HSN July 1st Shopping List

Hi everyone!

HSN’s summer 24-Hour Craft Event is officially underway! Be sure to watch us in the kickoff and finale of this exciting day, and tune in for full hours at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.EST.

Here is a complete shopping list for this visit:

437-335: Cricut Explore Air with AG Content and Washi Sheets

432-706: Cricut Explore One with Content

428-534: Lovely Layers Cartridge with $10 Digital Credit

428-536: Anna’s Decorative Monograms Cartridge

404-538: Anna’s Lace Cards and Embellishments Cartridge

430-713: Fancy French Floral Cardstock

430-676: Metallic Layers Cards, Layers and Envelopes

430-681: Engraved Endearments Pop Up Card Making Kit

430-683: Birthday Bouquet 3D Sticker Library

430-679: Endora Halloween Paper Kit

430-694: 100-Piece Perfect Bow Set

410-771: Anna Griffin Minc Machine with Content

395-853: Cuttlebug 12” Paper Tricks Embossing Folders

405-875: Cuttlebug Butterfly Dies

416-939: Cuttlebug Grand Duets Embossing Folders

416-942: Playful Pieces Card Making Kit

430-829: Die Cutting Adhesive Bundle

430-830: 3D Foam Adhesive Bundle

430-831: Double Sided Adhesive Rolls

430-675: Joyful Phrases Card Sentiment Inserts

396-143: Cuttlebug machine with mix and match folders

405-521: Flower Pot Decoupage

405-523: Foil Card Layers

416-463: 6”x6” Perfect Palette


These are just the items that will be on air, so be sure to check hsn.com for lots of returning favorites as well.

See you soon!




  1. Amy says:

    Can someone please tell me of the cricut will be on hsn tomorrow fpr sure? Here is the item numbers 437-335. This is the cricut i would like to order tomorrow. ANNA GRIFFIN
    Cricut Explore Air™ Die-Cutting Machine with Anna Griffin® Digital Content & Washi Sheets.

  2. Cheryl W. says:

    I purchased several of your new products, and love the Endora Halloween kit.

    I would LOVE if you could put a cutting file on Design Space for the articulated insert for the Pop-Up cards. I think using them for Halloween cards would be fantastic, as well as for Christmas, and having the file would enable us to use very different cardstock. Please consider this as I am a HUGE fan of Anna Griffin products.

  3. Patsy Sherwood says:

    Dear Anna,
    I ordered your Engraved Endearments Pop Up Card Making Kit from the July !sr Show. I love Anna Griffin paper craft products for their beautiful in the making, show stopping looks, but in this kit there are too many masculine and dark dies and regrettably, some of the cards had significant bends in them, quite noticeable. Will send back.

  4. Denise Watkins says:

    Hi Anna: On HSN, I think you mentioned that there are patterns on Cricut that match the Gatefold Embossing Folders. Where can I find those? Thank you,

  5. Beth says:

    Agree! A large assortment of various 3D flowers, roses included but not entirely roses, would be AWESOME!! But definitely 3D…not a fan of the “build your own” die-cuts assortments.

  6. Denise Watkins says:

    Hi Anna, I recorded all of your HSN July 1 sessions and watched them multiple times. On July 3rd I purchased the Cricut Air. Today July 4th, it is sold out. Again I say, “we need an HSN Anna Griffin Day”. Congrats on a great HSN show and thanks your inspiration.

  7. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Forgot to mention, Anna….. I WISH I could sign up for the crafting event!!! Sooooo worth the money! Unfortunately, I can no longer travel, being somewhat disabled, but will surely be with you in spirit!!!
    Instead, I’ll wait and spend all that money on those 3-D FLORAL STICKERS I keep begging for! LOL!
    I’m sure the gathering will be a big hit! Where were you when I lived in Atlanta???? (Oh yeah! You were in grade school, I’m guessing!) LOL! Have a great day! HUG GEORGIE!!!

    Rhonda L.P.

  8. Darleen Maahs says:

    ***!!!! that 24 hr craft show was totally awesome!!!! My poor husband sat thru all of with me, he kinda frowned when I picked up the phone to place an order on the current demo. It was cute. We did get a bit carried away yet again,,but now I cant wait to get your card kits.
    Thank you for being my idol and inspiration.

  9. Rosann DuChette says:

    I tried to order the Garden Cricut cartridge but to no avail. Can you tell me when this will be available? I ordered so much and I am so happy!!

  10. Lou Marks (Lefty Lou) says:

    I just saw the Layerd Cartridge on the HSN Anna Griffin site. Why don’t you call customer service and ask about your order, or re-order it. I have had similar problems. HSN has always helped me. Good luck!
    Lefty Lou

  11. Joanne M says:

    I know we just finished a craft event – but when is Anna’s next craft day. I need to get started on Christmas cards 😉

  12. Sue Webb says:

    I ordered the Layered Cartridge just after midnight and today I received an email saying that they didn’t have enough to fill the orders and if it wasn’t in by the 31st it would be cancelled. Why did they keep showing it during the day if they didn’t have it?

  13. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Dear Anna,
    Such a joy; you are! In spite of no sleep all day, or night…. you smiled all the way through that production!
    God be with you… and a comfy bed besides!
    I stayed up to watch till midnight, but admit that I had to sleep a few hours very early Wednesday a.m..
    I LOVE those 24 hour craft days, but hate that they are so hard on ALL OF YOU!
    As usual, I KILLED the budget, purchasing 14 items, but I’m always ready for the next new item! Which brings me to my question….
    Can you PLE-E-E-E-E-E-E-ASE get a set of about a zillion 3-D FLORAL stickers put together for card making????? NOT just the roses. (I bought 6 pkgs. of those when they were available before!)
    I mean like the ones you show on the cards you make, to show on HSN! I’m sure I saw daffodils, and lots of other flowers I can’t even name! We now have ALL SORTS of CARD SURFACES….but nothing to put on them, unless we break into our card kits…. THEN, we run short on those! I’d love to see some Daffodils, Peonies, Lady Slippers, Lilacs, etc……. You give us soooo much to work with, I’m ashamed to ask for MORE… but I really NEED FLOWERS!!!! Various Colors, and sizes! I DO hope you will consider this request! There ARE some things that Cricut just can’t replace….Like YOU, and your beautiful flowers!
    Thanks Anna; for Everything you do!

    Love you!

    Rhonda L.P.

  14. Diann Richardson says:

    Shop til you drop is what I did yesterday . It was fun watching and learning. When will you come back? Anna I really want your Heat Foli Pen will it come back?

  15. Dalyce Mangum says:

    What FUN, FUN, FUN…
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ANNA and all your crew that made that possible.!!!!!

    Now I have to wait, wait, wait. for all my things to come in. I wish it was today!!!!!

  16. Sharon says:

    I had the best time shopping yesterday. I bought lot of Anna Griffin products. I even bought the Cricut Air. Can not wait until it comes.
    Thank you so much for all the fun and products.

  17. Patti Garcia says:

    Anna, thank you for all of the beautiful things on air today. I had no trouble getting the Lovely Layers cartridge and the new pop up card kit. Nope,when is your next visit and will the new Christmas card kit be available in September? I promised a friend I would help her do her cards this year. I will be in Florida in September and hope to do them then. Can’t wait for the new kit! I know we always want more….

  18. Nanners says:

    Ohhh Anna…that had to be your best HSN visit ever! So fun and soo beautiful. Every item was better than the next. I tape each show so I don’t miss a thing and then when my items arrive I can get a refresher course! Keep up the spectacular creating.

  19. Gisela says:

    Ok craft shows are over and I need to go to Atlanta and work for Anna. .. I sweep floors the old fashioned way very quite ..and I sharpen pencils… as well as make a desk neat and organized for the next day…I will give Georgie loves.. just as I give my own cats..and most of all …..not disturb him as he sleeps.. I will also answer telephones and take notes and set up appointments the old fashioned way….
    Ok do you think I have a chance to be an employee of hers ???? should I try to apply. .. ???

  20. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    It has been wonderful to be off today to enjoy all your presentations. My credit card is now suffering. Now I hope my hubby doesn’t have a heart attack when all the boxes arrive, since I bought all the new products!! Waiting impatiently now…

  21. Charlotte Buckingham says:

    Anna are you giving out any sort of prizes or credits, or something to the peeps who accurately predicted (in detail) what the big announcement was going to be on Tuesday? From your FB Post and picture on Saturday (I believe!) where you asked us?
    Just hoping, bc I NAILED IT!! I even defended why I thought that was what you were going to announce! My answers came as 3 separate comments on two peeps Posts! I was going to make my own Post, but I never think my opinion matters much here..

  22. deb says:

    I buy all your card sets . I try to enter to win in the products an I never do . Why not. I always sign up an always buy your products.
    Thank You
    Deborah alves

  23. Arlene Vastano says:

    Anna, just purchased the explore. So excited but hoping I can do it. I know everyone says it’s easy. I’ll see! Love watching you today! I got the one withe the three Anna cartridges. Want to try the monogram Isn’t! Wish you were closer to NJ. Saw your first ever crafting event coming up in Atlanta. Would love to be there!

  24. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, I hope u sell the cottage rose stickers separate. I still have enough birthday stickers. Good Luck, u are awesome and your team as well:-)

  25. Lou Marks (Lefty Lou) says:

    Thanks! I don’t buy online. Hopefully HSN will carry soon…Lefty Lou

  26. Rosie Waldt says:

    I am inquiring about the Mix and Match folders. I missed them the first time they were on but was able to get them on Amazon. How am I able to get the next ones that are on auto ship? They are beautiful!!! Rosie Waldt

  27. Kimberly Laughrey says:

    I want an explore so bad! I keep entering every possible contest to win 1 with no luck, and my budget is still not up to getting 1. I swear I may have a temper tantrum soon..works for my granddaughter!

  28. jennifer farnes says:

    when will 395-853: Cuttlebug 12” Paper Tricks Embossing Folders be available again? How do i find them and order them? i’ve tried and even put my name on a list to be notified when they would become available again. They sold out so quickly in February and I would so love to get these! I am unable to watch the spectacular because I am helping my kids move. Does that mean i cannot order these because of that? So many questions…but these amazing things have me lusting so bad!

  29. yadyra marrero says:

    Ready.set.go…hsn here i come.lol…thank you for the wonderful products that keep us entertained…love you..

  30. Dee says:

    Yeah baby!! I got my goodies while hubby sleeps! Now, I can sit back, get some sewing done while enjoying the rest of the show.You rock Ms. G!!!

  31. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Anna, you are simply the best at what you do & what you represent. I truly enjoy your presentations.

  32. HollyG says:

    Thank you for the shopping list…Anna, if you had to choose one cartridge…which cartridge would it be?

    You look fantastic Anna, your enthusiasm is contagious! Love it!

  33. Cynthia CrusanNoble says:

    Ordered all of the new products. I am going to have to build an Anna Griffin studio room wing onto my house just to set all my Anna gorgeousness out so I can see it all. Lol

  34. Lou Marks (Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Will the Washi paper be available by itself during your visit? Can’t do the Cricut, but NEED the Washi set. Thanks, and love to you and Georgie, Lefty Lou

  35. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Just placed my order for all my goodies, think I wore out the poor CSR at HSN….with so many item numbers on my list…. she was great, and loved those flex pays!!!

  36. Shellie Fontana says:

    Woop! Here it is! Thanks for making Shopping List available, Anna! I already placed order for Adhesive and Bows, but now to find that beautiful French Floral Cardstock! Squeeeee!

  37. Lin M. says:

    Awesome – I have been refreshing all evening to try and get the French Floral papers… as well as other items… Now I can order… THANK YOU!!!

  38. Jeanne Tipton says:

    Thank you for this list. I’m ready to order before they run out.
    Love to Georgie.

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