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Hi friends!

We hope you all had a great Easter weekend! Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to start crafting for all those special occasions coming up in the next few months. We put together a fabulous assortment of projects and tutorials using some of our favorite new products of 2016, and they can all be found on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe so you are the first to know about our sneak peeks, how-to videos and more.

We got lots of requests for a more in-depth tutorial of our Paper Tricks 2 embossing folders and dies, so we took the six most advanced tricks and divided them into two informative videos for you. Click here for part 1 and click here for part 2!

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.44.30 AM Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.46.01 AM

We took the Ornamental Frame Dies set up a notch, and made this card using the die cut piece as well as the leftover pieces that you might normally throw away. One cutting dies trash is another crafter’s treasure!

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.46.52 AM

Next up is an assembly tutorial for each of the styles in our Gracious Giftables 2 kit. This video is a great reference for the holiday or everyday Gracious Giftables sets that were available on HSN.

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.48.28 AM

Next is a card using our Spring Embossing Folders and Spring Cutting Dies that debuted on March 16th. We created an embossed vellum overlay for a card base made with our Rose Collection, and embellished with dies and more embossed detail. This will make a perfect Mother’s Day card!

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.48.58 AM

Birthday cards are the most common card making occasion, and our Pop Up Dies allow you to create a party on the inside of your cards. This tutorial combines the banner and cake dies on one project!

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.49.22 AM

Last but not least, a lovely layout for you to create with our 12” Beautiful Trimmings embossing folders and dies. We cut these dies in multiples, layered them and mitered the corners to create the perfect scrapbook page for any occasion.

Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 10.47.40 AM

We hope these videos inspire you to dive into your crafting stash this week! We’d love to hear what other tutorials you’d like to see in the future from us as well.

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  1. Nancy Laprad says:

    I would like to see a set of “beach” dies. You know, shells, fish, starfish, crab, seahorse, etc. I am not aware of any you make currently.

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi Anna! I am really enjoying all of my beautiful things I have gotten from your show on HSN. I almost have my craft room done with all your beautiful furniture. I was just wondering could you give me some suggestion on having a tea party with these beautiful things. I have been planning this for 24 years…yes you read right 24 years since my first grandaughter was born she is 24 now. Nothing slow about me. I have 7 granddaughters now and 6 grandsons. I just want this to be an event they will always remember. – Brenda

  3. Anecia Chavis says:

    Anna, I was hoping that I could put in a request? I watch you on the Craft Channel in the UK, but I live in GA-USA. I say a few things that I would love to purchase, but can’t find them anywhere! Boohoo, I was wondering if you could tell me when/if they will return? The HSN numbers are 405-523, 405-877, 395-633, 350-158, and 351-479. I call HSN and they just said that they were out of stock. I can’t wait to see you on May 3,4, 24 and 25th. I always purchase your products and love them all, so I am hoping to add these products to my stock! Thank You so much

  4. Donna P says:

    Hi Anna I picked up a few of your embossing folders on HSN Crafting special and would love to get the die cuts for them, the Mom Vellum card is so beautiful.

  5. Susan M says:

    Good thing I checked on the preview on the blog. I don’t get the emails like I used to. Would love to win any of the beautiful products. Looking forward to craft day on HSN. Wish there were more craft shows. Thanks.

  6. Lehua C says:

    Love the coloring cards and coloring pad for using in albums! Very pretty! I love brighter colors so I like being able to make projects with brighter colors. All that pastel tends to get blah to me.

  7. Donna says:

    Hello Anna! I am most happy to see the return of the water color pencils. They sold out before I got them the last time. My house is everything Anna. I love all of your products. My husband likes to laugh and tease me that Anna must be my girl crush. lol. That’s ok cos I enjoy crafting with all my Anna items. Thanks you for all of your time and effort you put into all your products they are truly one of a kind. Donna

  8. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    Thank you so much for all the instructional videos. These are very helpful and fun to watch. Since retiring a year ago I am in crafting heaven and now have time to craft to my heart’s content! Yeah!

  9. Kim Z says:

    Anna LOVE all the new things, I’m broke but HAPPY! Anna I wanted to ask you if perhaps you could bring out different pop up inserts so our pop up cards do not look so similar? I have noticed my pop up cards are looking almost all the same! Could you maybe make a set of just inserts that have different levels for the pop ups? Or…. maybe a set of dies that would give us choices and a variety? I see my cards are beginning to look a little “cookie cutter” like! They have different embellishments but the same layout! Please consider this if at all possible. Keep up the AWESOME ROCK STAR JOB! Kim

  10. Hazel says:

    That’s a good idea, along with extra Hyacinths and bumper bundles of 3D peel off spring flowers please

  11. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Aloha Anna!
    Thanks for the tutorials! Everything you do. You go the extra mile for all your customers. I love the people you have brought together that just keeps growing. I love all the history & information you share about your designs. I tell that to my friends, this isn’t ordinary paper supplies! This is elegant fun & has stories behind it. I’d have to say I’m hooked – official Griffinite, and now I am going to add “paper diva”! I liked that. I’ve been keeping up on HSN & just ordered glitter stickers I missed! Yay! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. nicole phillips says:

    Hello there, I was wondering if there was a possibility of the “Engraved Botanica” card kit coming back any time?
    Thank you. Awaiting your response.

  13. Darlene Nanni says:

    Hi Anna,

    I missed out on the new Pop up dies. I had them in my HSN cart but I must have forgot to sign in and when I did, I lost my order and the dies were sold out. I was so disappointed. Can you tell me if there will be more and possibly when and where I can purchase these dies. I love everything you make! Thanks, Darlene

  14. Linda Valoy says:

    Having so much fun making the flip cards. Were the Easter sentiments in the extra set of sentiments.? I did not get any in mine. Could not decide if I needed the extra set and then they sold out. I will have to order next time if they come back. Anna, we need some of those gold colored plates like you have on your organizer to put on all of our card kit boxes.. I have so many now that I don’t know what kit is in each box. I don’t want to write on the boxes because they are so pretty.We could use the crop-a-dial to punch holes and attach them with brads.

  15. Casey Walters says:

    Love the embossed vellum. Any hints on how to attach it so the tape doesn’t show through? I haven’t had any luck with the vellum adhesive (it doesn’t seem to hold).

    I’m retiring in one month and can hardly wait to get into my card crafts. Of course I will need to organize everything first, but that’s okay. It will be wonderful to be able to sit down and craft for an extended period of time.

  16. Deidra says:

    I am a “little stuck” for ideas for my Rollagraph self-inking stamping tool. I bet a You Tube video from you would provide traction.

  17. Anna Griffin says:

    If you want to cut the toner sheet on the Cricut, you can use the Cardstock setting on the dial.

  18. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Hi Anna!
    LOVE all the items I purchased from the last craft day! However…. I missed out on the glitter stickers (My own fault… forgot to put it on my list!) They were sold out when I realized it! Boo- Hoo! Will they be back anytime soon??? PLEASE!!!!
    Loving all you ARE, and DO!
    Rhonda L.P.

  19. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Hi Linda!
    Just a note to let you know that carries the extra sets of cutting plates! I have already ordered and received two sets of the long plates, and 3 sets of the smaller plates! I LOVE that HSN has nearly everything I need! Just type in, then, in the search box, type in “Cuttlebug cutting plates”, and choose to your liking! I just get the item #, and then I call 1-800- 284-3100 to order! I hope this helps!!!!
    Rhonda L.P.

  20. Grama Pei says:

    Thank you, Anna, for these wonderful videos! I am smitten with that Mother’s Day Card. Mamma is getting one just like it this year!

  21. Grama Pei says:

    Oh, Lesley! I am so sorry you are going through that! Oh, I will pray that you are well enough to come to Create! I would LOVE to meet you! And, if you still feel up to making cards and crafts, I would love to see some!

  22. Grama Pei says:

    Pam, have you ever tried to shop on, after putting Anna Griffin in the search field? her page comes up, then one has to click on ‘shop’ and her catalog comes up. its AWESOME, and shopping/ ordering can be done anytime it works for you! Its where I shop. And there is no call-in unless you prefer it! Good luck getting those Vintage Toppers II!

  23. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Hi Liz S: Are you saying that when you go to the video from Anna’s blog, you get her voice but no picture? If so, that is what happens to me (I have a Samsung smartphone). What I do is tap the black screen with my finger & in the lower right hand corner you will see a box-type symbol for enlarging the video. Tap on that & the video with picture will fill the screen. Hope that works for you 🙂

  24. Mary R. Huff says:

    So glad to get your blog on time and glad u fixed the problem! U are an inspiration to me and I can’t thank u or your staff enough for all you do. Oh, one guess who ordered another Salutation pop-up kit:-)

  25. Linda says:

    Anna I just wanted you to know I been watching video’s I made card holder for my daughter and just got done mastering the
    cake . Only my B plates are so bad . I think I will use long plates for the banner. by the way hobby and Michael’s do not carry the plates will have to order from Amazon
    Thanks Linda

  26. Rose Mary Garner says:

    I would l like to see more videos on all the beautiful cards you show on HSN. It goes by so fast that we don’t get to enjoy Andale those beautiful cards too!. Love you Anna

  27. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    I really am enjoying ALL my AG stuff from March 16th. But, I have a question about the Minc materials and my Cricut. I never heard you tell us what setting to use on the Cricut if you want to cut the black toner sheets from the Minc collections. They are pure gold so I don’t want to experiment and ruin my sheets. I record all your shows at HSN. I watched all the shows since the Minc was introduced and you never mentioned what setting to use. Thanks for a reply.

  28. TamiBabs says:

    Love the video tutorials!! That is SO helpful. I try to watch all your HSN segments but it’s awesome to have these permanent YouTube references!! Thanks so much for creating them. 🙂

  29. Marcia says:

    Dear Anna,
    Not only do you make beautiful products but you teach us how to use them and make our own! You are wonderful!

  30. Myra Goddard says:

    Anna, LOVE the flip cards kit/with dies. Have only had time for a couple, but I think this is your best kit ever. Of course, on a limited SS budget couldn’t afford everything I wanted, but they are on a list, and as I can, will order them. Paper crafting is rather new for me, and it is becoming an obsession, to the point that I no longer want to do anything else. And it’s all your fault Anna, but you are forgiven – big time!

  31. Lin M. says:

    P.S. The Rose Collection is beautiful beyond words!!! I want to cover my wall with it so I can see it all the time! I’m pretty sure that it is too beautiful to cut… 🙂

  32. Lin M. says:

    I have been subscribed to your YouTube Channel for quite some time. I love all the videos you post. It is so helpful after the HSN craft event has passed and I think – How did she do that? 🙂
    This Fantastic Flips card kit is beyond what I could have imagined! It is so easy and the cards are so impressive!!! I love all of your products Anna!!! Thank you so much for continuing to bring your beautiful and elegant style of crafting to us all!

  33. Pam Mead says:

    Hi Anna! Like everyone else, I love your beautiful products! I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to call in time to get the Vintage Toppers II. You mentioned some of the things will be back in stock on HSN in June. Will the Vintage Toppers II also be included?
    Thank you for your response and I look forward to seeing you in May!

  34. Lesley says:

    I lovAnna, I have followed ou for years. I would like so much to come to you nov weekend. It’s my dream. I have end stage lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis and their is nothing more they can do. I just learned that even a lung transplant is out. So hoping to feel well enough to come. My husband would have to drive me I can no longer flly. I just would love to meet the person who inspired to get me into crafting. Lesley

  35. TeranceH in Texas says:

    Thanks for providing us help videos, that’s so nice they are there now to inspire us and there later when we get the nerve to finally try something different. I was going to buy your cut outs but after i heard the story of the inspiration to create them i thought i would try it on the last craft day and *** i must have cut 200 or more things with the metal dies. Great project i could do and not take any brain juice so i could concentrate on the event.

    So excited for May and to see what you have for us,

  36. Anna Griffin says:

    Paper Tricks 1 was available on, last I checked. Paper Tricks II will be back in stock on HSN later this year.

  37. Liz S says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. I always save your time slots when you were on hsn and also go to the videos on each project. I would use my iPad to each project and the only problem lately is there is voice and no pictures. I did call customer service and they passed it on to whom ever is responsible to fix this. I have not checked the site since. This is going to be great because if I used the tv people would complain. Thank you for listening to us.

  38. Rosann says:

    When in in doubt search YouTube is my motto. I find out how to do most everything I need to do there. I’ve been following you for years!!

  39. HollyG says:

    Good Morning Miss Anna!
    Love your youtube channel! I can replay and pause to my hearts content! A terrific resource! Thank you, thank you!
    HAVE a fantastic, beautiful week!

  40. HollyG says:

    Good Morning Miss Anna!
    Love your youtube channel! I can replay and pause to my hearts content! A terrific resource! Thank you, thank you!
    A a fantastic, beautiful week!


    Hi Anna,

    Thanks so much for the heads up regarding the instructional videos on YouTube. I will definitely use them. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help designing and then creating gorgeous cards. You are one very generous woman! Looking forward to seeing you in May.

  42. Mary says:

    Hi Anna,

    In May will you please bring back the pop-up dies you had on the last program. I missed them and would also like your two sided paper to make the Flip cards. I received mine and made them all. Just beautiful and now have the auto ship to look forward to. Thanks for being YOU!

  43. Jenni Farnes says:

    so sorry for two posts…but i have confusion. where can i order these paper tricks dies? i went to your website, but they are not there. have i sadly missed out again?

  44. Jenni Farnes says:

    i love these…and they are absolutely genius. you are completely inspired.

    i have been waiting for information about the paper tricks 1 forever, it seems. have you discontinued that? when i finally got the email showing those marvelous tricks i was smitten; but when i went to order them, they were already gone. i live in the northwest and it seems that those in a different time zone, and closer to your company snapped them all up. is there any way that you can make those available again? please?

  45. Regina WellerPaula Jackson says:

    I got the frame dies on auto ship and I use them regularly and they make any card beautiful. I absolutely love them. I just received the spring cutting dies last Friday and those are going to be used extensively.

  46. Regina Weller says:

    The vellum MOM card is absolutely gorgeous! Just gave me so much inspiration. I’ll be working on that today for sure. I’ve been using the ornamental frame dies for a lot of cards as I absolutely love them. Best purchase ever!

  47. Mary White says:

    Thank you, thank you Anna for these amazing videos! With your explanations everything seems so much simipler!! i appreciate all that you do for us paper crafter’s! Love and hugs!

  48. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Anna good morning, thank you so much the ideas I always look forward to see your ideas… Also Anna can you come up with an explosion card in the box die ….. like you say that’s a card in the making….. looking forward to it

  49. Susan Weatherly says:

    Wish I had time to craft 24/7. Anna you give us so many ideas. Can’t wait to get started again.

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