HSN March 8th, 2017 Sneak Peek 5

Hi friends,

Welcome to our last sneak peek for March 8th on HSN! Exciting news…since we are on at midnight, that means that we have the Today’s Special! For Craft Day, we will kick off the fun at midnight, then we are on at 11am-1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 8pm (plus a few TS airings in between!). Don’t forget that in addition to Craft Day, we have a special HSN appearance on Tuesday, March 14th at 5am and 5pm. We are thrilled for all the time we will get to spend with you in a week and a few days!

Now, on to the big reveal! Feast your eyes on the new Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2!

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is back and will be offered in 2 HSN exclusive colors; Lilac and the signature Anna Griffin Ivory and Gold for Craft Day. With the machine you will get a set of beautiful Wisteria themed markers, a 12×12 Light Grip and 12×12 Strong Grip Mat, a Lilac accessories pouch plus 3 months of Cricut Access!

What an amazing package! You know that Cricut is the world leader when it comes to electronic paper cutting and bringing your creations to life. Whether it’s creating layers for a card from our Lovely Layers II, or you uploading your own designs, Cricut can do it all. Also, for the first time ever Cricut is offering a cutting materials autoship!

Autoship 1 is titled Everyday Sparkle and Shine. You will get Black Glitter Vinyl, Champagne Matte Adhesive and Chrome Foil Iron On.

Autoship 2 is Holiday Sparkle and Shine. In this set are Silver Glitter Vinyl, Rose Gold Matte Adhesive and Light Gold Foil Iron On.

Last but not least, Autoship 3 is Love Sparkle and Shine. It contains Red Glitter Vinyl, Pink Matte Adhesive Foil and Red Foil Iron On.

Many of you love your Cricut so much that you want to take it everywhere you go! Now, you are able to do just that with unparalleled protection. Introducing the new Cricut Totes, available in three different sizes. Bring your Cricut with you on your next vacation, weekend trip or to a craft party!

The shoulder bag is perfect for organizing your crafting essentials, iPad or laptop! There are two handles and a detachable shoulder strap for carrying ease.

Next, the Machine Tote is exactly what you need to protect your beloved machine! Inside there is extra protection and egg carton foam to shield your Cricut from any bumps or bruises. This carrier also features double handles and double snap closure.

The Rolling Craft Tote is the easiest, breeziest way to haul all the rest of your crafting supplies. The wheels allow for 360 degree rotation, there are padded storage compartments to hold your Cuttlebug, various cutting materials, scissors, etc. Even more, there are even detachable pouches for your Cricut pens, tools and so much more!

Finally, we’re bringing back our Anna’s Fantastic Flips Digital Cartridge Autoship! We were so excited to see how many of you wanted us to make more of this sold out item, and we couldn’t help but do so! There are 10 different card shapes for you to cut and score, embellishments to cut and sentiments to write – this set has it all. Even though this isn’t a physical cartridge, you will get a card with a special code to load into your Design Space account.

We are excited about this grand finale and hope you are too! We love the Cricut Explore 2 so much that we’re giving away 2 this week! Two blog readers are going to win a Cricut Explore Air 2 (1 Lilac or 1 Ivory/Gold) and a full set of Cricut Totes. You know what to do! Comment here, on the blog and let us know why you want to win the Cricut and what you plan to make with it! We will draw two names at random from the blog comments this Friday!




  1. Angel Lebouef says:

    Oh My Gosh! This would be a great treasure to have. I love all Anna Griffin designs. I and on the fence on buying one just to have your designs to play with.. I am hooked..
    Thanks Anna for your amazing talent!

  2. Darcy Gladue says:

    i would really love to win this, i love to craft, it helps me with alot of my pain,,from RA, fibromalgia….i dont work just my husband, and he only makes around 40,000 year so we cant afford much…i would really love to upgrade….good luck to all,,thanks for all you do!

  3. Angela says:

    Hi Anna!
    I would love to win this wonderful gift! I have been off work since May & it would be should a great gift in my life right now. Lavender is such a feel good color too! Love your cartridge too!

  4. karen ryan says:

    ***, I would love to win this! I just showed my 9 yr. old granddaughter how to use my gold cricut explore air, and she loved it! She is so very creative. She even taught me a thing or two! Now that she got to make a bday card for her dad, she wants one too, and purple is her favorite color! Her birthday is in April and I would love to surprise her with this! Good Luck everyone!

  5. Kimberly Schippe says:

    Talking about being addicted. I love Cricut and I’m moving and will have my own craft room yeah.. I would love,love,love a purple Cricut.

  6. Linda Barnett says:

    What a wonderful give away. I am new to the craft, but enjoying making awesome things for family and friends. I had wanted one for several years before I finally got one. You have many wonderful crafers to choose from. Good luck to all. It is an awesome prize. Thank you.

  7. Terese says:

    I would love to win and I don’t have a preference for a specific color! I work with students in special education , specifically with fine motor skills and I use a lot of crafts with them. The joy the students, especially boys, get when they complete a project. Makes me glad this is my career.

  8. Jane Starkes says:

    Hello! I am going to get a Cricut that I can bring to the public library where I am a librarian. I have lots of ideas for using the machine for scrapbook, cardmaking, and craft programs held here at the library, as well as decorations for the area where I work. Winning a new cricut would be fabulous for my library.

  9. Sandy Morgan says:

    I truely think I have almost everything Anna offers, we’ll maybe not almost but I do have a lot because you are my favorite designer because our styles match. About a year ago I moved about 2 hours away to a great country piece of property. I was part of a crafting group of awesome ladies who met once a month at routating homes for a wonderful night of crafting. So…. for me to join them anytime soon this new luggage would allow me to get everything I’d need ear and back. How cool that would be! Plus my plans for our property is to build a ladies crafting retreat for weekends away and I could use as many Cricut machines as I can get my hands on to offer this service to all the wonderful ladies who will be coming to spend their weekends at my Country retreat. Man to get my hands on this prize would be priceless. Thank you for all you offer us. I love everything.

  10. Michaela Yabroff says:

    I have a Cricut Expressions and a Cuttlebug which i use constantly. They take my crafting abilities to areas I never thought were possible. Your cartridges that you have designed are amazing. I am overwhelmed that I can make such pretty designs. You are the one amazing one with your creativity which you willing share with us, the crafters.
    Thank you so very much Anna. I truly appreciate all you have done for the crafting industry.

  11. Carol Pope says:

    I have the first generation circuit and work through the craft room. Had to use a printer cord to do that. I love my machine but have to amit Iove to work through the design space with my I pad. All your things are so beautiful. I have the fantastic flips but would love to have the ten cards in my machine that is new

  12. Christel Nall says:

    I don’t have a witty poem or a sad story. I just love to craft. It makes me a nicer person. Crafting distresses me. I would love to win a new machine. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. melissa bryant says:

    I love lilac but I would love the gold to match my cuttlebug. I also love the luggage.

  14. Helen Settle says:

    I have an older Cricut but would love to have the new model. I have never won anything and will not win here, but just want to say I love everything that has the Anna G. name attached to it.

  15. Chante says:

    I’d love to win the circuit for my aunt. She had a double lung transplant 4 years ago and she means everything to me. I hope to win this so we can create some fun and memories.

  16. Janet Waters says:

    I work souch with cricut I need another machine to help me cut out materials. I’d love to have a color machine, bit more importantly I need the help.

  17. Kathy Hill says:

    Love the new color lilac and it would look great in my craftroom bc the color of my walls is like a mauve color!!!! But I would reeeally like to win it so I could make some projects to donate to different charities or benefits.

  18. Sherry Hussong says:

    ***!! Love this!! Would love to win!!! I’m disabled and crafting makes me feel like I’m normal ..because I can create all k7nds of gifts for my kids,and grandkids!!! I love making cards for the soldiers at Christmas too!! Every one of my family live getting my cards and the kiddos love the things I make for them and personalize different things for them all !!! I just started doing vynil crafts and I love doing it!!! Made all.my kids personalized cutting boards this year and they loved them…just made both my girls recipe boxes for their Anniversary, keep sake.would love this beauty and everything else!! Thank you for a chance!!!

  19. Megan says:

    You always have some awesome opportunities and giveaways in your blog! I would love to get the chance to win one of these, I would love to get a lot of my crafting done 2x faster and this explore air 2 would help with that! Good luck to everyone!!!

  20. Norma Wever says:

    Lilac is a favorite color of mine. I would love to be the lucky one, and it would be a great update from my explorer.

  21. Krystle Warnock says:

    I hope I’m not too late! I think the machine is absolutely GORGEOUS, not to mention purple is my favorite color! I have the original cricut, and would love to upgrade to the Explorer Air 2! The original was released several years ago, so I believe it’s time for an upgrade. If I won this machine I would create tons of personalized outfits for my baby girl as well as my family. I also have seen these beautiful creations online and would love to try my hand in creating my very own!

  22. Dolores Weitzman says:

    I would love to win the purple cricut air 2, it would help relieve some of the pain that I am going through having a total thyroidectomy not knowing if it was cancerous until counting down to 12 days to know diagnosis!!! The cricut would look wonderful when I would take it on a scrapbooking weekend event!!!!

  23. Shawna says:

    I I have been using the Cricut Imagine and have been wanting to upgrade for some time now! It would be so nice to be able to do more of my wood signs with vinyl and have a lot more options to play with! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  24. Stacy says:

    I have been using my Cricut Expression for years for scrapbooking, but have recently become interested in crafting with vinyl. Life (and crafting) would be so much easier with the newest Explore Air 2. I could use .svg files and so much more that I am missing out on with my old machine. I would love to win this set. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  25. Lourdes says:

    Hi I’ve been a cricut fan seens forever still have my cricut standard with the cartridges seems like a long time ago lol been following all the advancements and how much you have open new doors for us crafters making our ideas much easier to accomplish I can proudly say my daughter has grown up crafting with you and some times i have to go to her to remind me how I did that last time lol love your products and let me tell you the carry-on is well over due i got my first cricut as a bday gift the thing is my daughters bday is 5 days before mine and when i opened it she said ” mom WE got a cricket for our bday” lol keep it up let us continue expanding our creative minds that for sure we don’t worry as much anymore of how we would do it thank to you
    P.S. do you have an idea if we see an upgrade on the print & cut app so we have bigger margins to print that would make it awsome no stopping us from there

  26. pam parks says:

    *** that is so pretty i am working with the very fist cricut ever!!! i would love to upgrade to this pretty one.. i would love to win it.. good luck every one Pam Parks

  27. Marlene Burns says:

    I love the new lilac color and of course the white/gold one is gorgeous too. I would borrow a cricut from work and take it home on the weekend, the bag it came in was nice but these totes are “tote-ally” amazing. I am doing the Dave Ramsey debt snowball. One of the things in his book is to work multiple jobs, sell stuff, etc. to make extra $ to pay off your debt. I have full custody of my 2 girls and as a single mom that works full-time, I can’t work another job out of the house. My hopes is to make some crafts for friends/family and make some extra $ each month to pay toward my debt snowball. Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Amy Claseman says:

    I love the Lilac Cricut. It is so adorable and purple is my favorite color. I lost the Cricut I used to have in the tornado on 12/26/15, so being able to have one again would be the coolest thing ever.

  29. Griselda Antu says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    the thought of a lavender Explore Air
    is like a dream come true.


  30. Patty k says:

    What an awesome opportunity. I am just starting out as a paper crafter and this would be such a wonderful start. I’m a late bloomer to the paper crafting world but at 60 it’s never to late to start creating such beautiful items like the ones I have seen by you and Cricut. Thank you so much for this great chance to win and also for the inspiration.

  31. Melinda M. says:

    Would love to win for my mom. She and I will be working on our cousin’s 15th birthday party. We would love to crest flowers and other decorations for her beauty and the beast themed party. We enjoy crafting together and creating memories.

  32. Becky Piper says:

    Ahhhh!!! The Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2!!! It is a beautiful machine and no doubt would look GREAT in my craft room and would function very well, too! So excited about the shows on March 8th! Will surely have to clean out some disc space on my DVR beforehand! I tape all the craft shows and rewatch them over and over! Love you, Anna and all the fun supplies you bring us!

  33. Lily Ezell says:

    Oh Anna! what’s not to love?
    Everything is absolutely fabulous and talk about organization – perfect for this OCD mama. lol
    A place for everything and everything in its place
    I am a fan of the gold and ivory collection, its such a classic and so elegant. An upgrade from my expression would be an awesome early Mother’s Day gift.
    Thank you for everything you bring us

    Good luck everybody

  34. Theresa W says:

    Oh My Goodness!! This color is so pretty!! If I won this I would probably just stare at it for a couple of days because it’s that pretty! Then I would use it for card making and other home decor projects!! Can’t wait til the 8th!! Yay!! Thanks Anna!!!

  35. Lisa Bovino says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this great new cricut. I’m still sporting the old school original cricut…which I love to use with my cartridges. But I think it would be awesome to be able to create using digital files 🙂 I’ve heard that the air cuts those intricate detailed images like butter. I can only imagine the options that would give me for cards & scrapbook layouts. Thanks again for the chance to win!!!

  36. Carol Hill says:

    HI Anna, well the sun is out but it freezing here in up stat N.Y. Just seeing the Lilac Cricut, makes me happy. I think of Sprint and all the cards and scrapbook pages I could make. The crafting totes would make taking the machines out in bad weather safer. Let’s not forget the flip cartridge, wow all those cards to make, love it., and would love to win. Thank you for the chance.

  37. Hannah Ruddiman says:

    The lilac is so gorgeous! In may, my self and my baby will be moving from oregon to Arizona to live with my husband in our new tiny house.
    It’s been a long road to get to this move. November 2015 our marriage hit rock bottom, I decided to move out at 7 months pregnant in January 2016 and move from North Carolina to oregon to live with my parents. After a year of being seperated and almost finalizing a divorce, my husband and I are mending our relationship. Through this whole journey, I gave up crafting. I just couldn’t find joy in it anymore. This past week I was added to a cricut Facebook group. Seeing all the designs has inspired me and I’m starting to feel crafty again. I suppose I wanted to say thank you to cricut, for inspiring me and helping me find my creative side again.They

  38. Hannah Ruddiman says:

    The lilac is so gorgeous! In may, my self and my baby will be moving from oregon to Arizona to live with my husband in our new tiny house.
    It’s been a long road to get to this move. November 2015 our marriage hit rock bottom, I decided to move out at 7 months pregnant in January 2016 and move from North Carolina to oregon to live with my parents. After a year of being seperated and almost finalizing a divorce, my husband and I are mending our relationship. Through this whole journey, I gave up crafting. I just couldn’t find joy in it anymore. This past week I was added to a cricut Facebook group. Seeing all the designs has inspired me and I’m starting to feel crafty again. I suppose I wanted to say thank you to cricut, for inspiring me and helping me find my creative side again.

  39. Shireen says:

    I used to think being called a crafty person was an insult. That was until I got into using my expressions cricut. Now I am honored when people say “wow you are really crafty”

    I am a grandmother of 5 and my oldest grand daughter who is 9 is not turned on to doing craft projects and making some pretty neat things. The family that crafts together stays together!

    Would love to win some thing. I am a widow twice and have never won anything.

  40. Shireen says:

    I have had my cricut expressions for years and love it. I have been thinking of upgrading to a new machine. This would be awesome. Love the color!

  41. Carol Ouellette says:

    Wrote a comment but don’t think I posted it as I was too sick with the flu. Anna years ago my sister and I found your first table book and of course bought it and kept it out on the coffee table as I Loved it!!! Hoping one day I would be able to create cards and scrapbook pages like the ones in your book. Then got a serious infection and was in and out of the hospital for three years. During that time saw you on HSN for the first time and purchased the Cuttlebug in the signature Anna cream and gold along with some embossing folders. Then got the Cricut but it was lilac which did not match my room but I wanted it so much as these items had helped me thru the depression and surgeries. Have done so many projects with these the list would go on and on. Weddings, graduations, showers, parties, albums,and beautiful cards. Many said you have cards better than ? will leave out the names. But they are big companies known for their cards! Recently had to face that we will have to downsize and will have only a small section of my living room for crafting so these items would be great for storage. Also I would be able to work FASTER. That would be thilling! Have read some of the comments and many are so good. But would love to be the owner of the Cricut that is the Anna cream and gold as it is so beautiful. My comment is most likely too late by now but will be Happy for the winner as these are all great items! Thank you Anna…and team have a GOOD DAY!!

  42. Coletta Cooper says:

    ….and I would use that beautiful lilac Cricut for all of my Anna Griffin cards, scrapbook pages, and gifts! I love to give special cards to let folks know I’m thinking of them.

  43. Coletta Cooper says:

    Oh Anna! LILAC! How beautiful. The totes are wonderful. Would so love to win. Thanks for all you do Anna!

  44. Oliviah says:

    Oh my goodness the lilac one is so beautiful! I would love a gold or lilac one! I could finally finally FINALLY make all the decals, cards, stickers I’ve been wanting too! Winning would be the best thing to happen to me this year 😀

  45. Carol Johnson says:

    I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of the Cricut Explore Air 2 machines. Both colors are great and even tho purple is my favorite color,,,,I’d be sooo happy with either one of the Cricut Machines. 🙂

    The last 3 years have been hard on us with House repairs….especially last year. I did buy the Cricut machine last Oct when it was the Special Value but with the 2 major hidden leaks in our kitchen, we’re still paying for those repairs not to mention the deductible, And so sadly, I ended up returning the Cricut Machine back to HSN. 🙁 🙁
    It broke my heart to return it because I want sooo much to continue making scrapbook layouts of my parents wedding pictures as well as my older sons wedding pictures. Before my Mom passed away, my parents had celebrated their 58th Anniversary and my son will be married 2 years this June.
    I can’t forget my younger (adult) son Cory. He’s been disabled since birth and was in Special Olympics for a few years. My Mother-In-Law and I made the Special Olympic Coaches a Memory Scrapbook Album as a Thank You gift from his whole team. We really enjoyed going to his tournaments (basketball, baseball, floor hockey and etc) and we’re very proud of him and ALL his accomplishments he’s made. BUT…I now want an album for US.
    BTW Anna…Cory knows who you are and especially when his Mom is a night owl so she doesn’t miss your shows on HSN’s 24 hour Craft Day. He also wants to learn to make Cards too. His grandma and I are looking forward to make Christmas Cards with Cory this year too.

    Thank You soooo much for the opportunity to win Cricut Machine and Luggage.

  46. Melissa V says:

    Thank you Anna for this amazing opportunity! I would love love LOVE to WIN this beautiful Circuit so that I can take my crafting to the next level in creating cards, home decor including for my baby girl’s room and my 3 and 5 year old’s playroom. I can envision just how lovely it will look with all the sweet touches and mother’s love to making scrapbooking pages of the many beautiful memories with my little ones to designing shirts, accessories, gifts and so much more. The endless crafting ideas I have running through my head of all I can make if I win this Cricut from you – oh what a dream!! 🙂 I will also be able to travel with the on the go Cricut luggage when I visit my parents so that my mom and I can enjoy crafting together during my visits with her, what fun! The joy this new Cricut will bring into my family’s life! I will be forever grateful!! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity to enter your generous giveaway! I also look forward to seeing you on HSN on March 8th woohoo! I’m just so excited!!

  47. KATHY HOLT says:

    Anna, Thanks for sharing your talent! I love everything Cricut! I do so many projects for family, friends, and co-workers. Everyone asks me how I did that, and I’m always proud to say with my Cricut!! However, I’ve just about wore my Cricut out, so I would love would love to win the Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2 and totes! This would allow me to pass on my Cricut to a new crafty person.;) I always love watching your HSN shows, I get so inspired! So I can’t wait to see you on HSN again, Thank you!! 🙂

  48. Judy Watt says:

    Oh how gorgeous! I would love the chance to win this!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  49. Erin Piehl says:

    I hope this is a random drawing like it says in the entry post and not a hand selected winner like Anna mentioned in the video! I’ve been trying to think of something crafty-cute to write….instead I will just say that I I still have and use my ORIGINAL Cricut and store it and my cartridges, accessories in a trash can style toolboxI found on the curb on garbage pick-up day. I cleaned it and spray painted it the closest green I could find to match the cute Cricut bug color that my machine is. This Stay-at-home-Mom needs an upgrade to the elegant best Anna Griffin has to offer! Thank you!

  50. Ebony says:

    I would love to win this Cricut! I love the gold one but *** this lilac one is to die for! I have been wanting to buy a Cricut for so long now but unfortunately it isn’t in my budget

  51. Heidi Johnson says:

    Anna’s Song

    A crafting I will go, A crafting I will go,
    Making gifts for all and Having a ball, A crafting I will go!

    A crafting I will go, A crafting I will go
    With my Anna Stash, wishing I had a pile of cash. A crafting I will go.

    A crafting I will go, A crafting I will go,
    Keeping my treasures safe, In my new luggage, great! A crafting I will go!

    A crafting I will go, A crafting I will go,
    With my new machine (gold of course), I’ll be happier than an old nag horse??(I tried!)
    A crafting I will go!

    Seriously, thanks for making me look so good with all the beautiful things I make with your products. I have quite the reputation to keep up now, thanks to you (I think)!!!!
    See you on March 8th!!

  52. Melissa Viala says:

    I Would love to win one cause I’ve wanted to purchase a cricut for a year now! I make signs, and growth charts, and have wanted to start building my photography business and this would be just amazing for stencils and props thanks for the opportunity! Someone’s going to be super happy 🙂 !

  53. Nicole Suarez says:

    Anna, Thank you for this fabulous giveaway! Lilac is my favorite color and I love Cricut. I still have the very first one they ever made and yes it still works!! If I won, I would love to leave liliac flowers all around my town with a little uplifting note attached to brighten peoples day! Good luck to all! One of us is going to be really really happy!.

  54. Myrna Hartley says:

    How beautiful, the colors are gorgeous.

    Maybe its time to learn how to work on a cricut.


  55. Linda Hill says:

    The tweed was a very smart choice for the carryalls! They will match with any outfit I wear!!!
    The lilac is very beautiful and will match all my craft room decor (it is black & white)!!!
    I do not own a Cricut nor do I have a carryall for my Cuddlebug! I tell people “playing with paper” is my life aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand these would sure make my crafting easier!! Fingers and toes are crossed!!!

  56. Glenda Kanoudi says:

    Hi Anna!! What an amazing set of prizes!! I LOVE this beautiful new Lilac color of the Cricut, as well as your beautiful Anna Griffin model with your signature colors. Then the new set of luggage from Cricut is so beautiful and timeless, not to mention incredibly timely for me.

    These prizes would come at a perfect time, as we’re going to have a very busy year. First, our very first & only grandchild is turning 2 years old in April & I would love to use the new Cricut Air 2 to make all the decorations for his birthday party!

    Then our youngest son is getting married in September & my daughter-in-law-to-be has asked me to help make their “Save the Date” Cards, as well as decorations, table favors & other items for their actual wedding and reception.

    So as you can see, I have a LOT of crafting to do, & I would REALLY love & appreciate more than I can say, being lucky enough to win these fabulous & generous prizes!!

    Anna, you are my crafting idol. I love everything you put out there & am constantly amazed at your creativity & the beautiful way you express it.

    Please, please consider this busy Grandma & Mother of the groom worthy of being your lucky winner!! Thank you for your consideration & for everything you do for us crafters!!

  57. Katherine Madewell says:

    Lilac or Ivory,
    Which would I choose?
    Oh, if only the chance,
    How could I lose?

    I’d plan and I’d cut,
    Then glue and stick.
    I just can’t wait
    To create so quick.

    So, lilac or ivory?
    Both would be great.
    Either one would be exciting
    To own and use to create.

    So Anna, please send me the color of your choosing.
    I’ll be ever so grateful with a heart full of joy
    If my poem was a ticket
    For a lilac or ivory Cricut.

  58. Jennie cambarare says:

    I suffer from bipolar depressiin and fibromyalgia. Moving back North to be near daughter and grandchildren, would love this to craft with them and brighten my days. Thank you and god bless.

  59. Jeorgette P says:

    I would love to win this! I have so many birthdays coming up, a baby shower, a party and some other projects that I’ve been wanting to do. Getting a beautiful lilac Cricut 2 that is faster than any other machines would make all of those projects doable for a busy woman like myself where my work cuts into my crafting time all the time.

  60. Rachel says:

    I would love to win this because I love cricut products and also because I have never really won anything before . I am really into planning and journaling , so would use it a lot for that.

  61. Andrea P. says:

    How fabulous is this kind give away,
    To win such a beautiful lilac or cream Cricut machine, I would play all day!
    I haven’t had the opportunity to own this fine and amazing machine. Would love to make home décor, cards, scrapbook pages to share with family, friends and the elderly that are alone. The luggage is awesome to take or use at home for those of us that have small spaces The lilac is simply gorgeous; hmmm, would a lilac Cuddlebug be born in the near future to match? I’m so “geeked” at the thought of even winning that I have goose bumps! Thanks for all you do, Anna and team!

  62. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I hope I have not disappointed the great Irving Berlin and crooner Bing Crosby too much with my Anna Griffin version of “White Christmas”
    For Anna Griffin….

    I’m dreaming of a Lilac Cricut,
    Just like the one I want to own.
    While Miss Griffin is presenting
    The Griffinites are listening
    To hear what HSN and the host have to say.

    I’m dreaming of a Lilac Cricut,
    With every Griffin card I make.
    My future days will be joyful and light
    If I do not have to carry my new Cricut by hand tonight.

    I’m dreaming of a Lilac Cricut
    Just like the one I’d like to win.
    Any winner will be able to create,
    With prizes to appreciate.
    And give thanks to Miss Anna herself.

    I’m dreaming of a Lilac Cricut
    With every Griffin card I make.
    May your days be blessed from above,
    And may all your crafts be made with LOVE.

  63. GiGi says:

    I love the new lilac Cricut and would love to win it. I work in an elementary school in the media center and also in the after school program, where I work with kindergarten students. I would love to use this Cricut to pass on my love of crafting to the young generation – making cards, t-shirts, gifts for parents, etc. – there are so many things we could make!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!

  64. Tom Gingras says:

    I sooooo need a new Cricut! As the poster-child for its ease of operation, I need to keep up with what is current. 🙂
    And, if not me, then Lizzy Coppus should get a new one! That poor overworked machine must be exhausted by this time! 😉

  65. Christopher R.C. says:

    Miss Anna: I have not been a very good son to my mother. I made her cry. You see, I did not get her a Valentine;s card or gift and I missed her birthday on February 17.but I promised to take her to dinner next week. Mom has paid for my full college education and I got good grades and a great job in the medical field to show her my thanks. Mom has always been there for me,; she went to every little league soccer and baseball game. I can still see her bundled up sitting on the bleachers when I played high school football and later rugby. She has always been there for me from the time my pet Buddy died at age 5 until college graduation last year. We still laugh when I tell her she burnt my birthday cupcakes in the 2nd grade.( Mom’s a better cook than a baker. She makes the best homemade Italian sauce and pasta and her chicken cutlets are perfection.) I do not have a problem tell my mother “L love you” even around my friends. But I have been lax in showing her that love. Mom has been struggling with her weight for a while and has started eating better and exercising but I have not encouraged her too much. I guess I’m afraid she might stop. She started making greeting cards and the one she made me for graduation is amazing. ( I think she called it a box card. It’s got many graduation stuff sticking out of it) Did I tell you she made over 300 cards for the Senior Citizen center and the Veteran’s Hospital this past Christmas. I know that she does not have one of these Cricut machines. It would surely help her card making a lot. Not to mention, she could take it to the local elementary school she volunteers at so that the teachers could also use it. So, I am asking you to please make me a winner not for myself but for THE best Mother on the planet who is not appreciated as much as she should be. I know you only get one Mother in this world and I plan on showing her that each day forward. Actions DO speak louder than words. (PS.Tonight I asked her to take a late night walk with me. We talked about my job, politics, the last book we both read, the future and the idea of me being a better son. I’m sorry to say that I made my Mother cry again. But this time they were happy tears. )

  66. Darlene Jardine says:

    Oh my goodness!! Cricut air 2 in Lilac is perfect!
    If you ask my grandkids ( ages 5, 9, and 11) what is gramma’s favorite flower they would tell you lilacs. If you ask them my favorite color they would tell you purple. I would love to win this cricut air 2. Projects with this would be unlimited for all ages. My grandkids, my 90 year old mom and my friends who try and get together once month. Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  67. Jennifer Carroll says:

    I’m so excited!!!! A lilac Cricut!!! What would I do with it? Everything!!! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have a chance to win. Thank you. Good luck everyone:)

  68. Amie Raible says:

    Love to win this! I’d like to make scrapbook stuff & use the it on vinyl to make shirts.

  69. Sheri Grounds says:

    Anna, I am so excited about this give away that I decided to have a little fun and make you a poem. I hope you enjoy it and get a good laugh & most of all, PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, look at the pretty lilac machine
    Making my gifts so lovely and clean
    What they all will say is Anna gives us the most
    After toting my new bags from coast to coast
    How did you get so good with all this crafting
    I didn’t do a thing, Anna does all the matching
    With flowers and cards & so much more
    We got dies and pens and stickers galore
    So, if you want to be a Griffinite tonight
    You must stay up because it starts at midnight
    I know you’ll be looking so classy on HSN
    and I hope I don’t get in trouble with all that I’ll spend
    So, thanks for everything Anna my dear
    It’s National Crafting Month and a wonderful year

    Many Blessing Sweet Anna,
    Sheri G.

  70. Veronica Deleo says:

    PURPLE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR .i almost bought the pink one but other expenses have came up (twins on the way) so it’ll have to wait . I cant wait to get one i love love love makings my own party decorations from baby showers (including my own coming up) to birthday parties only i cut and make EVERYTHING by hand which takes soo long. Anything from party banners to invitions ,center pieces and even some home decor. A cricut would most definitely help with my crafts and decor. Im also looking foward to making nursery decor for my twins (boy and girl) how fun.

  71. Donna Caro says:

    This is an awesome giveaway. I the lavender Cricut explore, not to mention all the extra goodies. Just think about all the different projects you could accomplish with these products. You could make For all occasions (☃️☔️ ). You could ✂️ all different types of material , you could cut vinyl or stencils to apply to And so much more, these products WILL SIMPLY make your life easier and you would be in crafters . Sooooo!!!!! ‍♀️ guess who really wants to win!!! MEEE!!!pic me pic me .

  72. Deborah Martin says:

    Dear Anna
    After scrolling through all these posts I’ll keep it short and sweet. Of course I love the lavender cricut. I would really love to win it and the travel case. I’m a traveling nurse that drives around to patients homes who are inbound and not able to get out much. I would love to make kits and take them with me and enjoy putting them together with my patients. If I win I would definitely share it with others. I don’t envy you picking a winner out of all these comments. May the best man win.

  73. Jo Royse says:

    I am a big Anna Griffin fan. My friends tell me how much they love my beautiful “Anna” cards. I am. a retired teacher and making cards is my hobbby. I have dreamed of owning a Cricut but have not had the money to buy one. I can hardly wait for craft day on HSN. I have one friend who puts all my cards in. srapbooks. I want to buy the new Fantastic Flips. The others were such fun and bezutiful.

  74. Susanna T says:

    I like both of the.cricut machine colors. It is nice that I can do crafts on the go with the new luggage bags and tote. It is more fun and much easier to share my interest on crafting with my friends and family. Thank you Anna for giving us a chance to win these great products.

  75. Lourdes Cervantes says:

    I have been eyeing a cricut for years. Would love to have one as I’m an avid scrapper & cardmaker…but it’s always been out of the family budget. I could get so much done, quickly w this! Love the totes, 2!

  76. Tammy Davis says:

    I remember when Cricut was an infomercial on really late at night. I would watch it everytime I saw it. I dreamed of a day I could have one. Then my hubby surprised me with an original machine and I was smitten. I used it all the time. I would volunteer for projects at my kids schools just have an excuse to use my cricut. Then I went back to school, got an education and went to work full time. I find myself again dreaming of the creativity Cricut allows, just not the time to do anything about it. This lilac machine is GORGEOUS. Purple is my favorite color and maybe I could find my creative spark again with this beautiful machine. Playing with the vinyl and iron seems fun and easy. How far Cricut has come from those infomercial days 🙂 Than you Anna!

  77. Michelle Hannah says:

    I absolutely love the new color! I would use it to help create wonderful decorations for my house!

  78. Christina says:

    Hi there! I would love to win! I’m a newly made SAHM because with two kids I just didn’t make enough to put them both in care. Plus I love spending time with them and now I have more time for my crafts. I’m the kind of person that loves to make my own invites and decorations for my kids parties and I normally do it the hard way since I don’t have a cricut yet. Ive been trying to save up for one because it would make all my crafts so much easier and make me a very happy mommy!!! Love your blog, btw 🙂

  79. Caitlyn Storm says:

    This would be a great opportunity to win! I’ve used Cricut for years and totally need an upgrade! I would love to cut vinyl to create shirts and decals!

  80. Jessica L. Mayo says:

    I am in love with the purple cricut. I would love to have one of these so I can make stickers for my daughter and I for our happy planners and scrapbooking when my new grandbaby arrives. Thank you in Advance

  81. Diane Fox says:

    oh Anna, my heart goes pitter-patter over the cricket Air 2 in Lilac. I was using one of the old models when I saw a lady selling her Explorer 1 at a craft show. When I asked her why she was selling it, she said she had the newer model. So I bought it. I enjoy using it. I will be sitting with pen and paper during the March 8th program to write down the new additions to the Cricut Air 2. That way I could justify getting a new one. I also like the Fantastic flips cartridge. I bought all the other fantastic flip kits and have gotten lots of compliments on the unusual fold. You do make it difficult to keep a budget. My friend Debbie says it is the best form of therapy. I agree. Anna you are my therapist!

  82. Heather Ogilvie says:

    Yes, Anna, yes, I COULD fit my whole craft room in that Cricut bag! (…if it were like Hermione Granger’s magic bag from Deathly Hallows. lol)

    That lilac color is to die for. I love it!

  83. Jennifer Balzano Fey says:

    As with everyone else, I would love to win a Cricut!! I have been drooling over them for years, but have never been able to buy one. I am a middle school teacher and a mom to three – oh the projects I could do! If I won this, it would be shared with my best friends at school – teachers and moms as well to make countless items for our classrooms, students’ and childrens’ projects, birthday parties, decor, and I can’t even imagine how much more! Personally, I would use it for my newfound obsession – my Happy planner!

  84. Michele says:

    I love Ann’s Cricut cartages , my cards are Beautiful because of them . I would love the Air 2 and I love lilac color, But Cricut bags would be perfect to take my things to my retreats

  85. Janet Oliver says:

    Beauty in the making….on the go!!! What more could I hope for(along with a couple of thousand others!!!) I too,love the lavender Cricut…any shade of purple has always been a favorite color of mine. If I should be so lucky as to win, my older Cricut would go to the local Boys and Girls club….along with my time to help them learn to use it.
    A chance to come to your Create would be a dream come true!
    Thank you Anna for all the ways you help all of us have our Beauty in the Making moments.

  86. Ginny says:

    Oh! My! Am I seeing that lilac right? That is absolutely beautiful. I would love to win this and make my kiddos lots of great things. Whoever wins this will be a lucky duck .I won’t get my hopes up because I never win anything but I certainly am happy for whoever it may be !
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  87. Lisa **** says:

    I love my cricut. I find crafting relaxing and fulfilling. I love making personal gifts for friends and family. If I were chosen to receive the bundle I would give my cricut to my good friend Amy Eddleman. She loves to help her cousin with her cricut. I would love to give her a cricut of her own.

  88. Marcia Evans says:

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. My email includes the number 80 because I hoped to teach (which is the best job in the world) until I was 80 years old. That did not work out for me because my physical issues would not let me continue to do the job I loved. When I did teach, I would turn everything I could into a game, dance, song etc. I used a lot of manipulatives also. I used my first Cricut a lot to make things to use in the classroom. Teaching in a creative and fun was proved to be great. Most of my students did very well on their state testing and had fun learning along the way. I know how great it is for students to have the opportunity to experience this type of education. I love my Cricut and use it a lot still. When I could no longer teach I turned to making cards and crafts with my Cricut. I would love to donate a Cricut to the children’s department of our church to give them a wonderful tool for their teaching. Thank you for the wonderful designs and crafts you share with all of us and thereby enabling us to share creativity and love with others.

  89. Sue says:

    This is so generous Anna!! Just to be in a drawing for your Create extravaganza gets me over the moon! I have never been to Create and am planning sometime soon to attend. The Cricut luggage is perfect and so good looking!! I would look forward to organizing items inside.

    Now….for the Anna ivory and gold edition Air 2 or the Lilac model – these are amazing. They reflect your great taste and I would so love to continue making cards for people. I love using your products to create and give to others, it is all a reflection of you my dear. I grew up with Anaglyptic wallpaper in my bedroom, little did I know at that time…..it was a little taste of cuttlebug before it’s creation….lol. Can not wait until March 8, your new Monday blog posts and giveaways!!!! and more videos and tutorials. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  90. Susan Lyons says:

    I love the purple color but what I love most is being able to make gifts of all kinds for my family and friends. I sure would love to be a winner.

  91. Gayle Montayo says:

    The ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY! A chance to win the Cricut Explore Air 2 and what you plan to make with it? How much and for how long?! We have a GREAT GRANDCHILD coming soon and hundreds of ideas are swimming in my head! A personalized bedroom/playroom! Starting with a theme…flowers..animals..outer-space..I can go on all day. Images on the walls made with the Cricut Explore Air 2..Banners,silhouette of animals in frames..applique images for the pillows, quilt, and pillowcases. Matching book ends with the animal silhouettes on them..and on the lamp shade! Hanging silhouettes for above the crib…Don’t forget the invitations for his/her birth and Birthday parties..OH! And the Party favors! cute cupcake liners, bags/boxes & tags for gifts, & don’t forget the birthday banner! This could go on for all the Birthday parties! Not to mention birthday cards, Holiday cards and decorations embellished with glittery papers cut from the Cricut Explore Air 2. an sooo much more…YES!

  92. Lisa says:

    Love it Anna – purple is my favorite color ! Had my first cricut for 4 years and never figured out how to work it until this past November! Would love to win !

  93. Judy F. says:

    I love the lavender Air! Just thinking about all of the beautiful things that I would be able to make. It would be the gem in my craft room!

  94. Norma Rodriguez says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Where have been all this time? Where has Cricut been all this time and I have not known about it?? I literally just found this product yesterday evening! Since then I have been researching online everything there is to know about this wonderful product! I have watched youtube videos nonstop! I absolutely love, love this product and I haven’t even used one yet! Heck ,I don’t even own one yet and I am already in love with it!! Can’t wait for the March 8th reveal on HSN. I have already set a reminder for me on my phone. Do not want to miss this on HSN. 🙂 Love the bags also! This is a new beginning of my crafting life! See you soon!

  95. Kemi says:

    What a fabulous give away! I love every shade of purple! I love all Anna Griffin products, they are inspiring and joyful, and amazing! Thanks for everything you do!!

  96. Maren Smith says:

    The new totes are fantastic! They would be great to carry all of my scrapbook stuff to classes and maybe even on an airplane!!!

  97. Tammy Fredrickson says:

    Hi Anna. You are such an inspiration as always. I have to admit that March 8th is going to be such a exciting day. You have so many new and exciting things, but the LILAC Cricut Air is the Pièce de résistance. Oh, so beautiful. I am terminally Ill, and housebound most of the time. I make cards for the Little Warriors foundation as well as for our Military men and women that serve our country. Wow the cards that I could make with either of your Cricut Air. Your signature ivory and gold is exquisite. And travel baggage to pack up my craft beer to take with me when I’m in the house little. Oh how exciting. Thank you for this opportunity to win. God bless Anna. You do so much good helping people , which it is been scientifically proven that coloring and crafting helps lower blood pressure and I could go on and on as to the benefits. Thank you again.

  98. Vickie Conquest says:

    an explore in LILAC
    with luggage so FINE
    I’d know I’d died and gone to heaven
    if I won and they were MINE!

  99. linda mcintosh says:

    I would so love to win the beautiful cricut ! I am now retired and am planning on craft time much more in my life, thanks for the chance to win.

  100. Melissa Guay says:

    I want a Cricut so I can customize my girls things, and maybe even some cups for the adult kids too!

  101. Maureen Ruppe says:

    I would love to win the purple cricut for my cousin . Purple is her favorite color and she loves to make cards.Her cards are the best I have ever seen.

  102. Maureen Ruppe says:

    I would love to win the purple cricut for my cousin as she is very creative and loves to make cards and they are the best cards I have ever seen

  103. Barbara Ferris says:

    Anna, you are amazing! You made this announcement on my birthday, Feb 28th. I cannot even imagine winning such a tremendous birthday gift. I love both the purple lilac, and your signature ivory & gold! Your luggage carriers for the Cricut are also amazing. Anna, God has blessed you with such a tremendous gift:. You bring joy & happiness to so many people! Thank-you for all the beauty you bring to our world! You are an amazing woman! I hope to personally meet you someday & would be blessed if I could attend your Create in Atlanta. I am so excited that I am off on March 8th! I work as a nurse & usually have to work on Craft Day @ HSN. I live in a suburb of Rochester, NY, home of the beautiful Lilac Festival in Highland Park every May. What a great color you chose to reveal to the world! Thanks to you & your wonderful team for your incredible creations! We are blessed to be able to watch you on HSN & your blog.

  104. Kathleen Feldman says:

    I would love to win this beautiful liar color Cricut. I still have the original Cricut , I’m not sure what my first project would be… So many possibilities!! The traveling cases look absolutely awesome!

  105. Kay Tillman says:

    My most favorite color is lilac and I love everything you do. :). Thanks for a great chance to win.

  106. Sandy Martin says:

    This is such a pretty color just in time for Easter I use the expression I’m still a newbie to a lot of this soooo….what would I make first hmmmI’m not sure there are so many choices but what ever it is it would be exciting because these machines make you feel like you’ve really accomplished somethingGood luck to us all !

  107. Doreen says:

    Love the color purple and that new machine of yours; what a winning combination. The travel cases are such a stylish way to take supplies and machines wherever I go; just returned from England and boy I wish I could have taken my stuff with me to work on and show off to my in-laws. You continue to make crafting a pleasure and inspire so many to make beautiful things to share. Thank you for these opportunities you give so we can make the world a bit brighter.

  108. Stacey M. says:

    The new lilac color is amazing, I wish there was a trade in possibility because this is the one that perfectly fits my craft space. My walls are sponge painted lilac and purple with a little white. I guess I jumped the gun on buying early. I will happily find a good home for my air 2 if I’m lucky enough to win or maybe have to get it! I so enjoy working with your your materials using them for cards, scrapbooks and banners, they really add to the beauty of these items. Keep your beauty coming!!! Can’t wait to get the list of items of have from HSN March! Thank you so much for your hard work and that of your team.

  109. Dawn Richard says:

    I love the lilac colored cricut and Anna your facial expression on the YouTube video is priceless. Thanks for making me laugh. I so deserve to win this cricut. I just scrolled through 20,000+ Griffinite comments to get to the bottom of the page on my phone to leave this comment.

  110. Robert H says:

    Anna Griffin full of care,
    Dearly with ALL loves to share.
    Each week we hope to win,
    But always get at least a grin.
    Today, I am full of hope:
    The new Cricut is sick and dope!
    The lucky winners will endlessly create;
    It’s a prize we all can appreciate.
    Soon two Griffinites will be crafting like scholars
    Because this Cricut blooms in colors!

  111. Chasity Bailey says:

    Wow love the new color. I need this ito brighten up my world. Was just eliminated from a job after 22 years with the company because my position is no longer part of the company.

  112. Miriam Rodriguez says:

    God is Good !!! Anna, you always manage to come up with such beautiful and amazing crafting products, that we just cannot be without them. You are so awesome and so giving, it is so wonderful the way you love to share your blessings with others. I have been reading your comments, and oh my, how hard must it be for you to decide. I wish I was well off, so that I could also share with others. But, when your on a budget, it just makes you cry trying to decide which items you should go for first, because in the end, they will all be sold out. Well, since my husband has been disabled since the 1990’s due to a brain tumor, I’ve have always tried to keep myself busy with my crafting. What can I say about that beautiful piece of art work that you are about to launch, the more you look at it, the more you need it. It is gorgeous. I would definitely have more time to create and create, since I work nights and take care of my husband during the days. It is like a Michelangelo piece of art work, you want to place it on display for averyone to admire. God bless you Anna and thank you for all you do for the crafting community….We truly LOVE you.

  113. Sandy C says:

    Be still my heart! The Lilac is my very, very favorite color. I use my Cricut to make birthday and anniversary cards for the people in my church 30 to 40 a month. The cover for my Cricut is a deep purple. How pretty they would look together on my desk. Anna, keep up the designing. Your work is exquisite, and so well done.

  114. Harold says:

    Sure hope it is ok to throw a mans hat into the ring to win something this beautiful. Send it home to Texas please

  115. Trudy says:

    Anna I am probable one of your last hold out on the circuit as it scares me. I would love to have one and see what this older generation person can and would learn. let lady luck fall.

  116. Peggy Hoghe says:

    Love love the giveaway! I also love your work. Anything I would win from you would be a blessing! Love the luggage too. Been thinking of getting it just haven’t done it yet! Thanks for this change to win such a Fantastic gift!

  117. Peggy Hoghe says:

    Wow! What a give away! I have an older cricut and love it! In fact it is my favorite thing in the whole craft world. Been looking at the luggage and would love it! Everyone counts on me bringing my cricut. Pick me pick me! LOL

  118. Alice wiley says:

    oh wow I would love to win a cricket so that I could make more customized wine glasses!!! I love it!

  119. Kerrie Pasternak says:

    These are so beautiful. We(my girls and I) would get so much use out of these. They are so cool. Would love to have the benefits of a new machine and cases to protect them in going up north and back in the summer. Oh the things we could create from mugs, to shirts, to banners!

  120. DEBRA HATTON says:

    Hip, Hip Hooray! It is Anna Griffin Day! That’s what I say each time I go to HSN to purchase all the new gadgets, tools and things I just can’t live without. Keep bringing on the charm, Anna…we love it!

  121. Megan Jay says:

    That Lilac color is GORGEOUS! I’ve been wanting a Cricut for a long time, but I have a lot of medical issues so I haven’t been able to afford it. My sister-in-law has one and we have craft days all the time. We love making shirts for friends and family, and cute Harry Potter decals!! I would love to have one of my own so I can craft more at home. And maybe make some gifts for my sister-in-law to repay her for making so many things for me!

  122. Julie Luna says:

    This Cricut is pretty. My favorite color is the purple family so it fits me already. thanks for the chance. Waiting patiently for March 8. I am a scrapbooking so will be making my pages prettier then ever. Also love to make banners for parties, my family asks me all the time, so can’t wait to make some gorgeous banners.

  123. Sherrie Marino says:

    Oh my gosh it’s beautiful I would love to win this so I can make some of the fabulous projects that you offer to all of us. Thank you for a chance to win & most of all for everything you inspire each & everyone of us that love what you create for us.

  124. Alice King says:

    ❤️ ODE’ TO ANNA

    In all you do
    You’re a “CUT” above
    Making beautiful
    The crafts we love!

    The embellishing and
    embossing Boss,
    stamping Vanp,
    machine Queen and
    designing fanciful
    florals for flipping and
    folding, creating FUN

    Always tastefully
    elegant and undeniable
    for sure…….
    It’s Anna Griffin at HSN
    that I “DIE” for!

    We know YOU are a WINNER, ANNA.
    Today, I HOPE I am!!! ❤️

  125. Twila says:

    Omgeee! I am in love with this color lilac!!! It is so pretty! I lost my Cricut in a house fire in November. And I can’t wait to get a new Cricut and also back to crafting.

    I mostly did paper crafting, tear bears, paper piecing and scrapbooking. I’ve been with Cricut for 2 years.

  126. Twila says:

    I want this so bad. My Cricut was lost in a house fire in November. I can’t wait to get back to crafting and miss my Cricut. This purple is so pretty, my favorite color. I used it for paper crafts, scrapbooking and paper piecing.

  127. Twila says:

    I want this so bad. My Cricut was lost in a house fire in November. I can’t wait to get back to crafting and miss my Cricut. This purple is so pretty, my favorite color. I used it for paper crafts, scrapbooking and paper piecing.

  128. Shannon Bradford says:

    Would love to win!! This would look so good in my craft room! Thanks for the chance

  129. Mariana Waddell says:

    This would be great to have the newer cricut version plus what a great color. The creations are endless either the cricut. I love your card making kits and other products I’ve use different one and love them all. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

  130. Amber hazelbaker says:

    I just started using the cricut products a few months ago. I love them!!! Starting to branch out and would love the air 2. I also go to my familys and have mom days with them so the traveling totes would be perfect. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  131. Johanne M. says:

    This is an amazing prize. My Cricut is at least 5 years old so I would love to replace it. I am an Assistant Technology Teacher and I currently use my old machine to decorate the bulletin boards outside my classroom. This would also make a great birthday present for me ( March 29). Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win this terrific Lavender Cricut machine!

  132. Hayley peake says:

    I’m in love with this color. It reminds me of Easter in so many ways. I currently have the Air and it’s awesome but the Air 2 is even better. Also, I am head over hills for the luggage. I’m always toting my cricut around. I would love to win this!

  133. Kellie Matthews says:

    I would love love love to have the lilac machine….it is beyond gorgeous!! I go over to my friends to craft and the totes would be so awesome to carry everything. We’ve made shadow boxes and tons of flowers and are hoping to branch out into shirts, totes and cups. Her daughter is graduating high school this year and we are going to make the decorations.

  134. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    How AWESOME Anna!! All the new colors, foils and accessories for Cricut!! Best part is that the accessories can be used with ALL versions of the Cricut machines. Would love to have the Lilac or Gold Cricut! And ohhhh the foils!

  135. Rychi says:

    Honestly, I’m new to all of this. A friend told me about the Cricut machines and their capabilities and I was in absolute awe. I think it is a teacher’s dream and a mother’s wish come true. I honestly can’t wait to become a mom just so I can make my baby things lol I’ll just have to make my 3 year old class things for now. I’m hoping with enough practice I’ll be able to make more things for family and friends! But for now I only have a few things (I’m still learning the differences in vinyls lol) I would love to win something from here, if not that’s okay, at least I can still learn and get better! Thank you for helping us newbies figure out what we’re doing☺️

  136. Myra Fontes says:

    Oh my!!! That lilac is gorgeous!!! This stay at home mom would probably use to make personalized gift for every holiday for friends family and my kids teachers!!!!

  137. Priscilla Broussard says:

    Oh! The things I could do
    With a Cricut Air 2!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Asheton Parker says:

    I would love to win this! My mother (a former registered nurse of 15 years) was recently diagnosed with lupus and bone cancer. The doctors told her she was no longer able to work. During the winter it’s too cold for her to get out side (it makes her entire body hurt) and during the summer she has to stay out of heat and sunlight (it causes her to swell and have major breakouts). I would love to win this to give to my amazing mother, so she can stay busy inside the house and maybe help with her depression! This would be an amazing gift for her and I know she would love it and it would mean the world to her! There are endless possibilities with the cricut!

  139. Kristin Makowski says:

    Hi Anna, I am so enamored with your beautiful creations. You never cease to amaze me, you outdo yourself time and time again. I have been crafting since I was a little girl and know it is in my blood, my mom is a crafter and she passed down her love of crafting to my sister and I. My mom has a Cricut and makes holiday themed treats for all of the classmates of my niece and nephews with it and they are just adorable. I have not been able to craft since 2005 after an injury at work. I was a Registered Nurse and worked with acutely ill geriatric patients and our county hospital. I took a job as a Registered Nurse at a clinic for indigent patients when I could no longer perform my duties at the hospital. I was able to continue to work there for 6 years until my daily headaches and pain became too much for me to bear. I watch HSN every time you are on air and look forward to seeing all of your beautiful creations. The beauty of them lifts my spirits, but makes miss crafting oh so much I miss the joy it brought me. Owning a Cricut would bring joy back to my life and help to make my days a little brighter, as you do whenever I watch you on HSN! I have purchased the Cuttlebug and so many of your dies from HSN but am unable to use them as the repetitive use of my right arm causes increased pain and headaches for me. Oh to be able to craft again! Winning this beautiful Cricut would allow me to do that. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to share a glimpse into my life with you all and for all you do to inspire us, to move us, to bring us beauty and joy, and to motivate us. You might not know it but you are indeed a healer!!! You indeed heal our souls and our spirits through the beauty that you create!!!

  140. Chris Bodurtha says:

    Wanted to win such a great prize, would sure enjoy using such a beautiful machine. But my comments are side tracked as I am blown away by so many people with the same wish. Too many comments for me to read. So many entries…it’s kind of mind boggling

  141. Carol Moyer says:

    I would love to win these products. I am currently on oxygen and had to go to a larger unit. It is almost impossible to take my scrapbooking supplies to a crop. With the luggage and the new Air 2 it seems like I would be able to pack everything and have it all condensed. I will be sure to watch HSN on March 8th. I love your products especially your card sets.

  142. Denise Rigitano says:

    Hi Anna…I’ve been purchasing your items over the years and had a wonderful supply of your beautiful inspiration in my craft room in the basement. Last year, I had a major flood in my basement and lost everything. Since January, I’ve been purchasing soo many of your items trying to build up my craft supplies again. If I think about all that I’ve lost, it really upsets me, but I am looking ahead to all the beautiful things I’ve been purchasing and restocking my supplies. I choose only to buy Anna Griffin products because of the quality, beauty and elegance. If I should be fortunate enough to win this week, I will feel blessed and honored. Thank you, Anna, for bringing such beautiful products to your loyal fans. I will be glued to HSN on March 8th…Have a wonderful day!

  143. Shannon Bundrick says:

    Oh how I would LOVE to win this! I just had a little girl 3 months ago and the possibilities are endless of the crafts I could make for her!

  144. Nancy Sipes says:

    *** this so matches my craft room! I would positively die if I won this!! I would probably sleep with it for the first few nights because I wouldn’t be able to believe I actually won something!! Thank you for the chance to win!! So excited!!

  145. Miranda says:

    Hi Anna!

    *** I nearly fainted when I saw the Lilac Cricut machine!!! Purple is my FAVORITE color! My husband and I are working on getting our first house and he told me I get my own “woman cave” I make shirts, bows, tutus, etc for family, friends and so on! I planned on painting my craft room a light lavender color (very close to the Cricut color) and a soft mint! so that would be so perfect!!! I don’t know what I would do if I won!
    Fingers crossed for all of us!! Good luck you guys 🙂

  146. Pamela Barry says:

    Would love to win this!!! Want to upgrade from the expression and this is great! Would love the lilac!

  147. Jennifer Parks says:

    I’d use the Cricut to make shirts, totes, pillows for family and friends. What fun!

  148. kim gilmour says:

    cant think of anything other than WOW what an awesome giveaway. You are going to make 2 people very very happy.
    (hopefully one of them will be me)

  149. Fahmeeda D. says:

    Hello Anna Griffin and The Anna Griffin Team,

    My name is Fahmeeda and I am a huge Anna Griffin product lover! Ever since I was a child I have always had a love for card making. When I was little and would go into home depot with my parents I would take the paper paint samples cut them into shapes to make pictures on my cards I would create. The circuit explore air 2 is any artists dream and the luggage makes it even more exciting to have creativity on the go! I have always been into the arts since I was young. Now as a young adult being creative is my life’s passion . All my Anna Griffin products I purchased have been a dream! I recently made cards for valentines day posted on them Instagram (@fahmeedadeencreativediary) and to my delight got a “like’s” from Anna her self on Instagram which made my life and gave me more motivation to keep creating more. I would love love love to add these fanatic products to my studio and share to the world my creations with my Anna Griffin products and to be as innovative and creative as Anna Griffin herself and following her motto of doing something creative everyday. Thank you for always inspiring me and others to be creative, touch our loved ones hearts with your card products and do what we love to do which is making art!

  150. Linsey R says:

    I love it and would use it every day, just like I do with my good old Cricut Expression right now. I would us it to make cards, paper dolls, boxes, bags, bows, treat holders of all kinds, elements for my mixed media art like chipboard, cork, faux leather and acrylic die cut pieces, homemade stencils, stickers, washi tapes, vinyl and window cling decorations, and foils galore!!! And that is just the beginning. 😉

  151. Georgia Henson says:

    Oh my goodness. I can’t even imagine how many hours I have spent watching HSN presentations on different versions of the Cricut. Before that, I used to watch the TV infomercials (remember the chirping cricket?!) the technology has improved so much through the years. What an amazing tool for practical and creative projects. I have never had a Cricut, but I would love to have one. Like so many ladies have said above, shades of lilac and purple are my favorite colors. I am looking forward to watching next week!

  152. Sharon Lemons says:

    With being a passionate about scrap booking I thought I would have a dozen created for my precious granddaughter who is our miracle baby. She will be turning 5 this month and I have not created one! I have been too busy enjoying the moments with her. This would be exactly what I need to get me started – and she would, of course, get to “help”! Love your products!!

  153. Dana Molloy says:

    That is soooooo pretty!! Oh my goodness! Thanks for putting together such a great giveaway!

  154. Kim H says:

    I have just been I troduced to the world of cricut. I would love to have one of my own and knowing my favorite color purple is an option, Double Win!

  155. Tammy M Johnson says:

    Hi Anna,
    Without a a question you and your team are just amazing in what you come up with. Not only do you have beautiful things for all of us to create but you all are so generous with your giveaways. I can tell you this, my heart just pitter patters whenever I see another blog and video post of yours. After a long day of work, I come home and see something like this and I just want you to know, it makes many of us so very happy, truly. Yes, I would love to win this. I just can’t tell you enough how anything Anna Griffin makes me the happiest camper like, ever lol. Fingers crossed! And thanks so much for all the inspiration Anna!!!

  156. Edith says:

    For the past 3 years I’ve been wanting to buy one but something always came up where the money was needed towards something else. I’m not picky about the color would just love to win one. My sister was blessed to finally get pregnant after years of trying and we have so many ideas for the baby’s nursery. Please please pick me!!! Machine, luggage I’ll take anything.

  157. Janet W. from Pittsburgh says:

    Happy March and Happy Crafting Month, Anna!.

    If I won the Cricut (the lilac color is *absolutely* beautiful) I would continue to “pay it forward” from your generosity.

    I would make custom cards to give as “just because gifts” to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintance, etc. I would make beautiful cards, stationary, bags, etc. to donate to my local Library for their fund raiser.

    Oh Anna, the possibilities to surprise others with kindness are endless.

  158. Sue A says:

    Me, me, me! (hands raised in the air and happy dancing all over the room.)
    I am new to crafting and have none of the items you presented. My dream is to attend Create, so I can learn about crafting and meet you wonderful people. I adore card making and Anna’s designs fill my dreams. You inspire me to create, and I am so thankful for that!

  159. Marnie Kirsch says:

    (I had to make a spelling correction from my previous version!)

    We craft together
    My sister and me
    Not side by side
    for we are separated you see
    by land and a border
    we live a country apart
    but My Sister is my craft buddy
    and each day we create art
    Crafting is our passion
    it keeps our spirits clear
    it brings the miles that separate us
    feel close and near
    So this Cricut will be for my Sister
    It will be given from my heart
    as a Thank You for everything
    she does with her art

  160. Cynthia De la Cruz says:

    Wow, the lilac new explore and the totes are beautiful, I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  161. Brenda L says:

    Goodness, you know how to wrap up the sneak peeks before the 24 hour craft day! What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve always loved lilacs and a lilac Cricut Explore Air 2 would be no different. It would have a special place in my craft area. I have been eyeing the totes since I first learned about them, but haven’t had the extra room in my budget to make them my own. Hopefully they will be on flexpay so I will finally be able to bring them home.

  162. Marnie Kirsch says:

    We craft together
    My sister and me
    Not side by side
    for we are separated you see
    by land and a border
    we live a country apart
    but My Sister is my craft body
    and each day we create art
    Crafting is our passion
    it keeps our spirits clear
    it brings the miles that separate us
    feel close and near
    So this Cricut will be for my Sister
    It will be given from my heart
    as a Thank You for everything
    she does with her art.

  163. Debbie Bennett says:

    I LOVE Cricut and I LOVE Lilac! What a perfect combination! There are so many people here that deserve to win, it would be so hard to choose just 2. I would love to win the Lilac one (but Gold is just a beautiful) so that I could continue working with the ladies in my church to do outreach. We are making glass blocks with vinyl verses tonight and I’m going to teach some of them how to use their Cricuts that have been sitting in boxes. This would be a great addition to our monthly projects.

  164. Karen Cooper says:

    I was introduced to your products a few years ago and so far, they are the best! I’ve been a crafter since my early years in 4-H and being the only girl in a family of four boys, I had to put a touch of “ME” in the house. I kept up my crafting, got married, and of course had boys. When they were young they enjoyed crafts but grew out of it fast when they reached about the 4th grade.
    Now I have four Great Nieces that I love to craft for. They are always telling me that I have to share my crafting secrets with them, so when I go to visit them in California I plan a day of crafts, they love it. It would be great to travel with the Cricut in the new luggage carriers and have many days of fun crafting with all my Great Nieces.
    It would be great to win these products.

  165. Stacey Kapu says:

    The lavender cricut is beautiful! I have an older cricut, but can’t afford to upgrade. Like many others its just outside of my budget. A girl can dream however. I never really used my cricut till cricut design space, it was just too complicated for me, but with the design space anyone can do it. Can’t afford the subscription, but I love that they have free cuts weekly for all of us who can’t afford to subscribe. Thanks so much for the chance!

  166. Tessa Robbins says:

    I would love to win because I’m wanting to start a Cricut business and would love two Machins. I’d make my whole work crew shirts. They are begging for matching shirts! ❤❤❤❤

  167. Precious says:

    Wow. I would love to win these items. I’m planning a baby shower for one of my coworkers who’s having twins. Making the party decorations and and custom t-shirt for the baby’s takes quite a bit of time using the 1st version of the air. I’m also planning a family vacation and I would like to create some shirts for everyone to wear for a family photo. I love all the items that you are showcasing this mo showcasing this month. It’s a shame that I will not be able to purchase everything. See you on march 8!!!

  168. Karen Law says:

    Love the new products! I have an older CRICUT and like many others, am trying to supplement our income with my crafts. Winning would be a blessing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  169. Pam says:

    Would love to win…. things are so crazy right now in life, I’m sure this could help me unwind and enjoy some crafting. Love the lilac color! Have a great day!!!

  170. Dawn Conran says:

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter, purple is her favorite color. Although I’m sure she be happy with the gold and white one too. lolShe would have a better machine then Grandma! Happy Crafting!

  171. Carey Escobedo says:

    Crafting is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. I have found that taking the time to create something with thought and effort brings me great joy. When I give a gift to a loved one and they know I made it myself with them specifically in mind, I hope that they feel how important they are to me. Having an Anna Griffin Cricut Air 2 would make the process so fun and the end product so beautiful! Thank you for all the wonderful products you create for us to use.

  172. Cheryl Schmitke says:

    Oh my goodness!! I have seen so many great projects for the Explore 2 that I can’t do with my original Expression. And lavender is my favorite color. Would definitely be an asset to me in designing my scrapbook pages & making projects for my 2 granddaughters – last week we made a paper doll Princess! 🙂

  173. Jessica Martin says:

    I have my first grand baby coming and have been drooling over one of these. Really want to make some special things for my daughter and baby!

  174. Becky Mennig says:

    Oh my!! Purple!!! Eeeekkkk!!!
    What wouldn’t I make…..I homeschool my daughter and would love to make holiday or school themed things with her.

  175. Hope says:

    OHHHH MY!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! I would LOVE to win this Cricut! It would help me with making my own signs for my wreath shop. I love all the new ideas and things that can be made with this machine!

  176. Carolyn says:

    I have been reading comments from others and my goodness there are so many that really pulled on my Heart! As for why I would love to win this beautiful cricut and totes, I love to create and I am a bit of a recluse so card making has become my life! I would like to branch out and learn to work with vinyl and iron ons. I have a very tiny craft room so when I do craft I make a million trips between my craft room and dinning room table for all the supplies I might need for the projects I am doing, (Dinning room table gives me more room to spread out) As I am almost 70 these trips can wear me out! lol So thought the totes would really come in handy. Also I like to take my crafting to my daughters home and would be so nice to have a way to protect my cricut and supplies without cardboard boxes.. Can’t wait to see you on March 8th Anna! I am such a Anna Fan because everything you and your team do is second to none!

  177. Donna Mckenzie says:

    Wow I would absolutely love this machine. I saved for ages to get a circut I could only afford the mini. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good machine but I’d like to explore more that I could do as I’m new to all this crafting. Good luck everyone

  178. Amber Pipkin says:

    I am absolutely in love with the cricut totes!!! This would make dragging all of my stuff to scrapbook/craft weekends with my mom and Aunt so much easier. I have such a hard time gathering all of my stuff with four kids (my 2 and my sisters’ 2) running around the day before we leave. I’ve been considering upgrading to the Explore Air 2 and this is so tempting! I’d be happy to win anything that you show us but this would be the BEST!

  179. Kaitlin Palmer says:

    I would absolutely love to win this! My favorite color is purple and as a stay at home mom of two toddlers (one with special needs) I would love to win this! I want to make our shirts for the Buddy Walk this year and this would be perfect!

  180. Amber says:

    I simply just need this machine! Particularly the ivory/gold it matches my room decor and that’s a sign!!!! Need to make all the pretty things!!!

  181. Judith Brauer says:

    Hi Anna, I’ve got a whole new idea for you… let me explain: lilac scent is very special to me, triggering memories of childhood and people long past. The color is gentle and gets me thinking of spring. With so many flower designs in your products, how about adding scent to some of them. I know that many have problems with allergies, but for those of us who don’t, it might be nice to add scents that remind of someone, or a moment in time that we can share. My Cricut Expression is in great need of an upgrade. Scents can bring back the old days, but a new lilac Cricut Air2 is a wonderful step to the future.

  182. Mary Birdsong says:

    ABC’s to 123’s ! Anna, both my daughters are new teachers this year . Many of their students are ESL which is English as a second language students . One things for sure with all children is they love art and they love to understand and learn many times through a picture or familiar character. My old circuit has allowed my daughters to create board games , number play and even bathroom hall passes . This new beautiful lilac circuit would allow them to create anything their kids would need in the art world . Teachers love to own their own circuits . My daughters would love to be the proud new owners of one of your beautiful and advanced circuits !! EAGER TO LEARN CHILDREN + EAGER TO TEACH TEACHER + CRICUT = SUCCESS

  183. Gerda Gray says:

    Wow Anna, what a beautiful color, my granddaughters favorite color, she is 7 and she spents her time with me in my scrapbook room creating her cards for her Dad!!! This color just calls you, hey come and craft with me!! I love this happy color. And then the language….. I would be the star in our crop. Thats why I am crossing my fingers that I would be the lucky winner, thanks Anna for everything.

  184. Sonya says:

    Anna, you never cease to amaze! You are as kind and generous as you are creative. I have a second edition Cricut, but would absolutely love to have a Cricut Explore, and to have it in lavender would be A-MA-ZING! Such a beautiful set. Would be thrilled to win!

  185. Margo Foley Jacobson says:

    The lilac Cricut Explore Air 2 is SO BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the set of Cricut totes. They are amazing! I have seen them in action & I would absolutely love to win a set. Thank you for all the fun give aways this month, Anna! Pick me!

  186. Irene Belmares says:

    Wow!!I’m lost for words, this giveaway is just great. Knowing that you give from the heart and show others what you can do with this machine is Blessing. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I am the Lucky person to win this. Many Blessings

  187. LYNN OVERTON says:

    Oh Anna, What can I say?! I don’t want to sound like I’m giving you a sob story, but I have a cricut explore that I keep upstairs. I have Fibramyalgia and lymes disease so I have basically moved to the downstairs. It is a major struggle to get upstairs to do anything, so I would love tp have that on my first level to be able to get to it. My entertainment center no only houses my T.V. but boxes and boxes of my scrapbooking and card making supplies. I also have a huge armoire that has nothing in it but papercrafting materials. My family love the cards that I make. The cricut is the best machine on the planet. I made my first layer card for my sister-in-law and she framed it.

  188. Ada Mikic says:

    I just love your lilac colored Cricut Explore Air 2. I’ve liked this color since I’ve been a Donny Osmond fan. I plan to go to the Senior Center near my home , to have the Seniors craft to their hearts content. Now, let’s all party this month!!
    Thank you Anna and team

  189. Lori Mckeown says:

    The color of this machine is incredibly perfect !! I would love to win!! Thank you for having this contest!!

  190. Janine Wells says:

    Ever since I saw you demonstrate the beautiful cards on HSN I’ve been reading everything I can find to learn more. It’d be a precious treasure if I were lucky enough to win. This would be my very first machine and first endeavour, please know that if I won one – everyday I’d be so thankful as I gazed upon its beauty as I worked to create some for others.

  191. Doria Foote says:

    Oh my word!! Pink!❤❤ I need this in my life!! I’ve been waiting PATIENTLY for my husband to give his blessing to purchase an Air 2. I’m not a patient person!!

  192. Lori Wittmuss says:

    I would love to own a lilac color cricut. My 9 would love to have his own cricut too…

  193. Mary says:

    This would be an amazing birthday present! My birthday is March 8th. I have always wanted one! Fingers crossed that I’m one of the winners…

  194. Gisela says:

    I wish I may
    I wish I might
    win this lavender delight .
    A dream would come true
    with this gift from you ,
    To see my name
    written down
    would make ne the
    happiest person in town.
    A lavender Circut, oh what
    a delight for family this would be,
    too say , yes , yes, yes
    Anna picked me !

    Thank you Anna for giving us crafters a chance to win..

  195. Kathie Morrison says:

    ***!!! It is hard to even think that you would do these kind of give away. As a recently retired somewhat physically challenged person, I find my joy in crafting and spend all of my free time trying to find new ways to use my cricut. My current crafting space is slightly large Oh what a r than a closet, while I am grateful to have a space, I am over the moon to say that we have finally purchased a house (with no stairs) AND just thrilled that my new craft space is 187 square.feet. I am dreaming and dreaming about how I am going to set it up. I will be hosting crafting (cricut) parties for card making and scrapbooking. Oh what a gracious wonder it would be to win this to be able to share my love of crafting with the craft groups I belong to…..I will continue my dream until you announce the winners…..Love to you, your team and all your beautiful products!!!

  196. Kennethia Hast says:

    I must say that purple is amazing. 🙂

    I would love to win!!! Why? To let my creative mind go wild and create! Honestly I am not sure what I want to make, but I’d love to create items to sell to raise money for a local shelter. I have a huge heart for animals, and I’ve found a shelter that is amazing. I donate to them, but I’d love to make something and get their name out there even more to help these animals find new homes.
    I must say the bags look awesome also!
    Have a great day! :)))))))

  197. Danielle wilding says:

    Wow. I would love the lilac cricut!!! I am still a newbie to cricut and i have the expression 2 now and i love it but i know the newer version would be awesome!!!!!

  198. Dorothy Myers says:

    Love this beautiful color. The totes are beautiful and would make it so easy to travel with my Cricut. Keep up the good work on all you do.

  199. Julieta Diaz says:

    I love the colors!!!
    It would be. A great help for my girls Scouts.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  200. Stephanie Seymour says:

    What a beautiful machine! I recently got a Cricut as a gift and I enjoy crafting with it. I’d use this to make some beautiful cards & 3D flowers!

  201. Jeanne Washburn says:

    You don’t have to call me Lilac ’cause I lie like heck about my crafting expenses but this lilac machine is beautiful for the making of home decor, party decorations, cards and layouts. And the auto ship drawers of materials just expands the “beautifulness”. The ability to organize and transport makes sharing the joy and beauty of creating. Crafting for family and friends fills my retirement days. But I don’t have to lilac heck to say a chance to attend Create would be awesomely beautiful

  202. Rita Robinson says:

    How lovely! Beautiful machine and your luggage is also so classic and chic looking! I’d like to win the Cricut to give my daughter and train her in a skill that will last her a lifetime. She is a mother of three and would love to stay at home with them. She works very hard in a factory that is sort of demanding of her when it comes to personal leave with children that become sick & have appointments. She is very artistic & creative and has enjoyed her days of crafting with me. ( just as much is I have enjoyed crafting with her!)I know she would love to have a Cricut of her own to start a business that will allow her to stay at home. Thanks for the opportunity! Appreciate all you do Anna.

  203. Phyllis says:

    I’d love the chance to win.The machine and totes are awesome. It is absolutely amazing. This would be great for our mission work at church. We do crafts on our mission boxes we send to the army forces and college students. We do a lot of crafts for vacation Bible school and other classes. There is so many events we use the cricut. Thank you for offering this.

  204. Ronda Del Boccio says:

    Anna, I’m a blind crafter. Yeah, I don’t see so well, but I ADORE paper crafting. I caught the “bug” last summer. In August, 2016, I didn’t know what die cutting was, and the only cards I made were printed off a computer program.

    Today, I’m sharing card-making how-tos and samples on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and my blog.

    My favorite color is putple. It’s all over my website, and it’s my favorite color to wear. I am yearning for a Cricut, and I have a whole long list of projects I want to create with it.

    When I win, I will showcase my projects all over the social web. Thanks for the opportunity. Catch you next week on HSN!

    Cheers to your #BlissfulLife,
    Ronda Del Boccio

  205. Chastity Driver says:

    Lilac! My favorite color! I don’t own a Cricut yet, but I am trying to get one. I love crafting and would love these.

  206. Esther Camara-Boyd says:

    That’s really nice color lilac!!! I love the Cricut carry on bag too. Would love to start creating more projects at home for my family.

  207. Rebekah Millar says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤How EXCITING!!!!!

    As a first-time mom, crafting has absolutely brought me out of my depression. Being a stay at home mom to my beautiful baby girl is such a blessing, don’t misunderstand me; but it’s HARD WORK.

    Winning this package would bring so much joy, excitement and PEACE into my life. It would allow me to have some “me” time. The possibilities are endless! I could make learning tools for my daughter, and maybe even start up a part-time etsy shop to bring in some extra cash for our household!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win and I pray that whomever wins will be the RIGHT person for the prize. Xoxo

    -Rebekah & Finley Millar

  208. Rilla Chesser says:

    It’s lovely. What a great deal. I never win anything, but would like to win this. My Expression is getting old and seen better days. Thank you. Hope everyone at HSN has a great day.

  209. Tanya Ling says:

    Oh it’s beautiful!!! I love purple!!! I would love to win one!!! I don’t have a cricuit yet!!

  210. Mildred says:

    My creativity could bloom this spring and grow all summer long to prepare for the fall festivties of the holidays with either the lavender being soothing to let the mind relax and enjoy the craft time or the gold trimmed one rich and vibrant to get the mind flowing with projects. The 3 months of cricut access along with the vinyl and iron on samplers to create with will keep one busy crafting. The crafting on the go set to would make taking the creativity other places a breeze. With March being national craft month what better time to begin.

  211. Kelsey Mack says:

    Well first & foremost,
    This new Cricut is Beautiful! Who wouldn’t love to have this!?
    Secondly, I’d greatly appreciate winning this new cricut so I can expand my crafting talents and give back to my community in ways I know how. I love to create positive cards, shirts and gifts to give away. I focus a lot on our local hospital, our Nicu units, homeless shelters & police/fire departments. The Cricut has allowed me to make creative gifts and cards to show my thanks or love to others. I also love to make wedding decor with the Cricut! It has helped
    Make many of my upcoming wedding ideas come to life! The Cricut has also been such a fun stress relieving activity in my life. I would love the opportunity to receive this one! It would make my year & the greatest wedding gift (besides marrying my best friend!) Thanks for reading!

  212. Natalie Larson says:

    I’d love the chance to express myself creatively on one of these beautiful machines. They are beautiful!

  213. Marie McConnell-Alkire says:

    OH my goodness I would love this color!! first if all my craft room colors are purple, white and green! I would love to have this in there as my cricut sounds like it is dying makes some aweful noises. Thank you Anna for the chance to win! Also thank you for all your inspiration!

  214. Jen Kane says:

    This would be absolutley amazing! I am looking at getting into craft shows and it would be so wonderful to have this machine and be able to easily transport it! Beautiful machine and the totes are crazy awesome!!! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway and these amazing products <3

  215. Gerald Spurbeck says:

    My dear wife would love to win your ivory and gold Anna Griffin Cricut Air 2. Winning this will be one of the greatest thrills of her life, next to marrying me.
    In spite of the arthritis she has in her feet, She loves to help others do paper crafting by teaching classes, and providing materials, for free. She is constantly striving to improve her own skills.
    She loves Anna Griffin products and is always looking forward to when you introduce a new product. She already has your gold Cuttlebug so it would match!
    If she had your ivory and gold Anna Griffin Cricut Air 2 it would help her to share the art of paper crafting with her class, and of course make her very happy. And when she’s happy, I’m happy.

  216. Cindy Jordan says:

    My sister is a 4 th grade teacher and as everyone knows they do not get paid what they are worth. She has to use her own money for classroom items. I would love to have this so I could help her. I would be able to make fun holiday crafts, shirts for spirit days, etc. she is an awesome teacher that has two years in a row been awarded for being an excellent teacher by her school board.
    I’m so proud of her and what she does for her students.
    This is why I would love to win this awesome machine

  217. Kelly Anglemyer says:

    I love this sweet sweet color! I would love to have this cricut to help me with all my crafting needs I’m a stay at home mom and don’t see my husband allowing the purchase of one of these beauties any time soon

  218. Sandra Smith says:

    I’m a huge fan of Cricut and would love to win this beautiful Lilac Explore. This is an awesome package. Can’t wait until March to.

  219. jessica says:

    She is SO pretty! I grew up in a room with lilac walls + a lilac + mint plaid bedspread, and the love of those colors has stayed with me through all these years!

  220. Becca says:

    Oh my! So much nrw stuff, and the lilac is so gorgeous!
    I plan to make cards, onsies for ny babies, and all kinds of home decor items for nurseries/bedrooms and such!

  221. Deborah Brickhouse says:

    Love this! Would so love to win this. My only daughter is getting married this year, can you imagine the possibilities with this machine. I can close my eyes Ave picture all the beaituful things her and I could create for her wedding.

  222. Tracy B says:

    Oh my gosh the lilac is gorgeous! I haven’t bought a cricut yet but seeing this color – yowzers!!! I am a baker – would love to use this for cutting sugar sheets 🙂

  223. Pam says:


    I’d like to use the Explore Air 2’s advanced technology to create snail mail+. In today’s fast paced world, it is still appreciated. Along w/your cartridges and other products it would allow me to create cards w/a wow factor that makes others feel special and brightens their day.

    It took me a while to come up w/something creative for this post. I was amazed by the number of people who commented already. I think you might need to offer some honorable mention prizes.

    You always want to know what everyone’s favorite thing is, and it’s so hard to choose. To be creative, I decided to write you some lyrics that you can put to the tune “My Favorite Things”. FYI: There are too many AG favorites to include in this song, so I somewhat generalized. Hope you enjoy it.

    “My Favorite Things”

    Full layouts on pages and greetings on cards,
    Fantastic flips used to convey my regards,
    Pop ups that cheer and tug at one’s heartstrings…
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Perfect palette colors and pretty pocket set,
    Various layers, and I am not done yet.
    Items from which creativity springs…
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Paper crafting tools and scissors for snipping,
    National craft month and five dollar shipping,
    HSN boxes that UPS brings…
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    When the sale ends,
    When the bill comes,
    When my supplies run thin…
    I simply remember my favorite things,
    And then I just hope I win.

  224. Jen says:

    My goodness that lilac cricut makes my heart so happy, that’s my favorite color. I would live to win this as I am still using the original cricut and its on its last leg. As a single momma to 2 little beauties, my resources are tight and go for their care, so big purchases for myself are usually non existent. Winning this would be a huge blessing as I could start crafting again for some extra income. Thank you for the chance!

  225. Melissa reagan says:

    So beautiful! Lilacs are my favorite Springs bush, I have several varieties in my yard because I love the color and smell. I definitely could use a lilac Explorer. Those cards are so beautiful and such nice totes to store them in!

  226. Brandi Poole says:

    I’m fairly new to the world of Cricut. I absolutely love papercrafting. Cards, scrapbooks, etc. I would love to start learning how to do vinyl projects. I love watching Anna on the shopping channel and seeing all her wonderful designs and projects.

  227. Abby says:

    Wow! This is beautiful! I so need this in my craft room! Purple is my favorite color! Do ya’ll take trade ins lol?!

  228. Sami says:

    Gorgeous color. I grew up in a lilac room. I think it will inspire me to expand to other Cricut crafts. Cards, shadow boxes, flowers, the possibilities are endless.

  229. Ana Rangel says:

    How beautiful! My daughters (ages 9 & 11) have recently found a love for crafting. I work full time and due my husbands rencent job loss I use crafting as a source of income. I love that the cricut fascinates them, they want to spend time with mom crafting at the table rather than doing anything else. This machine has helped my family in so many different ways! Thank you! This new lilac color is AMAZING! Good luck to all!

  230. Francine says:

    I would love to win anything you guys are giving out. I just got engaged on 12.24.16 and we are on a super budget. Would love to make our flowers, invitations, name tags and etc with the cricut or even get the traveling bags to carry my future cricut explore air 2.

  231. Samantha says:

    That Lilac is gorgeous! I would love to win so I can make some awesome birthday invitations/ crafts for my two daughters. Also would love it to make T-shirts for my family. That foil looks so cool also.

  232. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to win! My best friends birthday is on the 17th and this would make a great birthday present. since I got mine for Christmas she has said multiple times “I need one of these”. This would be the perfect surprise!

  233. Annie Cuervo says:

    Love everything Cricut. I have 7 grandchildren and I make the decorations for their birthdays and their classrooms.

  234. Cheri says:

    I would love to be the one picked for the giveaway! I have always wanted a Cricut and could do so many projects and gifts with one!

  235. Amber Hancock says:

    I would love to win this!! I am currently working with the expressions and would love to upgrade!! Plus purple is my birthdatone and favorite color!

  236. Ashley edwards says:

    Oh my!! LOVE!!! That cricut is beautiful and those bags!!! Winning any of this would be spectacular!!!

  237. Andrew says:

    I bought The Explore Air and the Cuttlebug and all the add ons but now cannot find anywhere in the UK to
    buy wonderful Anna goods so PLEASE PLEASE find an outlet here as I’d love to buy the tweed bags and trolley to carry everything about in What’s not to love about crafting on the go and we can’t win it over the pond.

  238. Mitzi A Reighard says:


    OH MY GOSH!!! How beautiful! I do not have any experiences to compare with previous comments, but I have been thinking that I should upgrade from my original Cricut! The craft luggage is great as my machine travels to my adult children’s homes. I just LOVE all things ANNA GRIFFIN because it is all so beautiful!!!

  239. Nickole Hale says:

    My Mom passed away just before Christmas and it has been a tough couple of months. I knew life was finally getting back to normal when I was able to craft again and make cards with my Cricut. I’d love the lavender Air2. My Mom and I both love(d)the color purple!

  240. Melissa Dixon says:

    I’m currently in recovery and I’ve found crafting has really helped. Keeping my mind busy and having something to do has been a godsend. I currently have a Cricut “on loan” to me by a neighbor, as I can’t afford one of my own. I’d love to win and purple is my favourite colour.

  241. Kelli Kuchar says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I can think of a million selfish reasons why I want this lavender cricut. I’m sure we all can, but what I would like to do is introduce you to my grandmother, Evonne Brown. My grandma has been the neck of our family since before I was born. She left her family in California when she was 20 to run away to Reno to marry my grandpa. She followed him to Kentucky where she and my grandpa settled and started this amazing life together. My grandmother was a stay at home wife for the most part of her life. She worked for a short time at a nursing home and other places here and there but mostly stayed home and raised her 5 children. My grandpa was fire chief and in 36 years with the department he never took a sick day! Can you image?!? Raising 5 kids, and not a whole lot of help from a busy fire chief husband who worked All. The. Time!
    My grandmother found her sanity and place in this world by making crafts. She could make literally anything! Every Halloween she would make our costumes and she became widely recognized and sought after over her crafts. I can vividly remember the pride I would feel walking up to her craft booths where she would let me help her sell her crafts and the excitement of going to her basement (craft room) to make crafts. She was excellent and very proud.
    My grandmother is now 85 and isn’t able to go up and down stairs and hasn’t done crafts in some years now. We recently lost my grandfather, the love of her life, to firefighter related cancer in February. I wholeheartedly believe the slips she has with her memory is directly related to the lack of exercise her brain was getting from doing crafts.
    If I was so lucky to win the lavender cricut, I would give it to my grandma. I would use the carrying cases to take my cricut and laptop and supplies to her house so that we could make crafts again. I think she would be so excited to be “useful” again. We could paint wood signs, make tshirts, cards the possibilities are endless. My cousin and Aunt have Cricut’s too, we could do overnight crafting parties. I want her to feel ALIVE again.
    I appreciate all of your consideration.

    Most sincerely

    Evone’s Granddaughter
    Kelli Kuchar

    Kelli Kuchar

  242. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    That is a fabulous color! I love both new lilac and the ivory and gold Anna Griffin machine! The totoes would be a live saver when taking your machine on the go. My daughter would love the new lilac. We have her super big graduation party coming up and a new machine would help! Thanks for giving to awesome people an opportunity to win such amazing items! ❤

  243. Cristin Forsythe says:

    It’s so BEAUTIFUl!!
    I currently do not have my own cricut, but I’m using my aunts Explore One as I’m learning the ropes. I LOVE it! I’ve been making iron ons for my twins & gifts for family and friends. This is seriously the coolest machine ever! I’ve also revamped my kitchen by making new decor for the walls. I hope to win so I can continue making awesome creatures with my own machine!

  244. Susan Rodriguez says:

    I would love to win the lavender one so I can give it to my sister!! I love crafting, and so does she, though she can’t afford to purchase a machine. I would love to be able to gift this to her!!!

  245. Lisa Roper says:

    I just LOVE this new color! Purple is my favorite. And those travel bags are amazing. I mainly use my Cricut to make gifts for family and friends. Homemade personalized gifts seem so much more meaningful. A little over a year from now I’ll probably be an empty nester, so having this lilac Cricut Air 2 would be very comforting on those lonely days. Thanks for the opportunity at a chance to win these awesome products.

  246. Jamie Moreno says:

    Love the purple color! Love the suitcase for traveling too! Have been looking for something like that to help when traveling with the Cricut!

  247. Valerie anderson says:

    that is my absolute most favorite color!
    I have the explore one so I can’t buy the lilac one, oh but if I won it, I would give mine to a friend who still has the baby bug.

  248. Karen Young says:

    I would love to win! I have 12 grandchildren and the Cricut would stay busy! I love the new totes too!

  249. Kassi Kiser says:

    I would love to win! I love crafts, its the excuse I use for alone time haha I have 3 girls, ages 3 and under and I love to make all the cute stuff for them 🙂 good luck everyone!

  250. Ashley Chamberlin says:

    O my goodness I would love to win a new lilac cricut. I love to craft. My favorite thing is to make my friends and family gifts. Making shirts, cards, designing signs and all the different thing I do. One of my favorite things to do is to create educational boards for my patients at the clinic I work it, we are all like family there. It is a dialysis Clinic and I am an RN there and making educational boards that are witty and pretty is one of the things I have done front starting at the clinic. I also make decor to decorate the clinic up for the different holidays and seasons. A new cricut would make this so much easier for me to help make all kinds of things. If I don’t win I’m still planning on purchasing the lilac one later down the way. I mean purple has always been my favorite color. ❤❤❤

  251. Lee Ann Gaines says:

    I’m sure we all want to win this beautiful machine! I have so many ideas in mind on what I could do with it! Cricut has amazing products and I’m sure whomever the winner may be will be blessed 100 fold!

    If I won I intend to continue to make amazing gifts for my family. Right now the big project to work on is my daughters graduation. She is my only living child and I hope to give her the best graduation party possible using decorations I’m able to make with the cricut machine!. I know you guys will have a major decision to make on who the winners should be and I wish you the best!

  252. Maria says:

    I would love to win this!!! My baby’s 1st birthday is coming up and making her party decorations would be so amazing!! I am new to this and would love to learn and explore all the possibilities with the cricut. Please pick me!!!!

  253. Tanya Backlund says:

    I am avid Cricuteer already! This beautiful lilac Cricut is so pretty. I’d give my current Cricut to a deserving friend if I won this one!

  254. Bev Chapman says:

    I would love the lilac and totes. Could take them with me to hospital for my husband’s cancer treatments

  255. stephanie black says:

    I recently purchased the Explore One, which I love!!!
    I would love to have the beautiful Lilac color Explore 2…. just a beautiful crafty world:)

  256. Charlene Koehl says:

    ❤❤❤ the new color! I have an ancient cricut, a new model would be fabulous !!

  257. Catherine Gilmore says:

    My favorite color LILAC!!!!! Would love to have, with 3 children in the military, 2 across the USA, 1 deployed and 3 new granddaughters in the past 6 months with thousands of miles between us all. The projects I could make the babies would be endless.

  258. Charlene Koehl says:

    The new color is beautiful! I have an old cricut . I would love to win a new one! I have several projects in mind for the print and cut that I can’t do now

  259. Kelly says:

    Awesome! Maybe I can finally get lucky and win something as awesome as this! This machine is beautiful, of course the cricut machine is a masterpiece they always seem to out do themselves! Have a happy day everyone!

  260. Kate Baldwin says:

    I’m new to reading the blog because I’m anticipating purchasing a cricut. I’m looking to print my wedding invites and matching stationary pieces. Also signs and shirts for my bridal party! Winning this would give me some spare cash to purchase the supplies I need for the projects! Your blog is truly a revelation for a crafty person!

  261. Martha Logsdon says:

    Sitting here wondering just how to explain to someone what my Cricut means to me, I’m not sure I can but I will try.
    After 2 years of battling breast cancer including one reoccurrence, losing my job due to being unable to continue to work because of nerve damage and family members struggling to deal with “the strong one” fighting just to survive. Then one day I pulled out my Cricut. I had attempted to use it before but didn’t really get it. Too busy, too frustrated, mostly too inpatient!
    But that day, an older, wiser woman sat down feeling like she had found an old, long lost friend. You know the one, that friend who always knows how to encourage, comfort, even tell you exactly what you need to hear. Well there we were, eye to eye and we were going to do this! I felt reborn, I had a reason to get up every day. There’s projects to finish, to design, to make my family smile….mostly, make me smile. Every project I take on from cards to encourage a cousin who’s husband is battling cancer, or learning something new like how to buy a font and intergrade it into a inspirational sign, maybe which vinyl do I need to make my grandson a tee shirt for school. My life has new meaning. I’m productive again, loving life and loving those around me!!!
    Wouldn’t this experience be great if it led to me being able to contribute to our household again? Well it is quickly turning into just that. Family and friends began wanting me to make items for them. I would only ask for what my materials had cost me. But each one gave me more, telling me I needed to be making these items and then a friend sat up a booth in a craft mall and ask me to join her. God had a plan for me, I’m so glad I followed!
    So my ol’ Cricut and I spend several hours together every day. She listens to me when I’m frustrated, in the mood to sing and feels as proud as I do when a craft turns out better than she and I imagined. She hasn’t let me down but wouldn’t it be wonderful if she had a younger, newer, faster sister? Say one in my favorite color of lavender? While one sister was working at cutting out our latest project, the other could be helping me to design our next adventure together!
    Well there you go, I hope this has given you a glimpse into my Cricut world, what it has meant to me personally and hopefully professionally.
    A Cricut fan forever, Martha
    #1CricutLover, #DontTouchMyCricut, #LavenderCricut4Me

  262. Shannon Jenkins says:

    This would be amazing to win I teach a arts and crafts class for middle school students and this would be great to teach them how to make different things with the cricut. I am also trying to do different things for fundraisers for school, and my community is doing different fundraisers for a local family
    Going through the worst thing any parent or anyone should ever have to go through. Their 4 moth old baby has cancer. So this would benefit A LOT of people.

  263. Tara Kelley says:

    This lilac is beautiful!!! I would love to win either one! I love experimenting on all types of crafts. My favorite’s are things I can make for my 2 young daughters!!

  264. Norma Henley says:

    I would LOVE to have the Cricut. I need something to help with my anxiety and pain levels. I love crafting and giving gifts. I’ve never been one to sale things, but gift things. I’m disabled, so gifting is much cheaper for me and brings me as much joy as it does those who get my gifts.This would be a dream ! I still have my Cricut Expressions still in the box, so to upgrade would be FABULOUS !

  265. Elaine says:

    Ohh this is pretty. Would love to win this. Then I could give my other one to my 10 year old daughter who loves the cricut as much as me.

  266. Robin Dedecker says:

    I absolutely love the lilac Cricut! Anna, your products just get better and better!

  267. Maureen Buck says:

    I love this soothing lilac color. I scrap to relieve high anxiety. Please keep me in mind. Thanks.

  268. Velma Gooden says:

    Oh, would love to win withe but prefer the gold and ivory. No special event in the near future, but love scrap booking and card making. I have some old family photos to scrapbook. That is my planned project for 2017.

  269. Aleisha Lewis says:

    I love my old cricut! I’ve heard a lot of great things about the new. I would love to win it. Pick me!

  270. Jennifer Huang says:

    Who needs Powerball or Super Lotto when you can win the AG crafting lotto? ;b A brand new Cricut Explore Air 2 (in lovely lilac or classic ivory & gold), matching travel totes (so you can be a crafting diva on the go), 3 months of Cricut Access (to craft to our heart’s content) and a chance to win a trip to Create in November. What’s not to love? (swoon) This is a lucky crafter/Griffinite’s dream come true.

    I’d love to win this awesome package so, I can share my love of Anna Griffin and crafting with family, friends and co-workers. Everyone always asks how I create such beautiful cards/craft projects and I proudly say Anna Griffin and the Cricut Explore. This also leads to me offering to bring my ivory & gold AG cuttlebug, AG supplies and Cricut Explore to the next gathering/office so, they can create something beautiful and see that crafting is easy and fun. (It’s fun to share and keep the crafting circle going) In addition, having the travel totes would make this process much easier and chicer/more stylish (than me hauling around plastic storage bins ;b).

    Thanks Anna and Team for your generosity and endless creativity! Can’t wait for March 8th (which is also my birthday)- Winning would be the best birthday gift ever! (wink wink, nudge nudge, just saying ;b) Also, (Love it-) Happy National Crafting Month indeed. I look forward to a wonderful month of beautiful in the making/crafting inspiration with you and your team. I plan to try out new crafting techniques and make home décor with the cutting materials autoship (gold & silver geometric wall art, pink/red rose/floral throw pillows, personalized mugs, etc.). Keep the crafting inspiration coming- Go Team Anna! =^_^=

  271. Brenda Strupp says:

    Oh my goodness, I would absolutely LOVE the Lilac. Paper crafting has become something that both my 9 year old and I share and like to do together. She’s a total daddy’s girl so anytime she spends with me is time I cherish. I would love to give her my Explore One and be able to upgrade to this new one! The totes… oh my gosh those are adorable!!

  272. Nan says:

    What fun it would be to win the Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2 and totes! I have purchased many paper and card kits over the years, I would be able to to cut and resize embellishments to bring my crafting to a whole new ANNA level! Can’t wait to see you on HSN, I always record so I can enjoy over again.

  273. Linda Bohannon says:

    Oh my goodness. Well I know I would LOVE the luggage carrier set. And as far as the Cricut I got your signature color last year , I would surprise my cousin with this lavender. We just reunited after 40 years and she’s gone through reconstruction surgery this past week. To find out that I was recently diagnosed… I now see why we found each other to help keep each other strong. And what better way to distress and enjoy sending creative cards, crafts to each other and our other cousins. Plus she has 4 grown children so she’ll keep it busy. I know she would be over the moon because she’ pretty much roams around in her camper but looking to find a lil place of her own to settle down. She deserves something special. The Carriers would be good to have for myself because It would be easier to keep in an accessible location . I love the idea of the auto ship of the vinyl , papers, and in drawers so we can keep them stacked. You just amaze me how you come up with new ideas

  274. Connie Slyzys says:

    ***, love the colour…absolutely perfect. I would love any of the prizes and would even pay shipping since I am Canadian. Those totes are incredible.

  275. Jennifer Perez says:

    The new colors are amazing! I love cricut! So many ideas are running thru my head. I am loving the new cricut!

  276. Denise Mohr says:

    Love the lilac! My sister and I got the Explore in the orchid 2 years ago! This would make a great addition to our craft rooms!
    Live the autoship materials boxes too! Can’t wait!

  277. Brandy Chosa says:

    This would be a dream come true!! The travel totes are a beautiful addition to winning a cricut air 2.

  278. Brenda King says:

    Hi Anna, I have admired the cricuit for some time now, and my husband surprised me with a Cricut Explore Air 2 about a month and a half ago. Well I was afraid of this machine until I watched my husband create a couple of things do I thought ok if he can do it I can also Lol. So far I’ve made a couple of cards and I made my nephew a basketball with his name cut through it. I’m watching plenty of your videos and many others. I would LOVE to win this just so I would have a machine of my own. Don’t mind sharing it’s just that he hogs it all the time. If I won this ZI would have something he doesn’t have.. TOTES. I saw them and they look so nice!!!

  279. Christle Kaina says:

    Wow! What a generous giveaway. I LUV the new color,it’s my fav!!. I would luv to make beautiful things with a beautiful color machine. Anything the cricut makes is beautiful!

  280. Reve Goodman says:

    I’d love to win that lilac cricut.. it’s beautiful and one of my favorite colors..

  281. Beth Cavanah says:

    I have always been the crafter in my family. My sister had no interest in crafting until she saw my cricut. She and I have really mended our strained relationship by cricuting together. She has been unemployed for over a year and I would love to win this for her! We would be able to both cricut at the same time! I met Anna at CKU many years ago and have been a huge fan since!

  282. Sandy Milnes says:

    Anna I know you have heard this a million times but I love everything you make. I’ve just got my little granddaughter started an she makes really cute cards an of course she is a little diva. She wants everything grandma has an it has to be only hers. Laughing out loud so needless to say whatever I would win I would set her up a little space all her own. Oh an she’s 8 an in second grade. She even made some Valentines this year. Her an her brothers made my Birthday card. I would just like to make her day an set her up her own space. She would be so proud !!! Thank you. Hope I can make her day. But I won’t say anything, I don’t want to disappoint her. Just surprise if I’m lucky enough !!! Got my fingers an toes crossed. Looking forward to the HSN show.

  283. EDITH says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Lilac Cricut #2 color!!! Would love to upgrade my Cricut, but cant afford to. maybe some day… The bags are also BEAUTIFUL!!! They would make a Great addition to my craft Mobile storage that doesn’t exist! Ha Ha .

  284. Candy says:

    Hi Awesome Anna, I Love all your products, and own most of them. I have enough of them, (all the auto ships,etc.) I could probably open my own craft store. LOL The Air 2’s are awesome. I don’t have one of those. Would be wonderful & very grateful to win either one. ;o) Been waiting for March 8th to be here. Saving all my pennies. Will have to stay up all night to watch the 24 hour crafting on Home Shopping. Can’t wait….. Hugs

  285. EDITH says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Lilac Cricut #2 color!!! Would love to upgrade my Cricut, but cant afford to. maybe some day… The bags are also BEAUTIFUL!!! They would make a Great addition to my craft Mobile storage that doesn’t exist! Ha Ha .

  286. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    Hi Anna. I have a confession to make. I finally broke down last March and bought my first Cricut Explore Air but I am totally embarrassed to admit that I have never set it up. I do a lot of card making & scrapbook layouts but have never used Cricut before. I kept putting it off because I thought it would be too difficult. So I finally decided to hook it up several months ago after one of your HSN shows when I realized I had a whole new problem…..you introduced the Explore Air 2. I have resisted so far but this new lilac color has me ready to start a local Griffinite therapy group for those of us whose crafting needs exceed our bank accounts. I LOVE LILAC! One of your recent sneak peeks showed a card made with a lilac foil transfer that was so pretty and soft, like the first whisper of spring. I may not be able to resist much longer. My birthday is March 16th and this would truly be one of the best gifts I could ever hope to get.

  287. Kayla says:

    I would love to win a new Cricut, especially the lilac air 2! It is my daughters favorite color. She will be 2 in a couple of days. Although it seems a bit young, she loves to help me with all of my projects! My husband is a Marine, so he is not around often nor do we have any family around us. My mother had brain aneurysm that burst and they found an AVM when that happened, so she has had to have multiple brain surgeries. She has been in and out of the hospital with different issues since. My daughter and I travel back and forth from Kentucky to Wisconsin alot. The first thing I always load into my car is my cricut and boxes of everything I need to go with it. The travel bags would be even better than a new machine. They would be a literal lifesaver. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  288. Karen Hurd says:

    I am so in love with the new lilac Cricut! Purple is my first favorite color! I would llove to win the lilac or the gold! I love gold too! As a matter of fact I loke good so much that I have gold flatware instead of silverware! I am still learning all the Cricut can do and would be using it to enhance my scrapbook pages! I already own several Anna cartridges! I also want to use vinyl and decorate the walls in my craftroom. My cousin is geaduating this year and recently asked if a Cricut could do vinyl to decorate the back window of his truck! I want to use the Cricut to make his vinyl as his graduation gift! I also really really want to win one of these sets to also get the luggage, I am a tote queen and this is the alltime supreme tote desire!!! I recently took a Cricut class and the instructor was so fortunate to already have it! Oh my gosh it is the most incredible set! I have been drooling ever since and to find out it is coming on March 8th is the crown of excitement! Please I would really love to be a lucky recipient! Thanks so much for offering such a fantastic giveaway, love your stuff and love to watch you on HSN, and would love to have this incredible set.

  289. Janice B. says:

    Regrettably I am not able to roll out a poem,custom song lyrics or sassy cheer proclaiming how much I adore your products. Even though I truly adore and appreciate all the items you put out, I’m not naturally that creative. But this simply proves just how much I am one of your “ideal” consumers. I say this because I have the sentiment and desire, but your products give me the know how, obtainable, and beauty. Simply put I have the desire to create, but you give me the spark.
    I am actually legally blind and before I discovered your line of tools and embellishments I was never able to achieve what I am able to do with your fabulous products. Anna Griffin and her team of employees and partnerships ” turns ideas into greatness”.

  290. Claudia Parrington says:

    This is just so pretty to look at. Once I finish getting my MBA in May, I would use this to create keepsakes of my graduation. Scrapbooks, signs, pic frames etc.

  291. Sharon Carmichael says:

    I’d use the Cricut to make my own inspirational signs. I’d also make gift bags and photo cubes. Is it possible to scan your own line art? If possible, I’d scan my original art work for use as stickers, decals, etc., as well, added the Anna’s designs and floral work.
    I love the blog because the ideas expressed there expand my own creativity.

  292. Renee R. says:

    5-1/2 years ago my teenage son, Josh, passed away suddenly. After his death, his senior year English teacher presented me with several of his writing assignments he had written when he was in her class. Among his writings was a short poem about Hope; it basically urged people to always remember that Hope remains and to never give up. Hope has been my mantra since Josh’s passing. I have met a number of people during my journey that are also dealing with loss of a loved one that need to be reminded of Josh’s message of Hope during their darkest times. I would like to print out Josh’s poem on vellum and float it over a script word Hope and a star (part of his poem) and frame them so that I can present them as gifts to those I know who are struggling through terrible loss. I would like to use the Cricut to design and cut out “Hope” and the star in multiples for use with Josh’s words of wisdom! Thanks.

  293. Carole Hamstra says:

    The lilac color is just delicious – makes me happy and relaxed just gazing upon it! So excited to see a set of totes for the Cricut – essential for going to craft events and keeping the Cricut safe! So classy, too! I use cutting tools to make cards, embellishments, gifts for others, small model parts, identification names for a church group,…. the list that I use it for continues to grow as I find more ways to use Anna’s tools and supplies to bless others!

  294. Gail B says:

    What a great preview Anna! I would love to win a lilac Cricut. I would make items for the senior center at church that my mom helps run. She is 85 years young and very active. They have many fund raisers and raffles that I could contribute prizes to. Thank you for the opportunity to win and have a wonderful HSN crafting day on March 8th!

  295. Lauren Jobes says:

    I love your products! I enjoy how you are Taking the beauty of paper and combining with the new technology Cricut and you develop. Thank you for sharing your God given gift with all of us! We are thankful!

  296. Linda Horvath says:

    I was a bit disappointed when the air 2 came out because 6 months earlier I had purchased the first Air.
    The second thing I was disappointed it was the colors. Poor old purple had been left out.
    I am over the moon because of the new shade. One because it is my favorite color and two it would match my bedroom (which is where my creative space is btw).
    I have had difficulty getting this color in the room I share with my husband LOL!
    We have different styles….
    I would be honor to place this beauty in my home! I also have someone to gift my current machine to.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  297. Linda B. says:

    Winning this would be a life changer. A few years ago I left my job and relocated to become caregiver for my mother. What a wonderful gift I have been given.
    Because of my limited availability I can only work outside the home for a few hrs. a week. I have been trying to figure out how to supplement my income . Seeing the debut of this machine opened up a world of possibilities!
    Thank you for bringing us so many amazing products.

  298. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, I really thought about why should I win a Cricut? First of all, you, your products & the friends I’ve made here have been the most positive thing that has happened that I know God set it up. I was in the Navy & Montana Army National Guard total of 10 years. Raised my two sons on my own. When I left the Navy I had tons of medals & a career that would surely take me far. I got out to take car of my sons, new baby & 5 yr old. Their father left. I went straight to the bottom. A career to food stamps, etc. I took my sons from Nevada (working with Top Gun pilots, etc) to a new start in Montana sight unseen. God provided in the most amazing ways, even though it was hard. I joined the National Guard & then for the same reason I got out because my boys were in Jr high & high school & needed better supervision. After they both graduated I came to Maui as I had a career now in sales & merchandising. I got sick & found out I had Hepatitis C & it had been in my system for 30 years & damaged my liver to Cirrohsis, most likely caused from Air inoculation guns in Boot Camp. I have gone through 5 years of treatments to get rid of the Hep C. My older son came here to help me for 5 years. He himself had been in Iraq, Pakistan, & many combat things that now after giving his life for 5 years of one war to the next, he gave 5 years to help his mom. My other son was serving in the Army- myself & my son with me needed to also help him. I was flattened out or getting Iv’s most of the 5 years. At some point – this is kinda funny, while very ill I watched HSN crafting & with no thought ordered a bunch of your things & a cuttlebug. My son saw all these boxes & said what did you do? Apparently on the medication I thought I needed it all! He helped pay my craft bill! My Dr said to prolong my life due to the liver damage I would not be able to work. I receive disability of a small amount. The Veterans Administration has had me in a long line for 6 years. Just this year did the Hepatitis treatment work for $161,000 dollars! I kept my insurance through a liver fund set up by a friend 6 years ago. So now, since the Hep C is gone for now my creativity is working! I prayed to God give me something creative to do! I have always been creative setting up window displays even in the military. I had my cuttlebug & last year really started creating. The best thing ever is my boys now 32 & 27 tell me mom, you should keep doing this. They have told me sell some to help with my insurance. Right now I am in the giving process. After writing all this you should send my son a Crucut! Haha. Most likely he would want in digital camo. If I won a Cricut I would 1st want to make large items, and most likely make something to frame for each of my son’s. And then my giving would just get “bigger!” I about have tears in my eyes because no matter who wins these I have truly been so blessed by all of this. Hugely. And have made friends with wonderful Griffinites! I hope to meet you & give you a huge hug!

  299. Irma says:

    Hi Anna, you are such a generous person. We are all blessed to have you as part of our crafting world. I’ve been buying your products since way back when you were on QVC…… Looking forward to the show and seeing all your great ideas. I started using the Cricut since the first one came out. I loved it, but was limited to the size of the projects I could make. A few years later, I was given an Expression for my birthday. Wow… the possibilities were endless. I’ve made so many things from banners, boxes, Halloween decorations, and many more items for family birthdays. I’ve shared my love for crafting with family members by making them decorations for their parties as well. I’m currently using my Expression to make favor boxes for my daughters upcoming quinceañera in May. I have 150 boxes to make. Would have loved to have the Explore Air 2 to score all those boxes instead of doing it by hand. I would love to upgrade, but can’t afford it right now. All my money is going towards my daughters party. It’s a very important day in a young girls life. I’d love to win, any color would be great, love them all. Good luck to everyone.

  300. Melissa Eng-Pascual says:

    I would love to have this! Purple is my absolute favorite color. I’m most excited sbout the fantastic flips cartridge. I will be checking availability all day so I can order it.
    If I get chosen for this weeks prize, I’d be able to give the chapter of my sorority that I advise their very own cricut so we won’t have to share anymore. Also, it would be extra special because our sorority turns100 on 3/17/2017 and our colors are purple and gold!

  301. Tammy Fogarty says:

    I love love this Beautiful Lilac air 2. When cutting out vinyl or making a Anna Griffin flip card it would be hard to concentrate on the project I was making. The beauty of this machine would have me mesmerized. I would be so excited to come home from work and head to my craft room to start crafting.

  302. Kathleen Wirtjes says:

    Boy oh boy what a lot of posts and some so long and what stories! This will be a hard one for you pick I’m sure. Well here goes another try from me. I have been making cards for around 12 years and it started with a kit from you Anna. Since then I have followed from one to now my favorite HSN. Through family deaths and sicknesses I have always had relief in my card making. For the last 4 plus years, I go to my son’s house 5 days a week to care for 3 for my grandchildren. I “volunteer” my services for these dear ones so they don’t have to wake them early to take them to a sitter or nursery and of course less germ spreading and that money can go for family necessities. These products would help me pack and take supplies to work with my cards while the children nap. I don’t seem to get much done at home in the evening because of no time and energy at the end of a long day. Thanks for your generosity with the giveaways and your wonderful products. Wishing you the best.

  303. Sara Falcone says:

    Anna, LILAC describes me and resembles my personality and creativity. LILAC is so feminine, it’s graceful, elegant, refined, delicate, it means ROYALTY. I’m recently retired as a cosmetologists who owned my own business for the last 16 years & now I dedicate my time fully to crafting. I have been a loyal follower and supported of yours for years. Craft allows me the opportunity to express my artistic talent and creativity. LILAC one of my favorite colors because it’s so flexible & versatile.
    Anna, I would love nothing more than to be chosen as one of the 2 winners of your give aways this Friday so I may add them to my collection of Cricut Machines & card making kits for all the occasion you offered. The TOTE BAGS will definitely would make my life and my husband life easier when I pack up my ANNA’S CRAFT MACHINES AND SUPPLIES AND HIT THE ROAD.

  304. Allison Shay says:

    Hello Anna…since you asked…I am throwing my dear friends a surprise 50th ‘Golden’ Anniversary Party in April and will be taking responsibility for all the decor. From what I have seen the Cricut has a whole lot of options for such things such as banners, favors and other party and entertaining notions. I think a cricut might come in handy for all of that. And a ‘gold’ one at that Thanks for the opportunity to create more beautiful things.

  305. Maida says:

    I have been wanting to use the Cricut Design Space and with the Air 2 I would be able to. I am unable to afford one any time soon! I have heard you say how much easier this machine with the Design Space makes doing projects. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  306. Carol Alston says:

    My dear Anna, you are awesome!! Who would have dreamed a set of luggage for the Cricut. I want to win this Cricut because I would love to give my current Cricut Explore to my girlfriend as she can’t afford one. I also have the external flash connection for Wi-Fi. She has wanted one for so long and she works so hard so she can give her children what they need. She does beautiful paper crafts as much as she can so she is deserving of a break to do what she loves. I like the new Cricut’s color, soft feminine. Let face it, it’s just down right pretty! And the luggage it is out of this world.- whoever heard of elegant luggage for paper crafting! You would Anna. I’d be not only showing it off I would be proud to go anywhere with it! I don’t know what else you can come up with next!!! But can’t wait to see…..

  307. Barbra L. says:

    Wow, this Cricut looks amazing. I do not have a Cricut so I would love to win! Thanks for the chance. My friend just got a Cricut and she has been showing me all of the custom made items she has been making for her kids. Would love to make some of the items that she is creating. So exciting!!! Can’t wait to see all the new products on HSN!

  308. ELAINE LOY says:

    Hi Anna,
    I just wanted you to know that I am a newbe and watched your last craft event on HSN last month. Since than I fell in love with all your products. You and Cricut have transported me into a whole new world of crafting. I have been making cards and gifts for special people in my life. Plus I really enjoy making T-shirts for my grandchildren. You have shown me the beauty of crafting for which I am grateful. I have had so much fun and gratification from making and giving away beautiful items that have been created by using your products and ideas. I am looking forward to watching you on March 8 and to see all the new products. I really love the Lilac Cricut and Cricut Totes! I hope that I will be one of the lucky winners!!! The Totes would come in handy when I go to visit my son and craft with my grandkids. My goal is to get better using the Cricut so I can help others by teaching them what I know and showing them the beauty of Annas’ world. Crafting with you has giving me so much enjoyment you have no idea… Life is so much happier crafting!!!

  309. Barbara Brooks says:

    I have loved the smell of lilacs since I was a little girl and they bloomed all over our neighborhood every spring. Simply put: I would love a lilac Cricut to feed not only my crafting obsession but my love of childhood nostalgia.

  310. Emma Torres says:

    Jesus!! This is lovely!! You are very generous to give all this!! Thank you so much!!! I would love to win this because I started a foundation with a friend to help women’s with abuse and domestic violence, we are planing to teach them to work from home and make their lives much easier, I hope to have this time the opportunity to win it. And of course the travel bags is wonderful!

  311. Sheryl Peavy says:

    I love my Anna Griffin Gold Cricut Air 2, it is amazing! I would love to win something amazing to carry it in when I travel.

  312. Jill Lukas-Treleven says:

    Hi Anna,
    My birthday would’ve been today if it was a Leap Year. I was born on Feb. 29th. So to Win the Lilac Cricut would be so Awesome. Ecspecially since Purple is my Favorite color.
    I got into card making because of YOU, watching you on HSN I bought my 1st card kit – ur Xmas set in the Green box w/ red bow. Then did ur Autoship the next year. Did your Popup AS card kits & the Flip AS card kits. Love em All. Then 1 year you had the Cuddle Bug TS so i got that & that got me into embossing & die cutting. Now you got me into making cards from scratch too. I have so many Products of yours 🙂
    I am a paraplegic, so crafting really helps me relax & forget about my pain. I don’t own a Cricut, but I think winning 1 would definitely broaden my crafting. The Cricut bags to be able to transport it from room to room would be awesome. All the FUN I could have & the Amazing things I could create; w/ being able to cut just about anything on the Cricut. What a bday present that would be.
    Happy Craft Month Anna & your Design Team.
    Good Luck & Happy Crafting Everyone. 🙂

  313. Robbie Sue says:

    I have the Lilac explorer but not the air version Difficult to say but I have only used it twice and I did not no what I was doing. So I got I little discouraged I guess I just don’t really no how to use it yet but I am not giving up! I love the Cricut but I want to venture out of my comfort zone. I really like the materials auto ship it gives you great incentive to make projects with this different materials. Oh will of course I love the cases I’m the type the ❤️ to have everything in its place well until I pull everything out and then my house looks like a mad woman just tore my house apart. Love everything!!!

  314. Sandy Thompson says:

    It would be great to win a gift from anna, I just love all she does. It’s so much fun to be able to create things with her beautiful items.Thank you for all you do.

  315. D Smith says:

    I would love to create with a Cricut Explore Air 2…another way to enter the Beautiful World of Anna Griffin and create beauty to share.

  316. Rebecca Holt says:

    Hey! It may be to late to comment but what the heck. Give it a try. I have been looking into getting a Cricut for a long time. My friend that did the things I need for me moved. She had several expressions. Thought I would buy used but the sale the second they are available. Been trying to save a little as I go to buy new. Long process. I saw the lavender Cricut. ***. Feel head over heels in love. It is my goal. Love watching Anna Griffin. She is inspiring. Will keep saving for the lavender Cricut or any one of them. If I don’t win. I stay home with my husband on fixed income. Not complaining. It is what it is and I love my life with him. But would love to have a Cricut explorer 2. I get goose bumps all over thinking about it. Thanks.

  317. Janette Neubert says:

    You really did leave the best for last. The lavender is so beautiful. I love the travel bags. I often travel with my Cricut. I’m teaching my grandkids to use one.

  318. melissa bryant says:

    Hi Anna. I would love to win these.I spend my weekends at my parents home helping to take care of my dad and it’s hard to pack all my crafting things so this would make it a lot easier, plus I love lilac. I’ve been watching you forever,even on the other channel.See you March 8th!

  319. Kim Bush says:

    I would be high styling and profiling with that new bag ensemble! Crafting on the go never looked so good! And……………..love that lavender cricut!

  320. Elaine Godfrey says:

    Just when I think Anna has done it all….she amazes me again, and again, and again! I want it ALL!

  321. Pamela Ostapkowicz says:

    Who doesnt need two cricuts… I have become the gifting queen of cricut… This past year I have given away my original Cricut Expression… Then gave my Sister In Law the Explore, Then I Gave my niece one for her Birthday, Then I gave an explore air to My Nephew for getting his Masters and Starting his Doctorate at Florida State!!! Out of all of them I am excited to see my Nephew create the most amazing things… he is a computer genius!!! I cannot wait to show you what he made me!!! I feel like OPRAH… You get a Cricut, You get a cricut, We all Get Cricuts!!!!! If I win this explore two I will be gifting My Gold Anna Griffin Explore Air to my Oldest Sister Sandy!!! I know she will help create my perfect circle of Crafting!!!

  322. Donna B. says:

    Would love to win the cricut to make some wonderful classroom decorations and party favors for the special education children in our school. One class of autistic children has no room mother this year and it makes me very sad that none of the parents volunteered to help. Winning the cricut would help me to be their FAIRY ROOM MOTHER and bring a smile to their faces and some joy to their hearts! Thank you for all you do!

  323. toni NOBLET says:

    I have never owned a Cricut digital machine or have used any digital electronic cutting machine even from other companies.Most of my craft project have been done with manual die cuts machine. But Lately have been thinking …if I would need to try or own one. The Lavender color of this Cricut Explorer Air 2 is so relaxing, and fresh…just “beautiful”. my favorite item from all the Speak-peaks for this March 8th HSN craft show.

  324. Marcie Armel says:

    One of my co-workers got a circuit air for Christmas, and was starting to use it for scrap booking. I had been watching your presentation of the ivory and gold circuit air 2 that was preloaded with may of you collections. I started raving about the quality of your products and encouraging her to get your bundles and cartridges. I explained that your dies and stamps were the highest quality in my collection, your designs are timeless and amazing, and that when I use your products I am virtually guaranteed success.
    She was very excited about our conversation, and the next time I saw her she was waiting for her purchases to arrive.
    I would be very grateful if I won one, and can only imagine the hours of crafting enjoyment I would have using it!!!

  325. Karen Pimentel says:

    I love the travel cases. My middle school has an after school craft club. I take my cricut to the club for the students to use for their scrapbooks and card making. The cases will make it easier to transport my supplies back and forth. Winning one of the cricuts would be great so more students will be able to create projects at a time. I am excited about the auto ship on materials. I love your creativeness.

  326. Linda Drummond says:

    I would love to own a Cricut Explore Air 2! One my favorite flowers are Lilacs and 2 my 60th Birthday is in Oct. of this year! It would soften the blow of turning 60 and having to give up driving (brain thing) lol! I would use it to make cards, I make cards for the sick, or special BDs through a few groups on Facebook.We haven’t been able to get one for budget reasons. I don’t work, there is an issue with the left side of my brain. I can’t complain because it doesn’t affect my creativity but it messes with my speech and memory. Cricut Explore Air 2 would add so much to my card making and I could save money by not buying so many dies.My husband would love that! I could use it for gifts for my family, decorate my home, make Christmas things!! I really have wanted a Cricut for a long time, it would be awesome to win a Cricut Explore Air 2 the year I turn 60! Fingers crossed!

  327. Julie S says:

    How generous of you Anna, to give these wonderful gifts away to people. I have been a big fan of your products for years. I remember purchasing your stamp sets that were in your beautiful boxes from Michaels. Then I was upset to think Michaels was no longer going to carry your products. I remember purchasing some items from your web site. I was still trying to find your red floral box, called rooster sunrise that had the rooster stamp in it. After searching what seemed like forever I was told by a friend to try on line and I was so happy I found the stamp set! I still have that set today and still love it. That is what is so wonderful about your products, they are so beautiful and can be used in so many ways. I love that you stand by your products and that makes a big difference in me making a product purchase. Thank you, for all you do for people Anna, your are truly an inspiration.

  328. Marla Symes says:




    Thanks Anna and colleagues for making March an exciting month. We appreciate all your hard work so we can have fun and less challenging times crafting.

  329. Zenja Hyde-Ballesteros says:

    Beautiful lilac Cricut. The totes are amazing as well. The Cricut autoship packages are gorgeous! I just can’t wait to get my paws on them! ♡♡♡ everything as always! Good Luck ladies!

  330. Kathy Thompson says:

    I love the lilac Cricut! It is the same color as my Sebring Convertible was and my bedroom when I was a child. I am trying hard to justify buying a new Cricut when I already have 6 other models and am retiring in 3 months. I love each of my Cricut’s and was able to justify that I had to have each one as there were all different types of Cricut’s. Maybe it will have to be a retirement gift from my family and I will pass down my beautiful green Cricut/Explore. Thanks for always being so wonderful to your fans and coming up with such great new products.

  331. Lindsay Bruce says:

    I would love this! The lilac matches my craft room perfectly! The totes would be great when I travel back to the folks/siblings houses that are 500+ miles away.

  332. Beneta says:

    It took forever to scroll down to the comment box. So many people are trying to win this wonderful crafting tool. I could make such great things if I won one of these. I have grandchildren who love to craft and this would be a blessing. So many new machines out there now but I still love Cricut. My old one is on its last less. I will need one sooner than later. So here is hoping you pick my name. Thanks

  333. Lana Murphy says:

    Anna, I owe so much to you! I saw you and your beautiful scrapbook products on the other channel so many years ago, and fell in love with this craft. I have created heritage scrapbooks for our family and I do yearly scrapbooks as a journal of what we do each year. And now I make many, many cards for people in our church, family members, and other friends. Everyone is always so thrilled to receive one of my cards. Thank you for continuing to offer such wonderful products. It would be a dream come true to be able to win this package.

  334. Laura Viken says:

    Wow, the lilac is gorgeous! I don’t really need the explore air 2 but of course would love to win one! When I bought my explore air, I donated my expression to my kids school since they were using one of the original tiny Cricut machines. They were ecstatic with the upgrade. If I were to win a new one I would be extremely grateful and would share my current air with someone that needs it..

  335. Sharon Jones says:

    I really like the Cricut luggage set and the way they stack. I already have a Cricut explore air so I don’t need another one and can’t justify buying one just because of the new color. Looking forward to March 8th.

  336. Kathy Swords says:

    I have been reading the comments, and some are so worthy of winning, and I never win contests, but here goes. My friend is a great crafter and taught me about the Cricut when I first started scrapbooking 3 years ago. Her machine is ancient, and I would like to gift her your machine especially since she is an Apple user, it would be perfect for her. So here goes nothing, hope she wins! And I get the bonus of being entered into the trip prize to Atlanta, so cool!!!! Love you Anna and all your products, made me into a woman who now never forgets to send cards – their homemade. NO HALLMARK. Blessings, Kathy

  337. Debbie Douglas says:

    1st time on a blog, so…I’ld love 1st time to own and use a Cricut, after son in laws recent suicide I am raising my 2 grandkids grandson just turned 4 and granddaughter just turned terrible 2’s-my daughter and kids live here now-boy its tough at 65 raising little ones BUT I take each one to my quiet craft area and work with them, teaching them crafting/art skills to quiet them, they become ‘peaceful’ and LOVE art work-helps when they cry for “Dada”-Oh Boy what we could do with a Cricut-(but for obvious reasons can not afford one just yet)my cousin has one of Annas she bought on HSN and sends cut outs to the kids t craft with-people are so kind to help our family through this hard time-the kids LOVE the things she sends-we are crafting nuts around here…all walls full of taped on masterpieces of the kids creations-they feel happy, proud and I love their work and never tire of seeing any of Annas papers put to work…lets all keep crafting..its good for the soul and fills your heart with joy if you’ll le it…thank you Anna and team

  338. Christina Rugg says:

    The Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2, would be a wonderful new addition to my new craft room, the pop of Lilac in my moss green room would make any time of the year feel like Spring. The tote bags would allow me to take my Cricut anywhere I want to craft and keep me organize doing it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win ones of these beautiful machines!

  339. SC Johnson says:

    First of all, I commend all those staff folks who will be reading the over 2200 (@ this point) entries from folks who would love to win these lovely and EXTREMELY useful items from Ms. Anna and associates. My creativity in these areas (rhyming and such), certainly does not excel–but I can tell you that I receive sweet satisfaction when I offer an Anna Griffin crafted card to someone. I loved making and giving it as well. My card ministry covers many areas and I naturally would be Most thankful if I could take it to the next level with all the things this “Super Duper Purple Wonder” offers.
    The storage/carrying cases follow in the line of the beauty that your line exemplifies. As my Mother would say, and as I have mentioned in previous posts, “They were thinking while we were sleeping.” Appreciate your time!

  340. Cindy Baldree says:

    Lavender’s blue, Anna Anna,
    Lavender’s green…
    Flip cards fantastic, the luggage so keen,
    Lilac is gorgeous, serene and supreme,
    But the Anna Gold Cricut makes me feel like
    The QUEEN
    Crafting with cricut always makes my day
    To delight others, share beauty, bring joy…
    That’s the way!
    I hope this little pretty ditty ditty
    Made you smile or laugh
    If you choose me Anna, I will

    Dear Anna, my original Cricut is soon to be passed on to another, and I would love to fill the spot with the Ivory and Gold edition. Thank you so much for all that you do, your kindness and generosity too! When I use your products I feel the spirit of LOVE, and hope I pass it to others when I share the creativity YOU have fostered in me.
    I will be “glued in” on March 8th and remember,
    “ALL GOOD THINGS come to those who wait”
    (or can wait till next Wednesday) and,

  341. Mashonda Fortune says:

    Besides the fact that purple is my favorite color. I would like to have this machine to be able to do more of my arts and crafts work and donate for different causes. I like to donate because it allows me to perfect my craft.

    I am in love with this purple machine.

  342. Jeff Sheaats says:

    I would love to win the new Cricut Explore Air 2. I make a lot of cards and the faster speed would be so great and the color is really fun too.

  343. Kathryn Clark says:

    I set out on a creative way many years ago
    Hoping I could spread some cheer along the broken road.
    I cut and glued, learned to stack and fold
    And layered to my heart’s content.
    I learned new ways and kept making cards
    For those with broken hearts.

    If I could win a Cricuit Explore,
    Just think of all I could do.
    The drawers on auto ship would inspire
    To help me cut and make,
    I’d decorate for those who celebrate
    And to mend more broken hearts.

    The luggage to would share the load
    Helping me spread more cheer along this broken road.
    These gifts would be
    Like northern stars pointing my creative way.
    Then I could say “God has blessed the broken road,
    That led me straight to you.”

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this give-a-way.

  344. Janet Geary says:

    I would love to win a circut as my daugher andI I are starting a scrapbook and card business. We could really use the help of the circut for that. I am recently divorced after 18 years and I receive disability due to a chronic autoimmune disease. My daughter is not able to work either. She trying to get her disability from the VA as she is a vetern of the gulf war. So I support both of us until her disability is granted. I have never won any thing in my life and I would love to win the circut. I really think the almond and gold is the prettiest as it remains me of you. Thank you for all you do for us crafters.

  345. Nancy Power says:

    I am brand new to scrapbooking and recently purchased the Cuttlebug and Anna’s card making kits. The new Cricut Explorer Air would get me up and running completely with this new craft. The lilac color is so Spring and Easter like. I also think the gold is so gorgeous and rich. Both colors are beautiful. I can create so many cards and gifts. The skies the limit of what I will be able to make. I will also be able to carry everything conveniently when I travel to visit my family and friends out of state. Happy Spring!!!!!

  346. Sally Suhovy says:

    ***! ***! This is beautiful. Would love to win, I have a the original machine and it’s so out of date. I have barely started to craft again after losing both of my parents two weeks apart this last October. It’s been very hard but I am now going through the family pictures and putting together scrapbooks, I think the crafting has helped with the healing process, however I still cry almost everyday. This new machine is something to look forward to, I would be more than happy to give my old one to my daughter who also crafts.
    The lavender is a hit.
    Thank you Anna for the nice ray of sunshine.

  347. Deb Richardson says:

    Hi Anna,

    I can’t begin to tell you how moved I am by you/Cricut’s generosity for once again brightening some peoples lives with the Cricut machine and tote giveaway. I also am teared up over some of the heartwarming stories that I have just read on the blog. The lilac cricut is absolutely gorgeous and as much as I would love to have one myself, I won one for my daughter in law who needed it so much more dring your last giveaway. As for me I travel an hour each way, once a week to scrapbook with my girl friends. Currently, I pack my stuff in tubs and whatever else I can find to use. Unfortunately the Cricut and laptop don’t fit into anything that can protect them from possible damage. Your tote system seems like the perfect fit. So glad you came up with a solution to my problem! Would love to win them! Deb

  348. Mary Haenel says:

    I really need the Lilac Cricut Explore 2.
    It is absolutely my most favorite color.
    My heart just blooms when I see it!!

  349. Diana Hill says:

    I love this color and would love to have this cricket. I am trying to make a scrapbook for each of my grandchildren and the cricket would really help me with the books. The color is inspired and beautiful.

  350. Diane aka ciocidi says:

    I love the new color Explore Air! I still own a cartridge library and a legacy machine. I would like to see more of the largest tote to keep my cricut and cuttlebug materials together for craft travels. A new machine is not in the budget, but it is good to read about the improvements. Looking forward to the shows!

  351. Ginger says:

    Don’t know where to start!!!! First thank you for the opportunity to win all these wonderful goodies. I would love the Explore Air 2…in any color! I am back and forth every week to visit with 91 year old parents and my husband is working out of town. I spend weekends with him. How wonderful to have the luggage so that I could bring my machines with me and play and create on weekends. Crafting is so soothing and takes my mind to the best places. Thank you for all you share with us. I find joy and happiness using your products. Thank you Anna

  352. Sandi says:

    I am so happy to be able to say that I already have the Explorer air, so I would love to have the luggage to be able to get to friends and not have to worry about it being damaged in the process. I am also looking forward to enrolling in the Create seminar for this year. I am sure keeping my eyes open for the opportunity to get in on it this year. …..Loving all of your new goodies!

  353. Maria Vindas says:

    Well crafty I am not. I’m newbie my mom got me the mint. And mom and I was thinking in getting one one for my sister-in-law who is crafting, i got her one around ten years old is time for update

  354. Darlene Placito says:

    It was a sparkly winter day, and Darlene had been to a wonderful card making party. She had her gorgeous Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2 safely packed inside the lovely new Anna Griffin totes. The Machine tote was her favorite but the ladies at the craft party had been especially enamored with the rolling craft tote. Darlene had packed lots of supplies in it to share with her friends. The ladies just loved the glitter vinyl. She also brought her Anna’s Fantastic Flips Digital Cartridge so all her friends could make these beautiful cards. It was such a fun day – the kind of day you dream about. All of a sudden Darlene could hear a faint buzzing in the background. Was it the oven timer or the laundry buzzer? But she just got home….what was that annoying sound? Then all of a sudden Darlene awoke from her lovely dream and realized it was time to go to get up and go to work……sigh…..

  355. Cheri Lawson says:

    Anna Griffin and Circuit soon will be
    On HSN Craft Day with so much to see

    A Today’s Special Value that’s sure to please
    The color is purple, it was part of her tease

    Cricut and Anna, what a wonderful team
    Making crafting so easy, it’s not just a dream

    Scrapbooking, card making and die cutting too
    She has ink pads and markers and even some glue

    Embossing folders, and papers galore
    Anna brings them to us and we beg her for more

    She brings lots of tools to help us create
    Beautiful items that make us look great

    And so many tools we just think are grand
    Anna and Circuit really lend us a hand

    Iron on foil, what will they think of next
    Oh, beautiful totes, our supplies to protect

    I really look forward to each crafting day
    For ideas and products with which I can play

    Tune in March 8th for the treasures Anna will share
    I will be watching, hope you all will be there.

    Her sneak peaks are fun, I get so excited
    If I should win…..I will be very delighted

  356. irma castillon says:

    My dream has been to to be able to afford to get the Explorer 2.Love crafting and when I found you cards became my passion . I have introduced my granddaughters to the world of Anna Griffin they love scrapbooking I have purchase some of your scraping books for them they just love putting them together and cards with your papers and embellishments. When I go visit I carry every thing with me in several bags how organized would I be with your new organizers on wheels.I am looking forward to getting your new decorative boarder dies.MY granddaughters are 14,13,11. I have 11 grand total and a great granddaughter .
    My 14 year old loves using the cricut for her school projects with the new cricut she will be making posters twice as fast she also helps her sisters make posters .she ran for student body president made her campaign posters on the cricut you know her posters were very professional . She is now her 8th grade student body president .

  357. Bill Sittmann says:

    HI Anna, My wife told me about your blog and the new purple Cricut explore air 2 in the color purple , I would love to win this for my beautiful creative lovely wife and best. Friend. I hope that I get picked.

  358. Nadine Lemmon says:

    this would be great to have iam helping to make stuff for my son he does cup the Police Department where he works and this is great. Love your stuff.

  359. Concetta says:

    There is no way I can choose a favorite. Those cricut explore air machines, however, are beautiful!!! Every product with your name on it I either own or is on my wish list. I was the kid who loved everything paper but had absolutely no artistic talent! I made cards for my mom everyday and would leave them for her to find.–using construction paper, markers & occasionally glitter. My love for paper and crafts is still off the charts!!! I love to scrapbook and make cards and although I still have no artistic abilities you make it possible for me to enjoy something I’ve loved for as long as I can remember, more than ever. I have many,many many of your products (including an older cricut) and get many compliments on the cards I make . I love the joy and enthusiasm you have for crafting and THANK YOU!!!! for sharing your talents with your craft family!

  360. BetsyV says:

    I don’t really have anything fancy to say, other than this reminds me of when I first really saw you and the Cricut on hsn a few years ago. I had been wanting to get one for quite a long time and I ended up getting your purple one I have connected to my computer. I have a pretty stressful job. I like to use your products because it takes my mind to happy places like In the garden. My mom died when I was 19, over 20 years ago. I would’ve really like to share these with her. So now, I enjoy getting my relatives involved. I sent my aunt the Christmas pop up card kit when you had them at a reduced price. I couldn’t resist I wanted to share your beauty. Well, winning any of these would be so awesome, definitely would brighten my days. This past year I had reconstructive surgery and I’m just getting back to every day life. Spring is my favorite time of year, and the lilac color definitely reminds me of spring, meaning everything new. Well thanks for reading, I definitely will be tuning in For craft day. Originally I had an appointment on that day, I changed it to the next day! Have a blessed day

  361. Susan says:

    Hi Anna,
    I would love to win a new Cricut Explore and luggage set! Everything you have set for this show is awesome. I have not had any hardships, in fact I have a pretty decent life, married, grown children and grandchildren. I don’t really have any health issues. I have been blessed. I would just like to win, so I can continue creating special projects for my family and friends. Having a new Cricut would enable me to be up to date with the newest and fastest Cricut on the market. I love the projects that you can create. I am looking forward to creating more with my grandchildren, as they get older. I will be able to pass on my love of crafting to another generation. I hope you will consider me to win this gift package. I love all your products and will continue to purchase many more in the future. Thank you for inspiring us to create a more beautiful world to live in. <3
    Susan Mlacker

  362. Jillian Esque says:

    I love this product and I really love it in lilac. My name is Jillian Esque and the cricut machine is something I have been wanting to purchase for awhile now. I am currently a stay at home mom to a beautiful 3 month old little boy named Jackson. Jackson was born with a bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate and has already had 2 surgeries this year with his first being at only 3 weeks old. Jackson has a long road ahead of him and he is one strong little boy. I am looking to get this machine so we can make great things like Cleft Stong shirts and stickers to support Jackson on his journey as well as make items to sell and donate the proceeds to the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation as well as Operation Smile. We are Cleft Strong and I want to share this with the world and let the other families out there know there are people out there to support them and we all have to stick together. This birth defect is very hard on children and their families and is something that once it is fixed they still live with the rest of their lives. This machine will do great things for children and their families.

  363. Mary Esser says:

    Hi Anna,
    I just want to say Thank you for all the joy you bring into so many people’s lives. I love sending cards made with your products, twice I even received a thank you card, for the card I made and sent to someone.
    This year I plan to work with my grand kids to get birthday cards made for those in need. The scouts put together 200 boxes of cake mix, frosting, balloons, and birthday cards for the food bank. Please check out the photo on Facebook.: https://www.facebook.com/sesser1/posts/10207958198702440
    My grand kids all love coming to my home to craft with me. I am very proud of all of them. And we all love your beautiful products. And happy to have found a way to share with others. Thank you, Anna.

  364. Diane Bradner says:

    Wow! I would love to win the lilac Cricut! That is one of my very favorite colors. I’d be happy with the ivory and gold one, too. I have a Cricut Expressions that I love using. I have eyed the new Explore machines. It’ll be a long time before I can afford one since I’m currently a substitute teacher and my pay is a lot less than when I was a teacher. I would use the Cricut when I make cards. I love making cards to send to others to brighten their day or for birthdays and other occasions. I also teach craft classes, mainly card making but sometimes scrapbooking. I would use the Cricut to cut items that I need for my card classes. I have a Cricut cartridge where you can make 3D flowers and wreaths. I hear the Cricut explore makes better cuts. I would love to make these flowers to use with my cards and as gifts for others. The lilac color would be so pretty that I’d want to create all of the time. The luggage would be great to win, too. It would be great to use when I need to take the Cricut and supplies to my classes. It would also help keep some craft items organized in there. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  365. Barbara Troxell says:

    Anna you and your team definitely have some very hard decissions ahead picking your winner. I have always loved purple and Lilac.The grandchildren are always saying what is your favorite color all shades of purple it is . I am loving your new color of Cricut. The vinyls and markers are beautiful. I have been making cards for friends even aquaintences on facebook. I love to brighten some ones day with a surprise card. You are awesome Thank you Barbara.

  366. Floressa F Thompson says:

    Hi Anna,
    First I would like to say I really enjoy watching you on HSN. You bring so many wonderful Ideas. I don’t
    own a Cricut, but I would appreciate winning one in ANY Color. LOL I know it would enhance my projects
    tremendously. The Luggage would truly be a bonus.
    Ok…You said be creative!!!
    What winning a Cricut Air would enable me to do is …
    C reate
    R eflections
    I nventing
    C harming
    U nique
    T reasures
    Crafting is a form of self-expression as well as a great stress reliever. Having a Cricut of my very own
    Would mean everything to me.
    Thank you,
    Floressa Thompson

  367. Lisa Smith says:

    Anna….My birthday is April 1st. It would be a wonderful gift, if not picked could you please tell my husband I would like one.. HINT..HINT

  368. Frankie Rolfe says:

    Can crafting get any better….Anna I want it all!!,, thank you for bringing us such incredible, inspirational products!

  369. Sonja says:

    I would love love love to win this weeks give always! I need the gold/ ivory cricut explore air and the storage bags.

  370. Ana says:

    Cricut Explore Air 2? I’ve been oohhing and aahhing for the longest time at those cricut machines but just can’t put it in my priority list. I would love to have one but right now it just does not fit my budget especially with a daughter in college 🙂 So many projects are brewing up in my brain right now just thinking about the things that can be done with a cricut. I have been crafting on and off for more than 20 years now and one of the things that drew me to you Anna is whenever you tell stories about how you crafted before by just fussy cutting -well I still do that! 🙂 The wonderful and touching comments here make everyone deserving and it is going to be a difficult job for you to choose just 2 but the opportunity of just being able to have a chance to win is awesome! Good luck to everyone and THANK YOU Anna for all that you do.

  371. Rhona Moore says:

    WOW, what a Give-Away. There are so many ways I could use the Cricut !!!
    At work, I am a Doula and a Child Birth Educator with pregnant teens, we do a Vision Board once every 10 weeks and that could inspire the teen moms to dream bigger about their life with their child in it,…
    A Cricut would help to set the bar a bit higher for the Scrapbook Competition a friend and I do each year for the last 6 year.
    I know I would use it when creating give-away items and or the invitations and other materials or even have a project with my daughter-in-law to be with her wedding memories!!! The idea are endless… Creating Business info and items for the business ideas I have for later this year!!!

  372. Kim Collins says:

    First off I love my Cricut Expression I use it all the time. But… i need to update and get with new technology! I would love to be able to go online I want to make so many new things…that I can’t do with the Expression. I love Lilac my favorite color. I do a lot of RAKs and Crops and I need this luggage! I also just retired and I have so much time to scrap now! Love this opportunity especially since I’m on a limited income now. So excited! Fingers crossed! Thank you!

  373. Elaine says:

    Love to craft with all of your elegant products Anna! Elegant cards and home decor are my favorites! It is so easy to crate dimension with your lovely layers! Thanks so much for your designs and inspiration!

  374. Ramona Myrah says:

    I have watched Cricut demonstrations for a very long time. I do like the lilac color and I can only imagine all the things a person could make with this machine.
    Someday I would like to own one.

  375. Kathy McCallum Soutar says:

    Hi Anna!
    I have the original Cricut, but would love to upgrade! It would be great for new ideas for scrapbooking and card making! Thanks for the chance to win, Anna!

  376. Diane Downs says:

    Anna how wonderful! My craft room is all ANNA GRIFFIN! From furniture to storage to bedspreads to crafting items. I get so many compliments. I’m really looking forward to the vids to see how you use the new products we just bought! I love the $20 item too. Woo Hoo! Gotta go …need to check your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook media! Yippie! Happy National crafting month to you and your team:)

  377. Diane S. says:

    He was supposed to be ok…when our twin boys were born, after dealing with infertility for 16 1/2 years, we were prepared for our son John’s treatment plan for his congenital heart defect. It would be a long road but he was supposed to be ok. Noah was born first and thankfully healthy as expected but when John came out there was something wrong. Seven hours later nine doctors circled my recovery bed while my husband ran home and informed me he had a 2nd congenital heart defect that all the specialists missed. Once my husband arrived we were told that both together were to much for our little boy. John survived on his own for 36 loving hours and allowed us to be his Mommy & Daddy and Noah to be his twin brother before he was carried to heaven. During that time we took as many pictures as possible and made a lifetime of memories with both our baby boys. The NICU nurses at our hospital took pictures also and brought us a small scrapbook filled with pictures they took of our precious John and us together. Even with his footprints and a pocket with a loc of his hair. They filled this small book with memories before he had even left us. I can’t tell you what a gift this was and while it took me a few days before I could open it, it was more treasured than you could imagine. Nothing can ease the pain of loosing a child even 4 1/2 yrs later but I have that scrapbook made with love to hold and look through on the days that all the love in my heart can’t keep it from falling apart. While many of my friends didn’t know what to say so they didn’t and drifted away, I’m comforted by this act of compassion from a stranger that made us this album. We have been blessed with 3 more precious children including another set of twins, this time a boy and girl but no one can ever replace our little John. As one of my daughters that is 3 years old says, John is always with us and always in our hearts, we speak of him everyday and all the kids know we love them all the same. While I don’t have alot of extra to spend, I would love to win this lilac Cricut to start making pages and details for the scrapbooks the NICU gives out to bring comfort to other families that have had to say good-bye to their children to soon as we did. I love the lavender because every year there is a memorial service for the children that passed away at our local hospital and families are invited a few weeks earlier to make scrapbook pages of their child(ren) for the service and it would be nice to make embellishments for them and how fitting that at the service lilac butterfly pins are given out. I’m so sorry if this is more information or of a response then what you were looking for. It’s hard to explain how special that album is just as when I am asked how many children I have I always answer “5, but only 4 are here on earth with us”. My heart won’t let me not include him and we don’t think that we shouldn’t. Bless you all and thank you for just listening, while we have pictures of John throughout the house, this album is something we have kept to ourselves.

  378. Lourdes Papac says:

    Hello Anna: First of all, not only are YOU beautiful, but you have a very beautiful and generous heart! You are spreading so much beauty and joy in the world through your amazing products. I am my family’s event planner and caregiver for my grandchildren. When I go to my sons’ homes to babysit, I take my cricut, cuddlebug and Anna Griffin crafts with me. My grandchildren know how to use your cuddlebug and the cricut, and we have wonderful times making and creating beautiful art together for holidays, birthday celebrations and school projects. It would be so awesome to win your new luggage set for safely transporting my crafts everywhere I go. I will soon be going to visit my 89 year old aunt who can’t wait for me to come and have our own Anna Griffin “Create” weekend together. Thank you Anna and your staff for spreading so much joy and beautifulness!

  379. Nancy Sue says:

    New to all this and having a Cricut help me create things for family and friends would be tremendous.

  380. Laurie Peabody says:

    WOW-I love the lilac Cricut 2 and the luggage to
    safely store it in. I can’t wait until March 8-it will be
    a fun and fabulous day! Thanks Anna Griffin

  381. ShaRee Hylback says:

    Wow wow wow….I just adore the LILAC and would so love to win! So excited for craft day on HSN and seeing all the beautiful new products and of course you too Anna

  382. Robyn Arce says:

    I love the Cricut. I am spreading the love right now by teaching classes and helping others learn to love their machines… so I’m on the go a lot with my Cricut and laptop…. I’d love to have the Air 2 to promote the newest version… I currently have the Explore. Did I mention I love my machine??? You guys rock and I’m loving the purple….

  383. Kris Blakla says:

    I love all of your production. Would love to win the giveaway. I am not usually that lucky but I will keep hoping.

  384. Kim says:

    I would LOVE to win this new Cricut ! I have the old original legacy machine it still works but oh they have come so far! I drool every time I see these machines in action! I can’t afford to buy one but I can dream of the chance of winning one. And now LILAC?? Oh this is becoming painful! Oh.. did I say I think my skin is turning green with envy??? I pray if I can’t win that it goes to someone that doesn’t already own a Cricut! So in the meantime I will be dreaming! Good luck everyone!

  385. Becky Salewski says:

    ***!! this looks like it was made specially for me! I have and love everything purple including my purple Prowler ( which is a 2 seater Roadster)

    I have started my own little crafting business and recently lost my job a couple weeks ago so this would be amazing to have to help me speed up production and get myself out there with the means to supplement my income. I am new to the Cricut World having found out about these by watching HSN and happening to come across Melody Lane on Facebook.

    This has become some of the best connections that I could have ever hoped for! Such a wonderful community of Crafters sharing their ideas, inspirations and selflessly helping others to educate and be successful with their projects and equipment.

    I would be honored to be able to have this Lilac Cricut find a good home at my place! Crossing my fingers for a stroke of good luck… it’s well overdue!

  386. Cathy May says:

    EEEKKK EEEKKK I am absolutely in love with the lilac/ lavender cricut. I have been on the fence for quite sometime about purchasing another cricut. I have been seeing all of the wonderful things everyone has been creating with this wonderful magical machine and might just bite the bullet and purchase one. But then you come out with the “luggage” to transport everything on the go and well lets just say that put me over the top. I am so excited that I can’t hardly wait for March 8th EEKKK EEEKKKK

  387. Michelle Reynolds says:

    Love the Liac color. We have a Lilac bush in our back yard and it would match the new Cricut. Hope to win since I am out of my hand brace and can scrapbook again. I had
    Vet had the brace since my daughter’s wedding December 16.

  388. Brenda Ward Marsh says:

    Wonderful! I’ve been doing jewelry (silk & lampwork beads) and have been wanting to add some unique items in the mix…I think with some experimenting, I could use the vinyl material and design some unique shapes. But just being able to create in a new medium would be a fantastic way to expand my studio & skills. Fingers crossed!

  389. Amy Peterson says:

    I find immense pleasure in telling you & your team how much us crafters appreciate your creativity & recognizing the exact products we need! The lilac machine is brilliant & the luggage is wonderfully designed & desperately needed to protect & transfer these excellent machines from one event to another. I will use these products often in my visits to my shut in friends. I enjoy showing them just how easy, yet amazing it is to cut with the Cricut.

  390. Kim Haygood says:

    Hi, Anna & Team,
    I am excited about the upcoming shows on HSN and think you have a fabulous line-up of things to see and buy! Here is a little song for you (to be sung to A Bicycle Built for Two).

    Anna Griffin, send inspiration, do!
    Cards Kits, Cricuts, die presses and dies, too!
    It’s beautiful in the makin’, with liberties all taken
    Our wallets are out, Griffinites, give the shout…
    “Dear March 8th, we are waiting for YOU!”

    Thanks for the inspiration, Anna! Happy National Craft Month!

  391. Kathy Arnold says:

    After all this scrolling I need that LaLaLilac Lavendar Cricut! It is beautiful and it would make me a beautiful bday present (March 12) . When I look at the picture of the machine…..I am so in love!

  392. Maryann D says:

    I have wanted an Explore Air for awhile now but so far the budget is the barrier so I can only hope for a chance to win this marvelous device…Didn’t a famous writer once state:
    “To desire a Cricut Explore Air is human, but to own one is DIVINE? If not, he should have! 🙂

  393. Arlene B says:

    Please pick me! Currently I have a problem. My craft room is a MESS! I have tons of beautiful crafting materials but I can’t find them when I need them. If you can’t figure out what this has to do with my wanting to win the explore and the crafting totes, let me explain. Put simply if I win, there is no way I could bring a brand new, spanking clean explore into my MESS. If I won, I would promise ( taking and posting before and after shots) to clean up my room by putting all my embossing folders and dies into their Anna Griffin storage boxes and binders. I would organize all of Anna’s card kits on my shelves, instead of leaving them on the chairs, table and floor in my craft room. I would organize my papers and embellishments so I would know what I have. I would make room for the new explore by giving my old machine to my niece who would use it for her classroom.
    I would love the new totes as when I travel with my explore I use the original box and packing. I have heard the new totes are hard and will protect the contents. How much more beautiful would it be using the totes!
    And if I win, I would be thrilled to be in the running for a ticket to CREATE!
    So please pick me, as it will bring beauty in the making to my craft room!

  394. Melissa Clark says:

    Purple/Lavender – any form of Purple that is my favorite color! I even have a Purple PT Cruiser for a vehicle (or I should say had until my son rolled it 6-10 time down the freeway – cry – he’s okay). Anyway, I would love a cutting machine, currently any pattern that I cut out for my cards I currently cut out by hand, however that isn’t going to be able to last much longer because I have developed carpel tunnel in the hand that I hold the paper with and my Original Cricut (the one that hold the 6″ wide paper) won’t let me cut big enough piece out for what I need for my projects. No only do I create cards for family and friends and the senior citizens but I also create plaques for those who have had babies, who have gotten married and most importantly I create memory plaques for people to remember those loved ones that they have lost. It would help me out a great deal to have some kind of cutting machine to cut out what I need for the projects that I am creating if you can find it in your heart to pick me.

    I don’t travel at all so I would not need to luggage (in fact the only place I go is to the doctor’s office once a month for my Rx – and my son drives me).

    Crafting is what I do to take my mind off of my chronic pain – if it wasn’t for all of your kits and products as well as all of the products on HSN I wouldn’t be able to craft at all (since I don’t leave my house at all).

    I hope all is well with you and yours and again I would appreciate you picking me for the Lavender Expression Air 2 if you can find it in your heart to pick me.

    Keep on creating you wonderful products Anna and bless you.

  395. Penny Bolton says:

    I love everything you do Anna. Would love to win the Cricut. Can’t wait to see you on HSN.

  396. Rita Juran-Johnson says:

    I love all your products Anna. Would love to win the lilac Cricut. Don’t have one and have been dreaming of getting one. Lilac is one of my favorite colors. Looking forward to Wednesday March 8th to see all your new stuff.

  397. Pam Cole says:

    Anna, Of course, I love everything, especially the luggage. We have done our own “Spring Fling” at a local hotel for several years now and the luggage would make my participation so much easier. But, I agree with what Valerie W. said. I too, am so fortunate to be able to purchase your products (even duplicates) for my hobby and to make gifts and cards for my 13 grandchildren, friends and family. If I were lucky enough to win, I would also donate the prize to another, less fortunate crafter. Anna, I also can donate an older (used twice) Cricket Expression 2. Thank you for ALL you do!

  398. Humberta says:

    Hi Anna,
    What a wonderful and generous gesture to give away 2 sets of the totes and Explore 2! I have the Explore Air and if I were lucky enough to win one of these prizes would gift my current cricut to my sister-in-law that loves to craft and is going through a bit of a rough time at the moment. then I would “go to town” cutting with my new cricut! LOL Definitely want to make cards for some of the elderly members of my church (starting with Easter cards!).

  399. Karen Housley says:

    Oh I can’t wait to win this. I have already ordered a lot of the stuff on HSN for the march 8th show. I even took off work so I can watch it all day long. I have so much of your stuff already my husband calls my Craft room, Anna Room. There is as much (if not more) of your stuff in there than there is mine. But I can always use more. I have 3 cricuts already but I would love an Anna Cricut. Mine are all blue. the same color I will be if I don’t win one. Thanks for everything that you do to make me look like a real crafter!

  400. Roxy says:

    My craft room is lavender so that new color would fit perfectly in my room
    You are so generous.
    thanks for being part of my life

  401. Jennifer Wall says:

    My husband says if I put anything else in my craft room the floor is going to crave in, but I say let’s test that out! I sure I hope I win!!

  402. Melissa Clark says:

    I make cards for all the Senior Citizens in my area for their Birthdays as well as for all my family and friends and their friends as well. I have the original Cricut! Yes the very first one that ever came out – so it would be Fantastic to be able to WIN a new one!!!! The colors are just sooo pretty!!!

  403. Lisa P says:

    I would love to win the lilac cricut and luggage because….Well dear Anna, I just love the color, I have an E2 forever and it is one of my favorite things and know that it’s baby sister will be just as awesome and better. I always wanted a second one to craft with a friend. I want to decorate my windows for each holiday and then donate those items when I’m done using them to save storage space. I would love, love, love the luggage to give my cricut a nice place to sleep. Thanks for the chance, happy craft month.

  404. Kim griffin says:

    Wow, that lilac is just beautiful, perfect for make amazing crafts. Thank you Anna and team for all you’ve done for us. Can’t wait for March 8th.

  405. Sharon Belcher says:

    The lilac color is GORGEOUS. I have the old cricut so this would be beautiful AND bring me up to date. Either way, I am so excited about the new carriers. I can’t wait to get the large over the shoulder one. Everyone on here has so many beautiful things to say. I am not that witty but sure have enjoyed reading all the posts. Thank you again Anna and team. You bring joy to my day!

  406. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I would give away my Golden Ticket
    To win the lilac Cricut.

    It is my favorite color
    And I am an Anna Lover.

    The luggage is so smart
    My machines would never part.

    And if I were to win
    I would forever grin.

  407. Tessie Collier says:

    I would love to win one of these especially the luggage. Such a nice gray. We are always toting our stuff from place to place so that we can enjoy crafting with our friends whether it is at a crop our at one of our friends home. It would help make traveling so much easier with this beautiful luggage.

  408. VALERIE says:

    Hello Anna,
    Wow what a sneak peek!! As usual I love them all and would feel very fortunate to win anything:)
    However, as I read some of the post I am heartbroken to read the one from Debbie who has had to move out of her home and has lost ALL of her belongings to mold. THAT is truly heartbreaking. There are others that cannot afford supplies etc. So if I win I would like to donate whatever it is to one of the entries that need things a lot more than I do. Thanks for your generosity.
    Valerie Wroblewski

  409. Margaret says:

    Anna, I saw the totes on a MayMay Made it youtube video and fell in love! I do craft shows and taking my products to and from craft shows can get a little daunting so we carry everything in plastic bins. Those totes would make everything so much easier and I would even be able to take some of my crafting materials to keep me busy during the slow periods of the shows!

  410. Clare Macdonald says:

    This is an exciting giveaway, because it lets you take your crafting on the road. How great to be able to go set up at an after school club, or with your friend’s handicapped kid. It changes everything when you are able to bring the joy of crafting right where it is needed.

  411. Judy Powlowski says:

    Oh Anna My craft room is such a mess I could sure use a set of your luggage to help me get organized the way your binder helped me get all my dies straightened out!Your new Cricut is so streamlined it would be the icing on the cake!

  412. Shaon says:

    OMGoodness!! Love the lilac color!! Would certainly love to win this package…am needing to upgrade cricut 🙂 AND I love all of the foils…wow, someone has been busy!!

  413. Deanna Collins says:

    I would like to say Thank YOU Anna for sharing your beautiful talent with all of us. It has made such a wonderful addition to the way I create my gorgeous cards. I am a widow, 79 years old and have a tiny craft room that is overflowing with Anna Griffin products. I love and adore everything you have created and wish I could afford every single product you have ever created. I have the Anna Griffin Cricut Air and love it beyond words. I would so love the new Air 2 and all the Cricut luggage. I could have one always set up at home and one ready to go all the time. Keep up the designing and producing your beautiful craft products. Looking forward to Wednesday and adding more to my stash. Love you and you generosity. I am definitely a Griffinitte.

  414. Jennifer O'Brien-Traficante says:

    What an awesome blog post to read this morning! My favorite color, organization, and paper crafting!! I have a 12 yo son and have scrapbooked his every moment since he was born. But it has not always been easy to find boy themed items. The Cricut has changed all of that! And we then adopted our little girl 2 years ago! Since then I have LOVED using Anna Griffin products to scrapbook our princess! Finally I can use all of the beautiful flowers and lace! 🙂 I feel so blessed to be able to document my children’s lives in such beautiful ways that they will have to treasure and show their children someday. And of course lilac is my favorite color because it is also my favorite flower! Just perfect for more “Beautiful in the making!”

  415. Bella Masters says:

    I’m not a poet… I’m more like Francine the grumpy lady on the Hallmark cards (yeah, like who buys them anymore? ) I have one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave, so why don’t you pick me just so I can prove to you I’m not so old that I can’t find wonderful uses for the Cricket and the bags!

  416. Cathy Watson says:

    I would love a new explore 2! My daughter is finally moving into a house that will have a craft room. She would love my original explore. She wants to start making beautiful crafts too. Although with buying a new house it will take some time to build that craft room up. I could give her quite the start with a Cricut!

  417. Dixie Costley says:

    Anna, I would love the gold and ivory cricut cutting machine. My grandchildren are in 4-h and would be able to use the cutting machine for sewing projects and visual art projects. The cases would allow them to carry this machine to meetings that require demonstrations. I already own the gold and ivory cuttlebug and minc machine. The air 2 would be a great addition .

  418. Rosemary Ragland says:

    thanks for the great prizes! I would love to win a Lilac Cricut-it would match my craftroom decor so perfectly!

  419. Sandy Bowers says:

    That lavender is gorgeous! And the totes…..I’ve been eyeing them, too! Would love to win them. Then I could gift my Explore One to a fellow crafter who doesn’t have one! Yay!

  420. Gale L. says:

    I was born to craft! is what I always say having been born in the month of March. The Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2 will help invigorate my inner Craft Goddess. Bring it on!

  421. Claudia Brawley says:

    What a way to add “spring” to my craft room than with a ‘flip’ of Lilac to make it ‘fantastic’ as I craft away my cares today. Oh to bring joy to all that receive a piece of loving cheer sent their way. Then to pack it all away in gray to travel to “Create” to craft many more days.

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunities you bring our way.

  422. Maria Reyes-Witak says:

    I love all the new products, we really come in handy when I came to everything to classes. I have been teach cricut classes for about a 1 1/2 and my poor machine takes a beating. It is worth it, see the wonderful crafts everyones creates because the wonderful machine.

  423. Amy Tolley says:

    Amazing!! I have been watching and exploring what these amazing machines can do…And, I ‘am shocked at everything you can create.. Right in your home.. I am on disability now due to health issues..So having an amazing machine around like this i can now create items for gifting or just to make someone’s day brighter. Having all this time at home i am interested in learning how to scrapbook and creating home made cards and etc…What a great way to give myself a new hobby. Best of wishes to everyone and have a blessed day!!!

  424. Debbie says:

    A purple Explore? A PURPLE EXPLORE????? Oh gee gosh golywompers! I just might turn purple with excitement! And all those fabulous supplies and the perfect protective carry all for that precious machine! And the other totes oh my!!! Dizzy with all the wow!! Somebody (s) gonna be so fortunate to receive these.

  425. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    I am so excited about the March 8th airing of these products, so many new directions that crafting is going nowadays. Love my Cricut but would love a new one even better! I am at peace with the world when I am creating. My cards make my friends happy and I enjoy giving. The luggage storage is a dream come true. Everything has it’s place. Anna, bless you for filling the void of creativity in our lives!

  426. Ronda Dowden says:

    The smell of Lilacs sends me into an inspirational spin using the new Lilac explore would let me create beyond my imagination.

  427. Melissa Bryant says:

    I would love this prize. I have been longing for one for a long time. It would be so great t9 do projects with my son. Also love the lilac color. Thank you

  428. Susan Hilley says:

    Anna: I cannot tell you how this would change my Life! I set a goal to do a some sort of show last year and I did not make it so I have carried it on to this year! My expression 2 and all my hard copy cartridges were stolen in August of last year. Lucky I had them linked! I was able to get an explore but I was counting on two to be able to make enough product to sell. The cases would be a blessing to get everything where it should be. Even if you do not Pick Me I am blessed and inspired by your Enthusiasm and talent. Thank you so very much for your Inspiration!

  429. Christine Gutweniger says:

    Anna…I think everything you touch turns to gold!
    Thank you for the opportunities you give us all to win awesome crafting supplies!

  430. Rebecca Sikora says:

    I love the lilac! I’ve been using cricuts since 2007 and it still amazes me ( and my husband) what it help me create. I create mostly cards and paper projects, but I also create with vinyl and htv. My projects usually center around my 2 daughters. Seeing their eyes light up when I make something for them makes me happy. 🙂

  431. Mary Ellen Benarth says:

    Oh my, I triple love the new color! Been waiting for “purple”! The new travel bag is awesome! Can’t wait for March 8th.

  432. Barbara Norfolk says:

    Hi Anna, I am new to Cricut and would surely love to win this and join in all the fun that everyone is having with it! It looks amazing what you do with it! Love everything you do! So creative and fun!!!

  433. Luci Mount says:

    I’m sitting here with my husband in Huntington, WV watching him taking chemotherapy. I bring my iPad to use as I wait for his treatment to complete. Then, I see this from Anna and a smile comes across my face. I’m normally not smiling while in the infusion center but this certainly gave me a smile. I do not have a Cricuit Air and winning one would be such a blessing! I won’t talk about the medical expenses which are astronomical. I’m going to be thankful there is treatment for him. Love your products and love paper crafting. It’s very therapeutic!

  434. Tandara Smith says:

    My daughter and I spend quality time together scrapbooking. We go once a month to our local scrapping store and craft all day and part of the night. She has a Portrait and it sure would be wonderful to have my own Cricut. Of course, the lavender is out of sight. Love all the new products. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great gift.

  435. Christy Ramey says:

    Wow either one of those cricut’s would like fantastic in my room!!! My Anna Griffin Explore broke so I would LOVE to have a replacement!! I am really glad they came out with luggage but I love that its stackable and such a neutral color! Hope I can win one of these to take on my next crafting day!!!

  436. Trudy Faris says:

    I live in the northwest corner of Montana and all we see around here is white. White is everywhere!!!! We have so much SNOW. That lavender Cricut is so pretty. It made me think of spring, that maybe spring is really coming one day. I would love the Cricut Air 2 and the luggage for it. It is such a generous gift, and it is not white. Please brighten my day and let me be one of the winners.

  437. Cheryl Miller says:

    Oh I need this to lift my spirit and take some of the pain away. Yesterday had a great job interview got home and since the weather was nice for Iowa in the winter, I let my 3 dogs out. My oldest and youngest squeezed under the fence. My neighbor behind me got my youngest, but my oldest was hit by a car. Words can’t describe how I feel.

    Aphrodite was a great dog and we had gone through all the ups and downs of both our lives. She helped me get through and finally break off a very abusive relationship.

    Aphrodite matched her name…she was such a sweet loving dog.

    I’m trying to decide what to make her but am struggling. Maybe it’s too soon.

  438. Caroline Llewellyn says:

    Cricut never ceases to amaze me with the new an innovative products that they release. I have been eyeballing the Explore 2 now for quite some time but now that its being released in lilac I am over the moon excited!

    I would love to have the opportunity to win these great prizes as I do a lot of craft projects for a non-profit organization that provides a home away from home for families whose children are undergoing treatment for serious illnesses and injuries. They love craft night as much as I do.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  439. Luci Mount says:

    I’m sitting here with my husband in Huntington, WV watching him taking chemotherapy. I bring my iPad to use as I wait for his treatment to complete. Then, I see this from Heidi and a smile comes across my face. I’m normally not smiling while in the infusion center but this certainly gave me a smile. I do not have a Cricuit Air and winning one would be such a blessing! I won’t talk about the medical expenses which are astronomical. I’m going to be thankful there is treatment for him. Love your products and love paper crafting. It’s very therapeutic!

  440. Patricia Ladd says:

    I am nominating Jean Carlson to win this wonderful giveaway. There are many reasons I would love for her to win:
    Jean is called Miss Purple because that is her favorite color and she wears that color all the time. The lavender Cricut would be just perfect for her.
    Jean introduced me to Anna Griffin and has been a fan of yours since you were on QVC (who was very stupid to drop the craft shows–but smart of HSN to pick you up).
    I live in Montana and Jean moved to Washington 2 years ago. She always calls me during your HSN shows and we talk about your products and how cute you are making your presentations.
    Jean is now living in a senior center apartment complex. She makes holiday and birthday cards for all 90 of the residents!
    Jean helped talk me into buying the Cricut Air 2 in November. I am still learning all the different features, but I love it and plan to make wedding shower decorations next month. Jean volunteers to help with many of the activities in her building and I know she would use the Cricut to make decorations for those events.
    And finally, Jean’s birthday is in March. What a perfectly wonderful birthday surprise this would be from you!

  441. Teresa Clabeaux says:

    Wow! I knew you were coming up with some very interesting stuff, but I am very impressed! Of course I want these products!

  442. Judy Hamilton says:

    Oh, I love lilac and would love a lilac Cricut and to have protective totes for storing & transporting would be great also. I enjoy creating beautiful tablescapes and door prises for the enjoyment of others at our Senior luncheon meetings, so it would certainly be used for that.

  443. Trudy Bihlmeyer says:

    Wow! I only have one of the very early personal Cricut machines. I’ve drooled over the others for a very long time and this lilac/lavender color is the best! I’ve also never done anything with vinyl or foil, so this package would open a whole new world for me.

  444. Kaylee Sienza says:

    I would love to win the Cricut Explore Air 2 because I will be planning a wedding, so I would love to make my own invitations. I am also going to work with children as my career as a speech pathologist, so the possibilities are endless for me! It would be so awesome!

  445. Terance in Texas says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW, that Cricut is pretty if i won it i will have to have another cover made by my ESTY friend to match but hey that’s a nice problem to have. Now the luggage that is something to covet i have been drooling over all 3 pieces and wondering what i will have to let go to be able to purchase them, they are the pretties things i have ever seen and for once Cricut made something gender neutral and in a classy fabric that a man or a woman can use. My favorite would be the luggage of course but would be ecstatic with either

  446. Cate R says:

    Crafting with kids, of course! The kids’ eyeballs pop out whenever I include items cut with the Cricut into their lessons. Little girls love lilac and so do I! Great color choice!

  447. Leah says:

    ***! When I saw this offer, I almost threw my iPad across the room and PEED my pants! No joke! Good thing I wasn’t holding my coffee! ☕️ ❤☕️

    This is amazing!!!

  448. Dar says:

    Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! The luggage!!! All I could think of was how great it will be for all the Griffinites to come to “CREATE” this year. If I win, my two daughters and I will be there in style! Last year I gave each of them a gold, Explore Air 2. It’s my turn hopefully this year. I have been following you, Anna, since your earlier days on the Carol Duvall show! I love everything you do! Keep it coming!
    Also, where can I submit an idea for your creative team?

  449. Maria Loving says:

    I would love to win this package! I am the wife of a high school teacher who is the sponsor for several school groups and the Cricut would enable me to make all sorts of spirit items to help promote the groups.

  450. Mary Lee says:

    Oh, just so beautiful! Lilac is such a soothing color. Looking forward to your presentation on tv.

  451. Sue Lawrence says:

    Would love to get the new circuit air 2 to share with my crafty daughter. The totes would be for me to transport my crafting stuff back and forth to our cottage. Love the lilac!

  452. Debra Shinabarger says:

    Love all your products can not wait for the 8th.I love my cricut and a new one would be fabulous! My Grandkids love to help me with projects from making cards to vinyl for their bedrooms,car decal for the oldest which turned out great he loves it.Thanks for a chance to win!

  453. Kristina Fowler says:

    my favorite! This is the one I e been waiting for. Always been a purple girl. All shades of purple but when I was young my mother built a house and let us decorate our bedrooms anyway we wanted. Well my room was an overflow of purple. Everything (well almost) was some shade of purple! I loved it. Today, while the walls are painted and all remnants of my things are gone, one thing is still there-the lilac carpeting I picked out all those years ago! Same color as this Cricut! How is that? This. Do it would look fabulous in my old bedroom but will be exceptionally gorgeous in my craft room

  454. Marlene Heilman says:

    *** Anna, what a terrific offer. I have to tell you that I actually dropped my Cricut on the way to a friends house because I didn’t have a carry case. Amazingly, it’s a little worse for wear but still works fine. That’s a credit to the quality of the product. If I were to win, I’d love the lilac Explore Air2 and/or the carry case to protect it. I can hardly wait to watch the scrapbook event next week..

  455. Caroline says:

    I can’t tell you how much the luggage would make my life easier when I go to the Scrapping Inn for their scrapbook weekends. The lavender Cricut is now my favorite color and a upgrade from my old cricut. You really out did yourself Just love it all

  456. veronica villasuso says:

    How very exciting! The purple is just beautiful but I love the Anna Griffith hold most of all.
    Love of your products!

  457. Wendy says:

    I would enjoy winning if possible. I love to teach the young and old friends and family. We could craft together to help there creative side come out more. It’s great to distress and this is a great way to spend time together.

  458. Diane Whitefield says:

    It is so very kind of you to be doing this. I also would love to win a new Cricut. My 6 year old Grandson is also loving making things with the Cricut and by winning a new one will make crafting with him so much better.

  459. Lauri Bisson says:

    Love the beautiful Lilac Cricut!!! I have light lilac walls in my craft room with accents of bubble gum pink and purple. My email address tells you my favorite colors lol.
    You luggage is classy and will store our precious cargo to head off to our crops. This would be wonderful gift to win.

  460. Kari Katzmar says:

    Would LOVE to win this! I was just telling my friends that they have a Rose colored one and a light blue colored one but they don’t have a Purple one and then I saw this video…HOLY COW Its gorgeous! reminds me of spring time and of course, craft time, would love to decorate this with some silver foil designs as well as make some new baby gifts for friends and family that are pregnant and due soon! Love Cricut!

  461. Katie says:

    I could make all kinds of things with the Cricut! I would make cards and presents and anything the heart desires!

  462. Sandra Chiesa says:

    Actually, I believe you should give these gifts to someone else. I am 79, and make my own cards and scrapbook pages, but I do nothing digitally. I get along quite nicely with my original Cricut, and I have a Cuttlebug. So, Congratulations to whomever wins, but it shouldn’t be me.
    PS. Thank you for the beautiful designs, I have all of your books, I think !

  463. Amy Ellis says:

    What a generous giveaway! The new lilac Cricut is lovely, but the AG Cream and Gold Cricut still speaks to my soul. I have loved Anna products from way back when, and still love them today❤.
    To be able to travel around with all my AG supplies in matching luggage would be awesome especially since I am using grabbing things as I run out the door and inevitably forget something. I love giving AG cards and hearing the recipient’s reaction!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent with us. can’t wait to see the show on the 8th!!

  464. Lauri Bisson says:

    A Lilac cricut…like WOW. What a dream. I can picture it in my craft room I have decorated in my favorite colors of bubble gum pink and purple…walls soft light lilac. Hey…my email address will tell you also.
    Love your totes. Classy and designed to hold our precious items.

  465. Chris Turner says:

    This would be wonderful to use to scrapbook with. My son loves to help me and he has a hard time with fine motor skills due to disability. He would love it!

  466. Peggy Macfarlane says:

    I would love, love, love to win either cricut explore 2 machines!!! Liliac is my favorite color, but the gold and cream is so elegant. The new cricut suitcases look amazing!! What an amazingly generous giveaway Anna!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  467. Julie Hume says:

    I have never had any cricut and I’m not sure what I would make but I would have a blast finding out. I would like to try wall decor clings.

  468. Sarah scroggins says:

    Id love to win because i just need a win in my life. This year is shaping up to be as bad as last year and sometimes you just need a win in your life to get you through. Postive thinning and attitude cam only get you so far. With the win of the new cricut i could and WILL do one charity donation of something I create a month! It always makes me feel better to give back.
    I could use the win and would appreciate it.

  469. Elaine Salkil says:

    I would like to win the lilac cricut to give it to the lady who is running her little school for kids with autism. I know that lilac or purple is her favorite color. She and the ladies that work with her teaching the little ones could really use a cricut to help with all their teaching responsibilities. These little ones are so precious and need all the help they can get to adapt into a real school setting to help them in their future.

  470. Vickie Davis says:

    Wow oh Wow I would love to have this in any color. I’m throwing my name in the looks like full hat! But just maybe my luck will surface. I have a friend who has one and love all the things she created with it. Looking forward to the show, so here goes in the hat.

  471. leah marckel says:

    I would absolutely love to win a Cricut! Of course I would make cards but I’m intrigued with the Iron on Vinyl. I belong to a sorority (not a college one), we have members of all ages. Well the chapters get together many times though out the year and often we want to wear matching themed shirts. I dream about being able to create unique designs for my chapter sisters and think the Cricut would be perfect. Thanks, Leah

  472. Karen Kleinert says:

    Love the lavender. Just like the scent it looks so calming. Crafting makes you happy and this lavender colored circuit will make it even more happy. I would love to add this one to my collection. The ideas are endless on what you now can do. I love making cards and as i send out over 100 at Christmas and usually send out over 30 every holiday this would make my job faster, easier and great fun. The luggage makes you want to take your crafting on the go day after day. I defiantly would have to find a great spot to travel to as I would love to show of my set.

  473. Pamela Sloan says:

    What an amazing giveaway. Would love either of the Cricut machines. The Lilac is beautiful and the Ivory and Gold is the classic. New Cricut luggage is very well thought out. Will be watching and buying on March 8. Looks like a great show. Can’t wait. Are you going to do a shopping list for us?

  474. KathyHarmon says:

    When I was a little girl my mom had lilac bushes outside our dining room windows. Since then the color lilac and the smell of lilac blooms have taken me back “home” everytime I see and smell them. I would so love to have this machine so that my mom would be near everytime I craft

  475. Sabrina Medlin says:

    I would absolutely love to have the Lilac. My daughter and I do lots of crafts and things together. This would be perfect for our Mother/Daughter time.

  476. Mildred says:

    What draws my attention to the cricut is that I have all what I need to create beautiful cards and layouts. I find that it gets better every time and beautiful with these pastel colors but have to say that the gold is my favorite. Good luck to all❤

  477. Lori Brouse says:

    I am completely in love with this lilac machine!! What would I do with one? Well, I’m mostly a card maker (love your flip cards!!) but recently I’ve been branching out a bit and learning how to use vinyl and iron-ons. I’d use this gorgeous machine for those things!!

  478. Patty says:

    So little time and so many beautiful things to create with this new Cricut. Pretty and sleek. It would be the much needed jewelry in my craft area.

  479. Lynette Star says:

    I am still using my Expressions 2. It would be great to win one of the lilac Explore Air 2 machines. It sure would help me when I do my scrapbook layouts.

  480. C McCaffrey says:

    Lilac completes me! And that travel set… no words.
    Pick me – I could use something good and positive in my life right now. After caring for my mother for the last 10 years with heartbreaking alzheimers, she passed on to a better place. Also dealing with a daughter with addiction, but forever grateful for 157 days of being clean and sober. Having my own health problems and recovering from 3 surgeries last year, and just having arrived back home from my father in laws funeral. It’s been a rough few years, but that is life, right. Anyway, I am finally getting back into my love of scrapbooking and crafting. What a wonderful way of putting things in perspective and counting your blessings. Just seeing the lilac cricut puts a huge smile on my face and reminds me it truly is the little things. Can’t wait to stop and smell the lilacs. 😉

  481. Faith Lakso says:

    Thanks Anna for all your wonderful products! Hoping to win this amazing give away! I’ll be watching on the 8th! Keep the wonderful things coming! Love all the amazing things you do!

  482. Peggy Gilbert says:

    Oh my goodness!! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Lol! Purple is my favorite color, as it is the Cystic Fibrosis awareness color. My son is nine and has CF. This is a devastating disease that there is currently no cure for. We do as much as we can to raise funds for the foundation to hopefully find a cure. One thing we do every year is a craft show and this would help me so much and the color is a perfectly matched bonus!!!! Please consider me to win this! God Bless!

  483. Adrienne says:

    Oh my!!! I love the new color and it happens to be my favorite color. I always enjoy making things with my Cricut.

  484. Kimberly Terry says:

    Oh my goodness, i see all the young girls throwing their children these amazing parties, a far cry from pot luck lunchs at your moms for baby showers! With 3 grand children and one due March 20th, yes this month, yeah! I have always wanted to give them pretty parties i see on pintreat. I learned what i know from now from Anna and im grateful. I found her the most peculiar way, i bought sheets for my bed and loved them! Lol, i would be very humbled to be able to win such awe inspiring products to make memories with my family. Its just begining to bloom. Thank you and good luck everyone! God Bless.

  485. Jan Forgue says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are lilac
    the Cricut is
    the Cadilllac.
    If I could get one
    before I die
    my cards and memorykeeping
    would soar to the sky.

  486. agnes hendrix says:

    Just love Anna.. Thanks for your amazing products.. I sure would be a happy girl to win this.. THANK YOU.

  487. Kathy Loranger says:

    Woo hoo!!! That lavender color is GORGEOUS! Having a Cricut would be a dream come true for me. Getting ready to retire soon and need to go back to my youthful days when all I ever wanted to do was sit and sew, craft and just have some fun. Have to keep the mind busy….like they say, use it or lose it 🙂

  488. Diane Htach says:

    Purple my favorite color had the white and purple one you featured on HSN, but it just died would love to have this one to replace it with!!!

  489. leaf says:

    Wow ! I cant believe how much you give away Anna !! The purple is lovely but i am partial to your ivory and gold. Im not very
    Creative when it comes to words. My mind
    Is more of a how to do something or make
    What i envision. I love your products, the
    Antique quality makes them very special!

  490. Charlene Macklin says:

    I would love to win because I am trying to start a crafting business and this lilac machine will help me greatly. I would really love to have it! Also, Purple is my favorite color 🙂

  491. Lorri Shadis says:

    Dear Anna Griffin, I’m such a big fan
    I buy from you as much as I can!
    I don’t have an air or an air 2,
    I’d sure love to win one of these from you!
    I have a new IPad, did you know?
    It’s all charged up and ready to go!
    Those totes made of tweed and how they stack
    Would help me keep going and stay on track!
    I have all 3 of your flip card kits
    But I’d love to go on a digital flip blitz!
    I hope you consider me for the prize,
    I have a craft room that’s just the right size!
    I’m not a poet as you can see
    Regardless of this, I hope you’ll pick me!
    Have a nice day and thanks for the inspiration,
    I hope you’ve enjoyed my corny creation!!

    Love all the new products!! Really looking forward to next week!!

  492. Laureen Townsend says:

    I absolutely love this color for the machine. My son is getting married in May and my future daughter in law has been using my machine to design everything for her weeding from save the dates, invites to decorations to guest gifts. She has even put a Cricut on her gift registry for her bridal shower. It would amazing if I could give her this machine being it is the same color as her wedding theme Lilac. She would be over the moon.

  493. Carole Williams says:

    WOW! I wish I could say something fantastic about the Cricut but I have never had one. I even signed up for classes at Michael’s and they cancelled it because no one else signed up. I do know that I share my A.G. card kits with family and friends and spread joy and happiness to them with all of your products which I have purchased for many years.
    I even got some friends to tune into you and purchase your products. Thank You!

  494. Leticia Norton says:

    This would fantastic to win. I’ve never used anything like this. But I have seen a lot of beautiful things made with the Cricut. Thanks for the chance.

  495. Tasha Locklear says:

    Thank you for allowing all fellows crafters a chance to win such wonderful products. It adds so much excitement and anticipation on wondering who the winner will be. Especially have two winners. Like I noted in my comments on your facebook page, it like Lays potato chips. You can’t get enough of them and I could never get enough of crafting especially with such a beautiful machine, and the travel bags are just elegant. So I would love to win. Happy chip eating and crafting!!

  496. Debbie Allen says:

    Wow! You definitely did save the best for last. I would love to win the Cricut machine because I could create anything from dinosaurs, trucks and cars to letters and numbers for my two year old grandson. I could create clings and magnets for him as well as have a blast with creating cards and things for myself. The possibilities are endless. What fun we could have. Then of course the luggage to carry it as well as all the other wonderful items. This would be a crafters dream come true to win b cause who doesn’t want to show off their Anna Griffin products! Keeping my fingers crossed (and toes too).

  497. Sarah Kelly says:

    Retirement gives me many wonderful traveling opportunities and would love to win the amazing traveling tote set for my Cricut Explore Air 2 for on the go!

    Anna you are the best!

  498. Nannette Gulledge says:

    Wow! I have wanted the Explore Air 2 since it’s launch but haven’t been able to get it yet. This would be an awesome getting well gift to share with my crafting friends!! They could help me learn some of my skills all over again and we all LOVE our Anna things…

  499. Vanessa Pecze says:

    I would love to win a cricut of course!, those bags look great, would love the set! everything Anna Griffin is Beautiful!

  500. Gigi Dixon says:

    Oh my goodness, what an awesome give away. Thank you so much for your generosity. I would love one of the Cricket Explore Air 2. Doesn’t matter what color because they are both beautiful. Along with the flips cartridge would be awesome.

    Here comes Anna Griffin’s team
    Headed for the HSN scene.
    Bringing her Lilac Cricket Explore Air 2.

    She will have her Ivory and gold
    She would never leave it home
    Because she has so much she has to do.

    Her new luggage will store it nice
    It will keep it safe and tight
    While she travels here and far away

    She won’t leave her cartridges home
    They could never be alone
    Because one without the other just won’t due

    While we are watching HSN
    And getting all our orders in
    Before the day has ended on March 8

    (Tune to “Here comes Peter cottontail”)

  501. Sharaine Cone says:

    I’m not a very articulate person, nor do I do a flowery repertoire. But I will donate my Cricut Expressions II to the local woman’s shelter. Please consider my selfish plea to be chosen for the new Lilac Cricut. Thank you.

  502. Diane Phillips says:

    Anna, I’m still crafting with the original cricut machine (6×12 mat). I use it for card making but it would be great to do larger projects. The newer machines seem to have endless possibilities and it’s probably time to advance from the dark ages. Thanks for a chance to win all of these great products!

  503. Lisa Kathleen Murch says:

    you and your line. So excited to see lilac, purple is my favorite color and that’s why I’d love to win the newest machine to the line. I scrapbook and make cards but have been focusing mainly on cards lately. This new machine would be a tremendous aid. Thank you. I’ll be watching you on HSN too.

  504. Sarah Lumpkins says:

    I have wanted a Cricut machine for the past few years!!! It hasn’t been a financial possibility in the past, but I would love to have one! There are so many things I would make, like customized t-shirts, stickers and monogram everything, lol! I’m going to try to get this TSV, because it looks like it will be a great deal! Thanks, Anna, for all the beautiful products and all you do to help us all be creative!

  505. Heather Caron says:

    I know there are close to 2100 comments!! WOW I just can’t believe it Lilac is my favorite color! My scrapbooking weekend is right around the corner and boy would I love to show up with this instead of that boring silhouette!!!!! Thank you so much for offering this item I feel like it will be such a change in my scrapbooking/craft room

  506. Taunie Snyder says:

    WOW how exciting to have the Ultimate crafting tools and then pack it up and take it to the cabin for a girls crafting weekend, It is like Following the Yellow Brick Road and at the end of the Road is the unlimited possibilities of crafting. Oh what we could create on that girls weekend.

    Looking forward to March 8th.

  507. Lisa says:

    Don’t know how you do it…Would love to win and I think that I would choose the Lilac. Awesome Anna!

  508. heidi says:

    Hello anma and team,
    Thank you for reading my comment. I would love, love, love to win!! I have a cricut but would like to give it to my daughter. She has the old school impression. I would donate her older cricut to a daycare or elementary school. Wirh her permission of course.
    I bought my oldest daughter the explore air anna griffen style and she LOVES it!
    We would like to cricut together..thank you for the chance to win. You are a lovely lady, i hope to be like you one day

  509. Carol A Razzano says:

    Give me an “A”,
    Give me a “N”,
    Give me another “N’.
    Give me a “GRIFFIN”
    What have you got,
    Home Decor and Papercrafting products at it’s best.

  510. Jennifer Carmichael says:

    Love everything Anna Griffin!! My mom loves all of your products. We are Anna followers. This would be a wonderful opportunity to anyone of us crafty ladies that would win it! If I am lucky enough to win…..I will beer gifting this to my. Mom for Mother’s Day!

  511. Sandy P says:

    OMGosh! Love the luggage set and the gold cricut! We just love Anna’s products! Just so beautiful!

  512. Holly Hudspeth says:

    Well I am still ever hopeful of winning the Cricut Air 2 for its speed. I love the Lilac color. I would like to donate my older machine to the crafts department of one of the Seniors home in our town.. I want to volunteer and help them make pretty things too. The luggage would make it Oh so easy to transport the machine to many of the homes around here.

  513. Bonnie Henderson says:

    Oh my how GORGEOUS the Lilac color is!!! I can already picture the Fabulous cards being cut from this machine!!!!

  514. Melinda Keeley says:

    I don’t have an Explore and would love to win one! Any color will do, but the lilac one is amazing! I love the carrying cases. They would be fabulous to use, even if I don’t go anywhere but to another room in my house!

  515. HollyG says:

    Hey there Miss Anna and Crew!

    Can I just say, yes please! You asked what we would do if we had the Cricut Explore Air 2, and all the smart storage solution products from Cricut and Anna Griffin. Well, here goes….I want to attempt to create the framed art pieces you made for one of the HSN shows. They were designed using a 12″ AG paper, Anna Griffin designed images and a simple white 12×12 frame. I would love to create something like this for my daughter. ‘m thinking the Cricut Explore Air 2 would give me the confidence I need to attempt creating things outside the card kits, which, by the way, I’m addicted to! and love! I know the Cricut can help you create something that is uniquely your own and I can’t help but think that this new one is just the inspiration I’m looking for. I know others are extremely proficient with their Cricut machines and somehow I need a little push…This could be a SHOVE! It is Perfect!

    I don’t have a craft room so to speak. My house is small so I was thinking the storage solution totes and luggage that Cricut and yourself created would be the PERFECT solution to that problem! Having the ability to craft in any room without it turning into a Craft-astrophy seems like a true possibility!
    I am BEYOND excited for the 8th on HSN!

    Anna, just keep doing what you do!

  516. Sharons says:

    Anna love the elegant colection of totes! My mom who I am blessed to say will be 86 this month, goes scrapbooking all the time with me. These would be great for taking things around. The new foils are simply beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Everything you create thanks again for sharing.

  517. Donnajean Enyeart says:

    My secret is out! So many many years ago, I sat and watched the Carol Duval Show with her many many crafty guests. Then, I sat and watched the Sandi Genovese Show. I also bought craft supplies on another network including some beautiful “stuff” by someone named Anna Griffin. I still sat and watched but did not know how to begin to scrapbook. The supplies were piling up. I was a wanna-be-scrapbooker who really wanted to use her “stash.” Finally, I met two scrapbookers who gave me the push I desperately needed. Hurrah, I started by taking baby steps until I practiced. I allowed myself to start slowly and to make all the mistakes I needed to make. Although I was enjoying myself, I trashed many of my early projects.

    Fast forward to the past seven years at HSN. Today, NO ONE needs to travel my past journey because we have ANNA GRIFFIN as our inspiration. What a difference! I still watch and watch HSN because I do not want to miss an AG Show. I record all her shows so I do not miss a single breathtaking card. But now I am stamping, cutting, embossing, mincing, and adhering as I watch. Oh how I wished you Anna could have been with me way back when. Today I am a 73 year old retired teacher who has been so inspired by you Anna that I feel like I am in Heaven in my craft room each day. It would be fun to win something in your giveaways. But, I am already a winner just watching you on HSN. Thank you so very much for all you do for us crafters.

  518. judy powlowski says:

    Oh Anna this new machine would truly be a dream come true! I’m in dire need of # good orginazation for my craft room also!!!!I would LOVE to find all of anything from my craft room in one spot & to have it all be Cricut would be a PLUS!!!

  519. Deborah Anderson-Clarke says:

    Would love to win the newest Cricut, I have the original personal one and find it very limiting, even tho it gets lots of use between all the cards I make for the senior center, the pieces I make for the local animal shelters fundraisings and the parts that get cut out for the girl guides troops.

  520. Cathy Sitmann says:

    OH my goodnesssss Anna, I have waited a long time to see a machine a cricut machine in the color purple (lilac) which happens to be my favorite color. I would love to win this beautiful machine. Everthing that you show us is beautiful. Everyone in my family knows how much I love cricut and how much I love the color purple. I prayer that could winner your lovely things. Thank you so much Anna.

  521. Rose says:

    Recently retired and new crafter. Not sure how to use and will enjoy watching presentations in March. Thanks!!

  522. Jen Clem says:

    I’ve own the original Cricut explorer and have not updated as of this year. The new Lilac Cricut is perfect! I would love to win this machine and spend more time doing what I love and maybe start a small business.

  523. Sarah Horsey says:

    Oooo…..pretty!! I saw Cricut for the first time at Kirsties Handmade Fair and it was love at first sight ❤ I am saving to buy myself one but to win one would be amazing! There’d be no stopping the possibilities then. Lots of love from a fairly new but very keen crafter xx

  524. Terri Harrison says:

    I have been wanting a new Cricut Air Explore 2 I have the original. It’s my anniversary this month and my birthday next month. I think it would make the perfect gift for me! Love the products!

  525. Rebecca Waterman says:

    Never had one of these.. could so replace all the old die cuts and hand machines I have. I am going to give it a try and win this. Maybe lady luck will look my way for once.

  526. Mare Aehlich says:

    The lilac Air 2 is gorgeous. My second daughter is leaving for college in the fall and I’m taking over one of the two bedrooms I will now have empty as my craft room. I love my current Air but having both of them humming along sounds like heaven. The Cricut luggage is something that would be fabulous to be able to take my machine along to personalize items at my third daughter’s shows and not worry about bumps and bruises. Either way, I see these items in my future.

  527. LAURIE K ANDERSON says:

    Anna, i make cards for seniors at the retirement home and spend time crafting at the local senior center. I have the original cricut, and wood/clear stamps that i currently use..i would love to win this! thank you..

  528. Jerilynn Olson says:

    Every time you have a give away it amazes me. Just the thought of winning something small like an embossing folder would thrill me but the thought of winning something so extravagant as a NEW Cricut machine with thee latest technology or a set of that gorgeous Cricut luggage is just more than I could imagine. I’d love to win either. For my 50th birthday, my husband built me a dream studio and for me and my friends it is a dream come true. I decided with all this extra space I would host free art days for the local children. My friends started cleaning out their crafting spaces and donated all kinds of supplies they didn’t want any more and I come up with projects using the materials I have and supplementing out of my own pocket what is needed to complete a project. It has been a fun journey working with these children because they have no fear where being creative is concerned. In fact, they would rather design their own project rather than copying what I came up with. This is just fine with me. If I won a Cricut machine, that would be so awesome. I have the older smaller personal cutting machine and the kids love popping in cartridges and pushing the buttons and watching the machine cut their shapes. Having a second machine and a newer model would mean less waiting and faster cutting too! Good luck everyone. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  529. Jennifer S says:

    Wow, would be so great to win a beautiful new lilac cricut! I would create and craft every day.

  530. Leah Noldan says:

    I have to admit I am already the proud owner of the Cricut Explore Air amd previously owned the Expression and gave 3 Cricuts away as gifts. I would love to win this new Explore Air 2 in Lilac as I travel to another county several times a month and could keep 1 at home and 1 at my families house so that I don’t have to travel with it all the time and I can easily share this awesome product with my family. I have made lots of random gifts for coworkers, homeless individuals and family. And a few months ago helped make items for my little brothers wedding. I have never charged anyone for the items I’ve made and just gave them for the pure joy of giving with the added bonus of getting to craft.

  531. RONDA L JENKINS says:

    Purple is my favorite color (just look at my email address!) I am so excited that you added this choice of color. I don’t have a Cricut machine (I know where have I been) but I am hoping to win this one! Beautiful things as usual! 🙂

  532. Elke Daniels says:

    This is it. I have been searching any dealers in Asia which I can get my hand of this lovely Cricut machine. Bad new is there are no dealers in Asia . Now I am seriously thinking about getting a ticket , fly to my friend who live in California and get one of these beauty . So Anna , hope you can make my dream come true.

  533. joann benford says:

    to the tune of Zippity do da, Zippity aye, my oh, my what a wonderful day to win a CriCut Air 2 an other things too. Thank you, Anna for a chance to win..

  534. April Woodruff says:

    Wow! Love the new Lilac color, it’s beautiful! I can’t wait until craft day. I’d love to win a new Cricut Air 2, and the carrying cases would be great to travel with, so I can craft with my mom. I’m wanting to learn to make cards!

  535. Carol Jones says:

    The luggage is exquisite & the lilac Cricut is gorgeous! I’m just recovering from my 2nd round of breast cancer & because I wasn’t able to do any crafting for a while & now that I’m getting back into it I need to keep up with the newest & best items available, which of course come from the Anna Griffin world of fantastic craft items & the best in the business! I really, really need these Anna! I would be grateful to you forever & I need all the help I can get in my recovery & crafting. Thank you so much for giving away 2 sets of each item, that is amazing! Love you & your products so much. Looking forward to the 8th.

  536. Liz rodriguez says:

    Anna I just love everything you bring for the crafters all over the world…but a cricut machine in my favorite color…***!!! I have to have!!! I also love the autos hip vinyl!!!..

  537. Cathleen Yahn says:

    I would absolutely love to win, lilac green is my favorite color but I wouldn’t be picky, I’d take any colir

  538. Sandy Taylor says:

    Dear Anna, I just watched your video for sneak peek 5 and love the cases and the lavender cricut. I am an entrepreneur and would really appreciate this. I pray that I may be a winner because I can’t afford to purchase something like this, but it would help tremendously! God willing


  539. Heather R...mousemomma says:

    Oh Anna, all the new products are so wonderful, but I can’t tell you how excited I am that the “Fantastic Flips” digital cartridge is available again!!! I purchased it on autoship from HSN on the last 24 hour craft event, waited weeks for it to be sent only to have it lost somewhere in the delivery!!! I’ve been soooo sad!! I was so hoping to get another chance to purchase it again!!! Color me happy! Lilac happy! I can’t wait! Gotta get it, gotta get it, gotta get it!

  540. Linda K Wilson says:

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway! I started out learning with Cricut and he stole my heart right away! We had a wonderful life together for many years going out almost every day! Then someone else new came along and he showed me a few new things or two sadly to say he stole me away… oh Cricut I’m Sooooo sorry, will you Please FORGIVE ME? I promise to be faithful for Life! So Please Win me back over – GOLD would be nice!

  541. Jean Heming says:

    watched these on utube!!! Amazing!!! wonderful bags and love the lilac machine and all the assories!!!simply stunning….

  542. Kris Tacub says:

    I would love either the gold or the lilac Cricut Explore Air 2! They are both beautiful!

  543. Claret says:

    Wow, my favorite colofr. Surely I can be a winner for this wonderful machine. I used my Explore Air to decorate some fabric for a fold over clutch. Got some nice comments. Waiting for March 8, – thanks Anna

  544. Patricia Scott says:

    Wow, I love the new Lilac color; one of my very favorites. I just received a new Cuddlebug for Christmas, so now I am wanting to get the Lilac Cricut. I am looking forward to making all of my own cards to give them that personal touch. Pick me, pick me… 🙂

  545. Patricia Scott says:

    Wow, I love the new Lilac color; one of my very favorites. I just received a new Cuddlebug for Christmas, so now I am wanting to get a Cricut. I am looking forward to making all of my own cards to give them that personal touch. Pick me, pick me… 🙂

  546. Paula McGee says:

    I am in desperate need of the lilac Circuit. I have a small one that only cuts 6×12 paper. I have been making cards for 6 years, ever since I discovered you on HSN. This would put my cards over the top. I am so excited for all the new stuff and can’t wait to watch on March 8.

  547. Gloria Shirr says:

    Wow! Lavender and Purples are my favorite colors! I would so love to win this awesome Cricut Explore Lavender machine. It is so elegant looking. You have really done it now Anna. I own most of your products and can’t seem to get enough of them! I really need this Lavender machine to go with all of my new goodies that I just purchased! The bags are fabulous as well; but I would get more use out of the Lavender Cricut Explore! Yes! I can see it sitting in my craftroom now! It looks awesome! Thanks.

  548. Sherri says:

    Dear Santa Anna, this Giveaway is like Christmas again….all I can say….ANATASTIC!!! WOW!! TWO WINNERS….DOUBLE WOW!! I know there’s such a teeny tiny chance like a needle in a haystack chance to win but I would love to win to give the new lilac color of the Cricut Explore Air 2 to one of my daughters. She has not been able to get any of the Cricuts or even a cuddlebug. She’s doing much better now as far as her health but financially they are still trying to recover and they keep having bad luck. If she could receive a Cricut Explore she would hardly believe it. She would get so much use with one, having kids in school and all the projects they could do, also as a school teacher and use in church. My granddaughter would be sooo excited too! We do not live close enough to have time to usually do the fun projects, always seems like not enough time. We are trying to make a time when it can be just us girls (no guys around) so we can scrapbook and make cards (and hopefully the other daughter can come too). The 3-piece luggage set is super, I would probably gift that also because she has NO storage! I have the original Cricut Explore (wishing for Anna’s gold someday), but it would be nice to be able to share “how-tos” with each other. Thanks Anna for all of the great products you and your team keep dreaming up, (just need lots more $$$$$, I’m about in the poor house!). Happy Crafting!

  549. Shara Yuen says:

    The lilac color is amazing! I love love love it. I would feel so blessed to win one. I feel somewhat
    Limited by my Expression and want so much to move to current times and updated technology. Saying a huge prayer

  550. Jane Paul says:

    Hi Anna, the lilac Cricket is beautiful, but I guess I am just an Anna Griffin color kind of girl. The luggage is awesome, it is everything you would want in one trip. I never took my Cricket because I didn’t trust the bags, but this is great. I have the old Cricket (works great), but sure would love to be updated.

  551. Shara Yuen says:

    That is the most beautiful Cricut ever! I love love love lilac!!!! I am so excited and would be blessed to possibly win an Explore Air. I can’t say enough about my Expression but it is time to upgrade so I can do some of the amazing projects I have seen without feeling limited. Saying a huge prayer

  552. Kay Dell Whitlock says:

    OH be still my heart…. Lilac Cricut…makes me want to sit and eat lilac colored peeps and craft my heart out I have to admit I am a Cricut junkie and a Anna Griffin product HOARDER….. I use the products and if I start to run low I order more
    Little did my husband know that buying me a Cricut Cuttlebug when they first came out would cause such a craft frenzy at our house. Crafting with Grandkids is so fun! Wish I could have had all of the fun products when my kids were little! Watching their creativity grow is just what it takes to make Grandma heart sing…
    And then there is that luggage WOW! Just ship it on out here to me in Utah and I will be happy to bring it to Atlanta with me so you can have your well deserved visitation with just a few of your treasures that want to return for a big Anna hug

    Happy crafting to all!

  553. Maureen says:

    I travel to Fl every winter from PA and this would make packing so much easier. Love the lilac circuit too, would make a wonderful gift for my granddaughter.

  554. Melinda Hart says:

    Funny story, the only time I have to craft is when my son (16 months) naps on the weekends! I work from home and that means Monday through Friday I’m working while he naps. Time management is so crucial when it comes to carving out that little bit of time for some craft therapy. Several years ago, after the very first AG/Cricut launch, I posted a whole series of decorated treat bags week after week on your Facebook page, which I don’t expect anyone to remember, but I did a ton for Halloween and Christmas. I even did an autumn theme ‘it’s a boy’ treat bag for guests at my baby shower. I was so obsessed with making these decorative treat bags it just about the only thing I cut with my Cricut!!!! But at the beginning of this year I promised myself I would step outside of my comfort zone and maximize the ability of the Cricut (the old one). I tried iron on and vinyl and was so proud of myself, but only getting about an hour or two on weekends it takes forever to get projects done! Unless I really hunker down and plan it out in advance, my precious crafting hours go oh so quickly! Then I saw the presentation for the Air 2. Can you imagine how much faster I would be during craft nap time? It’s not in the budget to buy it but to win it would just be the dreamiest!!!!!!!! I’ll post some projects I made recently on your FB page. There’s so much potential whether your Cricut is fast or slow!!! And in terms of the craft travel system, um, yeah!!!!! I’m trying to get a craft group going with coworkers so this would be perfect to demonstrate with e at travel classes w/ my coworkers! If they let me hold a craft class, that is!!!!!

  555. Melinda LaPrath says:

    Would so love to win this beautiful lilac Cricut Air 2! I have one of the original Cricut Expressions and it’s been a great machine. I baby it. Still tote it around in the original box (duct tape and all)…haha so the totes would be awesome too. If I won I would pass my machine to my daughter to use for all her bible study teen groups.

  556. Michelle McNamara says:

    Anna it just dawned on me that this is the anniversary of my 3 strokes. Leap year 2012 I suffered 3 critical strokes. I had a long road ahead of me and week in the hospital and off to rehab so I could learn to talk and walk and learn how to live somewhat normal.

    About a year is so ago I saw one of your card kits on HSN. I thought I wonder if I could do that? I already had rehab activities and tried to color but it seemed like my brain and hands didn’t work well with one another. Long ago in my life I enjoyed crafting and I couldn’t do what I had done in the past.

    Because of YOU and your kits I can now craft once again!! For whatever reason I can reason enough to make cards and my family thinks they are beautiful!! I try new ones all the time and just started doing the pop up cards!!! I never thought I could do those.
    I am on disability since my strokes and your kits and ideas stimulate my brain to which nothing had since the strokes. For whatever reason “I call it a God Thing” I can now once again feel useful.

    You have been a blessing to me in so many ways. I Love everything I have gotten from you and it fills my living room! I sit in my chair and have a table that I do my cards at all hours of the day and night. Yet another thing I inherented 5 years ago…..insomnia but thank God I’m alive. Thank you Anna for helping me feel alive once again.


    Michelle McNamara

    P.S. Thank you for the opportunity to win all the exciting things you have for us all. I’ll see you on the 8th. I can not wait!!!! ❤

  557. Kim Watkins says:

    Anna you are wonderful! I love your kindness and your giving! Thank you so very much for your beautiful products so can share my creations with friends! I receive loving thank you!

  558. Nora says:

    Anna, I would love to win your lilac cricut as purple was my Moms favorite color. In her honor and memory it would be great to be able to win this. Crafting is my therapy since I lost her 3 years ago, I lost her on 3/1/14 and she was my biggest fan! I remember nights I would be working on your Christmas card kits and she would examine each card & loved each and every one of them! She would fall asleep in between my card making but would always wake up and want to see what I did in between her naps, lol! In loving memory of my biggest fan…

  559. Melissa Cano says:

    How exciting! First loving all the previous this week! There is so much that can be done with all these items:

    1) My husband and I are getting married by the church this Fall for our 11th wedding anniversary since the 1st time we got married I only had a 4 day notice, lol. Long story there, lol. But anyway, this would be perfect to make invitations, centerpieces, table cards, favors, a photo booth, labels for the desert/candy table, flower bouquets and boutonnieres, and personalize and sign-in table and our table. 2) my husband and I are also going to be baptizing my niece this Fall too, so that means more invitations, centerpieces, favors, and lots of party decorations. 3) there are plenty of cards and scrabook pages to make for the hoildays, birthdays, and just because days. 4) as soon as I saw the luggage set the first thing popped into my head was how am I going to use iron-on vinyl to personalize this awesome set. The second thing I thought about was how perfect this would be to take to your craft event in November! 5) can’t wait for that digital cartridge to come back, by the time I went to check out in January it was sold out. Definitely not missing out this time!

    I hope you have a wonderful week and can’t wait for the airings next week!

  560. Judy S says:

    Oh, how I wish I could win the wonderful Cricut Air II,
    To design & cut images made with loving care,
    No more labor or work to get great results in no time,
    You just go online with your project in mind.
    Set up your Cricut one step at a time,
    Create your project using the Cricut access design.
    The custom luggage totes are so versatile, durable and grand,
    That If by chance I would win these , I”d be the envy of all in our clan.
    Oh, I wish I owned this so that I might play,
    But being low on cash, I’ll continue to pray.

  561. Laura Herek says:

    Thanks for the opporunity to win a Cricut Air 2. I’ve been wanting one and would love it to go along with your cuttlebug and papers I have of yours. My granddaughter would love to use this, as she has difficulty cutting things out with scissors, her hands shake a lot when she does and this would be so much easier.

  562. Helen Hostutler says:

    Oh my goodness! I would be so excited to win anything from Anna, absolutely love her stuff! Could you imagine spending a day crafting with Anna! AWESOMENESS just flows from her soul! From the mo