Happy Tuesday!


It is Tuesday and you know what that means – it is blog post day!

First of all, thank you all so much for making this past week’s 24 hour Craft Day on HSN such a huge success!  We loved getting to show you all the new products we have been working on, talking to you live, and hearing about your favorite parts of the shows.

Something you may have missed is the Cuttlebug 12″ Magnetic Cutting Mat.  This mat is amazing because you no longer have to worry about your dies moving while cutting.  The magnetic mat will keep the dies right where you place them! Be sure to use it with your extra long A & B plates for the Cuttlebug.

Because the mat is 12 inches, it is perfect with the new 12” inch Trimmings dies and Beautiful Trimmings edge dies too!  In addition, you can always use it with your shorter dies also to hold them in place, and get perfectly cut paper.






Now for all of our news!

Tune in May 24th and 25th for our next shows on HSN. We are excited to be a part of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass event. We have the premiere of our Chinoiserie Quilt Set at 6pm on the 24th, and Discover Alice with Anna Griffin Crafts at 7am and 2pm, and then bedding again at 4pm on May 25th.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.13.56 AM

Anna Griffin | Create II registration is about to close.  We have 20 tickets left!  If you are interested in coming click here

Lastly, there’s a big Craft Day coming up on HSN  Wednesday, July 6th. Our shows are 1am, 10am, 5pm and 9pm. So mark your calendars! Our previews will start on May 31st.

That’s all for now.

See you soon!




  1. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Rana, We will add your idea to our inspiration and ideas! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Heather L Loughlin says:

    Hi, Lois! That is called the Tool ‘N One. It’s manufactured by Spellbinders. Anna’s comes in a special package, with all the attachments, as Item #457852, but it is currently sold out. I hope they have more in stock soon, though, as it appears to be a very useful, & I imagine popular, item. Happy crafting to you!

  3. Heather L Loughlin says:

    I feel the same way… I would have to stop buying Anna’s things (& all my other stamps & inks & papers) in order to be able to go… 😉 but we’ll get there some day!

  4. Heather L Loughlin says:

    Yes! I am not o quilter, but during the March show, one of Anna’s fans “called” into the program with Skype (or some other type of video conferencing), & she had the most beautiful quilt, made with Anna’s fabrics (using the Seafarer collection), hanging in the background. That was where I first heard Anna mention that she was also releasing it as a Paper Collection, on HSN in May.

  5. Heather L Loughlin says:

    You are SO brave, & the reward is going to be well worth it! You are going to have the time of your life! I wish I was going too, I would love to be there with you. 😀 I hope you enjoy yourself, because you deserve it, Doll!

  6. Heather L Loughlin says:

    Anna, I missed the sale on these dies & was hoping that you would bring them back to HSN in May (but that didn’t happen) or July… I guess I was wrong. I love your dies & embossing folders more than anything else on the market… I am considering purchasing from ebay, where I will likely be price gouged, just to add these (& any other items I may be missing) to my collection. I just love your product so much (& have been collecting since QVC)! XO

  7. Jane says:

    Anna Help! I ordered the salutations set and love it! I also ordered the embossing folders with the oval and rectangle sentiments that can go inside, but there are no dies included to cut the sentiments. They are in another set I saw so I thought they would be included. Where can I purchase the dies to fit the sentiments. Bummed!!

  8. Jan M says:

    I received an email this morning – 5/16/2016 – indicating these dies were shipped out today. Evidently the September 2016 delivery date was in error. I hope everyone else on auto ship for this item gets the same information.

  9. Rana says:

    Hi Anna I just had a question about maybe making a card kit for shaker cards I think that it would be an awesome idea and fun for all ages I just wanted to put it out there hopefully this sounds like a good idea on your part have a good day

  10. Linda DeVries says:

    Called HSN twice today about this notification. I was told that I won’t be billed until it ships; They will hopefully be able to ship it before that Sept. date if it becomes available. I asked if this is HSN’s way of notifying us of a delayed shipment to which I was told that’s a “yes.” I told the representative that it is upsetting some customers. Also, he saw no changes posted for the other future frames autoships.

  11. Dianne Kozil says:

    DJ so sorry this happened to you. HSN is Not flexible at all. The same thing happened to me!!! Luckily the AS was the All Hearts Dies & they came back so I was able to get the. I hope you will be able to get the AS items at some point.

  12. Diann K. says:

    Yes, why am I being billed for something that does NOT SHIP for 4 MONTHS!!!!!!! This is insane!!! Anna please respond????????? Thank you.

  13. DJ says:

    So D.O.N.E with HSN!!! Just had an AS cancelled because they had the incorrect credit card #. I got a new card, went int o HSN.com and changed the number. Because I didn’t change the credit card number on EVERY SINGLE AS order, it didn’t automatically update them all. Caught it the same day, and they’re saying they can’t send the item to me. How can they not have it when it’s an old auto ship and not for sale online? Horrible, very rude customer service.

    With this, and the order they conveniently ran out of after sending me a confirmation that it went thru the last show, I’ve had enough. Good luck, all!

  14. Bob H says:

    The AG paper on Scrapbook.com is more affordably priced than I’ve seen in years(77 cents and up) Also, some of the designs are new to me and there are many ivory tone on tone prints that some Griffinites have asked for here.
    Has anyone found instruction on how to use the Cricut air? I have the Cricut air and an iPad Air but can’t seem to make the leap to implementation! Still using my Cricut expression2, which is crazy. Thanks for any suggestions. Bob

  15. JanM says:

    I got the same email. And curious as to why I am already billed for something not deliverable for 4 months.

  16. M Joanne says:

    What in the world is going on with the Frame Dies Autoship that started in January 2016 with the Ornamental Frame Dies. I just got notification from HSN that the Baroque Frame Dies that were supposed to autoship in May 2016 has been delayed until September 12, 2016. Does this mean that the Festooned Frames which are supposed to be delivered in July 2016 and the Beribboned Frames which are supposed to be delivered in September 2016 will also be EXTREMELY DELAYED. Sounds to me that you need to find a new manufacturer for your dies. This has happened before on another autoshipment of dies last year. Anna – please check into this. Something is terribly wrong!!!

  17. Patti jhones Jhones says:

    I just got Brave and decided to go to create I am coming on my own getting on the flight doing it all alone I am brave

  18. Shellie Fontana says:

    THANK YOU, Anna, for this ‘peek review,’ as the magnetic cutting mat is a GREAT feature for precision, especially for the intricate fretwork on these Trimmings and borders. I have been on the road, and I barely caught a peek at your HSN Show last week, but I did order Seafarer and a couple other beautiful things–I can barely wait to get home, sit at my desk, and play Anna Griffin paper-crafting! (((Hugs)) en route home to Texas!

  19. Betsy says:

    Attempted to get gatefold folders to find out sold out.any upcoming? And I’ve been watching for the newest so dies baroque,for May and etc…..to order are they going to available for hsn? And dates when released for the the up coming dies . Thank you.

  20. Janet Kaufman says:

    Thank you,Daphne, for seconding my request to have the ‘Lace Trimmings Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and Cutting Dies’ brought back. The cuttlebug magnetic mat is available on HSN now. I ordered it myself this past Monday.

  21. Daphne Dickerson says:

    received all my orders on Monday and Tuesday… I finally broke down and purchased the cricut explore air can’t wait to try it out as well as my dies and embossing folders and the nifty nested layers I purchased (2) so I wouldn’t miss out this time, I would also like it if you can bring back your Lace trimmings cuttlebug and embossing folders and dies as well… I also ordered the magnetic cutting mat early with my order and they say it’s on back order until June…. I live in Atlanta and would love to go to your Crafting Create 2 as well, I tried reaching out to someone but haven’t received a respond… if not there’s always next time…. As always Anna thank you so much for all that you do and design to make use crafters so very happy… looking forward to your next HSN show just my luck I’m off on those days next week and in July… see you then…

  22. Barbara Mann says:

    I just received the Seafarer paper kit. My goodness, it is more wonderful than how it appears on the TV and computer. May have to put in an autoship to have this sent to me every few months!! Are any of the papers also available as fabrics?

  23. TeranceDH in Texas says:

    I am excited to see the show, i have become a fan of Alice in Wonderland thew my coworkers who were fans from childhood and we have done our work costume from that series also (cricut came in Handy making those giant playing card solders) I cant wait to see what you have i dont have many floral items but i will be there supporting you even if i dont buy.

  24. sue says:

    Anna, I just had to write you to say you are right on with the Elegant Embellishments 2 being the best Cricut Cartridge ever! I have been playing with it making 2 sizes of cards (A2 and 5X7) since it came. I have the Cricut Expressions 2 and I have made almost every one of the border cards in the cartridge now. I made one the other night during a TV commercial!! That fast and it is lovely! Thank you so much for this gem, hope for more in the making!

  25. Susan says:

    Like all your loyal fans I am hooked on your dies. I ordered Fretwork 2, 1-2 days prior to the show and I received 4 dies not 5 and not one of them was what was advertised on your HSN spot. Now of course they are out of stock.. I am very disappointed in HSN. I never had a problem before and have no idea where they got these dies. They are not even 5 x 7. Just wanted to let you and your staff know that when things are ordered I expect to get what I ordered. an $8 credit for this error is not really acceptable. Oh well. thanks for listening and reading.

  26. Lorraine says:

    Hi Anna LOved the show. I ordered the mat but it did not come with the order I placed. I can’t wait to get it. Are there any plans in the making to make a smaller to fit the smaller dies? It would sure come in handy.

  27. Kathi Sanders says:

    Really looking forward to the Alice items! So wish I could attend your 4 day Create II event but at this point it’s just a dream:). Love all you do.

  28. Linda H says:

    Just got back from a whirlwind trip for college graduations and missed the 5/4 event. The schedule with back to back flights, etc. made me think of how exhausted you must be! Hope to be on board for your “Alice” shows later this month.

  29. Mary R. Huff says:

    Dottie, There is info. on Create II just below the pretty aqua quilt above and registration is almost full. So run, don’t walk to above information:-)

  30. Genevieve says:

    I just love everything. The bedspread is fabulous.
    Your linens are to die for. Your creating ability is
    beyond belief . Never stop creating we all need your creations to keep us happy.
    Thank You for all you give us.

  31. Lois N. says:

    Loved all the great products you shared on HSN during your May Craft Days. Your inspiration and creativity are boundless and I can’t wait to use all the wonderful ideas with your super products.
    Is the tool you used for punching/brushing out the bits and pieces from the dies available to us or know where could we get the same tool.
    Love you Anna, You are very Special Indeed!!

  32. Deborah Alvarez says:

    Anna can’t wait til the July show. Can you bring back the gold adhesive packs. Those were really nice, I could really use some more. I really just love the fact that they are gold along with my other gold accessories of yours. Hope you bring back the 12″ Trimmings dies, I missed out on those. Take plenty of pictures at the Create II, unfortunately I will not be able to attend, a little too expensive, I’m on a budget.

  33. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Thanks Anna & your staff for all the hard work & continuing to inspire each & every person. I have the 12 inch borders, magnetic mat & several other things for my next go round. I bought your Grace quilt & the pink sheets when you 1st aired them. They are winderful. I am really liking this beautiful chinoiserie set! All the cards are beautiful. I need to add different ribbons for bows & more to my craft supplies. Do you have a suggestion? I would be ordering it online. Aloha!

  34. Connie L. Dake says:

    Just waiting with much anticipation for the arrival of all the items I ordered from your last show!!! Should be hre this week! SO excited to begin using and creating. Looking forward to the upcoming shows.

  35. Dottie Butler says:

    Thank you Anna!!! Your being on HSN 7/6 will let me order everything — my birthday is 7/7 — AND I’ll be 77. All your products are beautifully designed & made with quality. Oh yes — will be there Create II!!!

  36. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    I’m feeling on cloud nine! Today I received my orders. I’m just hopping the embossing folders “For him” will be brought back. I need to make Father’s day cards now and missed that one.

  37. Janet Kaufman says:

    Could you please think about bringing back your beautiful ‘Lace Trimmings Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and Cutting Dies’? I love all your pretty things, especially your embossing folders and the intricate cutting dies; but, I always feel bad that I missed out on
    your Lace Trimmings Set from back in mid 2014. I look for them often. Actually I thought perhaps I was going to get lucky May 4th with your HSN shows, unfortunately,that didn’t happen. I did have great fun shopping though and bought way more than I should have, that always happens when you are on. I, of course, will be watching, Anna. Please though, think about your ‘Lace Trimmings Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and Cutting Dies’. I would be delighted if you bought them back and I don’t think I’d be alone. Thank you for listening. Sorry I was so long winded.

  38. Irene Alexander says:

    I received my Seafarer paper collection today, oh my gosh, it is more beautiful in person. The one pattern would make a nice masculine comforter. I love your new Chinioserie comforter too. I had decorated our bedroom in our Florida place with one of your quilts with the matching Anna Griffin accessories. It turned out so beautiful. So, I just purchased three more of your other comforters for our Ohio home. Looking forward to your May home shows.

  39. Criss Behe says:

    My order just arrived yesterday! My magnetic mat is on delayed shipment. Ordered before the event on HSN. Was just using my Cricut Explore to decorate Luminaries for the upcoming Relay for Life. One is for my son and one is for his mother-in-law. Both are Survivors!

  40. Mary R. Huff says:

    Anna, All my goodies are here and as usual u had a great show so I’m happy for all of you! Love these cards and the aqua quilt, my favorite color. I’ve penciled in all your shows, good thing I have a birthday this month. Blessings and hugs to all of you:-)

  41. bridget says:

    I LOVE the fact that you now have a magnetic pad to hold the dies! No more washi tape! Whoo hoo!! Thank you Anna!!

  42. Tammy Whitley says:

    Oh Anna, I had the best time watching HSN for the full 24 hours. Of course, I slept like a rock the next day! I started receiving my purchases today and it’s been fun going through everything. I wanted to call in and talk to you as I have been following you for years, but I was just to chicken!!!! But I will get to meet you at Create!!!! Talk about excited, I can’t wait. My husband was all for it, as I told him that it was a great Christmas and birthday present for me. He knows how much I love your products and he teases me that I may faint when I finally get to meet you!!!! Don’t worry I won’t. Our Labrador just had two puppies, her first litter. He and I were talking about names and he suggested that I name one after you since I adore you and your products. I thought it was sweet of him!!!! Anyway, I will see you at Create and of course whenever you are on HSN again. Thank you for the amazing products you make!!!! You totally rock!!!

  43. Mary R. Huff says:

    Yes, I was one of those lucky ladies who had a “Gem of a Jim” for 35 good years!! That was my nickname for him and he called me his “Honey Bunny”.

  44. Lin M. says:

    Happy Tuesday!Thank you for the beautiful inspiration and information! I can’t wait to see the crafts you have for the “Alice” event! I enjoyed your items in the Cinderella event last year – I’m sure these will be wonderful as well!

  45. Jean says:

    I got all my goodies today and I don’t where to start first. I did try one of the 12″ trimmings die and it’s wonderful! So excited!

  46. Debbie Dunn says:

    Thanks Grama Pei, it is over now, cringe !!!
    I am sitting in Chili’s going to eat some loade mash potatoes, I am still numb !!
    Thank for thinking of me !!


    Thanks for replying so quickly regarding the Fretwork II dies. I feel much better. I bought the magnetic cutting mat before the 4th. I watch HSN crafts closely (every day) and I thought this would be a great addition to my craft room.

  48. Mary White says:

    Oh my! The Chinoiserie quilt set is amazing! The colors are magnificent! I will be watching on
    May 24th and on May 25th! Thank you again Anna! Hugs!

  49. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna and Co!

    You busy bee’s! Wow I’m loving the wonderful new “Alice” inspired bedding! So fun and bright!

    Yay for the magnetic cutting mat! Exactly what is needed for your wonderful intricate cutting dies!

    Sending happiness your way!

  50. Cyrilla says:

    I want the magnet for the dies. I got the 12in. Borders last week. Keep up the good work. Always anxious to see what you come up with next..

  51. Bonnie W. says:

    Will be looking forward to seeing your shows. Love your quilts and I need a new one. You must have read my mind. Enjoy the spring weather and colors. Best wishes, BONNIE W.

  52. Grama Pei says:

    Anna and Team, that new bedding is SO very beautiful! It would be PERFECT in my home. Oh, if I were to have TWO bedding sets by you, I think I would consider myself wealthy beyond measure. ha! Just gorgeous. I very likely have to buy that set! I am SO looking forward to the Alice shows! Should be seriously beautiful!

  53. Linda Citro says:

    Oh what fun last Wednesday was! Got my box of goodies today and am going to go play a bit now! I will host a big 4th of July party and then reward myself on the 6th with new AG creations! It’s only 8 weeks away! Thank you Anna for all of your hard work supporting my crafting habit! And sincerely, many thanks to your team too!

  54. Grama Pei says:

    WOW, Wanda! What a wonderful husband! You are super-blessed! Congratulations for finding a ‘diamond among glass’! I am so happy for you! I think you made my day, just knowing there are men that wonderful out there in the world.

  55. Mewsmomtoo says:

    My HSN order should arrive tomorrow, love opening those boxes 🙂 Will definitely be watching the Home & Alice shows. I got the Chinoiserie collection a couple of years ago, I think as part of your Super Sale & have enjoyed using all the embellies plus the paper. I will be very interested to see the bedding collection 🙂

    Can’t attend Create, but am looking forward to the pictures & comments. It’s such a special event for your fans. Thank you as always for bringing so much beauty into the world!

  56. Sandra Griswold says:

    I have had a magnetic cutting mat a long time from stamping up and it is wonderful.You will sell a lot of these because it does it’s job beautifully. Just love this new bedding ensemble, color is great. So looking forward to this airing, marked it on my . calendar .

  57. Barbara Mann says:

    Your bedding set featured in this blog is gorgeous. Looking forward to the preview later this month.

  58. Mary Helen Harris says:

    Just got my huge box! Now to tear open each package and box!! It’s like Christmas!!
    Can’t wait until November for the create event!!

  59. Bethany d says:

    Adore the dies, would love an AG bed room. My sister jokes that my powder room is done AG style….and she!s right!

  60. missy says:

    will the 10 piece seasonal die set be coming back?? I missed that one also please please make an embossing folder and die with lily of the valley on it thank you so much!

  61. Carol Assentato says:

    Fantastic idea, magnetic dies. It makes it so much easier. So happy your back on this month.

  62. Christine Hayden says:

    On the other hand, I only paid $4.95 shipping so I guess I shouldn’t complain. LOL I just want my stuff……NOW! LOL

  63. Christine Hayden says:

    I have to wait another 2 days for my stuff because HSN ships them SurePost. My post office has them NOW but it takes the post office two days to get them to me. I hate SurePost…………….If I’m paying for UPS shipping, I should get UPS shipping not USPS!!!!

  64. Ali3 says:

    Yeah, all my goodies arrived yesterday and man what a haul I had. Next job is to store the dies and stamps. You know I have to sit down to leaf through the new paper, I always do that with a pencil in hand to jot down ideas, don’t alway use them but hate it when I forget an idea. Thanks Anna you make me look like I have talent.

  65. Linda O'Connor says:

    I just got my first package on my doorstep this morning from Last WED!! It i like Christmas!! I can’t wait to start playing and crafting with all my new items. 7/6 is on my calendar. I will be camping but will have my tablet with me in the camper so I can order. ( I will record the shows to watch when I get back.) Have a great week!!

  66. Anna Griffin says:

    You do not have to bring anything to Create! Everything you need will be there for you to use.


    Dear Anna,

    I am so unhappy. I called HSN at 12:00 midnight on the 4th to make certain I would not lose out on the things I wanted. I ordered the Fretwork II dies (among other things). Later that day I ordered other crafting materials including an item I decided to cancel (I already had it). The telephone representative made a mistake and cancelled the Fretwork dies. When I looked at a list of the things I ordered at the end of the day I was really upset. I called immediately and tried to reorder but they were sold out. Will they be offered again?

  68. Lorraine Douglas says:

    I have a shipment due today, and the other one tomorrow………..I can’t wait. I know what I am going to be doing this weekend, yep, playing with everything and getting creative. Waiting on the cutting mat though, so I hope they get stock of that soon because I want to start with those 12″ cutting dies. Already marked July 6th on my calendar………..Anna Griffin one of course…………..and looking forward to the 1st preview on May 31st :D!!!!!!

  69. Doug G. says:

    Last week’s items just arrived yesterday. Looking forward to the Alice shows and the July 6th shows already !!!

  70. Karen says:

    Is there anything that you have to bring to the Anna Griffin | Create II to be able to do all the projects? Trying real hard to convince myself that I should attend. I really do want to go..

  71. hobo says:

    I may be done paying off my May 4 bill by then! I think I bought you a payment on a nice car after that day!!! Stuff arrived yesterday and am excited to start playing.

  72. Vicky Michot says:

    Expecting everything I ordered to be delivered today! Looks like Im going to have to work on getting those easy pays paid off a little quicker to get ready for the July show! 🙂 I think I remember you saying you would be bringing address book inserts for the planner in July? Guess we will have to wait and see 🙂 Looking forward to the sneak peaks!

  73. carol smidutz says:

    I just received my order yesterday. Have not opened it yet, well tonight. Love the quilt.

  74. Hazel says:

    Are we getting the magnetic mat on Craft Channel soon ?
    I adore my Anna Griffin bedding – pale blue with rosebuds in flanelette ( brushed cotton ) it has kept me cosy all winter, are we going to able to buy again in the UK soon ?

  75. Carol Hill says:

    I like the new 12 in. Cutting mat and die,s, can’t wait to get them. Love all my new item’s, I got last Wednesday. Looking forward to the next show.

  76. Wanda Duso says:

    I loved the May 24th event! I bought several Anna Griffin items! Cannot wait for them to arrive. The next evening my husband ordered all of the items I had been wishing for! $500 more of the Anna Griffin items! What a surprise! My birthday is May 27th and Mother’s day was the 8th so he bought all of thiese wonderful items for me! He is a keeper! Thank you Anna for the gift of loving paper crafting!!!

  77. Susie says:

    Everything is so beautiful. Thank you for all the wonderful tools. I love the woven ribbon technique!

  78. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hey Anna , it’s me, Debbie Dunn again !!☺️
    I always look forward to your posts, the new bedding is very pretty I know it will be a great success as all of your Beautiful Creations!! Congratulations on a very quick fill up on your upcoming Create II Event, I can’t believe how quickly it has filled up , I know it wil prove to be another Grand Event that will be talked up for years to come !! I am headed out for a Root Canal, I want to post before I could caught up in all that discomfort!!! As aways, my very best to you and your awesome dream team !! Hugs and much love to all.
    Debbie Dunn

  79. Norma Vetter says:

    Can’t wait to get all my new products. Love the woven ribbon on your beautiful cards.

  80. Judy Keener says:

    Where can we buy the magnetic mat? They sold out so fast. I love all things Anna Griffin.

  81. Lynn Smith says:

    Oh man, wish I could come to Atlanta…maybe next year. It looks so exciting. I will just keep watching and shopping. See if I can talk my sister to join me next year, we are both avid paper crafters

  82. noreen says:

    another craft day in July! my easy pays will be paid off by then! time to start all over again…..!!!!!

  83. Linda DeVries says:

    Beautiful quilt. I love chinoiserie and have your chinoiserie products. I received the gorgeous 12″ Trimmings dies yesterday and anticipate receiving the magnetic mat. Noted your May and July show times!

  84. Angie K. says:

    Just love your designs! All the Mother’s Day Cards I made this year were from your gorgeous card making sets! Love making them and all the moms loved receiving them!

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