Anna Griffin Home Giveaway & HSN November 2nd Sneak Peeks

Happy Friday, friends!

We had a very fun morning of Anna Griffin Home shows at HSN on Wednesday, and now it’s time to jet off to the International Quilt Market in Houston for the weekend!

We loved all of your comments on Tuesday. To say thanks, we’re sending a random winner an item from our new Anna Griffin Home plush collection on Congratulations Granny D!! You are going to love cozying up with your choice of a robe, slipper set or throw.  Enjoy!

Our next visit to HSN is fast approaching, and it’s all about crafts. Mark your calendars for Monday, November 2nd at 4 a.m., 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST- it will be your last chance to stock up for the holiday season!

How about a little advance sneak peek? We can’t resist! Our Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit will be back for those of you that can’t get enough handmade Christmas cards this year. How fun is that?

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If you’re already thinking about projects for the New Year, you’ll be thrilled to know that one of our favorite Valentine’s designer kits will be back too- the Juliet Collection! You’ll want to have this, especially when you see one of the die sets we have coming up in January…


We will preview all of the brand new items for the November 2nd shows on Tuesday, and will post a complete shopping list on Friday, October 30th.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Susan Heflin says:

    I’d Love to win one of the sets for my daughter and daughter-in-law! They are the artistic ones in the family.

  2. Jodi Ashby says:

    Anna, I love your products, I have 2 of your card making kits and the cuddlebug. . My favorite is the Christmas card kit…I am looking forward to hopefully winning the new sets!! Thank you for making such beautiful and easy to use kits!! What I especially like about them is that we can still be creative !

  3. Sue Ortiz says:

    My friend just got the Cricut gold with your digital content and Christmas pop up kit. Love the pop up cards. Absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait for November 2nd to see your new products.

  4. Christina Rugg says:

    Anna I love your new coloring books would like to get the new Christmas coloring books will have to watch for them after work on Nov 2nd. This weekend I am using one of your Christmas card kits to make Christmas cards for our Veterans. Thank you for helping me to complete so many cards for them.

  5. Carmella Brown says:

    Hello Anna Griffin ! I love your Christmas creations ! All of them are just beautiful ! I enjoy making cards . Happy crafting everyone !

  6. Stacey says:

    I love the new Holiday Trimmings 2 card making kit. I am in the process of making cards for Christmas!

  7. Mirian Martinez says:

    I think I like the shiny accents on the paper bows the best, When I think there is no surprise left you always deliver.

  8. Debbie M says:

    Thank you Anna for all the awesome kits! Love the Christmas designs and can’t wait for more. See you in November.

  9. DebbieZ says:

    Hello Anna! All the kits are beautiful I love the look of the samples for the Holiday Trimmings II kit. Gorgeous cards! I bet the Holiday Trimmings II kit would work great with the Christmas Pop Up card making kit also. I could see interchanging quite a few things between both kits.

  10. Sharon Weinreb says:

    I was just thinking I need to start planning Valentine’s projects. Looking forward to seeing the Valentine’s line. Thanks for making my life easier with your designs & products!

  11. Kim Sikorski says:

    Hello Anna! Gotta say I LOVE the Xmas Cards!! The embellishments are BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait for Nov 2nd!!!! Thanks! Kim

  12. Penny C says:

    Holiday Trimming in my humble opinion is the best product you have EVER made but I also have tomsdmit that I am smitten with this year’s kit as well. Safe travels Anna.

  13. Judy medlong says:

    So sorry I missed your last show I had a death in the family. Cant wait to see the show on November 2. Love your cards thanks Judy

  14. Judy medlong says:

    hi! I missed your other show due to a death in the family . I am praying that I see this one nov 2nd . Just love your cards so much. judy

  15. Kim Hattox says:

    Hi Anna! Let me say how much I enjoy Anna Griffin Inc. items on HSN and the fun 24 hr Craft days 🙂 Your company has exceptional quality products and very beautiful products. I am somewhat puzzled however that you have another appearance on HSN this year because I could have sworn I heard the hosts say more than once that October 7th was your last shows for the year…? Just confused, happy you will be back with more items.

  16. Carol Assentato says:


  17. Susan m. says:

    I will be looking forward to the show. I’m really hoping you will have more of the say it anyway stamps as they got sold out on the last show before I got my order in…

  18. Karen Cash says:

    Can’t wait to see the holiday trimmings kit. And I’m so excited to see you a again just before the holidays on hsn

  19. Donna says:

    So excited to see Juliet will be returning and I can’t wait to see the dies for the line!! Thank you for the sneak peeks and giveaways!

  20. Pamela says:

    So glad to see the valentine collection coming back. I talked myself into not getting and have loved all the projects I’ve seen since. That will be a must have this time!

  21. Mary Anne says:

    Great News ! i thought we had seen the last of crating from you for the year . Always great to see more Anna Griffin !!!!

  22. Robina Felker says:

    will the valentine dies be one of the auto ships we are already going to get. If so great. If not I will want.

  23. Connie Johnson says:

    My birthday is on 3 Nov.

    I learned a long time ago, if you want to be happy on your birthday, you should buy yourself a present.

    That way, you are sure to get exactly what you want. Guess what I want! Um…yeah!!!

  24. Lynn Smith says:

    can’t wait till November 2…always have so many wonderful items to look at, it is always difficult which I love the most. as always Anna, thank you for bringing our “crafting” to become so much more.

  25. Diana Durst says:

    Love, love, love your products. I had so much fun with your Halloween die cuts. Made a lot of wonderful cards for the grandchildren and children. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

  26. 逆向网赚 says:




  27. chayden says:

    My My.. I had no idea that you are having another showing so soon.. THRILLED TO DEATH.. Here I come DVR…
    By the way Anna I really liked the Peace, Love, Joy card…I hope you have something with YELLOW ROSES coming out soon.

  28. J Perry says:

    Fantastic! I loved that kit: works so well with the coordinating Cuttlebug folders.

    I’m curious: will you ever be doing another “superstore” anytime in the future. I loved being able to stock up directly at your website.

  29. Sue Lutz says:

    Husband Bob says it feels like Christmas morning each time your things arrive! I agree lol. Can’t wait for this next one. 🙂 Working on my pop up Christmas cards now and loving them. Thanks Anna.

  30. Rosie Vidaurri says:

    HI Anna! Just got all of my goodies from your last appearance! Love it all and can’t wait until Nov 2nd!

  31. Christine says:

    I cannot wait to get my Holiday Trimming Card making kit. I have been making my Christmas pop up cards and just having a blast!!!!

  32. Elizabeth Fudge says:

    Looking forward to receiving your sneak peak of the upcoming November 2 show. I have also set my phone alarm in anticipation of the the 4am viewing. Watching your beautiful items make my day.

  33. Mary R says:

    Congrats Granny D~you are so Lucky! Enjoy your gifts. So many Holidays coming up and so many kits, it is hard to choose. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Anna.

  34. Titina Salinas says:

    Hi anna congratulations everything its gorgeous,but where i can buy this i live outside usa.and hsn do not acept our credit cards even paypal. Etsy store have some products but no everything .thanks again

  35. Judy says:

    I don’t know if I have any more room for your products. I’ve got so many. I love everything! Well maybe I can squeeze some more somewhere!

  36. Debbie McL says:

    I missed getting your Juliet Collection when it debuted on HSN…I hope to get it in November. It is so feminine and elegant. I especially enjoy working with your beautiful collections to create scrapbooks. Thank you for bringing Juliet back Anna!

  37. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    The Juliet collection looks beautiful. You said it’s coming back, when was it on last? Sometimes I forget what I already have. I love it so much.

  38. Sandra Griswold says:

    Loved thehome fashion day at HSN, such lovely things.So , see you soon. and do our last shopping before Christmas.

  39. Karen Cash says:

    Houston, as in Houston, TX??? Woohoo! I live in Houston but didn’t know about the quilt show. I’ll check it out!

  40. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Thank you for bringing back the Juliette kit. I missed on it last year. Can you PLEASE bring some more of the Festive words dies and folders on the 2nd?
    Looking forward and counting the days!

  41. darilyn ziegler says:

    Oh, as soon as we get past Halloween, I will be ready to create for Christmas. Thank you for making that possible! 🙂 Enjoy!

  42. Sandra Evans says:

    I have almost finished my Christmas pop up cards and will start making more cards with all my Minc products and all the Christmas products I recently bought and some that I had left from last year. I’m really getting in the card making mood now. The pop ups are really beautiful. Thanks for the sneak peeks. Can’t wait for the 2nd. Got my DVR set to record your shows that day. Congratulations to Granny D.

  43. Debra Lovell says:

    Wow! Anna , you keep me Broke…lol but some how I seem to be able to keep buying your Beautiful items… I just ordered your sheets… Im so excited , as I Know they have to be Wonderful… I Love Your Style!

  44. Melba B says:

    Can’t wait for the Nov. 2nd show! I know That I will be in trouble again! Anna Griffin, you are the best ever!

  45. Eileen Wagner says:

    Beautiful as usual! I am LOVING the things I got on the last HSN craft show. Can’t wait until November 2nd.

  46. Renee Zimmerman says:

    Can’t wait until Nov 2nd and yet more Anna Griffin crafts on HSN. Congrats to Granny D! Love my Anna Griffin quilt!

  47. deborah j.t.m. says:

    ANOTHER CRAFT DAY????? Squeeeeeee!
    There might have been ONE or TWO items I didn’t buy last time! LOL
    Will be there watching with bells on! 😀

  48. Dana says:

    Wow! Another craft day! Anna, thanks for all your inspiration! I love my new Christmas pop-up card kit!
    And so does my granddaughter who is 6. She got to make the first card for a friend who has moved away.

  49. Mary Beth says:

    I hope you are taking some time off in December – before you collapse from exhaustion!!

    We all appreciate your efforts and thank you for making our world a little more beautiful each day!

  50. Lynda Valentinw says:

    Wow! I don’t know how much more my credit cards can take. 🙂 The new Cricut content is great, but I need the gold & silver paper. I hope it is restocked.

  51. Barbara Kruza says:

    Oh Dear! Another sleepless night waiting for all the wonderful Anna Griffin cards, dies, etc. I can’t wait!

  52. Barbara Mann says:

    Looking forward to Tuesday to preview the new items. I hope you don’t have too horrible of weather in Houston this weekend. Stay safe.

  53. Sandy Tilt says:

    I’m looking forward to your November 2nd show. Last year I purchased the series of card making kits, not only were not only fun to make but very elegant. Thanks Anna for sharing your talent with us!

  54. MaryBeth says:

    I’m looking forward to another crafting day. Maybe sitting around in one of your robes and slippers with some hot chocolate will complete my picture. You don’t have Anna Hot Chocolate for sale do you????

  55. Lin M. says:

    Congratulations Granny D!!!

    I ordered the plush slippers & throw – 1 set for me and 1 for mom. I can’t wait to get them next week! 🙂

  56. says:

    Purchased the Christmas Pop Up Cards. Can’t wait to start working on them. Just finished my other pop up cards. My friends love receiving my cards. Lots of love goes into creating them.

  57. Barbara Baker-Davison says:

    Love the trimming kit – just can’t get enough Anna (also my middle name and grandmother’s name) Griffin in my craft room. Thanks for bringing out the creative best is us.

  58. Grama Pei says:

    Cynthia, what a wonderful day to have for a birthday right? Parade and everYTHING! Are you going to go to “Create!”? And have a Beautiful birthday in the making?- well, OK two days after, but who’s counting!

  59. Patti Garcia says:

    I am having a problem waiting………. Can you do all of this right now? I know Houston needs you too. I guess that I will just need to calm down and wait lol.

  60. Grama Pei says:

    I feel your financial pain, Faith! I have that same malady! ha! Right, -what a great malady to have?! I hope you get the finances to snatch up more treasures! After all, we are not hoarding them for ourselves, but to use to bless others with in making them pieces of joy!

  61. Grama Pei says:

    Debbie, if you can find the O.O.P. book “Designer scrapbooks with Anna Griffin, an Interactive DVD Book” (with included DVD CD-Rom and Project Shopping guide)” you can print many of the original papers yourself, on ANY paper you want! YOu will have to look in the used books, I assume, as that is where I found my treasure! Just make certain it has the DVD and CD with it before purchase. Good luck!

  62. Linda Taylor says:

    I LOVE that we will be able to purchase the Holiday Trimmings kit again. It was an awesome kit. I missed out on Juliet last year. I don’t plan on making that mistake again! Can’t wait to see the new items you have in store for us!

  63. natalie sandler says:

    I am annadicted! Looking forward to the Valentine Kit! Thank you for your beautiful creations. By the way, the sheets are outstanding! I bought 2 more sets. {And I am very picky-Princess and the pea sort}

  64. CathyinMN says:

    The cards from the Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit look wonderful. What a great kit for making holiday cards.

  65. Bonnie W. says:

    Enjoy the quilt show! I love quilts. I am so glad you are doing a craft show in Nov. I enjoy all your products and can’t wait to see what new things are in store for all of us. Best wishes always, Bonnie W.

  66. patricia crocker says:

    Looking forward to the show. Love everything I got from the last show. Thank you for all the giveaways.

  67. Frankie Rolfe says:

    As always I can’t decide which item I like the best, when it says Anna Griffin I am usually a goner!!! Once again fab!

  68. Grama Pei says:

    I hear THAT, Erin! Me, too! If its not on an autoship, (because I get them the minute they are offered) I m BUYING it, even sight-unseen! Learned my lesson when Anna offered the Christmas ornament dies, and I thought Oh, I need to wait till after Christmas… GONE! POOF! ha! No. IF I ever run into that dilemma again, I m giving the die set for Christmas. At least I know where I could go borrow it, right?! OH, gosh, what a GREAT gift! An AG die set and a Golden Bug, because then you would NEVER run out of ideas for a gift for that person! Another die set, or folders! Forever! ha!

  69. Annette J says:

    Awesome cards and so beautiful really puts me in the Christmas spirit. Congrats to Granny D. enjoy all your beautiful items. Thanks for the heads up for Nov. 2 looking forward to it.

  70. Grama Pei says:

    Hi, Ellen! I believe I heard from a fellow Griffinite that Anna and Co are combining the items from these kits- I don’t know if all elements or just some, and haven’t even verified it with Anna Griffin, Inc, but you KNOW if its from Anna its going to be GREAT, Right? 🙂 Hope your day is sweet!

  71. Doug G. says:

    Loved the Home Collection… Looking forward to Nov 2nd visit on HSN. Can’t wait to see the sneak peeks !!!

  72. Marcie Smith says:

    Looking forward to yet another award winning HSN Anna Griffin showing. Marked my calendar !

  73. Ellen says:

    Your card kits are the BEST! These card samples are from Holiday Traditions rather than Holiday Trimmings, soooo perhaps might this mean they are BOTH returning favorites????

  74. Sandy Sisney says:

    Can’t wait!! I’m getting ready to make my beautiful Christmas cards with the new card kit I just got HSN! I have been an Anna Griffin junkie since I found you yrs ago on another channel & all the stores! Keep the pretties & beauties coming. Can’t wait for the new stuff in November’s show.

  75. Diane R says:

    Marked my calendar. Can’t wait for the show. New to creating AG cards. Love the card kits as everything one needs to create cards. Making my Christmas cards for 2015. Can’t wait to see more kits in the future.

  76. Meg Brice says:

    Marked on my calendar, I’ll be there!! Will the artful patterns embossing folders be available, the one for sale on the UK HSN? Hope so, have a great weekend. Meg

  77. Linda O'Connor says:

    Hi Anna
    I love the look of the Christmas trimmings card making kit! Beautiful and they will look great with some of your Holiday luster printables!
    Have fun in Houston!
    Linda O’Connor

  78. Lori says:

    I hope you bring back the Vintage Ornament panel die from last Christmas! Hopefully you will be able to offer more Festive Word Cutting Dies #436-747. Please!!!!!! It’s so sad that things run out and we can’t buy them other than HSN.

  79. Heidi says:

    Papers, to furniture, bedding to clothing who could ask for anything more. We can!!!! Bring it on Anna❤️

  80. Patti Carper says:

    More Christmas!! My head is still spinning from making cards, and trying to decide what to use… Decisions,decisions,decisions!!! Cannot wait to see what is next!

  81. Linda Marie says:

    I will be watching November 2nd. Will need to purchase another Christmas kit… friends are loving them. Can’t wait to see what else you are going to show.

  82. Donna C. says:

    There is nothing like A.G. card kits and embellishments for the holidays! Love everything and looking forward to what’s next.
    Thank you…….we enjoy all the creativity.

  83. Amy Crane says:

    PS: our lady custodian at school almost cried when I gave her a b’day card this week.
    Bless you in helping me bless others. Amy

  84. Amy Crane says:

    Anna, thanks for coming on HSN again and offering your products to help us look really professional, elegant, and unique in our card giving.
    I’m giving a b’day card to every faculty and staff member at my school…even the men seem moved to receive one!! I see people displaying them on their bulletin boards.
    So, thank you for all you do to help us bring some peace, joy, and beauty to people’s lives.
    Best wishes, Amy

  85. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    Having financial difficulties and could not get the Christmas pop-up kit this year from HSN. Was devastated because I bought Anna Christmas boxes for the last two years and L*O*V*E them. 🙁 — but I will make do with the things I have from past kits *sigh*. Congradts to everyone who got the kit(s) and, of course to the winner Granny. Adore you, Anna, and your sneak peaks. Keep up the great work!

  86. Erin Glee says:

    Yipee for Granny D! She’ll be cosy this winter!
    I already want the new die set for Feb. and I don’t know what it looks like….I trust you, Anna!

  87. Suzann Anderson says:

    Congrats Granny D! Looking forward to November 2nd. Hoping you have more Say it Anyways stamp sets. There were out of stock before I could order them.

  88. Barbara F. Smith says:

    The Juliet kit will be perfect for Valentine’s day! It’s one of the few kits that I don’t have. I can’t wait to watch you on November 2nd.

  89. Pat Hauge says:

    October show was on my 75th birthday and the November show is on my daughter’s birthday. How about that for coincidence.

  90. Lu Edwards says:

    The October show was a couple of days before my birthday. The November show is a few days before my anniversary (45 years). Guess what I’m getting as a gift….anything AG!

  91. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. I can hardly wait! Missed Juliette last time. Looking forward to new dies. Have a great weekend. Blessings and love, Betsy from NC

  92. Debbie Daniels says:

    Anna here’s the deal *** I need you to sell the old fashioned vintage paper that you used to sell !! I’m completely out & I can only find them on eBay or Amazon where they sell them by the sheet. Help! These are the papers you started with and I’d like you to make those again. Please!!!

  93. Faith Liu says:

    Wow! I love Anna’s stuff. I have cabinet-fuls of her papers and embossing folders- can’t help myself. All tapped out this year 🙁 but I will still watch and probably buy more!

  94. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    First, congrats to Granny D! Good luck choosing your cozy gift!

    I’m really excited for your visit on the 2nd, it will be another glam event to be sure! Everything looks very beautiful!

    Safe travels to the quilt show everyone!

    See you soon! (yay)

  95. Diane says:

    WOW – even more to see next month! Then on to 2016 projects??? I’ll be home recovering from eye surgery, which will limit crafting for a month or so. At least I can craft vicariously on November 2nd!

  96. tamera gumkowski says:

    just can’t wait for my granddaughter to come over , we are making x-mas cards ( a new tradition we started last year ) we both are looking forward to the pop up ones !

  97. Deborah Holman says:

    Looking forward to nov 2nd and can we talk about VALENTINES?! My favorite holiday! Pink and red and lace and…sigh…I can’t wait!

  98. Rosemarie says:

    Anna continues to “push the envelope” with her designs and inspires us to create and personalize our art. The quality of her products are outstanding, colors are vibrant and so easy to use. Working in my craft room is simply a joyful experience, from her organization products to beautiful papers each new project is a success and so appreciated my family and friends. Thank You for sharing your vision, Anna.

  99. MJ says:

    Glad you will be back on HSN in November . . . I thought that we wouldn’t see you until after the holidays! I’m so happy.

  100. Fran Oldaker says:

    Can’t wait till November 2nd, already marked my calendar. Love everything I ever ordered from Anna

  101. Debbie Dunn says:

    Good Morning Anna, I am so glad that Juliet is making a comeback, I missed out on it the last time, been kicking myself ever since. Congratulations to the Winner, Granny D.

  102. Dianne McDonald says:

    I love the sneak peeks! Last year’s Juliette kit was fantastic! I can hardly wait for 11/2 and the Anna Griffin weekend on the 13th!

  103. roann smolinski says:

    Beautiful!!!! I love making your card sets, and my friends and family love them when they get them in the mail!!! Thank you for briging class back!

  104. gail W. says:

    both of these are super kits! Can’t wait for Nov. 2nd to roll around. Thank you for all you do for us Anna! congratulations to Granny D !!

  105. Jan Fowler says:

    I’m so excited to see this year’s Christmas cards set! I live in Houston and wish I could see you this weekend at the quilt festival. We are expecting a lot of rain so I’ll bee staying home. Please travel safely!

  106. Patty Moss says:

    Oh Yeah another Xmas treat. I will definitely have to put this on my list. Now I just need to get started with the other things. Anna does it again. It would be lovely to win this since HSN owns me LOL.

  107. Audrey Olander says:

    My birthday is November 2nd so I am definitely looking forward to treating myself to some wonderful goodies!

  108. Barbara L says:

    I don’t know about everyone but I can’t seem to get enough of these Christmas Card kits and decor! Don’t know why, but I find them so spectacular and so magical ! Cant wait for the HSN show on Nov 2nd and so looking forward to the coming sneak peaks…

  109. Becky H. says:

    Yes I am ready for more! your kits are saving me allot of time lately. Had I even thought of Valentines Day not til you mentioned it. Maybe I can be ready and on time with my cards for the coming holidays. Looking forward to the Nov.2nd shows.

  110. lindar says:

    Hooray for Granny D!!!!
    Looking forward to Nov 2: lots of items to enhance my growing collections, lots of new ideas to enrich my cards and scrapbook pages, lots of joy to fill my life to overflowing.
    Thank you, Anna!!!!!!

  111. Liz Rhames says:

    My theory is “you can never have too much Anna Griffin”. Anna did you ever think of wallpaper. I know a couple of your patterns would look great on my craftroom wall. Think about it. Like working in a garden setting.
    Those are my thoughts today and now I love the Christmas embellishments. They will make a lot more cards and scrapbook pages.

  112. barb macaskill says:

    So many beautiful new products to try!! I am a lurker due to finances but I certainly do my share of drooling over all the pretties!!! Looking forward to seeing what else is headed our way!! TFS!

  113. Paula Puckett says:

    More goodies? Oh Anna, you’re so sweet. I’m gonna need to watch my sugar levels on Monday, November 2nd!

  114. jeanne seavey says:

    i am totally hooked on hsn programming and stock related to you anna, i add one major item each time you go to hsn, and look forward to the next visit. you haven’t created anything that i wouldn’t love to own,, if i don’t already! thanks!

  115. Shannon says:

    Well no surprise this is going to be another winner for our Christmas cards. It will be great to add to the popups which are simply beautiful. These will arrive just in time to complete my cards. And the Valentine assortment to come all I can say is WOW

  116. Marcia says:

    Your designs are magical. As a quilter, I am so glad that you have entered the world of fabric designs. I am looking forward to seeing you on HSN

  117. Diane Adams says:

    Have the date marked and can’t wait for Nov. 2nd. I’s sure I won’t be disappointed and neither will anyone else.

  118. Mary White says:

    Wonderful show on Wednesday. I love all my beautiful new products that I recently ordered! This weekend will be a busy “Anna” weekend creating my card kits and learning how to use the Gold Cricut Explorer Air. Have a fabulous weekend! XO

  119. Brenda Hoffman says:

    Love all your products. I have enjoyed the dies and folders that I ordered.. I’ll be watching HSN again in November when you are on. to see what you will be bringing for us to all be excited for what is new.

  120. Margaret says:

    I love all your craft stuff and will definitely be tuning in on November 2nd. I can’t wait to see what new items you’ll be offering.

  121. Dianne Giselle says:

    Looking forward to the show! Love my Cuddlebug heart folders and of course it’s such fun to use paper tricks folders too! The Juliet collection is right up my alley for sure! My crafting friends are amazed at what die cuts can do. Oh yea, I’ll be working from home to watch the show!

  122. Carolyn H says:

    Temptations galore. Told myself I would only look but could not resist. Can not wait to “snuggle” with your items. Instead of Griffinites we should be Crafty Snuggle Princesses !! You make so many happy. Great work Anna.

  123. Mary says:


    You are remarkable. I missed your shows on Wed. but am eagerly looking forward to Nov. 2. I already received your Christmas Card Kit and put them all together. Now I want to see what else you are going to come up with. Again, I ask if you are going to have the Toner Paper and ink that was suppose to be on but was not. Really am interested in this item so please let us know.
    Take care and good luck with all you are doing.

  124. Brenda O says:

    First off, Congratulations Granny D! I also can not wait until November 2nd!
    Thanks for all the great items Anna.

  125. RandellynB says:

    Beautiful show on Wednesday, your home collection is amazingly beautiful. I’ve been playing with my new Anna Griffin products and having fun! Thank you for bringing back popular items for your fans, I really appreciate having the opportunity to purchase an item I’ve missed out on in the past. Are the Christmas Stamps for this year coming back to HSN for Nov. 2nd? I didn’t see them in the Oct. 7th show. Please say it’s so…speaking of which are those Say It Anyway stamps coming back too…missed those! Can’t wait to see you again on HSN and have great show at the Int’l Quilt Market this weekend.

  126. Mary Ann says:

    Oh no, I thought Christmas was the only count down until I discovered Anna Griffin! Now her appearance on HSN is truly a count down and rivals Christmas for me.

    Thank you Anna I love, love, love your crafts!!

  127. Linda DeVries says:

    Congratulations, Granny D. I’m thinking the Juliet Collection might be useful for scrapbook memories of my daughter’s wedding coming up in Sept.,2016.

  128. Angie K. says:

    Congrats to Granny! Love the original Christmas Card kit! Can’t wait for the Valentine Designer Paper and Dies! So glad I am on Auto-ship!!! C’mon, Nov. 2nd!

  129. JanneyLou says:

    Good morning Anna,

    I’m having a great time creating and crafting with my new AG Christmas themed kits,die cuts and holiday cardstock. Thank you for making it all so easy and beautiful.

    So happy for you, Granny D! Enjoy your prizes.

  130. Maryann H says:

    Hi Anna – so excited about Nov. 2. Can’t wait. Love everything and of course I need more. LOL See you on the 2nd.

  131. Joan LoBrutto says:

    Love your craft shows. I learn so many new ideas and techniques to use in my card making and scrapbooking. You have a wonderful knowledge of how colors, textures, shapes,etc. go together and a talent for teaching us how to do it. Can’t wait for Nov. 2nd.

  132. Maria Suffredini says:

    Love getting these Sneak Peeks! I already found that you will be on HSN on Nov. 2nd and set the shows to record in case I forget! Never miss and Anna Griffin HSN appearance! Thanks for the wonderful stuff to create with!

  133. Carol says:

    Congratulations to Granny D, I know she will love her selection of a robe, slippers or throw … they look so lovely and comfy too.

    Anna, I love your Wednesday shows on HSN. Now I’m looking forward to November 2nd.

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