HSN October 5th, 2016 Sneak Peek 8

Hi Everyone!

It’s finally that time! We’ve seen some great guesses as to what the Today’s Special is going to be for our October 5th Craft Day on HSN! But first, we have two winners to announce!  This giveaway brought in the most comments ever to win!  Over 1955 of you commented to win Terrific Tags Dies and Stamps, Christmas totally Tags, Anna’s Christmas Cards and Embellishments I & II Cricut cartridges, the Glorious Greetings Card Making Kit and Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit.  Alice Wessinger and Penny Fellenbaum you two are very lucky today! Thank you for all the excitement and comments during these posts, everyone!

Just a reminder we will be on HSN from Midnight-2am, 8am, 11am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm, 7pm, 9pm-11pm. So mark your calendars. A special video and shopping list will be posted on Tuesday, October 4th here on the blog.

Now, let the fun begin!

Behold, the Cricut Explore Air 2 – Anna Griffin Edition exclusive to HSN! This brand new machine is your new best friend in crafting. In addition to our classic Anna Griffin ivory and gold, Cricut has also created the Explore Air 2 in an array of gorgeous colors: Serenity (blue), Rose and Mint in limited quantities. Wow, what beauties! With all these choices you can have the best machine in a color that reflects your own personal style.


Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone to connect to the new Explore Air 2 to design your creations on the go! This machine has a fast mode that cuts and writes up to two times faster than previous machines! Fast Mode works on vinyl, paper and cardstock and the speed varies by design. The good news is that you can create more, faster!


It would not be a Today’s Special on HSN without it being the best value of the day. These machines come with a years’ subscription to Cricut Access. This means you will have an entire library of 30,000 images to work with for the next 12 months!


There are even 50 free projects included with the machine. I have seen them, they are beautiful and perfect for year round crafting!


We love a good dynamic duo.  Peanut butter and jelly, Sonny and Cher… Cricut and Perfect Palette II cardstock! We have two different sets of 12 x 12 cardstock that make for the perfect accompaniment to papercrafting with your Cricut.  Our Perfect Palette II Christmas set that includes 72 sheets of varying tones of 6 Christmas colors and 24 sheets of glitter paper! Then, there’s the Perfect Palette II Everyday version that is full of gradient pastel solids and also has 24 sheets of glitter. We designed these specifically for the intricately cut layers you can cut with your Cricut Explore Air 2. These two sets will take you from holiday crafting all the way to Spring!



Guess what? Cricut says that I can giveaway these machines! Want to be one of the first 4 people on the planet to have the Cricut Explore Air 2? Comment below and tell us why you need this new machine and all of our new papers. We will draw 4 winners on Tuesday, October 4th!

See you Tuesday!




  1. Andria says:

    Daughters wedding coming up
    Love to make many things for the parties and wedding

    Oh it would be great to give this to her after I make things for the wedding


  2. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Karen, We sent an email regarding your shipping address. Please let us know asap, so we can get your new Cricut Explore Air 2 shipped!

  3. Ellen H says:

    Having a Cricut Explore Air Two would be such a blessing to me. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 5 years ago at the age of 57, and I have been unable to work since then. I don’t have a family so I am the sole support of myself. I’m on social security disability (for which I am eternally grateful), but it’s not enough to cover all the basic expenses. I need to find a way to bring in more income. I have taken up creating pressed flower art, which I love. My idea is to make both secular and religious greeting cards, book marks, encouraging wall hangings, and desk accessories with the flower art and sell in local gift shops (maybe the internet, too). The Cricut Explore Air Two would help me quickly cut shapes to use with the pressed flowers on the front of the cards. Thank you for considering me.

  4. Jacqueline frans says:

    Ooo please pick me
    I’m just starting my business and this would truly bless me . I was just stressing over our budget and ran across this .
    Please pick me . what can amazing gift this is .

  5. Angie Bush says:

    I’m a homeschool Mom and have been researching these machines as well as others for quite some time now. It would be great to win one to use for daily activities in our classroom. We would also use it to make our classroom more inviting. Thank you for the chance to win one of these awesome machines!.

  6. Sally Looney says:

    I love everything about Ana Griffins products. I like the pink Cricut. This I believe would help me out a lot to learn to make cards with the cricut.
    I’m also getting things ready to make my own craft room in my home. This cricut would make a great addition to my room.
    all of the colors are so pretty.

    Thank you,

  7. tishanggoy says:

    I love the way they make this cricut air2.hoping i can be one of the 4 anna griffin to be chosen and get this on our 8th wedding anniversary for tom Oct 5,2016.As a full time mom with 2 little kids. i can be able to explore my creative talent and think how i can earn. Especially this time were in,we are having financial instability.I’m praying for it, that this machine can help me in someways…..

  8. Katherine says:

    I’m so excited about all of these amazing colors!
    The blue is my favorite.
    Hopefully, I will soon be using this to cut fabric for quilting. I’ve just started quilting and think this will be a great way to get good, clean and accurate cuts. So important when matching seams.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  9. tishanggoy says:

    I love the way they make this cricut air2.hoping i can be one of the 4 anna griffin to be chosen and get this on our 8th wedding anniversary for tom Oct 5,2016.As a full time mom with 2 little kids. i can be able to explore my creative talent and think how i can earn. Especially this time were in,we are having financial instability.I’m praying for it, that this machine can help me in someways…..

  10. Karen M. says:

    When I retired, I pledged to keep learning new things and I would really like for the Cricut to be my next challenge – and pleasure – to learn.

  11. Shay says:

    I would love a Cricut to start a new business venture! It would be just what I need to help launch a new chapter in my life. 🙂

  12. Pam says:

    Wow! To have this machine would be awesome. I use my Cricut machine for Sunday School Bulletin Boards and all my fun crafting and card making. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Love the new colors, too!

  13. sherri levinton says:

    I really need this pink baby for its beauty and speed. I d like to give one to my future DIL as she wants to make things like I do. She really needs one because she loves to design and do art, and there is a little jelly bean in the near future! Please, pretty please!

  14. Ngoc says:

    I would LOVEEE this! Now that I have 2 little ones, I’m constantly working on crafts for parties, etc etc!! 🙂

  15. Mitzi Reighard says:

    I need this new Cricut because I have one of the original machines and WOW, this one does everything! I love the new Christmas Card cartridge for the Cricut!!

  16. Ivy colomba says:

    It would be such an honor to win. It’s such a great way to create projects that I can complete with my family. Any technology that brings families together is a blessing.

  17. SARA F. says:

    Today it is “Crafters Golden Tuesday”
    The give away day!
    Oh! I hope I AM ONE of the lucky ones.
    When I am making card’s with all
    Your Card Stock Line, Dies Cuts and Cricut Cartridges, I’m just missing that beautiful “Anna Griffin Exquisite Gold Machine”
    With all the new upgrades, HEAVENLY!
    Now my dream!!! Will my dream come true?
    “I am looking forward to seeing my name somewhere today in your blog today!”
    That would be SUPER NICE!
    I would love to win, … Anna.

  18. Vickie Britton says:

    Dear Anna, the new cricut machines are simply beautiful! I would really love to win one. It would really look terrific in my craft room. I love the pretty new colors and the faster speed sounds great too. I can’t wait to see you on HSN. Blessings to all!!

  19. Jessica Campbell says:

    I would LOVE a Cricut!! I have been eyeing them for a long time but being a stay at home mama, dont have the extra budget. I would love one to make super cute vinyl iron ons to go along with the clothes I sew my daughter. And it would be so handy for the teacher appreciation luncheons Im in charge of in order to decorate gifts for them and add decorations to go with each theme! Im excited to watch the hsn release to see all of the capabilities!!

  20. Sandra Palacios says:

    I would love, love,love the new cricut air, especially since I don’t have one. My mom was just diagnosed with alzheimer’s and I was planning on doing an album of her life. I can just imagine the possible things I can cut out with this machine. As always Anna, Thank you for all the beautiful things you create.

  21. Betsy Cross says:

    I love the new colors of the Cricut! I would love to own one as I have the expression 2 and several cartridges. Mine is getting old and has never worked with the computer. i would love to be able to use the technology of the Cricut Air as well as continue using my cartridges. Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to seeing you on HSN!

  22. Mary Anne Heric says:

    Would love to win a Cricuit air explorer I. Have all the cartridges and love designing cards. Lost my Mom 2 years ago so my crafting of all Anna Griffin products are my life.

  23. Shellie Fontana says:

    WOW, Anna! I would love to have an Explore Air 2, ANY OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL COLORS, so my sister and I could craft more TOGETHER! I drive over 10 hours to meet her at her daughter’s house–a 3 hour drive for her, as well–to papercrafting together once a year…I bring my Explore I ordered from HSN in 2014, and my sister uses her daughter’s Expression. IF I won, I would let her keep the Explore Air 2, and we could design and create more faster, in between our meets, anywhere–maybe somewhere in between my Texas and her Nebraska! I hope! What a GREAT show this will be on HSN October 5–can barely wait!

  24. Barbara Perez says:

    wow, so many I’m sure you wont even get to me but? I work full time, and have little extra and I try to buy things that I know will last and that i will have support with, and that’s why I Love your products and this new Cricut with your beautiful colors Wow! I have no worlds.. it would be an honor to have it. I would be in love with it for ever. I’m sure the Lucy 4 will feel the same. I wish everyone Luck! have a blessed day. Barbara frome Kissimmee, Florida.

  25. Shannon says:

    Having a new circuit would be fantastic. especially the new Anna Griffin color. My mom can now finally have my older model and we can work together on projects.

  26. Melody says:

    What a cool new cricut! I need this for card making, scrap booking, sign making…so much I could do with it! I love the new paper packs, too! Thanks for all of your beautiful products!

  27. Jo Ann Cook says:

    I love all your products and would love to win a new Cricut times are hard and can’t afford one right now and I love to create cards and scrapbook pages of my family you dies and embossing folders and Cricut cartridges make it so easy and beautiful thank you for all the inspiration

  28. Madelyn Lombardo says:

    I am so excited to hear about your special Cricut Explore 2. I am a children’s librarian and I make all of my flannel board stories from my Cricut Personal Machine. This would make my flannel board stories amazing!
    Thank you for for this opportunity !

  29. Marlene Johnson says:

    I would Love to win this new Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine. I had bought a Cricut Explore Air machine this past May and was so excited about Finally Finally having a Cricut Machine. BUT…..
    Sadly 🙁 ….I ended up returning it to HSN.

    I live in Northern CA and we get some pretty good rain storms in the fall and winter months. And so I had to return the Cricut Machine because I live by myself and I need a new roof on my house not to mention other house repairs that have come up.
    Right now the repairs have top priority over everything else…I’m sorry to say.

    And so I’m hoping I’ll be one of the four winners.

    Thank You Very Much!!!

  30. Elaine Golling says:

    Long story, short – I’m 71 yrs old and have many thousands of family photos to put in.beautiful, creative albums to give to my many family members. I love my Cuttlebug, but haven’t used a Cricut. It would really help me to speed up the process of this huge, but wonderful project I am starting – as soon as I finish helping my 96 year old Mom with her albums ! Thank you so much for the chance to win this magical, beautiful machine !!

  31. Candice says:

    I need one because I do not have one, just Anna’s Cuttlebug and I do lots of card making…would be a great addition to my craft room and all Anna’s other goodies.

  32. Ofelia Estrada says:

    Wow this machine looks beautiful!! I would love to win the cricut. I lost my dad last year to cancer. I have found a lot of comfort in crafting. Would love to work on a scrapbook with some beautiful pictures I have with my dad. I have trigger finger and carpal tunnel on both of my hands and I know the cricut would be of great help on my projects.

  33. Kathleen Horvath says:

    Wow! These cricut machines are incredible and they come in these beautiful pastel colors. I would love to make cards, boxes, Christmas cookie exchange invitations on any of them. This is exciting!


    I need this cricut because I love photography, scrapbooking and all other sorts of crafts. This would be a great addition to my new business endevour!

  35. Becky Vidaurri says:

    Hello, I would love to win the Cricut Explore Air 2 in any of the four beautiful colors. I love crafting with my grandchildren and winning the Cricut Explore Air 2 would be awesome.

  36. Carla Joseph says:

    I really need (want) the new Cricut Explore 2 because I’m still using the Expression 2. Even though I love it, I feel like I need to update and upgrade. I scrapbook DAILY so I use my Cricut every day!!!!! Please choose me to get the new Cricut Explore 2. Thanks, Anna & Cricut!!!!! Can’t wait to see it demonstrated on HSN on October 5!

  37. deborah moreland says:


    This sneak peek is the ultimate of sneak peeks… and we’re all lucky to be included in the lottery!!

    I’d love to add a Cricut to my Anna Griffin collection of card crafting items, because it’s the ONE thing I’m sadly lacking… but I’m sure I could find a very special place for a beautiful new AG Cricut machine if I had to. 😀 Along with the papers, because who has enough paper, NO ONE!! lolol

    The 5th is almost here, and can’t wait to see who’s the lucky 4 among us, good luck everyone and CYA on HSN with Anna for a fabulous Craft Day Extravaganza!! Going to sleep now, so I won’t miss a thing.

  38. Bobbie Wilson says:

    Hi, I do hooe it isn’t too late. I replied in the comments in youtube.
    So, you asked why we would need the Cricut Air 2? I need it to create beautiful decorations and cards for Christmas. I need it to be able to make creations almost as beautiful as you do. If this machine can do all that…that is why I would be excited to have it. Thanks Anna.

  39. Brenda Zimmerman says:

    I want the Anna Griffin Explore Air 2!!! I have been an owner of the Explore since its debut on HSN the FIRST time… and I want YOURS!!! I’ve been waiting along with you! Oh how perfect it would be if I could be one of your four lucky winners. For me? It’d be equal to winning the LOTTO… but I feel like I already have… every time I get a package from you and your amazing company. Thanks so much for ALL that you do for us!

  40. Pamela Allen says:

    Anna, I need the new Cricut because I only have the Cricut Expression and I would love to be able to cut the more intricate shapes. I have been scrapbooking & paper crafting since 1998. This would take me crafting to the next level!

  41. Frances S. says:

    Would love to win one of these amazing machines. I am a digital designer, and I would like to see how my desings would look as scrapbooks. So many ideas are running in my head, I had no idea this machine existed. So exciting!

  42. CJ says:

    Oh my!!!! The Anna Griffin one is so beautiful! I would love to win this to match with my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and to upgrade from my Cricut Expression machine to this much faster machine. I would use it to make many projects and cards to sell. I love how it cuts out many many different materials.

  43. Sarah Thomas says:

    I confess I’ve never used a Cricut and the learning curve for other models has been steep. But your reputation proceeds you. The simplicity and ease of use are huge selling points. I’m ready to take the leap and I’d like to do it in style. Need I say, the mint! It’s gorgeous. 🙂

  44. Kim says:

    Hi Anna & Team-
    I would so love to win one of these great machines. I particapte in a variety of charities. There is a Scorties Rescue auction coming up. I wild love to be able to make several new cards for this great group.
    Thank you!

  45. Sarmin Miah says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!!! I would love to win the cricut air 2! ‘Lmy husband works at a continuation school and every year for prom and events, I try to make decorations to make their events truly amazing. These kids have lost a lot and struggle a lot, so to see them enjoy life is so memorable! The cricut air 2 will let me make these events decorations so much easier and faster!

  46. Jody G says:

    Love this Cricut Explore Air II and the pretty colors make it so much fun! I love my older Cricut Expression but there are many projects the Air can make and it can even write! I would love to win this machine!!!

  47. Betty Jackson says:

    I need the new one because I’m still using the original baby cricut. I’m 73 and I think it’s time I got with the digital world. Would love the pink one.

  48. JeanB says:

    I am so excited for the chance to win the Cricut machine!! Thank you! Thank you Anna for the chance!
    You are so good to us!!

    I love my Anna cuttlebug but have never even used a Cricut Explore and didn’t think I’d ever have a chance to win one! I bought one of the cartridges last year with the hopes to get a machine some day.

    The many uses seem so exciting for projects for home, church, Sunday school, family albums!
    Wow-endless ideas!!
    We sure love you and look forward to spending the day with you Wed.!!!

  49. Susan Hilley says:

    Anna: I need the new one so that I can pass my explore onto my Mother. I was going to give her my first circut E2 but it was stolen along with all of my cartridges. Thank goodness I had those linked. It would such a blessing to win one of the brand new ones!

  50. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Hello Anna,
    The reason I need to be a winner is why not… think positive and it should happen…. looking forward to your email….. as well as the show you never seem to amaze me you always out do your self…..
    Thanks for a chance to win the new cricut explore air 2

  51. Shelia Robinette says:

    Anna, I have an Explore or I should say I had an Explore. My daughter is a teacher and she was constantly looking for “letters” and die cuts at the teacher’s store and I must say those items are quite expensive , I suggested she try my Cricut and that was the end of it. She loves it; she can make whatever she needs in exactly the size and color she needs.Being the good mother, I couldn’t ask for it back so Anna I desperately need one of the new Cricut Explores, Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creativity and talent with all of us.

  52. Theresa W says:

    ***!!!! I need this machine because it comes in pink and pink is FAVORITE color! I can’t wait to see the demo! So excited for the 5th!!! Thanks Anna!! Fingers crossed!!

  53. Julie Freysinger says:

    I would love to win this machine! I have purchased every Cricut except the “Air”. I have held back for so long but now I want this one! It sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to hear all the details on Wednesday.

  54. Darcy says:

    Like many the speed appeal to me. I just recently aquired all family photos on my mothers side. Sadly my mother did not have in albums. I have the task of scanning creating disc of those photos for other relatives and creating albums for myself and my two brothers. My first love is card making but with all the photos I need to create pages for the machine would be a great help in making the three albums. I also have aquired the task of assisting with celebrations decorations at work for various functions and this will help make more time for creating all of this and still enjoy my hobby.

  55. Kelly Mayes says:

    My husband just finished making my shelves for my scrapbook room……would LOVE to add this to it to finish it off just right!…:)

  56. Mary Prystal from Clayton, NC says:

    I would love this machine. It would make my card making so much faster and the papers are beautiful as usual.

  57. Melody says:

    Hi Anna, I truly don’t “need” this new machine but would love to have it. Congrats on the new Anna machine. It’s gorgeous.

  58. Ellen Volkmar says:

    Anna: I need this machine because the one I bought when they first came out 2 years ago is damaged. I was doing some vinyl cuts for work and the table got bumped and it fell off. Having a new one, any color would really help make my year (and a great early November birthday present).

  59. Sharon Mayes says:

    I would love to have this. I’m on fixed income and can’t afford one but it would be great . I srap book all my pictures of my grandbabies. I can’t wait for the 24 hr. craft show. I’m retired and enjoy all crafts.

  60. Jennifer Mangum says:

    I would LOVE to have one of these because, like ALL things Anna, they just get more beautiful and awesome over time!

  61. carole says:

    I would love to have this machine so I could embellish embellish embellish! I am so anxious for the 5th!!!

  62. Susanna T says:

    I am new to papercrafting and enjoy it very much. The new Circut machine will be wonderful for all my card making projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win the machine.

  63. Jeri says:

    I would like the new MINT machine so I can give my cricut away. I would love to get all the papers too for making beautiful cards year around. The 1 yr subscription is a great bonus. Thank you Anna! Can’t wait to see you on HSN.

  64. Magan Wortman says:

    Winning this machine would be so much fun! I am still using the only cricut machine I have ever owned, the original cricut, I believe it’s the first one they made. Lol Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  65. Stefanie says:

    The new Explore would help me so much in my scrapbooking! I am still on my 2007 book (the year we adopted two of our kids). It’s now almost 2017! I need to catch up!!

  66. Beth Sharer says:

    I really need this, my original circuit is feeling very ill~! I have orders I am having a hard time getting out in a timely manner because of the illness my machine is suffering from~ Thank you for consideration~ BTW, love you products Ms. Griffin~

  67. Jennie Barger says:

    Oh my goodness!! The Rose Pink is sooooo beautiful!!! I would love to have this for a second machine during my busy holiday crafting season!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  68. Barbara Ferris says:

    Anna, You make our world so beautiful! I would love the chance to win the new Cricut Explore Air 2!
    What a tremendous, generous giveaway! The enhanced speed sounds wonderful. I would donate my previous Cricut to a good cause if I were selected to win this. My niece/Goddaughter is getting married next year and it would be great to help design some items for her. I have two daughters who would also get a tremendous amount of use for this Cricut with all their school projects. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  69. Rhonda Brookshire says:

    I would love to win one of these not only would it be an awesome birthday present for me but then I could pass down the #Cricut I have now to the Cherokee Training Center that my daughter attends for special needs adults. As my Anna Griffin stash has increased I have been sending supplies for them. This would be an awesome addition for them.

  70. charlottecharles says:

    I so would love to own the new Explore Air. I think it is the neatest new machine. I have the first cricut made. So it is old and I would really love to have this new cricut. My granddaughter (10 years old) loves to craft also. If I win she will get the old one.

  71. Sandy K says:

    i have one of the older machines, i would love to WIN this newer one. Anna all your things are wonderful!!! PICK me i would be able to make my Granddaughter, her album with this one

  72. VIolet R says:

    I would love to have this beautiful machine so I can
    Give it to my youngest granddaughter. Having crafted
    My entire life I have encouraged my 2 daughters and 3
    Granddaughters to craft. She loves everything for
    Breast cancer so the pink would be great.

  73. Giovanna Pasquarelli says:

    This would be my first cutting machine. I am just tapping into my creative side, purely unplanned, but much needed. I am going through some big changes with having to suddenly care for my parents and realizing my life is no longer my own. Finding creative outlets has given me such peace and happiness, and something to keep me sane.

    I plan on buying this machine because it’s much cheaper than the 15 years of therapy I’d need to stay out of the darkness of depression.

    I wish all of us luck in winning one of these new Cricuts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  74. Jessica says:

    I would love to have the new cricut machine because I would use it at my library for my DIY programs. As a YA librarian, I work with tweens and teens, which is an under served population, and I think it would be great to have the new cricut machine to expose them to new technology that can foster their creativity. Because I work in a large immigrant community, a lot of times these kids don’t have access to new technology or even different arts and craft/DIY materials. Having the Cricut Explore Air 2 at the library will allow these kids to have the opportunity to have hands on experience with this new technology that they otherwise may not have access to.

  75. Deb K says:

    The Mint machine would match my scrapbook studio perfectly… and would allow me to cut my workshops more efficiently so I could potentially add more workshops and make more people happy! 🙂 I love the colors of the new papers! Every Cricut needs some beautiful paper to cut! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  76. Francinia Flores says:

    As a homeschooling momma of 5 kiddie poos the gold crIcut would be a great addition to my gold cuttlebug! We use the first Cricut Explore for homeschooling almost everyday. So the gold one could be for mommy! THANK YOU ANNA GRIFFIN!

  77. Ronnie Ramsey says:

    I would love to have this new machine to go with all my AnnaGriffin cricut cartridges ( I think I have them all) . The new colors are fantastic.

  78. Irma B says:

    It would be awesome to win this for my daughter. She loves her current Cricut, but it is a bit out of date. She loves your products.

  79. Thelma says:

    I would love to add this new Cricut Explore 2 to my craft room to help me with my scrapbooking and card making and be able to use the digital library more often. My 8 year old granddaughter just loves coming over to craft with me. I have lots of Anna Griffin and Cricut products which are the BEST in the industry!!!

  80. Karen A. says:

    Oh, to win the new Cricut Explore Air 2. The colors are great love the choices. Using all the new papers to create such beautiful cards, party favors, decorations. The list is endless. Would love one for my birthday! hint hint.

  81. Lynn Harriet says:

    I need one to help make the cards and things for my school. I am the crafting part of the sunshine committee.

  82. Judy Kiger says:

    Hmmmmmmm, a CRICUT for Michelle (daughter #1), a CRICUT for Jennifer (daughter #2), and a FREE brand new CRICUT for ME!!!!!! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be grand!!! 🙂
    It would save me money for a couple of other ANNA goodies, too … yes, it would!!! Lol!!! It would be GRAND!!! Lol!!! Good luck everyone, and congrats to
    all of the winners of all the other goodies … enjoy! 🙂

  83. Amy Ottmers says:

    I would love to have one of the new machines, any color will do but love that pink one!!! It would be great to have this new machine to share with my mom so we can craft together.

  84. Adria says:

    I need this. I can’t wait to make more cards, scrapbook pages, stationary, invitations, party favors and t-shirts with this.

  85. Jill Rice says:

    My daughter and I are so busy making EVERYTHING for her wedding next April. Having a second Cricut would be so convenient, especially since she is about 45 miles away and we are finding it hard between our two schedules to get together and make the invitations and such. So, if I were to win one of these fantastic machines, I would give it to my daughter, no question! But the paper…that may be a bit hard to let go of!

  86. George Schneider says:

    Would love to get this machine and paper to make more videos with and be able to teach more people how to use their machines to get the most out of them.

  87. Vivian Epps says:

    I would love to have one of the Explore machines but buying a third Cricut is just not possible. The possibility of creating your own designs or using the digital library and being able to print and cut would be amazing. I love this new world of scrapbooking and card making with Cricut, just not able to keep up with the expense right now. The new paper colors are beautiful!!!

  88. Debra W says:

    I do not have the newer version of the Cricut as I have the Expression and money wise could not justify to my husband buying another machine but I really would love to have one. Making all the beautiful projects and cards you show would be so much easier with the newer version. And love the new colors.

  89. Katie Stansbury says:

    I’ve never owned a Cricut before. Oh, the things I could design and do with this machine! The colors are beautiful. I would be able to make cards for all occasions and send them to everyone in the family. With Christmas coming up, I could make gift tags. The possibilities are endless!!!

  90. Ricardo Landolt says:

    I would really like to surprise my girlfriend with this awesome machine! We have been together for eleven years and she is the most kind and selfless person I have ever known. She is always thinking how she can help, surprise or even make the day of each and every person a bit better.
    She always wanted a Cricut to improve their crafts and keep pursuing is dream of start a company of stationery for ceremonies and the pink Cricut is just the perfect machine for a woman so romantic like her.
    Please, let me surprise her!

  91. Debra stephens. says:

    I have always wanted this machine,and i prayer to god that I’ll be one of the choosen ones, it will be one of the biggest blessing that i will ever receive a dream come true. Thank u anna 4 all these beautiful items , u are changing lives by buiding careers for the less fortunate with a gifted a hand.

  92. Diana Cunha says:

    This new Cricut would allow me to continue make my kids (I’m a kindergarten teacher) so happy and would make their days so much beautiful and creative. My old Cricut is used for everyone at the school and is counting the days to break. We really need this machine and would be so thankful and appreciated!
    We really hope with all our heart you chose us! <3

  93. Laura "LA LA" Martinez says:

    I have an old 6″ cricut my husband bought me IN THE 20TH CENTURY and I bought me an upgrade to a mini years ago. I’ve made wedding invites, welcome home posters for military, Sunday school posters,various projects, name badges and anything people ask me for. I would love an upgrade but would feel guilty to take away from someone who doesn’t have one. You see Anna I never win anything, lol! I thought it would be worth a try. I’LL TAKE THE GOLD ONE PLEASE OR ANYTHING IF I’M CHOSEN. Looking forward to Wednesday. LYMI

  94. Becky Piper says:

    Oh!!! The new Cricut Explore Air 2 looks amazing! I love the classic gold and ivory Anna Griffin color, too! It would look so lovely in my craft room! The new 12X12 cardstock in everyday and Christmas colors is sooooooo pretty!!! I’m a happy, happy girl when I have a rainbow of colors to choose from! Can’t wait til Wednesday at midnight!!! Looking forward to seeing the shopping list tomorrow, too!

  95. Marjorie Fortin says:

    Hi Ms. Anna

    I’m loving the new cricut explore air 2. would love to win the pink one. Cant wait to buy other goodies on October 5th woohoo. smooches Marjorie

  96. Leslea Chelf says:

    Anna, I would love to win the new machine because it would enable me to make even more cute, fun, beautiful cards to share. Everyone always comments on how much they appreciate the cards I send them and to be able to make more would be wonderful. And I have a home for my current machine with a friend.

  97. Melissa says:

    Dear Anna,

    What an amazing machine. It would be the first addition to my new craft room in our weekend home. I can’t think of a better way to relax. Cutting on my new Cricut explore 2 and enjoying nature. Wow. Thank you for another amazing Anna Cricut machine.

  98. Mary Ann B says:

    My hobby and passion is papercrafting. Scrapbooking and card making are at the top of my favorite list. I am not able to work due to health problems and on the days I feel well enough, I love to scrapbook and make cards. I always give away my scrapbooks and I love to see the joy on their faces when they see what I made them. I would love to receive the new cricut which could help me with all of my papercrafts Thank you Anna for bringing such lovely products into my life and bringing me joy!

  99. Linda Hutchinson says:

    Oh my goodness, I have a need for speed! With this Cricut and it’s increased speed, I want to make items for parties on the spot, right in the moment for my niece and nephews parties – of which there are four each year – I want that right then, right now capability, especially with kids who want to wait 5 seconds for anything. Also, I would love to have the larger image capability of a Cricut to make images big, big, bigger! I’m into making large sized items for wall decor and garlands.

  100. Lee Grace says:

    Oh Anna! A chance to win your new Explore Air 2 – YES! Yes! YES! I need one to make the gorgeous designs of yours-anywhere from your books to your presentations & Pinterest. WOW! the fussy cutting without the time involved to hand cut! (and I can’t wait to see everything this machine can do!)

  101. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    What a beautiful machine!! The colors are gorgeous! I really need an upgrade of my ancient Cricut machine, one of the first ones out! Would love to win!!

  102. Lucy Armitage says:

    What a sleek new Cricut Explore II !!! Love all the colors & the faster cutting would be a real dream come true. The reason I really NEED a new one is because my Cricut Explore I does not write or draw correctly, a feature I’d so love to have especially for card making. I’m excited to see it in action Oct. 5th!

  103. Melinda Cordova says:

    I purchased an Explore Air two weeks ago to craft all decor and invitations for my wedding next year. However, when I saw the gold/ivory machine in the announcement for the Explore Air 2 I fell in love and I have yet to open the box for the one I purchased! Hoping I can get an Air 2 on the 5th to get my wedding decor and invitations done 2x faster to be in time for the big day!!

  104. Leah Geary says:

    Love this new Cricut. Have the explorer but want to update. Was looking at the Brother Scan n Cut but now seeing this I have to rethink my options.

  105. Yvatte Turner says:

    Wow! what a great new Cricut. I have been a Cricut collector since the beginning. I recently quit my second job so that I could have a craters life. I missed crafting so much because I was working so hard. Now I am off and running, and winning a new Cricut would be just what I needed to warp speed my crafting life again.

    Thanks for everything you bring to us Anna, you are the best.

  106. ANDREA LAUBER says:

    I would love win a Cricut Air 2 You asked why I would love to win this incredible machine? Due to circumstances beyond my control, after 20 years of service, I, along with another 15,000 teachers, lost our jobs here in Los Angeles.

    In order to make money, I am trying to get back to my design business. I believe this machine would raise my level of sophistication in my product designs. Your intricately elaborate and elegant designs give me such an enormous amount of pleasure because I, too, LOVE historical fabric designs and antiques.

    Thank you , Anna, for all your creativity…you are an inspiration!!!

  107. Amy Serbaroli says:

    I own the Original Cricut Expressions and the Silouette.

    I think what really interests me most about this is the Bluetooth. That adds a lot of portability to the unit that would be helpful

  108. Renee Ledbetter says:

    Twas the night before Anna’s new Cricut debut. Sleep didn’t come easy, Oh, what color to choose!! Could be pink, or green, blue or Anna’s Gold. Could buy one of each I suppose! But time to stop dreaming because that I can’t do. Maybe I’ll be a winner then Anna can choose!!!

  109. Amber Morrison says:

    I’d love to win one of these. I have the first Explore (green). I’m going to be making lots of things for my son and his school. He is special needs and will be starting school just after his 3rd birthday in Jan. I’d donate the green one to his school for the teachers to use too. Hubby won’t let me order an new machine because of all the Anna Griffin autoships of other products I’ve done.

  110. Donna Wilson~Doherty says:

    My goodness, to be so blessed! I had donated my older machine to my sons school but then soon after had my Explore vandalized. Haven’t been able to replace it since so this truly would be a blessing. Fingers & toes, fingers& toes!! What a beautiful way to make a new Explore debut with Anna’s papers, her glitter papers are of the best quality too! As always Anna….Thank You!!

  111. Jody J. says:

    I would love to win one of the machines for my daughter she has finally found her “knack”. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was younger and to say the least nothing ever held her attention. She is now 17 years old and for the past few years her grandmother, “Nice” as she calls her, has taken her under her wing with crafting. We have an older machine but she wants to start a side business making decals and initials. This would allow her to have a great start! Crafting has changed so much for her in many ways. Thanks so much!

  112. Judy Jackson says:

    I would love to win the cricut air 2. I have purchased every cricut since cricut has come out. If a buy another one my husband will probably shoot me. I love your craft shows and own almost everything you have, once again there are many items I have on my list. I love your craft shows and i’m waiting for Wednesday

  113. Alexandra says:

    I love Anna Griffin she inspire me and make me feel I am strong enough to persuit my dream. I have lupus and my body is fragile plus I suffer I lot pain, I work in Hospitality, be in my feet the whole day make worst my illness but when I sow her for first time in HSN with Cricut Explore Air I fall in love with this magical world and she is the beautiful good mother that make everything possible, I bought my fist Cricut at that time and all Anna’s products and I sow a possibility to start a small business and have a alternative job, I still in that process but I feel happy and hop. I want with all my heart win this beautiful and improved Cricut Explore Air 2.

  114. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    I work at a public school for children with Autism in low income neighborhoods in Queens, NY. Many of our families live in shelters. I bring my own cricut and teach the mothers how to make cards, which they love and helps them to relax from all the difficulties they go through. If I win this Cricut, they would be so happy that they can have their own for the classes!

  115. Jeri K. says:

    Need for speed! All the cutting I do, I need a machine that can cut 2x faster! I have almost all of Anna’s Cricut cartridges and they need this machine.

  116. Colleen McCauley says:

    I would LOVE to have one of these machines so I could craft my little heart out! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  117. Linda says:

    Love the new machine and paper! I would love to win one so I could make wedding invitations more efficiently. I would give my old one to my daughter whom I have been promising to buy one for awhile now. Thanks for the opportuinity!

  118. Debra Spencer says:


    I love the sparkly paper and getting correct shades of each pallet is great.

    The NEW machines look so tranquil & peaceful…I WOULD love to win one or anything since I’ve never had that pleasure.

    Thanks for giving us ‘endless’ possibilities.. YOU are the best….

  119. Mary Beth Burns says:

    Would love to win the Explore 2, love the idea of faster speed cutting and drawing. Also, just love the new colors, and of course the ANNA GRIFFIN colors! Also love the paper packs, great i idea to give the range of colors to use with layers! Love all ANNA GRIFFIN paper!!

  120. Diane Phillips says:

    Anna, It is great that there are so many crafters that follow you and love your products like I do. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize.

  121. Margaret Mathewson says:

    Who would not love to cut faster and more beautiful. I teach a card making class at the senior citizen center and they just love the cricut cards! The new colors are amazing ~ would love any of them!!

  122. Mary Ann says:

    The only machines I own are the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug, the cuttlebug and the Grand Calibur. I would love to win this. This would open up a whole new world of crafting for me. Can’t wait for the show!

  123. Jane Martin says:

    Oh how this would be so Wonderful to win. Anna’s products have keep me busy in very hard times. I am disabled and her products are like therapy for me.I love making her cards and sending them to family & friends. I also scrapbook, but this would be a true blessing to have with the wireless capabilities. I can’t wait for October 5th.

  124. Laurel Mitchell says:

    A faster Cricut???!!! AWESOME SAUCE!! And the colors are all so very pretty. Who wouldn’t want to win one???

  125. Laura B says:

    I would love to win one of your cricut explore air 2 machines. I would take it to the hospital where I volunteer crafting in the children’s cancer ward. Plus a years worth of cutting would be incredible!!! I take my cuttlebug and do crafts with the kids. The nurse’s tell me that the kids look forward to me coming. Having the Cricut would open a whole new world to them. Thank you for such great products.

  126. Char Bareis says:

    I would love to have one of the new Cricut machines. They are all so beautiful. I’m sure I would have a ton of fun using one of them. And my daughter would love using it too! Happy Crafting!

  127. Sheila Geiman says:

    Love the new fast option! The Cricut makes crafting even more unique to the creator. Love the new colors too!

  128. Kathy Reiche says:

    I run a card/scrapbooking club for middle school students called RioCreative (school is Rio Norte JHS) As you know budgets don’t allow for much enrichment experiences. I am usually shuffling my personal dies etc back and forth. How great would a year’s worth of cutting be!!! I’m sure the students would be too excited to use the machine. But then, who wouldn’t be jumping for joy to see this arrive at their door!

  129. Sonja says:

    It feels like Christmas in October with all your wonderful holiday crafting supplies!

    I need one of the four machines to make my first grandchild, Cash, (who is the cutest redhead baby), his first year scrapbook & help my daughter with her 2nd grade classroom decorations and lessons.

    I have my fingers crossed that I will be one of the winners! Thank-you for all the beautiful new products. I will be glued to the tv.

  130. Lisa Allen says:

    I do not have a Cricut machine. I would love to win one of the four machines to make beautiful layouts for my family reunion scrapbook album. There are so many craft projects I can make with the Cricut.

  131. Kay F. says:

    I would love to win an Explore as a gift for my friend’s mom. She wants one badly but doesn’t want to hurt her family’s feelings by asking for one. They bought her an Expression for Christmas a few years ago.

  132. Bella Masters says:

    I would so love to win this! My budget won’t allow a purchase, but winning it would solve that problem. Oh the beautiful things I could make!

  133. Carol Batchelor says:

    Oh, Anna, I would love to win a Cricut Explore Air! Ever since I first saw a Cricut demonstration, I have dreamed of having one of my own! I could craft to my heart’s content, making home decor items and greeting cards and anything else that I can think of!
    I can’t wait to see you and all of your new products and returning favorites on HSN on October 5!
    As always . . .
    Happy Crafting!

  134. Michele Ciccone says:

    Wow! The colors of the new machines are great. I have a Cricut Explore Air but if I were lucky enough to win, I would gift this to me sister-in-law. She is the primary caregiver to my 101 year old mother-in-law. She also runs a day care out of her home. So I know she would use for her own crafting and for day care projects .

    Can’t wait for Wednesday – I took the day off from work so I will be crafting right along with you on Wednesday.

  135. Sharon S. Carmichael says:

    I’d love a Cricut, as I don’t have one and my husband says my craftroom is too crowded for one. He’s right of course, but my room is full of remembrances of loved ones. There can NEVER be too many of those, as that’s the reason I craft in the first place!.

  136. Sharon S. Carmichael says:

    I’d love a Cricut, my husband says my craftroom is too crowded for one. He’s right of course, but it’s full of remembrances of the ones I love, There can NEVER be too many of those! That’s WHY I do craft.

  137. MAYRA MARTINEZ says:

    Hi Anna! I would love to win the new Anna ivory and gold Cricut. I started crafting 2 years ago and I love it. My children really enjoy helping me out with projects. They are my personal assistant’s when it comes to loading the mats or when embossing with your beautiful folders. We make beautiful gifts for their classmates, teachers, and our friends. Please pick us, my kids would be delighted to have a new member in out family! Thanks Anna, we adore you ♥♥♥☺☺

  138. Madeleine says:

    I would love to win a Cricut Explore Air 2. This way, I could work faster. Your papers are so perfect for Christmas. What a great combination. And Cricut Access for a year – unbelievable.

  139. Gig Dixon says:

    I would love to win one of these beautiful machines. I have the original Cricut machine that will only make 5.5″ cuts. (6×12 mat size) So I’m very limited to what I can do. If I had one of these machines I could really maximize my cartridges. Thank you again for the give away.

  140. Jeannine Mazurowski says:

    The Cricut Explore Air 2 looks amazing! I love crafts because it is so relaxing. I first started out just scrapbooking and didn’t think that I could ever enjoy making cards but now I love it! Your card kits and cartridges are a real life saver. I can’t wait to watch your shows.

  141. Pamela A says:

    I’m like the other 2500+ people that would love to be one of the four to win. I have a very old Cricut machine which I would denote to a school if I was lucky enough win. I would have to choose the classic “Anna” machine, still love the gold and ivory!

  142. Julie Walker says:

    I would LOVE this ivory & gold machine. I was given a cricut personal, and I fell in love.I’m disabled & can’t afford any new cricut. Being able to cut larger than 6×12 would be a dream come true let alone a years access to free imagines. This machine would match my cuttlebug I got for my bday. Crafting is one of the best things that’s happened to me since I’ve become disabled. It keeps my mind busy & everyone LOVES LOVES LOVES the cards I make and expect them now. I truly thank you for this opportunity,

  143. Georgina Tutt says:

    It’s been a long time since I have scrapbooked or made cards. I have the first cricut that ever came out and I think having this machine would be a blessing and help me to get my creative juices flowing again!

  144. Angela Williams says:

    It would be such a blessing to win this machine for me (and my family) to use to finish my scrapbooking for my family memories. I love photography so I have lots of memories captured. I know it will be wonderful to create beautiful and priceless items and details to put in the albums. I also would would share it with other family members so they could create! I love all the colors and would any one of them.

  145. Mary Lynn palazzolo says:

    Just a note to tell you how wonderful your products are I have from the beginning started with the Cricut and it’s great that you keep improving it I would love to have the newest machine I can’t imagine how great it can b and even faster and would love to tell how wonderful your customers service is I call anytime and they stay on the phone with me until I have it done that’s great in it’s self thanks again Anna and Cricut

  146. Connie Miller says:

    I’d love to win one of these, as I only have the small 6″ cricut. My two little grandsons love making projects with me and it would be so fun to really stoke their imagination with this one! Thanks Anna!

  147. Teresa says:

    Any time Anna Griffin comes out with a new machine I need it!!! My craft room isn’t complete without them.

  148. Sono R. says:

    I would love to win one of these new fabulous machines because I could do so much more being able to cut 12 X 12 paper! I love your cartridges and can’t wait to get this new machine! Oh I forgot to mention that I would love to get the pink one!

    Thank you Anna for all your creativity and the extra special products!

  149. Cindy Link says:

    Wow, Anna! It would be such an HONOR to win one of these! I Do NOT HAVE a Cricut machine, but would ABSOLUTELY LOVE ONE! And I would make you so proud to have this machine! I love papercrafting, and this tool would simply put my skills over the top!
    Thank you so much for the chance!

  150. Janet DeRose says:

    I am still plugging away with my trusty Expression 2 and would so love to upgrade to this new Explore Air. Hoping and dreaming! Oh what projects I could do!

  151. Penny Mouer says:

    I would love to win one of the four Anna Griffin Edition Explore Air 2 machines!! I definitely need more paper too in order to be able to complete all the projects I have lined up. My Gold Explore at home really needs a sister to make her complete!! So love all my Anna Griffin products!! Thank you for your creativity and thank you to Cricut for amazing products.

  152. Shirley Honton says:

    So much to say , first ..your a gifted oerson with a gifted team
    I just began several years ago buying your products waiting forvthe right time to start , i knew this would be my delight ,
    Love floral design ,gardening , gum paste , cakes , antiques , sound familiar ? I thank you for my last years of being creative with joy !
    I do not have a electrinic type machine , would love to learn ,,ps i call my gift The gift of adorning ..love this gift makes peoples lives special , with beauty from ABOVE ..GLORIOUS !

  153. Holly Weston says:

    hi Anna, I would love to win one of the new cricut explore air 2. I love to scrapbook and make cards. And create other fun projects with my current cricut. If I were to win I would gift the one I own to a crafting friend. In fact I had my original cricut in my craft closet for the last umpteen years!! I just couldn’t bear to part with it so I held onto it. Well a friend of mine expressed an interest in owning one a couple weeks ago so I gifted that one to her. She was very happy to finally have one.
    thank you for all of the fun things you create, I can’t wait to watch you October 5 on HSN

  154. Michele Gonczar says:

    What does October 5, HSN, and the launch date of the New Anna Griffin Cricut Machine have in common with me? It just so happens to be my birthday and I’m an avid scrapbooker and card maker!! I’ll be 61 and my favorite pastime is scrapbooking and cardmaking! I would love, love, love ❤️ to win the new Anna Cricut Machine!! Please pick me!!!!

  155. lenore says:

    I would love to win this as I have an old Cricut and would love to be able to use the Cricut Design studio. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  156. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    Wow! This machine would make crafting so awesome and easy fast! I would love to win Anna!! and such pretty colors too!

  157. Donna says:

    My sweet daughter is a first year elementary school teacher in a low income area. She loves my circuit and has driven home (2 hours) just to use my circuit for her classroom! She has over 600 music students and loves to make pretty things for decorations for her classroom and for lesson plans. She would be overjoyed to have a Cricut of her own!

  158. Allyx Taylor says:

    I would love to win this machine and give it to my mom. She would love this machine. She has the older expression model with a gypsy. Every time we are in a craft store she plays with the first air. I know that my mom and dad can not afford one right now. So I would love to win it to give to her for all that she does for me. She and I craft together with her older machine and she is always dreaming and telling me what a new machine can do. To see the smile on her face if I was to surprise her with this machine would be amazing! Thanks for the possible chance to win this for her!

  159. Lizzy says:

    Oh Anna this is just so awesome!!!!! I don’t have a cricuit that cuts 12×12 paper to be able to do that would just be so wonderful! And the fact that there is beautiful colors is a bonus!!!!

  160. Lu Ann Garrison says:

    Hi Anna! I would love this Cricut…I have in mind a card that I would love to make… a friend told me it was possible using a Cricut. I have watched your presentations for a couple of years, but wanted to wait to see if there was an easier version to help since I am not good at technology :/ It takes me awhile to get going on projects…I have confidence issues I guess…but I would love to win! 😉 Thanks. Lu Ann

  161. Gail Taylor says:

    I also have my daughters senior party this year. I can think of some amazing decorations I could do with a new model cricut. Things my expression will not do for us. Plus all the beautiful paper too! That would be heaven sent! I am so exited for a possible opportunity to win such a fabulous machine. XOXO!

  162. Andrea Sherman says:

    What an amazing machine! Such lovely colors too. I make so many projects for others, school projects with my four kids and paper crafts for my friends, that this new machine would be such a blessing!

  163. Kathy Shea says:

    I used to watch Sonny and Cher. Love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I would be so happy and utterly surprised (!!!#) to be the recipient of the Cricut Air II and Perfect Palette 2 Christmas and Everyday paper sets! My favorite machine color is the Anna Griffin classic colors. 🙂

  164. Karen Calabrese says:

    I would love to win this new circuit and the papers! My mom is 85. She still enjoys making all your cards, but isn’t able to do all she used to. If I win, I can cut all the items for her, and she can assemble!

  165. Stacy Bogan says:

    I really love my current cricut explore and would LOVE to have this faster version. And I must have the pink one! I am hoping to start my own paper crafting business and this would make it so much easier. I have had a rough year and winning this would be the start of better things for the future. Love all of your things…as usual.

  166. Linda Daum says:

    I’m still working with my Cricut Expression but would love to upgrade to a Cricut Air and this II is just the pick of the crop. The paper packets would definitely be an added bonus. Can’t wait for the 5th.

  167. Patricia Miller says:

    Dearest Anna!!
    It would be both an honor and unbelievable pleasure to win this extraordinary gift. The Cricut Explore Air 2 looks amazing. I’ve been with Cricut since the first tiny bug and following you and buying your products since you hit the scrapbook scene years ago!! If I won this glorious gift, I would be showering my grandsons, baby shower, Christening, and next years First Birthday Party with all manner of party decor possible ! Christmas would be the best yet!! Then onto creating an entire wedding shower and “wedding day of” paper decor items for my dear daughter!! This is an amazing give away. I am looking forward to your HSN presentation as always, and enjoy the best day ever on Oct 5th!! Keeping my fingers double x x for this one!!
    Best Regards,
    Patricia Miller

  168. Deborah Scott says:

    I love everything Anna Griffin and Cricut. For health reasons I have not been crafting for a couple of years. I kept shopping HSN for all your kits, papers, tools and storage items, etc… Anyway we have been reorganizing all my craft items in my craft room to see what I needed! Seeing this new Anna Griffin explorer 2 is the very thing I have got to have to make my crafting dreams come true! Thank you for all you do!

  169. Sandy T. says:

    I love to craft with my 8 year daughter. We have a pink expression that has been a work horse, but we would love to have the new faster pink explore air! I’ll be watching on the 5th for all your new items!

  170. Sharon says:

    I really love the paper packs and the tonal sets. Works for a number of dies that I have. And it is neat that it includes some coordinating glitter paper.

  171. Miriam says:

    Love the Anna gold, I help my daughter with school activities for the entire school, and this Cricut would really help make more faster. My favorite craft products are from Anna

  172. Eleata Donalson says:

    I would love to win one of these machines ,I would take this machine to my NICU scrap booking class at the hospital for the NICU parents can use( spread a little joy , making a memory during a happy yet difficult time). Thank you for a chance to win,feeling excited.

  173. Bettie C says:

    I would love the new faster Explore Air 2. I especially love the blue one. There are so many things to do with a Cricut, and I haven’t even tried vinyl yet. I am working on my Christmas cards with your (autoship) embossing folders and dies. These will be my best cards ever. I would love to get the paper packs, too.

  174. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: It would be so wonderful if I won your new Cricut Explore Air 2! All the colors are so beautiful, but if I did have a choice I’d pick the beautiful Anna Griffin gold with your name on it. Its the height of elegance and excellence, which is what you always give us. I use my original “oldie but goodie” cricut to make what I need for cards, parties, holidays and decorating with my grandchildren. I’ve even gotten my husband to cricut for me when I’m running behind. I love your cartridges, they are the best! HSN – thank you for giving us Anna! I’m so looking forward to your next show. And I hope I win!

  175. Michelle Curry says:

    My motto is “Cricut is the gift that keeps on giving!” Almost everything I make on my Cricut I give away. If I was given a new Cricut I would be able to give twice as much to others!

  176. Lisa Lesshafft says:

    WOW. Such a wonderful gift. Why I feel I need a new machine you ask. I really don’t have any great reason that I can write about. All I can say is I have been with Cricut since the first Personal Size (6″ machine). I have loved this machine through the years and have stayed dedicated to them throughout. The fact that it can cut faster is such a wonderful feature and being able to work on my tablet is such a time saver. I have a job where I have been working 11 – 12 hours a day and that leaves me absolutely no time to come home and craft. With my tablet I can now take it to work and create on my breaks and lunch. But now…….With the faster cutting time, I can really come home and set my items to cut in half the time so I will be able to get more pages done. I Just love the fact that Cricut has listened to all their customers and the great CEO they have now is a dedicated person to give us what we are asking for. You never get that with many companies but Cricut has always aimed to please. Thank you for having and creating such wonderful items. Oct. 5th Watch out…..Here we come!!!!!

  177. Diana says:

    Oh Anna! You are so very generous to give 4 of these wonderful cricket explore 2 machines away. I just found out that I am going to be a grandmother for the very first time! I want to make the most beautiful baby shower invites and decorations but I only have small blocks of time available. The speed of this machine would help tremendously. I know you have a very difficult decision to make with so many people commenting. I am lucky enough to own a cricket already but of course would love this new one. Thank you again for all the wonderful products you make and it is just amazing that you give them away during your promotions. Can’t wait to watch HSN October 5!

  178. Joan Carney says:

    Oh my goodness, an explorer Ii, and it comes in my favoritr color “PINK”, I’VE. Been waiting for you to come out with a cuttlebug in oink but the king of all king, The Explorer 2 comes in pink. I’m. In heaven. Abd to top it off a whole year subscription, oh my all the cards and scrapebook pages. Wow and the paper is just beautiful. What a fantastic package. Here’s to hoping I win the pink one. I’ll be watching you all day and I kearn so many new tricks. Thanks Anna!!!!

  179. Nico Mom says:

    I Need this one because I have been wanting to have this for years now and it would be Perfect since my one and only niece is getting married next summer.
    I would love to make her invitation and wedding favors. Labor of Love

  180. pam says:

    I would love to win this machine because it would take my crafting projects to another level. I’ve often thought if I had a Cricut Explorer I would be able to create awesome products to donate to charitable organizations to sell and use proceeds for a worthy cause.

  181. Toni Josko says:

    I REALLY need to win this because my Cricut Explore is on it’s last leg. I started out just making cards, but now I do everything from home décor items to personalized items with iron on vinyl (my hubby even surprised me with a heat press for Christmas last year!). I don’t have a business or sell anything. I do it because I truly love the crafting. And I enjoy what little happiness I spread with my crafting. I would love to win this!

  182. Diana P. Lee says:


    I would love to be one of the four because I have stressed over and over to a friend how I wished my Cricut Explore Air would cut faster! Never would I have thought that this was coming out this quickly. It’s like a dream come true and I’m still surprised. Now it’s possible to make and cut out your intricate designs on cardstock 2x faster. I can’t believe and want to see it for myself! My favorite of yours is to have the machine cut out those beautifully designed paper rosettes! They are just so beautiful and intricate! If I could win this machine I would love to cut them out in a bigger size! I cannot wait till October 5th!!! You all are amazing and do such a great job!

  183. Johanna Covarrubias says:

    Hi Anna,

    There are several reasons why I need this Cricut! As a crafter, I always made things by hand and there’s no way I could go back after stumbling across this product- I have NEVER owned a Cricut before and wasn’t even aware such product existed until now! I am getting married next June, I am also a new teacher and my mind cannot behind to comprehend the beautiful things I could make with this machine! Please let this Cricut be my “something new” for my big day! Thank you so much! – Johanna

  184. Tammy Fennell says:

    Wow sounds like the Explore Air 2 has a lot of great new options for materials (even if it doesn’t sing). Why I would love to have the Explore Air 2 is that our volunteer group could use it for the events we organize. I work for local government and I’m part of a group that puts on recognition/fun events for employees. Unfortunately, budget for the planning committee in not available (waste of tax payers $). We have a lot of fun and pick-up things from $ store or by donation. With this machine, we will have unlimited possibilities for decorations/games/awards and would only be limited by our imagination. Looking forward to the craft event! Love Ya

  185. Norma H says:

    Dear Anna, I really need this machine because my sister and I do a lot of cards and crafts for friends and love one. We have been doing crafts together for over three years now. She taught me about making paper crafts, she has been crafting for over 30 years. Our dream is to have a shop with craft classes to help other see how beautiful the art of paper crafts is.
    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  186. Patti McGinnis says:

    Hi Anna:
    I have been “cranking” on my cutting machine for so long, I have the muscles to prove it-LOL. I would love to win the Cricut Explore Air2. It would be such a exciting addition to my craft room! Thanks for all your products!!!

  187. Debbie Slaughter says:

    I will be retiring the first of next year. I already have the cricut explorer. But would be so happy if I had the explorer 2. It would help me with my granddaughters cheer and my grandsons sports. Also for my Sunday School class.Love love u Anna!!!

  188. Patricia says:

    ***!!! Pick me please…I would love to have your new Cricut so I can make Christmas Cards for cancer patients. Two of my friends are Hospice Nurses and l’m making the cards for all their patients and their families, this would make it so easy to do the volume of cards I need. I’ve already made and given your pop up cards and everyone went nuts over them… but I struggle making as many as I need! … is it Oct 5th?

  189. Rosalie Ridle says:

    I love Anna Griffin and would love to own a Cricut. I have never owned an electronic cutting machine.. Love all the Anna colors,too! TFS and the chance to win!! Keeping my fingers crossed. 81 years old and still praying that I can “Keep on” crafting!

  190. Rita Robinson says:

    Why do I need the Cricut Explore Air 2, you ask? To keep up with the FAST MODE
    of my DESIGN SPACE AIR brain, of course!

    Seriously though Cricut has outdone themselves with this outstanding new model and “iced the cake” by presenting it in such yummy de rigueur colors including your signature Anna.

  191. Pamela Mead says:

    Congratulation to Anna, and your team, on the new Explore Air 2 machine! I don’t have an Explore machine, but this would be a wonderful tool to help me with all my crafting needs. I would love to take this with me to a crafting class at the assisting living facility where my mother is a resident. The ladies there just go crazy when my mom shares the cards that I have made for her. Thank you Anna!

  192. Sabrina Elaine says:

    I would love to win because I don’t have the cricket machine It would be delighted to win ! Thanks

  193. Colleen Mccall says:

    Thank you Cricut and Anna Griffin. You are amazing. With a new Cricut Air I could give mine to our local school!!

  194. Stella B says:

    I love all the cricut stuff with Anna Griffin designs and papers. I made cards with the little cricut.
    But it is very limited to make scrapbooking.
    The new cricut air seems a dream to make my scrapbooking

  195. Marcia Stearman says:

    Wow, I love the pastel Cricut colors! I My original Expression is barely hanging on. Being retired, I don’t have the funds to replace it right now. It would be awesome to be able to design holiday gifts wirelessly from my iPad. And, it would be great to have the beautiful cardstock for my scrapbooking and cardmaking hobbies. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  196. Carla Boyd says:

    I purchased the original Explore during it’s initial launch on HSN and I would love to win the Rose colored Explore Air 2.

  197. Shirley L says:

    I love teaching people how to craft. Having more than one Cricut Explore would be so fun to use when I invite others over to craft. Right before each holiday, I love having friends come over to craft and giggle. We use lots of Anna Griffin products be it the cuddle bug folders, paper, stickers, Cricut cartridges or card kits and everything in between. The fun that I have is showing others just how easy crafting can be and they love the elegant finish that Anna Griffin products give their completed projects. Everyone leaves feeling excited and then they are able to give the beautiful projects that they made to brighten someone else’s day. Love your wonderful products. They are made of the highest quality and the attention to detail is second to none. Have a great day on HSN! I’ll be watching.

  198. Dani says:

    I would really like one of these machines to be able to assist my kids with school projects…I have two boys so this would be my way to get them to spend more time with me doing something I like…lol!!!

  199. patricia crocker says:

    Really looking forward to the shows. I probably don’t need ones of the new machines but I really really want one. They are wonderful machines. Here is hoping I win one. Thanks for the giveaways!

  200. Robin Shaffer says:

    This would be my first electronic cutting machine. I have the cuttlebug and love it, but has always secretly wished for this machine because of all your beautiful designs and layering abilities. Keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe Santa will come early.

  201. Kaila Mohney says:

    I would love to win this machine! I have recently left my teaching position in order to follow my dreams of starting my own crafting business. In the first official month of doing so my business has taken off! It’s a dream come true. I have the Cricut Explore that first launched two years ago. A second machine–particularly a much faster and more efficient one–would help me to be more efficient and allow me to spend more time with my 5 year old and 2 year old! I am also one of the Beta Testers so I am often working on my ipad and Laptop at the same time! We also have plans to open a store front in the beginning of the year. I am purchasing a new machine either way, but would love the opportunity to win one and save some money! I will need a second one to keep in the shop! Thank you 🙂

  202. Karlie torregroza says:

    Hi Anna,

    I would really love to have this cricut aire 2 because i am recently engaged to my best friend and we set a date for 09/23/2017. I would love to own a cricut to make all of our invitations, bridal party shirts, chalkboard vinyl inc this tool would be put to use for every occasion! I have been watching youtube videos on how to use one and i would be over the moon to recieve one!

    Karlie T

  203. April Stokes says:

    Another Cricut!! Wow! I own two already, including your gold one, but I would love to have another one! Especially since it cuts faster and has new features! Looking forward to seeing all that this new one can do!

  204. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Let me count the reasons I need the mmnew Cricut Aire 2. One. I want the Anna color, 2. My first one never did the aire part with a dongle either, 3. My sister recently lost her husband and I could gift the old one to her so she could keep busy. 4. I have health issues from time to time and it would save me a few steps. 5. It is beautiful and Cricut is such an amazing tool and I can’t spend that much right now. I will be happy for whoever wins and I hope it is me. Smiling sweetly. Have a great week. Bunches of love and blessings for you and all of Anna Griffin’s wonderfful team. Betsy from NC

  205. Marianne K says:

    Hello Anna! First of all, I love your products! Secondly, I have the original Cricut machine and am in dire need of an upgrade. As an avid crafter, this new machine combined with your wonderful products would be bliss.

  206. Catherine B says:

    I’m sure there are many like me out there that everything I make, I make in volume! There are always projects for the classroom and for fellow teachers. What a time saver for faster cutting!

  207. Lois M says:

    Oh my! This machine would be a dream to own. My craft room is bouncing for joy because it doesn’t have any electric machines and now it has a chance to have one within its 4 walls. This machine looks pretty and appears to work pretty. I’m pretty too…..we’d make a good pair. hehe just kidding. I especially like the Rose colored one.

  208. Sandra Burger says:

    I have the Cricut Expressions and am in need of an upgrade. I would love to have this new Cricut and to be able to finally save and use the cuts online. Also, that’s faster! Easier to make all my holiday crafts & cards this year.

  209. Lorraine Mazzocchi says:

    It would be a dream come true to win any one of the beautiful new Cricut machines. My mind is overflowing with the crafts I could make! Best of luck to everyone. Happy crafting!

  210. Sharon L Ostler says:

    Hi, Your Gold Cricut Explorer (Gold) is the one I would really like to have in my scrap room. By the way it does SING when you open it — I would be thinking of how special your HSN (gold) kits & etc makes us feel.
    BUT after the gold I would love any color of the NEW NEW machines. Thank you for this opportunity.

  211. Loraine Collins says:

    Love all the colors of the new Cricut. I would love to win the new one. I am using the original Cricut and of course that limits the size I can cut. Since we are saddled with some huge medical bills from a couple of surgeries, there is no extra money to purchase the new larger size. Would love to have it for the creativity!!! Love anything Anna.

  212. Lorraine says:

    What can say. If I win I win I think I died and went to heaven. I could do so much with this machine. I make cards to donate to several charities and this would help me out a lot.


  213. Hope says:

    I love doing crafts as a way to relax and to make homemade gifts for my friends and family. I’d love the opportunity to win one of the new circuits so I can continue to create projects for my loved ones.

  214. Debbie says:

    Wow what a deal but we are still using the original cricut that just cuts up to 5.5 inches with a 12 inch in length. This would really be a huge upgrade for me. What a difference it would make for all my crafting projects, I send cards to some elderly people of my church, I get compliments all the time, i just say its not me its Anna Griffin she makes me look good.

  215. Angela says:

    If I could win one of these I would have a whole lot more money to buy all of the other Anna Griffin products on October 5!! Lol Love all of your products and have NEVER been disappointed with any of them!! Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  216. Kitty Rapp says:

    Would love to win one of these machines. Would go with all of my new Anna Griffin card-making kits and the ones I’ll be getting on Oct 5th.

  217. Kitty Rapp says:

    I would love the new explore. Am working now with an older cricut expression. Have been fearful of the design area and some other higher tech things – but love to scrapbook and make cards and this would be a great addition to my craft room.

  218. Mrs. A says:

    Wow! So many comments! Spectacular show coming on this week. Can’t wait….

    Already making my list and checking HSN. If you have noticed the AG Ornate Frames item currently listed on HSN as 4 5×7 dies, it is actually the AG Festooned Frame Dies which were the July auto-ship from January 2016. It is a set of nine dies-four frames and five matching concentrates. I almost thought it was something not in the auto-ship and almost put it on my list because of the HSN description. If you were not on auto-ship, these Ornate Frames are the single ship of the Festooned Dies.

  219. Debbie Gibson says:

    Would love to win the new cricut. My cricut broke couple months ago and was looking to replace it. Glad I waited to replace it. Loving the increase in speed. Loving all the colors!!!!

  220. Cathy Daniels says:

    I create cards for one of our local shelters at Christmas making 185-200. (They have more people coming in from the weather in the winter months and at Christmas.) I don’t own a Cricut but imagined how quickly I could mass produce the cards if I did. I love each of the colors and would appreciate winning something like this!

  221. Jennifer Campbell says:

    I am working on wedding decorations for my daughter’s wedding. A new, faster machine would just be lovely and much appreciated!!

  222. Chandler A says:

    My 10 year old expression is worn out… its time for an upgrade!
    I want the latest and greatest!

  223. Shirley M. says:

    Winning this machine would “make my day”! I don’t own a cartridge cutting machine, and this would make cardmaking so much easier.
    I’m can hardly wait until Wednesday!

  224. Vee says:

    oh, anna, these are beyond lovely. i would use the machine and the papers with my students to create cards for their friends and family. opening up the world of design space to them using the ipad would be priceless. they will be able to design at home and cut at school. SWEET!!! hope i am one of the winners.

  225. Christina Rugg says:

    I would love to win the newer Cricut machine, to go faster making decorations for work, cards for the Military, all my cards and scrapbook pages. If I win a new Cricut, I will donate my older one to someone who would benefit greatly from it. Love the new colors especially the Serenity blue and Mint green. Thank you and Good Luck to everyone!

  226. TamiB says:

    ***!!! What an awesome giveaway!!! You rock!!!! I need this; I want this!!! I have an electronic machine (not a Cricut) that I have had for almost 10 years and have not used it in years. It is very hard to align things on it and I get frustrated just to think of using it — so I don’t use it! I have seen demonstrations of the Cricut Explore machines and vowed that someday I will have one so I can throw the one I have over a cliff. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! Looking forward to October 5th.

  227. Frances Forest says:

    I would love to win any one of the machines. I do a lot of crafting for the children that come through the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital. I work in the recovery room and I find it is always hard when any child has to have surgery. The burn children have to have numerous surgeries and many are frightened as well as depressed. If a simple craft can brighten their time in the hospital, it is well worth it. The smiles make crafting fun. Thanks to Anna and circuit for the chance to be in the drawing.

  228. Patty Frye says:

    I cannot believe we have a shot at these! Thank you so much! I have given my cricut to a friend and have been patiently waiting!

  229. mikie says:

    I’ve been a good girl Anna!!! I would love the Cricut to make some decorations for my Mom to Welcome her home from the hospital.!!

  230. Deborah Ernest says:

    I would love to win the new cricut , it would give me more opportunities to do more with my card making . Thank You!

  231. Bonnie Bousquet-Smith says:

    Hi Anna,-Best wishes for a great day on HSN!—I have the.first Cricut and the Cricut Explore machines. I got the Bluetooth/ Anna Griffin designs bundle hoping to upgrade my machine’s potential especially since we live in the boonies and usually go somewhere else to optimize our Internet activities. The Bluetooth was not compatible with my laptop, so could not be used with my Cricut, but the designs were really what I wanted anyway. But having the Cricut Air would make designing remotely away from home and MUCH faster than if I was at home. And thebonus is the beautiful new choice of colors. They’re really pretty. Thank-you for all your work.

  232. MaryAnn Magill says:

    I would so love to win one the fantastic machines it would make my mom and daughter crafting time so fun. We would be able to do so many amazing things together..

  233. Pauline says:

    I am a long time fan of yours for many years. I just love all your products. It would be a dream come true to win one of the cricut explorers. With all my bad luck lately could sure use something bright and cheerful. Love ya Anna! Anna Griffin for president ( sorry could not resist}!!!!

  234. Karen Tapparo says:

    I’m new to your blog Anna and I’m looking forward to following it. I am a new empty nester and have more time to get back to scrapbooking. I’ve been collecting your cartridges over the years and now have time to use them! Can’t wait to watch you on HSN!! Love the new colors!

  235. Sandra Evans says:

    Would love to win one of these beauties. I’m all for being faster. It would help getting my Christmas cards done a little quicker. I know that there are more deserving that should get this new machine but thanks for the chance to get one of these babies to my house. Can’t wait to see what it will do on the 5th. See you then.

  236. Lana says:

    Anna it would be an honor to be picked for one of your machines. I am very generous when it comes to helping those that I can. I love and own many of your products and will continue to do so whether I win or not. Keep doing what you do, it is greatly appreciated.
    Big Fan! Smiles…

  237. Caroline Knauth says:

    I have been patiently waiting for the Cricut machine that pushes me over the edge with awe, potential, beauty, etc..this is it. I love the colors, especially the Anna exclusive. So far, now with every AG cartridge at hand, my creating is infinite. Thank you beyond words if I am blessed to receive one of these treasures.

  238. Sue Swanson says:

    The speed! A faster machine means I create more cuts. Would love to be a lucky winner. I can’t wait to see the demonstration on October 5! I’ll be watching!

  239. Ricardo Guimarães says:

    It was once a loving couple. They loved the scrapbook and made gifts for each other.

    But in his creations lacked something that could turn your imagination into reality.
    Their life was gray until they discovered the Anna Griffin blog and realized that there was a machine able to carry out their wishes and very quickly and perfectly.
    There were also papers able to give brightness and colored their day.
    Does this couple gets a final as “They lived happily ever after with their Cricut”?
    Wait for the end of the story! 🙂

  240. Julie says:

    Wow Anna,
    I’m such an Anna fan, fanatic. I just need your cricut air 2. to match my Anna craft room! Please, Please, Julie

  241. Marta Castro says:

    The relationship between someone and Cricut Explore should be like a marriage.

    – Marta Castro, promise to take care of Cricut Explore with love? Yes, I do!

    – Marta Castro, promise to expand your creativity with the Cricut Explore? Yes, I do! I will make amazing wedding invitations, amazing children’s games anda wonderful gifts for my boyfriend!

    – Marta Castro, promise to use the cardstock of Anna Griffin in fantastic creations? Yes, I do! These brightly colored papers will result in fantastic designs!

    So is the relationship with the Cricut: colorful, bright and fast!

  242. carol harmon says:

    Hi Anna, My Critut is the only one that I have ever had. It is the Cricut expression from 2007 Provo Craft, and I’ve just about worn it out. I would so much love to have a newer model, any color will do. Thanks so much. Carol

  243. Coelle Baskel says:

    Anna, Just LOVE the color of your exclusive Explore machine…it would be my choice! I’m making memory books for my 5 granddaughters which means a lot of designing and cutting with a Cricut…would just love the speed and features of the new machine. And what a great bonus to also receive 2 of your wonderful paper packs. Thanks Anna!!!

  244. Mary says:

    I was intimidated by the circuit but have mastered the Cuttlebug and Minc. (gold of course). I am ready to take on the Circuit and open a whole new world! With the gold, the trio of creativity will be complete!!

  245. susanm says:

    How Exciting a new faster Cricut!! I love my Cricut and am always making things for the organizations I volunteer at. I would love to win one of these new ones and then gift my old one to my sister for all her volunteer crafting – together we could “pay it forward”!! How fun!!
    Thanks Anna
    Thanks Cricut!!
    What a Team!

  246. Mary McCrary says:

    WOW! I would love to be able to afford a Cricut, but to win one would be even better! I have been using my trusty Cuttlebug for at least 8 yrs. but considering “upgrading” to an electronic machine if the budget ever allows. I love using AG products and I get the best ideas from your site.

  247. Elizabeth says:

    This is so awesome!!! I need this because I do not have a Cricut and they are so awesome I have always wanted one. I would love the mint green one!!

  248. Donna Pomeroy says:

    Pick me, please. I love all things Anna Griffin and Cricut. I want to festoon my granddaughter’s wedding in elegance.

  249. Debbie Baer says:

    Awesome machine! I can’t believe the gorgeous color palette. I’ve been buying your products since you were first on QVC many years ago . I’d love any pastel color. My craft room is done in black grace fabrics and accessories. It would add the final touch!

  250. Patty Heil says:

    I love the fact that the new Cricut machine is faster ithat makes it perfect for me. Lots of cards to make and not enough time, just a fact of life I guess.

  251. Martha DeVaughn says:

    What a great TSV for craft day. I have the original slow Cricut, but would really enjoy winning a new fast Explorer Air 2 to help me speed up my crafting. It looks fabulous with beautiful paper and the library to accompany it. You are bringing so many amazing items this time that I will have to choose wisely before my credit card chokes. Love the gold and white Anna edition.

  252. Laurie Moore says:

    would LOVE this! my cuttlebug is complaining all the time, and so is my neck from cranking. Neck injuries are not fun! Good luck everyone!


  253. Audrey Wisniewski says:

    Would love to win the Anna exclusive gold. My daughters and I volunteer for a dog rescue group
    And make items to raise money for them. I have the original cricut so this new machine would make our crafting so much nicer and faster. Thank you Anna
    For all your great crafting supplies ❤️

  254. Sonja R. says:

    Oh my goodness! I almost fell out of my chair when I started watching this sneak peek! I have been on the lookout for a new cricut that cuts the 12 inch paper. I am still using an old one that only goes up to 6 inches. And then to be able to get pink! Wow! My craft room is done in pink so it will be perfect! I have recently started collecting your wonderful intricate cartridges and I am so looking forward to be able to cut a full page. I can’t wait till Wednesday!

  255. Alluna Calloway-Lang says:

    Anna I would love to win the Cricut Air II. My Neice belongs to a group called scrapping Divas, which these group of girls are all under the age of 13. They are taught how to sew, Scrapbooking, making cards etc. we also use the cricut and we don’t have enough machines to go around so allot of our projects take a long time, because it’s 17 girls and they all want to use the cricut. This would be a big thing to my neice and the group just knowing one more machine we can get things done a little quicker. We love you Anna

  256. Karen Hatfield says:

    I do not have a Cricut, just a well used cuttlebug. My daughter is engaged and I would love to be able to make her invitations! So please pick me!

  257. Valerie says:

    How lovely! It would be wonderful to have the new machine in Anna Griffin ivory and gold to match the craft room I’m creating now that the nest is empty! Your papers are wonderful to work with, also! I will be able to donate my old machine to our church. Thanks for the chance to win.

  258. Merrie Osborn says:

    Anna, these Cricuts and the papers are lovely!!! I have been using your items exclusively since you have been at HSN. They are the best ever!!!! I haven’t a Cricut because I’m a retired art teacher on disability and simply haven’t been able to afford it. I would absolutely love to win it!!! My cards and scrapbooks would be even more beautiful!!! (Anna, I think my birthday is the same as yours—–August 5!! I wish I was as young as you!!!)

  259. Lorraine says:

    I would love to upgrade from my expression machine … Faster is very appealing. I’ve been waiting and waiting to upgrade from my expression … This may be the time if I have the opportunity to win. Thanks for the chance.

  260. Deborah Martelli says:

    Thank you Anna and team for this chance to win the newest Cricut Air. I’m the seamstress in the family and help out with little or big projects. I’ve read that this new Cricut can cut fabric and I have always wanted to incorporate fabric techniques into my card making. Up the creative possibilities even more! So that is why I would love to win. Thanks again so much for your inspiration. See you on October 5th!!

  261. Betsy Phillips says:

    Oh, Anna, I’m in love! I would be thrilled beyond measure to win the new Explore Air 2! When I visit my cabin in the mountains I do not have WiFi but this machine would still allow me to save and cut. It is so beautiful. Did I mention I love blue?! All of the colors are lovely. Looking forward to your presentation!

  262. Sheila MacLeod says:

    This newest Cricut Explore Air 2 machine looks like it would get me soooooo out of my Cricut crafting slump! I have the Cricut Expression machine, Gypsy and over 50 Cricut cartridges that I hardly use, but if I had this machine and those lovely Cricut Papers….WOW….would it ever motivate me to create using all the awesome Cricut images so much easier than I had to with my previous Cricut machine. Thanks Cricut for your innovation and thank you, Anna Griffen for this chance to possibly win one of these amazing machines and gorgeous papers~

  263. Pam George says:

    I own 3 older machines, I love personalizing cards and giving them to people to making there day.Being a 2 time survivior of cancer I feel it important making and personalizing each card for each person. As we journey in life we touch each individual and impact their life, just saying hello or handing a person a homemade card can change a persons day.
    My last illness I recently had 2 heart catheriderizations (4 stents) placed in my heart, I would love this new cricuit air 2 machine and and have access to on online libruary for more patterns. I am unable to return back to work at this time. I find scrapbooking and making cards very relaxing. It keeps my mind and hands busy. I would be able to make more personalized gifts faster for individuals. I love making people smile and making their day.

  264. Luria Dantzler says:

    I would love to add this machine to my cricut family. To have all of the new bells and whistles it has to offer and faster cutting is always a plus.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  265. Cindy Phillips says:

    Hi Anna – I have the original Cricut and some of your subsequent versions. This product looks great and would take me to the next level of my crafting. I would love a chance to try this one out and know of another to whom I could gift my earlier Cricut so they could start crafting with your products. Thank you for this opportunity.

  266. Carol Henderson says:

    I need the new Explore, so I can give my old one to my best friend who can’t afford one. Then I will have the year’s subscription to Design Space, that I want and can’t afford – a definite WIN WIN!

  267. Delinda Davis Milton says:

    Hi, I would like to win the circut for my birthday which is on Oct. 20th to go along with the gift my husband surprised me with last year from HSN which was a wide mat printer so my grandchildren and I could make things together I have 13 so you know they keep me busy.

  268. Joann Crowley says:

    I love the opportunity that you have given for us to win your Cricut Machine. I have been making your cards for several years, but have never gotten the Cricut. I would love to expand my craft making by using the Cricut. Thanks, Anna You are the best!

  269. Pamela Armes says:

    I own every Cricut from the expression to Cricut Air that you have made. I have 4 machines. I bring people into my home that I know that cannot afford to purchase any of the machines to give them the chance to learn and experience what these machines can really do. We all pitch in for supplies and have a really great time together. I would love to have this newest machine, it would enable me to have a couple more people join us and also learn the endless possibilities this machine can do. I do plan on purchasing this one also, but cannot afford at this time due to being off work for 12 weeks due to a very serious surgery. Times are very hard for a lot of people right now and creating things that you can make yourself is the best way to temporarily escape all adversity and stress. If I can share what I have with someone to make them happier for a little while then I feel better also. These little get togethers have also benefitted me more than them because I also am learning new things and ideas from these new crafters. I also love your new papers, gorgeous! We love you Anna!!! Pam Armes, blueheartt@embarqmail.com

  270. Antoinette Mitchell says:

    Hello everyone, putting all other reasons aside. If I were to win the new explore air, I would gift my old air explore to the nursing home where my mom passed away. They do have an arts and crafts days, and I remember my mom making cards and for the family. This is the reason why I would like to win the air explore. Of course, the bonus is it is Anna Griffin

  271. Amy Parkhurst says:

    I would love to win a new Air 2. What a blessing it would be to be able to make projects with my daughter and grand daughters in our home.

  272. Rosemarie Farkash says:

    My Grandchildren are asking me to do their wedding invitations. I love to create beautiful cards and they are counting on me. I really need to make the invitations as fast as possible since I , like many others, don’t have all day to work on cards. And they need many! Oh my! So I really do need this lovely Anna Griffin Cricut Machine! Thank you for giving us all a chance to win this beauty! And Thank You for All Your Gorgeous Artwork ! Love It All!

  273. Meg Brice says:

    Hello Anna,
    I would love to win the new Crichton Air 2 and thank you for the chance. It will be put to great use, where as I am planning to make Wedding invitations & all the goodies to go with the wedding planning. I’m so excited my daughter is engaged. Plus all the goodies to make for my granddaughter and so on and so forth I’m staying home on Oct 5th for a craft day while watching hsn craft day. Have fun doing something fun today!!

  274. Juliann Herron says:

    I love the gold Explore 2. When creating with my young grandchildren cutting faster would be a plus,

  275. Cinda Hammond says:

    Talk about an early Christmas present …..the Cricut Explore would be such an awesome machine to be able to create and discover all of the potential it offers ! WOW – beautiful colors, too!

  276. Duangdow Cumemanie says:

    It was so nice of you to give away Cricut Explore to 4 lucky winners and I hope that I am one of them. I have an original Cricut machine 10 years ago. It is old and it does not have all the whistles that new machine does. I am getting ready to join Kindness Campaign to make cards for NH residents. I am also thinking that if I have better machine, I can also make cards for children at Childrens Hospital in Orlando, FL . Thank you, Miss Anna. Love all your products.

  277. Judy says:

    Pick ME!! I am newly retired and now have the time to make cards and scrapbook my children’s memories as well as for 6 granddaughters, I also make cards for ****-ins for church. This new machine has such fantastic features that it would make the most beautiful layouts and cards and be very time saving.Think of all the t-shirts and princess items these granddaughters will have. My quantity and quality will improve on all my projects. My original Cricut needs a huge update!!

  278. Pat Czaplicki says:

    Oh my, what a wonderful opportunity…thank you,
    The new colors are lovely.
    It would be very special to be chosen, that’s for sure.
    Thank you Cricuit and Anna Griffin.

    Cricuit-less in Indiana.

  279. Julie Hume says:

    Who wouldn’t love one of these machines for color I would pick blue or mint. I have never had any cricut machine due to budget but I love the items you show were made with them. Everything is always so beautiful. Well I’ll see ya in a few short days. Hope there is lots of flex pay.

  280. GiGi says:

    I would love to win the new Cricut Air 2 machine in pink, especially since I’m a pink kind of girl! Since it’s 2 tines faster, that means I could make cards and other items faster also. And since I have all the other Cricut machines ever made, I definitely need to add the new one to my collection!! I am looking forward to October 5 – excited!!!

  281. Tonya Richardson says:

    The reason I need the Cricut Explore 2…. Oh wow I just love Cricut and Anna Griffin….I love to craft and make things for family and friends…

  282. Lisa Buchak says:

    I can’t wait to order the circuit explore air 2. I wanted to make Christmas ornaments but I discovered that my dog chewed up the power cords on my old cricut and I can’t get it to work properly now. I love the new paper also.

  283. Linda vidalez says:

    Hi Anna, That is so generous of you to offer this giveaway. I just turned 58 yesterday 10/01 and due to a promise I made my husband that I would like for us to be debt free by the time I am 60, leaves me no choice but to dream of winning this Cricut Explorer 2, Because right now it is not in budget *** this would be a blessing. Not to be selfish but I hope you pick my name. My husband would be so excited, because he is my second pair of eyes and is always involved in what I create for family and friends. I think he would love it more than tools. Lol Thanks again.

  284. Marcie Smith says:

    I would love to be able to write and cut faster!!!! I need this as I am always doing school projects that need to be done in multiples. Very time consuming and anything to speed the process would be outstanding!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the new camera feature for fussy cutting. This sounds very exciting. I hate to fussy cut but often do 3D projects that require it.
    Looking forward to Oct 5th.

  285. Angela Seaton says:

    Hi Anna

    The reason I would like to have the new Cricut 2 is because I am trying to increase and expand my talent of card making and crafts in general. When my grandson starts school, he’ll have THE BEST projects ever. Please send me one. Bye for now.

  286. Evangela G. says:

    Hi Anna!
    I would love to have one of these machines. I volunteer for my kids schools yearly fund raisers. I have 2 schools and it’s a lot to do. They are both Chinese Auction with baskets and lots of fun. I donate a cricut machine every year to each school and I make the stickers for bags and the tags for each basket. Along with the name tags for 400 plus people for each event that is a week apart. Last year I was using my cricut imagine and it kept getting jammed and was up ’til 3am the night before trying to get it all done. So I could REALLY, REALLY USE the new faster machine and the year subscription to cricut would be AWESOME and make my life so much easier!!!!
    Thanks Anna for everything.

  287. Bon says:

    I would like to win a Cricut I have 2 grandchildren Tthe smallest is 5 weeks old.The cards and gifts, and the learning potential for the children is great. When they start school there would be one helping the teacher with decorations. and the sky is the limit.

  288. Nancy says:

    The Cricut Air 2 is definitely the icing on the cake! I would love to have one. I have the very first Cricut from 10 years ago and it is on it last leg.I have lots of your Cricut cartridges and I’m on autoship I got the last one a few weeks ago!

  289. Carole Lewis says:

    The new machines look totally GORGEOUS–in a typical Anna Griffin way. I think my favorite feature that you highlighted was the ability of the Cricut Explore2 to work well with the new iOS software. It is wonderful that you are planning with us Mac-users in mind! Thank you, thank you!

  290. Annetta Ries says:

    Lol…. I need this Soooo I can craft faster!!!
    I’m sure with 1955 comments on the last blog that I have a 1 in at least 1955 chance but thank you for the opportunity anyways!!! I know who ever wins it will be blessed to receive it:) God bless

  291. jackie says:

    Oh …….. My……….Word……………. I would love to win one of these ~~~ I still use the original cricut !!!!!!!

  292. Mary says:

    I NEED to win a Cricut Air 2 so I can go faster and faster and cut sharper and sharper and print and print and………….. With the 2 stacks of card stock! Thank you for the opportunity!!! It’s FAN-tastic!!!

  293. Cheryl Bradley says:

    Hi Anna! ***! Nothing would be better than to have the Circuit Explore Air II. I attempted to purchase the original you came out with and it was not compatible with my laptop, which has thankfully been rectified! I do many projects for local classrooms , teachers and libraries throughout my area for the kids totally at my expense! I create no fail projects for the kids in elementary school to get them interested and excited about crafting and the art of card making. The hand eye coordination of piecing and card making is essential to teach them in order to make sure the kids learn how to create a card and write a hand written note instead of this fast paced world where everyone thinks sending a text message or an email is sufficient. Each class is themed for each holiday or season or even a special birthday. This fabulous machine would make it much easier to die cut several items at a time. I’m still using the Big Shot! What an amazing opportunity! Thank you for the chance! Love from your biggest fan!!

  294. Angie Drogitis says:

    ***! This is a must have! This will expand my crafting portfolio. You’ve done it. The baskets of cards I donate to my granddaughter’s schools auction will be more professional. This will raise more money for the school to use. The speed & ease of this new machine will be a blessing. I hope I’m one of the lucky 4.

  295. Judy Estrada says:

    Anna- I make, donate & giveaway cards to places like the nursing homes, the Military folks, etc. I make & give to people that need them. I do not collect any money for my cards. I do it as my way of being kind to others. I would so very much like to Win one of these awesome Cricut Air 2 machines as it would help me to make more cards to give to others. I also have some ideas for craft items for gifts. The other main reason I would love to win is because I never win. I could sure use some luck on my side to be able to win.this win would help me perk up & do more for others& much faster than by hand. I love your crafting goodies coming up. I love the ones I have bought over the many years. Thank you Anna for a chance to win an Awesome Cricut Air 2 Machine!

  296. Stacy Armstrong says:

    I’m going to make the world a little nicer place to live with my new explore air! I’m going to share the love and share the joy of gift giving

  297. Thy Duong says:

    My daughter is now old enoughb(6 yr) to do crafting by herself. I’d love to have a Cricut Explore Air 2 to do crafting with her. Her birthday is also coming up on October 31st so this is the perfect time to get this machine to create invitations and decoration for her party. Lastly, the new exclusive Anna color is gorgeous.

  298. Vanessa Gomez says:

    I need this machine because my daughter, my husband, and I enjoy crafting as together. My daughter (11) would like to start selling items to start earning a small income and I believe this would help her greatly. She is currently using the personal cricut that was passed down to her from a dear friend, but she is very limited with that machine. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  299. Chris Williams says:

    I would love to win this machine – its so beautiful, 2x faster, and more exclusive designs! I love all of Anna’s collections. I am the sole crafty person in my family, so I am always busy doing something special for my family or my co-workers.

  300. Kathleen Christen says:

    I LOVE these new Cricuts, Explore Air 2, and their colors! How Pretty they are! And how pleasing to the eye! Its makes me smile seeing that these hard working machines have been made so pretty! I would love to have one. I have my old workhorse, The Original, that I take to Crops. And I have the Cricut Mini, but the one I use most of the time is my E2. I bought all three of my Cricuts from HSN. I am currently trying to organize my Craft Room to make it more functional. It would be lovely to have a new Cricut sporting a pretty color. I also love all the new papers. They would be fun to use, to make pretty cards, and scrapbook pages. Thank you Anna!

  301. Pat Park says:

    To Air is human. To Air 2 would be Devine.

    Would love a faster machine Anna. Hope you send it my way

  302. Etta Miller says:

    I have been buying Anna’s crafting tools and supplies ever since she first came out on the market and you could only get them at M******* craft stores , then at that other online TV store and now at HSN. Just love her things. I have an older cricket explore and have been holding off buying a new air waiting for the new air 2. would love to win this new machine to help me make beautiful cards and decorations, faster and more efficient.

  303. Susie DiMarco says:

    Life is too short to go slow and speeding up our crafting is awesome! My grandkids and I are always creating with my cricut, brainstorming the next project while working on the present one and spoiling family, friends and co-workers with our creations. Anna,you are truly amazing with the products you bring us, thank-you for sharing your passion with us. Good Luck to all the entrants.

  304. Cathy Roetker says:

    I would love to win the new Cricut Explore. My husband’s business has gone down hill fast lately. I’m forcing him to help me in starting my crafting business. We would love the machine to help jump start a new business. Thanks for the opportunity.

  305. Kathy Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness Anna how awesome is the new Cricut Explore Air 2! I can not wait to hear on October 5th all of the wonderful new things this machine will do. If I am blessed with winning one of these, my daughter will also be blessed as she will get my Cricut Explore Air! Please, please, pick me, pick me!!! LOL 🙂

  306. Sarah Kielbus says:

    Anna, you have out done yourself on this one!! I have purchased almost everything you have have brought to HSN. I purchased the Cuttlebug and I love it. I have a bad back and a bad shoulder making it hard for me to crank the handle, therefore making me want to quit, but I keep cranking away.
    Winning this beautiful machine will allow me to create masterpieces for my sister in laws wedding this November.
    A great addition to my craft room.
    Good luck everyone!!!

  307. Yvette d klubertanz says:

    I love the Cricut Explore Air 2 !!!!I still have the original cricut that had the 6×12 mat. I always use cricut to make my cards and to layer my embleishments. I would love to add this to my craftspace. I am so ion love with these colors and a year of access would make my year. As i near closer to retiring from the military, I am really looking forward to spending more time crafting.

  308. Cindy Haselip says:

    I would love to win the new Anna Griffin Cricut Air II. It would match my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug. A friend of mine has promised to show me how to use it. That totally excites me. The papers are beautiful also.

  309. Amie says:

    Oh wow! You have done it again! I have been an avid follower for many years now and this is one of yhe best giveaways offered. Thank you for all you do and I cannot wait to see you on HSN next week 🙂

  310. Virginia Hart says:

    I would love to win the ivory and gold Anna Cricut. I did buy the very first one Anna had with Cricut but it was green and ivory, then you came out with the gold and ivory. I could not afford to buy another one so I would really like to win it. Also I love that it is quicker because you have to have some patience with the one I have even though it is a great cutting machine. The pink one is my second favorite, would love to have that one, too.

  311. Jill Z. says:

    I would love to win one of these. I am an addict and need to feed my addiction. I cannot wait to see the new machines.

  312. Deidra says:

    So many entries for this Sneak Peak! So many heartwarming stories about ladies using their creativity for good. I would like to win the Cricut Explore Air II because its 2x speed. I will have time to make more cards for my projects.

  313. Sherry tasker says:

    I received a MacBook for Christmas and would love to be able to create new designs with it. Love Anna Griffin!!!

  314. Monica says:

    Wow, beautiful colors in the Cricut!. I would love to win one of these machines. I have an expression and the Imagine as well as the original Air but would really love to win one for my daughter. With 4 children (3 under 2 soon) it would be well used for school, birthday and holiday projects! Thank you so much. Monica

  315. Dennise R says:

    I would love to win this machine to add to my retirement collection. I unfortunately can’t afford it at the moment but winning it would be a godsend. I call it my retirement collection, because even though I don’t have the time to do all the creating with my machines as I would like right now, I look at them as an investment for retirement. I plan on using my machines and the crafts I love to do to make additional income so I can actually afford to retire when the time comes. (and that time is sneaking up quick) Without a way to make extra income I never will be able to retire.

  316. Patti K says:

    I need the new Explore II to support my Anna habit, of course! And I don’t have an explore yet, so I need it to catch up with my other crafty friends!

  317. Sarah Peyton says:

    Seeing the Explore 2 in the gorgeous new green color made me so very happy. It’s absolutely striking! I would love this machine to help my mom, sister and I take our card creations to the next level. I create pet loss/sympathy cards. As a vet tech it is a privilege to be able to honor a special pet with a card to send to their owner. Creating their card while remembering all the special things about that animal helps to ease the sadness of losing that special furry friend. It would be amazing to use the Explore 2 and the beautiful paper to create these cards.

  318. Barbara Wickwire says:

    Oh my! I am so excited about this Cricut! I would love to get one to use in my kindergarten classroom! Oh I can just imagine the beautiful bulletin boards, decorations, and crafts! Eek!

  319. Ana says:

    ***, I need the pink, blue, mint or even the Anna Griffin exclusive machine because my 2 year old machine is abut to burn out from using it every single day. YES, I literally use my machine daily. I have tons of layouts to back up that statement.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  320. Teresa Trump says:

    Love the elegance of your products Anna. I would love a Cricut Air. I have the older model with no design space access. Best of luck to all.

  321. Lindà Valoy says:

    Would love to have a new cricut because I don’t even have an old one.I have so much paper I could use it up with a fast machine.Also think it would be a space saver.Everything Anna in a machine instead of boxes.Owning a Cricut is a life long dream of mine.

  322. SARA F. says:

    Oh! Anna
    I would love to win one of the machines. The gold one will be my dream come true!
    Please, that would be a great gift for me and I can gift my sister in law my old machine.
    Always, always dreamed about winning, I have not yet but maybe this could be it!
    I can picture my craft room with your exclusive HSN GOLD MACHINE… Beautiful!
    Love to win.
    Thank you Anna for this opportunity!
    Big hug to you!
    Thanks again!

  323. Sandy B says:

    It’s a Cricut Air II, it’s the newest, the fastest, it includes a year of Cricut Access, and lots of lovely card stock. What’s not to love! Thanks for the chance to have it; see you next Wednesday.

  324. Sandy Nieland says:

    I would love to have wireless capability with the Explore Air. I have precious time to craft so this would make me much more productive. Thank you, Anna and Cricut!

  325. Gracie says:

    Just want to thank you and your crew for all the inspiration you have given me over the years and hope that the four lucky winners are those that do not have a cutting machine so they may be able to enjoy the thrill of putting your ideas into practice. I am thankful that I was able to purchase the Explore Air when it was introduced and enjoy using it for my creative moments!

  326. Sue says:

    Love the new colors, winning a machine would be awesome. Just purchased some of your cardstock from HSN…but this paper is hard to resist. The one year subscription to Cricut design space is a very generous bonus!! Would love to win!!

  327. Diane Sime says:

    I would love the chance to win one of the Explore Air 2.
    There would be many hours of quality crafting time with my daughters-in-law and granddaughter!!

  328. Annette L Montoya says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of the new machines. The reason I would love this machine is my friend makes all my cricket stiff right now. She recently gave me an imagine, which is really bulky, so I would like something I could use that doesn’t take to much room in my craft/bedroom. It would allow me to streamline my projects as some days my time is limited and the speed you mention may allow me to make a quick last minute card; and if I heard you correctly, still use templates off-line. I don’t always have wi-fi,so the ability to use a machine and still craft would be so awesome. I live on a budget and the money is just not available to buy one myself. I see many a person in these comments who deserve to have it. But if God is willing, I pray he will allow you to bless me with one of your machines. He knows I don’t need it, but he can fortell if I will use it for good. I do hope to honor him with whatever he desires for me so I place these comments in his hands. Even if I do not get a machine, I’m thankful for the opportunity you have given me to be in the running. May your show be a success as always!

  329. Alice J says:

    Thank you Anna for the opportunity to win this new Cricut! I love creating and working on projects with my little grandchildren. What fun we would have with the addition of this beautiful machine in my craft room.

  330. Darla Chrismer says:

    I would love to win one of these machines. I have enjoyed crafting since I was young and love everything the Cricut can do. My granddaughters are just starting to get interested in crafting. It would be wonderful to have the Explore Air2. I love watching your blogs.

  331. Lindà Valoy says:

    I would love to have the new cricut because I don’t even have an old one.I have so much paper I think I could use it up if I owned a machine that crafts fast.Also think it would save time money and space. To own a cricut is a life long dream of mine.

  332. Bobbi Ann Day says:

    I would LOVE to Win one. I would give my Explore Air to my friend because she has one of the very first cricuts.

  333. Tasheena Montoya says:

    Ever since my grandmother passed away in 2015 I have turned to crafting as a simple pleasure to guide me to healing. I would love to win one in any of the beautiful colors and thank you for the opportunity to do so. I have been making cards for loved ones to be sure they know I care for them and always will. This would be amazing! Thank you again!

  334. Shelly Green says:

    I could just imagine all the things I could do with your circuit and all of your beautiful papers. Anna I love all you do thank you for all your hard work. I plan on making scrapbooks for my family and cards. Thank you

  335. Lysiane Ribeiro says:

    I would LOVE to win the Gold Cricut because I always make stuff for everyone else and now would love to start making stuff for myself – mixed media art journaling – that would include Cricut images. The faster the machine goes, the more journaling pages I can get done and still have time to continue to make gifts for people. 🙂

  336. Pam Edmonson says:

    Wow I am excited about the new machine!!! Faster is better! I will donate the one I have to a grandson that loves to do crafting! So excited to hear all the details!!!

  337. Marla says:

    Beautiful colors, this would be a wonderful early Christmas gift. Love all the great products Anna helps create.

  338. Ann M says:

    I am new to card making and paper crafting. I’ve been buying lots of paper, card kits, stamps, ink pads, tools to get started. I don’t have a cuttlebug or cricut yet. I would like to have one to take my card making to a new level and feel more like I am designing the card instead of reassembling someone elses ideas.

  339. Jennifer Lombard says:

    I’d like one because I’d like to give my Explore machine to a friend at church who has been wanting to get a new machine (she has the very first cricut that ever came out and has been having problems with it cutting every time she uses it) but she hasn’t been able to.

  340. Kirsten says:

    The new colors are absolutely gorgeous. I ‘need’ the pink one to give to my best friend to match her craft room. Thanks for the opportunity.

  341. Angelica Chambers says:

    I gave my sister my Cricut Expression because she has 5 children, teaches and hosts all kinds of parties and crafts. My plans were to buy a new one but finances caught me and put that on hold. I sure could use this machine!!!!

  342. Deborah Danville says:

    This is amazing! An Anna Griffin gold Cricut air 2, wow! I would love to win one that is wireless. With my busy schedule and 4 kids this would be great. Thanks Anna for the opportunity.

  343. Lydia says:

    I have two Circuits that are very old. I really need a new one. I have almost everything that Anna makes. Cant wait until the 5th to buy more. Just got in auto ship items today.

  344. Shawna Knight says:

    I would love the new Cricut Explore 2. I could get so much more done with a second machine but if it really writes and cuts faster than imagine the lovely cards and tshirts I could get creative with. Thanks for the opportunity.

  345. Allie S. says:

    Hi Anna.
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Cricut. I am 8 years old and I love to craft with my mom. My mom showed me the video and the new cricut is so nice. Thank you!!

  346. Angelique Vela says:

    I need this machine to expand my creative horizons in ways that for me are too personal to express and would take more than I could write here. Besides, I need something to go with all that gorgeous 12×12 paper I’m going to get! The 5th is going to be an exceptional day!

  347. Isabel says:

    Your products make me want to create day and night. I need the new explore to create all my my great ideas. You give me winds to explore and imagine and create. Thank you, Anna.Griffin.

  348. Yvonne says:

    Hello Anna, I would love to win this machine and cut away with my group of stamping ladies. Our group has been together for over 15 years and we love all your products. This would be icing on the cake. I would also teach my nieces who love to craft. I really hope I win

  349. Anita Sahlen says:

    My first experence with Cricut Explore Air was at Create. I fell in love. I came home and ordered one for me and one for my sister for Christmas. I use my Cricut almost everyday ! To be able to cut and write faster would be amazing !

  350. Della Mercer says:

    I would love to have a new Cricut Explore. I would like to donate the one I have to our school for the children to use in their art class. I really love the green one as it would go with the color of my craft room. Looking forward to the 5th

  351. Molly Downing says:

    I love the Explore I have now…but would love, no neeeeeed, the Anna Griffin color combo to complete my craftroom. I run my Explore about 100% of the day, and can just imagine what I would get done with two! What fun I could have crafting with friends!!!!

  352. Betty Heath says:

    Anna, I recently lost my husband of 59 years. If I won this fabulous Cricut, I would be able to keep my mind busy and help me through this terrible time I need my life. Please choose me as one of the winners. I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

  353. Genevieve says:

    Anna, I really, really need this new Cricut machine, it just looks so wonderful and to win it from Anna herself would be wonderful! I can hardly wait until Wednesday. I love all Anna Griffin.

  354. Linda Ajello says:

    I use the Cricut with my daughter, Megan, every day. You can not imagine how this machine has helped her to write and cut, she has cerebral palsy and can’t use scissors. She has made hundreds of cards for Veterans and greeting cards to give to friends. With Cricut Explore she can make more to give away to charities, and now there is a faster Cricut and those beautiful tonal papers, it gets better and better!

  355. Jennifer S. says:

    I would love to receive a gift from you Anna, “The new Cricut Air 2 -Anna Griffin gold version or any color! It is perfect for my cards and Christmas craft hobbies! My daughter is having her first baby in May -our first grandchild. I would like to design and create something wonderful for her shower and baby book!

  356. Cindy Roberts says:

    I need the new Cricut Explore Air 2 because my newest Cricut was the Explore. The Air 2 would help me catch up on my card making and Scrapbooking. My craft room is blue, and the green Cricut really clashes with the room. Please chose me. I won’t be able to get this machine any other way.

  357. Gracia Lanza says:

    Love it Anna!!! I need the Cricut because I bought mine before my daughter was born six years ago. I’ve used it for making beautiful new born cards, Baptism, wedding menus, tons of cards in general, and of course my daughter’s birthdays invitations. The only problem is that my cricut is the very first model and then I can’t work on big projects! I wish I am one of the four winners to keep on creating new beautiful stuff with all your designs!!

  358. cheryl Lynne keys says:

    I have reallywould love the new Cricut machine. I am retired and love my crafting , you have such beautiful things . I have gotten my grandchildren involved. making cards scrapbooking. Also I go to the masons lodge where the Rainbows meet a couple times a year for them to work with my machine for and their tea party charity event and there scrapbook. I t would be great to have a modern machine . your awesome !

  359. Mary Jones says:

    Anna, I would Luv the chance to win the new Explore Air 2, I have read that it is easy to use, even for someone that is not so computer savvy like me ! I do Luv the cricut products, and I use my Cricut Expression alot. I would Luv the chance to advance my crafting to a more intricate and easier way of cutting and creating. Can’t wait to see you and all the new products on HSN. Thank you !

  360. Antoinette Mitchell says:

    I forgot one thing, I have 5 great nieces and nephews-I have been creating for them since birth. So this new circuit will help me get it done faster, and teach my nieces and nephews the wonderful world of crafting. thank you.

  361. Antoinette Mitchell says:

    I would love to win the Circuit explore 2 because I have redone my craft room, and AG gold and ivory would fit in perfectly. It will match my AG cuttlebug, ana griffin papers, dies, and so much more of the AG items I have!!! Plus I will be able to use the new Anna Griffin cartridge once I purchase on HSN 10/5/2016. I love Ag products!!! Anna rocks!!! Thank you.

  362. Sharon K says:

    would really like to win the New Cricut Machine. So nice it goes so much faster. I love the paper that goes with it. PLUS you get the designs.
    Thank you

  363. Angela Hofstrand says:

    I would love the new Cricut Air. It would help me to make great bulletin boards at school.

  364. Cheryl Locke says:

    I hope to retire next year and would love to fully learn how to use the explore at the Create in November so I will set my alarm to purchase the Anna Griffin one on HSN!

  365. Chris Zastrow says:

    This would make an awesomely perfect gift for my daughter. She is a stay-at-home mom of two and would love to get a Cricut. I take mine to her home when possible, but she would love to be able to use it to not only create things for her boys, especially the older little guy in school now, but also to start a small business. She has tons of ideas and I would love to see her start to use those talents to help out with family expenses.

  366. Carolyn Todd says:

    Every year I say to myself that this is the year that I will get a Cricut machine. I study all the wonderful things that I could do with it, but I have yet to actually get one! It looks amazing and I’m sure they will continue to improve on this design. Maybe this year is the year!!! Best wishes to everyone.

  367. Kristin Makowski says:

    Anna, how beautiful. I would really love to have this machine. I am a disabled RN who was injured at work in 2005 and had to retire at age 41 due to my injury and daily headaches. I have your ivory and gold cuttlebug and cannot use it because the repetitive use of my right arm causes increased pain for me, I have lots and lots of your dies and embossing folders too. I WATCH YOU WHENEVER YOU ARE ON HSN!!! It brings me joy to see all of your beautiful things! This machine would allow me to craft again and that would be like heaven.

  368. Dawn Hoeksema says:

    The new machine are gorgeous! I am in need of a new machine as I purchase the explore air from HSC when it came out. It is now making a wierd noise and I’m afraid it’s going to quit. I most definately got my money’s worth from it! How exciting having your own version! Can’t wait to see them but can’t afford to purchase a new one for several months. I hope I can make it through Christmas with my current machine!! God Bless!

  369. Suzanne E Holmgren says:

    I love all my cricut and Anna Griffin craft things. I scrapbook, make cards, & home decor items. I have a “Mauve” colored craft room and the pink Explore Air 2 would look great on my work space in my craft room. Faster cuts sounds amazing. And what crafter wouldn’t love more paper. With Christmas card making coming soon I know I would be able to make some very unique cards with the Perfect Palette card stock and glitter paper. Good Luck to any of the 4 lucky winners!! Happy Crafting to All !!

  370. Tami Moss says:

    Beautiful looking machinery! I love Cricut, and all things Anna. I would enjoy this lovely prize and it would be a great time saver. I’m a very slow crafter. It would be nice to put some pep in my step. Nice work Cricut!

  371. Barbara Troxell says:

    Dear Anna I do not know how you could make the new explore and faster ,but I will take your word for it and I am so very anxious to see it work . I am excited for the whole 24 hours of new products .

  372. Robyn A says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these new Cricut Explore Air 2s! My Explore was dropped when I moved earlier this year, and I haven’t been able to replace it. 🙁

  373. Evelyn Brantley says:

    I do not have a Cricut. I have always purchased your card kits and embellishments in the past, and they are beautiful. There are no limits to the projects that can be created using this machine. Thank you for this chance.

  374. Mary says:

    Why would I like to win…. Let me count the ways . And I’d name her Dolly and I’ d love her, squeeze her , and hug her. And it would be dreamy to finally win something. Thank You

  375. Cyndi Shannon says:

    Oh my goodness, how I would love to win one of these Cricut’s. I have longed for one forever. Hoping that I am one of the four chosen ones. LOL Thank you Anna

  376. Donna says:

    I love all the new colors…..not fussy, any color would match my craft room/bedroom/dining room. I have paper craft products stored all over the place! This would be a great centerpiece decoration on my dining room table…..which is covered with papers and dies all the time anyway!! I would love to Explore!!!!

  377. Sherry Fralic says:

    I love to make cards, but working leaves me little time to craft. Having a Cricut Explore Air 2 with extra fast cutting would allow me maximize my craftung time. The Design Space software will help me quickly select and produce a project. The new machine colors are absolutely beautiful and will complement my crafting space. Once again, Anna, you have outdone yourself. Can’t wait to see you on HSN on October 5!

  378. Tamara Souders says:

    I do a lot of projects for Church functions, my grandkid’s teachers, & gifts for friends. It would be
    awesome to have a faster machine. I could do a lot more in a shorter amount of time.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  379. Tamara Souders says:

    I make a lot of projects for Church functions, my Grandkid’s teachers & for friends. I would be terrific to have a faster machine – I could do a lot more, in less time.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  380. Rosemary Richcreek says:

    I have never used a Cricut, so would love to try one. I don’t know what all they can do, but would love to find out! Your cardstock and dies are the best ever!

  381. ROBERTA TAYLOR says:

    Cannot wait for the new Cricut…..I know the mauve one would be perfect in my office!!!! Cannot wait for all the new adventures. Love

  382. Darcy Daniels says:

    Anna I would live to win…… I have the very very first Cricut (like 15 plus years old) I would love to update and I love the Anna griffin gold & ivory color I’m sure it looks twice as nice in person.

  383. Arlisa Pellegrino says:

    Any one of these colors would go beautifully in my craft room. Plus this would mean I could produce beautiful products twice as fast!

  384. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Oops typo, of course I mean Cricut.. and the AG papers are a great bonus too, more icing, more cake. 😀

  385. chris galbraith says:

    I am at a crop today. A friend is showing me her Cricut Explore and I am drooling. I have an original Cricut that I rarely use because I don’t want to flip through books to find the image I am looking for. I collect cartridges but don’t use them. She introduced me to Cricut Access which has all that information on line that can be accessed in many search formats. I had no idea. Heaven! I need this machine. I can’t believe I don’t have it. The new colors coming out are amazing!

  386. deborah j.t.m. says:

    LOL, I can tell you why I need to win 1 of the 4… I’ve been buying all the cartridges and don’t have an Explore!!! Can you believe it??? I kept hoping there would be a day when I might finally be able to add an Explore to my ever growing AG card crafting collection…. please let this be it!!! Plus a year — a whole year– of Cricuit access would be amazing and icing on top of a priceless cake, YUM!:D
    All the colors are lovely, but I think my fave would be the classic AG!!

  387. Lorraine Pyott says:

    I love the new features and colors of the Cricut Explore Air 2. Being able to craft faster would be great. I love your two new beautiful paper palettes too which would be perfect for making cards with the Cricut.

  388. Angela Kaufman says:

    Anna, I need one of these beautiful cricuts to be able to take my crafting and business to the next level. This machine would be a dream come true. Please pick me♡

  389. Susan Forti says:

    I would love to win the blue Air 2 to make all of my crafts cut so much quicker. Thanks for the opportunity!!!! Can’t wait to watch HSN!!!!

  390. Debbie D says:

    Anna, this new Cricut Air 2 looks so amazing! So much to scrap with becoming a first time grandma. Would love the mint green color. The cardstock looks so beautiful. I would donate my old expressions if I am lucky to win.

  391. Arlene Brown says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Air II to take my paper crafts to the ultimate level! wonderful of you for asking to do this for your fans and fellow crafters.

  392. Deana Johansen says:

    I don’t have a clue how you choose the winners of these wonderful giveaways, but I’m hoping to be a winner this time. I could never afford a Cricut before, so haven’t thought much about what it does. My friend at work is always sharing what she makes with her Cricut, so I would have help learning to navigate one. I would love a Cricut in blue.

  393. Dianne Fulwider says:

    Wow – what a great thing you are doing! You asked why I should have one: I have a very old cricut that is much used and much loved. I think I got it at a garage sale and I am pretty sure it is one of the first. A new cricut would be great: my new year (school year- I am a special ed teacher) goal is to craft more.

  394. Marta says:

    I feel the need, the need for speed! LOL I want a new Cricut for its speed and COLOR! And, the paper is such great quality. Marriage made in paper crafting heaven. . .

  395. Marla Mack says:

    I would love to win this in the baby blue.
    I still have the Cricut Expression 2!
    It’s a workhorse and I use it a lot.

  396. Kristin Griesbaum says:

    Even if I don’t win I will be buying one because faster speed is a major game changer!!!

  397. Teresa Williams says:

    I would dearly love to win this in PINK! I’m a lover of all things pink and Anna Griffin! Even my bedspread is Anna Griffin! On a more serious note, are the winners chosen randomly or from the best story? I’m sure my story is no more special than the next. I make things and give them away. I can’t remember the last time I actually made something for myself. I have a foreign exchange student this year and I’d love to introduce her to the world of Cricut. She could do so much back in her home country and I’d love to be able to make that happen. Of course she would need to use an adapter for the plug-in but that would be ok. If I couldn’t do that then I’d love to share with a dear friend who still has an Expression that she uses. I’d love, love, love to win!!!

  398. Barbara Hendricks says:

    I would L❤️VE to win the Anna Griffin Explore 2, to go with my other Anna Griffin explore. All the upgrades on the Explore 2 is fantastic….Thanks for a chance to win….fingers crossed!

  399. Anita V in Calif. says:

    Wow! Would love to win one of these. I haven’t bought an electronic die cutting machine yet and have been champing at the bit for one. I love making cards and also want to scrapbook more. This one sounds like a dream machine!

  400. Margo Jacobson says:

    I absolutely love my Cricut Explore! I bought it at launch and I am still excited about it. However, a faster Explore would be even more exciting and fun to have! I hope I am lucky enough to win one! Thank you to you and Ashish Arora for the chance!

  401. Elsie Yonamine says:

    I love my Cricut Explore…but a FASTER one? Wow! I plan to order the new paper packs. You always have the BEST colors!

  402. Elizabeth Ackermann says:

    Would love this machine. Have my fingers crossed that I’ll be one of the lucky ones.

  403. Sue Turnbeau says:

    Ms Griffin,
    I would love to say I need this machine but the truth is I really would love to have it. I have an Expresson and feel so limited compared to what I see others making with the newer machines. However, being retired and on a greatly reduced income, I cannot justify spending the money when I do have a machine that works. If I am lucky enough to be chosen to win a Explore Air 2, I will donate my Expression to the charity/organization of your choice!

  404. Carmen says:

    Wow!!! I LOVE all the new colors.
    This machine will make MY life easier because is so fast. Last winter I spend long hours and days cutting everything for MY daughter Birthday.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  405. kyle higgins says:

    Oh, I would love to win any color! I love my Explore, use it everyday and have had a wonderful time crafting favors for birthdays, weddings, baby showers… haven’t bought a card in years…love to create 3D shapes and boxes and now to do it all faster? Wowee!! Pick me please!

  406. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    This machine would be perfect for making wonderful home decor and special gifts and cards for family and friends. These colors are terrific and with the Anna Griffin papers the possibilities are endless!

  407. Lynne butler says:

    I do not own a cricut but would love to. I have health issues and I would love to make Christmas presents with one of these.

  408. Cheryl K. says:

    Hi Anna!
    ***!!! Would I ever love this new machine! I did not get the first one. My granddaughter is having a BABY! This will be my FIRST GREAT GRANDCHILD! And would it ever be fun to create her baby shower invites and thank you cards with this new, faster, better Cricut! The colors are gorgeous! I would have a hard time choosing between pink or mint. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! I recently found out, unfortunately, my ovarian cancer has come back, so I am having a chemo treatment on Wed. Oct. 5th, but will do my best to watch as much as I can that day. Watching you and your awesome products will surely cheer me up! Hope to see you then!

  409. Sherri says:

    WOO HOO!! Right on target I guessed the TS….but what a ANNATASTIC, FANTASTIC way to wind up the year of the Sequel II with a new Cricut Explore Air 2!! Who would had figured that one and imagined improving an already Genius machine??? Only Provocraft and Miss Santa Anna. But I have to admit I got a little indicator when I received an advertisement e-mail from Cricut and glanced at the new colors and Anna’s Golden Cricut, (hope it comes with a red bag). Now really who would not want to win one of those….especially the updated Anna’s Gold Circuit Explore Air 2 (that would be a match to go with the Golden Cuttlebug and Minc). I do hope you get to demo the snap-mat. I have the original green Circuit Explore when you first launched it because at that time I was ready to upgrade from the Cricut Expression and I’ve added the extras as they came along and still have much to learn and figure out. BUT if I were to be a lucky winner (like looking for a needle under a haystack), I’d give one machine to my daughter and 9 yr. old granddaughter. I had already thought about giving my oldest cricut to them since they will be moving close to us soon and hoping to have lots of time to craft and create together and since my daughter is quicker at the new tech stuff she’d be a great help and we can learn more “how-to” together. My other daughter has the Cricut Expression and she would like to upgrade but right now she also hasn’t had the funds and probably less time right now to craft. Oh well, winning will be SUPER for 4 lucky crafters! CONGRATS to the last 2 lucky gals! Yesterday I received in the mail those LOVELY new Xmas embossing folders and I have to say the Nordic Snowflake pattern has to be the most GORGEOUS I’ve ever seen…so lacey and elegant! That brings me to another REQUEST for a storage box for all the xmas embossing folders we’ve been collecting in that Fabulous Red Damask (my favorite color). Have a question but soooo many have already commented and probably will not see mine, but if anyone has a good tip on organizing the embossing folders and would like to share I’d appreciate it. I finally got my second Ivory Damask storage box the last time (before it sold out again) and I’m hoping to get them organized better. I haven’t labeled any yet and the majority of them I still have them in the small boxes they came in so I wouldn’t forget what group they’re in. Anyways I have another couple of questions but I’ll wait until next time since I went long again. Oh yes….really LOVE the two new packs of cardstock…..must haves!! Must have more $$$$$!!!! LOL! Good Luck everybody and big THANKS to Anna Claus and Co. of elves!

  410. Merlinda Turner says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe all the comments that have been made in just two days! U still have the rest of today, Sunday and Monday.

    Well, I have my hands out like everyone else hoping to be one of the four who will win one of theses awesome machines.

    Good luck to everyone!

  411. Eugeanie Malick says:

    I need to have a new Cricut!
    Mine is one of the first out on the market over 10 years ago. It is the one that uses the narrow pad. It does work, but it is starting to grind some times.

  412. LYNN OVERTON says:

    I love, love, love these new colors. I love the blue, but I will take anything!!! I have used this machine and made a Christmas card. I was blown away. Why am I spending two hours one, when I can make so many for half the time? I love your papers. It is so hard to match papers to make your projects look professional. Good luck everyone.

  413. Nancy Gautier says:

    So excited about the fast mode on this new Cricut. I really look forward to it being demonstrated!

  414. Debby B says:

    Wow…it is as if Cricut read my mind. As wonderful as the Explore 1 is, I had wished the color had not been limited to the bottom. These are my favorite colors, the ones I use most in my craft projects. I am in love with the pink, it is my favorite shade. I am so excited to learn more about the updates to the writing feature. I would sure love to get one. Right now that is not an option for me as I have reduced my work hours to return to school. I would love to win one!

  415. Cheryl Farr says:

    I would love to win the new Cricut Explore. My crafting time, these days, is so limited that anything I can do faster but still get the quality results…I’M ALL ABOUT IT! 🙂 I’m an Administrator for a long-term care nursing facility and I make cards with the residents every month. This will save me so much time! Yay Cricut and Anna!!

  416. Dana Benedict says:

    I have not bought a Cricut yet, I’ve been watching my friends on the sidelines and using them at crops and I’m finally ready to get my own! I can’t wait!!

  417. Alaine Grieser says:

    Love love love the new colors! I was in the process of ordering a machine when a pop-up appeared and announced the Air 2 would be on HSN …AND….comes in Ivory and Gold!!!! Thank you for sending good carma my way in the form of that e-mail. After jumping on YouTube after an excessive absence, I binge watched your last month of sneak peak videos…I seriously can’t decide which new products I love the most! I know where I will be 5-7 October…GLUED to my TV watching HSN! Thank you SO much for inspiring us all with your aMaZiNg talent!!!

  418. Patricia Murphy says:

    I have never had a beautiful machine and I would love to have one. I can see that it would really simplify my life.Really looking forward to Oct. 5 and all the goodies available. Thank you, Anna for pushing the envelope and stretching my creative experience.

  419. Marlene Wilson says:

    I have been a Cricut owner since 2007 when my husband saw the Expression 2 on TV. He bought it for me and I have had many great years creating cards, scrapbooks, gift bags, boxes just to name a few things.

    Oh how I would love to have this new Cricut Air 2. I am a new grandmother at 70 years old and I would love to be able to write and cut. My mind is going full speed dreaming of all the things I could make for my little “Georgia Peach” who was born July 25th! Her name is Georgia Lynn! My daughter chose her name because she went to School
    (SCAD) in Georgia and loved the town and was a nanny for a sweet little girl by the name of Georgia!
    The thought of being able to design and cut from my computer is so exciting!

    I pray that I am one of the four winners! Thank you Anna for the opportunity! I love your products! God Bless!

  420. Margie Manis says:

    I would love to win the new explore machine with its fast speed so i can be even more productive in my craft studio. I can hardly wait !

  421. Deb in WA says:

    I would love to get one of these new Cricut Air machines! Plus I’d love the faster cutting and drawing capabilities. Thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  422. Cheryl S says:

    Anna, a big thank you to you and Cricut for the chance to win one of theses beautiful machines! I need to upgrade my Expressions machine and this is the perfect opportunity with the Air technology and the faster cutting ability! I make cards for my mother and her friends, so this will help with my big list of Christmas cards to make this year – so exciting!

  423. Lisa Hohenadel says:

    *** I absolutely need the pink one for so many reasons beginning with my entire world is punk including my car and I have been waiting for pink to come out all these years. I was beginning to loose hope. I love everything you do with the Cricut and it’s been killing me to wait. So bye for now

  424. Carol Jones says:

    Anna, thank you so much for bringing us such beautiful crafting supplies! And thank you for giving away so many of your products! I really need a new circuit because I only have the original small circuit and that was bought used many years ago! Plus right now I’m going through breast cancer treatment and crafting helps me relax and take my mind off the cancer. I had stopped crafting for awhile at the beginning of the cancer but got back into it to help me get through the chemo & radiation so now I’m behind in my scrapbooking & card making & with this new faster machine it will help me get caught up! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!

  425. Maryellen Young says:

    It is my FAVORITE color…always has been…and it would be a downright sin if I did not have it!
    The Cricut world would tilt off of its axis and things would never be ” perfectly placed” on a craft project ever again if I do not add this Beauty to my Collection of all things Cricut.
    Crossing everything that I am one of the winners.
    Come on Anna….Pretty Please Pick ME!

  426. Diane Sadler says:

    I would love to have the new machine. I bought the one with out the air and then got the update for air. I am 76 years old and can’t do much traveling because of my knees. I fall a lot and love to do projects at home. each month at the beginning I make cards for birthdays and anniversaries for my church family. This machine would make my day as I am home alone most of the time. I lost my husband 11 years ago and had planned to travel but with my knees and legs that is out. I enjoy making your cards.

  427. Fritzi Christiansen says:

    I have the Cricut Expression & have practically worn it out. Anna’s papers have always been my favorites & I love the beautiful cards I’ve created over the years, including wedding invitations for my niece. I’ve wanted to upgrade my Cricut for a long time & this looks like the perfect time. Being retired & on a limited income, winning one would be amazing! Thank you for all your creative inspiration to my paper crafting.

  428. Melinda Hahn says:

    Winning one of these would be a dream come true! I work in an elementary school with a lower income population. Would be lovely to be able to brighten up the atmosphere with creative inspirations!

  429. Charlotte Parnell says:

    Hi Anna and thank you for your kindness. I would hope to be one of the winners of the cricut. I have always wanted one but so much out of my price range. Im sure my grand childrens school projects would be fantastic!!! Are they really that easy to use?

  430. Karen says:

    I would love to get one of the new cricut cutters for Melissa. As you know, she is special needs and always stays glued to HSN when you come on. She got so excited when she talked to you. She is great with computers but gets frustrated when it takes so long to cut one of your design cards. I want to keep her motivated to do the things she does with your kits and designs. Please help me to help her. I can’t afford to buy another Cricut right now. Whatever happens, she will still love you. She asked me if she could meet you but I told her you travel alot so for now she is contented with watching you on HSN. Thank you. Hope to talk to you soon.

    Karen and Missy

  431. Teresa says:

    Oh Anna I have been dying for one of these circuit airs forever but my hubby just got laid off after 20yrs with 55 others so this will help with a Christmas Gift for my Daughter and I We have an older circuit so I will trade that one into you for a lucky winner. It is brand new almost but Jackie thinks we need to get modernized she is graduating early in Dec from College Marketing and Communications. Would make a great gift plus help her when she gets a job. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love the Anna Ivory to go with the rest of my Anna stuff. Playing mega millions so I can shop without worry on the 5th. Going to be one awesome Day! Good luck to the winners!

  432. Brenda Haremza says:

    Please make my dream come true! I would love the Expression 2, go wireless, fast, pretty colors. Anna Griffin crafts look so good in my craft room. My crafting buddies will be sooo jealous!

  433. Jan Weindel says:

    Thanks again for another great product! Hope to win one! To tell the truth – would love to win this one for my daughter-in-law – she is so creative and is always helping others to enhance their parties or festive occasions! She is the best daughter-in-law or friend anyone could ever have!

  434. Lori Lemley says:

    I would love to have the Anna Griffin gold version. I need to have this faster machine as I get impatient waiting for the cutting to complete.

  435. Louise Harvey says:

    I would love to get one of these machines. I have been with cricut since the beginning. I have almost all of the cartridges and continue to get them as they come out. It is my most used machine in all my crafts. Would love to get hold of this new version. Wearing out my older one. LOL.

  436. Andrew says:

    Just a query to see if the Pretty Patterns Christmas cards, vintage collage Christmas toppers, 3d Christmas sentiments and favourite Christmas sentiments will be available on the craft channel soon they look so lovely and I’m just wanting to buy, buy, buy

  437. Dawn Miner says:

    wow my head is spinning ,with all the things I could make with this.I would love to win one of these. thanks so much

  438. Nancy Garcia says:

    Firstly just thanking you for a chance at such an amazing giveaway! I love all your work and collections just last year I bought your version of the minc! I enjoy crafting and I actually used the minc to help with my wedding party favors! But I would definitely love to own such an amazing cutting machine to get creative! And help out friends events! Much love ❤️

  439. Barbara Caldwell Kingman says:

    I would love to have a chance to win one of these beautiful machines. I gave my first one to my granddaughter and her twins. She’s a school teacher and since they ‘re in INDY we don’t see them often it’s kinda tough. My old unit I share with my daughter, it would be great to have something new, please.

  440. BetsyV says:

    Love the new perfect palette paper! And those are fabulous, never fail cricuts!!!
    I will say a prayer and hope that I win these fabulous machine! Have a great show will be watching for sure.

  441. Karen Andrews says:

    Well all I can say is WOW…..I LOVE ALL THE COLORS I would gladly take any color.
    I tried so hard at Create 1 to get one but they were snapped up so fast.
    I’m so anxious to learn and start playing with a Cricut – so if I’m lucky enough to be a winner – I say thank you and let the creating begin!

  442. Debbie G. says:

    Anna, you have once again outdone yourself with your newest Circuit. I love the new colors available, it will be hard to choose! I’m an avid card maker and crafter, but I’ve never been able to afford a Circuit. It certainly would allow me to do more cards and crafts for for those I care for and teach.

  443. Bobbi Hollar says:

    I would love to win the new Cricut Explore Air 2. Everything Anna Griffin creates is great! I just wish I could afford them all. Thanks for all of your beautiful creations!

  444. Jenaya McHenry says:

    Starting in January, I will be offering a Papercrafting Club at a Denver middle school. The club will be free to students and give them something to do after school until their parents get off work. We don’t have much of a budget so this would be an AMAZING addition! We would be able to do so many more projects and help our students bring their ideas to life.

  445. Tammy Caudell says:

    Oh my I am in love with these beauties! This busy mom needs all the crafty time she can squeeze in so I love how fast it cuts!

  446. Donna Metz says:

    Oh my I’d love to have the gold one that matches all my Anna Griffin item! Plus having 6 grandchildren I need a machine to work in “real time”!!!! Please pick me!

  447. Susan Williams says:

    I would luv to win!! I would put it to good use as I luv to make cards and am a scrapbooker!!!!!

  448. Alma Wilson-Ward says:

    I love the new machines and can’t wait to see them in action. My DVR is set to all your shows and I will be watching and buying. I’ve been with Cricut for 10 years and 6 machines in I still love them. When you partnered with them that was the icing on the cake for me. I get so many compliments on my cards and I owe it all to you and Cricut.

  449. Shirley fenstermacher says:

    Why would i like to have your new.machine..? .well, the only machine i own, is the cudde. bug, i had bought from the goodwill store, which i love…… so, i would love the challenge to learn a new, hi tect. machine…..thank you, anna, for this chance to win one…i will.see you soon on hsn…..love shirley….

  450. allison shay says:

    I would love to own a cricut in either of the fabulous new beautiful colors! The fact that the cricut 2 works faster and more efficiently is a big bonus! Looking foward to seeing this on the 5th! I’ll be watching!

  451. Kim Bush says:

    I need to have this newest Cricut Explore Air 2 because I am an avid Cricut fan. I bought my first Cricut almost nine years ago! I have owned so many versions of this wonderful machine and I have a HUGE cartridge library because in the “old” days you needed to purchase the individual cartridges. But most of all, how can I resist my most favorite crafting product branded by my most favorite designer, Anna Griffin! I am a smitten kitten!!!

  452. Jami Hardee says:

    Wow! Amazing new machine. I would love to have one because my husband myself and our two children (along with our two dogs) have recently downsized from our “normal” house into a 400sf. “tiny house”. My husband deploys A LOT so I spend time creating things that remind me of him. Needless to say I don’t have a craft area so the quicker my machine works the quicker I can put it away to have room to get dinner on the table. Lol. Love the new colors. You fellow crafter are inspiring me every day.

  453. Rhenda says:

    Winning one of these would be a dream come true and also an early birthday present. I so need a second Cricut to keep up with orders. I absolutely love my cricut!!!!

  454. Allison D says:

    Hi Anna! Let me start by saying everything you and your team create is beautiful beyond words, thank you!!! I’m still old school using my expression and cartridges 🙂 Winning the latest and greatest would be awesome for scrapbooking and card making for me and my kids! There are women (and men too) that are much more deserving and in need more than I to win this beautiful machine!

  455. Donna Gorris says:

    Need to go outside the box. I don’t know how to use a computer but will learn with this new machine

  456. Sue D says:

    Hi Anna,
    My friends and I have been following you for many years. We get together on Sunday’s to scrapbook and make cards using many of your products. For many years I taught scrapbooking and the number one request was to have a class to teach them to use the Cricut. Purchasing one of these beautiful machines is not possible for me right now.but to be given the opportunity to win one is wonderful. If I win one I would be able to show my friends how to use the Air2 for all the crafting we love to do. We all can’t wait for your next show on October 5th to see all the wonderful ways to use your new products! Thanks again for the opportunity!

  457. Brenda S. says:

    I have one of the original Circuit machines and love it. Sure this would be a wonderful machine to own. They are all beautiful!!!! Love all your products Anna.

  458. Carol Hill says:

    I would love your Anna Griffin model Cricut machine. I and my husband are retried, and he had a stroke and penamoana and is oxygen. So I stay home and make cards of all kinds, and scrapbooks for family and friends. I make all of your cards and have every products you make, and they are beautiful. To win this machine would be so wonderful. I can only hope to win and to even have a chance is great, thank you Anna.

  459. Diana M. says:

    Oooh Anna, the new Cricut is amazing, love each and every one of those colors!!!! I would love to win one because I do not have an electronic cutting machine.

  460. Lisa says:

    Right now I share one Cricut with my 3 daughters would love to have all my own, The rose is lovely but, then again they all are. The paper would be nice as well.

  461. Linda Kirkeby says:

    I’m still using the Cricut machine I purchased 7 years ago. It would be a dream come true to have new one so I can make beautiful cards using your fabulous paper. Thank you for the chance to win!

  462. Angela Cyprien says:

    Love, love, LOVE the new Cricut pastel colors!! I need one for my collection. Just don’t tell my husband.

  463. Jennifer S. says:

    I’ve been a silhouette user for years and have been considering crossing over to your side of the street for a while now! I would love, love, love the mint green and a chance to join Team Cricut!

  464. Lillian Lumachi says:

    Hi Anna – Love all the colors it would be hard to pick my favorite…. Pastels are my favorite and make everything sweet! Love all the new features of the new machine… speed is very important and will make the projects go even faster which is needed in many cases! The papers are great and very useful…. Everything would look so great and pretty in my craft room… I hope I will be the lucky winner, pick me please! Looking forward to your show next week… thanks again for a chance to win….

  465. Justine M. says:

    What a treat to be able to win an Explore Air 2!! The colors are so gorgeous it would be hard to pick. I would love to have the latest Air 2 with a year full of content?! Yippee!!! I have just the spot for this machine in my craft area. Fingers crossed! I need this Air 2 because it is just plain gorgeous.

  466. Kimberly Head says:

    Third times a charm?!? I’ve tried three times to get my name on this list for a chance to win but after going thru the ENTIRE list twice, I’m still not listed?!? So…I’m trying again. Bottom line…I simply want to win the new machine and paper packs! They’re amazing!!! It’s time to upgrade my old machine. Thanks Anna for the opportunity!

  467. Ashley Gregory says:

    Hi Anna!

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for the “sneak peek”!

    I do not currently have a Cricut machine and will be tuning in this week! I NEED a Cricut to personalize our upcoming wedding on May 27, 2017! I am looking to personalize our wedding invites, wedding menu, centerpieces, table numbers, seating charts, wedding signage, bridal party gifts, and parents of the bride/groom gifts. I want to put a touch of creativity to make our day memorable and unique to reflect our personalities! I know that the Cricut machine would help me achieve this goal!

    Thanks again for the opppotunity! Can’t wait to see the show!

    xo- Ashley Gregory

  468. Azella Tingler says:

    Wow! What a machine. This would be wonderful for me, as I have the original cricut which is too small to cut the beautiful designs that I would be able to cut for the cards I make and donate to the City Rescue Mission thrift store I am 80 years young and love to make your cards.

  469. Barbara says:

    I have 3 machines and I love them all, but with Christmas around the corner, I need speed so I need the Air 2! Yes, I do! Please choose me! Love you Anna and team Anna – your work is wonderful.

  470. Donna Haynes says:

    I do a lot of cutting with the cricut. Going faster will help me to cut more in less time. I also like that you have created a palette that will help in layering too. Makes it easier.

  471. Winnie Johnson says:

    I would love to win this cricut explore air 2 for my daughter. She has been dying for one since the first explore was introduced. She loves to craft. She crafts with her bestie and her children love to craft as well. My granddaughter has her own little craft space…how cute is that! Best of luck everyone!

  472. Donna Madsen says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention how exciting it is that you bundlesd, not 1 but 2 sets, of fantastic AG paper to go with the machine! Brilliant! My cards and scrapbook pages will look their best now!

  473. Donna Madsen says:

    Oh I NEED this new Cricut Air!! I have a pink Cricut Expressions and have worn it out. Though it does still work ,it doesn’t cut accurately anymore especially intricate cuts, especially on thicker paper. I take it to crops with me and I love helping first timers cut something and watch their eyes light up! And I’ve never used Design Space so this new machine would give me incentive. The cream or the pink are my favs. Thanks Anna!!

  474. Sara Knapp says:

    I love Cricut as a company and would LOVE to own another Explore. Why? Well my sister introduced me to the Expression years back and fell in love. Three years ago I upgraded to the Explore and it’s so easy. I mainly scrapbook, making more cards and envision starting a craft business. I have already vinyled our house and so much decor. Why not create treasures for others when I am having so much fun with this machine and ease of cutting so many materials making life so much easier. My kids even get the crafty bug and they are 5 and 3! I would love, love, LOVE to be a winner of a NEW Explore Air 2! Any color, but blue and gold are my all time favs and the colors I scrapbook with most often. 😉

  475. Lisa Gustafson says:

    These are beautiful! I just love tools that are amazing and gorgeous, too. And pretty paper, too? Everything is better with some sparkle.
    If I were to win I’d be making beautiful holiday cards for family… and, hopefully, wedding pieces for next year (I know there has been some ring shopping happening)

  476. Diana Hernandez says:

    Omgoodness! I have wanted a cricut ever since they first came out, but can never afford it. And now 83rd in green!!! I have been crafting for 16 years and have no machines, so all I do is by hand but my arthritis is making it hard. But I love to craft(it’s my Zen). I have two special needs granddaughters and the oldest is 6, and she loves crafting with me. She’s delayed so anything she does with her hands is a good thing. Imagine the possibilities of projects we would be able to create with this cricut. Oh I soooo hope I win. Thank you for this opportunity, you are so very generous!

  477. Ara Wisnoski says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this beauty? Can’t wait to see you demonstrate it. Best of luck next week!

  478. Judy Hodges says:

    I would take this machine to my daughter’s day program for disabled people where we would use it to make all kinds of crafts.

  479. Doug G. says:

    Would love to win a Cricut Explore Air 2 so I could work faster and get more accomplished. It would then allow me to donate my Cricut Explore to a local school in my area. Who wouldn’t want the AG gold version as Anna has set the bar high in her products and creativity options !!!!!

  480. Rhonda Fix says:

    I would one of these machines! I am working on projects for others all the time and this would allow me to expand my creativity. I can’t wait to see this in action. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  481. Carole Moseley says:

    Through the last 4 years I have used the first orginal Cricut Explore. It is very tempermental. Would love a new machine but it is not in the cards right now. I am 71 and at times it is intimidating to me but love it with all its quirks. I love watching Anna with all her talent and ideas.

  482. Michelle Bernard says:

    Hi! I would love to win one of the new Cricut Air 2 machines to be able to continue crafting. My husband and I are both active duty military. Currently we are both stationed in different locations. He is overseas and I am here in the US. We have 3 boys who are also in the US but unfortunately due to my job, they cannot live with me right now. Making our family seperated in three different geographical locations for 15 months. Even though this is only a temporary situation, it still makes the days long and the hours that pass, even longer. One of the ways I try to pass the time and keep our family connected, is through crafting. I love making all sorts of things from personalized cards, stickers and even a “when is mommy and daddy coming home” calendar tracker and so much more. I love cricut and the many ways to use it. I’ve had the original expression for years but it no longer works. I would love to win one of the new Cricut Air 2 machines to continue crafting and keeping my family connected. Thank you for your time and considering my entry.

  483. Lorie Rust says:

    Hi Anna –
    The reason I would love to have this new machine is simply because it is beautiful and would be a great addition to my craft room plus the fact that it cuts faster 🙂

  484. Mary Draffen says:

    I would be happy to be one of the four winners of this fantastic product. With 6 adult kids & 6 grandchildren, I’m always snapping pictures & scrapping to keep our memories around for everyone to enjoy!
    The Anna Griffin gold is so Classy & Sassy!
    Just my style!!!!
    Thank you Anna for the opportunity to win one!

  485. Dawne Stirling says:

    I would be honoured to be one of the first 4 people to own such a wonderful piece of equipment – and the paper – looks wonderful. I’m teaching my daughter the “cricut” way and she’s currently working on my old Expression. I would love to be able to hand down my Circut Explore and upgrade to one of these new little beauties! Thanks!

  486. Valerie Mitrou says:

    I have grown up with crafts in my life, and needless to say, it runs in my DNA. As I’m coming on my 50th birthday, I don’t want to look back on my life and ask myself, I wonder what would’ve happened if I did a business of my own with what I’m most passionate about? So I quit my job and started my business of party decorations for the busy parents who still want a coordinated, themed party. This new machine would make my life so easy as right now I’m working with the Cricut Create. Thank you for your time and for putting out such wonderful products for us to play and work with.

  487. Carol Peterson says:

    So looking forward to the Oct.5th big crafting day and seeing you and all your wonderful products. I always gather so many ideas to create wonderful projects and gifts for others. I am still working with the original Explore but would love an updated version! Thank you Anna for all your hard work to make us look good !

  488. Yavette Everette says:

    I’m fairly new to Cricut .. I was given an Expression to help with some of my event planning products. Sadly to say, I’m unable to print and cut which is critical to making custom centerpieces and toppers. I just purchased last month my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug! The Anna Griffin gold would be a huge accent to my new collection

  489. Helen Settle says:

    I have the older model of the Cricket and would love to have this one but unfortunately can’t afford it since I’m on a fixed income now that I am retired. I love everything Anna Griffin and buy what I can afford when you are on HSN. If I could win this one it would make my day.

  490. shirley wiley says:

    Yes, send one my way. I can always find a reason to craft with such pretty colored machines!

  491. Laura says:

    I would love to complete my Anna Griffin craft room with this beautiful machine, and enjoy the new technology! My daughter is a teacher and would love to have the one I am using now. I love everything Anna Griffin, and can’t wait to shop on the fifth!!

  492. Rhonda Doucette says:

    Just when I thought the gold couldn’t be topped you introduce the pastels. Any of the new colors would look fantabulous in my lady cave. Don’t stop your madness with all this beauty.

  493. Sherry L says:

    I need this because it would help me make more cards for the soldiers and speed up my scrap booking. Thanks for the chance!

  494. Lois Neuman says:

    Hi Anna,
    After reading some of the letters from those who have serious health issues, I am thankful for my Blessings and Health today. I feel there are those who are more deserving of your fine gifts than anyone. Of course we would all like to receive the new Explore Air 2 with the beautiful papers, but it would really make a difference to those who need it most to uplift and enhance their lives every day and give them lots of pleasure in their scrapbooking worlds. We can all empathize with other people and their families going through illnesses, myself included, and think it would be generous of us to waive winning these special gifts and let those in genuine need be the top winners!! LET’S MAKE THEIR DAY!! Love all your products and look forward to your Show where we will all be winners watching you and learning from you!! Love, Lois N.

  495. Lavera Hardy says:

    Hi Anna, I love your blog. I am new to card crafting and could use a Cricut Explore Air 2. I’m sure it works much better then my scissors. Thanks for considering me. Have a lovely day.

  496. Sharon Sienaski says:

    I would love this for my card ministry and to use with my students at school. My students are boys but they love when I bring my scrapbook stuff.

  497. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Oh, Anna! What an amazing giveaway!!! I really need this new machine for the speed. Twelve years ago I became disabled and unable to work. Since I was already a Griffinite, I turned my passion for crafting into my physical therapy for my multiple chronic illnesses. The fact that this machine cuts faster helps me “feel” like I am faster even when my body is not. It’s kind of cool that these machines are helping the “differently abled” person in huge ways! Thank you, Anna, for constantly brightening my days!!!!

  498. Jill Risner says:

    I would love the Anna griffin cricut 2 I have everything Anna but most of all I enjoy doing scrapbooking with the grandkids I have a grandson that has learning disability and seizures this would really help him with school projects bless his heart when he see me looking on the web at your upcoming shows he always says mamal when I get a job I am going to buy you that I am always trying to find things we can do together and help him at the same time it’s looks like a fun and learning machine Skye my grandson is also the one that keeps me creative love him and love the cricut 2 faster would be better

  499. Erica Langdo says:

    Good Morning Anna,

    I believe I deserve to win a Cricut Air 2.

    Still using the Cricut Expression in pink to design and make birthday cards, Christmas cards, Anniversary cards, and many other cards throughout the year for family, friends and even all 83 of my coworkers. I have mastered my machine. However, I am now faster than my machine. I now have to wait on my machine so I can put my projects together.

    I also help my sister out. She is a daycare teacher for children 2-5. Making wall calendars with extras help make them cute for the little ones. February lots of xoxo’s, hearts, and lips. May cute bunnies with carrots, October with smiley cute Pumpkins and of course December Santa Clause, presents, and candy canes. A while back I made a special yellow envelope specifically for delivering any of the cutouts I make for her class room. When I bring them to her class the children recognise the yellow envelope and know new decorations are coming soon. A few of the children have actually thank me for helping “Miss Jess” decorate their room. Makes me feel special when they hug my leg.

    My mother also finds what I do very creative and “pretty” as she says. She likes to create “pretty” things with me too. About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with a brain disease with causes her to have strokes. Using my machine makes it kinda difficult for her at times. She gets confused easy and has a hard time remembering what buttons to press. If all she had to do is design it on the computer with me and press the “Go” button, she could watch it cut out her beautiful design and nor worry about anything. Card making, scrapbooking and holiday decorating is our favourite time to spend together.

    I believe I deserve to win a Cricut Air 2 so that the remainder of the time I have left with my mother can be fun and made easier for her to craft “pretty” things with me.

    Thank you.


  500. Linda says:

    Anna. I just love the new circuit explore. Would you believe I’m still working off the original. I think I need to get with the times. I would really love to win one of these new ones. Your Oct 5th show is going to be awesome. See you soon.

  501. Agatha McCoy says:

    Dear Anna

    Would love to win a cricut in any color
    The air 2 looks fantastic
    I love making cards and helping to make decorations
    For family and friends
    I,d even love to win air 1
    Thank you for all of your creative products
    You make the world a pretty place to live in

  502. Debby Sears says:

    Pick me !! Pick Me!! my husband will freak out if I tell him I need to buy another machine . It could jump start my side business with style, pretty up my home office, and it would make me so proud to say I have the exclusive Anna Griffin Explore. AND …….it would match my AG Cuttlebug, AG Min machine. A gal has to have matching accessories…..right? ..

  503. Mindy Parke says:

    I have the Silhouette and it has made me crazy! I want to go back to the circuit. I only had the 6″ cricuit. I am ready to go back to circuit!!!!

  504. Kathy Anastasio says:

    I would LOVE to have the Cricut 2! I’m a school librarian in a pre-k to 1st grade Title I school (every kid gets free breakfast and lunch) and I make all kinds of signage, decorations and bulletin boards for the school and library. We have a non existant budget for ANYTHING, so everything I do comes out of my own pocket. The kids are SO excited when the see their favorite characters, and I feel that if I can brighten up the school and make our signs and bulletin boards brighter and happier, that everyones day is a little better. If I had the new Cricut 2, I could accomplish all of this even faster.

  505. Barbara Trebisky says:

    Oh my word! I would just melt if I got this machine! The Anna Griffen version would go best in my BRAND NEW craft space. I am in the process of cleaning out my parents’ house as my father has passed away and I moved my mother in with me. The best part is that I was able to bring a very retro desk/dresser over to my house that my father made for us in 1960. His woodworking was perfection and I can think of him every time I sit in that room and create. I wish I could post a picture of the retro colors of the furniture. Just know, that cricut would be perfect to replace my breast cancer version of the Expression. I will need those paper pads as well! Love, love love it!

  506. Sharon Foster says:

    I’m getting ready to retire – how wonderful it would be to have this new machine to play with ! I love all things Cricut, and have many AG items in my studio.

  507. Peggy Allen says:

    Wow, it cuts twice as fast! I love ;your excitement. I need the Circuit Air 2 because I don’t have any Electronic cutter. I love them all but pink in dear to my heart as I am a breast cancer survivor. God bless you Anna.

  508. Tricia says:

    I would like to win this so I can try to make things as beautiful as you do. I would love to have the Anna Gold.

  509. Helen Bisesi says:

    I would love to win because I neeed a pink one LOL! I have the original from HSN launch and am always so sad that I don’t have a Maxine in color. Thanks for the chance!!

  510. Pamela Rohs-Gold says:

    Beautiful colors and what special projects and cards I could make. If I world win I would donate my other two current Cricut machines to the two retirement homes in my area. That would be so special for those lovely people to enjoy the crafting world that we love so much – to win something like the Explorer2 – I have the first one of course.This would be like my 5th Cricut electronic cutting machine. Oh my goodness. See You on The 5th

  511. Vivian Sparks says:

    Wow! I would love to win a Cricut Explore Air 2. Writes and cuts two times faster. Thanks for the opportunity to win this new Cricut.

  512. Wanda Caster says:

    I am a huge Anna Griffin and Cricut fan. I love crafting with both. I would love to win one of the Cricut Air 2 so I can possibly start my own business. I have been a stay at home mom 95% of my adult life and my children are about grown. I have alot of time on my hands now. I really have no desirable skills for the work force it seems but I can sure craft like a queen so would love to start my own business.

  513. Heidi Sullivan says:

    Ms. Griffin,
    I would love to be the recipient of a Cricut machine for use for cards for friends and church. I can think of a ton of other places in the community that it could be used as well It would be great for me as my arthritis is slowing me down and this would change that. I will never be able to purchase one so hopefully I may win one through you. I love all your products and use them exclusively, they are very beautiful and high quality.

  514. Jan Street says:

    What beautiful new colors for an awesome machine!!! Can’t believe October 5th is so close!! Looking forward to watching!! 🙂

  515. LeslieZee says:

    Wow! Love the new colors. It would be hard to choose one. I love that it cuts faster and comes with a year of Access. Can’t wait to see you demo this next week!

  516. TeresaP says:

    I could really use one of these. I make a lot of cards and sometimes I use fewer layers because it can take so long to cut 25-100 cards. It would be great for SVGs with cut lines instead of score lines also. thanks so much for the GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!!

  517. Judy B says:

    Love your new machine but, since I purchased your last one you showed on HSN I guess I will have to pass on this new one. Looking forward to watching HSN and see all your new designs you have been showing in your Blog

  518. Nancy D says:

    Having this machine would be a dream come true. Think of it. To have endless access to Ann Griffin classic designs for makingcards and scrapbooking year around, That would be grand!

  519. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Wow! Anna! I have been watching & learning from your posts about the Cricut. I would absolutely love to have the Anna Gold Cricut! Well, any color is fine! I have had this on my list for a long time. I want to take my crafting up a large notch! Mahalo nui loa, thank you from my heart for all you do! And will be watching Oct 5th!

  520. Julie Smith says:

    Oh I would share the joy. My daughter is an elementary teacher plus is very busy with 3 young sons. This machine would be such a time saver for her. I would love to win this so I could give it to her for Christmas.

  521. Cathy W. says:

    I have been waiting for a long time for an updated new machine. My current machine is getting old and needs a replacement. I design cards and gift boxes for my coworkers and it would be wonderful to have a new machine. One year subscription of designs is unbeatable. I am so anxious to create.

  522. Elodie Brown says:

    I’m 70 years young. I sell cards for extra income. Turning the crank on my Cuttlebug is difficult now. Maybe the Cricut would be more user friendly.

  523. Carole Sandlin says:

    Anna, you have done it again! I would love to get one of these machines because I could make cards faster. You have gotten me into making cards and it has really helped me get thru chemo and radiation. I love all your products and can’t wait till October 5th.

  524. Michelle Gallant says:

    I would love to win this machine Anna, my mother in laws husband just passed away and I would like to give it to her, it would be nice for her to have something to help her get over her grief. I know that when I go to my craft room the rest of the world falls away and I am in my happy place

    Thank you!

  525. Nikki Ganske says:

    I would love to win this!! LOL now, if only we could figure out how to include more free time to use it!!! Thanks Anna!

  526. Orenda Smith says:

    I would love to win one of these so I could give the one I have to a very dear friend….. And I love that it’s faster and loving the colors!!

  527. Barbara Hanlon says:

    Would love to win the new circuit! Then I could give my old one to my granddaughter for her daycare classroom. She always calls when she needs something cut for her room. It would be nice if she was able to create on her own….with a little help from grandma !!

  528. Birgit Brown says:

    Anna you did it again just as we thought it couldn’t get any better… This new cricut would help me greatly. I am trying to get my business of the ground by making beautiful paper flowers for any floral occasion. I would feel blessed to win the new explore air 2 in any of the beautiful colors.

  529. Sue Hanzlik says:

    Truthfully, I don’t need one of these Cricut machines, but I would love to have one. Any color would be great. I spend most of my time alone and crafting is what keeps me going. I so look forward to these craft days on HSN so I can watch how you make these beautiful projects. See you on the 5th.

  530. Catherine Mayott says:

    I would LOVE to win the Anna Griffin version. I have recently begun using my Cricut and love all the things it can do! Thank you so much!!

  531. Judy R says:

    You know you have outdone yourself when you have almost 2300 comments in less than a day. I love the new colors and the fact that it is faster has me sitting here thinking of hoe I can justify to my husband why I need a new on. The paper is beautiful, a must I am sure.

  532. carol hayden says:

    I need one because I don’t have one and would love to Learn something new….yes, being 70 your never to old!!!

  533. Connie Parker says:

    LOVE THAT BLUE ONE!!! My craft room is that color. Would gladly donate my old original Cricut, which still works, to our school. Thanks for this opportunity.

  534. Holli Shroyer says:

    I need one of those machines… Now we will have the option to use a fast mode. How amazing is that!!! This would be super helpful when I make my stencils because these do take a good while to cut out.
    Loving it more and more each time I watch. Lol… see ya’all October 5th.

  535. Roxanne Henderson says:

    They’re beautiful! Anyone of them would find a wonderful home with me! I would love to win one obviously, but best wishes to the four winners. I know they will be put to great use. Thank you for offering such wonderful gifts!

  536. gina kinde says:

    God Bless you!!!! What a wonderful woman you are to take this young boy into your home and give him love and stability and he isnt even related to you. I am so happy to hear your story, God Bless you and your family for giving that little boy a wonderful chance at a good happy stable life. He is truly blessed to have u in his life. Take wonderful care of him. God Bless, and Good Luck!

  537. Sharon Solomon says:

    I would love to win one of these machines!! I adore the rose. Besides being my favorite color, it matches the shade of pink my studio is done in. The Cricut Explore Air 2 would allow me to be even more creative with my scrapbooking and crafts, as well as allowing me to do many things that my arthritis currently does not allow. I can’t wait for your HSN visit!!

  538. Lisa Johnson says:

    I would love to win one in any color ! I would just love to win one. This would help decorate my new granddaughter’s nursery . I see so many talented people post their projects on Facebook and say, I just wish I had one.

  539. JoAnne says:

    Anna, HELP I’m stuck in the Stone Age and I would Luv to live in the Present. That is The Innovative World of Anna Griffin and Cricut.
    To have a Cricut and it’s capability to have Hundreds of designs available to me anytime, anywhere, means I never ever will be stuck, sprawled out on the living room floor, ransacking through tons of books, magazines, papers for that one image that is stamped in my mind. Then if I’m lucky enough to find that or any image, I dread having to try and trace that image with these trembling and shaking hands, and that is even before I have any caffeine.
    To have a Cricut with it’s efficiency and expertise in cuting out any design that I so desire, means I will never ever have to endure cramped fingers from fumbling with a scissors, and blurry eyes from squinting when I’m trying to cut out all those tiny, intricate designs.
    With your Help Anna, I can finally join the Cricut World with all it’s Endless Creativity i

  540. Deb C says:

    I need the new Cricut because I have recently retired…. FINALLY! Finally, it’s here, time! Time to work and play with crafts all I want. I have wanted to try a die cutting machine forever and the Cricut looks like a honey.

  541. Heather says:

    These machines are GORGEOUS! I am in love with these colors!! I NEED this machine! I want to make t-shirts for my boys, ornaments, cards, signs for family! I would take any of the colors but the pink/rose is my favorite! Having a faster machine would make this mom of four boys life a little easier. Anything Anna Griffin is a must have! I will be watching all day on HSN. Love crafting day!

  542. Teresita Arvelo says:

    I need to upgrade my Cricut Expression. So old but still cut and performs really well. With your new Cricut I’m sure I will save time and be able to craft more. I won a scrapbooking studio a do cut a lot using the Cricut all the time.
    Thank You
    Anna , for the opportunity.

  543. Fran Steadman says:

    I am technology-challenged, but I would love to learn how to use one of these beautiful machines! I have lots of un-used cartridges, including yours, and would hope they could be used in this machine. I am not too particular which color, as they are all gorgeous. Thanks so much for all you do to encourage us in our crafting. Fran

  544. gina kinde says:

    Anna u have just blown me away again. I do need to win this cause mine is on its last leg. I still own and use the very first machine they came out with and I have all your beautiful cartridges and I waste so much paper and time cutting out your detailed images and my machine just isnt capable of cutting these detailed designs out anymore. I put in a new blade use all the proper settings but I think the capability for your intriquite beautiful designs is just too much for this old original machine to handle. I am a die hard Cricut and Anna Griffin Fan and I would sooo love to win this machine so I dont go thru a half a pad of paper before I can get my machine to cut your images out without chewing the paper up. I love making your cards and I could put out so many more to share with everyone if I could go a little faster.LOL I just joined a card exchange group on Facebook that I love and they love getting your beautiful cards as much as I love making them. Thanks Anna for the awesome products u make for us and thanks for the chance to win this amazing machine. I would greatly appreciate it thats for sure. God Bless Anna and big Hugs to you.

  545. Cindy says:

    Ohhh dear where do I start!!! The machine is simply amazing!!! The colors are beautiful and most definitely I would need that gold machine to add to my beautiful Anna Griffin gold collection!!! 🙂

  546. Jennifer H. says:

    Wow- Congrats Anna, Cricut & Co.! (Over 2,000 comments already and it’s only the first day. I’m tossing my hat in the ring too and hoping my comment is one of the lucky winners on Tuesday. ;b -fingers crossed-)

    I want/need the new Cricut Explore Air 2 (& lovely papers) because I’ve been with you guys since day 1. My first gen Cricut Explore (w/wireless adapter) has brought hours of enjoyment and (sadly) is starting to go kapoot. (Recently, my machine went a little haywire and starting cutting my project off the mat. I found out that the heavy duty blade does really cut everything- even plastic. ^n^;) Having a spiffy new faster machine (that fussy cuts and works off-line) would be a dream come true. I can’t even imagine how many (smiling faces &) awesome projects I can create in half the time. It’s mind-boggling awesome.

    Thanks Anna, Cricut & Co. for a chance to win- I’m looking forward to and can’t wait to see everything on October 5th. ^u^

  547. becky smith says:

    I would love to go wireless!!!!! I have my first cricut and expression. This would streamline me into the modern age. love all your products,have just about all too! Good Luck everbody!!!! Keep the wonderful products coming, Anna.

  548. Susie G says:

    I would love to have the gold Cricut because it would go with my other Anna Griffin products. I have never owned a Cricut or any other machine similar to it. It would be wonderful to win it for many reasons. I would enjoy it for my own crafting naturally. I also think it would be great for use at my “grandson’s” school. I am raising a seven year old boy who has no one else. I am “Gramma” as I am to old to be “Mom” and he is the same age as my grandsons. He also remembers his real Mom who is apparently addicted to every drug there is (it is so sad).
    I think having this machine would be a great help to his teachers in creating items for the classroom. At my age, and with my disabilities, I am limited as to what I can do to assist his teachers. I can think of so many things that could be done with this machine to reinforce and illustrate their lessons and make learning more fun.
    Good luck to everyone. I see so many people could put this to good use.

  549. Linda Gilliam says:

    Oh my gosh, what beautiful machines…I LOVE the mint green one and FASTER…!!
    I cannot fathom all the WONDERFUL things i could CREATE with my Anna Griffin supplies and one of these beauties!!

  550. Cyndi Peterson says:

    I need the blue one! It matches my sb shop!
    And then I can donate the one I have!
    That’s a win win for everyone! Right?

  551. Barbara Sabedra says:

    So excited for Craft Day. Love the new products. Looking forward to seeing the new cricut explore 2. I record all day and go back to watch them over. It is inspiring. Of course I want everything !!!!!!

  552. Mike Fernholz says:

    Oh my gosh. These are incredible. I would love these to make tons of paper crafts that my son can have fun putting together. What great holiday,birthday and other eventful items you can make. Imagine your recipient opening up a gift you made. Wow. Thank you!

  553. RONDA L JENKINS says:

    Wow! I just love those pastel colors! I have not been able to access anything you design for Cricut since I don’t have one. Winning one would be awesome for me to experience more of your crafts!

  554. Robyn Moller says:

    They still haven’t released the explore down under so it could be another 10 yrs before explore 2 is here and it costs so much to buy down here and why not I say.

  555. Darlene Morales says:

    Love all of your designs Anna. Everything is always so professional looking. I would absolutely love to own one of these new machines any color would do but I really love the gold one really love the gold one. Winning a new machine would afford me the opportunity to provide my other daughter with my current explore. I could just see the three of us now all with the machine all creating beautiful Anna Griffin designs. Please keep doing the things you do.

  556. Kimberly says:

    I am a stay at home mom to 3, amazing children ages 10, 7, and 1. I have been using my old cricut create for years and have recently taken up t shirt and decal making to bring some extra money in for my family. Crafting for myself has always been my favorite thing. My cricut is very old and it’s time for an update, with a toddler, I rarely have time to craft and the 2X speed would help me out A LOT. This would be amazing!!!

  557. Yvonne Barbosa says:

    oh my goodness Anna! A pink Cricut! oh my stars! I’m in love with your gold one too! I can’t wait to see the show! I still have the old Expression and just drool each time you share the Air on air….now you have a new version to share and giving away 4 so generously. I can’t believe it. I would love to win the Anna version…why? Because your designs are simply amazing and I would just LOVE to opportunity to see the infinite possibilities I could do with your latest Cricut Air designed with YOUR designs. That would be a dream come true. ~Evie

  558. Sandra Smith says:

    I would love a new Cricut Air 2 in pink! It would fit perfectly in my craft room. I have always loved Anna”s cardstock. I’ve been away from crafting nearly two years due to injuries from a fall resulting in multiple broken bones and nerve damage. I’m finally at a place where I am crafting again even though it’s from my wheelchair and the new Criicut would be the perfect celebration of a new beginning!

  559. myra fontes says:

    Wow what a blessing it would be to be gifted this.wonderful machine. I am new to cricut and borrow a friend’s when I need to craft something. I would lover to have my own. Crossing my fingers I get picked!!

  560. Dawn Dubke says:

    Anna, It would be so great to get my Cricut back in my life. I ran into some rough times and a friend gave me her old Cricut. I was just starting to use it for income when someone set my house on fire. I was lucky to get out myself. My cat and my cricut and supplies were not so lucky. I really need to start making things again. First, because my creative side is seriously lacking right now and second so that I can use it to get back on my feet again. Thank you.

  561. Linda H says:

    I don’t know whether you get to read all of your comments, but just in case I’ m going to tell you why the pink Cricut was made for me. I inherited my parents’ home, which the grandkids dubbed the Pink House. My mom decorated with pink in every room and it was adorable! Lots of things had to change with updates and remodeling but we still have a pink kitchen . I would like to update my original Explore for an Explore Air, but now I can get one that accessories my kitchen. Now that’s home improvement! LOVE IT!

  562. Deborah says:

    I wish I could justify a need for another Cricut but everyone who has ever used this machine knows itisn’treally not about need as much as want. Yes I really want this new Cricut Air 2 because it is beautiful and I’m addicted to crafting, Anna Griffin, and cutting with Cricut

  563. Barbara Mann says:

    Why do I need the Cricut Explore Air 2? Let me count the ways.

    It will certainly take my cardmaking and scrapbook making to a whole new level. And first and foremost, I could make Anna Griffin cards and embellishments two times faster. What do you not love about that? Yay!!!! I also can’t wait to get a hold of that paper too.

    As always, thank you Anna Griffin & staff.

  564. Gloria says:

    I just love anything Cricut. I have mostly used mine for school projects as a para educator I made many unique items the School needed. I also make crafts as gifts for my family. My girls started a tradition that at least one gift at holidays must be handcrafted. I used to be a total Failure at their game. Now I am leading the pack!

  565. MarciaH says:

    I would love to have the AG or blue machines so I could save a lot of time and get twice as much scrapbooking done since I don’t have as much time as I would like to scrapbook.

  566. Dena Hadley says:

    Would love to win. Your products are so amazing. I am newly retired and this would really amp up my crafting! I always try to win. So far no luck but maybe this will be my lucky entry!!!

  567. Cateria Edwards says:

    Let me start by saying I love everything Cricut and now we will have a new version #2 with faster cutting and writing, this makes crafty life grand. I would love to win this beautiful newer faster Cricut and donate my Expression to my church. It looks like there could be a newer Cricut little sister in my future. (SMILE)

  568. Katie says:

    I would absolutely love to win one of these machines! Paper crafting is my favorite thing to do with my cricut. I am going to be designing and creating all of my sister’s wedding invitations, favor boxes, save the dates, bachelorette party invites, bridal shower invites, the thank yous- you name it, I’m making it! This new machine would allow me to work more efficiently.

  569. HollyG says:

    …P.S. With all the excitement of the new Cricut I failed to mention how much I appreciate the new Anna Griffin paper collections! You think of EVERYTHING Anna!

  570. Kim Haygood says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I actually see a pink Cricut? I want to be able to do everything faster and easier. I am a single mom to 2 beautiful girls, work, do educational therapy on the side, and I am one year into earning my Master’s degree. So, any time left for crafting, planning, stamping, or making cards has got to be well planned out and efficient. I would love to win one of the new Cricuts! Beautiful colors!!! i am sure I would have 2 young, eager helpers right by my side rooting for a beautiful pink Cricut, although, all the colors are beautiful.Thank you for the chance to win and use so many gorgeous products over the last several weeks!

  571. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Team!

    Congratulations to the 2 lucky girls who won the last
    give-a-way! Woo Hoo!!!

    WOW! So many comments! That’s terrific! I don’t know how you read them all, but I know you make time to do so and that speaks volumes about how much you care for your fans! Thank you very much…

    How in the world could you not want to own the Cricut Explore Air 2 (goes along with your sequel year!)

    I thoroughly enjoy your collaboration with Cricut…What a wonderful “dynamic duo”!

    See you soon!!!

  572. Tina McCall says:

    I would love to own this cricut, it would be very helpful for my small business I just started!!! I love the pink, and the blue is awesome too!!!

  573. Tammy louise says:

    Thank you Anna for your terrific designs allowing us to get crafty the easy way! I’ve designed for years but was forced to sell my circuit two years ago and have missed it dearly :(. I believe the circuit air two is just the ticket to get my card making back on track! The shut ins on the church list, cards to donate for benefits with the craft circle ladies and to make quick extraordinary cards for some local stores too! Your lovely multi toned papers are perfect to get started with giving me a great coordination base on the adorable yellow and gold cricuit air 2! My fav! Thanks again for the opportunity to get back to the layered designs of the cricuit cutting machine!

  574. Eileen says:

    So excited I’m counting down the days. I would love to have the Anna Griffin edition. It’s going to be my early birthday present from my husband. I’ll be gifting a lot of homemade presents for Christmas. Just a newbie but I’m so excited to upgrade from my oldie but hoodie and I’ll be gifting it to someone who can use it!

  575. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been wondering what the TS would be and I see you’ve saved one of the best sequels for last! I’m anxious to see this new machine do its magic! 2x speeds for cutting and writing makes me feel the need for speed! Thanks Anna.

  576. Johnna Laughlin says:

    *** I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink new Cricut. Pink is my all time favorite color. I have several Cricut machines but none of the Anna machines. I never thought I wanted one that had to work with a computer but seeing this one, I just changed my mind. I sure hope I win!!! Thank you so much Anna for all the wonderful goodies you bring us crazy craft people!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  577. Lisa Zajac says:

    I would love to win this machine so that I can give this one or my other explore to my Mom. She would love it!! Thanks for the chance!

  578. Linda Hill says:

    I would very much like to have a Cricket machine as I do not have one in any format–old or new. I love to make cards and also to scrapbook and know that this machine could really make it all easier as well as more beautiful. I can’t afford to buy one so never have had one so would dearly love to win one. I am retired so spend alot of time with crafting. Thank you for all your beautiful goodies that you design.

  579. Bon says:

    Anna just keeps getting better. Over the top. Beautiful, Peaceful More Cards to make with time fleeting.Good Luck to everyone.

  580. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Team!

    Congratulations to the 2 lucky girls who won the last
    give-a-way! Woo Hoo!!!

    WOW! So many comments! That’s terrific! I don’t know how you read them all, but I know you make time to do so and that speaks volumes about how much you care for your fans! Thank you

  581. Stacy Elftmann says:

    Your excitement makes the rest of us excited. Thank you and your team for all of your great products. I would like the new machine of course for the extra speed but also for the year subscription to the design space designs. I can’t wait to see all of the new features demonstrated of HSN. Thanks again!

  582. Stacy Click says:

    The Cricut Explore Air 2 is an elegant piece of art just like all of your creations!With a spiffy new Air 2 and this fabulous prize pack I could start making my own amazing creations. I’m the family historian, designated crafter, paper fanatic, and die-hard do-it-myselfer 🙂 How could I NOT need this in my life! Especially the mint one! Thank you for the opportunity to win Anna!

  583. Theresa Ramsdell says:

    How exciting! I would share this machine with my daughter who lives with me! It would be wonderful to craft special cards with her! She is mentally challenged and loves sending cards to everyone she knows! One of our first projects would go to our friend who makes cards using your products and has sent us many special cards. It would be totally fun to make something special for her. She loves her machine and everyday sends us pictures of her creations! She would inspire and encourage is for sure!

  584. Teresa Wright says:

    I need the Explore air 2 because……. I do not have one! I do have the expression but the new explore seems more user friendly.

  585. Lisa P says:

    I was just thinking about buying a Explore Air and now the Explore Air 2 is out. I have the original green TS Explore tethered to my laptop. Would love to have the Anna gold to make the mini scrap book pages for Create 16 and angel tree ornaments for church. Improved cutting speed would be great when cutting multiples.

  586. DEBORAH KLEVEN says:

    Crossing my fingers, wishing on a star and saying a prayer… I love the Anna Griffin Cricut air 2, and the Glorious Greetings card set. Thank you for making such great products, and thank you for your generosity. Have a great weekend. I’ll be watching on the 5th.

  587. Denean H. says:

    The new colors are too cute!!!!! My sister would love the pink one! I just bought myself a blue or I would get the new blue one for myself, lol. Would love to give the pink one to my sister for Christmas.

  588. Sharon Voge says:

    I still use my original Cricut and the cartridges that I have purchased through the years. I follow Jennifer McGuire and take part in her kindness program. She presents ideas for children who have cancer. We also make Christmas cards for people in nursing homes. Yes, I did get your Christmas topper set for those cards. That will make the job much easier. Love the new colors too!

  589. Susan Edmonds says:

    ***! Do you even have to ask? I can’t imagine why anyone would NOT want this! I am so in love with my Cricut Explore Air, I can only dream about the newest one with the upgrades. My daughter would certainly love having her own so she can do some of the things she asks me to do for her. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to enjoy your new product..and for all your lovely designs and inspiration. (Please pick me! 🙂 )

  590. Karen Huval says:


    My wish list for next week is ever growing!…Let me just add the Cricut Explore Air 2 AG Gold and Perfect Palette II Christmas and Everyday sets… Man, O-Man, what’s a girl to do! Have a wonderful weekend!

  591. Linda Leslie says:

    I’m looking forward to another great tutorial of your products, the products are top quality. I have been a follower for many years. Just when I think it can’t possibly get better, you come up with another great product. It would be a blessing to receive one of the new Cricut Explorers. There are many people more deserving. I just want to say thank you for the products that I’ve purchased over the years. Some of us are limited in physical abilities, and it’s such a blessing to be able to make our own cards, thus sending joy to others. I don’t know if people realize what an outreach this is to many. Thank you, and I look forward to the Oct 5 show. Sincerely, Linda Leslie

  592. Debbie N says:

    I would love the opportunity to upgrade to an air machine with all it’s great features. The colors are fantastic! And you can never have too much paper! My 8 year old grandson is getting very good at hooking up the computer to the cricut and doing some designing and cutting by himself, I am sure we could have lots of fun with the Air 2.

  593. DeAnn says:

    I would absolutely love to win a Cricut Air 2 because I have the expression and it is time to upgrade!! About 2 years ago I discovered the free design space. I have loved creating gifts in it, but hate that I am tied to cartridges only! We’ve recently started remodeling our house and I have so many projects to do! My computer has recently stopped connecting to my expression and I am back to cutting from cartridges only. A new one is nowhere in the budget, so winning one would be awesome!!

  594. April Culbreth says:

    I would love to win one of these. Especially the ivory and gold. I just bought my Anna griffin Cricut from hsn in march/April this year. I use it every day, from the time I get up until I fall asleep. lol I’m not joking. I love crafting and I love all the things Cricut can do. If I had a second machine. I might get a little more sleep lol. Seriously Cricut is a cut above any machine on the market, that’s why I’m at my PC or on my iPad constantly making gifts, cards, or designing something different. Please consider my wish I have a birthday on the 26th…what a gift!

  595. Flechia Phillips says:

    I need one of the new Exployer Air II so I can pass my old one to a member of my family.

  596. Kristian Boone says:

    First, I would like to say thank you for this opportunity! I would love to win the new Air two with your amazing paper because I am currently a stay at home mom looking to start a new business! This machine would be perfect considering I plan on working with cardstock, vinyl, leather and plenty of other materials for my creations! I’m currently on a very limited budget so I don’t have the ability to purchase it! This would be an awesome prize to win to help me jump start my business to help bring in additional money to help support my family! I’ve been dreaming of having my own business and this would be perfect! Thanks again, fingers and toes crossed!!

  597. joann benford says:

    Would just love to win this machine. Would love to win anything Anna Griffin. Thanks for the opportunity..

  598. Deb Siebenaler says:

    What is not to love about the new Criut air 2? Faster in cutting and drawing allows me more time to create beautiful cards, scrapbook pages and gifts for friends. I have a headache and the only cure for this is a Cricut Air 2.

  599. Fiona says:

    I would love to win the Anna Griffin explore air 2, we in Australia have to pay double the price for everything secondly I recently purchased an Anna Griffin cuttlebug so it will match up perfectly, I have an expression 2 and would love to upgrade so I would love to win however I’m not sure if my chances as this is through HSN and I don’t know if we Aussies qualify fingers crossed

  600. Pam S. says:

    Wow, what beautiful machines and such pretty colors! I would love to win one of these beauties. I’m almost at retirement age, so I’ve been saving up so that I can scrap all though my retirement! I hope one of these machines could be in my future!!

  601. Ruth Ann says:

    I have a Cricut Explore Air that I got from HSN when they first came out. I love it. The best part of winning the new Cricut would be getting the paper with it. I would either sell my current one or donate it. 6\\\\\\\\\\kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  602. Karen Stout says:

    Winning this machine would be the perfect excuse to give the other Cricut away, maybe to my daughter or my mom! It is not original, but still thoughtful, LOL!

  603. Teri Brown says:

    Oh how I could use a 2nd machine right now! I’m in the middle of doing decorations for my daughter in laws baby shower that I’m hosting on the 30th (my 1st grand-baby!). I’m trying to make 40 of each guest type decoration with only one machine and it’s taking forever.

    No reason for wanting more paper except….it’s more paper! 🙂

  604. Kelsey Cornelsen says:

    Wow!! Cricut just gets better and better! 2x faster totally amazing and such sharp looking machines the best yet!