HSN September 8th Sneak Peek 3

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the third preview for our next HSN visit on Tuesday, September 8th. We’ll be on air at 7 a.m., 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. with 15 brand new must-have products! If you’ve missed any of the previews so far, be sure to scroll back through the blog posts because there are some fabulous things headed your way.

QVC UK fans: This Friday (in addition to our weekly HSN giveaway) we’ll post a preview and shopping list for the August 26th craft shows and August 27th home shows.  Be sure to stop by for that!

Now for today’s sneak peeks…

First up we have the 100-Piece Holiday Perfect Bows! You can never have enough bows in your crafting arsenal, right? This set gives you  75 3/8” and 25 5/8” pre-tied ribbons in dark red, bright red, green, gold and silver. No present during the holidays should be without a beautiful bow, and neither should your paper projects! In fact, if you make lots of cards during the Christmas season we’d recommend picking up a couple of these.

christmasbows2 christmasbows3

Second are new fabulously fancy card surfaces and envelopes that we like to call Pretty Patterns! This giant card making set includes 100 cards and 100 envelopes adorned with our prettiest prints of all, and you’re getting both A2 and A7 sizes by popular request. Be sure to watch today’s video for a glimpse at each of the patterns inside!

prettypatterns1 prettypatterns2 prettypatterns3

All three of today’s preview items were things that you’ve been asking for, but this last one you’ve been requesting for SO long. Introducing the Anna Griffin Essential Tool Kit! The kit includes a double-sided cutting mat, craft knife with extra blade, scissors, ruler, bone folder and paper cutter. We’re so excited about this and hope you are too!


Now for another giveaway! If you are new to the blog, we pick a winner at random each Friday during sneak peek weeks and send them all of the items from that week’s preview! All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us which item you love the most.

See you Friday, friends!



  1. Debbie O'Neal says:

    oooh I NEED those Holiday Bows…think of all the time I would save getting my Christmas cards and tags ready ! Thank you Anna for thinking of us. No more gluey fingers trying to tie bows 🙂

  2. Lisa McDonald says:

    Yippee for a tool kit!!! I’ve been longing for an Anna tool kit ! Thank you for always listening:) I can’t wait to see it in my craft room.

  3. Kathy Hill says:

    I love love love all ur products Anna!!! Hard to choose just one. But I’ll go with the pattern paper. They r always beautiful. Love the colors of the tool kit also. I know thats 2 items so sorry can’t choose. LOL

  4. Tim Andrews says:

    There is nothing else out there like your Christmas Paper. That would make my cards this year remarkable. Especially since missed last year and everyone thinks I’m dead!

  5. Petra says:

    Thank you Anna for bringing us the best of things! Everything is wonderful but if I had to choose, I would vote for the fabulously fancy Pretty Patterns Card Surfaces and Envelopes! I love all of your great Products. Thank you and God bless you.

  6. MaryEllen Lett says:

    Dear Anna, I love the new toolkit, everything you present is just so gorgeous it makes me feel special when I use it the gold is just so elegant, once again a beautiful tool from Anna thank you so much for the opportunity to win such beautiful products. Keep them coming…

  7. Barbara Hanlon says:

    Always love everything Anna!! The cutting mat and accessories are the greatest! Thanks for the great products….keep them coming!!!

  8. Paula Puckett says:

    The tool kit is a great idea! I’m always hauling my supplies back and forth to my sister’s whenever we want to work on some cards. And I always end up leaving something behind that I’ll need to have at home during the week! Frustrating. This tool kit is going to put an end to that. I’ll leave this at Sis’s house! Problem solved! Thanks Anna!

  9. Reva says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what is in the card kit….. And tools…. You can never have enough tools!

  10. Nan Dey says:

    Love the ivory and gold!!! And, would love to add them to my collection, as I am in need of a new trimmer! Happy Crafting!

  11. Kathleen says:

    Hello Anna & Team,

    Love the pretty patterns card set and thank you for including the different envelope sizes. Looking forward to your show on HSN.

  12. Cheryl Bradley says:

    Hi Anna,
    I absolutely love the complete tool kit. I agree, if I were stranded on a desert island, all of the great pieces to this kit would help me get through as long as I had your great cards and papers to go with it!! Thank you again for your life’s work to make all of our lives so much easier!

  13. Tammy Perez says:

    I would love the toolkit. I am so challenged when measuring so this would come in really handy! I also like the ornament card but I would use sheer bows and make them smaller.

  14. omv says:

    Hi, Anna
    Again you’ve created things over the top and we’re all so glad that you have!

    We think that the tool kit is just what we NEED especially since our tools are already wearing out:( …and yours are prettier and coordinated:)

    Keep those lovelies coming—we love them and we love you!

  15. ingrid van shipley says:

    Terrific stuff! counting down the days to the show.
    love the tools and would definitely like to win! who wouldn’t? cheers.

  16. Becky Piper says:

    I think the Christmas Perfect Bows are an absolute neccesity!!! I’m also so excited about the Pretty Patterns card kit! That is sure to be an awesome value!!! Thank you so much for giving us your very best products and ideas!

  17. Dawn B. says:

    I am so happy to see the A2 card size, really looking forward to more A2 items. I also really like your tool kit. I have an Anna Griffin self healing mat from years and years ago (when you were on the other home shopping channel) and that mat is fantastic! I still use it to this day. Can’t wait to see you on the 8th.

  18. Beverley Clark says:

    I am so excited about these three kits. They are totally me and definitely”Beautiful in the Making.” These seem to have been put together just for me! Thank you, Anna, as always for sharing your gifts and talents with us. I can’t wait to purchase all three of these sets.

  19. Sarah Lumpkins says:

    My favorite is the pretty patterns card kit. I love all your card making tools and papers! These look especially beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better crafter!

  20. Carol Cerio says:

    They are all terrific and I must say that the
    new Anna craft set would accent all of my
    Anna surrounding in my craft room but…..
    I love the card printed cut to size card stock
    and the bows are fantastic – You have me between a rock and a hard place trying to choose – I will take one of each!

  21. TracyM #6773 says:

    LOVE the bows and ALL of the CRAFTY DELIGHTS, especially the EXCITING Essential Tool Kit!!! Good quality tools are ESSENTIAL for HAPPY Crafters 🙂
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the chance to win!!!

  22. Maryann says:

    Hi Anna,
    Your tool kit looks awesome. Sometimes the oldies are the best. With all the hi-tech out now, getting back to basics and doing things the old fashion way is truly hand made.

  23. Jenny w. says:

    I love love love the bows! I’m horrible at making bows so this would be so perfect!! And the mat and cutter! I’m in the market for new ones so these will be perfect too!!

  24. Sherri says:

    Woohoo!! Santa Anna & team!! These sneak peeks w/ all the goodies just gets us all excited for Sept. 8th, can’t wait!! The other day scrolled thru some of these comments & now need to leave mine & of course more comments had been posted, they are fun to read & of course some are a hoot…LOL! Many of us crafters sure think alike….we LOVE everything & we are not able to pick just one favorite, (can’t pick a favorite child or even a grand). More bows, excellent a MUST have, never get too many, always can use on several things. The Pretty Patterns card kit, 2 sizes w/ 100 cards & envelopes would be so neat & to be able use w/ our AG leftovers, great (might share w/ mom, sister or daughters). But the BIGGIE is the Tool Set & Mat!! I’ve been waiting for several years for you, Anna, to bring back the mat. Also I’ve had my eye on a certain cutter that’s approximately $100 (sale price), so here’s an AG cutter that I hope is really great (mine, not so hot, usually I go & use the large cutting board in my husband’s office). Maybe if I wish a little harder I might be lucky enough to be the winner this time. How great would that be…..keep dreaming. But really I am getting a long list & doubt I’ll be able to get many items, (last event on July 1 wasn’t able to purchase anything, but didn’t beg because the week before on HSN my hubby finally got for me on clearance the Special Singer Sewing Machine…gotta love him). Anyways I would love to get all my xmas for the girls in my family AG products so they can have some fun. Anna, I have really enjoyed using the Pretty Paintings card kit, & really like the Classic White Cards, Layers & Envelopes & have foiled w/ the minc. Glad to see that HSN has back in stock the white & ivory inserts for the cards. By the way I got in the mail today the AG Holiday Minc autoship…Yea!!

  25. Marla says:

    My favorite is the cards, I think they will be great to have, just like all the other items you have Anna.

  26. Jackie says:

    Love,love,love the essentials kit. Along with everything else of course. Can’t wait to see the action on HSN.

  27. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Almost 1,300 posts……. Everyone would love to win these.
    They are all my favorites!!!!!
    What of Anna’s isn’t????
    Good luck everyone!!!!!!

  28. Donna Bischof says:

    It is so hard to pick just one. I think I would want the bows to make quick cards that look beautiful.

  29. Chris Kreide says:

    I like the pretty card bases. I have of leftovers from card kits and this is an easy way to get some use out of it:)))

  30. Sue B says:

    I’ve used Anna Griffin bows many times. They are always perfectly made, and save so much frustration from trying to make them myself. My favorite item here would be that terrific essential tools kit!

  31. Janice Kruse says:

    Everything is beautiful! It is so hard to pick a favorite. The Christmas Bows are lovely, and you can never have enough Bows, and having a Container to keep them is a definite plus. The Card Bases are so pretty, all those beautiful flowers on them, they will make such lovely cards. The Tool Set in your colors is a must have, and would match your Cuttlebug and Minc Machines, oh! one can dream! The Tools would really help to make beautiful cards. Difficult as it is, I pick the Tool Set as my favorite. Thank you Anna for all that you do for us.

  32. Rebecca says:

    As my son in law says OH NO RIBBONS AND BOWS lol. That’s me the more bows the better. I love the the card base I have a lot of things I can make besides cards they are the perfect size. Oh of course cards too. But I really need a self healing mat and a bone folder. Good Picks Anna

  33. Kari Cosentino says:

    Wow,so excited for your tool kit! That mat is perfect and I must have it! Hope to win it but if not, I’ll be looking to buy it on HSN.

  34. Kathleen Clark says:

    All of these are must haves, and you can never have enough card bases! I’d love to have them all.

  35. MariaJ says:

    I love everything about you Anna! I adore each and every project you make. I love crafting and would love to have that “HANDY DANDY tool kit”… very handy for me. I can bring it anywhere 🙂
    Will definitely wait for Sept 8!

  36. Kathleen Sinnamon says:

    I really like the tool kit, it would be great to have a good quality kit! And if it is from Anna Griffin it is quality!

  37. Marilyn Joyce says:

    I love all of your work. I was able to purchase a lot of your dies when you last were on HSN while out of work, and now that I am working again, I hope that soon I will be able to purchase more of your lovely items.

  38. Karen Critcher says:

    I love the patterned cards best. The self healing mat is great with the angles printed on it. It would be wonderful to win such a nice assortment of some of my favorite things. Isn’t there a song about “my favorite things”? Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing gift!

  39. Nancy Brantkn says:

    Bows to adorne everything, tools with the” Anna Touch”, ………. Wonderful as always, need to find more pace , I must take space from my husbands den. He needs ome Ana in his room!

  40. Terri B. says:

    ***…which one is my favorite? I guess I would have to pick the Anna Griffin Essentials Tool Kit as my favorite, but I am loving the card bases, too. Thank you for this opportunity, Anna!

  41. Sandra Short says:

    Love the tools, can’t have too many! The cards and bows are lovely and would work well together for my projects! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Lisa Sharkey says:

    Wow, is all I can say!! You really out did yourself with all these new things. I have always loved your style and really love the new collection. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  43. Carol Hill says:

    Anna, I love everything, the cards are the pretty And the tool set is great. Would love any of then,can,t wait till Sept 8th. See you soon

  44. Dee Schimmoller says:

    WOW just when I think it couldn’t get any better, you do it again , love it all but I’m waiting to get stranded on a desert island with you , that would be a blast

  45. Gail B. says:

    Bows, card bases, and tools, Oh My!! How to choose? I think the card bases are my #1. Love it all!

  46. Ruth Thomas says:

    The larger bows are a great idea. You really need a bow on a Christmas card. But I really like the tools. This blog is just the best.

  47. Tom Gingras says:

    The Pretty Patterns is definately my favorite of these new items, although the bows and tools are close-run seconds. Don’t know how I’m going to control myself this time around, I’ve alreadcy begun to skip meals to conserve funds! 🙂

  48. Marcia Stearman says:

    I really love the tool kit! The holiday bows will be on my list, too. I got the first set of bows and they are well made.

  49. Bonita Horne says:

    I love the card fronts but the Anna Griffin Essential Tool Kit is awesome. It would come in handy when crafting.

  50. Judy Jones says:

    Man, I don’t know how much more AG stuff I can put in my new home on wheels. I love the tool set, that would make life in a 38′ fifth wheel RV trailer a little more easier and I could get rid of my doubles. My husband is already joking that we will need a small utility trailer to pull behind for all my craft items.

  51. Cindy Haselip says:

    I love anything Anna Griffin. I have wanted a tool kit made by you forever and forever. I love it and it would be perfect for me. Please pull my name. Xoxo to all of you.

  52. Angie koehne says:

    I love all the tools. I’m just a gadget person. I have many of these tools, but these would be my Anna tools!

  53. Sue Moss says:

    I love everything!!!! Anna, you make it much to difficult to choose just one. So, I guess I won’t. I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Bonnie Mencl says:

    I love all of them ..I would really really really love love love to win those tools.Like really love too.:) Your wonderful

  55. Penny Mourer says:

    The Essential Tool Kit!! I would love to have it!! Thanks AG for providing such awesome products!!


  56. Diane Beutz says:

    As always some amazing products. I especially love those tools. They would travel great when I do card making with friends

  57. Theresa Bauer says:

    You always come out with the must have products so it is so hard to pick a favorite. I love all three, the card bases, the bows and of course the cutting mat and all the tools that come with it. I am really trying to build my craft room so adding these would be a dream come true. Thank you for giving me a chance to win!

  58. Pam Godwin says:

    LOVE the mat and tools, love that the mat in so big and Gold tools…. I need those!!! Beautiful cards with beautiful patterns and pre made bows I am loving these!!

  59. Shari Shafii says:

    WHAT DO I LOVE?? I LOVE ALL OF IT!! The bows, cards, tools and more… I LOVE ANNA GRIFFIN because it’s BEAUTIFUL IN THE MAKING!! I want to win, I want to win, I want to win, I want to win!! Keep making it great Anna! Good luck everyone! Blessings.

  60. Diane L. says:

    Love them all but the cards and tool kit are wonderful ! The large mat is going to be very useful !!

  61. phyllis rodriguez says:

    Loved all the bows & box. The cards are fabulous. My favorite is the trimmer and all the items that come with it. Thank you for the chance to win. It will help me set up my craft room.

  62. lisa schumacher says:

    love the Christmas bows….always love new cards to play with and who would want the new tools!!!!!

  63. Sylvie says:

    Thank you so much Anna for everything that you to make this world even more beautiful. Every product that you have is top and those are again tops and will make “everything beautiful in the making”.

  64. ANN ROBBINS says:

    What do I love? Why I love it all!! Anything Anna Griffin of course, My name is Anna, only I shortened it to Ann.

    I want to win it!!!!!
    Ann Robbins

  65. Linda Drummond says:

    Pretty Patterns, but I am starting to lean towards Essential Tool Kit. It is practical and pretty. It is a back and forth thing for me!

  66. Jessica Bullard says:

    It is so hard to choose! Everything looks great. If I had to pick, I’d pick the tool set as I am fairly new to card making and I think it will be a great way to learn.

  67. Michelle Williams says:

    Of course I like it all, but, for me, the 100 card bases will be a must have. Your products are all so wonderful and such good quality that it is hard to narrow down my must must haves from all the must haves. Thank you for your inspiration.

  68. Patti Coddington says:

    I almost never win but I’ll give it a try. I like it all but I love the essential tool kit! Good gravy Anna my wallet is already in pain from previous shopping trips. It needs a rest. Thanks for all your beautiful choices.

  69. Ramona Myrah says:

    Anna you amaze me with all your creative ideas. I don’t know how you constantly keep coming up with new ideas. I love them all.

  70. Stephanie Theodos says:

    Love the new cards and Bows. Everything you bring to us is so beautiful! I would like to know who is tying all of those bows to save us so much time. Hahaha. Always perfect and beautiful colors!

  71. TamiBabs says:

    The Pretty Patterns wins my heart today! How fun it will be to build on those lovely card bases!!! Thanks Anna!

  72. Cheryl Crites says:

    I never comment because I can never decide my favorite. I will be ordering the Halloween glitter paper pack from sneak peak 1 and the tool kit- not because I need it, but because I love the coordinated look. So I will just come out and admitt that I want it all. I love the way you make it tough to decide!

  73. net says:

    Hi Anna, winning anything from your collection would be awesome, but I think the bows would be my choice for I have such a hard time making them especially small bows. Maybe in Nov at the great Anna Griffin event we will learn how you make them so easily!!!!
    just janet

  74. Theresa Linder says:

    I love it all! I want it all! I really love that tool kit the best!! I’ll be watching you on HSN, like always! Thanks Anna!! 🙂

  75. Cyndi says:

    Love love love! How do you chose a favorite! Everything! I can see from the sneak peek of the card bases, I already know I love! Anna designs have been my favorites for years.

  76. Diane Adams says:

    Oh my goodness!!! You make it harder and harder to choose a favorite. I tossed and turned and thought and thought, and just couldn’t choose, so this time, I am just going to say that I would love to have it all. Thank you for the moments of inspiration that come into my mind with your wonderful creations!!!

  77. Patricia Belding says:

    I love, love, love everything, but if I have to pick one, it would be the Essential Tool kit!!!! I do have to say that i love everything Anna!!!! Good luck to all of us!!

  78. Lisa Simpson says:

    I’m in Love with the new tools ! I can’t wait for your event to air ! I love all the inspiration you give … See you then

  79. Mary White says:

    Love, love the tool kit. It’s awesome. Wow, I have been making 16 of your cards and I could of used it all day. Thank you for all that you do! XO

  80. carol wessel says:

    The bows are what really add to all your cards. Love all the cards. The kit is such a neat idea and would come in handy to do the card project.

  81. Micki HIldebrandt says:

    Anna – We are so thankful for your products! Each item you offer is better than the last! Thank you! Can’t wait until Sept. 8, but would love to win these!!!

  82. Marsha Holland says:

    Really enjoy your designs. You have a great eye and I appreciate your attention to vintage papers and floral prints.

  83. Chris says:

    Love the tool kit. Been thinking I need craft knife and mat. But as always it is so hard to decide on just one!! Thanks for making it so difficult for us! LOL

  84. Leslie Gipson says:

    Love the Bows!!!…Love the cards!!!… Love the ivory & gold tool kit!!! I love everything Anna❤️

  85. Cristy says:

    I saw this post on facebook and jumped at the opportunity to quick link to your blog! What an exciting give a way! fingers crossed

  86. Linda Kendall says:

    Love the sneak peek. The fall collection and Christmas designs are beautiful. I am anxious for your reveal. Thanks for all of the great designs.

  87. Susan Broussard says:

    I just adore all of your creative “stuff”!! Can’t wait to see all the great products you have Sept. 8th. Thank you so much for inspiring us!!! <3

  88. LaToya says:

    I absolutely love that tool kit! The color pallete is beautiful as always and I just want everything in my house to be gold and cream! I really need a paper cutter but I’ve been putting off buying one. This one is beautiful enough to be put on display!

  89. Bobette Larsen says:

    While I love the bows and the cards, I really need the tool set as I don’t have a mat or a cutting tool.

  90. Deborah Parish says:

    Oh, I LOVE the bows ! Can hardly wait till the Sept. HSN show. I want it all !!!! And your giveaway…..!!!! Love it all !!!!

  91. Wendy says:

    I love the xmas card. I love making personalized cards for every occasion but xmas is the most fun to make.

  92. Beth R says:

    Hard to pick a favorite because good tools are awesome, but then when it comes to supplies – the cards – wow! Love them all 🙂

  93. Jennifer Kronfeld says:

    I love everything Anna! My cards are always a favorite because you give us so many pretty papers and embellishments to work with. Would love to win the bows!

  94. RaVonna Johnson says:

    I would sure love to have all three. The bows would be super convenient for card making that is for sure. I always struggle with mine and they never come out as beautiful as Anna’s do.

  95. Karen Wachob says:

    I can’t wait for September 8th. It’s always like Christmas when you’re on HSN. I love adding to my stash!

  96. patricia crocker says:

    I am like everyone else. I want all of them! It is hard to choose which one is my favorite. I love the bows, the tool kit. I guess the bows come first. Thank you for the giveaway and all that you do fro us.

  97. SueK says:

    I love the bows…. but wait, I love the cards…. But wait, I love the tools. Okay, I love them all.

  98. Marcia C. says:

    The paper cutter seems to me to be the most interesting. I am just really getting into the card making. The kits are wonderful and I like to add a little of me too with a twist. I believe this tool would be a definite help. See you 9/8.

  99. Karen D'Amato says:

    The bows and the craft tools are fabulous! When you have a disability or arthritis, those are the things that are most important. I know that with my arthritis, it is difficult making bows because of the stiffness and the swelling. Anna, you rock!

  100. Maricruz Diffey says:

    Would love to win the surface pretty patterns of your cardstock. Love all your offerings. And usually get then they are so beautiful.

  101. Deborah Perry says:

    Specifically, my favorites are:

    -the larger bows
    -the foil embossed card bases
    -the large cutting mat

    Thank you for offering such beautiful and high quality items, Anna. You make crafting easier, more productive, more beautiful and your products help to make our craft spaces more organized and beautiful, too.

  102. Teresa Webster says:

    I love them all especially the cards! Love all things Anna! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Lol!

  103. Kim Edwardson says:

    I love them all! Ideas are going crazy in my head for what I could do with all of these beautiful items.

  104. Caitlin Livingston says:

    The bows! Big time saver, definitely!
    Your products are all fabulous as always!!! Thank you, Anna!!

  105. Phylliss Walsh says:

    Wow wow wow I love the BOWS! Also the A2 & A7 cards with envelopes, those are PERFECT! And who doesn’t need a perfectly matching tools set <3 <3 <3 Thanks Anna foe the opportunity to win!!!

  106. Irene Baker says:

    Would love to win the Perfect Christmas Bows, or the 100 Pretty Cards. These are BOTH on my shopping list already! Thank you, Miss Anna!!

  107. Tracy Fuqua says:

    Love, love, love these sneak peeks! Thank-you for listening. I love the card bases! The bows are perfect. These are great if you can not tie bows or if you have arthritis and are unable to tie them. Finally I love the tool kit. You have thought of everything. Thank-You again Anna Griffin

  108. Vanessa Porras says:

    I can’t wait to see all of the new products. I will definitely be purchasing the card making kits. They make the most beautiful card.

  109. mary anne guth says:

    I have to say that the card fronts and envelopes are my favorites. I cannot get enough of your beautiful patterns. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to tools to match my cuttlebug either.

  110. Evelyn Gardner says:

    Anna I love what you bring to the crafting world. If I have to choose just one I guess it would be the card base. I have other Anna Griffin embellishments I could use on them.

  111. Jill ince says:

    I live the essential trial tool kit. The cutting may seems to be something that could help he cut stuff straight. Ha! Nothing I do is straight. Or even. Sad.

  112. Tara says:

    I LOVE them all, but I love that the cutting matte is a neutral color. It will look great just sitting on my craft table!

  113. Jane A says:

    My favorite is the cutting mat and paper cutter. its time for a new one and I would love to have this set. The bows will really make the cards a scrapbook pages look great and of course the card papers are beautiful as always. Keep bringing us new items!!!

  114. Wanda Duso says:

    Hi Anna, after scrolling through over 1100 comments, I agree, love them all, especially the pretty cards and then the ribbons. I cannot believe how beautiful they are! Hopefully they will soon be mine!

  115. Cyndi Stephenson says:

    My favorite sneak peak today is the Essential Tool Kit. I have not been able to find a portable paper cutter that I absolutely love. I am pretty sure if this one has your name on it it will be fabulous. Thank you for everything you create for us crafters.

  116. Chamali Samarasekara says:

    Wow I especially need the Pretty Patterns collection in my life! I have already finished my Pretty Paintings kit, making cards for my nearest and dearest (and a cheeky two for myself too! ;)) xx

  117. Lisa says:

    I love them all! How can I be expected to choose a favorite from these amazing Anna Griffin products?!!?! But if I was on a deserted island, I would have to take the tool kit. There is just so much there! Anna’s tools are always top notch!!!

  118. Margaret Ritcey says:

    I don’t think I can ever get enough of the Anna Griffin designs!! Just stunning. I only wish HSN shipped to Canada!!!!

  119. Tara Falk says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the essential tool kit! Those beautiful tools would look great along side my Anna Griffin Minc and Cuttlebug!

  120. Angie K. says:

    Got to have those bows!! These old fingers need help and Anna Griffin answered with perfectly tied bow in a nice assortment of colors! THANK YOU!

  121. net says:

    Oh goodness to choose one favorite is so hard….the bows are probably my favorite only because I have such a hard time making bows that are pretty and turn out straight…I need a 6 week course on how to make bows!!!! Would love to win anything from AG, your things are simply beautiful and girly which by the way in today’s crazy world girly is “way out there”…I like the girly look!!!

  122. Julie Owens says:

    I love everything, especially the little bows and tool kit, looking forward to seeing you on QVC UK x

  123. Deirdre Davis says:

    I need to get a job to support my AG crafting supplies habit LOL!!! Seriously, I have not seen a product yet that I do not absolutely just LOVE!!!!!

  124. Katherine says:

    I love everything Anna Griffin, but my fave of these new products would probably be the bows. It seems simple, but those little bows are very time consuming to make and now I will have plenty perfect little bows for my cards! This will save me tons of time on cards this year!! Can’t wait to order them.

  125. Nancy Hilliker says:

    Is Sept 9 here yet. I cannot wiat to get my hands on these items. Unfortunately I have to work but I have my standin ready to order for me. Thank you Anna for all the wonderful things you continue to bring us. You are amazing.

  126. Marlene Heilman says:

    Anna, I have been following you for years. You are always coming out with the most innovative products. Regarding your latest blog, I love the little bow collection but most of all love the tool matt kit; especially the cutting mat. Because most of the crafting sheets are 12×12, it’s difficult to see the cutting lines on the matt. I definitely want your new cutting matt. It’s so perfect for cutting 12×12 paper.

  127. Mary Mangus says:

    Bows, Cards & Tool Kit! If not a winner, they’re already on my list. Looking forward to replacing my supply of tools with this set!

  128. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Yes, Anna! I would like to win this! ***, a gold ruler too? Love the ivory and gold for tools, even though I have many tools in a rainbow of colors. This set goes so well with vintage decor. And as always all three will become part of my studio.

  129. Shelly Mortensen says:

    They’re all so gorgeous! My favorite is the tool kit because it matches my AG Cuttlebug!

  130. Christy Woody says:

    The Pretty Patterns Card Surfaces are my favorite but I love the Tool Kit also. Thanks Anna for all you do!!

  131. Judith J says:

    Love love love the bows. Never enough bows for projects. Also love having the card bases. Thank you for having some that are gender neutral too.

  132. Barbara Baker-Davison says:

    Christmas is coming and cards are being made so my favorite is the bows in Christmas colors. You think of everything! My minc autoship just arrived and it is gorgeous, and will add such beauty to the cards now decked out with bows! Thank you Anna and staff…

  133. Merrie Osborn says:

    Wow, Anna! I love all three–as usual! I especially love the 100 cards and 100 envelopes! They are just perfect to have on hand. By the way,Anna, my Birthday was August 5 too! From reading everything I believe it was yours, although I never saw the exact date of your birthday. I really hope now that I can meet you at the November workshop—that is if you’ll have spaces for those of us that want to just attend the events minus staying in the hotel. That’s all that I can afford at this time.

  134. Darla L. says:

    Love the bows. I have the other bows you offered and love them. I am so excited to get the Christmas boxes.

  135. Carolyn F. says:

    Wow, the cards and envelopes are so perfect! Perfect for using with all the little “leftovers” from the card kits I so love.

  136. Maureen says:

    Love the bows . So quick and easy and makes it all looked finished. Perfect . I love the first bow set so much. Find myself reaching for them instead of spending too much time doing them myself. Time saver that looks great!

  137. Janet says:

    Three more awesome sneak peeks….my favorite this time is the tool kit…would love to win!! Thank you 🙂

  138. Louann Meyer says:

    Thank you for hearing us and giving us what we ask for, but boy it’s so hard to pick which I need most because I can’t get it all even if I
    do want itI

  139. Debra Lovell says:

    Wow! I love them all, but I would love to have all of the cards all 100 of them… Cant wait for show! Thanks Anna! I Love your Style!

  140. Brenda from VA says:

    Anna, I am so happy to see the tool kit! It will be nice having tools that match the Cuttlebug and the minc. I am sure I will purchase several other items. I was planning to retire last September but decided to go part-time instead to be sure I could continue to purchase Anna Griffin products. You are the greatest!

  141. Betsy says:

    Wow! What beautiful items…each and every one. Although I’m lusting after the new cutting board kit, I think if I had to pick just one thing I’d pick the card kit. Lots of lovely cards to make!

  142. Lynn Burton says:

    I love them all. I think the tools would be my favorite of these three because I would love to have a matching set of something.

  143. Patty Haly says:

    I would love the tool kit because I just got my daughter a Explore Air and she needs to build up her crafting tools for her new toy!

  144. Janice Brummett says:

    Love, Love, Love the new Essential Tools. It would be great to have an 18″ cutting mat, ruler, and new paper cutter. I need a new cutting mat! Card bases will make card making very easy. There’s nothing I don’t want from the new release.

  145. Bon says:

    Love the cards. Bows and everything you make. What is so nice is that everything goes with every thing elses.I found 5 papers form many many years ago, and they still match to present day paper. No one else can do it like you.

  146. Patty Haly says:

    I love everything but the cards are really inspire me! I am a new fan and have to say I am addicted!

  147. Kathy Schenck says:

    I am excited about the card bases, but the essential tool is the best because it would make a great gift for my daughter and a set to go to our mountain cabin!!!

  148. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I really think that I would have the most fun with the new Pretty Patterns cards and envelopes. I’ve acquired so many beautiful Anna Griffin dies and embossing folders, and this would just complete so many of my card crafting ideas.

  149. Deidra says:

    No matter how many “gizmos” I bought or tutorials I have watched….never been able to tie that “perfect” bow. Why should I when you – Ms Griffin – have so beautifully tied them for me!
    p.s. thank you for the opportunity to win this week’s showcase

  150. joeann lanham says:

    Well Anna I spent my 75th birthday with u on July1. Was a great day love all the purchases I made that day. . Looking forward to Sept impositive for me to choose but I make lousy bows so glad to see those co mm ing, love your things. Bless u for inspiration u give us..

  151. michael says:

    I don’t suppose you could just fold a piece of paper you have hanging around the craft table!?!

  152. michael says:

    Gotta go with the card bases. Perfect for using up left overs and also for new original creations using the dies, folders and circuit embellies.

  153. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    Nice ! I love the bows ! A must have item for any Christmas crafter. The other items are super too. Looks like another great day for HSN and Anna Griffin fans.

  154. Carol says:

    I ordered the bow pack at the last minute last time, thinking, “Oh why not” I can always use them for something. Turns out I’ve used them like crazy and will be delighted to have the holiday selection. The pretty papers collection looks great, too! Please be sure to post shopping list. Will there be a Christmas card making kit on the 8th?

  155. Marjorie E. says:

    The tool kit is perfect. Really like the large cutting mat. But the favorite are the bows. How awesome to have 100 bows already tied!

  156. Penny Fellenbaum says:

    Love, Love the Holiday Perfect Bows .and will be buying them. I bought the box of pink, green, white, and blue ones. They are beautiful and the bigger ones looked great on the pop up cards. Bows that I make myself do not even come close to your bows. Thanks Anna for helping me make beautiful cards.

  157. Cheryl W. says:

    Love the tool set, but gotta say that the cards are awesome, would love to have both, and I’m ready for Sept. 8, like everyone else.

  158. Karen says:

    It is hard to pick. But I like the card bases the best out of the three. All you have to do is layer layer layer and you have a card to give to that special person on your list.

  159. Peg Palmer says:

    Oh, Anna and team I’d like the fabulous card layers please. They would be a fabulous addition to my card making arsenal. I mean who ever has enough card layers. Right?

  160. Susan G says:

    Wow, this list gets longer every time. People love your stuff Anna. I almost missed this. For some reason I did not receive your blog yesterday. I love the gigantic card kit. That will keep me busy during the predicted up coming long, cold winter.

  161. Joanne S says:

    I am loving these sneak peeks. I think my favorite is the card layers because with so many layers, it will keep me busy for a long time.

  162. Barbara says:

    Pretty Patterns cards & envelopes !!

    *This time round, could you please provide the shopping list BEFORE the HSN shows so I can print it while I’m at work and have it ready? Thank you!

  163. Donna Winter says:

    Why, why, why do you always want us to choose? It’s so very hard.. Guess I’ll have to go with the pretty base cards, but at the same time one can never have too many pre-tied ribbons.

  164. Nancy Ostrander says:

    Hi Anna, wanted to let you know I love all of your new items in this preview, but I have to tell you my favorite is the Pretty Patterns! giant card making set. I love making card but it really comes in handy to have your ready made cards on hand. Your ideas are always better than mine. Thank you for being there for me when I need a helping hand.

  165. Deborah W says:

    I love them all, but the Pretty Patterns card kit is my favorite. I’m looking forward to Sept 8!

  166. Laurie Brown says:

    I am always excited to for Tuesdays to come to see the sneak peaks and today’s did not disappoint!!! I just love to tool kit! Especially the cutting mat with all the handy dandy marking to help us!! Anna, you truly do think of everything!!

    Thank you so much!!
    Laurie Brown

  167. Shellie Fontana says:

    YES, Anna Griffin papercrafting products are my F.A.V.E. –ever. In the whole world. ALWAYS!! Oh, yes, THIS time, my FAVE are the…100 cards! I love them ‘ready-to-go,’ AND the Pretty Papers ALWAYS inspire me to parse through my (coveted) 12- x 12-in. AG stock to custom-cut additional cards, which results in a beautiful variation. Once again, these Sneak Peeks are such FUN, always inspiring! THANKS for ALL the ways you make our lives more beautiful, Anna! (((Hugs))) from Texas!

  168. Kathi Ormsby says:

    Beautiful as Always….I’d have to say the Anna’s essential TOOL kit! Oh so pretty
    A must have….Good Luck everyone:)

  169. Joan Davis says:

    Oh my goodness! So hard to pick just one, but I love the card bases. I use so many of them from my kits. It will be nice to have a collection of 100.

  170. Sandy Villines says:

    So many cards! Love the Pretty Patterns! No more standing in the card section for 1/2 an hour trying to pick out the best card. I can just create the best card! Lovely product.

  171. Donna O says:

    Oh, the Anna Griffin tool kit for sure. And wouldn’t I love to bring it all with me to the big event in November!!!!! Thanks, Anna, for all you do for us crafters. I truly appreciate all your time and effort to bring us exactly what we need or want in some cases. See you in November, I can’t wait.

  172. Eva Kiriazes says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! I just asked about AG tools last week!!!! I love everything Anna Griffin, but the tools would be my pick this week!

  173. Mewsmomtoo says:

    It would be totally cool to have the gold & cream tools & I love the card bases, but I think I want the bows most of all. I am going to have some truly extravagant Christmas cards this year thanks to you! 🙂

  174. Mary Anne says:

    Hello Anne,
    I would definitely have to choose the Fancy Card Surfaces w Envelopes . I absolutely LOVE , LOVE , LOVE to make YOUR cards and I have So much of your papers and embellishments and cartridges that this would be Perfect ! Thank You !

  175. Ada Ruiz says:

    I like everything but the tool set is my favorite. These are not only functional but they are so beautiful that I wouldn’t put them away.

  176. Angela Kaufman says:

    Hello Anna,

    I absolutely love all of your products! I bought the premade bows before and love them. It makes my card making so easy. I have a honey business and work full time and anything that simplifies my craft making is a plus in my book!
    Thank you

  177. Linda says:

    Having the bows would be so very helpful, but I can’t resist the card bases. Can do so much with those. Thanks for listening to our wants.

  178. Barbara Kruza says:

    I think the tool kit is amazing, could really use that for all my paper crafting. Just put me on that island with all of Anna Griffin products and a happy paper crafter I will be!

  179. Debby Sears says:

    Once again I have to make changes to my budget!! LOL I love your idea, the ease, and all of the colors of you bring to us!!

    You have the best job!!!

  180. Julie Blake says:

    Difficult choice! I think the cards are wonderful and probably my favorite as I love your designs.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  181. Bobie Taylor says:

    I am really looking forward to jumping into the holiday seasons.Thank you for inspiring us to put this summer heat aside and feel the snowflakes in the air. Can’t wait to get my new Christmas supplies in.

  182. Evelyn Y says:

    Hmm, I spy a new toolkit in my future! One can never have too many rulers and craft knives, and these are AG colored — to go with my Minc and heat foil pen. Now I REALLY want to switch out my green Cuttlebug for an AG Cuttlebug! Thanks Anna!

  183. Linda Marie says:

    I’ll take it all. The essential tool kit is a must…time for a new one. And who can’t use more of your beautiful cards. And, then the finishing touch…the “bow”. See you September 8!

  184. Brenda Lapp says:

    I love all of them, but I think the tool kit is a must have. And I am thinking the tools would be a great Christmas gift for my niece (I hope she does not read this).

  185. Linda Valoy says:

    The Essential tool kit is my favorite. I am using an old rotary cutting mat that I have had for years when I use to quilt. It has a tear on the edge and I think its time to upgrade. I use an old guillotine for cutting. Love the size of the mat and the cork backed ruler, WOW!

  186. Linda H says:

    First off, Anna, I have to schmooze a bit because you looked so good in that little yellow jacket!
    Next, from your preview I would like the new tool kit (and while I’m dreaming, your signature Cuttlebug and your desk with all of its components). What a craft room that would be!
    Darling Daughter just bought me an AG duffle bag to replace my worn out AG tote. LOVE IT!

  187. Sandra W.66 says:

    I love the bows because I usually limit myself to one on my cards because I have so few in my collection. I was even using leftovers from your Christmas kit because your bows are s convenient and pretty. They are just the right colors too! Enough can’t be said about your designer card bases…I can’t wait to get them and start creating with my own little touches! Together, we make a great team…LOL

  188. Lisa Crisp says:

    I ALWAYS look so forward to your HSN shows!!!!! It’s hard to pick a favorite. I love ALL of it. The tool set would be the most useful but the others are soo beautiful. Love it all!

  189. Roberta Barfield says:

    My favorite is the 100 card and envelopes, they are beautiful as are all of your products. Would definitely love the win the tool set. But I can be satisfied to win any product. Love everything.

  190. Barbara Largent says:

    Hi my favorite today is the essential tool kit. Because it is hard to make pretty cards without the proper measuring and cutting tools.

  191. Marilyn says:

    Wow I love the pretty patterns and I can never have enough bows. But the new tool kit even though I have some similiar looks exciting and of course its Anna Griffin so its got to be the best. Can,t wait. Thanks Again Anna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Linda O'Connor says:

    Hi Anna! I can’t wait for 9/8!!! I love everything but my favorite are the pattern card paper and the tools!
    I would love to be on desert island crafting with you!!

  193. Laurel Mitchell says:

    Of course, all three are awesome, but my favorite is the Pretty Patterns card set. I love making cards with Anna’s items and these cards will make BEAUTIFUL works of art.

  194. Anita Lou says:

    I always use your bows and now I need more of them as well as your card bases. I use them for scrapbooking as well and can’t wait to get more on the Sept. 8th show.

  195. Kay says:

    Love them all but think the essential tool kit will be on my wish list!! Keep doing what you do, Anna. ❤❤

  196. Mary Jones says:


    I LUV the tool kit, and the two sizes of bows in christmas colors ! ! I’m sure a lot of your followers are thinking about their christmas list for card making already, won’t be long now, the months seem to be going by fast !

  197. Mary Rayfield says:

    It is just too difficult to pick just one favorite from so many!! I love them all. I love the card bases and the fact that the envelopes come with them. You think of everything, Anna. I love the two different sizes of bows and the colors and who wouldn’t love to own the took kit???? One can never have enough Anna Griffin products! Thanks for being there for all of us crafters!

  198. Rhonda L. P. says:

    (By the way, you may recall that I’m that old clod that keeps begging for a DVD with your fonts on it, that could be used with our computers, to print our own sentiments, using your beautiful fonts! I STILL haven’t given up hope!!!!) That would be a great combination…..
    Your IVORY paper, and a FONT DVD to use with it!!

  199. Julie Doshier says:

    Anna!! You are such a rockstar!! I always love seeing what you come up with next! I am an “Anna Griffin” addict! My favorite today is the Pretty Patterns! Win or lose, I’m going to buy this kit!

  200. Judy Miller says:

    Love all of the items shown today. My favorite are the A 2 size cards. Next would be the ruler.

  201. Rhonda L. P. says:

    I SECOND THAT!!!! We can’t make it any easier than that for you to produce a new product! BLANK INSERTS; to be used with our silicone stamps! I’m not real fond of the “whirley” sentiments. I’d rather stamp or print my own. Don’t get me wrong! They’re lovely. Just not a PERSONAL choice!

    Rhonda L.P.

  202. mj says:

    Love the idea of the ribbon bows….my fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be! Makes adding a little extra to my creations a whole lot easier!

  203. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I guess I’ll be ordering new tools after all! Thanks again gals! (Besides, this set will match my Cuttlebug, Minc, and 1-1/2″ Xyron! Can’t wait to shop on the 8th!

  204. linda says:

    Hi Anna, my favorite is the essential tool kit but a close second is the cards, but love the bows to you are awesome to bring all these great projects to bring our crafting to the next level.

  205. Michele Ciccone says:

    Love them all. So hard to pick one. If I pick a favorite it would be the beautiful tool kit. Love to have such beautiful tools to help us all máke even more beautiful projects.

  206. Pat Simpson says:

    I love all the new products, Anna, and I really like the sample cards you show. So inspiring!

  207. Maryann H says:

    Hi Anna – Love love everything. The tool kit is especially on my mind and also the card kit. Can’t wait until the 8th. See you then.

  208. Laurie K-H says:

    the bows! I love the bows. They add so much to a card or a scrapbook page and there is no way I can ever tie them to look this great! (mine don’t even really pass for bows)

  209. Debra Spencer says:

    Hmmmmmm let me think. I LOVE all 3. To pick my FAVORITE I suppose I’d say the Fancy 3 card inserts.

    Thanks for all you do to make crafting FUN and relaxing.

  210. Tammy Fredrickson says:

    I love everything but if I had to pick it would be the tool kit. I don’t have a cutting mat, and then everything will coordinate with my “Anna things”. Thank you Anna!

  211. Gwen Embardino says:

    What to choose-just send me everything. Love the elegant cards. I’m a sucker for romance-and that’s what your cards say to me.

  212. Maxine H says:

    My favorite is the white and gold tool set! Perfect to compliment my crafting area with the signature colors even though I don’t have the budget to decorate a room with the AG furniture you offer. My desk top would look beautiful with the toolset added to the Cuttlebug and heat tool I already have. All of the Christmas products are great and HSN makes it accessible to anyone.

  213. Mary Drum says:

    Love all the designs from Anna and it really helps to make my projects look so professional. Looking forward to the christmas projects.

  214. Mary says:

    Love all that is designed by Anna. It helps keep me inspired to create beautiful cards and scrapbooking.

  215. Judy Rasheff says:

    Anna, I am sooo no creative, but with your wonderful products, great instruction sheets and how to videos, I can make cards everyone loves (and keeps) when they are received. Thank you for he3lping me to look good. God bless

  216. Diane says:

    Love the bows and the new card kit with the pretty papers. The bows in 2 sizes will be very versatile.

  217. Virginia Hart says:

    This week my favorite is the craft tools. I really need that self healing mat and I love that the ruler is gold. I hope I win it because there are too many other things I want to purchase on Sept. 8. Keep up the good work Anna and HSN.

  218. Shirlene Renshaw says:

    Anna, you are always providing the best tools to create lovely gifts for our friends & family. I love all three items – the one I like the most is the Pretty Papers cards – I can always use these. But then the ribbons come in very handy, too. I can see how the use of all these wonderful supplies in the pretty ivory & gold would make my craft room shine, too. See, what I mean – you always give us the best – how can one decide. Unconditional Love, Shirlene in Ogden, UT

  219. Kelly coleman says:

    My favorite is the card sets..can’t have enough and will be able to use all of the Anna Griffin cuts/designs with them. Counting the days until Anna Griffin Create…and also…when will additional Minc materials be available such as toner pens or paint..and where?

  220. Sharon W says:

    So many great choices!!!! Love the card bases and the bows are a perfect compliment to them. I think I need two of those. Then the tool set — WOW!!!! A designated area just for me to play!!! Thanks Anna!!!!! 🙂

  221. Cre8ive Crafter says:

    I read your blog often, but I rarely comment. I just have to say that I am excited about the Anna Griffin Essential Tool Kit and the double sided 18 inch cutting mat with both inches *and* centimeters! 🙂 I really like the larger size. I also like the long 18 inch ruler, I am hoping it is a metal one.

  222. Linda Hill says:

    Again.how would you choose? However, my tools are all old and dated and the mat is to die for so would pick this as my prize!!

  223. Pat Leon says:

    The tool kit will be a wonderful Christmas gift for someone I know who is just getting started in paper crafting. There’s one person checked off my list. And, a person can never have too many bows – those are for me!

  224. Paula Jackson says:

    Out of this collection I think my favorite is the pretty card base collection. But honestly, how does one choose a favorite of anything Anna creates?!!

  225. Katherine wells says:

    I love the pretty papers cards and one can’t have too many bows. Of course, any thing Anna is my favorite.

  226. Kate Smith says:

    I love all of these – it’s hard to pick a favorite! I will have to go with the cutting tools, though. I think they’ll make me feel like a princess in my own craft room!

  227. Sherri says:

    I agree, the larger bows was a nice option in some of your older card kits, I’ve used them sparingly. I think I have two ivory bows that are saved for couple special cards I still have not finished (saved for special ladies when needed I guess). I’m also one of those that can’t tie the best bows, especially little ones.

  228. Ms Jay Pechman says:

    I couldn’t say no to any of the three but the double-sided mat and the ruler really looked terrific to me. I’ve never been able to hang on to a ruler at my scrap table but this one would be totally off limits to household thieves.

  229. Renee says:


  230. Kim says:

    How exciting 3 more products!!! Bow, Bows, Bows!! Wahooo!! My chubby fumble fingers, so appreciate this!!!!!!

  231. Susan Baker says:

    My six year old granddaughter only wants to use Miss Annas pretty papers .She loves the Anna Griffin minc. She loves the pretty bows and the pretty paper cards. So I know we will be watching and buying. Thank You Anna you are so talented and a very sweet lady.

  232. Eva C says:

    Hi Anna,I always count the days to watch i save the videos so i can watch it later i have a lot of your stuff i so love it very much , cant wait till sptember 8.I Cant pick a favor i like all special the card bases.Thanks Anna for all your hard work .love Eva

  233. Sherri says:

    Yes, I remember that and I’ve been waiting for Anna to bring that larger mat and the ruler back ever since! Hope to get it this time even though the mat is 18″x18″.

  234. Nancy Potkay says:

    as usual 3 new and wonderful products. to pick just one is hard, but would pick the card surfaces and then the cutting mat and tools and third the bows.
    cant wait for the show

  235. Rhonda Williams says:

    Hi Anna, Every crafter needs beautiful tools. Can’t wait to see your collection in person!

  236. Ally52 says:

    :Love the Tool kit. It would match your ivory and gold Anna minc machine and the Anna gold and ivory Cuttlebug! Love the size of the large mat! Everything is just beautiful. Can’t wait for September!!!

  237. Dana says:

    My favorite is the Pretty Pattern papers. New card ideas keep popping into my head. Thanks, Anna for making my cards special.

  238. Susie says:

    I am loving the Essentials Tool Kit. I
    ‘m pretty sure the ease of having pretty glass jar full of your beautiful bows, within reach on my desk would be a ton of fun …make a card, grab a bow, make a card, grab a bow! Oh yes!!!?

  239. Donna says:

    One can never have enough tools! But then again one has to have paper to cut with those tools. But then again embellishments are needed to finish off ones project. It is a never ending circle of fun!!

  240. Clarissa Miller says:

    I love the card surfaces best because it is so versatile. Second I love the craft essentials because everything you need to craft, no matter which paper crafting you are doing is there. Lastly I love the bows just because theres no limit to what you can do. Anna you think of everything a paper crafter needs.

  241. Maureen Squire says:

    I really like the tool kit but also have to have everything else. Looking forward to Sept, 8th.

  242. Melissa Johnson says:

    Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on those bows especially the new big one. Love all your things Anna.

  243. Mary Ann Birdsong says:

    Anna, I always love to hear you describe something using the term ” PRETTY ” It’s amazing how you can even make a tool kit PRETTY ! This kit will definately stay out on display to be easily used as needed !!!!!

  244. Stephanie McKnight says:

    Oh,my! While I love everything Anna, I would pick the Pretty Patterns card making kit. Anna has taught us all so much that we would be able to put one beautiful card together! Must add to my stash. Thanks, Anna!

  245. Ann says:

    I’m crazy about anything Anna Griffin! Love the bows and the card bases in this group for myself. Will get the work kit for my granddaughter who has been making cards with Granny for years and is doing her own work at home now that she is officially a teenager.

  246. Joan LoBrutto says:

    As usual everything is beautiful as well as useful. All three products are things we need and want in our craft rooms but if I have to choose just one product it would be the tool kit. You can’t do any project without a ruler, craft knife, mat and paper cutter.

  247. Connie Willeke says:

    Love them all! Would love the tool kit. But also the card bases…….but then there are the bows………okay. I can’t choose just one!

  248. Carmen says:

    I could definitely use those bows, but I have to say my favorite this time around is the Anna Griffin Essential Tool Kit!

  249. Anita Aguila says:

    All the items that are shown are absolutely beautiful and all of them will be wonderful to have. If I had to choose I would select the essential tools. Each time I watch Anna cut out the edges of the card, it looks like she is going through butter and I always think, “how nice it would be to have that cutting tool exactly like the one she has”. Thank you Anna for bringing these to us so that we too can craft like you. Blessings !

  250. Connie says:

    Anna, you have done it again. All three of these new items are great. The bows are such time savers and the colors you have in the packet are especially nice. The new cards are so pretty and love that there are two sizes! The Essential Tool Kit is so well thought out. I would have to say that is my favorite of these new items, but they are all nice! Best of luck to whom ever wins!!

  251. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    Thanks for another sneak peak. Love all three, but my favorite is the card bases. You just can never have enough of these.

    I have a request: Can you please make stamps of the round sayings for the card inserts?

  252. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Love, love, love all 3. My favorite is the essential tool kit. So far, I love all nine things. Can’t wait to see what’ s next..

  253. Irma Cervantez says:

    Great items, Anna! The pretty bows are going to come in handy for the holidays! That tool kit is fabulous! My favorite item is the Pretty Patterns Card Making set! I just love your patterned papers! Thank you for the opportunity to win these fantastic items!

  254. Sandi Moretti says:

    Sooooooo looking forward to the pretty card bases. I am sure the bows will be perfect as well…..

  255. Joann Brown says:

    Anna, I love the card bases.Your products are awesome. I’ll be watching and drinking loads of coffee..no sleeping!

  256. Joann Brown says:

    As always, Anna, all your products are awesome. Love the card bases. I’ll be watching and drinking loads of coffee..no sleeping!

  257. Mary Lindsey says:

    I really like the card bases and envelopes. The tool set is also lovely. I would love to win them all.

  258. Susan S says:

    The essential tool kit is a must-have for me! I am quickly building an all Anna craft space and would love the tools to match 🙂

  259. Beverly says:

    I love the tool kit. The kit has everything you need to work with all of your other beautiful products.

  260. Dolores weitzman says:

    I love all of the Christmas bows, they are gorgeous and so useful!!! I would love to win your kit, it would match my gold cuttlebug and gold punches that I purchased from your collection, so spectacular!!!!!

  261. Diane Cooper says:

    I am so excited about the Holiday perfect bows. I will need those for my Christmas cards. Next I will be ordering the Pretty Patterns card making kit. I never have enough Anna Griffin supplies.

  262. Pat Hauge says:

    I like all three, but I think my favorite is the Pretty Patterns card bases and envelopes. They are just gorgeous!!! Sept. 8 is not coming fast enough.

  263. Winnie Johnson says:

    Wow, is all I can say! I am loving all of this products, as usual. The bows will be so helpful as will those card bases. I really am in love with the craft supplies though….squealing with excitement!! Thanks Anna!

  264. Mary R says:

    The Pretty Patterns are a must have! All the items are wonderful-I’m hard pressed to narrow it to just one. Your bows are gorgeous too (satin is so pretty). I really like the card that has presents all over the front.

  265. Lisa S says:

    I love the tools the most. Of course the other sets are pretty but these would be great replacements for my aging on. Thank you!!!!! I can’t wait for the 8th.


  266. stampnk says:

    What a great idea to put a crafting tool kit together! With the card kits and tool kit, I would have a wonderful craft room on the go! My favorite products are your dies, embossing folders and card kits! Just can’t get enough!

  267. Mary Meola says:

    I can’t believe I just found your blog and your Youtube channel….where have I been. I also just received my Anna Griffin Minc machine last week and have been loving it. I would love to win some of your new stuff. Looking forward to seeing it all on HSN in September!

  268. Nancy says:

    Hi Anna… I really love the cards and the tool set. They are just what we need to make your products come to life. can’t wait for the day to come…..

  269. Deborah Schamburg says:

    I love the tool kit! I need a need paper cutter that will actually cut! I would love to receive this, and I love all the other products too! Anything Anna Griffin I love!!!!!

  270. Mary says:

    Hi Anna….as usual your items are beautiful but my pick this week would be the bows. I have the others you offered and love them. Would love to win these also….or get them on Sept. 8th. Can’t wait for that day…

  271. MaryJo says:

    Oh Anna I just can’t wait to see you on HSN that is also my Birthday!!!! I would love to have your Essential tool kit! Thank you so much for the previews!!!!

  272. shartl says:

    Of course I love it all, but the Pretty paper card kit is my very favorite! The papers are so beautiful and it makes card making easy and fun, which is a huge help! Thanks for the chance to win!

  273. Sandra says:

    The tool kit. I need a new paper cutter so this is coming out at the perfect time!! But a girl can never have too many bows either.

  274. Sue H. says:

    Good thinks come to those who wait, I have been one of those asking and waiting on these items, Yeah! Fabulously fancy card surfaces are great and my favorite is the Anna Griffin Essential Tool Kit!

  275. Jean Carlson says:

    Love the pre-tried bows, Have ordered them separately before. Keep up the good work. Grammy Purple

  276. Starr Gazer says:

    Oh, Anna! You know I love everything you do and I would love to win it all. But if I won anything by Anna Griffin, I would have to share it with my sister-in-law. She has began paper crafting recently and you know it takes some time to build your toolbox and ‘must haves’. I gave her your Engraved Endearments card kit for her birthday and she loves it! Now all she wants for Christmas is “something by Anna!”. I can’t blame her … that’s all I want too!

  277. Diane says:

    Oh, I think that bow collection could make its way to the home here! I just cannot tie one that looks as good as yours do! Of all the craft items I acquire and share, I have to say I am guarded with my bows from card kits! I am looking forward to the 8th!

  278. Melinda Keeley says:

    I just love the Pretty Papers cards. They look fabulous! And to think there are 100! What a gift to myself!

  279. Susan Little says:

    Oh yes, the “Tool Kit” is what I have been waiting for!!! I thought I heard you mention there would be one in August and I have been patiently waiting. So, thank you!

    Anxiously awaiting your Sept 8th visit. Actually changed my vacation plans so I would be home that day with credit card in hand. Haven’t seen a new product I won’t be purchasing.

    Thank you for bringing us such beautiful products.

  280. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    It’s finally here, the gang is gonna love it. I have the original ruler, cutting blade, and mat and I love it. What a great size and the cutter is icing on the cake. A gal can always use more cards and ribbons, someone will be very happy,even me. Thanks for a chance, you’re great.

  281. Leslie says:

    Love the card bases. Your tool kit sure would match my Cutttlebug and Minc though. Sign me up for the stranded island I would love to have nothing to do but craft. LOL!!!

  282. Helen says:

    Each week gets more exciting. I love, love all the new products your are showing. Can’t wait for Sept 8 on HSN.

  283. Annie Laura Pence says:

    I was just yesterday cleaning my old gray Anna Griffin Mat ( from eon years ago ) and wishing for a new mat!
    VOILA ! You have made my wish come true!
    New tools will be great too.

    Love your new Bows, and cards!

    What is not to love from Anna?
    Thank you for so many lovelies to drool over!
    Thanks and Hugs

  284. Peachy W says:

    Love the Pretty Patterns – you have the best florals ever! Also, the tools are a nice addition – I don’t have that size cutting mat!

  285. barb macaskill says:

    ***!! Pretty Papers looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!! Love the tool kit also! One can never have enough tools in my opinion and I love the colors of these!! Time for a change I think!! TFS!

  286. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    Anna I just love everything. I have to say the two sizes in the card layers are my favorite. I can make gorgeous cards with them. Thank you for all that you do,and thank you for the chance to win !!!!!

  287. Linda G says:

    Wow great additions to your gorgeous products! The tool set is so exciting and matches all my AG gold! Thank you for the opportunity to win, fingers crossed!!

  288. Allison Shay says:

    So great that the tools have arrived! But I think the card base stationary takes the cake! Can’t get enough of your beautiful paper! And thank you as always for the opportunity to win…really hoping for this one! Thank you Anna! 🙂

  289. Dianna says:

    I just love the mat. I really need one and this one is perfect. Maybe my pages and cards would be straigter if I had a mat like that one. LOL. The bows sure are pretty too and would dress up my very even cards.

  290. Dianna says:

    I just love the mat. I really need one and this one is perfect. Maybe my pages and cards would be straigter if I had a mat like that one. LOL. The bows sure are pretty too and would dress up my very even cards.

  291. Lillian says:

    Everything is beautiful as always. I like the Pretty Patterns. The cards will turn out great all the time.

  292. Mary says:

    My favorite would be the Essential Tool Kit. I am loving that large self healing nat and all the cool tools that go with it!! Those bows would even work on a smaller Christmas tree : ) Ideas, ideas for the holidays!!

  293. Donna Haynes says:

    Who wouldn’t love everything but I sure could use a new self healing mat. You also can’t go wrong with the card sets.

  294. Margaret Mathewson says:

    Love them all! If I had to choose, it would be the card bases. They make card making so easy and elegant.

  295. Elane H says:

    The bows are Adorable, the cards are Great but the the tool Kit is AWESOME and my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  296. Jan Thomas says:

    Each item is worthy to be in any crafters stash. We all use bows, loved the paper in the second collection the patterns and colors. I would have to say my favorite are the tools. I would use them every day. Anna Griffin on my craft table. 🙂

  297. Kimberly Salmonowicz says:

    I’m excited about September 8th for sure, and love all the new stuff! Really love the pretty card bases . And every crafter loves the right tools! Would be so fun to win this time too!

  298. Roses says:

    I like all the new items but the Essential Craft tools get my vote. The 18″ cutting mat is the best for size and the angles. Am looking forward to getting it.

  299. Beth Williams says:

    You know I love the bows-thank you! Now i have to get your bow die-the layering is gorgeous.The Pretty patterns are absolutely perfect. I’ve bought some other mfr’s card kits and have actually returned them-the quality wasn’t there and they didn’t seem to understand what we like. These are perfect. Shared with my crafty friends on FB-they are going to love this.

  300. Sally says:

    I can’t wait for 7:00 AM September 8 th !!!! I’ll be there in my jammies , just waiting to buy these lovelies.
    I’ll be certain to get these Pretty Patterns. They are stunning and will be such fun to use !!

  301. Gayle K says:

    Anna, the cards are so beautiful. The essential tool kit will come in handy and it is in your gold colors!

  302. marge says:

    I love the card bases, especially, as I see any great patterns in them and they don’t require cutting and sticking onto plain paper base cards. I also love the bows, and the tool kit would come in handy as well,

  303. Claire B says:

    Holy Cow! I need some more stuff for sure! Is there ever a time when more paper, more embellisments, more Anna is enough?

    Thank you! – Claire

  304. Kathleen P says:

    I lost most of my Anna Griffin supplies when the apt above mine caught fire & caused a lot of damage. Everyone got out safely. So I love it all & I’m slowly replacing most of what I lost & will get new things starting September 8!! Thank you Anna for the bright spot in my journey!!

  305. Karen Johnson says:

    On my! I will need a loan because I have loved everything so far I am in love with the tool kit, so pretty!! I hope you are bringing back more Christmas dies, I was very sick this time last year and missed the shows from July to November 2014 as I was in the hospital. Making cards again has been a great joy and healing help to me. Thanks Anna!!!

  306. Magdalyn says:

    Pick me, pick me!!! I would have to say the must have tools. I’ve been trying to find the perfect paper trimmer and maybe this ones for me,

  307. DebbiekIsley says:

    Love the cards. But love tools and all of it. Hope to win these beautiful gifts. Thanks for all you do.

  308. Patricia R. says:

    Pretty Patterns cards are so beautiful, and the tool kit so necessary. Thank you for providing both beauty & practicality in the products you offer!

  309. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Almost 800 posts already. i think everyone would like to win this week.
    I am so excited about the new cards…..I can really use these!!!
    And I love your new tool set. Even though I have most of those tools….I have to have the Anna Griffin ones.
    I cannot wait to craft with them. They will make my cards even more beautiful…..because they will help me be more creative. Anna’s creativity will ooze out of them into my mind and fingers. And I will feel extra beautiful while using them!!!!!

    Thanks Anna,
    You are making September 8th another great craft day.
    I can tell already I need those Flex-Pays !!!!!!

  310. Diann Richardson says:

    Anna you know I love all things Anna, but I really need a cutting mat that size, I have destroyed many table tops. I also like the bows it would be nice to not have to stop and make those little bows. Can you include white ones next time.

  311. Madeline Siers says:

    I love all your new products especially the card bases. That is so convenient and gorgeous.

  312. Lillian L says:

    I love the pretty card set and the bows. It’s going to be difficult to pick which items I will buy, may have to get all the new stuff!

  313. Susy Ward says:

    It hard to choose as I love all of your products but I absolutely love the Essentials Tool Kit because it is going to go beautifully in my craft room along with all of my other Anna Griffin products. Thank you creating such a pretty kit! I’ve already taken the day off from work on September 8 and can’t wait to watch the show for all of your new goodies!

  314. Vickie B says:

    Love the AG essential tool kit and the perfect patterns. Can’t wait to see your shows on Sept 8th!

  315. Lisa McDonald says:

    I love all your collections but I’m a sucker for anything holiday and foiled!!! I gotta have these:)
    Love ya Anna!!!

  316. Gracie says:

    A “Golden Ruler and 18-inch self-healing mat”… a scrapbooker’s dream. I wish that was a kit by itself. Hint, hint, hint Anna. Everything is so special.

  317. Barbara Kirchner says:

    Well is everyone buying my tools I need? O>K> but I will set my alarm early so I don’t miss out .. Boy Anna I hope you got enough for all of us…I was going to buy my great grand kids school stuff , but now I don’t think so My hobby won out…

  318. Laurel Gijbert says:

    I love the “Essential Tool Kit.” To have all the necessary tools and have them match all my other equipment would really be great in my craft room.. Thank you Anna for all you do for us crafters.

  319. Colette says:

    I love all the new products. Of these three my favorite would be the giant card kit. Thanks for all the new products and ideas.

  320. Kathleen Prince says:

    Love the Christmas bows. I love making Christmas cards and these would be a beautiful addition.

  321. Patti Coddington says:

    ERRMAHGERD!!!! I love it all but if I had to chose one, it would be… The beautiful card bases and envelopes!!! I do love my AG products!

  322. Robina says:

    As usually the items are all great but this time I am going to pick the tool kit. If it is what you us we must know it is good. I hav several craft knives and none of them seem to cut as easily as you make it look during your demo’s.

  323. Linda Taylor says:

    What a great day today has been! This great sneak preview for one, the pretty card fronts are my favorite. Then I got 2 of Anna’s cardstock packs for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and I just checked on my 2nd shipment of Anna’s Minc supplies. It’s going to be here tomorrow! WooHoo it’s been a great day! The only way Friday could top it would be if I won all these lovely Anna items. Good luck to all and congrats to the winner!

  324. Lisa says:

    I will tell you what I love. I would love to win your products! Which ones do I love, all of them. They are all beautiful and helpful! So just pick me please and thank you!

  325. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    My favorite and needed is the Anna Griffin Essential tool kit. I have been making cards with an old pair of scissors, & literally waiting to ask – where do I get these quality tools! I watch your how to videos & yesterday I was thinking I need those tools! I would be grateful to win them.

  326. kathie says:

    Anna, I love making cards. I nevere can have enough! Thank you for the new card bases! I know I am going to love them!

  327. Linda mcquade says:

    I love the premade bows. I always have trouble making mine come out right. Anna, you’ve solved my problem. They are definitely on my list.

  328. yadyra marrero says:

    Love Everything. .its hard to choose one..but.im going to pick the cards.. I can’t wait for the 8th….thanks Anna for sooooo many wonderful products…i would love to win any of them ♡♡♡♡♡

  329. Andrea S. says:

    Love the card bases! They would come in so handy to use with my other Anna card supplies! Beautiful!

  330. Ruth Thomas says:

    I think the tools are my favorite. I am still learning and the right tools really make a difference. Thank you Anna. I really love the Christmas Cards.

  331. Penny K. says:

    My favorite this week are the card bases. I particularly like the frame ones. I never seem to have enough of these …My favorite so far of all the previews are the metallic layers – they are so beautiful!! Can’t wait to get my hands on those….(Waiting impatiently for the new card kit!)

  332. HollyG says:

    Wow! Loving EVERYTHING! I know, you get that a lot…Truly though, I adore all three. The Ala carte cards, of course, the bows, why yes I think I will…however the essential took kit,
    I MUST!
    Spectacular sneak peeks! Thanks for all your hard work Miss Anna & Co!

  333. Monique W says:

    Ohh Anna, Everything is so nice. I can’t pick just one. I love the tools and love the bows. I can’t wait for your show on HSN.

  334. Linda Hammell says:

    Of course, I love everything, who wouldn’t? Well, maybe my husband, but he doesn’t have good taste (except in wives). If I had to pick one thing, it would be the cards. That would make everything so easy.

  335. BethAnn marczak says:

    I love the bows and the tools look great,but my favorite would be the card set! I would love mine to come truly like Anna Griffin!

  336. Rose Mary Garner says:

    The card bases are a must…just can’t create without them! I use bows on just about every project. The toosl are needed too. Please please pick me. I would just love all of these!

  337. Bonnie says:

    Love them all! But, being bow challenged those I can see using a lot! But I also really like the card sets! my mind immediately went to “I can make cards like Anna!”

  338. gail W. says:

    First of all, that jacket and lacy blouse you have on in the video is beautiful!! OMGosh!! You gave me the box of flowers I asked for and now the card bases!! BOWS BOWS, can never have enough! Those are my favorites. My credit card is going to be SMOKING!! Thank you Anna!!

  339. Carol Arrington says:

    I love the patterned cards because I always have so much Anna product left after I finish the projects and I can keep them in a large box and use them on these new cards. Super Idea.

  340. Mary Alice Peterson says:

    I love that you have put so many wonderful things in the tool kit. Thank you so much! What would we do without you!

  341. Diane L. says:

    Love the essential toolkit, it would be so nice to have a coordinated set of tools to work with!

  342. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I love the bows . You can never have too many and it’s much easier if they are already folded.

  343. Sharon D. says:

    I would love anything Anna Griffin, but must say I would especially like the card bases and oh,so perfect bows! I am so looking forward to September’s show on HSN! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  344. NancyTG says:

    I would certainly pick the 100 card set, it is beautiful and well as pretty. I haven’t used up the birthday sentiments yet. They will look lovely with the cards.

  345. Tricia says:

    I Love the essential tool kit. I am in the process of making a craft room. I purchased the Anna Griffin craft room furniture so the essential tool kit is a must have.

  346. Roberta O'Brien says:

    My favorite is the bows,,,,I especially like the larger size bows. Of course I also love the card kit.

  347. Elaine says:

    Everything is just beautiful!! I especially love the perfect patterns cards and envelopes!! Just dreaming!!

  348. susan says:

    I love the tools. Can’t wait to order them. They will look so nice with all the other Anna Griffin items I have.

  349. KAREN says:


  350. Linda McFadden says:

    The essential tool kit, the card kit! Oh jjust everything. Pick me it’s my birthday☺️

  351. Patty says:

    Just thinking how great the Pretty Patterns would go with the flower kit previewed last week. Great way to use the leftovers from the various AG kits I own.

  352. Susan Bernard says:

    Love them all!! My favorite is the Pretty Patterns cards. 100, wow, now I might be willing to use some. Usually I can’t part with the good stuff, I’m a paper hoarder(in a good way)! Ive got the DVR all set already, since it is the first day of school here. I am really looking forward to seeing how you use all of the sneak peaks you have been sharing.

  353. Nancy Smith says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna, I think I have to have that beautiful Essential Tool Kit. Oh my will it ever match my Cuttlebug and other AG craft items!!! Im in heaven and counting down. The date is on the calendar!!!

  354. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    I love your products. The tool kit is so nice. I love, love, love the big mat. it is so nice and has so many pre printed grids at your fingertips…great idea!

  355. joanie says:

    Once again, Anna, I love everything!!! If I had to choose one, it would be the bows! Love, love, love them….and you can never have too many! thank you so much once again, for a chance to win!

  356. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    Not sure I can decide this time. Since I can’t tie bows anymore there a must for me. The cards are so beautiful. A good essential kit is a must though and in your beautiful signature colors. Thank you once again.

  357. Sandy Abbott says:

    If I were lucky enough to win/get the tool kit, do you think I would be able to scrap and make cards like Anna? If so, send me mine now!

  358. Sandy_in_MD says:

    Wow – 100 cards in one set ! That set will be on my list for sure. And the tool set will be a must have, too (so pretty in the “AG” colors).

  359. Maxine B says:

    I love the card basis! So, pack them up please! LOL I’m not too much of a bow girl, but they do come in handy sometimes. I love the size of the craft mat!

  360. Karen B says:

    While I love the bows (anything Christmas) and the card bases, my favorite would be the essential tools. Quality tools make every craft project better, and with the cardstock and bows…a sure thing!

  361. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Argggggggggggghhhh!!! Once again, you’ve made it sooo hard to choose!! 😀

    These are all great to have, certainly it’s true for Xmas cards, can’t EVAR have too many bows… and cards made with all the fave AG papers, another WIN!, then I think my fave of these 3 would be the Tool set… Probably wouldn’t hurt for me to update/upgrade my tool set… love the 18 inch mat… good thinking!

  362. Jennifer H. says:

    My favorite item (this week) is the Pretty Patterns giant card making set. The variety of beautiful card bases is a treasure trove for card makers/crafters. In a pinch, the lovely designs could also be cut up to make tags, paper decorations, mini-boxes, etc.

    Also, no craft room would be complete without the new Anna Griffin Essential Tool Kit.These necessary items would look lovely next to my (ivory and gold) AG Cuttlebug and Minc machine. Ruh-roh, so many choices/goodies- I can see that my HSN card will be getting a workout on Sept. 8th ;b… Thanks Anna & Team- Keep them coming!

  363. Gena Greenlee says:

    As always, I love everything. But, the pretty pattern cards and the bows are my favorite. I could use them all and since it is my birthday soon I should win!!! Haha!! Thanks Anna!!!

  364. Mary K. Parker says:

    Love the diff colors of bows. But would love to win the tool kit. I already have multiples off Everything & couldn’t justify buying it. So that’s what I’d really like to win!

  365. Lisa ;P says:

    The tool kit has everything a crafty lady should have and I would be putting bows on everything !!! Thank you Anna Griffin, you are awesome 🙂

  366. Shelley Barr says:

    My absolutely love the Pretty Patterns. I am a card maker and enjoy all the new stock you provide. Thanks Anna..

  367. Connie A. says:

    Your “sneak peeks” sure help with the waiting for the next show… Thanks.
    Oh, you do make it difficult to choose….so fun! I suppose the card bases. They are so lovely. And I appreciate the two different sizes. But, alas, I think those tools will just be perfect in my craft room. And the bows will be fab too. Thanks, Anna and crew! See you Sept. 8.

  368. Myra Goddard says:

    Anna, you just keep making it harder & harder to choose, but today my first choice would be the wonderful tool kit, and next the ribbons, and the card stock is so pretty, must have it also.Can’t wait till the 8th., and hope I can afford everything I want. Hugs to you and Georgie. XXX

  369. Dee F says:

    Love all the new items that you are showing us. So happy to have you bring us 100 beautiful card bases. It makes card making so much faster and easier with a card base made up already. Thanks Anna for always giving us just what we ask you to design for us.

  370. Carole Beth says:

    I love love all three. I don’t think I can choose this week. Thanks for such wonderful items.

  371. Lillie K says:

    It’s just the right time for the Essential Tool Kit. My grandchildren have comandered mine. They love to use all my scrapbook tools and your beautiful paper (I can’t say no).

  372. Vickie Rennick says:

    Pick Me Pick Me Love all your products but mainly do scrapbooking and just getting into making cards with your crocut cartridges. So with that said.
    WOW!!! The essential tools look awesome! I would have to go with that one. See you on September

  373. Beverly F says:

    I really love the Essential tool kit. Love the ivory and gold color. Especially like the double-sided mat.

  374. Denine says:

    Well, son of a gun Anna…I am going to have to send out a “Bad Girl Alert” out to all my girls to alert them of what will be another Bad Girl spending spree at HSN!!! LOVE the new mat…a;; the rest is just BONUS!!!! <3

  375. Karen H says:

    Okay, I just finished with my “Ooh’s and Aah’s”… I’m new to this world of “paper crafting” and ‘scrap booking” and even I know It’s next to impossible to pick out a favorite!…What I’ve seen thus far your line is filled with pretties, elegant and sophisticated. I guess the tools because you need that in your arsenal to produce the cards that come from your beautiful accessories that you design for us. Anna, I bet everything you touch turns to Gold! I have a sticky note (and no, it’s not an AG sticky) on my DVR for the 8th. I bet we are all “a little kid in a candy store” when it comes to AG and her pretties! Thank you!

  376. Claire Powers says:

    WOW!!! The essential tools look awesome! Looking forward to all the new products in September!

  377. Kathy Milburn says:

    The essential tool kit…for #1. I have been making cards for so long, a new cutting mat, paper trimmer, ect. would be so welcome. The different color and size bows are going to be such fun. Anymore, what is a card without a bow? I do so appreciate your sharing of your amazing talent!

  378. chayden says:

    As always so hard to choose but since I have to it will be the Pretty Patterns and are they PRETTY or WHAT!!!!
    I just LOVE TUESDAYS………

  379. Grace says:

    Since my birthday is August 20th, I think I would choose all three. My favorite though is the essential tool set. I love that it all matches. Can’t wait til Sept. 8th which is also my sister’s birthday. I guess I will have to let her pick her own gift that day!

  380. Annette J says:

    WOW…15 new products I can’t wait. Lucky me I will be recovering from knee surgery on the 8th and will just have to sit still and watch every single program featuring Anna’s beautiful products. LOL

  381. sharon L says:

    card bases convenient
    tool set..A must have. That mat rings all the whistles. I love all the angled lines. This is not only a want but a need.
    I am impressed that you respond to these comments. That is out of the ordinary. Thanks

  382. Kathy Burnette says:

    As usual, I love them all and would love to have them all but think I would get the perfect bows first.

  383. Aurora Riffee says:

    Love it all! I need those bows and I could use the pretty cards. Christmas is coming up quicker than I thought. I better get started. Love you and your cards.

  384. Juliann Turner says:

    This is truly difficult BUT I do like best, the Pretty Patterns Card Bases. 100 Cards & 100 Envelopes – Wow!! It will really fit in with all my “Anna Leftovers”, and will be used up I am certain! I make up “sets” of 6 cards, usually birthday and get well cards, to give as gifts to friends, especially my granddaughter who lives too far away now that she’s grown. It’s a win-win, cuz’ I get to play with my pretty goodies, and they get gorgeous cards to send to their friends! My little Ting-Ting sends “kiss-kiss” to Georgie.

  385. Lisa Powell says:

    I Love Love Love the tool kit!! Just when I think you can’t top yourself. YOU DO! I also love the card bases. I’ll definitely have to stock up on those.

  386. Carol Babst says:

    Another card kit, Christmas bows, new tools – love it all as always. I probably want the card kit most of all, I think. Tough choice.

  387. Catherine Hanson says:

    As always, it’s almost impossible to pick one thing from all of the wonderful and beautiful products you bring us, Anna! But, I have to choose the bows because, with age, I find it more and more difficult to tie bows — especially as perfect as yours! I love all the colors and sizes. Can’t wait until Sept. 8th.

  388. Mary Iten says:

    I’m in love with the Pretty Patterns 100 cards. The card surfaces look so pretty in your presentation and I know they’ll be even more pretty in person. The bows, as you said, will come in so handy this holiday season and that would be one less thing to worry about. I would love to win these things, but even if I don’t, it’s fun to dream about being a winner. Hugs

  389. karenladd says:

    I love everything but especially love the Pretty paper card kit. I am a card maker, first and foremost and I can’t resist gorgeous papers!! I also love your embossing folder and those beautiful bows!

  390. Catherine Hanson says:

    Great idea — a crafting event in California. Maybe in the SF Bay Area? It’s beautiful here and you’d have an excuse to visit the City by the Bay, Anna!

  391. Penny Bolton says:

    I love all of these items. I especially love the card set. So pretty. And the tools are just great. Thanks Anna.

  392. Karen says:

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  393. Leah says:

    Oh my gosh! I was just setting up my new craft room…..all my kids are moved out and mommy can FINALLY have a room for all her craft stuff….and I said, I need a large cutting mat for on top of my craft table….and here it is! YAY!!

    I love the bows too…can’t have enough bows!

  394. Sue Gardella says:

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  397. Sharla Wilson says:

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  398. J Perry says:

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  402. Elizabeth Murphy says:

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