HSN Sneak Peek 3 Winner

Greetings from across the pond!  We’re getting closer and closer to our 24 hour Craft Day on HSN!  Remember that we will be on Wednesday, July 6th at 1am, 10am, 5pm and 9pm.  We are counting down the days, and can’t wait to show you everything we created for you!  It’s Friday, and that means we have a blog winner!  This winner is going to be getting our Rose Pocket Page Album, Prefolded Rosettes and the highly anticipated Terrific Titles cutting dies and folders.  Speaking of Terrific Titles, it looks like it is the fan favorite this week! We chose a winner at random, and Betty Schmucker you’re the lucky Griffinite this week.  Enjoy!

Wow, so much excitement!  We know a lot of you are gearing up for a weekend of crafting, and we want to leave you feeling inspired with a few more peeks at the new products.  Let’s go!

The Rose Pocket Page Album is an easy to use pocket page system.  There are a variety of different patterned inserts, tons of space for your pictures and the possibilities are infinite for personalizing.


Pre-folded Rosettes is the most amazing embellishment kit!  You’re getting 36 rosettes in 12 different colors/patterns that you add like stickers to your projects.


Terrific Titles is here!  You asked for it, and we created it for you!  There are 9 cutting dies and 2 different folders for you to cut and emboss patterns into them.  You’re going to be getting everyday statements that you’ll be able to use for every occasion.



We hope that everyone has a great Father’s Day weekend, and we will meet you right back here on Tuesday for our next sneak peek!




  1. Patti Tomczak says:

    Oh Anna, I am a stamper at heart for many many years and with your beautiful things I have gotten away from stamping, anything I could ever stamp cannot top the beauty of the cards I now make, thanks to you! In saying that I love the stamps, they are beautiful and a way to still make amazing cards with my handmade stamped touch! Hoping to be lucky enough to win them.

  2. Ann Robson says:

    Betty is a lucky lady…have fun with all your great winnings from Anna! They are beautiful as always!

  3. Sharon Kelley says:

    Congratulations, Betty! How much fun you’re going to have playing with your new toys!

  4. Mary R. Huff says:

    Congrats to Betty, you are so lucky. Then again we are lucky to have Anna and her Staff:-) Anna, I hope we’ll be able to get your recent vellum quotes again soon and I loved the dog quote!

  5. Bette Sines says:

    Betty…you are a lucky gal to have won all these goodies. I’ll have to admit that I’m really envious! Have fun making cads and scrapbooking with these wonderful goodies. I’ll be sure to grab some for myself when July 6 rolls around. Enjoy!

  6. Diane P. says:

    Congratulations to Betty…I know she will enjoy creating new projects with the new crafty supplies she won. Would love to see some creative ideas and supplies for the men in my life.
    Can’t wait for July 6th to make a purchase or two and add to my Anna Griffin supplies.

  7. Lori L. says:

    Please bring back the “holiday” word/sentiment dies this year so those who missed them when they were sold out will have a second chance. Please! Please! Please!

  8. yadyra marrero says:

    Congratulations Betty…enjoy your goodies. I can’t wait till july 6th…so I can get some of my own goodies!!

  9. Annette J says:

    Congrats to Betty you are one lucky griffinite!!! Looking forward to the show and thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer…..LOL

  10. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    Congrats Betty. Lucky girl. I have to say I love the rosettes with my disability it takes me forever to fold one by myself, so I like this as an option too. The new dies and folders are a must have though. Anna you make it way to hard to try to cut back on ordering even though I won’t have a choice. It’s going to be very very hard picking what I can order. Would much rather spend my money on this rather than medical bills but others don’t see it that way. Thanks for everything.

  11. Grama Paula says:

    Betty, I am so happy for you! What a great boost to your already beautiful day! I hope you have lots of peace and creative joy to use these gifts within! Isn’t Anna just wonderful to gift these gorgeous items out? Did you do a little dance? I am trying to imagine your look when you saw you won! YAAYY!

  12. Jennifer Guess says:

    I like the album would like to see some more perhaps on the masculine side. I love that dog as well!! Cute stuff!

  13. Vickie Conquest says:

    Horray for Betty! Have a blast with your goodies, bet you’re ‘over the moon’, lol! Congrats!

  14. Jill M says:

    The rose album is very pretty and PRACTICAL! I like the idea that I can just add the items without building fancy pages. I have over 10000 photos on my computer. I have a crate of loose photos that need to be put into something without taking 5 years! Thank you for this new album.

  15. Kay Brassfield says:

    WOW ! Love the Rose Album – GORGEOUS ! So many ways to use and love the new titles diecuts ! Taking the day off to watch TV. Can’t wait. ! Thanks. k

  16. patricia crocker says:

    we are all coming to your house Betty to help you use your winnings! Congrats Betty. Have fun with your new items.

  17. TeranceDH in Texas says:

    Congrats BettyS, hope you enjoy your goodies that’s a good assortment. I have managed to catch a few shows in UK if i wake up and remember to get online and look. I hope to catch more shows but with the time difference it makes it hard. Safe travels and excited for next weeks preview.

  18. SheliaP. says:

    Greetings Anna! Know you must be having a fun time. In my 3rd grade class room. My teacher had a photo of Queen Elizabeth on one wall & President Eisenhower on another wall. I would day dream about England. I think I just might blame the Queen for being so bad at math that year! ha : )

    Three Cheers for Lucky Betty!!

  19. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna!

    I sure do love all the new items that will be available for all of us soon!
    Congrats to Betty!
    Safe travels and a Happy weekend to you too!

    See you next Tuesday!

  20. Vicky M says:

    Congratulations Betty!! Its your lucky day 🙂
    Hope you love all your great gifts.
    Looking forward to tuesday to see what else will be coming in july!

  21. Kathleen Sawyer says:

    Congratulations Betty Schmucker – I am a little jealous.
    Thanks Anna and crew for all you do to make our crafting lives more exciting.

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