HSN March 8, 2017 Shopping List + Weekly Craft Wonder

Hi everyone,

We thought we would do a few special things for National Craft Month, one of them being bringing back some of your favorite oldies but goodies for a special Weekly Craft Wonder deal! Sounds fun, right?

This week’s wonder is our 120 Favorite Everyday Sentiment Stickers. This set includes 120 of the most beautiful sayings for each and every occasion. You’ll get Congratulations, A Note to Say Thank You, Happy Birthday to You and so many more. These sentiments are going to be your go to, and will help create something beautiful for everyone!

Now how does this work? Easy! We have the product for sale at a special price of $20 (free shipping within the contiguous US). Just call our customer service team at 888-817-8170 or email us at orders@annagriffin.com with your shipping address and they will process and ship your order.

Wednesday’s HSN shows are right around the corner! Tune in at Midnight, 11am-1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 8pm for all the crafting fun! As promised, here is your shopping list with links (that are currently available). We will update as items are added.

HSN March 8th, 2017 Shopping List

New Items

532443– Perfect Pattern Coloring Cards and Stamps

532431– Chameleon Markers in Anna Griffin Perfect Palette

532479– Parchment Embellishments

532475– Paper Blooms Embellishments

533676– Deco Foil Everyday Palette

529122- Couture Creations Go Press and Foil Machine with dies and foil

528924– Embossed Word Folders

528926– Scenes Embossing Folders

528916– Decorative Border Dies

528923– Pretty Pocket Dies

532385– Pretty Pocket Embellishments

522265– Window Box Cards Kit with Autoship

532411– Window Box Cards Embellishments

532408– Window Box Cards & Envelopes (not the kit)

529207– Anna Griffin/We R Platform Punch Bundle

532498 – Floral Tags and Sentiments Stamps

533560– Cricut Explore Air 2 in Lilac machine only

533570– Cricut Explore Air 2 in Lilac with Materials Autoship

533589– Cricut Explore Air 2 Anna Griffin Ivory/Gold edition machine only

533586 – Cricut Explore Air 2 Anna Griffin Ivory/Gold edition Materials Autoship

533567– Cricut Rolling Tote

533569 – Cricut Machine Tote

533573 – Cricut Shoulder Bag


Returning Favorites

522277– Parchment Tools

522255– Bow Maker

522821– Letterpress Spring Embossing Folders with Autoship

522169 – Letterpress Spring Embossing Folders

489148– Perfectly Printed Vellum Stickers

522535 – Anna’s Fantastic Flips Digital Cricut Cartridge with Autoship

474351 – Beautiful Trimmings embossing folders and edge dies

474332 – Ornate Embossing Folders

481761 – Alice Hostess Set

479783 – For Him Embossing Folders

That’s that! We’re excited for all the fun this week, and we will see you live starting at midnight! Meet us right back here on Friday for our next how to video!









  1. Pam DeKoeyer says:

    *** Question:

    Why did AG stop making items for the MINC?
    Why is AG now using the Go-Press, heat activated?

    Can we use any heat activated foil in Go Press?


  2. Roxann Higgins says:

    Had to work so was not able to see all of your craftiness on HSN. Always happy when items I have ordered are previewed on HSN. I just had to order the new Word folders and the ones with the flowers (forgot the name).
    Can’t wait to get them. Thanks Anna for makiing crafting so much fun!!

  3. Donna DeGraw says:

    Michelle this Donna again. If you got your bag off HSN my friend had a tag inside her box so she can return if she didn’t like it so see if you got one.

  4. Donna DeGraw says:

    Michelle did you.find the two pictures. Another lady said she got one for older Cricut. My mother got me a older one back in 2009(new). So I might get me one but I have to save for it.

  5. Michelle says:

    Thank you Donna Degraw. I couldn’t find the pictures but I really appreciate this group helping out. I will keep checking FB to see if I can figure out this rolling tote. Such a great group of ladies.

  6. hobo says:

    Anna, I hope that there will be actual cartridges and not just digital ones. I use an older machine, have no room to set up the design space and connect it, and am one of the probably dozen people on the planet with no cell phone, no lap top, no tablet, etc. I use my Expression machine but to be honest, I like the ease of using the dies even more. But cartridges are the way I go. Maybe both can be done. Thank you.

  7. hobo says:

    Been reading some of the comments. I wonder if the woman who ordered the tote for her Cricut ordered the wrong bag? I have an old Expression and a rolling tote for it that fits well. I got several items yesterday, but I do tend to stay away from electronic things because there aren’t always other products to support them and they seem to be a more expensive way to so something similar to what I already have. Plus by the time they arrive an updated version is probably available! My favorite products are dies, folders, embellishments and some kits. By the way, your lavender outfits looked very nice on you. I am such a crazy person that I hope I make time to actually craft. I spent the first 2 months of the year deep cleaning and now decided to re do the guest room, which means packing up thousands of books, painting, sewing new curtains. Then unpacking all those books into new bookcases. Maybe when I finish all that? Two things have been my love ever since I was a girl, paper and books.

  8. Donna DeGraw says:

    Michelle I put two pictures on Anna Griffin Inc face book. Give it a few minutes. Hope this helps.

  9. Donna DeGraw says:

    Michelle I’m not sure that I can put picture on Anna Facebook. Can you see it in there. Glad to help anyway I can.

  10. Michelle says:

    Thank you for the responses. Can either of you post any pics?? I would love to see how they did it. There is no way the Cricut Air fits unless you takes out all the other dividers. It looks like it fits perfect in the tote with a strap (the one with egg crate padding in pic) but not the rolling tote.

  11. Donna DeGraw says:

    Michelle please try it again my friend got her bag and her Cricut Air fit perfect. Please check it out again.

  12. Donna DeGraw says:

    My friend who I have been talking about got Cricut cases. She order ALL three bags and she got hers last night and she has a Cricut Air and it fit perfect perfect now she can bring it to our craft days.it was in a bag and the bag and everything fit perfect.. if you feel it didn’t fit you may want to check and make sure it a not setting on something.

  13. Michelle says:

    Frustrated that I bought the Cricut Rolling Tote because the description specifically said “Provides storage for your Cricut machine”. Beware the Cricut Air does NOT fit in the rolling tote and now I have to pay to return the item. Maybe it would fit the very old Cricut machine but honestly who buys that anymore. Just wanted to save anyone else the hassle.

  14. Regina Kahles says:

    Hi Anna, Whew!!! What a wonderful 24hr Craft Event. I stayed up the whole 24 hrs. and bought so many beautiful items you had on, I can’t wait for them to come so I can have FUN. Thanks so much Anna for developing so many great items for us crafters and card-makers to use. Keep up the great work, we love Ya!

  15. Donna De Graw says:

    It sounds wonderful to me. I love just watching HSN for the last 26 hours. It was so fun watching things go out so fast. I just wish my friend would of got the other two sets of dies that went with the Hot Go press for Foil.
    .I like the ideal that Anna can teach us to learn how to use those Even if I don’t have it maybe someday when my ship comes in I can buy me one. Thank You again Anna for all the wonderful tool and card kits and things that made it a great day for all of us.

  16. Donna DeGraw says:

    I saw her show it to us but it went so fast no one had much higher a chance to get it and all the dies that went with. When Anna showed it 2/3 of them was gone and they only had about 400 left. My friend ordered her but none of the other dies. I would give anything to have the hole set. I can’t wait to see how to use it. I need to learn how to teach her. Anna Griffin can you tell me and the rest when can we get the other dies for that set. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. I wish I had the funds to bye.

  17. Patti Jhones says:

    Hi…loved March 8th…i watched and spent money!! Anyways….. I heard you mention that you’re going to come out with your own luggage for cricut…..makes me want to hold off…however I’m crazy about it and need and want it…when is yours coming out?

  18. Caroline S. says:

    Have been watching you for years on HSN. Your products are unbeatable.Also love how you keep the vintage graphics. Can not wait to try out the hot press, and really like how you can remove the top part to put through the Cuttle Bug.
    Thank You.

  19. karen CADORETTE says:

    Anna I love your show.ive been up all night and day.waiting for the foil ing die.idk what went wrong,but I missed them.are you going to have more for your 7:00 pm show? I hope so.why wasnt this great invention demonstrated on the show?

  20. Donna DeGraw says:

    If anyone can order the other dies PLEASE let know so friend can get them. Thank you much. Thank you again Anna Griffin for all your wonderful stuff . If you have classes on any of this please let me know so I can watch. Then I well teach my friend.

  21. Michelle says:

    I found the same thing in ordering the extras – only 1 showed available but would not allow me to purchase even after added to my bag – hopefully this glitch will clear up

  22. Donna DeGraw says:

    Hi this is Donna De Graw. It is there now, when you get on go to Anna Griffin. Then under her picture put NEWEST. Then look on page one. It is there but the other dies are all gone. I went to get them I put one in my box and it told me all sold out on all three of them. I pray they come back soon. Cause my friend wanted me to order them for her and I couldn’t.

  23. Michelle says:

    Looking for the hot press I typed in the number with a dash after first 3 numbers and it popped up

  24. Michelle says:

    I feel extremely lucky to have some of these wonderful tools to help me create in my craft room – can’t imagine having the CricketAir II – hooray for those who do Enjoy Feel Joy Spread Joy

  25. Ana Rius says:

    Hi what happened to the Go Hot Press and Foil? I’ve been looking for it sine midnight and it doesn’t come up in the HSN site.

  26. Michelle says:

    Can you tell me if the Cricuit Air 2 machine fits inside the rolling tote? I just wasn’t sure since the bag had the egg crate foam padding but I didn’t see that in the rolling tote??

  27. Linda Christiansen says:

    Anna…loving your shows today!
    My pretty pocket dies should come this afternoon. Ordered the pocket embellishments today along with many more items.
    While watching you demonstrate, I was thinking maybe you could make pocket dies & embellishments for guys also, please?!
    I am going to use my “for him” diecuts in the balustrade pocket but I know you could design more pockets & embellishments!!! Maybe pockets with old cars, fishing, bowling, motorcycles, Greek key, …list could go on & on.
    Like the ideas of gift cards and photos in pockets.
    Can tuck a handwritten note or a sachet in pocket also.
    And what about pocket dies and embellishments for children too?! So many possibilities.
    Thanks for listening, as if you haven’t already thought of these things!!!
    Can’t get enough of your shows, inspirations, & products.

  28. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    Hi, I’ve watched you on hsn for 6 years, but I finally decided to start this year. Everything I have bought so far I love it. I wonder if you have anything in Spanish?

  29. Reba Duncan says:

    Counting down the minutes! Time just starting dragging at about 9pm, I am so excited, just can’t hide it!!!!!! I have my phone, your list, water, snacks, note pad, pens and my TV. I am all set!! Thank you for your wonderful products.

  30. Paulette Duda says:

    wonderful products. I am setting up the sneak peaks for my husband to watch now before the show starts. He helps me a bit with my card making business so I always ask his opinion…if it is not the same as mine, I just buy what I want or need. ha ha

  31. Paulette says:

    wonderful products. I am setting up the sneak peaks for my husband to watch now before the show starts. He helps me a bit with my card making business so I always ask his opinion…if it is not the same as mine, I just buy what I want or need. ha ha

  32. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Just made my copy of your list!! Will be keeping it handy while I’m watching tonight!!!!
    Have reminders for every hour you’re on Anna, my husband just laughs at me for staying up all night AND day when we have a 24hr Craft Day!!! Hey, I’m Crafting Crazy, what can I say? 😀

  33. Cyndi says:

    I am in love with all your products. I have a question. My mom is pretty much homebound other than going to church on Sundays. I would love her to try her hand at card making. What suggestions would you have for her to start on?

    Thank you,

  34. Jody G says:

    Thanks for the stickers, Anna! I received my order from the annual sale and there was a surprise gift of lovely gift bags included! Thanks so much for all the lovely products, the opportunities to enter to win and dream! Best wishes, looking forward to the shows on HSN!

  35. Marcie Smith says:

    Anna, thanks so much for these lists that you put out before each show. They sure make ordering so much easier. But, and there is always a but huh? Seems like there is always one item that never comes up and this time it is the Couture Creations Go Press Machine. What’s up with that???? Sure hope it will be made available for the show as well as the extra foil die sets. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. I love seeing you and your product displays and I am really looking forward to this show. Thanks for all the lovely items that you bring to us.

  36. Danyelle Dillon says:

    I can’t wait for the show! I love seeing all the demos of the products. I plan on watching all day. I have ordered most everything I was interested in already online and everything is expected for delivery today so that is extra awesome that I can follow along with the items already in hand! However, I am most interested in the go press and foil machine. I have noticed it is not for sale early. Does that mean there are not many of them and we have to be fast at ordering or something? I would love to know when it will be on, what the price will be or something. Thanks, Anna for all that you do!

  37. LeeAnn Sinclair says:

    Finally….the big day is almost here ! I have already shopped online but can’t wait to see the demos for the products I ordered….if they last long enough to make it on the air. Thanks for more great products !

  38. Tina says:

    I have been trying to purchase the pink or the lilac cricut machine 2 but I can’t seem to be able to get it shipped to Canada. If you could tell me where in Canada I could purchase one of these colors I would appreciate it.

  39. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Thanks do much for the list! It will be another celebration at HSN & Anna Griffin! The Griffinites will be blowing up the phones & computer ordering! The excitement has begun! Blessings & safety to you!

  40. Linda Dilsaver says:

    There are No Words creative enough to say what the lilac explorer air would teach me to cut & bless others with:)

  41. Kathy Rhodes says:

    I am so excited with anticipation for the best program that will be on TV, starting with you, Anna, at 9 pm PST. Thank you so much for both the list and the sneak peeks. I can already see I will be ordering more than I have space for. It amazes me how you and your team can come up with so many creative, innovative and beautiful products every couple of months. One thing has bothered me for years. Many times when you are showing us your lovely sample cards and scrapbook pages, I will see an embellishment that I’ve never seen before and wish I could buy. Right now I am coveting the die used to make the stunning pink die cut behind the flowers on the congratulations card on this blog. Is it something coming up later this year? I have never seen it, but I really, really WANT IT!!

  42. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    Hello dear darling Anna. I already ordered the window box and all of its goodies. I’m really looking forward to seeing your ideas and inspiration on HSN. Until then – see you in the flower patch!

  43. Cecilia Forester says:

    Ohhhh, thank heaven for the sentiment tags!!! Now here’s something silly …. I have other sentiment tags that came with the card kits I previously purchased – but I didn’t want to use them for cards that are not in this kit (so as not to run out of them)! Yes, I know that sounds silly – but thanks! Now my worries will be gone (at least for now)!

  44. Donna De Graw says:

    Anna thank you so much for sharing this list with us. It has really been helpful I well know what I can buy or what I can’t afford. Do you know how much that foil machine well be. But thank you for letting us see the list so we can remember what you have shared with us. before. But tonight I noticed some of them wasn’t there so I hope they well have some for Wednesday.

  45. Jacquelyn Scheel says:

    Can’t wait to see you on HSN! Absolutely LOVE all Anna Griffin! Thanks for all you do for us crafters.

  46. Donna De Graw says:

    Can you tell me what time does this ( Couture Creations Go Press and Foil Machine with dies and foil) come on. I want to watch just it just in case my husband says its okay that I can get it. Or well it be on the show when we go on tomorrow night.

    Also one more quick question. Which is better of the two The Minc or the new one. Or are they both different.

  47. Sonya says:

    I am having trouble ordering the sentiments as well as I cannot locate the WeR platform punch with these numbers on HSN. Help

  48. Trish fehan says:

    Dear diary
    Wednesday can’t get here fast enough. I can’t stop watching the sneak previews. I have a list made up of stuff I want to buy. If only I could buy everything….

  49. Reba Duncan says:

    Anna, you make our crafting so easy with your wonderful products!!! Thank you for helping us to be creative the fast and easy way!!

  50. Paula Jackson says:

    My cart is already FULL I’m just waiting to see if anything else might come up. I have, and love the Every day sentiment stickers and love them. Anna, when will you have a pop up kit available? Ibe got people wanting some and I can’t find any sets. I know you have the dies, but I prefer the kits. Thank you, and anxious for tomorrow.

  51. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, A quick note to tell u that the last 2 times I can hear u so much better. Thanks for fixing the problem and I’ll see u and the HSN staff and also all Griffinites on Wed. or I should say midnite tomorrow. I hope I don’t forget or fall asleep, ME?:-)

  52. irene Decker says:

    I was introduces to your products from a friend of mine. I use a lot of them and find they are very good.

  53. Robert H says:

    Thank you for being so thoughtful in identifying products that we can always use. If you bring back your recent botanical cardstock pack, I promise to buy in multiples.

  54. Mary Pat Randall says:

    Thank you Anna! I love that you post the shopping list and I literally operate from it throughout the 24 hour craft day. It is so helpful to have all product numbers. Getting so excited that for a moment I thought the show started tonight and then reality kicked in and I realized that it’s tomorrow night at midnight! See you then!!!

  55. Elaine says:

    Anna, you have a heart of gold, and you are a blessing to us crafters. The products you sell are of superior quality and are fairly priced. Your shows on HSN are fun to watch, with excitement leading up to them, weeks in advance. HSN is lucky to have you, and so are we.

  56. Shellie Fontana says:

    Oh, THANKS MUCH, Anna, for posting the Shopping List! I did pre-order the Pocket Dies, and I’very been taking my HSN Shopping Cart on a ‘test run’ on and off all day. I’m so glad I live in the Central Time Zone–it’s like being one of the first to see you present new products ‘a day early!’ ;0)
    P.S. I always enjoy your Sneak Peeks–you inspire us every day! (((HUGS))) from Texas!

  57. Shirley Honton says:

    Hi You all !
    Waiting for foil heat stamp to be ready for sale !!!
    Waiting on baited breath ! Practicing making flowers in between Best to everyone waiting for show to start .

  58. Linda Heina says:

    I got my box’s cards I think there pretty net.
    just waiting for you to show me what to do.
    thanks Linda

  59. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Anna! I missed these in the clearance sale. I am making all occasion cards for out deployed soldiers and these stickers are going to help me make more cards for them. I so glad they said I could get 2 sets. I can hardly wait and see what others items you will be offering. Thanks you for all your beautiful items.

  60. Tasha says:

    Is there a way for other’s who are NOT in the U.S to take part in these items??.. Im in Canada?

  61. Nancy Bell says:

    Can’t wait!!! March 8th is my birthday. Looking forward to all the goodies.
    See you soon Anna.

  62. Sharon Carmichael says:

    Thanks to Anna’s items I’m well on the way to re-organizing my studio. A sermingly never ending task, as I’m always revising. Once I’m done, that gold Cricut will elude me no more!!!

  63. Kathy Brenneman says:

    I can hardly wait for your appearance on HSN.I love watching you demonstrate all the new items and reintroduce some older ones. There are always new crafting tips along the way. Love the idea of these kits to craft month.

  64. Loretta Wilson says:

    I’m so excited!!! All my March 8th items are being delivered today!! Ordered early so no waiting one month plus for items! Would have only saved $8 in shipping. Only thing couldn’t order is the gold stamp item. Already received the Window Box authorship the other day!!! YES! Already have the Monday offering, waiting for next Monday!!! The tutorials are awesome.

  65. Diane Downs says:

    Hi Anna, I love how you list all your new and returning products for us. I always print it out. Love the sentiment sticker kit… I have most of yours so far and I would advise everyone to purchase this bc it’s a steal and definitely one of “My Favorite Things”
    Have an awesome day:)

  66. Mary says:

    Hi Anna…clearing my schedule so I can watch you on Wednesday. I have a favor to ask. In the future would you come out with A2 cards along with the other things you have to offer for them like flowers and sentiments. Would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks….See you on Wednesday.

  67. Ruth Thomas says:

    I love using your sentiment stickers, they finish the cards beautifully. It is an additional layer is the creative process when I am putting together another beautiful card. I enjoy making the cards and giving them is special for me.

  68. Linda O'Connor says:

    Hi Anna-
    Looking forward to WED. Setting my alarm for 12am sharp. I have my list ready to go. Thanks for posting it!!

  69. Bonnie W. says:

    Your products are wonderful and generous amounts also. I am looking forward to scrapping with you. Best wishes, Bonnie W.

  70. Jane R says:

    Thank you Anna… for the shopping list and the sentiments! Just ordered mine and can’t wait to receive them!!!

  71. Vicky Nunn says:

    Anna will you have the magnetic die folders for the upcoming show for purchase? These were only aired one time I think. They were a 2 pack for $34 & change. I do hope you will have them available! Thank you

  72. Donna De Graw says:

    Never mind I found it. Thank you. Now I finally well have the best card making kits supplies. Than you so much.

  73. Linda Citro says:

    I ordered most of the items I was interested in Friday and took advantage of the great shipping offer. With any luck, they will be here by Wed, (they have already shipped!) so I can play and watch HSN all day! Looking forward to your demo of the Go Press and Foil machine.Don’t know if I really need it since I have your Minc…But maybe I do!!! Have fun March 8!

  74. Stacey Kapu says:

    thanks so much! Going to have my favs ready to purchase! Don’t want to miss some items, cause I fell asleep and they were sold out before I got up. LOL! See you soon!

  75. Michaela Yabroff says:

    I am so in love with all your cards and dies. I thank God for you and your talent.

  76. Maureen m says:

    Thanks for the shopping list it is so much easier to shop knowing what you want the numbers etc it’s stops my anxiety attacks and makes the day show so much more enjoyable to watch listen and learn thanks again Anna and team

  77. patricia elkins says:

    Just order my Sentiments, can’t wait to receive them. Feeling excited. What a fantastic, fun surprise.

  78. Joan Baker says:

    Love the VERY long list of wonderful products coming up on HSN craft day………it’s also really good that some old favourites are being made available in case anyone missed out last time!
    I will be watching on line from England….

  79. Sandy Christman says:

    Thank you for our shopping list. I’m so looking forward to March 8th. Is this a complete list that will be available or will you be throwing in a few surprises for us to purchase? I love all you things, they are all so beautiful!

  80. Paula vines says:

    I craft with my wonderful husband. Larry was recently diagnosed with ALS and has not slowed down. He is an advid Anna fan and a great crafter. We plan on continuing enjoying oyr senior years together and praying that Larry continues to do good.

  81. Sandy H says:

    Me again. Reading some of the other posts and wondering myself, would it be possible to add the prices to the shopping list so that those of us on a budget can plan ahead? It would be most helpful to those who just can’t afford everything

  82. Laura Payne says:

    You keep tempting me with your Gold Explore 2! I have the blue Explore Air and love it. OOOOH! It’s so temping!

  83. Sandy H says:

    Will the today’s special be auto ship only? I can’t really afford others.
    Will be watching and wearing out the DVR
    Sandy H

  84. Anna Griffin says:

    You order them through us, they will not be on HSN. You can either call the number/ email the email address listed in the post!

  85. Lehua Canning says:

    Can’t wait! Just wish I didn’t have to work. Hoping I get home in time to get that foil press machine since it’s not on until. later in the day. I saw it demoed on an English channel and it looked awesome!

  86. Janis Hein says:

    Can you tell me how much the Go Press & Foil will be and what time of day you will be showing it. I need to budget my money and want to make sure I have enough left over to cover it.

    Will be watching starting at midnight.

  87. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I can’t wait to see how the Window Box die works. No longer have traditional TV but will watch what I can on the computer. Looking forward to Anna’s inspiration.

  88. Betsy Carty says:

    Hey Anna. I can hardly wait to see the new items and of course the lovely Anna Griffin. Wonderful products. Have a fantastic weekend. Love and blessings, Betsy from NC

  89. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    Wishing you a Happy Craft Day on HSN! I can’t wait to see some of the new products in action.

  90. Dana Embry says:

    I just ordered mine !!! Awesome way to start the week !!!!!
    Looking forward to the show/day on Wednesday.. Planned to take the day off.. but I have clients/guests that day.. so I will be watching/ordering from work…
    One questions.. will the Chameleon pens be on flex pay?? I want to make sure I get them. I was going to go ahead and order but if they will be on flex pay I want to make sure to use it.. I can order more goodies that way 🙂
    Thank you !!!!!!

  91. Mary Esser says:

    Thank you for the great list. I have one question for you. The 529122- Couture Creations Go Press and Foil Machine with dies and foil plus the extra dies will be on later in the day. Could you please tell me how much they will cost, so I can plan how much money I am spending on Wed. Thank you so very much. Have a beautiful day.

  92. Kymm Cummins says:

    I love that you’re bringing back the sentiment stickers. I’m confused though, do we need to order them now or are they going to be on the HSN show on the 8th?

  93. Karen D'Amato says:

    Can’t wait to see and order some of your new items for Melissa. I know she’ll love them!

  94. Paula P says:

    Good idea, Anna! I can never have enough sentiment stickers! Or embellishments for that matter! I’m an “over embellisher”! Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing you on the 8th!

  95. Juanita McStraw says:

    I am so in love with the Chameleon markers and have been anxious to try them and then along comes Anna and I get my chance!!! Thanks

  96. HollyG says:

    What a fun surprise! Thank you you for this opportunity Miss Anna! Thanks to your crew as well!

  97. Cheryl McMahan says:

    Can’t wait to see you on HSN! Absolutely LOVE all Anna Griffin! Thanks for all you do for us crafters.

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