HSN November 21-22 Sneak Peek 2

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Sneak Peek 2 of our HSN shows the week of Thanksgiving. We will be getting you into the holiday spirit on Monday, November 21st at 7am and 6pm and then on Tuesday, November 22nd at 7am and 8pm! These will be our last Craft Shows of the year so make sure to tune in!

Today’s post is all about gorgeous gift wrapping. If you have already started shopping for the holidays, we suggest planning a color theme for this year’s trimmings. We have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to creating the perfect package, and we’re ready to share!

Brand new for the November shows are our Christmas gift bags! These bags are decked out with our signature three dimensional die cuts on both sides of the bag. For HSN, we are offering an all inclusive set of 15 Christmas gift bags. You’ll get 3 different sizes: a spirit gift bag, a cub size gift bag and a vogue size gift bag in 5 different patterns. They have special finishes like gold foil, glitter, incredible 3D elements, festive ribbon and even a gift tag attached. Keep these handy for the busy holiday season when you need to put together a present in a hurry, but still want it to look coordinated and polished.



Another new item for November is our Christmas Packing Tape! You will get 3 winter-inspired rolls of packing tape in 3 designs and an  interchangeable tape dispenser for perfect cuts.  There’s a jolly holly print, red, green and gold “Merry Christmas” and a red and white Nordic deer and Christmas tree design. Dress up those brown boxes this year! Here is a special video highlighting this tape that will be airing on HSN this holiday season. Enjoy!




Something I can not live without every year are our Christmas Gift Tags and Labels. This boxed set of goodies is gift wrapping accessory heaven! This set includes 72, 3D gift label stickers and 30 gift tags with ribbon. We love the attention to detail on these! Finish your presents in style, and mix and match these with the rest of your Anna Griffin wrapping items!



Last, but certainly not least is our very own Chic Wrap gift wrap dispenser with gorgeous wrap inside! You’re going to get 4 double-sided rolls of beautiful Christmas paper in the world’s best box. The built in paper trimmer has you to cutting straight lines in seconds! The box holds any standard size 30” paper roll and stores easily under the bed or in a closet! It also is an all in one storage container for your scissors, tape, etc.!



We want to give these four amazing holiday packaging items to you! Comment on the blog and tell us your favorite for this season’s gift wrapping! Meet us back here Friday when we reveal the winner!

Happy early holidays,





  1. Kay Brassfield says:

    LOVE it all but especially the tags and the 3 types of tape to put on boxes. Last year I went to “CREATE” and brought home some product gifts I bought at the warehouse for others… I wrapped in brown paper and made card front and colored pens to write in the names. When my husband took them to the PO, the employee complimented by husband and put the cancellation on another side because he said he couldn’t bear to mess up the pretty fronts. The gift recipients sent me emais and the families commented about how pretty the packages were OUTSIDE ! Thanks, Anna ! K

  2. Beverly Chester says:

    Oh My what a neat idea using that gorgeous tape for boxes and those tags just top the gift off with such pizzazz!! Just love your product line!! I really need the wrapping paper dispenser, it will match all the rest of my Anna Griffin Cricut, Cuttlebug, & Diamond Press!!! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful items!!

  3. Connie L Dake says:

    My Hallowween are cards are sent, my Thanksgiving cards are ready to mail and now I can turn my attention to everything Christmas. Cards are ready to be put together and now you are offering i beautiful items to make the wrapping and sending gifts even more simple, all the while being elegant and gorgeous!!! Thank you, thank you.

  4. Shannon Sawyer says:

    I REALLY LIKE THE TAPE FOR THE BOXES. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE PACkAGE WRAPPED and topped with the poinsetta. I’m hoping that was made with the Botanical die cut that I bought in October. I HAVEN’T HAD A CHANCE TO PLAY WITH THAT YET BUT THAT PAPER POINSETTA on the wrapped box you showed above really has inspired me.

    I swear , Anna your products are not only beautiful but they are so functional. Plus, you really do pack in the product for us consumers. Most companies want to give you as little as possible, you on the other had have the philosophy that “more is more”, that’s Dolly Parton’S Saying As well . I love it.

  5. Sue Holl says:

    Oh,these all are so lovely,it’s impossible to pick just one thing! the box is a wonderful idea and will certainly look for it soon. All of my wrappings and scrapbooking Anna things are packed away and I can’t wait to unpack them (in the middle of a move to Austin TX!) thank you so much for your designs and ideas.

  6. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness that Chic Wrap wrapping paper organizer is amazing! I have 5 little ones to wrap gifts for and anything that could make me more organized and efficient is always a wonderful thing! I have been an Anna Griffin groupie for over a decade now and I marvel how y’all keep coming up with new ideas!

  7. Michelle Lundy says:

    I love the gift wrap despencer. This is so pretty and very organized spot for everything. Would make my life so much easier. Thank you for letting me enter.

  8. Catherine Hanson says:

    I love, love, love the decorative packing tape. I used to use it every Christmas but couldn’t find it anymore once I ran out. I’m definitely ordering your beautiful tape on Nov 21st and 22nd.

  9. Peg Palmer says:

    Holy Cow! I want it all. Especially want the gift wrapping station. My dear friend Patti ordered one from HSN and can’t wait to get it.

  10. Kim Z says:

    Love the gift wrap dispenser but the bags are also very nice! The tags and stickers are a MUST have…..Oh well, lets face it I LOVE it all!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter and maybe even win… Thanks Anna!

  11. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    What a beautiful way to present your gifts. The gift wrap station is a very nice way to have all the beautiful wrapping things in one place.

  12. Carolyn. Shema says:

    Love wrapping presents! The gift wrap dispenser would make cutting a breeze. The holiday tape is gorgeous and the gift bags will enhance any gift. The gift wrap bundle is a great holiday idea!

  13. Kim says:

    I definately need the Christmas paper storage and wrapping paper. I could not cut a straight line if my life depended on it. My presents will finally look good now!

  14. Kathi Ormsby says:

    Gift wrapping is my bag! Every year someone is the family always wants me to wrap there presents. I get such nice compliments. I love ❤️ to do it. I’m also running low on supplies so I would love to win this one! The gift wrap dispenser is beautiful & so practical. Wow

  15. Barbara Ferris says:

    Anna, your chic wrap gift dispenser is amazing! As always, your products are so beautiful! Thank-you!

  16. Elaine Trippiedi says:

    Your gift bags look and sound beautiful. But the gift wrap station would be so awesome to have, what luxury.

  17. Darlene says:

    wow love it all, Anna has so many great ideas box for gift wrap, with cutter, place for her wonderful tape and paper,,, thank you

  18. Kathleen Albrecht says:

    I really, really like wrapping paper. I would like to add to my stash. The set up is fabulous.

    Thank you. I think you are truly walking in your destiny.

  19. Pam Spradlin says:

    I am going to love that packing tape. I can’t wait to see it in the store. I think it would be great on packages that you have to mail.

  20. Karen A. says:

    What a beautiful Christmas these would make. Would love to see all under my tree. I mail a lot to family and friends so the packing tape would make a “dull” package to a “WOW” package.

  21. Mary Jones says:

    Love the gift wrap and the festive tape ! My favorite time of the year is Christmas. I do my Christmas crafting all year long. Now I need something to wrap it in.

  22. Criss Behe says:

    I have to go with the gift bags & tags….anything to make life simpler but also Very Chic! It’s Anna Griffin, simple as that!

  23. Maureen Odell says:

    I love and want it all! The bags and tape are fabulous, and the wrap dispenser is genius. I spend more time searching for tape and scissors.
    I made fab Halloween cards thanks to you.

  24. Paula Puckett says:

    Love the gift tags and bags! Very classy spin on old favorites! Can’t tell you how often I’ve put something in a gift bag instead of going thru the hassle of wrapping! I can use the snowflake bag all winter for birthdays! Yahoo! Thanks, Anna!

  25. Nancy Ludwig says:

    I’d have to say the gift wrap station. It looks like it would make gift wrapping a little bit easier and a whole lot prettier.

  26. Ellen Volkmar says:

    As usual, they are just beautiful. The tapes are exactly what I have been looking for and want to use them to decorate my front door. I think they would look so nice as a “bow” on Gold foil paper. Make the home look very warm and inviting.

    Thank you!

    FYI – there are still issue with the malware on your site. Am only able to get here via IE with significant “protection” active.

  27. C. Pieper says:

    I love the gift wrapping station. It will make wrapping so much easy all year long. The packing tape is also pretty. It is nice to have your packages stand out. Thank you for the great ideas and wonderful products!

  28. Debbi H. says:

    Anna I love that you are offering gift wrap accessories. A fabulous addition to Anna G. collection. Keep it coming.

  29. D Reese says:

    I would use all the items (Not for Shipping and packing) but would create and decorate my mothers nursing home room door and room for Christmas (especially the packing tape) . My mother is 96 and every month I decorate her room with “A Theme” of the month using Anna’s products and other items. She has been confined to a wheelchair for over 6 years and has dementia. She enjoys what I come up with for her room. I am always using my Cricuit and Cuttlebug machines to decorate her room. All the residents get a kick out of what I come up with and they all wonder how I did “this and that”. It puts happy smiles on all the residents and employees at the home.

  30. Marla says:

    The tape is so pretty, this can be used on packages, even outside of cards. All the items are so beautiful. Anna you have a great team.

  31. Vanessa Thorp says:

    I love the wrapping paper, my Christmas tree is decorated with magnolias, gold and cream glass ornaments,and I always usecoordinating wrapping paper. Love the gold signature paper!

  32. Marlene Heilman says:

    I can’t decide which item I love more. They are all so gorgeous. Anna, you continue to amaze me. Your creativity doesn’t stop. You keep coming up with more and more beautiful items.

    Thanks for sharing,

  33. Kathy Gatza says:

    Love the gift tags and labels and the present with the poinsettia on top of wonderful. I just bought the poinsettia die and it is on it’s way to me. So sweet.

  34. Deidra says:

    My Christmas boxes securely closed with your winter-inspired packing tape will create a lot of excitement! Thank you Anna and Anna-Elves for such great products!

  35. Maria Nyce says:

    Merry & Blessed Christmas to you and your crew Anna!!!! I couldn’t possibly begin to pick just one favorite, ALL that is Anna Griffin inspires me and fills me with JOY!!! Thank you for yet more GORGEOUS & USEFUL items, you did it again, as usual!!!! God bless you and your team!!!!

  36. Nancy Itson says:

    I love everything about wrapping a pretty package. Your pretty bags and tags would make the gifts look, as they say, “Too pretty to open.”

  37. Renee says:

    The gift wrapping station is magnificent! The gift tags are gorgeous! Gift bags are beautiful! The packing tape is my favorite! To have beautiful tape for a special package adds more love and joy in the giving process! Everything is so awesome! Love it all!

  38. Jill Lukas-Treleven says:

    For some reason I wasn’t notified of the 1st Blog, I went back to see that one. Awesome stuff there Anna!!
    Now for Blog #2: My Favorite item is the Gift Wrap Dispenser Station for sure!! I’m a paraplegic, every year i get all the gifts together & everything I need to wrap the presents & get down onto my living rm. floor. I can’t cut a straight line to save me lol, plus i’m always losing the scissors, tape, or pen lol; to have it all in one place & being able to cut straight lines would be a Godsend for me, that’s for sure.
    Then my brain kicked into idea phase … I realized I would keep it out on my craft table year round because i would be able to use not only for gift wrapping, but i would be able to cut parchment paper, wax paper, & even foil for when I make certain cards. So I realized this is more than a Gift Wrap Dispenser …. it’s a EVERYTHING WORK STATION(at least for me it would be, lol). I know 1 thing for sure Anna, … It Would Make My Life much Easier.
    Thank You Anna for all your Creations!!
    Happy Crafting Everyone & Good Luck!! 🙂

  39. Janet Oliver says:

    What’s not to love when it’s a beautiful Anna Griffin product!!! Love the gift bags and the tape runs a very close as second!!!
    Got the rest of my order today and off work tomorrow, so guess who gets to play’?? I can hardly wait!
    Thanks Anna for all these fabulous items and the giveaways!!!
    Have fun at create…some day I may get there!!!

  40. Deborah Anderson-Clarke says:

    Everything looks great but the gift wrapping station is just what everyone needs all in one compact box !

  41. Denise J. says:

    The gift wrap container is divine. I hate wrestling with rolls of paper while trying to cut. This will make things so easy. Love that it stores 4 rolls. Would love to own this baby. The faster wrapping goes, the more time for fun stuff like making cards, tags and cookies.

  42. Nancy Anderson says:

    The bags are great, the tags are beautiful but the gift wrap dispenser is so beautiful I see nothing but gold!!!!!

  43. Valerie H says:

    The holiday tape is so festive yet very simple. The tags are absolutely beautiful. Those will make any gift look good. Can’t believe Xmas will be here so soon. 🙂

  44. Judy Schaub says:

    Love the gift bags and tags. I especially like all of the Nordic items this season, as that was the home of my ancestors. They seem to be more authentic and simpler in design than some of the things you see today. Thanks for all the sneak peeks. Looking forward to November 21st!

  45. Linda DeVries says:

    The package tape in Christmas prints is just beautiful. I do like a well taped box before mailing. I have gifts traveling from the east to the west coast. The gift wrap station is gorgeous, organized, and so useful. I’m looking forward to your shows on Nov. 21st and 22nd.

  46. Karen Wilkins says:

    Loving the Christmas Packing Tape, a simple way to make plain brown packages look festive without having to wrap what is inside. Love. Love. Love.

  47. Mary Lee says:

    Just love the 30 gift tags with ribbon! They always make my packages complete–I especially like the Christmas tree to dress up ribbons and gift bags. The holiday wrap and tool holder is a great idea too! Thank you Anna!

  48. Lori Lemley says:

    I love the packing tape. I have to ship several packages out this year and I think the tape will add to the festivities.

  49. Gisela says:

    I am so excited just got my auto shipment of the Fancy Flips Cards Set.. I am going to be working on these after dinner.. Ha . I am in southern California. so its only 4:45.pm..
    Shall be watching the craft channel for sure as I will still be working on these flip cards at 2 am …

    Oh yes I love the wrapping dispenser.. Thank you for a chance to win these great items to make holidays extra fancy .

  50. Deborah Marean says:

    Love all the items! The convenience of the chic wrap gift wrap is going to help make for a stress free holiday. Thank you once again Anna!

  51. Linda Valoy says:

    When I was in 9th grade Home Ec. class my teacher showed us how to wrap packages professionally and I have love wrapping gifts ever since. I am going to use the poinsettia dies to make flowers instead of bows. That’s my favorite of the season. I finally got the terrific tags yesterday and they will add the final AG look. SO Happy.

  52. Granny D says:

    Do love the new stuff Anna, especially the packing tape, just adds a little something to those items I have to ship to the Grandkids back east. (miss having those little ones here….sniffle, sniffle)

  53. Debra Spencer says:

    I LOVE the gift wrapping station…. I love wrapping more than putting in bags.
    YAY CHRISTMAS…MY FAV time of the year.

    Thanks Anna. Wish I could come in November, maybe next year, if you have it. I’ll be 60 next yr and plan to celebrate ALL YEAR if The Lord bless me to continue breathing & be in good health.

  54. Diane says:

    I love the idea that holiday gift wrap of all kinds was included for Christmas this year. However, choosing which one to use first will be a dilemma for me. I love the bags but I also love the holiday gift wrap tape. One of my personal favorites is also the little holiday gift purses to use as attachments on the outside of your packages also.

  55. Elaine Golling says:

    These wrapping products are so awesome!
    Thank you for the chance to win them !! The tape will cheer up the postal & UPS workers, too!

  56. darilyn ziegler says:

    My favorite for this season’s gift wrapping is Christmas Packing Tape! 🙂 Our blessed family and friends, coworkers and students will see this first on their gifts and be even more excited to open them! 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

    Everyone enjoy,


  57. Hadassah DeRamus says:

    Dear Anna Griffin and company I just want to thank you for all the outstanding work you all do. You really make things easier for my life. I volunteer at my local nursing home with a few family members. Since doing so the patients health or better yet moral has increased or gotten better. I loved this news. I fund all if this with my own money , I am 17 years old and it is such a joy for me. Your kits are amazing and they really love creating with them. Thanks and keep the products coming!

  58. Coletta Cooper says:

    I so wanted to order your gift wrap dispenser when it aired on HSN but had already reached my limit!! Hiw wonderful if I win it and all of these great gift wrapping items!

  59. Nefertiti Gibson says:

    My students call me the box, tag, and bag lady. I love to make them all. I often give my students a treat bag after a really good week, a tag that doubles as a ttag, or a mystery box.

  60. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Happy Wednesday. WOW to the bags and the tags to go with. I always live it all. Oh yeah to the paper dispenser. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  61. barb macaskill says:

    All I am going to say is MEMEMEMEME! Please!! LOVE the Chic Wrap box! It is like you crawled inside my head and took this idea out and created a real live version of it!! WOW!

  62. Terry Frye says:

    Well, I hope you truly do get your packages. They have continued to tell me different stories. My items have been in the ship status for three days some for five. No tracking activity at all. Next week will make a month and I will be paying another flex pay for items I don’t have. It’s getting frustrated and my patience have ran out.

  63. Marcia Long says:

    All the items are wonderful, as usual for making gift wrapping merry and bright! But my favorite would be the Christmas Gift Bags! Gift bags are my go to if I have an oddly shaped item, or just need to wrap a gift up in a hurry. Anna you help us sparkle like a holiday with your wonderful gift wrap items!

  64. Sheri Grounds says:

    I am soooooo excited about the gift wrapping options, especially the paper dispenser!!!! I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart (it’s a song, but I think it fits the situation). Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do to match with all my decorations.
    Love ya Anna,
    Sheri G

  65. Treava Dildine says:

    I love all your products Anna! I really like the packing tape it will add a nice touch to my packages this year!

  66. Victoria Figueroa says:

    Everything is fantastic as usual. The gift wrap dispenser would be the one thing that would make it so easy to wrap gifts this year. I like the tape in the pretty christmas designs, even brown boxes can look classy. Thanks for all you do and a Merry Christmas to you and your team. You guys are so creative.

  67. Melanie B says:

    While I love that gift wrap dispenser – anything that organizes gets extra points – the Christmas packing tape is what made my little heart go pitty-pat. Just love it!

  68. Jennifer Burrell says:

    All these items will make everything merry for the holidays. Thank you for doing such a good job. Merry Christmas.

  69. Sue F says:

    Anna and team, your Christmas items are extra beautiful this season. The gift bags, tags, tape and wrap dispenser are all so helpful. I am still awaiting purchases from Oct 4 & 5th, sigh….but patience is a virtue. I will be extra happy when they arrive. Have a great time at Create everyone!

  70. Bonnie says:

    Let me be the first to wish a Merry Christmas. Now is the time to finish lists, dream up holiday plans and get excited for the holiday season. So, Merry Christmas to you and everyone for a special and joyous Christmas, thankful for all we have.

  71. Ronnie S says:

    The wrapping system is a must have! Once again Anna you are an incredible innovator! How do you know what I want when I don’t??

  72. Karen Kleinert says:

    Now that we made all cards and gifts we have something great to wrap them in. Makes me want it to be December right NOW!

  73. Terri Stiefel says:

    I like the decorative tape! Everything is beautiful, but when I saw that-I thought that would add such a nice touch when sending gifts in the mail! My daughter is in college and I know she would be tickled to get a package with that on it!

  74. Mary says:

    Anna, the holidays mean so much for so many . I will be PROUD to present my gifts no matter how big or small in your new beautiful designs .

  75. Brenda Scheiman says:

    I love having gift bags around, these look awesome. i always have “spare” gifts around for last minute guests and have a bag ready to fill is great and fast.

  76. Sandy H says:

    How nice that we can make all of our packages beautiful with the packing tape and make life a little merry for the Postal workers and UPS guys who work so extra hard during the holiday rush…your great ideas multiply our happiness and let us pass it on to so many others…which is the TRUE meaning of joy isn’t it? Thanks for being a “Joy spreader”
    Love, Sandy H

  77. Brenda L. says:

    As usual everything is beautiful! I think it would be especially fun to receive a package sealed with the Christmas Packing Tape. It should bring a smile to the delivery person’s face too.

  78. Judy Whitley says:

    Wonderful choices as always. My dispenser is on delayed shipping due to HSNs shipping debacle. The packing tape and beautiful bags are first on my order in Nov. Thank you for everything. Also glad to have your blog back up. too.Need my Anna “fix”!!

  79. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is fabulous. After all our Christmas gifts are wrapped, we can outfit it with our all occasion gift wrap as well. It would be nice to have it used all year long.

  80. Yvonne Kass says:

    I love all your crafty and beautiful ideas. I love the package tape this year. I always print out my address labels with a cute holiday font and now I can add them to my packages with your wonderful tape. I may not even have to wrap the presents inside because they will already look wrapped.

  81. Kristy Hedstrand says:

    I love everything, but especially the gift bags. Getting too lazy to wrap presents in my old age and the bags make the presentation still beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

  82. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, thanks for your kind words for my friend, Kathi, on the 1st sneak peak. Well, Ho ho ho I gotta see Anna’s show on HSN! It is all so fun, creative and positive. The gift bags were my favorite; but after watching the video my favorite is The Packing Tape with your fun designs!

  83. Mewsmomtoo says:

    Hi, Love it all, but I think my favorite is the gift wrap dispenser. Pretty paper & very functional, can’t beat that combo. Thanksgiving week just got a little more special with the addition of your shows! Thank you.

  84. Alyce Burke says:

    Creativity gone wild! Love it all. I am such a Christmas person that anything to gift with is a dream. Thank you, Anna!

  85. Tricia Anderson says:

    I love the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser, a perfect addition to my craft room. Thank you making gift wrapping chic and enjoyable.

  86. A.LAUBER says:

    OH MY WHERE DO I START. ….Anna all your products are exquisite WINNERS! Making wonderful gifts, cards, DIY projects, or craft items using your creations makes me feel soooo pampered and elegant! Choosing a favorite is very difficult – although, the gift wrapping box is such a terrific idea and tool for making it easy to cover gifts!

  87. Amy Chouinard says:

    Already bought paper dispenser 🙂 so packing tape or gift bags!!!!! Thank you, love your things.

  88. Diane Phillips says:

    I send lots of gifts thru the mail so the packing tape would be a great way to make a brown box festive, great idea.

  89. Myrna Hartley says:

    ***, all these items are gorgeous but I over the moon for your Wrapping paper cutting machine, even though I have one, Those papers are gorge.


  90. Nancy says:

    The gift bags are a must have! The paper and dispenser would be great to have too. Oh heck, I like it all!

  91. Marie says:

    They are all stunning products, but if I could afford only one it would have to be the tape.
    You can do so much with the tape

  92. Kathleen Horvath says:

    This sneak peek has all I need to sit down with my cup of hot cider and start wrapping gifts this Christmas. Good luck, everyone!

  93. Kathleen Lundman says:

    Love all of your cool packaging for the holidays. The gift bags are great and I love the tapes also. Everything looks wonderful so can’t wait to see it all on HSN!!!!

  94. Jean Hming says:

    the gift wrapping tape looks amazing!!! I just got my gift wrap paper set today It is so beautiful and big !!! that will come in so handy this year ,my paper is always a mess, now I have a great place to keep it!! Thank you!!!

  95. Marge Overmyer says:

    Happy Holidays. I am preparing my Christmas cards, and then it is onto the wrapping of the gifts, which I hope will include your awesome Gift wrapping station. With all the new product I received today from HSN, I am in Anna Griffin heaven. What a great day.

  96. Tammy says:

    Love the gift wrap station. I make pretty bows all the time and all of these will make my presents extra special.

  97. Frances McAdams says:

    I just love the packing tape. Now I have a fun way to identify packages and only I know the tape codes!

  98. Susan Little says:

    Believe it or not, it’s the packing tape! They look great and will make every package beautiful in the making…

  99. Cindy Haselip says:

    I would absolutely love to have the gift wrap container. It is wonderful. I saw it before and fell in love with it.

  100. Carol Coleman says:

    Love the gift bags. I got the wrap dispenser during last HSN show hope to see addl paper avail to purchase for this system

  101. Robin Greason says:

    The Gift Wrap Dispenser is calling out to me. I like that it keeps paper organized inside itself. The gifts that I give out will have glow around them and will stand out.

  102. Janice Kruse says:

    I love it all! As always it is so very hard to select a favorite, I would be thrilled to have any of the Gift Wrapping Items. I especially love the Christmas Wrapping Tape and the Tags. I have difficulty doing up packages due to the arthritis in my hands and always make such a mess of them, the beautiful Christmas Tape would really help add beauty to them. Thank you Anna for creating these lovely things.

  103. Robin in Washington says:

    Oh Anna my Dear
    You’re outdone yourself
    With you on board
    Who needs an Elf?

    Pick one you say?
    Then I’d have to tap
    The Beautiful, The Marvelous,
    The Dispenser of Wrap!

    Happy Holidays Anna!

  104. Sharon Voge says:

    The gift bags and tags are a great addition to my new Anna gift wrap box and wrapping paper. Love the designs.

  105. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 Hello Anna! I am excited to see all of the fancy gift wrappings. Love the packing tapes especially. 🙂

  106. Donna Pomeroy says:

    Do I only pick one? Oh my goodness, they are all awesome. I am especially excited about the Christmas packing tape. Soooooo many ideas for using this. Can’t wait to see you on HSN and go shopping.

  107. Gayle K. says:

    Love all the Christmas gift wrap and tape. I love to wrap packages for everyone to open up no matter what their age is …

  108. MARCIA FAULKNER says:

    i love the decorative tape fpr packages because it turns a brown box into an interesting and decorative Christmas gift!

  109. Kate says:

    I love wrapping Christmas gifts and didn’t get the wrapping dispenser…I love all of Anna’s gift wrap products and can’t wait to see it!

  110. Lisa Lesshafft says:

    Chic Wrap gift wrap dispenser has got to be on the top of my list! I think it is such a wonderful handy item to have on hand! Thank you for such great items and wonderful ideas!

  111. Jane says:

    The only thing I dislike about the holidays is the gift wrapping and I’ve never been very good at it. These wrapping items would certainly help my gifts look professional! I love them all!

  112. sheryl brogato says:

    Hard to get excited about new things while last shows products are bought and paid for and still not at my door. HO HO HUM!

  113. Nitza Aviles says:

    I don’t know why I’m surprised everything is so beautiful, I already know the quality and beauty in the name. Love the gift wrap dispenser and all the rest too

  114. Kathleen K says:

    There was a problem with HSN delivery and I have been waiting since the October show for the items I ordered. Just got an email saying they will be delivered tomorrow. I bought seven items that day and wanted the gift wrap container but couldn’t swing it. I love all Anna’s things. I am so excited about tomorrow. It’s like Christmas. I can’t wait to get home from work and open my boxes!!

  115. Susie G. says:

    As always, more great products. I really am hoping to get the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser this time. Just could not swing it in October. The design is great. Anything “Anna” is beautiful and good quality. HSN finally shipped my items. They arrived today. Time to start making cards and tags!

  116. Jackie Ruble says:

    I am really loving the gift tags, useful and beautiful. So many tags on the market are aimed at children and these are elegant and “grown up”. Thank you, Anna.

  117. Patricia Ladd says:

    Ho, Ho, Ho. You are gearing us up for Christmas. The gift wrapping box is spectacular, but the the packing tape is my favorite.

  118. Sally Zloty says:

    I’m a gift bag person. I love using them and receiving them, and Anna, yours are just beautiful!

  119. Jenny says:

    I love love love the Chic Wrap gift wrap dispenser. It is so pretty and practical. I can’t tell you how many times I am looking for tape or scissors during the holidays. Thanks for creating beautiful products.

  120. Laura says:

    I love it all, of course! The gifts bags are beautiful, and the packing tape is going to spread holiday cheer everywhere!

  121. Kathy Carol says:

    The packing tape is great! I will be sending many packages and this will make them so festive from the moment they arrive!

  122. susan says:

    Everything you do is always so beautiful. The packing tape is an awesome idea. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  123. Donna Sue says:

    I love the tags and could really use them! The packing tape is adorable & what a great idea – much better than the clear I always use. Whoo Hoo!

  124. Teresa says:

    Anna everything is beautiful but if I had to pick one it would be the wrapping station! It’s the greatest idea!

  125. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna & team!!

    I just love the packaging tape! That is awesome! Great idea! The bags & tags are beautiful too! Better still, is this wrapping station that keeps everything handy and neat! You ROCK Ms. Anna!
    Thank you and have a blessed day!! 😉

  126. Dottie Butler says:

    Just when I think you [Anna] have designed all the products, you did it again!!! I love these kits/products — all will be on my must have shopping list for the November shows. If I have to pick my #1 it’d be the the gift tags. I never seem to have enough of them. #2 would be the decorative tapes & dispenser. THANK YOU — THANK YOU — THANK YOU Anna — you & your design team are amazing!!!

  127. Cheryl Stone says:

    The gift paper dispenser is brilliant. I want one of these for sure. I will be making those poinsettia flowers; they are fabulous.. Thanks for all this Christmas joy!

  128. Lillian L says:

    Love that wrapping box station so handy to keep all the paper together. .. Your gift bags are a great idea… it will be a anna griffin Christmas with cards gift card holders and now gift wrap,bags and tape and tags. I would be very happy to win it all

  129. Trudy Faris says:

    I love the bags. Finally received my order from HSN today. The tag dies would be perfect for the bags as well. Love the tape as well. All such good ideas for Christmas wrapping!!!!

  130. Shannon says:

    Of course all the items are great as always but I believe I like the tags the best. But so hard to decide. the bags are new touch and I really would like to try those for sure!

  131. Sandra Evans says:

    Love all 4 items but I guess my favorite would be the gift wrapping station. But those gift bags would look very pretty under the tree. But then you would need the tape and tags to finish up your presents. Decisions, decisions! I don’t need this kind of pressure of picking just one of your beautiful products. Looking forward to Oct. 5th.

  132. Rose from Kokomo says:

    Hi Anna,
    My favorite is the Christmas packing tape! What a great idea. It will be perfect to use on my niece’s Christmas gift that is being sent to Iraq this year. I know she will appreciate the festive reminder of home as she serves our country. Thank you so much Anna.

  133. Diana R says:

    Love it all. You have thought and done everything to make a successful and beautiful Holiday! Love your work, and creativity!

  134. Aurora Riffee says:

    Well I like the Christmas labels, the Packaging tape, what else, oh yes, the gift bags. That means I like it all. Anna, you think of everything!!!! I feel like a kid writing to Santa, making a list of all my wishes.

  135. Susan Evans says:

    Love all these gift wrapping items. It will make the holidays so much easier. Would love to win this!

  136. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I use decorative tape for birthday packages too. I have a roll by you Anna that says Merry Christmas. Don;t remember where I got it.

  137. Joanne S says:

    I am so excited. I received the TWO gift wrap organizers I ordered from HSN today and then I saw the gift bags. I need both because I wrap presents and then put them in gift bags.

  138. Barbara Moos says:

    I love all of the gift wrapped packages at Christmas. If I had to pick a favorite I would pick the gift wrap dispenser to make it easier to wrap all of the gifts. I also love the holiday take for packages and why not make our gifts and packages stand out from the rest. As usual amazing items!. I got my order from the last show finally yesterday and am so excited to use them all.

  139. Linda says:

    Your GIFT WRAPPING STATION is the best idea ever…….all in one and light weight and stores easily. Thank you !

  140. Linda says:

    I love the gift wrap box and I want the TAPE. I love the gift bags. I want them all. I love your crafts in your gold I get all I can. Thanks Linda.

  141. Gale says:

    These are all so special. I really like the bags, however the packaging tape looks like a fun way to wrap boxes.

  142. Sue A says:

    Your gift tags are favorites. Last year’s tag were just the best. Can’t wait to try this years. thank you Anna!

  143. Patti jhones Jhones says:

    I am sooooo ready to start Christmas….I have already got some presents for grandchildren…time to wrap and enjoy the look of tree and pretty presents…..we celebrate Christmas with them the week after …so we can spoil spoil spoil!!!!…the whole season I love the pretty creations and lights and worship birth of Jesus. Create….I’m ready for that too!!!!!

  144. Kim Salmela says:

    Anna, you are so amazing! How do you keep coming up with these amazingly beautiful things, I NEED!!

  145. Dawn Winterrowd says:

    The gift wrap, tape & sacks are wonderful! Gift wrapping is my “thang”. Lol. To the point that people say they are too pretty to open. I would love to add your beautiful designs to my gifts!

  146. Connie Johnson says:

    Oh Anna, I want to win all these things so I can give them to my sister for her birthday. She loves wrapping beautiful presents and I know she’d appreciate everything. Not that I wouldn’t love to have them myself, but I would do without for my sister.

    Last year, I made her a box of boxes (from your Cricut cartridges) and boy did I make her happy. Ain’t love fun???

  147. Vernia says:

    I am loving everything, but my favorite would have to be the bags.
    I would not have to decorate myself this year,.
    Thank you

  148. Bev L says:

    Those gift bags are the greatest. It is so easy to just pop a gift in some tissue paper and put in the pretty bag. I love the wrapping paper box which makes wrapping bigger packages a snap. Thanks Anna. Can;t wait to see you on the 21 and 22.

  149. Cheryl Wrede says:

    All of my family lives on the opposite side of the country so I never see them open their gifts. I spend almost as much time in the wrapping and package toppers as I do making the gifts lol I want them all to know how much they mean to me. And now with your packing tape even the shipping boxes will look special!

  150. Dyanne Hohler says:

    I love all your stuff !!!!! You never disappoint me. This time I really really love the paper holder. Love the place for scissors and tape too. And the fact that it is gold !!!!!! Can’t wait for Nov. to get here.

  151. Dianne McDonald says:

    I love the packing tape. I cannot wait to make the outside of shipping boxes as beautiful as the inside. Thank you!

  152. Lois De Valk says:

    I like the packing tape. Since I mail out Christmas gifts each year it would make them so very pretty.

  153. sharon abraham says:

    love the packing tape. How cool is that. Thanks Anna for all the cool items to purchase for the holiday. Hugs Sharon Abraham

  154. Maggie Barnett says:

    Oh I can’t wait to get me some of that tape that is so cute! I love it now we need Anna Griffin Christmas postage stamps hurry up!

  155. Sandra Looney says:

    Love love love the bags and also the gift wrapping station, I guess you could say I love everything Anna!!!!!!

  156. Laura Fenske says:

    wow, how to make gift wrapping more festive and easier to do with everything right together.. love it

  157. Jeri Phillips says:

    Love it all but especially love the decorative tapes. Makes me want to get home and make something!

  158. Carol says:

    Love, Love, Love EVERYTHING! However, the Gift Wrap Dispenser is something I really NEED!

    Thank you Anna, your products are all fabulous. You and your staff create amazing treasures for us crafters and make our creations a joy to make.

  159. Mary Bishop says:

    I love the packing tape! Now my boxes on the outside can look as cute as my homemade Anna Griffin cards on the inside…. Bring on the Ho Ho Ho!

  160. Dale L. says:

    Christmas Gift Bags are beautiful! The coordinates just making everything so special for the holidays. You continue to design beautifully; thank you!

  161. L. Lynn Lane says:

    My favorite is the wrap dispenser. I’m a little **** about my wrapping (I use double sided tape so you can see the tape from the outside of the package). The dispense would help me make my cuts more perfect. FINALLY got my goodies from Craft Day!! Can’t wait to open the boxes!

  162. Carol Hill says:

    Awsome, love the grift warping box, every year I’m on the table or floor trying to warp gifts. This is so great, would love to have it. Tags and die’s are the next much have, let’s not forget the tape set wow, who could not want it. I have to send gifts out of town, and brown paper is so boring, the pretty tape’s will make them awsome and I think it will cheer up mail man to.

  163. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Anna you have figured out to create the best wrapping & packaging center the better than any of the rest available!

  164. Barbara says:

    As always your items are top notch, but do so fancy the wrap dispenser and would enjoy crafting with all the items

  165. Leah Womack says:

    WOW !!! I would really like the dispenser, cutting gift wrap just got easier. The Christmas tags are next, then the gift sacks.
    Well, maybe all of it.

  166. Doreen says:

    Although any box or bag wrapped with your items is a present onto itself, I think my packages mailed out would look all the more special and say “Anna” if decorated with the packaging tape. Lovely.

  167. Paula Jackson says:

    The gift bags and 3D tags are absolutely gorgeous. But I also love the wrapping paper and dispenser. My sister always has the most stunning packages, but I do believe that with all of these items I just might be able to top her this year!!

  168. Shana says:

    What no more trips to buy plain bags to embellish? How will I spend all that time? Waiting for the ups guy to delivery while I bake cookies! And thanking you Anna G and team.

  169. Lisa :P says:

    Oh my, I want it all !!!! Who thought I could be in love with packing tape. Anna will be helping me make the holidays amazing 🙂

  170. Michelle Pedigo Toops says:

    I have been looking for something like this gift wrapping dispenser for a long time. I’d love to have that because i really need it. I collect wrapping paper.Lol

  171. Deeschimmoller says:

    WOW I so love the gift bags but the gift wrap dispenser looks amazing and would love everything !!!

  172. Angelina Flaherty says:

    My Granddaughter, 10 years old, has been wrapping a gift for her Mom & Dad at my house since she was a toddler. I know it would make it easier with the wrap dispenser but the gift bags would be her choice this year because they are beautiful! Her twin brothers have also been wrapping, but she is the crafty one. I know the gorgeous tags would finish their gifts special this year. See you on HSN this November!! Keep bringing us your best!

  173. Jane McKenzie says:

    Love them all and since all my family live in other towns, I do lots and lots of mailing! These are perfect!

  174. Jane says:

    You showed a picture of what I am going to do this year. I already started cutting out your Poinsettia dies. I am going to put one on the top of each package in different colors. Pretty neat if you ask me.

  175. Ellen says:

    I am so impressed and love the holiday packaging tape. It adds a whole new concept to packaging. I just received my Chic wrap dispenser today so I am also very impressed and can’t wait to use it!!

  176. Bonnie A says:

    Wow, I love it all but the gift wrap organizer has got to be the best! I love wrapping packages but trying to get the paper straight without tearing it is almost impossible. Here’s the third hand we’ve been waiting for!

  177. Sue Swanson says:

    I love the tape. I received my gift wrap box today and it is wonderful. I will always know where my wrapping paper is. Best of all I no longer will have torn or crinkled edges on my paper. The gift box holder holds four large rolls of wrapping paper.

  178. Arlene Vastano says:

    Hi Anna! I love the gift wrap dispenser! This will really help cutting a straight line! Ha. And I love those tags! They can double as heirloom ornaments. Some of our favorite ones were cardboard cut into animals and totally glittered in white. We love looking at them every year. Very nostalgic! These tags can also be used like those!

  179. Jill Wilson says:

    I really, really love the gift wrap paper dispenser, that is a great idea! & item to have for sure!!! I just love everything you come out with, as I admit I’m a die hard Anna fan! Such beautiful products, gives us wonderful results and very top quality. Thank You Anna!

  180. Susan m. says:

    Your not leaving out anything Anna for us to be able to create beautiful things for the holidays from cards to stamps to gift wrap to tape and all the tools to do it with. I love the new tape, the gift bags and the tags. Just more to make things more beautiful. Thank you again for all you do for us to be able to create such beautiful things.

  181. Judyaa says:

    I love Christmas and the preparation for this special day. The beautiful bags are going to make it easier to wrap those unusual size gifts. The paper dispenser will make the boxed gifts look nicer. Thank you for taking my creativity to another level.

  182. Shelly Segalla says:

    Nice Anna!! I’m put on spot to choose once again. I really love the gift bags and of course, the tags. I guess that’s two things…. but I love them both:)
    Thanks for your hard work Anna!!

  183. Sharon K says:

    I love all of them I could have the most beautiful Christmas presents this year under my tree.
    Thank you

  184. Brenda Owen says:

    I just love the gift wrap dispenser. I had one on order but there was a hiccup and the company deleted it out on me and then was not too sorry about it. Guess it was meant to be. You have come up with some other wonderful items also, like the tape and the bags. Always a super job.

  185. Andrea Manda says:

    Hi Anna. I just love all the Christmas wrappings and tags!! I bought gift tags last year but would love to have the shopping bags!! I am looking forward to the November shows!!!!

  186. Karen Boothe says:

    Great items! The gift wrapping tape is especially new and fresh, perfect Anna-touch for those brown packages. Thanks Anna!

  187. Crista schwandt says:

    Would love the gift wrap dispenser, sure would make the wraping time shorter…. Love the gift tapes as well. ☺ Way to go Anna !!!!!

  188. kim gilmour says:

    dispenser box is awesome and I love the tape and tags. As always all too beautiful to choose just one favorite.

  189. Bonnie says:

    glad Anna came up with the perfect wrapping station… another great idea for Anna and her design team

  190. Linda Scott says:

    Love everything Anna Griffin! My favorite has to be the Gift tags and labels! Although everything is awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to win these items! God bless!

  191. Malinda Langley says:

    I love the gift wrap station. I normally wrap more gifts than I do gift bagging, but the bags are also pretty.

  192. Brenda says:

    I’m the gift wrapper in my family, so I love everything. My favorite is the packing tape though because it’s such a fun easy way to send pretty packages.

  193. Judy Mink says:

    Would love to win this group of Christmas items! I have already ordered the gift wrap box and need the rest to go with it! Can’t wait for November!

  194. Nereida Paris says:

    Ooo, I love the gift bags! Oh, and the gift wrap dispenser is the best! What a great way to keep gift wrap nice and tidy. Mine is always torn along the edges when I store it from year to year. Thanks for bringing such great products to us.

  195. JoAnn Williams says:

    Hi Anna, You’ve done it again! All the lovely present presentations. My favorite is the wrapping station. Thank you for all you creativity.

  196. kathy says:

    I just love the gift wrap dispenser. It is great for someone who fumbles with gift paper. There would be less waste of paper for me.

  197. Gracia Lanza says:

    So nice Anna!!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!! These ideas of gift packing are just great

  198. Holly Hatch says:

    The gift wrapping box is PERFECT. I’ve been looking for something like that for years!!! Thanks, Anna, for your great ideas.

    P.S. Love all your new videos. You’ve been a busy lady.

  199. Amy Crane says:

    Anna, such rich-looking items!! Everything looks elegant.

    The paper dispenser will be ‘indispensable’ for beautiful wrappings. I also like the tags; they add such flair to everything.

    Best wishes for wonderful holidays!!

  200. Barbara Smith from Crofton says:

    The Christmas Gift Bags are a wonderful idea! They will solve many of our problems when it comes to wrapping oddly shaped “treasures” for our friends and family.

  201. Christina Fleischer says:

    I love the tags and also the gift wrapping set! Great idea and would make a beautiful addition to my craft area!

  202. shirl barksdale says:

    Always love the sneak previews of new crafts for Christmas.. Looking forward to all the new and getting my Christmas list ready for my friends and family. Its my favorite time of year.

  203. Debbie McMillen says:

    Good afternoon,
    You spend so much time purchasing the perfect gift, now you can give it in style. The new bags and packaging tape are great. I need to ship presents to family, so now the shipping box can be festive as well. Thank you

  204. KAREN says:


  205. Sharli Jones says:

    I love the Bags! I will probably need to order several of them. Of course I love them all. Thank you for making our lives more beautiful!

  206. Alice Goehrig says:

    Love the wrapping paper dispenser and the holiday packing tape. Of course everything you touch is great.

  207. Donna Mierzwa says:

    I love it all, but my favorite is the wrapping paper cutter……. or the tape…… or……. all of it!!!

  208. Linda Kirchner says:

    Anna, everything looks great. I love gift wrapping and decorating. All of today’s items would make the most awesome packages!

  209. Teggy says:

    I’m absolutely loving the decorative packing tape. Wow! I’ll have to trade in my colorful duct tape for Anna’s beautiful tape!

  210. Beth Williams says:

    Love the wrapping tape and the wrapping paper dispenser. You just keep bringing us grat things. Would love to win.

  211. Karen L. says:

    What gorgeous holiday treats! Bags, tape, tags, and beautiful paper. You have everything covered. How handy the gift wrap dispenser would be.

  212. Tami says:

    Hello Anna and team! Love the new items! I switched to bags as I did not like cutting paper…. I can’t cut a straight line….argh! The gift wrapping station is a wish come true!! Love the decorated packing tape too! Now I still like gift bags…but this makes it so pretty to have both under the tree! Such beautiful paper and bags!!

  213. Lillie V Keeton says:

    As a senior citizen on a limited budget, all of the bags and packing tapes would be a great help to me. I live in Florida and most of my family live in Kentucky, so gifts have to be mailed.

  214. MelodyVanderlaan says:

    I can’t wait to get my gift wrap dispenser with gift wrap and I love the gift bags too, stunning!!!!

  215. Susan P. says:

    I love the gift wrapping station. Would be great for a change to have a straight edge! Also LOVE the tags!..
    Can’t wait!

  216. Patricia Coddington says:

    I ordered the paper and dispenser from HSN the last time you were on. I haven’t received it yet but Im anxiously awaiting…Fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing all the new goodies. TTFN!

  217. Peggy Kroupa says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. An Anna Griffin Christmas, but what could be more beautiful than that.

  218. Carol Arrington says:

    Especially love the gift wrap set with box. You had me at “cut a straight line” Looks really super.

  219. Nancy Haines says:

    For years I have done my bags with Anna’s card leftovers…just love these items! Thank you for focusing on gift bags!

  220. Andrea Carmon says:

    I love taking time and making each package special. All of these items will be needed for me this year! Great work, Anna!

  221. Patricia Sugden says:

    Love the packaging tape and the gift wrap box. Fantastic that there is a spot for holding the scissors and tape.

  222. Joy says:

    I’m so excited about the gift bags and the packing tape. The bags look so gorgeous. I can’t wait to use them.

  223. Phyllis says:

    Hi Anna. I am a new card maker. . I love your kits.I was wondering would it be possible to design a kit for your jewish friends for chanukkah . This year it is being celebrated at the same time as Christmas.
    May be a kit having, Chanukkah, Jewish New Year’ mand Passover. I am sure you would have lots a your friends buying this unique kit. Thanks,m I love,love all your kits.

  224. RaVonna Johnson says:

    Wow, I love everything here. My favorite thing to do when wrapping for the holidays is to use paper and tags, etc. that match to carry out a theme.

  225. Marjorie Estey says:

    The gift wrap station is awesome. I do love the packing tape. It makes holiday packages so festive and fun. Thank you once again.

  226. D T Cooper says:

    I love the gift wrap dispenser. I could use the beautiful bags also. You are making Christmas so special this year.

  227. Joann says:

    I love all the items to make our gifts as pretty as our cards. It is all beautiful, but I think the bags are my fav 🙂

  228. Linda Kaufman says:

    I love all of your items, but I’m still waiting on several items that I purchased from HSN on 10/5/16. I’m a little hesitant purchasing more if that’s a sign for the future. I’ve called customer service, but am unable to get a definite answer as to why the delay. I don’t know if this is the place to mention it, but I feel you should know. I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. Thank you for listening AG.

  229. Linda B. says:

    All great products to enhance our holiday gift giving. For me the absolute must have is the Gift Wrapping Station. I can not cut a straight line to save my life!! No more hiding a terrible cutting job & hoping nobody notices. Thank you!!!!

  230. Yvonne Duran says:

    Love the Chick Wrap gift wrap station. What a great way to have everything in one place and be able to cut a straight line.

  231. Tammy Whitley says:

    I think the gift wrap station is awesome. I completely hate cutting paper and its always crooked. This cutting station looks like it was made for me!!!! Thank you Anna!!!!

  232. Lynette Star says:

    I love the gift bags. They look way more exciting than a regular boring gift bag that you buy in a store. Anna, you keep coming up with great products. Thanks

  233. Jolie says:

    I have all Anna Griffin Christmas stuff….to make my boxes look pretty under the tree this year; all I need is that gift wrap dispenser….

  234. Sylvia J Fox says:

    I love the bags! Gorgeous. And the decorative tape is wonderful as well, and will decorate my packages that are filled with my Rum Cakes that I ship every year to all my orders. Bless you, Anna.

  235. Tamera Broadaway says:

    Love the wrapping paper holder/station!!! Keeping everything organized!! The printed packing tape is also pretty cool!!!

  236. Gloria Fogal says:

    I wrap a lot of gifts and would love the gift wrapping center cutter. It would make this season’s gift wrapping a lot easier. I also liked your tape – that would come in handy!

  237. Irene P. says:

    Dear Anna, wow,what can I say,everything is just what we need.The gifts will look smashing. Thank you for making things easy for us. IreneP.

  238. Melanie Proffitt says:

    I love that wrapping paper station. Wow…just the ticket for good looking packages. Thank you.

  239. Mary says:

    I love wrapping gifts for Christmas. So the gift wrap dispenser will be an ideal way to ensure pretty packages with just the right amount of paper. Topping off the presents with the pretty gift tags will make for a lovely gift display under the tree.

  240. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I am a wrap-aholic when it comes to holidays and special occasions. I can see myself getting a lot of use from the gift wrap dispenser set!

  241. Antoinette Portanova says:

    Love that tape. Would love to have it all. I haven’t received anything from Anna that I have not enjoyed and loved having. The quality of her items is fantastic.

  242. Karen Arnett says:

    Love them all! My favorite is the Christmas Packaging Tape because I like to make the outside of my packages look as beautiful as the inside.

  243. Nicole Miller says:

    Wow,once again you have combined your outstanding taste and incredible functionality for the gift wrap dispenser!! I am always in awe of how you continue to provide the most down to earth products that are gorgeous!!

  244. Mrs. A says:

    I am looking forward to the Chic Gift Wrap Dispenser arriving soon. I ordered it Oct. 4th and it remains undelivered.

  245. Siggy Martin says:

    Perfect timing on the gift bags. I am in need of gift bags since all my x mas gifts are coming in. Looking forward November. Thanks Anna!

  246. Priscilla Thibault says:

    The packaging tape is something I don’t have, and I can always use more tags and bags. Everything is so pretty!

  247. Pat Gillen says:

    The 3-D’s are so amazing. I can’t wait for my sisters-in-law to see their Christmas packages decorated with Anna Griffin goodies. Thank you, Anna.

  248. Joan LoBrutto says:

    I love the Gift Wrapping Station.To be able to cut the wrapping paper straight with no effort is going to make wrapping presents fun again. Also love the tags to put on the gifts they are like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

  249. Paulette King says:

    Allo Anna,
    Your Christmas tapes dispenser is so festive. Love, love it and all the rest too. Never have enough of Anna Griffin’s products! You’re the best….Aurevoir

  250. Kim griffin says:

    I love the wrapping paper, but the tape is what I’m interested in. My daughter is in the army, South Korea, sending her a box decorated I think the tape would make her day.

  251. Jane R says:

    WOWZA! These products will make gift-wrapping exceptionally elegant and beautiful! LOVE them all. Thank you Anna and Co for all you do for all of us!!!

  252. Kelly Wood says:

    I love the tags and labels and the wrapping dispenser. Love gave beautiful tags for my gifts and when wrapping, I always lose my tape or scissors and that would save me time.

  253. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The Gift Bags are a winner! There is nothing more handy that a beautiful bag to put a pretty present in…and in a hurry. The gold n snowflakes is just breathtaking. Thanks for the help in putting some easy beauty into the holidays.

  254. Faye Kimrey says:

    The gift bags are a great idea especially for those who have difficulty wrapping. These are so pretty.

  255. Irene Alexander says:

    Love it all! My favorite is the chic gift wrap. I have the household kitchen version, and I just love it. So, I want to get the large Anna Griffin gift wrap version.

  256. Grama Pei says:

    Oh what wondrous items we will have this year! My favorite is the TAPE! Glorious, glorious tape! SO pretty! So festive! – But I adore the bags and the Gift Wrap center, too, of course. I SO dream of that gift wrap center! What a gorgeous luxury to own! Good luck everyone!

  257. Sue says:

    They are all very exciting & so different from Anna’s usual items. The gift bags really caught my eye as well as the gift wrap dispenser. I have arthritis in all joints & especially my hands so it is difficult to deal with rolls of large papers. But it is what I have to do for large packages & this dispenser will make that so much easier. A must have as well. Thanks, Anna, for always coming up with such new & useful products.

  258. Tracey Magner says:

    sorry, computer went dead before I finished, anyways I make each person in the family gets a different color or theme and all their presents are wrapped with their special color or paper, people think I go to so much trouble but to me I love it and it is worth it, I love making my packages looking beautiful under the tree. Can you imagine my tree this year wrapped with Anna paper and bags, WOW, that would be so cool and such an honor !!!!!

  259. Jane Forrest says:

    Love Christmas. Like you Anna , never enough tags. I have not used the holiday tape but plan on getting it.

  260. Jan Jennings says:

    What a festive twist to jazzing up your holiday boxes! My fav are the gift bags and tags, just love the more the merrier concept…

  261. Diana Kessler says:

    Love it all, especially the packaging tape as I mail several packages to distant relatives at Christmas. The tape will definitely dress up the brown paper!

  262. Karen Fabian says:

    I love, love, love the Chic Wrap gift wrap dispenser with gorgeous wrap inside. One reason why is that I have nerve damage in my hands that makes it very hard to cut in a straight line and with this set I wouldn’t have to cut my wrapping paper at all.

  263. Carolyn R. says:

    Anna, I think you have thought of everything! But I have thought that before. You just never stop doing new, new, new! I love it all. Loved the video, too!!

  264. Liz Rhames says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…Anna Griffin stlye. Anna you just keep outdoing yourself. Bags, tags, paper. Just what a girl needs.

  265. Dorothy Melton says:

    Love the new Christmas wrap, tape and tags and would love to win because at this time of the year there are too many expenses to be able to purchase them, Oh well, maybe next year

  266. Marcia Getty says:

    I love it all!! – that holiday mood is really hitting me and gift wrapping will be a breeze with all these great products!

  267. Shirley says:

    The Christmas Wrapping Paper Dispenser or “Chic Wrap” has got to be the biggest help for wrapping those Christmas gifts. It has a place for all your wrapping supplies plus an edge to tear your paper evenly. It’s all organized in one container box.

  268. Maureen m says:

    I love Christmas and I love Anna Griffin, so it looks like this year my Christmas packages here and abroad will all be “Anna Griiffin ” style, they will look so beautiful. The gift wrap dispenser is a must as is the tape ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  269. Peachy W says:

    What a beautiful wrapping set – our packages are going to be as beautiful on the outside as our handmade gifts on the inside – all because of Anna’s beautiful products!

  270. Darlene says:

    Anna, you certainly do come up with simply wonderful ideas. All of the items are beautiful and useful and, for me, it would be hard to choose just one!

  271. Susan D says:

    Oh Anna, you make everything stand out. A plain brown box or a plain red bag come to life with your touches. Beautiful!

  272. Gerry says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is my favorite. I really need it, cause I’m not very good at cutting the paper neatly. This would really help me out. Maybe then my packages would look as beautiful as yours.

  273. Donna Madsen in MN says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is my fav! Its genius! and oh those lovely packaging items! Leave it to the one and only Anna to even make the shipping handling experts have eye candy during this hectic season! How do you do it?

  274. Evelyn F says:

    The dispenser is probably my favorite.l I likek plain old wrrapping paper around my gifts.l To me gift bags are a sign of laziness.

  275. Elaine says:

    The Christmas Packing Tape is the answer to my prayer! We are a military family, with both of my sons being in the armed forces, and now my grandson too! They are scattered all over our beautiful country, with many past and future deployments. How wonderful it would be to receive a Christmas package that was decorated on the outside! You have to be careful how much decorations you put inside because of the weight. Their children would be delighted to receive such a package also! When someone volunteers to serve our country, the children and spouses do too! I have never seen a product like this, but I am sure it will become very popular! Thank you Anna!!

  276. Mary Makinen says:

    The Chic Gift wrap dispenser is #1 an the tags and labels are right with it. Of course the bags make it easy too.

  277. Casey Walters says:

    The Chic Wrap looks great. I missed out on the craft day in October, so I have to be faster this time. Everything looks great!

  278. Janie parker says:

    I don’t know how you keep coming up with all these lovely ideas but I’m thankful you do.with all these goodies how lovely Christmas will be. All I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  279. Carol says:

    I Love the Christmas Gift Tags and Labels the most, but of course, I really love it all! I’m looking forward to the shows!

  280. Bonnie W. says:

    The gift wrap dispenser is awesome and such a help when wrapping. I love the holidays and being with friends and family. Best wishes to you Anna. Bonnie W.

  281. Jane says:

    Really love the beautiful gift bag this year. The tape and dispenser is great also, I love the designs. Can’t wait until the show, one more chance to catch up on some more items.

  282. Jan Possinger says:

    You have a way of making everything looks so beautiful!
    Love what you provide for all of us that want to make things for our friends and family.

  283. Ruth Thomas says:

    I so enjoy the whole gift presentation. I will need the bags, tap, tags and the wrapping station. Everybody likes those gifts prepared with extra love. Thank you Anna.

  284. Kathleen Jimenez says:

    Oh Anna, The gift wrap paper dispenser is such a wonderful idea. To be able to store rolls of paper and cut them neatly is so fantastic. I love all your things but for this season, for me, the dispenser is the best. I have your Christmas card kits and I use the smaller cards for bag toppers and gift tags. Your cards and stickers are too wonderful just to use as cards. I ordered Cheryl’s cookies and I am using the bag toppers I made from your cards to as they say “put the icing on the cake(cookie).

  285. Marjorie Iwamoto says:

    I LOVE the wrapping paper dispenser! This is such a useful item that belongs in everyone’s home. This is so practical, I cannot comprehend why it was not invented sooner! Thank you Anna for bringing another must have item that makes wrapping gifts so easy.

  286. Paulette Eby says:

    WOW! You have really outdone yourself! I am in love with everything….would be fantastic to win all these products and be the envy of all my friends and family when they see the pkgs ubder the tree all done up in Anna Griffin style!

  287. Mary Armstrong says:

    Wow! I love wrapping presents and I have to admit I’m a bit of a gift bag/wrapping paper hoarder. My dream house would include a craft room with a gift wrapping station. Unfortunately my rolls of wrapping paper are a hot mess rolling around in an odd assortment of boxes. I desperately need organization and the Chic gift wrap dispenser would be just the thing!

  288. Ginger Marx says:

    Amazing. Anna you are the most creative woman in the world.. The bags are a gift in themselves and the tape is genius. I would be so excited to use the items for gifting as I give my Anna Christmas card with it. Thank you for making so many useful items.

  289. Teresa Edwards says:

    I would love to win all these items the wrapping paper system is great as well as the gift tags. I love Anna Griffin items so much.

  290. Cathy S. says:

    I love the new gift bags—totally something I could use. The wrapping paper and dispenser would come in handy for those gifts I don’t want to bag, like toys. Thanks for these great new items, Anna!

  291. Janet says:

    FINALLY!!! Gift wrapping!!!!! I hope that this is a “Auto ship” so we can get seasonal gift bags!!! AND … dare I see ribbon on the last photo? hmmm … Can’t wait!

  292. Tina Lesson says:

    I love the packaging tape and gift bags. I send a lot of packages out all year and the plain tape is boring I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  293. Jeanette Elliott says:

    Lovve the gift bags! Seems I never have time to wrap presents like I should. Plus I’m not a very good wrapper. Thanks Anna!

  294. Debby says:

    I just love the gift wrap dispenser!! What a wonderful tool to make gift wrapping more organized an efficient. It is on my wish list. Living in a very small space anything that helps to fight clutter and uses space efficiently is a big win with me

  295. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Dear Anna and Team,

    Love everything. I send most of my Xmas gifts out of State and these items are just perfect. Love the packing tape, They will make my gifts look festive and beautiful all at the same time. The gift tags and labels will make my packages easy to read while enhancing the gifts appearance. Like you, I want everything to look beautiful. So happy you are returning In November. Can’t wait to see you again.

    Just so you know, I was just notified my purchases from your October show are on their way. Very excited. Xmas is definitely on its way!

  296. Maryann DeMasi says:

    All the items are wonderful however I must say that the package tape is probably my most favorite. The tape can help get our package handlers in the spirit of the holiday season as they work their hardest to get our parcels to the recipients on time. It will also put a smile on the face of those lucky people receiving the parcels! It’s a really great idea and long overdue in my humble opinion. Thanks for all the great products!

  297. Lynn Fontaine says:

    The Christmas bags are a great idea. Perfect for when you don’t have the time to decorate your own bags. I purchased the fpgift wrap dispenser on the last set of shows and I just love it. Such a great idea.

  298. Abby L. says:

    These are all winners, but I especially like the gift bags! I use gift bags every year, so this would be perfect to give with my gifts.

  299. Joanne L says:

    love the packaging tape I will definitely be using that but I’ll be using it on cards all sorts of things years ago I bought packaging tape from the store and I used it on cards! I’d L♥ VE to win the packaging tape.I’ll b watching the Nov shows & DVR ing them too!

  300. Marie Marsh says:

    I love the new things. My fav is the Christmas Packing Tape. We have a lot of family in the service and we send goodie boxes to them an some soldiers that don’t really have anyone. This tape would make the gifts more festive and nice surprise!!

  301. Joan Baker says:

    All the products are extremely festive and make me feel happy just looking at them…however my favourite has to be the tags and labels … They make the gift personal and very special.
    Thank you for all the fabulous items, blogs and and sneak peeks throughout 2016.
    Wish I was coming to Create in Atlanta again. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful and successful weekend.X

  302. Kim Galvin says:

    I love them all but I think my favorite is the Christmas Gift Tags and Labels. I think that they just add that last finishing touch to a gift that says you care.

  303. Joanie Canzone says:

    I love gift bags and yours looks gorgeous! I love that they don’t end up in the trash bag
    and can be regifted and enjoyed again and again! Can’t wait to see the whole set!

  304. Carolyn says:

    oh my goodness! I can use all of these items in sneak peek 2! I love giving pretty wrapped Christmas gifts! Anna you make things so beautiful!! So no favorite this week cause I love and can use them all.

  305. Yvonne shafer says:

    Good morning! I love the gift wrap! The fact that I can have everything together is so helpful! Of course, after using the beautiful paper I’ll finish the wrapping with tape and tags! Best looking presents ever!!

  306. Doug G. says:

    It really is all about the presentation !!!! Who could go wrong with any Anna Griffin help in that department. Loving the Gift Bags and the Packing Tapes!!! They can make anything look unbelievable !!! Anna Griffin is the gift that keeps on giving ALL year round !!!!!

  307. Kathy says:

    No excuses for not liking to wrap gifts. Awesome products especially the packing tape for those boxes we mail. Just an added touch.

  308. Deborah Bode says:

    Love the gift bags! I like to embellish my bags but during the holidays don’t always have time. These would he be such a time saver!

  309. Alice Wright says:

    Oh the gift bags for sure. Years ago you had some everyday gifts bags that I loved so I’m sure the Christmas ones will be wonderful.

  310. Robert H says:

    I love your gift bags. They have always been the nicest things under the tree when I have been lucky enough to find them. Looking forward to a 2017 full of new Anna products and technology. Best Regards, R.

  311. Diane says:

    Wow!! Anna, you’ve outdone yourself again. I love all four items especially the bags and wrapping paper. I just finished making all my Christmas cards and now you’re putting me in a wrapping and decorating mood. I’d love to win the goodies this week but I’ve never been lucky at any kind of drawings so I will just plan to buy the items I want. Have great fun at your upcoming craft weekend. I would have loved to be able to attend but that was not part of my plan for this year.

  312. joanie says:

    Oh, Anna, I love the packing tape!
    I can just see my little grandsons’ eyes light up when they see a package coming for them at Christmas! Love it!!!
    Thank you so much for a chance to win!!!

  313. Barbara Mann says:

    Thank you Anna Griffin and team for taking the difficulty out of wrapping. You have all the products that will make anyone look like a professional gift wrapper down to the finishing touches with the tape and tags. Love everything.

  314. Renee Rymarz says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! All that I need to make my presents and parcels Anna-Fabulous! Can’t wait for those gift bags; what a time saver!

  315. Josette' Griffith says:

    Love the Christmas package tape! I always use stickers & stamps to decorate my envelopes & boxes so this will add to the Christmas spirit!

  316. Michelle Herman says:

    Bravo…. I can finally have the kids help me wrap gifts this year so I’m not up till 2 AM Christmas morning!
    I’m confident the gifts will look beautiful with the help of Anna’s gift bags, wrapping paper, tape and gift wrap center….woo hoo!!!
    Maybe now the kids can take pictures of me Christmas morning because I won’t look so tired…. thanks Anna!

  317. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hi Anna: Christmas is my favorite time of year and all of your Christmas products are fabulous! My favorite is your beautiful gift wrap dispenser. Next would be the tape and the bags. I absolutely love your tags – I have all of them! You make everything beautiful and thank you for making my Christmas more beautiful this year!!!

  318. Nora says:

    I am always searching for an elegant gift wrap and bags with coordinating tags to wrap all my gifts for Christmas. Would this idea be available in birthday or other holiday themed packages in the future? I used to own a hallmark store for years and still love great quality products with your own personal touch!

  319. Mary Winstanley says:

    My favorite is the gift wrap dispenser. I can not cut paper straight or without ripping it. I love this idea!

  320. Joee Balestrieri says:


  321. Debbie Dunn says:

    Hi Anna, it’s Debbie Dunn again, boy have you surprised us !!!! Wrapping Paper Dispenser , Gift Bags, Decorative Tape, Beautiful Tags and lovely die cuts, wow, each one equally beautiful !!! What a Gorgeous display this will make under the Christmas Tree !!! What is Next an Anna Griffin Christmas Tree !!!! ☺️ I really Love everything of course!!
    My very best to you and your fabulous team.
    Debbie Dunn

  322. Linda Graube says:

    Another set of winners…lovely, functional items! Can’t wait to get the gift wrap set, bags & labels.

    Happy crafter,

  323. Diane Fletcher says:

    Woohoo! One of my favorite things to do at holiday time = wrapping gifts! Just me, Christmas music, the gifts, and the gift wrap! So much fun – would love to add all your beautiful gift wrap items to make my gift-wrapping that much more fun, and beautiful! Thanks Anna!!

  324. Stephanie Lipinski says:

    Between the gift wrap dispenser (which I missed last time 🙁 ) and the Holiday wrapping tape these would be wonderful to win. Happy Holidays

  325. Caren Blake says:

    I wrap all my gifts and love everyone of the items you have Anna! If I have to pick the Chic Wrap gift wrap dispenser come in pretty handy!

  326. Heather Mash says:

    I absolutely love the tape and can’t wait to purchase. I love to decorate my plain boxes and these are perfect.

  327. Lynda Valentine says:

    I love the bags. I always decorate my bags. It might be cool to have directions or templates for making the actual bags. I seem to recall that many years ago there was something but I don’t think worked very well. My family all want money, so small bags would be great!!

  328. Julianne says:

    I missed out on the wrapping paper last time, looking forward to getting it!! I love making my presents look special, I have a stash of your tags and have a hard time actually using them, I want to keep them!! LOL!

  329. Andrea Passow says:

    In my book you can never have too many tags or labels, but I think the gift bags have my vote today.

  330. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Anna, I love making my packages look pretty for Christmas. Your new packaging tape is awesome!!! As always, I want ll of your gift wrapping products.

  331. Joan Riedell says:

    I think the gift wrap dispenser is genius, and all the tags are beautiful. I love to decorate my mailing boxes and these new packaging tapes would certainly make our boxes festive and bright.

  332. Azana says:

    Wrapping gifts is a joy & the Christmas packing tape would definitely add some flair to the otherwise plain box the gifts are enclosed in.

  333. Dawn Harden says:

    I have already been wrapping Christmas gifts and your wrapping cutter looks amazing. Plus the paper is so pretty. Looking forward to checking this item out.

  334. Amy Harper says:

    I love the gift wrap dispenser! I can’t cut a straight line very well and I think this will help me tremendously!

  335. hobo says:

    I must admit I don’t enjoy wrapping gifts. Maybe I would enjoy it more if I had these products. I buy mainly for grandkids and I could give them a brown paper bag and they wouldn’t care, they like getting to what is inside! Maybe with something pretty they would take more time. I like the tape.

  336. Chloe says:

    I would love to win this gift wrapping set for my mother. She has always wrapped beautiful packages, but at 84 is experiencing some difficulties with fine motor skills. She would so enjoy creating coordinated looks with the bags and easy to cut paper, I’d still have to tie her bows, though. Maybe you should offer a AG bow tying device in your signature gold! Thanks, Anna and Anna’s team, for adding beauty to our world.

  337. cynthia wright says:

    I love the gift wrap box with the cutter! That is going to be so handy and the paper is beautiful! Form and Function – a hallmark of Anna Griffin products!!

  338. Tina McGaha says:

    Miss. Anna,
    I would just like to say I have been using your products for about ten years. I always get complements on the cards I make. I have never joined a site to follow a product before but I just had to join this one so I know when you have something coming out. You have a Great talent and I’m glad you are able to share that. If I had to pick a favorite from this sneak peek it would be the gift wrapping station. I have tried for years to get good at wrapping presents but I can’t cut a straight line for my life. 🙂 Keep up the Good work!

  339. Maureen Michalski says:

    I am a grandmother with five grandchildren four who live in New York, I need to send everything in the mail your gift bags would add no weight to the gifts and the ta[e would let them know I am thinking of them. My grand daughter loves all my cards and whenever she visits we make cards for her friends, She is turning int9 the next generation griffinite, thank you for everything. have a great holiday and new year Maureen

  340. Sonya Hart says:

    Love, love, love them all. They are adorns! Very hard to do, but if I had to pick a favorite, it probably have to be the tape because my grands live long distances from us and we always ship their packages or, maybe the paper and dispenser with cutter. I could use that year round! Happy Holidays!

  341. Maggie Nestor says:

    All of the gift wrapping supplies look great! I love wrapping gifts and have realized I’ve inherited this love of beautiful packages from my mother. She would have loved all the stunning Anna Griffin supplies.

  342. Becky H. says:

    Packing tape, packing tape I say. My packages would look so great with your new tape. That is now on my must list. Everyone have a good week.

  343. Kathy Kuta says:

    Wow! I love all of this, but I think the packing tape will put a smile on those hard working people delivering packages, as well as the recipients! Great job Anna and team on all of these wonderful products!

  344. Jerri Walker says:

    lets get wrapping!! I love the packing tape. I would use it instead of ribbon around the boxes. Yeah,,, I am ready.

  345. Patricia Hollenbeck says:

    The Gift Bags, because in our family we recycle and gift bags are easy to re-use the next year. We love them. After that the gift wrap station looks great and very handy.

  346. Cheryl Scott says:

    Anna I Love Love Love the Chic Wrap gift wrap dispenser ! I can’t wait to get this item! (along with a few more items..shhhhh) Thanks for all your amazing products too!

  347. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Hi Anna, Oh Wow I love it all especially the tape and bags. I don’t know if I’m more excited for your crafty items or my high school sweetie who took me to my Jr. Prom coming from Highlands, NC to see me again:-) Do I really have to tell u how MANY years ago that was? Hugs to all!

  348. Kimberly Terry says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t pick a favorite, but if I had to the wrap dispenser I saw aired last HSN visit that I was unable to get quick enough would have to be it!

  349. Suzanne Horn says:

    The gift wrap dispenser!!! I waited too long to order in October and HSN ran out!!! I love wrapping gifts, but it seems like I am always tangled in paper while searching everywhere for my tape and scissors. I would love to have this on my craft counter come Christmas present wrapping time!!

  350. Jennie says:

    Love the gift wrap dispenser and ordered it from the Oct 5 show. So I think I’d have to say the packaging tape! I think it would make all those packages I have to send out look festive when I can’t be there in person. What a great idea!

  351. Laura Byrd says:

    Everything is beautiful! I can’t decide which one I like best. I’m leaning toward the tape, but then again, the bags are wonderful too!

  352. Debbie Martin says:

    Oh my goodness! Too much fun. If I had to pick favorites, it would be the wrapping paper dispenser and the tapes.

  353. Julie Keller says:

    AMAZING! You outdo yourself with each visit! I am an organizing guru and I love my chic wrap plastic wrap, so I think the gift wrap dispenser is fabulous!

  354. Mary Anne Goth says:

    I Soooo Much of your stuff from many years of collecting and using !!! But I do not have any wrapping paper and itens . I NEED this to add to my stock !!!! Thank You Anna for everything you put into your work ! Have a Wonderful Day !!!

  355. jennife says:

    Luv the gift bags! I Really like how all Anna products coordinate. Giving a beautifully wrapped present is such a joy! Wrap on Anna !

  356. patricia crocker says:

    Oh my it is very hard to pick a favorite. I love the bags and the 3d tags. I guess the cutting box is my very favorite with 2 very close runner ups. Oh heck I love it all as usual with your creative touch.

  357. Karen B says:

    I’m loving the packaging tape. Of course I am also loving the wrap with dispenser. So many wonderful options.

  358. Kathy Schlegle says:

    I can not wait to order all this , I love Christmas and love to wrap packages and make them look so pretty. I love the tape I bake cookies and give as presents what a lovely way to make a plain white box look festive. Everything is so awesome I can not wait.

  359. bridget says:

    You’re a girl after my own heart Anna! Loving to make things beautiful for those who are near and dear to us. It makes them feel special when you put that extra “bling” of Anna Griffin on a package! Thank you for all your giveaways too!!

  360. Karen Myszewski says:

    Oh my you truly out did yourself. Absolutely love the bags! Wow that gift wrap is perfect. We wrap about 150 little gifts each year for the less fortunate. Just may have to make the investment. Keep up the good work.

  361. RandellynB says:

    These are great for every member of my family…my Mom loves to use gift bags and my sister is an expert wrapper and I tend to do both…which can really get someone into the Christmas Spirit.

  362. Donna Winter says:

    Such an interesting array of items. Not typical Anna. Love the duct tape for all my overseas packages to England & Australia.

  363. Marilyn Solis says:

    I love beautiful packages!!! Can’t wait ! All of your products help us look good. Love love the package tape. What a spectacular idea!!!

  364. Deborah Holman says:

    Oh Anna, how scrumptious! I’m a paper, box and bow girl and that paper station would be an absolute dream! Also love the tags and bags. All beautiful, all so “you”!

  365. DeAnn Runge says:

    Oh the possibilities! Christmas gifts will never have looked so good! I’m drawn to the pretty tape although everything looks fabulous. I’m still waiting on my purchases from the 24hr craft day, something about warehouse issues, but when they do arrive they’ll compliment these products nicely.

  366. Eleanor says:

    Love the Christmas gift bags! I have the tags and gift wrap station so I just need the gift bags and I will be set for all my Chritmas gift wrapping.

  367. Precious says:

    I’m excited for this next showing. I tried to purchase the gift wrap dispenser but they had sold out before I could get the chance. I love everything that Anna creates. Thank you

  368. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    They are all amazing products, but I would have to say that I’m most excited about the gift wrap dispenser. It will make my presents look so much nicer!

  369. Trisha says:

    I love putting a lot of effort into packaging gifts – I think that’s part of the gift – to make it beautiful. I would so love all of the above items!!!!

  370. Tina Davis says:

    Anna, I love it all. My favorite is the gift wrap center. I consider myself to be pretty crafty. I knit, crochet, sew, make cloth art dolls, scrapbook, and make cards. But I am the worst gift wrapper on the planet. I make beautiful gifts for others but the outside package looks messy. I think I stand a chance at presenting beautifully wrapped presents with all of your gift wrapping “essentials”. It would make my gifts complete. Thanks.

  371. Sharon Henderson says:

    I’ve waited all my life for the gift wrap box! Haha! Not really–but I can’t wait to get one!

  372. Marybell Beekhee says:

    Oh Anna! What great items. I so enjoy making my gift wrapping special. I feel that part of the gift is the presentation of the gift. All of these items are a must. If I had to pick just one as a favorite it would be the gift bags (though I love them all). Thank you.

  373. Mary says:

    Hi Anna….you never cease to amaze me. I love all your items and would love to win them. All can be put to good use. You have done it again!!!

  374. Melinda Hart says:

    I love everything about this preview! Dressing up packages and gifts are so much fun! Just beautiful!

  375. Karen Perry says:

    The Christmas Gift Bags are my favorite, they will come in handy when I need a quick but beautiful way to wrap a gift!

  376. Sandra Smith says:

    While I love everything Anna Griffin, I think the gift wrap has go be my favorite. Anna has wonderful taste!
    Sandra Smith

  377. Michele Ciccone says:

    Wow! I love all of it. Love to wrap gifts but don’t have much time for it these days so usually default to gift bags and these are just gorgeous! Most of my family lives far away so I can really use that packing tape.

    Looking forward to Create in a few weeks! Starting to count down the days!

  378. elizabeth murphy says:

    Oh Anna , you just make being a giver so thrilling and by giving pleasure to us givers and to our receivers…..lovin them all, can’t wait to be a receiver now….thanks

  379. Jennifer Richards says:

    H Anna, It’s like you read our minds!
    I’ve always believed it was important to make the package as pretty as the present, and you have managed to bring your beautiful art to that area too.
    The packing tape is a brilliant idea.
    I already have your gift wrap cutter and it’s genius.
    Thanks for being my creative, crafting guru!

  380. Norma Vetter says:

    Wow!! Love the gift bags and the tape. Ordered the Christmas wrap paper and cutter last time!! Fantastic

  381. Lisa Tolen says:

    Awesome. I love it all. I use bags more than anything. 3D bags are a special touch. I especially love the tape. Wrapping or shipping boxes in brown or solid paper and adding the tape will be very festive.
    Anna, you keep bringing the goods and making our lives a little bit easier. Way to go and Thanks!!

  382. Georgia Henson says:

    I love the tags and wrapping paper. I love the idea of the packing tape, but I’m afraid mine would not end up looking nice like Anna’s sample. 🙂

  383. Peg Lopresti says:

    Love, love the tags. Beautiful, a lovely touch to a gift. Also love the packing tape. I send gift boxes to my daughter. What a lovely touch. They make the gift inside that much better. Keep the beautiful items coming

  384. Mary Beth says:

    Love the gift bags! I hate to see beautiful packaging destroyed…so these could be saved and reused – a gift that keeps on giving!!!

  385. Rosie Stuiber says:

    For the Holidays I LOVE wrapping paper, my dad taught me when I was about 10 yrs old. I must admit when rushed I grab a gift bag but there’s NOTHING like wrapping up Christmas gifts!!! I know your CREATE conference is just around the corner I wish I could join you but Pray everyone has a safe and fun time!!! Blessings
    Rosie Stuiber
    Elegant Times
    Milwaukee, WI

  386. Barbara Mosher says:

    I must be the biggest fan of gift wrapping and mailing of Christmas Cards. I just love doing that. Nothing is more stunning than my hand made boxes and bags. You just can’t find anything cutier out there in the market unless of course you purchase Anna’s paper and now she has the wrapping tape. Oh My Goodness. This is a must have for me as I mail allot of my gifts to family and this tape is outstanding as well as the tags. Couldn’t enter your contest last week because your website had a virus. Maybe it was meant to be because I really really would love winning the tape or gift cards. Love ya Anna.

  387. Christa C. says:

    I love, love the new Christmas items, the bags are too cute! I always give gift bags for my kids teachers and these would be perfect!!! The package tape is so over the top cute, I don’t send many packages but with this tape I think I need to start. This would also be an easy way to spot Christmas decorations just seal the box with the tape and it’s pretty too. I think I need that for every season now lol. It could also make a boring box cute just cover it and put special pictures for Christmas or cover a notebook for special Christmas recipes, or create adorable ornaments, cover chipboard shapes that would be a fun project for school kids, oh the possibilities are endless and it’s definitely beautiful in the making. Even the wrapping paper dispenser is amazing, thank you for all the amazing new products my wheels are spinning so I’m off to craft!

  388. Lisa Jenkins says:

    Gorgeous!!! I want it all LOL! You and your team are wonderful designers. Thank you for bringing these great products to us.

  389. Barbara Vignere says:

    Love the packing tape. What fun for the delivery person to see. And the wrapping station is a “”gotta have”.

  390. Deborah Gilbert says:

    I ADORE wrapping gifts. I even did it one season for a holiday job. These gift wrapping items are so exciting to me. I love to have my gifts look super cute on the outside! Thanks, Anna.

  391. Sara Allen says:

    Love the wrapping paper dispenser box! And the gift bags and tag set are perfect for making beautiful gift packaging for all our gifts!

  392. Dolores "Dee" Hilderbrand says:

    Christmas is just around the corner and all these products will make the presents beautiful. Think I am most excited about the packing tape since shipping presents is a big part of my Christmas prep.
    Thx Anna!

  393. kim m says:

    It is a tie- I must have those gift bags AND the gift wrapping station. Thanks for making our life a little easier at the holidays!

  394. Linda Christiansen says:

    Hi Anna…..
    Yay!! The gorgeous bags are my pick this time. Whatever we put in them….. from a Hallmark ornament to sausage, cheese & crackers to a bundle of our handmade all-occasion cards…..the bags would make the gift special! But all of them would be great to have for myself or as gifts for family / friends who wrap a lot.
    Thank you for being such a positive, creative lady who brightens our everyday & special days so beautifully!!!

  395. Ara Wisnoski says:

    I love it all! Only you would think of decorative packing tape…how beautiful! I especially love the gift wrap dispenser. Can’t wait for the Showa!

  396. susan Brandano says:

    Hello Anna!
    Wow, what a wonderful collection of trimmings! I just love the decorative packing tape, it works back so easily with all my Anna Griffin papers!
    Beauty in the making- for sure!

  397. Iambie worsley says:

    All three grandsons will be with us for the first time this Christmas. Looking forward to making it special. Your products always make it special. love the tags and wrapping station. Thanks, Anna.

  398. Laurie says:

    That is the most gorgeous wrapping accessories that i have ever seen!! Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see these on air. Thank you Anna or extending your beautiful items to gift wrapping!

  399. Lucy says:

    These blogs are definitely getting me in the Christmas spirit. I think it it would be cute to use the rolls of tape on packages and the paper dispenser for the gifts under the tree!

  400. Cindy Krauter says:

    I love the tags and gift labels! I also love the packing tape. I send a lot of gifts through the mail. It all just makes the gifts look so special.

    Love all of my AG projects. Still waiting for the order from Oct 5th, though.
    Love you Anna!

  401. Toni V says:

    Love the Chic Wrap paper and dispenser – thought it was great in October but ran out of budget to get it — and the gift bags – just great! In fact, everything is just so much fun and want it all.

  402. Elizabeth David says:

    Love the packing tape!! Most of my gifts get mailed so the wrapping, bows, etc have to survive getting squished and shaken. So decorating the shipping box is fun!

  403. Anita Sahlen says:

    The gift tags sre really pretty. The tape is pretty cool too. I bought some christmas tape a few years ago and it is not a pretty design like yours!

  404. Peggy Hendricks says:

    Way to go, Anna! What a gorgeous display these gifts will make under the tree! I wrap so many it would be super to have these lovely products!!

  405. Gena Greenlee says:

    I would like to have the holiday wrapping tape!! It takes what is normally an ugly brown box and makes it look like you care, which you do!! I have the wrapping paper box from the last Anna Griffin visit, and I love it!! I could use two different ones for more of a choice of paper!! Thanks so much Anna and staff!!

  406. Michelle Laulu says:

    I love the gift tags and the wrapping paper in a box! I would love to wrap my gifts up in Anna Griffin style!

  407. Linda O'Connor says:

    Beautiful wrappings!! I would love it all!! I am not the best gift wrapper so all these items would certainly help me out!!

  408. Sandy says:

    What a great way to decorate your brown boxes! Love all these great ideas. So looking forward to your next show on HSN.

  409. Nancy hulsey says:

    Of course I love all of it! The packing tape is probably my favorite. Really makes those boxes festive. Can’t wait til the shows you always give us great tips and show us lots of finished projects. Thanks so much Anna.

  410. Mona M Belcher says:

    I just love the gift wrap dispenser. Maybe my husband would even wrap a few of the gifts he buys with the dispenser. If not maybe he would at least use the pretty tags or tape. It is never too late to hope. After 50 years of marriage maybe he would be tempted to use something besides a brown paper bag and a marker for his gift wrap!! Thanks for a chance to win these wonderful items. Good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone!