HSN November 21-22 Sneak Peek 4 Winner

Happy Friday!

We are officially ten days out from our last shows of the year on HSN! We’re ending the year with some excellent new items and our fan favorites just in case you missed them and just in time for the holiday season.

We are on Monday, November 21 at 7am and 6pm and then on Tuesday, November 22 at 7am and prime time at 8pm.

Today’s winner of our Accordion File with Cards, Christmas Embossing Folders and our Festive Flips Cardmaking Kit is Sandra Mercier. Hooray! We hope it makes your week!

Here are a few more projects to whet your appetite until Tuesday. Oh my goodness, we have a ton of brand spanking new coming!

Our Accordion File with Pre-Made Cards has 20 ready to go cards that are trimmed, embellished and ready to send!


We flip for Festive Flips! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and every day are covered in this fun set!


We adore our Christmas Mix and Match Embossing Folders and the festive projects you can make with them! You will get 4 folders and 12 inserts!


Twice the speed, updated and ready for action is the new Cricut Explore Air 2 in Anna Griffin ivory and gold. Can you think of a better gift?  cricut2-1

That’s a wrap for today! You know we like to save the best for last, and Tuesday will be just that! Meet us right back here for a multitude of surprises!




  1. Pam says:

    well i have to go with the his and her combind set because i have 13 fellas in my immediate family so I’m always looking for things for the guys and ribbons makes everything look complete.

  2. Paula Puckett says:

    Congrats Sandra! And thank you, Anna, for all you do. You must keep so very busy planning all the new things you bring us!

  3. Myrna Hartley says:

    Thank you for teaching and inspiring me to make beautiful greeting cards and some art.
    Love your products as well.


  4. Debra Clark says:

    I Love everything, you always have the prettiest papers.Thank you for giving us the chance to win the cricut explore air 2. What a great gift that would be.

  5. Sparkles says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love anything Anna! The most creative genius in the world. I get your beautiful card kits every HSN craft show….. and this show will be no different. Can’t wait till show time!! ☺️

  6. Dianne McDonald says:

    Love the cards and cannot wait for the card title and Loving Create 2.

    Anna and her team are amazing. I thought it could not get better but this year was even better.

    THANK YOU for making the eeekend unforgettable.

  7. Linda Citro says:

    So excited for the last show of the year! That means all the new things for 2017 will soon be on their way! That new Cricut is terrific! Wish I could validate a new purchase, but I just bought the other 1 1/2 years ago. That’s technology!

  8. Beth Chepil says:

    Am I too late for this? I am just learning about the Cricut Air 2. I still use a 6″x12″ cricut. It’s old but I still use it. Started thinking about upgrading to a new improved version and OH MY! Youtube has been my best friend as I learn about the Air 2. I WANT ONE….if I’m not too late. Thank you for offering such a generous gift.

  9. Melinda Webb says:

    So excited to see what is next, like a kid at Christmas, lol!!!
    Congrats to all the winners so far, enjoy ☺️
    Thank you again for the chance to win something awesome‼️‼️

    See you soon, Melinda Webb

  10. Patricia Staerker says:

    Getting so excited for the 21st/22nd. Can’t wait to see samples using all the beautiful products!

  11. Linda DeVries says:

    Will you ever offer 6″x6″ envelopes? I have lots of Anna items for making 6’X6″ cards for Christmas and for all occasion.

  12. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    I’ve just moved and I’m waiting for all my crafting things to get here at my new home. Including ALL my Anna crafts. Just looking at all the lovely things here makes me so nostalgic! I really need to get back to my card making and scrapbooks! Real excited about seeing you on HSN again, Anna! Oh, and congradts to the winner!

  13. Kathleen K. says:

    I can’t wait to see Anna on HTV. I am enjoying making cards. This is a new hobby for me. Would love to win anything “Anna” to add to my craft room!

  14. Donna Crawford says:

    I have made my Christmas list early and given it to my husband. I am hoping he will watch some of the Anna segments on HSN on Nov 21 & 22. That will be the biggest hints I can give to him!

  15. Donna says:

    It is like Christmas for Crafters whenever you are on the air! I am making my list and checking it twice!
    So looking forward to it! Happy Holidays to you and all your creative fans!

  16. Kathy Brubaker says:

    I just completed 110 Christmas Cards using your Card Kit, Layers, Embellishments, etc. I received compliments every year on my Christmas Cards thanks to you. Due to Financial reasons, I have returned to what Christmas is all about, the spirit and not the Retailer aspect. I have to say that I have really enjoyed making Craft projects for my Christmas Gifts which is so easy with my Cricut Explore and your Cartridges. I am hoping to inspire others to follow my lead and go back to what Christmas is about, and how it was when I was a child. Growing up I only received 1 Christmas Gift from Santa but what I really remember was the blankets, Booties, Robe and Ceramics that my family members made for me. Merry Christmas Anna and to your amazing staff.

  17. Angela Rogalski says:

    Been making my Christmas cards on and off for 2 weeks now. Can’t get enough of your kits. I’ve been using glorious greetings and another with the dies oh I can’t remember the name of it. Also bought flocked card layers with the vintage card toppers. I’m just having so much fun mixing and matching.
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us !

  18. Diane P. says:

    Enjoying holiday craving with Anna. Waiting impatiently for the 21st to come. Can’t wait to see what Anna will bring for us. Love styling and crafting with Anna.

  19. Agatha McCoy says:

    Even though I have a broken thumb can’t wait to make my Christmas cards
    That cricut would help me so much
    Love love love it all

  20. Lisa Lesshafft says:

    Everything looks nice and is really hard to decide however, have to say I really am looking forward to seeing the festive flips. They look so nice!

  21. Shirley fenstermacher says:

    Well,.its countdown time,.so i am.getting excited, to see everthing on hsn…i can’t believe it won’t be.long until christmas….i better soon start my christmas cards….i get alot of compliments on my cards, but you do all the work… thank you, anna…. love, shirley

  22. Paula Jackson says:

    I too am waiting for an Android version! Would live to join the Explore Air 2 “club” but can’t get a new computer. Love Annas products. And Anna and her presentations.

  23. Joanna Hupp says:

    Happy Veterans Day everyone! Would love to see more patriotic products from you Anna. As an Air Force member I have lots of friends retiring these days. Congratulations to this week’s winner!

  24. Phyllis says:

    Anna I know that you are very busy, especially at this time of the year. I wrote to you about a month or two ago asking if you could do a card kit for your
    Jewish customers including some of our special holidays. Haven you thought about it. Please let me know and of course I will buy it and I am sure many besides myself would purchase them. Thanks. Have a Happy Holiday season.

  25. Sharon Opel says:

    There is lots to look forward to! The embossing folders are what I look forward to the most. Anna, you inspire us to make the most beautiful things.

  26. Fran Steadman says:

    I am ready to see you in about ten days! I always record your shows, so I can try to copy some of your ideas, and learn the techniques which you show. I probably have at least 20 hours of you and your wonderful products on my DVR.

  27. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    YES, I Saluted all the brave deceased Veterans at Fort Custer Cemetery in Augusta, MI today with two cousins. My 1st time there, beautiful but sad.

    Sandra, congrats to you thanks to Anna and her wonderful team!!!

  28. Granny D says:

    Congrats to the newest winner……..am getting excited for this set of shows, so many goodies and choices this time. The accordion file should be very helpful to have.

  29. A.LAUBER says:

    Congratulations to Sandra! She is a lucky crafter, for sure! Lots of love and appreciation for our Veterans and to our men and women in our Armed Forces–aren’the they the very Best!

    And to you Anna, I send you loads of gratitude for enriching my “Crafting Daliances”. I would love to try the Cricut…. it seems like this would be the epitome of elegant crafting. I must admit, everytime
    you bring us, bundles of wonderfully scrupulous and gorgenus editions to your product line, I get extremely excited!! Cannot wait for your last HSN presentation this year! See you then♡♡

  30. Vicki Fellenger says:

    Hi Anna, This is a great week. Hard to believe how fast this yeat has gone and I received from last autoship of the filp cards. Hope there will be more and even more masculine ideas. Love, love, love ANYTHING ANNA, so I amm excited to see who wins next. You make it so fun for us. Thanks Anna

  31. Geraldine Kraus says:

    It’s time, again, to pull out my Anna Griffin Christmas card making bundles. Love to send these to my family & friends. Looking for something new to add.

  32. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna & totally terrific team!!

    I was very sad not to be able to enter the last drawing. I read the post when it came out, but didn’t leave a comment at that time. When I came back to leave my comment the link connected me to a site of MALWARE! I was unable to ever get back in. I tried and tried. I always leave a post. Sad I couldn’t do it this time. I thought the ( Malware ) issue was solved already. Why is this still happening? So I’m not wasting any time this time. I’m putting my post in right away. Just in case I can’t get back in at a later time. So sorry to have to report bad news Ms. Anna! I just thought you should be aware it was still happening.
    So did I get it right?!! Your giving away a Cricut this time? Oh my goodness!! What a Prize!! Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me!!! Hope your having a swell time in Atlanta! Have a blessed time!

  33. Nancy Haines says:

    Have your firs Explore now 3 years almost and the Air 2 is to die for. I just love it but thinking how to justify it when your first is so awesome still. So looking forward to the 21st.

  34. Janie Leonard says:

    I received my Anna Air 2 just two days after the show on HSN. Pretty much wore out my original Explore, but this one cuts even better ! Yea

  35. Sharon says:

    I’ve been waiting to reward myself for finishing my cleaning and redecoration of my studio, with a brand new Anna Griffin Cricut. And waiting, and waiting… Because I’ve been promised an Android app is coming so that I can do what all the iphone users do, CREATE with an Android device. Maybe that’s why the studio is close, but not done. Am I ever going to be able to craft with the best of them, or in other words, get an Anna Griffin Cricut that’s Android compatable??? Come on wonderful Griffin staff, make me motivated to clear out that studio staff.

  36. Jan Jennings says:

    This the season for all things festive, just love everything!! Cricut Air 2 for Christmas, maybe I’ll find you under the tree****

  37. Annette J says:

    Congrats to Sandra enjoy your goodies. A special shout out to our veterans…THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice.

  38. linda R. says:

    Love the New Cricut can’t wait for the show thanks for all the new sneak peeks. Love Anna Griffiin Stuff!!!

  39. Cinda Hammond says:

    That wonderful time of year is fast approaching! This is when we take the time to renew contact with friends and family with a sentiment of celebrating Christmas!
    The “Christmas Mix and Match Embossing Folders” would be such a lovely addition to my stash of holiday creation fun! Plus your new Cricut Air Explore 2 is absolutely out of this world!! Wow, what fun!

  40. Bette Sines says:

    Oh Goodness..winning .the new cricut is a no-brainer! What an exciting prize.to possibly win. All of the items that you bring to us are just so wonderful. It seems like you outdo yourself with every show, and to win these items would be the icing on the cake for “my Christmas!” Maybe I should say, “the Star on the Christmas Tree!”

  41. Florence Bonney says:

    Sure would love to add an explore Air 2 to the Anna Griffin items I have and the newest card making items I plan on buying during the next HSN airing….

  42. Cherie Gibson says:

    Can’t wait to see all the new goodies! Thanks so much for all of the beautiful projects you create for us to do! I’m loving them all. Hubby calls my craft room “Anna’s Room”! 🙂

  43. Maureen m says:

    Good for you Sandra, I just know you will enjoy your gift. I can’t wait for the show so I can buy mine. The Christmas mix and match is my favorite and has been added to my growing, growing (I think endless ) list❤️️❤️️❤️️

  44. Karen D'Amato says:

    I’ve been following you and your beautiful designs for many years. I do this for my daughter and she loves you and your products. I pray you’ll have many more ideas in the upcoming months to come. Thanks so much for being so creative.

  45. Bev L says:

    I wnat them all but could really use an update to my old Cricut Expression. It still works but is a bit slow. The Cricut Air would solve all that. The flip cards are awesome too and the Christmas embossing set is so lovely and practical. I love love love all you products and own sooooo many of them. Thanks for making my world beautiful.

  46. Diane Lynne C. says:

    Looking forward to the last show of 2016. I’m sure Anna has some exciting new things to show us. She always has something up her sleeve.

  47. Beckie Longacre says:

    So sad, last show of season. When is the first for next year? I’m starting my Anna “must have……buy me now” $$$$. Looking forward to the show.

  48. Jan Possinger says:

    You have the most beautiful designs. I have never been disappointed in anything that I have purchased from you!
    I still have my wood blocks and metal stencils that I used with my stylus from years ago.

  49. Casey Walters says:

    Still looking forward to the shows. Hope the cards don’t sell out before I have a chance to call. Many thanks.

  50. Jan B says:

    Congrats to the winner! Love these sneak peeks!! Helps to budget and dream! Always eager to see your wonderful products! QUESTION- Do you plan to make an ivory/gold Misti/ Precision Press type stamping tool???? Love your stamps! Please keep them coming! Thx so much!

  51. Lois N. says:

    Congratulations Sandra, Enjoy all your wonderful products! Be inspired and creative and have fun
    making special cards for all your special folks!
    Would love to have the Christmas Mix and Match Embossing Folders and can’t wait to see the show coming soon. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    Love, Lois N.

  52. Brenda Hoffman says:

    Christmas mix & embossing folders,,,,oh my! Christmas is my favorite time of year. Would love these to add to my Anna Griffin stash!
    My calendar is marked for your November airing on HSN.

  53. Donna handel says:

    Oh Anna, I am getting ready to move into a brand new home and that beautiful Cricut and look fabulous in my craft room. It is so yummy!

  54. Jean Paul says:


  55. Sandra Christman says:

    Anna, do you have a die for the candy cane & greenery? Also, I need some of the satin paper. I’m having neck surgery on Nov. 17th & already told the Dr. I need to be home in time for your show!!! If not I’ll have to see it by IPad so I can order. I haven’t seen anything you’ve made that I don’t like, you’re things are beautiful!

  56. Rita Carr says:

    The pre made cards are perfect for the busy season. They are a great way to make sure everyone gets a card.

  57. Brenda Owen says:

    Congratulations Sandra! Ms. Anna all of your products are such fun to have and use but I would love to have Christmas Mix and Match Embossing Folders. Can not wait until the show!

  58. Lynn Brown says:

    Can’t wait for the last show! I’m hoping for a new cricut for Xmas to replace my cricut which is one of the 1st one’s ever made! Love all your craft items!

  59. Shannon says:

    Can’t wait for the last two days of Anna Griffin for the year. Then we gear up for the New Year. I’m hoping to purchase the faster circuit and maybe a few of the other goodies.

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