How to Series: Wishful Thinking Card

Hi everyone,

The 24 hour craft Event on HSN Wednesday was a huge success! We had so much fun getting to craft with you and demonstrate all of our new products. Mark your calendars for March 14th at 5am and 5pm because we will be back on HSN in 4 short days!

Today we are continuing our series of how to videos in celebration of National Craft Month. Get out your Wishful Thinking Cutting Dies everyone, it is time to make a special birthday card! The best part about our Wishful Thinking die set is that you can customize a card specific to your needs! Where else can you find a “Happy Mother’s Day to my Sister” card? The endless combination of words and dates make crafting with this set so much fun.

Let’s get crafting!



  • Anna Griffin® Gold Cricut Cuttlebug™ Version 3   522-138
  • Anna Griffin® 12”x12” Boxing Day Cardstock – 1, 12”x12” Cut to 7”x10”, Folded Card
  • Anna Griffin® Lovely Layers 5″ x 7″ Cardstock Kit   354-744 – 1, Green Floral 5”x7” Cardstock Cut to 1.25”x6.75” Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Lovely Layers 5″ x 7″ Cardstock Kit   354-744 – 1, Blue Floral 5”x7” Cardstock Cut to 1.25”x4.5 Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Lovely Layers 5″ x 7″ Cardstock Kit   354-744 – 1, White Floral 5”x7” Cardstock Cut to 1.5”x4” Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Lovely Layers 5″ x 7″ Cardstock Kit   354-744 – 1, Ivory Floral 5”x7” Cardstock Cut 1”x4.75” Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Perfect Pallet II 12”x12” Cardstock   505105 – 1, 12”x12” Hot Pink Cardstock Cut to 5”x6” Layer
  • Anna Griffin® Wishful Thinking Dies & Folders Set   538-144 – Happy, 3, RD, Birthday, Grand, Daughter Dies
  • 1, Anna Griffin® Foil Balloon Sticker
  • 2, Red Floral Embellishments
  • 1, Lavender Floral Embellishment
  • Anna Griffin® Perfect Bows   430694 – Small Pink Bow
  • Double-sided Adhesive (Tape Runner)
  • Foam Adhesive

Black and White Floral- 1.5”x4”

Blue and White Floral- 1.25”x4.5

Ivory Floral-1”x4.75” Layer

Green Floral- 1.25”x6.75



  1. Cut a notch on the right side of each floral strip.

2. Attach foil balloon sticker about .75” from left side of card.

3. Die cut words from fuchsia strips of cardstock. Adhere as follows:

  1. Happy – white floral strip
  2. 3rd – blue floral strip
  3. Birthday – ivory floral strip
  4. Grand Daughter – green floral strip

4. Adhere strips to card base overlapping white floral over blue floral, ivory floral over blue floral and ivory floral over green floral, using foam adhesive.

5. Adhere red floral embellishment just below balloons with double-sided adhesive.

6. Attach blue floral embellishment to left side of card with double-sided adhesive.

7. Adhere remaining red floral embellishment beneath the first red floral embellishment with adhesive.

8. Attach bow.

We have several more videos coming your way this month. Every Friday in March you can craft with Anna here on the blog. Be sure to join us Monday for our next post of our Weekly Craft Wonder and a preview of our March 14th shows on HSN! Have a great weekend!





  1. Roxanne Henderson says:

    This is one of the best ideas! Love the video instruction and the suggestions of how to make this more personal. Thank you!

  2. Jan Lynch says:

    Loved the 3rd Birthday card that you made Anna, but why only two balloons and not three for a 3rd birthday? Maybe I’m too pedantic!

    As I’m emailing from Scotland I would like to know if there is any possibility of you returning to the UK, as I very much miss your products that I started buying on QVC, and then the Craft Craft Channel, and can no longer obtain in this country.

    I have a beautiful quilted bedspread that I bought when you were on QVC and absolutely adore it as well as all the crafting materials. Thanks Anna for all the beautiful products that you design.

  3. Paulette Duda says:

    I told my husband that I purchased all that I wanted. He then pointed out a few more things. Imagine how surprised he will be at 3 am on the 14th. We are in AZ so it will be a bit early for us. Maybe I will stay up all night making cards…..ha…..

    Thanks for all your stuff and great ideas.

  4. Danyelle Dillon says:

    I too am so glad that you make videos with your products to help inspire us and well as show us how and what we can do with them. I bought these dies on autoship so I will get them all! I purchase a lot of the 8th too and can’t watt for the 14th. My credit card says slow down too. Thank you so much for all that you do. I loved your purple outfit that matched the Lilac cricut. I already have one but would love the purple but of course am not going to buy just to change the color. I would love to see more hot foil stamp dies as I was able to purchase the machine also and need additional supplies for it. I received the chameleon markers and I adore the colors you choose! There is a learning curve to them but I am sure I’ll get it down with practice. I have colored at least 8 cards with them so far and each one I do admit I improve on! I am interested in seeing what you have on the 14th. I have a request that you bring back the die storage binders because I need another one! I have filled up my first with all Anna dies and need another one because I just bought some more of your dies. Thank you, Anna!

  5. Pat Boone says:

    Always love the craft shows Anna purchased my Cricut Air along with other great goodies I can’t wait to get it . Be blessed Happy Craft Month!!!

  6. Connie Johnson says:

    Hi Anna,
    Like everyone else, my cc is smoking (bought $400 worth.) I don’t know why everyone thinks that’s so much to pay for my hobby. Other people think nothing about spending $400 for a weekend get away or $100 for a game of golf and that only lasts a day or two My dies will last me till I die and will be something I can leave to my two very creative daughters-in-law. Such a good investment. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. You never cease to amaze me.

  7. Rita Carr says:

    I tried to buy the Go Press foil machine on the 8th. the sales person told me it wasnt available. It was out of stock. Imagine my surprise when it wouldnt be ava
    labe because it was out of stock . I was very disappointed when I saw it being offered and think that is bad business.

    My card kit came. and I love that.
    Rita Carr

  8. Annette says:

    Please can you bring back more of the sentiment set of hot foil dies that go with the Go Press and Foil? They must have sold out in a heartbeat after they were available, because by the time I saw either one of the sets, they were both sold out. I was able to get one of the sets later, but the sentiment set has eluded me. Please bring it back. After all if I don’t have enough things that I can do with it, then there really isn’t much use in having the Go Press and Foil machine. Thanks.

  9. Jo says:

    Anna- could you tell me if you will be revealing any new products that were not revealed on the 8th. Will your morning and evening appearance show the same products? Thank you, Jo

  10. Roxann Higgins says:

    I really like the videos you have been sharing with the use of your products. Sometimes it is hard to come up with some new ideas. Kudos Anna and your team.
    Thanks again!!

  11. Lois N. says:

    Hello Anna, What a great show on March 8!!!
    Kudos to you and your wonderful staff and the great hosts at HSN!! You all worked long and hard and gave us so many memorable moments as well as fantastic ideas and new products to create all things beautiful. Thank you Anna, you really are a very Special Lady and Designer and the Queen of Scrapbooking! You wear it very well and you looked terrific all day long. You have such patience and a beautiful presence sharing your ideas so
    expertly with us, it was such a pleasure to watch you from morning to evening.
    Love, Lois N.

  12. June Estep says:

    Great idea for using the dies. I love layering the flags and it would work well on a layout too. I had a ball on the 8th. I did not get everything I wanted, but I did get a lot.
    I realized that I need to have a card making compartment with drawers. I need ribbon in one drawer, flourishes in one drawer, flowers in one drawer, and perhaps some precut dies in another. That could just sit on the table where I am cardmaking since I seem to put that on every card I make, even when I start with a kit card. So, until I see the Anna accessory that does this, I am going to find one (yeck- plastic)……and get that together. Digging thru the stuff is too distracting. I end up in some visual bliss instead of engineering my card. lol I guess I can use my Cricuit Explore 2 to create the labels on my little organizer….gllitter of course. I wont have my new credit card bill by the 14th, so I am good to see that show too. lol

  13. Jacky Hodupp says:

    Anna, I watch craft day March 8 on Ben. You looked beautiful. I love your taste. I so enjoy making your cards. Thank you for your hard work. Keep up the great work. Thank. You.

  14. Sandra Madanski says:

    I looked like a statue on March 8th. I didn’t move at 7:00 am to 9:00 pm I watched and bought. I love, love your products. I get such praises about my homemade cards. Now, your telling your going to be back…Boy I’m going to be in trouble.
    Keep up the great stuff Anna.

  15. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Thank you Anna! Very nice presentation! I see using the same principles to even make a masculine card. Seeing the pieces come together is always helpful. And makes me want to make one!

  16. Juana Whitehead says:

    Hi Anna can you gat more supplies from your product . You already know your fellow crafter will buy everything that you create.

  17. Elaine says:

    I use my wishful thinking dies all the time! They are my “go to” favorite! That is, until my UPS man delivers something new!

  18. Leslie Ramsey says:

    I used my Wishful Thinking Dies and the Treliage Collections to make a coworker a Happy 21st Birthday. (I work at a very popular and famous Card Store). But I do make my own cards because I care enough to make the Very Best. Loved this demo. What a great technique for making the card so personal. Loved the banners. Looking forward to March 14th. I will have to turn the computer on to watch. Happy Crafting!

  19. Myrna Hartley says:

    Thanks for tutorials they are a real inspiration.

    Thanks for making life beautiful.


  20. Paula Jackson says:

    I enjoyed the 24 hour crafting event on HSN and especially your presentations Anna. You are so gracious and a real inspiration to watch. Everytime I though I was finished shopping, here you’d come with something too tempting to ignore. Thank you for the beautiful things you bring us.

  21. Barbara L says:

    How lovely! I havent had time to play with the dies yet… They arrived at my home after I left for out of town. But I am excited to play with them as well as all the orders I just placed during the HSN show last march 8 soo as I return home. Thanks for this tutorial!

  22. Yadyra Marrero says:

    I love the video. I got the dies auto ship so I don’t miss any of them. The credit card is smoking from Wed.but I’ll be watching on the 14th. Thanks Anna.♡♡♡♡

  23. Annette Johnson says:

    LOVED the craft day events and the items you presented Anna. This card is so beautiful and can be used over and over for other events. Looking forward to more crafts and kits

  24. Debbie says:

    Very beautiful
    Love the dies, waiting for my next auto ship of them
    Just wondered if you could create a die that says “great” for great grand kids and great grandparents and great nephews and nieces

  25. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    I loved seeing you on HSN on the 8th. I got a lot of fun things and can’t wait until they come. I will be watching on the 14th too! The card you just made is beautiful can’t wait to make one.

  26. Carol Jones says:

    I love my Wishful Thinking dies. I think it’s one of the best products you have created because you can personalize everything! Thanks Anna for all you do!

  27. Reba Duncan says:

    Anna, thank you for the Wishful Thinking dies. I love these to make a special birthday card for each of our 14 grandchildren. Did you create an alphabet die set? I would love to have all 26 letters to spell out names. Please do not stop bringing us the very best products.

  28. June S. says:

    Thank you Kristi C. for the hint abt rubbing waxed paper on the dies before cutting! That is fabulous! Thanks for the tip!
    I am re-organizing my craft room bef. the shipment arrives from the 8th!

  29. Sandy Christman says:

    I love your card but especially your tutorials on making the cards. They are so helpful. Thank you for taking time out of your day to teach us how to use your beautiful things.

  30. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Kristi Curtis, What a great hint, I will definitely do that. I would love to hear more hints from the Griffinites. Sometimes it seems like such a little thing but helps a ton. Thanks, Arleen

  31. Arleen Cappatocio says:

    Hi Anna, your tutorials are sooooooo helpful, please keep them coming. I need lots of tutorials for my cricut explore. I love it, but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for the help, Love ya, Arleen

  32. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Anna, I love this card thank you for sharing. I love these dies. I have cut out all of the first shipment from Cricut’s glitter card stock. I just run them through the Xyron and place on the cards .I have made over 200 cards for cancer patients and for our deployed soldiers and these dies adds so much to these cards. Thank you for offering them. I can not wait for my second shipment. I racked up this time from the 24 hour sale on your products, I am waiting for the border dies and the pocket dies but I have so much to come. Cardmaking keeps me busy doing something instead bemoaning my disabilities.

  33. Kristi curtis says:

    I alway rub crumpled wax paper over my dies before I use them. Then the paper falls out really easy. Love the show. I even stayed home to watch.

  34. Donna Pomeroy says:

    I initially did not get this die set when it was a TSV on HSN, but kept checking back and fortunately found it in I absolutely am in love with this product. It is so versatile and I can truly customize all my special cards for my family. I have a card-sending ministry and love sending out cards for sympathy, friendship, congratulations, birthdays, etc. love all your products. I’ve lost count of the kits I’ve purchased from you. Each one is more beautiful and innovated than the next.

  35. Lisa P says:

    Love the potential for personalization with the Wishful Thinking dies!
    I also wish my Cuttlebug plates looked like that! How do you keep them so pristine? Mine look like they’ve been to Hades and back!

  36. Vicky Nunn says:

    Anna can you give us a hint what you will be offering on March 14th.? I do hope you will have some extra stamp sleeves to add to my stamp binder. I desperately need these!

  37. Rosemary Richcreek says:

    I just made my daughter a birthday card using this set, and made one for my granddaughter, as well. Love the set, and thanks for the extra idea on the card in this video–very easy to make! Waiting for my order from March 8th!

  38. Shellie Fontana says:

    I can do this, I can really do this! Thanks for taking the time, Anna–your ‘how-to’ video-tutorials are always so helpful! This card is so colorful and pretty, and the timing is great because my beloved big sister’s birthday is next week; and, I’m about to embellish the last of 3 birthday cards (from your 2011 Birthday Card Kit that I put together to give to my mom and 2 sisters only), adding brand new Wishful Thinking sentiments!
    Your 24-hour Craft Day on HSN and social media inspiration week with my surprise winning of a VERY, BU, BEAUTIFUL Grab Bag has kicked in alot of creative papercrafting at my desk–THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The Griffinite Community is my favorite place to spend time when I’m not with my family and friends.

  39. Sally Zloty says:

    I, too, was one of the people who missed most of Craft Day on Hsn due to a major power outage in our area. Sooooo disappointed. Now I’m happy to hear you’ll be on Hsn on the 14th. Thanks for saving my crafty fix. Lol.

  40. Debbie says:

    Thank you for this fun posting. It jumpstart the creative juices. Oh how I love your products and ideas. I do have an Anna Griffin craft room.

  41. BetsyV says:

    I’m so ready for spring! Love these dies, they’re just the right size. Have a great day Anna and all .

  42. Karen Ford says:

    It was fun watching you on HSN on Wednesday altough I didn’t see all the segments. I had to work (yeah, need some way to support my Griffinite habit!), so I watched the Explore Air2 segment on my iPad while eating lunch at my desk. Well, I was just going to “watch” since I already have the gold Explore Air, and thought I would wait to get the AG ExploreAir2 to match my AG Cuttlebug during another one of your HSN visits later this year, but then you had to tempt me with my very favorite color! Needless to say, the lilac Explore2 will be delivered next Saturday…so, it doesn’t match…IT’S PURPLE!!!!!

  43. Kristi W. says:

    Like some of the other crafters, I could use some tutorials for the Fantastic Flips digital cartridge. I wasn’t sure where to make valley and mountain folds on the cards.

  44. Doris Bradley says:

    Love the die cuts numbers and family names I have used them on many of my cards to personlize them. You make everything beautiful and we all benefit from this gift you have.

  45. Jean Carlson says:

    Anna – are you trying to break our banks by coming on HSN again so soon????? I’ll be glad to see you again. Thanks for the wonderful how-to videos, and all your wonderful products. Grammy Purple

  46. Teresa says:

    Great card, Anna. I have already made several cards using these dies….they are a wonderful addition to my craft room!


    Hi Anna and Team,

    The 8th was fantastic! Bought the edge and pocket dies early so I would not miss out. Also got the window box and die card set. Bought lots of other stuff too. My bank account is spinning. Can’t wait for everything to arrive. Thanks again and have a great week. See you on the 14th.

    Thanks also for the examples and instructions. Very helpful.

  48. Kathy Shea says:

    Hi Anna,

    This is a reply for “SHIRLEY GUNTERMAN.” In your post you stated you don’t have much family left and where you live people don’t send cards. You could send neighbors cards to start a friendly trend, or… 2 years ago mom and I made some AG Christmas cards that were taken to our local Veterans Home. This could be done for residential, nursing homes or hospitals. Can you imagine spending Christmas in the hospital? Anna’s Christmas cards are so pretty and colorful, they will brighten any room! There’s an organization that sends cards to our US soldiers, also. I guarantee you will feel so happy spreading joy to others through Anna’s cards. Good Luck, Shirley. Kathy

  49. Barbara Lochridge says:

    Love those dies but unfortunately couldn’t get them this time. If I can I will purchase them at a later date.

  50. Gale says:

    It was fun on March 8th. I was able to purchase all the items I needed and wanted and even more than my share 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the card information, it is helpful and great to craft with you.
    I hope you are able to rest a little after such a long day on March 8th.

  51. Terance in Texas says:

    great tutorial, love when you post these sometimes they answer things i didn’t know i didn’t know, LOL.

    1. Anna, i’m still looking for your paper a paper pack in a plain AG Ivory, it would emboss so pretty and be a good off white to mix well with your pattern papers, it so hard sometimes to find ivory/creams that blend with your papers.

    2. this is not you but i have to say it after very Cricut launch i still get irritated, but why does Cricut sell a machine that cuts, draws and scores and you cant score out of the box you have to shop for an additional piece, it annoyed me when i got mine and still does when i see the promos, i love my machine but i just wonder why they don’t have that in the box with the pen.

    Sorry, Anna for the gripe but its more of a talk to them it makes no since. Enjoy your weekend, it was a fun day, i took off so i wouldn’t miss you.

  52. Tracey Magner says:

    I have that set,and I have had the HAPPY and the EASTER sitting on my desk all week, I have been trying to do a Easter card but I have mentioned on your blog that my dog has been very sick so my craft time has been very limited this week but hopefully I will get to it this weekend and be able to post it on the blog. I did post my coloring card that I colored while watching your shows, I adore that set. If anyone is on the fence, GET IT, It is so amazing, the stamps are SO BIG, I mean HUGE, and if you love flowers or love to color flowers like I do then this kit is a must have. Thanks for letting me babble.

  53. Ann weedman says:

    Don’t know where to contact you ,I got the digital fantastic flips cartridge last craft day but no info came with it I can’t figure it out how to put the sentiments so they flip.can you please do a video

  54. Karen mitchell says:

    Anna please bring back your bow and ribbon box…I have been waiting to order it and hsn said it is no longer available…on your sneak peak 3 you said it was going to be available..I stayed up from the time the craft show started until it ended no ribbon box 🙁

  55. Gina Maria says:

    So pretty! Of course I’m going to try to make a similar one as soon as I can! So many beautiful examples, wishing for more craft time. Anna, i would love it if you would make a set of tiny dimensional flower stickers, like the Favorite Flowers except mini. Also, many thanks again for the incredible grab bag! I’m going to use the pink cardstock with my Wishful thinking dies. I was so excited to receive it, found the package first thing in the morning the other day and I was blown away by the plethora of beautiful things. Working on a thank you card!

  56. Helen Kinert says:

    I was so excited to watch HSN on the 8th! Unfortunately I live in Michigan and missed most of it due to power outages in the state. I was so disappointed I could not watch all day. I did enjoy what I was able to see. I will tune in on the 14th and hope the weather cooperates!!

  57. Gloria Fogal says:

    Thanks for the instructions on this pretty card. I am working on my window box card set and am waiting for the pocket dies to come.

  58. Jo Ann says:

    Love this set. I made a card for my son’s 31st birthday. Where could you buy a 31st bday card? Also am making a special card for a male friend for his 75th using this and “for the boys” die cuts. So much fun to make cards now!

  59. Gena Greenlee says:

    I really enjoyed 24 hour craft day, and as usual I spent too much, but I can’t wait to get what I ordered!! PLEASE tell me that you are going to have more of the die sets for the new Go Press and Foil machine!! I bought the machine and tried to order the extra dies and they were sold out!! I really don’t want the machine if I can’t get the extra dies!! PLEASE help me, I hope you have an answer for me!! Also, I love the tutorial videos, it is always nice to see new ways of doing things. We all need to learn something new every day!! Thanks Anna!!

  60. Marcie Smith says:

    March 8th was so fabulous. Loved all the demoing!!!!!! Not that you don’t always do that, but this time was different as you covered what seems like so much more. See you on the 14th. Will be hoping for the additional sentiment and decorative hot foil dies that I did not see on March 8th show. But if they are not there on the 14th, so be it, it just means my credit card will have a little more time to cool down!!! LOL. So glad I was able to at least get the Go Press Machine. LOL Would have loved to have been able to get in on the luggage and the lillac Air 2 auto ship bundle, but just ran out of money. Loved the show and loved all the new products, and special thanks for always going the extra mile for us griffinites’. Your the best. Hugs. Marcie

  61. Anita Weld says:

    It feels like Christmas this month because of the Craft Month demos and tv airing and Anna Griffin shopping opportunities!!
    Thanks Anna for inspiring us❤❤

  62. Dee Dee Phillips says:

    Once again, the CC had smoke, steam and fire swirling off it. Good thing hubby was at work…my right hand is tired from clicking ‘SUBMIT ORDER’ so much. You out did yourself again Lady G. Can’t wait to get it all, sit in the middle of the floor in my craft room and get lost like a giddy child. Recipients of my creations get ready to shout with joy! Thanks again!

  63. Anita Weld says:

    It feels like Christmas this month because of the Craft Month demos and tv airing and Anna Griffin shopping opportunities!!
    Thanks Anna for inspiring us❤❤❤

  64. Barbara Stowell says:

    Thank you,Anna, for sharing how to make this cute card! I bought my dies and am “patiently” waiting for them to arrive! Wish I could have gotten them on auto ship but I missed it in January. Anna, do you plan on offering the rest of the collection throughout the year? Pretty please!!!!!!

  65. Shirley Hinton says:

    Miss Anne ..
    you were very helpful with ideas during show .. enjoyed it . I and my friend in TENNESSE go back and forth on I pad with card stuff ..we were friends almost thiry years ago here in Ga .. raised children together .. now we enjoy cards so much ! Again thank you for the grace you bring to all of us .. where do i send projects for chance to win prize during March ?

  66. Shirley Honton says:

    Miss Anne ..
    you were very helpful with ideas during show .. enjoyed it . I and my friend in TENNESSE go back and forth on I pad with card stuff ..we were friends almost thiry years ago here in Ga .. raised children together .. now we enjoy cards so much ! Again thank you for the grace you bring to all of us .. where do i send projects for chance to win prize during March ?

  67. Cecilia Forester says:

    March 14th????? Oh my goodness! I think I’m already in trouble for March 8th – – especially after all of January and February! Newbie Product(s) Request: Anna, can you please offer some smaller scaled sentiment tags? I already have your beautiful tags, and have just ordered more, but am finding that sometimes I just need a smaller one. Also, some sentiment stickers in (in your wonderful color palette, calligraphy and lovely borders – in different shapes) so I can make my own sentiment tags? That way I can coordinate my own outside border (mix & match) with your lovely cardstock patterns. Lastly, perhaps some smaller scaled word stickers (happy bday, you are special, get well soon, thinking of you always) – which would be awesomely better than Hot Off The Press Dazzles – and perhaps in pink, green, purple, black, silver, gold etc.????? would love, love, love all of those. Actually, I love, love, love everything!!!!!! (hug) and, thanks if you’re listening.

  68. Mavis Swart says:

    Thank you so much! I am going use this for scrapbooks I am making for my 2 granddaughters. I loved the HSN craft day! You are awesome, Anna!

  69. Shirley Gunterman says:

    These are so pretty but don’t have much family left to make cards for ,Sure wish you would do another pre-made beautiful scrapbook,I have all you made some I have 2 of .i love pictures and need a place for them.People around here don’t send cards anymore.I have several card kits to use parts for scrapbooking . Thank you ,watch you every time you are on.

  70. Jayne Evans says:

    Thank you, Anna. I love the tutorials and Thanks for turning up the volume so we can hear you better!!
    Keep those “tutes” coming!!!!!

  71. Kathleen Mills says:

    Can’t wait for the rest of my dies from the auto-ship to get here! I love the card idea – can use it for anything! I probably need to make one today!!

  72. Debbi H. says:

    Anna this is awesome!!!! Some times I get star struck by all the Anna product and can’t get focused. This will get me in and out of my craft room. Please keep them coming.

  73. Maureen m says:

    Thank you Anna , even though your products make everything so easy to do I still love watching you create, so wishful. The 8 th was fabulous, my sister waits to see what I buy as I have almost everything you make , and low and behold you keep coming up with new stuff, wish I had more time to create. But I do seem to have time to shop, so i can’t wait for the 14th. Thanks truly for really quality products ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  74. Vivian Olver says:

    Love this card, and had a wonderful time with the HSN crafting. I love box cards, and have made many in the past. This die is just perfect for making boxes. Finally got my digital flips cartridge. It’s just wonderful making flips with my Air 2 { Sorry, not lilac, but is blue to match my moonbeam clock. All the best.

  75. Rosemary Whitacre says:

    Thank you Anna for a wonderful craft day filled with creativity. All you products looked great. You put so much thought and care into each and every one. Can’t wait to get your window box card kit and have them ready for Mother’s Day!!

  76. Vivian Olver says:

    Love this card, and had a wonderful time with the HSN crafting. I love box cards, and have made many in the past. This die is just perfect for making boxes. Finally got my digital flips cartridge. It’s just wonderful making flips with my Air 2 { Sorry, not lilac, but is blue to match my moonbeam clock.

  77. Tracey D says:

    As always Miss Anna, you have sparked yet even more creativity in my artistic soulI am just over the moon with your news products and am actually counting the moments until I see that UPS truck in my drivewayThank You just doesn’t seem to say to you what my soul is feeling-you are simply the best at what you do

  78. Donna DeGraw says:

    Thank you Anna for sharing this morning with us. What a great way to start the day making one of your beautiful cards. I’m so glad that I get watch how you put your cards together. Even if I don’t have your cards I could still watch and learn. Thank you so much for sharing your product and for your talent. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much. I well be out of town today. Taking my wonderful Husband of 49 years to the Walla Walla, Washington VA today. Thanks again.

  79. Doris Minear says:

    Anna this is perfect as my Grand daughter will be three years old in August. I can’t wait to make this card as I have all the dies and most of the paper if I can find it in my paper stash.

  80. Mikki Morris says:

    I had a blast watching Craft day on March 8th. My credit card isn’t so happy…haha! Can’t wait to get all my goodies and start making some of the things that were shown! Anna, thank you for the “how-to” videos. Looking forward to the next show on the 14th…shhhh not telling my credit card. 😉

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    Love the videos. Thanks so much. One day I’ll make it to your “Create” event. Life goals. Have an awesome weekend.

  82. Diana says:

    Love this card….thank you for another way to use our stash.
    Inside the card use the pocket dies to hold a gift card.

  83. Lehua Canning says:

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