Happy National Craft Month!

Hi everyone,

March is National Craft Month, and we’re celebrating all month long! Crafting is a way of life. It’s a way to connect with others, to celebrate friends and loved ones and is a way to express yourself by making beautiful things. There is no limit to your creativity, and we love seeing how you translate our products into art each and every day! Join us everyday this month for exciting surprises and giveaways across Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and this blog!

On Instagram and Facebook, we are celebrating even more by having giveaways each and every day! That’s right! 31 winners over the next month, just to show how much we appreciate you!  Share your projects and comment to win a special hand picked grab bag of crafts every day.

If that weren’t enough, we are also celebrating by offering you 4 separate Weekly Craft Wonders. That means, we’re going to be bringing back a favorite Anna Griffin item, and offering it for a special Craft Month price of $20 (that includes shipping). Isn’t that amazing? Details on these coming every Monday right here on the blog! Also join us here on Fridays for the launch of our new how to videos where I show you how to use some of our favorite new products.

Stay tuned for more and we will see you on all our social media channels!

Love and happy crafting,



  1. Kathleen Kelly says:

    Hi I’m a long time fan and just spent 24 hours watching another great craft show. I was hoping to see the Treillage Die Cuts. I have them on my favorites list but have I missed them being available? I can’t wait to use them with the dies and folders.

  2. Sandra Griswold says:

    Your products make me happy, their beauty excells all others. Been buying them since you first started with QVC. March is my anniversary month. Loving March CRAFT month.

  3. Dianne Yamada says:

    Wow this is going to be a fun month !! Looking forward to all the projects and surprises also can’t wait to see Anna on hsn . I love watching her ideas and the impeccable products, simply amazing!

  4. Michelle says:

    Whether or not we win some of these wonderful new products from Anna, we will all truly be winners. The sneak peek at the Go Press and Foil and the Punch board set will take our own craft projects farther than we ever dreamed.

    I have purchased Anna’s products for years and never have been disappointed, only further inspired.

    Thank You Anna for developing and sharing these wonderful crafting systems. These will leave a mark on our own personal history as we create and give the cards and gifts to family and friends.

    Treasures for Today, Treasures for Tomorrow.

  5. Roxanne Henderson says:

    I just spent time looking at the board on Pinterest and I’m amazed at how calm I felt. All the beautiful and soft colors, elaborate architectural details, and prints sent me to another place. It’s so nice to be away from the pressures and step into a place of beauty. Ms. Anna, I think this is why you have such a following. You bring beauty to our lives and by doing so, you tell us it’s okay to be soft and gentle. It’s such a great feeling that one must share with others. I really enjoy what you do and I’m getting a better understanding of what inspires you to create such loveliness.

    May you always be blessed with beauty and grace.

  6. Lindar says:

    Anna, you continue to amaze and delight me with your enthusiasm and incredible products. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Terry Hollingsworth says:

    Totally awesome…..can’t wait to see the Pinterest board! I will pin myself silly…LOL! Thank you Anna for brightening up our world with your beautiful designs!

  8. Terry Hollingsworth says:

    Totally awesome…..can’t wait to see the Pinterest board! I will pin myself silly…LOL! Thank you Anna for brightening up our world with your beautiful designs!

  9. Jodie says:

    Waiting patiently (ok, maybe not patiently) for March 8, but enjoying immensely the beautiful works that people are sharing on facebook. I’m very excited about all the new media you’re doing, Anna. It just reinvigorates the creativity vein. I can’t wait to get to the table and start working!

  10. Nancy Koupelis says:

    First, let me say how inspired I am by your daily commitment for National Craft Month. I don’t craft nearly as often as I would like, and I think that this might help me get into a regular habit. Your new Cricut is my absolute favorite color. Ever since I’ve started using your products to design my cards, my husband keeps saying again and again that I should start a little business with craft fairs and such. Winning that Cricut and luggage would really help me take that idea forward. Currently, I only own a legacy machine that I’ve had for about a decade. It has served me well but is prohibitive in that I can’t experiment with ideas greater than 6″ in size. I’d love to expand my paper crafting into all the party materials and other ideas that require the larger machine.

  11. Agatha McCoy says:

    More inspirational items
    Looking forward to creating with all your help
    Always making me feel inspired

  12. Kevin Cribbs says:

    There’s nothing like the little luxuries like having all of your crafting “equipment” beautifully transported in its own luggage. Thee high-end look of grey with black trim is so classic and it makes you feel as special as all the hidden (and well protected) goodies within! And that lavender cricut! How becoming when you slip that out of its own gorgeous bag! The most inspiring of all is the ease and bountiful treasures found when using the Cricut Design Space -combined with the crisp and absolutely accurate results from the Cricut Explore Air 2. Love the machine, and dying for the carriers!

  13. Lynn says:

    Our 48th wedding anniversary is March 8. I love the lilac explore and the bags are wonderful! I especially love your dies. My husband can vouch for that! I’ve been down for a year with a rare nerve “thing” in my shoulder, but believe it or not scrapping and card making has been wonderful therapy. When it first started I couldn’t even pick up a piece of paper. I bought some great things last 24 hour and it’s been great motivation. Love watching and learning and being inspired.

  14. Jennie Morton says:

    Hi Anna:. I love all the sneak peeks you shared with us. Can’t wait for March 8th!!
    I loved all the new products n I look forward to watching all the demos. Your are such an inspiration to us all. You keep us busy trying new crafts with every presentation.I hope I am lucky enough to win one of your giveaways. Thank you again for all your inspiration.

  15. Barbara Zak says:

    Looking forward to the 8th of March and seeing all of your items on HSN. I can’t imagine how thrilled I would be to win but whoever does win, they will be very excited. Good Luck to all.

  16. Diane Enloe says:

    I am so excited for the new products! I have an Expression and have not updated to the new Explore because of the cost. I love using my cricut and would so love to have a new one. You have such wonderful items to use and I look forward to every show. Can’t wait for March 8. Happy Craft Month.

  17. Bobbi Hollar says:

    WOW! You never cease to amaze me with the new products you create. I would definitely use the Cricut totes to put all of my Anna Griffin products in. I have a Cricut Explore and it would be great to upgrade to the Cricut Explore Air 2. I am looking forward to viewing the tutorials. Thank you for all you do!

  18. Darlene Morales says:

    I need this lilac Cricut! I can’t wait to place my order! It’s so pretty and I’ve been holding off to order

  19. Peggy Biggs says:

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration you give us all. Love your products and get so excited when you show off new things….. Love watching you on HSN…… There goes my pocket book! LOL….. Thanks for a change to win as well. My crafting supplies are very limited in a tiny closet size room. I am excited to have a chance to win. Thanks for thinking of us all… We love you! I love making cards!

  20. Sparkles says:

    Queen Anna…… You never cease to amaze me! You creative team has no boundaries and a never ending imagination, Love love it all! ❤️❤️

  21. Jeanne Roesler says:

    ***…. I just paid off my HSN card from the last 24 hour craft show. I am going to go broke. I bought the Anna Griffin Gold Explore Air 2 and the Anna Griffin Gold Cuttlebug. Tons of A.G. embossing folders and dies. Several A.G. card making kits, storage boxes and binders, tools, marker sets, 7 or 8 A.G. Cricut cartridges and so much more! Kinda wish I had waited…. I love the lavender explore air 2!
    I THINK I COULD USE A BUY ONE GET ONE FREE KINDA OF DEAL ABOUT NOW! LOL Seriously, Anna I really enjoy watching your videos, so much inspiration in them. And Yes, I will be watching on March 8th.
    So if I win the Lavendar Explore Air 2…. I will have to pass my Anna Gold on to my niece or sister!

  22. Lorena Hernandez says:

    Everytime you seem to amaze me with all your wonderful stuff. please keep them coming. Can’t wait to get all my goodies. Thank you Anna

  23. Debbie Cooper says:

    Anna you never quit amazing me. I’ve followed you for years and still get excited with your new products and ideas. Can’t wait for your next show. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Esmeralda C. Bass says:

    Good Evening Anna! Let me start by saying…Holy Cow! 🙂 You’ve done it again! These new items are fab-a-licious! I just love the new concept of the Platform Punch system. I hope you have in mind to add more designs to that. Also the new dies are to “die” for. And lets talk about the Cricut Explore Air. The new lavender color is really cool! It reminds me of Easter and all the good feelings that come during that time. It just makes me feel all happy inside. As for me, Anna, I’m a new-be crafter. I have been watching you for years on HSN and I always buy your products. I have practically taken over my sons room with all my craft stuff. I use his room since my home is very tiny and space is limited but I always seem to find a corner or space in the closet to store or shall I say “hide” the items from my husband since he says that I already have enough. 😉 Both you and I know we can never have enough! I am just learning how to make cards and some decorations for present toppers. Every time I see the Cricut being presented on HSN, I stay glued to the tv, wishing I could have one. I know it would help me jump into the next level. I would be able to make cute die cuts for my husband who works for our school district as a bus driver. He uses die cuts to place inside the bus above the window in each row. He writes the child’s name on them as assigned seating. And what can I say about the carrying case but “Oooo, La, La…..Sooo classy”. Very well organized. Oh well, I will cross my fingers to see if I will be a lucky winner. And even if I’m not….I will still love ya! 🙂 Keep up the great work and I will be watching on March 8th. Take Care and Many Blessings!!!

  25. Mary Beth Bowers says:

    Do you have an estimate on when the shopping list will be posted? There is one particular item I’m interested in & don’t want it to sell out before I have a chance to buy it. I know you had said Monday but what time? Thanks.

  26. Karen A. says:

    I’m so excited about all the inspirational ideas being shared this month.
    I’m going to get a lot of cards created this month.

  27. Patricia Johnson says:

    Oh Anna, I so need the craft luggage for both my Cuttlebug and Cricut Explore, so I can travel 1024 miles to craft with my sister this summer.

  28. Heather Ogilvie says:

    Yes, Anna, yes, I COULD fit my whole craft room in that Cricut bag! (If it were like Hermione Granger’s magic bag from Deathly Hallows, lol.)

  29. Michelle says:

    I just love the lavender Cricut, reminds me of bluebell fields in Texas. I have followed and loved Anna’s products since the beginning, I would pick out Anna Griffin papers, stamps, and stencils from the scrapbook store and do fancy paper folding and fussy cutting to make beautiful layouts! I would love to win this weeks beautiful Cricut

  30. Sandra Crawford says:

    I would love to win the beautiful lavender Cricut. Lavender brings back memories of growing up in the country, walking home from school and stopping to pick a few branches of wild lilacs to bring home to my
    Mom. I would love to make a large framed paper wall quilt mixed with your patterned and solid papers and I would use embossing folders to give it a lovely texture. This Cricut would make the cutting so precise, I would use the draw feature to make my own backgrounds on some of the blocks too . What a great invention and investment Cricut has given to us for a lifetime of creativity and fun!!

  31. Diann Richardson says:

    Anna what a beautiful machine, it was the color of my wedding. I need a cricut with speed. It’s really nice.

  32. cynthia* says:

    Oh Anna, you’re killing me! And what a wonderful way to go. Lilac Cricut?! How do I resist that especially when my friend has been poking my jealousy of her new Cricut! I wasn’t going to purchase anything this Craft Day, but that notion went by the wayside with the pocket dies… Ah well, there’s always room for more toys. They make me happy. ‘Nuf said! : )

  33. Rosemary Richcreek says:

    I would love to win this machine for my daughter. She is a single mom raising two adult children with autism. She is in the process of just now being able to make herself a small craft room, doing all the work herself. She painted, put down a floor, put up trim and is making curtains. She’s never had her own space, and is quite excited to get it finished. I would love to surprise her with your Cricut Explore 2 machine! She doesn’t have a lot of crafting essentials , only what her aunt and I have given her to get started. Please help me make her day one she will never forget! Can’t wait for March 8th! Thank you, Anna, for inspiring us all with your videos and products.

  34. Patti Garcia says:

    this is amazing of you, Miss Anna Griffin! You just never stop caring for your Griffinites! I am waiting for March 8th and hope to see lots of inspiration on the
    FaceBook page.

  35. Carole Carlson says:

    Hi Anna, Love your craft items. I have bought many things from you and I have many of your kits.I’m using what was left from one of your kits to do a scrapbook.You give lots of extras in the kits. I’m waiting for the 8th. Thank you and your staff for all the hard work you do to give us such great products.

  36. leah m says:

    I’ve been enjoying everyone’s inspiration posts on your Facebook page. I’m new to card making so keep them coming.
    Thank you!

  37. Kathy says:


    How do you get images next to your name?
    Did you start the 4 separate Weekly Craft Wonders this past Monday or is it starting this coming Monday? I’m excited to see what you’re bringing back as your favorite Anna Griffin items. The excitement will keep building for all us all month long! Kathy
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  38. Tamsen Koop says:

    I am completely in love with all these new products. Each and every time you amaze me with your creativity and inspire me to keep on crafting. Thanks Anna!

  39. judy Pete says:

    Thank You for all the excitement keeps me creating, Ive changed from just scrapbooking to Media artist. I love it all

  40. johana hare says:

    All these amazing products, I haven’t really worked with vinyl s and would love to create some gifts. Love the carrying cases , I could go anywhere and craft. Anna you keep out doing yourself!

  41. Esther Hackley says:

    Oh what fun it would be, to attend a crafting bee.
    With some luggage padded with foam, so explore air 2 can call it home.
    Cutting out lots of shapes , some that even look like grapes.
    Using paper with beautiful shine. Sparkle, glitter, it takes no time.
    Anna Griffin makes it fun, even when there is no sun.
    Even though I’m not a poet, at least I know it. I Tried.
    Thanks for all your dedication to crafters.

  42. Brenda L says:

    March is going to be a fun month! I am looking forward to the Weekly Craft Wonders. Thank you!

  43. Linda R Hutchinson says:

    National Craft Month. My birthday month. Accident?? Fate?? Good Fortune?? All of the above! I have completely lost my marbles over all these new offerings – awesome!

  44. Doreen says:

    I know there’s a reason my craft items remain out all the time; there’s an entire month to craft! Thank you for all the opportunities to win your goodies. I just love how you inspire me.

  45. Joy says:

    March 8 is now my birthday! HAHA – I’ve told my family/friends – this is my day – don’t call me unless it is to tell me that I need whatever project is being featured! This will be a fun day I’ve set aside for some me time.

  46. Rebecca Eisenhuth says:

    What an exciting month! Sounds wonderful, Anna, and I am sincerely looking forward to the 8th! What fun! Bless you and all that you do to make the world a better, original, and incredibly pretty place!

  47. Amber Pipkin says:

    I am absolutely in love with the cricut totes!!! This would make dragging all of my stuff to scrapbook/craft weekends with my mom and Aunt so much easier. I have such a hard time gathering all of my stuff with four kids (my 2 and my sisters’ 2) running around the day before we leave. I’ve been considering upgrading to the Explore Air 2 and this is so tempting! I’d be happy to win anything that you show us but this would be the BEST!

  48. Peggy Glick says:

    I purchased my first Anna Griffin kit about 15 years ago. The kit came with a scrapbook album. It was designed to make a page for every month of the year and a variety of cards to make. That kit opened a new world of scrapbooking for me.
    Thank you Anna
    Happy national craft month .

  49. Katheryn says:

    Anna, again what great items you are bring to HSN. The Cricut Explore Air 2 would be great to win and what a beautiful color. . I started watching you 9 years ago, when I quite my job to take care of my mother 24/7. In that time, I had cancer three times but doing great now. I am on a fixed income but have bought card kits and several other items from AG. My mother enjoyed sitting with me and making cards everyday. It was something for her to look forward too. She has passed away and life has not been the same. So, I started to have crafts days with my friends kids and they have so much fun that they don’t want to go home. The kids and I have talked about how one day we would like to go to nursing home and do crafts with the patients. There are so many patients that have so little to look forward too. It is expensive but the kids are saving their money for supplies. The kids have already picked out what they will buy on March 8th. I want to thank you for making my mom happy and keeping her busy at the end of her life.

  50. Linda Valoy says:

    Wow this could become a virtual Anna Create event. Posting everyday, sharing ,giveaways,video ideals . Will be fun.!

  51. Rosa pena says:

    ANNA , just when I think you’re done show casing all your new products, you do it again. I am so thrilled that I discovered you on you tube a year & a half ago. You have such unique ideas. I knew nothing about the world of card crafting until I watched you on your you tube channel, blog and facebook.
    The chance to win this Peak 5 Grand prize is just breath taking.
    The vivid lilac flower color on the Cricut is so rich. It makes you feel like spring has sprung.
    I especially love the Craft luggage set. It is so perfect for the on the go crafter to take all of her craft goodies with her to the lake house, when she does not want to watch TV in the evenings or to just have a a girl gathering to show & tell how fabulous Crafting month is with Anna Griffin. This luggage set would make life easier when on the go.
    The cricut auto ship is a fantastic idea to get to try cricut vinyl products. The box that stores the vinyl is a plus and is a great way to stay organized.
    Anna G, I would love to see your exquisite flower designer patterns on Vinyl. That way we can design our craft room with a BOUQUET of FLOWERS. I believe that every crafter would love to have vinyl with Anna Griffin flower patterns.
    Thank you Anna for giving me so much inspiration and a chance to win your wonderful timeless products. It would also be a dream come true to win tickets to the Create 3 Convention this November for my 54th Birthday. OOHWEE!
    So excited for Fridays winner! Can’t wait for March 8. I’ll stay up with you Anna, into the wee hours with a glass of vino. Cheers!

  52. Paulette Eby says:

    I am camping and crafting withmy BFF every day! We are having a blast. We told our husbands do not bother u and we are outside at the picnic table making cards all day long.

  53. Karen says:

    I am a CPA and National Craft Month falls right smack dab in the middle of my busy season! I can’t take the day of on March 8th, but I will be recording the event on HSN and maybe sneaking a peak on line now and again at work…but don’t tell anyone!!!! I hope all you ladies enjoy all the festivities and fun!!

  54. Joy Stumbo says:

    Can’t wait for HSN Craft Day! Here is what I do…
    1) Take the day off of work just for me!
    2) Settle in my comfy sun room.
    3) Enjoy the entire day learning new techniques and seeing new products.
    4) I may even have a glass of wine later in the day!
    5) Happy that I can do this and know that my purchases will arrive and give me more fun days to come!
    Thank you Anna for what you do! I can’t wait to retire and spend more time crafting!

  55. Vicki Moffett says:

    Thank you so much for the news that you will be giving us videos with tips on using your wonderful products. Crafting month would not be the same without you,your staff and the griffinites.

  56. Yolanda K Medelez says:

    I am counting down to March 8 so that I can buy your new items on HSN so I can make some more cards and other items for my family and friends so I can bring happiness to them as they receive them.

  57. Dorothy Trexler says:

    I order things from you because they are so beautiful (specially card kits ) sometimes I can’t even assemble things right, still haven’t mastered the cricut you have the most beautiful products I’ve seen anywhere, keep them coming.

  58. Linda Ross says:

    You have been really busy! All of your inspirations are fantastic. Can’t wait to see the craft month inspirations.

  59. Cheryl Locke says:

    What a way to celebrate my birthday with a crafting month! Again, your generosity and the creativity of you and your staff is overwhelming. I look forward to seeing what everyone creates. I think my life is finally settling down this year and look forward to creating in my craft room and finally going to some crops. Can’t wait until the 8th and hope I get some HSN gift cards for my birthday.

  60. Cheryl Locke says:

    What a way to celebrate my birthday with a crafting month! Again, your generosity and the creativity of you and your staff is overwhelming. I look forward to the videos and seeing what everyone is creating. I think my life might be getting a little calmer now and can spend time crafting this month. I so look forward to that and buying all your items on HSN Wednesday!!!!

  61. Betty in Pennsylvania says:

    Dear Anna, I am a total newbie to making cards & scrapebooking. Everything that you have for a give away this week is wonderful. The totes would keep me organized. The new Cricut machine would give me the right tools to make Anna Griffin’s kits and projects. And I can’t forget about the rhinestones I have, which can be used along with the vinyl iron on’s auto-shipment. I am so happy I found you about a month ago. I find that your products are very sophisticated, beautiful, and simple. Since I am a newbie, I need many items to start crafting. Bye for now, and happy crafting. Betty

  62. Myrna Hartley says:

    Can’t wait I am going on Facebook now.
    This is going to be fun.


  63. Cathy Coakley says:

    Cannot wait to use my products I purchased in February sorry i couldnt wait. My list is made for March and cannot wait to be inspired by pinterest. I don’t do facebook but love coming to the blog and using the past post for ideas.

  64. Dawn Thiesen says:

    Hi sweet Anna. Hearing about Friday tutorials was very exciting. I’m keeping my fingers crossed you will have some more inspiration and education for the beautiful Treilliage Dies, embossing folders, and embellishments. Love all you do for us.

  65. Ginny Michelson says:

    This is so exciting. I am hoping one of the items you will selling in the $20 contect will be a die I have been looking for a long time. It was the flourish Swirl. So pretty but must be very rare. So, I hope, I hope and hope.

  66. Judy Palmer says:

    Thank you so much for all your effort. I am looking forward to your ideas. I send around 500 cards a year to my local nursing home. I have a group I call “The Forgotten Ones.” It can become expensive, but is well worth the time and effort. Keep on inspiring me!

  67. Betty Jackson says:

    Anna, Watching your video today was like standing in a beautiful garden.. I was mesmerized by all of the beautiful flowers and that gorgeous lilac air circuit..
    Your creativity amazes me.
    I can hardly wait for next week.

  68. Angel Cyr says:

    Wow !!! … A Month Of Give A Ways !!! !!! !!! How Exciting … Is That !!! Can’t wait to hear … Who Wins !!!

  69. Marcia Evans says:

    I love the new products that I have seen so far. Thank you Anna for the wonderful expressions of love that you create. We all have the same basic need to know someone cares when we are lonely, sick, thankful, or celebrating our birthday. I send about 100 cards a year and plan to extend that to about 150 or so. It is a way to show God’s love to others and a way to let people know we care. It matters.

  70. Sharon Carmichael says:

    I used to do graphic art, but it wasn’t fun like crafting with Anna’s products. I’m looking forward to craft month. One question, is the Cricut finally Android compatible? It’d be so nice if Android users could join in the fun.

  71. Laura F says:

    Oh ! Anna , Anna , Anna . “Noooooooo” . YOU AND YOUR STAFF BRAINS ARE ON STEROIDS . AND I CAN WAIT . Too join you this month , this month is going to be fun to the tenth power . And crafting makes me happy . Could you give me a tear drop of your brain to put in my tea . I’ll use it only when it necessary . Because your brain is mine – blowing . AGAIN MINE – BLOWING . Keep Crafting.

  72. Sandra Evans says:

    Anna, you rock. Love having the chance to win any of your crafting tools or products. Everything that I have of the Anna Griffin line of crafting supplies, helps me make the most beautiful cards and scrapbook pages with such ease. Keep tantalizing us with your great products. I’ll be watching on HSN March 8th.

  73. Barbara Barroso says:

    I love it,There are so many things to do!I would so love to be able to use these for my family and friends, @ weddings coming up!

  74. Kim griffin says:

    Oh my goodness I’m soooo excited. I love all your products. I just so grateful for all you do. Thank you. Yea, giveaways. Love it.

  75. deborah j.t.m. says:

    It’s great to have daily inspiration.. Pinterest YES… Facebook …NO.

    But I’ll be checking in here and P to see what’s happening.
    Pinterest is a better fit for us crafters imho.
    Happy Craft Month, can’t wait to see new and exiting ways to use all my AG products!!!

  76. Sandra Looney says:

    Love all your products and appreciate everything you do for the world of paper crafting!!!

  77. Robin Rowe says:

    Love, love, love Anna Griffin products. Have been purchasing for many years. Have taken classes anywhere I could. Have met Anna in person 3 times. Have my picture with her. They are my prized possessions along with all the pages I have made in her classes. I would enjoy winning anything Anna. My Mom just passed away and I am doing a Celebration of life for her. I plan on using Anna Papers and embellishments to honor my Mom on her day. Thank you Anna for making such beautiful products.

  78. Dottie Butler says:

    WOW Anna!!! A daily “time with Anna” will start each day. I look forward to each one — and I hope to make at least I item/day.

  79. Barbra L. says:

    Yeah, it is National Craft month! Love this time of year! Can’t wait to see all the goodies you and your staff have in store. Love your products Anna. Love to buy them too! LOL

  80. Ralph Walker says:

    I have been buying Anna’s products since long before HSN whenever I could, but have become disabled and on a low fixed income and my dream of having the amazing Cricut Air machine has simply been beyond my grasp. I love this machine and all the possibilities it could hold for someone like me with limited capabilities physically this machine would re-open many creative doors that have been closed to me. To win this would be a true dream come true!!

  81. Carol Adams says:

    This is amazing. I am new to cardmaking and hoping to learn from you some of the fun things I can create. Your work and creativity inspire me!!

  82. Mary says:

    Thank you so much Anna. It will be a treat getting on the computer to see what you are going to come up with during this Craft Month. You are a wonder….Keep it up.

  83. ellie says:

    This is definitely going to be a busy month crafting with you Anna. I’ll be wherever you are and so excited to watch you on HSN. I love March, closer to spring and thinking all that I can create with beautiful flowers and papers. It’s aIso my birthday March 14th and I think I will be buying myself some birthday gifts Thank you HSN and a huge thank you Anna Griffin

  84. Judy Brooten says:

    National Craft Month !!!!!! Let’s celebrate !
    Looking forward to all the special items and ideas. Thanks, Anna.

  85. Mary R says:

    Wow, you are kicking off National Craft Day with a bang. I could use some Anna Griffin goodies to help me celebrate my birthday this month.

  86. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna YOU are beautiful in the making! This is going to be a blast! Looking forward everyday to all you share & everyone else! And what a fun time to share some of my own different creativity. Like your vellum sticker says – You are my favorite work of Art!

  87. Reba Duncan says:

    Anna, this is perfect timing, I am getting ready for our family vacation for two weeks over Memorial Day. Our 10 granddaughters want to make pages of the Princesses in our family, Pocahontas (my 9th great grandmother) and Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher (my 10th cousin). The 4 grandsons wanted Luke Skywalker in our family tree but so far he is not part of our family! The boys will have to settle for the pirates!!! Thank you for the wonderful paper crafts that you design, we are truly an “Anna Griffin” family that crafts together.

  88. ginny W says:

    National Craft Month – How exciting!! You are the best Anna – so giving and always giving us new ideas too. Looking forward to it. Thanks Anna. It is also our 46th wedding anniversary this month and I am dreaming up something special for it!!

  89. Clara Rute says:

    Looking forward to Craft Month! Since my birthday is 3/3, I consider it to be my special gift to myself. Can’t wait to get started with you, Anna.

  90. Celia Martinez says:

    *** 31 days of crafting and inspiration! Looking forward to all the wonderful inspiration on FB, the Blog, and Pinterest! Thank you for bringing all of this wonderful inspiration.

  91. Rose Maria says:

    Dearest Anna
    I love national craft month! I especially love it because you are always coming up with new crafting tools, kits, papers, and everything Anna!!! Oh Anna I would dearly love to win your new lavender Cricut! The color is just beautiful! Thank you for all you do. I can not wait to order your new parchment flowers!

  92. Cindy Brown says:

    What a super month it will be! Thank you Anna for all that you do for us. Not just the beautiful, unparalleled products, but the give aways are absolutely fabulous! You are the BEST!

  93. Yadyra Marrero says:

    I’m so happy, cant wait to make New things during this month, to see all New post and the giveaways. Not to mention shop on the 8th. Thank you Anna.

  94. RandellynB says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting month and lots of fun things to say and do. I love your products because they’re timeless, classic and fun to create with. Thanks for all you do and let the good times roll! Happy Craft Month everyone1

  95. Lisa Douglas says:

    I would love to win the lilac cricut!!!! , I love gift giving!!! Creating the perfect Homemade gifts are always the best!!!!

  96. Shannon Morris says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL color! It is getting harder and harder to hold on to the original green Explore. If I was lucky enough to win I would name her Sarah Mabel after my Paternal Grandmother who so loved purple. I miss her and loved her dearly. Looking forward to a very exciting month and best of all it is my BIRTHDAY month!!

  97. Cathy Hines says:

    I began doing scrapbook layouts 12 years ago with the birth of my first grandson. I am doing continuous books for each one of my 5 grandkids. I dabble also in cardmaking and love all your products. I have several of your cricut cartridges and card making kits. Your products inspire me. Thank you so much.

  98. Sara Harrington says:

    Oh to win the give away this month. I have been crafting for over ten years. Recently picked up the first cricut machine and have been learning how to add to my scrapbook pages, Did my first vinyl project (a Jiminey Cricket) to add to my canvas bag in which I carry my extra paper. I have made 9 books of memories for my nieces and nephews. I had a wonderful time creating these. Would love to expand my creativity with the new Cricut explore machine.

  99. Jennifer Burrell says:

    What a great idea to come up with for crafting month. I will sure to keep up all month. Thank you for doing this.

  100. Vicki Moffett says:

    As a southern woman there is nothing I like better than a great pin, (sorority,hat, pinerest) I am so looking forward to the videos and ideas for all the tools and products that I have. Thanks to you and your staff

  101. Elaine says:

    My husband thinks that I have the equivalent of an imaginary friend, or so it appears. I’m always talking about Anna, whether i’m working on a card, or organizing my “stuff”. Anna is always present, and so very helpful.

  102. Jodine says:

    I have been stamping, scrapbooking and teaching card making classes for several years. In September 2016 I bought my first card making kit from Anna and mailed out Christmas cards to friends and family. I received phone calls of how beautiful the cards were. I put less effort into putting those cards together than designing my on and the response was unbelievable. It was stress free and fun! I will continue to collect her beautiful products because of the beauty and ease it has brought into my crafting!! Thank you Anna✂️

  103. toni NOBLET says:

    Happy National Craft month everybody…excited of all the great products, giveaways, product ideas…I love your products and you!!!

  104. Sue K says:

    What fun can’t wait as I craft alone and this will be exciting for me to watch and craft!:)

  105. susan ryan says:

    What a wonderful event. I am so excited to be able to watch your how to videos. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

  106. Nancy Bell says:

    ***!!!! I am so excited!!! Really looking forward to the Friday posts on how to use all our ANNA GRIFFIN GOODIES!!!! You know Anna March 8th is my Birthday!!!!
    Looking forward to all the fun stuff this month!!

  107. Elaine Trippiedi says:

    Oh how I would love to get my hands on the return of the Just add Photos to the 12 x12 pre made gorgeous album pages. It’s actually the quickest and most beautiful pages I have.

  108. Nancy Haines says:

    I really could not live without Anna Griffin
    She brings beauty and ideas to my life
    Whatever she inspires
    Helps me produce my desires
    It just a complete win, win,

  109. Kristine says:

    So exciting. Love it all. Can’t wait for the videos. They are so much fun and informative. Thank you in advance for the videos. Sure would like to win something. It is all so beautiful.

  110. Maureen Odell says:

    Anna tomorrow is my
    birthday, and what a wonderful gift you have given me , with a month of crafting specials. Could you give directions of how to upload a project? cannot wait for the 8th.

  111. Terri Burton says:

    Happy to hear about the videos! Could you spend time on sizing fantastic flips and using embelllisments?

  112. Maria Whitley says:

    I love making cards for people. I pray in some little way this may bless someone. I would like to thank-you and your team for all you do for us. Just think of all the people you have helped put a smile on their face when they have needed it. Thanks again!!!

  113. Lynn Ossolinski says:

    Happy National Craft Month! Yes! Crafters unite with Anna as our leader. Anna you have made crafting right up there with all the artistic endeavors—like oil painting, graphic design, ceramics! I believe that card making is a top craft. It is communicating on the most personal level with individualized designs. Anna’s products make that possible because there are so many embellishments, embossing templates, lettering, etc. All the techniques you bring to us make a homemade card not just sentimental, but a work of art. I like that you will be on facebook regularly. It will be great to get a facebook message from you about any craft idea. You are so open and willing to share ideas that it makes us feel someone really cares. There are craft classes on the internet and many charge a fee. I understand that these very creative instructors deserve payment for their ideas. But you share ideas with us and we in turn buy your products. I wish the other artists would take your open minded approach.
    I plan to make my Easter and spring cards with your ideas this March. I also have a huge wedding in the planning for my granddaughter in May. She has chosen lovely colors and theme. Her maid of honor is very artistic and is making clever paper crafts. I too want to help out make a treat for all the guests and am looking for ideas for that. Thanks for everything. Lets all celebrate the advancement of our craft of card making as we are grateful for a National Craft Month.

  114. Annette Johnson says:

    Love the beautiful dress and the turquoise & white cabinet/dishes…so beautiful. Happy craft month everyone and looking forward to next Wed. with all the wonderful products

  115. Lin M. says:

    I’m not on Facebook but will follow your new Pinterest board and your blog.
    I look forward to seeing the Weekly Craft Wonders on Monday and Crafting with Anna on Friday this month. You sure know how to make National Craft Month fun! Thank You! 🙂

  116. COCO says:

    Oh my what wonderful fun. All the things you do Anna are so exciting. I am loving March even more thanks to you.

  117. HollyG says:

    Hello.Miss Anna and Crew!
    What a wonderful, thoughtful way to kick off craft month! Truly exciting! I can’t wait for the crafting videos!
    Looking forward to the new Pinterest board as well!

    “See you soon!

  118. Karen B. says:

    These extra happenings for the month of March will be so much fun! Thank you! Love more chances to purchase from you. 😉

  119. Sue Paradoski says:

    Our family has its own version of “one and done”. My mother had one child, a girl (me). I had one child, a girl. And my daughter had one child, a girl. Four generations, four amazing “CREATE-ions”. The best work any of us has ever done!

    My daughter is working on a very creative photo of the four of us, ages 92 to 2. She got the idea on Pinterest and I will share if she ever finishes.

  120. Carolyn. Shema says:

    Sounds great! Sometimes we “forget” about craft items we purchased or even how to use them again. Looking forward to the info.

  121. Arlene J. Peters says:

    Sounds so great… Can’t wait to see what will be there for us all month long… Always love everything you create, from your cards to your crafting items.. Thanks Anna for making it so easy for us to look like pros,

  122. Marilyn M Bozik says:

    Dear Anna, So glad to be seeing you again. Looking forward to March 8th. My Birthday is the 7th so I’ll be rewarding myself…

  123. Jean Condon says:

    Happy Craft Month to all, may your projects be many,
    and as beautiful as our inspiration examples. Thanks Anna!

  124. Francesca Solitro says:

    Anna brings joy and beauty as well as ease to crafting I love every AnnaGriffin purchase I have made and anxiously wait to get the explore air someday soon Thank you Anna for all the gorgeous products

  125. Loralei says:

    I love the lilac Explore Air 2!! It looks like we are going to have some fun! Thanks, Anna!

  126. Casey Walters says:

    How exciting! March will be great. Like so many, I don’t do Facebook or Pinterest, but the ideas on the blog will be more than enough to keep me busy. What I really need is to have Anna and team come to my house and organize all my AG supplies! Thank you for the fantastic ideas.

  127. Rose Scraga says:

    Love all your items. I hope someone who really needs your giveaway wins . WAITING to see you on March 8

  128. Sandra Madanski says:

    Anna, looking forward to crafting with you all of March. Sounds like fun. And I would love to win something from you. Happy March Crafting!

  129. Kimberly Terry says:

    Im so hyped! I will follow your Blog and join pintrest, and of course HSN. Oh my gosh Friday crafting with Anna, no way! Thank you!!

  130. Kari Lee says:

    I just bought my first Anna product on the last HSN craft airing. I bought the wishful thinking dies and embossing folders. Needless to say you got me hooked. Now I have even more ideas for my card making obsession. Just love the dies. Can’t wait for more!!!

  131. Vicki Fellenger says:

    Anna, you are dangling the carrot right before our eyes. We have 31 days of excitement and looking forward to each and every day. Anything Anna is wonderful. I already have my recorder set for March 8th. I wish you had a weekly show or a monthly magazine. I love when you are on HSN, inspiring all of us with your lovely ideas. You ALWAYS give so much of yourself to all your products. You are a Scrapbooking/card making/paper crafting Angel. Love you.

  132. Ronnie Klatt says:

    You are so good, and inspirational. You just make everyone happy to be part of your world. Thank you for being you and sharing. Oh Happy Day!

  133. Martha says:

    Anna, you are the best! I have been a fan of yours since you were on QVC. I am currently working on a scrapbook for Christmas 2010 using your Christmas kit.I have so much Anna Griffin I could start a shop.LOL II can’ wait to see all the new products on Mar 8th. Martha

  134. Susan says:

    You have some beautiful things. I would love to receive something new. Can’t wait to see everything you have.

  135. Lois N. says:

    Anna, you and your Staff are so wonderful!!
    We have the whole month of March to look forward to beautiful things and then some!! So uplifting and inspiring!
    A lot of excitement going on this month!! You keep our adrenalin pumping for sure!! Everything sounds fabulous and I can’t wait for those great videos!
    Thank you Anna!
    Love, Lois N.

  136. Kris D. says:

    It’s the beginning of Lent. This will be great crafting to keep me out of the cookie jar. I’ll have sticky fingers but not from sweets just the glue.
    Thanks Anna great gifts and thoughts of others all month long.

  137. Janice Cartagena says:

    For the past couple of years I have lost my inspiration with my dads passing, moving and taking care of my mom…I so enjoy everything you do and you inspire me so much…I have done many auto ships of your products….it would be awesome to win the Cricut since I’m not working, I really cannot purchase it but, since I am a March baby it would be an awesome present…keep up the awesome work that you do…God Bless….

  138. Carol Cerio says:

    I am looking forward to all of your new videos and how to use all of the items of yours that I purchase. This is a terrific bonus to what we all ready have and I will not miss a one.
    Thank you ever so much Anna.

  139. Paula vines says:

    You are amazing, thank you so much for everything you do for all of us, I love love love all your products and cant seem to get enough.

  140. Jeanette Urato says:

    Just watched your last sneak peek for HSN March 8. How clever to save the best for last. That lavender Cricut is so beautiful!. How could you help but create beautiful crafts with such beautiful tools with which to work. I just retired and am setting up a craft studio where my work office used to be and am looking forward to stocking it with lots of your goodies. Thank you for bringing us all the best.

  141. Donna DeGraw says:

    Wow I can’t wait until March 8th. To be able to buy some of the new wonderful thing that you have done for us. I well be coming everyday to see you on Facebook and the other place. I know without even thinking I well be learning a lot from your post.

  142. Leone says:

    Well, I finally got the Ipad. Now I need to get the Cricut.
    What will I make? EVERYTHING that I’ve been seeing since it first came out, especially Anna’s designs! I am crossing my fingers!

  143. Terri B. says:

    Anna, you make every month Craft Month! Thank you so much for all that you bring to us! Can’t wait for next week’s shows!

  144. Teresa Ann Trump says:

    I look forward to the how to’set. It will give inspiration and I can learn new things, expanding my creativity.

  145. Deborah Smith says:

    Anna you are the best. I am happy when I am creating and all your products help me to do that.

  146. Bonnie W. says:

    I love March because it is Craft Month. I have a craft room that is where I go to get away from the world’s problems. It is a calm and inviting place all in white and filled with Anna things. So you can tell I love you to the moon and back and your wonderful and talented staff. Thanks for being there. I need you!

  147. Amy Harper says:

    Anna, you never cease to amaze me. You bring such beauty and elegance to us in a day and age where unwinding by crafting has become almost a necessity for me. I have purchased several Cricut machines from you in the past, but I haven’t been able to purchase the Cricut Air due to budget and space constraints. My goal is to get the latest and greatest version (the Air) so that I can donate my other machines to local elementary schools. They could definitely use them and I think we all need to spread the Anna love and make this world a more beautiful place!!

  148. Andrea Manda says:

    Hi Anna, now March is exciting because of you!! Celebrating all month with you all will be lots of fun!! Looking forward to Midays as well as Friday’s for the videos!

  149. Brenda W. says:

    I thoroughly enjoy watching Anna on craft day at HSN each time she is there. I would count it a privileged to receive one of the new cricuts. I would then be able to pass my current cricut onto my sister-in-law. Looking forward to craft day. Keep up the great work. Love all of the ideas

  150. DeAnna Hansen says:

    So excited for National Craft Month! March is my favorite HSN month. It’s always so fun to see what you’ve come up with to make our crafting exquisite.

  151. Lu Edwards says:

    Today I went to a memorial service for the son of a dear friend. As I get older I find that I reflect on my own life and hope that in some capacity I have made a positive difference in someone’s life. Dear Anna you, your staff and awesome products make a positive impact on so many of us. Thank you so very much. So as a final thought ….Today is a good day for a good day!

  152. Joanne Ryder says:

    I love Craft Month and am looking forward to enjoying all the shows and posts. I make cards with my Shuttlebug and Anna’s embellishments and paper. I’m looking forward to seeing the new shuttle bug foiling method for phrases. “Happy Birthday”. looks extra grand in gold.

  153. Grama Pei says:

    A whole month to craft with Anna?! WHOOO-HOO! Yayayay! Oh, this is going to be SO FUN to get to see everyone’s posts, to read all the excitement, and to get to hang out with you, Anna! And special sales, and GIVEAWAYS? YESSS! -This may well be the best month if the year- well, with the Exception of Create month! FUN! (dancing Grama, clapping like a little girl) OOh! Off to pinterest! What a fabulous way to launch Spring! Happy National Craft Month, Anna! Happy National Craft Month, Anna’s wonder-workers! And Happy National Craft Month, Griffinites and all fellow crafters! (oh, this is going to be SO fun!)

  154. Jeanne Murray says:

    Hello everyone in Anna Griffin land, I’m sure everyone is as excited as I am with these new opportunities. The variety of creative options is amazing. I do not have a Cricut Machine, but my sister Deborah does, and we plan to pool our resources next time we get together.( She is in Fla. and I’m in Indianapolis) I use a lot Anna card bases and embellishments, as well as my own ribbons, and found bits & pieces in my card creations. This allows me to personalize the cards or make them “fit” to a targeted recipient or customer. I do have your ivory AG Cuttlebug, which is a fabulous tool for creating even more embellishments and embossing. My sister and I spend a Lot of time perusing the HSN website, and by phone, for all things Anna, as we are both avid admirers and love the products she and her team come up with. Just when you think they surely must be out of ideas by now, there are whole new concepts and design possibilities for us to be excited about! The Craft luggage is not only a great idea, it appears to be high quality as well. And so convenient. Congratulations to the lucky winners of these generous gifts. That would be awesome. If that doesn’t get the creative juices going, I don’t know what would! Happy
    Craft Month and Crafting. Thanks Anna and Team for all you do.

  155. Randi Ross-Quick says:

    I always look forward to seeing and buying new Anna products — the crafting they enable me to do makes my life worth living. Many people have problems that take a toll on their happiness, but having a creative outlet makes life so much better in all respects. I find crafting to be more fun, and much easier to make beautiful cards, using quality products like those Anna sells. Thank you, Anna, for enriching my life and making me happy again.

  156. Maggie Barnett says:

    What a clever and great idea! Boy are you and your staff going to be busy! OK, you broke my heart with free shipping to the continguous United States. how bad will it be for the two lonely states Alaskan andHawaii?

  157. Janet Nelson says:

    I love the idea of 31 days of craft ideas. I just hope I have time to keep up. Love your stuff (my fave word), Anna.

  158. Bobbi P says:

    I feel so bad, I’m like a lot of people who don’t do social media like Facebook and lose the opportunity to maybe win something. Wish you would not make those chances available to Facebook only

  159. Trisha Love says:

    Hi Anna,
    I love the idea of new videos coming on using your wonderful products. March is Anna Griffin month in my craft studio! I’m pulling out the many products I’ve gotten over the last three years (Anna newbie here!), and making beautiful crafts.
    Weekly Craft Wonders!!! Yeah!

  160. Helen Siglin says:

    It’s a Marcharama Nationalarama Craftarama!!! Looking forward to each day’s post from you , Anna. March is my birthday month also and I love reading the comments from other Anna Crafters. Each product is better than the previous one. So THANKSARAMA ANNARAMA.

  161. Gayle says:

    How exciting and a great idea! Crafting each week with Anna. Can’t wait. Thanks so much for sharing with us your inspirations and ideas. Look forward to the entire montth. My birthday is March so thanks so much for a wonderful present that will be giving the whole month.

  162. leah m says:

    Awesome Anna! Can’t wait to see the new products and get inspiration from everyone.
    Thanks, Leah

  163. Sandra Griswold says:

    March, CRAFT month, hooray, looking forward to spending time learning new and better things with your marvelous ideas.

  164. Geri higley says:

    Bring it on. I can hardly wait. And this is the month of my Birthday. What a wonder month it is going to be………..

  165. Shirley says:

    Happy Craft Month! I can see your excitement. What a way to celebrate crafting this month.

  166. Carol D says:

    I am so excited about the inspiration and how to blogs. It is a god send! Happy Craft Month Anna and team!

  167. Kim says:

    VERY interesting! Please count me in! I love your products, always new and interesting! Please could you help us Minc owners though? I need more of the small folders, I cant find them anywhere! Any suggestions? Mine have become very worn! Thanks Anna!

  168. Cristina Almoite says:

    National crafting month? Oohh count me in! But, you know what? It’s crafting day, week, month, year for me. Why? Because I can’t get enough of Anna Griffin products! I can’t have a day without creating with your products. They make my days pass by creatively. Gorgeous and breath taking creations everyday!

  169. Linda Davis says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Anna, you are the best at keeping us inspired! I can’t wait to sit down in my craft room with you on a video or blog to learn and do something that I never thought I could do! — Sending lots of hugs your way.

  170. Linda Z. says:

    This is so EXCITING! I will have to lock the kids out of the house for the next month because, “Mom has some SERIOUS crafting to do!” Have fun with your crafting everyone this month…a pinch of this, a dab of that…a scrap here and an emboss there ***PoOf***
    and there you have it…A PRICELESS PIECE MADE WITH LOVE ❤️.

  171. Susan Thomas says:

    I’m so looking forward to the show the anticipation is building!

    I’m in my busy birthday card season! LOL

  172. Donna Madsen says:

    How fun and timely! Hopefully it will get me out of my creative block due to the three funerals of family members in February.

    So looking forward to all the inspiration. I’ve been pinning away already today!

    Thank you!

  173. Dianne McDonald says:

    Awesome! Than you, kind beautiful lady! I cannot wait! There is never too much Anna!!!!!

  174. Ann weedman says:

    Can’t wait to see videos I got the digital fantastic flips but no info so I don’t know where to put the sentiments so haven’t got to use it yet

  175. Carlota Ewig says:

    What a wonderful month. I’ll be reading and following every day.

    Looking forward to everything.

  176. Kathy Shropshire says:

    Happy Craft month Anna An Thanks for all your beautiful crafting ideas!! Someone is gonna be a very lucky winnerHope it’s me

  177. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I still don’t do social media. So I will enjoy the videos that you post on your blog. Went to sign up for Pintrest a year or so ago, but decided not to when they said I had to give them access to my camera and photos. I am too private of person to do that. That is the main reason I don’t do social media. I like my privacy.Guess I am just old fashioned.

  178. Jeanne says:

    Wow this is going to be fun. I can’t wait to see all the ideas on Pinterest. You have such lovely things.

  179. Maureen Michalski says:

    Love National Craft Month. Thank you for the opportunity to ad to my Anna Stash to help me contnue my BEAUTIFUL IN THE MAKING to send to my friends and family and my fellow Senior citizens

  180. Sandy says:

    I am anxious to see all of your videos. I know I will be able to learn some new ways to do my crafts, Thank you, Anna. This will be an exciting month for all of us crafters.

  181. Maureen m says:

    A craft month , absolutely love it. I do something everyday and without a thought behind my thoughts Anna Griffin ranks top in all that I do so the opportunity to do something everyday with her is quite refreshing. A $20.00 craft better than best…can’t wait I love your blogs but hated waiting till tues now I don’t have to , Monday blogs will make the start of the week so sweet, happy shopping to all

  182. Earline says:

    Oh my good how sweet love this month I wish someone would take the time to show some of us how to up load what we do to show others so we can play alone with you. There are so many talented people in the world. Who would play alone if they could. Cannot wait until next week baby girl see you then. Have a bless day

  183. Jennifer Wall says:

    My Husband says if I put anything else in my craft room the floor is going to cave in, but I say let’s test that out!! Bring on the free products! haha

  184. Paulette King says:

    This is great as we love to learn from you plus we have a chance to win something for sharing how we love you and your products. Thanks Anna!

  185. Marilyn Teague says:

    Anna, I’m losing weight just by doing your crafts! I get so involved in making your beautiful cards that I find myself not snacking all the time! Cannot say enough about your products. Love your embellishments and all my friends
    look forward to receiving my beautiful cards, thanks to you.

  186. Anita says:

    I love the super eccelerated emphasis and output of Anna Griffin craft supplies and inspirations!!!!!

  187. Marissia Seals says:

    This is great motivation to finish those craft projects I’ve been working on. I’m so excited about seeing the daily projects different crafters will be posting. I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration! Thank you Anna

  188. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna: Again OH WOW, u know u spoil us and that’s ok because we love u:-) How do the pretty overlays work? I’m guessing one would cut the pretty pics out and then we would xyron them on a card? Maybe I shouldn’t cut them and just frame them? Thanks teacher and friend!!

  189. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    I am retiring at the end of this month. What a great way to count down the remaining days in my work career with Anna posts! *** I’m so excited about your 31 days of gift giving!

  190. Samantha Broadhurst says:

    This is overwhelming! I don’t know where to look first and then what to buy?!?!

  191. Patricia Reid says:

    Anna, thank you so much for spoiling us …
    I have just begun creating with the new Box Cardmaking Kit and they are just fantastic! Thank you so very much for all you and your team do to keep us happily creating!

  192. Patty Clawson says:

    I love this!! I think you should do a monthly surprise box!! I would love to have an automatic monthly Anna box sent my way!!
    Thank you Anna for all your awesome products and I will be watching all month long!!

  193. MaryJean Smith says:

    WOW Anna, everyday in March plus 24 hours on the 8th – Thank you. I have a purple craft room that is filled with everything ANNA and the ivory and gold. Now I’ll see you each day in my birthday month, Love it.

  194. Pamela K Wooten-Oram says:

    It sounds like an exciting month you have planned for us! I have already started my shopping list for your HSN visit. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with you this month. Thanks Anna for all you do for the crafting community!!!

  195. Robin Scarbrough says:

    In my best fake Irish accent…

    There once was a gal named Anna

    Who inspires me to create in my pajamas

    Her products help me make cards, scrapbook pages, and home decor

    She always leaves me wanting more

    With her my world is more beautiful in the making!

    Thank you Anna for inspiring me to make my world beautiful with your beautiful, generous heart and innovative products!

  196. Sandy H says:

    Craft month is going to be exciting this year…let’s lobby for Craft YEAR next year….It is craft year every year to Anna fans, but we may as well make it official.
    Sandy H

  197. Beth says:

    Hi Anna,
    And hello Craft Month! Yes!
    Looking forward to learning new tips and techniques by following you and tracking a month long crafting experience.
    I love crafting every chance I get. Most of my favorite supplies are from Anna Griffin!
    If I may offer a suggestion…..would you please consider producing more embellish and ephemera packages to purchase? As a frugal crafter, I can’t always buy all your gorgeous card sets, but having the lovely items included in them would make my card making adventures so much more enjoyable.
    Your seasonal and holiday pieces are so beautiful, buying them for cards, ornaments, wreaths would be awesome.
    Happy crafting and Happy Craft Month!

  198. Susan Weatherly says:

    What a nice surprise. This is really going to be fun. I will be participating every day.

  199. Debbie Daniels says:

    Anna, I have to say that I really miss your beautiful papers you use to carry before all the card making and cricut started. Those papers were my absolute favorites and what hooked me on your products. While I enjoy all the new things you continue to come out with I really really wish you’d have these again!

  200. Betty Andrews says:

    Since March seems to, today at least, be coming in like a lamb, I will enjoy going out like a lion during craft month and anxiously await all your tutorials.

  201. Pamela Neal says:

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get away from all my troubles of work,family, world problems and politics. I can while away my troubles and do something for out hers..Thank you ☺️

  202. Linda Wallace says:

    I am so excited for all this month, with all the new projects. I will be checking your blog, Facebook and pinterest . I can’t wait for the 8th to get here
    to see you on HSN

  203. Beth White says:

    I just love your products, I have already ordered 4 items that won’t air until next week. I am so excited to see them in the live shows.

  204. Gayle Jimmerson says:

    Every time I come online I find another surprise from you. My retirement has been so much fun with your products and your blogs and videos to inspire me each day. I am constantly trying something new. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

  205. susan Brandano says:

    Anna, you are an inspiration, your attitude, creativity and all that you share, really bring out my crafting MOJO.
    Susan curly q.
    Create attendee!
    Best time ever!!

  206. Peggy Allen says:

    Can’t wait to see the Craft Wonders & videos. Sounds like so much fun.
    God bless,

  207. Ruth says:

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  208. Kathryn Bess says:

    You have given me a gift to make others days and lives feel special. I make cards to send to friends, church family members, my sweet family to memorialize events. I include scripture inside each card and use all Anna Griffin products including Cuttlebug, Cricut etc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am gifting those who need a hug, compassion, and most of all hope. God bless you, Kathryn

  209. Mary Ann Larson says:

    How exciting is this for all of us who love every Anna. I am excited to learn from your videos. The quality of your product is amazing. You make us all look like professional crafters. So excited to see what you are offering to celebrate craft month. You and your team are amazing. Thanks you all for everything you do for us!

  210. Joan Baker says:

    Thank you for working so hard to bring us these wonderfully exciting treats. Looking forward to the bonus March specials!
    We don’t even have a National craft month in the UK (as far as I know) so I am so happy to have a new experience!

  211. Diana Clarkson says:

    I am so excited … I got my first Cricut, mint … and learning how to use it. A friend introduced me to Anna Griffin and all of your wonderful card making stuff … used to be SU demonstrator and this has opened up a whole new area for me for card-making.

  212. Jane Bill says:

    This sounds fun! Can’t wait to see what you share each day! I need/want to know how to get the most out of my products and you are the ONE to show exactly how to do that! Thank you!!

  213. Judy Estrada says:

    Anna- it sounds like you are going to be very busy every day in March! Thank you for your crafting inspiration!

  214. Diana Clarkson says:

    I am so excited … brand new mint Cricut that I am learning to use and a friend introduced me to Anna Griffin and enjoying all the blogs …

  215. Wanda Duso says:

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  217. Debbie Dunn says:

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    Anna, you are such an inspiration. I love all your new designs and I can’t wait for March 8th! I am addicted to your products, they bring such beauty into this world. Keep up the creativity so we can all share your beautiful mind with our friends and loved ones around the world!

  219. Beverly Reynolds Reneau says:

    Thanks Anna for your inspiration and lovely products. I have nearly every one of your card making products. I just made a card yesterday for a friend who is depressed
    Your cheery designs will surely cheer her up!
    Cant wait to see March craft month designs.

  220. Terance in Texas says:

    how exciting, i cant wait to see all the goodies going around, Happy National Craft month everyone.

  221. Yvonne Wolf says:

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    Let’s get to craft in.

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    I love everything! What a wonderful idea to have the auto ships too! The explore 2 is fantastic and I hope to own one someday. The luggage is beautiful too!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

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    I am so looking forward to all the wonderful and exciting new things you’ll be bringing to us this month and your day on HSN. I can’t wait. Thanks for inspiring me all these years with fresh new ideas. You bring so much beauty to our world. Thank you.

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  229. Shellie Fontana says:

    Happy National Craft Month, Griffinites across the Land, and FAN-dom everywhere!
    Anna Griffin is my FAVORITE stylist-designer-artist, and inspires all of my card-making. I have not bought a greeting card from a store in 3 years! I am especially fond of your card-kits, Anna, to take with me “on the road,” for the times I cannot easily take my craft-stashes along (it is definitely time for me to invest in some totes)! I especially look forward to your BLOG posts, VIDEO Tutorials and “how to’s,” as well as your PINTEREST posts. March is going to be very exciting, not only on Marchh 8, but with every social media post and prize GIVEWAY opportunity–oh.so.generous, Anna–as well as meeting my sister long-distance for a ‘craft meet’ halfway between my Texas and her Nebraska! I might have to give myy sister my beloved Golden Cuttlebug (she’s gonna love it!), and spring for the Rose edition myself–to match my craft-room of Anna’s Camilla Rose storage boxes! Thank you, Anna, for making our world a more beautiful place! (((HUGS))) from Texas~

  230. Gilbert says:

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  232. marieta fargo boone says:

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  233. BARBARA SHIKIAR says:

    Hi Anna and Team,

    This is such good news. There is NEVER too much Anna. I wish there was an Anna Griffin craft club where I live. I would join in a second. I love craft month and craft day on HSN. March is truly a wonderful month. Soooo excited.

    See you soon.

  234. Sandy Christman says:

    Thanks for all you bring to the craft world. I look forward to seeing all you have to show us in March. I would live to have a chance for your $20.00 grab bags. I’m especially looking forward to your videos teaching us how to use some of your newer products. Have a beautiful in the making day! I would love to share a picture of a card I did “Anna” style. How do I do that?

  235. Sarah Miller says:

    Do not do any of the social media sites but will anxiously await for the blog. Thank you for including your followers (via blog) that do not do social media and giving them the same opportunity to win!
    I absolutely adore your products and your “Anna” style…so wonderful!

  236. Shirley Hinton says:

    Happy birthday to me ! March 1st !
    Thankful for creativity, expression , creative people.
    From a flower unimaginable beauty , design and fragrance ..to little furr ***** kitten and puppies and tall giraffes .
    Blue skies , white clouds , aqua green waters with soft matte creamy sea shells . All part of creation we have been gifted . Cheers to all who create , share , indulge in the earths creative beauty

  237. Shirley Hinton says:

    Happy birthday to me ! March 1st !
    Thankful for creativity, expression , creative people.
    From a flower unimaginable beauty , design and fragrance ..to little furr ***** and tall giraffes .
    Blue skies , white clouds , aqua green waters with soft matte creamy sea shells . All part of creation we have been gifted . Cheers to all who create , share , indulge in the earths creative beauty

  238. Denise Munger says:

    Anna, the many giveaways that you are doing is very awesome !!! I do have a cuddle bug machine a little hard for me to crank with the arthritis. The Cricut machines that you are giving away would be just great to win I could do more crafting and get my grandchildren more involved making and crafting gorgeous creations They probably would love it more than me !!!! Thank you for the chance to win! !!!!

  239. Faith Lakso says:

    Thanks Anna ! I’m not on Social Media, but look forward to your blog and all of your inspirational ideas! You truly are amazing!

  240. Claribel Hernandez says:

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    Wow you are unbelievable! But let us hear about Create 3. My money for it is burning a hole in my pocket!
    Keep up the good works!
    Jo Ann

  242. Silvia Wiesenmiller says:

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  245. Sissy Geist says:

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