HSN March 8th, 2017 Sneak Peek 3

Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day! May your day be filled with love and happiness!

Today’s post is extra sweet and full of more new crafting goodies just for you! We’re going to be on HSN for a 24 hour Craft Day March 8th at midnight, 11am-1pm, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm and 8pm.

Let’s get started on today’s sneak peek! Our Embossed Words Folders are composed of four embossing folders where the typography is the star of the show! The folder art features all the ways to say Mom, Dad, Love and Happy Birthday. The large-scale embossing you will create is perfect for inking and sanding, and makes a unique effect for all your cards and scrapbook pages!


Ready for more exclusive embossing? Take a look at our Decorative Scene Embossing Folders! You will get 4 elaborate scene embossing folders that create an entire card front just by embossing the paper. These are begging to be inked or sanded to show off all of the details. These delicate patterns will take your favorite crafting technique to a whole new level!

New for our March 8th shows are our Decorative Edge Border Dies! This set includes 4, ornate 7″ dies that create unique and eye-catching edges or cut out borders for your cards. These can also add incredible dimension to your scrapbook pages. You can even layer the borders together to frame your photos! We have included 2 pieces for each die. The main large die will cut the decorative edge out of a piece of paper and the small outline die will cut the border out altogether. We’ve thought of everything!

Back for our March 8th shows is our incredible Bow Maker Storage box with Ribbon! For those of you who didn’t get the Bow Maker the first time around, you have another chance! This box stores your ribbon and has a clever peg system that helps you make perfect bows from 1 inch all the way up to 9 inches! You’ll get 50 yards of ribbon in 2 widths all in our perfect palette of double faced satin ribbon. The diagram on the top of the box walks you through creating the perfect bow. What’s the best part? You can refill with your favorite ribbon, and make beautiful bows for every season and project!

The Sneak Peeks just keep better and better! We are now half-way through with our previews for March 8th with winners every single week! Want to be our winner this week? Comment below and tell us which of today’s items is your favorite and why. We will draw a winner at random on Friday! Good luck!

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day to all who are reading this!




  1. Mazella says:

    I love the Scene Embossing folders the best!
    I can just picture those cards for my friends and doing panels to put on a scrapbooking page.

    I’d love to learn how to use the bow making box.

  2. Lynn says:

    I love the edge dies. I think I am a collector! Our 48th anniversary is March 8-so maybe I won’t have to choose which

  3. Sandra Madanski says:

    I love, love those new dies. I love everything you have from cards are always elegant and I would love the new bow maker. So, Anna I’m a devoted HSN watcher and I love your stuff so think about picking me. Love and Hugs
    Sandy Madanski

  4. Sandra Madanski says:

    I always look forward to you on HSN. Your dies, and cards are just class and elegant.I would loved, loved to win anything from your room of ideas. So, I’ll be watching so please pick me.
    Thanks, and hugs
    Sandy Madanski

  5. Margie Fulcher says:

    I love, love, love all the new products, but my favorite is the border dies. They are so beautiful. I am so looking forward to March 8th.

  6. Victoria DeYot says:


    I don’t know how I missed this when it aired but I LOVE everything!

    The embossed words are a MUST HAVE and the edge dies are a MARVELOUS IDEA!

    I did have one idea/suggestion on the edge dies. Have you ever tried to use them on the flap (closure) of an envelope? I fear they may be too large. I may be able to do a trial run on some old non-AG envelopes or perhaps some that I received (used ones). If these dies are too large perhaps you could create one (or several) specifically for envelopes. The idea of the two cuts and backing the envelope flap in a second color would put an unexpected pop of color. The 2nd color on the flap could double as the envelope liner (am I the only one that still does that). I generally do place a subtle decoration on the envelopes if they aren’t mailed.

    I know you frequently demonstrate the sanding technique with your Cuddlebug embossing folders. I have a paper collections from Core’dinations which features papers with a core that is shockingly different than you would expect, for example black paper with a hot pick core and many many more. I think some of these new dies would look marvelous with these papers. I think this is a prime example of how Anna Griffin products continue to scan across all ages and personalities.

    I am eagerly awaiting my HUGE package from your Super Sale!! This was the first year I’ve heard of this and been able to participate. Oh my goodness what an amazing gift you’ve given us!!! I can’t thank you enough. I may need a larger craft room but it will be well worth it!

    I check HSN everyday just to see if any of these new items have been listed for sale yet and of course I have to get a few things along the way. I finally had to breakdown and get the black and white paper collection. I’ve admired it for so long! I also purchased the “for him” papers because, as you may remember, I am engaged to the most marvelous man on the planet (thank you again for the beautiful blue Cricut Air). I also picked up the nautical themed set of papers, one of his girls is everything nautical.

    Your products have inspired me since I first saw you on QVC. Back then I would have to scour Ebay and bought everything I could buy that was Anna Griffin. I have given products from your wedding collection as gifts. Over the years I have collected and used tons of wood stamps, stickers, ribbons, lace corners, and products that many today probably don’t even know of and I remember back when we cut all flowers our with a craft knife and embossed by hand and loved every minute of it. The quality and style you present is second to none and you never let me down. I sincerely thank you for that. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to create something.

    Always eager to see what you think of next – Vicki

  7. Esmeralda Bass says:

    Hello Anna!
    Great products! I really like everything floral and lacy. Can’t wait to see you on HSN on March 8th. Keep up the great job!

  8. Anna Griffin says:

    We have videos coming very soon! You should ink the raised side of the embossing folder, and add a shim on top of the closed embossing folder. This creates more pressure, and will allow the ink to be much more prevalent!

  9. Kaye K. Lystad Kirk says:

    Anna, all of these items are super fantastic and I don’t mind telling you that I would love to own each and every single one of them! You have been working over-time the last few years and your things just keep getting better and better. Just when I think you can’t possibly better yourself, you do!

  10. Jeffrey Sheats says:

    Those decorative edge dies are really nice. I also like the simplify of the word embossing folders

  11. Jonie Isenberg says:

    With all the beautiful things, who could possibly choose a favorite. I will have to say “I WANT IT ALL”

  12. Carol Johnson says:

    OH Anna….How do we choose?
    I really like the edge dies and the bow maker box. I wanted the bow maker box in January but wasn’t able to get it then.
    Oh Heck…like alot of people, I LOVE EVERYTHING.
    Thank You for the opportunity to win these wonderful products.
    I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  13. Beverly says:

    Love the decorative scene embossing folders. What a great idea. Would love to have them in my craft room.

  14. Linda Primavera says:

    Anna-I am so looking forward to your next show. I will be front and center in front of the TV. The products look wonderful. I do have my eye on quite a few of them. I have been waiting for a Happy Birthday embossing folder, so you read my mind. I would also love to see a Get Well and a Sympathy folder. Definitely something I need to be able to reach for in a moment’s notice. I have so many of your products already and am looking forward to adding to my collection. Thank you for all the hard work and your beautiful displays on HSN.

  15. Becky Piper says:

    The decorative scene embossing folders are just so beautiful!!! I can see endless possibilities with them! Looking forward to all the shows on March 8th! Thank you Anna for giving us the gift of extraordinary and elegant crafting supplies. You’re top notch!!!

  16. Deidra says:

    The stunning scenic embossing folders are my favorite! Thank you for the opportunity to win this week’s March 8th preview!

  17. Susan Thomas says:

    I would love to have the bow maker …. I am terrible at making bows and usually my spool of ribbon ends up on the floor the bow maker looks fantastic!

    I’m anxious to see your demo on HSN!!!

    Thank you!

  18. Diane Enloe says:

    I just love everything! But my favorite are the decorative edge dies. Can’t wait to try them . They are really beautiful. These would be so pretty to use on my daughter’s wedding scrapbook wedding album. She was married in October and have been looking for something pretty to use. These will be great!
    I would love to win . Can’t wait till March 8.

  19. Vickie Britton says:

    I am loving the new edge dies and the set of four embossing envelopes look so pretty too! I purchased the bow maker and it is really nice, plus you get ribbon too. Looking forward to your visit on HSN! Until then…happy crafting! With blessings, vickie.

  20. Gail B says:

    The awesome products just keep coming!! I love the new embossing folders and dies. What great cards they will make.

  21. Anna Carpineta says:

    The decorative scenes embossing folders are an eye catcher. Will be so easy to make such amazing projects.

  22. Shannon Mortis says:

    Well just when you think it can’t get any better it gets AMAZING!! Well done Anna and Company the new things are lovely and of course I want them ALL!

  23. Sherri says:

    Dear Anna, I intended to comment on Valentine Day before there were hundreds to scroll thru, but I was busy baking cookies and finishing treat bags for the grands, put all the happys in a basket along with everybody’s cards and sent it home with the dad. I’m loving everything in the sneak peeks you’ve shown these last 3 weeks, it’s gonna be hard to decide this time since I’ve been told I might not get to buy much of anything, like what another lady said I might be put on a “craft diet”. HA! In Jan. my hubby was pretty generous and then I was fortunate to spend $80 something during the Super Sale (still waiting for UPS), need to sale some stuff, gotta find some hidden money…..Wishful thinking!. LOL! I’m glad to see the ribbon box with ribbons back, but I’m hoping you plan to keep it in stock because I will have to put that on my “later” list again. I have 2 favorites this week, love the Decorative Emboss Scenic Folders and the lovely Edge Dies. Congrats to Roxanne on her winnings and wishing to be a lucky winner to be the happy recipient of some awesome Annatastic lovelys to continue “beauties in the makings”. Thanks!

  24. Sherri Hollis says:

    Hello Anna, it’s just me,
    wanting all that I can see!
    I love the dies in everyway,
    I use them each and everyday!

  25. Angel Cyr says:

    Wow !!! … Loving The Border Dies & Ribbon Box, Definitely ~~~ My Kind Of Things !!! Loving these Sneak Peaks … Can’t wait to see everything air on H.S.N.

  26. Donna De Graw says:

    Thank you Anna for answering me. I just got home from Seattle Washington today and it was nice to know that I did make it into your comments. I have to go back on Monday and my husband is terminally ILL nd he has to go back for surgery on Tuesday. Also something is wrong with his liver and they have to do more test on his liver, to see if there is something they can do.. Thanks for listening to me.

  27. SophiaGrace JiHae Kim says:


  28. Lori Brinkerhoff says:

    All of the embossing folders are amazing. I would also love to get the ribbon dispenser. All of your products are always great. I can’t wait!

  29. Dianne Kozil says:

    Anna hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with LOVE!!!
    I am loving the new decorative scene embossed word folders and my favorite has to be the decorative edge border dies!
    What a Fabulous show this one is going to be on March 8th. ❤️❤️

  30. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    Of all the products in this sneak peek, my favorite is the decorative scene embossing folders. I remember when I first started making cards. I loved the look of an embossed design but never thought I would be able to create it myself until I bought one of your beautiful folders. These new ones are especially pretty. A card with the embossing alone is beautiful but when I think of adding some of your die cut flowers, it just takes it to a whole new level. Thank you for creating such beautiful designs.

  31. Kim Z says:

    I really LOVE the Embossed Word folders, they are my favorite! These seem perfect for when you need a card QUICK! I have learned that embossing on card stock really is like frosting on a cake, sometimes it’s unbelievable the difference it makes!! The Decorative Scene folders look equally intriguing TOTALLY different then my others! A real MUST have again, Anna! Thanks for the chance to win, looking forward to March 8th!!

  32. Tailynn Le says:

    I always love your beautiful embossing folders because they add so much to a card and are so versatile!!! I can’t wait to see you on March 8th on HSN!!!!

  33. Mary Beth Gallaher says:

    Everything is beautiful but I like the dies most. Your dies are wonderful. I hope the die storage book comes back as I need another for all my Anna dies. Sometimes I just look through my book and enjoy all the beautiful designs of your dies!

  34. Stephanie Jenkins says:

    I love it all but the embossing folders are beautiful! Would love to add all of these products to my craft room.

  35. Jeannie B says:

    Love all the embossing folders. Time to get my Cuttlebug out and have some fun. Can’t wait for your shows in March!

  36. Jane S Baker says:

    I love the new embossing folders and the edge dies. I missed the ribbon box/bow maker last time. Glad to see it back again. I’ll try not to miss it this time. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  37. Cheryl Scott says:

    The decorative edge dies are my favorite…oooh the possibilities with these are going to be endless. But I will need those embossing folders too! Thank you for such lovely products Anna!

  38. Donna Wilson says:

    The new Embossing folders and dies are just gorgeous! The Words embossing folder is my favorite, and a must have! As much as each and every Anna Griffin folder is beautiful, I’m happy that these are a bit different, only to switch things up a bit, right?!! Looking forward to these folders for sure!!

  39. Linda Bohannon says:

    Been trying to get in here all week.. so crazy.. Wow I Love Lace.. and Ribbons… So pretty … Those embossing folders are amazing. Love the designs -awesome! Double impact. Hopefully i’ will be able to watch March 8th, got some serious things going on right now 🙁 but always love to see all the presentations and idea’s. Thank you Anna for bringing some sunshine into our lives.

  40. Maryann D says:

    The embossing folders are going to be super for my upcoming birthdays and Mother’s day cards….can’t wait to buy them! I also am intrigued by the edge dies you are presenting – they are going to really add an interesting touch to my cards. Thanks Anna…you amaze us with all the new items you and your staff keep creating for us.

  41. Linda Marie says:

    Love the embossing folders, cutting dies! The ribbon,
    /bow box would be nice to have, woking with a very old plastic board and pegs. Thanks!

  42. Sherry Barr says:

    I love everything! The decorative dies are ones I would love to get, though! It’s hard to pick, because all of your products are wonderful! Thank you, Anna.

  43. Judith Brauer says:

    Folders and dies and bows, oh my! What I love most is that all of these can be used with the things I already have. I continue to get wonderful compliments for my cards and it’s all because of you Anna! Thank you for inspiring me.

  44. Rose says:

    I love them all! But I think the one I love the most is the full card embossing folder . It will look beautiful on any card. Thanks Anna

  45. Catherine Hanson says:

    I love it all — I’ll take one of each, please! I really love the decorative edge dies — they’ll let me take my card making to a new level — the Anna Griffin Level!

  46. melody barricklow says:

    Hello once again Anna. The edge border dies are at this time,my favorite must haves.. Thank You, Melody

  47. Terri Carrell says:

    I feel like I have just looked inside my Mother’s hope chest that is filled with her telegrams, colorful hankies and cards that she saved from the 1940’s when my Father was away in the Navy.
    The beautiful papers and Decorative Edge Border Die cuts are my favorites, along with the embossing folders.
    (My Mother would have been 100 years old this year, passing away at the age of 96).

  48. Kim Hattox says:

    Hi Anna and Team!! I love the Decoative Edge Dies! They are very pretty and so versitile for different projects. Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  49. Karen Johnson says:

    Love, love love it all…Want, want want it all…But that will not be possible…Sad, sad, sad 🙂 Perhaps I will be lucky this week and win. Thanks for the chance to Win,win, win…lol

  50. Gracia Lanza says:

    Aaayyyy Ana!! You asked what’s my favorite? The Decorative Edge Border Dies or the Decorative Scene Embossing folders….. can’t make up my mind… love them both!! Making beautiful cards can’t get any easier!

  51. Barbara Lochridge says:

    Love everything!!! My favorite is the decorative edge does!!! I have a feeling I am going broke March 8!!

  52. Andrea P. says:

    Wow again! I love everything. The dies are all just gorgeous. The embossing folders are so ingenious. I want it all…again! Stop, your going to put me in bankruptcy!! To save me from that I hope I’m a winner! Looking forward to the next craft day!

  53. Traci Keller says:

    Oh my how beautiful.. I love the side dies and the pretty bow box. But everything you do is absolutely fabulous

  54. Terry Frye says:

    Feeling sad today. One of my beloved cats crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Watching all the sneak peaks and Facebook posts make me feel a little better. Can’t wait for 8th.

  55. April M says:

    Love, love, & love it all. Can’t wait to order everything and get it all in the mail. I have watched you for the past 5 years and I have always ordered everything from your shows. Can’t wait until March 8th.

  56. Jayne Evans says:

    Would love to win the bow maker box!! Love all the dies and folders, too. Looking forward to you show.

  57. Lee Marie says:

    I can’t decide if I like the edge dies or the two in one embossing folders. I have a bit of an addiction to your dies though.

  58. Lynn Gumowski says:

    I think the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders are beautiful and love how they provide maximum impact with minimum embellishment. The effect created by the Decorative Edge Border Dies is incredible as well. Thank you so much for these tools that continue to elevate my card making, scrapbooking and overall crafting!

  59. Debbie Griffin says:

    Just when I think I have everything I could possibly need Anna, you come out with great new MUST HAVES! I especially love the new Decorative Edge Border dies. Those are just so elegant and different. I can’t wait for March 8th to arrive so I can get thise!
    Also love the Embossed Word Folders, those are also so new and fresh, I will be excited to get those.
    Still so excited about the new Wundow Box AutoShip series too! The Box card kit and dies are a winner!

  60. Lisa C Fulton says:

    Anna I like the embossing folders, can you post where we can see a tutorial on how to ink properly to get the image stamped on the paper? I am having trouble doing it correctly. Thank you.

  61. Bette Sines says:

    Oh goodness. I love the decorative edge dies. In fact I really love it all. Everything that you have shown here, I keep saying, “I really want that!”
    I would really love to be one of the winners one of these times, but everyone on this page feels the same way. I can dream can’t I?

  62. Renee Caldwell says:

    Hi Anna,
    This is the first blog I have joined and now my first comment. No longer a virgin. lol . I fell in love with you products when they were in The H mark store. Thank you for bringing beauty to my world. I like the Scenic folders. Beautiful in the making even faster! See you March 8 on HSN.

  63. Shelby McDaniel says:

    The decorator edge dies are stunning! So many beautiful things to choose from, thank goodness for flex pay! LOL

  64. CherylS says:

    My favorite items this week are the Decorative Edge Border Dies and the Bow Maker. Both of these lovely items will add so much to my crafting tool box. Thank you for the chance to win these items!

  65. Jodie says:

    Those cutting edges are gorgeous and the embossing folders are perfect for adding variety to paper without adding the thickness of an additional layer. How innovative of you, Anna.

  66. Katherine Boothe says:

    Who can choose is right!!! I guess the decorative edge dies would be my favorite but all of these items are winners BIG time!

  67. cindy says:

    thank you for the chance to win, my fav of this sneak peek are the edge dies. I love Anna dies. These are beautiful.

  68. Cinda Hammond says:

    The new embossing folders are fab !! Also, the cutting dies for edging the cards I love ! Anna – you always think of everything we will need to turn out a beautiful card or scrapbook page!!

  69. Lisa Swan says:

    Totally Bow Maker! I don’t know how I missed that one last time!

    Can we have the Wrapping Paper Holder with seasonal papers as well? Please?!?!

  70. LYNN OVERTON says:

    OH THOSE DIES!!!!!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE DIES!!!!. Anna, I don’t know how you come up with such incredible things all of the time, but I am sure glad that you do.

  71. Sherie Brown says:

    WOW! you’ve done it again, made t impossible to choose only one. I like the The Decorative Edge Dies and the embossed word folders. My account is going to get a good workout come March 8th, that’s for sure! Love, love all your designs!!

  72. Dottie Butler says:

    Lots of neat new items in this sneak peek!! My favorite are the folders that will emboss words. Thanks for all the wonderful new products, Anna!!!

  73. Marilyn E Moore says:

    Love the embossed word folders and the
    edge die cuts. i am so looking forward to watching your presentation/demos on HSN.

  74. Jody G says:

    Wow I love all the items you have previewed this week! I really appreciate the new embossing folders as I enjoy using my Cuttlebug and I feel they make my projects look so elegant. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  75. Donna DeGraw says:

    I have been trying to leave a comment but it keeps telling me it’s closed so I know. I won’t have a chance to win but I want to say that I love your nice cards. I really want those pens but I can’t afford $90 or more for them all at once. I hope yours well be on payment plan. Anna I’m so happy with your products. Thank you so much.

  76. Marlene Heilman says:

    Oh my gosh Anna. My absolute favorite is the decorative edge Cuttlebug dies. But, I love everything you deswign. The crafting possibilities are endless.

    Thank you for keeping new items coming.


  77. Phyllis B Tuttle says:

    Absolutely beautiful…I love my Anna Griffin paper crafts, die cuts, folders and die cut machine. Just need the ribbon holder for my craft room!

  78. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Donna, it sold out during January’s shows, but it will be back for the March 8th shows! It should be added to the site closer to Craft Day!

  79. Trudy Bihlmeyer says:

    My favorite is the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders. They are great. But, a very close 2nd would be the Decorative Edge Dies. So many great products, AGAIN!!

  80. Stacey fortin says:

    I just barely figured out how to leave a comment. I’ve been wanting to enter all the contests, but I’m so silly I didn’t know where to enter. Well I got it! I would love to win anything, but if I don’t, whoever does is going to have a grand ole time! Good luck to me, good luck to all! March 8th is marked in my planner!

  81. Jan Fowler says:

    I would love to win the bow maker storage box so I can add bows to my cards and hear someone exclaim, “Look at that perfect little bow! “

  82. Donna Fagan says:

    Pick just one … I LOVE THEM ALL !
    I never saw the bow keeper at that looks awesome, but I can’t find it on HSN just yet 🙁 Guess I’ll be stalking HSN every day till it shows up and I can order it !

    THANKS !

  83. Victoria Figueroa says:

    I like the word embossing folders. I love receiving cards that have mom on them and so does my mother.

  84. Anne with an "e" says:

    Good morning!
    Wow, just – wow! (It’s so hard not to pick everything!) Right now the new border dies are at the top of my list, but it changes every time I look back at the preview!
    Thank you for more beautiful products, and another chance to win; hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
    Regards, Anne

  85. Melissa Cano says:

    Love love this preview! I really like both sets of embossing folders and the die cut edges. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  86. Velma M. says:

    Wow, Anna, the Decorative Edge Dies are amazing!!! I love it all, but the dies are my favorite. Thank you for sharing your talent with all your fans,.

  87. Anna Griffin says:

    On the Decorative Scene Folders we are buffing after we emboss the paper. It makes such a fun extra detail!

  88. Anna Griffin says:

    You can refill the Bowmaker with any ribbon you want! They fit on the spool inside, and are interchangeable.

  89. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. Happy Thursday! Every day is a good day to celebrate life. And what better way to celebrate than to make something Anna Griffin style? I am all about the dies but would love to have the bow maki station. It’s all fabulous. So excited for the 24 hour show. Create a great day! Love and blessings, Betsy

  90. Diana Hernandez says:

    Wow, live it all! It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but I’ll satchel embossing folders, but I really like the ribbon /bow maker too. So exciting! Tfs

  91. Sonja Reinhart says:

    This time around I love the decorative edge dies! I took March 8th off so I can watch all your shows! I can’t wait!!

  92. Carol O'Brien says:

    I would love the decorative edge dies although everything is fantastic. I know I will be in trouble on March 8th. Thank you, Anna!!

  93. Patricia May says:

    WOW!!!! What a way to start out the day… I am sure I will have no chance to win, as i never win anything… But this assortment this would be since i am just starting to buy things to make some beautiful cards and to start to do scrap-booking.. Just Love it all.. thanks for showing it off and can not wait till the 8th to see it on HSN.. Thanks again, Pat May

  94. Shari D says:

    The Delicate Edge dies are my absolute favorite like all your other dies. The details in your dies are absolutely gorgeous. I am super excited for March 8th.

  95. Holly Hudspeth says:

    The Decorative Edge dies are my favorite. I hate to miss this event. I have to be out of town on business that day. I usually take that day off each year. I hope you have them for sale on the 7th. If not, PLEASE make enough so they don’t sell out.

  96. Jennifer Richards says:

    I love the new edge dies and embossing folders! So many ideas to use them for!
    Maybe it will be my lucky day to win them!

  97. Beth W. says:

    The decorative scene folders are lovely, and I really like edge dies, But honestly my favorite is the ribbon box, I missed it the 1st time around.

  98. Sue VanDeRostyne says:

    I love the edge dies!! How beautiful are they?? inking embossing folders has become my latest craze! Thank-you for all the lovely additions! Guess I’m going to need more boxes too…

  99. Jeorgette P says:

    How could I choose just one? They’re all lovely. But if I only could pick one, it would be the border dies because that is some revolutionary card-making history happening there. I’ve seen other die-makers do something similar, but they just didn’t strike my fancy like yours do. Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. Laura F says:

    The things I love the most is the embossing folders. I can’t wait until march . I’m not a luckily person . So I will put these items on my list . I will see you on craft day March 8 is circle on my calendar. I hope I get theses items before it sell out. You no HSN It’s the best.

  101. Deana Johansen says:

    Decorative is the key word here…. and I love the Decorative Scene folders, but wait!!! I also love the Decorative Edge Dies ^_^ If I could only have one item, it would be the folders, but hoping to win and be blessed with all of them ^_^ Thank you for this opportunity and sneak peak

  102. Melissa Clark says:

    Anna, You are the most creative lady!!! I’ve followed you like forever!!! I just don’t have a blog or the money to do your cruises so you wouldn’t know me from Adam but I digress. I rather save what little money I do have to purchase as many products that I can!! I’ve purchased every Christmas Card set you’ve every gave us and a number of the others as well. I own a number of your embossing folders and I purchased your new set of word dies – I’m having such fun with them!!! There I go again off subject again.

    I just fell TOTALLY IN LOVE with your NEW EMBOSSING FOLDERS with the 2 different designs on them and your NEW BORDER DIES !! They are just beautiful!!!! Just like everything else you create!!!!

  103. Melissa Clark says:

    Anna, You are the most creative lady!!! I’ve followed you like forever!!! I just don’t have a blog or the money to do your cruises so you wouldn’t know me from Adam but I digress. I rather save what little money I do have to purchase as many products that I can!! I’ve purchased every Christmas Card set you’ve every gave us and a number of the others as well. I own a number of your embossing folders and I purchased your new set of word dies – I’m having such fun with them!!! There I go again off subject again.

    I just fell TOTALLY IN LOVE with your NEW EMBOSSING FOLDERS and your NEW DIES!! They are just beautiful!!!! Just like everything else you create!!!!

  104. Mary Meyers says:


    The embossing folders and dies Oh my!! They are fabulous and without a doubt a favorite. Both will be on my shopping list on March 8th. TY for you creativity.

  105. ellie says:

    I absolutely love the dies, they’re so beautiful. Of course I love the folders too. Again, I must say that your ideas and designs all always stunning. Wishing March 8th would hurry up and get here.

  106. Virginia Hart says:

    I absolutely love the decorative edge dies, they are amazing. I love the word embossing folders, too, especially the one that says Papa. My Grandniece calls her Daddy, Papa and I love that. She is only one year old. Everything is amazing Anna. Keep up the good work!

  107. Sheri Grounds says:

    I absolutely love the embossing folders!! My list is getting bigger!!! I’m going to need a second job to cover all my upcoming purchases. Love everything as usual.
    Blessings to all,
    Sheri G

  108. joann benford says:

    Ok Anna,
    Lets talk, I need to come to work for you, because, I love all your products. How is it possible to choose just ONE thing ,when you know we will love it all.. However I love the embossing folders , but then again the dies are awesome too. Oh my, I really need a job for my Anna Griffin Addiction, Help.!!!

  109. Diane Marie says:

    Love the new dies. I can see my grand-daughters and I having a blast with them. They are 6 and 7 yrs. old. When they come for a visit, they head to the craft room with me and we make cards. They also make their own scrapbook. But grandma likes all your products. Lol

  110. Lora Posey says:

    I love the edge dies but my favorite in this episode are the embossing folders !

    Ps… will you be coming out with realistic animal shaped dies ? ! Like cats, horses, dogs , fox, squirrel etc….

  111. Laura Byrd says:

    The border edge dies are beautiful, especially the arched ones. I really liked the scrapbook page that was made with one of them. It was amazing.

  112. Janet Oliver says:

    Would love to win the Decorative Border dies and all the other goodies. These dies are the best yet!!! Can’t wait for your next HSN show.

  113. Alice King says:

    I love working with the die cuts but would especially like to win the ribbon storage box for my craft area. I’m looking forward to the upcoming show and more creative ways to use all my Anna Griffin products!

  114. Theresa Toothaker says:

    I am very new to this craft. I love all the items you have on the web. My favorite up coming items would be the sneak peak number three! I just ordered your Whishfull thinking on HSN after finding it on you tube an HSN . Hopefully This will leed to years of fun filled card making and crafts! Thank You for all your talents!!

  115. Migdalia Del Valle says:

    Wow Anna!!! It is sooooo hard to pick a favorite but since I must…it has to be the Embossed Word Folders…The calligraphy is beautiful…And so glad to see the ribbon box back…

    As always…you are amazing!

    Migdalia Del Valle

  116. Leanne McNicholas says:

    I love the decorative embossing folders and I didn’t think That there would be any other folders that I could use.

  117. Pam S. says:

    Oh the embossing folders are so lovely! But I particularly love, love the cutting dies. Makes such beautiful cards. Oh how much fun I’ll have if I could win them all!!!

  118. Lerah Coleman says:

    Wow! I am fascinated with the two in one design folders. But I can’t decide if that or the edge design for the cards are #1 for me. Decisions, decisions… It is hard to pick a favorite.

  119. Carole Hamstra says:

    Wow! Happy Valentine’s Day! Your new products are all amazing!! Love ALL of them – can’t wait to create with them!! Thank you!

  120. Jan Thomas says:

    Oh my gosh I want it all, the folders are marvelous both sets the words and florals but then again so are the dies. The bow maker is something I liked last time but did not feel I could afford right then . I always have to watch a youtube to get the double bow made I sometimes use a fork for little bows. it is all good!!!

  121. Barbara Ferris says:

    Wow, I had to scroll through a lot of comments to post my comment. How popular you are Anna! I would love to win this package and my favorite is the double embossing folders. Oh so pretty!! I really love the fancy lace edged dies too. The ribbon keeper would be wonderful to own. It’s so hard to choose! Thanks for the opportunity to enter Anna. Keep up the wonderful creativity! God has blessed you with tremendous talent!

  122. Heather P. says:

    Love everything….as always, but my favorite new item has to be the cutting dies. They’re SO pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. noreen sorensen says:

    your ribbon is the best quality! love the soft colors, too! would love to have the ribbon box on my work desk!

  124. Janice Kruse says:

    The Embossing Folders are all beautiful, and I would love to have them all but my favorite is the Decorative Edge Border Dies, what an absolutely beautiful addition they would make to a Card, like adding fine lace. Anna I hope you will add some more Border Dies to the Collection in the future. Thank you so much for all you do for us.

  125. Cheryl Locke says:

    *** I just love the folders and dies. Only three more weeks and I can get my hands on these wonderful items. So excited to watch, order and not very patiently wait for everything to arrive.

  126. kimberly says:

    l Love Everything!!!! If I have to pick a favorite, I have to have the decorative edge cutting dies! They will make the most gorgeous cards and scrapbook pages!!!

  127. Sue Farren says:

    can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait for March eight!!!

    Decorative borders and dies, yes, yes, yes 🙂

    thanks Anna

  128. sue farren says:

    can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait for March eight!!!

    Decorative borders and dies, yes, yes, yes 🙂

    thanks Anna and team

  129. Judy Pittman says:

    I love the folders or the dies, secondly, I love the dies and folders. These are all really gorgeous, every piece.
    Can’t wait.

  130. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Impossible to choose any one of them, I love them all. I have an addiction to Anna’s embossing folders and dies. Really counting the days again until March.

  131. Beatrice Satmary says:

    I like the embossing folders with the words. More please. Family and memories and so many options to come

    Would love them all

  132. Jackie Ruble says:

    I love them all but my pick of this sneak peek are the decorative scene embossing folders. Love them!

  133. Valerie Corbitt says:

    My favorite are the cutting dies, but I also like the embossing folders, too many things to pick just one favorite. Thanks Anna

  134. Dorothy Tarr says:

    I love the dies; and the embossing folders. I love everything Anna makes. Looking forward to March 8.

  135. Diane Miller says:

    Love the decorative border edge dies! But also the folders. Its so hard to pick a favorite. You and your team are amazing. Cant wait for the upcoming show.

  136. Sue Lawson says:

    The bowmaker is beautiful and the dies are to die for, but we’ll just cut with them instead. Well done Anna!

  137. Amber Jordan says:

    LOVE the die borders!! Lots of great ideas for those. The bow maker storage is great too — I love to use ribbon in my crafting!

  138. Irene Alexander says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna, my gosh, you just keep tempting us with your beautiful things. I love everything. I could not just pick one. By the way, you looked so pretty in red! Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

  139. Mary Scott says:

    They are all so pretty, but I like that boarder edges most of all. I love the fine details that I can accomplish using the different folders

  140. Maren Smith says:

    Wow! I love the new decorative border dies! I wish I’d had them for making valentines!!!
    I can’t wait to see what is next!!

  141. Lisa says:

    Wow, I love the Edge die Cuts along with the embossing folders. The ribbons oh my goodness how I would love to have that! Thanks Anna for making everything so beautiful!

  142. Joyce A Ward says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Anna!
    Hoping you receive lots of pretty cards, candy, and sweets. While everything is gorgeous, my fav are the border dies and the ribbon maker/holder. Enjoy your week and thank you!

  143. Denice with a "c" says:

    Dies are always a winner with me. Love the a ha moment when they cut out the beautiful designs. I also think embossing folders don’t get the credit they deserve. Such a drastic change from plan paper to pizazz by just a quick crank thru the Anna Griffin cuttlebut machine.

  144. Sandy B says:

    Oh! The decorative scene embossing folders and the edge border dies for sure; then the other two items for good measure. So much beauty, so easily accomplished. Thanks

  145. GiGi says:

    *** – I love everything, especially the border dies!! You keep coming up with such amazing items – you’re awesome!! I look forward to March 8 – I may be in trouble – lol!!!

  146. Joanne P. says:

    Everything Anna and her team creates is just gorgeous. I do believe the Edge dies are my favorite though. Looking forward to March 8th and seeing Anna all day long. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  147. Lorna I says:

    Loving the decorative scene embossing folders and edge border dies. I can’t believe the new ideas that you keep coming up with. I just want to craft all the time with all these fun tools.

  148. Karen Kleinert says:

    As usual everything is so elegant. I love the lace borders. Looks like european lace when life was so less complicated.

  149. Mary says:

    I can’t wait for another 24 hours of crafting on HSN! I am so excited to watch all of your shows. I record them to watch over and over again. I don’t want to miss a thing. I am looking forward to the new embossing folders! Love both sets! Also think the ribbon storage is a great solution and would fit well in my black and white craft room. Thanks!

  150. Pamela S Watkins says:

    Hey Anna!

    I am one of the ones who missed out on the bow maker last time, so I’m really happy to see it back! I’m very happy each time I see you bring back something that I love!

    The new dies are something I’ve been waiting for, so I’m sure they’ll be the first item on my list!

    Thank you for all the new exciting products!

    Pam Watkins

  151. Dianna Bilyeu says:

    Love love ❤️ the embossed word folders!! Gotta have them!!!!! Thanks Anna for all the wonderful creativities!!

  152. Mary Esser says:

    Every blog post your new products are more beautiful than the last. Love them all!!!! Looking forward to your show in March.

  153. cheryl grlj says:

    The embossing folders are so lovely. I also appreciate when you bring up suggestions on different things to do with the items. They give me aha moments! Thanks.

  154. Nydia Martinez says:

    Anna, Anna. I Angel simply drooling over this sneak peek!!!! I loooive thiose Embossing folders. I can’t wait to order them and those marvelous cutting edge dies!!!!! March 10th can’t come fast enough for me.

  155. Heather Ogilvie says:

    I am hyperventilating over the decorative edge border dies and the decorative scene embossing folders. *** I love them so much! You never disappoint.

  156. Teresa says:

    Hi Anna. Loved everything as usual but the edge dies have to be my fAvorites. Can’t wait for the 8th! I’m wishing the year away cuz of you Anna. Lol

  157. Martha Hoyt says:

    Love those new decorative edge border dies and all of the window boxes….can’t wait until the show. Your creativity shows no bounds! Wonderful job as always….

  158. Rosann DuChette says:

    I absolutely love the feminine border dies!! Can’t wait to see what else Anna has in store for us!

  159. Karen D'Amato says:

    WOW! Everything is simply awesome. All of these items will give the cards character but the one I like the best is the die cuts. They give the cards so much elegance Melissa says to say “Hi” to her favorite lady!

  160. Jennifer Carroll says:

    I love it all!!! If I have to pick a fav, it would be the Decorative Edge Border Dies! Yay! Crossing my fingers I win this time Thank you for the opportunity. Can’t wait for March 8th

  161. Judy Palmer says:

    I love everything, but my favorite is the decorative edge dies. I make cards for out local nursing home and I can just picture using them for their spring cards!!

  162. carol harmon says:

    Hi Anna, Thanks for all the embossing folders and cutting dies. I love them all, they are just beautiful, I also love the ribbons and bow maker. Thank you, Love Carol

  163. Dolores "Dee" Hilderbrand says:

    Hi Anna, everything is beautiful. I believe my favorites this week are the 2 sets of embossing folders. The cards you showed using these folders are so pretty.
    Thank you again for helping me be more creative.

  164. SHERI says:

    I love all the items and they are just perfect for Easter and Mother’s day !!! Can not wait to work with them.

  165. Maryellen Young says:

    Love those Border Dies!!!
    Gotta have THEM!!!!!
    Winning would be a nice way to get them too. Crossing my fingers.

  166. Faith says:

    Love the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders, but my choice item would be the Decorative Edge Border Dies. So awesome that you include both the cut in and cut out. Thanks!

  167. Faith says:

    Love the “scene” embossing folders, but my choice item would be the Decorative Edge Border Dies. So awesome that you include both the cut in and cut out. Thanks!

  168. Diane Lynne C. says:

    I have fallen in love with the st of four Decorative Scene Embossing Folders! Cannot wait to see these demonstrated on HSN.

  169. Linda G. says:

    Anna & Team Anna, Your products are always terrific. I am looking forward to craft day: March 8th on HSN, My favorite, of this grouping, is the set of Decorative Edge Border Dies. Thank you!

  170. Laurie Peabody says:

    I really like the Decorative Edge Border Dies;can’t wait for March 8th. Thanks for all the beautiful dies and embossing folders!

  171. deborah says:

    So many beautiful new goodies, my wallet is going to be on fire!! Wowza!!

    The border/edge cutting die set is my fave without a doubt from this sneak peek. I’ve always loved border dies… they add such a different look to my cards.

    Seeing your ribbon storage again Anna, made me think… will you add a Ribbon Maker to your line-up? It’s something to think about adding…hint, hint! 😀

    That way we can have beautiful bows in any color/pattern we choose, not just the solid ones that you currently have in your line… which yes, I owns dozens of them. lol

  172. Lois N. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Anna and Your Staff:
    I would love to have the beautiful embossing folders to use with the wedding albums I am making for my family and friends, They would work well with the word dies and could be used year round with all the seasonal cards. Such a beautiful new Spring collection of creative and inspiring products, it takes your breath away!!
    Love, Lois N.

  173. Tammi Moore-Hamilton says:

    As always it’s hard to pick my favorite. I think it is the dies this time. These will open up how I make cards. Love all thinks Anna. Thank you, Tammi

  174. Lisa Buckak says:

    Your creativity knows no bounds . I love it all especially the dies they look like they would be really fun to use keep it coming Anna.

  175. Jz Toland says:

    You just upped your game once again Anna! Love the border dies and embossing folders. So Amazing. Love Love Love!

  176. Sandi Dykstra says:

    ANNA – You’ve done it again. I absolutely love your edge dies. I think the metal edge dies will be a big WINNER. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  177. Doris Bradley says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. Anna you have brought so much joy into my life with you beautiful card kits. I only started making cards by Anna Griffin about 1 year and a half ago. I have had stem cell and PRP therapy on both my hips and left knee. I doing well but I still have a little more to go before I can walk on my own. Your card kits and die cuts have brought me such joy to my life and to the friends I send them too. They save all the cards I send them Abbracci Hugs In Italian Doris

  178. Debra Hutchinson says:

    The Decorative Scene Embossing Folders are my very favorites if I’m forced to choose because I love the different textures in one folder but the edge dies and the word folders are amazing too!
    I’m really looking forwarding to creating with these amazing new products Anna!
    As always you rock!
    Thank you!

  179. Cheryl R says:

    Decorative edge for her ties look like a great deal of fun. Everything looks like a great deal of fun. Looking forward to March 8 .

  180. Doug G. says:

    My Favorite this week is the Decorative Edge Border Dies…. The possibilities for cards, invitations and srapbook pages in endless. Coming in a close second is the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders !! Looking forward to March 8th Anna !!!

  181. Norma says:

    Nice embossing folders, but I LOVE the decorative edge dies. That scrapbooking page with the edge dies is absolutely beautiful

  182. Ellen P says:

    Can’t decide which I love more, but absolutely can not live without those edge dies…they are fantastic!!

  183. Catherine B says:

    The new edge dies look like tons of creative fun and am very intrigued by the new folders – great idea to have the multiple designs in one folder.


  184. Beverly Reynolds says:

    I would so appreciate this. I’ve purchased nearly every Anna Griffin card product. I just ordered her Cuttlebug and now need some embossing dies to use it. They look fantastic and perfect addition to all my cardmaking supplies.

  185. stampnk says:

    Your products are always so exquisite and I am really loving those beautiful edge dies. Your appearances on HSN are on my favorite list as I watch you demonstrate the newest Anna Griffin dies, stamps and kits.

  186. Sheri Lesh says:

    The word embossing folders are wonderful. But I LOVE all your stuff.

    Is there any way you can change how we leave comments? So we don’t have to scroll through ALL the previous comments. I would appreciate that.

  187. Louise Blume says:

    Beautiful. I love them all. Especially love the idea of inking the embossing folder. Such lovely things. Thank you.

  188. Regina Pahati says:

    My favorite are the decorative dies. I like to try edging with these. Next I like those combination embossing folders. Love embossing scripts too.

  189. carol Ehlke says:

    Wow,Anna! I am looking forward to those new embossing folders! Just in time for wedding season. …And I love the decorative edge dies. Those will be perfect for gatefold sleeves for wedding cards, baby shower cards, Mother’s Day cards, invitations…my mind is already popping with ideas!

  190. Jeanne F says:

    As usual I love everything and would be happy with any one of them. I am a huge fan of dies and the new decorative edge dies are awesome. Can’t wait to get them. They will certainly make cards “Beautiful in the Making”. Thank you Anna:)

  191. Bonnie Henderson says:

    Wow wow wow!! I love the new Embossed Word Folders, they are perfect for a very Simple but Elegant card!!

  192. Cathy Root says:

    While the embossing folder are always lovely, I love the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders and the Decorative Edge Border Dies. Both create such a special effect!

    Are you inking or buffing the edges after you do the embossing? Love it!

  193. Mary E Gonzales says:

    I just love the embossing folder and dies, I can’t wait to experiment with embossing and de-embossing with different inks.

  194. Renee says:

    The Word Embossed folders are awesome! Thought I would incorporate picture(a) of person on face of cards. Love everything though; you make it so hard to decide Anna

  195. Jeanette Elliott says:

    I would love to win the embossing folders! I have a cuttlebug but don’t have enough folders to really try it out. I have used it a little bit, but need to increase my inventory. Thank you for all that you do. Love your work!

  196. Alice Gilmore says:

    All of these new items are so wonderful but the border edge dies are ” to die” for. They are so beautiful!

  197. Ellen B. says:

    What is there to say that has not already been said?! It is all marvelous and I am so looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous samples and demonstrations you are preparing to show us on HSN! You are amazing Anna. Thank you for all the products you create for us to enjoy. Some of us are going to need to open up side exhibits of our Anna stashes in the museum you plan to open one day….

  198. Janie Leonard says:

    I really enjoy using the embossing folders the dies just add to the excitement of crafting. Thank you for all of your beautiful designs.

  199. Roxy Larimore says:

    Love, love, love ❤️ it all!!!
    My most favorite are the border dies thou!! They are gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to start crafting with them!!!!!

  200. Vickie Davis says:

    Just about the time I think there couldn’t be anything else! Wow, you just keep on keeping on with New and wonderful products. Thank you. I would love to have these for making cards.

  201. Gerda Gray says:

    All your new items are spectacular, I love everything, but the most I am looking forward to order are the “decorative edge boarders”; I will create beautiful card with them and can’t wait to place my order!!!

  202. Debra Chavez says:

    Hi Anna, I told myself that I have enough embossing folders & dies then you come out with more beautiful ones that I can’t live without. Love all of them!!!

  203. karen chester says:

    I love the new lace cutting dies. I’m already dreaming of the beautiful cards that I’ll be making with them. Taking it up to another level. Thanks, Anna

  204. Cheryl Dobes says:

    Love the embossing folders! I have most of the folders ever released by AG. More to add to my collection!

  205. Victoria Esse says:

    I am all about dimension! I feel that anything that gives dimension to cards and scrapbooking makes it look more professional. I loved the window box card, and really LOVED the cutout dies and Decorative Edge Border Dies. Can’t wait to get them home! Your creative team constantly amazes me. They keep getting better all of the time!

  206. Paulette says:

    can hardly wait. love the items and cannot wait to get them. this is cruel and unusual punishment making us wait till march 8…love your stuff anyway

  207. Kathy A says:

    So hard to pick just 1 favorite. Love them all!! If I must pick 1 I’d say the embossed words. Going to start saving money for March 8th. Can’t wait!!

  208. Debra J says:

    Just when I think I have everything…I do like the small embossing folders, excellent size; but I love the edge cutting dies. Very pretty, elegant and precise. Must have these. Imagine using the new markers with these…oh, can’t wait!!!

  209. Patricia Miller says:

    Happy Happy belated Valentines Day! ❤
    I absolutely love everything in this sneak peek!! I keep thinking, oh I don’t need another embossing folder or die, and then you come out with another “MUST HAVE”! I Must have those folders and dies!!! I cant wait for March 8th on HSN! Hahahah from a
    Long Time Loyal Griffinite

  210. Marilyn Smith says:

    Those decorate edge dies have to be my favorite! So special for both cards and scrapbooks and as always with Anna’s products, would take my efforts to a whole new level!

  211. Helen Hayes says:

    I love the Decorative Edge dies – the possibilities! The details are amazing. My designs will be beautiful thanks to Anna!

  212. Khara Murphy says:

    Oh my God I can’t pick just want to know they’re also great I’m going to have to have all of them especially those dies and the word and embossing folders !

  213. Kelly Erickson says:

    I can’t wait to order the bow maker! I missed it the first time and was disappointed when it sold out. I’m glad I’ll have a second chance to get it!

  214. Laurie St.Onge-Merges says:

    Wow, I thought the decorative embossing folders were fantastic, until I saw the decorative edge dies. Wow, the scrapbook page literally made my jaw drop! Literally!

  215. Diane Bostick says:

    It is sure hard to chose. But if I just have to I guess I would chose the decorative edge dies. They are gorgeous and I don’t have anything like them but sure wish I did.

  216. Carol Coleman says:

    Oh my! I love the set of 4 word embossing folders: Mom, Dad, Love and Birthday. Wow! Can’t wait to order them. Love the edge dies too!

  217. Criss Behe says:

    Anna, you are going to kill me! If you ever hear of a couple dying in their sleep by being crushed to death, it is my Anna Griffin Craft Room in the attic above us from all the weight! I cannot resist your wonderful projects/ products! Love the embossing folders. Will use the Father & Mother ones with my grandkids since I am now the eldest!
    Keep those ideas coming!

  218. nel konkle says:

    I love the dies and word folders thought I had all the folders i would ever need but wrong I need those everything is wondergul

  219. Mila says:

    The Embossing Folders are the BOMB!!!!!!!! You always make gorgeous project ideas. Your products are to die for. THANK YOU!!!!!

  220. Rachel says:

    Decorative Edge Border Dies are my first choice, the ideas are flooding in. Keep up the great work you all do, I’m really grateful.

  221. Beth says:

    On my! Edge dies -,I can not wait! Planning a baby shower and my mind is going wild! Folders look incredible too! Panning a vacation day to watch everything!❤️

  222. Cheryl Salzano says:

    I am in love with the word embossing folders. I love the father one. It is so hard to find father or male stuff. Thank you for thinking of the males in our lives.

  223. Michael says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one of your creative and lovely gifts !!!! If i have to choose i prefer the edgeable dies !!!! They are lovely to say the least !!! Thank you, and may the good LORD bless !!!!!

  224. Linda Drummond says:

    I love all as always, but those Decorative Scene Embossing Folders are awesome! I love the dies! These are my favorite things embossing folder and dies, so very hard to pick! OK Decorative Scene Embossing Folders are my favorites!

  225. Deena Canup says:

    So many new products, Anna!! Amazing. I am in LOVE with sweet Amber; your designer for that scrapbook page is what made me love the border edge dies the most. They are so versatile. Both sets of EF are coming home with me too. I was lucky enough to get the ribbon box in January and it has been this fan’s favorite. I’ve already had to replace the ribbon.

  226. Sherry Bradbury says:

    I can not wait to get to order those scene embossing folders and the edge dies. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  227. Rebecca Sikora says:

    This is by far my favorite sneak peek yet! I love everything, and I feel I need everything! Thank you!

  228. Susan Bernard says:

    I love it all! My favorite is the Decorative Edge Dies. Oh, I just think they are so elegant and versatile. I make cards and scrapbook layouts. Looking for ward to the 8th.

  229. Judith Totten says:

    The scene embossing folders are wonderful. Love the design separation. The new dies are also terrific. The option of being able to create a cutout for underneath is awesome. So glad that you’re bringing back the ribbon box as I did not order one last time. As always, love everything you do. Thank you.

  230. Gail Cobb says:

    *** can’t wait these boarder dies look great… Looking forward to the happiest day in March craft day…Just hoping to stay within my budget…Thank you sooo much for all of the wonderful products…

  231. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Wow! I love the embossing folders; both sets. But my favorite this time is the decorative edge dies! I still have not added the bow maker to my supplies. What beautiful products you’ve created for us Anna!

  232. Shellie Fontana says:

    Hyperventilating RIGHT NOW, LOL!! My mind is creating scrapbook layouts (for daughter’s recent wedding), using my ‘NEW FAVORITE’–your Edge Dies (OH! MY! GOSH!), Anna! These are ALL SPECTACULAR (quality, looks), AND so easy to use! My go-to embellishment is an embossed layer, which is so easy to run through my Golden Cuttlebug–but THEN, to ink or sand, and to highlight and TEXTURIZE, WOW! You have taught Griffinites to be couture-crafters! I can barely wait to see you Show ‘n Tell on HSN on March 8!

  233. June Estep says:

    My fav are the border dies. I see that product as the one I would reach for most often. I do love the embossing folder that has Dad and Papa on it. Cant wait to see the samples on the 8th

  234. Terance in Texas says:

    ***, the embossing folders are screaming at me to buy them now. I have so many ideas in my head. The new dies are interesting, i am not sure if they work for me but they are a must have also. Such cool new things, thanks team.

  235. johana hare says:

    Wow! So many new beautiful tools for us to use to make our cards and scrapbooks wonderful. I just love the edge die cuts and the word embossing folder. You are so creative!

  236. Kelly Licina says:

    Oh, Anna, what beautiful new products!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on them. The embossing folders are like none other, so pretty and great for making simple cards, but he dies are like beautiful. I love the effect they give to our cards. Please pick me!!!!!!

  237. Marcie Smith says:

    I can never get enough of Anna Griffin products. This week my fav is the embossing folders. However, all of the new products always seem to wind up on my shopping list. Funny how that happens??? LOL.

  238. Gena Greenlee says:

    You are really giving us some beautiful items to look at this visit!! Thank you!! I have to say that the 7″ edge dies really are my favorite!! I bought a set from another HSN vendor a couple of years ago, and they were awful!! I threw them away the night I received them!! I also love the 2 sets of embossing folders, one with flowers and the other with brush stroke words, all so very nice!! I have to be careful this visit, as I am currently trying to organize my wood mount stamps!! My husband commented “You don’t need another stamp as long as you live!!”. He just does not get it, you never have enough stamps to stop looking!! Thanks Anna and Staff!! See you very soon!!

  239. Diane K. says:

    I still have the first ribbon box ( green ) you did for the other channel years ago. Will be hopefully winning the new one ( it is much bigger than the first). If not I will be buying it. That’s how long I have been a customer of your ” Wonderful” crafting goodies. Many years.

  240. SHARON BOUNDS says:


  241. Jan Forgue says:

    Love the bow maker. I tried it at the Make and Take at Create 2 but missed out the first time it was on HSN. So glad it is back!

  242. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    Such creative beautiful items you have to offer again! The large script embossing folders are unique and look amazing !
    I have been lustiing after a ribbon box forever and hopefully I can get one this time around!
    Can’t wait to watch again!

  243. Amy Cooley says:

    Beautiful new products! The ribbon and the pretty storage box is my favorite. You can never have too much ribbon!

  244. SaBrina Bradley says:

    So hard to pick! The embossing folders win! So beautiful and large. Very excited about the upcoming show.

  245. Liz says:

    Anna you are amazing as always
    So hoping you would bring back
    For Him cardmaking kits !!!!!
    For the Boys
    Cardmaking kits
    Received rave reviews from them

  246. Irma Cervantez says:

    Oh my goodness! I love it all! Everything is so pretty! I’m most excited about the Embossed Words Folders. Thank you for creating such beautiful things and for the opportunity to win.

  247. Deborah Brown says:

    I can’t pick a favorite,I’m just working out what I’m going to make with all three of them. I have so many really good and exciting ideas.a Anna I just don’t know how you just keep, creating so many beautiful things.Tthank You alway’s for what you create for all of us.

  248. Kathy B. says:

    Love the floral embossing folders and new dies. This would bring my cards to a whole new level of awesomeness. Keep on creating new and exciting designs.

  249. Anita Price says:

    Anna you are so creative! I love your Decorative edge border dies, and the Decorative scene embossing fodders! You help me make my projects look more professional!

  250. Barb macaskill says:

    ***! The new Dies are, well, for lack of a better word, they are to DIE for! Love the new embossing folders too. Stunning and innovative! Must shop on the big day! Thanks for the sneaks to whet my appetite!

  251. Loralei says:

    I enjoy the embossing folders and the Decorative Edge Border Dies! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win them!

  252. Kristin Torres says:

    Hey Anna!
    Wow all 3 items this week are outstanding. It’s so hard to pick one favorite. The new word embossing dies are simply stunning. I love the simplicity but the elegant and the many ways to use the folders. It can be so edging to really help me when I sometimes get creatively blocked due to my illness. Those plus the bow maker and a sentiment and a beautiful card is done. I hope I can win these. Thanks you for the opportunity. Have a great day!

  253. shartl says:

    I absolutely love the embossing folders and edge dies the most. They are so elegant and versatile…and just as wonderful as all of Anna’s products.’

  254. Cheryl Bradley says:

    Embossing Folders and Edge Die Cuts would make a welcome addition to my collection of Anna’s greatest creations which have made my scrapbooking easier for many many years!

  255. Julie Hume says:

    You are just awesome you make my heart flutter with the new items happy Valentine’s day. I can’t choose just one today the decorative scene embossing folders and edge border dies are both fighting to be first in my basket love love love.

  256. Jamie Kaus says:

    I love everything – past, present and future. The embossing folders would bring my AG collections to a whole new level. Excited for the winner!

  257. Cheryl pellegrin says:

    I always gravitate to the dies and love them. Being on a fixed income limits what I can buy at any given time but I find I save up for the dies cause they are usually the priciest but I can do much with them creatively.

  258. Sharen Dixon says:

    The embossing folders and dies are exquisite. I especially like the large words on the embossing folders. I can see myself using those a lot. My list is growing and growing as I see all the wonderful new Anna tools. Love them all.

  259. Joanne Lowe says:

    My favorite is the border dies, my favorite last time was both the pocket dies and the beautiful large stamps for coloring with the Chamelion markers. You are bringing out so many products that I love–oh my! Thanks to Anna and her talented team.

  260. Linda Chastain says:

    Love the edge dies. Husband said I bought too much during last HSN craft show. I watch all the HSN craft shows, even if I’m on a craft diet. I learn so much about card creating and design techniques.

  261. Debra Lovell says:

    Looks like im going to be buying several of your awesome products. My favorite is the Dies… ***! I Love them! I love your Style Anna

  262. Evadene D Brosky says:

    Love all the close ups Anna. So happy we can see better what you in store for us. Keep it up please.

  263. Heidi Johnson says:

    Love, Love, Love the embossing folders. A must have for my Anna collection!
    Please, Please, Please
    PICK ME!

  264. Deb Neisen says:

    ***! So amazing! Again, everything is so incredible. Can’t wait for March 8. I was sitting at the computer watching your video and the doorbell rang. My latest Anna Griffin order arrived while I was watching! How wonderful is that???? I love the whole package. Can’t get enough of Anna Griffin. You rock!!

  265. Patricia Podsiad says:

    I love all the items but the die cut edges are my most favorites. Love so much that Anna’ s stuff looks so much like lace! I’m a bobbin lace maker so Lace is right up my alley.

  266. Gracie says:

    The embossing design folders have such a look of elegance and the border dies are really special because you can cut the design on the card edge and then go back and line the design with a solid color for a more dramatic appearance.

  267. Veronica L Roske says:

    Anna Griffin makes some of the most beautiful products from embossing folders to dies and you name it. My best friend gifted me with some of these for my soon to be birthday when I saw her the other day. I would just love to have more.

  268. Linda Rood Calvello says:

    OMGoodness! I <3 the combination folders! I can see so many different projects with them. You never cease to amaze!

  269. Cindy Anderson says:

    Hello Miss Anna, who is NO banANNA. Hehehe. I truly loff everything about this weeks sneek pic. One day, I WILL WIN, I really beleive this…
    Miss Anna, all these items are all quite lovely, but since I must choose one, I must go with the edge able dies. They are just quite lovely and I CANT WAIT to try these out. I WILL RIP the box to pieces and do a few cartwheels in the foyer, then fly down the stairs to mycraft room, shut the door, put some videos on of you demonstrating products and get busy creating some of the most deliciouse cards possible. I CANT WAIT, I CANT WAIT, I CANT WAIT to purchase these, UNLESS I WIN, hehehe. A FAITHFUL GRIFFINITE FOR LIFE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  270. Sarah Allcock says:

    Anna, how can i pick just one favorite? They’re all wonderful! While I love those decorative edge dies, I have to say that the Embossed Words folders might be my favorite, simply because they are so unique, and fairly different from other items you’ve done. But they’re all great, and while I have other ways of storing ribbon, your storage box that incorporates the bow tying pieces might be one of your most ingenious items yet!

  271. Carole Lewis says:

    They are all great-looking products, again, but I am most pleased by the Embossed Words Folders. Thank you, Anna!

  272. Denise says:

    Can you say embossing folders and dies??? I love them all. They are beautiful and they have the wheels turning in my mind of all the things I can make. Can’t wait until March 8th.

  273. Jan Bathke says:

    I love all of these products! The dies and embossing folders are just beautiful,and who doesn’t need more ribbon storage?

  274. Shelly Green says:

    Anna once again I can’t wait until March 8 . I think your card and scrap booking dies are beautiful. I like all your beautiful card making kits I can’t wait for your new ones I’m so excited Thank you for all your pretty products. Shelly

  275. koalabc/barb says:

    Wow!! I am always amazed with your Beautiful products to make so many pretties..You give Us so many ways to be inspired and to make these..Thank you and your wonderful crew..

  276. Shari Shafii says:

    Hello Ms. Anna!!

    Well, I’m sure there’s not much chance for me, being 1334 on the list…lol
    This blog has only been up since this morning. Even so, that being the case, I still will tell you how much I love what you’ve come out with! Love the folders, awesome! The dies are super! I’ve been looking at the cards I make and wanting to cut the sides somehow but not sure how to go about it. So those are great! A must have. When I will actually get them is another thing… ha ha ha! You’re just too good at what you do, I can’t keep up! Slow down a little bit, will ya?! I’m still paying off Christmas don’t you know?! Anyways, I love you and everything you do, so, of course, I love that the ribbon box is back! I’m looking forward to the shows and here’s to hitting it be in the lottery!! Pick me! Oh my goodness, pick me, please pick me!! Have a blessed week Ms. Anna!

  277. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    The Scene embossing folders are a great idea…they open possibilities for such unique cards. With the charm of the 4 scenes I can imagine making invitations to a garden party, tea party, or graduation party. Anything that will require a lot of invitations. Also the Border dies can give that personal look to a card. I think of how a border on a dress or skirt is so pretty. So are these intricate borders! More great products for March 4th.! Thank you so much.

  278. Diane B says:

    Love ❤️ those new embossing folders. Will go great with the decorative edge borders. Can’t wait to see in the show. Thanks Anna

  279. Janet W. from Pittsburgh says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Anna!

    So glad to see the ribbon box is back. I can’t wait to order one. — All of your products are just lovely, a true reflection of yourself!

  280. Annie Hayes says:

    Love the border dies! Wonderful for cards, placemats, paper coasters, the back of envelopes and so much more.

  281. Debra Hatton says:

    Anna, what a special day to share such lovely new craft tools. I love each and every one of them…but am just a teeny bit partial to the decorative border dies. As always, Anna, you keep inspiring others to create beautiful things. You are a blessing to those you know and many you will never know…but all are thankful you chose to do what you do so beautifully.

  282. Dorinda says:

    I love the word embossing folders and the bow maker! The word dies are beautiful and will be easy to create cards with minimal embellishing!


  283. RONDA L JENKINS says:

    Holy Toledo! These items are a home run Anna! I am totally in love with the dies and embossing folders! You are killing my wallet! LOL

  284. Janice Lundy says:

    My Oh My, the products just keep getting better and better! All those new folders and cutting dies will certainly be on my list for the March show. Thank You Anna!

  285. Vicky Ford says:

    All I can say is WOW I love it all!!!!!!!! this is so exciting I can’t even sit this is going to help so much to make may son’s wedding invitation it’s killing me.
    Thank you

  286. Kim griffin says:

    Happy valentine’s day everybody. The decorative edge boarder dies are fabulous. The words folders are wonderful too. Just beautiful Anna, you and Anna griffin inc. never disappoints.

  287. Barb says:

    Love it all!! Dies and embossing folders are my favorites…….along with card kits…stamps…inks…well you get the idea! I love it all!!

  288. Joyce huber says:

    The border dies are my favorite. With endless possibilities there’s sooo much you can do with these. Loving the embossing folders too!

  289. Julie C. Fallon says:

    Love the ribbon box!
    Maybe now I can sort it out!
    Ps- will you bring back the magnetic die organizer?
    I missed out

  290. Barbara Zak says:

    Amazing choices. The ribbon holder is nice…..and the cutting edge dies are really nice. Beautiful designs. And last but not least the embossing folders are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Good Luck all.

  291. Virginia Wilson says:

    Happy Valentines Day! All of the preview products are beautiful and my favorite item are embossing folders with two designs on them. Talk about a super easy look.

  292. Barbara Tobey says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Anna comes up with another unique and beautiful product…love the embossing folders and dies.

  293. Kathleen Mills says:

    Not sure I can pick a favorite! I love the embossing scenes, but really love and need the edge dies as I dint have any of those!

  294. Barbara Mann says:

    Another ahhhmazing presentation. I am pretty partial to the embossing folders, but the decorative edge dies are stunning.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Anna and to your creative team.

  295. TRACY T says:

    I live on the west coast. So I did miss the opportunity to purchase a lot of your products. I’m shopping early this march. I don’t want to miss anything this time around. Wonderful items as always….

  296. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 I am loving the decorative edge dies like crazy! Both sets of embossing folders look amazing too. I cannot believe how everything just keeps getting better and better! Thank you. 🙂

  297. Cheryl Stone says:

    I really love the Decorative Edge Border
    Dies. Happy Valentine’s day to all at Anna Griffin Inc. and of course you Anna!

  298. Lillian L says:

    Loving the die cut edge and the pretty embossing folders…love the project made with them too! So pretty! Happy Valentine’s Day

  299. Lana says:

    I absolutely love the Decorative Edge folders and the Decorative Embossing folders. All of your new products for the March 8th show are awesome. Hope I won’t have to choose. Thank you Anna!!!!

  300. Susan Little says:

    The Decorative Edge Border Dies look wonderful, followed by the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders. Really, Anna, your products just keep getting better and better. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  301. Paula McGee says:

    Words! Words! Words! I love the Embossed Word Folders. I can’t wait to emboss everything with these words.

  302. Tonya Oswald says:

    Oh Ann, those dies and embossing folders are so beautiful. I can’t wait to have them. I can hear my checking screaming now!!!!

  303. Linda Scott says:

    Can hardly wait to purchase the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders! So many things to choose from it would be great to win too though! Thanks for the opportunity!

  304. Heather W says:

    Happy Valentines Day Anna! You helped me to make a beautiful card for my hubby on this special day, so thank you! I love the embossed words folders, great idea!

  305. GLENDA STONE says:

    The decorative embossing folders and the edge dies. I couldn’t pick just one!
    Thanks for all of the beautiful products.

  306. Daisy says:

    Love love love the edge borders dies another must have can’t wait till March 8th love your new embossing folders and the ribbon box to make bows lovebsll your creations but mostly love that you give us the opportunity to win them thank you so much Anna and good luck to all us

  307. Kathy Sinnamon says:

    The decorative border dies are gorgeous. Can’t wait to get them. You continue to amaze with your creativity.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  308. Jennifer Huang says:

    Nice- more goodies to add to my shopping list. (Once again, it’s gonna be really hard to choose what to buy because I want it all. ;b) All the new items are great but my favorite item of sneak peek 3 is the Decorative Scene Embossing Folders. I think these lovely folders would pair nicely with the pocket dies. (Can’t wait to play/create with the new items) Thanks Anna & Team for all that you do! Keep it coming! ^_^

  309. Debbie Martelli says:

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone
    I love the everything! Yhanks Anna for all the new creative ideas. Can’t wait till March 8th.

  310. Kristine says:

    Forgot to mention, please have enough of everything for everyone and not sell outs. It gets very frustrating when we can’t purchase. Thank you and hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  311. Kristine says:

    The embossing folders look fantastic along with the dies look wonderful. Thank you very much Anna and crew for all your wonderful creativity. It is great. Thank you!!

  312. Michelle says:

    The beautiful edge dies are my favorite, but everything is always beautiful in the making. I have loved the Anna Griffin papers and detailed embossing plates and stamps since the early 2000’s and I used to make detailed scrapbook pages by scoring and folding. hand embossing with a light box and even fussy cutting and layering the flowers in the beautiful flower papers. I love everything Anna, always have! I would love to be a winner of the Create event as well, maybe I can go someday!

  313. Susan G. says:

    The Decorative Edge Border Dies!!!! Hope I can get them before they sell out. Love the ribbon box, looks great in my craft room and Love the ribbon

  314. Pamela Doroshuk says:

    My favorite is the border dies — love the versatility to cut into the card (rather than fussy cutting) for a cut out edge, and also the ability to cut out the complete image. The Decorative Scene Embossing Folders is my second choice. But the ribbon holder and the large Words in the Embossed Words Folders would also be used a lot. Too much fun!

  315. Gloria Myers says:

    I already have the bow making box but the Embossed Word Foldersand the Embossed Scene folders AND the Decorative Edge Cutting dies STOP MY HEART….Wish i could buy them RIGHT NOW Anna!

  316. Angela H. says:

    How can anyone who does any (and is in their right mind, I might add) choose one of your items. One?? Not gonna happen!!

  317. Deborah Ernest says:

    I tried 2 times to post a comment and each time it said I had already said those things so I will say I like it all and hope this gets posted .This now the third time it keeps saying its a duplicate well 3 times didn’t work the last one is 4.

  318. Deborah Ernest says:

    I tried 2 times to post a comment and each time it said I had already said those things so I will say I like it all and hope this gets posted .This now the third time it keeps saying its a duplicate .

  319. Kim Fournier says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Anna & Staff
    In my crafting mind the craft items are all Winners today!!!
    Would Love to win them all.
    Thanks for having those great looking embossing
    folders and dies, to make our cards & pages look
    so good.

  320. Deborah Ernest says:

    I tried 2 times to post a comment and each time it said I had already said those things so I will say I like it all and hope this gets posted thank you.

  321. Kathy Thompson says:

    Always love your embossing folders, but this time I would have to say I am loving the edge dies the best!!!

  322. Lorraine says:

    Hard to choose just one, but the edge dies would be my favorite. Thank you for sharing early so we can save up to buy them all.

  323. Patricia Ladd says:

    I like the fancy cut edge dies the best. I’d like to see you come out an A2 version of your products.

  324. Sandra Chiesa says:

    I would choose the decorative edge border dies, and I would once again be doing something that I know nothing about!

  325. Sally Kramer says:

    The embossing folders? the dies? How’s a girl to choose? I believe my Feb 29th birthday will have to wait till March, can’t wait.

  326. Sheron Banks says:

    I love everything and would love to win everything. I really love the embossing folders if I had to choose. Anna, your creations are wonderful.

  327. Susanne Holloway says:

    I never put my Cuttlebug away anymore. Can’t wait for the new folders. Happy Valentine’s Day to my crafting sweetheart Anna.

  328. Deb LeZotte says:

    My favorite by far are the Decorative Border Edge Dies. These would be wonderful for my scrapbook pages and also add that special “Edge” to my cards! Love, love, ❤️!!

  329. Robert H says:

    We must be ready for springtime with Anna: each week we set new records responding to our favorite new items, all equally phenomenal.
    I was able to expand my ribbon box by drilling 3/8 inch holes on the back panel. I haven’t found the shiny gold bezels yet so I touched up the white paint and it looks and works fine. It is a very well made storage box.

  330. Lana Murphy says:

    I just love it all! Thank you, Anna, for always thinking of beautiful new things for us to do! So special!

  331. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    I absolutely love the new decorative scene embossing folders as well as the decorative edge cutting dies! These will take cardmaking to a new level!

  332. Nancy de la rocha says:

    The embossing folders both word and *** the floral and lace and the cutting dies my favorite! They are so pretty!

  333. Kathy Foose says:

    My favorite item this sneak peek is the edge dies. Love them! Also love the new folders. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  334. Charlotte says:

    It’s too hard to pick a favorite! I want them all. I love the embossed words if I had to pick one. Good luck to everyone.

  335. Nannette Gulledge says:

    The Decorative Edge Border Dies are AMAZING!!!! I love them and would adore using them to create something beautiful!!! Would love the Ribbon Storage Bow Making Box too!!

  336. Lynette Star says:

    I really like the Decorative Edge Border Dies. You can use them on a card. It’s great that these will make cute border on my scrapbook layouts. Keep up the great work coming out with new products.

  337. Sharon Horn says:

    Love them all but I need to increase my stock of dies so the decorative edge dies is my choice. Can’t wait for the March 8th shows.

  338. Mary Draffen says:

    My favorite would be the Embossing Folders but all of your products are classy so to win them all would definitely be the thing to do. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to expand my Anna Griffin products collection thank you for keeping it fresh and exciting with your creations!

  339. Lydia Ward says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how beautiful these new dies and embossing folders are!!!! Thought I had all that I needed, but these are a must have!

  340. Beverly Terry says:

    I have always loved the embossing folders so I can see that I will be adding more to my growing collection. I think my favorite new item is the new set of dies. Can’t wait to get them.

  341. Karen S says:

    I love the Scene Embossing Folders and Border Edges. I am also glad to see the ribbon holder back. I missed that the first go-around:)

  342. Marion Matthews says:

    I especial love the new dies and embossing folders.
    Thank you, Anna, for sharing your talent with us.

  343. Carrie Sunderlin says:

    Loving the edge dies!!! Those are beautiful and I hope to see you add to the collection. These will be a must have on march 8.

  344. Lin M. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
    I think I currently have all of your embossing folders and think I could never need another one… Well, I was wrong! I want these embossing folders too! 🙂 These are fabulous!
    Thanks for the sneak peek!

  345. Dorothy says:

    Love it all! I think March 8th is going to be a very expensive day. I already own the Bow Maker and love it.

  346. Kathy Barrett says:

    Love the edge dies. Also looking at the ribbon storage and bow maker. I am terrible at making bows.

  347. Carmellabrown says:

    Happy Valentines Day ! I hope everyone had a lovely day ! Anna the new word embossing folders are oh so lovely! I would to have them in Mr archives ! Everything you make are amazing ! I wold be happy to win anything with your emblem on it ! Happy crafting Griffinites !

  348. Christine Miloslavic says:

    Absolutely love the border dies. Can’t wait for the next preview. It’s like waiting for Christmas every week. Keep up the amazing work.

  349. Patricia Fowler says:

    Thank you for your cards. I really enjoy them!
    I think I like the embossing folders that have the 2 designs in them. You can make them ahead of time and then add the embellishments when you need the card. Great use of time and creativity.

  350. Robin says:

    Anna, you went over the top this time – I absolutely love everything and really cannot pick just one favorite! I wanted the bow maker before, but it sold out before I could get mine. Now you add those beautiful embossing folders & amazing dies – we can’t help but create amazing projects. I have fingers, toes, arms & legs crossed hoping that I am the lucky winner!

  351. Barbara Moos says:

    Wow I love all of the items you showed us today but especially like the edge die cuts and the embossing folders with two images on them. Absolutely Beautiful!

  352. Sue L. says:

    Favoritems one Anna, no Way!!! It’s ALL my favorite. The folders r exquisite and the Die cuts are over the moon. YES. YES. YES.

  353. Kelly says:

    I love your new embossing folders best and must have them as always!! Please stop you’re killing us $$$ ha ha.

  354. claire bowers says:

    love, love, LOVE my bowmaker! Can’t wait for these beautiful dies. And the pens you showed last week or the week before!! Yeah! another 24 hour craft day!!

  355. DIANE APT says:

    I really like the embossing folders and the edge die cuts. You always have something brilliant! Hope I win these.

  356. Lisa says:

    Oh my, so hard to choose. Would love to have the Word embossing folders and the cutting dies. I must come clean, I would love it all.

  357. Jennifer K says:

    *** Anna, you need to stop making aLloyd of these cool, new products….especially ones like those Decorative Scene folders! I am addicted and need these! Unfortunately, on order to feed my addiction, I work FT, which takes away from my usage time…so a necessary evil, lol. Maybe just recycle some “older” folders so an addiction can catch a break, lol! I’d like to retire someday and really enjoy my stash!!!❤

  358. Nancy Hems says:

    Oh Anna I just can’t wait for the shows I have taken the day off from work!! I just want everything so I will pick and choose very carefully I will absolutely order the ribbon box. Your things are so beautiful they kinda of take be back to the forties and fifties! Anyway I can’t wait for the 8th.
    Ps my vacation club check is ready and loaded!
    Sincerely Nancy

  359. Lisa T-S says:

    Anna, Pick me, I have grace and charm! LOL! This is the best sneek peek, yet! Love it all. Thank you for your lovely creations.

  360. cynthia* says:

    I wasn’t going to buy any more embossing folders but those embossed words might make me change my mind! Same goes with those decorative edge dies…

  361. Nancy Hulsey says:

    The embossing folders are beautiful! Thanks for making my job so easy! Cards are so easy to make with all your helpful products. Thanks so much.


  362. Judith **** says:

    Would be great for my old fingers–to make beautiful bows, and so beautiful are the edge border dies–so beautiful. thank you.

  363. Annette Johnson says:

    Happy Valentine’s day to you Anna and all the Griffinites out there. I love the new embossing folders and the dies. Looking forward to more crafting ideas and products.

  364. Pat Likins says:

    I love all 3 new products. Probably the die cuts I like the best. Thanks for including examples of each for us.

  365. Grama Pei says:

    Graccious! I am SO loving those edge dies! – And the scenery folders, too. Not to say I dont love the word folders as well. Those samples are just beautiful, and look so simple! Another delightful preview! YAY! Good luck to all you winners for the drawing!

  366. Diane says:

    I love everything. I am especially excited about the bow maker. Maybe now I will have perfectly beautiful bows all the time. I love the elegant dies. Now everyone can have beautiful cards.

  367. Mary N. says:

    So hard to pick just one! Love the decorative edge dies, and can’t wait to put them to use. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your staff.. thank you for helping us express love year round.

  368. Diane says:

    I love everything. I am especially excited about the bow maker. Maybe now I will have perfectly beautiful bows all the time.

  369. Carol Jones says:

    Oh it’s so hard to choose a favorite! It’s a tie between the Embossed Words folders & the Decorative Edge dies. I think I’ll just have to get both. Thank you for all the gorgeous items you bring us Anna. I’m looking forward to the 8th!

  370. Ronnie Ramsey says:

    Loving the new border dies….Hopefully will be lucky enough to get embossing folders as well.. Thank you for so many fabulous tools.

  371. Penny Carter says:

    Love the pocket dies and the decorative scene embossing folders!!! Can’t wait for March 8th! Of course I love everything, what’s not to love about all your products. You just keep coming up with all those ideas. Do you ever get to sleep at night?

  372. Kathleen Rimer says:

    I absolutely love the “words” embossing folders! But I imagine I’ll wind up with all of it!! I find Anna Griffin products simply irresistible. Thank you for the chance to win some.

  373. betty says:

    Just adore the Decorative Edge Border Dies! They are quick and easy to do that even a child can do it and feel they made something so elegant and yet so simple!

  374. Diana B says:

    Endless possibilities with the decorative edge cutting dies and border dies. Hope HSN will be well stocked up with items as they appear to be very popular

  375. Karen Pimentel says:

    I love the Decorative Edge Dies. They give the cards such and elegant look.
    Thank you for the inspirations.

  376. Michele Ciccone says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am huge Cuttlebug fan and you make it hard to pick a favorite when there are so many Cuttlebug items are in one preview!! The Embossed Word folder just edge out the other items in my opinion. I could easily see myself using them again and again, whether plain, sanded or inked.

  377. Rima Rayborn says:

    My favorite, hmm the embossing and die cut folders. but who could say ‘no’ to any of these beautiful items!

  378. Dotti Hansen says:

    I am such a SUCKER for embossing folders and dies. They can change a nice card into a triple threat gorgeous work of art, and Anna’s are the most decorative and intricate.
    I was fortunate to get the bow maker box and everyone should get one. Looking forward to March.

  379. Maria L says:

    Love the Decorative Edge Border Dies! Perfect for my scrapbooking pages. I always look forward to new AG cutting dies. Thank you.

  380. Rima Rayborn says:

    I love the emboss and die cut folders ! I really cannot wait for all of them, but those are my fav’s!

  381. Linda Quinn says:

    I love the decorative border edge dies and the landscape embossing folders. Thanks for the opportunity to win these products.

  382. Susan Helfrich says:

    Decorative edge dies, where have you been all my life??? I think they are my new Valentine ❤️❤️❤️!

  383. Peggy Fischels says:

    I love, love all of these items. The embossing folders hold so many possibilities to make the perfect card. The edge dies, well I have a couple and I use them so much that it would be lovely to have more for my usage. The box for the ribbons would help make room for some of the ribbons I have. I’m not a hoarder, but would love to add these items to my craft room items.
    Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win.

  384. Naomi S says:

    Oh my!!! Its hard to decide which is my favorite. But I’ll have to choose the dies. Thenks for the chance to win.

  385. Georgia Henson says:

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  386. Nisa says:

    Hi Anna – I love the new edge dies. I love to cut this type of die back to back to create a circle of lace for layering. Thank you.

  387. Jeanne M. says:

    I appreciate the embossing folders and how much they contribute to the overall card design. The decorative edge dies are my favorite this time though. They allow for a horizontal or vertical presentation, giving more options for amazing creativity. Thank you for all the design opportunities!