Upcoming HSN & QVC UK Shows

Hi everyone!

We have so many great visits to HSN and QVC UK coming up in the next few months that we thought you needed the scoop. Grab those calendars and mark these dates so you don’t miss a thing.


First up, we are back on HSN with bedding next week! The next Anna Griffin Home shows are Tuesday, July 28th at 7 a.m., 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST- we’ll have 3 pretty brand new quilt sets (like this gorgeous reversible Grace patchwork quilt). If you already own and love our bedding, please call the HSN testimonial line and chat with us!



QVC UK fans: We’ll be back Wednesday, August 26th at 11.00am, 4:00pm and 9:00pm BST with crafting collections and Thursday, August 27th at 12:00pm and 7:00pm with bedding and home décor like this gorgeous framed wall art (also available on hsn.com). So many of the new items you have seen on our shows in the US are part of the August presentations on QVC UK!



After that we’re onto a fabulous Fall lineup!


Tuesday, September 8th at 7 a.m., 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST we’ll be decking the halls with brand new festive goodies like stamps, foil stamped papers, and bows. Some of your favorite Christmas items from last season will also be making an encore appearance (can you say Angelic Card Toppers?)! angel card topper


Then on Wednesday, October 7th we have our biggest day ever on HSN! There will be even more new holiday items up for grabs, including the exciting debut of our Christmas Pop Up Card Making Kit and a very special new offering from Cricut! All things will be glittering on this craft day! christmaspopup2outsidechristmaspopup2inside


On October 16th we will be back in the UK ON QVC for our final shows of the year with our Christmas Pop Up Card Making Kit and so many exciting new things!



The following week brings our last Home Shows of the year on HSN as well as our last Crafting Shows the week of November 2nd. Specific dates and details to come!



Last but certainly not least is the Anna Griffin | Create event happening November 13th-15th. The World’s Greatest Craft Room will be loaded with new holiday products and even some collections that won’t be available on HSN until January. This event would make the perfect Christmas present, right? (hint hint families and husbands!) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/anna-griffin-i-create-tickets-16728231591

Stay tuned for lots of upcoming show sneak peeks here on the blog!

Love, Anna


  1. Illenne m. rome says:

    Anna,you beautiful you! I just can’t wait for August,30 th. I’ve been I’ll and have been unable to purchase your products the last 2 times you have been on HSN , I’m almost out of a lot f things, like things for the men and children and I hope you have something for teenagers, lots of LOVE CANT WAIT,OH BY THE WAY I’M ALWAYS ON VACATION FOR 6 weeks every time you come on at this time of the year. What a number will be gone from August 7th.till Oct.19 !!!!,

  2. Karen D'Amato says:

    Melissa and I just love all of the gorgeous things you design. It makes her life so much easier in a world where she has it so hard. I likes the Halloween. Melissa likes the Christmas!

  3. Dee Y says:

    What a gorgeous set of Christmas items and cuteness for Halloween! I’ve fallen in love with every one of your products. What a gifted and talented creative soul you have been given! Can’t wait for these … Especially the Christmas items….I adore celebrating the birth of Christ!

  4. Jan Mcmahan says:

    Anna, I discovered you about 4 years ago and can’t wait for each new product to be introduced. Love, love, love the new papers and dies for Halloween. The thought of a pop-up Christmas card has my head spinning! Can’t wait till they’re out!

  5. Mary Katherine Hurst says:

    I love it all as so many others do but my fav would be the HALLOWEEN dies. They are great. Looking forward to all of the new products.

  6. Cyrilla says:

    How can I chose one of these. I love them all.Anna you are the best!!! I wish I could have everything you make. If I had to pick. I guess I would pick the Halloween die cuts. But then I would need the paper too. But I love the Christmas die cut too. Please don’t make me pick. You friend forever

  7. Mary R. Huff says:

    I’m getting low on the larger envelopes that I ordered from u so I can put my orders of 5×7 cards in them. I’m sure u know what I mean and u also had sayings and ribbons with them!

    OK, I second the gals about another pretty Paintings card kit and maybe next year we can order Christmas cards in September?

    Thanks, You and your staff are Angels!!

  8. Raquel L. says:

    Yes Mewsmomtoo ,
    love the variety. And I have many different family members and friends. many whom love angels.

  9. Patti Garcia says:

    I am also looking forward to the next few months of shows. Wish the Christmas items were all available in September. Love having my cards done early. I can wait as they. Sorta make themselves. Loved my angel toppers last year. I am waiting for the pop up card kit.
    AND the super sale!

  10. Patti Garcia says:

    You cannot buy from BBC UK they won’t ship here. You can watch and get great ideas.

  11. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Ohhhhhh…. can’t wait for the new Christmas items… will buy more than 1 of everything just like I do every Christmas show. 🙂
    Just want to say I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! my new Halloween dies (Auto ship) that I rec’d today!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I have already been cutting out spider webs and pumpkins and OWLS….love the owl and sooooo happy you included the ghost die that is exactly like many of the 3D ghosts in your Halloween Sticker Kits… I really love the style of that ghost and now I can cut my own to add even more depth (along with the stickers) to this year’s Halloween cards!!
    This Halloween die set has to be among my top 3 faves…. can’t wait for you to do more sets like this!!!!!!! Thanks Anna and Co.!!!!!

  12. Robina says:

    Anna I love seeing you and new things on HSN but the times are for those not working during the day. Can we get some after 6 shows? I have to work to pay for all that I buy.

  13. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Raquel L., I would like to make the same request. It would be wonderful to have angels with different skin tones!

    Anna, I hope you will give this some consideration. Thanks!

  14. Pamela A says:

    Anna – Is this the place to leave a “wish list”? Any chance that the card set – Pretty Paintings will be refilled and available again? This is such a beautiful set that I hate to give my cards away – need more!!

  15. Andrew says:

    Fantastic to get the dates for QVC so far in advance, time off work sorted – credit card on standby !!
    Hope we get the Christmas Card pop ups and all the waitlisted items on QVC soooo many of them.
    Is there any chance that we’ll get the 20th anniversary 3D stickers and those lovely banners which were on HSN ? I don’t remember seeing them over the pond on QVC.

    Looks like there’s going to be great shows
    Looking forward to them all especially as I watch HSN on line

  16. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    thanks Mary, but I’m really not sure what to do now. appreciate you. bye….Lou …not to worry-just going to lay low….

  17. Pamela A says:

    Rosie – thank you for your reply, much appreciated! I already subscribe to Anna’s emails and check the blog on a regular basis for shows dates, times and updates. December – more gifts for me!!

  18. Evie F says:

    I got the Cuttlebug this past February but have decided I have to have the Air. Is there going to be any big bundles or reason I might need to wait until your big day on HSN or I am ready to order now. Terribly your bundle at HSN hads not come back.

  19. Mary R. Huff says:

    Lod, You are welcome, just keep yourself busy and remember good times and 1 day at a time. It hit me 3 months later on a beautiful warm Winter day I wanted to go for a long ride but I couldn’t take him with me. So I called Hospice and then went to a Church Grief Support Group where they understood and family didn’t. God Bless You:-)

  20. hobo says:

    Anna, I am glad you have products that I know I will not buy, mainly the quilts and comforters. Not because I don’t like them but rather because I bought your fabric and made my own. For one Xmas I made my daughter and son in law a king quilt using only your fabrics. It turned out very pretty and the prints and colors were not pink and flowery so he liked it too. I guess that means I can spend more on paper stuff!

  21. hobo says:

    You can take a piece of solid black paper to a place that makes copies (Staples,etc.) and make copies of it on their laser printers. I did it and it worked fine. I used my Cricut machine to cut images from that paper then ran it through the MINC. If you have a Cricut machine you probably have cartridges with sentiments or you can go on the Craft Room to get them and cut them from the paper then run it through the MINC. Hope that helps.

  22. JeanB says:

    Oh Anna,
    I’m so excited about the Christmas pop-up cards!!
    I gasped when I saw them!
    What a great Idea!!

    I would love to see a Nativity scene in a pop-up card!
    It would be perfect and so fun to make.
    We could even make one in our Sunday School
    class together – kids just love pop-ups!!

    Thank you Anna – you just make our world brighter!!

  23. Dianne says:

    Marked my calendars for your shows, but would like to request a package of Birthday sayings for your MINC machine.

    Will you be coming out with a stamp pad that can help with this? I also thought that when you presented the MINC machine you had mentioned that we would be able to buy more of the black laser paper for the MINC. Will that be coming soon?


  24. Sue says:

    I cannot wait for your Christmas pop up cards. Loved the first kit of pop up cards. When I ordered your second kit I could not wait to be able to send pop up cards to the men in my life. Sadly, the kit was lost in the mail. HSN did their best, but, the kits were sold out. Life is always interesting. I could say this in many ways, but I hear swearing should not happen on the internet.

  25. Jennifer Mcmullins says:

    I love Anna Griffin products and there so much more to chose from HSN website, I wish they would ship to the UK? I’ve use Anna products from the very start of crafting and love her kits ther are so easy and beautiful. She my crafting Hero . Can’t wait for her visiting the UK

  26. Mary R. Huff says:

    Vikki, Go to the top of this blog and look to the right of Anna’s photo and hit subscribe!

  27. Terance in Texas says:

    YEAHHHH, my calendar has been marked, i will watch you here and there and everywhere. Cant wait to see what you have for us.

  28. Rosie Vidaurri says:

    Hi Pamela A! Anna’s warehouse sale is usually in December. If you get her emails, then you will get the announcement in your inbox beforehand. She will also post on her blog. She will give you details, date, time, etc. as to when you can start ordering. Last year she partnered with Amazon for the sale so, if you don’t already have one, you should register on Amazon for an account; that way you can order right way without spending time to register on the day of the sale. It’s first come first serve and I believe shipping was free last year. Good luck!

  29. Rosie Vidaurri says:

    Hi Pamela A! Anna’s warehouse sale is usually in December. If you get her emails, then you will get the announcement in your inbox beforehand. She will also post on her blog. She will give you details, date, time, etc. as to when you can start ordering. Last year she partnered with Amazon for the sale so, if you don’t already have one, you should register on Amazon for an account; that way you can order right way without spending time to register on the day of the sale. It’s first come first serve and I believe shipping was free last year. Good luck!

  30. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Thank you for bringing the angels again!!
    Of course, then I have to wait a little bit longer for the pop up and other things. What else could you be making with Cricut? I thought we had it all already. Looking forward to it, ’cause you know I need it already, whatever it is you are making now.
    Thank you Anna for all the beauty you bring to this world.

  31. Donna Tull says:

    oh my I am with the woman, going to credit union. My husband keeps asking when he needs to move out so Anna can move in. Ha ha. I too hope you have lots of pop up Christmas card kits as I usually always buy two boxes. I send cards to lots of people and I never have gotten a bad review back yet. Everyone wants my cards. Thanks Anna for making my work look so professional. Couldn’t do it without you. Please, please come out with Christmas bows. Red, Green and the blue. Would make all our cards looks so beautiful. I find I can’t make a card without a bow. They just don’t look finished without one. Thanks again Anna.

  32. Susan m. says:

    Wow…I can’t wait to see all the products. I’ve marked my calendar. Every time I think what else could there possibly be, here comes something else.

  33. Jonie Isenberg says:

    So happy to see the Christmas Pop-Up. My husband always asks for one of those Pop-Ups when he needs a great card. He owns a hometown drug store with thousands and thousands of cards, but he must have a pop-up. If you knew him, you would realize what a huge compliment that is to you.

  34. Pamela A says:

    Wow-with pen in hand I have marked and circled the dates on the calendar! When I get a box from HSN my husband now ask if “Anna was here?”. So cute, but so TRUE! Can anyone post back to let me know any past details about Anna’s warehouse sale – usual dates, how to find, etc. Since I’m unable to join the fun in Atlanta I would love to have some insight on this. Many thanks!

  35. chayden says:

    I’m so excited about the Christmas pop-ups. I bought both sets and just LOVE them so the Christmas set will be at the top of my list….
    Just wondering??? Have you ever had a set with yellow roses?? Of all the flowers I have of yours I don’t have a YELLOW ROSE!! If so, what set would it be in?

  36. Candice says:

    The pop ups are extremely pretty! Can’t wait but I guess I will have too! Love your stuff Anna…..

  37. Diane Lynne C. says:

    I’m marking my calendars now. I have to have the Christmas pop-up card making kit. It’s a no brainer.

  38. Suzann Anderson says:

    Looking forward to the reveal of the new product from you and Cricut!!!
    Are the Angels strictly Christmas/ Holiday theme? Or can the Angels you mentioned ones that can be used year round? Wish there was a way I could attend your fantasy craft weekend! Sounds like a ticket giveaway for one Griffinite would be a fabulous idea. Hint, hint:) I’ve marked my calendar for all the upcoming dates.

  39. Raquel L. says:

    Hi Anna, I really love the angels. Please don’t take this the wrong way as I’ve seen others post last year asking for angels with various hair color shade. I’d like to ask for angels of varying skin tones.angels that have brown,black ,yellow skin tones that represent the various ethnic groups. Thanks so much for the consideration.

  40. Rosie V. says:

    Anna, I can’t wait until September with your Christmas goodies! I love my Cuttlebug so can’t wait for new embossing folders and cutting dies! Thank you!!!

  41. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Thanks Anna, I asked you for a quilt! I have the pink sheets and they are soft, beautiful & thick cotton. The set without the trim. My cards are getting better & better. I have watched you used your ideas & turned them into my own. Thanks for sharing.

  42. myrna hartley says:

    Wow, that patch work bedroom quilt is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the rest of the line. I will call during the home show in afternoon, I have the embroidered sheets and LOVE them.

    I am waiting to find a new bed comforter or quilt from your line. Love everything. Those framed flowers are lovely too!

    Christmas pop-ups are extraordinary.

    You always surprise us with beautiful choices.


  43. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, Wow once again, love the bedding and flowers on the wall. What’s not to love, You are the best and oh so many Christmas goodies.

    Lefty Lou, You are in my prayers and I’ll keep you posted on the biopsy that was done but I still need an MRI.

    Blessings to all of you from lower Michigan!

  44. gail W. says:

    So looking forward to the new Camilla line!!! Can’t wait for that! And all the new Christmas goodies!
    Excited to see what you have for us!

  45. Eileen Wagner says:

    Oh my gosh, so excited! Can’t wait to see all the new and exciting things! Love everything Anna makes!

  46. Grama Pei says:

    Anna and Team, this is WONDERFUL! Thank you for the show info! And I just cannot wait for the Retreat!

  47. Ruth Varner says:

    Love your products Anna. Thanks for making the beauty of your designs come alive. 🙂

  48. Sandy H says:

    Thank you so much for bringing back the Angels. I had written to ask for them. I want to glitter the backs, put a ribbon loop on them and use them as ornaments on a Victorian tree. Got the idea last year after they were sold out and mine were all gone….thank you!!!!
    Can’t wait. I’m going to have to make a visit to the credit union soon if you keep it up. Hahaha
    Love Sandy

  49. Dolores Kilcoyne says:

    Sounds like you had better have a train load of Christmas Pop-Up Cards so we can all purchase!

  50. Annette J says:

    WOW…Anna I hit the trifecta…LOL Your first show is JUST BEFORE my birthday, the second is JUST BEFORE my knee replacement surgery and the final one in Sept. is JUST AFTER my surgery when I will be recovering. You could not have planned that better! I was wondering what I would do to entertain myself as I recover…now I know. Looking forward to all of the shows and of course the shopping.

  51. Audrey Olander says:

    Thank you so much for all the info on upcoming shows. The Christmas Pop-Up Card kit looks great but wondering if you’ll also be offering a regular Christmas card kit as well. Takes me so long to do the pop-ups and need a kit I can put together quickly.

  52. Erin Glee says:

    I wrote all the dates in my calendar! I will not be able to attend the Create! event, but I will be sure to check for social media pictures, etc. on that weekend!
    So many pretty items~great job Anna and Co.!

  53. Cheryl W. says:

    Happy to hear about the Christmas Pop-Up card kit – I left a post earlier regarding you making a Cricut Design Space for the articulated part of the pop-up cards, and offering 14″ cardstock for Halloween and Christmas to make the articulated piece. I think the Halloween cards would be awesome as well as the Christmas – thanks so much Anna and Staff.

  54. lindar says:

    What an exciting summer and autumn of card-making, scrapbooking, and home (bedroom -HOORAY!) decorating. You add such beauty to my life and all who receive my crafts and cards. Thank you, Anna!!!

  55. Lin M. says:

    Thank you so much for providing the dates for all your upcoming shows! My calendar is marked and I’m ready! It sounds like Oct. 7th is going to be a day I need to take off work for… 🙂

  56. Patricia Barrow says:

    Pop up Christmas card kit!!! I want it now! Hurry Oct 7th on HSN, I’m ready to make those cards… Thank You Anna!

  57. Marissia Seals says:

    I can’t wait till the new items come out! I hope you will create a set of stamp albums in the original Grace. You things are amazing and I love the quality of your products.


    Thanks for the “heads up”regarding the upcoming shows. I can’t wait. I love your shows so much….the chance to purchase new products and the opportunity to experience your wonderful teaching moments. You are an amazing artist….truly an inspiration. Thank you.

  59. Barbara F. Smith says:

    Everything is beautiful. Your bedding line is extraordinary. Thank you for telling us when you’ll be on! It looks as if the upcoming shows will be better than ever!

  60. Shellie Fontana says:

    Jeeps, Anna! First, I.am.EXCITED for your upcoming shows! AND, I will NOT miss out on your new CHRISTMAS POP-UP Card Kit! Besides that I LOVE my AG scalloped-edge PINK bed-sheets and Floral COMFORTer, I just know your newest Home Collection will be ever so welcomed! PLEASE bring back your GLITTER PAPER because I missed out earlier this year!! AS ALWAYS, Anna, THANK YOU taking such good care of us–sharing and teaching, inspiring and caring! You’re the BEST! (((HUGS)))

  61. Mary Jackson says:

    Love the Christmas card pop up kit !!! It is a must have. Will you have any other Christmas card kits ?

  62. Pamela B says:

    I am going to have to get a second job so that I can get all there beautiful things, either that or need a rich relative to leave me a basket full of money. Ok I guess it is the second job. Can’t wait.

  63. Penny C says:

    My mind is spinning! How large is the craft room gonna be Anna? Should I bring a ladder????? Lol.

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