HSN March 16th Sneak Peek 1

Hi everyone!

It’s time to mark your calendars and get excited about our next shows on HSN Wednesday, March 16th! We will be on at 12 a.m. (midnight), 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST for full hours, but you’ll want to stay and craft with us all day long once you see the incredible Today’s Special we have to offer! You are going to flip when you see this one…


We are going to change up the sneak peeks slightly this time, so pay close attention here! Every Tuesday we will preview brand new products for March 16th here on the blog, and on Fridays it will be all about the Today’s Special for four straight weeks! We want you to see and hear everything you need to know about this set, so we are dedicating Fridays to blog posts about this amazing new item.

Of course we will be giving things away during all these previews as well. Let’s jump right in with two brand new products, shall we?

The year of Anna Griffin product sequels continues with the second installment of our Vintage Collage Card Toppers! This new set includes 117 “one and done” card toppers that will be the finishing touch to any card base. This time we’ve added new sentiments for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings and babies along with lots of other card sending occasions. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or seasoned paper crafter, these are so great to have on hand for those last minute cards!


vintagecollage2-2 vintagecollage2-3 vintagecollage2-4

The next product is the best sticker kit ever! We have taken all of our favorite cutting die designs and transformed them into readymade stickers from our glitter paper. These Glitter Stickers include 90 frames, flourishes, trellises, butterflies and medallions for you to peel, stick and layer to your heart’s content. We will never get enough of these!


If you’d like to win these two items, comment below and tell us your favorite. We will draw a winner at random on Friday, where you will also get your first look at the amazing Today’s Special for March 16th! Any guesses as to what it could be?

Bye for now!


  1. Kathleen P says:

    Can’t wait for the new products!! I am inspired by your creations. Looking forward to March 16th!!!!!

  2. June Donoflio says:

    Anna, I love your products. When I send a card that I made to someone and it makes them smile, then it makes me happy. Can’t wait to see your new card kits.

  3. Lillian Brothers says:

    I have been buying from you since purchasing a kit including a VHS tape with instructions for doing many things, pinwheels, folding, tying ribbons, etc.
    Love anything A.G. including my sheets and slippers.

  4. Kim Weatherholt says:

    I think both of these sets are amazing, but I would absolutely love to win the vintage card toppers kit. I can see so many beautiful cards abd projects being created with these pieces!

  5. Diane says:

    I love the glitter stickers! i already cut your dies from glitter cardstock but the sticker paper would make it so much easier to adhere to my cards!

  6. Penny McCormick says:

    Your last time on HSN I bought 2 card kit and preordered March and July kits and a few other Anna Griffin items. I LOVED them excited for your upcoming March 16th show, can naot wait. my husband will kill me I hope I can win, I NEVERwin anything.. Praying I will win. Over the years I have never been unhappy with anything I have bought.

  7. COCO says:

    The Glitter stickers are a must have. They lovely. Now I can let my xyron cool off for a bit.
    Thank you Anna.
    I also love the toppers I have the toppers one and am looking forward to the topper two.

  8. Linda DuBos says:

    The glitter stickers make the perfect background for the card toppers. I would more than love having both. Two more great products.

  9. Mary Iten says:

    I don’t know what happened, but I am not receiving Anna’s blog posts. I saw the first sneak peek for the March show, but not the winners on the Fri. blog or anything else since then. Please help me. Do I need to subscribe again or what must I do?
    Thank you,
    Mary Iten

  10. Ellen Rupp says:

    The Rose garden collection reminds me of my mom. She worked so hard in her rose gardens. I miss her . Can’t wait to get these.

  11. Denise says:

    I love the Rose Collection. The possibilities are endless on what you could do with this collection. I hope I win!!!!

  12. Yvonne Buzard says:

    What’s not to love about Anna Griffins collections. Both are beautiful and an advantage to use to any project. Thank you! I have your original papers. Only used for special projects. Also have a VHS of a how to for scrapbook pages. I’ve been a fan for a very long time.

  13. Jeanne Andrusko says:

    I love all the new items you are presenting
    The sticker kit sounds nice since I usually decide on something on the spur of the moment and don’t go upstairs to my craft room to get out my bigkick and dies.
    the 117 piece die cut kit is also a big tine saver. thanks for all your new items

  14. Toni Barger says:

    Food —— Anna Griffin
    Bills ——- Anna Griffin
    Meds —– Anna Griffin
    Choices choices choices……….
    And Anna wins as usual

    Stickers win this time.

  15. Leona says:

    I have the AG dies that are so beautiful, but those glitter stickers are eye candy. My 90 year old Mom still loves here vintage victorian cards, and I try to make her one a month. Thank you for the chance to win and I look forward to the March 16th show.

  16. Pauline O'Quinn says:

    Love both of these products, love the baby congratulations one of course I suppose it might be haha because I am gonna be a grandma for the first time I can’t wait. I love your products Anna they are so nice!!

  17. cindy says:

    well Anna just when I think your products can not get any better you create these perfect items. they are outstanding, so easy to create a beautiful card. thank you for your wonderful products

  18. Ruth H says:

    These are amazing and great for that last minute card when you are in a hurry. Time is at a premium these days. I’m hoping that the special might be some new stamps or possibly these two lovely’s.

  19. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    Anna, thank you for making such beautiful products for us to enjoy. My 6 year granddaughter and I love making your cards together. I’m always excited to see the new things you offer. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all! Can hardly wait for the new card kit. I love forward to tuning in on March 16!

  20. Cyndee Perez says:

    Exquisite, Elegant, Elaborate!! I’m always so enthusiastic to see more of your beautiful creations! I’m never disappointed!!

  21. Christie says:

    How Beautiful are the glitter stickers. What a time saver for a busy card maker.

    So Simply amazing for cardmaking. Will be watching next previews

  22. Sherry Boatman says:

    I love all of Anna’s products but if I have to choose, I pick the glitter stickers. They make it so easy to apply die cuts.

  23. Timorah Manofsky says:

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
    You make easy for us full time workers to have time to be creative!!! I am a RN Supervisor for Case Management – long hours, stressful job..and my card making is my escape. I love you Anna!

  24. Sybil Dumais says:

    I just joined your blog today. Wow look what I have missed all this time. Love everything!! Can’t wait until March 16th.

  25. Kimberly says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! Maybe we are somehow related!!!! I am ultimately in love ( I don’t say that lightly ) with all of the new releases!!! I wish i had unending money’s! I just found Anna last year, I am beside myself with a plethora of kits I wish I could use. Thank you Anna you truly are very talented and blessed!

  26. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    Beautiful as usual!! My husband broke is femur on Dec 12….2 surgeries and 2 rehabs but he is home now. I had to put all my card making mess away and have been in withdrawal. I hope to be dragging it all out in March and start making the most beautiful cards ever with all the AG products. I haven’t even opened the products from the last time you where on HSN. I would love both those new ones and will be watching. Thanks Anna!

  27. Liz says:

    Love the sticker idea. You make pretty, pretty. It certainly makes things easier and no fail.

    I was wondering if there is a way to get lost directions for a 2008 scrapbook and card making kit. 521 and 522. Paid a lot for the kids and really want to put them together for my heritage scrapbooks.

  28. Kimberly says:

    Another fabulous ” I gotta have it” idea! I’m a newbie and such beautiful card toppers is all you need when Anna is putting the color scheme and foils together for you! I love h we r because I can’t fail. Thank you again Anna , I’ll be looking for them in March.

  29. sharon abraham says:

    Love your products. Every time you come out with a new product I just have to have it. Will be watching.

  30. Sydney Grace says:

    Anna! I love your card kits. My mom is an super fan of yours and always shares her extras with me…..now I’m 11 and can get my own kits and don’t have to share:) HEHE I just had a birthday and can’t wait to use my bday money for the new goodies.

  31. Rosemary says:

    I always look for a little larger envelope for my cards since fI add embellishments. Thanks for actually supplying them for us. Wonderful kit!!

  32. Bette Sines says:

    Oh Goodness Anna…I was looking for a break on my spending, but here we go again! There’s no way I’m not going to be watching your next show on HSN! The toppers and the Glitter stickers are just so beautiful, I cannot resist buying them when they become available. Yikes, I think I need to get a job to help pay for all these goodies. Can’t wait!

  33. Cheryl K. says:

    Hi Anna!
    My favorite this time is the Glitter Die Cut Stickers. They look gorgeous (but, then, what doesn’t of yours). I do also like the Vintage Collage Card Toppers. Somehow I missed the first set. I hope you bring them back in March.
    Can’t wait!

  34. jeanna Baker says:

    i gave one of your cards to my brother for Christmas and he just thought it was the cat’s meow. i think that these new toppers will be a great addition to my Anna Griffin collection.

    i love them both.

  35. Regina Weller says:

    I ordered through 1st set of card toppers and besides being beautiful, they are a brilliant idea! And the glitter stickers are going to be amazing also. I currently create my own with the gorgeous dies, so this will be a time saver.

  36. Gilda Duffy says:

    Hi Anna, can’t wait to see the new TS!!!! Can you bring back your set of vintage papers and vintage cardstock? I’m almost out!!!!! Love what you do!!!

  37. Irene Alexander says:

    Oh my! I have put a lot of thought into the TSV, and I am guessing a Spellbinders item. I remembered you said you partnered with them at Create. So my guess is a heavy duty die cutting/embossing machine. I should b getting my new Spellbinders tools next week:))

  38. Deede Hawkins says:

    Anna your items are so beautiful and I’d loved to be picked as a winner. These card toppers are just perfect. Can’t wait for the next HSN show.

  39. Karen Johnson says:

    Wish I could buy everything you make, it is all too pretty and exciting! I love both of these new items.

  40. Virginia says:

    I love the vintage collage because is easy fast and cheaper than buy the items separately, I have the first box and is just pick one and is done. My kid can do it. But I’m extremely curious about the next one , what will be? Sound like machine. Let me guess is a circuit machine who emboss and debossing, stipple, cut, write, with platform of 12X12. I’m no joking, I can’t sleep thinking what is. That item.

  41. Robin B says:

    Anna, I Love all things Anna!!! These to examples are Fabulous! I will be adding them to my arsenal of cardmaking supplies. I Love the card toppers II…I can’t wait to see the TSV…I hope it’s a Large Die-cutting machine, that can cut 12″…

  42. Sherri says:

    YAH! Today I finally received the goodies from Anna’s super flash sale, was soooo excited. Think my husband got tickled at me, he brought the box in and it was like Xmas as I opened all the new stuff! LOL! Anna, thank you for the free Xmas Stamp set, I will gift it to one of my daughters since I have that one already, they will be thrilled. I think just last week my honey informed me he paid all that was on that credit card…Ha…..here we go again. Really like both new items, hard to pick a favorite and can certainly use the Toppers and large glitter dies. I still need to purchase the Vintage Card Toppers 1, they maybe sold out by the time I placed my HSN order the last time. Several AG items that I hope stays in stock because I can’t buy everything all at once, sure would be great if I could win some AG products coming soon. Thanks!

  43. Fran says:

    Your products take me to a simpler yet elegant time. I am grudgingly picking the glitter stickers as new favorite! Thank you Anna and team!

  44. W. Salguero says:

    Vintage and glitter…..Wow! As for TS guess.. mix and match part two-outline dies and different shape dies for word inserts(rectangle, circle, heart) and companion word dies in elegant font. Just a hint uh, guess!

  45. Gina says:

    So pretty, I love the card making idea instead of having to go to a store & buy one, saves you a lot of money…. The stickers are very pretty!

  46. Paulette says:

    i will receive toppers 1 tomorrow in the mail and can hardly wait to make some cards with them would love to win toppers 2 and glitter stickers

  47. Jane Gotelli says:

    I have decided I am a very selfish person. I have been told I am generous but oh no. No matter how much Anna I have, I always want more. Will I ever stop? Not until my end.

  48. cory says:

    The card toppers are single layered. Ribbon is taped to the back of some of them. Since the images are flattened from previous pieces, it’s possible to add dimension by adding Anna’s die cuts or stickers. They line up exactly. Many of the flowers were from the Pretty Paintings card box collection.

  49. Maryellen K. says:

    Even though the Glitter Stickers would save me a lot of time, the Vintage Card Toppers are the fastest way to make nice cards. I have the first installment and I adore them so I have to say the Card Toppers are my fav!

  50. Sandy says:

    Anna, “HOW” can we pick a favorite??? They go together, you need one, the need the other, have to have BOTH! Again, you are hitting it out of the ballpark with the new products!!! I’m so excited & can’t wait for the show. REALLY…I can’t choose 1, they both are SUPER!!! Thanks for the beauty. I love making the cards for my family & friends & they love getting them too!

  51. Patricia says:

    Well just like everyone else, I love them both! However I would really really like the glitter stickers – I think they would look so great on the cards that I make. However, I could see using the vintage card toppers on cards as well as my scrapbook pages. Can’t wait to see what the TSV will be.

  52. Jean T says:

    Love them both, very hard to decide which is best. Since I need to choose, I would say the glitter stickers. Thanks for opportunitity to win.

  53. Leigh Donald says:

    I sure could’ve used those card toppers tonight. I needed a birthday card for my daughter and had to grab a store bought one, because I simply didn’t have time to pull out all the stamps, punches and die cutters needed to get one made. Can’t wait for the Today’s special. I nearly went crazy watching the last craft day recently. I wanted it all, but wallet said IMPOSSIBLE.

  54. Mary Templin says:

    How exciting! I can’t wat for the TS on HSN in March! Love, love, love everything Anna Griffin. I just got the butterfly die kit and have just finished one of the most beautiful cards I have ever made. Thank you Anna!

  55. Deborah Cieply says:

    I love anything that glitters you make me look so good on making my card thank you everyone thinks I am so talented but that is actually your talent making me look good

  56. Judy S. says:

    ***! I just loved the Vintage collection I so I am just giddy with another set coming up for sale and the pre- glued die cuts are a fantastic idea. I should be so lucky to be a winner!!!! Can’t wait till March.

  57. Maureen Odell says:

    Wow Anna you are unbelievable! These are beautiful, and I want them both. The stickers are my favorite because I can make cards and scrapbook with them. Can’t wait!!

  58. Lisa says:

    I hope to see my name tomorrow as the winner. I love your products. I’m going to need a bigger craft room.

  59. Marcie Decker says:

    I can hardly wait for March 16!!! I am new to card making..spent a fortune on “Anna” cards, So Smitten, the Minc machine, etc., etc. last promotion. I made Valentines for my husband and for our pastor and his wife to name a few….they were so happy with them! Have many get well cards to make and am enjoying giving and seeing the faces light up with happiness! I was able to make a combination Birthday Valentine for a friend born Feb. 14. Pretty and unique were his comments. Looking forward to the previews leading up o the Big Day!!

  60. MARILYN says:


  61. Stacy Bogan says:

    They are gorgeous as always, but I’m super excited for the glitter stickers. I don’t have a guess for the TSV, but I know I will need to have it. 🙂

  62. Michele says:

    I can not wait til the 16th, Think I have going to have to request off. Vintage toppers and glitter stickers are going to be a must have.

  63. Ellen Williams says:

    I would love to get both of these products. They are beautiful. Wish I had the talent that Anna has so that I could create such great ideas.

  64. Susan Capps says:

    I love all your products and have several kits, the Cuddle Bug, emblosing folders, etc. I sure would like to win this, so please pick me.

  65. Linda RItter says:

    Your kits and accessories are always inspirational. I hear glitter stickers calling to me. Please bring me home! please bring me home! I definitely need some gittery things

  66. Gertrud says:

    The 117 “one and done” card toppers are great when you are in a hurry to make a card. It does not look rushed or unoriginal. Just wanted to let everyone know the flocked layers came back in stock at HSN, but only briefly. I was able to secure a package, so I am happy. I will incorporate them into my St. Patrick’s Day Cards. Wishing everyone a belated Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to the March show on HSN!

  67. Gloria Myers says:

    Those glitter stickers are to die for and thank you again Anna for the part 2 of the Collage stickers…….

  68. Cheryl S. says:

    Anna, I Love everything you do! Would Love the Vintage card toppers and the glitter stickers, so elegant. Card making is so much fun! Thank for this opportunity to enter.

  69. Anita Price says:

    I love both products, but the Card Toppers makes it so easy for people like me that have trouble with my hands. Thank you for thinking of us, too!

  70. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    So need those Vintage card toppers and gold stickers………oh so happy Happy for tomorrows reveal

  71. Pam McWilliams says:

    I love your glitter diecuts. I could really use them. I love all your stuff. And I get SO MANY compliments. Thanks for adding to my creativity. 🙂

  72. Beth says:

    Love Anna! Using ” Ribbons and bows” to get ready for a shower and can think of so many ways to use the topper and especially the glitter die cuts ! Can’t wait for the hsn shiw

  73. MaryJean Smith says:

    The glitter stickers are my favorite until I see some of the other things, of course you can’t have too many card toppers!!!

  74. Linda Drummond says:

    I think if someone were to check they would find glitter in my veins!! I love the glitter stickers but also love the Vintage Collage Card Toppers! I cannot wait until we see all the new products! Great way to brighten up these dreary winter days!

  75. BRENDA Hoffman says:

    Card toppers are beautiful and the glitter stickers….both are awesome products. If I had to choose just between the 2 it would be difficult but I think the glitter stickers are awesome, just like you!!!
    Love all of your products.

  76. Vaye Smith says:

    Oh I love them all….But if I had to choose one …I’m a big butterfly fan, so I’d choose the “On your special day” card……
    Good luck to all

  77. Karen says:

    I would love to winm bt I know there are so many people, I will buy even if I don’t win! Love you and your grat products

  78. karen tabaka says:

    Gotta have the card toppers missed out on the last one, I NEED THEM, Glitter anything is great, my nickname Sparkle when I am crafting, LOL LOL LOL

  79. Gisela says:

    Oh how lovely it would be , to have your Vintage Card Toppers sent to me.
    Thank you Anna for a chance to win.

    Maybe a new electric golden Cuttlebug ?

  80. Kathi Sanders says:

    Loved the 1st set of toppers so will definitely want the 2nd! The glitter die cut stickers are an awesome idea, can’t wait!

  81. Laurie says:

    I’ve got my minc, I’ve made the Christmas pop up cards and just added your beautiful planner. I’m ready to start card making so I would love these 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win and oh, I’ll be working at HSN that night taking the calls for orders, we love you craft night and your customers.

  82. Theresa Ransone says:

    Anna, you and your team are DA BOMB! You make it so easy to recreate your beautiful style. Thanks for all the cool stuff to come!

    Tee Ransone

  83. Susan says:

    Just by watching these little teasers, ideas are starting to form in my head! Love how I can build a great project around one vintage topper or a glittered die cut. Your materials are always so inspiring and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  84. Mrs. A says:

    Oh what a great idea you have for the TS! 2016 is the AG encore year for her products and the Gypsy definitely needs an encore.

  85. Deborah Holman says:

    Love love love the glitter stickers! Card toppers are amazing too! I love everything you bring us Anna. Wondering if I should start a support group LoL…

  86. Vencine Martin says:

    ***! Anna! I can’t believe you are already going to be on HSN again! I don’t think my bank account has recovered yet from January’s show! LOL! I love both items but definitely the glitter die cuts, since I’m all about glitter and hopelessly drawn to anything shiny and sparkly. Glitter runs through my veins, after all 😉

  87. Stephanie says:

    Keep the Glitter coming. The card toppers are awesome. Looking forward to March 16th. For some reason I thought it was February 16th and was so disappointed. Silly me!

  88. Dolores Hilderbrand says:

    Just finished making 17 cards usin the original Vintage Collage Toppers. So fast, easy and beautiful! Can’t wait for the new version.

  89. Marilyn McAfee says:

    It’s too hard to pick just one. Everything Anna Griffin is so elegant. Would the TS be your own version of a Xyron machine?

  90. Heidi Burleigh says:

    Love love love the Vintage Collage Toppers and am so excited to see some masculine items. I am always looking for ideas for masculine cards and this looks perfect!

  91. Renee Rymarz says:

    Love both items but if I had to pick it would be the glitter die cut stickers. In terms of the new TS I am thinking maybe an AG Cut n Boss type machine. Can’t wait for March 16th!

  92. Sandra Evans says:

    Hmmmm which do i like the best? Card topper for those last minute cards on the way out the door. Just this morning hubby went to visit a sick friend and I needed a card to send with a jar of preserves. Just could not get my head in the game early in the morning so he got 2 jars of preserves in a pretty bag.A instant card would have been perfect!

  93. Sylvann Fuller says:

    We all need some glitter and sparkle in our lives. Anna Griffin helps us achieve this with her many wonderful products. March 16 come on down!

  94. Robin LaFofllette says:

    As always, everything is just beautiful, Anna. I really love the glitter die cuts. They add so much to the cards! They are the cat’s meow!

  95. Barbara S says:

    I love all things Anna Griffin. I have a Minc gold and some supplies for it. I would love to have a set of stickers and other ephemera to decorate my cards.

  96. Diane says:

    Well Anna, I wonder if the TS is a new version of your Cricut Gold CUTTLEBUG? I’m definitely ordering your collage toppers. And what a great idea for the stickers! HOPE you have enough in stock bc they’ll sell out first airing:) thx Anna

  97. Jackie Ocheltree says:

    I love the Collage Toppers, they are just so easy to use. The stickers are running a close second. Awesome!

  98. marge says:

    I recently received the first set of card toppers and love them! They give me so many ideas for future card making , but they also make it so easy to come up with a quick card! I love how you matched some of them with existing cards kits. Just Wonderful! And, I would love the glitter layers. They are so pretty and would save time going after those little chads with a pin.

  99. Chris Hayden says:

    I bought the first pack of vintage collage and I’m thrilled to hear that there’s another one that I can get now.

  100. Sue says:

    Marked 3/16 in my gorgeous AG Planner!!! I love the stickers and the card toppers, can not wait for your next visit Anna, thank you so very much for beautiful quality items.

  101. April L says:

    I love love love all my Anna Griffin supplies and would love to add to my collection. My cards look amazing.

  102. Linda Pennington says:

    I am so excited about the stickers & can’t wait to see all the new products every week! Thanks Anna & crew for the wonderful updates (temptations) each week – can’t wait to see you on the 16th!

  103. ellie says:

    It’s impossible to choose with any of your products. Everything is so exquisite. The patterns and work you do is so inspiring

  104. Sandra Bowers says:

    I Love the die cuts so i’m sure I am gonna love that sticker set. The card toppers look amazing. Thanks for making things so easy for us.

  105. Barbara says:

    The card toppers are going to be fun and looks easy and fast…I don’t have a clue to what the special will be. But I know it will be good! Afterthought on the today’s special….. your planner book?

  106. Judy A says:

    Love both of these products but I really need the stickers. Trying to put sticky tape on the back of the die cut designs takes forever. Now it will be a piece of cake.

  107. Virginia Smith says:

    And I thought Anna could not get better. Boy, was I wrong. Love, love the toppers and stickers. Go, Anna.

  108. Rosemary Hansbury says:

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw this kit! 117 pieces…WOW! I was the Sunday afternoon Lady. Now, with these embellishments available as stickers, you will have made our card-making so much more fun! Thanks, Anna!

  109. Patrica Coddington says:

    I’d have to say that it was hard to chose! I pick the new Vintage collage cardtoppers. Fabulous new reveals! TFS.

  110. Peggy says:

    I love to use your products to make cards. Both of these new items are ones I a interested in. They are terrific.

  111. Lori Smith says:

    Love. Love. Love ALL things Anna. I would be soooooo nice to win since I got a second job to pay for my Anna addition, it seems at this point I need a third job since I have to have it ALL!

  112. DONNA GARVIN says:

    Oh no my pocketbook is still hurting from your last HSN visut! Love the Stickers. Cant wait to see what TS is!

  113. Shelby Williams says:

    Love them both, I think the stickers are so useful. I cut out all of your Christmas dies with a cheap glitter sticker paper I got at Dollar General: I cut out about 6-8 from each sheet and added them to the Christmas cards I made from your card kit! It was so easy to have them already to use without applying adhesive…those will be a big seller for you!

  114. Dorothy Tarr says:

    I love these products. I would love to win them. Can’t wait for Anna;s next HSN visit. Love AG products.

  115. Sandra Evans says:

    Love them both. I like the collage stickers because they will help my card marking go so much faster. But I’m a girl from the south and I’m all about the glitter. Will probable get both of them. Thanks for the chance to win both of them Can’t wait to see you Anna on the 16th.

  116. D Ann Adams says:

    I like the vintage collage card toppers. And I am waiting to see what TS will be for March 16. Thanks Anna and HSN.

  117. Joan Baker says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win these????
    They are both fabulous….I think my preferred choice would have to be the die cuts as they are the best and easiest way to make a card look amazingly expensive.

  118. Cheryl B says:

    Love, love, love the Glitter Stickers, but both would work well together. Thanks for the contest. Can’t wait to see everything on HSN, 3/16!

  119. Sherrie Dyer says:

    I just love these toppers and the glitter ones. They will save time in putting cards together and will work great with any card.

  120. Marjorie Eades says:

    Planner marked, super excited for the new toppers, am loving the first set there a total got to product.

  121. Sandy Coker says:

    I absolutely adore the Vintage Collage Card Toppers! I have the first set and am excited to get the second set. They make my cards look so elegant, yet it is so easy and quick! Thanks for awesome products Anna and team!

  122. Karla says:

    I love love love the glitter stickers! Being a mom of two finding time to craft can be hard but I think with your amazing products it would help tons!

  123. Linda says:

    Oh Anna, you just saved me tons of time. I had that idea of making my own glitter die cuts. Now you have done it for me.
    Thank you, Thank you

  124. Loralei says:

    I just bought the first set of Vintage Die Cuts during your last HSN show. I would enjoy the new set and especially the glitter die cuts! I enjoy adding shine to my cards!

  125. Teresa Edwards says:

    The glitter stickers are Amazing like everything you make. I love your items and can’t wait till March 16 at midnight

  126. Juliann Turner says:

    Just like LeslieZee said above,, “this is like choosing which is your favorite child”!!! I loveo] them both but if it must be just one choice, I guess the Glitter Stickers! Can’t wait to see what else new you’ve created. Thanks Anna!
    p.s. Little Ting-Ting is sending kiss-kiss to Georogie.

  127. LeslieZee says:

    This is like asking who is your favorite child. But if I could only purchased one, I would sell something and buy both. I love the idea of making fast cards because I am a procrastinator and wait to the last minute

  128. HELENE W. says:

    Love them both. If I had to chose one I would pick the Vintage Collage toppers. Looking forward to March 16th.

  129. Gerda Gray says:

    Thanks Anna for the glitter stickers, that’s my favorite item this week, those stickers look so great and I would use them on my cards, love it

  130. Marilyn Solis says:

    You had me at “vintage “! Don’t know how I missed the first set so this is a must have!
    Of course there is always glitter in my life also!

  131. Kristina B says:

    I cant wait for these and whatever else you have in store for us!!! I just finished 2 out of three card kits… All I can say is AMAZING!!!!

  132. Donna says:

    Love love love both of these new collections. They are a must have. Thanks, Anna, for all you do for us crafters.

  133. Lori Hable says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Those glitter stickers!!! I just love my wonderful Velcro closing boxes of Anna inspiration. Just opening the boxes gives me a little thrill. Can’t wait to add to my collection !!

  134. Susan Weatherly says:

    Can’t wait, I want it all. I just put every thing on flex pay and pay it off the next month and then the next month Anna is on HSN again. Just hope this continues.

  135. Camille says:

    It’s hard to choose, they are both beautiful and would be an asset to my collection of your other collections.

  136. Marcie Smith says:

    Love those glitter stickers. Fabulous!! And those new toppers- Wow. Sure makes a beautiful card in minutes. Great ideas. Can’t wait to see what the TS is all about. Made March 16th the first entry in my new AG Planner!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

  137. Jacque J Struble says:

    Your making me choose a favorite? Are you kidding? If I must then the glitter stickers, but I love them both.

  138. Bob & Susan says:

    Love it!! I hope you will do some Christian designs in embossing etc, I am always looking for such and if you designed some I know they would be sensational!

  139. Marly Taylor says:

    Love love love those glitter stickers. Anna Griffin products just ooze elegance every time. So glad we now get a weekly dose of that elegance here in the UK

  140. Carol O says:

    Wow I love the cut outs that are already ready for me and I don’t even have to think. I have so many of your dies but it would be nice not to have to think and just grab it and the glitter just makes it over the top, thank you!

  141. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: I love the vintage toppers. What a great idea for making a fast card. I have all of your beautiful dies and love cuddlebugging them on your glitter papers, but sticker papers! I love it! That’s my favorite. I’d love to win them both.

  142. Kathy says:

    The card toppers are my favorite but since I own practically every die you have ever made, you know I would love the glitter sticker set.
    As far as the TS goes, I’m wondering if there is something new on the horizon regarding the cuttlebug machine???

  143. Cheryl Stone says:

    The stickers are fabulous! I really want them, and the toppers are just plain great for unexpected card emergencies.

  144. Fernanda Gonzalez says:

    Those stickers are absolutely gorgeous!! I’ve never seen anything as elegant as these. Can’t wait for the HSN show to order some goodies!

  145. Sandie Scott says:

    Love both of these items. Got my warehouse sale box today and loved it. ended up mostly Christmas though so these 2 sets will work perfectly for me.

  146. Rita Robinson says:

    Hi Anna!
    My favorite? Why the fact that you posted a sneak peek on my birthday. Made my day!!
    My eyes were all a glitter!
    A big hug from me to you.

  147. Gay Lynn Westover says:

    Both products are just fantastic building blocks to make spectacular cards! I really admire both kits, but you can always use a little glittery sparkle! I’m hoping your TS is a collection of those high quality detailed dies! I have one collection and they make me happy!

  148. Angela Rogalski says:

    Just like most , I love both of these great products. If I have to make a choice it would be…..the Vintage Collage Toppers ! Can’t wait to see what else you have coming our way ..

  149. Kris P says:

    Love both, but the glitter stickers are my favorites. So curious to see what TS will be! Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. RandellynB says:

    Oooohhhh….more wonderful in the making!!! Lovin’ the Glitter diecuts…muy fabo! As for the TSV….I wonder if you’ll have a bigger dicutting machine in your glorious gold style…say like a Sixxiz Big Shot Plus? That would be absolutely wonderful!

  151. RandellynB says:

    Oooohhhh….more wonderful in the making!!! Lovin’ the Glitter diecuts…muy fabo! As for the TSV….I wonder if you’ll have a bigger dicutting machine in your glorious gold style…say like a Sixxiz Big Shot Plus? That would be absolutely wonderful!

  152. Deborah Schamburg says:

    I love both products and anything Anna Griffin! Especially love the glitter stickers cause I love sparkly things!

  153. Mary Birdsong says:

    The colors ! The square shape , the beautiful new flowers reminds us that spring will be here soon and to send any of these to a friend will be a reminder to them as well . Looking forward to March 16 th !!!!

  154. Brenda says:

    I ADORE the Vintage Collage Card Toppers!!!! What a wonderful idea for the beginner, but too beautiful for the advances paper crafter to miss!!

  155. Ginny Carter says:

    I absolutely love the glitter stickers. But my favorite of the two is the vintage card toppers. Talk about zero to finish in record time. LOVE IT!!! Of course as always, what’s not to love about ANYTHING Anna Griffin? Looking forward to the 16th.

  156. Judy says:

    Glitter Stickers!! & the cardholders!
    Anna, would love you to make another set of angels that are not just for Christmas.

  157. Isabelle Brown says:

    So exited about March 16th. I’ve only been making cards about 5 months and I’m hooked. Your kits make it so easy and the cards turn out so beautiful. It’s hard to decide which new product I like best, but if I have to choose, it’s the Glitter Sticker. Can hardly wait to see what the TSV will be.

  158. Sue Paradoski says:

    Oh, Darlene! Paper embroidery would be great! I already do that in several ways, all of which are fun but time consuming. What an unbelievable card it makes though. I have even added beads. I think Anna’s designs would make this kind of card extraordinary.

  159. Andrea says:

    Oh my, I don’t think I can choose….The One and Done Card toppers are awesome, but I truly love the Glitter stickers!

  160. Sue Paradoski says:

    Thanks, Susan L. for letting me know you also had trouble cutting large dies on your cuttlebug. I always think it’s just me doing something wrong.Do you or anyone else have some suggestions so I don’t break my machine?

  161. Agather says:

    Love both products, if I just have to choose a favorite, then the Vintage Collage Card Toppers II would be the one. am going to be in big trouble come March 16th!

  162. RAMONA MYRAH says:

    Anxious to see all the card toppers- It would be so convenient to have those on hand. I can’t imagine what else new you could have come up with- unbelievable!

  163. Debbie Clever says:

    Love, love, love the glitter stickers! My nieces call me Hollywood Aunt Debbie because I almost always have something glittery on either my clothing or my nails. Now I can add sparkle to my cards as well! So fun!

  164. Diana Durst says:

    I love the glitter stickers! They will be mine!! I gave the pop up cards to a couple of family and friends and they all said “You are getting so good at making cards. These are gorgeous!” I said thank you then had to fess up and tell them they were Anna Griffin cards. Showed them the kits and all the goodies in the beautiful box. One of my friends then ordered them too. Love them!

  165. Pat says:

    I love both of the new items, especially the new stickers. I bought the new dies but I am having a hard time cutting them — probably because I am 75 years old, LOL.. Love all your products Anna….

  166. Rita Carr says:

    I am a brand new customer and love all your products . the new stickers are fabulous.. I am looking Forward to adding to My collection .


  167. Susan m. says:

    I love the vintage card toppers and the stickers both but if had to choose would be the stickers as I love glitter…

  168. kim m says:

    Yahoo! Both are must haves. As I get older and my body breaks down, I find having grab and go embellishments and pre cut card layers are the only way I can make cards. Thank you for offering these!!

  169. Khara Murphy says:

    Love them glitter die cut! Makes for some even faster and easier card making! And they’re so pretty!

  170. Jennie says:

    Everyone who knows me or gets a card from me knows that glitter and sparkle are EVERYTHING! So the new glitter stickers are MINE! I have the first box of toppers so yeah, box 2 will be mine as well but the glitter stickers are really what I’d have to vote for as my FAVE!

    As for the TSV, I’m still clueless. I think I have glitter on the brain and well, that’s all I can think of. 🙂

  171. Debbie Simmonds says:

    Love love love them both! How can anyone choose?? Maybe the glitter stickers?? I do love the frames and flourishes …. But then again the one and done would be fantastic too!! I’m sorry I just can’t choose!

  172. Sandy Tucker says:

    Can’t wait for the stickers. Both new products are lovely and so elegant. The stickers just make it so easy and fast.

  173. Donna B says:

    Just a CHANCE to win some of Anna’s products–FABULOUS!!!
    It’s been about a year since I first “got hooked” on Anna and I can’t get enough. The funny thing is I’m NOT a frilly, flowery person in card making but Anna’s things changed all of that. Now I have non-crafting friends wanting to come to my house to make cards 🙂

  174. Linda H says:

    Love em both! Ordered collage toppers 1 in Jan., but am still waiting, so I’ll just have to win the #2 version on Friday. Thanks in advance for that…. heehee, I ‘ve been reading your mail and it seems the gals out there are wanting an electric Cuttlebug. I hope they get their wish, cuz then I’ll be able to find a bargain AG golden manual from one of them. YAY!

  175. Molly Downing says:

    I was fortunate to get the Vintage Collage toppers from the last show and was amazed at how wonderful they are. Can’t wait to see this next set! Of course, I love it all!

  176. Wendy C. says:

    Those toppers make life so much easier for us with ADD – and get overwhelmed with the amount of choices we have when putting together a card! The die cuts are fabulous as well!

  177. Karen Krum says:

    Oh Anna. Love both products. I think I would enjoy the glitter diecuts but I would love the toppers as well. I think the TS will be (really hoping) a new and updated Cricut Gypsy. I love the one I currently have but wouldn’t mind having one with a bit larger screen.

  178. Cathy Frautschi says:

    I love them both especially the glitter dies….I think a little glitter adds to every project you do, I could replace the salt & pepper shakers with “glitter shakers”!!!

  179. Norma Cardenas says:

    What a fantastic idea!!!! Love the stickers. I can’t wait to get my hands on those babies.. But for sure both products are a must have for me !!!!!!

  180. Barbara Leonard says:

    Can’t wait to get the new stickers!! What a great idea. I got the first set of toppers and sure would like to have the second set, too. Thanks!

  181. Linda from MN says:

    Love the sticker-glitter die cuts and vintage card toppers. Looking forward to new products (I won’t guess since I am always way off base). Thank you, Anna and everyone who makes all this happen.

  182. Tammy Whitley says:

    Anna anything made from glitter paper is my favorite. If it doesn’t bling, its not done!!!! Do you ever sleep? With all the new products you are coming out with since your last show, I don’t know when you would have time. Since my birthday is just 10 days before your show, I am going to consider the show my birthday show!!! And I get to buy anything I want. But I usually do that anyway!!! Can’t wait to see what else your going to bring!!!!

  183. Jane Paul says:

    Just like you, Anna, I love anything vintage, so I think that would be my first choice. But the glitter die cuts would be a really nice added feature. These teasers you put on your blog will help us forget about this crappy weather. Thanks for all of your beautiful items.

  184. Linda says:

    Love the card toppers, but who doesn’t also love a little glitter with their cards?? Both look terrific. Could I ask that you make available the ink that we could use to “minc” up all of the Anna stamps that we already have? Thanks for considering it.

  185. Loretta Wilson says:

    The vintage collage 2 is a must (I have two of the #1) & also the die cuts are a must have! Sometimes I do not wat to use the Cuttlebug & these would be, perfect!


  186. Doug G. says:

    Loving both new items!!!! If forced to choose one I would say the Glitter Die Cut Stickers has a slight edge but the Vintage Collage Card Toppers II are sublime as well. Looking forward to March 16th…. I guess I will be spending a lot of the green that day !!!

  187. Tracie Proxmire says:

    I love all your items!! I believe you will be coming out with a cricut expore updated or sequel for the ts

  188. Karen M says:

    Anna I just love the Card Toppers and super love the glittered stickers. Can’t really decide which one is better than the other – I guess I’ll just have to get both!!

  189. jackie cleveland says:

    Loving the new glitter die cuts BLING BLING! This makes the card making process so quick and if someone does not have the cutting machines they can still make the gorgeous cards. Wonderful item.

  190. Kim Haygood says:

    Wow, Anna! Great things just keep coming, don’t they? I am a sticker collector from way back and those glitter stickers are gorgeous! Thank you for helping us look forward to the next HSN craft day and getting us through the winter blues! How about some non-dimensional glitter stickers for the AG Planner? How about some AG inspired patterned flags? Always glad to lend ideas!

  191. Debbie Griffin says:

    Anna Griffin I love, love the new Glitter Die Cut Stickers, and the Card Toppers would be so handy. Can’t wait to see what else you have for us! Looking forward to March 16th.

  192. Carol Cerio says:

    I have been cutting the metallic die cuts every since I have been buying them – they are always the best accent to a card for any occasion and I also did them in Xmas colors for my Xmas cards. Great idea.

    I have Vintage #1 so you know that Vintage #2 is a shoe in also I am using my paper tricks #2 to go along with these and it really adds something special to my cards.

    All of your product designs blend together so well on any card or scrapbook design you want to make.

    Great job Anna!

  193. Marianne Chapman says:

    My favorite…if I have to choose is Vintage Collage Card toppers. It would go so well with all the Anna Griffin products I already have. Of course everything you do is beautiful.

  194. Maryann D. says:

    Oh my heavens! How can I choose between two really fantastic new ideas! I have been making cards for just over a year now ever since buying my first Anna Griffin card set on HSN and having a blast releasing my creativity with her help…my family and friends are amazed at the cards they are receiving…and I am thrilled at being able to create such awesomeness with such ease. Thank you Anna for giving this retiree something new to concentrate on…

  195. sue t says:

    Love both of the new items, they are must haves. Just keep thinking about what the TS will be!! It must be a humdinger!!
    Thank you, Anna!!

  196. Kelly Monaghan says:

    Oh my heavens! I CANNOT Wait to get my crafty little fingers on these 2 new bundles! You are a rock star genius! As for my TS guess.is it a sticker making die cut machine?

  197. Gracia Lanza says:

    Anna, Love all these things!!! Never disappointed in your products and always looking forward to the new ones!!

  198. Jody Green says:

    Hmmmm – a dynamic product that takes several weeks to give detail on…. What could that be? I’m guessing it’s a auto-ship item to build up a collection. Many of us have asked for a kit club type thing which would include video courses. That would be fabulous!

  199. Deborah Bode says:

    I love them both and will have to have both. Don’t have any idea what the TS could be because with Anna it is always over the top fantastic! But Lucy the Super Dachshund Super Fan and Twinkle the Super Cocker have said that whatever it is they will pool their biscuits and treats together so they can get it for me!

  200. Maulene says:

    Really love the glitter sticker die cuts this is a awesome idea. Would be great to win but think I will need more then one of the package to do all the cards that I make. The TS maybe both products .

  201. Kathryn says:

    Hi! Win or not, I will be purchasing the glitter stickers. What a great idea from one of us to you and back to all of us! Thank you for all you creative work and inspiration.

  202. Jenifer says:

    gosh I am in trouble again after I splurged after the last HSN shows and the warehouse sale. I NEED the new card topper set

  203. Lisa says:

    My favorite is the GLITTER STICKERS !

    I made my husband’s valentine from some of my new goodies I bought during your last visit to HSN and the clearance sale at your website .
    I cannot wait for teh rest of the auto-ship cartridges !
    Thank You !

  204. Mindy says:

    Both products are so beautiful! I can’t wait for Friday…I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. What will it be? One things is for sure…I know it will be “Anna-mazing” and I will have to have it! 🙂

  205. Lanie Rickard says:

    You can never have to much bling in life. 🙂 Love the glitter stickers, the glitter pieces are always my favorite part of Anna’s card kits.

  206. Karen Hampton says:

    I just love the die-cut glitter sticker set!! And….that says a lot because *gasp*, I am not a glitter girl lol! You can ask my scrapping friends!!!

  207. Susan Goodell says:

    I love the glitter stickers. What girl doesn’t want a little glitter on everything. /Sure beats have to use glitter glue or message sprinkle glitter. Great idea!!

  208. Terri K says:

    It’s all about the sparkle, love the glitter stickers and the card toppers too. The Cricut was your last big item so I’m guessing you are going to be revamping your Cuttlebug. Perhaps expanding the cutting area, bringing out an electric version OR possible both. Either way I’m sure I’ll be buying it!

  209. Gale says:

    Both items are beautiful. I really cannot imagine what the TS would be. I look forward to the sneak peak on Friday.

    Blessings to you.

  210. Marie Powers says:

    You always amaze me with the beauty of your products! These new stickers are perfect for making quick but beautiful cards. Can’t wait til the show.

  211. Diane B says:

    ***. What great products. Cannot wait for the 16th. Not matter where I am will be watching. Wish HSN would have more crafting shows with Anna. I am having such fun with all the products I got last time. Don’t know how you do it Anna coming up with all those new products. Recommend you come up with products that target specifics like a kit for sympathy and a kit for weddings etc. I am using the birthday salutation one which I love so much. Also maybe a kit that just targets holidays. Love it all.

  212. Heidi Sullivan says:

    I am soooo looking forward to March 16th! I have not seen your previous card topper’s , I love what I see previewed here so that will be my first item and I must have the glitter stickers also! Hardest part is choosing which one first.

  213. Dawn Whetstone says:

    Love the glitter die-cut stickers! How do you always know what we want? Thank you and can’t wait for March and to see the today’s special!

  214. Jennifer says:

    Love, love, love the new vintage card toppers and glitter stickers. They are both beautiful and would work very well together. Thanks Anna for bringing us such amazing products!!!

  215. Shari D says:

    I can’t wait for your show on HSN. It’s so fun watching you. I love both of these sets. They are absolutely beautiful I love taking your dies and cutting out different papers> These would be so wonderful to add to my collection.

  216. Alyce Cinelli says:

    With a March 14th birthday, these two packs will have to be a gift for ME! Especially like the glittery stickers. How do you come up with these great ideas, Anna?

  217. Jenny Cooper says:

    They both look delicious. I hope we are going to be able to get these in the UK. I so love having you on every week. here in good old England.

  218. Susie Westbrook says:

    Just when I thought there couldn’t be prettier, more time-saving items coming from you, Anna, you surprise us with more! Both of these items are beautiful and extremely useful. Can’t wait to find uses for them other than cards: gifts, packaging for baked goods, etc.!

  219. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    Wow! I would say they are both must haves 🙂 I think I love them equally. We are off to such a great start…I can’t wait to see all of the new products.

  220. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    It’s definitely hard to choose a favorite between these two……..If I have to choose the card toppers would be my choice. There are times when a quick last minute card is needed and I can see where these would be great to have on hand. Looking forward to March 16th !

  221. Arlene Peters says:

    I recently got the first set of Vintage Collage set along with everything else from HSN and also received many of the items I purchased from your sale on Amazon… I ended up making a Birthday card for my Brother-in-law today using the new collage collection.. I love everything but for the two new items, I love the Vintage Collage set II, because I make the glitter stickers myself with my cricut and your glitter paper… I have been doing this since the shapes came out on the design space app.

  222. Lynne Janson says:

    I love vintage collections, but this time I love the glitter die cuts. Can’t wait for new upcoming products next month.

  223. Melba says:

    I love the vintage toppers but I really like the stickers!Ilove it all! Anna you amaze me with all the elegant things you put together. Looking forward to the March show!!

  224. Brenda says:

    First off I want to say I love all of your products! For this sneak preview I will say my most favorite would be the glitter sticker set. This will definitely add pop to the cards. Especially adding the pop up cards! Both I love!

  225. chayden says:

    I’m picking the glitter stickers. It will be nice to have many glitters stickers on hand because I hate to use up what few glitter stickers that I get in the kits…

  226. Vivian Kochis says:

    Oh my, those stickers look fabulous! In your description of the TS you used the word ‘set’ so it must be a collection of dome kind. Could it be coordinating dies, stamps and/or embossing folders. That would be so cool and I bet there will be auto ship as well!

    See you Friday!

  227. Ruth Denison says:

    I bought two sets of the Vintage Collage toppers 1 and have made so many beautiful cards with them. I cant wait for the second version of these. They are a real bargain too. The glitter stickers will be a welcome addition to my Anna Griffin collection

  228. Patti Garcia says:

    Wow just made through the 1009 comments. I like the card toppers. For when you’re in a hurry but still need a spectacular card.

  229. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    I am loving the glitter stickers. Your beautiful designs plus glitter who could go wrong, I also love the vintage card toppers2. I love all of the die cut packages you do like this. I’m not smart enough to guess at the TS just yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with. Thank you to you and your staff for all you do.

  230. Kim says:

    I love them both. Of course I love that they come in their own storage boxes. They line up so nice on a shelf which it makes finding exactly what you need so easy.

  231. SHELLEE ROBISON says:

    Love the Vintage Card Toppers! A bit of glitter is always a good thing, but the toppers are right up my alley! Like many others, I hope that the TS might be a motorized die cutter–BUT–I hope that it will cut AT LEAST 8 1/2 x 11 paper–really want a 12 x 12 capacity. I think so much paper is wasted having to cut it down to go through the smaller cutters. I use my Cuttle Bug a ton, but it really hurts me to cut the paper down….

  232. Kim says:

    Love them both, and of course love that they come in their own storage boxes. They all line up so neatly so everything is so easy to find!!!

  233. Linda Hill says:

    Oooo-so pretty. Love the die cuts even though I have already used mine to cut from glitter paper but the vintage die cuts are fantastic..hope i win as my doggy died this week and I need cheering up……..:{

  234. Kim Wwatkins says:

    I have started to have extreme withdraws! I have to wait a month? Sigh…….

    Choose one between the two? Sigh……I need both!

    But add me to lazy list when easy is preferred. I would choose the glitter die cuts.

    I have a request, I would love another smaller florals embellishment collection. They are perfect for the white cards and my/your Minc die Cuts! Thank you Anna.

  235. Carol says:

    I really like the glitter stickers, but I believe my favorite is the “One and Done” card toppers. I love making cards and enjoy the creativity of adding the embellishments I personally select. However, there are those times when you just need something super quick, yet still want it to look fabulous … the “One and Done” toppers will be perfect for those times.

    I’m sure I’m too late to put in a product request, but I am hoping you will have a Minc Foil Kit that will focus on Patriotic events like the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Just think how spectacular foiled fireworks would look on our projects!

  236. SarahN. says:

    Ooo….I love both! They’d work so perfectly together for a quick and easy card. I’m wondering if the TS is going to be something that requires flipping seeing that you said we would “flip over it”. I can’t wait!

  237. Barbara Decker says:

    I will be ordering the glitter stickers although I have the Minc and many dies already. It would be nice to have when I’m in a hurry for a card.

  238. Sue Lutz says:

    Toppers Ii. FABULOUS. I absolutely love yr first toppers so will doubly love these. Stickers r cool as well BUT the Toppers are over the wall Fantastic. Can’t wait Anna.
    Sue in Canton, GA

  239. Elizabeth Fudge says:

    I’ve marked the day in my new Anna Griffin planner and can’t wait until it arrives. I think I like the glitter stickers best because as a novice card maker, it will help make the recipient of my cards think I am much more skilled than I really am. Looking forward to the 16th of March. Thanks Anna!

  240. Darlene Bruner says:

    Anna, you are the best at making your customers like me look like talented card makers with the products you have…paper, cartridges, kits, ideas…everything! I can hardly wait to see the TS hints and for the products you will be bringing to HSN for your March visit! I would be thrilled to win the stickers or the Card Toppers…keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing your talents with the us!

  241. Sharon S. says:

    I love both the products but my favorite one is the gorgeous Glitter Stickers. I do scrapbooking and multi media art and these would be perfect for both!!! I’m looking forward to the shows in March.

  242. Paula McGee says:

    Glitter frames and vintage card toppers! Who can choose? I know I can’t. My cards will be beautiful in the making. Your products just keep getting better.

  243. C.J. says:

    I am in for the vintage toppers. Will get two. I can make the glitter pretties myself. I get a real feeling of satisfaction cranking them out. However a power Cuttlebug would be helpful.I am just a few cardmaking sessions away from a doctor visit explaining just how one gets a cuttlebug shoulder. TS……could be anything but power would be great.

  244. Dana says:

    I like the card toppers! I love cutting out paper with my dies and the toppers would really come in handy when you need a card in a hurry, I also want to thank you Anna for the wonderful sale. I got the Pretty Paintings and the white cards and layers. And boy was I surprised with the free gift of embossing folders. You are one very special and generous lady. Thanks, Anna.

  245. Gail/Musesmom says:

    Please don’t make me choose just one! These are two, no three, of my favorite card making items….Anna die cuts, glitter, and vintage! Card making will fly using these two together! Can’t wait to get them!

  246. Granny D says:

    Since your glitter paper is my all time favorite product, those cute glitter stickers are going to be my favorite. Every cardkit would come with a few and over the years and kits I hoarded the glittered ones and only used them for special projects. That is until the paper came out…..I love these and I can actually hear a OOOHHHing sound calling my name…….~~~~~OOOOHHH put the glitter stickers on your list…..ooohhhh~~~~~

  247. Kristin Griesbaum says:

    I really love the glitter die cuts….I have a bunch of your dies already plus cartridges so I think I am about to make some glitter fly! 🙂

  248. Mrs. A says:

    Love both of these. I have really wanted more options for other special occasions. These are wonderful, especially Fathers Day and the New Baby congrats. But I am going to love these glitter stickers. I so love your glitter papers that I cringe when I cut them up. Now I have the perfect solution to glitter paper hoarding!

    My mind is spinning about the new TSV. What could it be? Just would love to have an AG laser printer with content and a really great motorized large embosser/die cutter. But I doubt that’s it because it is too pricey for TSV. So let us keep guessing till Fri! Always Exciting and fun to be an Anna Griffin fan.

  249. Jody G says:

    Wow they’re both so pretty! My favorite though is the vintage collage card toppers, just love the variety of designs. Keep the lovely ideas coming Anna!

  250. Genevieve says:

    My gosh I want them both as soon as possible. Just when I think there is nothing new you can come up with you do something like this . You are amazing !

  251. Barbara Youngman says:

    I cut out many items with your Glitter paper, I will be buying the glitter stickers for sure, they make a card look bright. Thank Anna

  252. Judy says:

    You know Anna we love everything you make! How can we choose just on. I’ve got to take the day off! Though for once I’d like to see a crafty day on Saturday!

  253. Regina Weller says:

    Just when you think it can’t get any better! I can hardly wait for the glitter stickers. And of course the card toppers are awesome. My poor HSN card hasn’t even cooled down yet from the last show. Yikes.

  254. Karen says:

    Love the glitter stickers. This way maybe I will would have less glitter all over my face. Like now! I think your planner is going to be Today Special. They are in right now. Which is funny as most people have phones that can do some of it. But a planner can hold more than just notes and numbers. Let’s all get organized and know where we are going any day of the week!

  255. Jamilla Davidson says:

    I am new to AG products but I am already hooked! The vintage collage 1 is absolutely beautiful! I even added a few to my planner.

  256. bettyboopgirl says:

    I’m thinking the new product might be a larger heavy duty Cuttlebug to use for the dies. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to break my Cuttlebug when I’m cranking my large AG dies thru, but so far so good. Can’t wait to see what the new product is.

  257. Barbara says:

    The glitter die cut stickers are my favorite of these two choices. I’ve already cut all your dies with glitter paper, but these stickers mean I don’t have to mess around w/the adhesives! The card toppers are also beautiful, but I wouldn’t feel right using them because it would seem like I’m cheating and not composing the card image myself. but that’s just me. 🙂

  258. Winnie Johnson says:

    I have a ton of your dies and your glitter paper too but why would that stop me from ordering those lovely stickers of what I can already make at home. Love both items and cannot wait for the 16th!

  259. bettyboopgirl says:

    I have the Vintage #1 and they are so pretty. Would love to have the Vintage #2 but I really like the sparkles too. They are both beautiful.

  260. Mary R says:

    Both items are fabulous~so hard to choose! I would love the “one and done” concept. I’m often in need of cards in a jiffy and this would be perfect. As for the TSV, I’m thinking Provo Craft is always thinking about how they can improve the Cricut and/or Cuttlebug. Either a larger Minc and Cuttlebug or a new and improved Cricut.

  261. Debbie McMillen says:

    Anna your products are fantastic. I wish I could get a transfusion of some of you creativeness. Sometimes I get brain fade, then I go to your page and get some inspiration. Can hardly wait until March 16. Thanks for the inspiration.

  262. Connie Johnson says:

    Anna, of course we want to win those die cuts and glitter stickers! We want to win them and if we can’t win them, we want to buy them – because they make us happy. I’m happy just thinking about them.

  263. Clarissa Miller says:

    Anna what’s not to love about any of your products. I’m most excited about the vintage collage card toppers. They would make quick and easy cards for those unexpected times. Would love to win them.

  264. Diana says:

    The glitter stickers is perfect …..thank you for making our card making easier. I really like the new blue background papers. Today’s special…..thinking a machine…maybe a larger cuttlebug or an electric cuttlebug..

  265. Darlene Weir says:

    love all you beautiful work….I sure would love to win something like both thing , I help out on Friday at senior citizen place, it nice to get them out of their room. this would be lovely to put on their cards. I just pick up things that out on sale…what a great surprised it would be for them, and I to share. thank you p,s would love to have some free thing that people have that they don’t used no more , can e- mail me dar0118@yahoo.com

  266. Debra Baker says:

    Can’t wait for the 16th!!! The die cut stickers are such a terrific idea. I remember seeing those that were made. We need to thank her for giving y’all the great idea!

  267. Sally McNeal says:

    Just received my last “flash sale” order today. Such fun stuff… working on my Easter cards and these new items are perfect. Then your email for the new HSN releases appears. Oh boy, can’t wait for March 16th. Love the glitter STICKER die cuts… great idea. What a time saver.

  268. Teresa Yates says:

    I love, love, love the glitter sticker dies and it’s crazy cool the card toppers being new to card making and scrapbooking I love all your products…

  269. Susie B says:

    Both new items sound wonderful! If I had to choose – glitter and stickers equals – Awesome! Can’t wait for the shows!

  270. Susan Little says:

    Both of these new items are wonderful. I have the original card toppers, so I would choose the second set of card toppers. Looking forward to a month from today. I wonder what the TS will be.

  271. Jean says:

    Love the Vintage toppers but the glitter stickers really tickle my fancy. I don’t know what the show stopper is but it may have to do with Vintage or a number 2 item. Would love winning tonight. Worked with Cara Miller this evening on your Cricut Bows, gosh they are wonderful. Hope you have a new Cricut cartridge in March.

  272. Tacye says:

    Love the Vintage Collage Toppers! I’d better work some overtime before March 16. I think I’m going to love all of the new products!

  273. Judith says:

    Ok , can’t choose which is the favorite . It’s like choosing one child over the other one . Love them both !
    I can’t wait till Friday , I was the child too excited for Christmas and turned the house upside down searching for the hidden presents .

  274. Sue Paradoski says:

    The glitter diecut stickers are my favorite. As for the TS, any kind of new machine to die cut would be wonderful! I love my cuttlebug and I think I almost broke it trying to cut your new large frame dies. That would have broken my heart as well as the machine! Plus I get sick of having to bend my cuttlebug plates back into shape all the time after I’ve been using the dies.

  275. Barbara A Zak says:

    Oh my goodness….I can’t wait for the new diecuts with glitter! In my mind, I have all kinds of uses for them. Looking forward to the shows! And, the next sneak peek!

  276. Cindi Hodges says:

    LOVE…LOVE. ..LOVE! !! I always have the best of intentions to create special effects for my cards..but never enough time. These two items are exactly what I would do if I had time. Thank you for creating and making my crafting time more fun.

  277. Carrel Watkins says:

    These two new products sound amazing. Always excited about what you come up with next. Looking forward to your next posting.

  278. Lynn H says:

    Love both of these products. I have the first set of card toppers and they are beautiful. As for the next TSV, I cannot imagine what you will come up with next. But I expect it to be terrific.

  279. Brenda M. says:

    Anna, I love the glitter stickers. Of course, I will also purchase the Vintage Card Toppers.

    My sympath to Beth VanAllsburg. I hope she wins todays items; I am sure that would cheer her up.

  280. Patti says:

    The card toppers are my favorite and my guess for the TS is a new Cuttlebug 2 since this is the great year of AG2!

  281. Connie L. Dake says:

    Love the look of the glitter stickers and the one and done items will make last minute cardmaking a cinch….put the two together and the cards will be really beautiful. Love, love all you products and they provide hours of creative endulgence for me. Thank you, thank yu.

  282. Cynthia says:

    Love both the new products shown today. I am always needing that beautiful something for the front of my cards and I also love glitter and having it in sticker form is awesome. I can’t wait for the show. Thanks Anna

  283. Margaret says:

    Both items look great, but I’m really liking the stickers. It’s so hard for me not to order everything Anna sells.

  284. Darlene P in Canandaigua says:

    Love both of these sets Anna! My guess for the TSV…..hmmmmm……I am going to say paper embroidery! Only because it’s my favorite and it’s one thing old fashioned that you haven’t done yet 🙂

  285. Linda says:

    I’d love the card toppers because I’d be able to quickly make a beautiful card at the last minute if I needed to. I make cards frequently, so this could really help me. I’m guessing the TS is your organizer. 😀

  286. Mary says:

    Anna, I cannot get over your creativeness. I feel creative. I make cards and crafts my family loves. But when I see your things I get an overwhelmed feeling. Like, I cannot do that. But I have bought some card kits from you and the MINC machine. But cannot get my creative bug going. You are truly so artistic and creative and when I craft with your things I feel so inferior. I love the new stuff you showed and everyday am trying new things and hoping one day to feel as confident as you come across with your creations. Thank you for your products. Cannot wait until the TSV and your time on the next show!!

  287. Debbie L says:

    Love the glitter stickers, they’re on the top of my wish list, so far! LOL I’m so excited for 3-16 🙂

  288. Pattie Cartwright says:

    Both sets are fabulous. I think the layered die cuts would be a handy product to have for quick cards. Glitters diecuts are fabulous as well. Thanks. Looking forward to more premieres.

  289. Catherine says:

    I love the glitter die cuts!! Can’t wait to add them to my cards. I have no idea what the Today Special Value is and I can’t imagine what new goodies you’ve thought up, Anna! I’ve marked my calendard.

  290. Joy says:

    I adore the glitter die stickers. What a wonderful idea!! Your adhesive backed glitter dies will help me so much. I can’t wait until March 16th because I love all your products. They are so classy.

  291. Dorinda H says:

    I am so happy to see sentiment card toppers!! Just what I need for my cards and there some for Fathers Day!

  292. Terri B. says:

    Can’t wait for the next AG shows! My favorite has got to the the glitter stickers. They look awesome! Thank you for this opportunity, Anna. My guess on the TS? Don’t have a clue, yet. Can’t wait to see Friday’s post.

  293. Car says:

    Love, love it all, so beautiful. Every time you outdo the last time. The card toppers are gorgeous and simplify card making, but your card kits are also easy, with beautiful results. Hope to win

  294. Joanne Lowe says:

    I have made some of your die-cuts and used glittery paint on them, this was before you introduced your glitter paper, definitely these are my favorite!

    I’d love to see a much improved motorized embosser/die-cutter, for what is out on the market is OK but not great. It needs a forward and back button, and the width needs to be more than the Cuttlebug is now, and also the precision dies need a tightening so that we are not struggling to cut and emboss those intricate dies. I had my Cuttlebug snap and break inside, it is no more!

    Thanks again for providing such elegance and beauty into the world of card-making, Anna!!!

  295. deb kerns says:

    I love these new products and have long been a fan of your products. The vintage card toppers are my favorites!!

  296. Jenny Hunt says:

    Love them both! Can’t wait to see your new products! I love your last card toppers and know I will love the new ones. See you, Anna in March!

  297. Penny K. says:

    I am so excited about both of these new products! I already LOVE your first Vintage Collage Toppers and regret that I had not ordered in multiples on your last show! Now we are going to have an opportunity to have a new set! WOOOHOOO! The glitter die cuts are right up my alley! I love the sparkle in the background, and it is not always easy to cut them. You are taking out all of the work and none of the glamour! Another WOOOHOOO! I use both so it is a hard decision, but I would chose the Vintage Collage Toppers because I actually can make the glitter die cuts (I have all your dies and your glitter paper!), but will love the ease of having you already having done the work!

  298. Robina says:

    looking forward to the glitter stickers. will take off a few steps when making a card. Hate trying to get the sticking stuff on my own dies.

  299. Judite says:

    Definitely the glitter die stickers. What a wonderful idea!! Ive always been that messy kid with glue and your adhesive backed glitter dies will so help me. Thank you, can’t wait for the 16th.

  300. Gayle K. says:

    Wow! Keeps getting better. Love both. The toppers are wonderful, but the glitter stickers look even greater. You have so many great ideas! Can’t wait until March 16th!

  301. S J says:

    Hands down the vintage toppers. I love the original ones so much I can’t wait to get number 2. I also love the glitter dies but I’ve already cut out a great number of them.

  302. Bob H says:

    I have a vagabond but it is my fourth one so the technology platform isn’t exactly sound. It would be nice if you developed an automated/motorized cuttlebug that is more durable than the current options. Whatever the TS turns out to be, I know you will have put a lot of thought, ingenuity and versatility into the product (for instance, not limited to six inches wide!) best regards, bh

  303. Sylvie says:

    Anna, I love both items, but my favorite is the glitter stickers, what a fabulous idea. I also think that you might be coming up with an upgraded version of the Minc. Let’s hope I win those two items. Thank you.

  304. Kimberley says:

    My dearest Anna,
    I love every product you and your amazing team produces. The glitter paper die cuts are a must! I cut my own already. It will be nice to just open your cute little container and pick what I need.

    Also, my guess for the TSV would be a motorized Cuttlebug! I LOVE my dies, but sometimes it’s so hard to crank them through the machine. Maybe it’s another Cricut machine? Can’t wait to see!

  305. Melinda Keeley says:

    As usual, I love both! I have made my own stickers w your dies and glitter paper, just like the fan that inspired you to make a package of stickers. But one can NEVER have too many glitter stickers! I also love the card toppers. They help making cards so easy and quick! AND I bet they are beautiful, just like the 1st set! Can’t wait until a month from today!!!

  306. Bonnie L says:

    The glitter stickers are my favorite, but I reserve final judgement until full preview! It never fails that there is one more reveal more exciting than the next one. Thanks, Anna.

  307. Christina Albert says:

    Love both of these new products! I can’t wait to see what the today’s special will be. Whatever it is I’m in!

  308. Deb K. says:

    I love the glitter sticker cut outs. And I can’t wait for the TSV preview on Friday. I hope it has something to do with the cuttlebug.

  309. Kathy Klein says:

    Love the glitter stickers. Ordered the last card toppers and they are amazing and I’m sure the second set is just as amazing. One thing I would love to know if any of the metallic 5 by 7 card toppers would ever be in sticker form for all our die cuts we have. Sometimes I just find it hard to make them into stickers. Just a thought.

  310. Renee says:

    I just made 30-40 cards last weekend from your kits. I can definitely use the one and done card toppers for the bases that I have left and they look a little different which I like a lot! Thanks Anna!

  311. Beverly says:

    Glittered sticker die cuts, yay! Beyond excited for those. 🙂
    Love the card toppers also. It’s gonna be a long month I can already tell. Thanks Anna!

  312. Raylene Hillhouse says:

    Love the toppers! Stickers are good too though. I cannot imagine what the TS is but you know I will buy it! I buy all your stuff!

  313. Vicki Gast says:

    I like the card toppers and could use them right now! I hate being teased and then the long wait! Haha, you are worth waiting for!

  314. Coletta Cooper says:

    Anna. My word. They are both gorgeous products… hmmmm… but I think I can’t do without the toppers! I can’t imagine what you have put together for another spectacular TSV…. however, I really think you should design a gold cinch machine. I really want one, but I need it to be by Anna!!

  315. Lois says:

    Card toppers and glitter stickers!!! What else do you have up your creative sleeve? Can’t wait till Tuesday to see.

  316. Sherri Brown says:

    I love the final topper because of its depth of color, but also the simplicity of the overall design. Beautiful! I also love all the sentiments, especially the ones with multiple colors!

  317. Sallyann says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Anna I can’t make up my mind as to which I like the most……I love both!!!

  318. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    Oh yes! Love the collage card toppers , the “sequel “. They really make it easy to make a card quickly and beautifully. And those glitter stickers are gorgeous ! What pretty cards they will make. The Today’s Special….maybe something to do with the Cricut or Cuttlebug .

  319. Nana de says:

    No such thing as too much sparkle! Love the glittery cutout stickers. Thank you for creating difficult decisions scenarios.

  320. Joee Balestrieri says:

    OH ANNA! I’m a fan of everything you do but I’m easily distracted by shiny objects so I’m LOVING the die cut glitter stickers! My 12 year old son crafts with me and he thinks they’re so cool!

  321. Maureen Squire says:

    I really like the vintage card toppers. Also like the glitter paper. As far as the TS I was wondering if it had anything to do with the framed picture behind Anna.

  322. Josephine Smith says:

    They are a great addition to my collection. You do all the work and we get to play. Great ideas. I would love to win them.:)

  323. Sherry Mohler says:

    Wow! Both of these are now on my list of things to buy. I especially like the glitter stickers. I’m sure you’re not able to read all these comments but if anybody does read this I’d like to make one small suggestion. Please make the boxes that you package these in a shade larger. They are packed so tightly that some of mine have come bent and unusable. Your products are so fabulous that I hate to see packaging be a negative.

  324. Kristy says:

    ***-diecut glitter stickers!!! You couldn’t have made a more perfect product for me! I plan on buying multiples! Can’t wait until March 16th! Sooooo excited!

  325. Sandra Evans says:

    I think the collage card toppers are my favorite but I’m girl all about sparkle so it’s a hard choice . Looking forward to your next show on HSN.

  326. Jill M says:

    Anna, You know that we all love your beautiful designs and new ideas for cardmaking & other crafting. We we be very excited to win these. We will all be watching!!!

    Jill H Mount

  327. L. Lynn Lane says:

    The card toppers are my favorite. Anna, on the January 26th show you had a “chubby” ruler. Are you going to make that available any time soon?

  328. Cindy Krauter says:

    I have to get the collage topper 2! Love the first ones (although there were quite a few that were bent). I really like the look of the glitter stickers, but don’t like glitter all over myself. I could get used to it though. Love all my Anna Griffin card stuff.

  329. Brenda Scheiman says:

    Anna you make such great items, the card toppers look awesome. thank you for all you have created.

  330. Marietta Strothmann says:

    How in the world can we choose. Two absolutely fabulous new products. I can’t wait to see everything that will be March show. And I know that whatever the TS is it will be not only a great product but something inspiring and helpful for us all.

  331. Jackie Ruble says:

    Beautiful! I really love the glitter die cuts! Anxious to see what the TS is. Must be something really Great that you are dedicating every Friday to it.
    Marking my calendar!

  332. Phyllis Ghita says:

    Love the toppers, have used some in past cards. Make for quick and beautiful cards. Would love to try the glitter stickers. Love glitz.

  333. Beth VanAllsburg says:

    Oh Anna I love them both but it is bitter sweet my best friend and my card making companion my beautiful Mother passed away last Monday. I know what she would the same thing she always told me oh sweetie get it all it is beautiful. Hope I can find my card joy by March 16th!
    Your forever fan.

  334. SheliaP. says:

    I was going to try and get a grip …. cut back I told myself. HA! I NEED those beautiful glittered dye cuts!! I like those toppers too! Only the first peek…ummm
    Well Dang-gone it … I tried to be good! : )

  335. Donna C. says:

    Looking forward to your March show. Glitter equals glam and we love to have our paper crafts catch everyone’s eyes. The Vintage Collage Card Toppers makes card prep so quick and easy. Love it all!

  336. Clarie davis says:

    I have the “Vintage card toppers1….can’t wait to get #2!! I cannot even begin to guess what your today’s special is going to be, but I know that you never disappoint!! Counting the days…

  337. Iris says:

    There isn’t anything that I don’t love about Anna Griffin. These two products look fantastic. Especially the glitter stickers, I just recently cut out 200 butterfly stickers using your glitter paper. So Excited, Can’t Wait!!!!

  338. Suzanne Merica says:

    Love love love the glitter stickers. I attempted this using adhesive paper – sooo expensive to do. I can’t wait!!!!

  339. Judith Miller says:

    Both items are perfect for me. It is hard to choose; however, since I must I will choose the Glitter Stickers since I already have your first set of Vintage Collage Toppers. You are making it so easy to make beautiful cards. Thanks!

  340. Lana says:

    Love both of the products, but GLITTER is my favorite thing. Have all of your dies, but it would be nice to have them ready to use when needed for a quick card. Have no idea what the TSV will be, Can’t wait to see what it is. Thanks for what you do!

  341. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Love them both but if I needed to pick just one it would be the glitter stickers. My guess is a cream and gold AG laser printer .One that has crafty features for our crafty Minc users.

  342. Kathleen Sinnamon says:

    Hands down the card toppers. There are times when I just don’t have the minutes to make a card the way I want , so I buy one or don’t send one. Now I will be able to make one in minutes, and more people will get a card that makes them feel special.
    Thanks for always making us look good.

  343. MaryBeth says:

    I like the card toppers, so nice in have for a last minute quick card. I also think there is a new kind of Cuttlebug coming out. Seems Cricut has been having a lot of sales on the current Cuttlebug and folders, maybe clearing out the old to make room for the new. Anna did tell someone to look for more of the longer embossing folders soon too.

  344. Jill Wilson says:

    Oh Anna— you never cease too amaze me with all your new craft items! Loving the new card toppers best and also the glitter dies are fun too. I’m thinking the TSV is another cool, must have new tool with your Anna colors–can’t wait for the sneak previews. Thank You for all you do 🙂

  345. Kathleen Clark says:

    Oh, the glitter stickers are JUST what I need! Can’t wait! Yippee! Goody, goody, goody!! I’m already excited!!

  346. Brenda WErlinger says:

    I love the glittery stickers and the toppers are beautiful and would make any card you create stand out. Used together, the cards would look divine. Either of these I’d love to win.

  347. Patricia Rendina says:

    The glitter stickers are awesome; they will certainly add a lot of sparkle to our projects. As always, looking forward to your shows!

  348. Tina Moore says:

    Glitter is GORGEOUS, but making them into stickers makes the whole process so much easier to not have to add adhesive! Brilliant idea, Anna!

  349. Mazella Boulden says:

    Wow! I love them both. But I really want the glitter stickers. That would save a lot of time for me. I am going to a retreat this weekend and all I will be working on is Anna Griffin cards. Plus I plan on printing out some Anna Embellishments and Minc-ing them to add to my cards. My goal is to do at least 60 cards. Prayerfully I will get them done. I lead a senior adult group and there are always needs for cards whether it is sympathy, get well or just encouragements.

  350. Kathy Bray Partin says:

    I Love the “Glitter Stickers”, they will be a great addition to my Anna collection!!!


  351. Mary O says:

    You had me at glitter!!!! Although making me choose is so not fair! I love everything AG!!! So I’ll take anything you want to give me!

  352. Mary Esser says:

    OK, trying to guess your new product. What would I like?
    Brother has a new Scan N Cut 650, Any chance you are working with Brother, or is Cricut coming out with a new product that would have many of those same features????? mmmmmm

  353. gail W. says:

    Oh wow! How do you keep coming up with MORE and MORE???? I love the toppers! and the glitter stickers are awesome, too! I have to have BOTH of course! Thank you Anna, for all you do for us!

  354. Denise says:

    Love, Love, Love these items and everything Anna Griffin. I have an addiction to stickers. It must the inner child in me who never grew up!! Haha! I sure would like to win some A/G products.

  355. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    My 1st pick – glitter stickers. I love the vintage collage toppers. I got the 1st set & love it. It’s a tie on these two. I thinking Anna Griffin gold & cream Xyron machine, tools, everything needed to add adhesive to your products for scrapbooking, card making. With refills, & auto ship.

  356. Debra DeWald says:

    The decision is a tough one, I love them both. I can’t wait until March 16th! My birthday is March 19th, so I may have to do some birthday shopping!!
    As far as the TS I have no idea, but I know what I’d really love to see: all about them babies!! I’m blessed to be a grandma again in July, so I’d love to see everything you have for babies and grandparents in paper, stickers, dies and everything!
    Also, thank you Anna for all that you do. It is so very much appreciated. Still, your visits are too far apart! We need you more often. Can’t wait to see you again.

  357. Shirley Ogryski says:

    I would love to win both new items! I Can’t pick a favorite. So if I don’t win, I’ll just have to order both!

  358. Susan Quaglia says:

    I love, love, LOVE the roses! We just bought a house where I will have a craft room. I want to make it a bower of roses and butterflies and this set would be PERFECT!!!!

  359. Norma says:

    If it glitters, I have to have it. I absolutely love anything that has “Anna Griffin” on it!!! Seriously, I am going to have to go back to work to support my Anna habit. LOL

  360. Gloria Myers says:

    Well..the Topeka Griffinista is just in love with the Vintage Collage Toppers 2 and the Glitter sticker…make card making so EASY!! Thank you Anna!

  361. Susan Justice says:

    I’m so excited that you will be back before Spring. I bought your first set of card toppers and love them so I would really love to have the next set. And the glitter die-cuts to “Die For”! Pardon the pun. See you soon, God Bless and thank you for making me a crafter!

  362. Lou Marks(Lefty Lou) says:

    Dear Anna,
    Your mind must operate in high speed Technicolor! I love everything you do. Winning something someday would be wonderful…Love to you and Georgie, from Lefty Lou and Sammy

  363. Doris T says:

    I just received my Vintage card toppers 1 from HSN and LOVE them, so I can’t wait to order the #2 set. I don’t know how you do it Anna 🙂

  364. Mary B says:

    Love, love, love the glitter die cut stickers and hope I win those along with the vintage toppers 2! I am all about the glitter! Hoping the Today’s Special Value has something to do with the Easter holiday and spring

  365. Diane Hammond says:

    ***! Anna, how in the world do you continue to come up with all these fabulous products?? You must not get very much sleep with all the ideas swirling around in your head! I love both of these two new products and would be Over the moon if I were to win them! I don’t have the slightest clue as to what the TS will be, but, knowing you, it will be Fantastic and very Special!!

  366. Melissa says:

    I love them both, but I really love the vintage collage card toppers! I bought the original set, and just received them a couple of weeks ago. LOVE!

  367. Mary Esser says:

    Oh Anna, I love the new products especially the card toppers, I retired four years ago, but all the shopping I have done in 2016 with your products, I need to find a job!!! LOL
    Have a beautiful day!

  368. Michele Lewis says:

    Vintage Toppers are Beautiful but I have to favor the Glitter Die Cut Stickers… Bling Bling Bling all the way!!

  369. Linda Valoy says:

    Anna my favorite is the glitter die stickers. They are so pretty. My guess for the TS is an Android adapter for the Circuit Air since it going to be shown for 4 weeks. New electronic gagetts always take time to learn.

  370. Jennifer Guess says:

    Glitter layers look great. I currently add glitter glue to them already so this will save me a step.

  371. Brenda says:

    The Card toppers are my favorite! I don’t know how many times I needed a card…like immediately..so I can get it in the mail on time. This would be priceless for me and since Anna’s got them together no sweat I know they will be beautiful!

  372. Diann R. says:

    I love the glitter stickers. I have to change my needles often on my cricut because the glitter paper destroys the needles.

  373. Bernita Holliday says:

    I love these products! I have a granddaughter who has a chromosome defect and is able to make cards because of your products and these will be great for her!

  374. Melinda Hart says:

    Anna, how-oh-how can you top those ornamental frame dies!!!!! My mom bought them for me and we cut several while she was visiting…. so gorgeous! I cannot wait and I enjoy your sequel theme as well.

  375. Karen Lorenz says:

    Oh my so hard to choose. I missed out on the first vintage collage but looking forward to the second. Oh the glitter stickers, I see so many possibilities. Can’t wait for the shows on HSN. Thank you for the previews.

  376. Fran Steadman says:

    A question for Anna: Is there any way you can tell us the names of the die cuts or embossing dies/folders that are used on your sample cards and layouts? Since I am fairly new to purchasing those, I would like to know which ones to purchase and which ones are no longer available. I have been purchasing your papers for several years, but my creative gene seems non-existent, so I am more than a collector than an actual crafter. I used to take classes and I am good at following directions, just not so good as dreaming up ideas. Thanks!!

  377. Carmellabrown says:

    Anna I love love the vintage toppers ! I really love any floral sent images you design ! Whatever you create is beautiful ! I would love to win anything from you to make cards. May God continue to bless you. ! Happy crafting Griffinites !

  378. Carole Moats says:

    Th collage die cuts would be great to have on hand to make up a card at a moment’s notice and the glitter stickers would save some time, even though I already have several of the dies. Plan to make a supply out of some glitter paper already have.

  379. Christine says:

    I love those two new products. They are perfect for making that special card that can be applied to any holiday or sentiment. I cannot wait to get these, and better yet I hope I win them!!!! Thank for your creative work!!!

  380. Vicky M. says:

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  381. H, Dale McGrath says:

    Love them both, but my favorite is the glitter stickers. Until I get them, I’m going to make my own with your glitter and cuttlebug. Thanks Anna for all your great ideas.

  382. Fran Steadman says:

    I’m fairly new to card making, so I would say the pre-made card toppers would be my first choice. I also mentioned to Mimi Mertens that I like her idea of a motorized cuttlebug as I have arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, so I think the pre-made glitter die cuts with sticker backing are really an exceptional idea.

  383. Marcia Morris says:

    Love the card toppers but the glitter stickers are a fabulous idea! I have marked the date on my new AG planner!!!! Love it

  384. GEORGIE says:

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  385. Fran Steadman says:

    Mimi, I love your guess for the Today’s Special: A new, larger Cuttlebug that is motorized! I’m new to card making and die cutting, but with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome the cranking is difficult and painful. So, I hope you are correct with your guess!

  386. Mary Alice Peterson says:

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    Both the Vintage Collage Card Toppers II and Glitter Stickers are my favorites this week.They’ll jazz up any card/craft if a jiffy. I can’t even imagine what the TS will be…A spiffy new machine in classic cream and ivory?…Thanks Anna & Team for your endless creativity! Keep it coming.

  388. Judy Bock says:

    Love the card toppers. So fast and easy. I have all the dies so I have done the same with them as the glitter stickers. But I also did them with the shimmering paper you have. They turn out so beautiful and then I run them through the xyron. Great idea.

  389. Myra R. Goddard says:

    Just about the time I think I have enough,NO — up comes something so beautiful I can’t live without it. I feel that way about both of the products shown on today’s preview. Gotta love you Anna!

  390. Kay Brassfield says:

    LOVE, LOVE them both but it will have to be a coin toss so I say Metallic / Glitter Embellishments, then Card Toppers ! The TSV might be a partnership with Spellbinders, electric LARGE platform die cutting machine ? I be here on Friday!

    Kay the Brunette from Atlanta (was at Create),

  391. S Barr says:

    Love the first toppers, so a second set is a no brainier. Stickers are always a sure bet.. Gotta vote for both and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

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  393. Barb Kluwe says:

    Will be purchasing both but really looking forward to the glitter stickers because I have problems putting adhesives on the opened trellises and frames. The adhesives would be all over the card and I would have to rub it off. This should be a great improvement.

  394. Janet Boyd says:

    I love the card toppers! Also just received Anna Griffin 18 Month Planner. It’s beautiful!
    Thanks Anna, your the best!

  395. Cathy says:

    Hi Everyone
    More things to find room for. They both are so nice and will make crafting fun and easy.
    Thank you once again Anna

  396. Merrie Osborn says:

    I love both products but my favorite are the card toppers!! I must have both! Anna would you consider a cardstock set of metallic paper like yours about 5 years ago in 12 x 12″ size? I’d also like a 12″x12″ set of flocked papers. I like to make some things in a larger size than the 5″x7″,etc.

  397. Amy Dahl says:

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  400. Mimi Mertens says:

    Vintage is my middle name…..so card toppers I must have, right along with glitter. Wondering if the TS special is a wider, gold (of course) Cuttlebug, maybe motorized, ha,ha, to work even faster. Just kidding. Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll all go crazy for it Can I suggest to have the comment box at the top of the page?

  401. Charlotte Cushing says:

    Wow Anna, I thought you made it easy to make the cards before, but with these products it’s even easier. I love them. I think you’ll have to give some hints on the TS, before I’ll be able to guess! Hope I win!

  402. Virginia Byham says:

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  404. Marietta Austin says:

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