HSN October 21st Sneak Preview

Hi everyone!

We are continuing our whirlwind month of October with another visit to HSN this week, and wanted to give you the scoop on everything new! We are debuting brand new assortment of Anna Griffin Home items this Wednesday, October 21st at 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. EST. There’s everything from patchwork to plush, and it’s all giftable for the holiday season.

First up are chic sets for the top of the bed featuring prints from two of our favorite collections- Camilla and Juliette. There’s a patchwork quilt and comforter set for Camilla, and a woven jacquard look for Juliette. So beautiful!

anna-griffin-3pc-camilla-hexagon-patchwork-cotton-quilt-d-20150925164137493-427369 anna-griffin-camilla-garland-6pc-cotton-comforter-set-d-20150925165947143-427979


Next we have everything you need to accessorize these collections with coordinating drapes, bed skirts and decorative pillows.  Just like in crafting, we added gorgeous ribbon details and beautiful floral imagery to these pieces so you can embellish your favorite space to your heart’s content!

anna-griffin-camilla-cotton-decorative-pillow-pair-d-20150925165957317-430957 anna-griffin-camilla-decorative-wreath-cotton-pillow-d-20150925170007817-430965 anna-griffin-grosgrain-ribbon-300tc-cotton-euro-shams-d-2015101517271623-427386_302 anna-griffin-grosgrain-ribbon-bedskirt-d-2015100613444022-428593_302



We think lounging around the house should be beautiful in the making too, don’t you?  We’re excited to introduce plush throws, slippers and robes in four gorgeous colors from our Camilla collection! There’s even a giftable throw and slipper set that anyone on your list will absolutely love.

anna-griffin-50-x-60-plush-throw-and-slipper-set-d-2015091514212118-428550_019 anna-griffin-plush-printed-blanket-d-20150917104559217-428558 anna-griffin-plush-robe-d-20151012105734727-428548_302


Would you like to win one of these pretty plush products? Comment below and tell us your favorite new Anna Griffin Home item! We will draw a winner at random on Friday.

Click here to visit the Anna Griffin Home store on hsn.com. See you on Wednesday!



  1. Bridget Louw says:

    I think I would be in heaven with those the Camilla plush slippers. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair.

  2. Michelle Mettlach says:

    I love it all! 1st item on my list would be the pattern blankets with satin trim. The patterns on all the products are just lovely.

  3. Melanie Proffitt says:

    Really…..that is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen……the colors are spectacular!! I love it. ( and everything else, too) hahahaha

  4. Sarah Lumpkins says:

    I love the patchwork quilt and all the cozy looking items, like the robe, throw, slippers and blanket! It’s too hard to pick just one! I love all things Anna Griffin! Your designs, whether it’s for the home or your paper crafting items, are always beyond beautiful!

  5. Casey Walters says:

    Everything in the Juliette line is especially beautiful and elegant. Thanks for adding these to the HSN site.

  6. Cheryl S says:

    I love the throw and slipper set – will have to get a set for my Mom and each of my sisters!
    Thank you Anna for making cozy so beautiful!

  7. Trish T. says:

    Anna, love the Camilla collection; blankets, slippers, robe; any would be beautiful to lounge around in, thinking of what next Anna card I’m making!

  8. JanneyLou says:

    Hi Anna!
    Watching you on HSN RIGHT NOW! Beautiful show with wonderful PLUSH!

    Your Camilla patchwork quilt with coordinating fabric patterns and colors is my favorite item. Thank you for the chance to win it. The best to you, always, JL

  9. corbin downing says:

    ~ wow! the patchwork quilt & matching pillows are simply elegant! The colors make it special, the pattern makes it comfortable ~ have a great show on HSN! (I am finally a customer as of your last show!!! <3 )

  10. Donna O says:

    Love the throw and slipper set. I’d like one in each color, please. Just ordered the taupe so I can bring it with me to the big event next month. Anna, thanks for all you do for us crafters. see you soon. Donna O

  11. Deborah Bode says:

    I love the new robe! Looks so soft and snuggly! Would love to wear that on a chilly evening along with the slippers!

  12. Barbara Chapman says:

    Love the comforters and pillows. My room is in pink and purple and these would be a wonderful addition.

  13. Susan m. says:

    I love them all. They are absolutely gorgeous especially the Camilla patchwork and oh I bet rhe robe and slippers are cozy, soft and warm too. Thanks again Anna…

  14. chayden says:

    What a stunning Home selection.. My fav is the patchwork quilt and comforter set. I was always going to make a quilt when I retired but somehow that never happened.!! I got hooked on card making…

  15. Tina Michael-Dahlmann says:

    Everything’s beautiful. I would love to win the Camilla patchwork quilt. So nice.


  16. Carole H says:

    Beautiful! Just what I’ve been looking for!
    And what could be better than lounging in Anna cozy clothes while crafting?

  17. margaret driscoll UK says:

    Hello Anna
    I love all of it and will miss you so much here in the UK!
    I received the Xmas cardstock yesterday, and the box of 120 flowers! Beautiful !
    Take care
    Love Marg

  18. Diane says:

    Anna Anna Anna! Oh my goodness! Just think… I can decorate my bedroom which half is my my craft room and everything can now be coordinated with your beautiful floral bedding and paper! So excited to see the show on HSN… and it’s set to record …just in case:)

  19. Linda Hill says:

    rich & inviting describe this collection and if I could only choose one thing it would be the comforter set! Crossing my fingers & toes!!

  20. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna. The Camilla bedding is my favorite, I love the floral pattern and the pleated ribbon dust ruffle is beautiful. What else could a girl ask for but to be so cozy in Anna Griffin’s robe and slippers, cuddled up in the matching fluffy throw while laying across the beautiful Camilla bedding, watching Anna Griffin on HSN and calling in her orders for the most beautiful crafting products ever! What a dream!

  21. grannyD says:

    One of those beautiful throws would be the hot ticket to crawl up on my reading chair with as the nights begin to get cooler. Not to mention how beautiful it would look at the foot of my bed.

    ps: LOVE the new bedding Anna

  22. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Everything is so beautiful. I really love the gray but my second choice would be the beautiful robe. Outdid yourself again. Enjoy HSN. We will. Love and blessings. Betsy from NC

  23. Evelyn Y says:

    I love the jacquard look of Juliette, it’s so elegant! And the Camilla quilt — so gorgeous! It’s too hard to choose just one favorite!

  24. skrapperauntie says:

    Oh my…..all of these would look wonderful in my bedroom……….but you got me with the jacquard one. It is just beautiful and would be wonderful to snuggle under.

  25. Linda DuBos says:

    While everything is out of this world gorgeous, I can only imagine how luxurious it would feel to cozy up under one of the quilt/throws shown in the next to the last picture. I especially like the green one. It speaks of harmony and peace and comfort.

  26. Jan says:

    I could use the jacquard comforter/bedspread and shams in a new bedroom needing decorating! Beautiful selection!

  27. Brenda Scheiman says:

    Everything is so beautiful, but if I have to choose one thing it would be the throw. Can’t wait to see your show.

  28. Mary R says:

    I love the blue comforter set (the 3rd photo). Gorgeous! I’m sure your collections will sell out. All of them are so pretty-matching the AG color family. You sure thought of everything to help us pamper ourselves. Your Amelie Photo Album came today. This is so fun- I took it out of the box and had so much fun mixing and matching the cards. I hope you’ll have refill pocket cards to go inside your refill set of pockets.

  29. Dawn Whetstone says:

    I love all of these beautiful bedsets! These are gorgeous! My favorite would have to be the Camilla set. So elegant and it would dress up my room so much. Thank you Anna!

  30. Judy DiGiacomo says:

    I too love the gray bedding set. I think it would look just perfect in my bedroom! Thank you Anna for all of the beautiful home décor and craft items that you design.

  31. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, my, Anna-goodness! I would certainly enjoy those plush slippers because whether I’m folding laundry or creating a greeting card, I would still feel snug ‘N cozy like I never had to leave the plush Anna-blanket and comortem on my bed!

  32. Brenda says:

    The slippers and throw are so beautiful and I’m sure they are super soft. I’d love to give those as a gift.

  33. Kate Molnar says:

    My choice for favorite new item would be the grosgrain ribbon bedskirt….yes, the bedskirt! I love the way it’s pleated and the (sage) ribbon trim is a beautiful accent. The bedskirt I now have is so scruffy and doesn’t go with my current duvet cover. I desperately need a new one. I also like the (sage) plush robe and slippers….but wish they came in pink!

  34. Kathi Ormsby says:

    I love the hexagon patchwork quilt! I believe that is Camilla the colors would match my room perfectly. The throw in green is also very nice.

  35. Phyllis M says:

    So many beautiful items. The paisley pattern is still one of my favorites and I have used it many times in my crafting.

  36. lindar says:

    I find all the patterns to be comforting and peaceful, full of beauty, restful to the eye. Grace is my all-time favorite room decor, but I would be so thrilled with any of the other collections to enhance it.

  37. Jo Ryder says:

    My favorite is the Camilla comforter set and patchwork quilt. They would perk up and beautify any room…especially mine.

  38. Maureen Squire says:

    I love the Camilla collection. I also like the robe, slippers and throw. Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful items.

  39. Jan B says:

    Oh Anna! I’ve been eyeing your beautiful home products! Love them all! We need a comforter and my fave is Juliette gray and the one in traditional Anna colors of cream and gold I saw on the web. The throw and slippers are perfect for everyone! Thx for making our lives beautiful!!

  40. Carla Joseph says:

    Wow! All of the bedding is gorgeous but I would really love to have one of those comfy throws!!! They look so plush, warm and comfy!

  41. Loralei says:

    I would live the Juliette comforter set. It even matches the embossing follder storage boxes in my craft room!

  42. L Allen says:

    Hi Anna,
    I really like the plush throw, robe and slippers. I love the soft colors. The bedding and home décor looks very soft and warm.

  43. Barbara F. Smith says:

    The Juliette set is a masterpiece! It’s the most stunning thing that you’ve ever created. See you tomorrow!

  44. Mary says:

    I forgot to ask. The last time you were on HSN the toner sheet bundle was not on. Are you going to have them again? Please do……

  45. Mary says:


    Don’t you ever strop! I like the robe and slippers best of all. Got your Christmas Pop Up cards and they are beautiful. Keep thinking of new ideas for us and Thank you for everything.

  46. Pat Hauge says:

    I love the Juliette (gray), but I would not say no to the robe and slippers and throw. Great Job, Anna.

  47. Kathy Higgins says:

    My fav is the Camilla bedding set. So unique and beautiful! Thank you for making so many great products and for a chance to win!

  48. Gail Mathis says:

    Like your new patch print, what caught my eye was the well done bed skirt & of course the comfy robe.

  49. Lin M. says:

    I have your Grace bedding collection and it is beautiful & cozy! I sleep in a bed of roses every night! 🙂
    Your new collections are beautiful too! I love the plush throw & slipper set!!! I’m going to order a set for mom & a set for me… 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Janet Mccready says:

    I love the Camilla patchwork quilt. It’s going to start getting mighty cold here in Colorado, and would love to snuggle under, this beautiful homey quilt. I hope I said the right one, the pattern is Octagonal.

  51. Jennie says:

    I love the Juliette bedding (grey)! I also like the idea of the robe and slippers. You always make it so hard to pick just one!

  52. PAMELA Ostapkowicz says:

    I absolutely love the jaquard quilt and the blanket… based off of the colors of the blankets, I hope it is coming in a taupe or beige color!!!! I need it!!!!

  53. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Wow the Joliet bedding is exquisite! Luxury written all over that with the pillow with the white trim. Beautiful. I love how you have used your designs & put them into bedding & home items.

  54. D T Cooper says:

    The chic sets for the bed are so beautiful. My favorite is camilla. I will be watching Wednesday. Anna, when do you rest? I would love to have your energy also. Thank you for your beautiful products.

  55. KymmLisa says:

    I absolutely love the Bedding and the gray is stunning. It looks so rich. The slippers look great too I wear slippers around the house and the Anna Griffin ones look nice and comfy.

  56. Marcie Smith says:

    I love the robe and the throw and slippers. They will make wonderful Christmas Gifts and I will have to make sure I include myself as well!!! Your comforts sets and accessories are absolutely beautiful Anna.

  57. Karen F. says:

    Everything is positively gorgeous so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I am very partial to quilts and yours is the best therefore I will have to say that my absolute favorite is the patchwork quilt for Camilla. That said I must also let you know that I love the birds in the Juliette collection so I love the woven jacquard comforter. I also could use a new robe and slippers and I will never find ones nicer than yours. Congratulation on your new line. Here’s to a great show.

  58. Ellen Williams says:

    Would love to win this for me or my daughter. We both are always cold and this looks like it would keep you warm.

  59. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    Wow, it all looks so luxurious and so comfy. Very elegant and so very Anna!! Beautiful crafts, beautiful home decor from a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing all that you are Anna!

  60. Sandy B says:

    The quilt sets are lovely, as well as the decorative accessories I love beautiful bedding!!! And yours are outstanding !

  61. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna and team!

    Absolutely gorgeous…..everything! It would be so difficult to choose just one! That being said, I have had a crush on the Juliet collection since you first debuted it on QVC UK. Love it and everything else as well!

    See you soon!

  62. Debbie L says:

    The Juliette 3-piece comforter set looks beautiful. I’m so excited, I just purchased it and the throw and slipper set. I can’t wait to receive my order!

  63. Annette J says:

    LOVE all of it such beauty and elegance. Thanks for the preview and look forward to shopping. LOVE the new lounge wear.

  64. Nancy Hulsey says:

    the first two sets are fabulous! I just love them. They are so very elegant and relaxing . Love, love, them. Thanks Anna

  65. Bianca Emert says:

    I’ve been needing a new bathrobe but I waited. I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to get one. And the throws and slippers are gorgeous!!!

  66. Cynthia Little says:

    Unfortunately, my old bathrobe has expired! I would love, love, love to have your new robe! Cozy!

  67. Lisa O says:

    Hello Anna,
    Oh my gosh!!!! I’m way excited!
    It’s so hard to pick , they’re all just beautiful with amazing patterns and high quality!
    I’ll be watching and hope to receive one or many items.
    Thank you to you and your creative and talented team.
    Lisa O

  68. Beverley Clark says:

    I love the patchwork quilt and the robe and slippers. They are totally me. As always, everything is just beautiful.

  69. Andrew says:

    I bought the lovely cosy Amelie set on QVC and wondered if there is going to be a baseValance to match available and also an extra set of pillowcases ?

    Love the new designs, favourite is the green and white – lovely and fresh looking

  70. Kim Bush says:

    These are all so beautiful! If you make me pick a favorite, I think the throw and slippers would be mine because I can imagine crafting on a cold winter’s night with those slippers on my feet and the throw on my lap.

  71. Andrea says:

    All the home items are simy beautiful!! I love the robes and throw and slippers that match. They look so soft and comfortable. What wonderful products!!!!

  72. Gaila says:

    I’m really involved in intensive “Cricut YouTube classes” and pop-up Christmas card-making this week, Anna, thanks to you, and enjoying it all!

    Your new home goods are as gorgeous as your designs always are, and I think the little touches of robe and slippers and a neck roll make it all so luxurious.

  73. Deidra says:

    After a long but exhilarating day of watching my Golden Cricut drawing and cutting beautiful designs and Mincing selected cuts, I envision myself reclining on Anna’s 3 piece Camilla Hexagon Patchwork Quilt as I wear Anna’s plush robe (taupe) and I sip a cup of green tea.

  74. Linda DeVries says:

    I love so many of this new group of Anna Griffin linens. There are the decorative pillows–the Camella Pair, the Camella Wreath, and the Gray Jacquard Julliette Pair (with a matching Gray Juliette Comforter Set). I love grosgrain ribbon and the colors of gray and wheat in the Anna Griffin line; so I also admire the Grosgrain Ribbon Euro Shams and the Plush Printed Blanket. These all work with linens I own from this line and others.

  75. Amy Hazlett says:

    I absolutely love the 3 piece gray jacquard set. All are beautiful, but this one really strikes my fancy!

  76. Linda Conway says:

    LOVE the robe! It is beautiful. I live in robes after I get home from work. To have one plush and beautiful would be divine for weekend wearing.

  77. Kim says:

    Love the robe!! Now that little darling looks so toasty and comfy, PERFECT for these LONG , COLD Northern Wisconsin winters!! Just beautiful Anna!! LOVE the color!

  78. Erin Glee says:

    The slippers and throw look so soft! Everything is Anna-gorgeous, of course!
    Thank you for the chance to win and have a fantastic day!

  79. Rebecca kirian says:

    I love the silver comforter. It brings me into a dif world. I cant stop staring at it. That’s the one. an elegant garden with birds and all. It’s so beautiful. I’m literarily tearing up while staring at this comforter set. I planned on using your wall paper when I redo my bedroom. I hope hope hope this goes with it. Fingers crossed. Well done ANNA

  80. Helen Hayes says:

    How to choose! Slippers and throw looks so cozy. Juliette bedding, and those pillows! Love the silvery gray too.

  81. Debbie Allen says:

    Oh it’s so hard to choose just one but I think the robe looks so crazy & warm! Then of course I would need the slippers & throw to top it off! I love them all.

  82. Kathleen Chodelka says:

    My niece is expecting to deliver her first child in the next few weeks. The plush robe and the giftable throw/slipper set would be a most “Welcome Home
    Baby Gift” for the new mother to enjoy.

  83. Laurel Mitchell says:

    The Camilla comforter is SOO Anna Griffin–beautiful. Also like the throw and of course the robe. I would love to decorate my whole house in Anna Griffin style.

  84. Joee says:


  85. Judith Miller says:

    The Jacquard bed set is beautiful. However, I am going to be selfish and choose the throw and slippers as the item I would want. They look comfy and pretty too.

  86. Amy Crane says:

    Anna, everything is SOOO lovely!

    I do like the robe and slippers…it feels cozy already…just looking at the photo of the model wearing the robe!!

    Thanks again for creating such interesting products for us.

  87. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I love all of your linens but my all time favorite would be the Grace Reversible Comforter Set in the black. I have some of your craft storage boxes in that pattern and I just love them.

  88. Margaret Austin says:

    Thank you Anna for wonderful products. Just been working on pop cards. Second attempt better. Sorry this was your last time on Qvc. You deserved a better send off so thank you on behalf of all British craters. Please join another crafting channel. Love M.

  89. Mary Jackson says:

    I love the Camilla set ! It’s gorgeous. My favorite of all is the Camilla wreath pillow. Would love to see that on a card too !!!

  90. Karen Forte says:

    I love, love, love this beefing. I have a passion for quilts, with roses and flowers. That first quilt is sooooo gorgeous. WOW

  91. Debbie McL says:

    Your gorgeous Camilla sets are my most favorite. I love this print so much! Have fun at the shows tomorrow Anna! I am looking forward to watching these new home decor items.

  92. Barbara Mann says:

    Wow, what beautiful bedding. Who wouldn’t love to have a pair of those cozy slippers and the matching blanket? I know I would!

  93. Laura says:

    It’s all so beautiful. I really love the look of the patchwork quilt. It would be amazing to have a beautiful bed set with matching curtains. The robe and slippers look so soft and warm.

  94. Merial Smartt says:

    I love the robe, slippers, and throw. I can just imagine wrapping their beautiful softness around me!

  95. Jane Baker says:

    Hello Anna, I went wild at the last HSN craft show of your new products. I especially like the Camila patchwork quilt and comforter in your new bedding line. Very pretty.

  96. Toni says:

    I love the quilt — but the Midwest me just wants to cuddle in the throw and keep my toes warm in the slippers. It is all beauty in the making.

  97. Doug G. says:

    LOVE the Juliette 3-piece Gray Jacquard Comforter Set and the cozy looking printed plush throws !!!! Everything looks Wonderful !!! Wishing you GREAT shows and many sell outs !!!

  98. Judith Brauer says:

    Hi Anna, love the Camilla patchwork set, so beautiful. The slippers and throw look to be so soft and comfy.

  99. Heidi says:

    Pillows! I have the grace bedding and curtains and I also ordered the slippers and blanket to keep me cozy.

  100. Ann says:

    The robe and slipper set look so luxurious! My favorite part of the day is a lovely cuppa in the morning catching my breath before my day begins. I think I would look lovely and feel warm and cozy in that beautiful set.

  101. Gale says:

    Anna, you make such beautiful things, more than just cards/stationary however these items are just gorgeous. My favorite is the Juliette comforter. It is just beautiful.
    Have a great day showing all of it.

  102. Eva Kiriazes says:

    The linens are of course beautiful! My favorite would be the robe and slippers. As winter approaches, it would be such a lovely treat to cozy up by the fire and make my AG Christmas cards. Sending a set to my daughter in college so she can cozy up in her dorm to do her engineering homework which never ends.

  103. CB in LA says:

    I love the tailored, bordered accent pillows! Just the right elegant touch to finish off bedroom decor. Thanks Anna!

  104. Amy Harper says:

    I LOVE the Camilla comforter set. I already have the black Grace comforter, but now I really want the Camilla one. It’s beautiful!!

  105. sandi says:

    I love the Camilla cotton decorative pillow pair. They will look perfect with my Camilla quilt kit I purchased a while back.

  106. TeranceH in Texas says:

    I like them all even thought they don’t fit my style, but i do love how plus and comfy your comforters look, i hope they are as plush in person. Good Luck tomorrow hope you have a sell out day,

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