HSN March 16th Sneak Preview 3

Hi everyone!

We hope you enjoyed your very first look at our Fantastic Flips Card Making Kit Today’s Special on Friday. This March 16th visit is going to be beautiful in the making on another level!

One lucky winner will be the very first person to own this versatile kit that includes over 500 pieces and 14 die cutting dies. You will be a very busy lady starting today, Audrey Olander! Congratulations!

There are two brand new items to unveil today, and we’re curious to see which one you love most. We think it will be a tossup!

Our newest designer kit is here, and it’s called the Rose Collection! What we love most about this collection is the combination of designs grounded in bold black with the perfect pastel palette for spring. You are getting 12 different prints, and we included a cardstock weight for scrapbook backgrounds and card layers as well as a text weight  for pleating, folding and more! The set includes 20 three-dimensional art and title stickers and 50 die cut embellishments. So absolutely stunning!







Next up is an everyday version of our very popular Gracious Giftables collection that you loved using this past Christmas season! We didn’t want to change a good thing, so you’ll receive 24 of the same four gift card holder styles in our newest everyday patterns, along with tags, acetate bands, ribbons, paper bows and embellishments for decorating. These are perfect for gift giving all year long!






Lastly, we wanted to remind anyone who may have missed our 18 Month Planner on HSN in January that it is back in stock! Click here to purchase yours today and stay organized through the summer of 2017!



If you’d like to win the Rose Designer Collection and the Everyday Gracious Giftables, comment below and tell us your favorite of the two! How about we sweeten the pot a little bit by throwing in a $100 HSN gift card? That sounds like fun! We will draw a winner on Friday, which we are now calling “Fantastic Flips Friday” because you’ll get another sneak peek at the Today’s Special for March 16th!

This week we are going to dive even further into the Fantastic Flips kit and show you how to make a card using the double-sided cardstock and dies. We’ll also let you in on even more features and benefits inside this beautiful box. Can’t wait!

See you then,


  1. Marci J Steiger says:

    Oh my gosh! I love the flip cards, especially the purse. It is the cutest and looks fairly easy to make. I also love the embellishments.

  2. June Palasek says:

    I’m not usually selfish, however with the March showing I wouldn’t mind being a little selfish & win some of the products that will be shown on HSN on March 16th 4 days after my March 12th birthday. I’ve already setup my TV in case I’m unavailable for any parts of the show – however I’ve put a big X on the calendar for no Doctor appointments that day. Love you Anna & as most are saying YOU OUTDID YOURSELF THIS TIME.
    Thank you for all you help to make great cards, scrapbook pages & even some framed papers with other embellishments.

  3. lydia l. says:

    LOVE LOVE everything. the papers and embellishments are beautiful! cant wait to see on HSN !

  4. Judy nitti says:

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE All the new goodies!!!!
    Cannot wait until March 16. Anna you have
    really outdone yourself this time❤️

  5. Nereida Paris says:

    I’m so flipping excited! I predict a flipping frenzy on March 16th. These dies are flipping fabulous!

  6. Teresa Quenstedt says:

    Anna everything is so beautiful….Lovin’ those Flippin’ Cards & Dies….you must never sleep…thinking up all these great items…Can’t wait for the 16th….I wasmy dogs B-Day who past last January….You will be a welcomed distraction for my sad Day just made Krystal a shutterfly book which with all your goodies I can scrap….Thank You for all you do for us.

  7. Aymee says:

    Love both.. thank you for bringing the black back! I love the vintage papers punctuated by the dramatic contrast of the black! Reminds me a bit of the Eleanor collection that I miss! I bought the Giftables at Christmas and this collection looks soo pretty too! Love the new Rose collection. Thanks Anna!!

  8. Anna's # 1 Fan says:

    Me, me…pick me!
    I want it all.
    Wait….does that sound selfish?
    Sorry, I just can’t help myself.

  9. Betty says:

    Anna so hard to choose. Love the Rose Collection and the Gracious Giftables. Would love to win both but either one would be great.

  10. Debbie Saad says:

    Hi Anna, you have done it again, I just love love the Rose collection, just beautiful. See you on the 16th.

  11. Lynne Janson says:

    Hi everyone, loved everything again. Gift cardholders, beautiful new cardstock, the list goes on. We’re getting closer to the day. Yay

  12. Angie says:

    Both collections are beautiful. I’m a newbie to the scrapbooking/card making world and would love to add this to my stash of gorgeous paper. Great work on the designs. Absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Dolly says:

    I love the rose designer paper coll! It reminds me of the French floral coll. I appreciate when you include all the extra elements needed to make marvelous creations! I am also so very excited about the new flip fold card dies and card kit!!!!! Thank you so much!!

  14. Sharons says:

    Anna I love the New Rose Collection and the choice of two different weights of paper. simply beautiful love everything.

  15. Peg says:

    What is not to love??!! The Rose collection is what keeps me coming back – your florals are so beautiful! The Gracious Giftables are so different and fun, I definitely have to add those to my Anna Griffin collection (from bedding to card making – I am addicted). I am looking forward to HSN on March 16th!! Thank you Anna!

  16. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    Your right it’s a toss up. The papers are beautiful, but so are the giftables and I love the everyday idea. Thank.

  17. Tami Tolliver says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Everyday Gracious Giftables. Always looking for a nice way to give a gift card.

  18. Donna-May says:

    The colors are fabulous Anna, Like always, I like the gift card set its adorable,Keep up the good work! Hugs!

  19. Candice Jane says:

    Love them….all three but the if I have to pick it would be the Rose designer collection…..gotta love those roses. The gift card is a great plus!

  20. Trish Siboczy says:

    I’m so excited to celebrate my birthday by shopping for your beautiful products on March 16! I love them all!!!

  21. Yvonne Swenson says:

    I am all in for the Gracious Giftables!!! Anna, you have no idea what you do for my life!! Love everything you do!!

  22. Pat Kult says:

    The Rose collections is just beautiful! I always love roses. Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful products.

  23. Gilda Duffy says:

    Hi Anna, I love, love, love that you’re offering the paper in 2 different weights!!! So many more possibilities!!! The Giftables are adorable!

  24. Patricia says:

    Love the roses. To be honest, it kind of makes me want to go back and scrapbook more than I do now. Don’t get me wrong, I love making cards, but I love making a picture beautiful by surrounding it with beautiful Anna Griffin embellishments on a page.

  25. Virginia Hart says:

    Can one ever have enough paper? Even though I love your Rose Collection, I will have to vote for the Gracious Giftables because they are so unique and different. I purchased the Christmas ones and they are very pretty and now I want the all occasion set. Thank you for including the $100 HSN gift card in this give away. I can easily spend that on Anna Griffin items for my Daughter and myself!!!

  26. A. "HUNNY" SCHULTZ says:

    I’m looking so forward to your very special day on HSN.
    I will be Fantastically Flipping !

  27. Diane F says:

    “Toss up” doesn’t seem glamorous enough to be used in the same sentence as these two offerings. Just the same, they are equally lovely. I could definitely use the gift card for the TSV. Can’t wait for the 16th!

  28. Janet DeRose says:

    Oh Anna, I would be happy with anything from your collections, however, I definitely think a “DeRose” should win the Rose Collection!

  29. Lorraine says:

    I can,t decide on which one I like the most.
    I can see potential for both of the new products and I can,r wait to get them both.

  30. Heidi says:

    The roses on this paper are beautiful. I can’t chose between them. You’ll have to chose for me. Haha. The other items would be used as gifts for my family. Such an amazing collection once again.

  31. Gloria Garcia says:

    Oh Anna you always come up with the most beautifulest craft items and supplies I love your work I love your items!! Cant wait to see it all on Hsn i will be watching!! Good job God bless!!

  32. Gail Behrle says:

    If I had to pick a favorite, it would be The Rose Collection. The black background is so stunning. This is such a great collection! But of course I like the Gracious Giftables too! All your products are wonderful Anna! Can’t wait until the 16th!!

  33. Connie B says:

    I just re-did my bedroom in antique rose. I love roses and the card stock with black background is stunning.

  34. Gisela says:

    The rose collection ! I have loved walking in rose gardens from childhood on, So this collection is sheer heaven.
    Thank you for another chance to win.

    Congratulations Audrey , happy crafting.

  35. Rosemary McAteer says:

    How would we be expected to choose a favorite? Thier both exquisite! The calendar is marked and the dvr is going to be set up so that I don’t miss a minute of your shows.

  36. Sabrina says:

    I like to never found the sign in after1300 post. howdon earth are you going to pick and choose? My wedding wasdone ibn red roses. cake and every thing so naturally I have to have that kit

  37. LisaT. says:

    I would love to win the Rose collection. It’s gorgeous and I love to put roses on everything I make. They remind me of my Mom. She grows the most beautiful roses in her rose garden. I have never been able to get my roses to bloom as beautiful as hers. Thank you Anna for the chance to win the new Rose collection.

  38. Yvonne Buzard says:

    Absolutely beautiful! All the kits, cards, paper, embellishments plus are of highest quality and beauty. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations by making our creativity easier and a step above others all inspired by you. You are “Simply the Best Better than all the rest”! That’s what your theme song should be.

  39. Kathleen says:

    The gift card collection is lovely and would be my choice. In fact, I could have used it this week (if I had one)!

  40. Shelley Orenstein says:

    You are not being fair to make someone choose. If I really have too, I would choose the Rose patterned paoer.

  41. Kathi Sanders says:

    Love the Roses and thrilled with the gift card collection in this version! The gift card for HSN is an awesome addition:) Thank You

  42. Bonnie L says:

    I love both of these, especially the pale pinks and pale greens in the Giftables. But I am a scrapbooker at heart for many years and I am most enchanted by the Roses and being able to design my own scrapbook pages! Fabulous products, Anna. I hope my name is picked for this one. The gift card is just the icing on the cake, and a salve for my husband’s wallet!

  43. Micki HIldebrandt says:

    Hi Anna! Love – love – love all your products! The new rose papers would be perfect for my daughter’s (Melanie Rose) early years…before she became such a tomboy! LOL Also, I’d love to make the gift card holders for our church bazar!

  44. Judy Miller says:

    What a beauty you have shown us today. The black with the Roses is striking. I really like the gift cards, especially that little purse. All I can say is I wish they were mine to give.

  45. Brenda Galway` says:

    The new Rose Collection is beautiful. I love that you’ve done another kit as scrapbooking is my passion. thanks, Anna!

  46. Janice B. says:

    I truly appreciate you bringing us the gift card set. When you released the Christmas themed gift card set last year I hoped there would be a set for other occasions and here they are! Awesome!

  47. chayden says:

    As always very hard to choose but I’m going with the gift cards…That $100 from HSN would sure come in handy!!

  48. Sheryl M. from sunny Florida! says:

    O. M. GOSH!! Ms. Anna, I keep wondering how you are going to top the previous products and YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!! But I have to agree, it’s a total toss up, because I love them both! I especially love that the ROSE COLLECTION, is just that, the entire collection and not just the paper, I LOVE that ALL the pieces come together to make such an awesome kit!! You have gone and done it again! And THANK YOU for ALWAYS being SOOO VERY GENEROUS and giving away a set of your goodies! Can not wait to see you again March 16th! Until then, praying you are doing well and having a very blessed craftin’ day!

  49. Marilyn Drumgool says:

    I love them both just as I love all of your creations, but my favorite would have to be the Rose Collecrion !

  50. Anita says:

    I love both so much. It’s hard to decide, but if I must, I will go with the rose collection. Thanks for giving us these amazing products and opportunities to win them!

  51. Judy D says:

    I really love both collections but the Designer Rose Collection is my Favorite ! The papers and card stock colors and embellishments are wonderful! Truly the old fashioned rose is one of the most loved flowers in the history of the world and I love the corresponding papers !

  52. Barbara says:

    I LOVE the Rose Collection – the paper is awesome and I can’t wait to get some to make my scrapbooking pages.

  53. Patty says:

    Absolutely love the Rose kit as its soooo pretty but then again anything Anna (even your halloween) is soooo pretty! That being said I do believe I like the gift card holders as well! Think of all my choices if I had the 100.00 gift card though…Oh yeah!!! Nice options…

  54. Gertrud says:

    The Gracious Giftables Collection has a lot of eye catching elements. I can personalize the kit with other embellishments that I own and make and also interchange some of the kit embellishments with cards, boxes and scrapbooking pages that I design. My mind is buzzing with ideas. Can’t wait until March 16

  55. Karen Taggart says:

    Absolutely love the Rose Collection. Have loved your work since you joined the scrapbooking world! Always imaginative and whimsical. Can’t wait til the 16th!

  56. Mary Iten says:

    Anna whenever you say kit, I come running. I don’t care what it is. If it’s a kit I want it!!! The Gracious Giftables will be wonderful for graduations. My grandson graduates college this summer and this kit will get a work out because not all of the things we have planned for him will fit in one little card. I would love to win this. Hugs to you and your workers.

  57. Karen Johnson says:

    Anna, The Rose Collection is to die for!!! It is lovely and I loved the Smitten Card Kit so I am excited it is an extension of that type of theme. So many beautiful things!!! I am so looking forward to 3/16!!! I am flipping out!

  58. Mary says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Rose Design Collection! I certainly need this collection…….It’s just FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!

  59. Elizabeth Lane says:

    Hi, Anna!

    I adore your products and love, love, love the Rose Collection! Antique pink roses were my mother’s favorite and she had them growing alone the stone walls outside the house where I grew up. Roses are my favorite flower, too, and yours are so exquisitely beautiful! Thank you so much for bringing them to us and for this opportunity to win these great new items and — wow!!! — a HSN gift card, too!

  60. Rose Salerno says:

    I’m a sucker for roses…yep, you can guess it from my first name! You do cabbage roses so well-love the shading. The giftables would be my choice.

  61. Eve Yeung says:

    Yay, a new paper kit! I loved the rose pattern card bases from the So Smitten kit, so it looks like I might be picking this up on the 16th!

  62. Susie says:

    So incredibly beautiful. My 91 year old Mom has been in rehab for four months. The ups and downs have been emotionally exhausting for all of us. Creating with your products has been the best therapy for me. Thank you.

  63. Saun says:

    Dear Anna,

    I love, love, love both the Designer Rose Collection and The Everyday Gracious Giftables… Must I choose? 🙂 The Designer Rose Collection will be wonderful for personalizing my Anna Griffin 18-Month Planner. I plan on making my purchase on March 16th! I will have my tea, scone and prepare for all the wonderful new goodies you will unveil!

    I must confess I am new to everything Anna… I feel blessed to have found you! Thank you Anna your creativity and feminine touches are truly a gift from God!

  64. Diane Fox says:

    My goodness this is a hard one. But I think I’ll have to go with my absolute favorite The Rose designer collection. I love roses. I can’t wait for the show to air on March 16th. I’m already starting to save my money. I can’t bhai everything.

  65. deborah krug says:

    I love the papers but I love love the gift card kit.. I’m always looking for a nice way to display gift cards.. I have to order this.

  66. Kathleen Christen says:

    Both collections are beautiful and lovely! <3 But I think I love the Rose Collection. Roses are so beautiful as buds and as they open their sweet faces and then in their full bloom.

  67. Sherry Lovelass says:

    Love them both as usual but especially love the new Rose collection. Thank you for all you and your team do. You are a very special lady.

  68. Debbie Lyons says:

    Love these 2! Particularly the Gracious Giftables, but then again I could find so many uses for the papers …. and I’ve had my eye on so many of your AG products that I would love to win the gift card! Thank you Anna!

  69. Diane Fletcher says:

    I love the papers, but am beyond in love with the gift card holders. I love gifting gift cards, but always struggle with how to wrap them in a unique way, and hate just slipping them inside a greeting card, so the unique gift card holders are so great! Thanks Anna – can’t wait to tune in!

  70. JESSICA says:

    I love both!! I cannot choose because each are “must haves”. I would be delighted to win this week’s presentation. Your Anna Griffen items just keep getting better and better. You’ve outdone yourself once more, Anna!

  71. Connie says:

    Loving everything…. again! How do you do it? Well, I’m a happy crafter. The Rose Collection is whispering to me…. fairly loudly. And Gift card giving has never been so fabulous as this! Can’t wait… Thanks, Anna!

  72. BETHANIE says:

    It is very hard for me to decide between the Rose Collection & the Gracious Giftables I Love them both. If I have to chose I would pick Gracious Giftables since I could use them as something special to insert my gift card. I think they would be unique. I peaked ahead at the Fantastic Flip card making kit and can’t wait to purchase that kit as well. Thank you Anna Griffin for giving us these opportunities to learn, make & give these products to our loved ones and friends.

  73. Carol says:

    I really like both the Rose paper set and the Gracious Giftables … but my favorite is the Giftables. They are so perfect for giving a special gift card, or even cash, to someone special … for any reason.

    I’m looking forward to hearing even more about the new Fantastic Flip Card Making Kit … this is such an exciting new product idea. Love it! And. Congrats to Audrey for winning one of these amazing kits. I am sure she must be doing the “happy dance” right now … I know I would be if I won.

  74. Jenny Hon says:

    The Rose Collection. I love Anna Griffin papers. They are so beautiful for scrapbooking or just to look at. Looking forward to Anna’s next visit to HSN.

  75. Carol Hill says:

    Hi Anna, well I think I love the toes collection. There are so many nice things you can make with this paper set. Rose,s are my favorite flower. The gift card kit is really cute to. I can,t wait for the 16th . See you on Friday for new news on new products.

  76. Deborah Witmer says:

    Oh please, how can one choose between two beautiful, perfect things? I would probably find more use for the Rose Collection, so I gu so that would be my favorite. I can’t get enough of your work, Anna!

  77. Karen Arnett says:

    Love all the new products! The gift card holders are my favorite this week. I’ve never made anything like them before. They will be a fun and beautiful way of showcasing a gift card.

  78. Darlene Bruner says:

    Anna, you are,so right it’s a toss up! I would love either one to add to my Anna craft stash..maybe both…can’t wait for March 16!!!

  79. Annetta Ries says:

    GOSH Anna!!! Right when I think you’ve created everything you go create something else beautiful that we all have to have. And I DEFINETLY want it. It is supremely beautiful! I wait so impatiently for HSN to have their Craft Day just so I can see what you have new & what I can’t live without. I will be taken the day off from work March 16th so I don’t miss anything. I would love to win the $100 gift card! Woo hoo!!! $$$..What I could buy. Thank you for listening to us & creating the fabulousness for us all. You create something for all of us:)

  80. Darlene Weir says:

    WOW What beautiful things you have all the time, just would like to win one….I would even share it with the ladys I go and help make cards with at a seniors citizen, I just volinter my time on Friday, It get them out of their rooms and they all enjoy it. some of them it been the first time they did shmethings like that…thank you wish me good luck….
    p;s if anyone has anything they like to help us out with things you don’t used anymore pleases email me…dar0118@yahoo.com thank you , God Bless you

  81. Connie H. says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite Anna Griffin anything, but I think I would chose the Rose Collection today It’s so very generous of you to include the HSN gift certificate this time too!

  82. susan says:

    Looks like two more great products from Anna! Love them both but especially love the giftables. I’m big in giving gift cards.

  83. Verda Wilkinson says:

    Hi, I loved both products but the Gracious Giftables might win by a hair. I would love a HSN gift card so I could buy some of your products to keep me busy this summer while be a host at a girls camp.

  84. Kim Griffin says:

    The rose collection is beautiful, but I also love the gracious giftables. I think the rose collection would be a wonderful addition to my growing anna griffin collection. I love all that you do Anna. Thank you.

  85. MaryBeth says:

    I choose the Gracious Giftables. I purchased the Christmas version and they were a big hit with the young ladies who received those cute purses.

  86. Kimberly Colson says:

    These are 2 wonderful kits. I would love to win either but if I had to choose it would be the giftables. I have a lot of family that or out of state and I would love to send them gift cards in these beautiful holders. Thank you for the chance to win

  87. Christine Derr says:

    Oh my gosh I love both products! March 16th will be an expensive day for me that is for sure. I bought the Christmas gift card holders and my recipients LOVED them so I am most excited about the Gracious Giftables #2. Countdown is on only 21 more days 🙂

  88. Barbra L. says:

    Don’t make me choose, love it all. Love the gift card holders and the TSV with the dies. Better start saving my pennies! Thanks for the preview!

  89. Pamela says:

    Everything is fabulous – as always. I really like the gift card collection. I would use these as layered cards, placing a greeting in place of the gift cards. They are so cute. It would be sweet to win an HSN gift card, wouldn’t have any problem spending every penny!

  90. Dianne Thurn says:

    I love all your products but I m so in love with the new giftables!! Can’t wait to see it all!! Thanks Anna!

  91. LaVerne says:

    Just adore your latest Rose collection. Have about all of your last ones. I have 3 precious great-granddaughters who I would love to make cards for. Can’t wait to watch you again.

  92. Patricia Barrow says:

    Well I’m ready… Got my list of what I’m going to buy on March 16th. If you come up with any more wonderful things I’ll have to reach into my husbands pockets, but that’s okay… He won’t be in them, lol.

  93. Ruth Manor says:

    Your antique rose collections are my favorite designs. They make my cards look so elegant. The new change purse card caught my eye and I can easily see this becoming a cute card for our granddaughter who graduates from high school in June Thanks for bringing us new classic papers and card stock to use in our cards and scrapbooks.

  94. Taunie Snyder says:

    Well I love watching all the Sneak Peaks. I must say I am loving the Gracious Giftables #2. I so love your products. Thanks Anna.

  95. Andrea says:

    Hi Anna, I love the. Rose collection and the Gracious giftables. It’s hard to chose which one I like best. All your products are wonderful!! I am looking forward to the16th!!!

  96. Betty Withrow says:

    Hello Anna I love all your products. I have a BUNCH. I would love to have this gift card kit. I have three beautiful grand daughters that I would love to send them gift cards in these products.

  97. Jean T says:

    Love them both but the Rose Designer Collection is really catching my eye. $100 gift certificate is awesome. It would go direct to Anna’s products. Thanks for a chance to win.

  98. Mellisa Hogue says:

    Anna Griffin….they should write a song about how beautiful everything you design for us is!!!! If I write one would I win? Heehee!
    Those gift card cards are so stinking cute!
    Love love love everything you do!
    Thank you for all your help making us look so creative!

  99. Mellisa says:

    Anna Griffin….they should write a song about how beautiful everything you design for us is!!!! If I write one would I win? Heehee!
    Those gift card cards are so stinking cute!
    Love love love everything you do!
    Thank you for all your help making us look so creative!

  100. Pat Hauge says:

    Rose Collection for sure. You just look at it and it says Anna. It also reminds me of my dear mom, whom watches me from heaven.

  101. DonnaH says:

    ***!! The giftables 2 is sooooooooo cute. Love the rose collection paper. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  102. Cheryl Scot6t says:

    Anna I really love the Rose Collection, it looks fabulous. I also must have the Gift card kit too! Time to start saving those pennies for March 16th!

  103. Suzanne Downing says:

    I love love love them both… If you make me choose, the roses, but I will have both of these … having only two of your card kits ( Christmas & the autoship) IS NOT enough.. I love these & they are loved by each person I give them to. Thank you for the beauty & the ability to share it!!!!

  104. Shirley Shickel says:

    Oh My. Just when I tell myself you could not possibly out do yourself, you drop another bombshell Beauty!!
    I can’t tell you enough how outstanding your talent is. You put such life into your products. You give us so much to keep our imagination going too. I’m a Rose fanatic so I love anything roses. I give my cards out as I use them for therapy!!! Good luck on your newest work and Good Luck to everyone on the gift card too!!!

  105. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I really like the gracious giftables. Lately, I’ve been more likely to give “clutter free” gift cards to friends and family, and this just pretties up that kind of gift so well.

  106. Coletta Cooper says:

    Love both products. The Rose Collection would be perfect to rescue and remake my acid-eaten, 30 yr old wedding album. Love, love,love your planner kit. I just told mysekf this weekend that digital phine calendars are not cutting it for me. I NEED a planner. Wish your planner was part of the giveaway…hint…hint. love all you do for us Anna!

  107. Jo Ryder says:

    Oh, my! There is nothing that you’ve shown that I haven’t loved. The rose paper kit is just beautiful…possibly I’m partial because my middle name is Rose, too. But it is breathtaking. And the special value is an absolute winner. I know where I’ll be on March 16…having tea with Anna all day long.

  108. Linda J.W. says:

    Oh my GOODNESS!!! I love the rose collection.. Thanks for the great giveaway. I will be watching you on HSN

  109. caroline hill says:

    Hi Anna and Georgie , Love the gracious gift cards. Anna just wanted to tell you that the last time you were on hsn I ordered the cricut cartridge ribbions and bows they said it was in stock.Then I got email said it was sold out. Then I checked website said it was in stock. Anyways just wandering are you still going to be making cartridges. Not to worry they just sent me email today saying it was now shipped. Love your products and HSN . Just did not understand when site said it was in stock and it got backorderd . Now a happy customer. Thanks big fan of yours Carolyn

  110. Karen says:

    Everyday Gracious Giftables are a great craft to make especially since it is so hard to buy gifts these days and gift cards are great and now a lot more personable i the gracious giftables.

  111. Linda Bollinger says:

    Love the Rose collection and the gilf card holders. Can’t wait to try them Love all your beautiful papers.

  112. Karen Hatfield says:

    Roses, roses, roses. Let everything be coming up roses. Looking for to having fun with the rose collection

  113. Diana Durst says:

    Love the gift card holders! But I also love the paper! You always do a wonderful job with your items!

  114. Deborah Cieply says:

    I love roses. But I have to say my son’s favorite color is pink and the last card set is awesome. Thanks again anna.

  115. Heidi Sullivan says:

    Well it is a hard choice but I think the Rose Collection is simply divine. I am so excited about the upcoming event on March 16, I can hardly wait. Thank you.

  116. Mrs. A says:

    Gracious Giftables 2 will be very handy, and like the first set, it’s a fast project to assemble all the cards in an evening. For the gentlemen, I kept a few from the holiday kit in gold and silver to embellish later with masculine elements. Glad I did because this kit is clearly very girly.

    I think expanding into more gifting products is a great way to go. Perhaps we will see gift tags and card stock for box making, and stamps of course. Just love the fresh, new “Smitten” patterns in this pretty kit.

  117. Joy S says:

    Love both products, but love, love, love the Rose paper collection .it is just so beautiful. Can’t wait to use it to scrapbook about my 2 year old granddaughter.

  118. Carol Ouellette says:

    Love the Rose Collection-as I have some pictures of my niece’s wedding to put on canvas for her new home. The cardstock and text weight are exactly what I need for the idea in my mind and the colors are perfect. Would love to start working on them as soon as possible. Also the Gracious Giftables would be sooo…..fun to make and give. Hope to be one of the first to start having fun with these 2 products!!! Thank you for giving us all a chance to win. OH!!!! especially that HSN $100.00 gift card. WOW!!!!

  119. LynneJ says:

    Both new goodies are wonderful but I especially love the Rose Collection….I am a major paper addict and this would be a heavenly addition to my stash!

  120. Bonnie A says:

    What a hard decision! I’m going to have to go with the Rose paper – I love paper! But it was a hard choice! I love anything Anna Griffin!

  121. Teresa Chamberlain says:

    O my goodness! What a fantastic and beautiful collection! My mind is on overload with all the crafting I could do with all of this! Awesome awesome awesome!

  122. Pamela Giles says:

    Tough decision! I love them both equally! If I had to choose just one, I would go with the Gracious Giftables collection. So excited for these!

  123. Erin Glee says:

    Both new products are fantastic, but I will say The Rose Collection is my favorite. The rose is my flower, so how could I not love it?
    Thank you for “sweetening” the pot with $100. at HSN! That would be the cat’s meow to win! (Hi Georgie!).

  124. Claudia Hutton says:

    The Rose Collection is dazzling, but I know I’d put the giftables collection to use immediately. So that’s my favorite. Tough choice.

  125. Peggy Mahoney says:

    Have a family wedding this summer! I know the bride would love a wedding album with the roses. They are stunning!! So excited!!

  126. Doug G. says:

    Love the Rose Designer Collection – A stunning combination of traditional and modern with the black !!! The Gracious Giftable Everyday collection is marvelous as well !!! GREAT job as usual Anna & Co.

    HELP!!! I don’t seem to be getting these blog updates. I only got the first Sneak Peek and have to go to that one to get to the new ones. It says my Email is subscribed so I am baffled why all of a sudden it just stopped.

  127. Kathleen Clark says:

    I’m always excited to see a new paper kit! So any time there is a new kit, count me IN! Love the gift card holders too. You think of everything, Anna!

  128. Christina Fleischer says:

    I’m so excited about both of these new products! It just keeps getting better and better! I love the gift card idea and the Rose collection is just I need to motivate and inspire me to continue my scrapbook for my two little babies! They are just 5 weeks and 2 years old and after Create I wanted to recreate all those different pages and incorporate them into separate scrapbooks mainly for the grandmas

  129. Sue hollahan says:

    I really can’t decide! They are both fabulous I guess I’d use the rose collection more scrapbooking

  130. Sharon Pay says:

    I love these! I’m going to make the little purse card for me, put the $100 HSN gift card in it and go shopping!!!

  131. Connie says:

    I love them both, but I’d have to say the Rose Collection. It’s gorgeous and I think I’d use it more. Counting the days until the 16th!

  132. Toni V says:

    You are right – it is a toss up, but I lean toward the all occasion gift card holders. I can’t use that number at Christmas (I would have nothing left to spend on AG for me!), but spreading them out throughout the year for different occasions and adding them to my handmade cards for an office fundraiser would use them up. ALSO – could someone check, I didn’t get Tuesday’s e-mail and when I tried to sign up again, I received a message that I was already signed up. I had to go on the blog manually. Can’t wait for March 16th. I already took the day off!

  133. Linda Conway says:

    Love both as usual but the Gift Holders are exceptional. See me using those all year.
    Cannot wait to see all the shows March 16th.

  134. Carrie Peter says:

    Both collections are amazing! The Rose collection is a definite must have! I can’t wait to see everything on HSN. My DVR is automatically set to record everytime you are on HSN.

  135. Tanya Thompson says:

    Oh, Anna! You are always stepping it up! I cannot wait for March 16th…I am especially in love your your new flip card dies! It is just too exciting, and your Rose Collection is fabulous!

  136. TamiBabs says:

    The Rose Collection looks absolutely beautiful!! Gracious Giftables looks awesome too – what an elegant way to give a gift card!!!

  137. cyndi peterson says:

    I have been thinking about trying a flip card kit for awhile now, and I can’t believe you are coming out with one! I’ll be getting one of those!

  138. Rita Brenke says:

    I love the rose designer collection… trye to form gorgeous. My daughter says i m anna griffin obssessed lol … i say it is your fault because i love it all

  139. Anita weld says:

    I must confess that Anna’s products have enhanced my life. I have been looking for an outlet to express and experience beauty and have found card making with the helpful Anna Griffin kits to be just that. Thank you!!!
    I think the gift card holders are stunning and cute and the new Rose papers beautiful.

  140. Doris Minear says:

    Love the papers especially the roses with the black background, it is so sophisticated.
    Beautiful as always.

  141. Granny D says:

    I purchased the Holiday Gracious Giftables and they were the nicest way to give a gift card, these Everyday Giftables will be an absolute hit with my family gift giving. It adds a personal touch to gift card giving that might seem so impersonal. It is absolutely my favorite of the two.

  142. Sue Treadwell says:

    Everything looks amazing, but the Rise Collection is absolutely stunning. I do love all things Anna Griffin!

  143. Barbara V. says:

    Anna, your collections never cease to amaze me. Always something fresh and new! I love them both, but I love the Gracious Giftables just a teensy bit more! I can see myself using this collection in so many ways to brighten the lives of family and friends and make me smile in the process! Oh, and the $100 HSN gift card would be a welcome win for me too!

  144. Tamera B says:

    I love the Rose Collection!! The gift card kit is a wonderful idea!!! Can’t wait til the 16th!! Keep them coming!!

  145. Lucy Armitage says:

    Two more beautiful products. I’d love them both, but my most favorite is the “Designer Rose Collection”. Such beautiful papers!! And it would definitely inspire me to get back to scrapbooking some of those photos I’ve been piling up. I’m getting anxious for March 16th!

  146. Deana says:

    I have never done gift card cards, wondering how easy or hard they are to do?
    But I really love the Rose paper and etc. my favorite flower is rose. This will be a hard choice to make on which one to get. Lol Have a great day

  147. Alpha K says:

    I thought i posted yesterday, I love the paper and the giftables. I had many compliments on the xmas giftsbles I purchased. I would love to get both organizations either one of the products. Anxiously Awaiting to see everything on the 16th.

  148. Anne Marie says:

    The Rose kit looks great but the gift cards are my favorite along with the $100 which would be great for picking what I most wish for on the 16th.

  149. Jonie Isenberg says:

    Oh My! Both are lovely. I fell in love with the Gracious Giftables last year when I lost my instructions and had to put them together without instructions. I do love a challenge and everyone was so impressed with their beauty.

  150. Myra R. Goddard says:

    Love them both Anna; but the rose collection has my eye the most. As the matriarch of my family I have lots of cards to make for this big family. Looking forward to March 16th., and all the wonderful things you will present.XOXOXO

  151. Debbie Griffin says:

    I love the new gift card holders! The Christmas ones were a great hit, and can not wait to get these home.

  152. Carol Cameron says:

    Don’t know how I missed this post yesterday! Work just gets in the way sometimes LOL. The Rose Collection is beautiful! Thank you for including the embelishments – so perfect for cardmaking! Can’t wait for March 16.

  153. joanne witham says:

    Hi Anna I love the rose collection and the gift card set . Made the Christmas set and was a hit. I love all you products and followed you for a long time, would be honered to win any product of yours.

  154. Sandee Webb says:

    Love them all, but I have a special fondness for the Rose Collection. My dear Mother in law ‘s name is Rosalie and my youngest daughter’s name is Morgan Rose. Your designs are always so beautiful. I have been a fan for many years buying from HSN.

  155. Grace N says:

    My favorite this week to is the new set of Gracious Giftables. My family has many occasions to use all your gift tags. Our immediate family consist of six children and their spouses, 26 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. Need I say my husband is from a family of 14 children. I also buy your card kits for the same reason. Don’t ever stop making your beautiful products!

  156. SarahN says:

    Those red roses in the Rose collection are so beautiful! I’m loving all these new things you’re introducing!!

  157. Melody Barricklow says:

    This one is really hard to decide..I know I would use the Gracious Giftables up faster and they are truly just a wonderful little gift by their self, so very cute…
    Thank-You !

  158. Sue M says:

    I really don’t want to pick just one but here goes. If I could have only one of these two items, I’d select the Gracious Giftables . I have so many gift-giving events coming up this spring & summer. I will be able to us them all. Love the Rose Selection as well.

  159. Dawn B. says:

    Are you kidding me with that Wedding Layout! Gorgeous! As are all of your products and creations. I wish that I could buy everything but I must be good.

  160. D T Cooper says:

    Your new rose papers are so beautiful. I do not know how you continue to produce such beauty day after day but keep it up. We love it. I can hardly wait for the gift card kit. Thank you so much for providing these special products for us.

  161. Vencine Martin says:

    Oh my Goodness! Anna! Would love to win this week’s sneek peaks. I am a Paper *****! and love the new kit. $100 HSN gift card? Yes please. Today is my birthday so I am wishing hard!!! I am so excited that you will be back and that you design products with our comments in mind. Love that! Good luck everyone!

  162. Jammy Huber says:

    *** I love them both.The valentines were so lovely so I think I NEED the rose one.Hope to win so I can buy it all on March 16 thanks

  163. Holly Klingensmith says:

    So many beautiful things to choose from. I think I may have to get another job just so I can shop. 🙂

  164. Sharon says:

    Love the Rose Collection, but love the gift card holders! Can’t wait for the flip cards collection! You’ve out done yourself, once again!

  165. Pam says:

    Hard to chose…I like the Grace pattern (use it for storage already) & and that you’ve included lighter weight paper for the tricks, etc. Thank you! The gift card design is really cute, especially when in a hurry.

  166. suejoe85@msn.com says:

    Oh what I could do with a $100 HSN gift card. Making my list now. Love the gift card collection.

  167. Michelle Orsborn says:

    I am already excited for the HSN craft day, I am seeing so many things I like! The rose collection paper is beautiful. The last time you were on, I got the flocked paper, and I am loving it. I don’t want it to run out. You make so many beautiful things, thank you!!!!

  168. Ellen B. says:

    Yeah!! I was just working with the Madison Collection yesterday and thought we are due for a new collection to be released ….. so the Rose Collection is my favorite, BUT we’re definitely going to need some refills for those embellishments to go with that amount of generous paper you’ve included. THANK YOU…..

  169. Betsy Singleton says:

    Love the Rose Collection, Gorgeous! the gift card holders for all occasions is spectacular. Thanks for the chance to win.

  170. Tracie Proxmire says:

    LOve the gift card pack….so beautiful and very handy…also I love 100.00 bucks to spend on your items at HSN

  171. Helen Settle says:

    I’m spoiled!!! I do not use anything but Anna Griffin for my cards and scrap booking. I can’t decide what I like best because all your products are wonderful. Can’t wait until the 16th.

  172. Sue D says:

    These are so beautiful. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. To win either, plus a HSN gift card … WOW!

  173. Nancy Axt says:

    Love, love, love the Rose Collection! It is stunning. I love how all your collections go together. I get so many compliments when I use your papers.

  174. Nancy Hulsey says:

    The rose collection is beautiful! I am also happy to see the gift card kit. It is such a great idea. Thanks Anna, I know it will be a fantastic show.

  175. vallie taylor says:

    Would love to win this! Enjoying the diversity in the color of the collections and the paper weight and the styles.

  176. Jamie says:

    I’m always amazed at how beautiful your collections continue to be! Each is more lovely than the last 🙂

  177. Jacqueline says:

    Anna u are amazing I’m going to love the new stuff keeps my mind off my cancer I love the rose collection can’t wait to get one ur so craftie thank u

  178. Sherry Barr says:

    Love the Rose Collection and was blown away by the Gracious Giftables!!! I always think you can’t top what you do, but, being Anna Griffin, you always do!!!! Thank you!

  179. Sandra Duell says:

    Anna, I just love your designs. Two things I love is gardening and the vintage look. I posted my husband and my website for you to see. Very amateur crafts but it’s something we do together. What I love about your products is that you teach us how to layer, what to look at, and how to display your products. So, I’m learning and you make it fun! I know I can integrate some of your beauty into my designs. Thanks!

  180. Michelle says:

    I love the Rose Collection. That hint of black is a great touch and just pops out. I can’t wait for the show

  181. Nancy Green says:

    I definately would pick the rose paper collection. I love my black rose storage items and like the fact that you are including light weight paper matching heavier card stock.

  182. Linda Correa says:

    I am so inspired by the rose collection ! It brings out the best of my creative side. The weight of the paper makes it easy to design with. So much artistic thought went into this collection. This collection has gone way beyond anything I could have imagined. So excited about the possibilities ! Looking forward to seeing what’s next

  183. Lydia says:

    Anna, I am still flipping over the TSV flip cards. Even in my dreams, i,see them “flip flop, flip flop” The $100 would surely help my Anna,Griffin craft addiction. Please help???

  184. Stephanie Junewick says:

    These are stunning! The Rose Collection looks gorgeous. I see a little Victorian influence modernized, maybe?? Stunning- can’t wait to get my hands on it. I would say it’s my favorite of the two.

    The Everyday Gracious Giftables is definitely something I would use all the time. So pretty!!

  185. Lydia says:

    Anna I am still flipping over the TSV flip cards. Even in my dreams, i,see them “flip flop, flip flop” The $100 would surely help my Anna,Griffin craft addiction. Please help???

  186. Heather P. says:

    Everything is so beautiful! But I’m really knocked out by the gift card holders. They’re so cute!! Cant wait until March 16th. Thanks for the chance to win!

  187. Loralei says:

    Oh, no! Anna, everything is just fabulous! I can truly say that I would like it all and don’t know how I would choose. Wow!

  188. Lisa lesshafft says:

    There is never any chance of choosing just one to like. It’s Anna’s collections!!! But……I guess I would take the rose collection first.

  189. Cheryl Locke says:

    Love the gift card holders. Trying to see if I can get the day off in March to watch it all day and see your creativity.

  190. Patricia Jarschke says:

    I love both of them but I think the Rose Collection is my favorite. I am just learning to make mini albums and the collection would be beautiful for them. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  191. Judy Estrada says:

    Theses are both very nice products coming up. Those gif tables are very clever . Like they are for all occasion. Beautiful floral paper kit as well. A HSN Gift card to help with our purchase of your awesome items is really the Cherry on the top. We all are waiting for your craft day gift card a Win Win ! Thanks Anna !

  192. meg says:

    I love the paper! Thank you for bringing more scrapbook selections! I really love the scrapbook papers and we need more of these since so many local stores are closing. I hope you will bring more back to your beautiful collections.

  193. Patricia Rendina says:

    Oh, that Rose Collection is beautiful! I won’t be able to resist. Looking forward to March 16th!

  194. Fredericka Butler says:

    Got to love the roses….but I can’t see passing up on the giftables. I’m going to go broke after the 16th, but I will be broke and happy. Haven’t seen anything yet I don’t intend to purchase.

  195. sharon L says:

    Love the coin purse. My fingers are itching to get hold of this kit. I will have more fun making these than the recipients.receiving the card.

  196. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Anna, my favorite is the Rose Collection! Really love the $100 HSN gift card which would definitely be everything Anna. Very excited for the 16th.

  197. Robin B says:

    I Love that idea!!!
    Yes, Make dies to cut different feminine & masculine dies to give for special occasions!
    Thank you Debbie G…
    Robin B.

  198. Debbie G says:

    Love the gift cards. Wish you would make dies to cut our own. Maybe someday.

    I am not receiving your blog email. How can i get back on?

  199. Dena Faulkner says:

    Both of these are absolutely beautiful, but for me personally, I love the Rose
    Collection. I love paper and this would be such a great addition to my

  200. Patti Garcia says:

    Roses roses roses!!! This is getting harder to decide what to buy on the 16th. Everything is so beautiful.

  201. Tammy Whitley says:

    I LOVE the Rose collection. I can’t wait until the 16th. I figure that since you will be on air 10 days after my birthday, that its still close enough to say that everything I buy is a birthday present to myself!!! Logic for the hubby….works every time!!!

  202. Liz says:

    I think that the gift card holders are so cute and different would love to win n them and the beautiful rose paper kit.

  203. Kimberley says:

    Gift card collections got me this time with the paper pack in close second. Of course, I love love love them all!!!! Take care Anna.


  204. Paula McGee says:

    The rose collection is so beautiful. I think it would be wonderful for my journal covers and for making beautiful cards.

  205. Kathleen says:

    I love the new Rose Collection. The embellishments are stunning, and specially the butterflies. Well done!

  206. Susan Little says:

    The Rose Collection looks beautiful, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the Everyday Gracious Giftables. They were such a big hit at Christmas and so much fun to make! The $100 gift card to HSN is fabulous!

  207. Sharon Jones says:

    I really love the new products so far. The Rose paper collection is gorgeous. I’m so excited about the new TS — the flip card kit with dies. I always look forward to your shows.

  208. SHELLEE ROBISON says:

    Totally love the Rose collection! Especially looking forward to the different weights of papers. I also see the gift card holders making appearances in some Easter baskets!

  209. Susan m. says:

    I love the roses and rhe gracious gif tables. It would be hard to choose for sure. I sure could use a $100 gift card from HSN. Never have been lucky enough to win anything like that. Sure would help for all the things coming up on March 16th…….

  210. Sally Bartlett says:

    The rose collection is absolutely gorgeous. It would be a blessing to be treated to a $100 craft shopping spree for March 16th. The glimpses of the TS are getting me really excited. Only 2 more weeks…

  211. Liz D says:

    Super cute gift cards for the graduates that I have this year. They will love them. I also love the new ride collection. Why do we have to choose?

  212. Diane Starr-Jordan says:

    I LOVE the Rose Collection as I love rises so much! Thus is a beautiful collection. Thank you for a chance to win!

  213. Judy Fagotti says:

    How can I pick just one? The papers in the Rose Collection are gorgeous, and the gift card holders are the cutest things ever. So excited!

  214. karen oshanick says:

    both of these are wonderful collections! i think i love the rose collection just a tiny bit better. i hope i can catch part of the fun on the 16th. i am having a minor surgery that day. i so love to watch you on TV! <3

  215. Bprice says:

    What I like about these roses are they are forever beautiful and will never die. Thank you for your forever talent that you share with us,l.

  216. Pam Emerson says:

    Too hard to decide between the two sets…. they are so pretty!! Love them both. Anna, I just love how you keep coming up with more and more ideas. Such a special touch to your items. Lovely……

  217. tamera gumkowski says:

    Gift cards are pulling me to them ! I am working on thank you letters gratitude ones , I pick 1person a month and I write them a letter of how grateful I am to have them in my life . Who depends how I am feeling , family, friends, or a co worker , maybe the dr’s nurse or receptionist ……. thanks for making beautiful things to help me make beautiful things !

  218. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: Roses are red, violets are blue, I LOVE ROSES, and I know you do too! Your papers are beautiful as always. But my favorite this time is the all occasion Giftables – especially the adorable little purses. I loved your So Smitten box, but next time would you add more RED ROSES and RED PAPERS. I send Valentines to my family, I had plenty of pink cards and not enough RED ones and RED is a better color for the men. RED ROSES = LOVE!

  219. Dana says:

    I like the Gracious Giftables! Who wouldn’t want a gift card in those pretty packages. Thanks for making these previews so much fun.

  220. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    Roses…My favorite of all flowers! A girl can never get enough roses and to add it against a black backdrop is just stunning! Also adding 2 different cardstock weights to this kit is a very smart ides and I think this is going to be more helpful than is realized. I cannort wait to get the giftables, the samples that are shown are just too darn cute and I want o make them all!! As a matter of fact I may have to buy all gift cards for Birthday gifts this yr ……….!!!

  221. Barbara Mann says:

    Oh how I love your scrapbook pages. The Rose Collection is quite beautiful as well. How fun it will be to make cards and scrapbook pages with these papers and embellishments.

  222. Evadene Brosky says:

    Oh those gift card purses are so charming. Need those! I also need the HSN gift card, and you might as well send the Rose paper collection just to save on postage…. hehehe

  223. Rhonda Williams says:

    Hi Anna, as always you have hit it out of the park. Love the paper collection but I am most impressed with the Gracious Giftables. I am a long distance grandma and am always looking for ways to send money and gift cards. This will fit the bill! Can’t wait for the 16th! Thank you, Rhonda

  224. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I love the Rose collection.my granddaughter is getting married in April and this set would be great for a wedding scrapbook.

  225. Cre8ive Crafter says:

    I am looking forward to the Rose Designer Collection of papers. I really like when you include both the heavy cover stock and the text weight papers that match. I like the cover stock for my card bases and the text weight paper for making the matching envelopes. The text paper doesn’t crack like the card/cover stock. I can’t wait for Friday to see the next sneak peek of the Fantastic Flips Kit!

  226. Saun says:


    Thank you can not convey my thank you for your feminine creativity. What a blessing. I look forward to seeing you on HSN… March 16th! How exciting. You are such a blessing to us girly girls.~

    Your planner is dreamy!

  227. Debra Baker says:

    I just LOVE all the new products! The gift card holders are my favorite, I think! Those look awesome and can be used so much! I love the new roses as well! It all looks wonderful and can’t wait until March 16th!!!

  228. Sue Paradoski says:

    That’s a great idea, Trish. There are so many beautiful botanical fruit drawings that Anna could use, and I bet she already has quite a few. I still want some old botanical greenery/foliage as well.

  229. Isabelle says:

    I love the Gracious giftables. They are so cute. They are definitely on my shopping list for March 16. I really like the Roses too. I am so excited about the upcoming shows!!!!.

  230. allison shay says:

    So beautiful! CANT WAIT for the 16th! The new paper collection is gorgeous…thanks for the opportunity to win Anna!

  231. Cathy Ray says:

    I’ve been following your newest blog for the March 16th HSN show and I have to tell you that I’m really impressed with the new Rose Collection kit. I love the contrast of the black and pastel flowers. They’ll make memorable cards for some lucky people who receive them. I have a couple items on my list for the 16th’s show already and now I’ll be adding one more—this one! I did miss the gift card collection at Christmas so it’ll be another to consider. I know that ALL who receive a card made from your products are thrilled beyond compare! Many have called to let me know of the fact that they’ll be framing them! It’s hard to deal with so much flattery…but so, so welcome. Thank you and yours for making ALL of us crafters look like PROs to the world!! I’ll be watching your telecast and hoping for some really GREAT deals !!!

  232. Cheri Marx says:

    It’s a toss up for sure. Love the Rose Collection Paper. I can think of several projects for that. The gift card holders look fun. I use gift cards a lot. And the planner is nice. I like all three.

  233. Barbara E says:

    I love the gracious giftables. My granddaughters are getting older and seem happiest with cash cards. They are very girlie and I know they would love the cards in the fancy purses!

  234. Mary Lou says:

    I love the purse card! I’m looking forward to seeing you on HSN. You have such great kits and papers. Thank You!!!

  235. Kathy Bray Partin says:

    Roses are beautiful and so lush and alarming
    Anna papers are so wonderful and charming
    If I should win,
    Oh how i would want the roses because how they would blend…..

  236. Rose says:

    I bought the Christmas giftables and enjoyed making them and giving them. I’m excited there’s an every occasion giftable kit.

  237. Katherine Madewell says:

    So beautiful! I love the Rose Collection most. Having the paper and card stock will be great and allow so many options as usual. Thank you for your lovely products.

  238. Maureen Odell says:

    Anna I just love the Roses paper kit. My Grandmother had drapes in the roses prints, and it just brings back the memories. Under these drapes were cotton lace curtains, that we would stretch and dry on a curtain stretcher. It was a wooden frame with nails all around it. you had to be very careful not to get blood on the clean curtains. I can’t wait to get them.It is going to be a Happy Birthday to me.

  239. Suzann Anderson, says:

    Love the Everyday Gracious Giftables. Looking forward to March 16th. Hoping “Say it Anyways” stamp set will be back in stock. Would love to see Everyday Angels embellishments too:) Great giveaway this week. Good Luck everyone!

  240. Larina Miller says:

    Both of the new items are of course Anna-FAN-Tastic! But if I must choose I’d have too say the gift card holders! I can’t wait to see more on the flip cards! And I definitely will be watching and DVRing on the 16th!!!

  241. Merlinda Turner says:

    I’ll have you know that I was in a grant writing class this morning when I sneaked a peak at the new postings. I couldn’t play your video for fear of getting caught not listening to the instructor. I love the card holders. Too cute!

  242. Ginny Carter says:

    I’m in love with everything rose related. I also love the gift card set, so you are correct it is a toss up. And $100 gift card to boot? I cannot wait until the 16th and so hope that I am a winner of this kit.

  243. Kelly Werner says:

    Love the Roses, and the new Giftable collection. I purchased the Christmas ones and really had fun making them.

  244. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    Just just gorgeous! All of it! You are so right, definitely a toss up! Just beyond…these are a definite want..wait..NEED!
    Of course I can’t wait until the 16th or even the next preview!!


  245. Carolyn Hensel says:

    I am all about paper but love the Roses. You can never have too many roses. Thanks Anna & staff. You keep us motivated

  246. Melinda Keeley says:

    AGAIN! How can we pick just one? I love black and wish the Rose Collection came in wallpaper. I love the Everyday Giftables as well. I used the Christmas kit and will definitely use the new one. I’m going to have to get a job (I’m retired) in order to buy EVERYTHING! Thank goodness for flex pay. I’m really in awe that you keep topping yourself with new products. Thanks for being such a great designer and a special thanks for listening to your fans! March 16 needs to get here soon!!! Love you so much Anna.

  247. Mitzi Daggett says:

    Calendar is all set! See you on 3/16, I love love love the gracious Giftable collection, but then I love everything about Anna and her products

  248. Brenda Scheiman says:

    Wow! I love the giftables. I bought 2 sets of the Christmas ones, so these are absolutely on my list. The papers are beautiful also. I guess my credit card will be getting another workout.

  249. Susan Goodell says:

    I must have been living under a rock last year because I never saw your Gracious Giftables 1. I have got to get my hands on that kit. That is about the sweetest little purse ever and I can’t wait to start making some!

  250. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    I love the rose collection ! It is purely elegant! Then to top it off a HSN Card…shop….shop…shop❤️

  251. Debi Paisie says:

    Everything is coming up Roses, Anna with you new collection. It is so beautiful that I can smell the sweet scent. Can’t wait till March.

  252. Cheryle Weeden says:

    I love it all, but the gift cards would make so many people smile when they receive it; it’s like getting two gifts in one! And once the gift card is used up, I am sure they will keep the card holder.

  253. D.D. Smith says:

    I love the gift card holders! Got them for Christmas gift cards, and you read my wish list to have them for year-round.

    I also love the black background papers with your roses–really makes them pop. So Smitten was one of my fav kits, so I’m already in love with the new paper!

    Can’t wait ’til March 16!

  254. Mary R. Huff says:

    Wow Anna, It has to be the Rose Collection if u insist on one choice. It’s like picking a dog over a cat or vice versa, today I was looking at fish!

    Tomorrow in lower Mich. we are expecting a snow storm, I bet u know what I’ll be making:-)

    Yes, I have u all written in on March 16th and thanks to u and your staff for all u do for us crafters!!

  255. Sandra miaskoff says:

    I will be making a wedding album for a friend and the Rose Collection is the perfect kit for this couple.
    The gift card kit I’d keep for myself.
    Thanx for the beautifulbeautiful kits.

  256. Marlene says:

    I just love everything about AG products! I just started collecting your products since last year, and i have missed a lot since I dont know.. You inspired me and now Im starting to sell cards.. And currently Im making invitations for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday party using your cricut cartridge and papers! More power AG!

  257. Barbara says:

    Anna, thank you for today’s preview. I’m having such a bad month; nothing is going right for me right now. But looking at all the beautiful paper designs in your collections tonight really calmed me down and cheered me up a bit. I love, love, love the rose designer paper kit; it’s beautiful! (one bad thing that happened this week is that Capital One had a security breach & they shut down my card, so my card was declined at HSN and now the Ornamental Frame dies are sold out and can’t be reinstated, and I’ve lost the entire auto ship order!) That was just the last straw; how much more can I take??? Now I have to go look at the new paper collection again….

  258. Becky M says:

    Love love love the Rose collection! Love that bold black background. And the gift card holders are simply adorable!!!

  259. Sheila Stapleton says:

    The Gracious Giftables is my favorite item, but what beautiful projects I could make with the rose collection too. The paper is beautiful. As always, awesome products. Can wait for March.

  260. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Aloha! This is Soooo much fun! Oh I just love the Rose Collection my favorite! I don’t give gift cards. But I have 2 girlfriends who are very busy & they give gift cards. I would like to make all these & give them to them to have on hand. I will then need to give them each a gift card!

  261. Deb LeZotte says:

    I love the Rose Collection. The flowered papers with the black and white are gorgeous!! Another Anna Griffin beautiful product!!! Thanks again Anna ❤️

  262. Suzanne says:

    Ohhhh Anna, I am super excited about your upcoming visit. I am in love with the Rose collection and can’t wait to get my hands on the new TS. Thank you for your previews on your newest products and for a chance to win your newest designs!!!!!!

  263. maria says:

    Well I”m sitting here making AG cards, watching AG website, hoping to win AG product. It”s a blessed life I lead!!!!!! Can”t wait “til March 16th.

  264. Dorinda H says:

    I love the new paper kit! It’s beautiful! So is the gift tag kit! Can’t wait, already bought you embossing folder storage boxes!

  265. W. Salguero says:

    Both are nice! Hoping for more word dies (in the font as your believe word die) and matching stamp set. Your elegant designs would be a great match up for this type of product.

  266. Shawna says:

    Oh My I loved the Christmas Giftables, I can’t wait to get the everyday Giftables. And the new rose paper products – love, love, love.

    Only thing to make it better, to win them and $100 hsn gift card as well. I can’t wait till next month.

  267. Sandra Bowers says:

    *** the Rose Collection is so beautiful. What I love about you line of products is their sophistication and consistency. I have purchased other companies collection and only come of them are nice where I have never ever said to myself I don’t like this one. I like each and every piece. Can’t wait to see what the surprise is going to be.

  268. Trish T. says:

    Love the Rose Collection Anna. I like the fact you’ve provided different weights of paper! The gift cards are so cute, those would be great for gifts for my bus buddies! Too hard to pick a favorite. You and your team make the best!!! Thank you for a chance to win.

  269. Mary Esser says:

    I love both new products. I have been working on cards for the past three days, Trying to make as many as possible for the year. This way not always making cards last minute. They are all so beautiful . Thank you .

  270. Lois D. says:

    That’s a tough choice. I will have to choose the paper because I rarely, if ever give out gift cards. (Maybe I should start.) I would love to win them both. I do like to receive gift cards, especially a $100 one from Anna Griffin. 🙂

  271. Meg Brice says:

    Another classic, the rose collection is a definite must have! Good luck to the lucky winner of this great deal and happy shopping with that gift card.

  272. Mary Anne Gaynor says:

    I love the rose collection since I am happy that I can use it making scrapbook pages. A gift card would be fun to receive also since I am on a fixed income and I love Anna’s products.

  273. Sharon Zimmerman says:

    Love the Rose Collection!!!!!! The Giftables 2 are absolutely genius idea. Can’t wait till March 16. My credit card is ready to go shopping.

  274. Patti Swartz says:

    Once again beautiful beautiful collection. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous things that Anna will make out of it.

  275. Rhonda Fix says:

    Loving the gift card collection. I also love your Rose collection….they are perfect for any occasion. Cannot wait for the 16th!! Keep it coming Anna…Love it all!!

  276. Pat Stome says:

    I purchased all your products for years. Then I couldn’t find anything. I recently saw you were on HSN and have been buying everything Anna. I LOVE gracious giftables. I would love to be able to create some very pretty purses using your newest product.

  277. Debbie F says:

    Love, love, love those gracious giftables. A gift card is such a universal present that ALWAYS works for everyone.

  278. DIANE says:

    Love the Rose Collection. I think the colors and patterns are outstanding–just perfect for spring & anytime. The $100 gift card would help towards purchasing your beautiful things!

  279. Laurie St Denis says:

    The rose collection is my favorite, especially with the black papers. Love how the black makes the colors pop.

  280. Susan says:

    Hi Anna, my favorite is the rose collection… seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new one. Also I’m curious – why have you worn blue in each sneak peek? and why is the display board in the background filled with blue too? Very pretty!

  281. Katie Amundsen says:

    The Rose Collection is beautiful and perfect for scapbooking my daughter’s wedding! I have many of your papers and love them all. My biggest problem is that I need to stop hoarding your papers and use them in my scrapbooks! Think you’ve heard this before. Love your products!

  282. Amy Hollier says:

    Gracious Giftables would be awesome to have! I had a blast with the Christmas set, with me and my mother-in-law.

  283. Pamela Brink says:

    Love the Rose Collection paper. I haven’t bought any pattern paper for a while and it’s time to add some to what I already have and I can see a lot of uses for it!

  284. Roxann Higgins says:

    I think the little giftable 2 is so cute. I like having one of these for everyday use. The papers as always are beautiful. Thanks again Anna. Can’t wait until Friday.

  285. Judy Orlowski says:

    Oh my gosh, Giftables. Hooray, it’s about time. I can’t wait to get these. The Christmas ones were fantastic and I know these will be to. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’d love to win that $100 gift card so I can buy more Anna Griffin stuff! I need more stuff!

  286. Dayna says:

    I love everything I have purchased and will have to get some of the new items too. I would love love to have it all. So much fun making cards with these kits.

  287. Mary Prystal says:

    I love the Gracious Giftables cards! I’m so happy that you developed cards for everyday occasions!

  288. Renee says:

    That’s a hard one but since I don’t give too many gift cards these days, and because I love roses- I pick the roses collection.

    Thank you!

  289. Elaine says:

    My! Oh My! Oh My! I do love the Rose Collection, and all that it imbibes! I know, lots of exclamations, but oh so necessary! I can only dream!

  290. Jeanne says:

    I like the idea of having cardstock with matching papers the best but the gift card holders are also really cute.

  291. Diane Adams says:

    Oh Anna,
    I just love todays products. The papers are fantastic but the everyday “Giftables” is simply out of this world!!! I love this and hope that I am lucky enough to be a winner this week. Oh, the gift card from HSN is wonderful also, but I really love the “giftables.”

  292. Terri S. says:

    I love the different ideas you come up with-and beautiful! The Gracious Giftables are a unique idea that I would think anyone would love to receive.

  293. Joee Balestrieri says:

    Oh Anna! I love everything you make and so does my 12 year old son, who crafts with me and watches your blog with me. I always say that you’re THE QUEEN OF CRAFTING!

  294. Lorraine Douglas says:

    Gracious giftables……………….oooooohhhhh I can’t wait. I purchased the set for Christmas and LOVED them, so I know these are going to just as good, if not better! Thanks Anna for all of these wonderful products you bring us, where would we all be without you!!!!

  295. Anne Lemay says:

    The Rose Collection is amazing! I love that the cardstock is in two different weights – great idea!
    (The gift card kit is amazing, too, but the Rose Collection is brilliant!).

  296. Pamela Doroshuk says:

    Everything would be coming up “roses” if I were selected to receive the beautiful Rose Collection and Gracious Giftables with the $100 gift card — just in time for March 16th! It would wisely be used to purchase more Anna Griffin items, of course! Love the paper, but we send a lot of gift cards to our grandchildren so all would be wonderful — too hard to choose!!

  297. Mary Hisrich says:

    Love both but my favorite is the gift card holders. Love the different styles but the purses are just adorable.

  298. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, my goodness! I have LOVED this Sneak Peek, Anna! Anna, your Rose Collection is the BEST! To fold, weave, die cut, emboss (and more) for both cards and albums, I will need more than 1 of this collection! Your Sneak Peek is like opening my favorite candy–the palettes and florals LOOK delicious, and the plastic sleeves SOUND like a crackly candy wrapper! Really, I love everything, Anna! You are generous and AMAZING! (((HUGS))) from Texas!

  299. Roni Kamiya says:

    I really am looking forward to 3/16. Each sneak is building the excitement…l love ❤ the roses. It will be a very expensive day for me. I want everything times two. Thank you Anna.

  300. Karen S says:

    I would have to pick the Rose collection as my favorite. But I have plans for the Gracious Giftables. I see a lot of Gift card presents in the next 6 months;)

  301. Angie Ordinario says:

    Love everything Anna Griffin. Love to collect all her papers and the rose collection is just simply beautiful. I am going abroad on March 16 and hopefully the internet will be good where I am going so I can watch the show before everything sell out. Would especially love to win something too.

  302. Norma Cardenas says:

    I love the Rose Collection and I already have the planner which is Gorjuss and I just love Anna Griffen!!!!! Waiting for March 16

  303. Jennifer Wagoner says:

    I LOVE them both!!! I really can’t choose my favorite. I am excited that I am on Spring Break during the HSN craft day!!!! Keep up the creative inspirations you bless us with!

  304. Susan Bernard says:

    Paper, paper, paper! You can NEVER have enough paper, especially when it is as pretty as this new collection! Looking forward to watching on the 16th.

  305. Brenda L says:

    Congratulations Audrey!

    I love both and who doesn’t need beautiful ways to present gift cards, but I really want to try the paper folding techniques with the Rose Collection.

  306. Mary says:

    As a scrap booker, I love the paper and embellishments. I must say that I also love giving gifts and the gift cards are really nice to keep on hand. If I had to choose, I would go with the paper kit…but if I can get both…well, there you go.

  307. Debbie says:

    I am so excited about this new Rose group of cards. As a long time lover of the Vintage Flowers, this just sends me in overdrive.
    Will be watching March 16th.

  308. Sandra Evans says:

    Love them both but I would choose the Rose Collection paper kit if I had to choose just one. I love all the flowers you put in your kits.

  309. Sofia Garcia says:

    Yay! I was waiting for today, lol. I love both new products!! Sorry I can’t choose one. Beautiful products Anna! See u in March..

  310. Karen VanLoo says:

    Love love love the Gracious Giftables! I also love the Rose papers, they’re gorgeous. Well, as usual – I love everything AG!

  311. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    I love both kits would hate to have to choose between them. I like all of your products. Can’t wait till the 16th!

  312. Karen says:

    Love them all, Looking forward to the little cad holders, I did not ge the christmas ones, so hopefully I will get in on these

  313. Marsha Regeling says:

    Love them both but I favor the Rose Collection. I would use that more and see many occasions it could work for that I do not have enough options for in my collection yet such as sympathy cards. Thanks for the opportunity!

  314. Susan MacMillan says:

    Oh Anna, these two collections are classic Anna Griffin!! Can’t wait to see the new show coming up on HSN and I’ll be watching for all the new beautiful paper goodies! Of course winning a little something would be fantastic, too!

  315. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    I absolutely *love* both of these items! I just love the flowers. Everything is so beautiful. I just can’t wait until March 16th. Keep up the great work with these wonderful products 🙂

  316. Theresa Buckles says:

    Ohhhhh my!!! Love the giftables ! Got the holiday ones and they were special! Also the black accents on the new kit…Perfect!!

  317. SC Johnson says:

    Beautiful items! Love the black background contrast against the roses–stunning papers and colors. Now all these items are just making it too difficult to make a choice–but folks, let me just be crystal clear in stating the TS remains at the TOP of the list!

  318. susan says:

    I love the Rose Collections. The roses are so beautiful and life like. Can’t wait for the new show… Although my credit card needs a little more cooling off. 🙂

  319. Sherry Shea says:

    One Hundred dollar Gift Card!!
    Talk about sweetening the pot! Lol
    I wonder who will win?
    We all know Tom G. Is a big winner just for the shout out!

  320. Shirlene Renshaw says:

    What a toss up! You are right – who could possibly decide which of these two are the best – I love them both & would you believe that Friday is my 67th birthday – so PICK ME!!!!!! Hehehe!

  321. Tina Scalone says:

    I love the new Giftables. I ordered the Xmas ones from the Amazon sale, but my box had 50% of it missing. I sent an email but I haven’t received a response yet. Was it an As Is sale? If not, how can I return or get a full set?

  322. Anita richardson says:

    Ohhhhh you’re killing me here! I am already using your other papers, stickers and supplies for this years project of getting my whole box of pictures spanning 70 years of family photos into scrapbooks. Now I want these too! LOVE love roses and these sets are perfect.

  323. Melanie B says:

    The Rose Collection is beautiful, but it is the Gracious Giftables kit I love – such a fun and gorgeous way to give a gift card.

  324. Debra ewry says:

    I don’t know how you do it it’s seems you top yourself each time. I adore your products, I can’t wait for each sneak peek. I always shop the day before you air don’t want to be sad when something sells out. Love you Anna!

  325. Charlotte says:

    Both of these new items are gorgeous. The gift cards are so unique and beautiful. I also like the papers especially The Rose one with the black background. I can already see the card I want to make with that. One of these days I hope to be the lucky winner!

  326. Linda H says:

    The new rose papers look delicious. The colors are so rich and the design so very lovely. You’re good, Anna, but with your schedule I just don’t know how you have time to Innovate! As for the giveaway, wowee! Somebody’s gonna be happy on Friday!!!! Thanks for making us all a part of your life 🙂

  327. Shelby McDaniel says:

    The rose collection looks awesome! I can’t wait until the 16th!! It’s PAYDAY!!

    Who hoo!! Momma is going to have fun in March!

  328. Jennifer H. says:

    (It’s a toss up-) My favorite item of the week/preview is the Everyday Gracious Giftables and (still) the fabulous TS Fantastic Flips kit.

    The Everyday Gracious Giftables fills a need for when you need something to dress up/hold a blah-bland gift card. Sneak this little beauty into a beautiful AG card and it’s like a surprise gift that keeps on giving.

    But I gotta say- the Fantastic Flips kit is still on my mind/my favorite. I’m excited to learn more about (and try out) this fabulous kit. Thanks Anna & Team for giving us a chance to win, sweetening the pot (fingers crossed- hope I win) and for rocking it! Keep it coming!

  329. skrapperauntie says:

    Love them both! Already making a huge list for 3/16. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your crafty sleeve.

  330. Becky Purcell says:

    The Rose Collection takes my breath away!!! I love it! So perfect for my youngest daughters wedding. She is doing all shades of pink from dark rose pink to pale pink. Thank you for the chance to win these awesome products.

  331. Sandy H says:

    Love the papers, flowers are my “thing” too. The $100 HSN card might make a small dent in the trouble I get into each show, small but helpful LOL
    Ps. I used to get an email with a link to your blog and I did not get one for #2 so I missed the TS. Can I get back on that mailing list please.
    Love y
    Sandy H

  332. Cindy Daversa says:

    Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! The paper is an absolute nesessity for my stash!!! It is beyond gorgeous!!! I adore the gift card holder kit! The purse…so darling!

  333. Lin M. says:

    Congratulations Audrey!!!

    I really like the Gracious Giftables – I got the Christmas version too. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rose Collection! When I got So Smitten I was hoping you would have some paper in that style and here you have it!!! I can’t wait to get it!!!
    Speaking of papers – In your videos I’ve noticed cardstock in various blues on the board behind you. Is there any chance that is another new collection? I love the blues too!

  334. Kristy says:

    I love the paper, anything with black in it looks so elegant. You once had black and pink paper based on french perfume labels. I just loved it. Can’t wait until the 16th.

  335. gail W. says:

    Love both of these items, Anna! Those little gift card things are darling! Keep it coming! Now very simple….reach in and draw out MY NAME!!!

  336. kim m says:

    And the winner is ….. We have a tie! Love them both and must buy multiples of both! Thank you to you and HSN for the chance to win a gift card too! I am going to need it 🙂

  337. Dale L. says:

    Once again, it is hard to select one of these two beautiful items as a favorite! Both are lovely.
    I am partial to your rose designs, however, so I will say the Rose Designer Collections is my favorite!

  338. Ruth Thomas says:

    I love the gift card holders. I used them at Christmas. The paper and card stock are very pretty also. Thank you.

  339. Michelle Ivey says:

    I absolutely love the Rose Garden collection. I can’t wait until March 16 to see all of your new items. Thank you so much for all of the beautiful paper craft items you create. You make everything special!

  340. D Ann Adams says:

    I made 2 kits of the Christmas gift card holders for church bazaar. Everyone loved them. Will be buying this everyday kit as well..

  341. Shirley Ogryski says:

    Both kits are wonderful, but the Rose Collection is my favorite. Would love to win them along with $100 gift card from HSN, which would help me pay for all your goodies I will be buying!

  342. Lana Murphy says:

    The rose paper collection is extraordinary! So, so beautiful! And the new gift card holders are beautiful, as well! Thank you, Anna, for making all these beautiful things for us! We love them all!

  343. Joyce Newton says:

    Wow, would love to win this– grandkids are all about gift cards these days and these are the best!!!!!

  344. Sharon S. says:

    I love the new Rose Designer Collection!! It is absolutely gorgeous and one can never have enough scrapbook paper. The rose is my favorite flower so of course I love this set. I always purchase your paper kits when they are available. These are so perfect for scrapbooking and multi media art. Looking forward to your March show!!

  345. Kim Perkins says:

    My favorite is the Gracious Giftable kit. I love the fact that you listen to your customers on ideas of what they want in new product. Thank you.

  346. Gloria Myers says:

    The Topeka Griffinista absolutely adores the Gracious GIftables 2..My friend Judy gives a lot of gift cards and I want to buy her a set and me one also! The Rose collection is fabulous ALSO!!!

  347. Claire Powers says:

    I love the Gracious Giftables gift card holders! The Christmas kit was so much fun to put together and made giving a gift card the perfect gift!

  348. Kim says:

    Love the papers and everything. I wish I could afford the planner.
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and products.

  349. Diana Kessler says:

    Love your new Rose Collection kit! It is so elegant and classic with the beautiful papers, stickers, etc. Pick me!!! I could definitely use the $100 gift card to HSN to purchase all my Anna wants on March 16.

  350. Joanne S says:

    The Rose Collection is absolutely gorgeous., I am so glad that you have come out with the Gift Card Holders. I was able to buy the Christmas ones at your Super Sale after missing out on them at HSN. I will be ordering the new ones at midnight so I won’t miss out!

  351. Phyllis says:

    The rose collection is stunningly beautiful and I love the all occasion gift card holders. I loved making them for Christmas, and could use the extra 100.00 dollars.

  352. Maria Villarejo says:

    Wow cannot wait to get the roses collection and you are giving us white backgrounds so I can combine with my mind.. please give us another chance with the dies… they are beautiful

  353. Laurinda says:

    I love the romantic feel of your products. The roses are exquisite. I can hardly wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

  354. Martha Schira says:

    The Rose collection is Beautiful!! The $100 HSN gift card is Awesome!!!! Anna, you are just wonderful….

  355. Donna Bischof says:

    I am in big trouble because I want it all! Everything is so pretty, I am loving those roses. The little gift card set is amazing. I will take those with that HSN gift card tucked in. LOL

  356. Mary says:

    The Rose Collection is stunning. I love that it has two different weight papers:very useful. I love black and white with the roses-beautiful! Of course, I will need the gift card holders sooner or later…. but I WANT the Rose Collection soonest. 😉

  357. Karen wells says:

    Love both collections but would pick the giftables first. Would buy several sets of everything if I were rich.

  358. Margaret says:

    ***, you want us to choose? Everything Anna does is a beauty in the making. I don’t think she ever sleeps! Seriously, Anna all your products are exquisite but if I had to choose it would be the Rose Collection.

  359. Diana Romagnano says:

    LOVE the gift cards, and the HSN gift !
    Any time you want to hand them to me I’m willing and ready.

  360. Susan says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to use this on my daughter’s ballet pictures! My mom and I have the 16th marked off and are so looking forward to it all!

  361. Joy says:

    Oh my, not only do we get a chance to win beautiful supplies, there is a $100 HSN gift card included!!!! I can hardly stand it! I vote for the rose collection. I am addicted to paper! Thank you and your team for such beautiful paper crafting items!! Paper, paper, paper, I cannot have enough paper!!

  362. Debbie Davidson says:

    I love the Rose Collection! You never disappoint — I will be ordering it as soon as it’s available, unless I get lucky and win it 🙂

  363. Sabrina says:

    I love them both but the gift card ideal is simply gorgeous leave it to Anna,and her team to come up with a wonderful new idea!!!

  364. Susan Mlacker says:

    I love everything!!!! I love the Gracious Giftables collection. I missed out on the Christmas one. Would love love to get this one.

  365. Bonnie says:

    I love both new products as roses are always a favorite, but the giftables cards WOWed me… Just what I have been looking for now that the grand kids are teens and it is just easier to give them gift cards..

  366. Laura Breyman says:

    I love the roses, but the gift ables are so cute. Thank you, Anna for such beauty and the chance to win!

  367. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    I’m definitely becoming an AG hoarder/collector/lover of beautiful things… I love these papers! Counting down the days. I am taking the day off on the 16th!

  368. Julie Smith says:

    Rose Design Collection please. I would love those beautiful papers. Ohh the things I will create with them!!!

  369. Carmen Little says:

    I love both collection but the gift card holders I love the most great for all occasions. Thanks Anna…

  370. Jennifer M says:

    Uh oh. I am already in trouble and so is my pocket book. I love everything that is being presented and we are not even close yet. I love the card gift and giftables. It is going to be a fun Anna griffin day on Hsn.

  371. Barbara Smith says:

    The Rose Collection is extraordinary. It’s just what we need for our spring card making and scrapbooking. Looking forward to your next visit!

  372. Valerie Bullock says:

    I always appreciate Part 2 of something that is spectacular – I am really loving the gift card holders!!! Thanks, again, for a chance to win.

  373. Sandra says:

    Both are so pretty who can choose. Love the gift card kit! I usually give my family a small gift along with the gift card and I’m always looking for some way to give them other than just inside the gift.

  374. Stephanie A. says:

    I love both of these products, but the Rose Designer Kit is my favorite. I would love to have it. Thank you for the chance to win!

  375. Stephanie says:

    I don’t know how I missed the gift ables at Christmas but I definitely don’t want to miss them this spring! And the Roses are just gorgeous. Maybe I’ll finally get my scrapbooks started and the $100 HSN gift card would be great too!!

  376. Sherri Brown says:

    I adore the Everyday Gracious Giftables the most but also love new papers. I love how the colors are so on trend.

  377. Becky Haworth says:

    I love love love the new paper. I also love the idea of 2 different weights of the paper!! So far everything on the sneak peeks are on my wish list for March 16th!!

  378. Sarah Oswald says:

    I am torn because they are both great in their own ways but if I had to choose I would choose the Gracious Giftables because this makes everything easier to use because they are already done and about ready to use.

  379. Star Liford says:

    Oh Lordy, Lordy … What’s not to love? Love all your new products… Gonna be so broke and so busy after the March 16 show!❤️

  380. Mary Beth says:

    Love the Black background and rose paper! Searched everywhere for the black paper on the Valentines Card you posted on FB! Can’t wait til March 16TH!!

  381. Dar Sirrine says:

    I love all the products so far. My must have of this sneak peek would be the Rose collection. Of course I will probably buy both, but that’s beside the point 🙂

  382. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Congratulations to Audrey, hope ypu have lots of fun with your card kit. As for me my favorite of todays choices is the rose paper kit but would love to win anything that’s Anna’s creation. ♡

  383. Sandra Dunseith says:

    Well Anna, I flipped when I saw the new card making kit, was in a flap when I did not win it. But now I am ever hopeful that I might win your latest preview kit.
    You certainly know how to wow us all. I seem to have ever increasing orders for all your goodies for my daughter and other family in South Africa, no space in my luggage for clothes, just AG goodies.

  384. Marie Powers says:

    Love, Love, Love the Rose Collection. I also love the gift card holders. I purchased the Christmas holders and received so many Compliments!

  385. Debbie McL says:

    Your new Rose Collection is Beautiful! Thank you for creating a new paper crafting collection Anna! It is such a joy to make scrapbooks using your collections. This is a very feminine collection with such lovely colors.

  386. Sherry Bradbury says:

    Both kits are quite lovely, but I think for me the rose papers edge out the gracious gift cards by just a hair. I love the prints, including the scripts in black and white.

  387. Marlene A. says:

    I can’t wait for the TS! The sneak was fabulous. I’m a big believer in giving people what they want and if your not sure a gift card is the way to go! Gracious Giftables is so super sweet.

  388. Sandy says:

    OH! ANNA!!! As usual! What a HIT! I can’t wait! My calendar is already marked with alarms set for reminders on the March show. I love both of these items from today’s sneak peak! I absolutely have to get this lovely paper crafting “ROSE” set! I want them for my new wedding album. I lost our 1st album & all wedding pictures in our fire, thank goodness, daughter had our pictures on her computer!! Thank goodness, I have a few of them from 45 yrs ago. I can’t wait to get the new paper set to get started. Thank you so much for such gorgeous products & quality too! Just an idea for another something new….we need a scrapbooking 12×12 album to match this new Rose collection, PLEASE????? Thanks, come on March shows! Love you, love your products!

  389. karen tabaka says:

    Paper, Paper, Paper, cannot have enough paper!!!!!! Anna I still have those large pads of paper that I bought years ago, and still use it for scrapbooking and the leftover for cards, I see those gift tags as more than that, they would make adorable shower placecards, especially the purses, with a handwritten Thank you instead of the gift card, And a $100 gift card will help me purchase an item I would be thinking twice about, So there is my story for today

  390. Sally Fisher says:

    I love the Rose Collection! My first love is scrapbooking and there is sooo much you can do with those fabulous papers and die cuts. BTW- your comment about creating from “scratch” didn’t go unnoticed. Thank you Anna!

  391. Betsy Volk says:

    Rose collection is really beautiful. And who wouldn’t want the hundred dollar gift certificate! Thanks!!!

  392. Bertha says:

    I love everything you have showed so far hoping i can afford most of it. i love the giftables like Christmas. i cant wait to see the card making kit. as always” everything is beautiful in the making” !

  393. Dianne Giselle says: