The 2nd Annual Anna Griffin | Create

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You are cordially invited to the crafting weekend of a lifetime! Where the magic of do-it-yourself comes to life and it’s all beautiful in the making. The 2nd Annual Anna Griffin | Create will take place November 10th-13th, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead!

1classGrab your ticket and pack your bags for this special all inclusive crafting event with paper personality Anna Griffin. The 2nd Annual Anna Griffin | Create is now a 4 day event where you will learn from world renowned teachers, dine on exquisite cuisine, access a private warehouse sale and most importantly make new friends that share your passion for creating!

3 classEvent Details

What is included:

• Special Anna Griffin tote bag filled with gifts and goodies at check in (a $250 value)
• 3 nights luxury hotel accommodations at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta
• Meet and greet with Anna Griffin and friends (priceless!)
• 3 full hours of special make and take projects on Thursday afternoon
• Opening night reception, open bar, gala dinner and presentation
• Access to the world’s greatest Anna Griffin craft room – from Thursday night until Sunday morning
• Planned Craft room activites and prizes given away nightly
• Breakfast and lunch on Friday, Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday (Dinner is on your own with friends both nights)
• More classes! 6, 90 minute classes over 2 days on everything that is Beautiful in the Making
• Bus Transportation to Anna Griffin headquarters and back to the hotel on Sunday morning
• Private warehouse sale with shipping service available

2 classRegistration is now open. Mark your calendars for November 10-13, 2016!

Event begins 2:00pm Thursday, November 10th and ends at 2:00pm Sunday, November 13th
The Grand Hyatt Atlanta | 3300 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

To register for the event click here:

Ticket prices are inclusive of hotel accomodations, meals, classes, transportation and events as outlined above. For further information please email


  1. Cheryle Livermon says:

    Diane R,

    My two sisters and I are doing this too, our homes are not as far apart as yours. Sister events are so much fun.

  2. Susie rhoades says:

    It’s getting close so excited. Is there any one wanting to share a ride to the hotel. I will be arriving in Atlanta about 11:30. Thanks see ya there.

  3. Karen Arnett says:

    Anna Griffin Create-I know registration is closed but is there a waiting list in case of cancellations?

  4. Anita Sahlen says:

    I got an invitation but never received the survey.Don’t know how important that is.FYI Thanks .

  5. Kristina Butler says:

    Awesome that you are coming all the way from the UK! Can’t wait for the weekend of fun either!

  6. Kristina Butler says:

    Hi Michelle! I am attending for the first time this year as well and will be traveling on my own. I’m excited for the event and meeting other crafters! Can’t wait!

  7. Michelle says:

    I’m registered to attend! I saw this event late last year and already had my November filled up, so when I heard Anna say on HSN during the Alice in Wonderland event, that she was doing a 2nd event this year…***…I went searching for registration. With only 20 tickets left, I almost missed out again. Oh Anna – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this. I’m so grateful and can’t wait. Even though I won’t know anyone there, I know I will leave with many new friendships and memories to last a lifetime! I could just kiss you right now!

  8. COCO says:

    Anna, this year please put my nick name COCO on my welcome necklace instead of Corinne. COCO is so much easier for people to remember. Thank you

  9. Kim Holding says:

    Hi I’ve just booked this weekend of fun. I’m new to card making and to Anna, as I live in the UK and she’s just come over to us on the craft channel. I love her and all her ideas, dies, paper etc, so when I saw this chance to attend a whole weekend of crafting with Anna I just had to book it. Hope to meet lots of peop,e and make loads of new friends.

  10. Liz Bladen says:

    Still on the fence about this! Really wanted to go last year, but couldn’t because of wedding. This year going on vacation month before so not sure about it. Wish it wasn’t selling out so fast so I could have a bit more time to make up my mind. I almost just went ahead and booked it tonight. $1800 seems pretty reasonable for what you get, but I don’t know if I’d feel guilty taking a whole weekend just to craft. Seem so extravagant, but wonderful at the same time! lol

  11. Susan Urch says:

    My daughter & I were able to go last year and we had a great time and I’m booked to go again this year; sadly though my daughter isn’t able to.
    Bags are packed and I’m ready to fly, need to look at cricut again and work out what I’m doing wrong when I size an invitation as they keep coming out smaller???
    Any ideas ladies?

  12. Lisa Tolen says:

    Attending this event would be a Fairy Tale dream. Attending this year isn’t possible. I will be saving up for next year (in hopes of this really becoming an annual event)
    Anna, if you’re marking your calendar for this event in 2017. Please, please consider a week or two earlier. Lol
    I really want to attend,but already book a trip to Australia/New Zealand for the same week in 2017.
    Cannot wait to hear and see the fun had by all. ( A friend of mine attended #1 and will be at #2 also.

    I’m a new Griffinite and loving it. Hope to see you in 2017!

  13. Martha Schira says:

    ***! I told my husband that I so want to go to this event. I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope for the best..

  14. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I am Anna’s Biggest fan but am currently (due to restructuring) out of a job. So this is unfortunately out of reach for me. Wish i was in a better financial situation as I”d love the chance to craft with Anna. Will be there in spirit. Have fun ladies.

  15. Linda Callahan says:

    Picking a favorite item is like picking my favorite child! I do love the new colors of paper!!

  16. Dina says:

    Picking a favorite is a tough one. I guess I’d say the ribbons and bows cartridge. Everything really looks beautiful.

  17. Brenda Weber says:

    I love the Elegant Embellishments II cartridge and the possiblilites for everything from cards to scrapbook pages. I can’t wait. I love all the Anna Griffin products that I have already purchased and I look forward to the new things you introduce on HSN.

  18. Sandra Bryson-hill says:

    To be able to attend any Anna Griffin event would be such a treat , but this sounds fantastic. It would be rather expensive though with air fare from UK as well as the event fee. I would not have any money left to buy goodies, and THAT would be devastating. I’m still trying to convince myself to come.

  19. Nicki Lee says:

    Mary: Anna provides everything but I would suggest bringing your favorite adhesives. Hope you come!

  20. Mary Jackson says:

    Question – Do you take your own stuff to work on or is everything provided ? Is everything planned for the entire 4 days ?

  21. Daphne Dickerson says:

    I’m so excited can’t wait to meet Anna in person…… love, love, love your products

  22. Lourdes Papac says:


  23. Tammy Whitley says:

    I can’t believe it, I am coming this year!!!! Im so exited I can’t even sleep!!! I am tickled pink that I am going to meet Anna and be able to talk to her and learn from her, what else could a crafter ask for???? Im just over the moon excited about this. I feel like I just won the lottery!!!!!
    Wooooo Hoooo!!!!!! My husband is so awesome!!!! Thank you Honey!

  24. Martha Anne Ansari says:

    I live just outside of Atlanta and would love to come to the event. However, I’m interested in learning card making, using the cuttlebug and Cricut, and learn new projects. I’m not really interested in the classes listed. Are there no paper crafting classes? What if I am only able to stay for two nights? HELP ME! I need to know what’s being offered. I adore Anna Griffin designs!!

  25. Michelle says:

    I don’t know if I will be able to attend, depends on my daughter. I hope I can go! Sounds like so much fun.

  26. Mary Ann Uyeno says:

    Question: aside from the venue and additional day – what are other changes from last year’s event? I SO want to attend!

  27. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna and staff,
    I would love to go! Any event that has “The Paper Personality” I should be there! Wow! What fun and meeting all the people from your page. I’m hoping, praying & working out a way to get there. What an opportunity. I hope to make it!

  28. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    I say you just go for it, and you will know someone! What an adventure it would be!

  29. Mimi Mertens says:

    This sounds so over the top and so exciting. But does everyone have someone to go with? How do you get around if you don’t know anyone?

  30. SharonS says:

    If mom is well I pray to make it this year of it would be so wonderful to meet uou Anna after all these years of crafting with you. To meet the Queen of crafting would be a dream. I love your products and all your ideas you have so much talent a true artist!

  31. Barbara Christiansen says:

    Friends and family look forward to my cards. They think I am a genius! Little do they know that Anna is the genius! Thank you again, Anna.

  32. Diane R says:

    Thank you Anna for bringing 2 sisters together for this event that live 900 miles away from each other (1 way). My sister Karen and I are in. We planned to do this as a sister event. Excited to be doing this with my sister! Love you Karen.

  33. karen says:

    Some of you beat my sister and I to register. We hit the buttonn 44 minutes after posting. Think we are excited! We love you Anna!

  34. Deborah Alvarez says:

    Yes I love all of Anna’s products! It sounds like it would be soooo much fun! It would be nice to meet Anna in person.But I cannot afford it, plus the airfare too.

  35. Vivian Kochis says:

    I have already signed up! Penny and I are so excited, We had a wonderful time last year. it is hard to wait until November.

  36. Donna Gavin says:

    I love everything Anna and buy as much as I can from HSN-ANNA. Alot of Auro ship..i would love,love,love to be able to attend this wonderful create weekend but unfortunately there is know way I can afford that much money. So so SAD!!!

  37. Dorothy Hatch says:

    I am craft crazy. I have so many ideas but not enough time.
    Just love everything Anna Griffin.

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