HSN November 2nd Giveaway and Shopping List

Hi everyone!

Happy Halloween Eve! We’ve been posting really fun Halloween project inspiration all week long on our Facebook page, so be sure to check those out.  It’s one of our very favorite holidays to craft for!

We just drew a name of one lucky lady who will receive our brand new Holiday Trimmings II Card Making Kit, Christmas Coloring Books, Minc Die Cut Bows and the Vintage French Minc bundle. Congratulations Merrie Oxborn!!

It’s hard to believe our final shows of 2015 on HSN are happening this Monday. Don’t miss this chance to stock up on so many wonderful things! We’ll be on at 4 a.m., 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. Here’s a complete shopping list:

447-468: Holiday Trimmings II Card Making Kit


452-458: Christmas Coloring Book Set

443-539: Minc Die Cut Bows


438-707: Minc Vintage French Bundle


441-692: Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition with Anna Griffin Content

452-006: Holiday Cartridge Bundle with Mats

443-534: Holiday Washi Tape


410-771: Anna Griffin Minc Machine

427-059: White Cards, Layers and Envelopes

442-893: Christmas White Cards, Layers and Envelopes

443-540: Vintage French White Cards, Layers and Envelopes

436-745: Baubles and Bells Embossing Folders

442-892: Pretty Patterns Cards and Envelopes

437-897: Holiday Pop Up Card Making Kit

405-524: Pretty Paintings Card Making Kit

442-9050: Foil Boiserie Stickers

436-744: Holiday Bells Cutting Dies

395-639: Juliet Paper Crafting Kit


371-669: 3D Christmas Gift Tags

395-643: Glitter Cardstock

436-748: Christmas Mix and Match Frames for Cuttlebug

442-897: Vibrant Vellum Die Cuts

See you on Monday!


  1. Susan m. says:

    Got the holiday pop up card kit and the holiday trimmings kit. Beautiful and can’t wait to make the cards for everyone. Do still hope hsn gets the say it anyway stamp set back in stock one of these days.

  2. Cathy C says:

    I too was watching your show last night and it was cut short but I am always looking forward to your next showing.

  3. PaperDoll says:

    I am devastated! I only caught this show time & couldn’t believe it when 3 products in, it was over! :'( I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  4. Rosie V. says:

    Anna, what happened to you this evening? I set your last show from 6:00 to 7:00 PM around my calendar and you were only on for 25 minutes. There was no explanation from HSN! I am very disappointed and not all items were featured. What happened? I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering. Thank you.

  5. Diane Hunter says:

    Just watched your last show for the year on HSN. You were wonderful with so many creative ideas for using your products. Can’t wait to get my coloring books. I’ve already put Jan. 26, 2016 in my calendar. Excited for your new markers.

  6. Denise says:

    I just got the e-mail that there is a giveaway today 11/2. I keep hoping I will win some of your awesome products. I am looking forward to your shows today! Please consider some weekend shows, please!!

  7. Susan Mobus says:

    I wait until I hear your going to be on HSN. I just Love you and all your supplies. I stay near that tv and watch every minute of your items. Totally Awesome!…

  8. lielaboo says:

    Hi J. Perry. I’ve already used mine and what I’ve done is cut them to use as trimming and boarders follow the designs, it’s that easy. Also I cut out the center square or oval and made it look like my poinsettias are coming out. I’ve cut them to look like vases too. I’ve also used them like a frame after cutting the centers out as if it was a Christmas scene. Even made a couple into post cards. Hope this helps. That’s beautiful in the making. 🙂

  9. Deborah Perry says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for rereleasing the Juliette set. I was heartbroken when I missed out on it last year! Love the French inspired Minc pieces. I already purchased the matching cards!

  10. Bobbie Wendt-Machek says:

    Happy Halloween to you to! I look forward to all your shows. I am a card maker. I just love all your stuff. I love it all but I wish I had you gold edition machine that comes with a cartridge and can purchase more for die cuts.
    Thanks for everything!

  11. Michelle says:

    Can’t give up! That would be like giving up on her. They told me she would only live less than 2 years, and she is 29. My life would be so empty without her!

    Thanks for the encouragement, same goes for you!

  12. J Perry says:

    I’m excited for Monday, but I’m seriously very close to returning my 96-piece Holiday foil layers b/c as pretty as they are, I just can’t figure out how to incorporate them in either the minc cards or the pop-up card kit. Will you be doing a video showing how in the near future?

  13. Bonnie W. says:

    I am looking forward to your show and relaxing before the holidays hit. It will be wonderful I am sure and can’t wait til next year and your new goodies. Hope you enjoy the holidays. Best always, Bonnie W.

  14. Judith Strausbaugh says:

    Anna, love them all. It would be wonderful to win any of your items. My husband had open heart surgery and I broke my ankle 2nd day after surgery. Your cards always inspire me. Thank you.

  15. Marion Titsworth says:

    Cab;t waut for your shows on HSN. I really want the Cricut Explore Air even though I have the original Cricut (which still works beautifully, by the way). Love the Christmas pop-up card set and already making a few a day so I won’t be caught up in the Christmas rush. So glad I ‘discovered’ Anna on HSN.

  16. Ann Marie says:

    It helps the stress Michelle. Don’t ever give up. I have two special needs kids of my own, and this is how I relieve the stress also.

  17. Michelle says:

    Hi Anna, I look forward to all of your new products. If there is something out there that I don’t have it would surprise me! I can’t wait until Monday for the shows. I DVR them as I’m watching so I can go back and see the ideas I missed during the live show.
    I’m a stay at home Mom, with a special needs daughter. Scrapbooking & card making keep me sane!
    Thanks for my sanity, God Bless!

  18. Sandy says:

    Hi, Anna……
    Looking forward to your shows and got to thinking about something that you and your team might be able to work on for us. We all love your pop up cards. Would there be a way in the future to have a Cricut cartridge or Cuttlebug dies that would cut the base of the card for us so we can make them whenever we want without worrying about running out when we use up our beautiful card kits ?? Maybe even cut and score….. Of course, then we’ll need some beautiful ways to embellish the cards and beautiful greetings/tags for them. Just some thoughts for you for something we would all love and buy. We still want your card kits as well — we just can’t seem to buy enough to keep us going. I’m so looking forward to your shows and just love everything you do for us and the crafting world you make possible for us. Again, thanks — Sandy

  19. Maureen Odell says:

    Happy Halloween! I can’t wait for the new show.
    I love the shopping lists. I have so much Anna Griffin supplies that I am a few purchases away from being a HOARDER!

  20. lielaboo says:

    I would really love a thanksgiving card making kit from Anna and team. Im extremely thankful for plenty of things even Anna and her team. I had lost some use of my right arm for a long time lost the love of crafting and plenty of other things. Was extremely angry, fustrated in a dark place. My husband actually bought me my first kit. And said I could due it. Is was like the puzzles I had been working on to figure a new way to use my arm that was limited in its function. Because of the kits are pre fab. I was able to do them. Now my best friend which is my husband even helps me when I have problems cutting or using the cuttle bug because I’ve over worked my arm. Still having trouble working with scissors. But thank you Miss Anna and team I’m extremely greatful to all of your hard work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  21. Kate Temp says:

    I love the Minc Vintage French Bundle and would like to win it! My husband is buying the Minc for me! So excited. I am working on the latest Christmas card kid from HSN and think I will have a grand daughter come make some too. She’d love these!

  22. lielaboo says:

    Good morning to all you ghouls. I just checked on HSN and those that really wanted the festive word dies don’t worry they are on sale now. Also so are most of the stuff Anna has listed. I purchased a few things yesterday. Didn’t want to wait until Monday just incase everything sells out. Missed a few things because I waited. Good shooping. I’m still going to watch the show of course.

  23. Marlene Heilman says:

    I have spent so much money on your items that my husband has cut me off from spending anymore. Anna, I love everything you make and will miss not being able to order any of your new items for quite a long time.

  24. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! Thanks for posting your Halloween ideas. Have really enjoyed them. The list is very helpful. There are a few things I don’t have yet. I absolutely love your creations! Happy Halloween!!!!

  25. janet anderson says:

    Always look forward to your shows and marking the days off until the great Anna Griffin Event in ATl …cannot wait to meet you…

  26. Ann says:

    Decisions, decisions !! Love the Juliet card. I have to check my stash but I know I always need glitter paper. I love the gold. Thanks for the heads up Anna. You are one classy lady!

  27. Maw J says:

    Cannot wait for Monday! I see the new foil bundle, will they be offering the glitter sheets in other colors besides the gold and silver? I do not know if we can wait for the new things for next year! It seems hard to believe that Monday will be the last time we see you until next year!

  28. deborah j.t.m. says:

    OMGosh!! I couldn’t wait to order those Minc bows!!! (bow freak here)
    and of course I needed some more glitter paper!!
    I’ll still be watching on Monday too, just to see if I’ve missed anything….which at this point is doubtful. Ha!!! 😀

  29. Linda DeVries says:

    Just saw the Holiday Trimmings II Card Making Kit in the beautiful green box! Thanks! Will order it. Hope you eventually bring back the very wide set of border stickers that matches it; there’s nothing like the impact of the wider borders on a card; and because of their length, they can be cut into 2 pieces, etc.

  30. Shari Shafii says:

    Congratulations to Merrie!
    Can’t wait for the next show! I just love to watch you and learn new things. It’s all so beautiful Anna! Love you and everything you do for all of us watching. Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving and Happy Merry Christmas!! Your my favorite Hobby!!

  31. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Looking forward for your visit.
    I’m really hoping you bring back your festive words dies and folders. See you Monday!

  32. Mary R says:

    Merrie, so happy for you! And, Anna, It is so hard to narrow down my wish list. You keep bringing us such great items!
    Your dies give my projects such an elegant touch. Loving it all~please bring back your dies:)

  33. Lana says:

    Love the cards especially the Love card.
    Looking forward to the Monday shows. Will DVR them so that I won’t miss anything.

  34. barb macaskill says:

    Congratulations to the lucky winner!!! Enjoy your beautiful prize!! LOVE all the new things headed our way!!!

  35. Sheri Potasnik says:

    I would love the Anna Griffin Cricut Explore Air. I’m using the Cricut personal cutting maching, but it is limited in what it can do. However, I love all your products! I am new to Anna Griffin things, and am loving my new gold Cuttlebug & embossing folders. I have enjoyed looking at your home items too, and they are beautiful. I sure enjoy watching you on HSN. I learn a lot and get inspired for crafting! Thanks for all the beautiful things you bring to us.

  36. Judy Estrada says:

    Nice items as usual. I hope your set of 16 stamp pads come back soon on HSN. They have been sold out for a long time. You have the refills on there but not the pads to use the refills with!

  37. SusanJoe says:

    Will be hard to choose. Wish I could purchase all these great products, but being retired doesn’t allow me. Maybe I could win the lottery.

  38. myrna hartley says:

    Oh no this is your last HSN show in 2015. Won’t stop us.

    Love the cute Halloween,beautiful Christmas cards. You gave me and I am sure everyone else lots of ideas

    Happy Halloween.

    Myrna .

  39. Pat Bowman says:

    Just love all of this beautiful stuff! Hope my wallet has recovered enough from the last haul to take advantage of these pretties!

  40. sharon L says:

    Holiday Trimmings II. Yippee!!! I took my HT to a weekend Scraptacular. I can’t believe how many crafters hovered around me as I created cards. Some even took pics. I put my own spin on them. I put A Wink of Stella on some of the die cuts.Thank you for sharing your talent.

  41. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    Congrats to Merrie!

    Happy Hallow’s Eve to you as well Anna! I am certainly looking forward to your HSN visit and thank you very much for the shopping list!

    Excited for the CREATE EVENT!

    Safe travels! See you soon!

  42. Sandra says:

    Can’t wait for your show. I just love all of your products. I am getting ready to make my Anna Griffith cards for Christmas.

  43. lielaboo says:

    To be honest with you Linda Marie, I think Anna should have a individual kit for all holidays and every occasion. Lol.

  44. lielaboo says:

    I wax thinking the same thing pop up Halloween kit. I made one for my sister from Annas halloween package, my sister is a Halloween baby.

  45. lielaboo says:

    Sorry I mispelled a few words in last message. Just to excited lol. Sherri just letting you know I’ll be putting some cards in the mail. Thanks for informing us how we can pitch in and help.

  46. lielaboo says:

    Heads up my fellow crafting Griffin ghouls. The minc ink bundle is in stock and selling on hsn right now along with the 60 sheets of minc sheets 443-885 and 443-785. I hope these are the numbers. I was to excitrd to writr them down. I’m so excited for you to purchase them. I just bought mine. Oh and last year’s Christmas kit is also available with a few other goodies.

  47. Sue L. says:

    Hi Anna,
    Looking forward to ordering some things I possibly haven’t ordered yet! LOL. Busy making my Fantabulous Pop Up Christmas cards. They are incredible. My husband is almost as excited abt sending them out to our family and friends as I am. Whooohooo.

  48. Linda Marie says:

    Congrats Merrie…enjoy your package of goodies. Alarm set for Monday morning at 4:00 AM. Excited to see new items. May need to get another card kit…..sold 1/2 of what I made. I would love to see a Halloween card kit..with some pop up cards for me next year.

    Happy Halloween Anna and Creative Staff. ..Boo…

  49. Lori L. says:

    I second the thought of another person’s comment, I was hoping the Festive Word Dies would be back for November 2nd. Disappointed So sad that some of us will never get a chance to buy these dies. Last year, I missed the Ornament Panel Size Die, this year the word dies….sniffle, sniffle
    Anna please make bigger quantities available.

  50. Annette J says:

    Congrats to Merrie…enjoy all your goodies. Looking forward to Monday and so glad to see something in blue my favorite color! God Bless you Anna for all the beautiful designs and products…keep them coming.

  51. Denise Watkins says:

    Got my girlfriend loving AG die cuts, now she calls me when Anna is on HSN. LOL. My DVR is set…just in case I fall asleep waiting for Anna Monday a.m. Have a blessed weekend all!

  52. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    Can’t wait for Monday. So many great things that I could use. I’m just sad this is the last show this year.

  53. Linda K says:

    Conrats Merrie & enjoy!
    Last year I didn’t have too many Anna Griffin products…now…I can’t get enough! I’m so in love with your products Anna Griffin.

  54. Deborah Perry says:

    Thank you for rereleasing the Juliette kit. I was disappointed that I missed out on it last January.

  55. Donna C. says:

    Congratulations Merrie! Your going to have a great Anna Griffin package delivery soon. You are very lucky! Looking forward to the Monday HSN showing of A.G. products and the ideas too!

  56. Lin M. says:

    Congratulations Merrie!!! Have fun with your new Anna Griffin items!

    My DVR is set for Monday. I received the new Anna Griffin Holiday Coloring books – LOVE THEM! I was thinking – with the Minc toner pen or Minc toner paint I could color/paint parts of the pages and Minc them! I’ll have to try that this weekend!

  57. Mona Bloom says:

    Looking forward to the demonstrations. I usually buy almost everything. I won’t have a definite favorite until the “happy” package arrives from HSN. Thank you Anna for the lovely gifts I receive every few months.

  58. Linda Valoy says:

    I am enjoying making my pop-up cards for Christmas. I think us ladies on the blog should call ourselves Anna’s little (elfin’s) because she gives us the material to start the cards and we finish them just like little elfs and Anna is a Griffin and we are elfins. . Happy Halloween and see you Monday.

  59. Sherrie Yoshimura says:

    My Soroptimist club is getting together on November 10th to make Holiday cards using your card kits for the soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. This year they have asked for small packets of unsigned cards with postage so they can send cards to those people and family who have helped them through their recovery. The soldiers requested this. The Red Cross is handling this project. It is called “Holiday Mail for Heroes. The deadline is November 20, 2015. Please drop off or send completed bundles to:
    American Red Cross in the National Capital Region
    8550 Arlington Blvd
    Fairfax, VA 22031

  60. Martha says:

    Ohhhh, so happy to hear about the shows on Monday. Love the Christmas cards and other items I purchased this month from HSN. Love the Valentine’s Day card.

  61. Joee says:


  62. Millie says:

    I made all of my Christmas cards already! But now maybe I will have to make more!!! I have the Christmas pop up card kit! I colored the Angels and Santa’s brown so they are African American and they look so nice! Do you ever think you will offer a kit with a choice of white or African American people? It would be nice! I love all of your things! Looking forward to watching on Monday!

  63. Deb LeZotte says:

    Can’t wait to see all your lovely Anna Griffin products. They are always beautiful and of the best quality!! Another Christmas Card Kit, can’t wait!!!! Thanks again Anna!!!

  64. Renee Zimmerman says:

    Looking forward to the show on HSN. Can’t believe it is your last show for the year. Anxiously waiting for the Minc Bows and Coloring Books. Congrats Merrie!

  65. Marcia Faulkner says:

    Waiting for the Monday shows to see all the lovely items. Know I will not be able to resist much . Happy Crafting!!

  66. Bonnie W. says:

    Love coloring books to use for scrapping pages coloring books and gift bags…it is an enjoyable and useful craft. Best wishes always, BONNIE W.

  67. Rosemary Hansbury says:

    Everything is beautiful! I love the way the layers are arranged on the Heart Card. I’d never have thought of doing it that way! I’m always inspired here. Thanks, Anna!

  68. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Yeee Haaaw! You keep on out doing the last time you were on HSN! I just love all the things Christmas!
    I love all of your items Anna!
    Wishing you and your Team a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Looking forward to seeing you on HSN soon.

  69. pat crocker says:

    Another giveaway or my! How exciting giveaways are. You are so generous. Cant wait to watch Monday. I get pumped up when I see all your creativeness. Thanks again

  70. Debbie Dunn says:

    Can’t wait for the show, I was hoping for the Christmas Bows to be on the show, I missed getting them last time . Have a Great Show !!
    As Always, my very best to you and your fabulous team .
    Debbie Dunn

  71. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Thanks for another chance to win some great AG items!! My calendar and my DVR reminders are all set and ready for Monday!!!
    Can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours of my Monday than watching Anna create more beautiful cards for us!!
    Have my numbers for my “must buy” list all ready to go too!! 😀

  72. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I’m all geared up for the show. Cannot wait for more deliveries to my home. Oh, my poor over used credit card. Love ya, Anna.

  73. barbara Kirchner says:

    I am busy making beautiful cards…but I got my new list what I don’t use this year , I will have a good start for next year….Thanks Anna for giving us the chance to give beauty to others….

  74. darilyn ziegler says:

    Oh, everything is so pretty. I am sooooo ready to get started with the holidays and these items will help me greatly!!! Thank you for all you do! 🙂

  75. Christine Gallup says:

    I love it all but I think the vintage minc bundle is the greatest. I haven’t used it yet but I will soon! I used your toner pen on a halloween card. My silver pen ran dry on the cricut air as I was making a spider web. I could make the lines out so I traced over it with the toner than ran it through the minc with the sliver glitter paper. It came out great! Thanks for suggestion. I will definitely use that idea more. Have a great day.!

  76. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    Looking forward to another great day of Anna Griffin craft shopping with HSN…. Recording all of the shows so I won’t miss a thing no matter what .

  77. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Hi Anna, will be up half the night watching. Hope my card doesn’t burn up. It tries to when I watch the shows that you are on. Can’t wait, be safe, Arleen

  78. yadyra marrero says:

    Im buying my own Christmas gifts early. Ofcourse if I should win any of the wonderful items..then I will give the other one to my mom. She has been very sick lately and had not purchased any new or fun products. ♡♡♡♡♡

  79. Brenda Sparrow says:

    I would love to win congratulations to all winner your very lucky I love Anna Griffin everything is amazing and beautiful anytime anything from Anna Griffin comes in the mail it makes my day great.

  80. Nancy Smith says:

    Just when I think I have enough, you come out with everything I can’t live without!!!! Thank You Anna!!

  81. Dianne McDonald says:

    Thank you but where are the paper bows?

    I have everything but the Juliet paper package. Just ordered and remembered the new paper bows.

  82. Barbara Hendron says:

    Want it, want it, got it, want it, got it, want it, need it, do I have it?, nope gotta have it, gimme, need it, so want it, will have it….thank goodness HSN increased my credit line…..lol! Can’t wait!

  83. Kathy Klein says:

    Can’t wait till Monday. Have a lot of the products from October show but you can always buy more as you can never have enough to of your products. Have show set to tape and ready to go.
    Anna I was wondering two things. First are you going to have any Christmas paper for this year and second is the holiday card kit II didn’t from the last time the kit was on?
    Thanks again for all your wonderful products and Happy Halloween to all.

  84. Lorraine says:

    I absolutely love everything. Who says I’m on a budget! Lol.. I’ll be watching and getting what I don’t have and cannot live without!! Smiles and hugs!!

  85. Cheryl K. says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m anxious to see the Juliet Paper Crafting Kit. And I, too, would like to see the “Say It Anyway” stamp kit return. I missed out on it last time. I LOVE, LOVE your products!Looking forward to Monday!

  86. Mary says:

    Congratulations to the one who won your things. I am happy for them. Since I bought so many of your things when you were on last…..I probably won’t be able to get anything on Monday but I will be watching and hoping the next time you are on I can get in on your beautiful items….
    Good luck on Monday!

  87. Deanna Collins says:

    Congratulations Merrie!!! I am so jealous! Enjoy everything.

    I love the Juliet paper crafting kit!!! I also want the Holiday Trimmings II card making kit. I am so in love with Christmas Pop-up card making kit!! The only thing I am unhappy about is that there are so few of the houses in the kit and there weren’t any in the Holiday Trimmings kit! That was absolutely one of the best things in the Christmas Pop-up kit!!! Please, please do more of them and offer them soon!!!

    Love everything you do and never miss you on HSN and always spend way too much. Can’t help it, everything is so beautiful and addicting!!!

  88. Sheila R says:

    There you go again! More beautiful cards with embellishments that I need. I’m starting my Christmas cards next week and I normally do around 200, so you see I need to add these to my list.

  89. Suzann Anderson says:

    Congrats! Please add the “Say it Anywhere” stamp set. They were sold out before I could place my order:) Will be watching on 11/2. Have my DVR set up too. Please have a couple tutorials. Love them.

  90. Gaila says:

    Hi Anna,
    Looks like another great line up of shows on HSN! I’m more than half-way finished making the Christmas pop-up card kit; and I’ve become a Cricut devotéej, turning out at least one project from my long-standing “wish I could do that” list per day! I have your craft room desk, and found that the Cricut fits perfectly on top of the desk top organizer, mats underneath! Happy, happy!

  91. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    Such a great time of year. I love your products. I can’t wait to see how the Minc Bows turn out…fun times ahead…

  92. Diana Kessler says:

    Love everything! I cannot believe it is almost November, and the last Anna Griffin elegant crafting presentation for 2015. Looking forward to more beautiful crafting creations in 2016!

    Hope everyone who attends the Crafting Weekend in November in Atlanta has a wonderful time! Would love to be there!

  93. MaryRose says:

    Can’t wait till Monday! Purchased the Holiday Kit from your last HSN Show and it’s just fabulous! Love all of your kits and other items. Would certainly love to win other items.

  94. Jeanne Tipton says:

    I’ve got everything else so anything for Minc is what I’m interested in.
    Youre fun and your demos are great. I’ll be watching because you’re so interesting. I hope Shivan is your host. I don’t like how some of the hosts interrupt you. Sorry, Callie and Kathy. Lol. Nobody sells Anna Griffin products like Anna Griffin.
    I’m die cutting AG snowflakes out of AG glitter cardstock today. They’re so beautiful that I cannot stop. Next will be bells.
    Love to Georgie.

  95. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Can hardly wait for the year finally. We will have Anna withdrawals till next year 🙂 Have yourself a wonderful weekend. Congratulations to Merrie. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  96. Cruz says:

    Yaaaay! I can’t wait! Truth be told, I’m “dvring” your first 2 shows, so I don’t miss anything! =D

  97. Mary R. Huff says:

    Merriie, What fun u will be having…congrats!

    Anna, Maybe when things calm down for all of u, I’,m hoping u will bring those larger envelopes back…5.75x 7.75 so I can put my 5×7 orders in. I know u know what I mean and u had pretty bows, envelope inserts and little sayings in the kit. Thank u for everything u do to please us, I have a hard time walking now. See u on Monday!

  98. Roxanne says:

    Once again, everything is beautiful. I am anxious to see the coloring books and also to start making my Christmas cards.

  99. Monica Bencomo says:

    Looking forward to this Monday. I ‘ve been having so much fun with my minc machine. It is awesome.

  100. Sally says:

    I would love to see a set of sympathy, happy birthday, and get well tags, each of them purchased separately. I am constantly making sympathy cards and get well and run out when they are part of a larger set. The stamps are just not the same. Even a set with the liners plus the tags would be helpful. In addition, storage boxes for the minc foil and storage for the die cuts would help.

  101. Joan Davis says:

    I have had so much fun making my Christmas cards with the Holiday Pop Up Card Making Kit. Can’t wait to order one of the new kits.

  102. Aurora Riffee says:

    Can’t wait for Monday. Love all your products and now I’m getting into the holiday spirit with all this inspiration. It’s going to be an Anna Griffin Year for me.

  103. Diane says:

    Looking forward to Monday. So many beautiful things to choose from and to inspire creating for the Holidays! Thank you!

  104. Jean Condon says:

    A great beginning to the week and November, looking forward as always to seeing all the beautiful goodies.

  105. Bibi says:

    Congratulations, to you Merrie. My goodness could your name be more fitting for this fabulous collection!. Enjoy your goodies and I hope you post some of your creations. Have fun!!!

  106. Barbara Mann says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Christmas Coloring books and checking out the Minc bows on HSN this coming Monday.

  107. Maryann H says:

    Hi Anna – I can’t wait until Monday. Love everything. I’m sure you have many things I can’t live without. See you soon.

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