HSN October 5th, 2016 Sneak Peek 5

Greetings everyone!

If you are having a terrific Tuesday, we are about to make it even better!  We are officially half way through with our sneak peeks! That means October 5th keeps getting closer and closer! Be sure your calendars and planners are marked for for Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting show times;  Midnight-2am, 8am, 11am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm, 7pm, 9pm-11pm. We have such fun shows lined up for you, and we’re ready to get our Christmas craft on!

Over 1500 of you commented on Friday’s post and we have two more winners today!  Dianne McDonald and Ida Spencer congratulations to you both! Enjoy!

On to today’s items… here we go!

Our set of 4, 12″ Christmas Embossing Folders are going to help you make holiday scrapbook pages and oversized cards in a flash! Because the folders are 12 inches high and in repeat, you can emboss an entire 12×12 piece of paper in no time! These folders have wonderful winter patterns such as Christmas trees, delightful ornaments, delicate snowflakes and our favorite poinsettia. You’re going to love the patterns you will get from these embossing folders.  They go right along with our 5.5″ x 12″ metallic papers below, that fit perfectly in these folders.




We love our Christmas Metallic 5.5″ x 12″ Layers! The colors are spot on for all holiday crafting and include: red, green, gold, silver and white.  Because they are metallic, they show off the 12″ Christmas Embossing Folders, and all other embossing beautifully.  You will get 50 sheets, and 10 of each color. Is your head already swimming with ideas?


5-5-x-12-inch-metallic-layers 5-5-x-12-metallic-layers-2

We all need pre-made cards in a hurry. Our Holiday Card Assortment comes in the most cheery Christmas accordion box, topped with a bow! In this boxed set you will get the best of the best assortment of 24 already made Anna Griffin Christmas cards.  These cards include a mix of our very favorite holiday patterns, embellishments, gold foil, die cutting and more. These blank on the inside cards cover everything from Season’s Greetings to Happy Holidays. The keepsake box is amazing for storage, and will keep all your most cherished cards organized and safe.



We know you love wrapping gifts for your family and loved ones as much as we do! What better to adorn special gifts with than our Christmas Gift Tag Label Assortment.  These merry little tags will add a sparkle and seasonal feel to your presents.  In this set there are 30 die cut snowflakes, wreaths and Christmas trees gift tags accented with gold foil and ribbon.  The 3-D gift labels are available in 3 patterns and are easily added to your packages!


Our Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser with 4 Rolls is going to make wrapping a breeze! If you’re like us, you want your shiny packages under the tree to look extra special; that can be time consuming at such a busy season.  Save time and stress with our easy box dispenser and trimmer! All you have to do is pull out the double sided wrapping paper, and slide the built in trimmer to get a perfect straight edge every time! Our patterns are gold & silver holiday damask/stripe and red & green Christmas floral/ snowflake designs. You can bet that your gifts will be the best dressed at the party, or family get together! Talk about wrapping in a snap!

chic-wrap-1 chic-wrap-2

Back for our October 5th shows is the Rollagraph Christmas continuous stamps!  This rolling stamp set includes three different stamp cartridges in snowflake, bow and holly designs along with silver, red and green ink!  Look what happens when you use the Rollagraph on scrapbook pages!  You will create amazing borders, cards and you can even make your own gift wrap with these. We’re so glad that we get to bring it back, because we know how handy this tool will be in creating magical Christmas crafts.

rollagraph-xmas-1 rollagraph-xmas-2

Back this year is our set of Mix and Match Christmas Frames.  These embossing frames have 4 Christmas frames and 12 pop in sentiments.  There are 6 pop in sentiments in both a circle and square that include warm winter wishes like “Joy to the World”, “Sending Holiday Cheer”, “Peace on Earth” and more. The embossing folders have pretty poinsettia damask, a Christmas wreath, regal reindeer and ornate ornaments.

mix-and-match-christmas-frames-2  mix-and-match-xmas-frames-1

What a lineup!  Would you like to win these products? In the comments, let us know your favorites and we will announce two winners on Friday!

Best of luck!



  1. Kathleen Lute says:

    I’m probably too late but I’ll try anyhow. I love that wrapping paper gizmo. I would really be lucky to win the items. I would use them! Thanks, Anna.

  2. Alley says:

    Love it! Just in time for my birthday! I am so excited for the show. I want it all! I love the gift wrap dispenser and the metallic paper. Wait what am I saying! I love it ALL! Thanks for the great ideas time and time again.

  3. Shellie Fontana says:

    Embossing has become my favorite way to ‘frame’ my layouts for cards ad scrapbook pages, so I LOVE the Christmas Embossing Folders; and, my FAVORITE item is the Christmas Metallics paper! It is like fine fabric! Congratulations on such an innovative and helpful idea of your Gift Wrap box-dispenser, Anna–another f’Anna-tasting reason we love you!

  4. Joanna H says:

    Wow it took me five minutes of scrolling just get the bottom to make my comments. I love Christmas and I love embossing folders very excited to see the 12 inch designs also your metallic card stock is amazing so so fun can’t wait for October!!!

  5. ARLENE PETERS says:

    Wow, embossing folders with interchangeable sentiments look amazing… New ones are always welcomed… and the gift wrapping container is really a neat idea… Can’t wait to see everything on the 5th

  6. Maureen L. says:

    *** how do you pick just one thing. So I won’t . I will just thank you for the chance to win. AWESOME!!!!

  7. Vickie Britton says:

    I am so excited for the all day crafts on HSN. Anna, you have really out done yourself once again! I love all the new products coming in October. I would love to have one of everything! I definitely have my eye on the gift wrapping system/organizer. Thank you for all your hard work!!

  8. Virginia Hart says:

    All these products are awesome but my favorite is the 12 x 12 embossing folders. I already have many but I need the Christmas ones. The metallic paper to go with them is a must!

  9. Ann Robson says:

    I would love all these beautiful items even though I already have a couple of them, I would share the doubles with a fried or maybe even my Granddaughter! Hope I am one of the winners…but in any case Thabk You Anna for bringing such beautiful things to us!

  10. Gail B says:

    Love it all and cannot wait until Oct 5th! But my favorite has to be the embossing folders. I must get these to add to my Anna collection. I have 3 of your storage boxes filled already!!

  11. RONDA L JENKINS says:

    Wow! More beautiful things! I think I love the embossing folders and the gift wrap box the most! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  12. Rhonda Roumph says:

    My favorite thing is the embossing folders . It is really getting harder to say which is my favorite there is so many cool items !!! Thanks, Rhonda

  13. Nora says:

    Not counting of winning any products but I would love to purchase the gift wrap organizer. What a great portable product to be used all year long. Bravo!!!

  14. Sofia Garcia says:

    AWWW! I love your brain, lol. ok not literally but your beautifully genius… I love everything again. The pre-made cards are my favorite! And the stamp rollers, Im a stamp girl! Paper cutter is a great idea, love all these products. Congrats!

  15. Marcia Stearman says:

    So excited to see the holiday gift wrap and tags. The design of the dispenser looks awesome. Will it be refillable?

  16. E.Schneider says:

    Love everything, especially the embossing folders, the gift wrap, the paper…wait I guess I can’t decide what is my favorite. I would love to win!

  17. Sheryl from HOT & HUMID Florida! says:

    OH my goodness! I didn’t think I would EVER get to the comment section! 1591 right now! Wow!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS! Really got to have those 5 1/2 X 12 Christmas embossing folders! But… I love it ALL! Can’t wait for October!
    Blessings to you Ms. Anna and all the team! Sheryl

  18. Ashley Gilliland says:

    Make your own gift wrap!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!! This is a must have – must win! I just love everything!!

  19. Peggy Wilson says:

    That gift wrap box is really neat looking. I really like that idea. Plus, the new embossing folders always interest me and I love the idea of pre-made cards too. I love it all….what’s not to love.

  20. Daisy Christina says:

    Anna I would love to win them all! Your new products are amazing and looks amazing. I Just bought 2 different pop up card kits. I love crafting. I can’t wait for the holidays to come and send out the beautiful cards! The gift wrap dispenser is a must have! My favorite color is gold. To be honest I don’t have a favorite product because i LOVE them all. The end result is my favorite.

  21. Michelle Massey says:

    I love them all! I think the embossing folders are my favorite. I love your 12 inch folders so much. The wrapping paper is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could be home to watch Wednesday. Thankfully we have DVR’s !! My list is already so long it is probably a good thing I can’t watch hahah.

  22. Stacy Krusberg says:

    I am new to making cards and I used my spring/summer floral sets of Anna Griffin card layouts to make the thank you cards from our wedding presents last month. Even my new husband and new son were thoroughly impressed with the beauty of the cards. I can’t wait to get new cards in these sets for Christmas and share pictures with our friends and family of our new family. Thanks for being you, Anna!

  23. Kathy blanchard says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is interesting and would solve a problem for sure. The embossing folders are a must order also! Love everything

  24. Sandy Chastain says:

    The Gift Wrap dispenser is fantastic, and is so practical! I love it!!! The Christmas Mix and Match Sentiments would be a great addition to my growing Anna collection. I always love the Metallic paper. Everything is just so beautiful, Eagerly looking forward to the 5th.

  25. Sherri says:

    Santa Anna…..you’ve got to be kidding!!! All of these goodies are Fantastic…ANATASTIC!! You and the elves have out done yourselves, would love to win these too!! The Gift-Wrap center and the gorgeous Anna Xmas paper is GENIUS! Gift wrapping is most definitely one of the top Xmas likes on my list and now cardmaking has become a fave too. I had been eyeing that long gold box in the sneak peeks, wondering if it was a surprise goodie and also the red “Greeting” in the background which has turned out to be already made Anna Xmas cards. It would be difficult (especially since the accordion storage is red and the beautiful cards) I would probably give it to my mother….if I won. After wrapping gifts with that gorgeous paper (if I won), would be hard to part with….not sure if I could bear seeing them torn into sooooo…..maybe just wrap empty boxes, put them under the tree and set them out again next year….HA….LOL! No, really, I’m not kidding. A girl can dream. I have the Mix & Match folders and can gift them also, love them. After watching over last HSN spots I believe I would like the Roll-a-Stamp and inks, many ways one can use that goodie. But I think my all around favorite this time are the 12″ embossing folders and the 12″ cardstock. Congrats to the last winners and can’t wait to see who wins all of this and anxious to see the next sneak peek!

  26. karen tabaka says:

    *** love the paper trimmer and wrapping paper, that is a must have, I HATE cutting wrapping paper, and try to buy only baggable gifts! all are very nice and the cards will make a perfect gift for my BFF who scrapbooks but not card makes. I have tried so these will be a perfect gift

  27. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    Everything is so beautiful!! Love the Christmas tags and the metallic layers papers!! Can’t wait until October!

  28. sandy b says:

    I think the metallic papers and pre-made cards are probably my favorite, but who can really choose a special favorite of all the items shown. They.re all great!!!

  29. Karen A. says:

    As usual what an array of products. Love the Christmas Cardstock. What beautiful cards they will make. Thank you for bringing all this joy to us. You’re the BEST!!!!

  30. Nancy Bell says:

    Wow!! As usual the products are great. I had to set up a whole special section in my craft room just for your products Anna. Would love to have all these!! Love the wrapping paper cutter. And the set of paper. Thank you for all you do for us crafting people. 🙂

  31. Vivian Epps says:

    Love the metallic layers and the gift wrap dispenser. No more wasting paper or trying to cut it in a straight line. Thanks Anna!

  32. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! Yes, I definitely want to win all of these amazing products!!!! My favorite is the 12″ Embossing Folders followed by the new metallic papers. I am so excited for another awesome craft day!

  33. Amy Harper says:

    Oh Anna, what will you think of next??? I love the gift wrap dispenser, especially since I can’t seem to cut a straight edge!! Thank you!!

  34. Becky Piper says:

    Love the 12 inch Christmas embossing folders and the Metallic layers!!! Those will be a must-have for the season! The Chic gift wrap dispenser looks very Intriguing as well! October 5th will be a happy, happy day!!!

  35. Pamela A says:

    Holy Cow – that about wraps it all up! Love the gift wrap cutter. Everything is so beautiful and unique (as always).

  36. Anita Carter says:

    Oh Anna, your products amazed me time and time again. I just don’t what to select among all these beautiful products on my limited budget. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW WOW!!! Keep it up Anna:)

  37. Gay Lynn Westover says:

    Every Anna Griffin product is so high quality! I am very satisfied with each one I have ever purchased. One of the best things in life is being able to create something beautiful and give it away 🙂

  38. Danielle says:

    I can’t choose a favorite, I want everything! But I especially like the gift wrap dispenser. Love all Anna Griffin products!

  39. Judy Pittman says:

    It took so long to scroll down here, I’m going to have to rest my fingers for calling and/or online ordering. The gift wrapping box/cutter is simply fabulous. During my scrolling it seemed that was a very popular item. Gosh, we still have three peeks left. By the time you air, we will all be worked up into a froth. Now exactly what a “froth” is in this context, I don’t really know, but it seems fitting.

  40. Michelle Pedigo Toops says:

    Wow,that gift wrap dispenser is what I’ve been looking for and did’t know it! This will be so helpful when trying to wrap presents.

  41. pat says:

    So many great new products. I can’t pick which one I like best!!!!! I need to win them all!!!! See you on October 5th

  42. sue says:

    Just love all these goodies, Anna! The 12″ embossing folders, the card stock, the paper wrapping dispenser, all of it!

  43. Teresa says:

    I like the idea of a continuous pattern with the 12′ embossing folders… that would be fantastic for gift bags!

  44. Theresa Lafleur says:

    Wow what a sneak peek!!! Amazing job buy you and your staff. I always want all of it but I have to pick and choose like always. In this peek im putting the metallic 12×6 papers and the giftwrap center with wrapping paper.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win all sneak peek 5 items. Counting down to October 5th…

  45. milagreta r. says:

    I’m totally loving the gift paper wrap center; oh and the cards in the storage folder. Oh heck, everything is great; I’m going to be broke.

  46. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    It’s all amazing…as usual! I am really excited about the gift wrap dispenser and cutter. It looks so handy and very pretty too 🙂

  47. elizabeth murphy says:

    *** O M G OOOOOO MMMM GGGGG. sweet sweet Anna, you just dazzle us every time, this time I am sooo drooling……….but I luv it….

  48. Diana says:

    You outdid yourself this time. Absolutely love the gift wrap station and the long embossing folders are fantastic. Would love to win

  49. Lisa Mousel says:

    Love everything, been a big fan of everything you do. Your products make my card making and scrapbooking so beautiful. Keep bringing us new products.

  50. susan Brandano says:

    Hello Anna,
    im ready to start wraping!! give me some paper and a wrappinng station and here I go!!
    You are the most creative designer in the papercrafting world. We are so lucky to have you and your beautiful products.
    you are the best!!

  51. Carol Batchelor says:

    Hi, Anna!
    I love, love, love all of your new products and the returning favorites! I need all of them so I can get my Christmas cards finished! I can’t wait for your October shows on HSN. I love watching the demonstrations. I always get tips that help me with my own craft projects!
    I recommend your products to everyone. Whether we are new to crafting or old pros who have been having fun for a long time, you have the products to fit our needs!
    Happy crafting!

  52. Angie Ordinario says:

    Love. Love love all Anna Griffin products! Took Oct. 5 off just to watch her at HSN. It’s going to be a fun day.

  53. Marlene Iacuzzi says:

    The paper holder is such a good idea. However,one never has enough embossing folders, especially the ones with the snap in greetings. O MY.

  54. Stacey Young says:

    Wow! I think I might be spending ALL my Oct. Funds in 1 day! What a fantastic line up of products. The gift wrap station is total genius! Love! &for some strange reason I do not have any Christmas embossing folders. I’d love to win some goodies so my budget can be extended farther on 10/5! Die cuts, embossing folders, gift wrap, oh my!

  55. Deborah Perry says:

    What a treasure trove! My favorites are the 12″ Christmas embossing folders and the 5 1/2″ x 12″ metallic paper to go with it. Thank you and yours for working so hard to bring us these ever amazing, creative ideas.

  56. Carole Hamstra says:

    Wow! Christmas gift wrap from Anna in a great dispenser – fabulous! So excited about the embossing folders and paper!

  57. Kathie Verburg says:

    I love all your things. They are always so beautiful! But this time I am most excited about the gift wrap dispenser. What a wonderful idea! And I love the embossing folders.

  58. Kay Brassfield says:

    Of course I love everything but I think my favorite is the “CHRISTMAS EMBOSSING FOLDERS”

    Have been working like crazy in my craft room and have laid out 100 Cards ( the card front and all the embellishments, ribbon, and embellishments) each inside a resealable cellophane bag. Took several weeks to design 100 cards.. Riding with girlfriend to a 4 day retreat in S Carolina so wanted trying to make the most of the space I get in the car. Plan to assemble cards, add some of Anna’s inks and sign and maybe get some addressed to mail.
    Ohhh. Would love to win !!

  59. Annie Hayes says:

    I can’t seem to find the right words tonight…I’m in awe of your creativity and how you inspire each and every one of us Anna! These new products are truly made with crafters in mind, and are made with such wonderfully, high quality materials.Thank you!

  60. Debra Connolly says:

    Oh Anna, totally HEAVEN Sent are each of these beautiful products! Love all of them and especially excited to have a gift wrap station that is as lovely as it is functional! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my sincerest wish for all of life’s blessings!

  61. Annie Hayes says:

    I am in awe of the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into each and every one of your products, Debbie! True craftsmanship that allows each of us to be inspired every time we wish to make a card, tag or creative project.THANK. YOU!

  62. Monica says:

    Wow, great products! I need the premade cards and tags as I never seem to get around to actually making my own. THEN you brought out the wrap dispenser!!!! I will be tuning in to try to get that before it is gone. Thanks for the chance to win these great products.

  63. Debbie Griffin says:

    Oct 5th is shaping up to be the best show ever! I am so excited about,,,,EVERYTHING! if I have to pick just one item, I would have to say it is the new embossing folders. Can’t wait until the show!

  64. Sherry Lovelass says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, an Anna Griffin Christmas. Love everything but especially the embossing folders and metallic papers

  65. Charlotte Clark says:

    Looking forward to seeing you on HSN. If I had to pick only one item of the preview it would be the embossing folders.

  66. Donna Hacker says:

    Whoa! Awesome products. The gift wrapping kit is very unique. I’ve never seen that before. I sure do hope I win.

    Also, I love your sweater set you used for this video.

    Donna Hacker <

  67. Diane Shull says:

    How exciting! What wonderful products from Anna Griffin. Well, if I have to chose one…it’s the Anna Griffin Christmas embossing folders. Thanks Anna for the fabulous products.

  68. Diane Miller says:

    Thank you for bringing so many wonderful products to us. Im looking forward to the show. My pick would be the 12″ Christmas embossing folders.

  69. Mary Meyers says:

    Love the Christmas Embossing folders with the sentiments and the gift tags and the cards. Can’t wait until Oct 5th.

  70. Lana Murphy says:

    Oh, my! It just keeps getting better and better! Anna, you’ve really done it this time. Everything is beautiful and wonderful!

  71. Jamaine Brasseaux says:

    Wow, zig eould be wonderful to win anyone of these! I could especially use the gift wrap dispenser. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Laura Pfefferle says:

    I am so excited to see all the new products this season. From the new embossing folders and papers, to the pre-made cards and beautiful tags, to the mix and match Christmas frames. All look fantastic, but most spectacular of all is the gift wrap center! I cant wait to for the Oct 5th show to stock up on all the great new Anna Griffin products, especially the gift wrap center!

  73. Kathleen says:

    Oh my gosh what a great group of products!!!! Pick me I would love to play with each and everyone of these wonderful things.

  74. Karen Fabian says:

    I was totally flabbergasted by the number of items added this week on top of all you have shown already. What a day the 5th will be!!! As a cardmaker my favorite is the embossing folders and metallic paper however as someone who has trouble cutting a straight line I LOVE, LOVE a thousand times LOVE the gift wrap dispenser.

  75. Rinda Kaing says:

    Hello Anna! I love the Christmas Embossing Folders and the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser is pretty cool too. Santa Griffin please grant my xmas wish! 😉

  76. Victoria Figueroa says:

    I like all the items offered. I can make such beautiful cards and wrap my presents with ease. The embossing folders with the papers are something I have been wanting for a long time.

  77. Rhonda Holloway says:

    As always, all of the items are awesome. But the gift tags are beautiful. Such a great way to make the package look so special and with also giving it that special touch. The gift wrap is awesome too! When I cut the paper no matter how hard I try, it is always crooked. Love, love it! Thank you Anna.

  78. Sandy Nieland says:

    Dear Santa,
    I would like to have all of the goodies Anna shared today. I have been a good girl all year. Winning Anna’s prizes would allow me to share with others too! Thank you, Anna and Santa!

  79. Carolyn says:

    Been so busy getting ready for winter that I did not realize another craft show was coming up. So sneak peak 5 is my first comment on this upcoming show. I do so love everything Anna Griffin and love the 12″ embossing folders and the 12′ metallic paper. The cutting station is really nice too! Thank you Anna for bringing us soooo many beautiful items.

  80. Lynn E. of Riverside, Ohio says:

    Did you already have the Christmas die cuts on HSN ? They SOLD OUT! Are you going to have more?

  81. Michelle says:

    Now that is a smart idea, the gift wrap box. I would love to win all these products. The embossing folders, both the long and the trifold are wonderful, the roll a graph with Christmas designs is so neat, and children would love using them. The already made cards would make a nice gift for those who aren’t so crafty, and the gift tags are perfect with the paper. Beautiful in the making.

  82. Ruth Thomas says:

    All the examples you have on the previews are beautiful. Th e shows on October 5th will be amazing. Th e papers, dye s, embossing folders, sentiments, embellishments…it will make Christmas spectacular.

  83. Brenda Cadenas says:

    Hi Anna!

    I am super excited about the Gift wrap and the long embossing folders!

    I love all of your products but I am very thrilled about these two! 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  84. Nancy Ann Huck says:

    Anna, I love them all. Probably the gift wrap dispenser the most. It would make wrapping so much easier. See you at HSN on the 5th.

  85. Brenda says:

    Love the 12 inch embossing folders. And I love the gift wrap and dispenser because I wrap all my family’s Christmas presents. I can’t wait for the shows because you have so many great products!!

  86. Jacqui Thomas says:

    Love, love, love the new 12′ folders, papers, tags and everything to boot but that gift wrap dispenser box is to die for. With all the gift bag specials out around the holidays most folks have gotten away from wrapping paper but I am still a ‘wrapping paper girl’ and during the holidays I usually pick two special papers, one for the adults in my life and one for my grandkids…this dispenser would be great to have to keep everything neatly in space and safe from damage…and to get two rolls of your paper as well…Wow!
    Thanks again to you and your wonderful crafter’s dream team.

  87. Trudy Faris says:

    Love the embossing folders and the pre cut Christmas paper the most, but the wrapping paper and storage box is so clever. No more cutting crooked lines. Yay

  88. Virginia Procunier says:

    We love everything, my sister and I make Christmas cards together. We use Anna’s cards, love new things. Thank you

  89. Ronnie Klatt says:

    Anna, you’ve done it again. You are amazing. My favorite, also, are the 12″ folders, but I also love,love, love the paper dispenser.

  90. Donna Crawford says:

    My wish list starts with the 5 1/2″x12″ Christmas Embossing Folder set of 4 and the Mix and Match Christmas Frames set. Such a nice way to dress up any plain paper!

  91. Marlene says:

    I love the embossing folders! I cant wait to shop on October 5th.. But it would be very nice if I win… How I wish… Thanks anna for all that you do! You are such an inspiration…

  92. Doreen says:

    The bigger embossing folders and paper are lovely. With the roller stamp I can make some fun crafts and my own wrapping paper but I do love the dispenser & your paper, too. Double-sided is best and I know it’ll be good quality. All your products are wonderful. Can’t wait for next month.

  93. Bobbi Hollar says:

    As usual, I love everything. I am excited the most with the wrapping dispenser. I like how everything is there and you don’t have to look for everything you need to wrap.

  94. Cindy Link says:

    The embossing folders with the papers are my first favorite, followed closely by the gift wrap holder and the the interchangeable sentiments. All are great Anna! That is for the chance!!

  95. Lisa says:

    Thank You for another load of Great products !

    I LOVE the embossing folders and coordinating papers !

    The gift wrapping box is very cool too .

  96. Judith Brauer says:

    Ho, Ho, Ho — such wonderful things!!! I love all of it! I’m partial to the shimmery card stock.And the gift tags, and the gift wrap dispenser, and, and, and …….

  97. Anita says:

    Can’t believe all your great ideas! I would donate a few things to our humane society and keep the rest! 🙂 Your items are going to make Christmas fun this year!

  98. omv says:

    Everything is just beautiful as always,
    but as gift givers, the chic wrap dispenser
    is what caught and held our eyes!

    What a lovely innovative product!

    Thanks again Anna for thinking through the process and providing ways to make crafting and gift giving beautiful and functional!

  99. Jan Weindel says:

    Again, so many great things – Love the wrapping paper dispenser and the accordion file of xmas cards and the gift tags!!!

  100. Sandy H says:

    I have a dispenser similar to the gift wrap dispenser that holds plastic wrap for the kitchen….it saves me countless time (and muttered cuss words) trying to get the sticky stuff untangled. While gift wrapping is not as frustrating, it is still the worst part of the holidays for me, so I welcome this new “only Anna would come up with this” addition to my craft area. Can’t wait. Thanks Anna.

  101. Sheri Grounds says:

    Oh Anna, I am tickled pink!!! I can’t wait to get the gift wrap paper this year. I was hoping you would do something like this! Yeah!!! Of course you always out do yourself with all of your products. How do you come up with all your products girl.
    Looking forward to October 5

  102. Karen Johnson says:

    I am in love with the gift wrap dispenser. I would be tickled to win all of the wonderful items in this preview. Can’t wait for the day!

  103. Clarissa Ellison says:

    Only you could come up with such beautiful items I would love to receive these beautiful gifts I hope I can win have a blessed day

  104. Carla Boyd says:

    I really would love to try out the Rollagraph Christmas continuous stamps. Those would be great to use on wrapping paper or to create as a border on paper or fabric.

  105. Jeanne Sabette says:

    You never cease to amaze me with everything you do. My craft room looks like a mini Anna Griffin store. I love all these items and would love to win them. The gift wrap station would really help me. I have MS and my hands tend to get a bit shaky and this would so help me in making straight smooth cuts.

  106. Doug G. says:

    Can’t wait for the Chic AG Christmas Wrap w/ Dispenser !!!!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!! Also, loving the Mix & Match Christmas Frames and Sentiments!!! Just love scfrolling down through all the items. It’s like a movie that gets better frame by frame !!! Can’t wait for October 5th !!!!

  107. Margie Fulcher says:

    Anna, I love ALL your products, but I am interested in the embossing folders. I have many of your products, and I always look forward to seeing you on HSN.

  108. Stefanie says:

    I LOVE that wrapping dispenser and I also love the large Christmas embossing folders.Those will look great with my scrapbook pages!

  109. Bonnie Smith says:

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  110. Marge Overmyer says:

    So love the gift wrap center…I hope you will have additional rolls of paper too. Your card kits are so wonderful and easy to assemble with my “touch” you make me look so creative. But having your ready made cards may make some of my list easier to handle. I used your gift cards last year, and so happy to see they are back in your product line, October 5th is so going to be a wonderful day…Thank you

  111. Sarah Lumpkins says:

    My favorite item today is the gift wrapping station. This looks like it would be very helpful during the holidays! Thanks Anna, for being so creative and coming up with such ingenious products!

  112. Lucy says:

    Wow!!! The wrapping paper dispenser is a great idea, you have thought of everything. I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my upcoming October 5th shopping spree.

  113. Mary Lee says:

    Hands down, the gift wrap dispenser. No more wrangling rolls of gift wrap off the floor, they will stay on the table! Thanks Anna

  114. Joyce Kokay says:

    Love, love, love the Christmas metallic paper and the embossing folders; they are a must have. Love all Anna products!

  115. ginny W says:

    WOW!!!! What a selection!!. I especially love the gift wrap dispenser but of course I would be happy to win all of the wonderful products. You did it again Anna!!!!

  116. Lisa T says:

    Wow. The holiday season made simple. The holidays is so overwhelming. Pouf Anna, your ideas make it all do able. Gift wrap and cutter is sensational. I love embossing folders endlessly. Fun to win

  117. Criss Behe says:

    Anna, GENIUS idea with the finished card kit!!!! I plan to make my own with your kits but the already done one is going to come in handy! I am the one who waited until the last minute to make 100 cards!

  118. Shawna says:

    Wow how exciting. I love the idea of the gift wrapping dispenser. Switch out the paper and I will be able to use it all year long for my gift giving packages. Thank you so much Anna. I can’t wait.

  119. Dorothy Warmack says:

    I am so excite to see the October show. I am making a new craft room. All of these products would be great for my Christmas card supplies. Love love love the the wrapping paper idea. It’s on the top of my list. Enjoy all your products and ideas.

  120. Susan D says:

    Your embossing folders are some of my favorite tools in the craft room. Thanks for continuing to create new ones!

  121. Pattie Miller says:

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  123. susan Brandano says:

    Hi Anna, you had me at 12″ metalic paper!
    I am a huge embossing fan and you make the best on the market. I have all these beautiful images dancing in my head.
    Come on October!!!!
    Thank you
    See you at Create

  124. Marie Casas says:

    Oh my goodness Anna the comments list is getting longer and longer each time, good for you. I love the gold gift dispenser, what a great idea to cut wrapping paper like i do my foil aluminum paper, yeah! we may need for you to design a GOLD glue gun too.

    Marking my calendar now so I can watch you with all the wonderful goodies that you will have for us. Good luck to me. Many Thanks

  125. Judy Whitley says:

    WOW!! Love everything, but my ultimate favorite is the gift wrap cutter. I have had such a hard time cutting straight lines for my gift wrap this is the most wondrous helper you could ever make. It’s like you were reading my mind. Thanks, Anna. Love you bunches.

  126. Cathy S. says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I really LOVE the gift wrap with dispenser! The dispenser is so unique and such a time saver, with the added bonus of Anna’s beautiful paper.

  127. Rose says:

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  128. Kelly says:

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  131. Gracie says:

    Oh Anna, the gift wrap dispenser is an answer to a Grannie’s prayer. Our local non-profit organizations gift wraps presents for donations. What a big help this will be.

  132. June Estep says:

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  135. Denise Tuttle says:

    Wow, Anna! you and your team are fabulous again! The gift wrap dispenser is a must have for me…not to mention the cardstock…Hurry up October 5th!

  136. Nancy Smith says:

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  137. Esmeralda Bass says:

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  138. Debbie Lentz says:

    All the products are wonderful & you have the best papers & embossing folders…love the folders with the inserts, but your new gift wrap center is a WIN WIN WIN!!! Love that it works like a giant paper trimmer!!! I waste so much paper tearing into more than I need!!! I’ll be watching & ordering!! Thanks for the chance to win, but with all the entries, I’ll probably be buying!!!

  139. Jan Forgue says:

    Christmas Day is my favorite day of the year as it is the one day that all my loved ones are together for sure. Can’t wait to use the Christmas tags on my presents for them.

  140. Patsy Ferrera says:

    Can’t wait for Oct 5th!! Love the mix and match embossing folders, already have your all occasions set. Great idea for wrapping paper- great for keeping your cutting line straight!!

  141. Cheryl V says:

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  142. Paula Curran says:

    As usual Anna all your products are amazing and beautiful. I think that this time around if I had to pick just one item I would pick the Gift Wrap Dispenser with the beautiful Anna Griffin papers inside. What a fabulous idea and something that everyone could definitely use. Thank you so much for all your fantastic products.

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    ***! Love all the new items. Best of all, the embossing folders and the papers. My Christmas cards will be so great this year.
    If I won, I would have to have a card making party and share them with my friends.

  146. Karen DiClemente says:

    Anna, you keep outdoing yourself! My Christmas cards this year will be so beautiful with all your kits but I think the wrap dispenser is genius!

  147. Meg says:

    I’m so excited for the Oct. 5th show!! It’s my birthday and I will be with you on that day! There are so many wonderful items, I especially like the gift wrapping box.

  148. Heather Loughlin says:

    Wow! Just when I think my Wish list couldn’t get any longer, Tuesday comes, & it does, LOL! EVERYTHING is wonderf, but I’m most looking fwd to those 12 inch embossing folders with the paper to match. XOXO

  149. Dana says:

    I like the new Christmas folders and the metallic layers! They really add such a dimension to my cards. I will be recording the shows, so when I get home from work there will be a treat waiting for me!

  150. Carolyn. Shema says:

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  152. Lois Neuman says:

    Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy all of
    wonderful products in your scrapbooking
    activities. All the items in this Sneak Peak are fabulous, especially the paper cutting center with all the extra rolls of paper and the frames and metallic papers too. Who wouldn’t want to win all these beautiful products and get started on their cards and other scrapbooking projects. Thanks Anna for more inspiration indeed!! Love, Lois N.

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  156. Dianna says:

    Anna I am new as of February 2016 paper crafter and your items are wonderful. It just thrills me to see all the new items. To win even a portion of these items My O’ My! can’t wait to try them all. Happy Crafter, Dianna FL

  157. Annetta says:

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  158. Nancy G says:

    I especially love the Gift Wrap Dispenser with 4 Rolls of double sided wrap… and the Christmas Gift Tag Label Assortment will look great on packages.

  159. Angela Easter says:

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  164. Donna Petruso says:

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  167. Sherri Hollis says:

    Anna, you make our lives a lot easier! I probably won’t
    be the one who’s picked, but I would sure go nuts if I were! I would be the happiest camper on earth! So
    Draw my name Anna!

  168. Patty m says:

    Love the Christmas tree embossing folder and the pretty wrapping papers. I am the worlds worst wrapping cutter!

  169. joan carney says:

    ***, I can’t wait to get the new 12″ embossing folders. I’ve been waiting for you to come out with more rollers with ink, Oh I’m so excited and I can’t wait for the show. Just 15 days to go… YIPPI YIPPIU!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Darlene says:

    Love all your products. I need the gift wrap dispenser.
    That is so cool. Also want the embossing folders and metallic paper.

  171. Lori Hable says:

    Hello Anna and Friends — This is absolutely fantastic! The gift wrap box is amazing and I love everything you’ve shown during this preview! You are the best!!!

  172. Jennifer H. says:

    My favorite(s) of sneak peek 5 are the 12″ Christmas Embossing Folders and the Christmas Metallic 5.5″ x 12″ Layers. As an AG embossing folders & dies collector/hoarder, I gotta go with the new embossing folders. (Yay for lovely new patterns/designs to add to my collection.) Also, you gotta have pretty paper to use with your embossing folders (so the metallic layers are a must). Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win- Keep the crafting goodies coming!

  173. Dawn Coleman says:

    WOW! I am blown away by the gift wrap dispenser! I must have it whether I win this week or not! LOVE it! Also love the metallic layers…Can’t for the show!

  174. NormaLou Nelson says:

    Anna, my favorites are the 12″ embossing folders and the 12″ metallic papers. And I, too, am having a hard time waiting for the 5th!

  175. Alice Wright says:

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  178. SarahN says:

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  179. Debbie Martelli says:

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    I’m beyond stunned each week but tonight you hit a homerun. I’m making my list and checking it twice until the October show.

  180. Cyrilla Carlisle says:

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  181. Kimberly Head says:

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  182. Katherine Madewell says:

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  183. karen chester says:

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  184. Lisa Hess says:

    Anna, this is a no brainer for me. It’s the Gift Wrap Station as my #1 pick and favorite of everything you are offering so far for Oct 5! Being as I have an entire studio filled to the ceiling with Anna Griffin collections, how cool would this be to top it all off!

  185. Janice Kruse says:

    Oh! Anna everything is beautiful! How does one choose a favorite! I would love to have one of each, but if I have to select one I would pick the Christmas Tags and Stickers, they would add such a Special finish to my Christmas Gifts. Thank you Anna!

  186. Bette Sines says:

    Oh boy…It’s just so hard to pick which items I love the most. I am such a groupie when it comes to anything that Says, “Anna Griffin!” As much as I love to make cards, the Christmas cards that are ready to go, are beckoning me for sure. The new paper dispenser also is a must have. So can’t wait for the next HSN date to arrive for more goodies to add to my already too full craft room!

  187. Judy O'Callaghan says:

    ***! Haven”t missed Anna on HSN for many years and. my credit card shows it. I truly ove her products!! Have never won yet but will dream about the Christmas embossing folders and the wrapping storage cutter making their way to my door !! Looking forward to the show.

  188. Carol pope says:

    Would love to own all of them. The 12 inch embossing and the matellic paper is a must, also the Christmas enter changeable embossing folders.

  189. Nancy Page says:

    My goodness, love it all! but my favorite is the gift wrap cutting box so excited to get it when I was so much younger I would work wrapping Christmas presents for stores they had this huge tool on a device and you could tear the size of paper for your box. I have always wanted something like that at my home. Thanks for getting one for the home.
    Looking forward to the show

  190. Shashi Christina Smith says:

    I never win, so the only reason I am commenting is that I so love your products. I am especially thrilled with the gift wrap center! Thanks for being so innovative and elegant at the same time. Blessings.

  191. Christine sjoden says:

    Oh Anna, I love all your things. The gift wrap center is the boom! Can’t wait to watch you !


  192. Celeste says:

    Simply ANNAMAZING! Love the embossing folders and the metallic card stock. Everything is making me giddy! Can’t wait for the HSN presentation!

  193. Barbara Zak says:

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  194. Judy F. says:

    Anna’s got things ‘wrapped’ up for us this release! Love the dispenser box…what a handy little gem that is. The embossing folders are just beautiful! Makes the holidays so much orettier!

  195. Jennifer Floren says:

    Anna Griffin’s products are my therapy.
    They give me so much joy ! I am very grateful for all for all of the beautiful products. Thank you Anna!

  196. Patricia Ericson says:

    Hi Anna, I love your embossing folders. I do a lot of scrapbooking and would love to have these. I finally received my order from August 30th. I love the Christmas vintage toppers. They are so beautiful I cried. Silly me. The holiday flock paper is so up scale.

  197. Robin says:

    Love, Love, Love those 12″ Christmas embossing folders – gotta have those!!! The other items are also pretty special too, especially the gift wrapper. Hope I win!

  198. Merial Smartt says:

    Love, love, love the gift wrap dispenser!! Such a clever and innovative device! Just when I think I have seen it all, you come up with new, and gorgeous items- can’t wait!!

  199. Linda says:

    Wow! Anna…..it’s never ending with all your amazing new products….So hard to pick a favorite but I do like the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser….can’t wait!

  200. cindy says:

    wonderful, beautiful and fun. How do you keep coming up with these terrific products? Thank you for these great ideas

  201. Janice Brummett says:

    Oh I NEED the gift wrap dispenser! What a perfect idea. Love the idea of 12′ embossing folders–no more trying to line them up. Great ideas and products.

  202. Donna says:

    Oh my, this assortment of items are all wonderful!! I really love the gift wrap dispenser as this would be very very helpful in gift wrapping!! I have the plastic, foil and wax paper dispensers and they are fantastic and make life easier. This item has my number 1 written on it!!

  203. Joy says:

    So many people are posting! Its great! I love all of these products but the Christmas paper and folders are my favorite!

  204. Michelle A says:

    I love all of the sneak peeks so far for the upcoming visit but the gift wrapping station just blew my mind! Have to get that with the gift tags…would be even better to win them 🙂 Thanx Anna! Looking forward to the 5th!

  205. Kathy Fennell says:

    Oh my goodness so many new and beautiful items, love them all. Better yet my husband just gave me my birthday present a day early, “cash” to shop Anna Griffin on October 5th! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Patti Garcia says:

    Anna, you are making this so difficult! I love everything! I really love the 12inch embossing folder no wait, the dispenser no wait I simply can not pick! Love it all!

  207. Dorinda says:

    What a great assortment of new products! Absolutely love the embossing folders and paper! The Xmas wrapping paper and dispenser is an awesome idea (storage and cutter all in one)! So excited!

  208. Vanessa O. Bonny says:

    I love the gift wrap box with the Anna Griffin paper. I’m not really really at cutting gift wrapping paper so this product would serve as great tool to help me. I hope I win it.

  209. Louise Harvey says:

    How pretty. I can’t wait to get the gift wrap holder. How special!! You just keep surprising us with more and more special and beautiful items.

  210. Carolyn Wachta says:

    Hi Anna,
    Love all your new products, especially, the 12″ Christmas Embossing folders, the Holiday Card assortment (great storage idea) and Christmas gift tags. Recently purchased the Christmas Rollergraph stamps and what fun to use!! I hope I’m the lucky recipient of this week’s products.
    A new fan,

  211. JanM says:

    Congratulations to Dianne and Ida. You have got to be thrilled to win Anna’s goodies. I think everything this week is fantastically creative. This is so fun to have two sneak peeks and 4 winners every week.

  212. Lerah Coleman says:

    My head is spinning! can’t wait for October 5th. So much good things – pretty things- hard to pick a favorite. I think the wrapping paper – I love the style of having perfect cut paper every time to wrap my gifts!

  213. Amy B says:

    Wow! Amazing products as usual! But that wrapping box and paper… BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

  214. Debbie McL says:

    I LOVE your CHRISTmas embossing folders!
    All of your CHRISTmas products are wonderfully beautiful Anna. I have been thinking about and planning for Advent & CHRISTmas since the 1st of September…

  215. Annie W. says:

    Oh how wonderful everything is. A holiday wonderland! I think the 12 inch embossing folders and papers and the wrapping paper station are my most wished for. You keep knocking it out of the park Anna- Thanks Again!

  216. Jean Carlson says:

    Anna – the wrapping station looks fabulous – as do the other items. You are wonderful. Can’t hardly wait til October 5th. Grammy Purple

  217. Jackie Ruble says:

    I love Christmas and crafting and your products make them both sweeter. My favorite right now is the embossing folders and would be thrilled to win! Thanks for these sneak peeks and chances to win…such fun!

  218. Jennifer says:

    I cant’s wait to see everything new! I need to delete shows from my DVR. I love to replay Anna’s shows for inspiration once I get the items home.

  219. Jill Smucker says:

    Hi Anna, I really love the christmas embossing folders,both the long ones and the ones with the inserts, which are new to me. I like the wraping paper, too. Thanks for all you do. Jill Smucker

  220. Brenda says:

    Love the 12 inch embossing folders along with the paper to go with them. Have your 12 inch embossing folders. Would love to have the Christmas set. Also love the Christmas tags and the gift wrap dispenser that would work well together.

  221. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    Love, Luv, Luv the Christmas tags set and then the embossing folders, then the 5.5×12 paper. The rest would be icing.

  222. Kathleen Rimer says:

    Now how exciting is this!!? I love the 12″ embossing folders and the gift wrap package especially. Please, please pick me!!!! lol

  223. Rose Elkins says:

    Love all of it- the wrapping paper and embossing folders are to die for..Could use the Christmas Cards to send out this year…can’t wait until Oct 5 to watch you on HSN.

  224. Elsie Yonamine says:

    A gift wrap dispenser? Wow, that’s something we all need! It looks great, and you can count me in! Can’t wait till October!!

  225. Judy Aaron says:

    My favorite is definitely the gift wrapping dispenser. Too beautiful to hide under the bed. I would keep it on a shelf for display over my desk so I can look at it all the time. When it’s not filled with gift wrapping paper I would put art paper rolls in it for drawings and sketches. Love the cutting tool for perfect edges. I love all your products Anna.

  226. Jeorgette Perry says:

    Just when I say, “That’s it, not going to spend any more money on crafting, you reel me back in just in time for Christmas. But I don’t mind.” 🙂 I love the new items, especially the embossing folders, paper, and stamps

  227. Sharon Abraham says:

    Love the embossing folders. They are so cool. The other item I really like is cutting the paper for presents. That is super cool. Thanks for all the new and repeated items. Hugs Sharon

  228. Sharon Voge says:

    Love the new paper dispenser. The paper is beautiful and the dispenser is ingenious. And I will be sending a card to Johanna as requested by Joanne. Those who are Ill need that pick-me-up Anna card.

  229. Diane Danik says:

    Oh My Gosh! Finally, a clever way to do my Christmas wrapping! No more jagged edges, and losing scissors and tape! I love it all!

  230. Linda Daum says:

    The Christmas Rollagraph continuous stamp is just the most perfect thing for making Christmas cards. The 12″ embossing folders along with the 12″ foil paper are just the greatest. Would love to have all of these beautiful things.

  231. Karen Stout says:

    Love the new embossing folders. But my mind was blown with the roll wrap case. Wow! Now that is a paper trimmer. Love it!!!!

  232. Angela Allen says:

    Well you’ve done it again! 7 more fabulous products! I am a collector of all things Anna. I simply MUST have these for my collection!

  233. patricia crocker says:

    I love the wrapping dispenser. This has been long time coming. the embossing folders are a must have also.

  234. Kimberly says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Anna You outdid yourself with this!!! I want everything!!!I I love Christmas! I can definitely use everything, because I make cards, and scrapbook pages, and of course I wrap gifts, so i need wrapping paper and gift tags!

  235. kim gilmour says:

    Everything you do is awesome but I am dumbstruck on the chic gift wrap dispenser. I would be tickled pink to win this set of items.

  236. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The wrapping paper dispenser is a must-have! I like the idea it makes it easy to cut off the length of paper needed! I also like the rolla- graph of Christmas designs…so useful for place cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, and printing on white ribbon. All the new products are delightful and useful. I would love to have to accordion fold file of premade cards. It would be a good storage box after Christmas. All the best!

  237. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Anna, you are so amazing!!!
    There are so many new wonderful products for this upcoming craft day.
    I love all these. They are just amazing.
    The new embossing folders I think are my favorite also.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  238. Renee A. Zimmerman says:

    Love the Gift Wrap Dispenser and the Mix and Match Embossing Folders. Such fun items to get ready for the Holidays!

  239. Trish T. says:

    Anna, You have really out done yourself with these. The gift wrap dispenser looks awesome and love all your metallic papers!! With all these goodies I will need to ask Santa for a new craft studio like yours!

  240. Sue Sandberg says:

    I love the gift wrapping box. So clever and so elegant in the Anna Griffin design. The surprises keep coming from you and your team. Can’t wait until October 5th!

  241. Lee Ann says:

    Wow! What a treasure-load of goodies! t’s hard to pick one, but if I do, I have to go with the gift wrap dispenser. How ingenious! Love it!

  242. Gail Spence says:

    Really hard to pick my favorite…some of them are really unique. The wrapping paper box/cutter is awesome!

  243. Linda Graube says:

    Ooooooh! I love everything! I love the wrapping paper & dispenser…the new folders…I want jit all! Your products are beautiful…elegant…easy to use…they make all of us better crafter’s! I hope I might win your lovely items…I’m almost afraid to hope…Anna you are a treasure…


  244. Katz Baugh says:

    Hi Anna! I’m in love with your paper packs. So I love the 51/2 x 12 Christmas papers. I have never seen a better way to hold and cut my wrapping paper! I am so looking forward to seeing you demonstrate it! As always, Thank you for sharing!

  245. Jill Treleven says:

    WOW!!! Anna all 7 of the items are Awesome!! I would really Like to Win everything. I would Share the items w/ my mom & 2 daughters. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite to be honest. I Like it ALL!! Happy Crafting Everyone!! 🙂

  246. carolyn says:

    Oh my gosh Anna, am OVERWHELMED. What a pace, 7 new things this week! I gasped when I saw the wrapping paper & dispenser. I want, want , want that! Thank you for everything Anna.

  247. Holly Hudspeth says:

    Congrats to Diane and Ida. Enjoy! I am thrilled to see the gift wrap dispenser. Now that is innovative. Kudos! Also, as I was wrapping this weekend, I was saying I wish Anna would come out with a tag kit. Voila! I have already bought the Christmas roller stamps. The white paper I was wrapping with was rolled. It was even cooler to see it in done in person. Easy to do and they look great. You folks are really bringing the joy to my Christmas this year.

  248. Sandy says:

    Hi, Anna…….I absolutely love your products and especially this time of year with all of the Christmas items !! My favorite this time is the 12″ Christmas embossing folders — BEAUTIFUL!! I would love to win anything of yours !! Thanks so much for all that you do for us — Sandy

  249. Teresa Anderson says:

    Ooohhh lala! Can’t believe all the goodies. Can’t wait for December 5th! I am sooo excited for the gift wrapping station!

  250. Janet Oliver says:

    Congratulations to Dianne and Ida!!!
    I love everything highlighted in today’s post, but I need/ want the metallic cardstock and the Christmas embossing folders. I can’t wait for the 5th!!!

  251. Karen Huval says:

    Good afternoon Anna et al,

    Another great lineup! You make it sooo hard!!…to hard to choose a favorite, each week gets harder and harder…:) I can’t wait to see these in action…Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser with 4 Rolls,
    12″ Christmas Embossing Folders & Christmas Metallic 5.5″ x 12″ Layers,
    Christmas Gift Tag Label Assortment and
    Rollagraph Christmas continuous stamps. I have marked my calendar.

  252. Lisa Fulton says:

    I love the gift wrap dispenser. My mother always prided herself on fabulously wrapped gifts and I keep up the tradition. This will be a big help at Christmas time.

  253. Dale L. says:

    The Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser is fantastic!
    Great design and the patterned Christmas paper inside is lovely. Quite enthused about this product, Anna!

  254. Kim Fournier says:

    Wow, how can that be? That each craft item gets better then the next one, would love to win every one of the gifts!!!! It’s my birthday and 22nd Anniversary Friday, so what a perfect way to start off the day.

  255. Sandra Evans says:

    I think I have all your embossing folders, so ill have to have the 12 inch folders for Christmas and the 12 inch foil papers in the holiday colors. The paper dispenser is a great tool also and I love the idea that it comes with your own wrapping paper. If I wrapped a gift in your beautiful paper, I would cry when the recipient ripped it to get their present or I would dare them not to touch it until the left my sight to open it. Looking forward to seeing you on HSN craft day on Oct. 5.

  256. Martha schira says:

    Anna, the gift wrap dispenser is want I’ve been needing this whole time!! I can finally cut the wrapping paper straight.. Thank you!!!!

  257. Patricia Franckowiak says:

    I just love the christmas metallic papers,,,,they are awesome ! Can hardly wait for Oct. 5th….I get “over excited” with Christmas !

  258. Michelle Chockran says:

    I love your new space, however, I find it hard to see the products. It would be nice if the camera zoomed in on the products and on the samples. Can’t wait to really see the new products

  259. Sandy H says:

    Love the idea of the gift wrap dispenser. Will try to get it. Would love to win everything, it all looks good.

  260. Regina Pahati says:

    Yes. I love those embossing folder frames, those really brings out the elements of the card. And that wrapper cutter. Lovely tools to have.

  261. Catherine says:

    I love, love, love the gift wrap and dispenser! I can’t wait to get mine. As usual, all of your products are beautiful, Anna. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creativity with us.

  262. Mary N. says:

    The gift paper dispenser and gift tags have my vote! Looking forward to creating packages that are as pretty as cards. Thank you!

  263. Mary Beth Wallis says:

    My jaw dropped at the gift wrapping box. But I also love the embossing folders and ink rollers. Can’t wait for October

  264. Leanne McNicholas says:

    You are a crafting genius. The wrapping station is amazing. Now I won’t have wrapping paper rolling onto the floor like a meatball.

  265. Diane Pearson says:

    All of these things look great, Anna. You have such talent! I made some of last year’s pop up cards a few days ago. They look great and were easy! Thank you so much. I would be very happy if you chose me. Thank you

  266. Judith J says:

    Hi Anna and Co. Love the Christmas embossing folders and well as the Paper. Beautiful items and can’t wait for the shows. Until then

  267. Susan says:

    I don’t know how you do it each preview is better then the last. Love the wrapping paper & storage box. I love wrapping gifts. Can’t wait till the 5th..

  268. Enza DiMatteo says:

    Can’t wait for October 5th.everything you have is beautiful love the 12 in embossing folders and leave it to anna to come up with the gift wrap box so talented almost done with my anna collection❤️❤️❤️❤️

  269. Sheryl Whisenhunt says:

    Love the gift wrapping dispenser, have the embossing folders and need to add the rest to my supplies.

  270. Barbara Moos says:

    All 7 products are amazing. I bought some of your metallic paper from the August show and it exceeds all of the other metallic papers I have bought from local craft stores. The gift wrap station is awesome and I love the readymade cards and tags. I am so excited for the October show!!!

  271. Lisa Batten says:

    I absolutely love the gift wrap dispenser. I cannot wait to get it. I can’t cut straight to save my live and this is fantastic.

  272. Debbie Allen says:

    Of course I love all of Anna’s items but I really like the gift tags. So pretty & you can never enough tags.

  273. Merlinda Turner says:

    WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! This is just Tuesday and u already have over a 1000 comments! I’ll never win with so many Griffinites tuneing in so early.

    Seven items r up for grabs this preview and I want them all like everyone else. Ur 12″ Christmas embossing folders and the Christmas rollamatic r AWESOME!

    Good thing I don’t have a credit card because it could get me in trouble on the 5th.

  274. Jessica McDevitt says:

    I would have to say my favorites this time are the gift wrap dispenser, the embossing folders, and the paper that goes with it! Cannot wait til the 5th!!!

  275. Denise Johansen says:

    Wow! amazing! Brilliant! Gotta have it all! Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. Penny Carter says:

    Hi Anna, Love, love, love, the wrapping paper with cutter. What a great ideal!!!!!!! Also, love the greeting box with 24 cards. That would really make a great gift Thanks for all of your hard work.

  277. Diane Marie says:

    My favorite? Just about everything you make. As I was looking at your products, I was reminded of my children when they were little. They would have a Christmas catalog in front of them and point at just about every toy in the book, saying ” I want that, and that, and that, and that…………. Well, now that’s me! I want that, and that, and that…………..

  278. Karen Kleinert says:

    Fall is tomorrow and before you know Christmas carols will be sung on the radio. I cannot believe what great products are coming our way this preview on October 5. Love them all!!!!!!!

  279. Kay K says:

    I can tell by everyone’s comments that we are all excited about these products. With each product shown I say… “That is great, I would really like to own that” and then you introduce the next product and I feel the same way. I just love embossing folders, and with the Christmas theme, YES!! Thank you for the preview.

  280. Jacki says:

    As my granddaughter Raelyn says: Gmaz needs just a few more Anna stuff for her **** room..No mistake that’s what she called my craft room when she was 3 years old…Now that she’s 10 we both work in there and she has her fingers crossed that we win….She has already decided how we will split the goodies up…I’m so happy about the wrapping paper…what I’d like to see is a Christmas embossing box..I made my own for just the Christmas embossing & die cut folders…But I need another one…from you, Anna…

  281. Annette Johnson says:

    Congrats to the winners hope you have a wonderful time crafting. I love the metallic papers and the tags. The cards as usual are beautiful….looking forward to October.

  282. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Co!

    Wow! A great line-up indeed! I, like almost every other fan, love that wrapping paper dispenser! Not to mention the magnificent papers! Then, the glorious gift tags…..you have been one busy girl!
    The metallic paper has always been a favorite of mine so that’s a definite!
    Just wonderful, glamorous, new offerings!

    You look great in that color Anna! Say hello to the crew!!!!

  283. Susan Little says:

    My, oh my, oh my!!! What a holiday lineup today. So many beautiful choices, but I will say the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser with 4 Rolls has my vote for the favorite. I have never seen anything like it, yet it makes so much sense. Perhaps we will see another after the holidays for everyday wrap.

    As always, thank you Anna and your wonderful staff. <3

  284. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I might have to go and close my eyes and pick. Everything is great as usual. But, I guess I will pick the rollagraph this time.

  285. Carol Cameron says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is awesome!!!! What a great idea. Also the cuttlebug long embossing folders and papers are on my list!

  286. Bibi says:

    Oh My Gosh, each week gets better and better. The gift wrap station is perfect my goodness. What a perfect item. Then add on all the other items, Woozers what an awesome sneak peek. Looking forward to HSN craft day for sure.

  287. Kathleen Sidle says:

    Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I can’t wait to try all the new Christmas products that you have! But the Gift Wrap Dispenser is pure genius! Thank you Anna. Looking forward to October 5th!

  288. Linda Marie says:

    WOW…..how cool a “gift wrap” dispenser. I love the idea of your premade Christmas cards in the greetings box ( I bought the Coke cards and loved them). Everything is just so exciting and can’t wait for Oct. 5. Thanks again Anna for the opportunity to win your gorgeous products.

  289. Kay DuChaine says:

    Anna, You always come up with just what I need just when I need it. The gift wrap station is just awesome. The tags are great and I just love them.
    Way to go Anna.


  290. Mary Haenel says:

    I love and I’m amazed at these new products.
    I love the gift wrap dispenser, the embossing folders, the paper precut for the embossing folders. I love the roller graph. Oh please, please let me win.

  291. Granny D says:

    Right next to card-making, my favorite hobby is wrapping gifts. My family says they are so elaborate, they hate to open them but I hate to admit it out loud but I cannot cut a straight line to save my soul. My favorite in this grouping is definitely the wrapping paper and dispenser with cutter. I got goose bumps when I saw that……cannot wait!

  292. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    How can we choose between such lovely items? It’s almost impossible. I need one of each! Love the embossing folders and the gift wrapping center. Thanks Anna and your team for bringing so much beauty into our crafts.

  293. Robin Walker says:

    The gift wrap station and the 12″ folders I really want!!! I so much really want to win. Just had reconstructive surgery on right knee hope to be able to purchase but really want. Love love love your items!!!

  294. LC Young says:

    Love all seven products…but so happy to see more 12″ embossing folders! Can’t wait until the next preview…they are getting more awesome each time!!! =^.^=

  295. Jo Ann Anderson says:

    The fun never ends!! I love, love, love the Christmas metallic papers and the Christmas embossing folders! Oh Anna, you never cease to amaze me with all of your talented creativity! I would absolutely be so grateful if you would pick me to win all these products!! I just got I have them all!! So looking forward to seeing you on HSN on October 5!!

  296. Frances W says:

    Oh my, I am so excited about the wrapping paper and dispenser. I haven’t seen anything like it before and love, love, love it. Congratulations on another great item.

  297. Colleen says:

    My first AG purchase on HSN was the holiday card kit years ago. After that I bought tons of other things. I get a bit giddy when I know Anna Griffin will be on and can’t wait to see all the items I HAVE to have!

  298. Deborah Witmer says:

    Thank you for another set of gift tags – I love those! Actually, I love pretty much everything and am starting to wonder where I can tweak my budget to afford it all! These Previews are awesome!

  299. Mary R. Huff says:

    Grandma, I will tell my pal Joanne to that and thanks for caring. How well, I remember my mom canning many years ago and appreciated much later.

  300. Mary Winstanley says:

    I am in love with the gift wrap and dispenser. I cannot cut a straight line if my life depended on it. Can’t wait to get it!

  301. Vernia says:

    I am loving the Wrap Dispenser. Also the 5×12 papers. Cant decide which is my favorite, as usual they are all so spectacular

  302. Marcia Lasiter says:

    Wow!!!! I think the gift wrap and trimmer looks like a wonderful thing to have. Really it all is fabulous.

  303. Connie Johnson says:

    Oh my, I would love to win that gift wrap dispenser so I can give it to my sister. She’s always wrapping presents and I know she would really really love it. Yes, I love her enough to give it up. Besides, if I win, I’ll have lots of other wonderful toys to play with. Love everything you make for us!

  304. yadyra marrero says:

    Loving the holiday cardstock and embossing folders… would love to win them… thanks for another super special preview. ♡

  305. Mary Mangus says:

    Oct 5 will be here before we know it! Looking forward to getting the Tags & Stickers & the Gift Wrap Dispenser!!

  306. Barb Kluwe says:

    The item that I am most interested in is the embossing folders. The paper would be another thing I would be interested in.

  307. hobo says:

    the embossing folders and paper are really nice. Are these patterns the same as the regular card sized ones or completely different designs?

  308. Connie Boman says:

    My favorites are the gift wrap dispenser and the Christmas frames! I’ve never seen anything like the dispenser. Everything in one spot, it’s perfect! I love Anna’s frames. Can’t wait to make beautiful Christmas cards.

  309. Judith Hicks says:

    Anna, very hard to decide which is the best, love all of your new products. Have October 5th on my calendar. Can’t wait to watch all of your demonstrations.

  310. Beverly Jordan says:

    Am giddy about your set of four 12 inch embossing folders with the Metallic 5.5″ x 12″ Layers in such rich colors! This is wonderful since I am ready with your Christmas cards now I can make my family layouts as well!!

  311. Katie Leavine says:

    Holy gift wrap!! This has to be the most exciting product yet! You and your design team are amazing Miss Anna! The Christmas 12inch folders and cardstock to match sound wonderful too! And the gift tags! Oh my. So many decisions. Thank you! Hugs to you and your team, Katie

  312. Jean Condon says:

    Mmm Mmm Good! The gift wrap dispenser and sticker tags, would make gift wrapping a snap, and pretty too!
    I want to see more about the Christmas embossing folders too, I am always a sucker for new Christmas card ideas.

  313. Chloe Garden says:

    Oh, wow…premade Christmas cards. I love to make cards, but it would be nice to have a few ready to go! I received my Holiday Metallic layers yesterday. Beautiful!

  314. JoAnn Williams says:

    SO many great products! My favorite are the 12 ” folders and the metallic papers. The samples are just beautiful!!

  315. Christina Rugg says:

    Anna you keep providing fabulous items. Love the wrapping paper holder and your paper designs. The Christmas embossing folders are a must have for scrapbooking and the 5.5×12 metallic paper to go with them. Love them all.

  316. Helen says:

    I love the idea of a gift wrap dispenser. I’ve never heard of one. That would be my favorite.thing to receive.

  317. Christopher Clemen says:

    I like the wrapping paper the most. My mother would love to see her presents wrapped with Anna Griffin paper this coming holiday season. I’m sure to be her favorite son. (it needs to be stated that I’m her ONLY son) lol Thanks for another wonderful product.

  318. Bev L says:

    I am once again amazed at the practical items you have designed from the wrapping paper box to the gift tags to the premade cards. And on the creative side, the embossing folders are lovely. But my favorite is the pack of metallic papers as I am very stingy using the little bit I have. Please let me win! I sure could use these in my craft room.

  319. Regine Longchamp says:

    Anna, *** the gift wrap storage/dispenser box! Pick me Pick me! LOL. As usual, it’s all lovely and needed!

  320. Rachel B. says:

    I can not pick just one item. That would be liking eating one chip. Not gonna happen. I want the whole bag. In this case all of the items shown today . Super line up so far.

  321. Pamela Armes says:

    I love all of these products and would use everyone! The new gift wrap center is not only very functional but beautiful as well!! Thank you Anna for ALWAYS bringing us such beautiful items!!!!!

  322. Thomas.L says:

    I would like to win all the products for the 3 woman in my life that all our HUGE crafters. Also all have Huge Hearts.

  323. April M says:

    Where do I start! I’m in love with it all! The embossing folders , gift tags, and wrapping paper! I can’t wait To buy it all. Looking forward to Oct. 5th.

  324. Cinda Hammond says:

    I am continually amazed at the new products you will be releasing soon ! All I can say is WOW ! The longer embossing folders and metallic papers are beautiful – I would love to use each one of these items ! Cinda

  325. Linda Citro says:

    The Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser is my favorite and a lot of others favorite it appears! Hope you have a large supply! I have this type of dispenser for my plastic wrap and absolutely love it!

  326. MAUREEN ODELL says:

    WOW!! The gift wrap dispenser is ingenious. I am always losing the tape and scissors. I also love the 12 ” embossing folders and paper. I would love to win these great products Love you Anna, and I can’t wait for the show.

  327. Kathy Foose says:

    Christmas, Christmas! I love Christmas! So many good things to choose from. My list is growing each week! Looking forward to Oct 5!

  328. Kristy Hedstrand says:

    I love the package gift tags. I used all I had last year. I love the look of the AG ones. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  329. Kathleen K. says:

    Oh my! Everything is wonderful. Love the gift wrapping dispenser. Would so love to win all these items. Can’t wait for the HSN crafting day with Anna.

  330. Amara Grace says:

    Thanks Anna, for sharing your superior products and talents with the rest of us! I’d love to win, because your designs are the best in every department… always both clever and exceptionally beautiful. I’d have fun with that roll-o-Graph I’m sure 😀

  331. Diane says:

    My goodness!!! I don’t know how you do it but each new preview is even better than the last. I don’t know how that can be, but it surely is. Here I go again, I would love to win this combination of things just like I would have loved to win the previous ones. I would be happy thrilled and happy to win any of them.

  332. ARLENE PETERS says:

    ***… I simply love everything you showed… This is going to be a great show I can tell… Would love to win these, as I know so many others also do but hoping my name shows up as the winner… lol These are all great products, as all of Anna’s products are….Can’t wait until Oct. 5th… See you there

  333. Jannette Staley says:

    Love All The the Things In This Sneek Peek. The Gift Wrap Despenser Is Wonderful. But Love TheChristmasTags And Lables. Hubby Pass Away Aug. 2 So Been Doing A Lot Of Crafting Lately to keep my mind off him.

  334. Vickie S says:

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. Beautiful things to choose from. Love them all. Especially the 12″ metallic layers papers and the 12″ embossing folders….my fav.

  335. Florence Bonney says:

    Love the new embossing folders, gift wrapping items and holiday cards. Too hard to pick a favorite. Just have to have them alll……

  336. Joanne Milloy says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is my favorite. It’s such a smart idea. I love wrapping gifts! Hospice lets me wrap gifts for them every year!

  337. Sherri says:

    I love the designs on the wrapping paper and the box! Oh the beautiful gifts I could create with this paper, the tags, and more…

  338. Joy Skeete says:

    ***, I have to win the wrapping paper box. Every year my daughter & I run around the garage trying to remember what bid has the Christmas wrap paper.
    Then we usually give up & run to store for more.
    I have got to have this!!!

  339. Patti Carper says:

    Love the Christmas cards, and embossing folders… Like all of them! Sure would be a wonderful Birthday Gift for me,,,,,

  340. Kathy Bedore says:

    Well when I saw the embossing folders, I was wow, love ’em. Then I saw the holiday cards with their own beautiful holder, I gotta have. Anna, when I saw the gift wrapping holder—I need that!!!! I love your products. Thank you for your innovation and beautiful designs.

  341. Alicia says:

    Wrapping paper container, self contained! Gota love it. I have made something like this but not put together so nicely. Anna, kicked iagain.

  342. Sue Swanson says:

    Love the gift wrap paper storage and trimmer box. This is an item everyone could use. YEAH more embossing folders and metallic paper. My three favorite things are embossing folders, metallic paper, and, of course, dies.

  343. Kathy says:

    My list of products that I really want just keeps getting longer. The gift wrap dispenser would really be a big help.

  344. Kate Molnar says:

    Seeing all your new holiday goodies makes me happy! I especially like the Gift Tag Label Assortment….I’ll need a couple of those, plus one each of everything else. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….and I like it!

  345. Juliann Turner says:

    It must sound like a broken record, but you again have really outdone yourself, Anna!! LOVE the gift wrap station/paper. What a smart idea- it takes care of the hardest parts of gift wrapping- paper storage, paper itself, trying to make a proper cut in a space not nearly large enough, storage of tape- a truly special gift. And then there;s the gift tag set- perfect to go with the gift wrap set! Oh, I do want to win this!!

  346. Karen B says:

    I’ve never seen a gift wrap dispenser. Anyone who has seen how I gift wrap would know why I love that! My favorite though are the tags. I never do tags. That would be so helpful. Thank you for all the great ideas.

  347. Alice says:

    The twelve inch folders and metallic papers are so exciting , the cherry on the cake is the wrapping paper storage and cutter , big WOW . Wish you could give price points , this way we can budget for our Anna must haves . . .

  348. Brenda Scheiman says:

    I love the Chic gift wrap dispenser. I have one for plastic wrap it is great!!!! to have one for gift wrap is fantastic. All your items are great Anna. I have a hard time picking my favorites

  349. Cindyanne Mroz says:

    Just when I thought I’ve seen it all you come out with something new and fabulous that I must have. The new collection is absolutely gorgeous!

  350. Nancy Silvers says:

    I love love love the paper wrap dispenser. So useful. The other items are wonderful and I would just love to win.

  351. Carol Hill says:

    This is really hard to choose, but I think I will go with the gift wrapping station. And the papers a must for it of course. The fold are great to, wouldn’t mind getting them either. Counting the days, till the show.

  352. Mariel Jones says:

    Holy Craft! I love to have that gift wrapping dispenser, it will make my life easier to cut it straight … love that one! Also, that Greetings accordion box…. Please give it to me for my bday on saturday 🙂 that would be a great bday gift for myself 🙂 Everything about AG are beautiful 🙂

  353. Janet says:

    The wrapping paper dispenser would be one of my favorites, with the number of packages I have to wrap each Christmas!

  354. Diane Lynne C says:

    I’m loving the set of four 12 inch embossing folders And the Christmas Metallic 5.5″ x 12″ Layers come in such wonderful colors. But most of all, I’d like all the packages under my tree to be covered in Anna Griffin gift wrap. I have leftover card embellishments to add as toppers on the packages. Cannot wait to join the fun on October 5th.

  355. Connie says:

    Your video was a breath of fresh air today. I am preparing for my husband’s funeral tomorrow. Your video makes me realize that I do have other interests and hope to get back into paper crafting. I love the gift wrap organizer and cutting area. Waiting on hold right now to see if Social Security will provide me with enough money to purchase much Oct 5th…..lol….isn’t that always such bad news to find you are now restricted ;~( Thanks for giving me something else to think about than death today!

  356. SandyR says:

    Christmas is my absolutely favorite holiday! These items would definitely add to my holiday cheer if I were lucky enough to win them. The wrapping center would surely free up time and lessen the stress and the folders and papers would add to the beauty of the season. Here’s hoping…..

  357. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    Love the Gift Wrap holder and cutter! What a timesaver! Can I say, “I Want To Win it ALL”!! Looking forward to October 5th! Thank you Anna!

  358. Gaylene says:

    Oh my goodness. I love the gift wrapping station. Well, who am I fooling, I love it all. It is Anna Griffin after all. Would love to b4e the winner this week. How awesome that would be.

  359. Pat Gillen says:

    I have loved and used the tri-fold embossing folders, what a treat to have Christmas patterns. Christmas – Anna style!!!

  360. Sylvia Young says:

    Love the embossing folders, but would really like to be able to purchase all of the items, alas funds won’t let me. But I can still DREAM!!!!

  361. Holly says:

    The large embossing folders are awesome but the gift wrap station seems pretty cool. Can’t wait to see the new more detail on October 5

  362. Brenda Owen says:

    Congrats on your great win last week Dianne McDonald and Ida Spencer!

    Anna, so unbelievably hard to choose, again! I always love the embossing folders, but I would just die to have your paper rolls and storage package! That is just devine! Thank you for always coming us with such great and wonderful items and being so kind to have these fun giveaways for all of us.

  363. RaVonna Johnson says:

    I love everything!!! But that gift wrap dispenser is a must have, how ingenious is that. Love it all, thank you Anna for these amazing products.

  364. Lisa Washburn says:

    Oh…I love EVERYTHING Anna! Specially that new gift wrap! But I never win and being on a disability budget I can only get so much stuff. I dream of having all of your products!! 🙂 I simply adore you and your style. It reminds me of my Mother who I lost when I was 22. Its the same style she loved. <3 Thank You for that.

  365. Suzanne E Holmgren says:

    I just love the gift wrapping dispenser and anything Christmas as it is that time of year to get going on Christmas tags and cards!!

  366. Betty Wilson says:

    Love the gift wrap idea. We all know how hard it is to cut wrapping paper for large packages and this is such a great and easy way to solve that problem. Keep up the good work

  367. Jennifer says:

    I just love your wrapping box. What a great idea to cut the perfect paper. I love how all your packaging coordinates so beautifully. Your ideas and special attention to detail allows us to create so many wonderful gifts and keepsakes. Just think all the special cards and gifts we have collectivly made with your products….you have helped us all to spread kindness and thanks to so many. Thanks!

  368. Patricia says:

    I’m excited about the gift wrap and dispenser!!! It’s been a problem at Christmas and Gift wrapping in general throughout the year. What a great idea! Thank You Anna… Is it Oct 5th yet?

    PS I hope this is the beginning of more Anna Griffin gift wrap in the future…

  369. Mary Beth says:

    Love the Gift Wrap Dispenser and the Gift wrap! Wonderful Idea Anna! Have never seen this before. Also, love the Metallic Paper already cut and ready to go!

  370. Jo Ryder says:

    Everything looks wonderful. I am feeling so Chrisdtmassy now! Love the give wrap holder. Merry days ahead…

  371. Frances McAdams says:

    Another Home Run. The gift wrap solution is my favorite. I am always looking for ways to organize my work space to work more efficiently. Thank you Anna.

  372. Carol Dale says:

    Everyone on my list is going to enjoy the cards and things I make from your wonderful Products! Wow they all are amazing! So Hard to decide. Thank you soo much!

  373. Carole Lewis says:

    Wow, what a great idea the Chic Gift Wrap dispenser is! Whose idea was that? I love it.

    Thank you for more beautiful ways to celebrate the holidays!

  374. Brenda Berry says:

    So many NEW & wonderful products! I’m excited about the larger embossing folders and papers…but the gift wrap! Soooooo cool! WOW!!

  375. Jacqueline Townsend says:

    Hi Anna, my favorite things are the gift wrapping station and the gift tags! I need these to add to the things I already have of yours that I previously purchased from HSN. I would love to win them. Can’t wait until October 5th!

  376. Kathi Sanders says:

    An absolute fabulous range of new items! The accordion file and the gift wrap dispenser & cutter is the cat’s meow:)

  377. cheryl fry says:

    I love everything, but especially the gift wrapping center.

    I love it all, but especially the gift wrapping center.

  378. Ms. Joanie says:

    Hi Anna and A-team! I love the 12 inch embossing folders and Christmas shimmer paper! Splendiferous as always!!!

  379. Kathleen Clark says:

    Oh, my fave has got to be the gift wrap and dispenser! I have so many odds and ends taking up so much space. I just want to clear it all out and just keep this handy gadget filled and ready to go. Wow! What a treat!

  380. Erin Piehl says:

    I love it all, but the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser is like nothing I have….so unique!
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  381. Nona says:

    Outstanding! Christmas is my favorite holiday. There are always so many scrapbooking opportunities,so I really like the 12″ folders and the Christmas embossing folders.

  382. Carrie says:

    Oh wow there is so much to pick from But the embossing folders are a must .. Love it all Anna thanks for all you do..

  383. Barb says:

    I think my favorite is the long embossing folders and the mix and match embossing folders. Can’t wait for October 5th to see you demo them.

  384. Darlene Osteen says:

    Love it all, but the paper gift wrap holder is the best! Having Parkinson’s disease cutting gift wrap is always a challenge so this is fantastic. Thanks for having the best stuff.

  385. Cheryl says:

    First off, I can’t believe we are halfway through September and so close to the BIG event! I am really looking forward to using the folders, the 3D gift cards and especially the gift paper center. Everything is splendid!

  386. <