HSN March 8th, 2017 Sneak Peek 4

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Sneak Peek 4! The 24 hour Craft Day on HSN is almost here and we will be live at midnight, 11am-1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 8pm. We’re excited to show you today’s post and all the shiny new items! Were any of you right in guessing what we would have on today’s post from our clue on Friday? Let’s find out below!

Did you get our Deco Foil Christmas kit last season? If so, you know that Deco Foil makes incredible metallic finishes on die cuts of all shapes and sizes without heat or machinery. For March 8th, we have the Deco Foil in everyday colors! You’ll get 8 sheets of adhesive and 5 rolls of glorious foil colors like purple, turquoise, bright green, pink and yellow! All you have to do is die cut a design out of the Deco Foil adhesive sheet, apply the foil and run it through your embossing machine. Along with the foil, there is an adhesive pen for you to write words and phrases to create your own foil stamped sentiments. Take your die cuts from plain to fabulous with a few cranks of your Cuttlebug!

Speaking of shiny foil, our newest collaboration with Couture Creations is the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies! This is a personal size foil stamp machine that allows you to achieve professional foil stamped designs on all kinds of materials like paper and ribbon. You’ll get the machine, a silicone surface protector mat, a pick n’ lift 3 in 1 tool, 5 colors of foil in a sampler pack and instructions on perfecting your foil stamping! Also included are 3 foil stamp dies to get you started. Oh my goodness this machine is so much fun!

On March 8th, there will also be extra foil stamp dies that you can purchase. Both decorative designs and sentiments die designs will be available on hsn.com as 2 separate items.

This next new product is truly unique! We have teamed up with American Crafts and their We R brand to bring you the all new Platform Punch and Stamp system. The Platform Punch uses a magnetic base to ensure perfect punches every time! This all inclusive set has 2 magnetic punches, 20 design templates, 1 stamp block with handle, and 2 stamps. This system will allow you to punch or stamp designs in frames, borders and more for all your cards and scrapbook pages.

We had to share the absolutely incredible Valentine cards and gifts that were sent over the last week or so, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thank you, thank you for making Valentine’s Day truly special and for sharing your amazing talents. It means the world and then some! A special thank you to Lisa Premo for the cookies – everyone loved them!

Dana Studemann

Yukari Duke

Holly Golding

Kathleen Clark

Penny Kruger

Robert Hosler

Sue Kurdt made all of these beautiful things!


Now, I know that the Valentines are your favorite, but which brand new HSN item steals your heart this week? Enter to win these products by commenting on the blog post and we will draw a winner at random on Friday. That’s not all, the winner will have a chance to win at trip to the 3rd annual Anna Griffin | Create in November!





  1. Sue Valthauser says:

    I would be over the moon if I won these fantastic products. My daughter and I took a class with you in Chicago early on in your crafting career. I have been following you ever since.

  2. Jill Boruff says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! Beautiful and I would be the envy of the whole office….we are always creating here at the office and making everything look amazing! This would be the icing on the cake if we could have this here to create with at home and at work!!!!

  3. SUSAN CLARK says:

    Just when you think there are no more things to do you come up with some thing else new and wonderful! Thank you!

  4. Linda Robertson says:

    Anna, the new lavender Cricut Explore Air 2 is so beautiful! I work at a K-8 elementary school and we have a group that gets together regularly to create items for sharing, decorating our work space, gifts and so much more. How much fun would it be to show off the beautiful lavender Cricut as we use it for our creations!! Thank you for bringing us the latest and greatest products to unleash and inspire the creativity in each of us.

  5. Cindy colaneri says:

    I love all your product….and ideas….would love to win…and share with the patients in the nursing home where I work…..

  6. Mary Haenel says:

    I really need the Lilac Cricut Explore 2.
    It is absolutely my most favorite color.
    My heart just blooms when I see it!!

  7. Laurie Higgins says:

    WOW! You always seem to come up with more and more amazing things! I am always surprised how beautiful your new products can be. You are very talented and it definitely shows through in the products that you release each time. I am so looking forward to see if I can win any of these items, but if not I know I will be buying some of them.these Thanks so much for all you do!

  8. Suzanne Holmgren says:

    I love the beautiful looks you can get with foil. I do have Anna’s minc machine and love doing foil on fronts of cards for that little extra pizzaze. What a great giveaway!!

  9. Daisy says:

    wow Anna as always thank you for the opportunity to win a cricut and luggage to carry all of your beautiful items I make such beautiful cards and scrapbooking pages thanks to your beautiful items I look like a professional and I’m a beginner can’t wait till March 8th there goes my HSN card lol your items are well worth it

  10. elizabeth recksiek says:

    I would love to win the cricut air2. I really need the speed to create my layouts and just love the totes.

  11. Leah Womack says:

    I am going to be dog sitting for a week and was gathering some projects to take with me , going through my copy of Emboss, Cut & Create and get to the Christmas section and for some reason I don’t have the Snowflake bundle ,Snowflake Lace, Snowflake Solo. I do have the Paper Snowflakes ,Garland trees ,Holly Berry Boughs , Holly Sprig. I am confused how did I get part of it and not all of it.? I went on HSN and the ones I’ve listed above are not on HSN How do I get them?

  12. Lisa Perry says:

    I’m excited to see the demonstration of the no heat foil transfer. I’ve been looking for the heat transfer on hsn but the dint have it. I’m setting up my craft room and the foil is so pretty.

  13. Kimberly says:

    My Computer shut down, & it took a while before i could get my old laptop on the internet, so I just saw your video, & I love and want everything!!!!!

  14. Kelly Calandrino says:

    I have been reluctant to try the foils but the Go Press machine makes it look easy! I can’t wait for HSN’s craft day! Thanks for the exciting sneak peek!

  15. Cathy W. says:

    I really like the gold foil stamping dies. I have tried gold foil before utilizing a printer and never achieve perfect results. I am looking forward to trying the dies and the press.

  16. Michele Johnson says:

    Hi Anna! Thanks for previewing your great, new products. I’ve already fallen in love with the GoPress Machine & foil. Looking forward to your appearances on HSN next month.

  17. Michele Johnson says:

    Hi Anna! Thanks for previewing your great, new products. I’ve already fallen in love with the GoPress Machine & foil.

  18. Mikki Morris says:

    This looks so exciting Anna, I would love to win the Deco Foil Machine, it looks like it would be so much fun to use and easy! I’ve never won anything, so this would be a great addition alongside all my other Anna Griffin machines and materials!! Thank you! 🙂

  19. Jan Thomas says:

    this all looks so cool and fun. I will still be working but hope to catch some of the show. I would be very happy to win these items. I love the foiling very curious to see it on ribbon. 🙂

  20. Star Rowland says:

    Absolutely can’t wait until March 8th now! Love the new foil and pen, ingenious! And the heat and foil machine…..love love love! Can’t wait to see it on HSN! Thank you Anna, you’re amazing!

  21. Star Rowland says:

    Absolutely can’t wait until March 8th now! Love the new foil and pen, ingenious! And the heat and foil machine…..love love love! Can’t wait to see it on HSN! Thank you Anna, you’re amazing!

  22. sara newcomer says:


  23. Darcy Winters says:


  24. Anna Griffin says:

    The Deco Foil is in pink, green, blue, purple and gold. We have a special airing on the Minc on March 14th, be sure to tune in for it!

  25. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    All this new beautiful ANNA technology at our fingertips! Oh, my ! It is simply amazing how you can create all of these beautiful professional quality items right in our homes thanks to all of your hard work…
    It is like Anna is moving in to live with me…what shall we have for brunch???? Hehehe…the fun never ends

  26. Jodie says:

    Any new products you bring us are great as a stand-alone, but I love how they build on my existing AG products. Gives them new life and opens a new channel of creativity when I’m designing. The punch looks like just that kind of item to try. Thank you, Anna.

  27. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, thanks for sharing all the Valentine’s! They are all fun & beautiful!
    I just love the Couture Press machine & the extra set with the Pineapple! March 8th actually starts March 7th for myself! Can’t wait! And so thankful for my orders from the Super Sale! Thank you for all you do.

  28. Becky Piper says:

    The Go Press foil machine looks amazing!!! The sentiment dies are exquisite! As always, I’m so looking forward to the next 24 hour craft day on HSN!!! Thank you for all of your excellent creations, Anna!

  29. Vickie Britton says:

    Anna, you’re products are the best! I have my eye on quite a few, and I can’t wait to see you on HSN!! Many blessings and happy crafting!!

  30. Shelly Morin says:

    I think I have everything you’ve ever sold… love it all. I need to take more time off of work so I can play with all of it. thank you for all that you do.. the foils are so beautiful.. would love to try them..

  31. laura says:

    Whaaaatt !!! Oh ,No are you kidding me. I’m trying to make a list of item and trying to get up a price list too. And it’s not adding up , Because when I think i’m done you bring out something new that I need and want .I want it all, especially the foil sets its something thatI’m looking for and want . But the foil machine is my fave. ***!! You just keeping us guessing about what to get now or what to save for later and that’s hard . I can’t buy everything I SEE ON AIRING . I WISH I COULD WIN SOMETHING ONE TIME IN MY LIFE . But I’m not that lucky in at field . So let me get back to my list. Love.

  32. Becky Curtis says:

    WOW I can not wait to see this new partnership with Couture Creations and you, Ms. Anna. I love, adore and I am very excited to try the new Go Press and Foil. And the fact that you can use it with all your other dies and embossing folders makes me extremely anxious to play. My second choice is your box card dies kit. March 8th is so far away!!!!

  33. Jeorgette P says:

    The Deco Foil is the one that makes my heart beat faster, especially since I missed out on the Christmas version. I like the idea of the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies, but it makes me wonder what happened with the Minc machine. You never mention it any more. Is it being replaced by these other items? Will there ever be more Minc prepped die cuts? I’d love to see some more spring and summer versions of it.

  34. Patti Siebert says:

    Hi Anna, looking so forward to seeing you on march 8 historically I’ve been a scrapbooker but since I discovered you and your products. I’m becoming a card maker. Your products help me make exquisite creations. I would be so thrilled to win anything. However if I had to pick a favorite it wold be the platform stamp punch system. Thanks Anna for always coming up with new ingenious products that are such high quality!

  35. Dar says:

    Beautiful products! Would love to have them. I took the day off of work to watch lol my co-workers think I’m nuts lol ❤

  36. Joanne T Johnson says:

    Just when I think you can’t out do before….You just keep getting better! I love all of your products but am really intrigued with the Go press foil machine!

    Just love watching what you will come up with next!

  37. Cynthia B says:

    So many incredible products Anna! You are always on the cutting edge of creativity and the choices are endless! Can’t wait till March! <3

  38. Shellie Fontana says:

    Wow, Anna, so many innovative paper-crafting TOOLS you’re offering! Your Sneak Peeks BLOG posts really inspire me, and I am amazed moreso each time! I would enjoy using any of these fabulous new products, but that Platform Punch is really up my alley! The ‘peekaboo’ effect is so fun! Like other Griffinites all across the land, I am really looking forward to seeing you demonstrate this and everything else on HSN on March 8-hurry-up-already! (((Hugs))) from Texas!

  39. Christine Hafner says:

    Dear Anna, Your Punch and Platform Stamp System is ingenious–I would love to win your three items and create lovely cards as you do; it looks like fun!

  40. Jennifer Carroll says:

    I Love all of the products, as always. My fav would have to be the Foil and Stamp set!!!! I love all of your sneak pic videos; thank you for making these, as they’re so fun to watch and thank you for the opportunity to win these items as well. Can’t wait to see who wins tomorrow.


  41. Gertrud says:

    The Go Press and Foil Machine takes cardmaking and scrapbooking to a new level. Luv, luv, luv. Can’t wait until March! See you guys soon! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my fellow crafters!

  42. Precious says:

    I just love everything! I really love the hot foil die machine. OHHHH my goodness. I’m just so excited!!! I can’t wait until March 8th. I’m going to be watching at home and at work. I love everything

  43. Eve Beckum says:

    Looking forward to another wonderful HSN Craft Day. What a exciting new product and love the opportunity to win.

  44. Karen Buller says:

    I’ve always wanted to make my own gold foil sentiments like Happy Birthday, and now with your Foil Stamping Dies
    I can! They look beautiful!

  45. Nancy Hems says:

    Anna can’t wait for March 8 !!! Everything you do is so beautiful I can’t wait to order the ribbon storage box!

  46. Bobbi Hollar says:

    I love the Go Press and Foil machine! The card samples you had were beautiful! Looking forward to Match 8th!

  47. Susie L says:

    Can’t remember if I commented on Tuesday and these new products are just too exciting to take the chance – so I am GOing crazy for the GO Press and love the punches too. Oh please dear Anna pick me 😉

  48. Colleen Morrison says:

    i would love to win this….I didn’t win the powerball lottery this week….but my thinking this would be more enjoyable to win and I could create my own million things

  49. Diane Downs says:

    Anna! Plz stop! I’m going crazy just waiting for March 8th! I’ll be buying your deco foil item. I have your mink and just love it. Also excited to see your combo punch and stamp system. And oh my goodness…those dies are to die for! Ha!

  50. Sara Mahon says:

    I really like the Go Press Machine and Folders! Looks like great fun and I can make more beautiful things! Thanks Anna!

  51. Jane Sirak says:

    Wow 1900 comments I had to scroll through to get here that must be just an awesome feeling for you and Anna. All of the new stuff looks terrific I think I am most came street by the heat press for the foils I love how the foils look but when I go through my laminator it doesn’t always come out perfect and when it comes to foiling I want perfect. I maxed out a card on the first HSN craft day can’t afford to do that again.

  52. Terri Gardner says:

    I love all of the new products! It would be great to learn some new techniques for my card making. They are so beautiful!

  53. Marilyn Smith says:

    Has to be the Go Press and foil dies! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ve come up with yet more wonderful products Anna. Who doesn’t love more bling!

  54. Jane Sirak says:

    The first time I saw an HSN all day craft day I practically maxed out my credit card buying everything. I had just started making cards and really had no supplies at all yet and no idea what I wanted or needed but it all looks really good on TV I ordered so much at least half of it was Anna Griffin. I got like 2 of your card kits with all those incredible embellishments and most of the hard work already done to make them be like Cards with three steps and when you open them they popped up … very cool. I can’t wait to see what all you come out with next believe it or not my favorite paper cutter is yours I’ve had a couple Fisk are’s and another kind too and none of them have been as good as your paper cutter?!! In fact when you had a big sale I bought two sets of extra cutting blades to put on it so I’ll be able to keep using it for years to come. Just yesterday I got my order from the sale a couple months ago and wowser oh that’s beautiful and a good missing paper pedal paper and metallic paper and some coloring books all Just Beautiful and just arrived like yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to use most of it yet but I’m really excited.

  55. Cindy Baldree says:

    G olly gee Anna, you truly astound me!
    O rdinary to extraordinary and Over the Top ye be!

    P aper creations galore and such beauty you bring
    R eally lifting our spirits….. that is no small thing!
    E very design is exquisite and exceptionally rare
    S uch creativity inspiring us with love and much care.
    S o if I must choose alas I’ll confess,
    My heart is set on the fantastic GO PRESS! (& Foil)

    Dear Anna, Love and gratitude for all the beauty you bring us through your designs, and for encouraging us to not only find creativity within ourselves but to share it with others. I am excited to use the Go Press to foil fabric for the outfits I sew for 18 in. dolls, as well as being able to adorn papercrafting projects so may ways!❤❤❤

  56. Lois N. says:

    The platform punch and stamp system looks devine and so does all the other new items.
    Looking forward to your show in March.
    Love, Lois N.

  57. Vicky Brooks says:

    HSN….Here I come!
    Arranging my schedule and getting ready!
    I love, love, love everything, Anna!
    I’ll be in front of the TV all day! I can’t wait!

  58. Maggie Thurber says:

    This HSN show is the best ever!
    So many, many wonderful things.
    I cannot wait to see those punches in action.
    And the foil machine.
    My bank card will be so hot I won’t be able to hold it.

  59. Andrea Uribe says:

    Wonderful, Amazing !!
    I love everything.
    Thanks and a crew for all your hard work to bring us these Awesome products.
    See you on the 8th.

  60. Randy Gallagher says:

    Dear Anna,
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Every blog you have
    I fall more in love with you.
    I am 74 and need a job to support my scrapbooking and card making habbit. You surprise me with all your new creative ideas.

  61. Natalie Westwood says:

    Wow! How much fun are all these new thing.
    Another new way to foil! Wonderful!
    Beautiful Cards.
    I look forward to seeing all the new products demonstrated on HSN.

  62. Suzanne Tatro says:

    I am looking forward to seeing how the new foil machine works.
    I am really excited about the new punches.
    I can’t wait until the HSN show.

  63. Heather Ogilvie says:

    Well, as always, I love all of it! But I’m especially excited about the foil stamping dis and the punch set. Such awesome new toys– I mean tools– to play with.

  64. Chrissy Fleischer says:

    I am so intrigued and want to know more! I love love love sparkle and foil and I am just thinking of all the things I can do with these products! So fun! And I’m moving soon and I was promised a large separate craft room/studio so all the more reason to fill it up!! Do these foil products coincide with the minc machine at all? Just wondering. I would love to try these out ASAP!

  65. Christine Timmel says:

    Such great Valentine cards! I am excited about the upcoming show on HSN! (I didn’t know we could send you photos…my friend and I did a group and listed them on Ebay, which is done now, but you can see them at my Facebook… “christinejack_2000@yahoo.com”, go to photos and/or albums…we have Valentine cards and Christmas cards.) Mar 8th can’t come soon enough!

  66. Diane Lynne C. says:

    What a collection of different scrapbooking/cardmaking products. Even the crafter who does mixed media will love these 3 ew Anna Griffin products.

  67. Candice L. says:

    The Platform Punch and Stamp system looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see more projects made with it. The cards are truly beautiful. Looking forward to HSN March 8th.

  68. Connie Willeke says:

    What will you come up with next? Each item is better than the last! You are making us all look like real artists!

  69. Cheryl R says:

    Thank you for these wonderful products Anna. You and your team continue to make the world a more beautiful place. Blessings to you and all of your helpers.

  70. Regina Kahles says:

    Wow Anna, love the new products coming to HSN 3/8. I just purchased your Minc machine and can’t wait to see you demonstrate the new products on HSN, would simply love to win them all hint-hint!!!

  71. Cindy M says:

    YES! To all things FOIL…I am inspired! I am going to love the Go Press and Foil machine with the Foil Stamping Dies. All things bright and shiny are for me! Dear Sweet Anna — Winning all of the latest would sure be the greatest, there would be more cash in the stash for the next crafting bash!

  72. Debbie Szafranski says:

    What a elegant way to add sparkle to cards. As a papercrafting newbie I love all that I’m learning through Anna Griffin products. What an beautiful way to add more design elements with these products……love them all!

  73. Dianne says:

    So intriguing! Can’t wait to see all of these items, especially the Go Press & Foil machine and the AC Punch & Stamp. Your ability to continually develop new products never ceases to amaze!

  74. karen tabaka says:

    I really like the punch with all the templates to follow, cannot wait to sere you work with it, OH what fun

  75. Barbara says:

    Love all the items shown in this preview, sure would love to win them. Looking forward to watching them demo on March 8th

  76. Jackie Wolinski says:

    I am completely in awe over the new products that Anna Griffin comes out with. And I never have to worry how to use them because the instruction are spot on. Love the new foil.

  77. MichellePB says:

    OH!! Anna!
    You never cease teammate me with your wonderful NEW ideas and products!
    Im dreaming of creating cards with each of the new items you’ve shared here at your blog today…especially the Hot Press….
    Looking forward to spending the day with you on March 8th!!

  78. S Barr says:

    The Platform punch and stamp set looks like a winner (along with all the pretty bling). Y’all keep expanding our creativity and we surely thank you!

  79. Kimberly L Silva says:

    I am so excited about the new products coming out! I love them all. So beautiful and the possibilities are endless!

  80. SharonS says:

    Anna love the new foil and I am especially excited because you can use in the cuttlebug. You never ceased to amaze me with all the beautiful things you create. looking forward to the show.

  81. Lisa Hess says:

    We have a wedding to prepare!!! My daughter just became in engaged and the hot foil system dies would be absolutely perfect for her “Save the Date,” invitations and Thank You notes that I can do for her and save tons of $$$$$. Thank you Anna!

  82. Donna says:

    Anna you are simply amazing. I’m going to have to get a second job for this craft show!!! Can’t wait for March 8th!!!

  83. Lorraine K. says:

    Hi Anna
    You come up with new ideas such as the foils and my head is spinning with all kinds of ideas to use these products. Can’t to get my hands on them. Thanks again for all the products that you show us and push our creative talents forward to places that we never thought we could go.

  84. Wanda Duso says:

    I am so in love with foils! They brighten my world! I want it all, but my favorite is the new foil and machine I can use with my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug! How come there wasn’t any gold on the machine? I do not care, I just want it! I cannot wait until March 8th to see this? Color my world in bright foil and I will be one happy lady! I can already picture using this for photo mats with pictures of my grandchildren! Come on March 8th!!!!!!

  85. Robin Sachs says:

    Hi Anna,
    Loving all the new products. Hard to pick one favorite. I love the foil machine and accessories and I also love the the platform punch. I can’t wait for March 8.

  86. Susan Cousin says:

    Was so excited watching sneak peaks 1-3 but sneak peak 4 has my heart beating faster than I thought was possible! I’ve played this youtube video four times already!!! March 8th is going to be a phenomenal craft day. So thankful that HSN does craft shows and that you’re on them. Hope the items don’t sell out too quickly ~ it’s always disappointing when we can’t see all of your samples demo’d (good for you & HSN, not good for we who like to to drool over your creativity!) “See you” on March 8!

  87. Judith J says:

    Hi Anna and Co. Nice products. The Go Press and Foil and the Deco Foil kit and nice additions to add some bling to our cards and crafts. Can’t wait for craft day.

  88. Lori Mazzeo says:

    🙂 Love all of the samples!! Everything this week is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see you in action with these. My DVR is set because I love watching over and over! Thanks! 🙂

  89. Rosa pena says:

    SO EXCITED for March 8th! Everything you come up with Anna G is just WOW! Love the magnetic tweezer that comes with The Go Press Foil Machine. The possibilities are endless with this amazing machine . Will use with my new Wishful Thinking Die & Anna Griffin Folders for all of my card & memory book making. Much more control to foil with almost any material. Thats beautiful in the making!

  90. Rebecca Case says:

    Anna, you have been working over-time, I am sure, on these beautiful creations for us!
    I feel that your new “Couture Creations Hot Stamp & Foil” machine is just fabulous!
    I want everything that you are inspired to create for our benefit (‘though my pocket book won’t allow me to get them all;).
    Thank you for such hard work and beautiful products.

  91. K Abbott says:

    These look amazing
    Thank you for helping take my card making to a sparkly new level
    Your creativity sparks mine it make card designing fun
    Thank you

  92. Marcia Lasiter says:

    I love the foil. The heat press and go withe the dies are my favorite. Thanks for such elegant things

  93. Patricia May says:

    Anna, I love all the products and can not wait till the 8th to see alll the demo that will be going on that day.. thank you so very much for all your products..

  94. Deborah L Cieply says:

    Oh Anna it is all so beautiful. I am super excited about your partnership with WRMK. They are one of my fave too!. Love EVERYTHING you do with Roses (butterflies & hearts to). Have a wonderful day.

  95. Jamie Kaus says:

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G – Bring on the foil! I would have so much fun with the Foil Machine and dies!!! You are so awesome to gift your products. Thanks for being you!!!

  96. Cynthia Blank says:

    I think the new Go Press and Foil machine looks fabulous. I hope I can win it and make cards for the deacons to use at my church.

  97. Debi says:

    I love the new Go Press and Foil machine……can’t wait till March 8. Would really be awesome to win these fabulous products. I love “bling”.

  98. Gerda Gray says:

    Anna, you introduced new technics to me, I am stunned, and happy to maybe win something or open up my HSN card again, ether or I am very excited about your new items, thanks.

  99. Debra Connolly says:

    Dearest Anna, today was a particularly hard day with some difficult challenges to face and so it was so wonderful to see your presentation with all of the new and absolutely exquisite items! Everything was amazing but I must say love the HOT DIES to foil with! Thank you for making my day end in a delightful way! Love YOU and your products!!!

  100. rosalie koll says:

    Can’t wait to see these products demo’d and to order mine to get started on. All of your crafting items have been beautiful.

  101. Sparkles says:

    *** Anna!!! These new products are over the top! I ❤️❤️❤️ all of them. You are amazing and wonderful!
    I’m gonna be waaaay in my budget on March 8th.

  102. Mary curry says:

    Gosh it is hard to pick a single item. I’m excited about it all but particularly The foil and the punch system. Can’t wait till march 8.

  103. Shelby McDaniel says:

    Love these sneak peeks & all the goodies. The foil punch looks so exciting, love the bling. The hits just keep on coming!!

  104. Pam S. says:

    Woweeee! I’m crazy about the foil! How exciting to foil stamp those beautiful sentiments and foil all my die cuts. I’m in heaven. Can’t wait to see how it all works!

  105. Linda Drummond says:

    I will have to pick the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies, love it! I love the Platform Punch and Stamp system too!! You are really making it hard this time! So many new things so little time!

  106. Shannon Morris says:

    So glad my birthday is March 7th and I can purchase exactly what I want on the 8th from Anna Griffin on HSN!! Lucky me! The items are so lovely I can hardly wait to see Anna demonstrate how to use each of them. Looking forward to a great day!

  107. Jeannie says:

    You are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! All these new, awesome, wonderful things, how could I ever choose just one. I can’t wait till March 8th.

  108. Susanne Holloway says:

    Foils always make cards look out of this world. And the heart cards are unbelievably beautiful. As always, Annadoes it again!

  109. Donna says:

    WOW!!! This is the best collection of new tools I have seen!! It’s not “Oh what fun it is to ride in a sleigh”…..it’s “Oh what fun we will have when we get our new tools to play”!!

  110. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    So many fun ideas. The foil and go I can’t wait to see in action. A whole new idea with foil, and foil is always so pretty. I have a couple of my favorite punch around the page, but this system looks so much different I can’t wait to see the beautiful things it will make. I really like that you are adding extra designs and words to go with this new foil technique. I love how you bring your class and beauty into your designs. Thank you.

  111. Sue K says:

    I have not got into using foil yet so think I like the hot foil machine and next the deco foil kits! Guess its time to try them! 🙂

  112. Kathryn Martinez says:

    WOW!!! This is one that is just fantastical. The ideas in my head are just unabound with things to do with these. Thank you Anna, you always come up with the greatest most elegant things to create with.

    Bless you,

  113. Mary Ann Birdsong says:

    Anna, just when I thought you had created everything I could possibly want , you have come up with something so new and creative ! Love, love, love ,the uplifting shine of the new foils , SPRING IS IN THE AIR !!!

  114. Rhonda Fix says:

    I can’t wait for the 8th… love all your products and I really like the go press and foil… can’t wait to see the demo on how to use it

  115. Charlotte says:

    Interesting new products. I like the foil products I already have the minc but I will watch this closely. Can’t wait till March 8.

  116. Yocasta Pena-Brent says:

    Can’t wait for March 8th… so started buying the new items early. I love the Press & Go machine and the new dies, will definitely get it.!

  117. Patricia Podsiad says:

    I couldn’t pick any one favorite, I love them all! I can hear my credit card crying unless I’m lucky enough to win these items.

  118. Shirley Gunterman says:

    Love all of it esp.the foil papers,but wish you would bring back beatiful pre made scrapbooks,not everyone sends cards anymore,thanks

  119. Louise Mroz says:

    Hi Anne all if these products are beautiful would love to have them. You are running me broke. I will be watching on Mar. 8th and be glued to the tv and HSN.
    Thanks for all the great products. My pocket book is going to suffer.

  120. GiGi says:

    Wow – you are amazing, Anna! You keep coming up with the neatest crafting items! I love everything, especially the foil machine. Excited about the upcoming craft day on HSN!

  121. Alecia says:

    Those heat foiling products look amazing. I love so many of your products. The metal stamp with the templates looks like you can create so many different designs.. Anna i love your products

  122. Sue Hanzlik says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! When I think you can’t possible top products that you already have, You Do. I have collected craft punches and rubber stamps for many years, but these products take it to a whole new level.
    Can’t wait for Craft Day to see these demonstrations.

  123. Linda Bohannon says:

    Oh My! First I have to say Those Card Examples everyone submitted are Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I hope one day I’ll be that creative.
    Oh Anna this is the best week of things you have come up with… I would be so honored to WIN these. I Love Stamps and that Heat tool looks so easy even think I could Use it. I would be over the moon to win these. Can’t wait for the Craft day, looks like I’ll have to plan Naps well in between 🙂 Thank you for working so hard to make us happy.

  124. Deborah Mougeotte says:

    These new tools look like so much fun! What beautiful cards and other projects I’ll be able to make with them. And just when I thought I didn’t need (want ) anything this time around.

  125. Shari Shafii says:

    HELLO Ms.Anna!

    Boy has your company grown! I have watched these comment lists grow & grow & grow! How wonderful for you! Congratulations on all your amazing triumphs! So happy for you!
    The item that has my heart is the no heat foil transfer! I really wanted to try the flocking one, but never was able to get it. As my granddaughters get bigger I’m sure I will be crafting with them more and more. This is a safe product for the little ones. I hope you bring the flocking set back one day.
    I really like the peek a boo cards. I already have those punches in my arsenal, as you say, my crafting arsenal…lol. This all looks to be fun with some amazing crafts to come from it.
    God bless Ms. Anna, and have a blessed week!!

  126. Tracie says:

    Very creative you are!! Cant wait to see all your demos on HSN, you are very inspirational as well!! Have an amazing weekend!!

  127. Kimi brown says:

    Wow! I’m new to card making. I just received the fantastic flip card kit. I can’t wait for March 8 on HSN. Saving up so I can get more of your beautiful products. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  128. Carla V says:

    WOW What amazing new products you have coming our way. I cant wait until this Go Press and Foil is available. Looking forward to shopping!

  129. Mary says:

    So excited for everything! I love foil and have never tried Deco Foil and am also intrigued by the new foiling machine!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  130. Vaye Smith says:

    Oh I’m so excited about these new products…… I love trying new things….. I would love to have these things. The foil and punch set are exciting….(fingers crossed)

  131. Ruth Robbins says:

    How do you all keep coming up with such amazing products. My credit card is going to be maxed out. Would love to win any or all of the new products. Thanks

  132. Debra Neisen says:

    You are truly amazing. I don’t know how you keep coming up with the most extraordinary products. I love it all, but the foil blows me away. My AG art room has exploded into the next room, but I will continue to reorganize and fit everything in somewhere. I would love to have this set, AND the chance to come to Atlanta.

  133. Robert H says:

    I always look forward to your new technology and partnerships for brilliant crafting inspiration. Thanks for bringing foil processes to our craft room and for all skill levels; it’s nice always to have something more to learn. Looking forward to 3/8.

  134. Joyce BG says:

    More Awesome Anna stuff! I would love to play with all of it, but I would start with the Deco Foil
    in Anna Colors. I have made a lot of cards since attending Create 2 back in November and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderfully all the AG products and the AG colors work together.
    Truly beautiful.

  135. Debbi H. says:

    Foiling and punching………..so exciting Anna. I can’t wait for March 8th. My anniversary is March 7th (10 years) and My 1st grand was born on March 9th (19 y.o). I’m gonna have the champagne flowing all 3 days!!!!

  136. Judy says:

    Anna, you are amazing! Every week you come up with new things and I want every one of them! Of course I can’t afford them all so I have to pick my favorites and that is so hard to do! It would be wonderful to win this weeks items! But since I have to choose, I would pick the punch and stamp combo, I guess! Can’t wait for March!

  137. Betty Andrews says:

    Leave it to Anna, her team and her associates to come up with everything fantabulous!! Would dearly love to win these.

  138. Jennifer Chan says:

    Love the shiny foil products. Would love to win them! Thanks for being so great and creative.
    Love all your products.

  139. SC Johnson says:

    The Platform Punch and Stamp Set is right up my alley. Very interested to see what beautiful additions I can add to the already stunning cards that I am able to design, due to all the previously owned AG supplies.

  140. Tandara Smith says:

    Sorry for *** was only suppose to be “Oh my gosh” not sure what it thought it was. Anyway love it all.

  141. Tandara Smith says:

    ***!!!! So much foil. Love it all. When the show gets here I will be soooo broke. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

  142. Bella Masters says:

    My list just gets longer and longer! I love the hot foiling!!! The system is ingenious! I definitely want that! Good job Anna… do you ever sleep at night of do you stay up 24-7 thinking of new ideas> 🙂

  143. Jennifer Sugg says:

    I like the “Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies” –my favorite this week! What creativity you all have! I would love to buy those on HSN on March 8th along with “The ribbon box and bowmaker.”

  144. elizabeth murphy says:

    HANG ON TO MY HEART…….wow Anna I’m constantly falling for more….Love the We R Platform Punch set. and hope there will be more added to this collection…..thanks again sweet Anna

  145. TamiB says:

    Anna, such great items coming to the show in March. I don’t know what I like the most. I guess I just have to say ALL OF IT!

  146. Lisa O says:

    Oh my!!!! These are all amazing!!!
    I would love an opportunity to own all of these beautiful craft items.
    Dream come true!
    You and your team are exceptional and very creative. Wow!!
    I would love the chance to be at your next craft event in November.
    Dream come true!
    Thank you so much,
    Lisa O in Utah

  147. Nita W. says:

    FABULOUS!!! I am so excited over these new products especially the Go Press and Foil System. Anna, thank you for the many years of inspiration I’m never disappointed with your products.

  148. Joanna Hupp says:

    I love all your new items Anna. I just love bling I specially love the sentiments on the new hot stamp. I Would love to win a trip to Create and would love to be able to afford to take my friend Carol who is the one who introduced me to stamping, card making and scrapbooking, which led me to you, Anna. Would love to meet you and your amazing staff.

  149. Tammie DeVane says:

    I Love the Foil Everyday Kit! I really like the shiny!
    I love all of your things Anna, everything you do is so Pretty! Thank you

  150. Carol Hill says:

    The new Go Press foil and stamping set is great, it is my favorite this time, can do a lot of wonderful cards with this product. I like the other two items to, wouldn’t having them to. Anna I don’t know how you think of these products, it just amazes me. Love everything you do, fan for yrs, and yrs. thanks for making these beautiful things.

  151. Ceila Rios says:

    These are soooo amazing!! Will love to try all of them. I am so ready for March 8th. The foil sentiments are so cool!!

  152. Cindi says:

    I have never tried foil before, but this seems like it would be a breeze. I do love gold so I would love to add these embellishments to my card making repertoire. Thanks for yet another wonderful product for us crafters!

  153. Penny Carter says:

    Thank you so much for always bringing us the best products that are out there!!,, Love the punches, and everything else! It’s so wonderful that we can rely on someone like you, who bring us these products , so we as customers, can be more creative and improve on, what ever we creat…Keep on keeping on!!!!

  154. Laura says:

    The platform punch looks intriguing! Can’t wait. And hey, Sue Kurtz, way to think outside the box. Awesome.

  155. Juanita McStraw says:

    I am in love with the foils and foil Pen, I love shiny bright things and these are right up my alley.
    The punch and stamp sets from We R Memory keepers is awesome also. Hard choices to be made on 3/8.!!!!

  156. Mattie M. Thompson says:

    Beautiful, everything is gotta have…words allude what can be done with this bundle…you are a genius…my official genie outta the bottle…see you in March.

  157. Betsy Brown says:

    Oh my gosh! These are all must-haves!!! I think I’m gonna have to break open my piggy bank on March 8th! Thanks so much for the chance to win these great supplies!

  158. Lou Quattlebaum says:

    My heart just breaks…all the beautiful new items and I can not purchase a single one. I have lived with my sister in law for many years and because we took care of my parents my sister in law and brother had to filed bankruptcy. They incurred so many debts trying to make their last days the best they could be. For a while I was able to purchase from HSN then suddenly one day last year my acct was suddenly blocked. I have a HSN card which has never missed a payment. I called numerous times but to no avail. Their bankruptcy is over sometime in March or April. But I really don’t think they will ever unblock my acct. It is considered a bad address. Please look into this situation I’m sure I am not alone in this. Your product is without a doubt one of the best. It inspires so many people who feel they have no talent to try. I have loved it since the beginning. Now I look forward to your sales on Amazon and just hope they will eventually see what a great customer I was. I try not to watch on craft day cause it just upsets me but I never miss a sneak peak.

  159. Evangela says:

    More Beautiful Products to create
    More Beautiful Projects
    Thanks Anna!!!!
    Love them all and can’t wait to see the demonstrations on them.
    I record all your shows to go back and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

  160. janet mccready says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I need both the letter press, and the stamp machine,I may be at the bottom of the list, but, I’ll be at the top of everyone’s list, when I use these on my cards, Yaaa.

  161. Sara K says:

    The Go Press and Foil machine is awesome! Saw a you tube video all about it! So much for my budget again, just hope it’s not sold out before I can order it. Unless I’m picked as this week’s winner?

  162. Roxanne Henderson says:

    All of the items are just too fabulous! I’m really looking forward to the new foil machine. I think there’s at least one with my name on it! To all who made the beautiful Valentine’s Day cards – WOW!!! Beautiful work and wonderful ideas! Thank you all for sharing!!!

  163. Amy Speer says:

    Okay, just being real…..I WANT THIS!
    Anna you are the best. Thank you for getting these wonderful products on the market. So looking forward to 3/8.
    REST UP going to be a wild and fabulous day.
    Much love and respect,
    Amy Speer
    Albemarle North Carolina

  164. Sherrie jenkins says:

    I really enjoyed this presentation. I love the freedom of creating with Anna Griffens. The Go Press and foil is very exciting. All the products you’ve shared gives us all more options to produce something not only beautiful but looks professionally designed. Looking forward to March 8th

  165. Ann Frisco says:

    Love the foil sentiments the best because…
    They are beautiful and classy as is all the AG offerings. I am always putting together bundles of notes cards for quick gifts. These will be a stock item for that and much more!

    The punches are another versatile item I can think of many ways to add texture to my cards and notes.

    Thanks for giving us tools to create!

  166. Janet W. from Pittsburgh says:

    You are simply amazing, Anna!
    You’ve raised the bar again on “high quality” items that we can produce. The shiny foil is my favorite. It adds a unique quality to the cards.
    I absolutely love your products! Thank you!

  167. Carol A says:

    ***, Anna! I’m in love with the punches! I’m so glad you have come out with them and stamps to go with them to boot….. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Where have you been all my life of crafting? I like all the foiling products but the punches have got me. Thank you much!!!!

  168. Brenda L says:

    Another week of some fantastic new products. I don’t know how you do it! I need to have it all, but the Go Press and Foil has stolen my heart the most. I’m looking forward to March 8!

  169. Katherine Madewell says:

    As usual Anna and her staff came up with more fun tools to make more stunning designs for our cards and scrapbooks. You never fail to amaze me. Thanks again.

  170. Vicky Michot says:

    So happy that we are only a couple weeks away now! March 8th can not come fast enough. Really love the Go Press Foil . Have been waiting to see this since I saw a picture from the CHA. Now I will have to figure out where to put it all. 🙂 Not sure I will be able to get everything I want this go around. Notice you are on at midnight so I am guessing there is a today’s special value surprise coming too!

  171. katherine albert says:

    2 new ways to foil!!!! You keep coming up with such marvelous additions to my growing Anna Griffin shelves in my craft room.

  172. Judy Pittman says:

    All of these are remarkable. Do we still have one more peek at something else new. My head is swimming. Love the hot press tools.

  173. Melissa Cano says:

    Good morning! I can’t wait for the hsn airings! I’m looking forward to the go press and I love the pineapple and roses for it! Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for the chance to win!

  174. Cinda Hammond says:

    Once again amazing products ! Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies are so intriguing! There is just nothing to compare to foiling on a card. Anna – you never disappoint – always new and exciting products!

  175. Dee F says:

    This is going to be a show that is full of wonderful items. I love them all. There is so much new in this show.

  176. Jackie C says:

    That Go Press and Foil machine is so impressive. I’ve seen it demo’d elsewhere and it seems fantastic! I love the creatives in this industry. Thanks for the chance to win, can’t wait for March 4th!

  177. Karen Andrews says:

    Looking forward to all the new and exciting products. I don’t have any type of foil system, but this all looks fascinating to me.

  178. Donna Winter says:

    I love foil on my cards but always had trouble with the minc machine. I would love to Ryan this new foil machine. Also like the punch set from we r memories.

  179. Tammi Moore-Hamilton says:

    These items are so different from what you usually do. I would love to play with these and see what can be done with them.
    Thanks, Tammi

  180. Diane R. says:

    Oh my, it just keeps getting better! I am amazed at the technology that keeps being updated and the new products from you. I have to use up all my foils with the heat machine before I can even consider purchasing the newer items. I love the punch set. How do you come up with all these ideas? You are one amazing person. Card making today is getting easier and better thanks to you Anna! It’s a rainy miserable day so I will make some cards today for others.

  181. JoJo Anderson says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna!! All I can say is, “I’m ALL in!! Your creativity and inspiration is second to NONE!! I have to have everything but my favorite here, if I have to pick one item(s), is the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies!! So much fun and I can’t wait to see this in action on March 8!! I would love to win ALL these Anna!! Please pick me!!
    An AnnaGriffinite for Life!!

  182. Mary Lee says:

    Magnetic Punch Stamps are wonderful. I use them all the time! They are easy to use and can be used all over a 12 x 12 scrap book page too. The Anna Griffin system is one I will have to try!

  183. Minel says:

    Oh My Goodness! I can’t wait until the 8th.
    I’m most excited to play with the platform magnetic punch. I’m so excited that I have the day off to shop and have fun with all the other AG fans! There are so many great new tools to play with.

  184. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    You never fail to surprise me. I have so many thin die that it would keep me busy for ages. So many possibilities with these products! I have my calendar marked for March 8. Always enjoy the craft shows.

  185. Mary Mangus says:

    Oh My! Of course, have to have it all! Don’t know where I’m going to put it all. Trying to reorganize now with Anna’s storage items.

  186. Monica O. says:

    Just when I think I have every crafting tool I need, you come up with something else that I MUST have! I love all three kits.

  187. Anita Judson Harkavy says:

    Love all the new products, they are truly different than what’s already on the market. Thank you and your team for creating and finding innovative tools and techniques for everyone, and especially for those of is who are technique junkies! Woooohoooo can’t wait to play!

  188. Judith O'Callaghan says:

    Again, another wonderful display of products we all must have! I especially love the Go Press and Foil machine, and the Deco Foil is a must. Would be so happy to win any of your items! See you on the 8th!!!.

  189. Marcia Getty says:

    Oh what beautiful paper crafts I could create with the foil! The colors are stunning, especially the blue!

  190. Beth Nutt says:

    These products are once again so awesome and so Anna!! I just think it’s great that you are able to partner with so many companies and continue to bring us new items. The machine by Couture looks super fun. I’m excited for craft day and the chance to see you demonstrating!!

  191. Agatha Mccoy says:

    What can I say you done it again
    Love the foil
    Love the punch
    What the secret to being pick
    Hoping I’ll be lucky on Friday
    Can’t wait till the 8❤️❣️☪️

  192. Anna Griffin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Cecilia! We will add your idea to our product inspiration. We’re so glad to have you here!

  193. kathy laclair says:

    I have a big circle around the date, love everything. I can hardly wait. Thanks for all the beautiful things.

  194. Trudy Faris says:

    Shiny!!!!! I just love the foil and press machine. It looks like so much fun. Definetly added it to my ever growing list of must haves. All the foil I just love. Unbelievable ideas that you and your design team come up with. Just so impressive!!! Congratulations.

  195. Janet says:

    What will you come out with next. You have outdone yourself once again. Love it all. Would love to win something, have followed you for years and have almost everything you have sold.

  196. Vickie Davis says:

    I’m so excited for the show! I can’t get anything done on the day it’s on because I get involved watching it all. I love this new foil package and the machine and die sets. Counting the days . Thank for all the great products Anna.

  197. Traci Williams says:

    Oh my heart is set on Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies!!
    I have never owned any kind of foil machine let alone one sheet of foil!
    I am extremely excited to add that something extra to my projects that will make me feel it is “complete”!
    I have seen so many beautiful creations with “metallic” touches!!
    This is the one I have been waiting for!!
    Thank you Anna!!

  198. Paula Stoltz says:

    Oh my. Love the hot press. Have seen a bigger version through another company but this is so much better. Would love to win it all.

  199. Victoria DeYot says:

    Absolutely beautiful once again! I’m always so eager to see what you and your team have designed for us each time. I have to say I think you have the BEST JOB ever!!!
    This is the first time I’ve ever seen the concept of foiling an item oneself. With the machine would it be possible to use our existing brass dies for this? I have many of your brass dies from “back in the old days” when we did all of our embossing by hand. They are still usable in the cuddlebug and way to beautiful to abandon. BTW loved seeing that signature rose again.

  200. Laurie Chilton says:

    Anna I just love your products! I have been following you for years and you never disappoint. I am excited for the upcoming HSN show and a chance to see all of your wonderful products in action. Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life with your beautiful products ❤

  201. Anna Griffin says:

    Tonya, thank you for sharing! We’re so glad that you love our products, and we appreciate you! Have a great week!

  202. Anna Griffin says:

    What a sweet comment! Happy anniversary and many more to you two! So glad you love the products and making beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!

  203. Debbie says:

    I’ll see you on the 8th!! My reminder is set for the 5th so I can plan to be there all day!!!

    So excited!!!

  204. Debbie Lentz says:

    I’ll see you on the 8th!! My reminder is set for the 5th so I can plan to be there all day!!!

    So excited!!!

  205. Cathy K. says:

    So glad to see the Go Press and Foil machine and the decorative designs and Sentiments dies. Love that you teamed up with We R Memory company with the Platform Punch and Stamp system. Way to go, Anna!!

  206. Debbie Lentz says:

    Love all the new items! Anxious to see the demo on the hot stamp press!!! I use Deco Foil all the time & love the results. I’m sure I’ll be adding this to my craft room! You continue to be so Creative & your items are absolutely LOVELY! See you on the 5th!!!

  207. Diane Shull says:

    Hello Anna,

    Wonderful new products. I really love the new all- around stamper and the Foil accents. I’m looking forward to the shows. These are Gorgeous and Lovely samples created by the design team. Have a Fabulous Day and Make it “Beautiful in the Making!”

    Hugs, Diane

  208. Vickie Blakeslee says:

    Love the foiling products. The deco foiling kit is nice and the new punch and stamp kit is an amazing addition to your product line. Looking forward to craft day on HSN!

  209. Donna says:

    I love all of your new items one question can you use the foil stamp dies alone or do you have to have the foil stamp machine?

  210. Romaine says:

    This looks like an amazing product to have. To be able to use the dies to make absolutely gorgeous cards. The foil just adds so much more to a card. Thanks

  211. Penny C says:

    Wow that heat press is really impressive. It reminds me of those beautiful gold sentiments in your older kits.

  212. Jan Forgue says:

    Anna, I love how you partner with different craft companies to bring us new and unique items! Love them all.

  213. Melissa says:

    I love the new products! The punch and stamp set looks like it will make lining up the stamps a breeze! I am looking forward to shopping for these fabulous products next month.

  214. Denice with a "c" says:

    Think that We R Platform punch set is just wonderful. How ingenious . Also can’t wait to see a demonstration of the dies that can be foiled with the Go Press. So much fun. Wow. God bless…Denice

  215. Patty Lepore says:

    O I just LOVE everything about Anna Griffins products. I can hardly contain myself. I feel like these new products are a must have for my scrap booking room, so I to can make beautiful crafts. I will keep my fingers cross till then.

  216. Nancy Koupelis says:

    I like the hot stamp press and dies. I’m always looking replicate the quality of the materials that I buy from your collections.

  217. Caroline says:

    Just love the idea of hot foiling the cards and die cuts you have really made it easy for the home crafters to create beautiful items. I am looking forward to craft day.

  218. Jackie Moore says:

    How ingenious these products are. They would make my cards look like I am a genius! Great tools to take my work to the. Next level. Panting for them!! Thank you.

  219. Sandra Madanski says:

    I Love all those foils. And that new heat embossing.
    I love all you bring to the table. I’m waiting for March 8th. and my credit card is too.
    I said it before but Anna your killing me with all this new stuff.

  220. Holly Weston says:

    Wow all of your new ideas are incredible. My favorite for this weeks sneak peek is the go press And foil system. I like that it’s compact and looks very easy to use. Can’t wait for March 8!

  221. Gigi Dixon says:

    I love the Deco foil set and the Go press foiling system. You could really make some beautiful cards with those items. Thank you for the offer.

  222. June Estep says:

    Foiling is just heart capturing to me. I love my minc and now, a second way to foil that heat sets too…. I love new tools. I really love the greetings dies with the new foil system. Those are so classic and beautiful. Sometimes a card can just have that on it and nothing else. (yeah, just kidding). Having just finished a couple dozen St Patty cards, using cricut, cuttlebug, minc, the ability to mix it up and create a big wow….a girl has to have tools. Dear Santa…..since I have to buy my own, thanks to your stuffy rule about being nice, I should get started early….like March 8

  223. Lisa Ivanowski says:

    My HSN card will be very busy March 8th. Love everything. Thanks Anna for being so creative for us that aren’t

  224. Rima Rayborn says:

    More tools coming out of Anna’s ‘Bundle of
    tricks’! How great these new
    tools are-I would love to have the foil tool. Come on March!!

  225. Rima Rayborn says:

    More tools coming out of Anna’s ‘Bundle of
    tricks’! Cannot believe how great these new
    tools are-I would love to have the foil tool. Come on March!!

  226. Melodee says:

    Oh Anna you just keep out doing your self! The beauty and quality of your products can’t be compared ! I would so love to win these to make my cards even more fabulous ❤️

  227. Mary Vona says:

    I will never again say “It can’t get much better” about all of your products. Love everything and can’t wait to watch HSN on March 8!

  228. Christine Miloslavic says:

    The punch and stamp set are so fun looking. I can’t wait to make my projects look even nicer than they already do. So many wonderful products. Keep up all the fun and creative ways to help us look more professional.

  229. Myrtle J in Virginia USA says:

    WOW, Anna! Glad you didn’t ask me to choose my favorite. I love it all! The chance to win any of these products is great. The added bonus of a chance to win a spot at Create is fabulous! Thank you for the opportunity.

  230. Gracia Lanza says:

    I’m in love with the heat stamps….they look fabulous and very professional!!!! Foil colors are a dream and the puncher and stamps make beautiful things!!! You amaze me with every product Anna!

  231. Myrna Hartley says:

    Love the platform punch, gorgeous designs.
    Would love it in my collection of Anna’s things.
    Thanks for sharing your Valentine’s Day cards.


  232. Silvia says:

    Decofoil! Those colors are just screaming spring ♡ I could use my Anna Griffin Minc machine to foil all my projects. March 8th is coming soon and I beter get ready because it looks like it will be another epic craft day!

  233. Tina Hodges says:

    Anna, can I just say wow!! You and your creative team are amazing!!!
    I love everything that is coming out! I would say my favorite is the foil press Machine!

    I would love to win these amazing goodies!!
    Thank you for all your hard work ❤

  234. Debbie G says:

    The hot foil machine caught my eye along with the extra sets to go with it. I have not seen this anywhere. Can’t wait to see.

  235. Sonia Cintron Rosario says:

    Hooorah Ms. Griffin you did it with the foil and the machine for it. I am in love. I would buy some as soon as you get them to sell. I do not wait to win some because there are so many of us that I do not have a chance, However, I love everything you make and I know you and your team are stupendous and have a **** of a mind to create the most beautiful things for your clients. Love you.

  236. Heather R...mousemomma says:

    Okay, my mind is officially blown! I’m going to have to refinance the house to keep up with all the beautiful products you have created for the new event at HSN!! I can’t wait for the demonstrations! Winning these tools would be a dream come true. Thanks Anna for creating them!

  237. Dianna Lantz says:


  238. Sherri says:

    O WOW Anna!! Foiled Again! LOL! How you and your Amazing Team keep coming up with new ideas and things……nothing but ANATASTIC!! My wish list keeps growing while the cash is smaller…..this will be hard to decide what to buy because I’m Loving Everything and this sneak peek included! I will be watching the prices as I choose, not sure what the budget will be this time but I probably gonna be very limited, (I have been warned already, Husband was generous last time and got a few items on the Flash Super Sale that FINALLY got TODAY!! YAY!!). I Cannot begin to guess what the TS will be but I’m sure Everybody will Love it and we ALL will GOTTA HAVE IT! Looking forward to next Sneak Peek Tuesday and Wishing to Win. Congrats to last week’s winner and Thanks for sharing the beautiful Valentines. Good Luck All and thanks for a chance to win again!

  239. D Ann Adams says:

    I love the Go press and foil machine. This will go well with new autoship wishful thinking dies. Being able to match foil color to Cardstock.thanks Anna

  240. Jay Landis says:

    Anna, my wife loves everything you Make! For my sake and the sake of our daughter’s college savings, please, please pick her to win this week!! She is very excited for the foil tools and the card boxes. Love your style and products. Keep them coming.

  241. Leslie Ramsey says:

    Love the new foiling. Is it like the TODO machine? But best of ALL would be winning the trip in November to meet Miss Anna in person and getting to go to her Beautiful in the Making retreat. I would have to win the lottery in order to go. So winning this would be like winning the lottery. Just got rid of the satellite so I will have to watch on the computer.

  242. Catherine A Smith says:

    ***! Overlooked the video with the new items for foiling and stamping! Wonderful new items to edpand our creations from Anna!

  243. Linda Hill says:

    I really didn’t get it on these products but maybe it is just too late at night! I am sure I will understand them when you demo them on HSN!

  244. Lucy says:

    Wow, I cannot believe how many comments I had to scroll by just to reach this comment box. You must be thrilled to have such a following. Of course I love all the shiny new tools and will anxiously await their debut. Only 2 weeks to go!

  245. Darlene Placito says:

    Oh my. I just love these items. I love my gadgets and these are wonderful. I also like a professional look to my cards so that hot stamp machine looks great

  246. Susie DiMarco says:

    So much shiny, so much pretty, so much color….Anna color, that is! The foiling looks amazing and can’t wait to see the demos and inspiration. See you on the 8th and good luck everyone!

  247. Winnie Johnson says:

    I love my deco foil and WRMK but I have to say that go press has me intrigued. I will have to start researching this system and what it is all about. Beautiful designs all the way around.

  248. Virginia Hart says:

    The foil stamp system looks like fun, I’m hoping we can use the Anna dies we already have to put through the hot stamp foil machine. Anna you work so hard to bring us new crafting items and making our lives brighter and brighter. Thank you Anna and HSN.

  249. Rosie Kronz says:

    All things Deco Foil, that’s what will be at the top of my list. It would be a joy, however, to have it all. Thank you very much!

  250. Barbara Pinto-Choate says:

    WOW!!!~ I LOVE everything you do, but this takes the cake! I could immediately use all of these items and love the new foil die stamps! How fun:) Thanks Anna!

  251. Patricia May says:

    I am just starting to make cards and i have never seen these products anywhere and never knew anything like this existed at all. It would be so very nice to win any of these products thanks for all the ideas . Win Win Win.. Again thanks for everything and for sharing..

  252. Melissa Clark says:

    Your stuff you come out just the most unique and fun and amazing things!!!! I would love to win these amazing things!!!

  253. Robin Greason says:

    I want the Go Press and Foil Machine. It puts a vibrant twist cards, paper, and ribbon. Shiny things always capture ones attention even if it is just a hint or much more. I will create spectacular illuminating visions of loveliness.

  254. Wanda French says:

    these are beautiful. !!!!!! and I love all your ideas and products. The foil really adds to the designs.. Can’t wait to try these

  255. Jennifer Huang says:

    Wowsa- All the new products look great! I’m especially intrigued by the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies. I have your lovely Minc machine but, I’m interested in seeing the Go Press foil ribbon, chipboard and more. Does it foil cloth too? (If so- I can imagine making a cute pineapple makeup bag. What Fun!) Thanks Anna & Team for a chance to win! ^_^ Can’t wait for March 8th!

  256. migdalia Del Valle says:

    Anna…you did it again!!! I love everything..but the dies are to die for (No pun intended..LOL) !!1

    Love Migdalia

  257. Mary Jane C says:

    I would love to be able to purchase everything from today’s video but my pocket isn’t deep enough to pay for all of them at one time. I know my friends will love what I could make from the new items you will be showing at the craft day on HSN in March. I love everything you have given us to use and learn so we could make beautiful and fun cards, scrapbook pages, decorations, etc.

  258. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    Anna, I just love the new punch system. I’m not quite sure how it works. But, I know you will demo it on March 8th. Can’t wait.

  259. Penny Fellenbaum says:

    Love the Deco Foil and the Adhesive Pen I can not wait to use the foil on my cards and write my own message in shiny foil. You can’t get more personal and beautiful than, that. Thanks Anna for helping me to make my card more beautiful and personlized .

  260. Ramona La Point says:

    You are killing me, Anna and Team! This is going to be the best showcase of Anna Griffin Products EVER!!!!
    The Punch ans Stamp System and the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies are a tie with me! Keeping my fingers crossed… tightly. Hugs, Ramona

  261. ELAINE LOY says:

    Hi Anna, My Husband and I watched your last craft event on HSN and my husband bought me anything I wanted. That was so nice of you to reply on my comment that time. We both enjoyed watching your craft event. Since than I have been learning Cricut, Cuttlebug, and stamping. My days go by so fast we both are addicted to all the beautiful things we can made. I love all these new items and we are both looking forward to March 8th!!! Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary and my husband gave me money to shop on your craft event on March 8th. We both thank you for all the joy and fun we have had from making beautiful things for our grandchildren, family and friends. Thank you Anna and we love you!

  262. Carla Schaeffer says:

    Everything is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see everything on March 8th. Love, love, love your designs!

  263. Paula Vinson says:

    Love all of these items! It will be hard to choose which to buy. March 8 is my birthday, so I may just buy all the new products as my Happy Birthday to me present! 🙂

  264. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Hi, Anna! The Courture Creations Go Press and Foil Machine has stolen my heart this week!!! And I must have the pineapple to go with it. I definately need to see you demonstrate how it works. So many new things to learn on March 8th! Love it!!!!

  265. Nancy Ludwig says:

    I’m really intrigued to see the punch and stamp system. I’m also loving the heat press foiling system.

  266. Kim Kemmsies says:

    All three new products are welcome in my home. I’ll start with the The Deco Foil Everyday Set. Best peek yet.

  267. Debbie Martelli says:

    You kill me!!!
    Just when I think I have enough dies you come out with new products. I’m so sold on your dies and would ❤️ to win!
    Thanks for your creative collaborations!

  268. Jam says:

    Foil without heat..love it, and the new press machine wow….looking forward to seeing it all on the show..so many new things Anna!

  269. Cindy says:

    Love everything in this sneek peek, the dies are always my favorite Anna Griffin product . Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  270. Tonya Oswald says:

    I’m so excited and in love the hot foil machine. This is going to be sold out immediately!!!! Anna you can do no wrong. I love my cards and scrapbooks, everything Anna. I love it. Your products changes lives. I’m home a lot because of health issues. Your products help me feel free to create. I’m not stuck, I’m free surrounded by beautiful crafts. Thank you for changing my life. Your are amazing.

  271. Kathy H says:

    Both the deco foil and We R punch and stamp system look very interesting. I can’t wait to see them in action.

  272. Marie says:

    I was totally surprised by the foiling machine! I love the idea of foiling with metal plates! I sure hope I win!

  273. Linda B says:

    Wow! The Go Press and Foil Machine and Dies look like so much fun. Love all the items as usual and look forward to all day crafting.

  274. Mary Cash says:

    Anna these items are great and what gorgeous cards you could make with this…must put these on my wish list!

  275. Danyelle Dillon says:

    I am so excited to see all the new wonderful things Anna Griffin has in store for us on HSN March 8th. I have it wrote on my calendar! I love this concept of this machine with the foil but wondering how is it different than the minc machine that I already bought from her. So I am going to watch for sure to find out what the difference is. I really am excited about her new alcohol pens that was in another sneak peek. Man, with all this new amazing things coming out soon from her I might have to take out a loan to afford it all! Thank goodness HSN has flex pays! !!!

  276. Roberta Lollis says:

    Wow this is so exciting I love everything you do and this foil machine is just great I’ve looking to see when it would be available but I’d love to win this, please!

  277. Valrie says:

    Everything is so different from what is available from others . Anna, I LOVE all of it!
    Can’t wait until March 8th.

  278. Renee A. Zimmerman says:

    WOW ! So many new and intriguing products. I can’t wait to see the GO PRESS AND FOIL machine. Anxiously waiting for Craft Day and all the new products!

  279. Debra Shinabarger says:

    Love the heat press machine and the foil that is really neat.Also the stamps are great.All your products are wonderful I will be watching HSN in March for all of these.Thanks for a chance to win!

  280. Barbara Mann says:

    Thank you Anna for another great preview.I am looking forward to March 8th to see all these intriguing products being demonstrated.

    The Platform Punch and Stamp looks quite interesting.

  281. Deana Johansen says:

    Wow!! just pain Wowza!!!! Go Press and Foil Stamps is a winner!! Must have the extra foil die stamps, toio. I will give these new products a good home, should you draw my name ^_^

  282. Judy Fagotti says:

    You’ve been one busy designer! Your new products are sensational! Love the foil press with fantastic designs and beautiful font titles, and let’s not let the punch system slip through our fingers. Kudos on presenting us with these quality goodies!!!

  283. Michelle says:

    I think the heat transfer machine and dies is my favorite, the greetings and the images are truly beautiful and I would love to win them. The foil transfer is nice especially since there is no heat required. Also would love to be entered for a chance to go to Create this year.

  284. Elaine says:

    Amazing cards and products! The foiling machine would make all cards and pages add a special element to them. Beautiful!

  285. Maryann says:

    Oh Anna I know I will never be lucky enough to win these wonderful craft items but love them all. The foil kit is my favorite but do love them all. Can not wait to see you on craft day. My DVR is set to watch you over and over to be sure get to see all the samples and instructions you provide us crafters that day. You are the greatest. Thank you!!!!! Maryann

  286. E Powell says:

    Unfortunately everything looks good.
    Will be curious to see how the foil machine differs from others & if the dies for it are special or if any dies will work with it.

  287. Michelle Massey says:

    I can not wait to see the go press foil machine in action. The sentiment set is absolutely beautiful. I am always so impressed with your innovation! You just keep taking our crafting to the next level. Love it!

  288. Kat H. says:

    Anna, as usual my list is growing but I am intriqued by the foil. Not sure I understand the concept but would love to win to have time to play with it before March 8th.

  289. Diane Dye says:

    I can’t wait to see these new products in action! Please pick me so that I can get a chance to play with them and create some beautiful new paper crafting projects and cards.

  290. Jennifer Wall says:

    Tools Tools Tools! I love crafting tools because you never run out while you are crafting! Those are some great picks!

  291. Lora Posey says:

    The deco foil is beautiful and the designs that cordinte with it , but I am intrigued over the platform punch !! I can’t wait for you to demonstrate it on HSN ! I know it will be awesome !!!

  292. Jean Carlson says:

    The foil looks “foibulous”!!! I will have trouble waiting for this new fabulous product. You and your team are amazing. Thanks. Grammy Purple

  293. Nora says:

    ***! I absolutely love the punch set and I can’t wait to see all this new stuff on March 8th. Anna, I just love everything you do and I respect your creativity! Please, please, please pick me, I would be so grateful

  294. Diane B says:

    How do you keep coming up with all these ingenious products. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Everything. Can’t wait for the show.

  295. omv says:

    Yes–Thank you for each one!
    How can one choose?
    Thank you Anna for being so generous
    in gifting these amazing products!
    Congrats to the winner in advance!

  296. Arlene Rodriguez says:

    WOW!!..It’s all so FANTASTIC!! Fun, Fancy, Fabulous SHINE!!! Oh yes!! It would be so AWESOME to win and create loads of GREAT projects and share!! 3/8/17 cant get here fast enuf…Lol.. Thanks so much Anna!!! Hugz:) Taylor

  297. Arlene Rodriguez says:

    WOW!!..It’s all so FANTASTIC!! Fun, Fancy, Fabulous SHINE!!! Oh yes!! It would be so AWESOME to win and create loads of GREAT projects and share!! 3/8/17 cant get here fast enuf…Lol.. Thanks so much Anna!!! Hugz:) Taylor

  298. Michelle says:

    Love the new foiling. Anna, you inspired me into card making and I enjoyed every minute since then, It is my refuge time. The new items are amazing. Thank you!

  299. Deborah Ernest says:

    I would really like to win all 3 items but I really like the punch system most its very hard to pick just 1.

  300. Jodie Routt says:

    There’s nothing a crafty girl likes better than a bright shiny new toy. It would be the Go Press Foil machine and stamping dies!

  301. Mary Roberson says:

    Hi Anna!
    The new items are incredible and i can not wait to get my hands on them and have fun playing and creating. You have blown me away this time:)

  302. Lisa Zimmer says:

    The foils look like a wonderful way to bring more sparkle and depth to the cards I make. The punches will be another tool to open the paper products. I love having open areas in the top layers so the beautiful papers from the lower layers can be seen. Looking forward to you shows on March 8th.

  303. Patricia Ladd says:

    Such cool new tools. I love the heat press. I’m looking forward to seeing it demonstrated. And the punch and stamp set is also a neat innovation.

  304. Deb Knowles says:

    So many NEW things coming our way March 8! You and your staff have been very busy , Anna. I am most intrigued with the gold press machine.. I like the idea of making foiled sentiments. Your new products will feel right at home here with all of the other Anna Griffin products I already own if I win…….

  305. Michelle says:

    Oh Anna, you are one of my reasons for getting into card making with all of your wonderful ideas and talent. My first 2 books on card making were the ones you published and I love. The new foil is one I love and will have to add to my collection. Thank you so much.

  306. Linda Burt says:

    Oh my goodness, all of the crafts that you have shown are wonderful. I hope to get off from work so I can watch you on HSN I love everything that you do. I am just getting started with all this and you have helped me so much, you will never know. Thank you for all you do. I can’t wait to see all of your products that you and you staff have created. Love your products and you.

  307. DARCY DANIELS says:

    Beautiful Anna …..the punches the deco foil, the press & foil the DIES *** everything is beautiful everything is a must have ….This would be an awesome prize to win!!!!

  308. Janice says:

    ***! I just watched a video on this! Love to foil and to use it with dies is just beyond exciting! I can not wait to get this in my hands!

  309. Debbie Lynch says:

    Love the foil for any die cuts, I’m going to have to build on a extra room, my craft space is busting!

  310. Sara Falcone says:

    Anna, you are amazing!!!
    Every single Tuesday, it became an
    “Anna’s Super Tuesdays”
    and Anna; why every single day it is not a Tuesday? I have to wait a whole week to see your new products and weekly admired your Exquisite Artistic Paper Creations…
    Anna, I’m in trouble, Anna I am in trouble!
    My wish list it is growing by a Super Tuesday!
    Love it all! Wanted all! I think I also will be broke! Ha!

  311. Sheenagh Cummings says:

    All this cool stuff
    Might be enough
    To make creations
    For all celebrations
    Shiny and bright
    So if I might
    Win this prize
    Seen before my eyes

  312. Janice Lundy says:

    Bring on March 8th! You have so many wonderful products to choose from. Can’t wait! Keep it coming.

  313. Barb Mader says:

    ***…❤ Love all the new items.. I can’t wait for March 8th. My vacation is spending time scraping and creating cards. Your products make my day. The versatility of using them on cards or scrapbooking is wonderful. Please make my days special by providing me the opportunity to have the new items. I will need to be selective on my purchases. Retired on low income but thrilled with your products they make me smile and friends I create them for love them❤❤.

  314. Susan Carter says:

    Everything is beautiful! I’m hoping it’s on the website the night before because I’m giving up HSN for Lent.

  315. Nancy de la rocha says:

    Anna Griffin my, my girl you are the bomb! I love it all! The foiling is so beautiful!! I can’t wait for march 8th! NO I Really am so excited! See you next week. For another sneak peek!

  316. Jane says:

    I love the new punch system and can’t wait to see it demonstrated on HSN! So many clever things its hard to pick a favorite!!

  317. Holly Hudspeth says:

    Oh man! I just paid HSN off! I am not sure what I can do without among these. I love that you and We R Memory Keepers teamed up. You are two of my favorite vendors. The flourish punches are wonderful!

    Are you pals with Tim Holtz by any chance?….. Distress Inks in Anna colors! Oh yes!

  318. Taunie Snyder says:

    More wonderful items to add my crafting. I love the foil and the heat stamp. Thank you for all the wonderful products you bring to us.

  319. Melanie Whiting says:

    Beautiful items, as always. Thank you for being innovative and encouraging us with new projects and possibilities. I will be watching HSN On March 8.

  320. Clarissa Miller says:

    These products are simply amazing and I can’t stop wanting and thinking about them. I can’t wait to try them all. I have so many thoughts running through my mind right now of what I can do. Pick me Anna to win all of these products.

  321. Mary J. Rinaldi says:

    So looking forward to the Deco Foil package and other items you’ve tempted us with. I’ll need to take out a bank loan to buy all your lovely crafts. Thanks for a chance to win.

  322. Debby B says:

    Oh boy… Really excited about the personal hot stamp machine. This looks like it will be a great tool for creating sentiments. Can’t wait to learn more about it.

  323. Dana says:

    WOW! These are some really neat items, I haven’t done any deco foil so that might be a new fun project. The punch also would make any card more interesting. Thanks Anna for all the new ideas.

  324. Sara Falcone says:

    You are Amazing!!! “I wish every single day was a Tuesday.” Why I have to wait a whole week? Every Tuesday, I am so excited to see your blog’s and admire your new products and your papers and your artistic creations and temptations for all of us!
    I’m in trouble Anna, I am in trouble!!!
    My list of wishes it’s growing and growing by “Tuesdays”. Love it all! Wanted all! I also will be so broke!!! Thanks again for your talent and beautiful presentation’s. (Temptations) ha! You are the best!

  325. Heather Sides Mash says:

    Would love to try the new Go
    And Press foil machine. What a lovely way to add some shine to my cards!

  326. Dorinda says:

    I absolutely love all of these new products!!! I just can’t pick just one. Love the colors that are included with the foil stamping and the heat stamp press! You and your team always create products that make my cards and scrapbooking pages absolutely beautiful!!

  327. Beca Eavis says:

    I would have to say the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Die steals my heart. i have wanted a way to add foil to my cards and Anna Griffin has come thought once again.

  328. Joanne P. says:

    Anna I can’t believe how many Fantastic new items you have come up with for the March 8th craft day! I certainly won’t be able to get to get them all so I’ll have to decide which are my favorites which will be very hard. Keep on creating all this great stuff Anna cuz you know we’ll be watching!!!!

  329. Celia Martinez says:

    Love all the new productions! I can’t wait to see them all in action on March 8th. Thank you Anna for bringing us such wonderful products!

  330. Amy C says:

    Anna, these are fantastic!! You truly surprise us every week. I really like the platform punch and the Go Press and Foil machine. And your samples are incredibly inspiring!! It will be so much fun to use all these terrific items.
    Thank you so much for offering us so many ways to create elegance and beauty to bless people.

    Bless you, Amy

  331. Gale L. says:

    I find the Go Press and Foil Machine with Foil Stamping Dies very intriguing. Can’t wait to see this gadgetry in action.

  332. Daphne Dickerson says:

    Hello Anna,

    Everything you do is so beautiful, this is so hard to have to pick one, but the Foil machine with the dies is 1st place for me…

    Thanks again for the chance to win

  333. Evelyn Robinson says:

    Wow! the foils are gorgeous. I’d love to have these tools in my craft stash. Thanks for continuing to bringing all of these beautiful ways to paper craft.

  334. Georgi says:

    My head is spinning with creative projects that I would be able to make with these new products. Thank you for helping us create beautiful paper crafts.

  335. Annie Hayes says:

    The Go Press and Foil machine is marvelous! Love the idea of using the pen, and foiling highlights on cards and boxes!

  336. Melanie Proffitt says:

    Can’t believe the new beautiful things you are bringing us, Anna!!! Very exciting…can’t wait for March 9th. Thank you, again.

  337. Patti says:

    The Platform Punc/Stamp set looks like it will be so much fun and will add another level of awesome to my creations….can’t wait to see you on March 8.

  338. Janice Brummett says:

    First I thought the foil, then saw the Go Press (gotta have it), then saw the Stamp and Punch around. Want them all. But had two huge months electric bills ($1500.) so unless I win these, guess I’ll just have to wait. Have to buy new furnace first! Must have heat.

  339. Donna in S.C says says:

    Oh Anna, love all the new products as usual you have out done yourself. Look so forward to 24 hour craft event. I so love being a creative person and your ideas make it so easy.

  340. Karen Wilson says:

    The Go Press and Foil machine looks really fun! Can’t wait to see all of these new products and the amazing samples your team comes up with for the March 8th crafting event!

  341. Margaret Tresca says:

    I can’t pick just one, I love them all!! I can usually pick a favorite, but they all look fun and fabulous. I can’t wait for March 8th. I may not be feeling well that day and have to call in sick to work…. cough cough
    Good luck everyone!

  342. Joann M. says:

    All these look very fun! I am looking forward to the Deco foil presentations. The dies look very elegant also. Will be watching on March 8th.

  343. Dawn R says:

    The Platform Punch looks very interesting, and the Go Press and Foil machine looks amazing. I’m so excited that craft day falls during my Spring Break this year. Too bad it doesn’t come with a bonus to pay for all I will surely be desiring.

  344. Robin says:

    The Go press and foil looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing the demo on craft day, which I always record so I can go back and review if I can’t figure a product out, or are looking for different ideas. Thanks for your creative ideas!

  345. L. Lynn Lane says:

    Oh my, Anna. Definitely beauty in the making! The hot stamping is so pretty!! I have to have that (my credit card is shuddering at the thought of my bill that’s coming on March 8th!) The platform stamping set looks very interesting, too.

    I’m looking forward to craft day, even though my credit card isn’t!

    Will there be more of the ivory folders/word phrases at some time. Or is that all there is?

    LOVE your stuff, Anna!

  346. SaBrina Bradley says:

    Ohhh! I’m foiling all over the place! LOL. GoPress and Foil machine amazing. Foiling is so beautiful. It would be great to win. Loving it.

  347. Anixa Cabrera says:

    Wow! Love all of the new products. I requested the day off again for another 24 hour of craft. :o)
    Can’t wait

  348. Gina Maria says:

    I feel like you just let us in on a secret with the hot foil stamp die system! Never thought that would be something that could be done at home. Just beautiful, so elegant as always.

  349. Kathy Foose says:

    Love the platform punch and the Go Press and Foil! Love these sneak peaks also. I am so excited for the next craft day March 8.

  350. Jan Weindel says:

    YES! WOULD LOVE TO WIN THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS! Thanks again, Anna, for bringing such fun and different media to do our cards.

  351. Sandra Evans says:

    Really like the press and go foil machine with the foil stamping dies. It will give my cards that little something we southern girls like, a bit of shine.

  352. Lorrie Turner says:

    Deco Foil kit is #1 this week. Can’t wait till March 8th but most of all, can’t wait till all my purchases arrive!

  353. Catherine Hanson says:

    I love the Deco Foil kit with the adhesive pen! Can’t wait to get it and play with it. So many possibilities. The other products are ingenious too.

  354. Connie Eneix says:

    I would love to win all of these fantastic new tools! Really favor the go press and foil machine and dies. Wow !

  355. Gloria Myers says:

    The Platform Punch is very intriguing..Cant wait to see it in another demonstration! Thank you again Anna for everything new!

  356. Ann M says:

    Wow…and I don’t hand out compliments that easily…but this weeks items are awesome. Gorgeous. So happy I have an April birthday to justify spending alot!

  357. Lara Snider says:

    Gorgeous! I love the hot foil die. So amazing! I need to wrap my head around the large punch stamp deal.

  358. Grace says:

    Hi Anna. Such unique products in this sneak preview! I would love to try out the Platform Punch and Stamp system. As I do not have any of the items you showed us this week, I would really love to be the winner! 🙂 Thanks for the possibility!! Grace

  359. Debra Spencer says:

    I’m going to start the countdown to March 8 NOW… I’m glad I get my bonus on THAT day. YIPPEE!!!

    Thanks Anna

  360. cheryl grlj says:

    It looks like another great craft day to look froward to.I am very intrigued by the host of items you have shown today. I especially would like get my hands on the platform stamp set. What a great set of items to create with!

  361. shari trujillo says:

    i think i need to win powerball before March 8th. i said last week you couldn’t do anything more to amaze me…..and i lied LOVE EVERYTHING so far. i simply can’t wait for march 8th

  362. cheryl grlj says:

    I am very intrigued by the host of items you have shown today. I especially would like get my hands on the platform stamp set. What a great set of items to create with!

  363. Valerie says:

    The punch is awesome. Can’t wait to see it in action. You always come up with the best tools and supplies to make everything look beautiful. Thanks, Anna

  364. Stephanie Greene says:

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  365. Suzanne Merica says:

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  366. Linda Daum says:

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  367. Bonnie Potter says:

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