Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting is Coming to The Craft Channel in the U.K.!

Hi there, friends!

Remember we told you that we’d have an exciting announcement for our fans in the U.K. coming very soon? Well, we couldn’t wait any longer to tell you…

We are excited to announce that after 12 years on QVC UK, we will be working with The Craft Channel exclusively in Europe beginning in January 2016!

The best part is that you no longer have to wait for three of four months at a time to get the latest Anna Griffin paper crafting products, because we will be with you every single week! You heard that right- new shows every week.

What we love about The Craft Channel is that it is a wonderful resource for creativity, and it’s designed with the community in mind. We’re going to bring you more ideas and inspiration than ever before, and we can’t wait. This new partnership will surely be beautiful in the making!

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  1. Dianne McDonald says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee bring the Craft Channel to the US.

    it has been years since there were craft shows crafters could watch at home! I would pay extra to get it!

  2. Elodie Brown says:

    Guess what? I have tried to order on Anna’s qvc shows in the UK. You can!’t! Does this mean she has quit Han? Anna has not given any specific info. On how or if we can join in viewing or purchasing in the uk.

  3. Cathy Grimes says:

    Well done lovely, so gooooooood to hear the news. Pleeeeeeeease bring the anna griffin air on the first show. We have waited too long.

    Apologies to the USA but come on guys we have to wait months to see her and even longer to buy her products at least you get great products great prices and flexi pay so be happy for us Brits

  4. Rhonda Roumph says:

    That is so awesome , I can’t wait to see your craft channel!! If we are in the U.S. Will we be able to see your show also ?

  5. Shirley Evans says:

    I hope you’ll post the time you’ll be on so that we can catch you on the internet and be inspired with your wonderful ideas. Congrats.

  6. Betsy Gutzwiller says:

    I’m so sad to know that Anna isn’t going to be on Create & Craft. What’s this about a different craft show? How do I find it and what is it called. I have about 2 months to figure out how to see Anna. Any info out there, what do you know and how will we get this craft show? I would hate to miss the shows.

  7. Betsy Gutzwiller says:

    Anna isn’t joining create @ craft. I was so looking forward to Anna being on my favorite channel. If we can’t watch tv will it be on the Internet?

  8. Betsy Gutzwiller says:

    Create and Craft (U.S.) products are shipped from the U.S. The shipping, no matter how much you order is only $7.95. If you are in Hawaii or Alaska the shipping is different. Everywhere else you have a flat rate. I love it.

  9. Betsy Gutzwiller says:

    Last June I just happened to stumble on Create and Craft. I turn on their channel every day. The only thing missing is Anna Griffin. I can’t wait until “she and them” combine. I’m in IN and on Dish Network. It’s on ch. 221.

  10. Isabella Milne says:

    I so very pleased that we will see more of you on TV in Britain. It is an excellent channel, am so looking forward to seeing you. Thank you Anna for coming into our homes more frequently.

  11. Hazel says:

    Got really excited about Anna re appearing on our TV’s in the Spring but now am devastated as this is an internet only channel and we’re in an internet cold spot which means we can’t get connections most of the time and if we do they’re very slow..
    So sad it’s not a main channel like ‘create and craft’ which we get via TV

  12. Jo Spence says:

    Hurrah! Great news Anna. Will look forward to the shows.
    Just checked the Craft Channel out – at the moment it seems to be an internet channel so have to download it each time to my television and can’t record the shows. However the postage rates are far cheaper than on QVC. That means I’ll be buying even more AG products. Happy days.

  13. Martha Casey says:

    Anna Great news but how about us in the USA. Will we be able to see you and if so what channel. Wish you could launch a craft show here in AMERICA. Come on you guys give Anna a show here for the USA. Any body out there listening???????

  14. DeAnn says:

    i remember when DIY network had blocks of crafting shows. What a mistake to drop a viewing audience that represents such purchasing power! Are network execs really that unaware of how much money crafters spend in stores and online? Good for the European market to see the worth of crafting!

  15. Dottie Butler says:

    We Griffinites across the pond need a weekly “fix” from Anna! I sure hope that some how Dish will carry this channel. I’ve been crafting with you, Anna, since your first shows on QVC. I have a craft room with mostly your designs — and love every one of them. I was so sad when you were no longer on QVC/USA — went into withdrawals — BUT was cured when I found you on HSN. I know that every Anna Griffin product will be a top quality one — never been disappointed!!!

  16. Joan B says:

    Thank you Anna for letting us know now where ,when and how we will be able to purchase your products in the U.K.
    So happy that we didn’t have to wait until 2016 to find out….the waiting and suspense would have been dreadful!
    Now all your fans can relax and look forward to even more beautiful crafting…..
    Thank you, Thank you ,Thankyou! XXX

  17. Tina Farmer says:

    I have been an Anna Griffin fan for more years than I care to remember here in the UK. I am soooo pleased to hear this announcement. Might have to extend my craft room though to accommodate all the new products I shall be buying.

    Thank you Anna and you can count on my continued support.

  18. Sue Lutz says:

    Awesome Anna. That is marvelous, exciting news! I’m sincerely hoping we can see your show here in America. Can they broadcast it here? Imagine u are going to do so many great projects. Perhaps you can place it on your blog and we can watch it repeatedly as we do the project as well. Bravo! Love how your elegant influence is reaching so many!

  19. Nora says:

    Are you still going to sell on HSN or just the UK?Disappointed that the US crafters won’t have this experience!

  20. Lois says:

    Donna Dewberry and her painting used to be on every week here in the states on PBS I believe … any chance that could happen with AG?

  21. Gale says:

    Congratulations Anna for your success in the UK. I wish you all the best in that endeavor and I will enjoy watching it here when I can. You are such a giving person and help others out with craft things and I am thankful for you.

  22. Mary R says:

    You are super talented and your products are high quality- no doubt this will be a very successful venture. I’m going to be watching, but my pocketbook is breathing a sigh of relief.

  23. Mary Hodges says:

    Hi Anna,I wondered if it was going to be The Craft Channel we would be able to buy your things from and better than that you will be on weekly also.Will be great in the new year can’t wait.Hope you and all your fans in the USA and here in the UK have a merry Christmas and happy new year.Take care.Love Mary xxx

  24. Vickie B says:

    I wish the U.S. Had a craft channel and it was accessible yo everyone and not a “premium” channel either!

  25. Mary White says:

    So happy for you Anna! Congratulations! I wish we could have a craft channel in the USA. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful designs and creativity with us! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs!

  26. Dolores says:

    I was also disappointed to see a shortened video of your HSN presentation last evening! Wondering what we missed 🙁

  27. Lin M. says:

    How exciting that Anna will be on the Craft Channel every week in the UK! Hopefully we can at least watch the shows online here in the US. 🙂

  28. Jan B says:

    Congrats to all in the UK! Anna, I love seeing you on HSN, and wonder why you hour long scheduled progra,m was cut in half last night! I just turned it on and then you were gone! I love that a few of your items are at Joanna. HSN is convenient, but I can’t spend20+ dollars on every item, or bundle. I’d love to get the color of card stock I want for example, without buying a kit. I’d love to watch and learn from you every week!! How about your own Anna stores!!?

  29. Julie says:

    ***, just heard Anna’s coming to the craft channel EVERY week in the UK from January. Thrilled doesn’t even begin to express how I feel. Every 3/4 months for the past 12 years I’ve been glued to QVCUK every time Anna’s over from the states, I spend around £300 every time your here buying every single item you bring over and this last time I bought 2 of most things because I was worried you wouldn’t be back, now I can relax and not go bankrupt every time you are here. I’ve even phoned HSN to try to buy your products from them but they don’t ship to the UK (there loss)! My craft room is now JUST Anna Griffin, so us Britsh can now buy everything you sell in the States, cannot wait. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ANNA and look forward to seeing you in 2016, good luck with your new venture with the craft channel.

  30. Shirley M says:

    So happy for you, Anna! We can get this channel on internet so it will be somewhat okay for U.S. fans. We just cannot buy your products but at least we can see them! What is wrong with U.S. crafts? We have no 24 hr craft stations here. UK has several 24 hour craft stations. so sad….Best Wishes, Anna, for continued success in your new endeavors!!!

  31. Andrew says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank you
    We were so worried that we may be losing you for good but your coming back with an abundance of goodies ( with luck ) Hope you bring all the things we’ve missed out on over the last few years as well as all the NEW exciting items we’ve never had in the UK


  32. Joyce says:

    At last !
    Don’t know what you folks in the US are jealous about. All the time I have been getting emails about Anna on HSN…and was I frustrated. You bet.
    I have never heard of The Craft Channel si it must be something new and I welcome it.
    It will became wonderful New Year!!

  33. Joee says:


  34. Lisa says:

    Would be great if you could break away from HSN in the states – maybe you could be part of a USA craft channel. If there isn’t one already – make one.

  35. Joanne Lowe says:

    There are a few products of Anna’s at Joann’s, like her embossing folders and some dies. Anna has released some of the Fretworks die collection in 2 smaller sets plus her bow dies set has been broken into 2 sets. With the Fretworks set, the beautiful frame is not part of the sets and the pricing for these sets was much better on HSN. Most of what is offered on HSN is only available there, and the dies and embossing folders are not available for the coupons as a request from the manufacturer just like the machines.

  36. Jayne says:

    Hi Anna…I have just been on your Facebook page to acknowledge the fact we have got you back here in the UK on the Crafting Channel, I really am looking forward to seeing more of your good self along with your crafting goodies. I really do wish that it could be seen by your US fans also, and hope it happens soon…..thank you Anna…..Xxxxx

  37. Donna C. says:

    We are very happy for the crafters in the UK. They have the opportunity to see Anna’s and her team’s beautiful ideas and the products that make them such a great success. Congratulations to all of you!

  38. Maw J says:

    WOW! Congrats to you and the UK! I hope we can watch the shows as you inspire us to be the best we can be! Awaiting my goodies and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Crafty New Year!

  39. Kimberly Salmonowicz says:

    Craft Channel.. Hmm “freakin awesome”! Congratulations UK friends! I wish we had an exclusive craft channel in the US! I would never miss an episode.. So jealous! But super happy for Europe and Anna Griffin!✨

  40. Elaine says:

    Ohhhh! Anna, I am so happy for you, your team, and the U.K., but I am so unhappy for us in the U.S.A. I wish we could see you, on your own “exclusive” channel here! Congratulations to all of you, for an exciting new adventure! I will count my blessings, that we can still see you on HSN!!

  41. Hobo says:

    Sounds interesting. I don’t much care where I find you as long as I do and as long as I can get your products online in one place. I never wait for a show on HSN to buy your products, always go to their website and order there whenever I want, although if it is something I want to see demonstrated before I order I watch first, then order online. Wish your products were available in stores like JoAnn’s, too.

  42. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Oh! Anna,
    I’m really happy for them in the UK……BUT I too am a bit jealous!!!!
    We want you every week here at home!!
    I hope I can get The Craft Channel on my computer, so at least I can watch it.

    Please tell them to put your shows on YouTube.

    Loved yesterday, but only bought 3 items this time. I spent to much in September and October. I think that is a first for me. I usually come away with no less that 9 or 10 items.
    You looked beautiful as usual.

    Hope you have a great “CREATE”. Really wish I was there. I would love to meet you in person. I hope you continue to have these events so I can get in on it next time.

    Thanks Anna for all you do.


  43. Carol Cameron says:

    The Craft Channel!! That would be so wonderful here in the US. Really hope that will happen here, too.


    Hi Anna,
    Happy for your fans in the UK but more than a bit jealous. Every week? WOW! Wish it was us. Went shopping yesterday. Actually, I don’t think I could afford you every week. Can’t wait for everything to arrive. Happy Thanksgiving!

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