May 4th Sneak Peek 3 Winner

Happy Friday!

It’s that time again… giveaway time! 775 of you entered to win our Trellis Mix and Match Embossing Frames, Elegant Embellishments Cartridge, Anna’s Ribbons and Bows and Fancy Fonts!  Carolyn Eby you’re the winner this week.  Congratulations!

Now, to recap some of the products we talked about on Tuesday, here is even more inspiration from our exciting products!

The Trellis Mix and Match Embossing Frames come with 4 patterns and 12 sentiments!  The sentiments cover a range of events and holidays, even Trick or Treat!   Lightly sanding the embossing gives cards/projects  depth and shows off the embossing patterns you created!

trellis mix and match 3 fb

Our newest Cricut Cartridge, Elegant Embellishments 2 makes intricate cutouts and beautiful, build-able layers for all your crafting projects. Elegant Embellishments is one of the most elaborate,  inclusive Anna Griffin libraries that we have ever put together.


With the Anna’s Ribbons and Bows cartridge you can create the most amazing party decorations, bows for your cards and even treat bag toppers!

ribbons and bows straws fb

Ribbons and bows candy

Finally, Anna’s Fancy Fonts is for adding amazingly elaborate fonts and flair to your cards, kid’s projects, scrapbooks and more!

There are so many fantastic products this week.  Get ready for our 4th and final HSN Sneak Peek this Tuesday; there will be all new products!  It’s going to be our biggest and best for May 4th!




  1. Charlene Martin says:

    Anna, thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us. I especially love the for him folders. I enjoy watching you create on TV and also your blog; so that I can share my creativity with my friends. And oh yes, I have all your products even the wallpaper and bedding. Thank you for the opportunity to be entered into this drawing. Charlene

  2. mary roberson says:

    CONGRATS to the winner! Love the idea of triple embossing folders-this is a new concept for me.

  3. Geri Olson says:

    I love the trifold folders, wow. I had such a wonderful time with the gatefold folders and the beautiful metallic papers, and now more fun ways to fold a card! And to Carolyn, yay!

  4. Pamela Mead says:

    Love, love, love all of the new products! You never stop amazing me with your intuitive and fabulous products. Looking forward to May 4 – my DVR will be on record so I can watch, rewind, and watch again and again!


    Hi Anna and team,

    Just received your embellishment 2 cartridge….gorgeous. I love all of your cartridges. Can’t wait for the 4th. I miss you when you are not on HSN. I think they should have an Anna Griffin show every day. When you are not on for a long time I suffer separation anxiety. HSN, are you listening?

  6. LC Young says:

    Hey Anna, I have a request. Would you please bring back the AG Cottage Roses 3D flower stickers? I just visited my sister and she had them and I think they would really be well suited to use with the Flip Cards as they are smaller and would be a nice way for people to embellish all the cards they now can make with the card dies. Thank you…hope you will consider bringing them back:)

  7. Leslie says:

    This is the first email I have gotten on your shows since last year. Don’t know why I haven’t been getting them. I ordered your die card auto ship but still can’t use it as one of the dies is missing. I am waiting on a replacement to arrive, but it hasn’t.:(. Hope it gets here soon or I will have to return the card kit.

  8. Bob H says:

    Another comment from the weeds…every time we make a product suggestion, it isn’t long before you make it appear literally or in some close form; you are very generous to be so responsive. Anyway, in all the years since I discovered your beautiful papers in 2001, I haven’t seen an astral theme. I would love to see your interpretation of the cosmos, of astrology or just celestial properties in general. Thank you.

  9. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    Winning a prize is great. But then, whenever I get new anna griffin items I feel like a winner. May 4th just can’t get here fast enough.

  10. Clare Dempsey says:

    Anna, I often struggle to use yellow in my quilting projects and I can’t wear it! That’s one reason I loved the yellow page above. You’ve shown me a way to celebrate the color that everyone will love and will flatter the right photo! Thanks!

  11. Lisa says:

    I too am on the list and so far this has been the only thing I have received. I do have my shopping list ready for HSN day!

  12. jean heming says:

    I’m on the list to have these email posts sent to me and this is only the first one I have received!!! that’s very disappointing!! I love this new cartridge with all the way cool intricate cuts and images!!!

  13. Katherine Madewell says:

    I can’t wait to get my May 4th goodies. I want to wish Carolyn Congratulations on her good luck and I am sure she is in for a lot of great times for years to come.

  14. Marcie Smith says:

    Wow Carolyn, great win!!! Enjoy. Just got my new cart – elegant embellishments 2. Fantastic cart. Love the other two as well. Thanks Anna and Team. You all rock!!!

  15. Sandy H says:

    Are the mix and match frames embossing folders part of the auto ship I have been getting? I have all of the others and did not know if I need to order these or if they will come on auto ship
    Sandy H

  16. Mary R. Huff says:

    Congrats to Carolyn, what time is your party and will I have to travel far…lol. Again Anna, everything you and your team touches, it turns to gold:-)

  17. Sandra Singer says:

    Oh my, these are even more beautiful than the last set. Love the fonts and cricut cartridge. You did it again.

  18. Lynne Henderson says:

    Oh my, I love everything. Especially the Elegant Embellishments Cartridge. Can’t wait for May 4th.

  19. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna always delivers the most beautiful, versatile products that can get Anna Griffin junkie so excited! Can’t wait for her next craft day!

  20. Grama Pei says:

    hehehe. Cool! I think you PM Anna, if you are on FB, with your address… OR, maybe call? SO happy for you!

  21. Audrey Olander says:

    Congratulations, Carolyn Eby! Can’t wait for the 4th to kick back and watch another great day with Anna on HSN!

  22. Carolyn Eby says:

    Wow! I am so excited. I am usually not a winner. Do I need to do anything to claim my prize?

  23. Andrea says:

    Congratulations Carolyn! Enjoy all those beautiful products! Looking forward to the 4th like everybody else!! Have a nice weekend!

  24. HollyG says:

    Hey everyone! HaPpY FriDaY!

    Miss Anna is keeping it #beautifulinthemaking Just look at those gorgeous cards posted above! Stunning!

    Good for you Carolyn, you are going to have fun with your goodies.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Paulette King says:

    Congrats Carolyn! You’re definitly the lucky one. Enjoy Anna’s products as they are the best on the market…

  26. Cate says:

    Brilliant use of the embossing folders on the Halloween card! Will have to steal that idea. Please consider more, more, more Halloween everything! It’s the holiday that’s the most fun to “craft” for!

  27. Betsy Carty says:

    Congratulations Carolyn. Hey Anna. Wishing you all a wonderful and restful weekend. LoveLove and blessings, Betsy from NC

  28. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Congratulations Carolyn! Have fun! This inspiration is fun on its own! Love all the crafting ideas!

  29. Michelle Reynolds says:

    My only child is getting married and the cartridges would be perfect for her wedding. Hope to win!

  30. Sharon Abraham says:

    Congratulations Carolyn Eby. Anna has given you some very nice products. Maybe my time is next .

  31. Sera King says:

    As a beginning card crafter I am impressed and totally
    In love with the flowers. I am looking forward to seeing
    even more. Thank you for giving me a creative new hobby.

  32. Dottie Butler says:

    Congrats Caroline!!

    I just got my Anna’s Elegant Embellishments 2!! It is full of amazing things to make!! Thanks Anna & design team!!!

  33. TeranceH in Texas says:

    Congrats Carolyn, with these images there is no reason any party should be plain again, hehehe. Cant wait to see what you have for next week, Anna.

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