The Craft Channel U.K. January 28th Shopping List

Hi there!

Our debut shows on The Craft Channel in the U.K. are finally here! Watch us tomorrow (January 28th) at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. BST, and every Thursday at these times with repeat airings on Sundays! Watch on Sky Channel 679, Freesat 818 or stream the channel live online from anywhere in the world by clicking here.

Here’s the lineup for Thursday, January 28th!

10 a.m. BST

Pretty Paintings Card Making Kit


Birthday Clear Stamps


Collector’s Edition 16 Ink Pads and Refills

Cuttlebug Machine

Mix and Match Embossing Folders- Ornate Frames


Nifty Nested Layers


Decorative Designs Coloring Books


5″x7″ Metallic Card Layers and Envelopes


Essential Tool Set

Antique Botanical Die Cuts



11 a.m. BST

Foil Boiserie Stickers


Collector’s Edition Stamps and Inks


Grand Duets 12” Folders


12” Embossing Plates

Emboss, Cut and Create Idea Book


Flower Pot Decoupage


French Floral Cardstock


Birthday Bouquet Sticker Library



The website, will have all of our new items ready for sale at the launch with new items added in each month. Check their website for the newest items like our Ornamental Frame Dies, Flocked Card Layers, Sweet Salutations Pop Up Card Kit and Watercolor Pencils.

We hope you enjoy this very exciting debut and come back every week for more!


  1. Mrs. A says:


    The U.K. is six hours ahead of EST. Just subtract 6 hours from 10am BST to give you 4 am EST. And that’s 3am CST, 2am MST, 1am PST and best option, 11pm a day behind HST (Hawaii). Think I’ll move to Hawaii. Gotta get this Anna fix. LOL!

    The Crafting Channel will rebroadcast Anna’s shows starting Sunday, 9am and 10am BST. Will you watch?

    Mrs. A

  2. Mrs. A says:

    The 6th Anniversary Show on HSN was phenomenal. I ordered all my wants early and many things arrived. Putting the multi-tool to work on your beautiful Valentine dies.

    I find your products listed in the Papercrafting category on the Crafting Channel. Just check out the pages one by one for those searching. So many of your best creations are listed, especially the Grace collection. Just hope that the videos for each product start working soon. And Anna, tell us that vellum sentiments collection is in our future on HSN! Love that.

    Congrats again to you and your team. You are a very amazing woman. Just watching you craft is a tonic.

  3. Hazel says:

    I looked at the end of your post and have been looking for the new items, flocked cards, sweet salutations, ornamental frame dies but non of them are on the Craft Channel website or am I looking in the wrong place ??
    Lovely to see Anna again but as I’ve already got 95% of whats on offer unable to spend my crafting allowance !!

    Please can you tell me where to purchase the new items ?

  4. Terance in Texas says:

    Had a great time yesterday and so excited to receive my box’s. Good luck tomorrow I found the site and see you in the line up if I wake up early I will check it out on my tablet I have it setup here by the bed. You would think I have seen enough of Anna but if your on I must watch, lol. Good luck.

  5. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna!

    Wow! I’m still catching my breath from yesterday’s Annaversary! how about you?

    Anna, you, your team and the crew at HSN made everything so entertaining and fun.
    Thank you!
    You’ll do great on The Craft Channel!

  6. Brenda M. says:

    Anna, I enjoyed your HSN anniversary celebration! Congratulation on your success. I am so excited about the items I purchased. All the best with your show in the UK. It would be nice to have an Anna Griffin crafting television show or at least weekly on-line tutorials; you have so much to offer.

  7. Maw J says:

    Wishing you success in your new adventure ! I know you will be, but had to wish luck anyway! Yesterday was the best day yet! I loved watching how excited you got with the new products and know that you shared that with us! Cannot wait to get my stash and much love to you!

  8. Jonie Isenberg says:

    It’s nice for the UK to have all the lovely things we have. I hope your Anniversary was a grand success. I slept Monday so I could get up at midnight and watch all day. I fell out about 11pm. I don’t think I’ve ever watched TV for 23 hours before. I had another dentist appointment for my veneers today and was so exhausted I didn’t care if he hurt me or not.

  9. Shirley Gunterman says:

    Yes ,I have been waiting for nifty nested layers also,when will you be back on HSN again? Enjoyed the anniversary show as.always. Thank you Anna

  10. Sherry says:

    Congratulations on your Anniversary show yesterday. I spent a lot and can’t wait to receive everything. I taped the shows so that I can watch them to get more ideas to use them. Are you going to get the Nifty Nested layers back in stock. I was hoping for them yesterday. I hope they haven’t been discontinued.

  11. Beverly Jordan says:

    Congratulations and loved everything!! I even tape you because I may want to see it after I get the products! You are always so sweet and fun to watch! Thanks again for a great day of crafting products and hope you can catch up on your sleep!!!

  12. barbara Kirchner says:

    WOW! what a craft day !!! I hada buy alot of things… thinking of all the surprise and happyness people have when they get one of your designs….I was thinking my friends and I get together and make cards for the homeless here and let them know their maker loves them… We have alot of homeless people and it is so sad. I think your designs would of convey love in the creation of such beauty.

  13. Granny D says:

    Congratulations on both your Anniversary Party with HSN and your new Craft Channel in the UK! You are gonna be one busy little gal. (I get the idea you love to be a busy person) I would say don’t forget to smell the roses but you have so many roses in your life that you could not help but smell a few. By the way, that wine colored dress was truly amazing on you. The material and color were beyond perfection with your coloration.

  14. Joan baker says:

    This is so weird…… I have checked the craft channel website several times and there is no mention of Anna Griffin or any of the products except for the timetable which obviously gives the times your forthcoming programmes are being broadcast.
    Please say you are going to put the products due to be aired, on your blog each week so we have the chance to choose what we “need” before the show.
    (I also need to check what I have already got as I am lucky enough to have most of your current kits)

  15. Barbara Mann says:

    Congratulations Anna on a successful 6th Anniversary day on HSN and Facebook. What a blast. I cannot wait to get my new items I purchased. Just a question, please – would your Emboss, Cut & Create Book also be available in digital format?


    Hi Anna and team! Went shopping on HSN yesterday…..broke, but happy. I can’t wait for everything to arrive. Was looking at their web site today checking on the things I wanted but could not afford (hoping they were not sold out). Serious plans to purchase them at a future date (fingers crossed). Love the above cards. They are gorgeous. You are truly God’s gift to the crafting public. .

    Why can’t there be a Craft Channel in the US? Maybe you could start one(?).

  17. Andrew says:

    Can’t seem to find anything on the Craft Channel website, hope they come up soon as I’m looking forward to Sweet salutations

    Can’t wait !!

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