QVC UK October 16th Sneak Peek

Hi everyone!

After an absolutely amazing 24-Hour Craft Day on HSN last week, we are packing up again and heading to London! Be sure to watch QVC UK on Friday, October 16th at 10 a.m., 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. BST (that’s 5 a.m., 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for those of you watching in the States).  If you’d like to join us online, you can always do so by clicking here.

This trip is our final visit this year, and after 12 wonderful years on QVC UK this will also be our farewell visit on the channel.

To all of our friends in the UK, do not worry! There are very exciting plans in the works to bring Anna Griffin products to our international customers like never before. You will soon have more details to come on that subject in 2016! Sign up now to receive our email newsletter so we can keep in touch!

In the meantime, let’s make this a finale show to remember! Here’s a list of new items that will be available on Friday, and needless to say you’ll want to stock up now for the holidays and into the New Year. If there’s anything you have been waiting to buy, now is the time!

505844: Cuttlebug Christmas Mix and Match embossing folders


506420: Essential Tool Kit

506766: Christmas Pop Up Card Making Kit

Beauty Shot 1 holly

506868: Christmas Clear Stamps

506869: Say It Anyway Clear Stamps

506870: Christmas Envelope Stamps

506871: Favorite Flowers 3D Stickers


506872: Joyful Phrases Sentiment Inserts

506874: Pretty Patterns Cards and Envelopes

506875: 5×7 Christmas Metallic Layers

506877: Vibrant Vellum Die Cuts


506879: Foil Boiserie Stickers

506880: Festive Words Sentiment Dies

506881: Cuttlebug Christmas Bell Dies


507084: 12” Cuttlebug plate set

507085: Gold and Silver Glitter Cardstock

507055: Holiday Foil Layers


In addition to these new items, there are so many fantastic things available in the Anna Griffin store on

Start shopping now and we will see you on Friday!


  1. Sally says:

    Oh Anna, I know that you understand what an Icon you are to us “followers”. I feel like a GROUPIE. I am Not whining, or seeking sympathy, but I just wanted you to know that You have kept me strong. I was recently diagnosed with Kidney Cancer that was found by accident. I was evaluated the day before Your Big HSN show and just returned from the hospital after having surgery. YOUR HSN show and knowing the projects that I would HAVE to MAKE kept my mind VERY BUSY. I am on the road to recovery and have a full schedule ahead – completing Halloween & Christmas Projects. You are a wonderful lady (but you know this already). I do refer to you as my Queen and I as one of your minions. Sounds funny but true.
    Thank you again for keeping me sane at an insane time

  2. Mary Hodges says:

    Hi Anna,so sad Friday was your last time on QVC but I did buy all but two of your new items which looked really lovely and look forward to hearing about the plans your are making to bring us your beautiful things still.I hope QVC gave you a better farewell behind the scenes than you received live by Debbie Flint.Take care,Thanks once again for introducing me to your lovely things which started me on the road to card making.Love Mary Hodges xx

  3. Julie says:

    Thanks for the wonderful shows on QVC yesterday. As usual I bought lots of your items. I was very sad to find out it was your last day on QVC from your blog and was waiting for Debbie to thank you for the last 12 years, but was very disappointed when this didn’t happen.
    I’m hoping you’ll be moving to one of our new craft channels, possibly the Craft channel with Dawn Bibby and other ex QVC presenters. That would be fab as it’d be a more relaxed atmosphere and cheaper postage. I know you’ll do everything you can to continue getting your products to us here in the UK.
    I hope you had a safe trip back to the US and have a wonderful Christmas.
    Julie x

  4. Sasha says:

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you for 12 wonderful years of bringing your elegant paper crafts to QVC. Yesterday’s shows were as delightful as ever, and I purchased quite a few of your beautiful new items.

    However, I was so disappointed that QVC did not let your loyal followers, (who may not have the Internet), know that it was your final visit to QVC. It would also have been so nice, if at the end of your last show, Debbie Flint had thanked you on behalf of QVC.

    I am gutted that we will not be seeing you on QVC again. But, I am also looking forward to whatever your future plans are for us here in the UK. Whatever that may be, I look forward to seeing you again, Anna, and wish you all the best for the future.

  5. Hazel says:

    So sad that Anna is leaving us and we’ll not have her smiling face, glamorous clothes and lovely accent here on QVC any more.
    She was quite overcome at one point and must have had a hard time holding it all together to get to the end.
    I’ve spent all my crafting allowance for this year stocking up on all the goodies.
    Is there any chance we will somehow be able to get the ‘autoship’ for the spring of the pop up card making kit that was on HSN plus the next generation flowerpot decoupage.
    Sad to miss the 1000 christmas toppers and the angels too.
    Wonderful day of crafting, getting quite weepy now thinking about it
    Thank you for many wonderful years of crafting going all the way back to ‘plaid days’

  6. Ms. A says:

    Wonderful shows today, Anna, in the UK. Even as an American who loved the quality of the production at QVCUK, I do feel a bit of a loss knowing this was it. To all the fellow crafters in the UK, here’s hoping the future is bright for aquiring Anna Griffin products. I will look forward to seeing the spirit of Anna as reflected across the pond on this blog. For now, I will be tuning into QVCUK to review the product videos. Good cheer to all.

  7. Andrew says:

    I’m gutted that this is the last QVC show here in the UK but we have had a problem with so many waitlisted items that we simply never get , will Anna finally deliver these when the new system starts up? Even worse I was so looking forward to getting a Cricut explore machine but they’re not listed for the show in the UK. Also wanted to buy 1000 die cuts and the angelic angels toppers Only hope Anna brings these to us under her new format and gives us plenty of notice to save up !!

    Have bought lots this morning and will now sit be a roaring log fire awaiting the next two shows and can only wish Anna a safe return to the USA.

  8. Dorothy says:

    Received my Christmas card kit and other goodies yesterday. I just love it!!!! Can hardly wait to make some cards. Been informing folks I will have cards they can purchase if they desire something special and unique…that is, after I make some for my own use. Did I say I just LOVE them?! So excited!!! Anna, you really outdid yourself this time!

  9. Camille says:

    I’m disappointed that the Holiday pop up cards do not have enough to to do all the cards like the pictures provided. The last 1″ were make dos. And the last 4 is not enough to make a decent card.
    I wish you would make it right for me

  10. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    What a great show, I know the gals across the pond will enjoy it as well. I know you will find better ways to serve them in the near future. I’ll be watching you on line on the 16th while I’m playing with all my new stuff.

  11. Diane Hunter says:

    Anna and team, just received my Christmas card kit and having fun making cards and using my bell, holly, ornaments and snowflake dies and holiday folders. I was thinking which dies I would like to get next season and I think poinsettia dies would be fabulous and so would amarylis. I can already picture my cards now and they are beautiful.

  12. TeranceH in Texas says:

    So sad to here that about UK, but i’m sure you will provide them with something even better, you always surprise me. I will be watching and playing with the items i purchased thinking how luck they will be. I have stuff all over my living room i don’t want to put it up i want to go home everyday and do something new,

  13. Sue Lutz says:

    We had my daughter-in-law, then my close friend, visit from out of town this week. Your beautiful Christmas box of pop up cards plus several other items arrived and we played in The Craft Studio! What fun and they r going home with cards and a love for your fabulous product Anna. 🙂 while here, Michelle ordered her own Christmas box of cards online. Lol. I’m singing carols already lol.

  14. Vernia says:

    My Anna stash arrived yesterday, my brother was to come by I sent him text stating I would not be available so I could do my HAPPY DANCE in peace as I open my goodies
    Anna, God Bless on your UK trip. Love watching you on their” telly “.So glad to hear you will be taking care of them, thanks.

  15. Denise Jones says:

    Anna, you have really outdone yourself this time. As long time fan, these are by far, the most beautiful cards I have seen. Sign me up. These are beyond amazing, how could a person not save these cards and use each year as part of their décor. Congrats.

  16. Linda Valoy says:

    Thank you ,Janney Lou, Carol, Yocasta, Kathleen, Linda and Jane. I was afraid I had miss ed a shipment.

  17. Diane says:

    My package of items arrived yesterday from HSN. My godchild in Florida also received her Christmas gift early – the pop-up card kit. Her e-mail to me was full of capital letters gushing with thanks and a big WOW! I couldn’t agree more with her assessment! My Minc die cuts with the toner pens look like a winner product, and those Cuttlebug mix and match folders for Christmas will be a new element of surprise for next year’s card crafting. I want to emboss and die cut the centers, then highlight with the toner pens just to see what happens on the metallic paper set I ordered in a previous showing. I echo the request for a die cut nativity scene for the card kit. Imagine the dimension and directions for all of the scenic elements…
    Thanks again for a wonderful craft day at HSN. I was happy to hear you speak and explain, as well as demonstrate, your products.

  18. Katie Amundsen says:

    My box of goodies has arrived! It’s all beautiful and will keep me busy making cards, tags, and decorating my calligraphy envelopes. My Christmas has begun, Anna!


    Wrote you yesterday and told you I was waiting for all of the wonderful, gorgeous, inspiring products I purchased on the 7th (and a few days before) to arrive. They did, and I am so excited. By the way, when are you going to put out a new book? I have your first two and would love more. Every thing you do is so totally beautiful.

    Like many of your fans, I will be praying for your safe return from the UK. Fortunately, I know God will bless you on your travels. Have fun!

  20. chayden says:

    I haven’t received my shipment yet but know it’s on the way.. The HSN ships quit fast. I taped every airing and plan to keep them for extra ideas.
    You looked so nice.. Good Luck with the QVC Craft Day…

  21. Marion says:

    YIPEE!!!!! Please don’t make us wait too long for news of your pursuits. Safe trip and happy return home. Marion Xx

  22. Sue says:

    So sorry to hear it will be your last visit to QVC, I love using your products. I have even received a ‘thank you’ card for an ‘Anna’ card! It was from my son saying thank you for the ‘beautiful’ card I sent him and his wife for their anniversary! Is this a first?!! Several months have gone by and it is still up there on the dresser! Safe journey and thank you again.

  23. Jane Gotelli says:

    I just got my mix and match set a few days ago that has the trick or treat. Go to your account on HSN. Then go to order status. Sign in and you can see if it shipped.

  24. JeanB says:

    Thank you Anna for such a great craft day on the 7th!
    You are so fun and such an inspiration! I was able to tape your presentations so when my popup kit comes I’ll see your ideas to help me make them.

    Does the Christmas kit include the nativity scene with Mary,Joseph,baby Jesus etc? If not do you have those available in another kit like the angels?
    I would love that for the popups!
    Thanks for all the joy you bring us! We love you!

  25. Francinia says:

    Thank you Ms. Griffin for sharing your craftiness with us! I don’t know what I would do without all the crafting goodies you share with us here in the U. S.!

  26. Jeorgette Perry says:

    Dearest Anna, I wish I’d gotten a chance to ask this while you were on HSN (but each time they’d tell me I’d called too late and they’d run out of time) and I know you’re so very busy and I don’t want to wear you out…but…when you find some time after getting back from the UK, could you show us how to use the 96-piece foil layers a bit more? You mentioned that they can coordinate with the pop-up cards. I must not be very creative because I just can’t figure out how that would work. Can you give us some examples? or show us how that works? Pretty please with gold on top?

  27. Susan m. says:

    I was also wondering if we could order from the UK website. I watched all day o Oct. 7th but still missed a couple of items as they sold out before I could get through and I see they will be available for the UK show.

  28. Linda says:

    Anna I love the pop up cards you did really good and of course I love everything else that came today. Enjoy your last trip over the pond. thanks’ Linda

  29. Marcie Smith says:

    Anna, the last two shows were filled with such fabulous items. Spent a fortune, but loved it all.

  30. deborah j.t.m. says:

    I’m sure the folks in the UK will love the items as much as we USA folks do…. I rec’d a huge box will all my AG goodies and I’m having an unpacking party… so many pretties!! I’m just looking and swooning over them! My kitties are wondering why mommy is squeeeeeing so much LOL. I’m just a little AG crazy right now. 😀
    Have a great show and fly home safely.

  31. Kathleen Clark says:

    HSN announced a couple months ago that the Christmas and Halloween mix match deliveries would be reversed. The Halloween one is starting to ship now.

  32. Marcie Smith says:

    I tried that in the past to no avail. Unfortunately, QVCUK does not ship to the US. But, Grama Pei ‘s advice is the best way to go. Sorry. Too bad you did not catch the HSN Oct 7th show. I am sure some of the products sold out, but HSN is good about restocking them in the near future.

  33. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Invite your friend to make some Ana griffin cards and she will also become addicted to them! You will keep your friend, and gain a partner to have fun together.

  34. Grama Pei says:

    Suzanne, some of the items are available on if they aren’t there, you might try or if its a product for the Explore or the cuttlebug, you might try . Good luck, Suzanne, in finding what you are looking for!

  35. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co…

    Loved the craft day on HSN! Good thing you gave the UK a “heads up”, now they will be able to stock up! So kind of you to keep them in the loop! You never forget your fans! Gracious in every way!

    Don’t forget everyone, Anna will be back on HSN November 2nd I believe…

    Have a great trip across the pond! I’ll be watching…if I can stay awake or wake up?!

  36. LindaCC says:

    I think I saw Anna reply to this on Facebook that the Minc bundle was not ready yet and to keep watching HSN for it.

  37. Cyndi ureta says:

    In the Gold Explore evening on the 7th, there was gold leather bracelet that was shown. A number of us at Cricut U were wondering where you got the leather, and how think it is.

  38. Linda Valoy says:

    Can someone that is on auto ship for the mix/match folders tell me if I missed out on a shipment. I was expecting the one that said TRICK OR TREET / For my Valentine/ Teacher before Halloween.Got the Chrismas set few weeks ago.

  39. Linda Marie says:

    It’s here…my Christmas Card Kit, my adhrsives… (pretty gold containers), and my More Flower Pot Decoupage die cuts….it’s like Christmas morning …I’m so excited…and everything is so beautiful. Can’t wait to create…it’s going to be a long night…lol.

  40. Diana Kessler says:

    I received my stash of Anna Griffin products over the weekend, and I have to admit I do not have room for all my crafting goodies I love dearly from Anna. My husband has a recording studio for his “hobby,” but I have to store my lovely AG items wherever I can find space. Oh well, as long as I remember where everything is and can create beautiful cards, I’m happy!

    Safe travels to the UK!

  41. Elizabeth David says:

    I did not see the Minc toner bundle on the recent HSN day, yet people are saying it sold out. I haunted HSN for a few days before trying to get item numbers and prices before Anna’s shopping list so I could figure out how much I could afford. And I never saw it, not even right at midnight. I even asked a customer service rep and she couldn’t find it. (Nor was it on Anna’s shopping list.)

    What’s the story?

  42. Joan says:

    I watched your very first show on QVC and as far as I know I have only missed one of your visits when we were on holiday .I am so sorry that something so lovely is going to go from my life.
    Thank you for all the joy you have given to me and I wish you the best of success in your future.X

  43. Anna Griffin says:

    Thank you so much Marion! And don’t worry- we have plans to take great care of our UK customers.

  44. Hobo says:

    My supplies arrived today. I opened them but have not really gone through them yet, will do that this evening. I was so upset with my friend today for when she stopped by I was outside working on refinishing a chair, UPS had set the box in the driveway, and she kindly moved them to the garage because it looked like rain, but not before she saw the HSN on the packages and told me I need to stop watching them and buying stuff! What nerve!

  45. Marion says:

    Oh Anna! I am so sad Friday will be your last visit to QVC, you have been a hugely inspirational lady in my crafting life and I shall miss your, all too infrequent, visits to our shores so very much. My craft room shelves groan under the weight of so many AG papers, scrapbooks, inks, embossing folders and wonderful stamps! Even worse than your leaving is that we are going on holiday early Friday morning and after all these years I shall be unable to watch your goodbye shows. I wish you all the good fortune in the world for your future endeavours and a million thanks for the happiness and beauty you have brought be. Adieu dear Anna. xxx. Marion in the UK

  46. Mary Hodges says:

    Hi Anna,looking forward to your visit to the UK this Friday,sorry to hear your leaving QVC but hope it will mean we will be able to buy even more of your lovely things online.Safe journey to the UK.Cant wait for Friday.Xx

  47. Judith Trammell says:

    Lovely Christmas ideas. The new Circut Explorer Gold arrived and am awaiting the other items ordered which should arrive tomorrow. Thank you for your beautiful ideas involving old world grace and workmanship.


  48. Annette j says:

    I really enjoyed the crafting day on HSN and bought some amazing/beautiful products….Anna Griffin products of course!!! I just made a very beautiful pop up floral card for a friend who is battling cancer. She can enjoy her bouquet for many months to come thanks to the gorgeous flowers created by Anna. Thanks for such wonderful quality products.

  49. Kathy says:

    Sorry you leaving QVC, but please keep me posted where in the UK I can still buy your craft items. Just can’t craft without them.
    Will be watching all Friday’s shows.

  50. Joan Baker says:

    So sorry that this will be your final QVC visit Anna.
    (Thank goodness that I have a huge stash of all your beautiful products.)
    I do hope you enjoy the shows and that you have many happy memories of your trips to England!

  51. barbara Kirchner says:

    I just wonder how badly the UK people feel about your last show…I hope it will not happen here in U>S>A…Are we going to get those flower stickers here ..I probably already got them but really is there ever enough? I bet you will get alot of sad farewells. Have a good time even though it will be sad for you too.

  52. Alo says:

    Please miss Anna for the life of us non-color oriented folks, I’m begging you to make us card layers in the coloring style that was showcase in your coloring book segment. Your coloring artist are amazing, the card samples made with those small coloring books were very whimsical and romantic, and dare I say trendy.
    That’s how talented you are, please consider this idea, I believe it will be a hit, all over the world. Much love.

  53. Loralei Brown says:

    My husband is going to make the Christmas cards with me. He didn’t see the show. Is there anywhere you have the instructions for making the side pop-up cards and the layered cards? I like the idea of making them several ways especially for different family members.

    I just received my order and it is fantastic!!

    Just a note: I would love to see the toner sheets for the Minc for sale again. I waited until this last show to order them and they were gone.

  54. grannyD says:

    Have no fear friends in the UK, Anna apparently saved enough of the goodies for you to have your fill as well. We tried to buy everything but she was thinking of you.

    All I have to say is to please be nice to our Santa Anna, but not too nice as we want her back. HAVE FUN!

  55. Ms Margaret Armitage says:

    Glad to see you back in the UK on Friday, but when are we going to be able to buy your Cricut cartridges in the UK??


    Dear Anna and Team,
    Had a great time on the 7th. Everything in the process of being shipped (can’t wait). I want to wish you a wonderful time in the UK. Give Queen Elizabeth and the entire royal family my best. You have been invited to dinner, right?

  57. Kiko says:

    Hi Anna
    I am glad to see you on Friday….but at the same time I am very sad as this will be the last show at QVCUK. I adore your products and always envy US crafters as they can buy Anna’s products from HSN and other places easily….
    I hope your new plan for international customers will be a good one.
    Anna, thank you for your beautiful design anc products……

  58. Linda Davis says:

    What a wonderful time for all. The show on the 7th was spectacular, and I was able to get a bunch of stuff! The Christmas items are all terrific, and I love each and every one of the things I bought. But, the pretty papers, decoupage kits, the Cricut Explore Gold, and other items are all great too! I really hope this show goes well for all of you over across the water! And, Best Wishes that you all get some of Anna’s fantastic goodies!

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