeover for almost 15 years!! It always seems to be the last room to get attention. Add to that the fact I LOVE LOVE the Grace pattern – how marvelous to have it in my bedroom. Can’t wait to see the show.

  552. Phyllis says:

    We have lived in this house for 15 years and I have finally convinced my husband that is it OK to paint our master bedroom walls. He did not want to paint over the white walls or put up curtains. I love purple and wanted to have curtains & bedspreads to match. He saw the purple Anna Griffin® Embroidered 100% Cotton 3-piece Duvet Cover Set and agreed to that. It has taken 15 years, but the Anna Griffin set help me to convince him to go ahead and decorate our master bedroom. Thanks Anna. LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  553. Jeanie P says:

    oh my – my bedrooms all need Anna Griffin bedding because it’s all just so beautiful and luxurious.

  554. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    My bedroom hasn’t been updated in many years and it would be so wonderful to have a beautiful space to relax in and enjoy!

  555. Colleen McCauley says:

    Anna, you have no idea how bad my bedroom and craft room need and AG makeover! We have been married for 26 years tomorrow and are still using my late Mom’s original bedroom set from when she was married in 1956. It could really use your gorgeous linens to spruce it up. We also need a good painter to repaint our bedroom, if you know anyone! LOL! Plus, I need a good reason to kick my husband;s guitars and equipment out of our room! Love your new collection and I can’t wait to see it premiered!

  556. Jane Jones says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! I am desperately in need of an update for my bedroom. I would also love, love, love to win the scrapbook furniture since my craft room is in my bedroom!

  557. Elaine says:

    Today is my birthday, and what a wonderful way to celebrate, with a bedroom makeover! Everyone seems to get what they need, as it should be, but my bedroom has not changed in at least a decade, maybe two! Thanks Anna, I can at least window shop with you. Everything is beautiful, someone will be very happy.

  558. Linda says:

    I have a bedroom that is basically a storage room and it needs a complete makeover to be a guest room/craft room. Anna Griffin decor would be the perfect solution!

  559. Susan Goss says:

    Both my room and my guess room are decorated with hand me downs and second hand bedspreads and curtains. I am currently giving up my home and downsizing to an apartment due to health reason. Having a new Anna Griffin collection would make this transition so much more a happy event rather than a sad event. I would be so grateful for the craft room as well. Currently all I have are copy paper boxes and a small table.

  560. Dorothy Boucher says:

    Well lets start off by saying WOW!! how awesome is this and Thanks 🙂
    I would and really need to have this make over in my room. Lets just say its been way over do and going through what I am at the moment I really could use this pick me up and hug.. So thanks

  561. Rozy Smith says:

    Without overwhelming you with detail a bright change would be so welcomed! Have been dealing with major family health issues for years! I just received my Minc to add to the Anna Griffin craft room so it would be nice to re-do my Angel Retreat (Bedroom) with your new, gorgeous as usual, items! Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone!

  562. bonniebear says:

    My bedroom has been freshly painted and I need the perfect bedding and curtains to compliment the color. I am such a huge fan of Anna Griffin and would love to add her bedding to my collection. My craft corner would also be a thing of beauty if I were to add the furniture. Ahhhhh!

  563. Frances mccarthy says:

    The colirs are my very favorite. I need an overhaul oh my bedroom now!!! Those colors can be blended nicely and that desk would add the final touch to a comforting place to be after a long day at work.

  564. Bonnie W. says:

    I have an incredible amount of Anna’s things and love these products so much. I store all my stationary in Anna’s beautiful cabinet and use it all the time. I can’t think of a better way then to have a Anna room to store all my products perfectly. Can’t wait to watch your next show. Be well Anna.

  565. Betty McDougal says:

    I have been scrapping for over ten years now and card making for 5 years and really, really, really need organization. This looks like just what I needs.

  566. Heidi says:

    We have the same taste and dreams! I adore and have collected Victorian items to “one day” have that room where I could just relax in. I’m from a all male house and it’s a mess. There is no retreat for me unless I step outside. The furniture reminds me of my childhood as I had a full canopy set and white furniture. Was treated like a princess 😉 I could add all my Anna collections and just escape with my cup of tea and my cats 🙂

  567. Patricia says:

    I was just looking for new bedding last week and saw something at Bed, Bath & Beyond. However, now that I see your bedding, quilts, duvet, etc., there’s NO COMPETITION. Your sets looks like what the Royals would use!!!!

  568. SusanJoe Couturier says:

    Who wouldn’t want a room make over. Have a birthday coming up this weekend and this would be a lovely surprise gift. Would make my room very cozy. I want to wish all those that post good luck.

  569. Kim brant says:

    Would love the grace collection, I love the black one with the florals! I am disabled & unfortunately spend most of my time in bed, even more so now that I have broken a few bones in my foot. The craft center is also great!/Thanks for the chance to win. P.S.- the ups guy brought me my AG stuff I ordered on the 24 hour craft day¡!

  570. Carla Hundley says:

    Great giveaway! I
    need to lighten up
    our bedroom. Could
    use some colorful
    pretty items to bring
    some new life into it!
    Carla from Utah

  571. Dianne says:

    My husband works in Saudi and I could surprise him with a bedroom and a craft room makeover! He would be so happy because I have been telling him I want to do this and he is always telling me that when he comes home for his quarterly visits he doesn’t have time to look for bedspreads or help me re-organize my craft “STUFF”! I love the Gold and White, and I could sure use the desk to help with my card making! Love my minc too!

  572. Janie says:

    Simply stunning giveaway. My bedroom has never been made over, because I can’t think of anything to do with it. My house was built in the 1930’s. We have lived there for over 30 years. The paint on the bedroom wall is the primer only. It probably could be beautiful, but I am at a loss. Believe it or not I am a very crafty person, I love color, I love to quilt, but the bedroom remains unfinished. I would love to win this giveaway. Thank you very much for the chance.

  573. Alma Schultz says:

    Inspiring my Granddaughter, Alexa to imagine and create lovely art in her young brain while she dozes off to sleep cozy in Anna Griffin’s bedroom lovelies would be such s treat!! Dreams of beautiful colors and fanciful designs…aw….delight.

  574. Christa C. says:

    My room could seriously use a makeover, I love the bedding collection, it’s so pretty. It has sweet dreams written all over it. My bed consists of mismatched sheets and a throw blanket that covers half the bed lol, I would love to have this bedding it’s so pretty and inviting it says come in and stay awhile.

  575. aleatha says:

    WOW….. That would be awesome especially
    Because May 28 is my birthday! ! And if I
    Get anything for it I usually have
    To buy it myself . This would be the best
    One I ever had!! I love the blue set with the white sheets it would look really nice next
    To the soft tones of the desk set.
    I absolutely love all things Anna. My minc
    Should be arriving any day!!!

  576. Judy Roberts says:

    My last child is moving out for a new job. I really need to upset his old room to a nice guestroom and Anna’s new collections would make the space so inviting..

  577. Lynn Williams says:

    A note to Barb: I have the desk and it’s both sturdy and beautiful. The only change I would make to it would be for there to be a backing behind the openings.

    I have been looking for the perfect comforter for years and I love the one with the border. The only update my bedroom has had in years is wood floors and paint.

  578. Kerri says:

    The room is currently Mickey Mouse. No kids in the house any longer! Time for a mature, beautiful, gorgeous, and all Anna Griffin makeover. What an exciting and pleasant surprise that would be.

  579. Trudy says:

    I am aspiring to be like Anna and my home needs the crafting fairy godmother wand to come over it and recreate it.

  580. Wendy C. says:

    as a Girl Raised in the South, these home furnishings just are perfection! Maybe I can finally get the hYankee husband to embrace his floral side?

  581. Laurel Mitchell says:

    I would LOVE a bedroom makeover with Anna’s beautiful things!! I am now an empty-nester and loving it and it would be wonderful to finally be able to do something nice for myself.

  582. Kate Kaufman says:

    I’m sure I’m not the most deserving, but I will say there seems to be a reason I haven’t been able to find a new bedspread for the years I’ve been looking. Waiting for Anna Griffin linens is worth the wait! Downsized (divorce) a dozen years ago and as a single mom, bedding wasn’t a priority. I keep my eyes open for bargains but there’s always something else that gets the budget (sometimes scrap supplies!). Your new line of bedding is dreamy. And a special thank you for including window drapes – since they seem seldom included in bedding these days. Best of luck with the new line!

  583. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,
    Love everythng you do. My bedroom hasn’t had a redo since the year of the flood. Love the comforters and the drapes. Will be watcing. By the way, love the minc….arrived yesterday.

  584. Katie S. says:

    The comforter set is absolutely beautiful! My bedroom could use a makeover because I’ve been in my house almost 6 years and it’s time for a change. My quilt is probably going on 10 years old. This would just brighten up my room!

  585. Pamela B says:

    I love them all, but I just recently moved to a new home in the country and am planning to retire at the age of 70 and this would be a wonderful addition to my bedroom and craft room. I am working on that right now also so would love to add all the Anna Griffin furniture to my new happy abode.

  586. Peggy Wiens says:

    Anna, I love the freshness of the bedrooms and the wallpaper how fun is that!!Absolutely Beautiful! I have been struggling with my bedroom just can’t find the right look and this is just stunning!! Of course I love everything in your crafting space too and would love to add to mine too!!

  587. Cathleen Henry says:

    I am a second grade teacher. School is out in 3 days. I plan on reorganizing my craft room. It is small so I need furniture and shelving that will work and look good. I love this furniture. It would be perfect.

  588. Betsy Carty says:

    My mother stays with us from time to time and part is due to illness. She is super right now and I am thankful. A new look in the guest bedroom/craft room would surely be a joy for her and me. We love Anna Griffin. It really will be “beautiful in the making”. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  589. Kim Haygood says:

    I love the Grace and Black Grace bedding the most! I need a new bedroom makeover! My husband of 20 years passed away last year and my two little girls and I are picking up the pieces of life and beginning again to find a new normal. The last comforter we have for our bed is a wedding ring quilt we bought years ago and is now tearing at some of the seams and is very worn. I love it because my husband and I chose it together when we were on a trip. It needs to be replaced. I will never forget the memory, but would like to freshen up the look of my room. I love elegant, beautiful things. Perhaps, this is a way to start again…Thanks for the opportunity to enter. I am a long time fan of your crafting supplies and own a ton of them! They are my favorite go-to items. I need a new craft room, too and place to keep all my wonderful Anna Griffin goodies!

  590. Tammy says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful!! I need a makeover so bad I don’t think I have anything that matches or is as beautiful as Anna’s bedroom pieces. My craft room needs an overhaul too! Anna’s comforters are just gorgeous!

  591. Karen says:

    My bedroom sure could use a bright, comfy makeover. Sweet slumber leads to sweet cardmaking!

  592. Donna Lee Williams says:

    I am interested in that peel and stick wallpaper. Is that removable? I am wondering if it can be used to spruce up apartments or if it is like regular wallcovering that cannot be used in most apartments.

  593. Jeannine says:

    We recently moved into a townhouse. Our bedroom is quite a bit smaller than the one we had. Would really love to class it up with an Anna Look!

  594. Lisa P says:

    I would love to have a pink Grace set for my guest room. I have not redone the colors/bedding in for more than 10 years.

  595. Debbie Lynch says:

    I have a guest room that would love a makeover,as much as I love everything you do, I am in in love with your craft room suite .. Ahhh, I can just imagine it now.
    If only…..

  596. Bev says:

    Wow, do I need a bedroom makeover! Our room has those hunter green walls and wallpaper from the distant past. I need to paint and put up some of your new removable wallpaper as I never want to have the chore of removing old wallpaper again! Your lovely quilt and bedding would make our new room fit for a king and queen even though just us sleep there. The drapery is lovely puddling on the floor. Oh Anna, I need your makeover.

  597. barb says:

    I would much rather spend my $$ on your craft items than on household items, pretty as they are. EXCEPT now I’m no longer willing to purchase AG craft items after noticing the decline in quality of some of the garbage I’ve received from HSN. That Minc machine you just hawked was a disaster. After 20+ years I fear it’s time to say goodbye to Anna.

  598. Daniella Hayes says:

    Oh Boy do I ever need an Anna Griffin Makeover! I will be moving soon and I NEED a new bedroom set!! And he craft set will be perfect for my new space! Thank you so much for the chance! I REALLY hope I win this!!

  599. Janet Nelson says:

    We have had the same bedding in our bedroom for over 20 years. We moved to Florida 17 years ago and brought it from northern Illinois. Although it is still in good condition (Waverly), I am so tired of the dark green. I chose the dark green because it was a bid more masculine even though it is a floral pattern. It’s my turn now and I want something lighter.

  600. Cheryl says:

    My bedroom is old and tired. It has not been updated/painted/redecorated in over 10 years. I desperately need something to brighten it up so I feel happy when I open my eyes each morning. 🙂

  601. Traci Keller says:

    I need to update my spare bedroom as it is also my beautiful cards n boxes in the making So it would be amazing to have an Anna Griffin bedding to match my all my Anna’s minc n cuttlebug n lovely card making embellishments. ❤️ Anna Griffin quality

  602. Carolyn Riedel says:

    My bedroom needs an awakening! Anna Griffin’s bed linens would do just that. Thank you!