National Craft Month Weekly Wonder 2 – His and Hers Diecuts

Hi everyone!

We are officially changing our blog posts from Tuesdays to Mondays! We figured it was the best way to start the week, and keep you up to date! Don’t forget, we are making a special appearance on HSN this Tuesday, March 14th at 5am and 5pm EST. For all you Minc lovers out there, you’re not going to want to miss this!

In honor of National Craft Month, we’re continuing our celebration with our second Weekly Craft Wonder! This week, we’re spotlighting some of our very favorite diecuts, All About Him and Her. Oh my goodness, you need these two incredible sets because you’re getting over 792 beautiful, antique ephemera inspired pieces. That’s right, you’ll get both sets for our special price of $20 (including shipping for the contiguous US).

All you have to do is email us at with your information, or give us a call toll free at 888-817-8170. This special deal will be available until next Monday, March 20th!


Take a look at some of the beautiful imagery you’ll get with both of these amazing sets. From our All About Her set there are sweets, hats, umbrellas and more. For the Boys includes fishing scenes, sports diecuts, airplanes and lots of other masculine images. With so many diecuts, you can layer until your heart’s content or stack them for a 3D embellishment!

Here are a few projects to inspire you to create!

We hope you are having a fun month celebrating crafting, creativity and community with us!

Bye for now.



  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you for the special purchase this week I do not have these. It was very easy to order by phone aand cpannot wait to use them, thanks again. Cathy

  2. Cathy Coakley says:

    Thank you for the special purchase this week I do not have these. It was very easy to order by phone aand cannot wait to use them, thanks again. Cathy

  3. Barbara Graham says:

    Anna, I took your advice and loaded a VISA gift card. Just placed my order for the diecuts. I guess I need to keep a card on hand all the time. Thanks from one NC girl to another.

  4. Sandy P says:

    Love these super cute die cuts! Cant wait till they arrive. Craft Month is AWESOME! btw…Anna, we now need you to release the dies for the gracious gift-able purses, we need all three!!!! I have used mine all up already! They are adorable!!!! Thanks for you wonderful products Anna!!

  5. Linda Valoy says:

    I received my order from craft day Monday and I am having so much fun with the pocket die cuts. I love the realistic looking flowers Anna. Here is a tip for punching out the die cuts. I started out punching only one sheet at a time. Then I tried punching all four sheets out at the same time. Worked great. Love the Border dies Also got the Christmas stamps and 12″ embossing folders while they were on clearance. Can’t wait to use them. I feel like a kid at Christmas, got so many toy I can’t play with them all.

  6. Joyce Burdno says:

    SOS liked the flower boxes, bur I didn’t want the plates..I’d rather buy Anna’s boxes. I ordered two sets of boxes and the flower set. However, neither of the boxes had the little strips I need to put the flowers on. Is there someone that can send me the dimensions for those strips, so that I can make a flower bouquet for my Granddaughter?

  7. Meg says:

    I have to apologize for my past comment! I tried the phone number again and got through this time. I got to order the special and such a sweet person that took my order. Thank you for all you do for us!

  8. Ann Robson says:

    I love these sets of die cuts and emailed an order into you with my cc info, mailing address, etc. also requesting you letting me know if you received my emailBUT I have not heard anything…what should I do? I don’t want to miss out on this offer and I also want to make sure that my info went to the right place…PLEASE RESPOND VIA MY EMAIL ADDRESS…thank you! Ann Robson

  9. Anna Griffin says:

    We are waiting to find out exactly when certain items are going to be back in stock, but keep checking HSN. We should have news soon.

  10. Laura Lowther-Blake says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been missing weekly deals. I love your choices this week, these are so fun on cards and scrapbook pages. I can only leave a few of the boy ones out when my little grandsons visit, they Love them and want to use them all.

  11. Jill says:

    I just bought the Anna Griffin® Craft Room Paper Storage Desk Base 286-850 but the cute little storage boxes that slide in the paper spaces are no longer available anywhere that I could see (Anna Griffin® Craft Room Paper Organizer Set 248-383). Are these going to be available again on HSN or other websites? Thanks!

  12. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Anna, I wanted to tell you I received my Cricut Air 2 a couple days ago. I ordered the ivory and gold. I love it!!!❤️
    I would like to know what happened to the Xyron maker you were showing on HSN.? I can’t find it anywhere.
    I was really looking forward to getting it since it will match my new cricut and minc
    Happy crafting

  13. Ramona La Point says:

    Hi Anna and team, how much for the great shows last week. I did order the week special which is an unbelievable deal. So I thank you for that. I ordered the hot foil machine. I said all afternoon waiting for them to put the plates up. They only put two plates up and by the time I saw it which was within 30 minutes of it getting posted on H’s and they were sold out. None of the others were shown that were on your site. Can you tell me when the plates will be available again? I was so disappointed that I could not buy extra plates. And at the price that they were when posted. I literally grab them and put them in my shopping cart and by the time I turned around they were gone. When will these be available again? Ramona

  14. Priscilla says:

    Anna, just wanted to drop a line to say that I got the 2o dollar offer and love and have an enormous amount of your product beautiful as always.
    But most of all I would like to congratulate you on another wonderful pick , and that is your assistant?? Joy , I have called on several occasions and was always treated with courtesy.Nice pick LOL!

  15. Anna Griffin says:

    Barbara, you can use a debit card also, or maybe load a giftcard with cash. The offer is good through next Monday 3/20.

  16. Paulette Duda says:

    I do not need one more thing but how can you pass up the $20 deal? I will be calling tomorrow.

  17. Pamela Ostapkowicz says:

    ***… Great Deal!!! I will be emailing… but what information are we putting in our email. Name, Address, Phone number, shipping address and the fact that we will be ordering. Are we including our CC information in the email, or will we be contacted. Just asking for clarification… 🙂
    BTW… Hi Gramma Pei… how are you? Great to read one of your emails… I have been working alot and not doing much
    …. 🙂

  18. Nora says:

    Do you know If you will be offering the die storage folder again? Thanks for the weekly craft product for purchase. See you on hsn on the 14th!

  19. Robin in Washington says:

    Thanks for the great price on the dies Anna! Just ordered mine….

    Have a great Monday all!

  20. Connie Johnson says:

    I ordered these back in Nov & love them (yummy) but couldn’t pass up such a GREAT DEAL!!!

    I hope you do these deals all the time. Now that you have my info on file, it will be easy to just send you an email order.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything ANNA!

  21. Barbara Graham says:

    Really wanted to take advantage of this offer. I only have one credit card and it is Discover and you don’t accept those. I could cry, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  22. Anna Griffin says:

    Jan, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can have our latest information on our return to the UK.

  23. Becky Jo Cannon says:

    Anna, I love every single die cut set of yours that I have received. And anyone that I’ve missed if I see it come back, I get it. I love both of these sets. Every day of this craft month has been so fun & inspiring with everybody participating! Thank you!

  24. Sandra Madanski says:

    I love these dies for men and woman. I would love to have a set for only 20,00.

  25. Mary Blake says:

    Oh My lovely and the cost is great only $20.00
    I also think you meant the 20th, not the 13th Of March.
    Thank you for all you do for us…

  26. Jan Parfoot says:

    I would like to buy most of your products and have done in the past. When oh when will you be coming back to the UK?

  27. Gena Greenlee says:

    Thanks Maureen M., I asked about the Press and Go dies right after they sold out, but got no answer. I appreciate you asking so that I, and others will know the answer to that question. I understand that you all are very busy, but the consumer pays a lot of money for your items and we deserve to know what is going on. Thanks so much. Gena

  28. Elaine says:

    Thank you Anna for a great value! I already have For the Boys die cuts, but I will order both sets, since you can never have enough die cuts! I tried calling today, but could not connect, I will try again tomorrow.

  29. Julie C. Fallon says:

    I love this offer & sent an email.

    I would also like to get the auto ship offer from
    HSN last week but it’s not an option without the new Cricut. I have a cricut explore

  30. Roxanne Henderson says:

    Just to make sure I’m on the right page, I’m viewing a post for 03/13 and the wording says the die cuts will only be available until the 13th. Please correct me. Thank you!
    P.S. I love the weekly sales. I don’t have these.

  31. Elizabeth Tedescucci says:

    I love your blogs. There is so much information that you share with us.
    Really do love all your die cuts. They make all my cards look colorful and beautiful.
    Thank you for all you do,

  32. Mary Eileen Wagner says:

    Love the change to Monday. And I love these embellishments. Will be watching HSN tomorrow.

  33. Gayle Ann says:

    So pretty! This is awesome when you need a quick card. You can make an elaborate card in no time. Looks like you spent hours on it! Thank you for this!

  34. Susan Weatherly says:

    I ordered the his/hers die cuts today via email. I requested an invoice for paypal. Will this work?

  35. Kathleen says:

    Hi Anna – Cant believe there are more shows coming up on March 14, but will be glued to the set as usual. Just wondering if you know when the Treillage Die Cuts will be back in stock, hope it will be soon!

  36. Lin M. says:

    How fun – thank you for the inspiration!
    And Thanks for the reminder that you are on tomorrow! I’m still catching up on all the recorded craft shows from last week… 🙂

  37. Sharon Gullikson says:

    The prettiest collection I have seen in quite a while! Your designs are just gorgeous.

  38. Kris D. says:

    I just got this today! and it will be over! How did I miss this the first time?! I hope I still can get them! Guess not missed the office hours.
    Boo Hoo.

  39. Anna Griffin says:

    Karen, please be patient as we only have a two person team. The deal is available until next Monday; they will return your call/email. Thanks

  40. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Maureen, they sold out soon after they were listed. Hopefully they will have them back soon!

  41. Maureen m says:

    Hi to all I have a question, Anna your blog said additional dies would be available for the press and go machine, I can’t find them no matter how long or hard I search , did I miss the airing? I did tape all your shows and I still can’t find them they were called the sentiment dies happy birthday etc maybe they will be on tomorrow? If not is there a way to get them thanks in advance for your help

  42. Linda Z. says:

    Oh soo beautiful! So very useful for garden box pop Ups! I managed to pickup the garden box collection AND the hot foiling machine on HSN AND the Chamillian markers and refills? Everything will arrive over the next few days.
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!
    I am going to send out “think spring” garden boxes since we here on the East Coast are going to get pounded with snow over the next few days. (Or so they say)
    Stay safe and warm everyone AND Create something beautiful.

  43. Trudi says:

    Thank you Anna! Very generous offer! And free shipping too! Awesome! I have already placed my order! Thank you!

  44. Karen Herbinko says:

    I have tried getting the All about Him and Her $20 deal by calling the 888 number AND by sending my information to the email address. No luck, nobody will respond and now when I call, theres a recording that says all circuits are busy now. Please try your call again later. I have to leave my house now to help my parents because their refrigerator quit working so I fear I have no chance of getting this amazing deal! BOO HOO! I wish I would have found out about it earlier than this morning! Still love U Anna. You’re an inspiration to me!

  45. Barbara H. says:

    Thank you Anna! So happy to participate in these great sales! Have used so many of the designs & now will be able to create even more w/ the special offers! Still dissapointed over the rapid “sell out” of the new foil products on HSN, so this helps!

  46. Sharon S. Carmichael says:

    Love the “Him” collection, as you all know it’s hard to find male enhanced cards.
    If you’ll permit me I’ll suggest something for our male partners that maybe aren’t fathers on that card design:
    Just move the ‘YOU’RE THE BEST” banner tag add on a wee bit higher so that the tag only covers the “Father” of the “Father & Friend”. That way those of us not lucky enough to be parents, or NOT parents yet can use the same lovely design. Easy fix!

  47. Anna Griffin says:

    It is in All About Her Diecuts, but when you order this special you get All About Her Diecuts AND For the Boys Diecuts.

  48. Vicki Fellenger says:

    Mondays are great but so was Tuesdays. It could be ANY day for ANNA. I love reading your blogs everyday and all the creativity out there. I think you started something Anna by posting every day for a month. It’s not just the giveaways but seeing/listening to all of your ideas and creativity. Perhaps you could do this a couple of times a year or more….if you have the time…….lol.

  49. Anna Griffin says:

    It does not depict all images included, it’s just showing some examples. We cannot offer only parts of a set unfortunately.

  50. Michelle G says:


    In looking at the partial sheets depicted for each set, I don’t see what set has the strawberries and cherries like the samples show. Is that only a cricut option or?…
    Is there a way to just order the cherries and strawberries?

    Thanks for your attention to my questions

  51. Shirley Hinton says:

    I kept trying and had a few problems .. but kept trying and got through to a very courteous person . So maybe ..dont give up ..

  52. Anna Griffin says:

    This is not a special through HSN. It’s from our warehouse. The All About Him and Her for $20 special is only available by the email address and telephone number given.

  53. Anna Griffin says:

    This is not a special through HSN. It’s from our warehouse. The All About Him and Her for $20 special is only available by the email address and telephone number given.

  54. Jayne Evans says:

    Love these mini special sales! Trying to get through on the telephone, no luck! Too many of us trying to buy the diecuts!!
    Thanks, Anna.

  55. Grama Pei says:

    Anita, to order, you may need to re-read the intro above the video, as it contains the email and the phone number information you need to order through. This is not an HSN item, its an item. I hope you see this reply, as there is no dedicated ‘reply’ button on comments on Anna’s blog anymore. Happy Crafting, Anita! I hope you get them! They are SO beautiful! HUGS!

    Anna, I LOVE these Weekly wonders, and the change to Mondays!! I ordered mine, and am excited about them! (question: May we order more than one, or is it one per person?) With this extra set of each, i can now PLAY! I can experiment with the MINC pen and with adding foil highlights in extra places, or foil the entire diecut – or maybe a stripe on a butterfly’s wing, – etc. without worrying that I will mess them up and no longer have the already-perfectly-done ones that come in the kit. These are such WONDERFUL sets! I LOVE to play with paper! Oh, this is SOOO fun! Thank you, Anna! Cant wait for the 14th! YAY~!

  56. Sandy Christman says:

    Really like the cards and love the die cut pkgs. I’m so happy to start my week on Monday with your blog so much better than on Tuesdays. Thanks so much for changing the day. Also, thanks for posting your phone number in the comments. I called, got through the first time & placed my order! I’m a happy, happy crafter!

  57. Jacki says:

    Anna. I tired to call but it asked for a my parties extension…I didn’t know what to do…I was gonna email but I think I might have missed a step…Not sure what information you were asking for..When I have a migraine I can’t see very clearly…Please help…I wanted to order these..

  58. Debbie says:

    I have been scrapping with you for many years and I learned from you how to fussy cut out your beautiful images of flowers from your gorgeous scrapbook papers many years ago which I used as embellishments for so many of my scrapbook pages. When you came out with die cuts of your beautiful artwork I was overjoyed as they save me time and I get the same elegant look to my pages with your die cuts as I did with the fussy cut flowers. These are awesome embellishments Anna! Have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day on Friday!

  59. Donna DeGraw says:

    Wow His And Hers. Now remember I’m good at writing my feeling down. You are sooooo good at knowing what are beautifill. Those are beautiful. I could use those on my scrap book page on a album I want to make of my dad. He died in 2002 looking for Mushroom in the mountain. He loved hunting and fishing and lot more. Thanks again.

  60. Brenda S says:

    Ooh my thanks for the awesome deal. Cant wait to make such beautiful cards. I love them thanks so very much anna griffin have a fun crafty day

  61. Doug G. says:

    HSN item# is 510420, but are sold out as of now. Put on favorites list for notification when back in stock. I have them and they are GREAT!!! Shows were outstanding last week. Looking Forward to watching tomorrow while the snow rages outside!!

  62. Mrs. Mary Huff says:

    Anna, WOW what a deal and I’ve wanted these and just got my order in so I’m happy. I also have TV again and I needed a new cable/dvr box so I lost your shows on the old one due to a severe wind storm here in Michigan on the 8th. Thanks again for keeping all the GRIFFINITES happy:-)

  63. SheliaP. says:

    Thank you Anna!! You’re the Best!
    Like the change to Monday & thrilled to get the die cuts. I like that there is no glue on the backs of these die cuts. Things I’ve saved a long time …. the glue sometimes doesn’t work. Nice to start with fresh glue when I take out something from my stash.
    Love all things Anna!

  64. Anita Trout says:

    I called HSN to order this and they don’t have any info on it. They asked for an item number, which I don’t have. How do I order this?

  65. Anita says:

    I bought these recently and love to use them in my card making . Thanks and keep them going. How about a real paper doll set to give to little girls to assemble during their playtime?

  66. Trisha says:

    Thanks for your reply, Anna. I just got through and bought two sets. I already have both sets at home and use them all the time. I believe you had a deal on them at HSN a short while back, but I missed it. So glad to get these at such a good price! So many pieces and so beautiful. Thanks Anna!

  67. Anna Griffin says:

    There may be a high volume of calls coming through. Our customer service team is working to get these orders filled and will get back to you.

  68. Anna Griffin says:

    Trisha, there may be a high volume of calls coming through. Our customer service team is working to get these orders filled and will get back to you.

  69. Mary says:

    It’s great having a wide array of his and her items. I struggle coming up with ideas for making cards for males so the assortment you are offering will certainly help my card making. Also greatly appreciate the samples you provide. These make a nice jumping off point for me

  70. Marlene Say says:

    Am trying to get thru to order the weekly wonder His and Her set, but your phones don’t seem to be working. Also sent and email, but so far, no reply. How do I go about ordering.

  71. Carol Assentato says:

    These die cut sets are awesome. You can create great cards or scrapbook pages. Thank you for all you do

  72. Judy Powlowski says:

    Love these offers,UPS is supposed to be delivering some of my goodies today &Wednesday however we!re watching a blizzard coming in tomorrow hope that dleant effect my delivery!!!

  73. Maureen m says:

    Love everything about Anna Griffin always have always will , sometimes the girls on hsn talk to much, they don’t need to push your products they sell all by themselves , the less they talk the more you can show and demonstrate and Anna you are more than gracious with your manners in letting them go on and on ( you were raised most genteelly as it shows in many ways) I for one I prefer to listen to you. I’m so glad your blog is on Monday’s as you are correct it starts the week off so sweetly can’t believe it’s almost the 14th , sale of the week is marvelous, I’m getting more for the price alone is great. Your manners, your smile and your kind gestures are truly magnificent thank you for you

  74. Melody Babbirklow says:

    Thank You Anna so very much, for your unselfish giving, and sharing!! NO ONE or NO Company can compare to you….

  75. Linda DeVries says:

    Love the strawberry-cherry card here. The change to Monday is good. I use both of these sets to personalize cards especially for men. The For Her set has some gorgeous die-cuts.

  76. Sarah Chambers says:

    Happy Monday! These are very cute. I bought so much stuff on HSN I didn’t think I needed anything, except sleep for watching 24 hours, but these are really cute.

    I needed to make a card for friends with a new home but, even with my huge stash of Anna Griffin, Stampin Up, and various gazillion other stuff, couldn’t find anything fast and easy. I ended up using the Cricut but that took a lot longer than picking up one of my Anna kits and making a card in minutes. I hope that you add in New Home die cuts to your kits.



  77. Barbara Troxell says:

    thank you Anna for such a special offer . I was able to get through on the phone line aventually. I am anxious to see the assortment .

  78. Sissy Geist says:

    Love these bargains..Anna, you are so good to us followers. I appreciate your value of your customers..

  79. Beth Gutzwiller says:

    I’m excited to watch a show about the “minc” machine. I want new ideas to blow my mind! Anna, you have a way a doing just that. My grandson’s old nursery is now my Anna Griffin room…ha ha.

  80. Gwen Ogburn says:

    Thank you, Anna for offering these. I finally got through and placed my order. I can not wait to get these to make cards for our deployed soldiers. I looking forward to next Monday to see what you will have for us Griffinites.

  81. Mavis Swart says:

    Looking forward to watching you tomorrow with the Minic! Thank you for bringing us such fabulous things!

  82. Mrs. A says:

    Thanks for these videos. And I love the Him and Her die cuts so much, I stockpiled many sets of both. The offer of both for $20 is a great value.

    I am traveling for an extended period and brought my Anna Griffin coloring along, using pencils that are not water soluble. Will you ever consider creating a high quality pencil set with your color palette that is wax based and suitcase friendly? I would also love to see some tropical themed antique and botanical papers and die sets. I am seeing antique engravings in my travels of people, flora and fauna. I imagine coloring these kind of prints after you transform them?

  83. SharonS says:

    Beautiful Anna. I can not wait to get everything I ordered. The his & her kits are beautiful. The new cricut air 2 is gorgeous in the lilac color. I have the air but if not I would have surely ordered the lilac and was tempted to any way. You are awesome.

  84. Carole Moats says:

    I’m anxious to see what is coming up for the Minc. I thought perhaps you had abandoned that tool in favor of other foiling techniques and machines. Howvever, I have a very old printer which I use frequently to make the toner sheets.

  85. Pam says:

    Yeah for His and Hers! I already have this set but couldn’t pass up the fantastic savings. Thanks, Anna. Great show last week – my only regret is that I didn’t save all my taped shows – I’m already wanting to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch hours of crafting. Can always watch individual items on the computer but just not the same. Bless you !!

  86. Carole Moats says:

    This is a great deal. I have both sets and use bits and pieces all the time. The All About Her epitomizes femininity and grace.

  87. Gwen Ogburn says:

    I can not get an answer when dialing that number and I really want these.. It just ask me to put in the extension of the person I need.

  88. Susan Thomas says:

    I just made a flip birthday card for a friend that loves GOLF! I didn’t have any golf embellishments so I had to go buy some but the card came out adorable!

    I used your pre-made flip card in the black and white checks. love that one for men!

  89. Shellie Fontana says:

    There couldn’t be a better deal for a beterm variety of classic Anna Griffin embellishments–I have, I use, I LOVE them for every occasion, guy or gal, young or young-at-heart! THANK YOU for offering Weekly Wonder #2 this MONDAY! (((Hugs))) from Texas~

  90. Jane R says:

    What a great deal! Definitely will be watching on the 14th! Thank you for all you do for all of us!

  91. Angie Kindig says:

    Tried to get these last time and they sold out. I’ll be ready to order this time! Love everything Anna Griffin!

  92. Rita Carr says:

    I have both sets of the die cuts. They are special. The one for boys is exactly what I needed for my cousins bday cards.


  93. Betsy V says:

    Will try to watch your airings tonmorrow. Will email for the great die cuts, have not been contacted about my card for the other last week! Enjoy the day!


    Hi Anna and Team,

    Tomorrow is another big day. I own the Minc machine so I am excited to hear you made something new for all of your Minc fans s to use. See you tomorrow.

  95. Yadyra Marrero says:

    Great start to the week not only the new post, the show tomorrow. But since I had to take an early “retirement” which started today I’ll be able to craft more often. Hooray.

  96. Sharon A. says:

    Starting the week with Anna is perfect! Like the change from Tuesday to Monday! Enjoyed the shows on March 8! Looking forward to the next ones on March 14 (tomorrow). Thank you, Anna!

  97. Joan Baker says:

    These are amazing! I have both sets and they are brilliant value and make so many cards. Anyone who hasn’t got them is missing out. They are my go to kits when I am not using flowers.

  98. Jody Green says:

    I love the assortment in these die-cuts – and you can’t beat the price! Happy Craft Month!!!!

  99. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna and Crew!

    I’m really enjoying all the wonderful projects being shared on you Facebook page! People are so creative! Your products help spark that creativity!
    The weekly wonders are a fantastic idea…and the prices are a “wonder” indeed! Very aptly named!
    Thank you for ALL you do!

  100. Sharon Steinke says:

    Love, love love this new offer.
    A question: in January I ordered your vellum/parchment layers, and they are fabulous…I need more. How can I get another pack?

  101. Rebecca Purcell says:

    I have this set and I love them! Thanks for offering us such wonderful and easy to use embellishments!

  102. Kimberly Terry says:

    I love the change to Monday’s. That is an awesome deal! I will be sure to watch the 14th and set my alarm as i missed the big show. 🙁 even though i dont have a minc ive always wanted one and i always learn something new and get ideas.

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