HSN July 6th Sneak Peek 5

Greetings, crafty friends!

Here it is!  The grand finale of our HSN July 6th sneak peeks.  We have a show stopping post full of seasonal goodness for you!

Before we start, we just want to remind you that we will be on next Wednesday, July 6th at 1am, 10am, 5pm and 9pm for 24 hours of Craft Day!  One week from today, we will have your shopping list posted so you will be ready to go for the shows.

Let’s get into all the fantastic new products!

We have developed a set of 5 products that work perfectly together for all of your Summer and Fall crafting. Imagine having an entire library of images for crafting from now until Thanksgiving! Our Seasonal Summer Fall sets of Embossing Folders, Cutting Dies, Card Layers, Rubber Stamps and Pigment Ink Pads mix and match like no other products we have ever made.

First up is our Seasonal Summer Fall Embossing Folders! This is your first opportunity for the single shipment of these folders. (Note if you are on autoship from March with our Seasonal Spring Embossing Folders – this new set is already on its way to you). With this set you get 12 embossing folders (6, 5 x 7 patterns and 6, 1 x 7 borders) to emboss prints that will carry you through all seasons.  Start crafting right away with the feathers, stars/stripes and seashell patterns. Get ready for Fall with the chrysanthemum, acorn and spider web folders.

seasonal embossing 3 fb

seasonal embossing 4 fb

seasonal embossing 5

Our Seasonal Summer Fall Cut and Emboss Die Set includes 10 dies that are words, phrases and seasonal icons that match the embossing folder patterns.  Say everything from “Hello” to “Spooky” on your card and scrapbook projects.  The feather, two different leaf patterns and other shapes will go with everything you see here!

Seasonal Dies 4 fb

Seasonal Dies 5 fb

EMbossing folders and dies

Next, our Seasonal Card Layers are just what you need to emboss and die cut. I have developed a very clever system of double sided concentric card layers that are printed in patterns that go with the themes of the embossing folders and cutting dies. The back of each is a solid color that coordinates with the pattern so you do not have to go searching for the perfect match! You get 2 card sizes – 5 x 7 and 4 x 6 for 96 pieces in total.

seasonal layers 1 fb

seasonal layers 2

seasonal layers 3

If you love to stamp, our Seasonal Summer Fall Clear Stamp set is the perfect match for the folders, dies and papers.  The art in this group matches all of the Seasonal themes and has 30 stamps plus the acrylic mount. Designs include seashells, pansies, butterflies and bats!  Also, there are sentiments for you to stamp like; “Sending Happy Thoughts”, “Get Well Soon” and “So Grateful for You.”

seasonal stamping 1 fb


seasonal stamps 3 fb

It is not over yet! To go with these lovely stamps, we have a brand new Seasonal Summer Fall pigment ink pad bundle!  These inks have beautiful, rich colors that coordinate with the Seasonal Card Layers and compliment all the cut and emboss folders/ dies.  You’ll get Cranberry, Gold, Navy, Antique Pewter, Spa (blue) and Turtle. If you are paying close attention, you will notice our newest partnership with Colorbox inks. They make the best inks on the market and we are proud to be working with them!

seasonal stamps 3



We know you are excited to win this super, seasonal collection of goodies!  You know what to do!  Comment here on the blog and tell us what is your favorite new product. Just when you thought that we could not do any more…On July 6th we are launching our first ever Mixed Media Kit of stencils, paste, pigments and glitter. We are going to save the details of this special set for Friday’s blog post where we will announce our final winner!






  1. Sherry Carlton says:

    If I have to pick just one, it has to be the cutting dies! I absolutely love everyone you create! Can’t wait to see what you create next!

  2. Bonnie Urick says:

    Love Love the Seashells! I’m a seashell fanatic and can see endless possibilities for these! Can’t wait to see the show!

  3. Mary K. says:

    Forgot to mention that my faves items are the card layers, stamps & inks! It’s impossible to narrow it down to just one! Lol

  4. Mary K. says:

    As always, I’m loving everything “Anna”!!! What an incredible show it’s going to be! Funny how you slipped in that little tidbit at the end of your post. I almost missed it! Now I can’t wait to see Friday’s preview!!! Anna, thanks for all the wonderful things and for the HAPPY you bring us! 🙂

  5. Leanne McNicholas says:

    I am looking forward to using the new stamps. I love that you can use them in every direction. Cant wait to see all of your products in a few days.

  6. Barbara Norfolk says:

    Hi Anna, I don’t know how you can keep coming up with new ideas, but you do and that is so fun, love all the new products and looking forward to your new shows on HSN!!!

  7. Teresa G says:

    I love the seasonal card layers and the stamps and inks!! But, of course, I LOVE ALL of Anna’s items!!!

  8. Carol Johnson says:

    I can’t believe how this week just flew by. I thought today was Thursday and that I had another day to get my name in for the drawing. And so I hope I’m not to late.
    My favorite things from this sneak peak are the Seasonal Embossing Folders and the Dies that we go with them.
    Anna, I’m looking forward to seeing you and all your new products….next week.

  9. Katherine Madewell says:

    I am crazy about those cutting dies and embossing folders. The feathers and the Halloween stuff are lovely and I can’t wait to get them.

  10. Virginia Hart says:

    I want to say my favorite is the Halloween card making and scrapbooking kit but unfortunately I don’t see one. Every year in July you offer your Halloween kit and I order 2 or 3 or as many as I can afford. I am super disappointed and I am hoping when you show your mixed media kit, you also show your Halloween kit. I see you offer some Halloween items in your seasonal kit but it is not the same. I will choose the seasonal dies as my favorite. I did purchase the Halloween dies last year and I love them. Please, please, please come out with a Halloween kit even if you have to show it later in the year. Maybe you can package it in a cool Halloween box just like you do your Christmas kits. I know your followers will love it and you may also get some new followers from a kit like that. People love Halloween and zombies and vampires and goblins and ghosts!!!! Thanks Anna

  11. Theresa W says:

    Yay!!! It’s almost July 6th! I can’t wait! I love the dies most! They are so pretty! Thanks Anna for creating such beautiful products for us!

  12. Jennifer Carroll says:

    Oooh…I love love the stamps…really all of them are awesome, as always 🙂 Thank you

  13. Lu Edwards says:

    Well….I really need all of the new dies. Since there is no chance of winning them I will see you on Craft Day with debit card in hand!!

  14. Sandra Burger says:

    What amazing seasonal colors! Can’t pick just one! The embossing folders & die cuts will make a great addition to my growing Anna collection.

  15. Sue F says:

    So very excited for all of the shows, but I am loving the stamps and new inks!!! The versatility of the seasonal dies, folders, stamps, etc is wonderful.

  16. Sherril Davis says:

    The seasonal embossing folders will be my top pick although all the five items sound great!

  17. Susie B says:

    I love all of your items! If I have to choose, it would be the seasonal card layers – I am always looking for ways to enhance my cards! Of course I’m also a die- hard die cut fan! Thank you Anna for bringing all your beautiful items to HSN!

  18. Linda Callahan says:

    These are the “Cats Pajamas”. Can’t wait to start these. Thanks Anna & Staff

  19. Linda says:

    These are “The Cat’s Pajamas” Oh my, can’t wait to get started. Thsnk you Anna & Staff

  20. Kathi Ormsby says:

    My favorite item is your cute white top!
    Ok this is hard because we love everything you do & I’m truly in awee with your products. I’m a big fan of your DIES! What a tease about the mixed media kit….Also the color box inks. I want/need it ALL:)

  21. elizabeth says:

    These are all lovely – each in their own way. If I must pick one, leaves will always win. Those pigment inks are beautiful as well. They would be fantastic just direct to paper so they could really be appreciated. Thank you for all y’all inspire.

  22. Myra Goddard says:

    Designed to go together I want them all, but choosing just one, it would have to be the dies! I am an avid die addict, but also an avid Anna addict!

  23. Lisa says:

    I cannot wait until next week. Debating whether or not I should call in or not. I feel like I may come down with something and will be unable to go to work. I love all your products.

  24. Patricia Rendina says:

    I think I like the seasonal card layers best. Looking forward to the shows and new products.

  25. Vicki Moffett says:

    My she-shack is almost ready, so I’ll be needing to fill it up with goodies. See you on the 6th

  26. MerlindaTurner says:

    I’ve been so busy volunteering at the library that I forgot to comment on your Sneak Peek #5.

    I am drawn to you die set. Love them!!! I’m still paying for the frame auto ships and flip card auto ships. Let’s see if I can squeeze another shipment come June 6th,

  27. Diane says:

    WOW! I had to keep scrolling down to reply! So much interest and such a variety of comments! I think it has to be the seasonal card layers as a top pick from this post. I am always looking for embellishments and matching cardstock, so this works for me! My birthday gift to myself for a July 5th 61st occasion present just could be that set! Looking forward to the July 6th event as I share with my best, and literally longest, friend’s 61st birthday…we were born hours apart and our backyards connected, so it’s a special two-day time of the year for both of us. Of course, she will receive an Anna Griffin friend embellished card from yours truly!

  28. Laura Fenske says:

    Holy Cats , this is amazing. the complete set of equipment,papers and inks. Absolutely love it. thanks so much. I don’t know how to choose.

  29. Sherri says:

    Anna Empress of Elegance LOVE all the Seasonal and Fall goodies!! My favorite season of the year! I’ve got the embossing folders coming and can’t wait. The new Seasonal Stamps and inks…..really like…..but…..I may go with the layered cards as my favorite because they are soooo fallish….oh yeah forgot I really need those diecuts too. But let’s get real…my budget is limited this time soooo I really wish to be the LUCKY winner to get any of these ANATASTIC goodies!! My 1st and 2nd purchase picks on my wish list are the new Floral Flowers and Gold and Silver Flourishes, really need these. Who knows maybe I’ll find some hidden money lying around by July 6….LOL!! Thanks again for all the “lovely in the making” and excited about the HSN 24 hour craft day!

  30. Carla Joseph says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I want it all!!!! I LOVE all the products from today!!!! Can’t wait for July 6!

  31. Rima says:

    cannot wait for the 6th of July. If I must pick it would be the dies, then the embossing, of course have to have the stamps and the beautiful color box inks! OK, so I cannot choose. I want it all!!

  32. Aurora Riffee says:

    I love crafting and you make it easy for me to make cards. I love the paper layers in the two sizes, and the new dies. You can put a hundred people and give each the same product and you would come up with 100 different cards. That is why I love your products. We can still be unique. Keep up the good work.

  33. Leslie says:

    Fall is my favorite season so I can’t wait to see the new fall items. Would love to buy it all but I got laid off earlier this month so I will only be able to dream. Unless of course I am this weeks winner. Like I said I can dream. But I can still watch and get inspired.

  34. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hey Anna, it’s me again, Debbie Dunn, not sure if this is going to work, I tried to post several times Tuesday but, it didn’t work.
    I love everything as usual !!!
    My very best to you and your team.
    Fondly, Debbie Dunn

  35. Minnie REID says:

    Oh my. How beautiful again, Anna. I’d love to have those dies and the embossing folders as well.

  36. Betty Schmucker says:

    Hello Anna and Friends
    I love it all but I have to say the stamp set is my favorite out of this collection. Also I won a couple weeks ago it is fantastic I cant wait till the 6th. Thanks Anna!

  37. Jane S. says:

    I like the diversity of the diecuts – of course the Halloween is my favorite. Keep the diecuts coming!! Thanks Anna! ♥♥♥

  38. Laura "LA LA" Martinez says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m on AutoShip. I love the papers, the smaller ones matching the larger ones; I see many possibilities. Happy to see you’ve partnered with Color Box. Keep it coming Queen Anna!

  39. Marla says:

    All look so fun, so many interesting seasonal designs, especially like the dies. Looking forwards to the 6th. Can you give us a discount on our purchases on HSN by belong to your blog???

  40. Michelle says:

    The seasonal collection is outstanding and picking one item as my favorite is difficult but I would have to say I love the stamp set. The idea of having a seasonal collection that all works together is beautiful in the making.

  41. Sandy says:

    How can anyone choose just one!? LOL! Maybe between the feathers and the stamps…Anna’s products are the loveliest on the market IMHO.

  42. omv says:

    Hi, Anna!
    We love how you’re taking us through the seasons with all of these wonderful things!

    Looking forward to the 6th!

    p.s. Faves this time = dies and stamps

  43. Virginia Lucas says:

    I don’t think I can pick! These items are so beautiful and work so well together. I don’t know what I am going to do if I can’t have them all!!

  44. Barbara says:

    I agree Merrie! Anna’s papers are always the best. Having the card layers printed on both sides makes color planning a snap! Then the embellishments are icing on the cake…..Luv creating cards that are special for every occasion.

  45. Holly Fictum says:

    The dies look awesome (of course). Anna your dies have become an addiction, I think I may need a support group! Thanks again and please pick ME!

  46. Dianne Laferriere says:

    I love having all the tools and supplies for my projects especially cards. The embossing folders are like icing on a cake and the dies are on my list too. How can a girl resist???

  47. Darlene S says:

    Love the new dies and embossing folders. So happy they include feathers. Can’t wait for the show next week!!

  48. Teresa says:

    I love all of your products but I must have the Seasonal Card Layers. I do love the embossing folder and dies also. I already have my DVR set to record it all. Thanks.

  49. linda R. says:

    Wow!! Anna you and your team have outdone yourselves everything is beautiful. So hard to choose I guess the Halloween stuff because I was born on Halloween and would be fun to create some cool stuff for a party.

  50. Marissia Seals says:

    I’ve already started shopping! I was at a craft store recently comparing your products to your competitors, they don’t come close to the quality. The paper, the dies or anything. One thing I am assured of when I buy a product with Anna Griffin on it, I am going to be happy with it.

  51. Becky Piper says:

    So excited about July 6th I can hardly stand it!!! So many new products to keep my Cuttlebug busy!!! I’m also very excited about the seasonal stamps for Summer/Fall and the new inks! Simply gorgeous!!!

  52. D Hess says:

    So hard to choose just one! But if I have to, I will choose the cut and emboss die set. Anna, I love your products! Every time I make a card using your products, I get “oohs and aahs” followed by thanks! One friend called me, crying, saying it was the most beautiful card she had ever received! So . . . thank you, Anna!!!

  53. BETHANIE says:

    Anna Griffin products are the best. I Love the embossing folders. I especially love the Halloween theme products. Also the spiders and the lovely butterflies. The papers are simply beautiful. You can’t find better anywhere. I Love, Love, Love it all. I can’t wait to make cards with these products and give them to my loved ones. Thank you Anna!

  54. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Woo hoo! Seasonal beauty! My favorite? The seasonal dies, I have the folders on auto ship & missed the last matched set. But oh! I need the stamps, everything with seashells! And the seasonal card layers! You’re just blowing it out of the water! And I love it! Anna, what fun it is to be part of your creativity & all the wonderful people you bring together. Thank you!

  55. Merrie Osborn says:

    I really love all the items and how they all fit together!! I think my favorite is the card layers. I love that they are printed on both sides. It’ll really be nice to have prints and solids that repeat the color plan!!! thanks, Anna!!

  56. karen huscher says:

    oh gosh, i have had a FEVER all day and night and only making cards with my Anna supplies and kits kept me from going to the ER with major asthma attack!

    THANK YOU for all of these latest additions to your wonderful stuff!!! embossing and layering and word die cuts are my most favorite and yes, more for me to play with!!!

  57. Nancy iIverson says:

    Hi Anna
    I ordered the coordinating dies and folders in the auto ships last March. I am so excited about the coordinating paper layers, stamps and inks. My favorite I would live to win is the card layers! Love the fall tones!
    Nancy in Colorado

  58. Melinda Keeley says:

    I love the concept that everything goes together. Typical Anna! She makes us all look so good! Thanks, Anna!

  59. Jennifer H. says:

    Can’t pick a favorite this week- It’ s too hard…I want/love it ALL. I’m gonna be so broke (again) on July 6th but craft happy broke. Fingers crossed that I can win some of these awesome goodies. Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win and for continuing to create such beautiful, must have crafting items! Keep it coming! ^_^

  60. Barbara Decker says:

    I’m building up a collection of your cutting dies so that is my favorite. Of course, all the others are great also!

  61. Mary Alleva says:

    Wow. I love everything and I love how all the products work together.I have been waiting for some new ink colors so I’m going to choose that as my favorite. I have all your inks and they work so beautifully.

  62. Judy says:

    Wow, what wonderful items! I love the dies and embossing folders – so wonderful to make cards special!

  63. Stefanie says:

    I love the ink pad colors. They would go well with so many of the other stamps I have. I love using color on my cards & pages!

  64. HollyG says:

    Hi Miss Anna & Co!

    Hope all is well! I’m counting down the days now…less than 1 week to go before your HSN visit! Can hardly wait!

    Really love the embossing folders and dies..I have a love affair with my Cuttlebug! Lol!

    I would really love to learn the best way to use those fantastic stamps!

    Of course I LOVE anything paper!

    (did you really think I would be able to choose a fav?!)

    See you soon and safe travels to HSN!!!

  65. Sabrina w says:

    Well with me being American Indian you know with out a doubt I going to love the feathers and fall leaves so It is a must have I just love it thanks

  66. Deb K-S says:

    The STAMPS! Except the spider. If I am the lucky winner, would you send that stamp to someone who doesn’t have a spider phobia?!

  67. Denise says:

    ***. How will I pick a favorite? I love your stamps; but I must have your paper and embossing folders. Your post mentions a mixed media kit coming up on 7/6. What time will that item be aired on HSN? I love mixed media!!! I would be honored and delighted to win these items.

  68. Marcia says:

    My husband will not be happy with me on July 6th. I LOVE Colorbox Inks and your die cut card sets so I will start with those. PLEASE don’t sell out till I find them on the HSN website that day.

  69. Joanne S says:

    It’s impossible to name a single favorite. Since they all go together, I must have them all!

  70. Phyllis burke says:

    I just love all the embossing folders and dies. Love the new color inks too. That is so important in stamping. It can make or ruin your project. Got my wish list going.

  71. Christopher C says:

    I love how you put together items that coordinate. Cannot wait to get my hands on them. Love the new ink colors.

  72. Chrissy Oldock Fleischer says:

    I just love the new ink colors and the seasonal cutting dies! I need to add to my small collection for my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug!! Awesome products! So exciting!

  73. Diane Miller says:

    Die cuts, embossing folders, inks… Love it all!! Cant wait to order. Thank you for bringing us such beautiful items.

  74. Carole Lewis says:

    I LOVE the idea of coordinating all elements of making beautiful cards–the ink colors, the papers, the embossing folders, the cut & embossing dies, and stamp sets! I also like the fact that you have created a “smattering” of new holiday items, all rolled into one package–both of these ides make paper crafting and card design so much easier for us. It would be hard to choose only one item as a “favorite,” but if I were to make a choice, it would probably be for the reversible mix-and-match card layers. It sounds like a great idea, and your samples are very lovely. Thank you, Anna (and team) for your newest creations!

  75. Debbie Griffin says:

    Just when I think you can’t top your existing product line-You do! This coordinating holiday set is AMAZING! I want all of them (plus several others from previous sneaks!) If Ihad to pick just one, it would be the embossing folders for sure…..but no way I could stop at just that! Looking forward to your shows on Juky 6th.

  76. Judy Palmer says:

    Every time I think there is nothing left that I want or need, you out do yourself. Love, love, love!!!

  77. Clare Dempsey says:

    Oh, I am so looking forward to this show. Even with all the sneak peaks there is something I see on air that I missed and have to have! I have been scrapping in my Anna Griffin planner this week, adding to the monthly cover pages. Can’t wait to see the coordinating items and how your staff has used them!

  78. LenaNATL says:

    Love this collection! I can’t wait to see it all on HSN!! #AnnaGriffin #Seasonalcrafting

  79. Marcia E. says:

    Love all the new products but really enjoy having additional diecuts. Already have all the shows programmed into the DVR.

  80. Theresa Buckles says:

    Oh my…! How to choose – but since I have to …my favorite it the papers, followed by the inks……and then followed by all the rest of everything. Have big plans to park myself in front of the TV so I don’t miss a single second of you – Anna Griffin -on July 6th!

  81. Delia says:

    Oh my Goodness! It will have to be the paper layers, the stamps and then ink! I’m on autoship so I think I am set. Waiting, waiting, waiting…. … …

  82. Jan Martin says:

    I love everything with feathers! The card layers are a must have. Can’t wait till the 6th.

  83. Karen Fabian says:

    Today’s items perfectly exemplifies “doing things the Anna way” and why so many crafter, especially me, love her. I would really love to win all of these items and am having a hard time picking a favorite. Whoever does wins this will be a very lucky and an hysterically happy crafter.
    I love my golden cuttlebug so I would normally pick the beautiful embossing folders or dies however if I was tied down and had to pick just one thing it would be the Card Layers this time since the palette seems amazingly beautiful. Good luck everyone but especially me.

  84. Cheryl says:

    I am so excited to try the embossing folders and die cut set. I love how Anna has coordinated all the items this week to work so well together. Another thank you for a beautiful variety of tools to create with!

  85. Jackie Bjornstad-Young says:

    Everything is beautiful so I’d be blessed to win any of it! Love them all and everything you do! 🙂

  86. Yvette says:

    Everything looks awesome! But if I had to choose it would be the dies. Anna’s products are spectacular!

  87. stampnk says:

    Oh, I want everything of course, but those seasonal embossing folders are my favorite! I don’t have anything for Fall, and that’s the season I like the most! So many beautiful options make this new release fabulous!

  88. Lara Snider says:

    I am so happy to see the new inks! I love stamping, and now I will have coordinating inks! I am really excited about the folders, I love embossing folders and dies. You are wonderful!

  89. Jayne Evans says:

    I’ve got to have those new stamps! The dies would be great, too! I have a wish list a mile long, now!!!!

  90. Terie Storar says:

    Oh my goodness! Anna you have outdone yourself again. I can’t wait to work with these amazing seasonal products. I’m sure my cards will.be elevated to greater beauty.

  91. Ines says:

    Love it all and it is hard to pick just one. The embossing and dies and ink are great. I have kids come to my house once a week to do cards and they love using the embossing folders and dies. The come up with some really great ideas.

  92. Judy Pittman says:

    The embossing folders and dies are terrific. I’m counting down to July 6. Good Luck on the show. Needless to say, they will all be a sell-out.

  93. darilyn ziegler says:

    My favorite are the fall dyes as I now need to get ready for that season!

    Thanks again and again for all you do!

  94. Norah McPhee says:

    Good evening Anna,
    Now i found you purely by chance tonight as i have been hunting for you and your products on QVC where i always bought your great kits as although i am just literally turned 50 a few days ago i love your take on crafting, it reminds me of the very old scraps that i used to put into my scrapbook as a child before i had ever heard of “scrapbooking” that gets done nowadays. As a child my mother would take us on nature walks up Swan’s water and the long line which are at Whins of Milton next door to Bannockburn in Scotland. She used to teach us all about the various trees and the plants so my favourite items would have to be your leave dies and your leaf embossing folder. I live in a beautiful part of the world in central Scotland but your beautiful crafts let us bring that beauty inside to enjoy when perhaps our weather isn’t so lovely. I hope you have a great opening night showing off all your lovely new items and thank goodness someone else likes things to match as much as i do. Have fun and good luck to all your entrants.
    crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village, Central Scotland)

  95. Tina Michael says:

    Hi Anna,

    Everything is so beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favorite but it would have to be the dies.

  96. Christy Woody says:

    *** Anna, I love and want it all!!! Love all of your products!!! You are so AWESOME Anna!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  97. Sharon Jones says:

    I love it all and want it all. My favorites are the dies and matching embossing folders.

  98. Chris Steller says:

    Once again- you hit it out of the park! So inspired and always amazed when I see your new products!

  99. Suzanne says:

    Anna, you have done it again. Love the new items you are bringing to HSN. I have to love the new seasonal card layers. Thank you for the chance to win these 5 new products.

  100. Carmen Miller says:

    I ❤️ The Seasonal Summer Fall Cut & Emboss Set and the Colorbox pigment ink pad bundle.

  101. Carolyn says:

    Oh No! How to pick a favorite when I love all of the Fall Seasonal items! I guess if I have to choose, I think I am pulled more to the embossing folders and seasonal dies. Can’t wait for the July 6th crafting show! Thank you Anna for bringing us so many beautiful crafting items.

  102. Andria K. says:

    How am I supposed to pick ONE from a coordinated line?! Love them all, am so glad that I’m on the West Coast so the shows air 3 hours earlier here! 😉

  103. Penny Bolton says:

    I just love all the items. Especially the dies and the ink colors. So pretty. Can’t wait to see you on HSN.

  104. Kaye Lystad Kirk says:

    I am loving everything, and I’ll be getting the Seasonal Embossing Folders & Dies with my autoship program. But I am SO going to jump on those double-sided card layers!! Those are marvelous!

  105. Juliann Turner says:

    As usual, all your items are the best, but then you ask for our favorite! That’s like asking which child is your favorite! But since I must choose, I think it’s the stamps again and the ink too to go with them!

    Thanks for thinking up all these yummy offerings!!

  106. Inez Swinehart says:

    They are ALL my favorite! I can’t pick just one. I do scrapbooking & card-making. DVR IS ALREADY SET!

  107. Pat Leon says:

    Wow! Just in case someone is new to your product line I wanted to say that your dies never disappoint- they’re amazing. You will not go wrong in buying them. Such detail – love the new ones. The dies are always my favorite.

  108. Eve Yeung says:

    Everything is so pretty! I think my favorite item is the seasonal card layers, will definitely be getting these!

  109. Lucy Armitage says:

    I’m really liking the seasonal card layers & the new ink pads. See you in on week on HSN!

  110. Darlene says:

    Just love all of your things Anna! They are all so beautiful. Really like the first set of folders and dies.Will be watching on the 6th.

  111. Bette Sines says:

    I really love the seasonal card layers, and the new inks look really cool. I’m getting more excited every day for the July 6 HSN Anna Griffin shows. The anticipation is almost too much! It would be so fun to win something sometime!

  112. Ara Wisnoski says:

    Love them all! I especially love the dies and embossing folders. Can’t wait to start creating with them!

  113. Trudy Faris says:

    Well, again, I want it all. I love the die cuts and have so many now, but missed out on the AS last time on the embossing folders so will definitely be ordering them. Love the card kits and the ink pads are gorgeous colors for fall.

    Anxiously waiting for the 6th. Am sure I am going to be sick so I can stay home from work. I don’t want to miss out on anything!


  114. Jeanette Elliott says:

    Love them all! But especially would like to win the ink pads and the dies! Love watching you on HSN! Thank you for all you do!

  115. Darla L. says:

    I can’t pick just one favorite. I want one of everything. Very excited for the shows next week!!!

  116. Jan Cole says:

    So many nice things to look forward to…
    and I really like the stamps and inks…
    it is hard to pick just one item!!!

  117. Susie Lite says:

    Love the card layers, stamps and ink pads. They are going to coordinate so beautifully with all the Anna products I already own. Have the day off for craft day, so I can stay up late take a snooze and watch you inspire us all day!!!

  118. Linda Norrington says:

    *** it just gets better and better. Love the stamps and dies. Hope they don’t run out before I get on.

  119. Karen says:

    Love the seasonal card layers, the stamps and inks Already have the embossing folders and dies.

  120. Debra Spencer says:

    Hi Anna,

    As usual you leave my mouth watering and wanting it ALL. I am on AS but always excited for your products. I have sooooooooooo much Anna in my craft/sewing room I’m running out of organized space… BUT IT’S SO MUCH FUN. I can’t wait till July 6, wish it was July 5 because I work home on Tuesday’s. LOL

    Have a SAFE & happy 4th of July.
    Thanks, Debra

  121. Paula Puckett says:

    As usual, I love it all. But, I want the dies the most. The stamps would be cool too! Can’t wait for July 6th!

  122. Mariel Jones says:

    WOW! Love all of it but my fave are the Card Layers, Rubber Stamps and Pigment Ink Pads mix and match. I love those pigment ink as I have a lot of those and I love using it as compared to other pigment ink in the market. I have been waiting for new sets of colors for that. YaY, how I wish I could have these sets for FREE!

  123. Cynthia perez says:

    My favorite item is a tie – love the papers and love the stamps and inks! Excited for the show!

  124. Mary Ann says:

    I just love Halloween! Can not wait to see the paper in this show. Love the samples above of how I can do Halloween cards this year!

    Thank you so much!

  125. Deborah Parish says:

    There is NO WAY to choose one item…..as always everything you have is gorgeous….so I would have to pick….ALL !!!!

  126. Linda Bohannon says:

    Wow Hard to choose but excited for the seasons. I already got the Spring [sadly not auto-ship 🙁 ] but love the Sea Shells n Stamps / Inks… July 6th is going to be hard to keep up with -but can’t wait. Oh my that’s one week away. Time for a count down!

  127. Joan Ferner says:

    If I have to choose one thing it would be the dies and the embossing folders. Thank you for the chance to win.

  128. RAMONA MYRAH says:

    What a fantastic package. I enjoy Fall and this is certainly an inspiration to start making those cards before the busy season starts. Love, love, love the set.

  129. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    Love the seasonal theme to these products. My favorites are the embossing folders and dies.

  130. Kathy Gillespie says:

    Choose just one?? Right. This minute I’ll choose the embossing folder. Check with me in 5 minutes……

  131. Sheri Lesh says:

    My favorite out of this group is ALL of it! This group fits together well and is wonderful. Thanks for all your great products. This would be wonderful to win!

  132. Linda says:

    What to chose? Love the dies and the beautiful paper layers. Can’t wait to see them on air.

  133. Jaelynn Haws says:

    I love the dies! But I also love the embossing folders, oh wait, and the stamps! Can’t wait!

  134. M Meyers says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one favorite. The dies however are at the top of my list. I adore all the AG dies. I can’t wait until July 6.

  135. Denice says:

    love the embossing folders but love the cutting dies the most but love the layers and the color box inks too. How difficult it is to just choose any over the other. Ha Ha … So so beautiful. So looking forward to July the 6th. See you there. God bless…Denice

  136. Sally Bartlett says:

    The die cuts…the star immediately won my heart. I’ll call it the “TEXAS” star. The leaf and feather dies are winners too. July 6th here we come!!!

  137. Lynda says:

    Love the sea shells!! How detail they are-just like real . Great job. then to have stamps,die cuts,embossing all for the season. Like that you put it out before the time you need them. You can get ready for that time of the year and not wait until you need them. Love Love that!!!

  138. Julie says:

    Hi Anna, All the products are great! I would choose the inks as my favorite the fall colors are beautiful.

  139. Vickie Britton says:

    I’m so excited for Anna’s upcoming shows on hsn. I love the seasonal stamps and the new colors of ink. Her products are so beautiful, I wish I could have them all.

  140. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    I can’t wait for the 6th. Love the new embossing folders and dies, stamps too. I will be waiting for your shopping list next Tuesday. It helps me decide what I can buy and still stay in my budget. I like to call HSN right at midnight to make absolutely certain I don’t miss out on something I know will make me very happy. Bye for now. See you on the 6th.

  141. Heidi Sullivan says:

    Anna, I am so in love with the folders and dies, I can hardly wait to receive them. Keep the products coming. Thank you!

  142. Diane Marie says:

    If I had to pick just one, and I probably will have to on my budget! Lol. It would be the stamps. They are lovely. But I just love the entire set. Anna what a wonderful job you and your team has done on these products! They are gorgeous!

  143. Susan says:

    Anna, I love that all the new seasonal products (embossing folders, dies, card layers, stamps and inks) mix and match with one another! How clever! How versatile! How lovely!

  144. Angie Ordinario says:

    ***! I want and need them all. I am going to be in so much trouble shopping all Anna Griffin. It get better and better each time you create new stuff. Seasonal items are awesome ideas.

  145. Karen Cummings says:

    Oh Anna, Everything is Beautiful and Amazing! I Love it all! I can’t choose just one that I love the most. I Love it all! I can’t wait to see more of this when you are on HSN.

  146. Susan says:

    I love them all, so hard to pick. I love the die cuts, embossing folders, and the clear stamps,. Those are my three choices. I probably won’t be able to watch the show, I’ll be camping & helping with Vacation Bible School at a Campground and anything on TV is hard to get. Not a good reception there.

  147. Jeri Johnson says:

    Thank you, Anna and staff. I don’t know how you do it! Looking forward to July 6. Taking the day off from our furniture business to watch. Maybe I can watch and craft some smalls to sell. You will inspire me to try new things a day get the customers excited. My favorite are the stamps and inks. They allow so much personalization. See you Wednesday.

  148. Maureen Michalski says:

    The dies are beautiful.l Are they the ones going out on seasonal auto ship this
    I love it all, there goes my budget this month?

  149. Jonie Isenberg says:

    Well Anna, you jut hit the nail on the head. All of my favorite things. I have my ears laid back and am holding my mouth right just like you’re Daddy says. And you know that this NC girl knows all the Marshville, Wingate, Monroe, and Wadesboro ways of the proper way to hold my mouth. This group has to be mine or I’m telling your Daddy!!

  150. Betty Andrews says:

    Since everything goes together, I love it all. These are fantastic and what more could you need since they cover most of the year.Can’t wait until the 6th. I would love love love to win these.

  151. carol hayden says:

    My fav is the dies…BUT it was very hard to pick…I think you have the BEST products for card making….:))

  152. Gail S. says:

    I lost the embossing folders and the cut and emboss die sets the most, but I love everything. I’m counting the days!!

  153. Brenda Zimmerman says:

    I especially love your clear stamps. And of course your die set. Who doesn’t love your embossing folders? I think… Nobody! Wow. To get ANY of these items would be to die for, but all of them? Simply heavenly, I say!

  154. L. Lynn Lane says:

    My favorite is the dies. While I like my Cricut, I enjoy the ease of using dies. We need more! lol

  155. shartl says:

    Wow, everything is so wonderful and I love the Fall themes! My favorites are the stamps and embossing folders but I also can’t stop oohing and aahing over the dies and card layers! Thanks so much for the chance to win and for designing so many beautiful products for us Anna!

  156. Patti Garcia says:

    My favorite this week is the dies no wait papers no wait inks oh I just love them all.

  157. Sue Lutz says:

    Whew is Right! Those new ink pads with the lovely colors are begging to be taken home Anna, along with all else! Fabulicious.

  158. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Like everyone I like all your picks for this week. But, the stamps have to be my top pick if I have to choose.

  159. Barbara Zak says:

    Looking forward to the show in July. Can’t wait to see them demonstrated. Good Luck to all, including me! LOL

  160. Sue G. says:

    Hi Anna,
    All your products are awesome. I love the stamp and ink set you are offering this time . I’m on auto ship for both the folders and dies. The last set I received were very nice so I’m confident that I will like this new set just as much. Looking forward to receiving them!

  161. Bonnie Cole says:

    I love that all the products coordinate! Beautiful, just so lovely. I can’t wait to see you on HSN on the 6th!

  162. Shellie Fontana says:

    Wow, Anna, ALWAYS WOW! I have enjoyed my Spring Embossing folders from March AUTO-SHIP, so am expecting BEAUTIFUL things with the Fall Summer set. And, because I love, Love, LOVE my Golden Cuttlebug, I just know I’d LOVE the Fall Summer Emboss Dies you’ve shown today. My FAVORITE thing is that you’re offering SEASONAL theme sets for diecutting, embossing, and stamping–WAY TO GO, keeping all of us ‘at the ready, with the perfect sentiment’ whatever the occasion! You are a style and design SUPERSTAR, Anna…making us ROCK, TOO! Looking forward to seeing you July 6 on HSN…I won’t mind if you pick me to win this week, as well! (((HUGS))) from Texas~

  163. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The coordination of the colors, dies, and inks for autumn sings to my heart. I love the rusts and greens. Fall flies by so it’s good to use the leisure of summer to prepare for all the fall décor. Thanks for your help.

  164. Elneeta Mansfield says:

    Excited about all the items but I think if limited to picking just one it would have to be the stamps.

  165. Dawn Coleman says:

    Sorry! Wanted to make sure you had my full name so you when you pick the winner, you’ll know who I am!

  166. Dawn says:

    Ok, so I am reaaallly going to be broke come July 6th! Thank you Anna for more great product. I have to say, having a complete package of your seasonal items will be awesome! If I had to pick one (I don’t have to, do I?) I’ll choose the seasonal dies! I’m now officially an Anna Griffin die collector and I look for them everywhere!

  167. Deborah Martelli says:

    Love everything! Especially the card layers and the colors of the new stamp pads. Can’t wait to start my fall crafting!

  168. Chris McDonald says:

    I absolutely love it all, but since you said to tell you which one, it has to be the embossing folders. Or is it the dies, lol. Maybe the ink set. lol Maybe I am getting really really broke just listing everything I want

  169. Jessica McDevitt says:

    I love everything in this preview! But if I have to pick my 2 favorites it will have to be the new ink pads and the new clear stamps…. I love stamping and these are just what I have been looking for! Cannot wait till the 6th!!!!

  170. SarahN says:

    Wow!! I love them all! The flowers that are in the stamp kit caught my eye the most though. And what made this post even more exciting is the fact that you’re going to be bringing glitter to us soon. Ahhh!!! I can’t wait!!!

  171. Deana Johansen says:

    I’ve always been a stamper first and foremost, and I LOVE the beach and the Fall, so your stamps, embossing folders and dies that match are my choices. Also, July 6th is my birthday, so this would be an especially super present if I were to win. Love everything I have of yours!!

  172. Vicki Colston says:

    Love it all, as usual! Haven’t tried your inks yet, though, so would love to win those! Thanks so much!

  173. Kathleen Sinnamon says:

    Everything is so wonderful! Would love to win! If I have to pick one it would be the embossing folders, and the card stock next. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win

  174. Gaylene says:

    Oh my goodness. I love all these that go together. I would love to be the winner this week but even if I’m not, they will be coming to my house. For sure, for sure. Can’t wait till the 6th.

  175. Stephanie says:

    Very hard to pick just one but I would start with the folders then the papers and just move on the dies. Just a big WOW!

  176. ISABELLE says:

    Can hardly wait to get the stamps and of course I will need the stamp pads to go with them. Is it July 6th yet?

  177. barbara c/koalabc says:

    Way to have us Anna, in this happy crafting moment to be wishing and Wow-ing Us!! Great looking and fun products with your great giveaway!

  178. Christina Rugg says:

    I don’t think I can pick just one, I love them all. It’s my birthday at the end of July, so it would be nice to get them all for my birthday. Good luck to everyone!

  179. Mary Beth Gallaher says:

    I am so excited! Just one week to go! My favorite of this week would probably be which ever one I was currently using! They are all great.

  180. Deborah Holman says:

    HOLY ACORNS ANNA! I am “falling” for the new papers, stamps and ink colors. Those inks are just yummy! Can’t wait to play with them!

  181. Judy Gunsaulis says:

    I love them all, but I like the dies the best. I can think of several uses for that star!

  182. judy Pete says:

    everything gets better just when I think I need no more you create something I would love to have or need lol

  183. Jane says:

    Everything looks amazing but my favorite is the set of card layers. It looks like there is so much variety there to make many different cards. Can’t wait!

  184. Deena Canup says:

    It’s got to be the ink pads this time around!! The colors are luscious. I can’t wait to stamp with those. Of course, I can’t go without a shout out for the embossing folders and dies as well. I just want it all!

  185. Jill Wilson says:

    Anna Anna Anna— you rock! Lovvvvveeeee all of this weeks sneak peek items!!!!!! As of now I believe I have a 1 in 902 chance of being a lucky winner. I can’t decide my fav but the die cuts look totally fun! Thx You got all you do for us scrapers!

  186. Nereida Paris says:

    I would love to own the cutting dies. I like the layering affect that can be created with them. Looking forward to July 6th!

  187. Janie May says:

    Would love to get the stamps to go along with my embossing folders and cutting dies( auto ship )! But if I get the stamps, I would have to get the inks too! Wish I could be home to watch it live……

  188. Barbara Kingman says:

    Really need some new ink pads and I love the colours. The dies and folders are great but the spiders need to stay down south somewhere.

  189. Sue Lawson says:

    Embossing folders and dies? Yes please!Always a favorite! Always excited to see what new dies are coming out.

  190. Julie Hammer says:

    All the items give limitless creativity, so it’s hard to choose. I think if I could only pick one it would be the inks.

  191. Paula Jackson says:

    I love all your dies and these seasonal ones are my favorite this week. On a side note, I would LOVE it if you put together a collection of your birds, leaves, flourishes, butterflies, etc. PLEASE!!!!!!

  192. Debra Chavez says:

    I can’t wait to see how the double-sided papers work with the embossing folders and dies.

  193. Debra Chavez says:

    I can’t wait to see how the double-sided papers work with the embossing folders and dies.

  194. Debra Chavez says:

    I love the embossing folders and dies, but I also have to get the stamps and new inks. It’s so hard to decide!!

  195. Pamela says:

    Anna-you never make these easy – everything is so beautiful. Just when I had myself talked into being “good” – oh my I think I’m getting very, very weak. Be still my heart!

  196. joann benford says:

    Oh Anna
    It is so hard to decide . Love it all ! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.. Everything is so beautiful and color coordinated. SIGH!!!!

  197. Rina de Guzman says:

    Hi Anna! Love all the new products. My favorite are the Seasonal dies. Love the feathers and the leaves. Just perfect for summer and fall paper crafting. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope I win this time,

  198. Rosalinda Garcia says:

    Love all your items! If I have to choose its the dies and folders. Like it that it’s seasonal.

  199. Clarissa Miller says:

    I love the clear stamps. I am not very good with stamping and having this set will definitely help to improve my skills with stamping.

  200. Sharon Kelley says:

    I love all five, but my favorite is the seasonal stamp set. I can’t wait to use the stamps on my cards. Whether I just stamp with them, use heat embossing or use my Minc to foil them, I’m sure they’ll be fabulous!

  201. Linda Daum says:

    Everything is just fabulous but if I had to choose it would be the stamp set with the stamp pads to go with. Looking forward to the 6th.

  202. Jane Bill says:

    Love the embossing folders…..along with all of the other items! Love how everything matches. Great idea!

  203. Cheryl Crites says:

    I will have to gets the seasonal stamps and inks since I have the seasonal autoship. You think of everything–I must say!

  204. Connie L. Dake says:

    I LOVE all of these items!!! It would be impossible to pick just one of them as a favorite!!! There is something for everyone and for so many cards to be made or scrapebook pages. I already have ideas in my head for using the stamps and everything else!!

  205. Sharon Weinreb says:

    Seasonal crafting is just what the doctor ordered! I would love, love, love to win all these amazing products because it would keep me busy and take my mind off the heat we’re experiencing. I’m ready for some fun!

  206. sue t says:

    You hit a home run with me, Anna! You picked the autumnal colors and all that go with my favorite time of the year! How can I pick just one thing?? After thinking on it most of the day, I am picking the card layers, double sided card stock is a hit with me.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  207. Jackie says:

    Anna, I love the entire collection. My favorite is the new cutting dies. Looks like a great set of shows coming next week!

  208. Kristine says:

    Everything is beautiful. Love the dies & embossing folders. They are wonderful. The card layers is really nice. Thank you so much. It’s all wonderful!!

  209. Mary Jane Mason says:

    Seriously, how can I possibly choose a favorite? It’s ALL amazing! Can’t wait for next Wednesday!

  210. Chloe Garden says:

    The seasonal collection is genius. I love the new ink colors…gorgeous. My favorite item is the embossing folders or maybe the card stock…hard to decide.

  211. Heather Wunderlin says:

    I always get so excited when you have new stuff for HSN. It’s hard to choose but I would say it’s between the dies and embossing folders!!!

  212. Terri B. says:

    So hard to choose just one…but my favorite has to be the stamp set. I love those sea shells, and we live by the ocean! Thanks for this opportunity, Anna!

  213. Maggie says:

    They are all so beautiful but if I have to pick I picked The new ink colors, they are just the most gorgeous colors thank you so much

  214. Debra J Lovell says:

    I Love the Dies and embossing folders… You keep on Blowing my Mind with such beautiful dies. Thank you Anna… I Love your style…

  215. Connie says:

    I love it all, but can’t resist your embossing folders! Can’t wait for the 6th! Thank you for all your beautiful products!

  216. Donna says:

    Dies, embossing folders, dies, embossing folders, dies. embossing folders……I can’t decide….it’s a tie! And better yet they go together!

  217. Karen says:

    I love the entire matching seasonal suite idea, and all of the parts. That chrysanthemum embossing folder, alone, is worth the price of admission, as far as I am concerned. I can’t wait to use that beauty!

  218. Susan Little says:

    Oh Anna! After each visit I think to myself, “I don’t need anymore until I use up what I have”. This July 6th visit is going to break the bank! What amazing new items you have coming and I need them all!

    All the feather items are speaking to me, but if I must pick one, it would be the stamps.

  219. LC Young says:

    Love it all 🙂 I already have the Seasonal Dies on AS. BUT, if I had to pick, the Seasonal Concentric Layers look so awesome…since they are DOUBLE SIDED >^.^^.^^.^<

  220. Janice Smith says:

    Oh my! SO hard to pick just one!! I especially liked the embossing folders and the dies! I love fall and don’t have any items for that season.

  221. Beverly Jordan says:

    Thank you for coming out with this fabulous Mixed Media kit. Love the Seasonal Summer Fall Clear Stamp set especially that matches the embossing folders. Great new products!

  222. Deb K. says:

    Definetly you saved the best for last. I llove that everything goes together. The paper is beautiful. Looking forward to July 6th.

  223. Bonita N says:

    I am speechless, You just just get better every month. Just like a fine wine. Thank you for all your team members and you for all your hard work, and working so hard to bring it to us time after time. I am never disappointed. Thank you

  224. Roxanne Henderson says:

    I love that your show & products will kick off my Christmas in July celebration and I can be Santa to me because I’ve been a good girl all year long! Love them all!

  225. Karen DiClemente says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna!!! I may go broke with all the great products that are coming next week! As with other before me, I think the dies have it!

  226. Janie Crawford says:

    Love, love, love all the coordinated seasonal items!!! July 6th is going to be a great crafting day!

  227. Lois says:

    This is crazy…. How can I pick out just one favorite…. They all are my favorites! Every time you come on it is truly Unbelievable!!!!

  228. Penny K. says:

    WOWZA! I was pretty sane until this presentation! I love the .coordination of all the seasonal products and feel a “buying flu” coming on….The incubation period is just about 8 days which means it should be full blown by next Wednesday!! There appears to be no effective vaccine to prevent the onset…..(I have a feeling that it may be of epidemic proportion!)

  229. SHELLEE says:

    Have to say that I am really looking forward to the dies and folders! Next up is the ink pads—the colors are great.

  230. Margaret says:

    I absolutely love. love all of your stuff!! I don’t think I could pick just one thing that’s my favorite! 🙂

    I do absolutely love, though, that you do things for the A7 cards!

  231. Karen Stout says:

    Oh my, I want it all. While I love everything, I was taken aback by the beautiful patterns of the layers cardstock. Can’t wait for next week!

  232. Maricruz Diffey says:


    My favorite item in this sneak peek of your things Anna, are the seasonal dies set! I have all your die sets and they just keep getting better and better. Thank you so much for he sneak peeks and the enthusiasm you create by creating them showing us how to make beautiful crafts to share with others! Can’t wait to see you on HSN – again LOL!!

  233. Janet says:

    I think my favorite is the seasonal embossing folders. Kicking myself for not doing the auto ship! and I love the Seasonal Card layers! Perfect to play with the embossing folders. Next… the die cuts. I LOVE die cuts!!! I am hoping the Anna will offer the 12″ Cuttlebug Magnetic Plate. I bought the 12″ dies this week and I , again, regret not getting them when the magnetic mat was available. So … Anna … I hope you pick ME!!! Can’t wait until next week.

  234. Virginia says:

    Mi favorite son las estampas . son muy bellas y como son estampas tambien son versatiles. Las puedo utilizer por anos sin preocuparme de que se acaben. ademas las puedo usar en diferentes proyectos desde la tarjetas hasta el boletin de la escuela.. Gracias de antemano.

  235. Mabel says:

    Everything is beautiful but my favorites are definitely the seasonal stamps and love the new ink pad colors!

  236. PR says:

    I love the coordinating “system.” Since I am on autoship for the folders, I love the dies especially the leaves. I am also excited about the inks. I would like to see a burnt orange ink to be able to use during autumn. I know other people love Halloween and the spiders, webs, etc., but I would love to see an acorn and pumpkin (without a face) die and other autumnal items without any Halloween included. I can’t wait until July 6.

  237. Ruth says:

    Oh my! They are all so wonderful – I don’t think I can pick one. My head is spinning with ideas for cards!

  238. Denise Rogers says:

    I Love embossing folders so I’m most excited about those and I love the different look you can achieve with them. I also love that you now have ink pads to match the collections. I love all your products, which makes it difficult to choose a favorite:)

  239. Michelle says:

    I love the new embossing folders and stamps They look incredible! Can’t wait for July 6th

  240. GiGi says:

    Wow, Anna!! I love everything – I want them all!! Really excited about the upcoming HSN show on July 6. You’re soooo talented!!

  241. SusanJoe says:

    The die cuts look fabulous. Love the versatility of the paper card stock. Stamp sets are great. So hard to choose. Glad I have a chance to post. Good luck ladies.

  242. Debbie from Nebraska says:

    So excited! Embossing Folders, Cutting Dies with 5 words & 5 icons, Card Layer Sets that all coordinates, 32 Seasonal Stamps & Ink Pads from Color Box that coordinate with everything…I always think you can’t outdo yourself & then you just come on & blow me away with new ideas!!!! Can’t wait for the 6th!!!

  243. Linda O'Connor says:

    NO way to pick a favorite but if I had to it would be the cutting dies and folders and then the stamps and ink!!

    Can’t wait for next WED!!

  244. Linda H says:

    I really like the new embossing folders. I also like the cardstock layers and the ink colors which are so perfectly coordinated. Since I can’t make up my mind you’ll just have to choose my name and I can decide which one I like best when they arrive at my door!!!

  245. Jennifer Mills says:

    So excited for the 6th Anna! Love everything of course, but those card layers are brilliant! Just when I think i couldn’t possibly “need” more of you papers…LOL. Thanks so much for all you do!

  246. Linda Drummond says:

    This time I really can’t pick one so I will pick the whole as a seasonal pack. It is the only fair way to do it as they all go together!! Love them all!

  247. Maureen Michalski says:

    Everything is just so beautiful and coordinated/. Love the summer & fall dies/ Keep up the super dies,and folders.. thank you Maureen

  248. Elane H says:

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic love them all but my favorite is the dies and embossing folders.

  249. Betty Jackson says:

    Everything is just beautiful, especially like the coordinating card layers. Looking forward to the show on July 6th.

  250. Karen Forte says:

    I keep hoping and praying, after all I have bought from Anna, and HSN, that I would win just one item, and I would be sooo happy. 15 years and counting, waiting for next week.Just ordered the flower embellishments this morning, and waiting so patiently for the new Charlotte Collection. Wishing and hoping. ❤️

  251. Teresa says:

    Hello Anna and staff, I choose 2, the dies and the card layers, however, I adore everything.

  252. ROBINA FELKER says:

    One word (ALL)
    But if I have to pick just one I like the card layers. Easy match ups.

  253. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    It’s impossible to pick just one of the products! So glad I’m already on autoship for the folders and dies. I want it all! I love that everything coordinates. It is so much fun to create with your products! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  254. Tanya Patten says:

    I absolutely love that all of the products mix & match. Everything is coordinated and it takes a lot of the guess work out of it but let’s me just create. Can’t wait for July 6th, so excited.

  255. Yvonne Walker says:

    I love how all the products match, but my most favorite is your ink pads. I have other sets and they are the best. Thanks for coming up with more new ideas.

  256. Mary Lozano says:

    I love them all, but if I had to chose, it would be the embossing folder and borders Can’t wait till the 6th.

  257. Elaine Plant says:

    I love the fact that all the items listed this week are seasonal and go together so beautifully! My favorite was the dies and embossing folders. Thank you! Elaine

  258. Kathi Sanders says:

    The seasonal summer fall embossing folders and dies are beautiful! Can’t wait to receive them.

  259. caroline hill says:

    Hi Anna, love the concentric layers. you always make our crafting easier. Love the shirt you have on also in the video. the inks also. OFF TO MAKE SOME CARDS . HAVE A GREAT DAY SEE YOU ON HSN THE 6TH

  260. Pamela Doroshuk says:

    I love matching & coordinating things (called “Match-itis” by my Brother-in-law)! This whole set is just perfect. I especially like the Card Layers, but it is soooo hard to choose one! The dies are to die for, & the inks make a permanent impression on me. Love the themes and colors!

  261. Suzanne Belanger says:

    Love the card layers. I am always trying to figure out what looks great together. You make it so easy now. Can’t wait to get them. See u next month.

  262. Lori Hable says:

    I absolutely LOVE this entire collection!!! But if I had to pick I would have to pick the stamps. Your stamps are such great quality and these images are gorgeous!

  263. DIANE APT says:

    My favorite is the embossing folders and dies. I’d like to see more of seasonal papers. I’m sure they are just outstanding.

  264. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Ohhhhhh myyyyyy, there is no way to pick ONLY ONE item, just can’t happen!! 😀

    I’ve always loved your fall/Halloween products, the designs and colors are wonderful and together all these products will help me make cards that my friends and relatives will -once again- enjoy and save, some of them frame my cards. One Aunt who lives in a retirement community puts them on her door as her seasonal decoration. Lots of pressure, but love making them and thanks for helping us make it so easy!
    Will be there to watch you on HSN and order the dies, folders and papers. Love them all!!

  265. D Ann Adams says:

    I am on autoship with the spring embossing folders so my next pick would be the Cardstock layers..

  266. Patricia Perkins says:

    Hi Anna, just love the seasonal embossing folders and the new die cuts. My list is so long can not wait for July 6, to come see you then.

  267. Melinda Hart says:

    I was just commenting on HSNs survey that I wish you brought more seasonal products fir Fall Winter and my all time fave Halloween!

    Can’t wait!

  268. Gayle K. says:

    Can’t pick one since they all go together and it is all so well coordinated. It all looks so beautiful together.

  269. Theresa Chenery says:

    Can’t wait until the 6th!! I really like the Seasonal Summer Fall Embossing Folders.

  270. Yadyra Marrero says:

    I don’t want to choose but I will anyway…my most favorite would be the cardstock. AGAIN I’m keeping my fingers crossed and maybe I can be a winner…surely would be a dream come true. THANKS ANNA♡

  271. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Love them at all, have to scrape the bottom of the piggy bank to see if I can scrape up enough money to get them all! Anna you are amazing!!

  272. Annette J says:

    LOVING the Halloween cards and the bright orange. Can’t wait for next Wed. to see all the fantastic products AND Anna!!!!

  273. Cheryl Clark says:

    Well….I’d like all of them! I think I’d especially like the cutting dies though, lately it seems to be something I just can’t get enough of. Thanks for more great products Anna!

  274. Marta V. says:

    Oh my! I think I am on autoship. I will have to check. I usually purchase your products on autoship so I don’t miss out. I am really excited for the ink pads.

  275. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    Everything Anna. I like everything! Seasonal summer fall embossing folders and dies are my favorite!!!! Then the paper layers and then the stamp pads!!! Thank you.

  276. Gudrun Reppen says:

    This my first time ever to respond to a blog. Seeing all the new and beautiful products just inspired me to respond. I love all the new things but especially the beach/nautical stamps and embossing folders! I live in Florida so of course, I have hundreds of beach pictures and these products would be a welcome addition!

  277. Dottie Butler says:

    Oh — pick just one??? I want them all!!! My #1 item are the dies.
    Well it’s my birthday on 7/7 — I’ll be 77 — I’d be the happiest Anna groupie in the world if you pick me!!
    If I do not win I’ll put items on “My Birthday Wish List” as hints to my family.
    I’ve already scheduled the DVR for all your shows on HSN. Last weekend I watched several shows from your May appearance — they inspire me. In fact I have recordings of all your HSN appearances since 2010.

  278. Joann galla says:

    I love everything but I pick the emboss/die set as my favorite pick. Wow! I love how it all coordinates

  279. Shari Shafii says:

    Happy shopping?!! I know I am!! Seashells are one of my FAVORITE things and I see they are here in the folders this week. Yay ME!! The folders, card stock and ink pads are my fave this time. That’s what I will be shopping for. Good luck and have a blessed time all my fellow crafters!! Fingers crossed, I wanna win, I wanna win!! Really like the idea of a complete box set with glitter included Anna!! You just keep topping yourself week after week lady! I don’t know how you do it!! Wish I had your stamina. Blessings everyone and thanks bunches Anna for your beautiful products that my family all LOVES!! 😉

  280. Lin M. says:

    Wow! What a finale of sneak previews!!! I’m on auto-ship for the embossing folders – I can’t wait to get those!
    I’m not a great stamper but this seasonal set got my attention with the shells/sea items.
    Thank you for all the great new items – I can’t wait to shop next Wednesday!

  281. Sandy Nieland says:

    You want me to pick just one favorite?! Ok, if I have to, the seasonal card layers have beautiful colors.

  282. lindar says:

    Love it all!! Pick only one?? The seasonal overlays will add such depth to my cards. I appreciate all the items you offer and the sample cards that you include with each of your Sneak Peeks. Thank you, Anna!!!!

  283. Kathleen Lute says:

    Every item is beautiful but I like the cutting dies and the stamps best. Oh, how I would love to win the package. Thank you for making such beautiful items!

  284. nel konkle says:

    I love the dies of course but I will a l so want to get all of the other things if my card does not go up in smoke

  285. Angie Doan says:

    Again, never cease to amaze! The entire set is the one item that is my favorite!! Wow- simply wonderful!

  286. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    Oh my goodness, I love it all. It’s really hard to just pick one this time since it all goes together so well. I look forward to seeing you again on HSN. Thank you for everything you do. I look forward to hearing about you new mixed media item. Thanks again and good luck everyone.

  287. kim m says:

    Those double sided layered papers are beautiful! Any chance you will make these in a size that fits the flip card dies? Looking forward to next Wed!

  288. Judith J says:

    Hi I think it was a great idea to produce a whole seasonal package to pull all our projects together. I do love the dies and the card layers. Congrats and Happy Craft Day. So happy there is another one !!!

  289. Diane Enloe says:

    I can’t wait for July 6! I love all of the products! But I guess my favorite are the cutting dies and the embossing folders. The dies are so easy to use and cut great. I’m also looking forward to seeing the scrapbook layouts and cards. I copy all of your shows so I can look back and see how you make something and to use the ideas. Keep up the great work Anna!

  290. Christine says:

    I just love everything. The way they work together is amazing. If I had to pick just one it would be the stamp set. But we all know, no one can pick just one thing.

  291. Barbara F. Smith in Crofton says:

    I am hooked on the new seasonal papers. Your papers are the best I’ve ever seen!

  292. Cynthia CrusanNoble says:

    Amazing wonderful super cool. Are the dies part of that auto ship from March ?

  293. Jean Condon says:

    I am excited about these products, love flowers, but so glad to have different images. the stamps are my fave, always excited to see new stamp to create cards,to co-ordinate with the embossing folders. Great new products

  294. Terry Meehan says:

    I love your Inc looking forward to the holiday colors also I’m glad to see some Halloween items in there

  295. Deborah Bode says:

    I love everything and am so looking forward to my autoships! But the dies and stamps are to die for. Okay, so are the inks and paper pallette! I really need to win so my credit card doesn’t explode!

  296. Mrs. A says:

    What a beautiful collection! I fell in love with the embossing folders and cut and emboss dies in the March preview for Summer-Fall. Now AG gives us the cards, stamps and ink pads. My vacation picture scrap booking has been crying out for this collection. Love, love, love.

  297. Nancy Ludwig says:

    My new favorite product is the Seasonal Card Layers. The designs on your cardstock are always so beautiful.

  298. Karen VanLoo says:

    I absolutely LOVE it all! The embossing folders, the die cuts, the stamps, the ink pads, the paper for cards. I am already excited about my fall paper crafting, and this just got my gears going!

  299. Barbara Graham says:

    Holy cow! How can I pick my favorite. I want it all. The dies, maybe the card layers. Oh I just don’t know.

  300. Suzie Fentress says:

    I love the way the products compliment one another. My favs are the embossing folders.

  301. Janet Oliver says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! How can one pick just one favorite??? I think my favorite might be the card layers…but the cut and emboss dies and the matching folders are a close second. Love the stamp set also…I only wish I could get hubby to leave the house on delivery day so he can’t see the size of the box! LOL
    I would love it if you could put together a set of embellishments with more birds, butterflies and more nature themed items. i’m sure others would love that too!
    Keep up the fantastic work Anna and crew…you are all the best!

  302. Jennie says:

    I have to say the Seasonal Summer Fall Cut and Emboss Die Set is my favorite new item! I’m looking forward to July 6!

  303. Faye Thompson says:

    Can’t pick a favorite as they all go together and reflect my favorite things. See you next week.

  304. Charlotte says:

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  305. Ally Santaclara says:

    I had a hard time picking my favorite from this week’s Sneak Peaks, but I love the seasonal embossing folders. Embossing really adds elegance to greeting cards. Can’t wait until July 6!

  306. Yvonne Elgnawey says:

    Just send me all of these great scrap booking/card making items. I love the leaves and feathers, both dies and stamps. I am 75 and retired, so I can’t always buy all yiur items, but I love the ones I have and use them all the time and get compliments on the cards I make.


  307. Beverly Reneau says:

    I just joined your blog. Excited to see what will be on HSN July 6th. I think I have most all of your card making kits, so I’m interested in your Seasonal Card layers. I emailed my scrapbook club to let them know what time you’ll be on HSN PST .


  308. Bob H says:

    Your enthusiasm rocks and makes things better; my Rottweiler pup Nikko is sick and slow to rebound. So I needed your best for last clip. I think I recognize some of your older paper patterns in the card layers. You know I’m full-on nuts about your papers especially when you change the colors. Send some positive vibes out to the universe for Nikko and his antibiotics and I’ll save my front row seat for next week, buying each and every item AS it becomes available!

  309. Linda says:

    I love it all. But I am partial to dies but the stamps and inks are great too. How can I choose only one? I can’t

  310. paulette duda says:

    looking forward to seeing all the beautiful cards you make with all the new products

  311. SharonS says:

    Love the new dies. Mixed media I hope that means we will be able to use it to stamp on fabrics also. Can not wait until next week looking forward to it.

  312. Donna Crawford says:

    Beautiful colors to mix and match along with the dies and stamps. They are all must have items. You never disappoint when bringing out new products. Love it all!

  313. Patricia Ladd says:

    My favorite is the die set. Although having said that, I really like them all because they are a set. I love that they all go together! These seasonal sets make crafting cards and scrapbook pages par excellent.

  314. Dorinda H says:

    I love them all, but my favorites are the embossing folders, dies, and paper layers! Can’t wait till next week!

  315. Leah says:

    Beautiful! My favorites are the embossing folders and cutting dies. I would love to have the card stock too!

  316. Teresa Espinoza says:

    How can I chose just one,I love all that you do
    But I love the dies,the folders,love the inks.
    Will get them on the 6@HSN.
    God Bless you and your family.

  317. JoAnn Girimonte says:

    Wow, what a fantastic preview. I just love everything. My favorite has to be the card layers. It is hard to pick just one. Thank you Anna for sharing, and a chance to win. Can’t wait until July 6th.

  318. Dale L. says:

    Impossible to select a favorite this week! All 5 products are exceptional! However, I love the new card layers and the beautiful new clear stamps. Of course the Pigment Inks are a must to go with the clear stamps! Looking forward to your shows on July 6!

  319. Rita Viscardi Santo says:

    Anna, you never cease to amaze me with your new products. I’m wowed over about those new stamps.
    And of course I just love the dies and the papers. Wow, wow, wow
    Thank you so much for all you offer us !

  320. Diane Reese says:

    Everything listed is my favorite for Seasonal. I love all the colors and that everything goes together so well! Can’t wait until the July 6th show!

  321. Donna-May Witte says:

    Love the Folders and matching dies Anna, you have the best themes I ever worked with! Your dies are the best I ever worked with, I never have any problem with them cutting, A lot of dies I have used, I have had to shim or ran through so much it stretches the paper, Yours does not do that! Thank You Anna for such well thought out items for our craft studio’s! Your amazing! Keep up the good work gal!

  322. Sherri Brown says:

    I love all the beautiful products! My absolute favorite are the die cut phrases. I also love how these products coordinate and cover multiple seasons.

  323. Lisa Premo says:

    Wow! Yummy new coordinating goodies! Good thing I just got a coupon from IKEA to buy a new craft cabinet,.,……

  324. Shirley Ogryski says:

    As usual, I cannot pick just one of all the coordinating
    new items. Love them all. Would love to be winner of everyone of them!

  325. Judy F. says:

    The idea that I love best with this release is coordination…wow! The folders, dies, stamps, inks and papers. Who could ask for more, besides the Queen of more is more is more!!!❤️

  326. Gayla Greer says:

    I absolutely love all that will be offered on July 6th! You make everything so beautiful and so easy to use and put together.
    I guess I would have to choose either the embossing folders or the card layers!
    I will have to get a second job to support my wonderful hobby!!

  327. Jennifer O'Brien-Traficante says:

    I am so excited about how everything coordinates!! Oh the projects I am already envisioning!! And those seashells are just beautiful!! Perfect for our Maine vacation this year!! Thanks for creating more beautiful things Anna so we can create beautiful things!!

  328. Beth Underwood says:

    WOW! DVR is already set ! Hope I don’t miss too much while I am at work! Love all the die cuts in the previews so far!

  329. Debra Carden says:

    As usual, love everything ,! Favorite is the dies!! Collect them all .. I also always love the new paper!! Love the beautiful papers !! Can’t wait till Wednesday !!!

  330. Mary Alice Peterson says:

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  331. Sandy Redman says:

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  332. Anne Marie says:

    Happy Days, Anna, die cuts galore, you always come through with items too good to be true. As with everyone else, I’m looking forward to July 6.

  333. Barbara Leonard says:

    My favorite is the new patterned/solid card layers. They are so beautiful and will go perfectly with the new embossing folders. Also love the new ink colors and dies.

  334. Carrel Watkins says:

    Looking forward to the seasonal inks. Never used the stamps before. My favorite would be the stamps and inks.

  335. Barbara S. Newman says:

    So many new cutting dies, so little time. I don’t
    know which to pick first. Just can’t wait.

  336. nita belcher says:

    I’m new to card making and I really like the kits that you have were it makes it easier to create cards!

  337. Gloria Vaughn says:

    Loving the seasonal card layers… Since I make cards oh and the dies… Oh and everything!

  338. myrna hartley says:

    Love those seasonal and fall items but especially the stamps, so fun.

    Can’t wait until the 6th

    Myrna .

  339. Carol says:

    I love how well all these products go together. The die set might be my favorite, but I love them all.

  340. Bertha Reiking says:

    I am speechless and so happy that some fall/ Thanksgiving is available. My favorite holiday of the year!!! my favorite of the bunch of course was very hard to choose but I mus choose the double sided concentric card layers .. Hope it finds its way to my mailbox!!! Thank you Looking so forward to July 6!

  341. Kate Molnar says:

    When you said “seasonal crafting” I was hooked. I had to watch the video 3X to take it all in! I love the idea of a bunch of coordinating products (and who wouldn’t want an ink pad in the color ‘turtle’)? I really like the color palette and patterns of the Seasonal Card Layers so that’s my #1 pick this week. But of course I’ll need the folders and dies and stamps and ink pads to go along with the papers. I’d just hate to miss out on anything!

  342. Jane says:

    I love having paper and ink that matches. The other day I made a card that one of your inks matched exactly. I stamped hot air balloons in the same blue as the pattern paper. It just looked special. Really made me happy.

  343. karen tabaka says:

    No way can I choose just one item but I am lumping the collection together to make one wonderful product, so I want all of it and I love the new ink colors, need more, and do the stamp images match the dies? if so even better, well that is all foe=r now have to contain my excitement for the show

  344. Lucille Pilch says:

    Clearing the day for sure. Love to be inspired by all this talent! The seasonal stamps will be a nice addition to my arsenal.

  345. Ruth Thomas says:

    I was laid off recently, so making you beautiful cards is keeping my spirits up. I really like the die cutting with the words and the fall holidays are really fun. Thanks again Anna.

  346. Karen Hatfield says:

    How do I choose! Everything goes together so well. I love the paper and then stamps and
    ink. Such pretty colors.

  347. Jen Apa says:

    I love all things AG!!!! Especially the cutting dies. They are so versatile and creative!! Never stop developing new product for us to create and share!!

  348. Janet Nelson says:

    My fave are the emb. folders and matching dies, but I really love it all. Only, I have not finished paying all the installments for all I bought on the March show yet. Oh, my, what to do, what to do!?!

  349. Gail B. says:

    I don’t think there is anything you make that I don’t like! Looking forward to next week!

  350. Melissa says:

    I just love the embossing folders and the dies. So lovely, as always. Thank you for the new products. Don’t stop designing fun things for us to create with!

  351. Linsey R says:

    Oh WOW!!! What an amazingly fabulous collection of creative awesomeness!!! I love everything!!!! It’s so difficult choosing a single favorite, especially as these all coordinate so beautifully and perfectly with one another–the stamp set is so incredible!!! It looks so versatile and I see so many possibilities with it for my Summer through Fall crafting!! I love the new inks as well and I already am a huge fan of ColorBox/ClearSnap also, so what a beautiful partnership with 2 of my favorite companies!!! Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation! You look lovely as ever and I can’t wait to see you on tv next Tuesday!!! Hugs!!!

  352. Carrel Watkins says:

    On auto ship fir the folders. Can’t wait to see show on Jumy 6th. Will there be a shopping list this time?

  353. Sharon Vaughn says:

    Lots of wonderful things! I will need to think which one or two is my favorite. Thanks for all the great items.

  354. Tori says:

    I love the dies and embossing folders. Tried them for the first time this year and do know why I had t tried them before

  355. Denise says:

    I love the fact that everything goes together. Its too hard to pick just one, but if I must it would have to be the embossing folders and dies. See I can’t pick just one.

  356. Suzanne M. says:

    Ok so all items coordinate….how can I choose a favorite. Ok im going with the cutting dies …they are awesome! Great job on all of these items.

  357. Judy Markowitz says:

    I Love These! Will there be any autoships on any of these????? I Love Them All!!! Can’t wait!!!

  358. jackie says:

    Special is just not enough for this group ~~~ I would say it is ~~~ Absolutely Amazingly Artful ~**AAA** !!!!

  359. Cindy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dies and embossing folders. Actually, I love everything Anna Griffin designed.

  360. Diane Fox says:

    My head is spinning with visions of Anna Griffin supplies on my table. I am in love with Embossing Folders so if I had to choose, they would be my favorites.

  361. Bonnie W. says:

    Hi Anna, I see you have been very busy! I love the stamps and color pads, a terrific combo. Can hardly wait for your July show so see you then. Best wishes, Bonnie W.

  362. Kathy Higgins says:

    I like them all! I think your dies and embossing folders, (and the rest of your products are GREAT!!!!!! Thank you Anna for a chance to win!

  363. Jeffrey Sheats says:

    I love the new cardstock set looks wonderful. I’m also excited to get a look at the new stamps and inks!

  364. Ann Hattier says:

    I love everything it all!!! Cannot wait to get the stamps and dies.
    I am counting the days to the mix media kit!. Along with crafting (which I consider art) I paint and do photography. And I a feeling that this will fit all three thingd.

  365. Alice says:

    Oh my , this collection is the best ever . I hope to get one of each . Hurry up July sixth !

  366. Diane F says:

    You have done such an incredible job in designing these five products; to say that they “go together” is an understatement. I’ll pick the dies if I have to pick one. It seems like you could have offered a bundled package since may of us will want it all! Choosing less than all five will be like trying to decide which fingers you don’t need. LOL. Yes, please, I would love, love to win these awesome products!

  367. Penny C. says:

    I absolutely love the idea of the layers, Anna. Definitely on my shopping list and the seasonal embossing folders are coming to me next month. It is all so beautiful! Looking forward to the 6th!

  368. Annie W says:

    Love those Seasonal Stamps and Cutting Dies the most! And new Ink Colors too! Can’t wait for next week. These days I live for HSN Craft days! Thanks Anna Griffin for sharing your Beautiful talent with all of us.

  369. Ellen Blackwell says:

    All 5 are beautiful in the making. How could you pick just one! Love these products!

  370. Deidra says:

    In the heat of the summer, I can cool down with the fall dies and stamps! All five products are beyond fabulous!

  371. Amber Jordan says:

    Your products are always so awesome! Hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the stamp set, and the embossing set. I have a lot of your embossing folders and they are beautiful —- love that you include the border folders!! Thank you Anna!

  372. Chris Hafner says:

    Hello Anna! I’m on a die kick, so please pick me! I’m also on a card layer kick, stamping kick…

  373. Kymm Cummins says:

    LOVE IT ALL!!!! I’ll have to get an extra payment off to the Credit Card Company now so I have lots of money to spend! Not that that’s ever stopped me, I always have FlexPay! Love Ya Anna

  374. Shirley S Squires says:

    Hi Anna, all of your items are great. I am just beginning to use the stamps. My favorite are the die cuts. Thanks.

  375. Deborah Perry says:

    Oh, Anna and colleagues, you have, once again, outdone yourself. Today’s sneak peek is by far my favorite, and the seasonal paper layers are my favorite product in the kit. Your papers cannot be duplicated. Not to play the pity card, but I have injured myself in 3 accidents in the last two weeks, and winning this week’s prizes would really give me something to take my mind off the pain, my feelings of stupidity, and the frustration of being laid up during my favorite time of year. Back to your products, any business student can use today’s offering as an example of exemplary marketing and business strategy, since each product enhances the other, and fan’s of Anna and crafting will be more likely to stretch their budget to buy items that interact, such as these. I admire Anna Griffin not only as an artist and collector with a keen eye for color, pattern and detail, but as a businesswoman who knows how to make a very good living from her talents. Brava!

  376. Nancy Ostrander says:

    Embossing Folders, Cutting Dies, Card Layers, Rubber Stamps and Pigment Ink Pads these are my favorites. Sorry this week I could not just pick one, so I chose them all.

  377. Kim Banas says:

    I love embossing folders and cutting dies…I have been on Anna’s autoships before and they are wonderful!

  378. Beth says:

    I love how the five products all go together so beautifully!! The dies are great as The words are my favorite!! Thanks Anna!!

  379. Linda Christiansen says:

    Hi Anna,
    This is such a wonderful collection of items, I can’t choose just one! I am so happy to see stars and shells and feathers. Will be wonderful to make cards and scrapbook pages for all the guys and gals and things for the different seasons and holidays . Can’t wait to get my hands on them all.
    It’s ANNAMAZING!!!

  380. Brenda says:

    Everything is great! I always love your dies but I’m super excited about matching stamps too!

  381. Carole Moats says:

    The layered papers are fantastic, as are the seasonal die cuts and embossing folder. I am always looking for sentiment stamps.

  382. Betsy V says:

    I love the stamp set! I have a nautical family so these will work great! I have the others on AutoShip! Hope you have a great show, I’m sure it will be. You’ve got me hooked as a AG fan!!❤️ It would be so great to win.

  383. Nancy Haines says:

    So love the new color co ordination and blends. Love the die set also. I cannot believe that it is always so new and exciting.

  384. Linda Severs says:

    I’d love to win the card-making set! The colors this year are just beautiful together. Thank you for all your hard work designing. It shows!

  385. Teresa says:

    I think I love this sneak peek the best! So many things to choose from and so much creativity! Would love to have each and every one!

  386. Karen A. says:

    I love them all but that double sided cardstock, oh boy! Can’t wait to get to use them all. I guess the housework will have to wait once all these items arrive from HSN. WooHoo no housework just crafting, crafting, crafting.
    Thank you so much Anna for taking me away.

  387. Susan M says:

    So beautiful–so hard to choose————but the stamps, inks and card layers are must haves. I want them all. See you soon.

  388. Susan Saxe says:

    I love all of your dies and embossing folders. I can’t wait to buy your new card stock.

  389. Debi says:

    Love, love love the seasonal items – especially the seashell ones! I hope, hope, hope I’m the winner!!!!
    Thanks again, Anna!

  390. Karen Wilkins says:

    Once again very difficult to pick a favorite, especially since the items all go together. But, if I had to pick just one it would be the Seasonal Card Layers… you need paper to use the other items and the papers look beautiful! Looking forward to next week!

  391. Holly says:

    My favorite? The perfect layers. I’m forever looking for layering card that coordinates and finding I don’t have any. It would be great to have coordinating papers all in one place!!

  392. Josette' Griffith says:

    What’s not to like? Love everything! But I’m going to have to keep an inventory of what I buy, what’s coming on Autoship so I’m not duplicating items! Several times I’ve run back to check my craft room & find I already have that item. I have so much!

  393. Laurie P. says:

    I love all that you create,but if I had to choose it would be for the Seasonal Fall cut and emboss die set.
    Thanks so much!!

  394. allison shay says:

    Everything is beautiful! Love the dies and inks! Looking so foward to the 6th! Thanks for the opportunity Anna!

  395. Arleen Cappatocio says:

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    Can’t wait until July 6!!
    Thank you much Anna!

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  400. Anna Griffin says:

    Martha, seasonal dies were on autoship also, yes. We will have a card on FB Friday that shows the red ink. There will be projects posted to Pinterest also for you to reference!

  401. Brenda N says:

    Love the sea shells and the feather. Will go good with my décor, since I live in Florida. Thanks for chance to win..

  402. carol green says:

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    Have a great show day.
    Sandy H

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  418. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Lori, yes in March, but only a few people were on it. If you purchased the Seasonal Spring Die AS then these Summer Fall dies are shipping to you already.

  419. Susan says:

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  433. LORIGC says:


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    Sheri Grounds

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  443. Vivian Kochis says:


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  455. KAREN says:


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  490. Gladys Goose says:

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  497. Mary Pat Randall says:

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