HSN August 30th 2016 Sneak Peek 2

Hi everyone!

We’re back with the second sneak peek for our upcoming HSN shows on August 30th!  We’re going to be on at 2am, 4pm and 10pm with some absolutely fantastic items for you!  Now brace yourselves, because we are about to go over several items that you all have been asking to return. Drumroll…. Fantastic Flips Card Kit, Super Sentiments Stickers, Double Sided Card Stock for Flip Dies and brand new Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps! Wow!

Let’s get into all the products!

The Fantastic Flips Card Kit allows you to create interactive, three dimensional cards to share with family and friends.  You’re going to get 14 cutting dies, and loads of embellishments like sentiments, card stock, stickers, borders and more!

Fantastic Flips 1 fb

Fantastic Flips 2 fb

Our Super Sentiment Stickers are the perfect addition to your Fantastic Flips cutting dies!  You’ll get 216 kiss cut, gold foil stamped stickers that work for all card making occasions throughout the year.

Super Sentiment Stickers 3 fb

Super Sentiment Stickers 4 fb

The Double Sided Card Stock set is cut to fit your flip dies!  You’re going to get 108 double-sided sheets — 36 sheets of metallic, 36 sheets of solid and 36 sheets of patterned card stock.  The metallic is the same on both sides, and the patterned and solid sheets have coordinating colors on the reverse.

Double Sided Cardstock 1 fb

Double Sided Cardstock 2 fb

Double Sided Cardstock 4 fb

Our brand new set of Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps allows you to add all occasion sentiments to your Flip Cards.  In this set are 36 clear stamps (32 sentiment stamps and 4 border stamps) designed to fit in all 4 flip card configurations.  The all occasion sentiment set includes “It is Time to Celebrate”, “And May All Your Dreams Come True” and “From All of Us with Love.” This stamp set just keeps on flipping on!

Sentiment Stamps 1 fb

Sentiment Stamps 3 fb

Sentiment Stamps 5 fb

Now that is flipping fantastic!  Do you want to win all of these items?  We know from your Facebook and blog comments that this is going to be a popular week to win! Comment below, and tell us what you are flipping for this week!

Join us Friday when we reveal the winner!




  1. Norma Villalpando says:

    Im flipping for all your beautiful dies and papers!!!! I would love, love, LOVE to win!!!!

  2. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Kelly, we offer auto ship on certain items so that you don’t have to worry about getting products as they come along, but there is a subscription that automatically delivers them to you!

  3. Kelly Bloom says:

    Your products are so very very exciting! I just recently discovered them while looking for companies represent in my storefront. I am so surprised I had not discovered them previously, my only excuse is that I am so very busy that I don’t shop much, don’t watch TV much, I just work and train in our design studio. Well, you have turned me into a shopper with a frenzy to catch up on your many products, both to put in the store, create new papercraft classes for the store, and well…. even for myself. I am excited that you are bringing a few things back that I of course have missed. My next two tasks.. find out what Auto SHip is and get on it, and also connect with your stockist/wholesale POC’s so that my Mille Fleurs gift shop can carry parts of your product lines. I am very very excited because your design style in in such keeping wiht my gift boutique and design studio!


  4. Tania S says:

    Oh goodness, I would love to own this set, I have been making cards with the set I purchased this past Spring, and everyone loves them, including me because you’ve made it so easy to create. Thanks Anna.

  5. Lizabeth Toby says:

    Anna, I have been a fan of your lovely products for many years. I would really love to win to add to my extensive AG collection! Can’t wait til next HSN shows! <3 <3 <3

  6. Rosie Waldt says:

    Love the Festive Flips and made a card yesterday right after the mailman delivered them. Question: Do some die cuts have a peel off backing and some not? The card is beautiful.

  7. Anna Griffin says:

    Joee, try using Chrome. That is what we use, and we never have an issue. Also, if you haven’t already, unsubscribe and resubscribe.

  8. Joee Balestrieri says:


  9. Jen says:

    Love those stamps and the stickers sentiments! Would be wonderful to win those. I will be waiting hsn.

  10. Jane L. Masterson says:

    Wow Wow Wow. Your products are the best. I live in a senior apartmen t complex and able to share the cards I make with many of the ladies here.It is interesting to know that you studied architecture and it shows in your products. They remind me of old days when beauty and wealth and design were rampant in the memories shared by media now in our day.. Nostalgia has been combined with present day and made available to us now by yourself.

  11. Susan says:

    I signed up for auto-delivery and got my festive flips! I love the flip cards they are so much more special than a regular card.

    I’d like a flip that isn’t as floral to be more male oriented.

    I send a lot of birthday greetings and unfortunately lately it seems a lot of sympathy cards.

    Thank you for your beautiful collections!


  12. Deana Kerrigan says:

    Oh my goodness Anna. What are you flipping doing to us? Your amazing craftiness is never ending, it’s hard to keep up, there’s so much choice. My only hope is to win. If I don’t, I hope these goodies will appear soon on The Craft Channel as Hsn don’t ship to the UK unfortunately xxx

  13. Louise Neumann says:

    Oh Anna, I just love everything you come out with its so Beautiful and the cards made from your products are so stunning and the recipients just love them to p;ieces. I am on the flip card auto ship, I would really love to win the stamp set for them, and I am really crafting broke right now, sure hope you pick me as I never win anything. Love You and All your creations…..Keep up the Fantastic work Anna, your the best!!!

  14. Patrice Smith says:

    I have never used or had the flip cards but I love all of it! I am so excited and would love to win! I would be a great start! I love everything you do Anna!

  15. Brinda says:

    Oh may how can I choose which one? From paper to stamps and everything else love and use it all. Aug 30th going to a craft day here at my home. All welcome 🙂
    Fingers crossed that I am pick. ( a girl can dream right?) “Paper Wishes & Crafty Dreams”

  16. Christine Zook says:

    Woohoo! Somehow I’m getting it afterall!!I guess when she set it up again it WAS in time! My lucky day!! I should have played the lottery! Lol. Can’t wait to get them!

  17. MaryEllen Lett says:

    ***…I am so excited! What a dream come true to win all these beautiful items! (But on the flip side) I just can’t wait to get them all so I can put them in my (AAA) – ALL-ANNA-ARSENAL! I guess I wouldn’t mind taking that class, after all it is a problem I have, and it’s all your fault Anna! But I can’t thank you and your staff enough for making me look so good!

  18. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Co!

    Loved the preview! The stamps are a BRILLIANT addition to the flip card designs!

    Love to you and have a relaxing weekend!

  19. Betsy Brown says:

    Can’t wait to order the Fantastic Flips Sentiment Stamp kit! I got the card/die kit when it was first on HSN, and I just got notification that another set has shipped from my auto-delivery!!! I’m hoping that you’ll have some Christmas sentiment stamps to go with these flip dies, pretty please!!

  20. Diane P. says:

    Really love all Anna Griffin products. Would love to own the Sentimental Stickers and the Stamp Set. Love deals where you get a bang for your bucks.

  21. Anna Griffin says:

    Welcome to the blog, Joanne! I’m sure your projects are beautiful. Have a great crafting weekend!

  22. Elaine says:

    I am so excited! I can’t wait to see the Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps, they are just the finishing touch!

  23. Susan says:

    I can hardly wait to see the Fantastic Flips Sentiment Stamps presentation. The samples you and your team created are incredible!

  24. Linda Dotson says:

    I love your card kits and supplies. Sending cards to brighten someone’s day is my mission.

  25. Stephenie Jenkins says:

    I love everything but the stamps are my favorite. I definitely would love to win them.

  26. Cathy S. says:

    Love the flip cards and sentiment stickers. Can’t wait for the newest Holiday card set!

  27. Sandra says:

    Love everything as usual. The stamps will always be my favorite because I started collecting them first, then the paper, then the stickers, then the dies and etc. etc. etc.
    So beautiful!

  28. Bobbie Wilson says:

    I was so excited, I forgot to write what I liked the most! I absolutely love, love the flip cards and of course, the stamps and stickers that go with them…Genius!

  29. Michelle Pedigo Toops says:

    Love everything! But I really like the flip card kit,so adorable. I need it!

  30. Sherri says:

    YAY FANTASTIC FLIPS!!! Anna and team so glad you are bringing back these “flipping” extras that are soooo needed for us to continue making these cards! I mentioned last week that I had made a few flip cards recently and had intended to finish few others this week, but I have already seen that I needed those Sentiment Stickers. I’m also excited about the new stamp set that matches the cards and they can be used on other cards also, that’s going be great. In fact I used a chalkboard stamp inside a flip card because I needed to say the right sentiment, doesn’t take but a few cards and you use some sentiments more than others. Anyways hope this time I can get the cardstock, sentiment stickers and stamps before they sale out! If by small chance I win these “flipping” goodies I will gift the card kit to my daughter and young grand daughter. By the way I received in the mail today the Summer/Fall Embossing Folders….love ’em and maybe tomorrow UPS will deliver the Festive Card Set….really been anxious to get these since these “flipping” cards have been a bit easier and quicker to make and fun to “flip” them out.LOL!

  31. Sandia Ruiz says:

    Anna I cannot leave a comment anywhere else I tried. I love your card kits and would really like to be considered for a chance to win.I did subscribe to your blog and all your pages, and channel on you tube. But couldn’t leave my own post. I hope this works.
    Thank you

  32. Maricruz Diffey says:

    Love love love the idea of the stamps to use with the fantastic flips dies and papers. SO AWESOME!!! I would love to win all of this great stuff!

  33. Joanne L says:

    hi Anna …. I’m new to your blog I’ve had a back surgerieFusion ended up getting a is staph infection and had to go through a 2nd surgery 3wks later . well I was terminated from my job cause I wasn’t able to go back to my job. so now I just plan on doing a lot of crafting cuz there ain’t much I can do so I’m just hoping I can win some of your stuff , but if i don’t o well. I just bought a cuddle bug and I got the extra long plates so that I can order the fabulous flips card kit, I missed it the first time. Cardmaking is pretty much what my life is now i have all the time in the world now keep up the good work and I love all your products and I have many of them so glad I just got on board with the embossing & cutting dies. I never did that before I’ve been making cards since 2005 for all my family and friends I love my cards now I’m taking the next steps… I hope the days start going fast because I’m anxious for the August 30th shows

  34. Dianne Kozil says:

    Love everything and would like to win. Very excited about the new flip card stamps. Yeah Anna!!!

  35. Joanne Lamp says:

    hi Anna I just joined your blig a couple days ago and I just got my cuddle bug in the mail and I spent a couple hours today just embossing papers from your soft hues metallic card layers and tomorrow I plan on cutting we with your floral cutting dies with my brand new cuddle bug and I just got my cutting dies in the mail too I have never had a cuddle bug or cutting dies ever I’m looking forward to making some really cool cards and then I will post mine on your blog too your products are so wonderful I’m so glad I finally got with the rest of everybody embossing and cutting okay I’m looking so forward to the August 30th show I already know some items I want to order I’m so excited I’ve been watching you since you were on the other shopping so many years ago and I have a whole collection of your stuff, but just wasnt into embossing or cutting but now I have okay and take care I’ll be watching on August 30th for sure. I just joined your blog. L♥VE it!!!

  36. Joanna H says:

    I love your stuff. I’m excited about the stickers. Could you bring back the Sunny Salutations card kit. My auto ship got messed up. I’m in the Air Force and need these for promotions and retirements. Thanks for being awesome!

  37. Charlotte Sayles says:

    I love everything, absolutely everything you make. I have 7 of your card kits and all my friends love the cards I make for them and so does my family. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  38. Judy Ree says:

    I had out-patient surgery today & finally home…so guess what I’m doing to brighten my day! Love seeing these GORGEOUS bright, colorful, HaPpY cards! They are fLiPpiNg FaBuLoUs!!!! I hope to win some! Thanks Anna for sharing your creative spirit!

  39. Beatrice Satmary says:

    It is unbelievable that Anna can keep bringing such innovative products to us. Thanks Anna for being the creative spirit you are


  40. pixie says:

    Hi Miss. Griffin, so happy that you have a stamp set coming soon. have all your stamp sets. LOVE everything you do.. God bless you and may you have a great weekend

  41. Sandra says:

    Love the double sided paper. But the stamps & stickers are just as great. The flip card kit is just base card. Can’t wait till August! Love all of Anna’s products!

  42. Dee says:

    Cant wait til August for these flip cards and dies I will have so much fun making cards all winter!

  43. Kathy Gatza says:

    Got my flip card kit last time and I think the stamp set would be such a nice addition. Love the stickers too.

  44. Dee says:

    Can’t wait til August when these go on sale I will busy from then throughout the winter having so much fun! Yippee!

  45. Brender Williams says:

    ***! These are so beautiful. I just started getting into card making. For a beginner you make it so easy. I have many of your things. I come from a generation where you share the art of what you learned from others. Some of that is being lost. I am so glad that you are sharing with others so they may share and go from generation to generation. This is something I will be sharing with my grand-children. Thank you for your gift. You truly are gifted.

  46. Susie L says:

    I love the flip cards and the sentiment stickers look beautiful on any card (especially Tri-Folds). Pretty sure the stamps are going to be one of those go-to staples!

  47. Leah D. says:

    Ooooh, that Flips Card Kit looks ah-maazinggg. Imagine the beauts I could create with that! But I’m also a stamper at heart and so excited about all those gorgeous sentiments. Don’t make me pick just one!!

  48. Karen Cloonan says:

    Hi Anna! I already have the Fantastic Flips kit and I luv, luv, luv it! I would be thrilled to receive the double-sided cardstock, as it sold out the last time before I was able to order it. The Super Sentiment Stickers and Sentiment Stamps would be a wonderfully fantastic addition. As always, thank you for bringing items back and for sharing your amazing creativity!

  49. Mary Olliges says:

    Love the flip cards!!!! Have totally enjoyed all the other AG card sets. Can’t wait for these! And new paper!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  50. Jennifer Carroll says:

    Hey Anna :). This week I’m flipping over the Flip Stamp Set, so amazing. Can’t wait for August 30 show on HSN, I sense an autoship coming, yay!!!

  51. Bonnie Bousquet-Smith says:

    I love the Flip dies and all the dies that come with the set. I used these especially around Easter because the set was so colorful and fresh. I can’t wait to see how they evolve. They wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular without the double-sided paper. But my favorite this time is the set of stamps. Although this week I’ve been trying to weed out and update my stamp collection, I still can’t wait to add the new set to my stash. Thank-you so much for bringing all these beautiful designs to us so we can create our own works of art.

  52. Shellie Fontana says:

    Flippin’ Fabulous! Here’s the thing (what I love MOST), Griffinites–whether these WONDERFUL Stamped Sentiments, or those pre-made as in Anna’s original Flips, the HIGH-quality and AnnaCLASSIC-style of the image itself ALWAYS COMES THROUGH PERFECTLY! There is no mistaking Anna’s cards, and they.are. F’Anna-tastic–every kit from FLIPS to Pop-ups to Christmas! Whether a seasoned card-crafter or a beginner, we can all be couture crafters with Anna Griffin ‘s beautiful papers, high quality dies, and how-to guides AND video-tutorials! Thank you, Anna!

  53. Jeanie says:

    Oh Anna, you simply amaze me with your talent, ideas creativity. I also have the flip cards and not only do I love them, but everyone who receives one loves them. Having more of the sentiments and stamps too, will bring lots more smiles to family, fruends, and soldiers who open them!

  54. Joanne S says:

    I am glad you brought the sentiment stickers back, since I have been kicking myself for missing them the first time around. Now I don’t know if I should get the stamps instead. Looking forward to see the Christmas items.

  55. Susan Selvy says:

    I’m a novice in the card making world. Love all of the beautiful tools you make available to us. I ordered your flip card kit, but did not get the stickers. Would love, love, love to win them! And the stamp set….Fabulous!!!

  56. Virginia Hildebrand says:

    Estoy muy contents de recibes tus noticias de los Nuevo productions. Son grandiosos. Las nuevas estampas son para coronar y que decir de las cartulinas de double Vista.. El perfect complements. Me gustaria mucho ganarlas.

  57. Debbie D says:

    I have the flip cards and they are great for making quick beautiful cards. Love the new paper and quotes to go with them.

  58. Nancy G says:

    I love the Fantastic Flip card kit I got in March. Can’t wait for Aug 30th. I’m excited to get the Super Sentiment Gold Foiled stickers and the Sentiment/Border stamps. Then I’ll have added flexibility to use embossing powders with the stamps for endless colors (metallic, of course!). Thank You!

  59. Cherie Gibson says:

    Love, love, love the flip cards. I’m looking for a millionaire so I can buy all of this stuff! 🙂

  60. Susan says:

    If anyone reads this–can anyone identify the die that is on the 5-6-2014 post from Anna. The card shows a pink die on the card and it reads “So Happy Together”. I am a bit **** retentive and have looked everywhere to figure out what group of dies this belongs to. Please help this poor person so I can get some rest and then continue on my scrap and card making journey. HELP!!!

  61. Gina Kolodnicki says:

    I’m just flipping over the stamps!! I have the flip die set. Looking forward to the stamps and the tailored made card stock too!

  62. Melinda Bell says:

    I haven’t tried making cards yet. This would be an awesome wsy to start. I love all of your products.

  63. Melanie Weekes says:

    I have the flip card set and I love it !! I would love all the new things to use along with it

  64. Jen Koppe says:

    I’m on auto-ship for the flip cards and I have the cardmaking kit as well – I love the stickers and stamps for the insides and can’t wait to add those to my collection; maybe even by winning them! Thanks, Anna!

  65. Diane K says:

    Flip a Stamp, Flip a Card
    as you can see, it’s not so hard!
    Dress it up so pretty and sweet
    Send to someone to enjoy as a treat!
    All the papers reminds me of a friend
    I will call her and tell her I WIN!!!

  66. joan carney says:

    WOW I am so excited, I’m on auto ship so I have the new flip kit coming but I’ve been waiting fir the sentiments to come in again and now you have the Stamps!!!! B e still my heart. I want the stamps so much and will be ordering more of the sentiments and the matching card stock. I would love to win all 4 so I would be able able to get some of your new items. Keep up the great work…. My very young niece and nephew rae coming next month and can;t wait to see what I got and to help me make new cards.I’m starting Anna’s card makers of the future, LOL

  67. Cheryl S says:

    I love the flip card kit with dies and was lucky enough to get the auto shipment option on HSN, along with the double sided cardstock. I am delighted with the new stamps and will definitely add them to my card making stash! Thanks for the chance to win these great products!!

  68. Patricia says:

    I can’t wait to see these flip cards and how you will put them together. Is it Aug 30th yet?

  69. Barb sabatini says:

    Wow, again, so much variety! I love the dies and really like the stamp set. I hope I win!

  70. Meredith says:

    The Fantastic Flips set has been so fun, so easy and the cards look so good. I look forward to the stamps and paper when I want to take more a few minutes (although this is the norm!) to make an awesome card. Love the flip sets. Thanks!

  71. Elizabeth David says:

    Love the flip card kit…my favorite of all the Anna card kits! So wow, now we get the stamp set to go with them! Just GREAT!

    Can’t wait to see the next installment of flip cards.

  72. Sue Webb says:

    I missed Fantastic Flip the first time as it sold out before I made up my mind. I won’t be waiting this time.

  73. Kim Hattox says:

    The Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps are AWESOME!! I will definetly order those 🙂 Or maybe win them 🙂 Thanks for all the great products Anna and Company!!

  74. Vickie Conquest says:

    I wasn’t able to get the flips first time around, and wasn’t sure I’d like their smaller size. thanks to another Anna fan, she sent me a few to try out, and they are darling! More I see them, more I like them! I had already gotten the sentiments to use on other cards…..hmmmm…..wonder if there might be a flip kit in my future?

  75. Barbara Troxell says:

    These fantastic flips accessories look fantastic I have been sending many of these cards and my friends are loving them and so surprised . I have been chossing many friends just at random and send them Birthday or wheat ever wish is appropriate.. I woild love to receive these in the drawing . Thank you Anna for such beauties.

  76. Anita Price says:

    I love everything, but especially love the stamps and the double-sided cardstock! I’m really looing forward to the show.

  77. Joanne Lowe says:

    Oh my, WHAT A WEEK, you are right, Anna!!! I’d LOVE to win all of these prizes, really excited you are offering the double-sided cardstock as well as the flips sentiment stamps and the flips kit. I missed out on the Auto-Ship Flips as it sold out, so I am HOPING you are going to bring EACH of these flip kits to HSN, PLEASE?! Thanks, Anna for this opportunity to win, and I’ll be thrilled for whoever does, what a packet of prizes!!!

    Best wishes to all,


  78. Yvette says:

    I so excited about the paper, sentiments and especially the stamps! I can’t wait for August 30th! yhank you for tou Inspiration!

  79. Christine says:

    *** the fantastic flips. I missed them last time and have been looking at eBay wanting them so much! Go Anna

  80. Gig Dixon says:

    I am flipping over the stamp set. Everything is so flipping beautiful. But I am also flipping over the dies and the card kit. I would just be so flipping happy if I won. I would flip out.

  81. Marcia Getty says:

    I would just flip if I was the lucky winner this time around. I missed these last time you offered them and they are even better now with the addition of the stamps!

  82. Lindar says:

    Such wonderful opportunities to enrich my card making!! The flip cards capture my curiosity. WOW, thank you, Anna!!!

  83. Jane Johnson says:

    I love this kit. Bi can’t wait to get the stamps and quotes!! I have been able to make several quick and easy cards because of your kits. Thank you for all the great card making materials you have made. Thank you for the chance to win!!!!!

  84. Judith Totten says:

    Wow! The Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps are BIG!!! Really looking forward to them. Thank you Anna for all that you do.

  85. JoAnn Gulley says:

    Hi Anna
    You always have some of the best products and as usual your new stamps do not disappoint. I cannot wait for August 30th I’m sure it will be great as usual!!!!!!!

  86. Sheri Smith says:

    I love the stamp set!!! Thank you for creating things that allow us to use not only for flip cards but normal cards too! I’m finding that all your products can be used for an array of things than what it’s shown for!

  87. Christy Arebalo says:

    I’m loving all these new items and cannot wait to see them all presented on HSN. Everything looks so beautiful…everything is a must have !!!

  88. Marilyn says:

    Would be happy to put “winner” by my name!
    Wish you would do Easter card kit & Halloween cards

  89. Henrietta English West says:

    I love love love everything Anna Griffin. I would love to win this as well. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!


  90. Paulette King says:

    Allo Anna,
    Love your super sentiments set and your stamps as I have bought the kit for those cards who are so beautiful. Everything you make is the best. Hope to be a winner some days as I am a BIG FAN of yours. Aurevoir…

  91. Anna Griffin says:

    Keep watching our sneak peeks, we have a lot of holiday coming over the next few weeks!

  92. Nora says:

    Yeah! Missed the fantastic flips last time so I’m going to make sure I can get it this time. Love all the additional products you have come up with to compliment the set. Looking forward to August 30th. Any sign of a Christmas card kit? Would you ever bring back the everyday gift card holders? Also what about pop up Halloween cards? I’m really not a card maker but I incorporate all of your products into my scrapbook pages!

  93. Holly Hudspeth says:

    May I also offer the suggestion of making this a Cricut cartridge? Include the base card, frame, labels and masculine and feminine embellishments, I hope it is in the works. Oh go ahead and throw in the written sentiments. It gives me zen just to think about it being in one place altogether for design. Differnt shapes for the flips could be an entire series!

  94. Holly Hudspeth says:

    I love the whole flipping set! I missed it when it was offered in the Spring. I will have to start with the dies if to pick one. The stamp set would be right behind that on my list. It would also be perfect for normal cards as well as the flips. There would be more room for embellishments on my horizontal cards. Wee doggy! I better hurry up and pay off my July purchases.

  95. April Wilber-Griest says:

    It’s all flipping fantastic! Dies, stamps, stickers, card stock — oh, my! Love it all, but the stickers will be the perfect touch for the cards. Or, would it be the stamps? Or the dies? But, then, there’s the card stock…

  96. Carole Hamstra says:

    More amazing products! Love them all – of course I am excited about the stamp set!!
    Looking forward to the shows!

  97. Ronnie says:

    Would love to win any part of what’s coming up on 8/30. I love the flipping set, the paper, the sentiments, and of course the dies!

  98. Katherine Wells says:

    Really could use the stamps since I struggle with just the right thing for my cards.

  99. Michelle A says:

    What a flipping good sneak peak this week! I am really excited about the new stamps. I am always challenged in coming up with my own sentiments after working so hard on making my card just right. Looking forward to Aug. 30th!

  100. Mitzi Reighard says:

    So excited the Fantastic Flip Cards are back as well as all the papers and sentiments!!!

  101. Pat Leon says:

    Missed these the last time, so glad they’re back. As I’ve said many times – Anna’s dies are such high quality – cant’ beat them!

  102. Cynthia says:

    Oh my goodness! I am literally squeeing over the stamp set! I was searching through my stash the other day and grumbled about how you needed to make them stamps and poof! I find out you did 🙂 Many thanks and am deffo tuning in the 30th 😉

  103. Roselyn says:

    I love your products. I am a craft person loves your cuttlebug and Cricut Air. I hope I get a chance to win these items and everybody that needs a card for a special ocassion ask me to make a card for them and again I love your products

  104. Deborah Cieply says:

    I am excited about the stamps. That is such a great addition to the flip dies. Looking forward to all the shows.

  105. Heather K says:

    I love how you can stamp the sentiment image THEN have the die cut to perfectly cut around it! Genius! Brilliant!

  106. Amu says:

    I would LOVE to have all these items in my possession so that I could make cards for the residents and nurses at my grandmothers nursing home!!

  107. Barb Boso-Roach says:

    I am flipping out this week for the chance to win the flip card set! It is so beautiful and the colors are so cheery and bright! I think anyone who receives one of these cards would “flip” themselves and have a fantastic day after receiving one!

  108. Cyndi says:

    I am just starting out and would just love to win this flip card set. I have limited amount of dies since I can not afford to many. But I do love the dies that I have purchased. Nt sister us a HUGE fan and probably own every die that you have put out. I do get to borrow her things, when she isn’t using them. haha. Thank you for all the lovelies that you bring to us.

  109. Donna Bischof says:

    Holy Cow, I love the stamp set. I also need the sticker set. It is a must have. Can’t wait for the show.

  110. jesusa tan says:

    I just started using your cuttlebug and i bought your flip cards set months ago.. i’m a novice at all these cardmaking but it’s been amazing what i can create with your products…. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

  111. Mary Prystal says:

    I absolutely love my flip card set! The new stamps will allow me to do even more gorgeous cards. Can’t wait!!

  112. Peggy Allen says:

    Love the flip cards, stamps and dies. What a combination. Amazing Anna. Thank you.
    God bless,

  113. Nancy Laprad says:

    I am looking forward to getting the double-sided card stock and the stamps for the flip cards. I would like to start a “Arti Card Party” gettogether so my friends can enjoy the fun of making these cards. I’ll be watching on August 30th!!

  114. Eric Sinnamon says:

    I would love to win these for my wife. She has lived your products for years. Whenever you are on HSN, I make sure she watches. I tell her hurry up “your lady”is on!

  115. Lisa Frye says:

    I love the new stamp set. I’m still receiving packages from July 6. Loving it. My husband not so much.

  116. kim m says:

    That stamp set is genius! I love how you keep creating items we don’t know we need until you make them and then we can’t live without them!!!

  117. Christine Sisler says:

    Looking at these makes me think that I need an early birthday present! Hard to pick a favorite!

  118. Vicky says:

    Just love the stamp set and stickers for the fantastic flip cards!!! Can’t wait until August!!!

  119. Christine Zook says:

    I did 🙁 they’re who told me they couldn’t help me and didn’t know how it got deleted. I think it never was entered in the schedule?the order no. Clearly says autoship but no autoship is out there to even cancel. Now she was able to put October back in, thank goodness. I will have to get it when you hopefully have it for the christmas show. I have every embossing folder and almost every die! I didn’t get the 2nd autoship on your summer dies. Please sell that “flipping” autoship I missed in october! 🙂

  120. Jo Ann Cook says:

    I loved the flip cards and now it’s even more amazing I wanted it the last time it was on but my husband got laid off from the coal mine so I couldn’t get it but crafting and making beautiful cards is uplifting for me it helps me to forget about how bad things are and enjoy all the beautiful cards and scrapbook pages that I make he asked me how I do it and I tell him it’s easy when you have the right tools and inspiration and that is what you get with all your beautiful products love it all thanks

  121. Dena Schmitt says:

    I love these flip cards and everything that goes with them. I can’t wait to give them a try and see what I can create!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Cheryl Osborn says:

    Wow!! I would love all these products!!! The stamps for the dies are wonderful. Now we need border dies to fit around the openings if the card die!!

  123. Cheryl says:

    I love the fantastic flips set and accessories! And the stamp set is the perfect addition to this collection. Thanks Anna!

  124. Jean Condon says:

    I really love the stamp set to compliment the flip dies that I have, or any other card for that matter. Great bunch of products. I want these really bad!

  125. Deb K. says:

    It’s way to hard to pick a favorite. I love everything you have Anna. August 30th can’t come soon enough.

  126. Carolyn says:

    I love it all. I have had so much fun making the flip cards. The paper is especially perfect and love the sentiments. I am going to have a difficult time choosing.

  127. Susan Forti says:

    I love the die cuts for the flip cards. What a great idea! I’m getting into card making and all of this will help me get started!!!

  128. Janet Nelson says:

    Loving everything. Looking forward to Aug. 30th. I feel so bad, though. I had to cancel the current autoship because too many unexpected bills happened. Thanks for you and your staff’s hard work.

  129. Betty Andrews says:

    Flip cards are to flip for. All of this is fantastic and I would dearly love it all.

  130. Mary R says:

    Hi Anna!
    Your flip dies are unique, I’d never seen any like your’s. I really like your dies-they are deeply etched and cut clean. Also, using your embossing pad brings out all that luscious detail. The double sided cardstock is perfect for flippin’. Thanks for bringing this back.

  131. Beca says:

    Hi Anna, I love all the wonderful products you make for us. I”m flipping for the Fantastic Flips Card Kit. can’t wait for the 30 of August to watch and craft with you.

  132. Myra Goddard says:

    Hi Anna,
    I really love what you displayed for this 2nd. sneak peek. I am on auto-ship for the flip cards, and got notice it is on it’s way, so the first favorite is the cardstock, and then the stamps, and then the stickers. Love flipping! Thanks for all the wonderful go withs, so I can make my own,
    Looking forward to August 30th.!

  133. Janet Oliver says:

    Hello Anna and company!!!
    I love the coming back of the flip kit along with the card stock, stickers and the stamps for all our flippin’ needs. I missed out a second time on the stickers and the first offering of the cardstock for these flip dies. I sure hope I can finally get them this time around! Love all you do…Fantastic job!!!

  134. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    I love that your bringing all of the flip items back. I can’t wait for the stamp set that will only make this amazing flip card kit and the extras go even further. Thanks for always listening. Thank you again for sharing your amazing talents with us.

  135. DIANE CANNON says:

    Hello Anna,
    I love the flip cards. I’ve been flipping since I got the kit. With the added dies, papers and stamps I will flip forever. Thanks

  136. Anna Griffin says:

    Try contacting HSN’s customer service; they should be able to help! Here’s the number for their auto ship department: 1.800.557.0714.

  137. Terri K says:

    I love my flipping dies and I’m so excited you have made the stamps to match. Love all you products Anna

  138. Toni B. says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sentiments. Need more you always have the best & say what we think.

  139. Debbie Griffin says:

    I’m flipping for the new Flipping Sentiment Stamps. Those will work so well with the card kit and dies that I already have
    Also, I will need to buy another pack of the two sided cardstoc and Velum Stickers. I am already running out of my first order. Obviously, I flipped for the whole flipping card kit thing-y Anna. Looking forward to your next show!

  140. Mary Esser says:

    Anna, I love the new stamps for the flip cards, any chance of making the same thing but as a Cricut cartridge? With the Cricut every thing comes out so beautiful. Will be watching your next show. Love all your products. Today, I made cards with the new cuttlebug words, used metallic paper, gold and silver, Sooooooo beautiful!! Thank you.

  141. Amy Ellis says:

    Love the flipping card kit I have from AG. Can’t wait to try all the new products as well!!

  142. Lois says:

    WOW !WOW! WOW! I absolutely LOVE the Fantastic Flips Cards and Dies set. I love all the new products but especially the set. Thank you Anna for your inspiration and wonderful products.

  143. Anna Chait says:

    Just gave out two of my “Anna G” cards to friends with birthdays. It’s so much fun because they are so beautiful.

  144. Elaine Salkil says:

    I just can’t wait. All the cards are so beautiful. I could really use those stickers! Thanks, Anna, for such lovely products.

  145. Kathy says:

    I always seem to be at a loss for the appropriate words to finish the cards that I make, so that stamp set would really make my card-making life less stressful.

  146. Kay Rankin says:

    I love all Anna’s products can’t wait to order this: flip cards, stamps, dies, paper and stickers!

  147. Anne says:

    Oh my Anna, These are all beautiful products and work together. So nice. I would love to win all of them. People love your (I mean my cards) lol! Thanks for letting me make that claim.

  148. Pat says:

    WOW !! It just keeps getting better and better. Fresh design ideas and it always compliments what we already have from the AG line.

  149. Donna W says:

    I just received a birthday card made with this flip die. Love the card so you know I have to have that die set. Would love to win the set especially those dies. The card I received was from my Aunt who is very artistic and that card with your die was totally awesome. Please, please let me win! LOL. Good luck to all .

  150. Christine Zook says:

    I’m so sad Anna…I was on autoship for the flip fold dies and cards and I saw that some people said their next autoship just shipped and realized I hadn’t seen anything. So I checked my account, and there is NO AUTOSHIP! They have no way of knowing how and why it got cancelled!! and too late to get the July one! (all went out the 19th) I didn’t see people’s orders was shipping til this morning. I wanted this most because of Christmas! Now that kit probably won’t be on the air until October. Normally it would be that big a deal, but I joined a FB group in January this year, and we make a card a week until Christmas and I’ve made mostly cards from your kits!! and was so looking forward to making some with that kit! I’m so sad…

  151. Dana says:

    Oh the wonderful flip cards! I have not purchased these yet, my charge card was already screaming. They are beautiful and who doesn’t like an interactive card! You are a designer extraordinaire. Thanks for all the goodies.

  152. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I’m so glad that you are on the same wavelength with me about the stamps for flip cards–I can hardly wait to get my hands on them!

  153. Sandy H says:

    Would sure love to win it all because I am still in so much debt from your last two visits that winning would, unfortunately, be the only way I could possibly get them. Looks like fun though.
    Luv, Sandy H

  154. Kathie says:

    I absolutely love the flip cards and embellishments! It takes a special kind of person to be able to keep thinking up these fabulous kits! Thanks

  155. Carol Batchelor says:

    Oh, Anna! I love the stamps and those beautiful flip cards! They look like the perfect choices for any occasion. I look forward to seeing you on HSN on August 30! Happy crafting, everybody!


  156. Kim Z says:

    Oh Anna!! So happy to see the new stamp set!! This is going to be a “GOTTA HAVE” for me for sure! As usual I LOVE all your things, you truly are AMAZING! I NEVER get bored!! My crafting is my therapy and you are my therapist! Thanks Anna!

  157. Susan says:

    I love the flip cards and all the new products to be able to keep making more especially the stamp set! Can’t wait for the show!

  158. Vickie says:

    I hope I can get my last order paid for. I really want the flip cards and stamps. Love everything Anna!

  159. Carol Cerio says:

    I love the stamp set and know it will be a great addition to creating my cards. I can’t wait to try these on my flip cards!
    You out did yourself again Anna!

  160. Tema says:

    Love,love,love it!You think of everything.Amazing stuff.I would be over the moon as a winner!

  161. Janice Lundy says:

    Hello Anna,
    I love, love the flip dies and cards that I ordered when they first came out. Would be so honored to get the double sided papers and stamps to make more of what I love. You have the best products around!

  162. Anita weld says:

    Super Sentiments Stickers are my favorite!! Love the new sayings!!!!
    The double sided paper is temptingly beautiful too.

  163. Ruth Thomas says:

    The flip card set is great. I appreciate you putting the samples on Pintrest, I like having them for great ideas. Thank you Anna.

  164. Helen Settle says:

    Love all things Anna! I’m caregiver for my husband and son who are both disabled so card making with Anna Griffin keeps me sane. Keep the good things coming Anna!!!

  165. Jane Paul says:

    Hi Anna, Great products your are offering in August. I am really excited about the Sentimental Stickers, and Stamp Set. I new addition to my card making. Keep them coming, can’t wait.

  166. Mary Schultz says:

    Just received my first set! Can’t wait to add more to the collection. Love Anna Griffin products

  167. Sonja says:

    I scrapbook with all your products and would love to win this weeks of goodies to try my hand at card making! I love everything you make!

  168. Kathy Gillespie says:

    Hmmmm! I have the flip card set so all of the papers, stickers and stamps would be wonderful to have! Thank you for this opportunity!

  169. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    I just made a fantastic flip card for a classmate who is recovering from a heart attack. Made it pretty so his wife will also enjoy it. Stamps are my favorite this time.

  170. Debra Baker says:

    I am so excited about the new sentiment stamps for the flip cards! I love to hand stamp my sentiments as the card looks more custom made than the printed stamps. These stamps could be used many ways!

  171. Rosie Waldt says:

    Anna, I would love to win the stamp set for our previous flip cards we had gotten from you. Love, love, love your products.

  172. Linda Ross says:

    The Fantastic Flips are so nice. I really like the stamp set, they made for so many different occasions.

  173. Ruth says:

    I really would like the Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamp Set to go along with the dies! Thanks for bringing it to us, Anna.

  174. Wanda M. says:

    Looking forward to seeing these on the 30th. You bring such great products to HSN.
    Thank you and HSN for realizing crafting and card making is still going strong.

  175. Lesley Conway says:

    I am in love with all things Anna Griffin. Every time I make some pop up cards people go extra crazy about them. I made an anniversary card and everyone was in awe, especially the recipient. She made everyone stop and take a look at the card! It felt soooo good!!

  176. sherri levinton says:

    I am so glad that you are bringing things out that can go with what we already purchased, makes things more attractive that way

  177. Karen R. Lorenz says:

    I am so excited that the flip cards are back in stock. I like the design so much. I need the paper, sentiments and the stamps. I am excited and can’t wait to get these items. Thank you

  178. Barbara says:

    Anna…..you are AMAZING with all the wonderful ideas and products you have come up with for us. Thank you! Looking forward to your show on Aug. 39th.

  179. Barbara says:

    Anna….. you are AMAZING with your wonderful ideas and products for us. Thank you! Looking forward to your show on Aug. 30th

  180. Marjorie Wenski says:

    Keeps getting better every time So excited Thank you so much, Anna. Love your products and you are the real deal and so creative. Margie

  181. Sherrill Campbell says:

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  182. Kathleen Rimer says:

    Oh my goodness – my head is spinning! I love the flip cards and the stamps and dies are fabulous. I want (no make that NEED) them all! Thank you Anna for all you do.

  183. Yvonne Elgnawey says:

    My oh my, you just keep things coming. I don’t have flip cards, so it would be nice to get this entire set. I love your inventiveness and creativity, Anna.

  184. Terri G says:

    I love the first Fantastic Flips set I got with auto-ship. I would love to win the stamps for future card making. The paper to make them would be great also!

  185. Joyce Lutterbie says:

    I LOVE it all–can’t wait until August 30! And, what a great prize for someone to win!

  186. Maureen Lucey says:

    When my Dad opened his Father’s Day card he told me it looked like a card you’d expect to pay $5 or $6 dollars for! He loved it and I love all your card making tools! I’m awaiting my new flip card set to ship any day, but I’ll definitely be ordering those new stamps and the beautiful papers! I would LOVE to win!!

  187. Bobbi Hollar says:

    I am so excited to see the fantastic flip stickers are back and the new stamp set. I have the first Fantastic Flip kit and will receive the second shipment soon through auto-ship. Thanks for all of your great ideas.

  188. Ruth Manor says:

    Hello Anna, I have the flip set from March and am waiting for the 2nd auto ship to arrive any day. I need the sentiments and the stamp set to go with the items I already own. If I win, I’d share the extras with my friends Carol and Theresa, my card-making buddies. Looking forward to your August HSN craft shows. – Ruth

  189. Beth says:

    ***! I am going to get in trouble with these! Hope you post times for each product so we can really plan ahead!

  190. Nellie Rose says:

    *** Anna, I really, really need that stamp set and of course all that other stuff… Hugs I’ll be watching you .

  191. Cathy Kysar says:

    Flip cards? Double-sided cardstock? Super sentiments sticker set? Stamp set? Oh my, I want them all!!

  192. Myrtle says:

    The addition of the dies and stamps are fantastic! Now I will be able to make as many birthday, thank you; whatever occasion cards that I like! This will extend my kit indefinitely!!

  193. Claudia Brawley says:

    As you stated, this set is “Flipping Fantastic”! I have the date saved in my calendar with a reminder to start ordering 12 hours before your first show . . . because I KNOW these are going to sale out. Congrats on your wonderful products and continued success.

  194. joanie says:

    I bought the kit when you first had it, Anna, and absolutely love it! I would really love the paper and stickers and stamps! They are awesome (as usual!)
    Thank you again for a chance to win!
    (Maybe this time?)

  195. Cynthia Grimm says:

    Maybe I’ll be lucky to get this set the 2nd time around. The stamps are a great addition.. Thank you for being so creative and sharing that ability with the rest of us doers.

  196. Breana says:

    Love the fantastic flips. Purchased it back in March. Can’t wait to get the paper, stamps and stickers so my daughter and I can make wonderful cards together. Great mommy daughter time.

  197. Diane Reese says:

    Anna & HSN – by the looks of comments I hope you have enough Flip stamps to go around for the August show.I was unable to purchase flip card items last time, but glad you brought back for August show. I hope I can purchase the papers and stamps in time before they sell out, but it would be even better if I win all this on Friday. I love all the flip card items and here is the reasons why: 1 – like ease to design a card so many ways, 2- card is light weight even with embellishments to mail. I have many friends up North for summer months and a card is expensive to mail if it becomes too bulky (which I discovered) as Pop-Up cards go in another rate class. With flip cards I can design and say what I want without them becoming bulky to mail and postage is NOT that expensive vs pop-ups. I hope you keep the flip card design around for awhile. Also would like to see the flip cards die cuts sold separately without having to purchase a card kit.

  198. M Meyers says:

    The flip cards and accessories are outrageous, beautiful and hands down my favorites. I can’t wait to get them. My family and friends think I’m a real artist. The truth is you make me look good. Shhh don’t tell anybody. Thanks Anna and Team.

  199. Leah says:

    I love fantastic flips! I get so many complements. I have to have them all, the papers, stickers and stamps. The second kit is in the mail now, cant wait to make more cards! Love, Love Love these kits. Thank you Anna.

  200. Gail Brown says:

    I have been a fan of yours Anna since the first time you appeared on home shopping. I love your designs and color ways. So elegant! I like to use dies and stamps for the versatility and continuous supply. I’m so excited to add to my Anna Griffin products!

  201. Sharyn David says:

    I am flipping over the dies and the stamps that co-ordinate with them. Love all your products.

  202. Paulette King says:

    Love your new stamps. Those cards are so pretty. I bought a kit of those before and they are a big hit with my family and friends. All you do is fantastic. Keep up the great work. Hope to win some day as I am a BIG FAN of yours. Bravo to all your team too.

  203. Deborah Tallman says:

    Yea! I love my flip cards. Bring in a TON of those stamps, I’ll be stalking the site for those.

  204. Patricia Rendina says:

    Since I wasn’t able to afford the flip set, I would just love to win it! It’s so unique. I like the stickers too. Looking forward to your new shows and products.

  205. JanF says:

    So glad the extrats are coming back. And the stamps are brilliant! Can’t wait to get them.

  206. Susan Mlacker says:

    Love all of these we can just keep flippin forever. <3 🙂
    Can't wait till Aug 30th.

  207. CraftyMac says:

    Hi Anna,
    I LOVE all your products…you have made creating handcrafted cards a pleasure and have added to my paper passion…. I can’t wait for the next airing…. thank you so much !

  208. Lynda Darby says:

    I love the new stamps! Yay♡♡♡ I wish you would do more stamps. Maybe a vintage rose layering stamp set like Altenew’s set. Would love some smaller images to help fill out cards.♥♥♥

  209. Charlene Robertson says:

    I use my Flip Cards more than any other, so I can sure use all these sets …..

  210. Kathy says:

    I have Anna’s flip cards and love them. She designs such beautiful papers and heart felt sentiments. The new stamps with wonderful sentiments would make the flip cards custom to your paper. Would love, love to win the bundle to keep my card making going.

  211. carol hayden says:

    MY MY more great products.The flip cards are my favorite. As always looking forward to the show…

  212. Heidi Sullivan says:

    Happy to hear that the sentiment stickers will be available again, as the ones I ordered on July 6, was not honored by HSN after my confirmation. 🙁 Looking forward to the August show.

  213. Melinda Singleton says:

    I love the kit and with the stamps and sticker I can only imagine the fun cards I can make. The flip card is something to flip over . I can’t wait for my family and friends to flip over them too.

  214. Carol Coleman says:

    The stamp set looks awesome. I love the card kit which has everything and add the Cardstock makes it the best card kit anywhere

  215. Nanelyn Mitchell says:

    Wow! You’ve thought of everything! The flip it stamps are just what I’ve wanted! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And did I see a masculine card in that demo? Can’t wait to see next weeks sneak peak!

  216. Lori L . says:

    Flipping over all the flip cards especially since I miss out when it went out of stock last time you had it on air?

  217. stampnk says:

    Everything about this release is so beautiful! The flip dies and papers are beyond gorgeous and I love those sentiments. The fonts and touches of gold are always elegant and really coordinate beautifully with the papers. Anyone would be thrilled to receive a card like these!

  218. Sydney M says:

    My mom and I missed the flips last time….we will be waiting together so we can have plenty of flips in the house! I can’t wait:)

  219. Barbara A Coomes says:

    I really like the clear sentiment stamp set, I will get that for sure to go with my flip card dies, can’t wait.

  220. DIANA LARSON says:

    I’m flipping for the flips. Everything is fantastic I am looking forward. I love the papers and the sentiments

  221. Charlotte Parker says:

    The Stickers and stamp sets would be awesome to have. I have a few weeks to save my money so that I can get them. Thanks for all of the wonder you bring to our efforts.

  222. shartl says:

    Wow! Those flip dies are so unique and fun. I love the double sided card stock that coordinates so well with these and all the gorgeous embellishments and sentiments. I can’t wait to see the HSN program and see everything up close! Love these beautiful sets.

  223. Debby B says:

    So glad to see this card kit back. It is just beautiful. The paper and stickers to go with it will be great.

  224. Carole Sandlin says:

    Anna, I love everything you showed us. I really like the stamp set because it will help my flip set go even farther. Love everything you do and I will be watching on August the 30th.

  225. BETHANIE says:

    The flip cards are so creative & pretty. I particularly enjoy the separate sentiments & the stamps. That is so helpful. Now I won’t run out of the one sentiment I need the most. Anna I just love all your designs
    I missed out on the lovely layers cards 2 cartridge. I hope that returns soon. Thanks for all your wonderful designs just love them.

  226. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    Anna, These are going to be fantastic! I need allllllllllllll of them. I have been buying your products for a very long time and just cant get over your amazing ability to keep them coming. Always fresh and beautiful and stunningly original. Excited for more Anna……………pick me, pick me, pick me.

  227. Regine Longchamp says:

    Hi Anna. I love each and every piece and how they all fit together. The flip dies are amazing. I have your square and round sentiment stamps and now I’ll need these too. I’m already making room for this new collection! Thank you for always having that extra wow! People always complement me on my cards and I tell them it’s not really me at all. It’s all Anna Griffin!

  228. Alice Wright says:

    I of course love all of the products, but I’d have to choose the paper for the flip cards. I have the first set of flip cards and really love them!

  229. Dawn Coleman says:

    Omgoodness! More AG on HSN, Love it! I want them all! I bought the flips in March, now I need the cardstock and stickers to add to my collection!

  230. Pam S. says:

    I love, love these flip cards! They are the best and so pretty! The stamp set will be perfect too! Oh I wish I could win!!!

  231. Jean Hming says:

    Hi Anna I want everything you have!!!! I think my fav in this line up is the stamps!!!!

  232. Sandra Currey says:

    No wonder I always owe HSN. You keep coming out with such fantastic new products like the stamps for the flip cards. I’ve got to have them!

  233. Geri Olson says:

    I love the beautiful papers, all pre-cut, yay! I’m looking forward to the stamps, as these will add endless fun to the dies.

  234. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    My favorite this week are the sentiments that sold out so quickly. I watched ALL your shows. I didn’t see the sentiment stickers. I must have dozed off at the wrong time. Hopefully that won’t happen again. I don’t want to miss any of your great “stuff.”

  235. Linda J.W. says:

    OMGoodness I’m so excised for your next trip to HSN I would to get my hands on your new dies
    Thanks for a chance to win some

  236. Jennie Thompson says:

    So hard to choose just one item! I might have to say the stamps because that way I can use different colors or emboss them and make them stand out and sparkle! I can’t wait!!!

  237. BRENDA HUNES says:

    I want to win the FLIPPIN FLIP CARD set. I bought the autoship in March. I shared with my friends and my stash is low. Looking forward to getting the stamps.

  238. Sharlena says:

    I didn’t get the kit the first time and regretted it but I won’t let this second chance pass me by. Thanks for bringing it back Anna.

  239. Lorna Tyndall says:

    Hi, Anna! you have really made a wonderful group of products! Can’t wait till they come out on August 30th. thank you for bringing the flip cards back!

  240. Jan says:

    Wow, you’ve done it again. Stamps and paper to go with these fabulous flip card dies. Love it all. Can’t wait til the 30th.

  241. Debbie Martelli says:

    Well I love everything as usual and can’t wait till August! Especially the stickers and stamps!

  242. Jennifer H. says:

    I’m Flippin for your fantastic new products! (Of course ;b) The Fantastic Flips kit keeps giving (love those flip dies) and keeps gets better. (I can’t wait to add the Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps to my AG arsenal.) Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win and for keeping it crafty! ^u^ Keep it coming!

  243. Angie koehne says:

    I don’t know how I missed out on the stickers before, I will make sure I get these and the stamps. Thanx for thinking of us.

  244. Lana says:

    I am on auto ship for the first set of the Flip cards….The stamps definitely would be a nice bonus as well as the paper. Is this a brand new flip set or is it the original? Looking forward to the 30th.

  245. Karen says:

    I love the add on to the flip cards. The paper is beautiful and I love the additional sentiment stickers and stamps.

  246. Diane Marie says:

    Your Fantastic Flip set, is a fantastic give away and everything that goes with it. Like everyone else on your blog, HOPE I WIN !!! Lol

  247. Terri Gardner says:

    As always I love all the products! My favorite is probably the stamps ! Now I just need more time to work on making some cards!

  248. Kate Smith says:

    The flip card kit is amazing! The papers are gorgeous! And I must have both the stamps and the stickers for sentiments – because sometimes you need the words to match you paper colors, and sometimes you need the words in GOLD! Cant wait til August 30!

  249. Dee F says:

    Love all the return products. So nice to be able to add to our stash or get it if we missed it the first time. Thanks Anna.

  250. Jamie Badders says:

    I’m thrilled that you’ve brought back the Super Sentiments AND brought us the new Flip Sentiment Stamps??? WOW!!!!

  251. Carolyn Dolls says:

    This is the flippin mother load. I want the STAMPS! Please enter me, I’ll be so flippin grateful. Thank you kindly.

  252. Karen Mills says:

    ***!!!! Anna I love your products…. the flip card die and stamp sets are outstanding, you are amazing; looking forward to your next show

  253. Paloma says:

    Anna I’ve come late to the party but glad to have the invitation! 🙂 I do all the cards for our church – they are especially well received by older ladies who are confined to their home or nursing facility. I am building my stockpile and have the cuddlebug, and number of dies and folders. I love your organizing boxes and have several of those. This keeps me in a peaceful state of mind for crafting. I am buying a little here and there as much as I can. Everything passes the “joy” test for keeping in our homes even as we declutter. I’ve found a wonderful group on pinterest which are Anna Griffin fans! I knew of your wedding invitation line and that’s how I originally found you! Please keep making beautiful elegant products that inspire us and leave our recipients breathless at how beautiful these cards and scrapbooks are!

  254. Susie G. says:

    I am so glad you came out with a stamp set for the flip-it cards. I have the first die set and have never managed to get the stickers before they sell out…. stamps are a perfect solution. Thank you for the chance to win them Anna!

  255. Vernia says:

    Thank you Anna for all the “fliptastic” flips.
    Would so love to win this bundle, as I cant pick just one favorite, could be flippin for days. See you on Aug 30th

  256. Vicki Fellenger says:

    Received an email today that my second set of Fantastic Flips dies are on the way……..yay!! So now I am really excited about your Fantastic sentiments for these cards will be available soon. As always Ana, your products are FANTASTIC!!!!

  257. Angela Kaufman says:

    I love every one of your products. Love the flip cards and how everything else coordinates with them!!

  258. Winnie Johnson says:

    Love that these items are coming back and so excited about the new stamps set. That is a must have

  259. Linda Bohannon says:

    Wow I don’t know how you do it, you always bring more and better… Loving all these… So excited for the show now. Hope i win thou… my husband would be grateful to 🙂 I absolutely Love the all Blue card above. Thank you Anna. What fun and excitement to look forward.

  260. Georgia Henson says:

    I love all these items that extend the usability and design options for the fantastic flips! The sentiment stickers and stamps look great.

  261. Jennifer Wall says:

    I make cards for my SundaySchool Soul Sisters class that we send out for words of encouragement. This would be great to add to all my other Anna card collection items.

  262. Granny D says:

    Oh the stamps are again, just wonderful. I can see these on a whole lot of my cards in the future… Love the look, the type & the feel of these little guys Hope I can win them…..the other items look incredible as well…..an hoping the show is just as incredible as the last one was.

  263. Barbara Mann says:

    Ahhhhmazing. I don’t know how you keep coming up with these wonderful ideas for your products. Loving the sentiments and stamps. How cool are those?

    Thanks Anna Griffin and team!

  264. Christine Sjoden says:

    Oh man, Anna …. I lost out on buying the flip cards when they were on. I could just kick myself. I love all the flip card items you have. I hope I don’t miss out again! Love ya, Anna!

  265. DEBRA SPENCER says:

    PRAISE THE LORD that you spread your visits out…. My wallet really thanks you.

    I’m waiting for the FLIP tiecuts…I think those are the ones that I missed out on before so I really have my fingers crossed that I’m chosen.


  266. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The stamp set is my favorite because it will extend the use of my original card sets. I get compliments all the time on my flip-it cards–makes me almost feel guilty because they are so easy to make!

  267. Susan Helfrich says:

    I am so excited to get my hands on the new stamp set! It is going to make flip cards a cinch!

  268. Linda G. says:

    Anna, what wonderful opportunities you have provided us to create stunning cards! The sets look amazing. Looking forward to August 30th!

  269. Kathleen Grant says:

    I love all your products. Making cards from your kits is helping me deal with the stress I am feeling due to my mom being very ill. I have sent her some of your cards to try and cheer her up.

  270. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The double sided extra long paper looks wonderful! Doubled sided is just the best way to customize a card. I want get stacks and stacks. Thanks to you.

  271. Jacqueline Townsend says:

    Hi Anna, I love all of your things, and have many, but I can’t wait to get your stamp set to use with the flip cards. I will be watching on August 30th. Can’t wait!

  272. Marsha says:

    This Anna fan is ready to flip over and with all these amazing products. Thanks for the opportunity to be beautifully creative.

  273. Tiffany Schoen says:

    I am so excited for everything!! Thank you for adding even more beautiful things to the fantastic flip cards kit! I am very eager to see all of the new sentiments and stamps! Thank you, Anna!

  274. Monica Terrell says:

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  275. deborah j.t.m. says:

    It’s flippin’ fantastic that you’re bringing back the papers and stickers and now stamps for those of us who missed out on them earlier!!

    Loved my Flippin’ Cards kit and so has everyone who has rec’d them!!! They’re wondering how I make all those fancy cut outs and layers!!!
    I wonder????? ;D

  276. Sue L. says:

    Between the sentiment flip card stamps and the fabulous double sided cardstock… Whoooohooo Anna. Can’t wait!

  277. Sally Bartlett says:

    Anna, you just keep em coming. The flip series just grew. The stamps are amazing. Bet you get lots of entries this week.

  278. Pamela Mead says:

    Ahhhhhh, love the products, but especially love the stamps for the flip cards! Thanks Anna – you and your team are the best! I don’t want to wish my summer away, but can’t wait for this new release!

  279. Pam Thompson says:

    Anna, Anna, I have flipped my lid over this week’s products. I can’t stop flipping over the STAMPS and the Super Sentiments. I must have both of them.

    As an fyi I purchased the Fantastic Flip Card Kit and the Double-sided Cardstock in March.

  280. Deborah Ernest says:

    Hi Anna, you have out done yourself again, this card kit is fabulous and I would love to win . Thank you for such beautiful kits!!!

  281. Kristine says:

    This week’s sneak peaks are wonderful. Really what we need. The Fantastic Flip Sentiments Stamps are great. So nice. Thank you so much. Hope it’s put on shopping list what is new and what is a repeat. Would be really helpful. Thank you for everything.

  282. Janie May says:

    Everything goes together , so that makes it impossible to only want one thing! Helen Hayes said it best ” endless possibilities “, and I totally agree.

  283. Judy Ullom says:

    Your the best! I see my new flip cards are coming and now your offering stickers and stamps! Hope you are going to make LOTS of stamp sets because it looks like everyone wants a set! Can’t wait! Thank you Anna!

  284. Rhonda Fix says:

    I am beyond excited as I love the fantastic. Flip cards and can’t wait to get the sentiments.

  285. Carol Ouellette says:

    Flipping for the Double Sided Card Stock for Flip Dies. Then the Sentimental Stickers. Then the Stamp Set. Anna for sure I’ll be flipping for all the Sneak Peaks to come. So glad to have a chance to win!!! Thanks, Carol

  286. Clarissa Miller says:

    I have already flipped for the card kit and now I’m doing a back flip for the stamp set.

  287. Amber Morrison says:

    I’d love to win the paper, the stamps and the stickers for sure. I have the Fantastic flip card kits on auto ship.

  288. Phylliss h says:

    Never thought I would be this excited about an upcoming show. Hmm must b because Iam on the Anna Griffi band wagon. Toot toot, all aboard to flip land. The most exciting journey u can take 4 all the beautiful cards u are ever gonna make.
    Thanx Anna

  289. Pamela says:

    Anna-You have out done yourself again. The stamp set is a must have and on your list. Wouldn’t it be great if my luck would change and I would win

  290. Carrel Watkins says:

    Always excited to see what you come up with next. Would live the bows and stamps. Having so much fun with all the things I’ve purchased. Thanks for all that you do.

  291. LaVerne Adams says:

    I am so excited about the fantastic sentiments stamps. They are just amazing – just like everthing Donna comes up with.

  292. Lucy says:

    It is so exciting to see the stamps that correspond with my Flip dies. I have been practicing with double sided Christmas papers and was wondering about a stamp set to go with it. You think of everything to make our card making easy. Can’t wait, it is already on my calendar to preorder on HSN. Thank you Anna!

  293. Rosie V. says:

    I love love love Halloween! So I can’t wait to get all your Halloween goodies!!! Thanks Anna!!!

  294. Phyllis Burke says:

    So excited for the flip cards coming back. I missed out the first time, as usual Anna you never disappoint.

  295. Kate Molnar says:

    What a super giveaway this week! I’m flipping for the Double Sided papers this week, plus the fact that my Festive Flips card kit is shipping this week. Oh Happy Days!

  296. Laura Rybarczyk says:

    Oh boy. Sounds like another expensive craft event for me! I’m loving everything. I need this… I do, I do!

  297. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    We are gonna be flipping flips again! I am liking new double sided cardstock, and stamps! Of course I will need all of it to make the best creation! Thank you for showing us all these previews Anna. It really helps before your show, Aug 30th!

  298. Kathy Klein says:

    Love your flip cards. Can’t make them fast enough for friend. The paper and stamps and sentimental stickers would be such a help. Also Anna do you think you might be doing a Christmas collection in flip cards and extras. One other thing is there going to be the card topper for Christmas also.

  299. Laura Fenske says:

    Thanks you Anna. Wasn’t sure how to continue my flip cards. papers and saying cards had run out. This will be awesome. I can’t wait. so excited. thanks again.

  300. Betsy V says:

    WOW this would be an awesome gift and prize !! So awesome are those stamps, your the best Anna!! ❤️

  301. Marianne says:

    Anna, I am amazed at the wonderful products you come up with…endless beautiful ideas. Thanks so much…and I would love to win them! Marianne

  302. Terri B. says:

    Awesome products! Can’t wait to get my autoship Flip card set #2. And, I really need to order those new stamps to go with my cutting dies! Thank you, Anna, for having such great products.

  303. sbarr says:

    The whole “kit and caboodle” is my favorite; seriously I can’t pick just one! Looking forward to the August show.

  304. Anita G says:

    I am flipping over the moon about the Fantastic Flips.
    Love all of your products, they just keep getting better and better. Please continue to bring us more flipping great products.

  305. Rita Rains says:

    I missed these last time, would love to have these. I am marking my calendar so I don’t miss it.

  306. Belinda Cadena says:

    I totally love your Flip Set. And then to add to the collection is a marvelous idea! My Husband shakes his head when you are on HSN at 2:00 am and I staying up all night, pulling an all nighter! I don’t care. Love your show, your awesome collections!

  307. Diane Lynne C says:

    The stamp set is something that I have long wanted. Cannot wait until August. It’s my husband’s birthday that day.

  308. Judy Orlowski says:

    Oh my goodness, I thought there would be nothing else I’d ever need! I need those stamps and double sided papers, and a new part time job to buy them! I would just love to win these!

  309. Jeanne says:

    You have outdone yourself with the paper, stickers and stamps to extend the flip dies. Can’t wait until 8/30!

  310. Stephanie Theodos says:

    Stamps, stickers and double sided papers..Can’t wait!!! I get so many compliments on the cards I have given. Better than those name brands and saves me money overall. Don’t even try to compare to $ store for quality or beauty.

  311. Deborah Bode says:

    I can’t wait for the new stamps! These are going to be so wonderful for doing our own sentiments! You come up with the best stuff!

  312. Dianne McDonald says:

    I must have the stamps and the sentiments. I have multiple sets of the first flip cards and love them!

  313. Judy says:

    I love your flip card package. I sure wish I will be the lucky winner this week. Looking forward to your next HSN show.

  314. Deborah Barker says:

    Love those flip cards! And to be able to purchase the card stock, sentiments and a stamp set … amazing. Thanks so much for the previews, I really enjoy seeing the items in advance.

  315. Laurie says:

    I be flipping, I be flipping mon. Hey, I’ll be flipping. All the way to HSN, hey. ❤️

  316. estela jaime says:

    Thank you for bringing back the flip cards i coudnt buy them last time they were sold out i love them

  317. Grace N says:

    Anna, I’m looking forward to getting the stickers and stamps for making my own flip cards with your dies. Thanks for making me look talented.

  318. Mary Beth Gallaher says:

    The stamps are my favorite. Having so much fun using what I got from you on July 6!

  319. Rachelle says:

    I flipping love the flip cards and stamps as well! Please keep them coming and I will definitely be watching on the 30th!

  320. Judy Graham says:

    I have most of these but they would make a great gift. But I would save the stamps for me. I hope I win this week. Can’t wait for August.

  321. Celia Martinez says:

    I’m so excited about the card stock and stamps. Every recipient of this cars has flipped over it!

  322. Dale L. says:

    The Fantastic Flips Sentiment Stamps are wonderful! Also happy that the Super Sentiment Stickers will be back in stock. Exciting products!

  323. Nancy Patterson says:

    I have not seen the flip cards before! How wonderful yes I want to start flipping, please pick me.,

  324. Bonnie Whorton says:

    I would love, love to have the fantastic flip papers and dies. I have been wondering if you would have these two products. I am so excited to see these.

  325. Margaret Tresca says:

    I love it all!!! I do already have the flip card kit, which is absolutely fabulous, but I’m definitely going to get those papers and stamps to use with them. I can’t wait to get the new flip card kit with my auto-delivery too. Woo-hoo!!! Good luck everybody!!!

  326. Sharon Guca says:

    Oh wow would just love to win those stamps to make beautiful cards and scrapbook pages!! Fingers crossed!

  327. S Lawson says:

    Wow! Beautiful! Flipping out over Anna. Hope my name comes up on the winner’s list. The dies are my favorite.

  328. deborah d says:

    You’re the greatest !! It is almost impossible to pick one favorite. I want everything.

  329. Sharon Smart says:

    I’m looking forward to the Double sided cardstock sets and the fantastic sentiment stamps. Can not wait!!!! Thanks Anna for all the great products.

  330. Karen Wilkins says:

    Looking forward to seeing all the demo’s on Aug 30!! Love the goodies that go along with the auto ship dies, will really extend the use for them and will have other uses as well…. can’t pick a favorite to day, need them all!

  331. Mary Ann Larson says:

    I love the stamp set and finally the stickers are back! can’t wait to order the paper!

  332. Debby Davis says:

    I purchased the flip it set in March and can’t wait for the autoship to come in. I love your products and everyone always makes over the cards they receive from me.

  333. Lois Beaty says:

    Loved the preview and looking forward to new flip card set! Wasn’t a card maker until I ordered some of your other sets! Love, love, love!

  334. L. Lynn Lane says:

    Thanks for the stamps for the flip dies. I do hope they are “plain” in their messages and not so sentimental. Also, PLEASE BRING BACK the pretty flowers (NOT painted!!) like your original kits had. I’m looking forward to the show (my credit card isn’t thought).

  335. Christina Grata says:

    My favorite this week is the fantastic flip sentiment stamps. Can’t wait to get them!!

  336. Linda says:

    I love them all the clipboards stamps will be perfect. The cardstock is great I want them all. I am so excited this is my first time I have commented. That is how bad I want it. Thanks linda

  337. Carla S. says:

    Oh yay! I can’t wait to order the stamp set and the papers!
    I will be checking ahead of time so I can be sure to get them! Thanks!!!

  338. Karen DiClemente says:

    Anna, everything is amazing! The stamps have my vote with so many great sentiments.

  339. Linda Barlieb says:

    Anna I can’t wait to get the auto ship in a few days. Looking forward to your show on Aug 30th. Love that you have come out with a Stamp set and papers that fit the dies.

  340. Elsie Yonamine says:

    Your flip cards are the BEST! I’love making them because they’re so quick, easy, and beautiful! I’ve added Cricut designs for added dimension–so perfect!

  341. Joan D. says:

    Oh Anna, I love today’s preview. I have the Fantastic Flips, so I can’t wait to order the paper and the stamp set. Thanks, Anna, for all of your great ideas.

  342. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I am so excited about the stamp set. It will extend the use of the flip card dies forever!

  343. Ann R says:

    I am looking forward to the sentiments and the sentiment stamps since I have been “flip’en” since they were on the last time. The flip cards are so much fun to make.

  344. Mary says:

    I ordered the Flip Card Kits on Auto Ship and should be getting the second one soon…..Would love the win the Super Sentiments and the Stamp Set to go with them.
    Will be watching on August 20th. Thanks for all you do.

  345. Angie Ordinario says:

    Wow! How could I have missed those flip cards. They look so amazing. Can’t wait for August 30. Love everything Anna does. I get into so much trouble shopping.

  346. Gayle Montayo says:

    WOW! What a WONDERFUL collection you have there Ms. Griffin!!! LOVE them all! We will all have a “flippin” good time with those!…sorry..had join the fun. Thank you !

  347. Sandra Evans says:

    I missed out on the fantastic flips sentiment stickers the first time they were offered so I’m so glad to see them back. I’m even more excited to see sentiment stamps for the flip cards offered so I can do my own sentiments and as many as I want. Thanks Anna.

  348. Jennifer Mills says:

    *** – the sentiment stickers! I had them, gave them as a birthday gift to a friend who didn’t get them before they sold out, and since then have wished I had them so many times! Thanks Anna – can’t wait for the 30th! 🙂

  349. Kathy schlegle says:

    I got the flip cards when they first came out and made them and have used them all. Every one that I gave one of these cards absolutely flipped over.
    I did not get the stickers and wished I had,. The stamps look awesome . I think the double sided paper is so pretty and will make some awesome cards, with the stickers and stamps oh what fun I could have.

  350. Cindy Jones says:

    I’m going to have to give you second billing in my craft room, which I wish was twice as big now. I love all of your products! Thanks for sharing even if I don’t win.

  351. Karen Fabian says:

    I want to let everyone know that if this is the same kit as the TSV it is fantastic. I am anxiously awaiting for my first AD order that I should get soon. I was unable to get any of the extra last time so I hope I can win them now – love them all.

  352. carol mcclure says:

    wow…you’re like summer…overflowing with flowers and color and shine and abundance! lovely things as always. can’t wait to see the show..

  353. Ronnie Ramsey says:

    I have had many great compliments on the flip cards I have given. Will need the stamp set for sure. Always so exciting to see new products.

  354. Jil L says:

    I can hardly wait to get my hands on the flip card stamps. They are just what I needed for my flip cards. Jil

  355. Christine Zook says:

    I love love love the dies, can’t wait to receive next shipment. Will any of them have the frame die for the front of the flip? Really could use those to finish the card front! Can’t wait to see you on again!

  356. Carol A Pope says:

    My auto ship is being shipped now for the fantastic flips. I could really use the double sided paper, stamps and the sentiments. To go with my auto ship. Thanks Anna

  357. Ellen Harnish says:

    My auto shipment of the latest release of the flip dies is on its way to me. Yayyyyyyyy! So my favorite thing from this sneak peak is the flippin’ stamps. Can’t wait.

  358. Diane L says:

    Oh my goodness !! I have the flip cards….love them and have the autoship…I’d buy them again! I love the papers such a generous assortment….the stamps and additional stickers are just wonderful. It’s almost like having a never ending kit !!

  359. Kyndra Witthuhn says:

    I am so in love with these flip cards and the stamps are just what I need to finish them up. Anna you are the best!

  360. ROBINA FELKER says:

    Thank you so much for producing things that extend what we already own. My craft area has spilled over into the main basement area. So many great things.

  361. Debra Connolly says:

    Oh Anna, my heart is so full right now! I cannot express how much joy you bring to us and I am ecstatic to see how you have built upon the flip dies and card set by adding these amazing new products that makes them forever in the making. Thank you for sharing your gift and adding a lot of Heaven on Earth!!!!

  362. Crystal Miller says:

    Anna Griffin addiction. Sorry didn’t mean to type that. It changed to”Frigid” I really hate auto correct.

  363. Tami Moss says:

    I would love to make the Rose To My Sister card for my sister. She is 14 years older than me. This card would be in honor of our mother, Mickey Dare, who was a well known artist during the 60s, 70s,and 80s. One of her specialties was the rose. It would be a wonderful tribute!

  364. Crystal Miller says:

    I need a second job to pay for my Anna frigid addiction. I became hooked three years ago when I got my first Christmas card kit. Love love love the stamps so I can create lots more flip cards and not run out of stickers or sentiments in my kits.

  365. C. Suzanne Downing says:

    These are so very beautiful. I love to use & give your lovely & heart-felt cards. All the embellishments: the flowers, the foils, the stamps, & all the matching papers & card stock make a gorgeous presentations. Thank you so much for all you do.

  366. Joanne Garratt says:

    *** my bank manager is so going o hate you. I love your work so much. those flipping stamps. what can I say xx

  367. Rima says:

    Yea! I can’t believe, the stamp set will be great! I purchased the flip set, but somehow missed out on the paper. Would be great to win, but I sure don’t mind buying them.

  368. Patricia Anderson says:

    I am most excited about the stamp set… I have made tons of your flip cards and my sentiment options were becoming scarce. So thank you for creating the stamp set and sheets of gold foiled sentiments.

  369. Sandra finger says:

    I already have several of the items but plan on getting the rest of them this go around. Looking forward to the august show.

  370. Linda Valoy says:

    Anna, every time you mention fantastic flips I get so excited. My favorite is the stamps. I have been going thru all of my stamps trying to figure how to make them fit into the flip cards. I got a few of the embossed sentiments from the mix and match folders to work. Now you have made it easy for me. Thanks Anna

  371. Judith Brauer says:

    Hi, I would love to win these Flippin fabulous products. Always enjoy getting a little bit of Anna Griffin creativeness in my home!

  372. Merlinda Turner says:

    Like everyone else my budget is out the window!!!! Jimminy Cricket ……. I want the new stamps and double sided paper! I don’t know where I’m going to put it all but I’ll manage. I was very fortunate to have purchased ur first flip card kit and stickers so I’m hoping I won’t miss out on this next presentation.

  373. Linda Heckendorf says:

    I so wish to have the flip cards. I missed out earlier this year and have been anxiously and patiently waiting. Thank you!!

  374. Sylvia Walwark says:

    Oh! Pick me please! 60 cards?!!? All the other sets I have only make 20 cards. Wow! That would be wonderful to be able to make 60 cards out of just one set!
    Thanks Anna!

  375. KarenWorrell says:

    Wow, I’m excited for the stickers and the stamp set. I love the flip cards and these would really be a wonderful addition to have.

  376. Teri Griewahn says:

    I was SO hoping to see more paper, etc. for the flips cards set. Yay! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  377. Marlene Willis says:

    I love making cards and make about 25 or more a month. I especially like making cards with flowers and lace. I would love a chance to make these cards.

  378. Alecia says:

    Anna, I enjoy creating with all of your products. They allow me to be creative in so many ways. All of your materials are of very good quality. That is why I keep purchasing them. Thank you. Alecia

  379. yadyra marrero says:

    Oh… since I ‘m already signed up for the autoship on the cards I must get stickers and the stamps… Love them. THANKS Anna for the chance to enter the giveaway. ♡

  380. Mary Helen Harris says:

    Love all the new items! Really need the new sentiments and stamps! I think my flip set is on autoship and should be at my door soon!
    Beautiful as usual!!

  381. Vicki Smith says:

    Anna, just want to tell you how special you are. Women can rock the industry with their creativity and dedication. I would die of happiness to win this collection. The Flip Cards are so popular right now but you take them to a whole new level. My fave is the card kit. Wow, Wow, WOW!!

  382. Sharon Canzonetta says:

    Anna, all of your products are outstanding !! I only use Anna Griffin products when making my cards. I used them once then I was hooked. Love the beauty behind everything you put out & the quality !! I would flip out if I won this bundle. Thanks for bringing them back.

  383. Linda Gilliam says:

    Oh my gosh,how beautiful all these are, as are all your products Anna…needless to say, I would FLIP OUT if I won these (pun intended ) lol!
    I especially love those dies and stamps!!!

  384. Melanie Proffitt says:

    I love these things!!!!! And Anna, I want to tell you how pretty you look in that paisley dress ( I think) and pink sweater!!! Lovely. …no wonder you produce all these lovely “things” for us.

  385. Teresa Espinoza says:

    Hello Anita!!!!!!
    Well I know I have no blog so I don’t have a chance to win anything, but I own the dies and I love the stamps and the stickers and I can’t wait until the 8 to order them.God Bless you and your family.And good luck to the winner.

  386. Yadhira Saladrigas says:

    I am so happy to see that the flip card set is coming back. Thank you very much. I had order them when they came out on HSN and after I had placed the order I got an email telling me that it had sold out and my order got cancelled. I am in love with all of the products in this sneak peek but I love the stamp set the most. Thank you Anna for all your wonderful products. I have been a fan for many years and have tons of your products.

  387. Penny K. says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for creating the stamp set to complement the flip cards! Can hardly wait to get my hot little hands on them!!

  388. Robin Walker says:

    Simply beautiful!! Just was able to see these getting ready for surgery. What better way for me to recover and enjoy doing it. I am excited about all the above!!!

  389. Kimberly Head says:

    Hi Anna! I’m flipping for ALL of your products! 🙂
    I am especially excited for the Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps! I can’t wait til August 30th!

  390. Jennie Michael says:

    *** I missed the flip card set last time so I am so getting it this time with the paper & stickers & stamps. Love them all.

  391. Cheryl Polevchak says:

    Oh, Anna, you did it again !!! I can’t wait to get my hands on these ! Beautiful !!!

  392. Cheryl says:

    I really appreciate how you are offering kits that will interact with one another. I love anything with die cuts! Thanks.

  393. Lori schultz says:

    Happy birthday to me’! Looks like I will be buying myself some beautiful products for my birthday this year!! Beautiful like always

  394. Sheryl Lloyd says:

    Anna, I love it all…!! These are all great products…can’t wait till August…!!

  395. Janie Crawford says:

    Super excited about the sentiment stickers and stamp set. I already have and love the flip cards.

  396. J Perry says:

    This Aug 30 is going to be so epic! I can’t wait to try out those stamps and stickers with the kit that just got shipped today! Thanks for the chance to win. I love your beautiful kits!

  397. Rinda K. says:

    Hi Anna, you are simply amazing!!! Thank you for bringing so much craft joy to your fans. I can’t wait for the sentiment stickers and stamps! 🙂

  398. Jeorgette P says:

    I always say “No more Anna stuff” and I never keep that promise. I love them so much. Thank you for bringing them back. I can’t wait to get those Sentimental Stickers and Stamps. Also, thank you for the chance to win them!

  399. Robin George says:

    I love that you are bringing back the sentiments for the flip cards! I love all things Anna! Thank you for bringing us such innovative items!

  400. Mary Beth says:

    Love the idea of the sentiment stamps for the flip cards! Great idea Anna, perfect for any style card!

  401. Ara Wisnoski says:

    I have the flip cards & dies…love them! I can’t wait to get my hands on the stickers & stamps…what great ideas! Hope I win!

  402. Sharon Kelley says:

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    I’m intrigued by the Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps. I don’t make flip cards, but I’m thinking that I could use them like my chalkboard stamps and Say it Anyway sentiment stamps on my card fronts and interiors. Now I need you to make a (separately sold) cutting die set to fit those stamps and make it easy for me, rather than measuring and guessing, and cutting out shapes on my Cricut – hint, hint.

  404. Peggy says:

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    Love ya, by.

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  448. omv says:


    Your creativity is killing our budget–LOL:)

    Always look forward to anything from you—so beautiful. We already have the Fantastic Flip Card Kit on autoship, so the stamps would be PERFECT if we won.

    Thanks so much for making all of our lives more beautiful

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