HSN March 16th Sneak Peek 4

Hi everyone!

We hope after last week’s debut of the Fantastic Flips Card Making Kit Today’s Special it is at the top of your March 16th HSN wish list, and we are excited for another installment of what we are dubbing Fantastic Flips Friday! This exclusive collection will be available in a limited quantity on March 16th, which is why we are giving you all of the details ahead of time.

Before we get into even more of the amazing features of this kit, we have a big giveaway for you! The winner of the Rose Designer Collection, Gracious Giftables Everyday and a $100 HSN gift card to be used toward anything on your crafting wish list is Patricia Hollenbeck! Congratulations!

To recap quickly, last week we told you that the Today’s Special was all about flip cards and that you would be making 60 cards with the 520 pieces and 14 dies in this kit. It includes all kinds of things you’ve been asking us for – A6 sized cards, larger envelopes, smaller embellishments in a variety of colors and more. Today we are going to talk more about the dies in the kit and how they will make your cards even more beautiful in the flipping!

There are two large card dies in the kit that will cut and score your cardstock as a flip card. The 2 die shapes have 2 different styles of frames on the front, a bubble and a truncated rectangle. We have even included an extra long rubber cutting mat for use with the dies. In the card kit you will find a rainbow of double-sided cardstock for you to cut into flip cards. When you have used all of the paper this kit keeps on giving, because you can use any of your favorite cardstock with these dies! Just cut it to 5.75 x 9.625 and run through your die cutting machine with extra long 12” plates.

There are also 12 smaller embellishment dies for decorating, including butterflies, flourishes, frames and more. They are really fun to cut in multiples for adorning the outside of your cards or decorating the flip window!


Speaking of decorating your cards, the frame on the front is where you will concentrate your embellishments. We have designed 3 different styles of outer greetings: the large sticker sentiments that go inside the frame, the arched message to go on top of the frame and the small circle sentiments that pair perfectly with the flag embellishments that bridge the gap!


We will give another one of these amazing kits away on Tuesday. Who wants to join last week’s winner Audrey to make cards with this set before anyone else? Just comment here and tell us what is making you flip for this Today’s Special so far.

Bye for now!



  1. Denise L. says:

    I’m “flipping” over the intricate flip card dies. I get stuck in a rut of my cards always opening the same way. These are beautiful and so totally “Anna Awesome”. I would love to win this set.

  2. Carol Hill says:

    3/13/2016, I can,t get Anna’s blog in my e-mail any more? The last one was 2/26/2016. I would like to enter the latest gifts, but there is stop to do it? So here goes, I like the flip card sets and all the great die’s and the little ones for ax enters. Hope you get this post.

  3. Frances says:

    Oh my gosh. I love the flip cards. Your examples are exquisite. I can’t wait to make some. I am a big embossing and die cutting fan and this will take it even further. Love, love, love them.

  4. Ann Sutter says:

    Including the dies in the kit is genius. So many times things are sold out so fast that it’s a real race to get in. Last time I lost HALF of my $650 order because something on the website locked up. When I discovered the problem, half was sold out. What a major disappointment. I love these kits and items.

  5. Judy Hendrix says:

    I was just thinking that I could really use the Cropadile for adding charms to my baby albums. That would be so wonderful!

  6. Christa says:

    I am flipping out over what all is included in this kit!!! I think this one is going to make it very hard to top with the next kit. But, from past experience you always find a way to make the next kit even better, even when I think there is no way.

  7. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Thank you again Anna for the pop up dies, I would use the crop-a-dile for putting new buttons on my jeans due to weight loss thanks again for your ideas

  8. Kathleen Lute says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Are these flip cards beautiful. Would I love to win this package? You bet! Please pick me!

  9. Elvira mosely says:

    I definitely love this collection. I can’t wait for March 16th . And it would really make my day if I won this collection!

  10. Barb Riordan says:

    Anna, don’t know how you do it but you keep out doing yourself. Would love to own this kit so hope you pick my name.

  11. Tema says:

    I would use the crop audial for all my large thick projects like big multilayered table decorations & packaging decorations.I’m also crazy for all the new card making “stuff”!

  12. Penny Vaughan says:

    I’m just flipping for this card kit. My mind is just racing with all the idea’s that I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to make with this kit. It’s an absolutely GOT TO HAVE ITEM that’s for sure. Thank you so much Anna for all your awesome products. You always know what we love and make it easy as possible for us. I make cards for the ladies at the local nursing home and they just go crazy over the cards I give them from your kits. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see the smile on their faces when they open up the cards I make them from your kits. Thanks again and God bless

  13. Debbie Clever says:

    I am “flipping” for your new card kit WITH the dies included!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

  14. Mary Lou Rives says:

    I just watched you video, what a big surprise! I LOVED this kit…. Can’t wait until the 16th.

  15. Karen Huval says:

    Wow Anna!
    This new card kit looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see it! You and your team just keep out doing yourselves…
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Tammy Fredrickson says:

    Oh my gosh! This kit is awesome. So many things that you can do with it. And it comes with dies? Anna, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this kit. Bravo! Thank you.

  17. Bon says:

    I am flipping out over the flipping cards and flipping dies. What makes me flip out, is that I am still flipping. And that is a lot of flipping going on.
    Thanks again.

  18. J. E. Perry says:

    This just makes me want it even more. Usually I’m only excited for Christmas card kits, but I am eager for this one. I had to work all weeken and didn’t see this until now. Hope it’s not too lare to be counted in the giveaway.

  19. Sherri says:

    O ANNA GREAT QUEEN OF CRAFTING…..this flipping kit just gets more awesome with everything that’s in it and everything you can do with cardmaking, even when we use all of it, it still will keep on giving. making flipping cards! A BIG CRAFTING THANKS for the larger green mat that you’ve added in this kit so we can use the dies with the larger plates. Excited to see the upcoming sneak peeks and ready to start popping and flipping out bunches of AG cards! Congrats to Patricia for being the lucky flipping winner Friday!

  20. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I’m flipping backwards and forwards for this kit. Recently lost my job, so I could use a pick me up and this kit will do just that.

  21. Lydia Ward says:

    I am totally super excited about the flip card kit and dies and cannot wait to play with it! Will be taking the day off from work as always to enjoy the day with Anna!!!

  22. Shawn M says:

    I love the dies…..something new and different and it’s like the kit will never run out! We can mix and match our other fab AG embellishments and keep moving new beauties!

  23. Alejandra says:

    Just adorable! I want to own everything! I like your card kits because they are easy to assemble and you can add your own touches to the cards. Gorgeous stationery!!!

  24. Eve Yeung says:

    The ombre paper included in the kit is “flipping” awesome! Can’t wait to make flip cards with them, I think they’ll make the perfect background for some beautiful tonal cards!

  25. sandi kierce says:


  26. Marcia Stearman says:

    Oh my gosh, this kit is “flippin'” awesome! I’ve made some basic flip cards, but nothing this intricate and beautiful. The dies look amazing!

  27. Judy Palmer says:

    I can’t wait for your show! I buy all of your auto ships. Love your dies. This would make a great belated birthday gift. My birthday was the 27th of February. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  28. Melanie Witt says:

    Never mind, Janet. I figured it out as soon as I finished my reply to your comment. I scrolled down past the 1,437 comments, and VOILA!. Patience is a virtue. Thanks for your anticipated help anyway :).

    Again, Anna rocks! Would love to add *everything* to my Anna Griffin collection.My favorite at this point is her central bold black paper from the Rose Designer Collection. I love the tote in that pattern too (I have it in the white rose), but, unfortunately, missed it in the black So sad. 🙁

  29. Melanie Witt says:

    Ditto, Janet!
    Everyone loves Anna — and around my house, she gets all the credit for *my* beautiful work. I’m happy to promote her products because they’re such tremendous quality.
    I’m new to blogging. I just spent 30 minutes trying to leave a comment, but couldn’t figure out how to do it (yes, I’m over 60). So I left this as a reply to your comment since you were so on target with my feelings. Is there an easy way to explain how to leave a comment of my own? Thanks a million.

  30. Janet DeRose says:

    I flip over all of your products, but this is THE BEST. I can’t wait to make and send these unique cards to my friends and family. They will flip (and think I am so creative). I know it is all Anna’s doing!

  31. Suzanne says:

    I’m super excited that I can get started right away with the kit and making flip cards then the fun keeps going and I can create an endless amount of flip cards with the included dies. Woo hoo!!!!

  32. Chrissie Mancini says:

    I’ll admit that I’m flipping for those dies. I’m a DIY kinda gal, and I could make such pretty things with the dies in this kit. ☺

  33. Jill Wilson says:

    Hi Anna- just saying, — this new’FlipCard Kit/TSV has my name all over it!!!! It looks so ‘flippin’ awesome, even makes me want to ‘flip’ out , in a good, creative way, from all the contents that we are getting!!! Since its the end of February, tonight I’m going to ‘flip’ my calendar over to March and be sure to mark your HSN appearance times. Thank you Anna! See you soon on the HSN 🙂

  34. Carla Joseph says:

    I can’t wait to make cards from the new flip card making kit! I love using your exceptional dies!!!

  35. Sharon Jones says:

    I have always loved your card kits and this surpasses them all. I will be ordering this kit. I can hardly wait.

  36. Karen Andrews says:

    What can be said —– these flip dies and card kit are fantastic — I’d be honored to win this and begin playing with the set prior to the show on the 16th.

  37. Gisela says:

    I am flipping over the second video with your demonstration, and the ease you are showing of making these flip cards. The todays special is truly amazing and has me convinced that I can also do this.
    Thank you Anna for a chance to win..

  38. Kathy Broering says:

    I love making cards that move. I’m already thinking about how I might use it for my Christmas cards this year.

  39. Holly Klingensmith says:

    I love the dies in the kit. It is great that I can keep making new cards and change the paper for the season. Can’t wait till March 16th.

  40. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Soooo excited about the “flips” card kit!!! However; from the video, it looks like the cardstock will be a tight fit over the die. This is sometimes a problem, as the top “B” plate sometimes has static on it, and moves the cardstock as you are trying to place the “B” plate on top. Here’s my solution: Wet your hands and “dry” them on a fabric softener sheet one or two times. (You want the sheet pretty damp, but NOT wet!) Then, wipe both sides of the “B” plates with the dampened fabric softener sheet, and stand them up to dry. NO MORE STATIC moving your cardstock! Hope this helps you, as it did me!
    P.S. This also works GREAT on the inside of the plastic wastebasket that your paper shredder sits on! Don’t forget to wipe the top edge too!
    I sure hope there are enough of these “flip” kits for everyone that wants one! Good luck to all!

  41. Debbie Ziadie says:

    I am flipping over the new card kit! Especially love the dies and smaller embellishments! This kit just keeps on giving!

  42. Jodie Routt says:

    Your products are absolutely cream of the crop! I love this kit and everything about it! I am so looking forward to the dies and the ombré paper. What will you come out with next?!

  43. Becky Trautman says:

    WOW AMAZING would love to win. Admire you work soo much. You make everything so very easy for those of us who are card making challenged!

  44. Gina says:

    What’s not to love, Everything you make is a treasure! I just adore these cards… Looks like store bought but better!! I would love to win as I am new to all this card making, art journaling, etc. world… Pick Me, Pick Me! Hee Hee <3

  45. Kimberley says:

    This looks like it is going to be so much fun. I do have a question for you. For some reason I am not receiving the weekly emails. I’ve never had a problem until now. Please add my name back to your email settings. I have no clue why I’ve been dropped off. I don’t look at Facebook, so I’ve been missing out on the new announcements. How can this be corrected? Thank you so much.

  46. Katzba says:

    I have tried to figure out the flip cards on my own. It can be done, it just takes lots of measuring and precise details. Thank you for taking the details and measuring out of the equation. These card dies are going to be my very favorite of all time. I am always trying new things to make my card making even more innovative. I love it. It goes beautifully with allllll my Anna Griffith and AG Cricut products. Thank you so much for bringing us all your new ideas.

  47. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    I was honestly just thinking no more card kits until I use all that I have, then Anna comes out with this amazing kit that includes the dies that we can use in any future cardmaking we want to use it in. Ok I need this card kit. Lol.

  48. Jammy Huber says:

    lovely just waiting now but I think I need the longer forms to cut on I dont think mine are long enough???

  49. BRENDA Hoffman says:

    Excited about the flipping. Card dies. You hav done ir again giving amazing products that are so beautiful. I would love to win these to add to all my other Anna Griffin dies and products. Thank you.

  50. Rosemary says:

    Hi Anna, It is March 16th,,I have the telephone in my hand waiting for 12 am….speed dialing HSN to order your TS……..It is just beautiful…..Thank you for making me look like I am so talented¡!!!!!!:)

  51. Susan says:

    Am thrilled over the movement- was worried about how to put it together but the dies will make it fool proof ! Have been wanting a cuttlebug and am toying with cards- this has decided it (along with the $6-8 ugly Valentine’s cards I saw recently….). Looking forward to it!

  52. joan carney says:

    I meant I have many of your sets that are of the larger size but a larger green mat is never enclosed only the small one. Will your new kit including the large green mat? If not where can we get one. As this is another expense to us crafts, Thanks for your help.

  53. joan carney says:

    Hi Anna, you have said we will need the extended plate for the new card kit coming out on March 16, I have the set but I never received an extended green rubber mat to go with it and I have tried using 2 of the smaller mat and it does work to some extent but it’s not perfect. I have been looking for the correct size and when I opened your trick 2 box I had hoped the larger mat was there but no it was the smaller one. Your video shows you using the large mat so why wouldn’t the large mat be included in with the larger embossing folders and dies. I have just about everyone of your folders and dies and have at least 10 or more small ones and would like a large one that fits the extended plates. where can we craftier find It?????

  54. Janet Dunham says:

    I’m flipping because just when you think Anna can’t out do herself she comes out with something like this. WOW!!

  55. Carolee says:

    I absolutely love this flipping card kit because it is so different. Makes a beautiful card with the ease of Anna Griffin and the Cuttlebug dies

  56. Ellen says:

    I don’t know how you do it but your kits keep getting better and better all the time! I can’t wait to see the actual “Special” which will also make for a very special day! You are such a joy to watch on your presentations.

  57. Josephine says:

    What a gorgeous kit. I would love to win this kit. I make cards for a cousin of mine who is a Little Sister of the Poor. All of the Sisters are loving all the cards I’m making for them using all your dies that I already own. It makes me feel so good to give a little something to them who give so much to the elderly. They would really “flip” over the cards I could make for them using this entire kit.

  58. Donna-May Witte says:

    I love the flip card set Anna, but then again there ain’t nothing you have put out that I havn’t loved! Thank you for that!

  59. Karen D says:

    I am Flippin’ over this new card kit! Love the fact that the dies are included. This is fabulous!!! Can’t wait for March 16th.

  60. Kathy T says:

    Love that the dies come in the kit so you have everything you need to make these beautiful cards. Love flip it cards and these are so different!

  61. Gail Hobgood says:

    I can’t wait to try the Fantastic Flips, they look fabulous and I would love to win them. Hope you made enough kits to go around because these are going to go fast!!
    Gail Hobgood

  62. Gina K says:

    What I love the most is the smaller embellishments. In fact I’d love to see even tinier flowers and buds to put around the frame part.

  63. Therese Leydens says:

    Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful items ! Everything you put out for us is such a joy. Have a Blessed day!

  64. JLW says:

    Congratulations to Patricia Hollenbeck!

    This kit has Everything ! !

    I have never received a card made like this, much less be given the products and tools to make one ! THIS IS GONNA BE SOOOO MUCH FUN !

  65. Cheryl K. says:

    Hi Anna,
    I love the smaller embellishment dies. And I just love the different colored embellishments in this kit. Also, I love the ombre paper. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! See you on the 16th!

  66. Sharon Goins-Eberhardt says:

    This kit is absolutely to “die” for!! I’ve been wanting to do flip cards for so long but I haven’t seen a flip die that I liked…until now. Your dies are the best out there IMO because they are so thick and strong. I never have to do more than one pass on any of your dies!! I also LOVE ombre paper. The whole kit is elegant as only you can do it Anna!

  67. Gracia Lanza says:

    When I thought there was nothing else to be invented with die cuts and card designs, Anna creates these beautiful super-duper-fantastic “Fantastic Flip Card Kit”!!!
    Right now I just think of Mother’s day to make the most beautiful cards ever!! Thanks for such nice and great things!

  68. Coletta Cooper says:

    I am all about those dies! How wonderful that the are included to create the mechanics and those beautiful dies for embellishment too. I really like the movement of the flip cards. It just adds so much to the presentation. The ombre cardstock is a winner too. Hope I’m the winner of this awesome kit by Anna!

  69. Darla L. says:

    I am so excited to get this flipping card kit. I love that the dies are included. This is a kit that I will use all year. The ombre paper is gorgeous!

  70. Mary Roberson says:

    I’m flipping over the dies being included in the kit and the color options (blue, lavender, ombre papers, etc) I love how the dies “inter-lock” and the smaller dies also emboss, this is something my competitor dies don’t do (and I have used them very little). You thought of everything with this kit. This is my most favorite kit you have ever done!

  71. Anita Price says:

    I love the new Flip-card kit! I love the fact that it has dies and paper so when I have time to be creative, and ready to assemble cards when I don’t have a lot of time. It’s a perfect card kit.

  72. Linda J.W. says:

    I tell you I would buy the TS now if I could with out seeing anything else.. I love the dies for the cards because I will be able to make allot more cards in the future and I love the flip cards

  73. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to get this, this is awesome, and really takes the card crafting to another level for me. Anna love your beautiful blue sweater!

  74. Sue M says:

    Wow! This looks like a great card kit. Lots of fun & new ideas. It is certainly at the top of my list for your March show. Can’t wait to see this in action.

  75. Virginia Hilderbrand says:

    I love this set. I picture my self use for crafting, but always I say “she can’t come up with something better, and SURPRISE! !!. It shows this flip kit. I didn’t see it before this interlocking model. And with dies, is for die.

  76. Patricia Perkins says:

    Love your dies and I will be buying this for sure. Your cardstock is fantastic , love your papers they make my die cuts so beautiful.

  77. Rosemary says:

    This is the most exciting kit that I feel you have put out. It is so different and I love it before seeing it. Thank you for all that you do to make our lives beautiful.

  78. TAMMIE DEVANE says:

    These cards are Beautiful, as always! I love the kit & die together-Great idea! The ombre paper is so Pretty-Love it!!! Hope you sell the paper separately–cuz I would love to have extra! Thanks

  79. Johanne M says:

    I love flip dies I purchased two from a competitor but I rarely use them. I am so excited about your Flip dies with your embellishments the possibilities are endless.

  80. Debbie Griffin says:

    I am so excited to get this Flipping Kit! I llove the ombré papers, and the dies to use to make flip cards with your own spin! Can’t wait for March 16th! Thank you Anna Griffin!

  81. Rita Viscardi Santo says:

    Anna, I love how you get us started with the precut flip cards. And when those are done, then we can make more on our own.
    I love love love the ombre papers.
    Can’t wait for your March 16 show.
    Thank you for expanding our crafting talents !

  82. Melissa Harris says:

    Love it all, but the dies and ombre paper especially cool. Love that there’s no scraps when you cut the ombre paper.

  83. Linda Drummond says:

    I love love love this! The hard part of making these cards has been taken away, leaving the fun part for us to enjoy! Love these Flipping cards!

  84. Kathy says:

    I absolutely must have the flip cards. For sure, I will be watching at midnight to order mine. If I can win them, that will make them just so much more fun!

  85. Pat Giuffre says:

    You did it again! You managed to send me into a frenzy for you beautiful cards. Yes I want to be the first at the chance to receive this great kit. The flip action is nothing I have ever seen in cardmaking I love it! And getting the dies to decorate it, just fabulous!!!! Thank you for always coming up with the tools that make us want to make the world a happier place by just making a card.

  86. Cynthia Monaco says:

    When I think you have topped all of your crafting items you surprise us all with yet another over the top item with the new flip card making kit. I have always loved your creations and I see that your creativity is endless!! I really would Love to have this to kit to aid in me being even more creative!

  87. Heidi Sullivan says:

    I can hardly wait to make these flip cards. I love the fact that I can emboss and cut with this set and they are designs I do not already possess. Thank you for including the rubber cutting mat, I would have not been able to use this kit without you supplying it. Praying I win the kit. See you on the 16th.

  88. myrna hartley says:

    Wow, this was a long scroll down.’. how many people write on your blog?

    I love the color in those beautiful flowers.


  89. Diane Phillips says:

    This is going to be your best flippin card kit yet! Thanks for all your beautiful ideas and products. I can’t wait to use these dies to make all my spring cards this year and I know that everyone I send a card to will be flipping out too!

  90. Joanne Johnson says:

    Praying am lucky and win! This kit is awesome Anna…and I can’t wait to make such beautiful card….with your products it’s so easy to do…Thanks for listening to us and giving us so much to choose from!

  91. Marsha B. says:

    Anna’s products just keep getting better. The flips will have me watching and ordering at midnight on 3/16.

  92. School RN says:

    I am excited to grab this kit for my student to use! Perfect for spring and I know they are going to be so excited that the cards are even MORE interactive with the “flip”

  93. judy eddy says:

    I love the dies and the paper embellishments.
    my grand girls love to help..i have a new craft room
    with great space for all my stuff.= your stuff.
    Keep it up.

  94. LuAnne Grala says:

    I can’t wait to get those dies and make flipping cards! That is so cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  95. MaryBeth says:

    I’m planning on having my granddaughter help me with these cards. She loves doing crafts and just rolling the paper through the Cuttlebug always gives her a thrill. Wait until she sees these wonderful card bases.

  96. Debbie Holt says:

    This flip kit is so unique and I can’t wait to get it!! Just when I think you can’t come up with anything new, you go and surprise us all! Can’t wait until the 16th!!

  97. Mimi Mertens says:

    ***, “I’m flipping and dying” until I get everything. An awesome idea with the flip cards and dies.
    What, did you say? I won. Really?
    What a beautiful dream………..

  98. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The best thing is that this kits includes dies so that we can make our own cards. The color palette is pretty too.

  99. Yvette Ordonez says:

    Here I thought I would be good and not order on the 16th but my decision flipped for this new kit. I love the new dies. I wish they could be sold separately.

  100. Lydia says:

    am still flipping over the TSV flip cards. Even in my dreams, i,see them “flip flop, flip flop” The $100 would surely help my Anna,Griffin craft addiction. Please help???

  101. Lydia says:

    am still flipping over the TSV flip cards. Even in my dreams, i,see them “flip flop, flip flop” The $100 would surely help my Anna,Griffin craft addiction. Please help???

  102. Peggy Macfarlane says:

    This new flip card kit looks awesome!! I love that it includes the dies to make additional cards and embellishments!!!

  103. Connie says:

    Anna, you just keep topping yourself…. and we keep flipping…!!! THIS is the best yet… and that’s saying something. Can’t wait until it’s home with me. Loving everything!

  104. Shirley White says:

    I’m flipping over the chance to win this fantastic product and can barely wait till HSN in March when your on !

  105. Debbie says:

    Each blog makes the excitement of March 16th just a little bit more special. I love the card kit with the dies. The sky will be the limit.

  106. Nancy Potkay says:

    So love the ombré papers. Gives even more dimension to the cards. Thanks so much for the video. Makes it so much easier to see the die in use. Can’t wait for the show. I always set them up for taping. Love all the ideas from the presentations
    I’m having more indoor time since on 02 for pulmonary hypertension, just spent 9 days in the hospital and was bored, didn’t have anything to work on.

  107. Linda Meyers says:

    I just flipped when I saw the dies that were included in the Flip Card Kit. The possibilities for creativity are endless with so much given to us in the new kit. I
    am counting down the days until I can buy it.

  108. Judy S. says:

    Wow!!! I love this kit and all the dies. I can’t wait to get one. Winning it would absolutely be the greatest.Looking forward to more new items and the pod casts

  109. Melissa Cano says:

    Loving this kit! I especially like that it comes with dies to create more filo cards! Can’t wait for March 16th and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  110. Mayra Martinez says:

    I am flipping crazy about this today’s special. I love the ombré paper and the dies. Can’t wait to buy, but if I win even better.

  111. Linda Valoy says:

    ANNA GRIFFIN you have topped yourself and all other companies with these flipping dies. I read in one comment where a lady said her heart ached for this kit .Mine does too. Hope to be the second winner of this kit. My heart is flipping over this kit.

  112. Stephanie Theodos says:

    I have always loved greeting cards with movement. …mostly the old fashioned ones so this kit is so Flippin unbelievable! The die cuts, paper, and everything else included. Just Add glue. I think you’ ve outdid yourself this time. Can’t wait for March 16!!

  113. Betty wammack says:

    Beautiful cards.. Can’t imagine being able to work with so many beautiful
    Embilishments,dies and papers. Would be wonderful

  114. Anne Marie says:

    Ever since you created your windows kit I was hoping you would create a die for the center of our cards. This kit seems to set this mode. I hope you will provide similar dies in the future. Always looking forward to more, love your enthusiasm, it’s catching.

  115. darilyn ziegler says:

    Love the frame on the front with the sentiments that go inside the frame! 🙂

    Always very creative Anna style.

  116. Merlinda Turner says:

    This is so great that you are giving us another chance to win the Flip Card Kit..Just reading everyone’s comments I do believe this is a big hit. This also tells me that if I don’t win I’ve got to be up and ready with my card to purchase this item. I can just see it in my mind everyone lined up like race horses waiting for the bell to go off!! Sorry, but my mind is on overdrive when it comes to your products.

  117. Norma Cardenas says:

    This kit is flipping awesome !!!! I love the where are you its cut and ready to use I’m so excited !!!

  118. Cheryl Stone says:

    These flip cards are fantastic, and I have always loved ombre, in clothing, paper, everything! I am just afraid they will be gone before I have my money to buy them!

  119. Cindy Grimm says:

    This kit is FLIPPING AWESOME! At my age I don’t wish time to go faster, but I am counting down the days till this kit is available and that day can’t come fast enough for me.

  120. Lillian Benfield says:

    Can’t wait for this new kit! It is Beautiful.Anna
    Thank You for all the Beautiful card kits you make. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! set

  121. Linda says:

    I can hardly wait for March 16. I HAVE to have the fantastic flip cards with the dies. I love your dies. I own so many and I want these so much.

  122. Debbie D says:

    The cut and emboss dies look amazing. The fact that you can keep creating is wonderful.Appears to be another great product to own. Thank you Anna for bringing better and better products.

  123. Terri Elliott says:


    This kit will be a wonderful addition to my other kits as everyone loves the cards that are made from them. I am getting ready to start a card ministry at our church and I have been doing it alone up until now, but hope that with the start of this others will enjoy your kits as well. I was hoping to ask if you ever donate anything to a ministry in the way of cards, etc? Please email me regarding this as your kits would be a great addition to our ministry. Please respond to me at my email. Thanks for everything Terri!!!

  124. Dianne Giselle says:

    Just watched the video. Love the movement and peeks on this card kit. The dies are the icing on the cake! I’m flipping for this Anna!

  125. Beth In Georgia says:

    Everything in this kit has me flipping! I love the idea of the dies and that beautiful ombre paper!

  126. Linda C says:

    The more I hear about this kit, the more excited I get about it. I like all the embellishments and the dies so we can make an unlimited amount of cards. I’m excited also to use the different components for scrapbook pages. The hard part is waiting for March 16 th!!!

  127. TKTK says:

    Wowee! Can it not get any more exciting!! How can you top all of this!! Absolutely fantastic. Love this Flip card kit!

  128. Lisa Lesshafft says:

    What am I Flippin’ For???? You Ask!!!! I am Flippin’ for this whole kit!!!!! Love the look of your cards, the quality of your cards and now you are telling me I am going to be able to continue making my own Flippin’ Cards as long as I want with the Dies Included!!!!! WOW, just WOW!!!!! Flippin’ for the hole kit!

  129. Sallyann says:

    I am flipped out with all the beautiful colored papers, accessories, card stock, and your creative ideas! Way to go Anna and thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us!!!

  130. Liz says:

    Now that I do not doing flips when I was a cheerleader, I can now flip over gorgeous flipping cards. Samples are gorgeous!!!!

  131. Gloria Vaughn says:

    I can’t wait to work on your new flip. Cards! I can’t believe all the embellishments dies will be included! I will be able to use those on other projects!

  132. Mary Iten says:

    I keep telling myself that I”m not going to buy anything this time around and here you come with one of the best kits you have ever put together. What’s a girl to do!!! If I don’t happen to win before the show, you can bet I’ll be clawing my way up to the front of the line to be the first to buy it. It’s very hard waiting for this one, Anna.
    Looking forward to the show. Hugs to you.

  133. Rose Moore says:

    I can’t wait for this flip card set! I love making Anna’s cards and have every set she ever made so looking forward to it!

  134. Diane Miller says:

    Well I just love the new Flip Card Kit with dies to make more. How wonderful is that. Yeh. Thank you Anna.

  135. vallie taylor says:

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  137. joan carney says:

    as I lay in my sick bed recuperating from having 3 disks fixed and my l4 and l5 fused, this set has me so excited and i can’t wait to get it. it has everything on one spot and with all of my other Anna’s items I can make beautiful cards for years to come. thanks you once again for a great product, I wish I could win this as my doctor bills are out of this world and living on a very small amount of money every month getting this kit would be a dream come true,

  138. Deborah Bode says:

    I am flipping over this kit being a TS and an autoship! That is too flipping awesome for words. Lucy and Twinkle are flipping with excitement for it, too. I am not sure we will be able to wait for the flipping 16th of March! And since I have a birthday right before…these bones may be too old to flip!

  139. Teresa Quenstedt says:

    Anna this looks like your most Beautiful Kit yet….can’t wait for the 16th to see it in person….Love this more to add to my Anna Goodies….Oh Lovin’ the Ombre Paper too.

  140. Sheila Toppi says:

    Oh boy Anna, I already couldn’t wait to get this, but now that you showed how the “scraps” from the die are also meant to be used, I’m blown away again!

  141. Debbie Ancona says:

    Oh my God!!!!!!! This kit is just out of this world! Just when you think there’s nothing else that can amaze you, Anna comes thru!!!! You are incredible!!!! I can’t wait for March 16th.

  142. Sandra Griswold says:

    I’m flippin out waiting for March to get here, the dies for us to make our own flip cards is flippin awesome, so guess you can tell I.m flippin out..

  143. Sue Rae says:

    Flipping fabulous!! To give us the dies is the icing on the cake. Now my kit will last for ever. Thank you x

  144. Linda Taylor says:

    I can’t wait to get this kit whether or not I win it (which would be totally awesome). I love how easy the dies are to use, much easier than others I have used previously to make flip cards. You always think through your designs and make them better than anyone else in the business. These 2 1/2 weeks can’t go by fast enough!

  145. Lorri says:

    I wrote yesterday how I had just purchased a ‘flipping’ product from another company prior to seeing Anna’s blog. Well, what a flipping waste of money those were. I attempted to use one today and they are poor quality. No more deviating from the norm; it’s Anna Griffin all the way!!! Thank you for bringing me to my senses!!

  146. S Barr says:

    So like you to create a way for us to make such unique cards, and to include dies in the kit so we can make as many as we desire. Thank you, thank you!!!

  147. Annette says:

    I love this idea and the fact that the dies come with it so I can keep making more. Love it! Love that you included ombre paper as well as solids. And dies for additional embellishments.

  148. Donna Alexander says:

    I LOVE IT! I think what I love most is the versatility of the kit, which is directly attributable to the dies coming along with the kit. I was stunned by the generosity that comes along with it. I just love it.

  149. Sharon Kerr says:

    Oh my Goodness. Love, love , love this kit. The cutting dies, the paper, the embellishments!! Can’t pick just one! Please pick me to win and add to my Anna collection!!

  150. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    I believe my favorite feature with this new Flipping Kit is that those DIES that come with it, so we too can keep sharing more and more Anna Griffin creativity with everyone……Thanks to you Sweet Anna….

  151. Susan Johnson says:

    I am flipping happy to see the flip it kit. What a fantastic kit!!! I would love to add it to my collection!

  152. Teresa Anderson says:

    OH. MY. GOSH !! I just LOVE those dies! Also the paper that is included. Can’t wait for March 16th.

  153. Alison Sears says:

    I love all of the new colorful flowers that are in this kit! I hope you offer them separately as well so I can have tons of flowers!

  154. Lisa says:

    This kit is optimal. I travel a good deal. What I absolutely love, is I’ll be able to die cut several cards, pack all of the embelishments and just a few tools and I’m set. On the plane, in my hotel room or chilling by the pool I can put together cards to keep my supply stocked. Everything is simplified, easy and pretty. Thanks again Anna.

  155. Lara Snider says:

    I can’t wait to get this kit! I am so excited about the dies and the pre made items/ I am going to be up at midnight so I can get this!

  156. Julie. Smith says:

    I’m flipping over for those dies, how clever! We are having so much fun making cards with my kits and dies. I have had Aunts, cousins and sister-in-laws, nieces from ages 90 on down. I have 5 grandsons, might even try to to get them into this, so far they rather go sledding. Thanks for all your creativity.

  157. Khara Murphy says:

    I’m flipping out because this is just the kit that keeps on giving! If I didn’t already have a billion of your card kits, I’d really only need this one! Because even after everything is gone, you can just make more of your own! Very awesome idea Anna, Now where’s that vellum and metallic papers that sold out way to fast last ham day! They’d go great with this kit, (if they’re long enough)

  158. Kathy says:

    There is just so much in your kits. I love how beautiful they are. Would love to win. They would be so hard to give away, but I want others to enjoy your love and beauty

  159. Yvonne Walker says:

    I have so many of your items, and this is no exception. Would love to add this FLIP card kit to my stash. I get so many nice comments about the beautiful cards I make. Can’t wait to see it on HSN. Thanks Anna.

  160. Karen Arnett says:

    I am flipping over being able to use this card kit to learn new techniques. The new dies are amazing and so versatile.

  161. Diane Adams says:

    I am flipping for your new card kit. What wonderful things are always happening when I look to you for new ideas.

  162. Annie Laura Pence says:

    Wow! Super fabulous cards! Will HSN have the larger Cuttlebug boards to buy in order to use new kit?

  163. georgia woodruff says:

    My favorite thing about the flip card kit is that you have provided us with a long future of flip card card making – to make this kit for people who love what you do and to also insure that we can continue this is really a true gift to all of us who are really true followers – that excites me most of about this kit, I’m just loving the dies –

  164. Mary White says:

    Thank you Anna for letting us enter to win this amazing kit! I am so excited for March 16th. I loved your video too! The ombré papers are so beautiful. Thank you for showing us what we can create with the scraps also. You are the very best!

  165. Debbi H. says:

    I am so excited I could bust. I LOVE this card kit. I wish I had it now for my granddaughter’s 18th birthday. She loves the cards I make for her and of course they have all been Anna G. cards!! March 16 can’t get here soon enough!!

  166. Vickie Davis says:

    I’m like the hundreds listed before me, I to would love to have any of your kits. I love the new large flip dies. I hope I’m lucky enough to win. Thank you for this chance.

  167. Jessica merino says:

    Hello Ana thank you so much for crests kit that will fulfill our needs when it comes to crafting. It is gorgeous and can’t wait to get it and start creating beautiful Mother’s Day cards and many others.

  168. Gloria says:

    I am a first time visitor to your site, and am just in awe of your beautiful cards, ideas, embellishments, and dies that come in this fantastic kit! I have never seen anything like this before. Although on a limited budget, I hope I can afford to purchase the kit if I don’t win. Just simply, love it!

  169. Bobbi Miller says:

    WOW!! These are amazing! I don’t currently have any of your products except some stickers, but I am totally hooked! Even though I am a Stampin Up demonstrator, I am in love with what I see here. A girl can never ever have too many card making supplies! Of course, I would love to win a set, but if not I’m getting my credit cards already. Thanks for lovely videos and super beautiful products.

  170. Eleanor Brooks says:

    Just love this. Since being away from crafting for 2 years due to my husbands illness . He died last week and this help me with doing beautiful things again. He always loved the ones I made

  171. Alice says:

    This has got to be your best kit EVER. I will have to have this kit. Can’t wait for March 16th. I live on the West Coast so midnight for me will be at 9 pm. I’m setting a reminder!

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  173. Carol says:

    I’m retired and can’t afford to buy everything that I love. This kit is special! Hope I win it.

    You are a special person and I send you love and many blessings


  174. Karen Paolillo says:

    Love Love Love this card kit. I’m flipping for all it contains. Can imagine blinging it up with foil from my Minc machine. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Thanks Anna.

  175. Bonnie says:

    ***! I told myself I have almost all of Anna’s kits and dies for gatefolds and really don’t need another kit and then I saw the pictures. They really are unique and beautiful and I want to make them!! My craft room looks like a major store’s stock room. But thank-you Anna, the designs are gorgeous!

  176. Marcie Smith says:

    Yes I am flipping out over this kit!!!! I have seen a lot of dies that make this sort of card, but leave it to you to take it to the next level in gorgeous and lovely!!!! You are amazing. I expect- I might be wrong, but I am thinking that this will be an auto ship as well. Please tell me I am not crazy and that this is the case. That would just be adding icing to the cake!! As if you haven’t already done enough for us. LOL. We love you.

  177. Michelle Vivian says:

    I am going to set my alarm for midnight so that I do not miss out on this collection. Absolutely Love these cards and the fact that the dies come with it so that I can continue to make these after the kit is done is absolutely amazing can’t wait. Happy Birthday to me 2 days early

  178. Shelly Morin says:

    Just when i thought you wouldn’t come up with something really cool and fun to do….. YOU totally came up with the coolest and amazing card making kit…Thank you for all the card kits you’ve done. I think I have most of them… if not all of them… If I won this, I would make cards for the elderly to send cards out to their friends… and I would have card parties… what fun… 🙂

  179. Carolyn says:

    Can’t wait to see this kit! Although I have so many Anna Griffin kits, they are threatening to take over my craft room! LOL

  180. Diana Kessler says:

    Love the flip card kit!!! Can’t wait until March 16. I am “flipping”” anxious to see more! Thanks for the video showing us exactly how to create the flip card.

  181. Joyce Birch says:

    Would LOVE to have the kit. Hope it’s at a price that I can afford. I survive on just my social security income so I have to be very picky on which ‘extras’ I purchase.

  182. Karen says:

    I love the size of the card. I know a card is great in any form but I like lots of area to put embellishments on. So this flip card die set will be on my list!

  183. Evadene Brosky says:

    Just call me Evadene II. Second to receive the kit, You can even call me second to the dinner table as long as I get to eat. LOL

  184. Marcia G. says:

    I may become an gymnast after all the back flips I’ve done for the new Flip card set!!!! Can’t wait till the 16th!

  185. Brandy says:

    These dies are INCREDIBLE! I’m so excited about this release! These are a MUST HAVE! I can hardly wait! 🙂

  186. Laurie Brown says:

    I am flipping about everything in this kit!! Especially the Dies! I love everything you do. Thanks for always coming up with amazing ideas to make our cards look stunning!!

    Laurie Brown

  187. Gale says:

    I really love the Fantastic Flip kit. What an amazing way to do cards and it looks so very easy.
    I will definitely have to get it.

  188. Pamela says:

    This is a MUST have. This will truly have everyone asking “how did you do that?!?”. I think this is going to be my favorite kit by far. Thank you for the chance to win-that would be fabulous way to start March. Anna you have outdone yourself!

  189. Debby says:

    I keep thinking there is nothing more that I need to add to my crafting collections, but you continue to amaze me with your new ideas. These flipping dies are toooooo flippin’ cute.

  190. Diane aka ciocidi says:

    I really appreciated this week’s videos, Anna. You represented the final product, as well as the product, in a way that made me marvel at the engineering design and potential for this kit. Thanks! Beyond the actual card creation, I can envision those dies being used in so many ways on multiple surfaces, not only the flip card. Even those two extra pieces from the card die cut have potential, and that was worth noting. March 16th is circled and the coffee will be brewed! Now to purchase those extended cutting pads…Diane

  191. Cindy M says:

    I am so looking forward to this kit! The card dies are going to be amazing but I am really going to enjoy the embellishment dies also, I think a mix of cards ready to assemble and paper to design and make more personalized cards using the dies is the perfect combo for a kit. I can hardly wait for March 16th!

  192. Penny says:

    I can not wait for these to come out!! I want them!!! My new granddaughter is expected to “pop” out at any minute and what a way to share her birth!!

  193. Susan says:

    Hi Anna – how wonderful that you include the dies to expand the possibilities of this kit. Love, love! I’m still noticing the blue palette behind you and that you are wearing blue again – coincidence?

  194. Connie Johnson says:

    I’m flippin for the fact that you’ve included the dies with the flip cards. Of course, your cards are the best but, with your dies, I can make my own version and live happily ever after.

    Thanks for all you do Anna!

  195. Jennifer H. says:

    I’m flipping for this fabulous Fantastic Flips Card Making Kit TS because everything is so well thought-out and beautiful.

    1) Pre-cut cards & Embellishments make assembling a lovely (last minute) card easy,
    2) Everything can be used in a variety of ways (and w/other coordinating-older AG card kits/products),
    3) No piece is wasted (scraps included), and
    4) Having the wonderful dies included makes customizing a card easy.

    Need to make a holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.) card? Just break out the themed paper, Cut, Embellish, Assemble- Done. Need more Sparkle/Metallic Minc/Glitter/Embellishments/etc.? Cut, Repeat- Done, How about -insert your card idea here-? Done ;b (The possibilities are endless.)

    Thanks Anna & Team for creating this awesome product (and for a chance to win)! I’m looking forward to more previews & March 16th. ^_^ Keep it coming!

  196. Sydney Grace says:

    I’m flipping ….of my! I have been wanting to try the flip type cards but just didn’t know how to get started! I am beyond excited! I love the ombré papers you included too!

  197. Kathleen Clark says:

    I am just overwhelmed by the possibilities in the flip kit! I know I am going to enjoy this new venture in card making! Thank you, Anna, for bringing such beautiful products and ideas for us to craft with. There is a whole lot of love in the flip kit! Can’t wait!

  198. Kim Fournier says:

    I just love this beautiful flipping card kit, the pretty card stock colors and the dies…like you said Anna, beautiful flipping cards in the making !!!!!!

  199. Patti Garcia says:

    Anna, you keep topping yourself! This kit is so fabulous. I love everything about it. The dies are amazing and that paper! I would love to win but if not I have to get it at midnight!

  200. Carmen Cruz says:

    I can’t believe you’re including the dies in the card kit. That is absolutely amazing! But then everything you do is amazing. Can’t wait til the 16th!!!
    Carmen C

  201. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: You always look so beautiful in your sneak peeks. I love the blue papers in the frame behind you. Are those patterns available to us? If not yet, please do, they are incredibly beautiful. Yes, I am totally flipping out over the TS card kit – especially flipping over the dies that you have included. Thank you for that sneak peek demo in your kitchen. I loved it and I can’t wait to win or buy this fantastic flippy card kit!!! Please make sure you have lots in stock for us to buy, I would be TOTALLY DEVASTATED if you ran out before I could get one! Thank you for all the flipping fun you give us!!! Love you!

  202. Mary says:

    This new card kit looks like so much fun!! How wonderful to have the dies included in the kit along with such beautiful ombre papers. I can’t wait to have this kit for my very own. Thank you for yet another winner.

  203. Juanita Reader says:

    This card kit is AMAZING!!!!! And to have the cutting dies for the card also in the kit is twice as AMAZING!!!!. Are there any plans for bring dies out for the gatefold cards that we have in the embossing folders? I can’t wait for the 16th!

  204. Terry says:

    I just love your beautiful card making kit. Love the flip dies! I can hardly wait to make beautiful happy Birthday cards!!!! Hoping to win this treasure!!!!

  205. Malinda says:

    I’m flipping for the dies, I can make so many beautiful cards for my granddaughters with these dies!!! I can’t wait.

  206. Dianne Kozil says:

    Anna I just love this new card kit with the flip it dies. Can hardly wait to add to my flip it card collection of dies as well as the pop it up dies I have been able to obtain. I am flipping till March 16. Thank you for the chance to win.

  207. Charlene Finney says:

    Oh Anna, it just keeps getting better. Love the ombre paper and of course the dies. I just ordered the long plates from HSN so that I can cut these cards. Can’t wait for the 16th.

  208. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I love everything about this new kit. But, I like the dies the BEST. Where can you buy the longer plates for my cuttlebug? I never see them sold anywhere. Are they offered on HSN?

  209. Cheryl S says:

    Anna, I love this kit! You and your team have created a comprehensive package that will make the most beautiful and interesting cards. I am delighted you included dies for making the cards and so many wonderful embellishments. using our own paper. I look forward to March 16th!

  210. Sally Bartlett says:

    Gotta, gotta have this kit. It will be perfect for my parent’s 70th anniversary invitations this summer. Oh my, the possibilities are endless! Excitement galore!

  211. Nora says:

    What a great concept for continuous card making. What about making a die for the pop up cards as well? Would love to start a collection of dies for the interactive cards. Thanks for making card making a lot easier and less stressful!

  212. Debbie Alteparmakian says:

    I am so excited for the 16th. I hope that you have the Ribbons and Bows cartridge again; it was gone too quickly. Your papers and designs are amazing, and your papers are what I used for my wedding album that I have been working on and for my granddaughters scrapbooks. Thank you for making me look good!

  213. allison shay says:

    Looking foward to the 16th!! The dies will be great to use to make more flip cards…and embellishments ars beautiful too!!

  214. Marlene says:

    Oh, Anna, Oh, this the best kit you have produced yet. I absolutely love it, just not sure it will be in the budget right now. Would love to win it and not have to worry about missing it. Please draw my name.

  215. Pamela Pacheco says:

    I’m so excited for the new TS. I’ve always wanted to make flip cards and I can’t think of a better way to start than with one of Anna’s beautiful kits. My calendar is marked and my alarm will be set.

  216. diane manzi says:

    Dear Anna: I know I’m not lucky enough to win any of your products, but I just want you to know that a newly disabled creative person as myself is VERY grateful to have found you and your products because it lets me still use my creative juices while I am going through this terrible and painful time. Please have a Blessed Day and ALWAYS be your beautiful self!!!! Lots of love, diane manzi

  217. Penny says:

    I’m flipping over the whole kit! But especially the dies !! Now when I use the whole kit, I can keep making more beautiful cards. Thanks for including the dies!!

  218. Kelly Werner says:

    I’m doing back flips in excitement over the new Flip Card kit and Dies? I love , love, love it. I’m praying its in my budget cost range. I work during the day, so really hope to get one.

  219. Ann says:

    Anna, I’m your biggest fan, promise! I will have to have your new dies for the flip cards and I’m so glad they come in the kit. Can’t wait for March 16! Ann

  220. Barbara says:

    This is spectacular, can’t wait til we can order! Beautiful cards in the making ! As always! Thank you Anna!

  221. Janet Oliver says:

    This is the ultimate flipping kit!!! The kit that keeps on giving!!! I’m trying to figure out how I can explain that I HAVE to have this kit after purchasing the gold Cricut Explore and five card kits along with the first card topper set and for the guys die cuts…all in the last four months!!! Good thing I have a couple of weeks to figure it out!
    Thanks again Anna for all you do for all of us Anna addicts… You are the best!!!

  222. Kate says:

    I like the versatility and uniqueness of this kit. 60+ beautiful cards all because of Anna’s unique thinking, she knows what we as crafters want and she gives it to us every time and it just blows our minds away. can’t wait for the 16th!

  223. Judy Pittman says:

    This Kit is so fabulous. If my friends don’t flip out when they get one of these cards, I just may have to re-evaluate my friends. 🙂

  224. Linda Borcherdt says:

    I love this new kit. I do not have any dies like this would love to win this kit.Thank you for the chance to in it. Linda Borcherdt

  225. Judy Hollers says:

    I’m flipping for everything in the kit. I love the ombre’ card stock colors, the dies, everything! Fantastic!

  226. Amy Ellis says:

    I flipping love this card kit!! Can’t wait till the 16th or to win it before then. I love all the AG dies and folders. I am completely obsessed!!

  227. Susan M says:

    I love the size of the card and that you are including the dies so we can make our own is fantastic!! I can’t wait to get this kit!

  228. Valerie says:

    Flippin’Amazing!! I’ve seen other flip cards before but I love how you can use the extra cut outs. Can March 16th be tomorrow .
    Thanks Anna

  229. Isabelle says:

    I am looking forward to March 15 and the TS. I will be ordering this new kit as soon as I can. I just got the long plates for my AG cuttle bug so I’m ready to get started on the new kit. I can hardly wait to starting making flip cards!!

  230. Janice Brummett says:

    These new dies are “flippin fabulous” Can’t wait to order them–unless I’m the lucky lady to win them.

  231. JUDY says:

    I’m fliping for everything so far; but, I always love Anna’s dies, especially the big ones. Look forward in trying these. Can’t wait!!!!

  232. Judith Miller says:

    I am so excited about this new card making kit. I can’t wait for it to be available. Anna, you never cease to amaze me with your ideas. Thanks for all your offers.

  233. Penny C says:

    There once was this card kit that flips
    For which Anna gave us some tips
    There’s gona be a riot
    When we all go to buy it
    Oh I just cannot wait till it ships!

  234. Mary says:

    I am flipping for the chance to create my own flipping cards. I love the idea of the dies in the kit. Are we to assume this will be in a cricut cartridge soon?

  235. Sandy Sisney says:

    Bring on March 16th!!! I already have my long plates just waiting for this lovely kit! Can’t wait for the first birthday or occasion to make these! I hope HSN orders heavy on these gorgeous products! I know it will be a long day to be sure to catch everything! These flip cards are just super!

  236. Jay says:

    Gorgeous and Fun! When we think that you can’t do anything more beautiful or amazing, you top it! Can’t wait to get the kit.

  237. Rhonda Fix says:

    I love the fact that you get dies in the kit and the Ombre colored papers. Can’t wait till the 16th to get this kit!!

  238. Gaylene says:

    Oh my gracious. I absolutely must have these new flip card dies. I love love love them. Hopefully I can get mine as soon as your time starts on the 16th. I can’t wait.

  239. Karen S says:

    Your kits are already rocking, but then you give us the tools to create our own visions with the dies. We will never stop flippin! Love it!

  240. Gayle K. says:

    Flipping out over all of the details and thought that went into this kit. Love the ombré paper and the die cuts, especially the butterflies.

  241. Judy Orlowski says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I just can’t wait till March 16th. Just got to have these dies! They’re just what I’m looking for! Could you make step card dies too? I think I’ve gone flipping mad!!! Anna, you and your crew are the best!

  242. Elaine Salkil says:

    I just ordered the extended plates for my cuttlebug. Would love to have these lovely dies that are really designed for these new plates!

  243. Jackie says:

    Anna, Your card kits are beautiful and easy. I love die cutting and embossing and can’t wait to make this my own! Love the sneak peeks, it really builds the anticipation, hope I win!

  244. Cristina A. says:

    I can’t get enough of your beautiful and clever products. You always come up with something I truly love and enjoy.

  245. Yvonne Lucas says:

    Beautiful cards! Awesome kit! I am working with young college girls teaching them to create beautiful cards to encourage others. I think they would enjoy the flip cards.

  246. Ellen Day says:

    Anna, I love the smart multiple part flip of these cards. They are more sophisticated that other flip cards on the market. Love your accompanying dies as well. The hombre hued card stock is gorgeous as only Anna Griffin products are.

  247. Betsy Singleton says:

    This card kit is absolutely fabulous! Awesome Style and Grace as only Anna Griffin Can do them. Thank you for the opportunity to win this kit. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  248. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Anna I’m so excited about this kit I love every thing you do it will be lovely to win this kit. also is it going to be an autoship on this kit… Keep up the great work.

  249. Angela A. says:

    I am flipping over the paper pallette & all the intricate decorating dies. I’m so excited that the larger die not only cuts the flip card, but scores it, as well!

  250. Pam Emerson says:

    I would LOVE to win this kit soooooooooooooo much!!! I is so different then other flip cards I have seen.

  251. Dawn R says:

    What’s not to love and flip over? I really like having the dies later for the cards and embellishments. I really think the butterfly one is adorable.

  252. Kathy Swords says:

    I can’t wait to see the Today’s Special. It’s because of you that I was brave enough to try making cards. Thank you.

  253. Connie L. Dake says:

    I am SO excited about this new flip card kit and all the new things that can be done with it. I am looking forward to learning a new way of creating cards with this kit. Also, I love the colors. Thanks for the video showing exactly how to use the dies.

  254. Stacy Bogan says:

    I love that it’s like the kit that keeps on giving. So clever and beautiful as all of your things are. Can’t wait to get it!

  255. Dorinda H says:

    I love the die cuts and create the flip card. I have made flip cards, but they were tedious and only did a few. Measure, trace and cut. It took so much time! You and your team think of everything right down to special paper! Thanks for your creativity!

  256. ROBINA FELKER says:

    flip cards are great. The Video was great. Hope I can be up at midnight.and still go to work. Would hate to miss this one.

  257. Karen Hatfield says:

    I keep wondering how you are going to top yourself. You have done it this time. The dies are going to be impossible to top!!!

  258. Judith strausbaugh says:

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  259. jean heming says:

    Oh Anna I’m flippin over the truncated flip it card!!!! so beautiful and elegant!!! Why is the 16th soooo darn far away???? Ill be there at midnight!!!

  260. Dorothy Mutafopulos says:

    Hi Anna,
    Well my dad is home from hospital and I am truly bless that he is home. So I am flipping to make cards for him and this kit would put smile on his face .He has all the cards that I have made him display in his room that make it so cheerful for him and colorful.
    Thank you!!

  261. Theresa Reist says:

    Oh my goodness! I am flipping for the flip kit! and the dies too! It would be a great early St. Patrick’s day Birthday present! (hint, hint to my hubby)! Can’t wait!!

  262. Carla S. says:

    I love these dies, and I’m looking forward to the ombre paper! I’m hoping the paper will be offered separately in the future.

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  264. Terri B. says:

    I am so in love with this kit,
    with the dies and all of the paper products. Is this going to be an autoship product? Just asking…that would be AWESOME! Thank you for this opportunity, Anna!

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  271. Rebecca Waddell says:

    Wow, what a beautiful way to make the flip cards. Plus the embellishments that this has as well is beyond cool. How do you come up with such unique ideas? I hope I have a chance to get one of your kits. Can’t wait till the 16th.

  272. Donna Winter says:

    Never before have I wanted to win one of your products like I want to win this card/die kit. I’m truly “flippin’ ” for this Anna.

  273. Toni Noblet says:

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  274. Sandra Evans says:

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  275. Helen says:

    I just love the new card kit with the cutting dies so I can make more when ever I need them. Would love to win them.

  276. Dorothy Hatch says:

    Can hardly wait! Looks so lovely that it is not easy to wait.

    Just love the way they flip out. Glad you showed how to fold them. Thanks, Anna!

  277. Carol mcGirk says:

    I can hardly wait to order this kit! I ordered the longer plates after your suggestion on last weeks blog, so now just counting the days until Mar. 16th!!!

  278. Amanda T says:

    *** I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! I can’t believe that you not only get ready cards but that you can keep making them after the others are gone!!!

  279. Betty wammack says:

    Prettiest flipping cards I’ve ever seen.. I would be so fortunate to win this kit.. I don’t have any Anna Griffin supplies.. Beautiful

  280. Catherine says:

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  281. Carrie says:

    Love that we will be able to create such fun cards. I’m also glad that there will be plain card stock, so we can add our own flourishes.

  282. Karen Fabian says:

    I am getting more and more flippy about the flip card kit. I can not wait until the 16th.
    FYI: I am not sure why however I am not getting all of your emails. I never got Tuesday email and missed out on the $100. When I just go to the blog and click on February I am not given the choice to enter the contest. I hope you see this and fix the issue. Sorry to complain since I love you so much.

  283. Kate Molnar says:

    I must admit I was scratching my head, thinking these new flip cards look way too complicated and time consuming. Then I watched your little 54 second video made in your kitchen and voila! Now all the cutting and folding makes sense and it looks like something I can actually do! So now I’m flippin’ happy!

  284. Bertha says:


  285. SharonS says:

    Anna I am flippin over the dies love the embellishment ones also can not wait to get them and make cards!

  286. Sandra Evans says:

    The receiver of interactive cards luv the uniqueness of them as much as I enjoy making them. And new butterfly dies…….. What’s not to love? My favorite embellishment on every card I make. I sometimes put them on the backs of cards also. Can’t wait!

  287. Debbie Lentz says:

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  288. Katherine Madewell says:

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  289. Elaine M. Handley says:

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  291. Yvonne Buzard says:

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  292. Karen Cash says:

    I love the embellies that come with the dies. That will make the card kit so much more fun. I also like that you thought about those pieces that are cut out of the card, so that we can also use them on the card.

  293. Nydia Martinez says:

    Anna, Anna,Anna!!! Hurray for those flipping flip dies. Love, love them both as well as the kit!!! So looking forward to the 16 thank you!!!!
    Nydia Martinez

  294. Sandy H says:

    Cannot afford one more thing after demise of my washer, dryer and refrigerator all in the same week, so if I am not this week’s winner it will be boohoo time for me. Good luck to all of us.

  295. Carol says:

    You made my day! Love the fact that your dies will simplify making flip cards. They are awesome. Can’t wait to see yup on the 16th.

  296. Molly Downing says:

    Just love the extravagance of this kit. Overflowing with beautiful oapers and die cuts…plus the dies. Just overwhelmingly wonderful!

  297. Dottie Butler says:

    Anna: I’m going to be flipping upset if I’m not picked for the flipping card kit. I’ve seen some flipping cards displayed but could not figure out how to translate/make a template You solved this mystery today with your sneak peak. This new flipping card kit surpasses all your previous kits. I have the Anna Griffin metals paper kit — they will be perfect for this. I keep thinking it cannot get any better — BUT YOU DID IT!!! Now — how many days to the Flipping Card Debut? That many flipping days??

  298. Cheryl says:

    This card kit sounds amazing! I love the fact that dies are included so we can continue to create flip cards using our own papers! Thanks, Anna!

  299. JanF says:

    The anticipation is too much. The TS is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see what wonders I can create with it.

  300. Diann R. says:

    The ombré paper will make your cards really flip. I make flip cards all the time but these dies will save me a lot of time. Thanks Anna

  301. Ara Wisnoski says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna…you have truly outdone yourself! This kit is amazing! I can’t wait to start creating beautiful things with it! You are a genius! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  302. Jean Condo says:

    Those flip dies look like so much fun, an updated version of an old flip card from many years ago. I’m loving this! The samples you have are so lovely.

  303. Kathy Klein says:

    I’m flipping for the dies in the kit. I can’t wait to use those dies with all the other paper I have of yours. They would make so many great cards. But most of all this card kits takes making cards to the next level. Thanks for the chance to win this kit. I hope I’m picked

  304. Kay F says:

    Some folks flipped over my beautiful AG pop-up Christmas cards. I can’t wait to see how they react to my AG flippin cards! Anna you are the best. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  305. Nannette says:

    PS: my group is the Scrap Happy Divas on facebook! They would all be excited and there is enough there to share!

  306. Mewsmomtoo says:

    I am flipping for the dies. This kit reminds me of the “Give a man a fish” parable 🙂 We are not just getting a kit with which to make flip cards, we are getting the tools to continue making flip cards for the rest of our lives, even when the supplies in this kit are long gone. Can’t wait until the 16th!

  307. Nannette says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me…PLEASE pick me! Lol. I love this kit but most of all I love that the dies are included to continue making the cards! I love sharing these with my Mom and my card making and scrapbooking friends! I love using your dies, cricut cartridges, etc and creating things with what I have as well as dressing up my things with leftovers from the card kits. This would be such a pick me up to share with some of my friends that are going through some difficult situations and need some therapy time!

  308. Lillian Lumachi says:

    Really love this new card kit… I can’t wait to try it our… I have definitely “flipped out” over this kit! lol Your great Anna!

  309. Jessica McDevitt says:

    I am just so excited for this kit! I love how flip cards work and look…. I am loving that the dies are included and that any paper can be used to make flip cards!!!! Thank you so much for bring this card kit to us!!!!

  310. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I’m flipping over the dies in the card kit. Both the cutting dies and the cut and emboss embellishment dies!

  311. Sue Moss says:

    I am flipping over this kit. Just when I think you have outdone yourself, you come out with an even more fantastic kit. Anxiously awaiting March 16. Go Anna!!!!!!!

  312. Carol Ouellette says:

    First off Anna I love the sweater you have on. Love the 2 different shape frame fronts. Coming from a large family especially appreciate that all parts of the die cuts can be used-no waste. But really flipping that the flip part can be decorated front and back with the 520 pieces. Also thank you for the much needed larger envelopes. Can’t wait to get creative with this kit!!!!

  313. Sue L. says:

    ANOTHER W O W. So impressed w the flip dies and the designs. Ombre paper is too cool. Loved yr one color purple and blue cards too. Can’t wait to make them.

  314. Sheree brogan says:

    I am in love again and again with anything Anna!!!
    This will have to be part of my collection!!!
    I want to be a flipper!!!

  315. Rebecca MC says:

    Absolutely genious cutting die. Love the new paper. Can’t wait to add to my Anna Griffin collection. Wow is all i can say.

  316. Terri G says:

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  317. Jill M says:

    I am anxiously awaiting March 16. I may have to take out a loan to pay for these things, but I MUST have this card kit! I’m reorganizing my craft room so that I’ll have additional space for my 2 Cuttlebugs! This kit is delicious!!!


  318. Darlene Bruner says:

    Miss Anna, you keep on outdoing yourself! I love, love, love the card set…I love the new tags – okay, I admit I am an AG junkie and have to have all your kits! You make it so convenient by providing us with the card stock, embellishments, new ideas, etc.! Of course, I think you have the best vintage paper!

  319. Sandra finger says:

    Looking forward to the 16th. This card kits looks like it is going to be the best kit you have done so far.

  320. Jeanne Sabette says:

    This kit is so flippin awesome!! I can’t wait to get it and it is so wonderful that the dies are included. I’m in the middle of getting ready to move and sadly have had to take my craft room apart. Would love to get these to have some pretty fun things to work on while waiting to move.

  321. Sarah Lumpkins says:

    I love all your card kits! So I know this one will not disappoint! Add to that the fact that you’re giving us some incredible cutting dies and this looks like it’s going to be your best kit yet! Who knew Christmas came in March, lol 🙂 I can’t wait to get this kit and my favorite part has to be the die set! My Anna Griffin Cuttlebug gets little rest as it is, and I am looking forward to adding these new goodies to my crafting arsenal!

  322. LAURA (LA LA) MARTINEZ says:

    One more thing. You will need to buy the long plates separately for the longer dies. It will come with shorter plates if you order Cuttlebug from HSN though.

  323. Brenda Lapp says:

    I was flipping over the dies, and still am, but that ombre paper is also awesome. I hope we can purchase more of that paper.

  324. Marlene A. says:

    Oh, this is already at the top of my list but I have to say, the dies cemented it for me. I can’t wait!

  325. Lee Ann says:

    I am flippin’ crazy for this kit!!! Those dies are to die for! Just when I think I have enough dies and supplies, you bring in the most flippin’ fantastic tools for creating flippin’ beautiful projects! I MUST have this.flippin’ kit! Pick me! Pick e! PICK FLIPPIN’ ME!!!! _ Flippin’ Please!!! 🙂

  326. Deb Richardson says:

    Hi Anna,

    I love the fact that you have includes the dies so we can make more cards! I too love Ombre! Can’t wait till the 16th. Deb

  327. LAURA (LA LA) MARTINEZ says:

    Blanche, if you don’t mind me saying, you won’t be sorry getting a Cuttlebug. You will be able to cut and emboss!!! I embossed 100 wedding favor boxes to match a wedding invitation I did for a young lady at church. I also embossed a matching border on the wedding envelop for her. It was fabulous and she was sooo grateful for the extra detail. I have also embossed plain colored napkins for birthdays and Christmas. So you see, it’s just not a cutting tool. I have 4 cricuts and I use my cuttlebug more. I hope this shows you it’s a good investment. Have fun making your flip cards Blanche!

  328. Sue Paradoski says:

    I just found the copies I made of Sandi Genovese’s DIY Scrapbooking show from years ago and Anna is demonstrating on several of them. What a hoot to watch them again! Talk about crafting coming a long way in recent years!
    The funny thing is that Anna’s designs on these shows still hold up; they are beautiful even though they don’t have all the bells and whistles we lucky crafters get from Anna today.

  329. Deb LaFave says:

    *** the flippin Fantastic Flip Card Kit is totally awesome!!! WOW, number one item on my buying list!!! Thank you Anna.

  330. Janet says:

    I just flipped out when I saw these flip cards! Just love them and the Ombre colored paper. You make everything so easy for us to create. Would love to have these. Can’t wait until March 16th.

  331. Sue Paradoski says:

    I also noticed your beautiful top. I think I’ll make my first flip card from the kit I’m going to win in those colors.

  332. missy says:

    I am flipping out over how easy you make it by including everything but the kitchen sink! thank you again for the chance to win fingers crossed!

  333. Robin Shaffer says:

    The flip cards are beautiful, and since I already have a lot of your dies, this would be the icing on the cake. Thanks Anna.

  334. karen tabaka says:

    This is already the #1 item on my Shopping list, which you can help decrease by flipping me out with the Flip Card Kit, and I love the dies

  335. JoAnne Stevens says:

    First of all, the sweater you’re wearing is absolutely gorgeous! The kit is fabulous and I can hardly wait for the show on the 16th.

  336. Dawn Thiesen says:

    Oh my, this is “Flippin’ Crazy”! I can’t wait to get my hands on these. Anna you are super amazing, what a clever wonderful idea. Thanks, and keep ’em comin’!

  337. Pat Bowman says:

    This kit will allow us to make some beautiful cards! And I love that the dies come with it so we can continue to make more beautiful cards!

  338. Lou says:

    Wow! So exciting! Anna Griffin creations just keep getting more ingenious and intricate! Can’t wait to get the Today’s Special…with included die cuts! Counting the days!

  339. Diane Hammond says:

    Wonderful products as usual, can hardly wait to see the rest. Would be ecstatic to win the card kit!!

  340. Sue Swanson says:

    So Beautiful!!! I have my fingers crossed…I would love to win this card kit and dies. I love, love, love the dies. It is a given that Anna’s papers are so beautiful.

  341. Barb says:

    Just go ahead and send me this FLIP Card Making Kit. I am eagerly waiting to purchase this Kit. Winning it would be even better….LOL

  342. Peggy Stambaugh says:

    I am flipping with joy over this because it looks achievable for me to make fantabulous professional looking cards and now you say it keeps on giving and I can use my card stock I can hardly wait to join the card making crafting world

  343. Dale L. says:

    Love the new dies in this kit; fun and exciting! I also like the new Ombre colors of the paper and your flowers in the purple/blue hues.

  344. Jan Martin says:

    I love this kit! The cards you made are gorgeous! I am going to go ahead and get the longer cutting plates! I don’t scrapbook so I haven’t needed them but now I will!!

  345. June Schaub says:

    Sorry some of my message got left out. I wanted to say it was your Pretty Papers set I am using that has 114 pieces of cardstock. Thx!

  346. June Schaub says:

    Love the flip card kit with the dies so we can use our own paper if we desire! Will be great to have this kit! 60 cards is fabulous! Anxious to see the new flowers and colors also!
    Thanks Anna and crew! I have been experimenting this last 114 piece box. They are 6 x 6 but I am cutting them down to fit other designs. Love them!

  347. Mary Templin says:

    I am doing happy dance flips for this terrific kit. I am so excited. This kit is going to take my card making to a whole new level! Wish I could get it now.

  348. joanne witham says:

    I love the flip card set that will be the special on March 16th. I love every thing you do , and would love to win any thing of your products awesome,

  349. Sandi says:

    This card kit is FABULOUS!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. ……I’m sure that there will be other things that I feel the same way about. So looking forward to the 16th!!

  350. DIANE says:

    This kit looks so professional. Who would think a
    cardmaker at home could make such gorgeous cards. Can’t wait to get this kit!

  351. CB in LA says:

    This kit is the be all and end all for me! The inclusion df the dies is absolutely the best thing you have ever done for us! I have scads of your paper and embellishment packs and this will almost effortlessly help me use them to their best advantage! Thanks as always Anna!

  352. Kay Brassfield says:

    LOVE the new kit. ! I think having the DIECUTS put me over the top ! Love to be able to make more bases myself. Have been stocking up on Anna’s papers to use. Casn’t wait ti try with metallic papers. Yeah.. Taking off work to watch all day on HSN… !

  353. Lois D. says:

    These cards are beautiful!

    Did you make your pretty sweater with your embossing folder and minc? I saw cricut has metallic foil vinyl now–so it could be a DIY project.

    Did I say I love this card kit?

  354. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, I’m a flipping and will really flip when I do the Irish Jig for you. Oh, congrats to the winner and I forgot to mention the last time who wouldn’t want a $100 HSN gift card? See u on the 16th with your wonderful staff and TV crew at HSN!!

  355. carol smidutz says:

    love the dies!!!!! This is a great kit. Love the paper hope you sell the paper seperately in the future .

  356. Deborah Rosenow says:

    This I
    Has to be one of the top card kits ever…with the die’s, the ombré papers, and 60 cards…..WOW.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it….hurry hurry hurry.

  357. Georgie says:

    I’ll be up at midnight to purchase this wonderful TSV! I hate to wish time away, but hurry up and get here !!!!! I make tons of cards and this kit will be a must have for sure!

  358. Bonnie Johnson says:

    I am flipping over this new kit because it looks goof proof. I haven’t flipped in years, so I hope I don’t get hurt. My wallet on the other hand may suffer. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your products, Anna!!!

  359. Diane Downs says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna! You are flippin amazing! I flippin can’t wait till flippin March 16 (actually for me it will be March 15 at 9pm CA time). I’ll be flippin buying everything with your name on it! Bless you Anna for putting a smile on this gals face. Hope you and your team have a great weekend!

  360. Linda Norrintyon says:

    I just love the flip dies and card kit. It’s going
    to be a must to have. Can’t wait to see the show. How I can order before the run out. Probable need to watch the 12 show.

  361. Peggy says:

    I am excited about The March 16 Shows on HSN! Waiting to see your new products and Demonstrations! Anna’s Always Has Fresh New Ideas…Thanks Anna! Waiting To Purchase and to Start Using Them for my Projects…

  362. Joyce says:

    Oh, this is such a clever design….when, oh when, will we be offered this in the U.K. We need new things over here on the Craft Channel – let us have these asap!

  363. Nancy Smith says:

    A card kit that does it all. I am so excited. The fact that it includes dies, the cards flip, has gorgeous ombré paper….. I could go on and on. How amazing!! Love it!

  364. Barbara Leonardf says:

    I LOVE the new card kit. I absolutely must have one! And the new paper is beautiful. Love the ombre look on cards.

  365. Brenda H. says:

    Anna I fall in love more every time you feature the “Flip Cards”. Just think I will be making these cards way after my kit is used up. Can not wait until 3-16-16!!

  366. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    Anna Anna Anna…..do u ever sleep, well I sure hope u do, loving all the Fantastic Flips and everything else that will be coming our way…..thank you sooo much

  367. Janie says:

    The possibilities are endless love the flip cards and can’t wait to try making my own. Yeah Super Excited I can’t wait…

  368. Barbara F. Smith says:

    Your Fantastic Flip Card Making Kit is incredible! We’ll be able to go beyond the initial cards to making our own own original cards from beginning to end. The dies, the ombre papers and the embellishments make this kit truly one of a kind!

  369. Christy says:

    I am flipping over everything in this kit!! This is so AWESOME!! I can’t wait to get it!! Hurry up March 16!! Anna and team you are totally amazing!!

  370. Susan Goodell says:

    I’m flipping over the fact that the dies come with it. I know I will be making so many beautiful cards from this kit. I can’t wait!!!

  371. Linda Hutchinson says:

    What in the WHAT?! This is such a clever new idea, receivers will be charmed by the flip action of the card, for sure. So glad I recently found your blog so I can get a craft addiction fix whenever I want — he-he.

  372. Jerilynn says:

    Years from now, when we go to make a birthday card, we will still be able to pull out these dies and it will make us so happy remembering all the good times you provided us with through your products and your HSN trips!

  373. Carol says:

    Anna, This Fantastic Flips Card Kit is absolutely amazing. First of all, I love the cards we will be able to make with the kit, including the papers, sentiments, embellishments and envelopes. … but the idea of the dies and papers that are also included, makes this a kit that will truly offer endless future creativity. I am “flipping” over the possibilities. It’s definitely at top of my HSN wish list!

    Congrats to Patrica for winning the Wednesday give-away! She is a very lucky lady.

  374. Jodie says:

    I love this kit…it’s beautiful, imaginative, dimensional and fascinating…and YOU do all the MATH to make it work. How lovely of you. Thanks, Anna.

  375. Lorri says:

    Anna, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these flip cards. I recently purchased another brand to try them out and the next day, saw the preview of yours. I missed out on your super sale this year and was pretty bummed about it. Hopefully, I won’t miss out on this (and a few of your other great products!!). I’m looking forward to March 16th!! You’re the best!!

  376. Anke Fisher says:

    I was excited about this kit last Friday but these dies will break the bank. It will flip everyone at every possible occation. Thank you for this kit and its versitility. Anna, I deeply appreciate your creativity.

  377. Karen says:

    I am just flipping crazy for this kit. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I think you are going to need a large supply of this kit.

  378. Laura Payne says:

    Anna, I live all your products but this is vet the top! I will celebrate my 60th birthday March 5. I think this kit with its 60 card would be the perfect birthday present! If I don’t win I will be up at midnight ordering it!

  379. Norma says:

    ***!!! These are totally, totally, totally awesome!!! I definitely am going to have to get these, unless I win LOL!!! I can see these in my future.

  380. Bette Sines says:

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  381. Donna says:

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