HSN January 26th Shopping List

Hi everyone!

We are so excited about our shows on HSN beginning at 2 a.m. EST tonight! We hope you will stay up late and then craft with us throughout the day at 10 a.m., 5 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Be sure to join our Facebook viewing party to chat with us and enter to win 30 prizes during this 6th Anniversary party!

We do have another winner to announce today! Michelle K. Staley, you will be receiving the Watercolor Pencils, Ribbons and Bows Cricut cartridge and the Ornamental Frame Dies! A huge congratulations to her and all of our winners so far.

In addition to the shopping list today, we thought it would be fun to put together a quick slideshow of our favorite memories from the past 6 years on HSN! We’ll also be recapping these milestones on HSN’s blog prior to the shows on Tuesday.

Thank you for all of the memories. Enjoy!

New Items:

457-839: Ornamental Frame Dies Autoship

457-852: Tool ‘N One

457-838: Metallic and Vellum Layers

457-834: So Smitten Card Making Kit

460-438: 18 Month Daily Planner

457-831: Sweet Salutations Pop Up Card Making Kit

457-849: Ribbons and Bows Cricut Cartridge (Single Ship)

457-844: Ribbons and Bows Cricut Cartridge (Autoship)

457-842: Collector’s Edition Embossing Folders II

438-717: All Heart Dies

457-833: Flocked Card Layers

438-710: Minc Love Die Cuts & Toner Pens

457-830: Love & Valentine’s White Cards and Layers

457-832: Rollagraph Self Inking Stamp

457-841: Paper Tricks 2 Embossing Folders & Dies

464-565: Crop-A-Dile

458-872: 12”x12” Metallic Cardstock

457-835: Vintage Collage Card Toppers

457-837: Watercolor Pencils


Returning Favorites:

441-693: Cricut Explore Gold Edition with Anna’s Fancy Fonts and 6 months of Design Space

442-899: Favorite Flowers 3D Stickers

410-771: Anna Griffin 6” Minc machine

234-623: Floral Impressions Card Making Kit

430-729: Self Inking Stamper with 12 stamps plus your own custom stamp

442-892: Pretty Patterns Cards and Envelopes

442-897: Vibrant Vellum Die Cut Embellishments

305-979: Chalkboard Sentiment Stamps with 2 ink pads

See you tomorrow!


  1. Inez Martinez says:

    Anna I am so excited. I can’t wait till the 16th. Please make me one of your winners. I love your products. I have all of your your kits. I just love, love, love them . See you on the 16th I will be up all night with you.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Shopping list!!!! Hmmmmm, if I could everything!!!! I already have the planner, Gold cricut with Anna content, accessories for gold cricut. I need an I-pad very badly,a cuttlebug embossing machine, and a sticker machine! I guess that it is for March!!!!

  3. Marchelle E says:

    I received my wonderful order from HSN. Everything is beautiful! I ordered the Ornamental Dies and the All About Hearts die collections and I was wondering if they had individual names. I label all my dies and enter them in Evernote with the hope of not buying duplicates. I, alas, sometimes forget all the Anna Griffin goodness I have accumulated. LOL!
    Thanks so much for your help!
    Marchelle E.

  4. Debbie says:

    Can hardly wait till that large box from HSN arrives that is loaded with Anna Griffin products. I finally was able to locate after much searching on HSN and the internet to find those Stamp Storage sleeves 6 pk for clear stamps. I was beginning to think that maybe they did not have them anymore, good ol internet. My craft room can stay organized. Yippee

  5. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    I think I have Anna withdrawal symptoms today… I am COMPLETELY broke, but I am so happy! The only thing I hope you bring back soon is the agenda… I missed that one!
    Happy waiting-for- the-mail everyone!

  6. Gracia Lanza says:

    I love all these Anna! My birthday is on January 30th, and I wish I could get all of it as my gift! It’s amazing! Love the toner pens, foils, stickers, rolling stamps… everything!!!! You never stop amazing us!

  7. Michelle K. Staley says:

    OH, I just SO can’t even BEGIN to wrap my noggin around the notion that I am this week’s winner! ME?! YES, REALLY, ME!! Anna, thank you, thank you, umpteen times, THANK YOU!

    I popped over to the blog AFTER the 2AM show, so it was extra-super-late-late, and I glanced down and thought I might be delirious from sleep deprivation when I first glimpsed my name! It was SO totally disorienting; pretty sure I was shaking my head, like HUH?! That looked like my name. I’m squinting at this point, really studying the screen, like, what did I just see? I then confirmed that I wasn’t a total kook – yep, that REALLY is my name, but of course now I’m more confused than ever – what on earth is MY NAME doing in ANNA’S PARAGRAPH?! And then I read the sentence in which my name appeared, and I was like, NO STINKIN’ WAY!!! By that point, I REALLY was DELIRIOUS, but with utter JOY, not sleep deprivation!

    I’m still just WAY BEYOND gobsmacked by this development I mean, when I leave comments on the blog, it’s because I’m just so doggone excited by whatever video I just viewed that I simply can’t keep a lid on my enthusiasm! It’s NEVER occurred to me for a nanosecond that I would ever actually be a winner!

    And speaking of keeping a lid on my enthusiasm, it was awfully difficult to make the discovery smack in the middle of the night, when I SO needed to emote, and in a great big way, but no one else was around/awake for me to tell!

    I just REALLY can’t say thanks enough; I am just SO crazy-delighted – and, of all weeks to win, this one?! Pinching myself, and how!

    I am so, SO GRATEFUL, Anna!

    ~ Michelle

  8. Gisela says:

    Happy 6th Anniversary Anna !

    I am having such a wonderful time shopping
    and ordering your fantastic craft items..
    Have a great afternoon and a safe trip home.

  9. Judy Estrada says:

    Anna – Happy 6th Anniversary ! I Love the pictures ! It is nice to have the shopping list so you remember everything! Thank you!

  10. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Thank you for the shopping list! It is always invaluable when deciding what I am going to buy. I got the Ornamental Frame to dies, flocked paper, Tool n One & the 12×12 Glitter Paper. My only regret is I missed the Metallic & Vellum Layers. It was yanked out of my bag just as I was going to hit “Submit” 🙁 Here’s wishing many more years at HSN!

  11. Andrew says:

    That all looks lovely, great selection but are we getting a sneak peak list for the UK for the new show ??

  12. deborah j.t.m. says:

    It’s worth the wait… only $4.95 shipping and everything else you order is shipped FREE!!!!!! On crafts only for 24 hours, go crazy folks!
    I started to order my items b4 midnight and the fantastic CSR (Katie) said I should wait for the reduced shipping deal… she was soooo right. 😀

  13. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Whoooooooo hooooo!! Just ordered 6 of the items on my list… there could be more, my gift card is gone…. but I’ll have some great goodies shipping to me instead. :D:D:D

  14. Regina Weller says:

    Happy Anniversary Anna. Thank you for bringing us your gorgeous products. I have been anxiously awaiting this show. I have a list, but I’m afraid it may grow once I see your presentations. Oh my…..

  15. Suzanne Downing says:

    Have a wonderful show!! Love all your products! I have the pop-up cards & autoship & the Cuttlebug & dies & embossing folders! I love to use these!!! I love flowers & so do you… so I like all you offer. Sincerely, from Ohio w/ love ~ Suzanne “CC” Downing

  16. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Happy Anniversary! I want to thank you for helping me get through this difficult time in my life. You inspire me to keep on keeping on even though I am so very sad. You are always with me. Much love, Lefty Lou

  17. deborah j.t.m. says:

    I’m ready for a late night, can’t wait!!!
    I have my list ready and my gift and credit cards too. LOL

  18. Debra Lovell says:

    I tried taking off of work, but since weds. is my birthday and I will be off then,I cant tomorrow. But I will be checking in with ya… Have fun!

  19. Brenda Hoffman says:

    Gone over my list & checking it twice. Looking forward to seeing you in a few more hours. Both ink I’ll take a nap so I’ll be alert to see you & all the goodies that I’ve been following you on your blog. Your products are the very best. I love all the dies, folders, cartridges that I’ve purchased in the past.

  20. Grama Pei says:

    Deb, I am not Anna nor her team, but Sherri is right on. Parchment paper also works well as a carrier sleeve, as does regular typing paper, but if you plan to do several run-throughs, I am thinking parchment paper may not scorch as readily… as far as the blotchiness goes with foiling, its really a difference if you can protect the paper it is to adhere to, from the oils on your fingers and from any dust or paper-dust from cutting. I use a lot of nitrile gloves because of allergies, and noticed when I was foiling using one on my dominant hand the foil was much less blotchy- if I used that hand to also manipulate the toner-paper to be foiled. Any touching with the fingers will leave some oils on the paper, interfering with foil adherence. Good luck, Deb!

  21. Diane P. says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow…have been saving to make several purchases. Thanks for making it a wonderful six years of crafting with you Anna.

  22. Barbara Youngman says:

    Thank you for 6 years of great craft products and ideas. Will see you in the early morning on 1/26/2016. Can not wait.

  23. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Thanks Anna for the list. But most importantly, all the sharing & fun. Congratulations! You have inspired me & in turn through making cards I can reach out to others in a very special way. I hope HSN keeps stock because I can’t order it all at once! Woohoo!

  24. SheliaP. says:

    We all think you are just the BEST!!
    Now I know… it’s been 6yrs. since I’ve become addicted! Not only addicted but also a Happy Hoarder!

  25. diane manzi says:

    Hi Anna! I’m trying to decide whether to take a nap after dinner so I can stay up the entire first segment!! I’ve never been to one of these before and I just ADORE ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Bonnie W. says:

    Love your products and I thank you for your hard work. Wouldn’t want to be without you so here’s to lots more years on HSN. Best wishes, Bonnie W.

  27. chayden says:

    It won’t be long now…..Happy Happy Happy!!!
    I have so many of my friends looking for the first time…..I know they won’t know what to buy first!!! I’m working on my list now….

    Happy 6th Anna…I wish I was with you from the start but this is my third year watching you…

  28. Barbara Mann says:

    Thank you Anna for six beautiful and inspirational years. Happy Anniversary and I look forward to watching you in the coming years.


  29. Coco Davenport says:

    Happy days it is almost time. I was terrified the pieces I wanted would be sold out or I might miss something so I I ordered early on HSN. I plan on watching at 2 ,10 ,5 , 9 and again at 10. So exciting. I am sure watching you will encourage me to buy MORE.

  30. Vickie says:

    I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!! Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. I have been watching you every since I started scrapbooking 10 years ago. Thanks for all the lessons and wonderful products. Love the metal dies and Cricut Cartridges. Happy Anniversary 🙂

  31. Julianne says:

    Watching the slide show was fun. I’ve been buying and following since you started over at the other channel, even before that!

    Congrats and I look forward to all the beautiful and fun things in store!

  32. HollyG says:

    Good things are coming our way!
    Thank you for hard work and brilliant ideas Miss Anna and team! This shopping list is also much appreciated.
    Excited to see everything and looking forward to Facebook as well.
    Oh the slide show! So much fun to remember these moments!
    Nothing comes close to crafting supplies and it just keeps getting better and better without compromising style!

    “See” you soon! (yay)

  33. Donna Crawford says:

    Another anniversary is here already. Happy 6th with HSN. You have all done a fantastic job for us. We look forward to many more anniversaries too. Your demos will be the icing on the cake on tomorrows show!

  34. Brenda M. says:

    I know tomorrow will be an exciting day! Have fun Anna and all the crafters that will be watching. Congrats to all the winners!

  35. Kay Mitchell says:

    Dies are steel sad last a lifetime – like most really good tools – they are worth every penny.

  36. Irene Alexander says:

    DVR set! Looking forward to the Facebook party. Love the slide presentation. My shopping cart is ready to go. As usual I spent too much!

  37. KymmLisa says:

    It’s one thing to see the stuff online, but totally different to see Anna show it on the show. That’s what I can’t wait for. I have a budget. so I think I know what I want but not sure. Love it all!!!

  38. Vicki H says:

    I’ve got 2 more items from Anna Griffin & HSN coming my way. I got the email they shipped today! I can’t wait to see what is new tomorrow!

  39. Dianne McDonald says:

    I love them all! I cannot wait until 2:00am to see your presentation! I received the Paper tricks 2 and I love them! I have tried each design. Amazing! Thank you and I know how I will spend my Tuesday!

  40. Janis Hein says:

    Bought my items already! Might have to buy more! Will be watching all day! I need a bigger craft space. Lol

  41. Deb Richardson says:

    Hi Anna,

    Very excited about the show starting at midnight! My friends and I are having a crop and an Anna Griffin watching party Do have a questions though which I hope you can clarify before your shows. My mother and I both have Minc’s she has large one and I have small one, an many of my friends plan to purchase tomorrow, Although I bought mine when you first came out with it I just started using it and am running into three problems. One the glitter sheets are not discussed in instructions book. I figured it out but it takes several passes thru the machine to get the glitter to adhere, but not very well. Second, the foil is blotchy at best when using the toner paper. Thirdly, I found the machine gets too hot if you do say three runs through the machine and the sleeve gets wrinkled up and jammed in the machine. Ruining the sleeve, and the sleeves are not available for sale separately. Can you help? I love the machine and what it is supposed to do, but I don’t want to purchase anything more if it is not going to work correctly and my friends are thinking twice about purchasing at all. Thanks, Deb

  42. Granny D says:

    ALL the items are now posted on HSN…..I wanted and got the planner…..I wanted the frame dies on autoship but they are too expensive Anna….$60 per shipment for 4 main dies and a few innies, sorry, hit my threshold on that one…..got the layers too (oh so handy to have good paper around).

    Used a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more ( the number at checkout for that is: 151391 ) Hope it helps someones budget too, did mine LOL

  43. TamiBabs says:

    Thanks for the shopping list – bought all my stuff already! Also, LOVED the ‘walk down memory lane’ – lots of good times there! Can’t wait for the shows tomorrow!! 🙂

  44. Lin M. says:

    Happy Anniversary Anna!!! Thanks for the shopping list! I am looking forward to a day of watching and crafting tomorrow!!! 🙂

  45. Elaine says:

    I am so excited, I can hardly wait until tomorrow! I have just finished ordering what I want, while awaiting a delivery of Anna’s “goodies” to my home.

  46. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Yeeeee Haaaaw ! Looking forward to seeing your show soon now!

    Loving your products soooo much ! I will be spending my Christmas money for sure!

    Wishing you and Team a great show and wonderful New Year.

  47. Dorothy Hatch says:

    Ordered a couple of things. What is it that is to be used with the crop-i-dile? Hope to find out what item that will be so I can order that too.

  48. Joee Balestrieri says:

    Anna! I am stressing because I want EVERYTHING! If you could just make something ugly every now and then, it would help the budget. LOL! I know that you are not capable of that. You’re products are amazing!

  49. Susie Pique says:

    I’m so excited for tomorrow and all the Wonderful and Beautiful Goodies to see!! I love all the fantastic tools and all your gorgeous cards!! I can hardly wait!!!

  50. Charlotte Canning says:

    Happy 6th Anniversary, Anna! I have been a fan for a lot longer than that. Long may you continue to be on HSN! The list is great, except I will probably blow up my credit card. XO

  51. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Thank you, Anna for the list!!
    I stayed home today because of the snow storm we just had. Since I have to work tomorrow… I jus finished purchasing all I could!! I am happy now, just waiting for my items. Of course I will see you after work tomorrow. Happy 6th Anniversary!!

  52. Laura O'Connell says:

    I am so excited; I already ordered some things…..I couldn’t wait! I also got one of your comforters. I can’t wait until it arrives!

  53. Joyce McCord Plunkett says:

    Can’t wait to see everything! I will be working but will be sneaking a peak every chance I get. Gotta work to support my crafting.habit. Lol

  54. Stephanie Jenkins says:

    Woohoo! I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m excited and look forward to see all the new products as well as previous favorites. Happy 6th Anniversary Anna!

  55. Diana Kessler says:

    Made a copy of the new and returning items available tomorrow on HSN. Can’t wait!! I’ll be there for all your presentations. I need to win the lottery to purchase all items for beautiful cards and scrapbooking–which is everything! Love all Anna Griffin creations!

  56. barb macaskill says:

    OH!! I am in love with the Gold and Ivory Tool N One with all the amazing accessories and bag!!! The shimmer paper is also quite stunning!!! TFS!

  57. Donna- May Witte says:

    I think your a special lady, who cares about us crafters having the best quality items to work with! I have used other brands of craft items, I put yours at the very top. I know when I get out items with your name on it, it’s going to be a stress free and fun day in my craft studio!

  58. Lara says:

    Oh, I wish I had money. I love everything you are selling! Have a blast and try to get sleep between episodes. I will record too!

  59. Mary Beth says:

    Working on Tuesday..so placed order today!!!
    Of course I will see things Tues. evening that I wish I might have purchased but one must occasionally show some restraint????

  60. Loretta Holzinger says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and doing some shopping. Guess I’ll have to take a nap today so I can stay up late.

  61. Carla Henderson says:

    Congrats to Michelle. So gracious of Anna for the chances to win some lovely products. See you tonight and tomorrow!!

  62. Deborah Gilbert says:

    Ordered your colored pencils, can’t wait to color in my Anna Griffin coloring books.

    Can’t wait until all the fun tomorrow!

  63. Alicia says:

    Finally, tomorrow will be so good. Of course I will be there at midnight just waiting and watching until Anna’s first hour. Already set the DVR to record up to 6am then the alarm is set, the coffee to start at 5.45 am. Maybe a PJ day.

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