1. Linda Ouimette says:

    Hi Anna,

    Will you have more foil sentiment stickers for the flip cards. I was to late to order them and was all sold out. :o(

    Please message me, thank you.


  2. Lori Hudson says:

    Happy to see I was not alone. When I didn’t get a post on an expected day, I worried all weekend about your health. I did finally get to the blog from a previous posting and now it appears to be fixed. Thanks.

  3. Rosemary says:

    Hi Anna, Just a thought….When I receive a kit I like to separate the pieces…It makes it easier …I was wondering if the kit could contain some cardboard device that would fit in the top of the box…..so all the pieces could be all in one place…..Happy Easter…..Rosemary

  4. Sue says:

    Oh I agree so much with what you have stated. I have 3 sons & 1 daughter. I even have more grandson’s than I do granddaughter’s, even they are in there teens as well. I love you products but just can use a lot more something for the teens & more for the men young & not so young. Just need your quality of material & the great easy of being able to do your work. I just pray that it would be on the Cuttlebug. Just think about it please.

  5. Sue says:

    Just read your message asking about the c plate. Do you have to use it for the flip card set that I did buy. I did buy the 2 b plates & 1 a plate, but I just didnt think I needed a C plate too. Do I?

  6. Jeorgette P says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply about how many sleeves will fit in one of the stamp binders! So just to clarify: when you say β€œ12 will fit nicely”, do you mean 12 sleeves or 12 stamp pages/pieces? (you know, the little plastic sheets with the printed images on them)

  7. Jo Portell says:

    Hi Anna, Watching your shows was so much fun! I may have to stay up and watch your next midnight showing as some of the papers etc were already sold out! Can’t wait for May! Cheers!

  8. SharonS says:

    Anna can not wait to get the
    Flip cards l am looking forward to May now. Are you coming out with more cartridges?

  9. hobo says:

    I am not Anna, but you use the long C plate along with the long A and B plates, just like you do with the smaller sets of plates.

  10. Carol McKinney says:

    Hi Anna – Loved your show and I didn’t realize the paper and stickers would sell out in 20 minutes or I would have ordered @midnight..Can’t wait to get all my goodies, but I do have a question.. I ordered the long plates, but I got the A,B, and C plates on HSN the week before the show. Didn’t realize I only needed the A&B plates. What would I use the C plate for? Thanks..

  11. Sandy Sisney says:

    Hi Anna, I can’t wait to get my beautiful Anna goodies! Everything was so gorgeous, as usual! I can’t wait to see it all & play! I really want to see more scrapbooking, I’ve always loved your kits of paper. I am so busy trying to replace it all that I lost in our fire. I have to share with you about the sweet message I got back today from a high school friend. She was just remarried a week ago & I made them a beautiful wedding card from your kit. She said she received it today & it brought tears (good tears) to her, she loved it sooooo much. Everyone is loving my cards & enjoying them & they are all “Anna’s” cards! I believe I have about 5 kits so far. πŸ™‚ Also, I got an email from a Bill M. I deleted it, because I just don’t open any that I’m not aware of “who” they are from. Do you have a Bill M. sending out emails to any of us? Thanks again for the beauty, Anna! Looking forward to the next show, but trying to figure out how I’m gonna smuggle my deliveries from “this” show in without my hubby seeing EVERYTHING I ordered, I swear, he will have a coronary! Ha

  12. Dawn Whetstone says:

    Loved all your shows! Had such a fun time ordering and watching your shows when I could sneak it. I did DVR them all so I can watch later as I have time. Thank you for the fantastic shipping deal and sale prices, that way I could get more! I already got my boxes and they are wonderful, never disappointed! I would like to request dies with the words Sister, daughter, son, etc as I send cards to those too! Also, I ordered the extra paper and sentiments for the flips cards but will you put out another set of just the embellishments to complete those 108 cards?
    Thank you, oh and I love the Rose paper kit, just beautiful and perfect for my scrapbooking!

  13. Nancy Mohn says:

    Help!!! I ordered the flip card set and it was left out of my box from HSN. They don’t have any more to ship to me to replace the missing item. I am so bummed!! Anyway, I had signed up for auto ship. Now I have a question. Will the auto ship items be usable independent of the original flipcard kit? Will the original set ever be available again? HSN promises to honor the TS price for me if more ever arrive. Thanks for your advice! Nancy from GA.

  14. Bob H says:

    Hello Bonnie, my name is Bob and if you still want these embellishments, please let me know at bhja@aol.com. I have quite a few of those (and related) items that AG has included in past card kits, etc. Best Regards, BH
    will wait for your response.

  15. Ellen says:

    I had such a great time watching all of your demonstrations on March 16! Now I am getting impatient waiting for my purchases to arrive. I have been thinking that it would be great to have 6″x6″ metallic products to go along with the perfect palette set of that same size. Will that ever be considered?

  16. judy says:

    do you think circuit could come out with a cartridge that will cut ouy different card shapes like the stepper cars front and side steppers bifold cars just to mention afew


    Hi Anna,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Absolutely loved the 16th. Bought the card set auto ship and both the new embossing folders and seasonal dies…both auto ship. I am soooo excited. Loved all your products, as usual. Can’t wait until your next visit. You are such a talented lady.

  18. Barbara Taft says:

    You always get my orders to me very quickly from HSN and I am so glad when they come. Right now I am having a hard time waiting for that package in the mail. Just can’t wait to get started on the flip cards! :o)

  19. Teri Griewahn says:

    I am glad to hear that it was not just me having trouble with emails. I had been subscribed through my personal email and stopped receiving emails from the blog last summer. No matter what I did, the blog told me that I was already subscribed, even when I unsubscribed. I finally ended up subscribing through a second email address, which has worked okay. Please keep us updated as to this issue. Thanks, Anna. Loved the shows last Wednesday!

  20. Linda DeVries says:

    I got the email from bill m, but I deleted it without opening it up (can get it back as not deleted forever). I try to be careful about unknown sources. And I have not been getting a lot of your emails. So I just google your blog to find the most recent information. However, I did receive your “thank you email;” so maybe it is fixed.

  21. Anna Griffin says:

    We are doing extensive testing on the subscription list to the blog. That is why you received the emails from Bill. He is helping us figure out why so many people aren’t being notified of the posts.

  22. Mary says:

    Hi…..Please advise. I also got the e-mail from Bill M. I did answer him and now am not sure I should have after reading the other e-mails people wrote.
    Let us know if he is the Bill who works for Anna…..
    Thank you.

  23. Diane Downs says:

    Laura… I too live in ca, so thx for the tip! I had my basket filled ready for 9pm and by the time I checked out, a few of my items were already out of stock! It’s sad when that happens, especially when we all want all those products. Thought I was more prepared this time, but thx to you…. I’ll be ready at 8:30pm May 3rd:)

  24. Elsie Yonamine says:

    I love the quality of your kits, but not everyone I know appreciates the floral, sentimental style. Can you make designs and sentiments for teens (awesome! you rock!) and men? Maybe something more modern with cartoonish designs. I know it’s not your style, but you could hire designers….nobody comes close to the quality of your materials!

  25. Renee Rymarz says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful set of shows and awesome new products! Can’t wait to try all of them in my new craft room! Looking forward to the May shows! Thanks again Anna!

  26. Sheryl L says:

    Loved the show. You art great at what you do, whether it’s creating new or improved products or selling those products on HSN. Keep up the great work. Thank you from a novice card maker. I can’t wait till May for your new offerings and on my birthday no less (May 25th) wonder what my present will look like.

  27. Bonnie L says:

    I think you found a niche in the market, even in the market of flip cards itself. Many of the designs provide little space to include your personal note, as if the design is enough. Not so. When a person sends a card, the purpose is to send a message, a personal one. Not the words on a sticker or from a stamp pad. These are often only one or two words of the manufacturer’s choice. Your flip card design allows the sender to include that all important personal message, handwritten on the back of the flip shape or in the interior of the card. Bravo for seeking out the little nuances that really make a difference and separate your designs from all the others! Well done.

  28. carol smidutz says:

    I can not wait for my big box to show up! My credit card is over heating. My box is in Ohio this morning looking forward to delivery. Thanks for your all some product’s I love receiving.

  29. shanthi goli says:

    Hi mam…. pls make these flip dies available again… I love your cottage roses stickers very much… pls pls pls pls make them available too…

  30. Mewsmomtoo says:

    I wasn’t able to watch & really was unsure about the Flip Cards because I can make them without your dies & embellishments, but your shapes are so much prettier, mine don’t have the foil & your embellishments are just so beautiful plus the dies will make them quicker than I can measure. Needless to say, I bought the Fantastic Flips & am looking forward to the Fancy & Festive Flips. Thank you for all your wonderful products – I so admire your creativity & business ability. It is inspirational to think how you have built your business & created this life for yourself.

  31. LAURA (LA LA) MARTINEZ says:

    Maybe it’s time to replace your B plates. I don’t know how long they last but I know they do need to be replaced sooner or later. Hope this helps.

  32. Lori Hudson says:

    There are a couple of things that you can try. Place a few pieces of cardstock over the parts that didn’t cut and try again. There also is a C plate available for the Cuttlebug you may be able to find in stores or online that actually cut better than the green mat and 2 B’s. The more intricate dies frequently do take more than one or two passes. Good luck!

  33. Angelique Vela says:

    What an awesome day! Your welcome! I started buying and it was about 15 min. past midnight and already the pack of extra paper for the flip dies was sold out. Boo, hoo I didn’t get any! I sure hope your going to bring back some more double sided card stock. It can even be a nice big pack of 12×12 with the same lovely designs.

  34. Kristine says:

    My dies haven’t been working real good. I’ve made 4 passes & still there are parts that don’t cut. Don’t know what is going on. Even the dies for the emboss take a couple of passes. To cut the die are you suppose to pass it through 5 or 6 times? That’s never the way it works for Anna on HSN. They are always perfect. I would like to know what the difference is. I do love her products. They are beautiful. Thanks

  35. hobo says:

    I was just trying to cut one of the 5×7 dies that came with my last auto ship. They are so hard to turn in the Cuttlebug. I know the B plates will curl, but I was horrified to see that the die also did! And it didn’t cut all the way through the paper, even with a couple passes. Is this normal?

  36. Roxann Higgins says:

    I was so glad that I ordered some of my items early as most sold out by the time you were on HSN. I am so pleased with my products from your team. What can be next?! Looking forward to May! Thanks again Anna.

  37. Robin Lafollette says:

    I, too, watched all day long. Got up at midnight to get my initial order in, and still almost missed out! Can’t wait for all of the boxes to arrive. Anna is such an example of grace, charm, and integrity. Love the products, and love her company. To think she does all this again with her fabric lines! Keep the good stuff coming, Anna! We love it all!

  38. Debbie says:

    Just waiting for the UPS truck to arrive, bringing all my great Anna Griffin goodies, can hardly wait, just have to remember to be home that day otherwise it walks off the porch. Love all your products and purchase as much as I can. Keep us crafters busy and on our toes.
    Thanks Anna

  39. Jan B says:

    …opps! Embossing folders, and am requesting a die to cut the edges please! I don’t have a Cricut gold yet- sigh-to cut as you said. Will you have another crafting event this year?? Thanks again!

  40. Jan B says:

    Thank you so very much Anna & crew!! You brought class, timelessness and quality to crafting and I jumped on board! Love your dies-the very best in the business! Please make more words and shapes we can use as embellishments! I would live an acorn die! I would like to buy the gatefold embissing folders

  41. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Hi Ronny, there were Sneak Peaks. Every once in a while, I seem to fall off their radar too. If I don’t get a blogpost on Tuesday, I just go to the website & see if there is a post. Then I sign up again at the bottom of the post. Also I have two email addresses & I have signed up with both. Sorry you missed the Sneak Peaks this time since there were two per week, Tuesday for new items & Fridays solely for the Flip Cards. You can see them on YouTube or go back & look at the old posts.

  42. Liz says:

    Please make dies with son, grandson, husband, daughter and granddaughter. This helps me make cards for the appriote cards. Also could you make more masculine items. Love all your card kits except for Valentine’s Day because I give my husband a bought a card for him in CVS could not give him a handmade card. Maybe have other sayings and masculine embelshments either in kits or just like your additional flowers that you offer as a n additional. Love the kits you just offered and love the flip cards.

  43. Andrew says:

    It’s all thanks to you and the team for fantastic products and a really great display with how to videos on you tube.

    Keep up the good work and lets hope we soon see the new goodies in the UK

  44. Mary R. Huff says:

    Yes Anna I agree, that 1st lady just wouldn’t let u hardly talk and it was your products, not hers. I missed Shivan, was she on vacation? Blessings to all of you!!

  45. Barbara Friedman Smith says:

    Is it May yet? I too am waiting for my goodies from March 16th. The anticipation is half the fun!

  46. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I bought some great Anna items. Cannot wait to get the TS. I have a few suggestions for new products: 1) Please make Everyday word dies…perhaps this can be an auto-ship as there are many words….Happy Birthday, Get Well, Best Wishes, Happy Anniversary, etc.In fact if Happy Birthday is in the first shipment , then you only need Anniversary a you already have Happy.Also how about dies and stamps that coordinate. 2) a collection of mini dies to be used as accents on cards. (Like Spellbinders does with their D-lites) 3) Baker’s twine in Anna Griffin ink colors 4) A gold ATG gun would be another great tool and finally 5) for Home Decor… a footstool that you can needlepoint with one of Anna’s fabric motifs. Thanks for listening

  47. Bonnie W. says:

    Since I don’t own any scrap machines I didn’t order anything this time. I always enjoy seeing you and look forward to your shows in May, my birthday month! I am hoping for some different things like butterflies and bunnies and dragonflies and birds. Best to you always. Bonnie W.

  48. Nancy Sue says:

    No, Thank You for coming up with all these great and beautiful things. I couldn’t make these beautiful cards without you.

  49. Lin M. says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful shows and fabulous new products Anna!!! I will mark my calendar with these new dates! πŸ™‚
    I shopped far more than I intended but I just can’t resist because you always have the best products that are easy to use and make us look brilliant! I get great compliments with anything I make with your products – Thank you!!!

  50. Granny D says:

    That was such a fun series of shows to watch! The skype segments were the best and quite informative as well. Got all my goodies quite literally the day after I ordered them (I apparently live down the street from the warehouse, gotta go find that thing one day….LOL)

    Thanks for the dates so I can set my VCR, I keep some of the segments to review (in case I cannot find it on utube) Speaking of which, all the new “show me how” videos are done beautifully and are very easy to follow. When I got my Gracious Giftables I thought the factory had made an error but watched the video before I cut too much….phew

  51. Ronny says:

    Spent way to much again! I did miss the extra cardstock and sentiments for the flip cards though. Will you be bringing them back soon or in May?

    Did you do sneak peeks before the show? If you did I never got any of the emails from your site that I usually get.

  52. Dianne McDonald says:

    I second ALL comments regarding the great Shows! They were amazing and I am enjoying them again as I watch them while I copy them to a DVD for later reference. I purchased multiples of several items as usual and cannot wait for them to arrive! See you on the tube in May!

  53. Karen says:

    We always wait in anticioation for you to come to HSN. Your products are incredible and Melissa and I love working with them. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you one day. Take care and keep creating.

  54. Diane says:

    So enjoyed watching the shows! Waiting for the flip out card kit and extended plates. Missed out on the stickers and ds papers to create even more cards that will fit an A2 mailing. Projects shown across the board were fabulous and was happy you got to demo and talk about the products and projects. Looking ahead to May and the Christmas card box! Keep those angel and botanical designs fresh! Diane

  55. Kristine says:

    Anna, what wonderful show. I’m broke!! Can wait for everything to come in. It will be so much fun. I want to commend Anna for doing all her shows. She always is the person presenting. That is great & a lot of work. Thank you Anna. Received 2 of my orders. Waiting for the others. It is going to be so much fun. Waiting for all the postings to Pinterest. Love the see all the samples on the Pinterest board. Thank you for posting.
    Get some rest. That’s goes for the whole crew. Everyone must be exhausted.
    Thank you again.

  56. Rita Lord says:

    I Watched the show all day also taped it to review later.. Saved a lot of money on shipping which i love helps me buy more. Can’t wait to get my stuff, have so many ideas in my head. everything was so beautiful didn’t know what to buy first. At 12:01 I was placing my order. The sneak peeks are the best thing ever.because I want to sit back & watch the show too!! Thank you Anna you have changed a lot of lives, not just the card makers , but of those of the card receivers. Sincerely Rita in Chicago,

  57. Marcie Smith says:

    It was such a great show Anna. I really did enjoy it. Just love your products and I was really excited to see so many things for scrapbooking as well. My favorite was the new Rose Collection which was also included in the Fantastic Flips. One of your best collections yet. Oh and the skypes were fabulous as well.

  58. Mary Beth says:

    Suffering from PAGD (Post Anna Griffin Depression).. to paraphrase your Super Fan:
    “HSN is just an infomercial without Anna Griffin and Craft Day”

    Congrats to you and your talented team!

  59. Regina Weller says:

    I totally agree about the interruptions. I understand their job,and for some products it works. But with Annas items they sell themselves. The constant interruptions just make it difficult for Anna to show and give more ideas. And it’s really annoying for the consumer who wantS to hear Anns.

  60. Susie says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful items to make my crafting so easy and fun.

    I am looking forward to my goodies!!

  61. Sally Zloty says:

    Enjoyed watching all day and am eagerly awaiting my treasures! I do have a suggestion regarding the Christmas card kit that you put out in the fall. I would love to see it debut during Christmas in July. I have more time in the summer months to work on my cards than in the fall months. Once fall arrives with school, and the holidays it seems I have less and less time for card making. Just a suggestion.

  62. Patricia says:

    I had a wonderful time shopping your products. I wish I could buy them all. I love you and all your products, you give me such inspiration.

  63. Tammy says:

    As always you produce beautiful items for your shows! I would love to see more scrapbooking items and kits. It seems like there is alot of items to making cards and I would love to see more scrapbook items! Thanks you are great!

  64. Beth says:

    . What beauty! I don’t know how each showing gets better than the last. Somehow Anna pulls it off. I’m already looking forward to May. It’s amazing how I can create such beautiful paper art. All I need is products designed by Anna Griffin.There has to be a special beautiful place in heaven for you!

  65. Gloria Fogal says:

    Laura – I totally agree with you about interrupting the guests when they are talking. Most of the hosts do it, and it really is not good. Alyce Caron is one who does not interrupt and I love watching her!

  66. Peggy says:

    It was a wonderful day. I watched until I dropped literally. Bought practically everything you brought to the table. I know you said you’d like suggestions….so I have one. Would really love a deer die – and even a deer & tree scene…something along the lines of a deer and trees that would be cut out on the card front – even extend to the 2nd layer of a z fold card and all work together to form a scene. Again…hard to explain. Hope that helps. I have a store bought card from several years ago that has something like this and it was simply beautiful…I couldn’t part with it. Would love to be able to make one similar to it. Thanks.

  67. LAURA (LA LA) MARTINEZ says:

    Kudos to HSN for delivering so quickly. Since I’m in CA you came on at 9 p.m. I ordered at 8:30 and received my order on Thursday the 17th. I was shocked to see the box on the porch. I also liked the lady with the short brown hair hosting with you. She doesn’t interrupt you so much as the very first lady does all the time. Anna I’m very happy you moved to HSN; they are most generous with their shipping prices to help us out. It is most appreciated. And you Queen Anna are a gift from God. Thank you

  68. Bonnie Smith says:

    I love the all day craft shows!! You and the other presenter are always such fun and so informative! Thanks for all the great product you and your staff bring to us!

  69. Trish T. says:

    Anna And Company, Thank You so much for all you do in creating these amazing craft packages for us. Knowing that they are inspired from your antique collection is inspiration to me. I did order a little more than expected, but that always happens when you bring in new and must have items. My card receivers will really enjoy the pop ups made from the die cut kit. Enjoy your well deserved Spring break!!!

  70. Millie says:

    Loved the show and all of the products!!!! Like everyone else spent too much money!!!!! But it is hard not to!!!!! Can’t wait for the flip card kit!!!! All of my friends and family want me to start a greeting card comany because all of the cards I make with your products are so nice!!!! Just love everything!!! Can’t wait till May!!!! I hope all of the things I missed are back in stock by then!!! Thank you Anna for all of the great things! And for listening to all of your fans too!!!

  71. Julie says:

    Hi Anna, it was an awesome show one of the next time is my birthday. May 24. Super happy to see that. Can’t wait for my package to arrive. Thanks again.

  72. Connie says:

    I love your products! Every card that you present on HSN is a lovely work of art. I purchased so much on this visit. I just had to have a little of everything. I can’t wait to receive the. Especially the butterfly dyes. I am a facilitator for a bereavement group at our church and want to make some butterflies to give them for a sign of hope. Thank you Anna! Can’t wait for the next shows.

  73. Penny C says:

    Anna, you are a winderful gift to us. Thank you for everything you add to our llives. Your products are simply the best! I would have called in but hsd plans with my daughter doing some wedding planning. She got her dress! It was a special day! So
    I watched the shows on delayed time except for the first one. The skype callers were wonderful! Thanks so much.

  74. Mary says:

    Hi Anna, Loved the March 16 show on HSN and as usual bought loads of your things but missed out on three…..The pop up dies , the paper for the flip cards and the foil word stickers. Certainly you will have a repeat of these in May. You may be sure I will be watching. Loved your Flip cards and looking forward to the autoship ones. Take care and thanks again for all you do to make our crafting much better.

  75. Connie says:

    Loved what I saw but my power went out at 7pm so I missed the rest of it… I was so so upset, it wasn’t pretty. I did buy the Special,the pop up dies and the holiday dies.

  76. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    You are welcome! Thanks Anna for making your products & presentations on HSN, FB, & your blog personal. I love all of it. Skype with “celebrities” was showing your care for your fans. There are things I missed in my favorites, but I am sure you will restock many of those. I am thankful for what I did order, the flip kit, the paper for it, the auto ship embossing folders. Then I missed the plates & the dies to go with the folders! Hahaha. With all the excitement & fun going on, I’m surprised the HSN phones, ordering online didn’t blow a big fuse! I do know when I call them, they are always very helpful. It was such great fun. Thank you all – for a wonderful time! Aloha from Maui.

  77. June Schaub says:

    Loved the show and bought alot of items as usual. I really like it when you are with Suzanne…..I rem. you both on the other network years ago so have been a big fan of both! They were nuts to let you both go! Oh well great to see you and never miss a show. I was running out of space in my craft room so re-vamped it with 2 of the large Origami shelving units HSN sells. Fabulous product. I put them side by side next to the wall and put all my products on them. I have a large filing cabinet next to them. I put all of Anna’s things in the filing cabinet and it looks like a store! I love it. Some people could prob. fit 3 of the units on their wall. Now I can see everything I have at a glance and it is so rewarding to have “order” in my craft room. I have one of those white folding tables like you can buy at the Big Box stores. It is 9 ft long and that is my work table with various supplies on it at the ready. Luckily my husband of 48 yrs is the best in the world and he never complains abt how much I spend on your products. He is glad to have me doing a fun hobby and Anna your products are the very best, Hands downI I agree with some of the callers that I love the packaging also! I am storing all my completed cards in the empty card boxes. Using 10 of them (so far) and only put one kind of card in a box so they are not all mixed up. Labeled on the ends….so I can see them at a glance: Men, Women, Get Well, Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Children, Congrats & sympathy. They are stacked on one Origami shelve.
    They look so great, and I can find just the card when needed. Just mailed 25 Easter cards today! They were beautiful and I know everyone will love them. Only product I have been disappointed in is the Minc. Wish I could sell it to someone that wants one – maybe they can e-mail me. I rem. a lady has a handicapped son and they love to make cards – I would give it to her if she wants it. familyhunter@earthlink.net
    Thanks Anna and I’ll be waiting for May! Hope you got to sleep after your day at HSN.

  78. Kaye K. Lystad Kirk says:

    Anna and Team, You can’t even begin to know how much fun I had on March 16th watching your shows!

    I couldn’t wait to see each of the new products–even though you’d already previewed them for us here on your blog before the day! Maybe it’s because I had already placed my order for everything and I could just sit back and enjoy all your presentations! LOL

    Anna, I so admire you. You are the REAL Energizer Bunny! You just keep going, and going, and going!! I sure hope you at least got to spend some time at the beach while you were in Florida!!

    And THANK YOU so much for mentioning me during your presentations of the Glitter Stickers. I sure didn’t expect you to do that, but it was so fun and so appreciated! My sisters were so excited for me and I got a lot of nice, positive messages on FB from fellow Anna fans. Thanks again! (And thank you for the free set you sent me. Even though I received that one from you, I still had to order another set!)

    Thanks again for your wonderful products and your enthusiasm (And I hope to see everyone in Atlanta this coming November! Woo hoo!)

  79. Gaylene says:

    It was great. I got almost everything I wanted. A few things I wanted were already sold out by the time I got through. Oh well. Better luck next time. You looked great and seemed to be having a wonderful time. I can’t wait for my kit and the dies to get here. I have a grand daughter that has a birthday coming up and I want to use them to make her card. WooHoo I am so excited.

  80. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    WOW! That was a whirlwind day to be sure! I will be waiting for the UPS guy to deliver “the goods” Lol!
    Many thanks to you and your team for all the hard work, determination and inspiration you have brought to all of us. Great idea bringing in Skype callers! Kudos to you for bringing a new dynamic to your presentations on HSN! It was really great to see everyone and also the terrific ideas that were shared! Thanks to all of them as well!
    Really looking forward to May! Great news indeed.
    Most sincerely….

  81. Judy Nurkkala says:

    Anna, please bring a bigger supply next time! I wanted the sentiment stickers and collage die cuts but they sold out before I could get to my computer to order them. Cards have been so popular that we have almost forgotten about scrapbooking so was glad to see that you had the rose papers and embellishments set. You offered flowers that were not all pink but they were part of a kit. Could you offer the non-pink flowers separately?

  82. Joee Balestrieri says:

    I am traveling in Italy and could not watch you like I ALWAYS do so in case I did not have Internet, I had a friend order FANTASTIC FLIPS. I will be watching in May for sure!

  83. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Hi Sue, If you go to YouTube, Anna has a video about embossing envelopes. It is called “Metallic Cards, Layers and Envelopes Embossing”. It is all about how to emboss an envelope & the last demo is how to emboss the envelope flap. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  84. Vivian Kochis says:

    Loved watching your presentation. Have the fans on video was a great idea. I wanted to call in, but I had a bad cough, so it would have been difficult. Yo have a conversation. Looking forward to the May visits to HSN. And I can’t wait to register for this year’s create!

  85. Barbara says:

    Love the show. Watched all your presentations. Was very disappointed as I ordered my items on Tuesday night as the delivery was to be by the 18th. Just found out I won’t get my flip-cards until mid April…very sad….

  86. Annette J says:

    LOVED the shows and new products I can’t wait to get mine. I saw all of my items shipped today so I will get them early next week. Already planning a crafting day at home. Thanks for all the wonderful products AND looking forward to 3 days in May! Whoopppeeeeeee

  87. RandellynB says:

    Such a great show and I loved all the demonstrations. I watch the live streaming using my computer (no cable), and have gone back to watch what I missed. I love that HSN adds the live presentation videos on the product information, so I can watch what I missed.

    I was awestruck by all the amazing and beautiful project that you showed….how do you folks just keep topping yourselves? I hope all the project are posted on Pinterest, because they are absolutely jaw-dropping!

    I hope you have stamps and inks coming in May, especially a complimentary stamp sets for the flip kits (hint hint) and I would love to see dies for the giftables Will you ever bring back the Masculine inks or version 2 soon? Thanks for a wonderful craft event..BEST ONE EVER!

    Thanks Anna, staff, design team and HSN for a lot of fun and creativity! And those amazing crafters via Skype..unbelievable projects! Can’t wait until May…looks like you’re going to spoil us rotten…better prepare my wallet.

  88. Susan m. says:

    I loved the show and spent way way more than I could really afford but just couldn’t resist. I didn’t get the gold foil stickers before they sold out but hopefully you will bring them back. Also could you please bring back more of the sentiments. I have lots of extra card to make things but need some different sentiments. Great show.

  89. Kim Price says:

    This was my first show to watch, I was thrilled. Got the minc can’t wait. Im loving my planner I got last month.I’m hoping that refills will be available next yr. Hint hint
    Marking my planner for the may dates! Thanks for the heads up

  90. Candice Jane says:

    Thanks Anna for a great show….I always say I am not going to buy anything else but you make things irresistible!!!!!!! Cannot wait to get my shipment….loved the kitty input on the screen too!

  91. Molly Downing says:

    Loved the whole day! You, as always, we’re so fun and inspiring. Swore to myself I wasn’t going to order anything, but of course I did. Was glad it was only six thing this time. Two are autoship, which I always love. I cannot wait for my orders to come. Thank you, your team and the folks at HSN for sharing such wonderful products with us. Looking forward to May!

  92. Carol says:

    I had a lot of fun watching, starting at midnight and continuing on throughout the entire day. I placed my HSN order early, and it has already been shipped. New Anna Griffin products should be arriving at my door by Tuesday (3/22) … How great is that? Can’t wait … it will be a fun day at my house on Tuesday!

  93. Jeanne Tipton says:

    Products began coming in yesterday. I’ve got everything else put up so I can concentrate on the Flip-Fold kit and all the components I bought.
    Love to Georgie.

  94. Dianne Kozil says:

    Anna what a fabulous day, watched as much as I could. Missed some of the shows. Would love to se The Callegra that Were ekspedicija in. I brought some things bug others sold put a Midnight. Hope
    You will bring back the pop it up dies, pretty please??? Also, the 6×12 papers and the gold foil stickers. Thank you,

  95. Sandra Mercier says:

    thank you for leaving me a message, my first one, was exciting. I never left a message before. I never touched a computer until this past June . I’m Sandi , the 73 yr. old , who wrote HSN , & told them how wonderful you are .Can’t wait for flip cards ect. I just got a box I ordered over a week ago so It would not sell out on me .

  96. Sonya H says:

    I loved watching your shows I taped while I was at work. I ordered the night before but didn’t order the extra papers and sentiment stickers for the flip card kit. I decided I wanted them after I watched the first show, but they sold out at the midnight show. When are you going to have more? Clearly you need to bring more as you have more fans than you think!!!!

  97. Sue McDonnell says:

    Hi Anna,
    Loved the show, bought all the new stuff, can’T wait to get it, Loved the pop up die, I made a pop up cake card awhile ago and it took me hours to make it. This new die is going to make it a “piece of cake”.
    I do have a suggestion: since we make all theses beautiful cards, can you make some embossing folders for the envelop flaps. I love how some envelopes are done in some of these boutique boxed note cards.
    I have been a fan for a long time, my friends and coworkers love the cards I make from your kits.
    Looking forward to May.

  98. Irene Alexander says:

    You are so amazing Anna! I really enjoyed your shows and your enthusiasm. I did not get to see all the Skype shows, but loved the ones I did get to view. Looking forward to receiving my new purchases. Congratulations to a great day on HSN!

  99. Jean Carlson says:

    All your products were wonderful – as usual. And you were your charming and fun self. Love your shows. Grammy Purple

  100. Fran Steadman says:

    I can’t wait for the May shows. I’ll use my husband’s and my older son’s birthdays plus Mother’s Day as my excuses to purchase gifts for myself. Hey, any excuse I can use to spend money on Anna’s wonderful products will be used. Thank you so much, Anna, for everything you create for us. Fran

  101. Grama Pei says:

    YAYAY, Anna and Team! When YOU are successful, WE can count on more beautiful, exclusive crafting tools and products coming our way soon. HA! Its a symbiotic relationship! YAY! Win/win! I am so happy you had a GREAT day!

  102. Judy Orlowski says:

    I can’t wait to get my stuff. I hope to see you in May. But my credit cards need to cool off a bit. The Fire Dept. came by on Wednesday to see if everything was all right because those was smoke going through the roof from my credit cards. They were really smoking! Love you, Anna.

  103. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Everything was beautiful, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, and more. Great shows. Thanks for all your hard work and of course those behind the scenes. Love and blessings to all. Betsy from NC

  104. MARILYN says:

    Anna, loved your show and bought almost everything except the cricut. I have several questions I wanted to ask when finished ordering. When I first starting ordering the embossing plates, I filed them in the storage boxes by vines, flowers and different holidays. With the borders being red, sage? and green. The dies are spilt up in another box of their own. The The frames are in another box, with the inserts into a flat divider box. The larger plates with their folders are in the taller boxes. The question that I have is when you offer these individually, I don’t remember how they are packaged to see if I have them or not. How does you or staff keep track of these?
    I go way back when you first did wedding inviatations with the beautiful ribbons. Am saving mine for my children’s weddings.Thank you again for the beautiful presentations on HSN.

  105. Shirley Anderson says:

    Thanks for the dates of the new shows…need to save money and organize my space…wonderful products
    Love watching the shows. Thanks for the techniques as well

  106. Laura O'Connell says:

    I never think I will need to purchase much because I have everything…….and then you surprise me with more things I can’t live without! I spent way too much money, but I loved every minute and can’t wait for my new things!

  107. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Forgot to post this earlier…

    Anna, just had to tell you.. I subscribe to several UK magazines and my latest issue of Quick Cards had a short article about your appearances on the Craft Channel there… they also said next month’s issue will have a longer article/interview with you.
    Which made me wonder, if the A6 card size for the Flip Kit might have something to do with your new adventures in the UK?? πŸ˜€

  108. Kay Hough says:

    I had a great time yesterday. I, too can’t wait till my order gets here. I went kind of crazy. I got the sticker die cuts just after midnight. Then of course I got the flip cards and the embossing folders. I must have drifted off in the afternoon. because when I woke up, the one and done set was just selling out.. I’m 66 and on a limited budget, so I have to be careful, so that decision was made for me. I also am expecting my auto ship on my Cricut cartridges soon. too. Too much fun. Kay Hough.

  109. Christine Derr says:

    Amazing as always πŸ™‚ Love love love all the items I was able to order. Unfortunately I had to work and the pop up dies and card toppers were sold out so I hope you will have more in the next show.

  110. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I really enjoyed your shows on Wednesday. I probably spent way too much money but have no regrets. I enjoyed the Skype segments the most–I think I got as much or more inspiration from them. I received a shipping notification today. I can hardly wait for my goodies to arrive…so many new ideas to try!

  111. Judy Bock says:

    All of my 11 items have shipped. Hope my credit card still works.. So many nice thing. I wanted them all, but I stuck with what I ordered. That was enough.

  112. myrna hartley says:

    I loved the Skype on HSN especially Jane, she had so many ideas I am dying to try.

    Thanks Anna and staff for always surprising us! Now I have to wait until everything gets here, so excited.


  113. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    I loved the show. It was full of beautiful designs. I’m a little afraid of the flip card….but its results are stunning. I did order the book of ideas! I’m eager to take my time absorbing the designs and using your directions to make them. The whole show was inspiring and I like how you keep on refining and bringing us new items–like the stickers in gold and silver. I did tape the hours I went to book club and I’ll enjoy playing it again. I like to order off the HSN website as I plan my card making adventures.

  114. Patti Garcia says:

    My order has shipped and will beat me home from Florida. Can’t wait to delve into the boxes!!!

  115. yadyra marrero says:

    Im waiting for my orders which have been shipped. I recorded the show to rewatch and make sure that i didnt miss any tips… thank you Anna and staff for all you do for us. Love to all. β™‘β™‘β™’β™’

  116. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Oh my gosh, 9 of my ordered items have shipped… and I know I have a couple of more orders still to go…. Just have to tell you Anna, I had such a great time watching all your demonstrations, they always inspire me to get in my studio and make more cards from my existing Anna kits. πŸ˜€ I was also notified of my next AG auto ship too…Sunny Salutations will be here soon. Yay.

    Today I was working with my Sweet Salutation Pop Up kit… was able to make about 6 Easter cards with the die cut assortment of Easter related items and the beautiful floral dies too.
    There’s still lots of goodies left for other Spring/Summer cards for sure.

    Many of my friends and relatives have told me they are ‘framing’ my cards as they receive them, I always had people tell me I made pretty cards, but now they also tell me how professional and expensive they look too… and they certainly don’t throw them away…. which is wonderful to hear.
    Thanks for making me a better designer and card creator!!!

  117. rain says:

    Boy was that a great day or what? I taped the whole 24 hours so I wouldn’t miss a thing. I got your new flip card set, 12″ folders and dies, AND THE MINC!! ( I’ve been eyeballing for a while now! ). I missed out on a lot but probably a good thing for now. Running out of room . I love your products Anna! can’t say enough good things! Standing by the mailbox as we speak! Lol. Can’t wait to play. :o) need to rob a bank so I can get more! Just kidding. Hugs. Love everything about you and your products.

  118. Barbara L says:

    It was a great show! I was able to watch most of it which started at 9pm PT —- I was still wide awake to place the orders :-)… Loved the Skype callers in… Thank you for all that you and team and HSN do for us.

  119. Carol Hill says:

    Anna, I had a great time watching and buying. And it just shipped out today. I will have then in a few days, I can hardly wait . I will be watching in May for all the shows, you can be sure. Thank you for all the beautiful things you make.

  120. Mary R. Huff says:

    What happened to Shivan, missed her but sure enjoyed the shows. My gold saying stickers arrived today and guess what I’m almost out of the Sweet Salutations kit! I missed the collage toppers, maybe they will be back? Thanks again for all u do + your great staff!!

  121. Deidra says:

    Anna and Staff: I thank YOU for all your efforts to boost my creativity! I will let my credit card breathe a little and I will be ready for May! Take care!

  122. Debbie Ancona says:

    I loved, loved, loved the 24 hour craft show!!!! Since I preordered several items, they arrived the day of the show, It was exciting to see what you and your staff had come up with. I was so inspired, I’ve crafting ever since.
    Can’t wait until May 4th!!!

  123. Sue Wheeler says:

    I loved everything and the skyp was fantastic and the cat from China was just a scream. All you could see was a big fluffy tail going back and forth on the scream. I may make that cat some toys.

  124. Jennifer Kincade says:

    Thanks for the great ideas and awesome products! Loved watching! May 4….birthday!! Maybe get myself some nice gifts, lol! Looking forward to the next shows!!

  125. Marcina Murphy says:

    Anna, you outdo yourself each time. I prayed that I wouldn’t fall asleep as I was waiting for the show to air. I kept going online and I saw that the flip kit was available to be ordered before the airing. I immediately jumped on it. I had ordered the extra paper a few days earlier. I do believe that I am your biggest fan. I think that there is nothing of yours that I don’t have. Some, I have more than one. Thanks Anna!

  126. Kim Bush says:

    I ordered a lot of great things and I missed out on some too. For me, I am so happy to get the things I ordered and soooo can’t wait to play, and maybe those things I missed out on will come around again! And if not………..there will be more new things to come πŸ™‚ Well done Anna!!!

  127. Dolores Kilcoyne says:

    Do you have a spare room in your home? I will soon be homeless since my condo has been taken over by Anna Griffin products!!!!!!! Help!

  128. Brenda Jones says:

    Anna, I stayed up so I could order the Special. I also got the extra paper, the book, sentiments. I can’t wait to get it. I wish they offered overnight delivery. Thanks to you, my friends think I’m a Genius. But everything comes out so Beautiful. Thanks again. Brenda

  129. Gail/musesmom says:

    Wasn’t able to watch all your shows, but I did get everything I wanted before they sold out. Thanks for bringing us such wonderful beautiful things. I’m so excited for my order to come!

  130. Kathrine Scott says:

    I was unable to watch or buy this time. Even so, I am so happy for your success! I’m happy for HSN too!
    I look forward to saving and watching next time. Congrats to Anna & her Team.

  131. Debra Baker says:

    Anna, THANK YOU for giving us all the wonderful products you do! I know I always look forward to your shows! It’s like getting a visit from you every time we have the chance to see you on your shows! You inspire us and we all love having you as a part of our life! You give us the ideas and the perfect materials to pass on joy to so many! YOU, Anna, make the world a better place! Thank you again for everything!!!

  132. CarmelaS says:

    No need to thank us for watching. We THANK YOU for doing all you do to make us card-makers GREAT! Waiting patiently now for my deliveries so I can celebrate all over again. (BIG smiles)

  133. Susan M says:

    Can’t wait for things to arrive. Now waiting for May–how exciting. Thanks for the email notice. Really enjoy the crafting shows.

  134. Mary Hagler says:

    Thank you Anna… I was just going to watch but caved early on and added to my stash…. Love your products first class beautiful…. Hugs thank you again❀️❀️❀️❀️

  135. Clare Dempsey says:

    I ordered a card kit with dies and the 18 month planner. I was so excited the planner was offered, even though I have one for this year. I love your pockets and cc holders. Wondering if there is a notice to your planner customers for next years refill automatically? If not, you NEED this please! Thanks!

  136. Diane Kielman says:

    Bought 7 items and watched most of the day! Can’t wait for my goodies to arrive! Better start saving for May!

  137. Laura says:

    Thank you so much. Can’t wait to play with the th>ngs I ordered. Thank you and your team for all you do.

  138. Mimi Mertenss says:

    This is so,so, nice, to thank us for watching. What a wonderful gesture. Thank you Anna for bringing us exquisite crafting materials and teaching us how we can make them look, like we are really awesome crafters. May, here we go!,!!

  139. Anecia Chavis says:

    As I expected I went broke, but I love it! All for the crafting cause! Thank You Anna for all the great products, I can’t wait for my order to arrive!

  140. LindaCC says:

    Two days in a row!? Something must be up! And it’s a second visit in the same month! Hmmmmm…….

    Just smiling and waiting!

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