HSN October 7th Preview 3

Hi everyone!

It’s so fun getting to bring you previews and giveaways twice a week. Are you enjoying it too? Our winner today will receive the new Foil Boiserie stickers, Vibrant Vellum die cuts, Christmas Mix and Match embossing folders and the Holiday Bells cutting dies. You are going to be one busy lady, Marsha Bouters! Congratulations and enjoy!

Today is all about new things for your Minc machine- let’s get started…

First up, take holiday luster to a whole new level with the Christmas Minc bundle! This set includes card layers, die cuts, tags and Christmas greetings that are all beautiful in the “Minc”ing, as well as black toner sheets and glitter and foil sheets in red, green, gold and silver. If you signed up for our Minc autoship back in May then you are already enjoying these! They are meant to coordinate perfectly with the White Christmas Cards, Layers and Envelopes Kit available on hsn.com.



The next delivery for those same autoship recipients is the Vintage French assortment, and of course we had to create a matching card set for that as well! If you were a fan of our Jolie collection you will love these designs and their gorgeous old world color palette. There are 24 cards, 24 layers and 24 envelopes inside. These are going to be so fun to add foil embellishments to! Also don’t forget our gorgeous Everyday White Cards, Layers and Envelopes are available too- we’ve got you covered for all things white cardstock!

vintage french cards

Now, to make all of these beautiful projects you are going to need more foil, glitter, toner sheets and more, right? We are happy to report that all of these Minc accessories will be available on HSN October 7th! There is a set of 60 foil sheets, a set of 18 glitter sheets, and a toner bundle that includes black toner sheets, 2 toner pens, toner paint and a paint brush.

minc toner

Ready to peek inside the Christmas Pop Up Card Kit again? Today’s video gives you even more inside scoop about the endless handcrafted holiday possibilities that this kit provides. You’ll be making 50 cards for your friends and family that they will never forget receiving. Here are a few projects we put together for this year’s idea sheet…

christmaspopup5outsidechristmaspopup5inside christmaspopup7outsidechristmaspopup7inside

Don’t forget you have a chance to win new items on the blog every Tuesday and Friday during our October 7th previews! Just tell us your favorite item so far by commenting on this post, and on Tuesday someone will take home all of the new Minc items we previewed today!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Make sure you are commenting on this year’s October 7th blog posts and YouTube videos. Last year’s Christmas shows were on October 7th too so it’s a bit confusing!


  1. Mary says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have a question. I have been using my Minc Machine and love it. Is it suppose to make that noise when it is on. Someone else said theirs did also…it still seems to work ok??? Please let us know. Sort of a clicking sound….Thanks….Can’t wait to get the toner sheets although I am on auto-ship.

  2. Yvonne Elgnawey says:

    I really love the quality of all your products. I would like to receive the Vintage French assortment of cards. They are so lovely and inspiring. Also, all the Minc products are nice, but I would like the paint, brushes and sleeves.

  3. Jenny Johnson says:

    I love everything you design. I have bought so many wonderful papers, projects etc. Following you since your QVC days, when you use to have shows in America. Your Christmas pop up cards are over the moon. The gold Explore is such a beauty and so you! Not to mention the carts and content you have designed is so fantastic! Thank you so much for all you do!!!

    Jenny Johnson 🙂

  4. Pamela Brink says:

    I am loving my Minc stuff and really want the toner kit and the Christmas popup cards. Love the card layers that go with the minc sets also.

  5. Joy Hannabass says:

    Wow I love all of the new Minc stuff. Can’t wait for the toner bundle! I just love all of the shinny images and especially the Christmas stuff! And even though my chance of winning is slim to none, I would still love to win!
    Blessings. Joy

  6. Sherri says:

    I sure hope this bundle will be available in Canada and if not the machine at least your Cartridges.

    I can hardly wait to see what else you have in store

  7. Sherri says:

    I love the new Christmas Minc Products. I would love to use them for my Christmas Cards.

    I was just wondering if they would be available to purchase in Canada?

  8. June Hickman says:

    *** Anna it’s perfect for you!! You are so classy and such a lady that no other color would do for you! Now I would LOVE to win this, but is not absolutely necessary for me to win as I already have the Cricut Explore, but it would be LOVELY to win this one and I thank you and Cricut for giving us a chance to win this beauty!

  9. Jeanne Tipton says:

    Thank you for more Minc products. I’m so excited to get all these new products and to order what I already got in the auto-ship and used up.
    Minc embellishments have enhanced Halloween cards! I used your Halloween dies to make step up cards and they’re delightful. Shiny spiders aren’t scarey.
    I’m getting my order together so I don’t miss out on anything. I’m sure to order multiples of the card kit and many other items.
    Thank you for listening to us and for heeding our requests.
    Love to Georgie.

  10. Elicia Bianco says:

    It is always so much fun to see all the new christmas items. I love the new gold Explorer and would love to use the new gold paper in it. Thanks for all the fun.

  11. Kathy says:

    I am going to have a hard time deciding on which new products I am going to buy in October. The Christmas card pop-up set will have to be one of them. Love everything.

  12. Toni Chapman says:

    Would love to win the Gold Edition it is gorgeous and the gold tools is the cherry on top. Can’t wait for the Party!!!

  13. Angela Steinhoff says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the new Gold Explore coming out from cricut. I am super excited that it has 3 pre-loaded cartridges on it.

  14. Linda says:

    I never got in on the Minc Mania, but it’s appealing to me now that i’ve seen so many projects and ideas, so way to go all of you Anna Fans!

  15. Beth says:

    Mincing adds soooo much to my cards!!! People love the Anna cards I make and the Minc allows me to add that something extra!! Thanks for all the wonderful products!!

  16. Sherri says:

    Congtrats to Marsha on winning this last time! All this Minc stuff is really NEAT! As you use your products you need more. I have made some cards using the white card set & can’t wait to use the Xmas white cards & the Xmas Minc assortment. I’ve also added a “Touch of Mink” on some other cards. Thrilled that the next set of white cards that goes with the Vintage French assortment will be in the Jolie patterns….love it! The Jolie & Madison collections are some of my favorites because the reds & blues are my favorite colors. But I love all Anna G’s things….anything “Anna” would be great to win! I’ll wait & comment on some items I hope will be back in stock next time….really wanted those Xmas bows. Thanks Anna on another chance to win & all your lovely creations.

  17. Marsha Carlsen says:

    Love all things Anna Griffin but especially your papers. Anxious to get my hands on the vellum. Your card kits cannot be beaten!

  18. Linda Jones says:

    Love my Minc for making embellishments and labels. I can’t wait for the kit from Ranger so I can have more toner sheets. I can’t wait to get the pop up cards, too. They are beautiful!!!!

  19. Deb Richardson says:

    Hi Anna,
    Greetings from NC! Love it all! I have been receiving my autoships and have been playing with my Minc. What loads of fun. Can’t wait to get the toner kit and all the lovely card bases. Whew, the 7th can’t come soon enough! Deb

  20. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: I love my minc machine. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes my cards beautiful. I am mincing place cards for my Christmas tables as well as mincing Christmas tags for my gifts. I can’t wait to receive the new toner set. Can the toner be used on my rubber stamps, then foiled on the minc? I love all your products and would love to win more!!!!!!

  21. Mary Cash says:

    I do not have a mind yet…my daughter does ….was waiting for her to use hers and see how she liked it before I take the plunge…but I think I have to have one…why I waited I really do t know……I make lots of cards so that’s what I’ll be using it for

  22. Judith Strausbaugh says:

    Love all the new stuff – I love to Minc everything. Everyone comments how much it adds to the cards. Would love to win.

  23. Viv N says:

    I love the Minc! Coolest machine ever Anna! I love creating beautiful little accents to give my cards dimension and make them pop!

  24. Charlene M. says:

    I just got my minc and can’t wait to get some supplies to use with it. That toner kit sure looks great!

  25. Gail Behrle says:

    Love all the Minc products. I can Minc to my hearts content! I’m really excited about the toner bundle and the larger packages of foil and glitter. I have been Mincing everything in sight for cards. Thank you Anna!!!

  26. Debbie McMillen says:

    I really enJoy watching Anna inn HSN she is so inspirational She reaally gets my creative side going. Keep the ideas coming up

  27. Connie says:

    I have not heard of this before but you have my attention. I would love this and what beautiful cards. That pop up Christmas card I have to have it. I would love to win this and start Mincing like everyone else. Thank you for the information!!!

  28. Sandy Kouba says:

    Oh my, I want it all please. I will be recovering from a knee replacement so any of the card kits would be wonderful. Anna always makes me feel better. Thank you Anna for keeping my spirits up.

  29. Karen F. says:

    This is the first time I absolutely cannot pick a favorite unless your including the Christmas Pop Up Card Kit TSV. This will be my first pop-up card kit and I cannot wait. I am going to order early so I do not miss this one like I did the others.
    I am lucky enough to have received the Minc Christmas Auto-Ship but it is so wonderful I would love to get another. I love everything “minc”ing since I am really into adding glitter and metallic shine to my homemade cards. I hope to purchase the White Christmas Cards, Layers and Envelopes Kit soon. I am really looking forward to the Vintage French assortment from auto-ship and would love the matching card set for this. It will also be great to get more foil, glitter and toner sheets along with toner pens, toner paint and a paint brush.

  30. Pamela B says:

    While love all of Anna’s crafting things, especially looking forward to the Christmas Pop-up card kit. Can’t wait!

  31. Karen Asselin says:

    I really love the minc and can’t wait to get those white Christmas cards to minc-up with that Christmas set….you’re killing me with hints of a new circuit product. What is is? Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  32. Karen Hatfield says:

    The Minc is magic. Put the paper in ,wave my magic wand and pretty ,pretty comes out! Like the extra minc supplies best.

  33. Heidi carlin says:

    Toner package is going to be AMAZING.
    Christmas pop up card kit would be simply marvelous to have as well.
    I have the embossing folders here sitting and staring at me. Just getting me to sit and play is a whole different world. One day I will heal.
    Pop up cards would be awesome to send out and make life easier for me this year. Either way I will be purchasing them. Thank you for the opportunity to win a package deal and the previews are always wonderful.

  34. Joyce A–W says:

    Anna, these new items are. gorgeous ! I am working on my Christmas projects for gift giving now. Next month will be working on your Christmas cards for sending. Since I do calligraphy most folks do keep them. So excited! Thank you !

    Joyce A-W

  35. Linda says:

    hobo just wanted you to no there is purple foil from Heidi Swap my daughter got it for me on line also saw it at craft show. Orange is coming out soon. when I first got my Minc I got Red and Green foil roll’s and did Christmas from last year. Linda

  36. Kathleen says:

    Christmas pop-up cards are a must have! Love the idea of sending a pop-up card to family and friends for the holidays. Talk about impressive!

    Thanks Anna & Team for all of your beautiful products.

  37. Michelle Munnings-Smart says:

    Oh Anna!!! I love them all!!! You are cranking out products faster than I
    can save for them….. What is a girl to do??? Thank you!!!!

  38. Kim says:

    LOVE the idea of the Toner bundle! But OH, the Christmas pop-up card kit is OUTSTANDING!! I LOVE my Minc machine!! I was looking forward to more Halloween colored foils and glitter sheets from you to use with it. I did find them from another company, but I felt like a trader doing so!! Also, would you consider making a kit with center or side step cards?
    I am really looking forward to the vellum die cuts also! Thanks Anna for another outstanding sneak peek!! I’m drooling in Northern Wisconsin!!

  39. Kim says:

    Love all the Mink!!! Made a cute card for my Grand daughters BIrhtday with your Playful Pieces kit!! She is 3 and she loved it!!

  40. Penny Comeau says:

    WowZA! This all looks so great. I love the idea of foiling on my cards, especially the Christmas ones! I hope you have a wonderfully successful day on HSN, Anna!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville Maryland


  41. Karen Andrews says:

    Anna – I am new to “mincing” so this kit would be fabulous as a starter kit to get me started. Love all the new things coming and can’t wait for October.

  42. Barbara Largent says:

    Looking forward to the Christmas card kit. I have all the others and I can’t believe how they can get more beautiful every year.

  43. Tom Gingras says:

    I’m having to go with the toner bundle . My “fantasy” for the liquid toner is to use it in conjunction with your coloring books, and apply toner to areas, and sequentially foil different areas until an area is foiled completely. Time will tell if I can make it work!

  44. Jan G says:

    Great release sneak peek! I just got my minc. Haven’t had much chance to use it, but so looking forward to making Christmas cards with it.

  45. Evie F says:

    Love it all. Love the pop-up cards and need some of the minc foil papers.and love the toner kit. Hope I win cause I can’t afford to buy everything. Probably jut 1 item and it would be a hard decision.

  46. Penny Kitzmiller says:

    Oh! I am simply in L O V E with the new toner kit!!!! I also cannot wait for the up and coming TSV. CHRISTMAS CARDS and POP UP to boot. There isn’t any way to go wrong with that. Thank you Anna, for all you do!

  47. Suzanne says:

    I’m looking forward to the pop up Christmas Card set. I’ve never foiled before so I don’t know about the minc-ing. But, it looks beautiful

  48. June Schaub says:

    I would love to win the Gold Box Christmas Kit!
    Thanks for all the fun you have given me with all your items!
    Will be watching on Oct. 7th!

  49. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The Vintage French card set is my favorite! I am always looking for new card bases and envelopes. I like that these are so versatile, including being useful for patriotic themed cards.

  50. Jean Heming says:

    Ive been mincing your cards from the lovely layers cartridge!!! They are soooo beautiful….looking forward to the 7th…and my auto ship….French…

  51. Sylvia H says:

    I hope it’s not too late to comment. For some reason I didn’t get my Friday e-mail about your newest blog. I love the minc and made a some great graduation cards using it. Can’t wait to get the Christmas colors! So many beautiful things to look forward to in October!

  52. Marie Fix says:

    I am loving my Minc! My favorite thing to do is to use system fonts and cut out welded words in design space and then foil them. It is just such a special way to add glitz to a card or scrapbook page.

  53. Brenda L - centralnyscrapper says:

    Everything looks wonderful, but I am really excited to purchase the Christmas Pop Up Card Kit. The Vintage French assortment looks fantastic too.

  54. Diane Miller says:

    Really want more of the Minc supplies. Oh what fun. and of course the beautiful pop up Christmas cards. Wonderful paper crafting. Thank you Anna.

  55. Gisela says:

    Such a grand assortment Anna, I love my Jolie kit and wish I could run that fantastic Vintage French assortment in my Minc this very moment !
    Thank you for another chance to win.

    Congratulations on your win Marsha !

  56. Patti Garcia says:

    Dear Anna, I can not believe the fabulous things you have in store for us!! I thought that I didn’t need the card kit since I have the Minc bundle and the Angel Toppers( plus a few from last year) But now I want the new Pop up kit. The Minc bundle has already started to be completed…. I just can not keep up with you and your fabulous team! I see the card balance going up and up!!! But really everyone is so happy when they receive an Anna card…

  57. Gerry says:

    After see all the beautiful stuff for the Minc, I wish I had gotten one. Love the Christmas Pop-up cards. Can’t wait too see them all.

  58. Martha schira says:

    I love the cards!! The ladies at the foster care where I teach craft, can’t wait to start making making Christmas cards.

  59. Aurora Riffee says:

    Hi Anna, Love all your sneak peaks. Can’t wait for the new pop ups. I have had so many compliments of the “first set”. They made me look like a professional. I took all the credit of course. See you soon.

  60. Nancy Meade says:

    I absolutely love all of your products and I have most of them. My Mother-In-Law is in an assisted living facility and I often make a card for her – to cheer her up. She really loves the cards as does her nursing assistant, guests and the family who visit. My goal is to make lots of cards and projects for the holidays. I am looking forward the new products in October!

  61. Hobo says:

    Anna, I have a question about a couple of your products. I bought your gold foiled 5×7 holiday card toppers as well as auto shipped mix and match folders. My favorite design is the mistletoe wreath. In the printed version it is perfectly centered but in the folder version the bottom of the bow is almost off the page and there is a noticeable difference in the top margin. so that it ends up looking lop sided. Can this be corrected? The other folders seem fine.

  62. Vicki Gast says:

    I missed out on May Special Value, so I am ordering it today. I hate when I miss a great bargain like you offered. Now I have to play catch up, but at a much bigger expense. I wo t let this happen again!

  63. Cate says:

    So glad I didn’t miss my chance to comment: The toner bundle is really going to be fun to play with and the 3-d Christmas cards look AMAZING!

    Beautiful job!

  64. Sue M says:

    Wow~ such beautiful new things & ideas. I don’t have a Minc yet but will definitely be looking into that. The Christmas pop-up card kit is very exciting & I’m looking forward to seeing the post about it.

  65. Gertrud says:

    Can’t wait to see the Vintage French Minc die cuts!! Love the Vintage French Cards! Great for all occasions! See you October 7th. Always waiting for new product introductions.
    Thanks for making life brighter.

  66. Cheryl S says:

    I love my Anna Griffin Minc and look forward to getting the toner kit and Vintage cards and layers kit. Anna, thanks for the previews and opportunity to win these great products!!

  67. Jeorgette Perry says:

    I have already done several backgrounds /card layers and a wedding cart with the original set as well as some tags for wedding gifts. They all look beautiful.

    I love the new popup Christmas cards and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Holiday foil layers are going to work with the (as you said on hsn).

  68. Kimberley says:

    I’ve been waiting for your Christmas Card Kit all year, so that’s my choice. I think I’m the only person out here in “Annaland” that doesn’t have a Minc. I guess I must have it too! And, all the goodies to go with it. Thanks.

  69. Karen Davidson says:

    I am so excited by all the new Minc items! Toner kit, foil sheets & glitter sheets oh my! Already received the Christmas Minc bundle on auto ship but would love another. Then with the Christmas Card Kit this will be the most amazing cards I have ever sent my family and friends!! Thank you Anna! I now look forward to sending card I can personalize to all my family and friends instead of the generic one I used to send!!!!!

  70. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I have had a lot of fun mincing. I even got a printer that uses toner so I can print my own things to minc. I love the Christmas and French Vintage white card sets.

  71. Carolee says:

    It is a toss up between the Minc toner package and, of course, the Today’s Special. Twin sister and our daughters and granddaughters all make our Christmas cards at a party after we receive the TS each year! thanks for so many memories together.

  72. Dee F says:

    I think the Pop Up Card Kit is a big winner. Love all the other products also. So glad to be able to get more items for my Minc. Happy Days. Looking forward to Oct. 7,

  73. Katherine wells says:

    We recently had a fire in our home and will be in temporary housing for 6 weeks. The only thing that would make it bearable for me was to have my Anna Griffin products. The restoration company had me to tag what I wanted cleaned first and delivered my AG products to me. I just might survive after all! Looking forward to October 7!

  74. Liz Lumsden says:

    Oh my! Some seriously wonderful product previews today! I am especially looking forward to the glitter sheets and the toner bundle. Mincing embellies to add a touch of elegance to cards and scrapbook pages is loads of fun! That Christmas Minc bundle looks awesome!

  75. myrna hartley says:

    Love the French Collection of cards and the Christmas pop-ups are gorgeous. I can see I will have to get a minc.

    I am making cards now for FFF group and love all the glitter paper colors they are magically.


  76. Charlene says:

    Oh my goodness just love the toner package.I had my son give me a toner printer just so i could start doing the foil technique. Love your ideas!!!!!!

  77. Michael Edwards says:

    I just got my cricut and love your design cartridges. It looks like I will need to buy a minc as well. I love the possibilities with your products.

  78. Sharon W says:

    As always, I don’t know what to comment on first!! Love the toner kit because I have a million projects swirling in my mind!!!! The Vintage French Cards is an incredible addition to the line. Looking forward to getting all of these!!! 🙂
    Thanks Anna!

  79. Azella Tingler says:

    MY Anna you sure do have wonderful items. I liked the toner kit also the xmas card Pop up card kit. Love the Pop ups.

  80. Annie Laura Pence says:

    That Minc will make everything GLITTER! Looks like fun.
    I am so excited to get the XMAS Card Box full of goodies! The sample you showed was gorgeous. Just like all of your things are.
    I finally got my new carpet in bedrooms and now my new Anna Griffin bedding is looking super fine! I’ll have to take photos and post on FB for to show them off. I did sleep extra fine on those lavender super looking sheets last night! My yorkie loves them too.!

    Have a great weekend ya’ll

  81. Ruth Ann Martin says:

    I love the pop up cards and yours look spectacular. I don’t have the minc and the more I see about it the more I’am thinking about it. The gold foil has become so popular for card making. Can’t wait until Oct 8 – it seems like it was just yesterday when you were on in Sept. I have my order and am already using it. Fun Fun Fun.

  82. Marcia Faulkner says:

    Everything is so very exciting! Love to have the Christmas pop-up cards first, but I’m sure I won’t stop there!!

  83. Traci McPeek says:

    I’ve been mincing everything I can get my hands on! I love it!! Can’t wait for the new products to debut.

  84. Lisa Hess says:

    Looking so forward to the Toner Kit my hands shake a lot, but painting an entire sheet of paper with toner, I think I can handle that and just minc, minc, minc!. I tried to get into the Minc AutoShip when it was first offered and had the very last available in my basket, but was a second too slow in checking out so, someone was lucky was able to get it out of my basket and purchase it from his/her, but Hooray for me because I was able to already purchase the Christmas Minc Kit from HSN last week and can’t wait to start working on Christmas!!! So want that pop up set too! Never got the first one, but I love making Christmas Cards!

  85. Carolyn Todd says:

    I really like the colors in the vintage French cards! They look beautiful. Also,thank you for making the toner products.

  86. Melanie B says:

    I missed the original Minc presentation on HSN and thought I could pass it up, but seeing all these beautiful things you can do with it……my willpower is weakening quickly. Looking forward to Oct 5th and 7th.

  87. Barbara Leonard says:

    My comment didn’t want to show up the first time. Trying again – Already received the holiday Minc shipment. And, I think the vintage French cards are absolutely beautiful!!

  88. Barbara Leonard says:

    Yay! I got the Christmas Minc shipment already. I think the Vintage French cards are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  89. D T Cooper says:

    I am so excited to see the toner paint and pen set. That will be my first purchase and then, as always, I want it all. Keep those wonderful products coming.

  90. Pamela says:

    Well another fabulous reveal! I can’t wait to get the French layers for the minc and the new cards will be a must have! I must tell you that I went to Michaels and spent a very short amount of time looking at things that I didn’t want or liked – Anna you have so spoiled me. There is nothing that compares to your quality and beautiful things you offer. I’m a true Annanista!

  91. Diane says:

    I am sooo enjoying my Minc! I bought extra foils earlier this month, and love the fact that I can print from my laser printer and Minc away on many graphics I own, That is what also makes this new toner pen option so exciting! I can print in color but highlight special details with the toner pen. I can do some calligraphy in my own hand and apply the foil! How personal can that be to envelope addresses! A dear friend – almost a daughter to me – is being married on December 31st, and we designed the table number info as a stroke of midnight clock. The clock face and table number info will be gold foiled, then backed with a glitzy black mat and placed in a 5×7 acrylic frame. The sample looks so rich! Thanks to the Minc and a lot of foil we are putting on a class act! I am also waiting for that Christmas card kit for me and my FL godchild. I am enjoying these twice weekly previews and ideas. Diane

  92. Linda schaaf says:

    I love playing with my Minc Machine, would be so much fun to play and create things with the Toner Kit. Keep it coming everything is so beautiful!

  93. Nancy Hilliker says:

    Awesome as always. I love that we can now get the Minc accessories and absolutely love the Christmas pop-up cards kit.

  94. Marcia Long says:

    Love my minc! Recently received my auto ship so would love the white card stock to go with it. I got in trouble when I maxed out our HSN card in August, so haven’t been allowed to purchase anything til it’s paid down significantly. 🙁 So would love to win anything! Still watch the shows even though I can’t buy anything for a long while. Would so love to have the Christmas pop up kit. I have the one from August and made several cards from it. The recipients love them. You create such beautiful items. So glad I found your products.

  95. Carol says:

    If I’d like to win!?! Of course, I’d like to win! Looks like the Christmas pop-up card kit will be a winner, too!

  96. Diane Logan says:

    Hello Anna,
    Ive been using the minc on thank-you cards, and birthday cards..I do auto-ship on all your products.I was waiting for my first minc auto ship,when it was late I thought maybe mine is on back order. I called HSN to find out I didn’t do the auto ship, I was mortified. Thank goodness I can order on Oct. 7th. Yay my favorite mincness.

  97. Ruth Robbins says:

    I love all things Anna Griffin. If you make it I want it. I don’t have the Minc yet, but maybe on October 7 —

  98. Toni says:

    This is so much fun – new things twice a week. Love the idea of white cards to go with each minc autoship — so so glad we do autoship whenever there is an opportunity. So the last set of white cards will be on our list. The Christmas card kit gets more and more interesting and can hardly wait to find out what the next “surprise” is going to be.

    Have you picked your November HSN date yet? I always try to take the day off from work and need a little heads-up time.

    Have a great day!

  99. Catherine B says:

    I’m jealous of those that got the Minc as a TSV…. one day
    For now, I’ll just await the October show to get the card kit. Anna – you and your products are impressive. See you soon.

  100. Judy R says:

    it seems my posts aren’t showing up but I will give it one last try. I love it all! I have the Minc already and love it. Everyone should have one.

  101. Magdalyn says:

    Aftet the 3rd sneak peek the new Christmas card kit is definitely the 1st thing I’m buying. I purchased the kit last year but was somewhat intimidating and didn’t make any cards. Honestly life just got in the way, well fast forward to about a month ago I pulled it out one Sunday afternoon and just started making cards. *** why did I wait so long it turned out to be soooo easy that I made 28 cards that afternoon. So now I can’t wait to order the new kit on October 7th.

  102. Juliann Turner says:

    I Loved the Jolie patterns, so of course I like the new “French” card bases/layers & envs! But I also just received the Minc Christmas autoship and must confess I might just need to buy another set!

    Kiss-Kiss to Georgie from little Ting-Ting!!!

  103. Rosie Waldt says:

    I’m excited about all your new *eye candy* and I think the Christmas pop up and the toner kit as I love the minc. They are my favorites.

  104. Maryann H says:

    Wow Anna. I love my Minc and want all the Minc related items. I also love that Pop Up Christmas card kit. Can’t wait until the 7th. See you then.

  105. Liz Rhames says:

    Love the MINC. I just minc everything until I run out of foil and glitter. Anna, could you get us a bundle of Christmas colors foil for the minc?

  106. Jean Condon says:

    Looks like the minc products will be a great addition for me. Of course I cannot slight the pop-up cards. So cool.

  107. Kate Temp says:

    Oh so beautiful, I’d love, love, love the Christmas card kit and toner! Every card kit I have ordered has been fabulous and my family keeps them since they were made by hand!

  108. Patricia Murphy says:

    Can’t wait for the Christmas pop-up card kit! Love making the pop-ups with your other kits and I know the Christmas kit will be fabulous!

  109. Dorothy says:

    Wow wow wow this products are amazing. I’d live to be the winner. Thank you for creating the toner kit. I love doing foils over greetings this toner kit will open so many creative juices. Blessings

  110. Lisa S says:

    I am struggling to be creative with my Mink. I would love to have the cards especially. I think the Christmas die cuts will be a lot easier to make cards with. Thanks!! Lisa

  111. joanie says:

    Oh, my gosh!!! I can’t stand it, I’m so excited!!! I was hoping for some toner sheets, and voila! You did it, of course!!!
    I love my Minc and make lots of cards with it….so thank you for all these great products, and a chance to win them!
    Maybe this time?

  112. Penny K. says:

    I love my Minc! This little powerhouse has been so much fun to play with and be creative! I am looking forward to the next shipment of die cuts….I am very excited about the Christmas Pop-Up Cards and the auto-ship connected to it – just wish I had it NOW!!

  113. Sue S. says:

    I’m loving all of the Minc accessories shown in this preview. Can’t wait to get my hands on the vintage kit and toner bundle.

  114. Pam Watkins says:

    Absolutely love the new Christmas Pop-Up Card Kit! Can’t wait to see the new products on Oct. 7th! Thank you again, Anna!

  115. Karen says:

    I love the idea of the toner paint. I had been thinking about scanning some drawings lately so I could use them in foil, but this is so much more direct. Thanks for all your new ideas.

  116. Ines says:

    I have done a Xmas cards with the mini machine. I am waiting now for the Black toner to add my own touch. The x-mas white card will be a plus.

  117. Sue H. says:

    I hate to admit this but I have not had the time to play with my Minc machine, But I cant wait to play with it. I thought you put together a lovely auto ship for it.

  118. Jonie Isenberg says:

    Of course I want everything, but just picking one…..let’s see. I think MINC. The toner, pens, brushes, etc. MINC makes me happy.

  119. Sue M says:

    I love it all. The toner kit sounds very interesting. May have to try that. Thank you for all the wonderful products. Anna, you never disappoint!!!!!

  120. Ann says:

    The vintage French card layers are very pretty. I can’t wait to make cards with them. I take them with me to the senior center in my town and share them with the ladies there. I have been crafting for over 50 years and the items I have purchased from HSN’s Anna Griffin collection have been my favorite, hands down. My daughter gave me a gift card to HSN for Christmas last year and for mother’s day this year because she knows how much I love getting new pretty things to make cards with from Anna Griffin.

  121. L says:

    My favorite has to be the pop up card kit! I have all of your previous card kits. I hardly find myself using any other designers craft supplies anymore since discovering Anna Griffin. I get the best compliments when I use Anna’s products and her items are always great quality. Looking forward to seeing all the other previews for the Oct show 🙂

  122. Becky says:

    The minc items are great and I would also like to try the all occasion cards because they have a patriotic feel and are conveniently already cut to card and card layer size.

  123. Lynne says:

    I am in LOVE with all of the products from this preview!! I can’t pick just one favorite!
    Can’t wait for the October show.

  124. Millie says:

    I love it all! I can not wait to order that Christmas Pop-up kit! I know my cards are going to be beautious this year! I also love that toner kit! I am going to pickup a lacer printer today so that I can have even more fun with my Minc machine! I so excited for all these goodies! I already told family and friends if you are getting me a gift card for Christmas make a HSN card so I can get more goodies!

  125. Kim Stephenson says:

    I love my Minc! I’m looking forward to the toner bundle. My favorite is the new Vintage French card layers.

  126. Tammy Fredrickson says:

    Anna, you asked what we had been making with our Minc…what haven’t I been Mincing? :). I have die cut you designs from the toner paper, made a pop up card with the new Christmas Minc kit, having sooo much fun with my Minc, I LOVE the new toner kit. Thank you Anna!

  127. Alice Goehrig says:

    Love everything as usual. Must have the Toner Kit. Have so many ideas for items to Minc, just need the paper, etc. Have a great day.

  128. karen says:

    Ok I do not have a Mink but if I won this bundle I would have to buy one LOL LOL LOL so please give me my excuse to get one

  129. Bonnie says:

    I have been buying foil so I can MINC! was having a hard time finding toner sheets! The Toner bundle will be finding it’s way to my house! Love it! Can’t wait to MINC for my Christmas cards!

  130. Barbara Chapman says:

    I am so glad to see the black toner papers. A lot of us do not have a laser printer to make these. Can’t wait for the 7th.

  131. Starr Gazer says:

    Oh, Anna! What am I going to do? I bought your White Christmas Layers earlier this month to go with my minc auto ship. I thought I could use this for my Christmas cards this year because everybody loves the minc embellished cards I have been sending. So my first choice was the toner bundle … makes sense, right? Then you opened the Christmas pop-up card!! I heard a choir of angels!! I have to have that card kit!!

  132. Cheryl Locke says:

    I love the minc machine and the Christmas pop up cards. I can’t wait to order and start playing. I have a week vacation coming up this fall and plan to “play” the entire week. It will be heaven!

  133. Patti Rodgers says:

    Have been mincing Already have the white card backgrounds and the Christmas cards for the minc and they look great so I will be purchasing the white French cards to go along with next autoship. So excited for pop up cards. Going to use some minc ephemera on those as well!

  134. Georgine Palkovic says:

    Hey there!! Had an AWFUL experience with HSN!! I ordered 26 items and UPS said I refused the items ( I never saw the package), they finally told me it was damaged!! UPS returned it to HSN who damaged out all my items, and I can not reorder them all because they are SOLD OUT!! none or this MY FAULT.. They said “That’s too bad!! HSN put all 26 items in 1 box… Now i’m scared to ORDER!!!!
    I want to shop and am very excited about OCT.7th , but am SOOO VERY DISAPPOINTED and angry…It’s NOT FAIR!!!!
    I love all the upcoming items, especially the toner ink kit..Hope I will actually GET my order..
    Totally Frustrated…SO WATCH OUT FOR YOU ORDERS!!!! IT is UPS policy to return damaged packages to the shipper..HSN without delivering them to us..

  135. Carol Carratt says:

    I tried to order the Minc when it premiered on HSN, but there was a hang up between shopathome.com and HSN and my order wouldn’t go through. I hope there will be another good price in the future. All of your card kits look beautiful! The pop up cards would be nice to give for Christmas.

  136. Merrie Osborn says:

    I can’t wait for the beautiful pop up cards for Christmas! All of my Minc Christmas items will look so good with the cards. I look forward to the Vintage French Card Collection because I had the Fleur Rouge one and also the Jolie kit.(I had to have the Jolie kit because my dog’s name is Jolie!) I just want everything and I bought everything from your visit the first of this month!!Now I just need lots of time to make all my cards!!

  137. Linda Howard says:

    I am trying to figure out where to send my husband on October 7th so that I can watch my Anna Griffin programs in peace!! The pop-up cards are very appealing to me. Right now, I am using my Minc to foil wedding signage for my daughter’s wedding on November 27th. Looking forward to seeing all of the new products coming to HSN in October!

  138. Laura says:

    Love the mind and glad I signed up for autoship. I ordered the white card kit to go along with the Christmas minc. It’s wonderful. I love that you will have a bonus kit to pick up on the 7th.

    I must say I am totally looking forward to the Christmas pop up kit. Your Christmas card kits are always so amazing.

  139. Connie says:

    Christmas card pop up cards sound like fun and will impress the person receiving them too! Looking forward to the big news and Tuesday!!

  140. Lilian rucker says:

    I love my minc, I have fun sharing with people who do not know about it. I will really appreciate the new minc kit because I don’t have toner printer.pop up cards will be awesome to make and give

  141. J Perry says:

    Of course, I’m excited for a chance to get the Christmas Pop-up cards, but I’m also thrilled about the toner sheets. Nothing I’ve tried with my printers or photo copiers is nice enough that the minc works with well.

  142. Jacqueline Helgeson says:

    More amazing products! The toner kit is my favorite. Any chance that the pens will fit in my Explore?

  143. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna and Co!

    I feel like a little one on a very l o n g ride.. .”are we there yet?” Counting the days until Oct 7th!

    The French Papers, the Minc supples, the Christmas Pop-up Card Kit…wow! How’s a girl to choose?!

  144. Raquel Limtiaco says:

    My shopping list just got longer! Love the Christmas pop up kit! Anything Minc is awesome. Looking foward to the toner kit. So many possibilities! I use my Minc for creating the most amazing Embelishments. You are awesome Anna!

  145. Hobo says:

    Anna, I have a question about the Minc foils.
    Will any fall colors like rust be coming out? I noticed at the local big box fabric store they were carrying the 12 inch Minc and that size must not have sold well so they quit selling them. The good news though was all the rolls of the foils were half price so I have stocked up. Recently I went to one of the big box craft stores and saw that they are now carrying the smaller version of the machine and the 6 in rolls of foils. But all the same colors. I am surprised that there is no purple or orange or copper. Please consider some new colors!

  146. Katherine Madewell says:

    I love my minc and can’t wait to use the toner kit with those Christmas colored foils and glitter foils for special loved ones. Thank you Anna.

  147. Ronny says:

    I am thinking the toner kit is on the top of my list here.
    Could you please explain how to use the liquid toner though. I can see the pens being used to write with but not sure how the liquid works?

  148. Sharon Jones says:

    My favorite is the toner bundle. I love using the minc and am excited about the toner paint. The Christmas pop-up card kit looks beautiful and I really want to order that. I am also excited about the autoship–more card kits as I love putting your card kits together.

  149. Antonia Radford says:

    I love all your products! My absolute favorite are the 3D Christmas cards. They are beautiful and so elegant.

  150. Kari Mano says:

    Anna, So excited for all the new products. I love my minc & have been getting my craft room ready for all the new supplies and to start making holiday cards. Looking forward to the two shows….

  151. lielaboo says:

    Oh my my my! You are killing me smalls!!! Love it all you are one wonderful and expensive habit I have. Thank heaven that I don’t have any other vices. Just Griffining away. Lol! Need to get my hands on all of it,hehehe!

  152. Renee says:

    I have been mincing my Christmas embellishments from my most recent auto ship in anticipation on your new card kit so I can add a touch of minc to all my holiday cards!

  153. Michele Lewis says:

    Love Love Love it all. I am enjoying my minc and the autoship from May. The new cards & layers kit will be one of my favorites as I love to make cards with my minc.

  154. Patti Skiba says:

    Oh my gosh Anna, the Christmas pop up kit looks so awesome. I cannot wait to get it. You have out done yourself with this one.

  155. Deborah Schamburg says:

    I LOVE Anna griffin! I love all the products! I really like the Christmas pop-up card set!!!! All of the products are great!!!!

  156. Donna says:

    The toner kit sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to the video demonstration! It’s my husband and my anniversary on that date so guess I will suggest a present this year!!

  157. TracyM #6773 says:

    Oh what a JOY it would be to have a shimmering foil Christmas with the Minc Christmas Bundle – LOVE IT!!!
    The Pop Up Christmas cards are an absolute DELIGHT too – PLEASURE to CREATE and to receive!!!

  158. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. I looked, looked looked at your presentation and loved, loved loved everything. I enjoy making cards with my “Minc”. My husband is in awe and loves what I make. He thinks I am talented but we know the secret, don’t we? Looking forward to October 7th. Thanks for all you do to make us look like a pro. With the new Christmas cartridge I need to make more things for my family “Anna Griffin” card making day. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  159. Lucy says:

    Wow, I love the pop up card and all the things I can use my minc machine on. I think the toner paint will be wonderful because you can make anything sparkle and shine either a little or a lot with just a brushstroke. I can’t wait to fill my shopping cart on the 7th.

  160. June Palasek says:

    Love the Christmas pop=up cards & all who receive them will think we are such awesome card makers.
    Thanks, June P.

  161. Melissa Johnson says:

    I love my minc and I ordered the auto ship so I will be looking for that french vintage cards and white envelopes. Love them.

  162. Jeanne Tipton says:

    Making my list and NOT checking it twice! Anna Griffin is coming to Tucumcari, New Mexico…….
    Love to Georgie.

  163. Melinda Hart says:

    Love! I received the Minc as a gift. I have not used it yet but plan to start the Christmas mincing soon. The pop up card kit looks so spectacular! Can’t wait to see it!!!!

  164. roann smolinski says:

    The Christmas minc bundle is so beautiful!! I have loved making those goodies. I cant wait for the TSV and the Christmas pop up cards

  165. Barbara Kingman says:

    Rewrote a song about the MINC but it would take too long to poke it out with one finger. I don’t have one yet but it’s looking like more fun all the time. What we really need is a stamp pad.
    The pop ups get prettier and prettier every time I see them. I just can’t get motivated.

  166. Lora Posey says:

    I don’t own the minc , although does look lovely. So would have to choose the Vintage French card set ! Looks Oh La La pretty !!

  167. Barbara L says:

    I love everything Christmas … I saw the minc holiday kit at HSN prior to the Sept show and I waited too long to buy it. It actually sold out so quickly so I am so glad it is back for the Oct show. I am excited to try the toner paint and pens. Cant wait for Oct. 7…thanks!

  168. Tammie DeVane says:

    I love everything, but I am most excited about the –Toner kit– I would love to have that to go with my Minc. Thank you Anna, for all the wonderful things you bring to us!

  169. Anita Sahlen says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that people will keep our cards. The Christmas Special is beautiful and they will definitely keep the pop ups! Every thing about them is beautiful!

  170. Anita Sahlen says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that people will keep your cards. The Christmas special is so beautiful that they will definitely be keepers!

  171. Denise says:

    The everyday card kit with papers looks great; but all of the items do, of course. I do not have a Minc yet, but hope to get one soon and would need the toner. I hope you have punches, stamps and some scrapbook items coming on 10/7, too. Anna, you are the best!!!!! I love your timeless, elegant style. I have been a huge fan from the very beginning. I would SOOOO love to win some of these items.

  172. Jackie says:

    everyday card kit, or your beautiful Chrismas card kit! I’d LOVE IT ALL! I can’t wait for your October shows! Thanks for the opportunity to win something, Anna! 🙂

  173. Julie says:

    I made one of your pop up card for a friends birthday and she told my mom, it’s the most BEAUTIFUL card shes seen,and keeps her mantle so I’d have to say the Christmas pop up card kit.

  174. Pat Ladd says:

    I like to use the minc foil to add that special touch o sentiment. So the toner paper will work wonderfully for that. I am also happy to see that the Christmas die cuts will be available by themselves. Thank you for that!

  175. Barbara Zak says:

    Oh my…..I have been using the last set of items for the Minc and doing scrapbook pages with it. Love it. Oh, I can’t wait for this airing on HSN …… I’ll be saying :Burn Baby Burn” to my credit card! Or, maybe be lucky enough to win. Oh, the joy!

  176. Criss Behe says:

    You aren’t in sync if you don’t have a MINC!

    Just used mine to make a few quick cards. Love, love, love to be in sync with my MINC!

  177. Peachy W says:

    What a great assortment of goodies for us! I love the new Vintage French white cards – so pretty! Also, those pop-up Christmas cards are just beautiful – the DVR is set for 10/7/15!

  178. Margaret Mathewson says:

    Love the Minc machine and love to Minc the die cuts. I would like to play with the toner kit and see what I can come up with!!

  179. Chris Kreide says:

    I’ll go with the Christmas pop up kit since I don’t have a minc. Would love one for Christmas, though! I also like the red, white, and blue card bases.

  180. Mary Alice Peterson says:

    I have been using my Minc machine! I have been using to make birthday cards, now I will start on Christmas cards. I definitely need the toner kit and the Vintage French assortments of cards. Thank you Anna!

  181. Darlene P in Canandaigua says:

    I love my little Minc. I also love anything Christmas so your Minc Christmas sheets are my favorite. I have the autoship but I may have to buy another set!

  182. Kelly Werner says:

    Anna, love the new Pop-up card kit, and the toner bundle for the Minc. I work the 7 th so am hoping I can get an order in.

  183. Barbara Kirchner says:

    Well,welll, well I really like the toner and the pens..So now were out of the great box and we can do our own thing, which of course could never ever compare to
    Annas art.. but then its fun to do our own thing ,,,like a personal signature ..wouldn’t our familys love that?

  184. Debra Spencer says:

    ALL things you do are so wonderful that it’s always hard to choose. I love the Christmas pop up kit… If I don’t win it it’s on my list to purchase…
    I haven’t got into the Minc machine but I’m sure that I will. Thanks….. I hope to see my name in the email on Tuesday.
    See ya! T.G.I.F !!!

  185. Rosemary says:

    My poor. Minc ran out of paper…..Would love to win the foil and glitter paper……Can’t wait for 12 a.m Oct 7th!!!
    Thanks Anna for sharing your beautiful talent!

  186. Deb LeZotte says:

    Love all the new Minc items to use with my Minc machine. Can’t wait for the new Pop-up Christmas Card Kit…I love Christmas!!! Thanks again Anna ❤️

  187. Rosie Kronz says:

    I am excited to have the new toner bundle! I like creating my own Minc’ed designs and sentiments. Sometimes you just want to gild something out of the ordinary, and I don’t have a laser printer. Will get a lot of use out of those pens. And the more I see of the pop up Christmas cards, the more anxious I am to have them. Bring it on!

  188. Karen B says:

    Love the Christmas pop-up card kit! The Minc is so fun, this kit of toner and sheets will be a must-have. Thanks Anna!

  189. Elsie Lozano says:

    I’m so excited to see all the goodies in the Christmas card kit. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  190. Paula McGee says:

    I can’t wait to get the Christmas pop-up kit. But I am also loving the Vintage French cards. I have a lot of die cuts from other kits that would look great on those cards and layers.

  191. Coletta Cooper says:

    I love minc’ing my AG cuttlebug die cuts so the toner kit is essential! Adds so much to my cards. Anna everything in the preview is anazing! I can’t wait for the Christmas popup kit!

  192. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Love the toner kit. Much better than buying a laser printer. Lees room and less cost. I’m going to need another craft room to store all my new AG stuff. Keep it coming and we will buy. HaHa!

  193. Janet Mccready says:

    Well, the budget only goes so far, and I don’t have a Minc, yet. Sooo, I would be so happy to have the Pop Up Card hit, win or lose, it wil be in my house this year. Yeah!!!

  194. June Estep says:

    Just getting started with the Christmas minkies….so awesome. I had a zillion left over from the first ship after I finished all the white cards…………so, one think I did. I took a bunch of them to my scrap club and passed them around for everyone to take one. they loved them. A few in the club already have the minc too, but for those who didnt, they were really “wow’d”. I am so excited to start on the Christmas ones. I will really enjoy the toner too. I love all the blitz and bling and glitter and filigree, so I keep collecting…I love it all. I hope to have my first set of white cards for Christmas done, and then, I will prob order another on the 7th. The pop ups look wonderful. I will use them all personally. I havent figured out how to package for sale since they would get picked over and ruined. but, for me, I will love them.

  195. Donna C. says:

    What a great idea you have come up with in the “Toner Bundle” to complement our Minc machine and the ready to decorate “Holiday Card Sets” too! Wow……October 7th is getting closer. Can hardly wait.

  196. Leanne McNicholas says:

    I love using my minc to make cards. I would LOVE to use the toner so that i can create all sorts of pictures. See you in October.

  197. Sarah Lumpkins says:

    I am so excited for the new pop up Christmas card kit! My favorite item today is the Christmas cards and layers kit. I love making cards for family and friends with your products! Thanks.

  198. Carole H says:

    More fab products! Love how it all works together – excited for more Minc supplies and Christmas pop-up kit!!

  199. Dianne McDonald says:

    I would like to see a toner package as a separate offering. I hope then are in the works. Everything is so beautiful and Anna Griffin dies with make gorgeous additions to cards and scrapbook pages! Please????

  200. Kathi Sanders says:

    Love the French Vintage! Twice a week is awesome and we appreciate your generosity on top of all the creativity you bring to us!

  201. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to see the toner package. Love the mini and can’t wait to see the pop up card kit. Look forward to the show.

  202. Jeanette M says:

    Santa List – Minc Toner kit would be nice, also Xmas pop-up cards. Everything coming up on Oct 7th looks fantastic, can’t wait. Would like to have everything.

  203. Linda Valoy says:

    Favorite TONER BUNDLE. I’ve been waiting forever to get more. Thought it was going to be available last June on HSN. Can’t wait to try the tone pen. I’ M enjoying the mix & match folders I got Wed. Love them. Mmmm is Cricket going to launch an Andriod wifi adapter. Just guessing ladies!

  204. Kathleen says:

    Wow so many beautiful products!!! Those Pop up Christmas cards are great!!! I can/t wait for the 7th. Any new Anna product would be fabulous to get. Good luck everyone

  205. Carol McLean says:

    What a Christmas without a Minc! I could not imagine being without a Minc, I already bought one and can’t wait to make my Christmas cards this year. You can never have too much glitter or foil on a card. So I love everything Anna makes, it would be hard to choose what is my favorite .

  206. Maureen Odell says:

    Hello Anna! I must have the xmas pop. up cards.
    The die cut bells are also a must have,
    they are so beautiful. The french vintage cards are so lovely. I can hear my social security check moaning. Your creativity is just amazing and I am honored to share it with you..

  207. Shannon says:

    All the new items for the minc will be great, and of course everyone of use are waiting for the pop up Christmas card kit. October the 7th will be a great day

  208. Theresa Reist says:

    Happy Minc-giving and Minc-mas! Love,love my minc! Can’t wait for that “Golden” present full of pop ups! Thanks again, Anna, for all you do for us craft challenged people! Love it all!

  209. Lori L says:

    I am looking forward to getting the Christmas pop-up cards and the toner kit and the Vintage French assortment. I love these kits.

  210. Christine Hafner says:

    Hello Anna, I have your Minc and am on auto-ship for your bundles–and I would surely love the toner bundle for more “Mincing”! Please, please, please consider designing a Halloween bundle of orange, purple, black foil/glitter papers and/or die cuts, as I know you love Halloween too. Maybe during 2016?

  211. yadyra marrero says:

    I love all the products. .i have the minc machine ..so i will be getting the toner and the popup cards. .can’t wait till the 7th…..im sure other goodies will be in my cart….lol

  212. Mary White says:

    I have been practicing a lot with my Minc. It is amazing and I will be using it with all my Christmas cards! I love the toner bundle kit and the Christmas pop-up kit. i am looking forward to October 7th! You are the very best! Hugs!

  213. Alison G says:

    I’ve been enjoying mincing up all the beautiful pieces from the Christmas autoship bundle with my two sweet daughters. I’d love to play with the toner kit and the vintage cards are right up my alley. I’ve recently got a bug for all things vintage! Thank you Anna for your beautiful products!

  214. Kim Hattox says:

    The Vintage French assortment is so beautiful! I always loved the Jolie style 🙂 Can’t wait for October 7th, see you

  215. cindy anderson says:

    I lofc ur things Anna…
    I like them all, the Christmas card kit would be sweet, I’ve bought all ur past Christnas kuts… Tell Georgie that Zekke says “MEOW”

  216. Jean Norris says:

    I love my Minc. I can’t wait to add the toner kit so I can cut images from the cartridges and make special titles and sayings!

  217. Linda Valoy says:

    This is what I did. Layed my dies on black paper and traced around them, cut them out leaving a tiny bit of margin. Scaned and printed them on my ink-jet printer, then took that sheet to Staples office supply and copied it. Then I put my dies on the black spots and run them through my cuddle bug.

  218. vanessa pecze says:

    Really looking forward to being able to purchase the toner kit! i love my minc and everything i can create with it!

  219. Jennifer H. says:

    Everything looks Minc-tastic! It’s hard to go wrong with any of the new items but, my favorite item (for this week/preview) is the Vintage French assortment matching card set. I received the lovely Christmas Minc bundle on auto-ship and can’t wait to receive the next Vintage French Minc assortment. Having the coordinating card sets to play around with would be awesome. Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win. Keep the crafting goodies coming!

  220. Mary Rayfield says:

    I love my minc!!!! I have been minc’ing die cuts for cards. I love the Christmas bundle for the minc. I also must have the toner bundle. I could have so much fun with that! The Christmas pop up card kit is a must have, too. I am so looking forward to the 7th! Keep those beautiful products coming.

  221. TracyM #6773 says:

    ADORE the Christmas Minc Bundle – WOW – what a MAGICAL Christmas it would be!!!
    THANK YOU for the chance to win 🙂

  222. Judy says:

    Love, love, love my Minc. I am getting so addicted. I have made so many beautiful cards. I have both the Christmas card and Everyday card bundles and have been making lots of gorgeous cards with my granddaughters and by myself. Can’t wait for the toner kit and the Today’s Special Card Kit!!!

  223. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Thank you for showing to us the products that are arriving on the AS. Can’t wait! I will definitely minc even my walls with that new toner ink!

  224. Karen H says:

    I’ve played with my Minc and have had so much fun with it thus far!
    I can’t wait for the White Christmas Cards, Layers and Envelopes Kit and the Everyday White Cards, Layers and Envelopes… I assume I will have just as much fun with these items. They are just out of this world!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  225. Kat English says:

    Hi Anna, I just love, love, love everything MINC! I am on the autoships and look forward to each one. I would love to have the toner kit bundle. Keep them coming! Thanks.

  226. Bette Sines says:

    Oh Anna…what on earth am I going to do with you? You are tempting me with every email that I get from you, and as usual, I’m so excited for the October 7 HSN showing. The pop-up Christmas cards are just so beautiful…I’ve got to have them! Plus all the additions for using my Minc, goodness…what’s a girl to do!?! I guess I will be out of control as usual!

  227. Monica Gardner says:

    I LOVE my Minc. I can make so many pretty things with it. I’m imagining all the beautiful things I will make with the toner bundle. Thank you for the chance to win!

  228. Patsy Bellamy says:

    Your Christmas card kits are always the best but I LOVE these pop up ones – can’t wait to get them!!

  229. Mary Sparke says:

    The pop-up cards is going to make my Christmas get together a success. The girls will really be impressed !

  230. Linda C. says:

    I’ve been researching the Minc for the last month and had made the decision I WAS NOT going down that road – toner images, laser printer, etc. This blog post has thrown all my arguments out the window! A toner kit – what an awesome addition. Between the previews of your beautiful products AND a Cricut announcement on October 7th – I’m going to have to put in for a vacation day! Thank you for your wonderful talent and designs 🙂

  231. Maureen says:

    I especially want to do more with my minc, so probably will consider getting the do it yourself kit. I also very much liked the vellum kit from Tuesday.

  232. Linda says:

    I’ve been researching the Minc for the last month and made a decision this week that I WAS NOT going to go down that road – toner images, laser printer, etc. This blog post has just thrown all my arguments out the window!!! A toner kit – what an amazing idea. Looking forward to the October 7th HSN show. Between all the beautiful products you’re previewing – plus a Cricut announcement – I think I need to put in for a vacation day 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful talent and designs.

  233. Sue K says:

    Ok I didn’t get the minc and with all the new things you showed today maybe I need one to do all the Christmas cards 🙂 My friends and family love all my cards you have created! I can’t wait to get your NEW Christmas BOX I have 5 of them now and still use from all of them! Thanks!!!

  234. Sandra Evans says:

    I’m happy that I will get the chance to order the toner kit. I was on a trip in May and missed out on the auto ship when I ordered my Minc machinef but I was able to order the Christmas Minc bundle and got it last week. I didn’t know if I would like the Christmas pop up cards but I was wrong to doubt you. They are beautiful. I will hopefully be starting my Christmas cards next week with all the items that I already have of yours. Thanks for the chance to win.

  235. Teresa says:

    I love my minc! I even invested in a cheap lazer printer…and wow!! I am having so much fun. It is endless for creations. I love all Anna’s new items.

  236. Angie Doan says:

    So much to LOVE!! I have to admit That – although it is IMPOSSIBLE to choose one item over another- the toner kit is most important to me. My eldest daughter is an artist and I SO want to include her art in my card making— and my home decor!! I will DEFINITELY be ordering that as soon as it comes out!!

  237. Mary R says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m Foiling Christmas Cards this year, so your Christmas Minc Bundle is perfect! You offer us so many beautiful things, it truly is hard to narrow it down to just one favorite.
    I’m really excited to have twice the opportunity to win some of the Goodies you have been tempting us with building up to Oct.7.

  238. Sissy Geist says:

    I have not minced yet, but I am ready to start MINCing the world. All the new products make it seem so easy to do. SO, please pick me…

  239. Dianne McDonald says:

    Mincing cards and embellishments for scrapbook pages. love the idea of the toner sheets. I bought a laser printer but have not figured out how to make the toner sheets!!!

    Love the popup Christmas cards!

  240. Jan Bathke says:

    Can’t wait for the toner bundle! I’ve been having so much fun mincing different things that I have been printing out – would love to be able to apply toner.

  241. PaulaBowie says:

    I Minc every chance I get…love it.I am very excited about the new Minc Christmas Bundle! I hope I can afford the Christmas Pop-up Card Kit.It is beautiful! Bring on HSN Oct 7 with Anna Griffin!!

  242. Vivian Kochis says:

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you for the previews, they build the excitement.
    I minc with my granddaughter, she loves foiling more than I do! I’m so glad you will have the toner pack available, knowing me I’ll have to get a couple of those so I can make more embellishments.

  243. Gayle K says:

    I have so much of Anna Griffin, but not the minc yet. The toner bundle is making it much more appealing. I liked the Christmas card you minc. The sleigh looked great!

  244. Sandra says:

    I just love the Christmas pop-up card kit. I already have one of your pop-up card kits, plus a Christmas card kit. I would love to add it to my stash.

  245. Coco Davenport says:

    I am anxious to learn more about minic. Hopefully at the Create workshop we will get a lesson or two. All your products are amazing .

  246. Debbie Davidson says:

    My credit card is going to be in serious trouble come 7 October! I am most excited about the toner bundle because I am in love with my Minc!

  247. Julie Blake says:

    I have been trying to resist the urge to buy a Minc – I buy all your other items like Cricut cartridges, papers, and stickers, but you are making it very difficult!!
    Thank you – Julie

  248. Bonnie says:

    I don’t have a minc yet. But, maybe October is the time for it. Love the Christmas card collections. Hope to get some.

  249. Linda Singer says:

    Wow,!! So excited I want Christmas to come sooner cause my cards will be ready early love the set. Thanks Anna

  250. Angelique Vela says:

    Right now my Minc is taking a siesta while I sort through my newest Minc autoship forming ideas on how I want to use the pieces.For the most part my Minc gets used for card making. But it’s holiday season and that means it’s time to Minc everything! Or at least try!

  251. Nora says:

    My family came for a visit and was amazed at all your products. I could not say no to them so I will be ordering every product. keep the goodness coming!

  252. melissa bryant says:

    I made birthday cards for my son’s with the original shipment minc order.The french version looks great.Hope to win.

  253. Diane Shull says:

    Hi Anna, So excited and looking forward to the shows on HSN on October 7th. I love all your products. I would really love another auto-ship card making kit series. Love the new white card base kits. Definately a must have.
    Thank you to you and your team for doing such a fabulous job creating wonderful products and inspiring us to make beautiful creations.

  254. Adrennia H. says:

    The Christmas Pop Up Card Kit is freakin amazing. I love when you do these previews. I cannot wait until Oct 7.

  255. Carol Coleman says:

    Wow! Definitely mincing today. I’ve taken the month of Cricut U classes on all things Anna Griffith with Cara Miller and we learned how to Minc one evening. Although I haven’t had time to play yet, I want to make some holiday cards with the Minc. The only new item here for me is the toner bundle because I love auto ship.

  256. joan carney says:

    most of her products will be on HSN the night before her show and she always puts up the list a few days before the show with a total list of items and their number to order them so my suggestion is to go and add them to your basket and either buy them then or if you have a smart phone buy them on the 8th. Hope you figure a way to get what you want because almost everything will sell out.

  257. joan carney says:

    First and foremost I have to say congratulation to your wonderful team, between your ideas and your staff, you give us crafters wonderful products to make such beautiful things. I am on the minc auto ship and am very excited to see the kit for the toner. there are so many things I want to MINC up and I can’t wait to buy the set,I have both of your pop up kits and just love them, my 88 year Grandmother loves to help make your cards so my favorite is the toner set and of course October shows always means Christmas cards and I can’t wait for this set. Thanks you for making our artistic ability so much better. 🙂

  258. Joee says:

    Anna, you’re The QUEEN Of Crafting! I love all of your cards and layers kits but the French one is very exciting!

  259. joan carney says:

    First and foremost I have to say congratulation to your wonderful team, between your ideas and your staff you give us craf wo\nderful products to make such beautiful things. I am on the minc auto ship and am very excited to see the kit for the toner. there are so many things I want to MINC up and I can’t wait to buy the set,I have both of your pop up kits and just love them, my 88 year Grandmother loves to help make your cards so my favorite is the toner set and of course October shows always means Christmas cards and I can’t wait for this set. Thanks you for making our artistic ability so much better. 🙂

  260. Julie says:

    I can’t wait to get the toner bundle to be able to add that special touch to my already
    special cards made with the minc.

  261. Holly says:

    The toner bundle seems really useful. Love the minc. Also like the multiple care bundles to go with the minc products. I use my minc for everything from cards to scrapbook pages and even just to play.

  262. Pat Bowman says:

    Oh my gosh – I can hardly contain my excitement! My Minc and I are just becoming friends, so I can’t wait to try these new Christmas diecuts!

  263. Rhonda says:

    Loved the holiday pop up card you showed. I am happy about the transfer paint kit. That has pretty much made my decision to jump into mincing. Thank you for sharing!

  264. Linda says:

    Can’t wait for the new products. I am planning on getting the miinc very soon. Thanks Anna for all the beautiful items.

  265. Sharla Wilson says:

    I have the Jolie set and that card set with the Jolie designs took my breath away—gorgeous!! I’ve spent the week organizing all my floral stickers and cards after receiving my new selections from this last HSN show. Decided that I am going to need more space–somehow??–because I’m never through adding more Anna Griffin.

  266. Kathleen Sinnamon says:

    The people who have a minc must be in heaven! I just love the look of the card kit can’t wait to see more!

  267. Deborah Bode says:

    Love the French Layers but also the Christmas everything! I have been Mincing things for Halloween and really anything that doesn’t move! Love the toner paint and markers, too! Can’t wait until the big announcement on Tuesday (it would be really big if I won, too) and for Oct. 7th!

  268. Deb S. says:

    I have been making all kinds of cards with my new Minc. I am so excited about the Minc Christmas bundle. I really want the new pop-up Christmas cards. Hurry up Oct 7th and get here.

  269. Pat Moss says:

    Oh My I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for more mincing items. I want them all. I missed out the first time with the Christmas Pop-up cards because my HSN site did not work in time. By the time I got it working, you had been sold out. I think they put me on back order now. At least I hope they did. Anna thank you for giving Christmas Mincing Items. I have hoped you would be doing that.

  270. grama pei says:

    Oh, such delicious possibilities! I live for these days of delights! ha! Wouldnt the Minc bundle be wonderfu to win?! (Or that breathtaking card kit, too! ) Oh, yes! Its all wonderful, and it all promises Beauty in the Making!

  271. joan carney says:

    you should call HSN and I’m sure they will replace them for you. They stand behind their products or contact Anna in Atlanta, this pack is too beautiful not to be able to use all the cut outs is a shame, good luck to you. 🙂

  272. Melinda Keeley says:

    I love the Everyday White Cards, Layers, and Envelopes. I’ve always loved a crisp white over cream colored items. I will say, however, I’m learning to like the creamed color items because there are so many Anna products in that hue and I love all things Anna!

  273. Christy M says:

    I don’t have a minc yet, but if I won this set of goodies I’d buy one ASAP. 🙂 The things you make with it are so beautiful! I’m really looking forward to October 7th!

  274. Liz says:

    Been working on the Minc first shipment. I like the glitter better than the foil. Love vintage everything! A victorian at heart!

  275. Trisha Love says:

    I have the Minc, so I’m excited about the Minc package! So exciting. I will be Minc’ing during the holiday season!

  276. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Greetings! I think my favorite thing this week would have to be the “toner bundle”. I think THAT would give me the most “creative freedom”!!! I like that! Thanks!
    Have a GREAT WEEKEND all!

  277. Paula Hildebrand says:

    I have your past three years of Xmas card kits but
    I think that this year Christmas pop up cards is over the top.. This kit has a lot of Beaty. Can’t wait to order it and get it in the mail to start making my beautiful Xmas cards. Thank u to u and your team for this wonderful kit. You make it so easy.

  278. Joanne Holmes says:

    Hi Anna,
    Your favorite fan here in Atlanta! I bought both a 12 inch and a 6 inch MINC. Love the MINC !!! If the dog does not watch out he will be MINC ed. I can’t believe how beautiful your designs are gold foiled!!! I so want to play with the toner kit. I love the Anna Griffin Designs. How could they get more beautiful…. well just use the MINC!!! Love to you and your staff… keep up the great work !

  279. Ally52 says:

    I love the toner bundle! I have been making cards using my MINC machine. Can’t wait for all the new packs of foil and glitter. All the toner die cuts too. So much to choose from. Can’t wait till next month!

  280. kim m says:

    Sadly I have not had time to minc my newest items from AS. Hope to be able to play soon. Love all the new items!

  281. Diane Fletcher says:

    I LOVE all things Minc!!!! Not a bad thing about it!!! Can’t wait to tune in with you for al shows! Love the TS card kit too!

  282. Debbie says:

    I am looking forward to everything Minc! There are so many things that you can do with it. I’m ready to get creative.

  283. gail W. says:

    Oh I love the Vintage Cards!! I love Vintage Christmas. Can’t wait for the Vintage embellishments! I want it all!!

  284. Christine Derr says:

    Oh my gosh I can not wait for October 7th!!!! I know I will be ordering at least 2 of the pop up card kits. Anna’s kits are so amazing and I get so many compliments on her cards. I really want the toner kit since I already have her Minc and I’m on autoship as I have so many ideas of things that I can make Minc-tastic and would LOVE to have some toner paper to make my Mincing dreams come true 🙂

  285. Pat Marsh says:

    Hi Anna,
    I have everything MINC you’ve stocked at HSN therefore I will get any and everything new to make it MINC beautiful! My favorite is the Christmas Card Kit. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  286. Elaine says:

    I’ve been telling my husband that I desperately need a minc machine! However, I really love the Christmas pop up card kit. I have been busy making cards with Anna’s rose die cuts, they are so beautiful, my granddaughters are going to love them!

  287. Barbara Newton says:

    I just completed a wedding scrapbook for my nephew using all Anna Griffin products. It turned out amazing. Can’t wait to get the minc bundle ( and probably everything else lol). I did receive my minc auto ship minc for Christmas cards getting ready to jump in with both feet so all will be ready to mail out. Whoopy.

  288. sheila adkins says:

    I don’t have your minc machine yet, but if I win all these minc goodies I will have a good excuse to buy one!

  289. Jill Pearson says:

    I want the minc ink! I am on auto ship so I already have the Christmas bundle. Not pleased with it. Two of my die cut packs were cut so off center as to render them useless. I kept the kit because I wanted the pens and the Christmas colors.

  290. Sheri Rodgers says:

    Love everything Anna Griffin! Don’t have time to do much crafting now, but when I retire, I’m gonna be a crafting fool!

  291. Tricia Shoun says:

    I LOVE my Minc. Love the idea of the toner bundle. Can’t wait for gold box of pop up cards. So excited, t hanks for the pretty things Anna

  292. Carol Bean says:

    Love my Minc! Have played with cutting and placing (successfully!) different colored foil sheets on specific areas of Minc images. So, instead of having an image in one solid foil color, I can actually have different foil colors on one image!!! Takes some patience and a little extra time, but the results are fantastic.

  293. Mary - KreatesKards says:

    I don’t have a Minc yet … but sure am interested in it. Love your products. I’ve been working on the pop-up cards and they have been great hits with friends and family.

  294. Sandi Smith says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of ALL things Anna Griffin since I first saw her products years ago so I’m always excited when a new show is on HSN. I love love love my MINC and I am thankful I purchased the autoship when I purchased my MINC. I’m addicted to all that shines and the Minc has opened the possibilities. The AMERICAN CRAFTS MINC would add to the items I could add the shine and glitter to but I really love using it on my cards.

  295. Karen cash says:

    I want that toner bundle!!!!! The possibilities are endless. But, I love everything!!! The card assortment is beautiful!

  296. Roberta O'Brien says:

    Love my Minc. I have been using it to make my own sentiments with the Explore print and cut feature and my laser printer. Do you think you will ever sell plain white card stock and envelopes? I really like the quality of your cardstock …so much better than what you can purchase in the craft stores.

  297. Catherine Hanson says:

    I love the holiday cards and layers! I already have the minc and autoship so the cards are perfect to use with your other goodies, Anna. Thank you again for bringing all these wonderful and inspirational craft supplies to us. I can’t wait till Oct. 7th. What about black and orange foil sheets? I used the gold foil for the sentiments on the inside of my Fourth of July cards. Turned out beautiful!

  298. Elizabeth David says:

    Love the toner bundle! Pens, paint, oh my! (Love it all but the pen, paint and toner sheets give endless possibilities!)

    My favorite “trick” for my Minc is to create my own embellishments with matching stamps and dies. I stamp a page of designs in black ink. Then take the original to the office supply store and laser copy it onto cardstock. (I don’t own a laser printer but can copy a full page for 11 cents.) Use the matching dies to cut out the design. Then just Minc it!

  299. Debby Bondhus says:

    I am very excited about the Minc products. The Christmas pop up card set looks wonderful as well. Really excited about the shows in October.

  300. Stormy Miller says:

    Anna, I did not think you could top previous year’s Christmas cards but I was wrong. These pop up cards are spectacular.

  301. Lori Hable says:

    I am so excited for everything, but mostly for the Vintage French assortment (and of course the Christmas kit)! My MINC’d things need white cards to live on. Thank you!!

  302. Sandy Coker says:

    I adore the Vintage French cards, layers, & envelopes assortment. Can’t wait to get that. Of course, your Christmas card kit is always a favorite! Thanks for these wonderful creations Anna!

  303. Erin Glee says:

    I think the Christmas Pop Up card kit is my favorite~ so much detail!
    Thank you for the chance to win….good luck, everyone!

  304. Sue says:

    I don’t have a laser printer…yet; so I am interested in purchasing the toner package. Love, Love, Love the pop-up card kit.

  305. Barbara says:

    I so love your products. Some of my friends even return the cards to me to recycle. They say they are too pretty to throw away and they can’t save them. Double blessing. I really like the fun of your pop up cards.

  306. Janice Bright says:

    I love my Minc. I really like to embellish my scrapbook pages with the toner die cuts created for the Minc.

  307. Susan G. says:

    As always, it is so hard to pick one favorite item. I would really like the Mind Toner accessories as I do not have a printer that uses toner. A close 2nd will be the white vintage card bases for my next Mind auto ship. Thank you for so many beautiful items.

  308. MIchele Ciccone says:

    I love everything. But I really love everything MInc related. My mother really enjoys the card I send her (and has saved all of the AG cards I have sent). One time she mentioned that although what I sent was beautiful it was not as “glittery” as some of the other and she preferred the glittery ones. Well thanks to the Minc, I can be sure that all of her cards are glittery and shiny to the maximum.

  309. barbara F. Smith says:

    Your Christmas Pop-Up Kit is beyond beautiful. I had so much fun with my every day pop-up kit that I can hardly wait for the Christmas version!

  310. Karen says:

    The toner bundle is what I would want most since I have an ink jet printer. Love the idea to be able to apply toner to any design.

  311. Shirley A says:

    Looking forward to working with the toner bundle adding embellishments to card making with the look of foil and glitter…”mink”ing.

  312. Angela N says:

    My mom and I have a lot of things that Anna has put out on hsn. Now that we are doing thing like scrapbooking and card making my nieces are wanting to do the same things so I am glad that the minc and the pen are out cause the love it and so do I. I am make Christmas tags for gifts this year.

  313. Penny Carter says:

    Hi Anna, I just love all your items that you have shown! You really know how to empress us all with your talent and your great ideas! Can’t wait for the show on the 7th, because I am so excited about The Pop Up card kit!!!!! Thank you for all that you do for us as crafters so we can better ourselves in this field!

  314. Bertha R. says:

    I so adore your pop up cards!!1 everyone I make them for thinks they are just beautiful!!! I would love to win this and them I would go ahead and buy another so I don’t run out!!! as I have stated this is only my second year of buying your products and I am just thrilled with everything . Always look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays. Thank You for all your hard work you put into these products!

  315. Pam Allen says:

    On my what an amazing preview!!!! I love your style and can’t wait to try the Toner paint and pen!!! See you on HSN!
    Pam Allen

  316. Molly Downing says:

    Gosh Anna, I can’t wait until October!!! Love all these glorious products! I have your beautiful Jolie and Fleur Rouge collections and can’t wait to watch you on HSN with the cards!!!!

  317. Bonnie W. says:

    I don’t own the MINC but I do love to make cards and your Xmas kit is awesome. French or old world cards are my favorites so bring more kits of that please. Best to you always Anna, Bonnie W.

  318. Glenda Kanoudi says:

    Everything & anything Minc are my favorites!! I’m really interested to see what I can do with the Toner Kit!! I’ve been Mincing everything I can get my hands on, but my favorites right now are these:
    1) I’m cutting your CB dies out of Toner paper & Mincing them!! The details on your dies really show even more so after they’ve been Minced!!
    2) I’ve been cutting images with my Cricut Explore from the new CTMH Artistry Cricut cartridge, using Toner Paper, & then Mincing them. WooHoo, what a way to amp up the “Wow Factor” on what was already a fabulously great cartridge, & to differentiate the look of your projects from others as well!!
    I LOVE my Anna Griffin Minc machine & I’m finding new uses for it all the time, & it’s helping me use so many other craft supplies that are already in my stash!!
    3) I’ve been cutting out (using my Cricut Explore!!) layers from your different Cricut cartridges (especially Lovely Layers lately!!), using Toner Paper & then Mincing them. Oh wow, they are sooooo beautiful!! I can’t tell you how pretty it is to add Minced layers in your already beautiful multi-layered creations!!

    Thanks for all you do & for the opportunity to win!!!

  319. Kathy Barrett says:

    I love the minc as it adds such a beautiful layer to my cards. Thanks for the toner kit to add such versatility to the minc, although I can’t imagine being able to create anything as beautiful as your designs. The French Vintage is also very beautiful.

  320. Susan says:

    Even though we haven’t seen it all yet, my favorite this year is the Christmas pop up card kit. Previous years the kit was my favorite, and I already know this year’s will not disappoint! Thank you, Anna!

  321. Lillian L says:

    Love the samples of the pop up Christmas cards. Don’t have the mic machine but might have to get one if I am lucky enough to win this collection!

  322. joann benford says:

    Christmas Pop cards look Awesome, cannot wait. Everything is just beautiful. Hope I can win, but congrats to the person who wins it all. Thanks

  323. lorraine k says:

    Hi anna
    I just love the minc. I love to put the black object into the minc and out comes a shinny object that just surprises me when it comes out. I never thought i would be able to do this on my own. Thank you for bringing the minc to us.

  324. M. Mertens says:

    Terrific stuff as always. The toner kit is a great idea. For sure one of the MANY things I will be getting. Thank you Anna you make our crafting go to the next level with your ideas and products

  325. Susan Bernard says:

    Minc, Minc, Minc can NEVER get enough! Also the Christmas Pop Up card kit. I love the original pop up cards, add Christmas and its a WINNER!!

  326. Lydia Riley says:

    Anna, on my last post, I told you that everything you touch turns to gold! However, now I will talk about meeee! Everything I touch, turns to MINK!!! Everyone, my pastor, my family and friends, think I am the minkologist! They go on, and on about their personalized mincalicious cards, thank you soo much, looking forward to the win this time, I never win anything but compliments. So, please pick me, thanks!!!

  327. Melissa Cano says:

    Aloha Anna,
    I ordered the Minc and the Auto ship back in May and I’m loving it!! I love printing out invitations with a border and foil just 6he border to give them a little bling! Hope you have a great weekend!

  328. Joy Speciale says:

    Love everything Minc. Can’t wait to order the toner kit and the French vintage cards. The Christmas pop-up cards are also very impressive.

  329. Patty says:

    I’ve got to have ALL of the Minc stuff!!!!! Haven’t played with my new Minc yet, but still need it ALL!!!! Hugs~~Patty

  330. Jane R says:

    I love my Minc, and use it in many different ways… embellies for cards, and accents for scrapbook pages! I love all things Anna… and the new products are so exciting I can hardly wait til 10/07! Thank you Anna for all that you do for your fans!!!

  331. Cheryl Bonin says:

    I love all the cards and I cant wait to see the xmas pop-up card kit and I just have to have the toner package to add on to my minc collections. Thanks Anna for all your beautiful work.

  332. Lois D. says:

    That is a good assortment of mincing supplies. Lately I have been mincing images from my laser printer, sentiments and word titles. I’m always delighted to see the results.

  333. vivian olver says:

    The vintage French cards and pop up cards are my favorite. . Oh, I just love it all.
    All the best,

  334. Vickie B says:

    All of the Christmas products look amazing! Actually , I love everything! Waiting for the October 5th (coloring products) and the BIG Christmas Card kit on the 7th!

  335. june Harms says:

    Making Birthday cads and anniversary card with my Minc really makes the special and those that receive them fell that they have received a gift.

  336. Deanna says:

    Wow, more gorgeous products. I love my Minc and used it a lot to make wedding invitations for my sons wedding.

  337. Patty says:

    Oh my…I LOVE the new toner set because I actually prefer to cut my own items as it makes me feel more like I am actually creating verses using cutouts!!! So that will be awesome and I am starting to get a fondness for the new popup Christmas card kit and that will probably mean I will end up having to order it too!!! 🙂 Love all your items!!! I am a Anna type gal 🙂

  338. Marcia G. says:

    I love my Minc! I’ve been using it to make birthday, thank you and my Halloween cards! So it will be humming to make my Christmas cards!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing more of the Pop up Christmas card kit!

  339. Linda Leslie says:

    I ordered the minc and I really love it.
    I’m using the auto ship packet and it is nice. Love all that you do Anna! Thank you for creating such wonderful items to help us with our cards.

  340. Annette J says:

    So many beautiful items it is hard to pick just one. The new Minc products are awesome. Looking forward to the 7th.

  341. Barbara Houston says:

    Anna I have been anticipating your Christmas card kit for this year – I am not disappointed it is really gorgeous! I have recently purchased your minc and I have been trying to determine how to get toner on a variety of paper products- thanks you have solved my problem. I love the card kit and the toner bundle, however I see that I will be using the toner bundle year-round, so it has to be my favorite!

  342. Deborah Conner says:

    I am loving the Vintage French card kit. Have always liked Anna:s other products in those color waves and design style. The toner set will also be a great addition for added creativity.

  343. JennyM Hunt says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the popup Card kit Would love to win the Minc items It would give me a good excuse to buy the Machine…..

  344. Darlene C. says:

    Organizing my craftroom. I have decided to label everything in glitter! Definitely need the toner pack! Can’t wait for the Christmas pop-up cards!

  345. Hobo says:

    Fortunately I am on auto ship so I either have or will be receiving some of the items. All of these products are beautiful. I just sat down to play with some of my shipment from the last show. What do I Minc? I have made die cuts with the Cricut and added them to projects. When I showed them to my grand daughter she asked if I could make a “credit card” for one of her stuffed animals. So we cut out a shape and Minced it then assembled the pieces to be shiny like a credit card. She was so happy with it. I am glad I got it. I do like the cards and am waiting to see the price.

  346. Shellie Fontana says:

    Anna, I remember reading in a card-making idea book “back in the day” that you had said that ‘anything that is possible,’ would be among your next endeavors–do you ever surprise yourself, or are you just getting warmed up?! To our delight, you design & create, teach & inspire! The world is certainly a more beautiful place with your creations! Throughout the hot summer, I put together almost 2 sets of Holiday Traditions card-kits (I had bought ‘extra’ the last time they were available), so I am just now getting started with my auto-ship MINC Christmas. I am so glad you’ve made available this new white assortment; yet, I am certain that your newest Pop-up Christmas kit is going to be hard for me to pass up–I would love to win!

  347. Nannette says:

    I could so use the toner bundle and the foil and glitter! My husband just started a new job and these would be great to help me make more things to help keep us afloat a little while!!!!

  348. Carol Assentato says:

    LOVE LOVE it all. The seperate toner kit is a great idea and the vintage cards are lovely too. I cant wait for the card kit will need 3 as my cards sell really well thanks to you.

  349. Lady Fair says:

    Hi Anna! Wow, October 7th is going to be a stellar crafting day on HSN! I use the Minc to create beautiful cards, mostly birthday cards, but I’m especially excited to make Minced Christmas cards with my AG Christmas Minc bundle!

  350. Dawn Thiesen says:

    Hello Anna. I love my Minc machine, especially using it with my Cricut and printer to print sentiments, then Minc them. Would love even more beautiful fonts which are easily Minc’ed on a cartridge. Also looking forward to buying the new Vintage French assortment.

  351. Melissa T. says:

    I am definitely looking forward to all your items coming up! Since I’m on auto ship for Minc stuff I am planning getting the card set for the vintage French set. Although all of your items are great buys! Thanks!

  352. Nancy Itson says:

    I love the Vintage French Card assortment. I love all things vintage, and I can’t wait to create something with these cards.

  353. JoAnn Taylor says:

    Love anything Anna! Do not have the Minc as of yet. May ask for it for Christmas. Can not wait to get your Christms Pop-Up Card Kit. Have all of your glitter paper…it is the best.

  354. Michelle Toops says:

    I love all your Christmas products! Everything is so beautiful! And that toner kit,that will be fun to play with.

  355. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! I have been waiting for the toner bundle for the practical side of crafting and am excited to see it’s coming to the October show. But, my overall favorite of this sneak peak is the Christmas pop up card kit! The samples are gorgeous!!! Your Christmas card kits are a “must have” every year!

  356. Eileen S. says:

    I minc everything! I love using the minc pens, what endless possibilities. Thank you for designing such beautiful items!

  357. Amy says:

    The colors of your foil just glimmer!! They are warm and inviting. As a card-making newbie, I’ve not expanded my repertoire into the popup cards…but your Christmas ones are lovely! I think I’ll send them to people who I know love the cards I make…w/ your kits and supplies!! So, I do want the Minc foil and popup cards.

    Thank you again, Anna.


  358. Bunnyc says:

    My minc has been a wonderful addition to my card making arsenal. It adds a lot or a little glitz to all my cards. It’s addicting.

  359. Marybeth Rich says:

    I love my Minc! It really does add a special something to my cards. I have made several anniversary cards lately and that foil really pops! Can’t wait to use it for Christmas!

  360. Karrie says:

    I don’t have the minc yet !! But would love to win it to start playing and creating with it !!!
    I do like the vintage layers !!!

  361. Diane L. says:

    I have been thinking about ordering the minc-these previews have convinced me that I should have ordered it back in May ! I will certainly be ordering one soon ! I’m happy to see the expansion of available designs and ways to use the Minc! Looking forward to next weeks previews !

  362. Michele morey says:

    I do not have a minc yet. I will be thrilled to see more of what it can do in this show. I love Christmas so I love everything!!!

  363. Ramona Myrah says:

    Just finished watching your blog. I like the minc to add gleam to my cards and am looking forward to the pop up card kit. I am in the Christmas prep mood.

  364. Cheryl says:

    I love love LOVE my Minc! I am working on Halloween cards right now. It is so cool to print then cut some of the parts with my Explore then foil them. My jack o lanterns are really glowing. :-). Soon I will making Christmas. I can’t wait!

  365. Gaylene says:

    WOW! I can’t wait, thoroughly enjoying mincing, it is so much fun for all of the ideas I’ve come up with, especially in card giving. I would love the toner kit along with the fabulous products that you have included in the giveaway. I can’t wait!!!!!!

  366. JoAnn Toland says:

    Wow! My head is spinning with ideas for the toner paint and pen set! So excited ! Going to use it on everything I make! Extra foil packs are going to be handy as I will need to stock up. Thanks Anna 🙂

  367. Irene Alexander says:

    Wow! That pop up Christmas kit is great. Will love getting the vintage French card layers to go with the minc autoship. You have thought of everything Anna.

  368. Bonnie says:

    The pop up Christmas card kit is my favorite. I am sure everyone receiving them will want to display them and keep them.

  369. Lucy Armitage says:

    My favorite today is the White Christmas cards & layers. I have the Minc Christmas assortment
    & now realize I do need those white cards to make my cards. I’m also being “sold” on your Christmas pop-up kit. I haven’t made pop-ups yet but am ready to try that too. Thanks for providing these opportunities to win your fabulous products! I haven’t been a follower of yours for very long, but I do have quite a collection of your beautiful products already. Love them all. So glad I found you when I did!

  370. Cindy K. says:

    I’ve never minced before, so if I win this bundle…I will have to buy the mincing machine. I am so excited about the Christmas pop-up card kit!
    Anna, you are the best!

  371. Barbara Graham says:

    Apologies for my rant on Tuesday. HSN did send my mix n match folders auto ship. They came today. Yay! Now if I could win all those Minc supplies I would have to buy the Minc now wouldn’t I. Hmm! I just might have to order something on Oct 7.

  372. Irene Matas says:

    Just finished “mincing” my Chrismaa bundle. Look fabulous. Now I need to start the cards. Still can’t wait for the Christmas pop up cards, my favorite.

  373. Sandy says:

    I love all things shiney especially for Christmas. These are beautiful products as always! Again, I want it all and I can’t wait to get the TSV. I had so much fun with my card kit from last year, this one is even better.

  374. Donna says:

    I’ve received my Minc Christmas auto-ship and my white Christmas cards. Now I just need to get busy designing cards for family and friends. Anna makes it so easy with all her creations. Can’t wait for Oct 7th to get my next Anna fix.

  375. Debbie McL says:

    The French Vintage cards are gorgeous…Your Old World collections have always been my most favorite since I found you on the Scrapbooking show MANY years ago!!!

  376. Kristy says:

    I look foward to the toner kit. Imagine the possibilities. I also can’t wait for the new Christmas card kit! Thanks for the chance to win the items!

  377. AlphaK says:

    WOW! I believe you when u say -BEST SHOW EVER- I can’t wait, thoroughly enjoying mincing, it is mind boggling on all of the ideas I’ve come up with, especially in card giving. I would love the toner kit so I can put my ideas into action, along with the fabulous products that you have included in the giveaway. I can’t wait!!!!!!

  378. Andrea says:

    I love all your products Anna. I love my Minc machine and am looking forward to buying the French vintage card set!! I also love the Christmas pop up cards! So much to look forward to!!!!

  379. Barbara Harrison says:

    If it’s not moving, it’s minced (and maybe a few things that are moving!) Anna, you are right this is the best ever. If these first few previews are a sample of what is to come, oh my look out charge card.
    Thank you Anna. You are a crafters dream come true.

  380. Teresa says:

    I would have to say that the Vintage French assortment is also my favorite, can’t wait to have some fun with personalized one of kind card making!

  381. Anne Lemay says:

    I’m excited about the toner pens! I’m hoping I can stamp an image and write over it with the toner pen and then put it through the Minc to foil it.

  382. BethAnn Marczak says:

    The new products look amazing, as always! I have been enjoying my Christmas bundle that was auto-shipped, and look forward to the new vintage French, which is really my favorite style. Love to win such a wonderful assortment of goodies, and Thank You!

  383. Debi says:

    Unfortunately, I did NOT get the minc a few months back and have been regretting my decision. I think if I win this package, I’ll just have to minc up and get one, don’t you!?

  384. Debbie Holt says:

    Really looking forward to the French Vintage Minc die cuts and coordinated cards! Hey are my favorite today! (I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite next week)

  385. Margaret says:

    I love my minc and have been using it for all my cards and albums. I can’t wait to see all the fun projects you’ll be doing. I’m especially interested in all the cards.

  386. Kathy says:

    I just love all Anna Griffin products. I think the vintage French set is just beautiful. You make everything I create just fantastic.

  387. Barbara Mann says:

    Hello Anna,

    I am looking forward to purchasing the French Vintage Assortment. How beautiful they are. I also will be getting ready to use my Minc to start making my Halloween cards and scrapbook pages. Thanks for all your inspiration.


  388. Lin M. says:

    I recieved the Minc Christmas bundle on auto-ship and ordered the Christmas cards & layers to go with it. Now I just need time to play! I’m excited about all the new Minc-ing products! I am especially excited about the new Christmas Card Kit! I can’t wait until Oct. 7th!
    Thank you for all the sneek peeks!

  389. Kim Haygood says:

    I love the idea of the extra glitter sheets and foil sheets. I sooo can’t wait for the Christmas Pop-Up Card Kit! I am excited for that!

  390. Kathy Klein says:

    I love my Minc. I Minc everything and would love to this week as everything from today’s October 7th preview is for the Minc. I’m also can’t wait for the pop up Christmas Cards. I have the other 2 pop ups you had and love sending cards from them.
    One last thing I would like to know Anna if all the examples you show us on October 7th will be all so a giveaway like you did in May when the Minc was aired. This would really be a great giveaway to one lucky person or a couple of people maybe as you are going to be on all day.

  391. Jennifer says:

    I love the minc. I have made beautiful cards with the mind and can’t wait to experiment with the Christmas designs.

  392. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Hi Anna, my favorite item from this preview is definitely the Vintage French Cards & Layers for the Minc! They are beautiful, I love the colors & patterns. Love the Tuesday /Friday previews too. 🙂

    Congrats to the winner, you are getting some great prizes!

  393. Kathleen Wynia says:

    WoW! I need to starting MINCing! There are some amazing additions to the collection! The toner kit, the papers. Swoon!

  394. Colleen C. says:

    I use my minc to make foiled sentiments. I love to put these sentiments on cards. I also love to minc card bases. So elegant!

  395. CBinLA says:

    I absolutely love my Minc, and have gone foil bananas, so I will definitely be looking for those white based Christmas cards!! Thanks Anna!

  396. Evelyn B says:

    The foil is such a bright spot in our crafting world. So much fun to do it yourself and see it coming to life in whatever color you want it to be! Thanks Anna!

  397. Diana Kessler says:

    Hi Anna,

    I have been using my Cricut Explore Air, cuttlebug, and your minc machine every chance I get. I love to create keepsake cards for friends and family. Looking forward to getting the Vintage French card assortment. All of your products are outstanding!!!

  398. Maw J says:

    My favorite today would be the Vintage card layers! Cannot wait to get the next autoship! I have be mincing my Christmas embellies to start my Christmas cards! Calendar marked for the 7th and building the savings up! LOL CONGRATS to Marsha! Enjoy your crafting goodies!

  399. Linda Taylor says:

    I don’t usually comment when I already have or have on the way items in these previews and since I always get the autoships that happens quite a bit. But…this time everything is consumable and once used, gone so I don’t feel guilty trying to win them. I love the Christmas minc set and since I already have it I can testify to how wonderful it is. I may just have to order another set if I don’t win it, that’s how wonderful it is.

  400. Paula Puckett says:

    Looking forward to the Christmas Card Pop Up kit! I have the first Pop Up card kit and had so much fun with it!

  401. Donna Handel says:

    Thank you, thank for these gorgeous products. I am absolutely thrilled about the toner bundle! You are just amazing Anna!

  402. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    Anna I have the minc and I love it. I have made birthday cards, graduation cards, and they are beautiful. I would love to win this bundle. Thank you for all that you do. You are amazing. Your designs are the best. You are the crafting Queen by far !!!! Thank you for the chance to win !!!!!!!

  403. Margi Lunn says:

    Wow!! Anna, everything is beautiful. It’s hard to pick one favorite when all you can do it’s so amazing and gorgeous. I love everything. I can’t wait for the cricut announcement. Thanks

  404. Michele M says:

    From today’s video my favorite item is Everyday White Cards, Layers and Envelopes. My second favorite item is the toner kit.
    My favorite things I’ve Minced so far is the butterflies I enlarged and Minced for Vacation Bible School this year to decorate my class room. I look forward to playing with my Minc to make some Christmas cards with the items I received on auto ship.

  405. bev says:

    Since I am in my “golden years” I would love to have a minc and the minc bundle. I love using all the golden embellishments that have come with my card making kits from Anna so this would add to my sparkle. I sure hope I win!

  406. Susan Anglen says:

    I can’t WAAAAIT for the October 7 show!!! And I looove my Anna Griffin Minc! I started a cardmaking ministry at my church (making handmade cards for our shut-in members, as well as others), so now I can make title embellishments – customized with the recipient’s name… Making the cards EVEN MORE SPECIAL! I tried to paste a pic of the invitation here in this comment, but my phone won’t let me!

  407. Gail Spence says:

    I got the Minc machine as a present (thank you Marilyn!) I cannot wait for the bundle and all the new products. You and your design team are geniuses!
    Love the foil the best for Christmas!

  408. Karen Osborne says:

    I am having fun using my Minc on Pocket Letter inserts. I looooove that new Vintage set and the pen, wow! Can’t wait for the 7th.

  409. chayden says:

    I don’t have a Minc yet..this may be the first thing on my want list…BUT …that Christmas pop-up kit is running a close second…I just love your products Anna

  410. Sheryle fagan says:

    Can’t wait for the new show…. Love love love your stuff hope to win something but no worries I buy everything you offer so I get it anyway….love you Anna…

  411. Diana Butland says:

    Can hardly wait for the Christmas pop up cards. My friends will be blown away when they receive those creations. Also glad you are having the toner kit available.

  412. Gena Greenlee says:

    I have a question to add. Is it possible to Minc a flat sheet of toner paper and then run it through the Cuttlebug?? Thanks!! Gena

  413. Beth in Georgia says:

    I can’t wait to see more of the Today’s Special Pop Up Card Christmas card kit…but this week I can’t pick a favorite. They’re all Anna-mazing! ;0)

  414. Lisa McDonald says:

    I love my minc!!!! Ive been foiling and glittering with my class at school. They are drooling over the new products and I can’t what to bring in new goodies to show them. I’ve converted a whole school to Anna Griffin groupies!

  415. Amy H says:

    I love the Christmas Minc kit. I never received my autoship for it, so I am excited it is going to be available again!

  416. Wendy C. says:

    Anna Griffin has quickly become synonymous with endless creativity! Thanks for all the wonderful tools to keep expanding our crafting horizons! I look forward to the toner kit, but also love the French prints – as spouse of retired military, it’s always nice to do red, white and blue in a different way!

  417. Roxanne says:

    I am very impressed with the French Vintage cards. They are definitely on my list. The Christmas pop-up cards are beautiful. I would like to make them this year for my family and friends. Everything you create is of good quality and so very classy. I am getting in the Christmas mood and want to start on my Christmas cards.

  418. Mary Katherine Hurst says:

    Love all things Minc. Have been having a lot of fun within r and want to get some of these additional products to complement what I ready have. Thanks.

  419. Anne Smith says:

    I love my minc.have been decorating gift bags.will decorate Christmas cards with your Christmas card pkg.look forward to the toner. Thanks Anna

  420. Mary says:

    Hi Anna,

    Sure would love to win the black toner sheets. I have your auto ship for the Minc so look forward to receiving each shipment but could use more toner sheets. I also love your Christmas Cards. Would really be a treat to win these. Good luck in October…..

  421. Sheila McShea says:

    I love love love all the minking goodies. I use my mink for making adult birthday card and sympathy cards. All are impressed that I made my own cards. I can’t wait for the Christmas pop up cards.

  422. Lisa Hohenadel says:

    I really love the toner pack I just wanted to let you know that I love my mink machine I helped my daughter for her wedding which was September 7 I used my minx machine to make her menus placecards wine bottle labels and they all turned out gorgeous thank you Anna for everything you make

  423. Pat C. says:

    I am Minc-less…but it all looks fabulous. I’ve been foiling and glittering in other ways. Thank you for the chance to be a winner on Tuesday!!!

  424. Lorraine K Thomas says:

    Anna I love your pop-up card-kits. They are so much fun creating cards for all most every occasion. I am still getting praised for the ones I have sent to friends and family from the first two pop-up card sets. I have already gotten the new foil for my Mind. I also have your pen set that allows you to drew with foil. I just love my Minc. I am extremely happy about the toner sheets and the paint brushes and the toner you can make pretty much anything you want. I can’t wait for October 7th. Love from Ohio.

  425. Ellen Williams says:

    Just love, love ,love to Minc!!! Can’t wait for all the extra toner sheets. So many ideas are swirling around that I need to start writing them down so I won’t forget.
    I want and need everything Minc!

  426. Kathleen Prince says:

    I am on the Minc autoship but haven’t used the Christmas kit yet. I plan on starting my Christmas cards soon and the Christmas layers would be perfect. The toner kit would also be great since I love creating my own die cuts to Minc.

  427. grannyD says:

    I unfortunately could not afford to purchase the Minc at that time so got the foil pen which is lots of fun too! So far in this grouping my fav is the french layers card set, love the orchids and all the other incredible colors that go with this set.

    Cannot wait for those Christmas pop ups.

  428. Carol says:

    Anna, you and your staff come up with the most amazing crafting products … I love them all. I do have the Minc machine, but missed out on the auto ship, so the Minc toner bundle is of particular interest to me. I am having such fun foiling. I use it mostly for adding foil to die cuts that I add to my cards. It truly is “beauty in the making” (or should I say, beauty in the “minking”) when I add a little foil bling!

    Ohhh, and Congratulations to Marsha for winning this past Tuesday’s giveaway. What fun you are going to have with those fabulous products. Enjoy!

  429. Martha says:

    Anna I love everything you created I love doing cards and using the embossing folders but I don’t have yet the minc machine but I will love get one and everything else!

  430. Karen says:

    Wow, it just gets harder to pick. I love the vintage french cards. And the toner set is a must. Already on auto-ship for the Minc. But when I saw the pop-up card with the tower of gifts, beautiful. Looking forward to the 7th!

  431. Maryann says:

    Hi Anna, love the MINC! I am on the auto-ship and already received the christmas assortment. They are beautiful however most of the die-cuts are off centered. My first kit was the same (off centered ). I hope the next shipment is better. Anyway I think everything I have crafted since receiving the MINC has bling on it somewhere. I lIke all the products for the MINC,can’t wait for the paint.

  432. ElizabethD says:

    I am Mincing my X-mas bundle now, waiting for the French bundle on pins and needles (can’t wait for those). But I really love the white and Xmas card layers. I don’t make a card without them.

  433. Ingrid marroquin says:

    I can’t wait for Octover 7th. All of the items look amazing!!

    I have been having all kinds of fun with my embossing machine, croc it air and the minc!!!

  434. Amie says:

    Call me a “foiler”, lol. I love to foil everything! I missed my auto ship on the Christmas set and was so sad to see it sold out on HSN. Now my sadness is joy as I see it will be back 🙂 Thank you for always making our crafting fun so beautiful!

  435. Andrea S. says:

    I do not have a Minc but it looks like so much fun! I do love your card kits and can’t wait for the pop-up kit!