HSN August 30th 2016 2016 Shopping List

Tomorrow’s the big day!

Get ready to see us on HSN at 1:50am, 12:30pm, 4pm and our last show at 10pm. Are you all ready for the shows?

We want you to be as prepared as possible, so here are the products that will be on the shows.  We have them listed, complete with item numbers!

Brand New

499-579 Holiday Vintage Collage Toppers

499-588 Pretty Patterns Christmas Cards and Envelopes

499-589 Halloween Die-Cuts & Cardstock (new configuration of previous Designer Kits)

499-596 Halloween Embellishment 3D Stickers (new configuration of previous Designer Kits)

499-568 Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps

488-436 Festive Flips Card Making Kit with 7 Dies

499-572 Festive Fancy Sentiment Stickers

499-586 Fancy Double-sided Cardstock for Flip Dies (new everyday patterns to use with your Festive Flip dies)

499-549 Holiday Rollagraph with 3 stamps and handle

499-562 Holiday Rollagraph with 3 stamps

499-582 Holiday Flocked Layers

499-577 Christmas Glitter Stickers

Flocked Christmas Layers 4

Returning Favorites

498-781 Holiday Pop Up Card Kit now includes Christmas Envelope Stamps

442-900 Spooky Glitter Papers

466-134 Fantastic Flips Card Kit with Dies

488-455 Cuttlebug Seasonal Summer/Fall Cutting Dies

488-462 Cuttlebug Seasonal Summer/Fall Embossing Folders

249-624 AG Embossing Folder Storage Box in Ivory Damask

315-744 Embossing Storage Box

457-832 Rollagraph Self-Inking Stamp Set

436-744 Cuttlebug Christmas Bells Dies

450-012 AG 3 Piece Everyday Color Book Set

474- 332 Cuttlebug Ornate Embossing Folders (formerly Spring Embossing Folders)

420-164 Cricut Decorate Celebrate Cartridge w/ Banners and Bunting Paper (1st time they are offered together)

420-168 Cricut Decorate Celebrate Cartridge

474-352 Pop Up Cutting Dies and Mat

457-840 Ornate Frame Dies (from January)

489-267 Baroque Frame Dies (July autoship)

464-566 Crop-A-Dile II with case

470-014 Glitter Sticker Die Cuts

416-942 Playful Pieces Card Kit

Ornate Frames 2

So many amazing products!  We will see you tonight!












  1. Deborah Marean says:

    Anna, you are killing me! I just want all things Anna Griffin! Thank you for all the wonderful items. I have been doing online jobs to build the checking account for the October viewing. I have a whole month to prepare.

  2. Debbie McMillen says:

    Those books look absolutely gorgeous. Would be so great to have everything in one place. Two beautiful color choices. Decisions decisions. Thanks Anna

  3. Michelle Dixon says:

    Hi Anna, I love the floral pattern on the planners and they are in two of my favorite colors. Thanks for the awesome craft items you bring to the crafting community and for sponsoring such awesome giveaways. Have a good day!

  4. Jessica Owens says:

    What beautiful planners! Stumbled upon your Instagram post and followed it to the blog, congrats on the Oct HSN launch! Would love to win one of these for next year!

  5. Clare Dempsey says:

    Oh, I am so excited and happy to have my refill for my planner available. But Anna, you are tempting my with a new teal cover! Sigh! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Carole says:

    I always thought that planners were for those people still working. Was I ever surprised to find myself printing out a monthly calendar so that I could keep track of all my “must dos” every month! I found that keeping track of me, my husband, children, grandchildrren, and now, great-grandchildren’ s activities was becoming a full time job. Back to planers for me. I would love the beautiful planners that provide space to write and save necessary items all in one place. Looking forward to seeing your show tomorrow.

  7. Kaye Lystad Kirk says:

    I didn’t think I needed a planner but I always keep a tablet of paper by my computer anyway. So I’ve decided….I NEEDED THE AQUA ONE!!! BADLY! It looks awesome! I’ve always envied the planner all along anyway! Great job, as always, Anna. Can’t wait until the new studio is ready, as well!

  8. Linda H says:

    So, my Daughter’s B-day was the 30th and we had out of state guests all week. All wonderful, but alas, by the time I watched the DVR the items I had wanted were sold out. Good for you, Anna! (Not so good for me). Which is why I’m wondering, when will the next craft day be? I know, you have to recuperate from this one!!!

  9. Karin Weaver says:

    Anna, did I get a defective flip die from your festive set. The Flip panel is not solid but is cut out like the front How is the sentiment supposed to fit?

  10. Jan M says:

    Thanks for the response. I see I left a vital statement out of my suggestion. I need more flowers, birds, butterflues, leaves, etc. In die cuts proportioned for the flip cards. The sticker sentiments and sentiment stamps are great. I need more flowers! Thanks AGTeam..

  11. Roxann Higgins says:

    Just got my Playful Pieces Card kit and flocked holiday paper layers and Halloween sticker kit. The card kit is adorable and so glad I ordered it. Never been disappointed in Anna Griffin products. Thank you Anna and your team. How about a card kit for the teen level someday?

  12. Jan M says:

    I got my sentiment stamps for the flip cards today – very cool! It will definitely extend my usage of the flip dies. I have an extra pack of paper and waiting on the pack I just ordered
    We need more die cuts proportioned for the flip cards. Stickers do not work. Any die cuts of this proportion in the works?

  13. Anna Griffin says:

    Carol, be sure to favorite the item on HSN, and when it comes back in stock you will be notified. We will be selling the dies separately in January!

  14. Carol Trovillo says:

    I tried to order the Fantastic Flip set twice. Thought I got it this time. Just got an email from HSN & it’s sold out again. Will you be selling just the flip dies separately? Thanks for all your ideas & cards. Love the embossing folders & dies!!

  15. Anna Griffin says:

    Linda, we do a new Christmas kit coming in October. We’re working on all new sneak peeks for the tons of exciting new products we have lined up for you!

  16. Linda Valoy says:

    Hello Anna, loved the show. Got my flip sentiments yesterday. Pre-ordered before show. I love love them. I am a little sad there were no Christmas sentiments in them. I got out my AG Christmas stamps from years past and found 5 that would fit the frames. I am hoping you are making us a Christmas kit Oct. or next year, for the flip cards. We also need a kit of everyday flowers. The flip cards are so much fun to make. They make me happy and blessed to own them.

  17. Anna Griffin says:

    Deborah, October is going to be the craft day to end all craft days. We have TONS of new holiday products coming. Sneak peeks coming soon!

  18. Anna Griffin says:

    Hopefully some day! Be sure to favorite the item on HSN, and you will get a notification as soon as they are back in stock.

  19. Hazel says:

    Just a UK query.. I see the chalkboard stamps on Craft Channel include the ink pads, when I bought mine via QVC there were no ink pads included nor any option to buy seperately. I’ve hardly used them as I can’t get the right sort of ink pad. Could you please consider offering the ink pads as a separate purchase then maybe we can do some ‘catch up’ stamping.

  20. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Even if it was an ‘abbreviated craft day’ I still had a great time watching demos and of course buying more AG products.
    My CSR gave me my Shipping Savings which was $62, she said that was the largest savings she had seen for the day. So yes, I bought quite a few items and really love those $5 total shipping for the day!!!
    Can ‘t wait to get my goodies and start playing with all of them, and I know I better get working on my Fall and Xmas Cards ASAP!!
    BUT… I’m hoping there’s more Xmas surprises for us in October?!?!?!? YES?? PLEASE??? 😀

  21. Debbie says:

    Can hardly wait for the UPS truck to arrive. Counting the days. Love what you make. You and your team must be working 24/7. I purchase as much as my limit allows.

  22. Mrs. A says:

    Your presentations yesterday were terrific. I just could not get over how pretty the new holiday products are. I doubled up on all the Halloween and Christmas new items. The flocked papers and holiday vintage card toppers are stunning. It really helped to see the glitter die cut collections side by side as the HSN online photos and descriptions were confusing. You and your team are the best, Anna. You create so much joy.

  23. Gilbert Salinas says:

    ***!!! I just received my massive Anna Griffin haul from HSN. I purchased every single item on her shopping list new and returning favorites plus other of her items. I ordered early, and put them on 2 day shipping. I’m just overwhelmed with pretty! Hold on to your seats guys everything is GORGEOUS.

  24. Anna Griffin says:

    You’re very welcome, Jan! We’re so glad that you love our products and that they bring you joy!

  25. Jan Weindel says:

    Dear Anna,
    Thanks so much again for all that you do for us. Your creations certainly help in these times. It takes us to a world of good thoughts as we think of the people we send the cards to and all the fun we have sharing the cards. Your cards have helped through surgeries and lost loved ones. You help me remember all the blessings I have. Thank you again!

  26. Anna Griffin says:

    It’s a very handy tool to have, and saves a lot of time when it comes to removing small pieces! We love ours!

  27. Anna Griffin says:

    Linda, we’re going to have even more sneak peeks! Stay tuned, and thank you for watching. It means the world!

  28. Linda Christiansen says:

    Thank you, Anna, for wonderful presentations, products, and inspiration today!!! I learn something every time you’re on.
    I like the hosts and I think they are getting better at letting you do more of the talking and demonstrating, which is why we watch!
    Of course I can’t wait for the October show and I hope there are some sneak previews again once you get a little rest and catch your breath.
    Thank you again for all of the “beautiful in the making”!!

  29. Lori L. says:

    I hope someday you decide to sell the Fantastic Flip dies separately from the kit. I would love to purchase just the dies. I missed out on just buying the Sentiment Stamps in the matching shapes today before they were sold out. I hope you will at least offer that stamp set again in the future.

  30. Jodee says:

    Hi Anna I have the ornate die Cuts although I haven’t been able to use them yet or anything because my mother-in-law had the room I was turning into a craft room and she passed away. Now I don’t want to put everything out because we’re hoping to move but I still buy things. I have the ornate die Cuts as I said but is the tool and one with multi-purpose craft tips actually necessary? I’m thinking it is

  31. Jodee says:

    I don’t know how to get the flocking layered paper that matches the embossing folders. And some technique that Anna had once showed Suzanne on HSN how to take the embossing folder and make one paper look one way and then put another one on top of that using the same embossing folder only it calm down the print underneath. How can I find out how to do that

  32. Diane B says:

    Hi Anna. Ordered bunches of stuff today. Can you bring back the Cottage Rose 3D stickers. Love those and almost out.

  33. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Rinda, we’re not sure when they are planning on re-stocking, but be sure to click the “add to favorites” button, and HSN will notify you as soon as the item is back in stock. The Gatefold Embossing Folders won’t be on the next round of HSN shows, but we always try to bring back fan favorites!

  34. Rinda Kaing says:

    Hello Anna! I’ve ordered all the holiday goodies that I wanted from your collection last night. However, I’m trying to order some additional items and it looks like this one is already sold out – 30-pack Embossing Folder Sleeves (item # 249-626). Will it be restocked today?

    Also, will you please bring back the Cuttlebug 12″ Gatefold Embossing Folders (item # 405-871)? I missed out on them last time and I’ve been waiting patiently for their return. Thank you kindly for your consideration, Anna! 🙂

  35. Debby B says:

    Love Craft Day on HSN, getting so much inspiration. Anna, was wondering when the Anna’s Christmas Printable will be available? Saw that it came included on the gold Cricut last year, and have been watching for it to become available for those of us who already had purchased a Cricut machine.

  36. Darlene Cooper says:

    What is happening at HSN? They are not airing crafting products. I thought August 30 was to be a craft day. I don’t see Anna Griffin in the program for the day. Am i going crazy?

  37. Michelle says:

    Anna, I have a quick question. 488-436 Festive Flips Card Kit, was this on Auto-Delivery?
    I can’t wait for your remaining show!

  38. Linda Cuvo says:

    Hi Anna,
    I’m so excited to get my new products. I ordered them last week and they should be here any day. Only sad I missed out on the one time shipping of $5! ! I’ll be watching……can’t wait!

  39. Fran Steadman says:

    As of 3:00a.m., I have bought five of your items: Holiday Die-cut Glitter Stickers; Holiday Vintage Card Toppers; Cut & Emboss Dies – Fretwork; Fantastic Flips Cardmaking Kit with Dies; and Favorite Flowers Embossed Stickers. I have to quit for now, but I enjoyed seeing you and Suzanne, Anna.

  40. Rhonda L. P. says:

    Dear, sweet Anna,
    I didn’t think tonight would ever get here! It’s 11: 29 p.m., and I am heading to bed… but have set my alarm for 1:30 a.m. Heaven knows I don’t want to miss a minute… even though I have already placed my order. I LOVE seeing what you and your team DO with all the “goodies” you produce! One request….
    Do you think at some point in the future, you could again sell the”foiled embellishments” alone;? I bought 8 packages of the silver, but only ordered 2 packages of the gold, thinking I could order more at a later date. When they finally came back, they were combined! I really don’t need any more silver!!!
    PLEASE separate them so I can buy more gold???
    I would greatly appreciate your considering this!
    Thanks… and wishing you a successful and fun show tomorrow!

  41. Rose says:

    Thanks for the shopping list Anna! I’m going to order the fantastic flip sentiment stamps for sure. What kind of glue is best to use for the holiday flocked layers? I love your creations in the demos! I”m so excited to see your shows!

  42. Christine Hayden says:

    I just realized that the tag and rectangle new flip it kit doesn’t have a die in it for the cards……….How can we make extra cards with the extra cardstock if there are no card dies included in that kit? HELP!!!!

  43. Maureen says:

    To Lula I just purchased the pretty pattern cards I tried earlier and got no where so maybe they did restock it’s 9:30 pm east coast time good luck maureen

  44. Lula Tomlin says:

    Thanks Linda I went back on and was able to order Pretty Pattern Christmas Card, I am so happy.

  45. Annette J says:

    I already bought a few items afraid they would sell out quickly. Thanks Anna everything is beautiful and SO creative

  46. Suzanne Belanger says:

    Thank you for the shopping list it is wonderful to have it. Makes me want everything. Thank goodness they have flex pay. Anna can you please bring back the floral impressions card kit. I am really really wanting to have one. It looks like such an awesome kit. Love everything you design. Thank you Anna. Take care.

  47. Lula Tomlin says:

    Anna thank for the shopping list but I am disppointed that thePretty Pattern Christmas cards and envelopes has already sold out. I had them in my cart and by the time I went to check out they were Sold out.
    I love everything

  48. Darlene Sirrine says:

    Is the Festive Flips card making kit part of the auto ship I currently have going? Or will it be sold separately?

  49. Shari Shafii says:

    Hi Ms. Anna!!

    I forgot to say thank you for the shopping list!! So, Thank You!! for the shopping list and now I also know you will be updating the list, as stock becomes available. I appreciate all your hard work and am so excited for the shows! Thank you Ms. Anna for everything you do and thank you to your team too! I’m a huge fan of your product! It’s a hobby that I enjoy very much! I hope all of you have a blessed day! 😉

  50. Irene Matas says:

    My Items are already on the way. Love that I could order way ahead of the time they were listed on your Blog. Can’T wait.

  51. Shari Shafii says:

    Oh thank you Ms. Anna for answering me so quickly! I didn’t see it in the picture, so I assumed it wasn’t in the kit. Oh my! This changes everything. Once again, YOU make ME HAPPY!!! 😉 Have a blessed day! Have a great show. I’ll be watching every show. <3

  52. Anna Griffin says:

    Festive Flips comes with the die for the card, and all the extra dies, just like the original kit!

  53. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna!!

    I guess this must be the right place to ask. Why isn’t there a die to make the card in the Fall & Holiday set? Fantastic has 2 different one’s and the holiday only has 7 little dies for embellishment. I didn’t want Fantastic, I wanted the holiday kit and expected it would have a die to cut the card out. Can you put that in? Or could you offer the dies separately? IMHO I think the Fall & holiday kit should have a die to cut the card out! So, what do you say Ms. Anna?!! Can you help a girl out?…lol 😉

  54. Sandra Mercier says:

    What can I say ! Anna anna , always a pleasure to see you & all your beautiful item’s. very excited to order all I can. I can’t help to alway’s overdue. love love love ! can’t wait. Sandi

  55. Linda Christiansen says:

    I forgot to thank you for making some of the Christmas items à la carte. I like the card kits and have some but with separate items I can buy what I want or need and use some of my leftovers from other kits also. Choices are fantastic.

    I also agree with another person about flex pay. If HSN gave us flex pay on everything, we could buy more & more!

  56. Kristine says:

    Thank you much for the shopping list. It’s great. Thank you also for putting the items under “New” & “Returning”. That really helps. Thank you. Tuesday will be so much fun.

  57. Sandra Griswold says:

    Hurrah and hallalulia shopping will be here shortly, excite. Love all items listed. Like anything Anna Griffin you are so talentos nas Creative

  58. Diane Miller says:

    Will the festive word dies ever come back? I was hoping to see them on this show. But love everything you offer and have ordered a few things already.

  59. Rita Carr says:

    Thanks for shopping just. I am disappointed the Halloween items are sold as separate bundles. No envelopes. No paper for envelopes.

    The Christmas items I was going to buy are also packaged that way which significantly adds to the price.


  60. Linda says:

    Yay….can’t get enough Anna Griffin time!! We sure could have used a couple more hours at least. Shame on HSN. Sorry to want to overwork you Anna, but you have so many great things to see!!!

  61. Barbara Smith from Crofton says:

    I’ll be staying up late to watch and to shop! Another exciting adventure with ANNA!

  62. Jo says:

    Thanks, Anna! On my way to HSN to see what I can purchase in advance right now! Taping all your shows tonight & tomorrow.

  63. Anna Griffin says:

    They’re there! The fourth item listed under Returning Favorites. 499-568 Fantastic Flip Sentiment Stamps.

  64. Sue Farren says:

    Thank you for another fantastic shopping list Anna and team. I am wondering if more items will be available on flex pay?? I contacted hsn and they did not know.
    None of my items are flex pay, which really helps. The shipping promo has started as others have mentioned.
    So excited for all of the shows!!

  65. Debbie McL says:

    I am so looking forward to your shows Anna and all of your beautiful new products. Your presentations are always WONDERFUL!!!

  66. Ramona La Point says:

    I’m so excited ❣ And I Just Can’t Hide It❣ I’m About To Lose Contro ❣l And I Think I Like It❣❣❣❣❣Ramona

  67. Mona La Point says:

    I LOVE how you have coordinated the item numbers and made all of them available by clicking the item numbers on your blog early enough for as to be ordering or putting them in our shopping cart early. Thank you so much and I and HSN! Can’t wait for the show! Ramona


    Thank you! Appreciate the heads up on the products being offered tomorrow. I like to buy early so I do not lose out. Soooo excited to see all of your new products (old ones too!) Take care and have a wonderful and very successful visit to HSN.

  69. Linda Christiansen says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for the shopping list. I have already ordered three items, but I have more to order.
    HSN has the $5.00 per day shipping deal going on now. See HSN for details. Tip….be careful when ordering at the end of the day because at midnight Eastern time, a new $5.00 charge starts for the next day.
    Like the others, I can’t wait for your show to start tonight…. I’ll be watching at 1:50 AM Eastern time !!
    I get so many ideas and so much inspiration watching your presentations …thank you !!!

  70. Stephanie Jenkins says:

    Hallelujah! I can’t wait! Counting down the hours to see all of Anna’s beautiful creations and new products!

  71. Linda C. says:

    It’s finally Aug. 30! I so enjoy your presentations. Your love of the art shows with your wonderful enthusiasm! One request, please stress if an item has been part of a specific auto ship. I’ve had a couple of order duplicates which is a bummer. But it does show I have so many AG items I don’t know what I have and I must really like the items, because I ordered it twice!

  72. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna & Co!

    Thank you for the shopping list! I’m sure it will come in handy!

    Let the games/shopping begin!

    Can’t wait to see you…

  73. Anna Griffin says:

    We’re waiting for them to be posted to the site! We will update with the link as soon as the product is available!

  74. Gilbert Salinas says:

    What happened to the Christmas Glitter stickers? Will they be available? I purchased everything on this shopping list!

  75. Cherie Gibson says:

    Thank you so much for the shopping list! That makes it so much easier to shop! Now, if only I had a complete AG list to inventory all of my goodies! 🙂

  76. Helen Hayes says:

    So excited. Can’t wait to see the demonstrations and all the beautiful creations. Then it’s my turn to create!

  77. Maureen says:

    Can’t wait for this day to end so it will be time for Anna, this list is great, it makes sense and organizes all my notes of the last 7 weeks. Have fun shopping ❤️

  78. Wanda Duso says:

    Thank you Anna! I probably will not sleep well tonight thinking about the show tomorrow. I will be watching all day! Cannot wait to see what beauty you are bringing into my life! Have a great Monday!

  79. Georgia Blair says:

    My DVR is set for the early morning show. Can’t wait to see all the awesome things. Hopefully I’ll be adding to my Anna collection.

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